Cesc, Jovetic coming or not, Koz, Sagna to go? The Joys of the Torture Window!

Cesc: one of the many will he /won't he this season!

Cesc: one of the many will he /won’t he this season!

To some extent I can understand why fellow Gooners can be so excited about the Transfer Window. It’s that Christmasesque excitement of anticipated presents: who will we get and how are they going to make us win silverware next season?

But as Gooners we should know better by now. Arsenal Transfer windows in recent years have been utter torture, with the exception perhaps of the ‘winter window’ when we somehow got Arshavin on the day after the last day. The year we lost Cesc and Nasri was dismal enough, but last season’s summer TW was another low point. It started so well with the well organised and timely arrivals of Pod and Giroud, and the late arrival of one of the best signings in recent years, Cazorla.

But then the traitor decided to burn his bridges on purpose so he could obey the little boy inside of him, and without much ado Songinho was sold to Barca’s chairman. Two inexperienced PL strikers in,  the PL footballer and top scorer of the year out. One of the most versatile and promising defensive midfielders out, an attacking midfielder with no PL experience in.

Cazorla turned out to be an absolute gem, but with injuries to Diaby (no surprise there) and Wilshere (also not a big surprise given his recent health issues), we really missed Song this season, both defensively and in terms of producing assists from midfield. It is not hard to imagine how well we would have done if Van Judas had not deserted us, but enough said about the grey haired broody woman.

I loathe the Transfer Window. If it was up to me it would not last longer than five working days: get it done swiftly and we can all get on with our lives.

I tried to be philosophical about it, as in: it will be what it will be, and I cannot influence it, so best to forget about it all. But as a Blog Owner this is  not going to be easy, as it is very hard not to get carried away with how Rooney, Cesc or Jovetic would be able to instantly transform our team. And it is just the same with the, equally popular among the fans, ‘angst articles’: the thought, for example, of the master of easy rides trying to entice our Wilshere or Koz away to Munich is very hard to suppress, once the eyes have glanced the NewsNow headline…. And losing our warrior RB, Mr Arsenal, to one of the new French Oilers, does also create sheer angst and anger.

How many times over the last few months have we read that Jovetic to Arsenal is a done deal? And what about Fellaini: Arsenal making an offer and the betting firms indicating they believe it is going to happen – after which………. Nothing happens.

And even if we sign a couple of quality players eventually, we could still see departures of first team players in the next few months. I know about the £70m to spend but old habits die hard at Arsenal, it seems.

What exactly is the fun of the transfer window?

I guess as a down to earth, Calvinist-DNA Dutchman, I am just too serious about it all. I can hear the likes of James Bond, Highbury Harmony, AFC, Gerry and HenryChan telling me to lighten up and join the seasonal fantasy football transfer merry-go-round….. The Wengabus is coming and everybody’s jumping….

Anyway, enough whinging – you must by now have noticed I am scraping the barrel for a post today! Let’s do some Transfer/Torture Window predictions. What do you think will happen this summer:

  1. Who are we really going to buy?
  2. Who will leave?
  3. How much money will we spend (deduct incoming money from predicted departures)?
  4. What will be the most we’ll spend on a single player this summer?
  5. Will Arsene sign a new contract during the TW?

Written by: TotalArsenal. 😉

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57 Responses to Cesc, Jovetic coming or not, Koz, Sagna to go? The Joys of the Torture Window!

  1. Gerry says:

    As it stands at the moment I could be first in here … if I am quick?
    In reverse order:

    5 – Yes, possibly before it opens.

    4 – £28m

    3 – £15m in, leaving £78 out

    2 – Coquelin, Mannone, Fabianski Gervinho.

    1 – Aubameyang, Le Gren, Ginter, Caoue, Cesar(it seems), and X(the striker with no name), plus assorted youngsters to keep Project Mk11 alive ha ha.

