Ox, Jack, Santi, Gibbs, Theo: all capable of igniting Wengerball, but is it enough?

How can we get back to sexy football?


17 Highbury Terrace wrote during the previous blog: ‘Unless we change our personnel in MF I just don’t see us able to play anything pretty.’

I fully agree with 17HT’s statement: for pretty, sexy football changes have to be made to the midfield. The key questions are whether we have enough talent in our squad currently to do it and how long it will take to get there.

For me the current first team is a combination of a number of engines – hard workers who motor our team along: Arteta, Ramsey, Koscielny, Giroud, Jenkinson;  a number of specialist – quality players who perform their roles really well in most games: Sagna, Rosicky, Szczesny, Mertesacker, Nacho, Podolski;  and a number of players who have (the potential for) that little bit extra quality and magic: Santi, Ox, Jack, Gibbs and Theo.

The problem, and simultaneously the exciting thing, is that those who can offer the magic, which is a big – but not the only – part of pretty football, are still mainly young. As fans, we do not have much patience anymore, and with money burning in our pockets, it seems right to now go out and add the sort of quality players who can deliver straightaway.

There is good reason to believe that in two years from now Santi, Ox, Jack, Gibbs and Theo will make us play scintillating winning football. They need to be lucky with injuries so they develop their talents to the max in the next 24 months. If we had been winning silverware in recent years, I would  argue more vigorously that we need to be patient, as I strongly believe that these five players will be among the very best in Europe in the next two to five years (and Santi is  very, very close to being there right now).

It is really important now to add to the squad in such a way that the development of those five (potentially) extra-quality players is not held back, and yet instant progress is made during this and the following season. I know that many are in agreement that we need  to add that extra bit of defensive steel in midfield in order to free up the more creative minded players in midfield. We have discussed this more or less to death, and the links with Fellaini, Wanyama and Capoue are at least good signs that Arsene is looking to recruit for this position this summer.

But the more difficult issue is what to do with the ‘hole’ position. Jack has great potential for this one, and so does Ox, and many will argue that Santi is the right player to hold the biggest role in Wengerball right now. If we get Rooney or Cesc, which remains a half decent possibility, the team would make a big jump forwards, but at what price in terms of development of Ox and Jack, and Santi?

Santi can play in a free role on one of the wings, Jack can play next to the beast of a DM Arsene is going to get us, but what about Ox? He could play again on the wing next season, but this just does not seem to do him much good at Arsenal.

It would be some gamble by Arsene but what if he started him in the hole next season? Just imagine AOC getting the freedom to make things happen in the middle of our midfield, whilst being supported by Jack and Santi behind and next to him! Would that mean the start of the rebirth of pretty, sexy Wengerball? Or is Ox still too young for this, and should Arsene look to add an experienced, quality player right now; and if so, who should it be?

Written by TotalArsenal.

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55 Responses to Ox, Jack, Santi, Gibbs, Theo: all capable of igniting Wengerball, but is it enough?

  1. rizal says:

    Hi, what we in dire need is not just a sexy football but a (when things not going our way) player who feel the responsibility to took charge of the game and try to make things happen (weather it become fruitful or not it is a different question) but the player must have the urgency + responsibility + skill to do so, if we are talking about Ox- well he is not big enough to fill those boots just as yet. For Ox I only harbor hope or expectation of him to contribute around 10 goal plus assist, and that is good enough of progression for him but at the same time not good enough if we are talking about us to going down to the wire until the last couple of games with the possibility to clinch the title.

  2. Teebillz says:

    Nice post TA..
    In as much as i would love EVERY good footballer bought for a perfect ‘wenger ball’ , i think he has a very strong foundation for that in this team already. To play a particular footballing pattern it takes time as the team needs full understanding of themselves (you cant totally get it in a season or even two). The question now is. Do we really and truly have the patience for a near perfect wengerball and wait for him to perfect it with this set (like he almost did with the 06/07, 07/08) OR win dirty by adding your beast of a DM (only God knows if that still exist in this our tactically advanced era of the game)…

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Rizal and Teebillz 🙂

    Got to go now, but will get back to you tomorrow.

