TR7, TV5, BS3: Three leaders on the field Arsenal cannot afford to lose

Will we finally see our little Mozart direct play again?
Rosicky’s drive and experiences have been invaluable at times this season

It’s been a while since I delivered a post, partly due to the fact that the season is over but mostly due to my ever increasingly hectic schedule. So I felt I should write about what’s been on my mind lately.

Like all Gooners worldwide, it’s going to be a very long month and a half before I get to see my beloved Arsenal play. This is because I can feel that a wind of change will blow our way, and 2013-14 is going to be a season when the respect we have lost over the years will be taken back. For now, though, the transfer season is here and rumours have been flying left, right and centre regarding potential arrivals and departures. Nothing new there.

I have to admit the suspense which comes with waiting to see what moves Le boss will make in the market, is killing me. On a positive note, though, the preseason trip to Asia, the emirates cup and the friendly against city, will afford us a chance to see what the new faces will bring to the squad – and against proper opposition, I might add (the latter competitions more so).

A few days ago, phase one of getting rid of the dead wood in the squad commenced with the confirmation that the contracts of Arshavin, Denilson and Squillaci have ran out, and they have been released by the club. There are still a quite a few names missing from this list, but I digress from my subject matter.

It is becoming obvious that this is going to be a summer where the squad will be virtually overhauled, where more than 5 players will leave and roughly the same number brought in. Call it my 6th sense but I think that’s why the club has packed our preseason like that. Wenger has the ins and outs in mind and wants the new faces to have proper preparation before our new campaign begins. And people wonder why they call him Le Prof.

The main reason for this post though lies more with the outs than the ins. Like I said earlier, the rumour mill is going wild as expected with TV5, Poldi, Rosicky, Gervinho, Koscielny, Wilshere and Sagna all being linked with exits from the clubs. Some of the names on here are ridiculous, or rather, are unacceptable to the Gunners faithful. Wilshere, Poldi and Kos being the three. With some, the fans smile inside and hope that the predictions and links by the media come to fruition: a certain Ivorian comes to mind. Finally there are those who split opinion and this is my reason for writing this post. Obviously I am referring to TV5, Rosicky and Sagna.

It is of no debate that, by their standards, these three had less than stellar seasons. With Rosicky and Sagna injury was to blame and weirdly enough, these two were able to pick themselves up and finish strongly. With TV5, I can’t really tell you why. Some say it is the pressure of being made skipper but ultimately, only he can tell us what changed to cause this loss of form. I won’t dwell on that, however.

As is expected, there is a section of fans AND media which is calling for their heads. More so because they know that in this transfer window, Wenger has the financial capability to replace them. I am here to prove to you that this would be a mistake. A massive one at that.

Axing these three players would not only be insanely myopic, but would have an effect on the team that these critics don’t seem to see. These three are the longest serving Gunners we have. Not only that, they are the most experienced, and at their best are undoubtedly world class.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why despite the poor season Vermaelen has had, he is still being linked to the likes of Barcelona. These players have not only football but Arsenal football experience, which is part of a balance that would see us win a trophy next season, if Wenger played his cards right. There is always talk of Wilshere, Walcott, the Ox as the spine of the team, but take away the three mentioned and see the adverse effect it would have on the team.

Their experience is what guides us. These are players who are leaders on the field. How many times has TV5, a defender, scored a winning goal that awarded us 3 crucial points? When we are under pressure, which three players are you assured will remain calm and pull us across the finish line? With the exception of Jack, it is these three. They are also mentors to the younger players and even Jack in all his glory I’m sure would attest to the guidance he has received from Rosicky. In the away tie vs Bayern, Rosicky ran our midfield. Sagna was part of that incredible back four. This is a game that many would have choked. Just ask Barca players.

I am going to come out and make a very bold statement that is sure to cause some debate.

If we sell these three, no matter who we replace them with, there is an 70% chance that we will not win anything next season. At least not yet.

I say this because you cannot replace their experience at Arsenal, the EPL and as footballers in general. They know the workings of the club and league in and out and are core of experience that we need to build around in order to achieve success. Thankfully, Le boss seems to agree with me and is working to ensure that they stay firmly put as we prepare to mount a serious title challenge next term.

I will leave you with something to ponder on. Form is temporary, but class is permanent.