  2. AFC says:

    TA, very thought provoking post. 🙂

    1) Personally I see Wenger bringing in some sort of decent DM/box to box midfielder with no EPL experience and striker no one was expecting. Both for under 20 million each. Very likely we could see an experienced around the age of 26-30. Maybe a young versatile around the age of 22-25 for a relatively cheap fee. Any other players signed with be very young players with potential like (Sanago) to replace the load of youth players we released. This means nothing if Wenger actually spends.

    2) All the deadwood of course. Sagna and Rosicky if the money is right. Maybe Gervinho could leave if the money is right with a LW/AM/CF brought in. I doubt it because Wenger rates Gervinho very highly. Highly unlikely but Koscielny if crazy money is offered for him and the money to good to turn down.

    3) Not sure really. 50 million. Could be much less.

    4) 20 million. 25 million at a stretch.

    5) Yes, 1 more contract at least. Wenger will leave when he told to by mutual agreement.

  3. AFC says:

    2) Coquelin as well.

  4. AFC says:

    3) 50 million. 😀 I see it being around the 20-30 mill mark.

  5. Jan Gunnar Olsen says:

    1: Robert Lewandowski – Dortmund
    Cecs Fabregas – Barcelona
    Julio Cesar – Queens Park Rangers
    Higuain – Real Madrid

    2: Bendtner, Chamack, Djourou, Park, Santos, Gervinho

    3: £45 million

    4: £25 million

    5: YES!!!!!!

  6. James Bond says:

    Thanks TA, nice one

    not sure re- Fellaini as some mates who attended the Q&A with IG seem to suggest that most of our guys are away on holidays (medical people and so on) and same is the case with the people we want to do business with ( utter bs i reckon but hey thought i would share it).

    anyhow here it goes :

    1: Cesc/Fellaini/Higuain/Rooney – we’re not buying.

    3: Gervinho & Sagna along with the usual suspects (deadwood).

    5: 50 million.

    7: 22-25 million

    9: Yes, he will and he should otherwise no point in him signing quality players, that’s why i feel the first news about a contract will be that of AW.

    but i must say, if there ever was a best signing we could have this season then it would be that of David Dein, ha

  7. Glic says:

    Thanks Klompendildo….you did it again !…I commented on last post as you wrote …New Post !. 👿

    Answer to questions :

    1) At least 3 from this lot : Isco, Lars Bender, Higauin, Alcantara, Julio Cesar, Pogba, PEA ( that’s for you Gerrystein ), Muniain, Capoue, Wellendowdski, Sanchez, Cesc, Rooney, Jovetic, Fellaini, Bale, Reus and Zucmicoqubic !.

    2) £ 100M

    3) Bendtner, Park, Santos.

    4) £ 30M

    5) If the Bastardildo hasn`t bought a SQ player by the time I get back from Orcland tomorrow evening, he can pick up his f**king P45 !.

  8. James Bond says:

    this for AFC (from previous article).

    what did i say to you when i said Nani for under 10 million and you were rather confident and said man utd would never sell nani for 10 million to us and note how i said under 10 mills 😉

    yes, i would bring Nani for Gervinho – no brainer

    Nani – Potential to be a world beater and be in the top 10 footballers in the world if he worked under Wenger and worked hard for him….can change a game on his own.

    Gervinho – we all know about him, the less said the better.

    what about you ? would you want Nani for Gerv ? less than 10 millions but wages might be on par with our highest earners though

  9. Gerry says:

    I should add:

    No Jovetic,
    No Cesc
    No Rooney
    No Isco(no matter how desirable?)
    No to every player who get himself ‘onto Arsenal’s radar’ by declaring to any passing journalist – ‘Arsenal are interested in me/their scouts have been following me/I would not turn down an offer from Arsenal/etc’

    The Cesc thing worries me slightly, because it is Barca. I think they will wait until we somebody else, and then put him on the market?
    Like I have said previously, I’d take that risk just to keep Dein junior from getting a foothold in our dressing room.