  4. marvin says:

    wenger must by big player for arsenal to win

  5. Lari says:

    Dude santi is an old man!!!

  6. 17highburyterrace says:

    Quite an honor to get a quote carried over into your post….

    As you might expect, I’m not quite so optimistic about converting that group of guys into an effective solution. The way I see it is that down the stretch we were playing (more or less) a 4-4-1-1 with Santi and either Rosicky or Wilshere as the more forward 2 of the midfield 4. (This, along with maybe some niggles, I think, is why Poldolski never had a set role in team.) Obviously, we limped in…On the one hand we did what we needed to do, on the other, pretty it was not….

    Santi, we hope, can have another good year of fitness and (I agree) he’s a really fine, fine player. Gibbs and Wilshere are both big fitness questions and are both very left-footed. Gibbs, in fact, will almost never use his right…His defending has improved but he’s got no move inside. Defenders know this so he’s not so tough to neutralize. For me, Nacho is a far better bet, going forward at least….

    Jack Wilshere, is a pit bull and we love his spirit. He also picked up Cesc’s great feel for running onto balls in advantageous ways. Compared to Fabregas, however, his final ball (range of passes and shotmaking) is miles behind. If he can stay fit he should improve (a lot), so far, unfortunately, it seems a pretty big if…

    Theo’s been talked to death. A finisher who can also cross and growing into a bigger personality (leader). Still, not much of a creator so it’s sort of the opposite of Jack–Theo is all final ball… This is make or break time for him. Barring injury he should get big opportunities for Arsenal and England over the next year. He might break out, but the oddsmakers (if they could quantify such things) might give good money against it…

    Finally, the Ox…. Still only 19 but he either runs at guys (and then falls over) or makes the basic pass (with great technique). He really has not been given a chance to show us what he can do in terms of making the killer pass (for an assist chance). It’s tough with young players as those passes, when they’re telegraphed and picked off, can leave the entire squad out of position and the team extremely vulnerable on the break. Again, a solid player at DM might (italics) give all these guys the freedom they need, but still, I don’t see that being enough. For me, a DM and an AM is the absolute mininum to believe we can compete with City, Chelsea and United. (Improving at the two ends of the pitch, striker and keeper, is probably necessary too…) Use the current personnel and it’s all about quite a bit of Route 1 and struggling for top 4(again)….

    Sorry to dawdle on, but that notion of a generational divide (which I wrote about) seems real to me. If we want success now (AND in the future) we need to bridge that age divide with (at least) a couple of top quality players who are both on the younger side but good enough to hit the ground running. (Losing Cesc and RVP and to a much lesser extent Song and Nasri have been true set-backs…) It seems a tall order but the club have been talking big so we shall see….

  7. Dylan says:

    I think Ox has the potential to play in the hole but we can’t rely on him next season. I’m sticking to my guns and saying Cesc is the guy to play this role. He can return sexy (or Cesc-y) football to Arsenal. With the likes of Santi, Jack, Ox, Theo, Gibbs, Higuain, Lewanowski, or any other players we may bring in around him, he could do amazing things for us. As well as adding a more goal scoring touch to our midfield, which is something we lack (without counting Santi). So to recap: We will be able to rely on Ox in this role, but not yet. We need a new attacking mid, preferably Cesc (or someone of his quality). And Wengerball could return next season. 😉

  8. Tim says:

    “In 2 years x,y and z will be great, they just need some luck with fitness etc..” You could have said this every year for the last 7 or 8. Enough is enough. Buy quality now, if the young players are good enough, they’ll come through no matter what. The last thing we need now is to wait another 2 years to see the odd player come through and others not make it. We all know what we need (striker, creator, dm), go get them, worry about the results not the individuals.

  9. Adrian says:

    So basically what are you are saying is our best players are Santi and the English????? Hilarious!!!!!!!!!

