Arsenal Fixtures: Doable Start & Festive Season, Monstrous March, Doable Finish.

Today: two post about next season’s fixture list: first one by Marcus and then one by TotalArsenal.

Hey Arsene, what do you make of next season's fixture list? :)

Hey Arsene, what do you make of next season’s fixture list? 🙂

This is going to be a short post, probably the shortest I have ever
written. The fixture list is out and we now have a basic idea of how
our season is going to shape up. Before I begin though, I have to ask,
why are big fixtures arranged back to back? You find that if you play
Chelsea one weekend, the next you’re pitted against City, United or
LFC. And this goes for everyone in the top four, at least over the
past couple of seasons. Weird.

Anyway, this upcoming season presents a unique opportunity in our
race for the title. This is because our first 10 games are all very
winnable, even with the squad we have now. We play Aston villa,
Fulham, Spurs at home, Sunderland, Stoke, Swansea, West Brom, Norwich,
Palace and finally LFC at home. Based on the results last season,
these are games that we should pick up 3 points. Even against Spurs,
considering for the past few seasons we have given them a  5-2 hiding
whenever they’ve visited the Emirates.

I will not even compare our fixtures with the fixtures that Chelsea,
Utd and City have because 30 points in the first 10 games would almost
certainly not only place us at the summit, but also create a
considerable gap between us and our title rivals.

This is the opportunity I was talking about.

Even with the squad we currently have, this is a very achievable goal.
Add a few top class players and you realize that this is what Wenger
should be gearing the team to achieve. The league is certainly not won
in 10 games but it would put us in very good stead to win the league.

This opportunity is extended because in the last six games, we face
Everton, West Ham, Hull, Newcastle, West Brom and conclude at Norwich.
Another run of very winnable games. A case can be made about how
Everton are no walk overs, but with their change of guard and the
possible departure of key players such as Fellaini and Baines, they
may not be the same team that has previously held their own against
the league giants.

Please bear in mind that I am not at all saying that these games will
be walk overs: not by any stretch of the imagination. I am mainly
considering our previous records against these teams. My brother
always tells me that there are no small teams in the EPL and I agree
with him fully. It being one of the most unpredictable and competitive
leagues in the world, you can NEVER underestimate anyone.

All I am saying, is that the odds are on our side and through shrewd business in
the transfer window and proper preparation, we could find ourselves in
a very enviable position come this time next year.

My optimism flows eternal.

Written by: Marcus.


The fixtures list has been announced and in order to see what it will mean for Arsenal, I am analyzing it from a number of angles: start, post inter-lull games, festive period, away up-North, congestion of top fixtures and finish.

But before doing so, I should state that the only thing that really matters is to play as if every game is as difficult and important as another. Arsenal have often been at their worst when expected to win easily and many times it has cost us dearly.


As Marcus wrote above, the start is relatively easy. It offers a good opportunity to get momentum going and accrue valuable points, and it should allow us to ease in any new top players we buy this summer. However, we have often dropped points at Fulham, Swansea and Sunderland away and we will need to be at our best to beat them. I would sign up now for 24 points from the first 10 games, especially if we can do it without losing any of the games; anything more would be even better, but I am not going to bank on it.

Post inter-lull games

The top teams often drop points when they play away after an international break, whilst they usually scrape through a win when playing at home. We play Sunderland away after the first break, and Norwich and Southampton at home during the following inter-lulls, so not too bad for us. However, we’ll play the Spuds away after the March inter-lull, which is far from ideal. This is also the first game of the most challenging period during the season for Arsenal, and it would have been a  lot better if we could have started it with a home game.

Festive period

In general, the top teams gain a similar number of points during the festive season. Everybody drops points as fatigue and weather conditions often take their toll. First we play the Chavs at home, which is a fine opportunity to start the festive periods with some momentum, but then it is West Ham and, a probably bitterly cold, Newcastle away, after which we play Cardiff at home. All in all, not too bad.