    Juve are just messing because they have no money to buy outright, but they may get lucky with Higuain, unless AW coughs up a tad over the odds be fore Real get their new manager?
    Jovetic missed the boat when he could have signed a pre- season agreement if we agreed term with Fiorentina? However, their replacement could be the X-man?
    Rooney was a non-starter.

  10. James Bond says:


    a more interesting question and subject perhaps for one of your future posts should be along the lines of “Shouldn’t Arsene Wenger be building a team to compete in the CL & Win it “.

    i’m not sure about the rest of you, but the best managers in the world aim for the very top…and a manger of AW’s caliber shouldn’t settle for less either.

    if AW built a squad/team to compete in the CL and go far then shouldn’t that take care of our domestic results automatically ?

    yep, anyone willing to take this piece on, please help your self and expand on it 😀

    and you’re welcome.

  11. Dylan says:

    Disclaimer: This is going to be a very optimistic post. However read it all the way through and do the math and it isn’t too unrealistic expenditure-wise.

    1. Lewandowski (£25m), Gundogan (£17m), Higuain (£25m), Cesc (£20m), Begovic (£6m), Aurier (£2m), Lars Bender (£12m)
    2. Sagna (£10m), Mannone (£2m), Squillachi (released), Arshavin (released), Denilson (released), Djourou (£3m), Chamakh (£5m), Frimpong (£500,000), Coq (£4m), Bendtner £5m), Park (£2m), Santos (£3m), Diaby (£3m)
    3. £107m-£37.5m=£69.5m
    4. £25m (Lewandowski/Higuain)
    5. No I believe he’ll only sign one at the end of the season if we win a trophy or come very very close (second in the premier league, an unlucky loss in a cup final, etc). Otherwise he will respectfully accept he can’t do the job for us anymore and step down. But if we buy these players (or similar ones) and build a team this strong, I’m confident we’ll win at least one trophy.

  12. Gerry says:

    p.s. My departures were on top of those already announced – and are the ones to bring in a small amount of funds.
    Gerv is a yay or nay thing, as he might be part ex for someone?

  13. James Bond says:


    11 out of 10 for optimism.


  14. AFC says:

    Cesar looks like it is a possibility. I think bookies have stopped betting.

    JB, I would rather we converted Walcott or Podolski to a ST and played Nani on one of the wings. But if someone had to go for me it would have to be Rosicky or Gervinho.

  15. Dylan says:

    James Bond, I’m a dreamer 😉

  16. Dylan says:

    Also some food for thought, anyone curious if Ox could make it in the striker position rather than Theo?

  17. James Bond says:


    Nani would be perfect for us on the wings, he’s lethal with both feet and will give us width…so you would go for Nani if it was up to you ? swap him with Gerv ?


    aren’t we all 😉 you’re not a fan of Fellaini ?

  18. Glic says:

    Sorry !, I didn`t deduct incoming money from predicted departures !…..so that will be £ 7.50p….making a total spend of £ 99,999,992.50p !. or if that total is wrongly written…..£7.50p under £100M !.

  19. AFC says:

    Dylan, Diaby is injured and therefore cannot be sold yet. I think we will have to make him available on a free.

    I think Cesc will stay at Barca. Higuain to Juve. L (long name) from BD to Bayern or United.

    My opinion of course which means nothing. 🙂

  20. James Bond says:

    if OX made it as a striker before Theo then who will be feeding the strikers so to speak ?

    Ox’s game is more suited on the wings and through the middle, his finishing will take another few years to come to fruition, but who knows ? maybe one day ?

  21. Dylan says:

    I haven’t seen enough of Nani to know if I’d swap him for Gerv because I honestly believe he had raw potential that Wenger could harness. He just needs to man up and be able to take criticism. As for Fellaini, not so much. I think he’s a decent player but I don’t see him going places. He’s also a little too dirty at times and I don’t see him fitting in well in a Wengerball system.