  10. johnnie nyc says:

    fantastic comment 17ht… great observations !

  11. The BearMan says:

    Wenger needs to invest on one or two world class talent to give more balance to his young squad. A player like Cavani would not simply provide useful goals, but would inspire the rest of the Arsenal team to raise their overall game.

    I am aware, the entire 70m war chest Wenger has it would require to start the bidding.

  12. Gerry says:

    TA – I think this blog will bring a unified answer of ‘No, it is not enough’, but then split into variations of who, what, and where we need to change? It is an area that does need another airing. Here I could do the ‘parliamentry thing’ ..I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave earlier … but I’ll expand a little.

    I know there are occasions when players brought in can make it more difficult for younger ones looking to break into the senior squad. Even exceptional talent can still find it better to move and develop elsewhere to flourish. Arsenal are not alone in this. However, if academy players needs are put ahead of the squad development, then they will find they are breaking into a mid-table side that can no longer attract top talent?

    On the more positive side of that, and one which I believe AW is trying to tread, is to bring in better quality players to add to the squad, and give a better platform for those breaking into the side, and enable them to show their best. Remember IG’s words …Arsene will decide on who comes based on talent and character, and who suits Arsenal best …

    We are not in a position to judge all of these aspects, only really knowing about on-field ability. But what we do know is, a winning side can be more confident about allowing more time for the top players to come through our ranks, and further develop their skills at first team level. To me that is where signings will really help in this. Yes, even if it is straight competition for the position that the junior player hopes to aspire to. Not only can they learn more in training, but they know the level that they must do better to succeed.

    The players being spoken of in this TW could make it very difficult for the likes of Ox, Ramsey, Eisfeld, Ryo and others who may benefit from a loan spell who then return and find they are out in the cold? And here I will repeat my earlier comments, the way to avoid that is through appropriate rotation.

    First you fill your squad with players that are better equipped than those that have left, as well as those who have yet to fulfill their promise. But it is not a case of a ‘first eleven’ and a B team, it is a squad of 22+ playing for a unified 14 that can get to play. To achieve that means, even ‘core’ players taking a break and letting whoever is next in line to take their chance to shine. Nor does it mean wholesale changes that disrupt the players understanding with each other, and so destroy the very thing they are supposed to be developing. Just one or two changes to the starting side, but not every game. Use the subs in a much more positive way. get away from the tedious ‘see what you can do in the last 10 minutes’ stuff. For a player really to benefit, try a half-time switch occasionally? Don’t just pull players off if they are struggling against a difficult opponent, bring on a player that assists and see if it help the confidence of the struggler. What is worse than seeing a player struggle and know we do not have an option on the bench?

    Of course, all of that can be done with a side that starts well, wins the match early, and can afford to ‘tinker’ a little. The other positive of having a strong squad, is the game change options it can have when things are tough. Yes, let’s bring on ‘our’ Isco to break down PTB teams who try and stifle the life out of the game, or ‘our’ Cesc to find the killer pass, bring on a Higuain for Podolski or Giroud. Don’t be afraid to use Gibbs and Monreal if it makes the team tick better, Don’t get the jitters if Eisfeld comes on for Santi when we’re 3-nil up, Embrace Yennaris as the DM support for as X takes a break. Whoop with delight as Ox takes up the DB10 role and notches his first hat trick. Thrill to see Ryo tear apart their RB and lay on crucial assists. Get on board with super skills of Cambell scoring on debut, and still applaud him when some of it does not come off Go wild as Gnabry shows real talent is when scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup final …

    But above all, remember all this is only possible because of our new heroes, whoever they may be, and they are just a part of the team we call ‘The Arsenal’

    Go on,spoil yourselves, enjoy the dream?

  13. naked goon says:

    if we played from the beginning of the season, the way we finished it, we’d be champions now. no sexy football needed, just hard work and full concentration. not pretty but who cares. get pretty when the score is 3-0 and the oppo finished

  14. xavier says:

    Gerry.. Your comment brought tears to my eyes. Real tears. God. That dream is just too sweet.