Away Up-North

Last season, we had played all our away games, bar NU, by January, and in my view, this was one of the reasons we were able to finish so strongly. Arsenal were only beaten by the horrible Mancs up-North last season, but we still dropped a lot of points, especially in the North-West. This season the away fixtures are spread out over the season and at no point do we have two in a row.  In February, we play Liverpool away and then three days later the Mancs at home, which is not ideal. With Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan, Blackpool, Middlesbrough, etc all no longer in the PL, the North has less of a fear factor for us, although Hull returns to the PL this season.

Congestion of top fixtures

Everyone will have noticed the monstrous March fixtures. As per above, there is an international break after which we will play the Spuds away first, followed by Chavs (away), Northern Oilers (home) and Everton (away). I don’t like this at all and it could easily make or break our season. But, if we want to win the PL next season, we need to overcome, or at least equal, those teams during these game, whether home or away. Arsene will not like the idea that he will get his players back from the internal break just a few days before the start of this crunch-period. No doubt, this is the biggest negative of the fixtures list.

Season’s finish

The last five games of the season are relatively easy with home games against West Ham, NU and West Brom, and away games at Hull and Norwich. However, some of these games might be against teams fighting for survival and, once again, we cannot afford to underestimate any of them.

So in a nutshell: a good chance to start well, gain momentum and embed the new players into the team; reasonable fixtures during the festive period, two home and two away games after the international breaks, a monstrous second half of March, and a doable finish.

What do you make of it all fine, fellow Gooners?

Written by TotalArsenal.

Full Arsenal Fixtures List:

17 Aston Villa (H)
24 Fulham (A)
31 Tottenham (H)

14 Sunderland (A)
21 Stoke (H)
28 Swansea (A)

5 West Brom (A)
19 Norwich (H)
26 Crystal Palace (A)

2 Liverpool (H)
9 Man Utd (A)
23 Southampton (H)
30 Cardiff (A)

3 Hull (H)
7 Everton (H)
14 Man City (A)
21 Chelsea (H)
26 West Ham (A)
28 Newcastle (A)

1 Cardiff (H)
11 Aston Villa (A)
18 Fulham (H)
28 Southampton (A)

1 Crystal Palace (H)
8 Liverpool (A)
11 Man Utd (H)
22 Sunderland (H)

1 Stoke (A)
8 Swansea (H)
15 Tottenham (A)
22 Chelsea (A)
29 Man City (H)

5 Everton (A)
12 West Ham (H)
19 Hull (A)
26 Newcastle (H)

3 West Brom (H)
11 Norwich (A)


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81 Responses to Arsenal Fixtures: Doable Start & Festive Season, Monstrous March, Doable Finish.


    Thank you Marcus and TA

    I have two questions, which i believe is the main factor behind fixture “luck” and maybe you lovely boys, or some one else could help me.

    After champions league group games, how many are followed by games that are either away, or against last years top five?

    If it is few, we have an advantage. If it is many, then ime not happy.

  2. James Bond says:

    thanks TA, very timely and splendid once more – well done

    let’s put it this way, if we’re not one of the top 2 teams in England by the time we play Liverpool ( November) then i’ll be extremely disappointed…

    the run in till november allows our new players to bed in and gel together properly with the rest of the squad as well…

    after such a long time, we have a close to ideal fixture list so to speak, and for once Mancs have a difficult looking fixture list.

    however, there is nothing easy in the EPL so let’s hope we can make full use of whatever comes our way…getting a supposedly easier fixture list to start off our season is a START !

  3. Glic says:

    Thanks Marcus and Total. I`m so glad you have got together and tied the knot up the snow capped top of Mount Kirinyaga !. I don’t know who is going to be the bitch, but with Marcus asking…” Kenya take the Total length ? “….well, need I say more ! hahaha

    Fixtures ?. One at a time imo, they`re all hard, especially the hard ones !. hahaha

    Right off to keep the trouble company !.


    hahahahahahahahaha “Kenya take the Total length”, genius

  5. Ian mac says:

    One question. Why are we always drawn away in the last game of the season? This has got to be the 5th season on the trot!!!