  22. AFC says:

    Dylan, I do not think the Ox can. I think he will end up playing as an AM possibly behind the ST or as a SS if he scores goals.

  23. AFC says:

    JB, I would. Similar type of player but Nani has more trickery.

  24. AFC says:

    And skills than Gervinho.

  25. Dylan says:

    @AFC- Everything you said makes sense to me. I’m just being optimistic. 😉
    @JB- Well say we swap Gerv for Nani. Then we have Theo/Santi/Nani/Poldi supplying the striker. Then we buy either Lewandowksi OR Higuain as opposed to both and make Ox the back up striker. I see him as an Henry type player. I’m just curious if anyone else sees this as a viable option as well. It’s more cost effective than buying both strikers.

  26. AFC says:

    Dylan, We could do this. Buy Nani and sell Gervinho. Convert Podolski and Walcott to strikers. That’s three strikers with Giroud and buy an AM and RW.

  27. Dylan says:

    @AFC- That’s possible. I just feel that trying to convert 2 experienced wingers to strikers over a summer and relying on them next season is asking a lot. Where as leaving Ox as a back up and trying to turn him into a striker over the next few seasons and not necessarily relying on him might be easier. Just my opinion though.

  28. Wesley Yates says:

    Definitely a DM will be signed. Maybe this Bender guy. Suspect also a back up for Ollie Giroud. Higuan possibly. What does he earn? Don’t see us paying anyone more than 150k.

  29. James says:

    1. Julio Cesar, Williams, Piszczek, Lars Bender, Grenier, Ayew, Higuain

    2. Fabianski, Sagna, Santos, Djourou, Coquelin, Frimpong, Gervinho, Bendtner, Park, Chamakh

    3. 50-55m

    4. 24m

    5. Yes, further 2 year extension.

  30. AFC says:

    Dylan, Podolski is a false 9 who has played as a striker for many years and Walcott is a striker who is played on the RW. 😉

  31. Dylan says:

    @AFC- Both of those things are true. But both were given chances as strikers in our system and I just didn’t think either played well. The exception being Walcott’s hattrick against Newcastle. But perhaps you’re correct. My preferred option is still just to buy Higuain and Lewandowksi though and leave Ox, Theo, and Poldi on the wings.


    Thanks TA.

    The only thing that realy matters is that Arsene commits to another contract, and that he is capable of keeping at the players he wishes to stay.

    On the transfer front i would like just one player, a top striker. The purchases of Higuain makes me salivate. I am a bit concerned that if this transfer comes off i might randomly attack a stranger by clamping my teeth on his leg.

    If he resists, i will piss on him. hahaha

  33. AFC says:

    Dylan, if I’m honest I do not see us getting those two strikers or any striker in the same class or fee unless they are on the cheap. I could be wrong of couse.

  34. GoonerB says:

    A nice post TA considering it was scraping the bottom of the barrel. Glic your 20.40 comment, I noticed you were a bit premature. Does the doctor need an onward referral himself for help with this problem?

    TA, I will comment later or tomorrow on your teasing questions, but on an initial note does anyone know what has happened with Red Arse? I have been away a while from bloggosphere myself but noticed he hasn’t commented for a while which is unusual.

  35. AFC says:

    Maybe RA has become Wenger’s financial advisor. 😀

  36. jgc says:


    I was going to respond in detail, but Gerry stole my answers! I will thus reinforce his notes…

    That said, I have some predictions:

    1. I think any sign of intent this year will come from spending 25-30m maximum, on a player actually “worth” it. Probably a striker for whom we will be vilified in the press for spending more on than was paid for RvJ.

    2. Fewer signings then suspected (3 or less barring youngsters), and fewer exits of those with no future. If there is any place I always see optimism it is in the thinking that any player can just be sold! Someone has to want them, and usually the ones you want to sell are well out of form, so… I think selling out of form players is harder than the difficult task of bidding for the in for ones!