Written by: Marcus.

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46 thoughts on “TR7, TV5, BS3: Three leaders on the field Arsenal cannot afford to lose

  • I’m pretty sure Sagna did not play against Bayern (and, of course, neither was Vermaelen)… BS3 came back into the squad for the Swansea match and started all the remaining matches. TV5 did not…

    Otherwise, all agreed 😀

  • Marcus,

    Good point about the decent number of ‘meaningful friendlies’ this summer, and there is of course the CL qualifier very early in the season as well.

    Although a number of players are to leave (three already), I don’t think we will notice much of it, as most will be fringe players at best. Other than a few youngsters ‘for the future’, I cannot see us buy more than two established, quality players.

    But yes, all agreed on the importance of TV, TR and BS in our squad and we need to keep them, although I could live with the departure of little Mozart, especially if and when we buy another AM/nr.10 this summer.

  • TA, my apologies as I have been busy all day and have yet to respond to your post yesterday! Quick thoughts are that I agree with Wee that AW adjusts for no coach on the other side but will continue to play his brand of football and hope the better team and style come out on top :). In addition, wouldn’t it be interesting to see AW go defensive on Maurenn’s ass? Hahaha imagine that, Maureen wouldn’t know what to do since his style is to defend deep and counter attack!

  • Thanks all for your fine comments. Emeka, if I could, I’d post more than this 🙂

  • I like it HH! 😀

    Have some of this appy Maureen!


  • Marcus, top post. 🙂

    Marcus & TA, we have to ask ourselves this question. While form is temporary and class is permanent, Sagna and Rosicky are likely to enter a decline and in years to come no longer be able to perform at the required level so when is it time to let them go?

    I think we should look at how SAF dealed with such players (ageing experienced players). SAF kept the likes of Ferdinand, Scholes and Giggs and would have likely kept RVP, Vidic but he also let players like O’Shea (cannot even fully remember his name or how to spell it) and Brown. So do we see Sagna and Rosicky performing at the same level as Scholes and Giggs in particular. I am not sure.

  • TA, the funnier thing is that what often happened at Real was teams that went defensive on him, often tricked Real into committing men forward before ultimately countering them and scoring goals hahaha! With so many attack-minded players at Chelsea and less world-class ones than at Real, it could maybe just work ;).

  • HH, City have signed Navas for an initial fee of 14.9 million which could rise to 15.7 million (if I am correct).

    I am a bit disappointed that we did not get him. He was a tradition winger which was needed as we lack width on the RW and we was cheap enough. Not sure about wages though.

    I would have brought Navas and rotated Walcott evenly between RW and ST.

  • AFC, I believe Pellegrini being long-rumoured to take over at City had an influence on the Navas signing, not to mention Silva and Garcia as well. But yes, very disappointing that we were not able to capitalize on such a shrewd bit of business, but I’m sure his wages will be quite high!

  • Hi AFC,

    Their experience and hunger are invaluable to have in the squad. But we also need to show the rest of the squad that we look after our players when they reach a certain age. On top of that, there is the benefit of the pupil-master arrangement: Jenkinson can learn from Sagna, Ox, Jack and Eisbaby from Rosicky and Miguel from Vermaelen.

    As long as they add value and we can afford them, we should keep them imo.

  • HH, AW going defensive would have even shocked SAF. If we ever face him in the CL we should get a 3 goal advantage and in the second leg play all 7 of our defenders with Walcott, Ox and Cazorla to break on the counter. Maybe even play Verm up front. That would shock Terry.

  • TA, agreed. Would we not have to let them go when they are doing more harm than good for the team?

  • thanks, Marcus – nice 1

    yes, we need to keep as much of our current team together – Sagna if he wants to leave for ventures new and Gervinho if he no longer feels the love – but only if both players want to leave themselves, i would much rather have Sagna sign the contract offered to him but if he refuses then may as well let him go.

    TV and Rosicky need to stay – no brainer.

    since we’re making bold statements, allow me to make one,

    “if we don’t buy DM and a decent CF/ST then there is a 100% chance that we will win nada*.

    we were in a way lucky with injuries last year to an extent and had a rather generous schedule, i don’t expect us to be this fortunate next season.

    i like you believe, there is a reason why we’re trimming the squad as much as we have with decent amount of games in the pre-season, it’s for new arrivals.

    let’s just hope we’re both right, although i’ll settle for 3-4 instead of more than 5

  • It will be interesting to see what he’ll do, HH. I expect him to set his team up as he did before with Chelsea, and I do worry about us not wanting to respond to that.