  15. Benny Gooner says:

    For years we’ve put off buying as it will hinder the development of others. I’m all for our younger players developing but gambling on our squad has left us short many occasions in the past. Now that we seem to have cash to spend I feel it should be spent. Our competitors all have at least 2 good/international players for every position and we should be no different. Players get injured, players go out of form, hopefully we’ll be involved in 4 competitions for as long as possible and will need as big a squad as possible. Just look at 2 years ago when we ended up with no full backs!!! If these developing players are good they’ll get game time, it’s all about rotation, I’m all for AOC getting a chance in the hole but it shouldn’t be our plan from day one.

    I feel we need to hang onto everyone that matters to the team (not the likes on TGSTEL etc.), if Sagna goes he’ll need to be replaced to give Jenkinson competition, like the Gibbs Montreal situation. I would love Seamus Coleman if that’s the case, he getting better and better and is a huge attacking threat.

    An experienced keeper to keep SCZNY on his toes. Caesar or Miglonet if you could get them at the right price.

    For DM I’d love Fellani, he’s the beast we’ve been screaming out for, a la Viera. Of course I’d love fabregas back, but can’t see it happening.

    Higuain would be a great signing, we need an out and out striker as Giroud and Podolski are the only proper forwards we currently have.

    I’d be all for any other quality player to come in. Isco, jovetic etc but think they aren’t as much of a nesscesity

  16. Langford Rae says:

    Great blog very well put together, I would include Ramsey in the magic makers myself. I feel he has simply been greatly hindered by having his leg smashed. Anyway nice to read something not saying to scrap half the first team as it is the best position Arsenal have been in for half a decade.

  17. matthew montgomery says:

    finally i’ve been saying to everyone jack ox and one more should be our centre midfield

  18. marcus says:

    Great post TA. However I’m going to have beg to differ with you on one thing, playing the Ox in the hole. I even think that doing this would achieve the exact opposite of what you want (wengerball). For wengerball to be achieved, you need supremely technical players.

    When Arsenal was at its peak (playing beautifully) we had players in the team who weren’t scorers or creators of goals but only brought technique to the table. Mainly Hleb and to a large extent TR7. We had TR7 on the left, Hleb on the right. Cesc and Flamini in the middle. That team played some of the most breath taking football I’ve ever seen.

    Back to the Ox. He’s not there yet. He brings pace, flair and directness to the team but not technique. He’s not the kind of player who can pass the ball with deadly accuracy and style and combine with team mates efficiently to produce that scintillating brand of football.

  19. JM says:

    1st team player “playing in the hole” has to be our main goalscoring midfielder/forward and at the same time doubling up as an alternative creative source to either one or both our wingers, and one of the deep lying midfielders playing the 2 in front of our defence. He shall also need to do the pressing in our attacking 3rd, win back possession early and launch our counter-attack in front of our opponent’s goal area.

    (which is a reason why Rooney and Fabregas are coveted among ideal future signings for this position)

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

    Some very fine comments to which I will respond later tonight.

    Arsenal are on a crossroad. There are two formulae to success Arsene has not had the privilege to try out for almost a decade:
    1. Build a team and hold on to the top talents for a sustained period;
    2. Spend large amounts of money on new players without having to sell to balance the books.

    He can do both now, but it would make sense to combine the two formulae into something truly special. However, the second one could jeopardize the first one and vice versa, so it is a fine balancing act. It is really great to see this challenge reflected in many comment today and in recent weeks.

    Catch you later today. 🙂

  21. Gerry says:

    xavier – I am glad you were so moved. But isn’t it what all true gunners want. Not to buy a trophy or a title, but to see talent we have nurtured come to the fore and be part of any success?

    I should also explain the use of the word ‘our’ with Isco and Cesc was there because i cannot see us getting either this time. So it is the players we do buy for those roles, and become the same cult heroes of new horizon. Personally, I think these right players are more important than the sq signing, but better to have the sq signing so these player can develop within the squad, without the fans disappointment that they are not the real thing?