    3. At least 2 unexpected departures or unwanted ones, but not from first teamers. I.e. Coq and Gerv for example. Who may not be fully replaced by like for like or same quality. Such as Coq out and 2 future Gnabry’s in… or potential Gnabry’s.

    4. Dylan will explode due to too much optimism, his post was dangerously close to some redline in this regard. That said, I am hoping it is more accurate than not

    cheers — jgc

  37. jgc says:


    And to be numerologically safe:

    5. AWs signings are most often much quieter than the normal TW background noise and ranting. Thus, the less you hear the better if you are keen on somoeone, though that is far from a promise.. I.e. we heard about OG and Poldi but not huge amounts relative to all else going on at the time.

    It also likely means we may only have heard relatively very little about who we might sign and not too far ahead of it actually occurring..

    cheers — jgc

  38. jgc says:


    And in the spirit of the blog title, I am reposting this wonderful “Fake Cesc transfer rumor” … Very funny (IMO), and directly relevant to the spirit of the terror window news/noise:


    cheers — jgc

  39. malaysian gunner says:

    At the glacial speed with which Wenger is moving,don’t be surprised he doesn’t get any quality players, refusing to pay the market rate. In the mean time he continues to be associated with kids. Don’t be surprised he gets these guys and put them in the senior team.
    It’s a gamble. The kids may help the gunners to finally challenge or they go backwards. If its the latter is the case,the fm shd be off.

  40. MexicanGunner says:

    I would be happy if AW only signed Asier Illarramendi and a decent striker. This kid is going to be a world beater in a few years. Barcelona have already asked about him. But he wants to stay with his mates. If AW could somehow convince him to come to Arsenal then we would have the next great center midfielder.

  41. JM says:

    1. Who are we really going to buy?

    Definitely arriving:

    a. (God)Dennis Bergkamp shall arrive with his family at Arsenal for the unveil of his statue this summer. There is a good chance he would take up a role at Arsenal (his contract at Ajax was deemed to be expiring …last heard was 30 June 2013, while Frank de Boer and Marc Overmars have renewed their contracts till 2017, nothing was announced on Bergkamp’s), either as an understudy to Liam Brady as the future Head of Youth Development or part of Arsene’s 1st team coaching staff.

    Fabianski has seemingly extended his contract for another year till 2014, so there might not be a new GK coming in. (Though this also depends on the availability of Mannone next season – Parma and Genoa are making enquiries).

    b. Stefan Reinartz, 24yrs, 1.89m (Bayer Leverkusen and German international, plays DM and CB, Agency: SportsTotal, the same agency as Goetze and Reus)
    Strengths: Passing, Ball interception, Concentration(very important for a holding midfielder)
    Knocking the door for more regular appearances with the German national team, the unsung hero for Leverkusen, protecting the backline while Lars Bender went rampaging forward)

    c. Michu, 27yrs, 1.90m (Swansea, plays AM, CF, 2ndS, Agency: Bahia international, the same agency as our last signing, Monreal)
    Strengths: Aerial Duels, Holding on to the ball, Finishing, Tackling (all we need for our main striker and competition to Giroud).
    He is already devastating at Swansea, coming to Arsenal with better ammunition and a supporting cast, he would be phenomenal.
    The Spanish national team (and Vicente del Bosque) should call him up as a strong candidate for their main striker.

    d. Juan Cuadrado, 25yrs, 1.76m (Udinese/Fiorentina and Colombian international, plays RWB, RB, RM, RW, Agency: GoalKick Sportmanagement, the same agency as Cazorla and Jenkinson)
    Strengths: Dribbling, Key passes, Crossing, Long shots, Tackling
    He is a student of “Total Football” style.

    2. Who will leave?
    Hopefully, none of the 1st team players for a start. We should release most if not all of our “deadwood” as priority.