  6. Pete says:

    The general feeling I get from a majority of mates who are arsenal fans is that next season could be the first in a long time where we can actually challenge for the title. I agree with this, however I believe the teams around us will strengthen, some already have. We need to sign 4 top class players in my opinion, we have the starts of a good first 11, however we will need a good squad for the february-march fixtures. We should be in the running by Christmas, I just hope that we continue the form we showed the second half of last season and really push for the championship this term. I think that this coming season may be one of the most evenly contested and exciting for a few years, and I really think we can have a go.

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry, don’t think the CL dates are known yet, but a good point.

    Agreed, Jambo, it is a start, but the second half of March is a very tall order for us.

  8. mbuchu says:

    The championship is ours to lose especially if wenger adds 3 players;keeper,Fellaini and either Rooney/Higuain…Squad rotation should be the key

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Ian

    I don’t know mate. I rather start at home and play the last one away than vice versa. So I don’t mind too much. Man City start and finish at home last time I looked, now how did they manage to get that?

  10. james owolabi says:

    the fixture looks favourable and this may be our breakaway season to win something ONLY IF Arsene will add some quality to the team.

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Pete

    Well that is the paradox: continue the form of last season would be best served by not changing more than one, or maximum two, positions by newly signed players – adding four world class players would mean a transitional period, if not another whole transitional season. So, I don’t agree that we need four top class players. For me, it is a DM, a nr.10 and a back-up GK with PL experience.

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    All agreed mbuchu and james o

  13. James Bond says:

    TA Wrote, “2nd half of March will be a very tall order for us ”

    in that case, we need to make sure we have a 10 point lead at the top of the table going into March, won’t we ? 😉

  14. TotalArsenal says:


    For somebody working in accounting you are surprisingly/pleasantly ‘glass half full’ 😀

  15. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Combo posting.. great job Marcus and TA..

    As I said before.. in the last posting.. We must start our first game by winning.. and continuing that until We meet Liverpool on Nov 2nd.. I agree with Marcus.. We can get all the 30 points from our first ten games.. even with our current team..
    Would it be amazing.. continuing our last ten mighty games last season.. with ten whole win this new season.. hehe..
    And if We really get than 30 points then We can beat MU also.. hahaha..
    And guess what.. if We beat MU.. then We will be the winner of the half season.. hehehe..
    And that will be a very nice new year gifts.. hahaha..

    TA.. agree.. March will be the hardest month for us.. and that will add by whom will We face in champion league.. hehe..

    And We really get a nice draw this season.. after march and Everton away on first week of April.. the last five games will be so much easier to get another 15 points..
    And that’s also means We can focus more to CL.. haha..

  16. ProudGooner says:

    We really have been dealt a great first 2 months , i really was hoping not to have 1 really hard month but that is what we have in March. Still most considered it looks pretty good. I really have got big hopes now for the season ahead, Glad to see united got a really crap start to the season, i hope they lose the charity sheild cup first, else they will be saying Moyes has won his first cup the start of many kind of stuff. I really would love them to slump straight away. Talking of the charity match Wigan’s Shaun Malony is a hell of a midfielder, him and Mcmannaman.
    Spuds have possibly the hardest fixture list i have seen, with 3 testing months, what a shame plus being in the Thursday night club lol , i see them falling away a bit this season. Looking at city there’s is quite good as well.
    Liverpool will make a slight improvement this year i think they will be back in the mix for 4th, there fixtures look good.
    Like many of you guys said and i fully believe there is no easy game in the premier league….
    The other top 4 clubs have new managers, what will they impact be.?? We all know United can only go down from here 🙂 Can Pelligeni even speak English? i don’t know Jose is a different problem possibly our hardest.

  17. ProudGooner says:

    Let’s hope so HenryChan, you can defo fell a buzz coming out of Arsenal and confidence looking forward now. That is the way you have to look at it like you say get 30 points first 10 games United near enough used to do that all the way though the season, every game it has to be 3 points.
    I might predict the top 2 being Arsenal and Chelsea this season. I would bet on that.

  18. Highbury Harmony says:

    Marcus and TA, outstanding stuff gentlemen! Thoroughly enjoyed both analyses and the conclusions for what this could mean for our team.