    I doubt if Santi whispering in Isco’s ears will be enough to swing it, and Cesc is staying, unless their new manager says he is not required?

    So it is Arsene’s Plan A – Get players who he can add value to … but this time, add a couple who will raise eyebrows and tick immediate boxes.

    Then the dream may be on … for real!



    TA, “Arsenal at a crossroad” 100% spot on my friend

    Your example of the development of players like Wilshere and Ox describe it perfectly.

    This is why i plead caution and paitence to those that demand that the Club bring in players.

    The club have known for many years that the time was coming were there revenues would take a hugh spike through new comercial deals. In this sense they have planned for this additional money to be transient and free flowing.

    The first priority is to use funds to keep the players we want. By doing so, we will see the best of jack and ox etc, not abramovich or the sheiks.

    The second is to supplement this development of our exsisting squad with the required talent to fill the gaps. Hopefuly with players who possess quality that will add vaule to the exsisting pool.

    i hear those that say we should look to buy and no longer concern ourselves with the individual. I respectfully say you are wrong. This is a short term philosophy, that fits in well with suger daddy clubs, not a self sustaining club with history like ours.

    The truth is, in the medium and long term we will win things for a sustained period if we take a holistic approach, One which nurtures with required paitence our fledgling talent, and adding to it by procuring players who add extra ingredients to a growing side and just as importantly, harmonious club.

  23. VCC says:

    Gerry, your a romantic…….pull yourself together man. lol


    Gerry, great comments mate, but reading your past posts i expect nothing else from you, you have it spot on.


    Nothing wrong with a bit of romance of Vics. Many times women have sent me flowers, gifts, surprised me with weekend breaks etc. and ime always very grateful. hahaha

  26. Gerry says:

    Marcus – Reading JM’s description of the role does seem to fit the Ox, possibly more than anyone else currently on the books, albeit with further development?

    Where I see him doing well is using his pace and short back lift to get a powerful shot away. It was very nice to see Isco doing that what you call for, late on last night(except for TA of course – but the damage was done by then. May be in the previous game, eh TA?), but opportunities like that are far less than somebody latching on to a pass on the edge of the box and getting first run on defenders?

    Hey, when it comes to developing passing skills, if Ramsey can do it this year, and he’s 4/5 years older than the Ox, then I am sure the Ox will work on that part of his game ..as well as his shooting? But agreed, his is not there yet. Far better to learn from somebody who has those skills?
    Whilst mentioning Ramsey, I have been more impressed with his passing game during the run-in, than any other. My big criticism was that his passes tended to be hit too flat, and were more likely to slide on past their target. Fabregas/Song chips into the box, with plenty of backspin were a complete void in his game? So another plus on his card, along with his A for effort.

    I’m not sure it helps to hark back to a different era, and we broke the mold?

    Let see our new heroes break the stranglehold that the money clubs are trying to build for themselves?

  27. VCC says:

    Terry, I would like to respectfully ask how you are able to write while strapped in that straight jacket. Also when are the white coated guys coming to take you back? lmao

    I hope that extra ingredient you mentioned includes Higuain.

    I hear the whispering of Wenger is interested in Nani is raising its ugly head again. 😦

  28. Gerry says:

    Thank you TMHT, very nice of you to sat that.

    It is about taking what we have, and making it better, without destroying what we have.?

    I trust AW to do that, but I would like IG to sign the cheques without Arsene looking at him and saying ..’You paid HOW much!

    VCC – If you never have a dream, you never have a dream come true?

  29. Gerry says:

    or even say that

  30. Gerry says:

    Note on my previous post, I did not put Higuain on my never in a million list?

  31. VCC says:

    Gerry, Happy.Happy.Happy. Happy talk. Talk about things you like to do. (AW) …..BUY Higuain.


    Exactly Gerry, planned evolution is the way forward. All clubs that have to work within there finacial parameters have to do that, so in a sense we are no different.