    3. How much money will we spend (deduct incoming money from predicted departures)?
    £30 – 35 million.

    4. What will be the most we’ll spend on a single player this summer?
    £20 – 22 million on transfer fees alone (excluding player’s wages/bonuses).

    5. Will Arsene sign a new contract during the TW?
    Extended till either 2016 or 2018 for his next contract renewal (if our club’s plans go well and we move forward)

  42. JM says:


  43. JM says:

    Juan “Guillermo” Cuadrado

  44. Gerry says:

    jgc – Sorry about. I must have just clicked on to the previous post aw TA put this one up.

    The reason my total is higher than most – read ‘everybody’ is partly due to the IG division of labour? If I am right, then AW say X,X, X and X will be what we need, IG and DL go off and do the negoiating, and the first 3 X’s on my list, are young, talented, and if successful, very marketable. But there is a price to pay for such talent, way higher than AW would want to risk? I do don’t think that trio would be got for less that £50m, and that may include a Gerv incentive thrown in?
    The DM is still likely to be around £15-20m, which IG and DL will pay because all know it a key purchase.

    Of course my list does not have to be the same as AW’s, but there are other possibilities. I just happen to think those are AW ‘types’ he can add value to, which is why he would not pay such a high price? I think the higher price is worth it to add value to our squad, across a range of positions. It also would give us a choice of a French or German ‘spine’, with enough UK talent give it an Arsenal identity?

  45. Gerry says:

    JM – I don’t think Michu or Willliams will be leaving Swansea after reading yesterday’s news. If anything, they will be in a state of flux until a new manager can be installed? Their Chairman seems keeping the squad they have that did well last season, rather sell and replace … which of course is an agent’s dream scenario?

    Reinartz sounds like Flamini to Fabregras in days long gone? Mind, you have put me off L.Bender a little, as he sounds like like a Ramsey/ Song combo? That might sound perfect, but I think our emphasis is on the ‘D’? I would presume these players, bar Michu, would be available ‘at a price’?

    I do DB would be one of our best signings though, but I foresee difficulties in whatever title he is given?

  46. Gerry says:

    JM – On Coudrado … isn’t that Walcott (in his dreams) playing at right back? I can see the attraction though.

  47. henrychan says:

    TA.. I think Cesc and jovetic will not coming.. Higuan and Felaini will not either..
    The price is growing up wild.. and although we have enough money.. I don’t think Wenger will change his policy..

    What I think will happen this summer:

    1. Who are we really going to buy?
    Cesar.. I think this one’s already done.. hehehe..
    Bony.. my man.. hahaha..
    Ashley Williams.. Strootman and Van der Weil..

    2. Who will leave?
    Squilaci, Arshavin and Denilson.. hahahaha..
    Fabianski.. for he need to compete with Szsceney..
    Sagna.. cause he want to go home to France and two big club from France are chasing him.. And we can get Van der Weil also.. it’s a good barter..
    Coquelin.. cause he said before that he would leave if Wenger didn’t play him regularly.. and I don’t think he will get that also this season..

    3. How much money will we spend (deduct incoming money from predicted departures)?
    Cesar 3 millions..
    Bony 12 millions..
    Williams 12 millions..
    Strootman 15 millions..
    Van der weil (- 5 millions for selling Sagna.. hahaha..)
    So only 37 millions needed..
    but not included all the youngster that also very promising like Mitrovic, Ginter and others..

    4. What will be the most we’ll spend on a single player this summer?
    Strootman.. 15 millions..

    5. Will Arsene sign a new contract during the TW?
    Yes.. another 3 years contract.. to complete 20 years jobs..

  48. Hello TA,fellow gooners

    Nice way to capture our feelings TA..top post!!

    TA, i fully share in your agony…4 christ sake,even Sport Lisboa e Benfica (saw it on fb) have bought TWO players in the past THREE days!!!ooooh 2 be a gooner…let the misery continue!!