    Marcus, when did LFC become a top club again ;). I agree with you that the first 10 fixtures to open the season are very winnable and games we must capitalize on. Wins in these early games will largely dictate our style of play later on in the season and whether or not AW can afford to use more rotation to help keep players healthy and happy.

    TA, I had the exact same thoughts as you when I reviewed next season’s fixture list – easy start, decent interlull but punishing March. Not a fan of potentially ending off March on a bad note as it could really hurt us when closing out the season in terms of confidence, momentum and form.

    Dropping points to mid and lower table clubs is always a possibility but if we’re to seriously contend for the title, we just HAVE to win those games, no matter how small or big the margin.

  19. jgc says:

    TA and Marcus

    Top stuff. … Now, strangely for an academic, I figure it’s not worth over thinking .. yes, strange, I know.. But…

    Right now, it doesnt matter. Figure that barring disaster we start the season, fit, healthy and ready as a team (i.e. the striker and GK didnt arrive just 2 days ago, with three others)… Then who cares who you get first.

    I figure scheduling matters only when:

    a. you have injuries, as you dont want to face stronger teams when you are weaker

    b. you have fatigue from fixture congestion, as you dont want to face stronger teams right after the really tough CL group round match vs BM or similar

    These things are hard to control… Although a deeper squad helps with fatigue, just as Everton and Tottenham!

    Otherwise, really, all you want is to always be on top form and do your best. Even better if you can get the strong teams when *they* are injured or fatigued (and you are not 🙂 ), but that’s their concern..

    I.e. if we are good enough who cares when we get top teams barring a few cases, as we will beat them anyway.

    So, if we play ManU away first up, so be it, it’s out of the way and we should beat them! Wigan (I think it was) did so in game 1 last year. We certainly can, or if that is what relegated them, then maybe we shouldnt! 🙂

    Just my 2p, as I underthink my way home for dinner with ms jgc, it’s our 21st anniversary and if I am late I wont be replying to any responses to this..

    cheers – jgc

  20. Red Arse says:

    Morning marcus et TA, 🙂

    Short and sweet from both of you, but very thought provoking.

    Picking up on jgc’s under-thinking comment, I have one of my own.
    If we are having a good season and going like an express train, the fixtures will not stop us being successful no matter how awkwardly they fall.
    If we are playing crap, the fixture list is academic! (just ask jgc!) 🙂

  21. henrychan says:

    ProudG.. Yes we must get our first 3 points.. We usually draw in our first game.. hehehe.. Very bad habbits.. isn’t it..??
    But I think this season will be so much different.. Our last ten solid games are very promising.. I have so much confidence about our team.. moreover Wenger will bring some very ‘presence’ top players to make us become stronger.. someone like Higuan, Felliani or Strootman.. hehehe..

    Chelsea team must adjust to Mourinho.. and it could be hard.. I hope so.. hahahha..
    Some of their main players will be replace.. even Mata and David Luiz will not be his core team.. Toress and Ba also..
    So.. i don’t think Chelsea will win the title.. but we will.. hehehehe..

    City on the other hand look more promising, with some great players they already brought.. Navas and Fernandilho and someone like Isco will make them even better..
    Last season I choose Chelsea for champion but this season I will Choose Gunners.. hehehe.. and City as a tough rival..

  22. Red Arse says:


    Just noticed your comment from 16:04 yesterday, in response to my explanation.

    Experience tells me that I should just let this go, but here is my final attempt to square the circle.

    Of the 4 examples you give of clubs making ‘announcements’ of player acquisitions pre-July 1st, 3 of them relate to Man City.

    If you read back on what I said you will note that I was referring to quoted, Public Limited companies, like Arsenal’s Holding Company, and the restrictions put on them by the Stock Exchange and the Companies Act.
    Man City are not such a company but are a wholly owned private limited company and not subject to the Stock Exchange rules.

    With regard to the Arsenal ‘announcement’ in April last year, you will see they were not confirming the signing of Podolski, but making a pre-contract announcement of a deal to sign him. In practice Arsenal would have been confident of the deal going thru — and it did, but it is unusual for them to do so.