    Vics, i no longer write my own posts. I narrate through a device that does it for me, all whilst the Bastards are injecting me with morphine. hahaha

    And yes, Higuain, or some one like him can add vaule that i think is currently missing from the present squad.

  33. Ox can develope his game on the wing first before moving to hole

  34. Glic says:

    Afternoon Broke Back Bastardildos 😆

    A BIG thankyou to all your wives and girlfriends children for my Fathers Day cards ! …..and an even BIGGER thankyou to all you lot for paying for their up keep !. hahaha

  35. marcus says:

    Well, you do have a point. However I ruled the ox out purely because the subject matter here is wengerball. There are many types of attacking midfielders or better yet, hole players. If you look at Gerrard (at his peak), Fabregas, Ballack and Hamsik, you see that despite them all being hole players (and successful ones at that) they are very different in their attributes. Wengerball requires a highly technical ”pass master” (if you will). A player in the mould of Cesc. TR7, Hleb, Santi, Jack etc who’s creative edge is more of instinct rather than skill. Whose ball control, awareness and execution of passes in near perfect. A player who is skilled enough to dictate the game of the whole team from the middle (anywhere across the middle) of the park. I’m sorry but the Ox just isn’t it. At least not yet. He needs to work on his passing and awareness, the two most important aspects of a wengerball hole player. Besides, I feel that his pace, dribbling, willingness to run at players and shooting would best serve us on the flanks, preferably the left one.

    On a totally different subject, it is now confirmed that we are indeed in for Higuain. In fact we’ve made him our top priority. Great news, no?

  36. marcus says:

    Oh and Gerry, re Ramsey, I feel that he too needs to work on his passing. His passes are okay when he is in our own half or in the middle but when he is the one to provide that final pass that leads to the goal, he fails 9/10 times. In fact I can’t remember once this season where he put a player through with his pass. Also, his decision making in the final 3rd needs a lot of work. A LOT.

  37. VCC says:

    Marcus…….where did you see that news about Higuain?

  38. Admir says:

    Hello, people!

    I just came here to say to Glic: Isco is going to announce his future club after Euro.

  39. James Bond says:

    Tim @ said
    June 16, 2013 01:51
    “In 2 years x,y and z will be great, they just need some luck with fitness etc..” You could have said this every year for the last 7 or 8. Enough is enough. Buy quality now, if the young players are good enough, they’ll come through no matter what. The last thing we need now is to wait another 2 years to see the odd player come through and others not make it. We all know what we need (striker, creator, dm), go get them, worry about the results not the individuals.

    Fantastic comment mate, fully agreed

    however, let’s hope Wenger knows it as well and hence the noises coming out of spain at the moment seem to suggest that we’re willing to pay 25 mills big ones all in one go to RM for Higuain…..what makes it even more interesting is the fact that such deals are often done over installments and not in single payments….

    that for me is “intent” and if true then we’re deffo heading in the right direction.

  40. James Bond says:

    nice one, TA

    if we’re looking at in 2 years time then purely from the beautiful football bit aspect, why not have a squad capable of playing both when the need be ?

    beautiful football isn’t always the answer against some of the teams, like Barca so nearly found out against Celtic, PSG and so on….suppose if we’re going to have the likes of Ramsey/Diaby/Arteta along with Fellaini then that will give us enough options as well…

    coming back on the wishful thinking bit then yes, jack, santi, ox, theo could well do that sooner rather than later with a help of either Cesc or Rooney (sorry 17ht) at the emirates this season….their vision, skills, technical abilities and passing is exemplary and if they were to be signed this summer, then we wouldn’t even have to wait 2 years 😉

    good news re- Jack he’s up n running apparently… (Wenger – Jack is like a new signing 🙂

    Diaby hopes to start running in 4 weeks time … (Wenger – Diaby is like a new signing)

    note how Diaby manages to time his injuries, hahaha (i know it’s not funny, the poor guy must go through a lot both physically and mentally but i’m just saying 😉

  41. Glic says:

    Thanks Admir 🙂

    I fully expect then, that I will be able to transfer his name off my todger and onto the back of a new Arsenal shirt !.