  49. Admir says:

    Hello, people!

    I’ve been busy these days as I’ve been sorting player ratings for the whole season based on match reports & ratings on http://www.allarsenal.com. And that nasty thing called personal life also bites. 🙂

    Anyway, TA is (as usual) totally right when he call this Torture Window. A lot of screams out there, a lot of irritating noises that make you nervous and give you naughty dreams about CaughtOffside writers losing their computers to police simply for writing crap all over again.

    I am a bit nervous with all reports that suggest Arsene Wenger is about to make same mistakes all over again. If he is really reluctant to meet release clause fee for Fellaini, the Belgian ends up with Mata in Chelsea and we end 2013-14 without silverware and watching Chavs’ ugly behind again, Wenger shouldn’t get a new contract but a decent hand-shake and a statue for what he has done for Arsenal during his reign.

    Let me answer to questions TA asked:

    1) Yaya Sanogo already signed so we have a number of strikers needed. Giroud, Podolski and Walcott want to play as central forwards so adding another central forward may affect our squad harmony, not to mention self-confidence of Giroud and Podolski. Given that Diaby will be ready to make a come-back maybe even before Christmas, we won’t sign any new midfielders. After all, Frimpong returned from loan and apparently signed a new contract, Coquelin already stated he wants more playing time so I guess that’s it. Wilshere, Cazorla and Rosicky will compete for the hole, with possible introduction of The Ox and promotion of Eisfeld as I see glimpses of Rosicky in him. Fabianski will sign a new contract so no new goalkeepers are needed. Central defenders – if Djourou leaves, Sagna will be used as central defender. Wenger said that he always knew Bac will end as central defender.

    2) Bendtner and Djourou.

    3) We won’t spend at all while Djourou and Bendtner will earn us some cash.

    4) What we spent on training compensation for Sanogo.

    5) Hopefully won’t before we see what kind of result he’s going to make this season. We should start negotiations with him in the end of February, after Capital One Cup Final.

    (Let’s see if this jinx will work. 😀 )

  50. 17highburyterrace says:

    ‘Morning fellas…. Good stuff, as always, TA. Torture Window indeed….

    I like Admir’s jinx style (above) which matches my own way of thinking. I just don’t want to get too deeply into it so as not to be disappointed. As such, no 5 questions for me….

    Nonetheless, I am trying to figure out WTF the club is doing from a marketing standpoint. All this talk about money to spend but very little concrete action so far. I guess it’s time to renew tickets and memberships and all that but it seems awfully cynical. “Money” won’t be playing on the pitch so who will? What am I paying to see? Will it all be about grinding out results (for our CL spot and getting through the qualifier and group stage) or will there be some real flair or maybe something new and shiny and exciting on display this season?

    Having read a lot of Marca for my report on Spanish Football last night (for my Spanish class) it feels like there are two types of torture to be enjoyed and Arsenal are doing their level best to suggest that we can participate in type A torture. This is the sort with the big names and the big clubs and the “proven” talent. Real Madrid need to get Ancelloti on board and PSG won’t let him go. When that happens then (finally) Mourinho can do his work (Cavani, some defensive types from Madrid?)… Will Moyes try and operate at this level or will he make peace with his Rooney boy and keep things calm (as SAF did in recent years)? If he only wants British boys, he’s a step ahead with Zaha already in the fold. Lewandoski would seem like overkill…. At least Pelligrini seems to be doing things ahead of the curve and City should be a more entertaining team next season. I actually think Martinez at Everton will want part of the action and Fellaini out seems the way forward. Arsenal, with Gazidis and Wenger (with their “I could buy Rooney” talk) can pick at the leftovers. Is the ‘Fro just a little too much Muscle from Brussels for the (supposed) “style” to which we aspire?….Now, with Laudrup maybe as the Ancelloti replacement, Swansea could be a bust up too, albeit at this lower level….