    We were told by the player and his agent and the media, weeks ago, that Yaya Sanogo was going to sign for Arsenal, indeed he has said that ‘I am an Arsenal player’.
    But you will know that Arsenal have firmly said nothing about that, at all, which is their usual stance.

    Come July 1st I have no doubt that contract will be signed and confirmed by the club.

    Initially I was simply voicing a throwaway comment/opinion nothing more, nothing less, and it is unfortunate that you feel the need to carry out a forensic examination of my opinion, so I will not pursue this any further. It simply is not important.

  23. Static says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Early fixtures looking good, if the results of the first 10 games are the same as last season, this will be the league table :

    W D L F A Pts
    Arsenal 9 1 0 20 7 28
    Man Utd 8 1 1 19 9 25
    Chelsea 7 2 1 26 9 23
    Everton 5 3 2 19 14 18
    West Brom 5 1 4 13 13 16
    Liverpool 4 4 2 14 8 16
    Man City 4 4 2 14 8 16
    Tottenham 4 3 3 19 16 15
    Swansea City 3 4 3 16 11 13
    West Ham 3 3 4 8 11 12
    Norwich City 3 3 4 10 12 12
    Stoke 2 5 3 9 11 11
    Newcastle 3 2 5 11 21 11
    Hull City 3 1 6 10 18 10
    Fulham 2 4 4 10 10 10
    Crystal Palace 3 1 6 10 17 10
    Cardiff City 2 3 5 14 19 9
    Sunderland 1 4 5 10 15 7
    Aston Villa 2 0 8 8 25 6
    Southampton 0 5 5 9 15 5

    Clearly the potential is there for a great start but we all know that the timing of the fixtures is totally different and if we continue the analysis we will be fourth again, however if we can repeat the results for these 10 games it will give us the momentum to push on.

  24. marcus says:

    Thanks all for your kind comments…
    HH, hahahahaha, typing error maybe? Jokes aside though, they may not be a top 4 team but playing against them is never easy. Rodgers has brought them a long way considering it was his first season. Plus they are conducting their business like the window closes this weekend. Its looking more unlikely they will keep Suarez but Rodgers has been promised the proceeds (40 million or there about) to reinvest in a target man. With that kind of money they will replace him and probably have enough left to continue their spending spree. They are a team to watch even if they don’t finish 4th.

  25. Static says:

    Well, thet didn’t post very well………..but hope you get the gist

  26. AFC says:

    Guys, more transfer news/rumours.

    Apparently we have agreed personal terms with Higuain and now we just need to agree on a bid with Real Madrid. Several sources are saying this on newsnow.

    The Fellaini rumours are still there. Sources saying we will meet his release clause.

    We tried to get Andy Carroll in a shock move but failed.

  27. AFC says:

    Reports are also saying we want A.Williams from Swansea and they will not accept a penny less than 10 million.

  28. mA says:

    thankyou TA and Marcus…

    That man named Glic is genius in the making (if he is not already one). How can you coin the entire story in such a ‘lovable’ way? only you can explain

    Away from that, the fixture list is quite good, but i’m worried because in March we could end up playing: (hopefully) in all three cup competitions, March could see a League Cup final, followed by an FA Cup Quarter-Final, then the second leg of the Champions League elimination round, Tottenham (A), Chelsea (A), and Man City (H).
    That is what one calls a killer though we could get reprieve from T.V rescheduling. No walkover but this is what makes Bergkampesque and The Arsenal interesting.

  29. mA says:

    to put a ring on it, the first leg of the Champions League Quarter-Final is three days later, on April Fools.

  30. henrychan says:

    AFC.. We will get Williams only if Vermaelen or Koscielny out..
    If not what’s for bring him in..?? hehehe.. We still have Miquel and Yennaris..
    Better to use the money to complete Higuan and Feillani.. or Strootman..
    Two big star is enough.. other youngster still oke.. hehehe..
    cause we had lost 10 of them.. bring 5 new youngster will still oke for me..

  31. Admir says:

    Hello, people! 🙂

    So, we got two splendid posts for price of one. Brilliant job, fellas! 🙂

    I’d just add one thing:

    in first nine matches we are playing fixtures we won in 2012-13. Add any of relegated teams instead of Crystal Palace, that is.