  • AFC,

    why should we spend more than 15 million on Navas when Nani could be available under 10 million ?;) do you not fancy Nani at arsenal then ?

  • JB, Gibbs, Wilshere, Rosicky and even Podolski are injury prone so if we lose all four of these playerys during important times of the season we could struggle. That is why I believe we should have two good players for each position. One experienced player and one younger player with potential.

  • i see AFC is disappointed with Navas going to Man city,

    spare a thought for Glic, how will he feel when Isco signs for man city ?



  • JB, Nani has been really inconsistent during his time at United which is why they want to sell him. Not sure if we should take the risk.

    Also United would never sell him to us for around 10 million.

  • Wonderful post Marcus, I love the series of the theme of stability and continuity being echoed in the BK posts and it hopefully translating to our management/squad.

    Replacing our best players and those that understand what it means to be a part of this club would be counterproductive and a detriment to the culture we are trying to establish with our young players. Verm, Rosa and Sagna should be the ones leading the way in this new image we are creating and hopefully this ushers in a new era whereby we only release or sell underachieving players whom we no longer see a use for!

  • AFC,

    gibbs = Nacho back up with TV available just in case

    Wilshere = Ramsey/Rosicky/Coquelin/OX/Eisfield (Fellaini ) depending on where you want to play JW

    Rosicky = same as above with Wilshere there when new signing

    Poldi = Santi/Ox/Gnabry (if i said Ramsey, no one will be gunning for my head right ? who remember’s his goal from the left wing , ha ha).


  • 007, I would like to hear the whole story behind Nani’s difficulties at United. I thought he was one of their top 3 players (with Vidic and Rooney–see, I can appreciate the Shrekster….) just two years ago (2010-11) but then suddenly got dropped at the end (CL final). Was it injury or was it a run-in with Fergie? I’ll have to throw that out to the ManU supporters…. 😉 I would doubt that his talent is diminished, so I fear something else is going on….

    On the little pea (Hernandez), I would love to get him as then my Mexican mates (here in town) might start supporting the Arsenal. It was better for me when Carlitos (Vela) was kicking it with the Gunners. Much as I love chatting with you guys, sometimes I need a little face to face….I think Glic (at least) can understand….

    Just like with the ladies, new is ALWAYS exciting 😆 but sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. TV5, Sicky and Bac all have their (little) issues but who (in our price range) doesn’t?…

    Marcus, please clarify. Five new signings or five new first team players? If we can keep the players you suggest I think we might only make a couple of (first team) signings while promoting another couple of youngsters into the squad. Keeping them should be a priority but also costs money (salary commitment). I agree with TA that salary should sometimes be a reward for service rendered (and the hope of similar to come) rather than just plain hope…

  • 17ht,

    apart from your “fears and what you touched upon”, Man utd have Young, Valencia and now Zaha…

    which basically means Nani is surplus to UTd’s requirements.

    Galatasaray offered about 5 million and a bit for Nani and the bid was rejected, i reckon if the player puts in a request and if we go in for him, we might be able to get him for about 8-10 million tops.

    he’s worth taking a gamble for that amount of money but not over 10 million, or perhaps if we sell Gervinho for 12-13 million (i know , i dream), then i don’t mind us using all of that for Nani.

  • re- little pea @ 17ht

    well if UTD are getting the likes of lewandowski or another striker then it makes a lot of sense for either one of Rooney ( 😉 ) or Hernandez to look else where for more playing time.

    personally i’m a fan of little pea, the guys a little dynamite and that fox in the box we have been missing.

  • AFC,

    Nani can’t possibly be more inconsistent than Gervinho.

    besides, Nani still has potential to be amongst the worlds best footballer and under Wenger he may yet still get there.

    never say never in football.

  • You’re absolutely right. Tomas Rosicky is my most valued of the trio followed by Thomas Vermaelen and then Bacary Sagna. Rosicky has been instrumental in the Gunners finishing strongly for two seasons now.