    That’s the paper talk and the stuff that (maybe) sells renewals. JM and his bevy of quality players and their (more reasonable) agents is another sort of torture (as are some of the names coming out of France, our more usual stomping grounds)… If we buy lesser names for smarter money does it satisfy the fans with the torches and the pitchforks? I don’t understand it and I think the team needs to appeal to fans in a more complex way and present a longer perspective. The club needs to be talking about salaries (they are, kind of) and how this part of the money puzzle fits in. Who should get the money we were spending on Arshavin/Squillaci/Denilson? (Sagna, I say.) If Theo and Poldi (and Arsene) are on approx 100k/week can we improve things by getting others in at this level? If Arsene bumps up to 150k/week (with an extension) shouldn’t we be buying some players who require that same level of compensation and can play well enough to justify it? What does 50% better than Lulu and Theo look like? What sorts of results should we expect of Arsene if he bumps himself up?….

    Sorry for all the questions and no answers. Call me cynical (or a doomer…) but it’s just not very clear to me at this point in time. Maybe as the summer heat builds in….

  51. jnyc says:

    Sorry to disagree about Sagna TA. I think its time to make a little cash if we atill can. I dont think hes going to get back to pre injury greatness because of age and leg breaks. A solid defender, but doesnt add much going forward. People talk about all these players they want to bring in, but you cant forgoe the need to profit and bring in money when u have the opportunity. Because if he isnt sold now , we wont be able to get anything in the future. Time to move on, maybe even upgrade.

  52. Dylan says:

    This Cuadrado guy looks pretty good in my opinion! Of course anyone can take make a highlight reel and ignore the bad parts of someone’s play but he looks pretty good. Raw speed and dribbling skill. Do we know for a fact that we’re interested in him?

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi guys 🙂

    Some fantastic responses today and last night. Very busy with family stuff but hope to find some time tonight to respond.

  54. Gerry says:

    17HT – don’t get all disappointed yet. The window does not open for another two weeks?

    I am quite relaxed and excited by it all. Nor will I be disappointed if ‘my’ preferences are not with us pre-season, because whoever come in I will assume to be of quality. In fact I will be more disappointed on some departures if they happen.

    Why have we suddenly lost it? When most of our ‘targets’ are away in Brazil. I think by the opening week in July you will see names pop up that have already, at the very least, given the verbal nod that they will sign. That is why the medical staff are away now, they are going to be rushed off their feet in two weeks time … ha ha

    So relax. Enjoy the endless possibilities as names are tossed around. It is not as though we have a match next week …

  55. Highbury Harmony says:


    Villa confirm two new signings, Okore of which is a great addition.


    Chelsea confirm signing of Schurrle pending physical and agreeing on personal terms.

    Arsenal’s transfer activity? 0 new signings, not even Sanogo is technically confirmed by arsenal.com yet.

  56. Highbury Harmony says:

    Thanks TA for another interesting transfer type article! To an extent, I agree with you that I wish it were shorter so teams could actually just sign the players they are interested in, instead of delaying on decisions and trying to hold out for better deals etc. that are really insignificant when it is all said and done. However, I do very much enjoy the transfer window, not because I believe all the names we are linked to, but because of the possibilities that may come from these rumours.

    1. Who are we really going to buy? – Imo: Cesar, Higuain and one of Fellaini or Capoue. Dreaming of El Shaarawy though…

    2. Who will leave? – Arshavin, Fabianski, Squillaci, Denilson, Djourou, Bendtner and Park

    3. How much money will we spend (deduct incoming money from predicted departures)? – £40-44 million depending on how much Djourou, Bendtner and Park can be sold for.

    4. What will be the most we’ll spend on a single player this summer? – £23 million

    5. Will Arsene sign a new contract during the TW? – No. He will extend his contract during the upcoming season.

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post!

    Another gem by Markus: an in-depth analysis of Higuain and why he would be ideal for Arsenal (and Arsenal for him). Enjoy.

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