  32. Admir says:

    @HH – regarding Fellaini post:

    I believe that Fellaini can be used in four different roles. Now, I believe that our biggest need is a player that can win the ball and add aggression to our midfield when it’s needed allowing Arteta/Wilshere to do creative part of the job. Fellaini would tick all the boxes.


    TA, i have now read and been informed that following champions league group games we have to play 5 out of 6 times away from home. Chelsea have the best deal on this score with only 1 away game followd by City on 2 and Utd on 4

    If you look at the level of performance from sides after a champions league game you tend to find they are quite flat.

    I am not happy with this, but who cares, we will still win the league. hahaha

  34. Glic says:

    Afternoon Fagacides 😆

    On this day in 1995, The Arsenal became a Temple for God !.

    The Ten ( 10 ) Bergkampmandments

    1) Thou shall have no other Gods before me !. ( that’s Wrighty, Adams, Henry and Blockley etc )

    2) Thou shall not mention the Bastardildos by name from N17 ( Spuds is fine )

    3) Thou shall hate them Bastardildos from N17

    4) Thou shall wipe our arses with the Bastardildos shirts from N17

    5) Thou shall not piss on the Bastardildos from N17 if the Bastardildos from N17 are on fire

    6) Thou shall mock the Bastardildos from N17 for eternity

    7) Thou shall rain piss and bolts of lightning turd on the Bastardildos from N17 new ground when built

    8) Thou shall get a F**king Enormous Boner whenever the Bastardildos from N17 lose

    9) Thou shall walk about with at least a Semi ( in my case the same as Bergkampmandment 8 ) in the knowledge that the Bastardildos from N17 will never ever win another Tiltle

    10) Thou shall have to read the link below at least once a day and smile.

    Of course you could always suggest other Bergkampmandments as these were straight off the cuff with not much thought !. hahaha

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    Afternoon compadres! 😛

    Some fine comments last night and this morning.

    Static, thanks for the stats. There is real potential for a good start, but a new season will mean new teams (players), managers and dynamics. So, I repeat what i said in the post: 24 poins would be a very good tally from those first 10 games, but anybody expecting 27 or even 30 is very likely to become disappointed early on in the season.

    jgc – you are spoiling it for those who look forward to seeing the fixtures list! 😀

    Sometimes finding the wind blowing in our backs when we need to climb a hill or a mountain can make all the difference; equally, it is easier to climb a hill and then have a break, rather than doing a few in a row 😉


    That is a bummer. Playing at home after a CL game, or an inter-lull, is a big advantage. Chelsea have a huge benefit there.

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Glic 🙂

    Thou shall never place a skinny chicken on a ball

    Thou shall always sing: ‘you won the league in black and white’ when seeing a Bastardildo from N17

  37. Glic says:

    Hahaha Totes.
    I have a confession to make, but unlike the “yarns” I tell, this is true and don’t know whether to hang my head in shame or keep grinning devilishly. I will leave it to the Bergkampesque Jury to decide !.
    It`s all going hazy fazy as we travel back in time to the late 70`s. I was driving around mostly North London delivering cotton reels to the ” Rag Trade ” for George the ” Bubble ” and quite a few were around the N17 area. I had a shiney new escort van and found that it was quite easy to bend the windscreen wash jets, so I bent them so that they directed the wash out to the side in the direction of pedestrians instead of onto the windscreen. I think you know what`s coming ! . hahaha
    I used to fill up the windscreen wash reservoir with piss and drive past the Spuds in bus queues or walking from Shite Fart Pain and spray them with piss , they would look up to the sky wondering what the f**k !. If it was raining they didn`t know any better !.

    I will accept my punishment or a Glic statue !.

  38. AFC says:

    Henry, I would not mind Williams joining us if Verm and Kos stay.

    Apparently Higuain has agreed a 130 000 grand a week deal and bookies have stopped betting.