  • Great spot 17ht, I forgot to comment on 5 new players coming in. I can see 5 new first-team players coming in but not 5 new players. That would sort of defeat the purpose of squad continuity.

    Sanogo, who will likely be our first signing, could be loaned out if AW feels he is not ready for first-team action yet. Miquel promoted as the 4th choice CB and three new signings would do it for me 🙂 (experienced GK, a DM and a ST/SS).

  • Marcus,

    Great post Marcs.. I agree with all you said, but to address the point about these rumors… IMO, it is almost simpler. I see it like this:

    a. Even off form we are unlikely to get anyone as good as they are to sit on our bench where they sit when off form

    b. We are unlikely to get anyone as good as them on form, period. At least not 3 such, not without merging with Man City or Maureen

    c. As you noted, you cannot replace experience “in the system” or corporate experience if TA and I are to debate psychology and human relations later on..

    Finally, and most importantly, if I recollect correctly, TV and TR have 2+ years to run, so even wantaway, they dont have to be sold.

    That means the only question is whether the profit this year is worth the loss in the above. IMO, no, give or take the right price and timing.

    Bluntly, if someone offered 20m (pounds or Euro) for TV right now early or first thing in the window, so we could buy a great replacement. Then, well, every player has his price… Even Messi if you have a spare 100-150m

    However, the whole point of all these rumors is that these guys are “going cheap”… Well, they aren’t and, excluding BS who would leave on a free if we hold him this year, they dont have to!

    To me, it’s a non-starter given the basics, but it does sell papers and such I suspect

    cheers — jgc

  • HH,
    I feel like we may actually see many players coming in, Its important to note that not all may be first teamers. We may bring in like 3 or 4 first team players (depending on whether Arsene feels we need a new GK). We know for a fact that he’s chasing a top marksman, a physical DM and a 4th CB. That already makes it 3. Plus he released a truckload of youngsters so I’m expecting he will replace them..

  • One thing I have to say is you don’t sell a top class player because they had one poor season. If that was the case we would never have seen Pires, Bergkamp, RVP, Song, Clichy, Gibbs develop.

  • Plus, look at a player like TR7. I don’t think he has the physical capability to go through a whole season in the team. Not anymore. This makes him even more valuable to the team because he is a top quality, experienced player who is willing to play when called upon. If you sell him and buy a new number ten (like TA intimated) chances are they will want to play every game. Unless you acquire a below par player. This is a lose lose situation.

  • Hi all..
    Interesting post Marcus..
    But sorry.. I must say that I disagree with you..
    We must see it very clear.. with datas and facts.. not with emotion..
    If we want Arsenal to become more attractive and solid team.. then we must ready to let them go.. or ready to see them all bench all the season..

    Vermaelen.. Sorry to say.. just not my type.. Only if he learn to be more responsible to his job.. then I think we can keep him.. but again.. if we keep him that will means no William or Adil Rami or Sakho.. And don’t we all wish to see Miquel and Yennaris find their way to the top..??

    Sagna.. I must be honest.. I was his fans before.. but I don’t think he can bring more solidity to our team nowaday.. i don’t like the way I saw him in last season games.. Sagna just can’t cross the ball properly.. not the same Sagna who gave a lot of service to RvP a season before.. He just not ‘presence’ anymore.. no one afraid of him anymore.. he just so easy to handle.. I prefer Jenkinson.. he is big and strong.. and dare to come forward..
    And Daryl Janmaat or Van der Weil is another great RB that we can bring in..

    Rosicky.. if he was playing the Arteta rules.. than he won’t need to move so fast and seize his stamina.. but AM is something that need a great stamina besides skill.. He will be 33yo next October.. and only have one year contract left.. Will we let him go for free like Arshavin..?? I don’t think that a good idea.. But I don’t mind either if we keep him until his contract end next season.. He still be usefull for us.. just don’t playing him 90 minutes.. Moreover if we fail to bring some new AM.. but off course Willshere and Eisfeld must be given more time first..

    We need a new blood to keep us stay younger and stronger.. that’s what blood-donor is all about.. ke maintance our health..
    With a big money to spend.. and a lot of younggun in garage.. will not make anysense to keep the old ones keep holding the rule.. Regeneration is what we need..
    Yes.. we don’t need a Revolution.. but an Evolution also can’t work if the oldest stay to long..