    Lets look at all the rumoured available players and you can add the ones I`ve forgotten about as there are so many !. And in no particular order !.

    Isco .
    L Bender
    El Shaarawy
    Anymore ?

    I expect 2 to 3 players and it could be any permutation of 2/3 from that list, but I would like SQ !.
    If we end up with Michu, Williams and Nani, I`m going to be one disappointed Gooner, but If it`s, Isco, Reus and L Bender, then I`m going to give one lucky BKer free entry into my Lesbanian Harem where he will die of ecstasy and the last words uttered from his lips will be Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm !.

  42. Glic says:

    Bollox 007…..Wenger will class Diaby as a new signing !. Diaby has been recuperating by spending time with some Dallas American Football cheer leaders !. There`s a video of it called Diaby does Dallas ( only old pervs will understand that ! hahaha )

  43. marcus says:

    David Ornstein of bbc confirmed on his twitter account..He has called all the signings in and out of the club since Cesc left. He also said that we are in for a DM and an attackind mid. Don’t know if he meant a winger though. check it out here.

  44. VCC says:

    cheers Marcus.

  45. James Bond says:

    hahahahahah@ Glics

    but honestly, Nani isn’t that bad of an option, he is the closest you’ll get to a “proper winger” in England

    8.5 million is not bad if we can sell Gerv for 12-13 million then it also covers Nani’s Wages .

  46. AFC says:

    TA, great post. 🙂

    For me to get back to playing the style of football that makes us who we are and puts fear into the opposition we need two things. Quality and strength in depth. Young players like the Ox and Jenk are not ready yet. They will be very soon. Next season we cannot afford to take chances on young players. We need players who we know can perform when needed. Liverpool took their chances by playing the kids and it worked for a bit because these young players had the element of surprise going for them but relying on young players to win us trophies cannot be done. Ox needs to wait for a few more years and his time will come but until then we need experienced players who can play in the first team.

  47. AFC says:

    The only players who I think can get us back to playing beautiful football week in week out are Walcott and Santi. Out of the current players we have the only players who have worthy of a first team spot have been Kos, Mert, Gibbs, Monreal, Arteta, Walcott and Santi. So only 5 out the 11 positions have been filled by players who deserve to be first team players . The other 6 positions are up for grabs.

  48. James Bond says:

    surely Rosicky has a role to play as well with speeding up the tempo with his crisp passing ?

  49. AFC says:

    JB, Ramsey does have a role to play. He is the engine of our team and is our utility player.

  50. AFC says:

    JB, would you sell Gervinho if we could bring back Carlos Vela?

  51. AFC says:

    JB, for me Ramsey has a bigger part to play than Rosicky.

  52. James Bond says:

    no, Ramsey is not there yet – maybe in a year or 2 he may well be, if he hadn’t been on the receiving end of that horrific tackle and injury, he may have been there already but that’s slowed him down and put back his development by 2 years i reckon.

    no, Vela is not the sort of Winger we need, he’s a decent back up forward though and i wouldn’t mind him on the bench, however, we should let him play and express him some more in La liga, maybe next year if things are favourable.

  53. AFC says:

    JB, for me Ramsey is ahead of the Ox and Jenkinson. If Gervinho goes I would like to see Nani come in.

  54. James Bond says:

    you think so ?

    i don’t, Ramsey is only ahead because of the injuries to Diaby and Wilshere, if both had been fit then i doubt Ramsey would have played as many minutes as he has done last season.

    yeah, Nani for Gerv would be perfecto, the guy on his day can be seriously lethal and deadly …also prone to stupidity, but who isn’t when trying hard to impress and deliver the goods ?

    Nani to Arsenal should happen given the price that’s being quoted, even before the price tag was mooted, i mentioned anything under 10 million for Nani should be seriously considered by Wenger.

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post! 🙂

    I will try and get back to bloggers re today’s post at some point tomorrow. Thanks once more for some very fine comments today.

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