  39. AFC says:

    TA & Marcus, very good post guys. 🙂

    I do not really care about the fixture list. We should be collecting 3 points from the fixtures involving teams which are not in the big 6 and we should be getting at least a point from the fixtures involving teams which are in the big 6. Of course this will not happen due to injuries, suspensions and us having off days. For me a realistic target should be 90 points. We get 90 points and we should win the league.

  40. Highbury Harmony says:


    I’m not sure why you have been so sensitive in debates lately, as I am not trying to “disprove” or “discredit” you, but to prove that pre-contract deals can be announced by the club and that Arsenal is just delaying and prolonging their transfer business as usual.

    Giroud signed with Arsenal on a “pre-contract agreement” on June 26th of last summer, before the July 1st official opening.

    Varela did the same thing with Utd, a publicly traded club, on June 7th.

    Again, I am not questioning whether or not you have your facts trade – quite the opposite. I am questioning why Arsenal have not completed some of their transfer business before the July 1st window given that they had officially announced two of their three signings last summer, before the July 1st TW opening.

  41. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, I’ve been moderated again even though I only used two links! 🙂

  42. Highbury Harmony says:

    To add to my comment above in moderation:

    Utd announced the Kagawa deal even before he had obtained a UK work permit and player medical being completed and this was on June 5th of last year as well.

  43. Glic says:

    HH….You should be banned for making me visit a Manscum website by clicking onto that link, I now feel physically sick !. 👿

  44. James Bond says:


    hahahaha, well let’s just say when it comes to football then “creative Accounting” is the way to go 😉 mind you most clubs have actually been doing that for a number of years and getting away with it, ha

    but yes, if the mancs can have a 15 point lead at the same time last season then why can’t we with the likes of higuain, fellaini, cesar and chooseyourpick 😉


    you just made my day with that, hahahahah nice 1


    i don’t buy all that stock exchange hoopla and all that, the same was said in regards to man utd having obligations and implications for announcing the retirement of SAF before a certain date, it’s all a bit of this and a bit of that, another way of clubs “making excuses” for late signings or not getting their business done nice and early.

    but here’s another way of looking at it , what if such players were signed in the Jan transfer window and hence their respective clubs announced the deals before july, that’s another way of looking at it

    so in essence i am with you, nothing is set in stone when announcing new signings i reckon or else the same would have been the case with departures.

  45. Red Arse says:


    I do not want to address HH and Mr Bond directly.

    An innocent comment I made has been taken out of context and distorted, yet again, by HH, and now Mr Bond has stuck his nose in to try and turn it into a popularity contest.

    I suppose each time I explain to HH why yet another club does not fit the criteria of my original comment, which frankly hardly deserves this level of puerile interest, I suppose yet another one will be trotted out.

    Before I go, perhaps Mr Bond should have had the courtesy to take a look at what I actually wrote before writing his “(HH) in essence I am with you” comment.

    Manchester United were a PRIVATE limited company in — June 2012 –, when HH alleges that they made a player announcement, and therefore the Stock Exchange rules DID NOT APPLY to them.

    Why? It was not until — August 2012 — that Manure changed their name from Manchester United Limited, a private limited company to Manchester United Plc, a public limited company, when they floated some shares on the NYSE and as you so observantly noticed, they then had to comply with the NYSE rules when announcing the retirement of their manager.
    Rather proving my point — thank you!

    In any event, my comment was simply referring to my club, ARSENAL a plc company, then and now. I was not referring to Effing Man City, or Effing Man Utd or any other bollix that no doubt will be thrown up — is any of that too difficult for Mr Bond or HH to comprehend?

    I find it extraordinary that this should have been blown up out of all proportion, and that the fundamentally different natures of private limited and public limited entities, and the differing rules under which they operate is so difficult to understand.

    TA, I have enjoyed blogging with you over the years, as I am sure you know, and I took pride in whatever help and support I was able to offer you in setting up BK, but I do not enjoy these stupid pissing contests, so this may be the last straw.


    Nice one Cornwall, though they probably enjoyed it.

    Actully public urination is usually a good way to spot a spud. A few years ago i was coming home from work and spotted some 12 year old punk doing a piss on my garden wall. i immediatly collared him and said “your a totnumb fan aint yer, you little shit?” he admitted it straight away.