    Wow.. I become to serious.. no laughing at all.. hahahaahahaha..

  • Marcus – Top post, and one I fully endorse.

    I said in an earlier reply that Bacs can be invaluable from the bench way after his regular place at RB is over? TV5 with the right partner and he will always be pushing for a place for a while yet. Rosi, well he just defies his years every time he steps on the pitch. Keep him fit, and I cannot see the next two seasons being any different?

    Now, the 5 new signings? Only two worth a first team place?? If that is the case, why buy them? … Oh yes, some of you wouldn’t?

    Come on guys, get with the modern game. It is not about a first 11 whose names are on the sheet, barring injury. It is not even about a core 14 or 15 any more, it is virtually the entire squad, plus prospects getting game time.

    What we have been lacking is a relatively weak bench. Not only do we want players who are of ‘first team’ level to come off the bench, in some cases, when we want a game changer, they need to better than those playing? The idea we cannot replace the outgoing players with better players because of upsetting the cohesion and togetherness that we currently have is, in my view, total ballony. It is down to AW and co to get this idea of regular rotation that will keep the all the players happy. Worse, is keep playing those carrying injury or lack of form week after week. That has got to change?

    I guess that might have been your reference above AFC ‘Would we not ave to let them go if they are doing more harm than good’? May need a further explanation on the word ‘harm’ though?

    I do slightly disagree with you 6.06 reply though Marcus, for the above reasons. There are games and there are ‘must win’ games. We want to win both, but no matter if it is Rooney(sorry HT), Isco(sorry glic), or even Cesc(sorry Cesc ), there will be many games where therie services are not required – mainly because we will have enough quality in the squad to win these other games, especially when we have midweek games coming thick and fast?

    I hope that AW is thinking along the same lines as I am in his recruits, in so far as mixing the new guys coming in with some with age and experience, and others with strong potential, but younger. The DM position is one where we most agree on, but that does not automatically see the demise of Arteta and Ramsey. Or should not, with the right rotation?

    Striker is slightly more 50-50, and so it should be. It is another area where we fell short last term. However, I am expecting better from Giro this term, as he will get better support and service, and will be a match for whoever comes in to replace, but hopefully partners him on occasions?

    Likewise in midfield, the advanced area, should mean that the likes of JW, Santi, and Rosi do not have to keep playing when they are in the red zone?
    (I’ll just whisper this, did anybody read the write up on Le Gren yesterday? – Impressive!)

    He, along with bigger pea(keep up glic?), are young, and still improving players for the long term future, and will accept rotation better, as long as they get regular game time.

    That appears to be AW’s thinking too? Sanogo scored in a friendly yesterday btw, so his name might also be on the squad list?

    There is a bit of a waiting game going on with many players who still may leave. Mannone has had an offer, and Fab will surely get one? Coquelin, I think will get one(and he’ll take it?). If the right one came for Gerv, he may well go too. Walcott plus £25m for Cavani? Yes that would be fan splitter I guess?

    Quality, flexibility, and rotation are the keys to a successful season … Over to you AW

  • Hello Marcus,fellow gooners

    Nice,informative post Marcus…

    Couldn’t agree with you more… 4 me,its a no brainer..keeping hold of TV5,Rozy and Bacary is of vital importance if we are to compete next season…great point of how we could release them and replace them with even maybe better players BUT as you pointed out, the experience they bring to our team is invaluable + if out of form, they can be benched with zero fuss…

    Rozy whenever on the pitch is nothing but a delight!!!..he gives the team shape, spearheads our attacks by making clever runs and his thru balls are pin-point his combination with Santi is to die 4…truly a TOP CLASS player…he may not play all the games, but when called upon his ‘presence’ and drive is ALWAYS felt…i truly believe he has something special in his locker, even if 4 one more season, then maybe replace him gradually with Eisfield????

    TV5…we all LOVE him..we truly do…and i still have hope the VERMINATOR is still inside him…plus just look at his attitude when benched in the dying parts of last season…kept his head down and always looked motivated when called along even in the 88th minute to protect our lead…my personal opinion would be to drop him as captain, hand it to Zollo or the BFG, make Jack Vice-captain and let Verm do what he does best,SCARE attackers with his cold-animal eyes,tough-tackling and score those wonderful goals he used to…basically,let him concentrate on his own game..i would consider it CATASTROPHIC 2 let him go!!!

    Sagna, i must admit has REALLY dropped his game-level..from the BEST right back in the league to a guy who can’t whip in a decent cross upfront..but i look back at THAT sunderland away game last season and realise he still has something to offer 2 our team..he was all CLASS that afternoon and who knows…we could use his versatility in some stage of the coming season,then replace him gradually with Mr.Gooner

    So no need 2 let them go, they ALL have something 2 offer 2 our squad plus they know the ARSENAL way…as 4 the Gerv(no comment!!!!)

  • I agree that Rosicky and Vermaelen shouldn’t be sold. Rosicky has fitness problems but as a squad player he is dynamite. Experience in midfield is always essential and he has bags of it. I have similar thoughts with Vermaelen, he is an experienced defender and he is class despite his form last season. But let’s not forget that Koscielny has had a few shockers most notably against Man City when he got sent off. Having three quality centre backs is what we need and I believe TV5 will come good again.

    As for Sagna I think his head has been turned by PSG, obviously if they offer more money on a longer deal he will go. I would love him to stay because in a few seasons Jenkinson will be making more appearances, and I would hate for us to sign a younger right back stalling Jenkinson’s progression.

  • Gerry,
    My feelings exactly. I once said that in this day and age, you need like 18-20 top players to compete (at least 2 in every position) but got shot down as impractical. Look at the amount of talent the likes of Bayern, Barcelona and Real have. Juventus have realized this too and are chasing a strike partner for Llorente. Its a fact that if you want to challenge for both the domestic league and the UCL in this day and age, you need a massive squad. Taking into consideration city’s recent signings, a player like Nasri will soon be a squad player. You can hate him all you want but you can’t deny that he is a top quality player. Top comment mate.

  • Not been around to blog for a bit but I think you have got it spot on with this post Marcus. I believe the experience is vital and in the case of Rosicky and Sagna they may start to play less games, and more frequently make way for the younger understudies, but their contribution in a season, particularly in nervy games, could still represent the small margin between winning silverware or being runner up.

    With the defence I am quite happy to have a senior 3 of Kos, BFG and TV5. I find it difficult to see where another more experienced defender can fit regularly into this as the numbers become too great. I think the 4th choice ought to be a young CD of high quality and high promise who can be eased into certain games throughout the season more slowly. I am wondering if Miquel will be this. Even though he is young I feel that if he is not ready now to provide some more regular input into the first team then it is likely that he is just not quite good enough and then we should be looking at bringing in another promising young CD for this 4th choice role.

  • Marcus, I agree we do need strength in depth. United have 5 CBs and the young lad Wootton (not sure of the spelling) who is at the same level as Miquel. We have 4 CBs if you include Sagna. I would like to see a young versatile defender brought in who can fill in at RB.

  • GK- Szez/New experienced GK
    RB- Sagna/Jenkinson
    CB-Vermaelen/Mertesacker/Koscielny/New young versatile defender (who would not cost much).
    LB- Gibbs/Monreal
    DM/CM- Arteta/Wilshere/Ramsey/New DM or box to box midfielder with PRESENCE.
    AM- Cazorla/Rosicky
    RW- Walcott/Ox
    ST/CF- Giroud/New ST/CF
    LW- Podolski/Gervinho

    Of course their is crossover between some of the players and positions but I feel we need to add to first team players (ST/CF and DM/box to box midfielder) and two squad players (experienced GK and young versatile defender). Job done in my opinion.

  • Evening guys! 🙂

    Some fine comments today. I am off to the airport to collect my mum who is visiting for a few days, so an early post from me. Just a bit of fun, and hope you enjoy it. Back around midnight.

    NEW POST!!!

  • Evening Spastardildo`s 😆

    A very enjoyable read, thank you Marcus and your last sentence is true of these classy players !.

    Some bastard has been spurning the advice of Dr Glic and taken his problems elsewhere !.
    I will still safeguard the bastards name, the report uses a fictitious name to hide VCC`s identity and there is also a fictitious name to hide the identity of Dr Stretch of the Bounds Green Telescopic Penile Clinic !. Outrageous if you ask me !.

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