    It was at this point that i took out my cane, which i carry on me for such occasions, and proceeded to give the ziity twerp a damn good thrashing

    Incredibly, a few hours later i got a knock on the front door from the old bill who nicked me for child cruelty. I had to go court and plead guilty but ended up having a disagreement with my solicitor. He wanted to use the pissing as an excuse for my actions, whilst i wanted to argue that the kid deserved it because he was a Totnumb fan. At the end i went with the solicitors advise and got an £800 fine.

    To this day, ime convinced if i had told the court that the little scrote was a Totnumb fan, instead of fining me the judge would have awarded me a medal. hahaha

  47. Glic says:

    Hahaha Stretch
    I think if the Judge would have known he was a Spud, he would have gave you a Knighthood, which gives you the little known privilege of … ” Freedom to piss on a Spud within the boundary of the M25 ! “

  48. Simba Murerwa says:

    The big games are what supporters are worried about but in reality they matter least. Why? The big games are against City, Utd, Chelsea, Spuds, and Liverpool a total of 15points only if we can get 8 to 10 of these that is good. Also in recent seasons we have fallen behind by losing games against Norwich, Swansea, QPR, which affects players confidence and the support they get from us fans. The trick is win most of the games against small teams by very big margins gaining points and the much needed goal difference. Our first 10 games if won will be a major boost as we will approch the big games with confidense. It is also paramount to be on form against small teams and win them. WHY? Games against big teams are not merely decided by form but by host of factors eg referee decisions, moments of brilliance from key players, poor outings from key players, etc. Imagine playing a Messi inspired Barca or a RVP inspired Man Utd or previusly a Drogba inspired Chelsea whether you are in form or not you can loose. But against teams like Villa a good outings is mostly rewarded with a win so a continuos run of games against small teams can be rewarding if on form but can also turn your season into disaster if the team drops many points. So I am happy with the first ten games and yes we must win at lesst 8 to stay with the leading pack. I am not happy that we are playing most big games away first. I feel we are under a lot of pressure playing at home against big teams so playing at home first and winning will make us approach those games relaxed knowing we have already beaten them at our home ground. Otherwise I hope for the best and for key players like TV5 to return to his best form and for us fans to stop insulting our own players during matches and on blogs like this as this affects them. SUPPORT THE TEAM SUPPORT THE DREAM

  49. James Bond says:

    i’m not sure why Mr. Arse has to go on the defensive and “can’t address me directly”, when i merely “expressed and stated my OWN opinion on 2 sets of opinions expressed on an OPEN PUBLIC FORUM” not turning it into a “popularity contest” .

    RA, you went at great lengths to explain it and it makes a lot of sense sure, which is much appreciated…for the avoidance of doubt, i have followed the discussion from the previous article before commenting.

    my comment should not be seen or taken as dragatory towards your point of view and reasoning’s, in any case , i didn’t mean to cause any offence , come back and please don’t leave us, your posts and comments are top notch quality.

  50. James Bond says:


    if the betting has stopped then that is a good indicator i reckon 😉

    if we have Higuain then that means we no longer are in for Rooney ? i always thought it was gonna be one of Higuain/Rooney/Cesc and if we got 2 out of the 3, that be brilliant.

    i would be happy if we got Higuain, Fellaini and Cesar (another solid clean sheet for him last night).

    what about you ? would you be happy with those 3 signings or would want more ?

    open question to everyone else as well

  51. Glic says:

    I`d be very surprised now if we don’t have Higgy formally introduced on July 1st.
    Personally, I`m glad the Jovetic stuff looks dead in the water as I preferred Higgy any day of the week !.
    I still hope we buy a BOING ! Factor player though !.
    I have previously commented that Manu bought Veron for £28M in 2001 and Ferdinand for £30M in 2002 !. Even West Ham have nearly matched our record transfer sum with £15M for Andy Carroll !. I not saying pay silly money just for the sake of it, but putting my feelings aside….Isco has a buy out clause of £30M !, surely we can match a Manu sum of eleven and twelve years ago !.


  52. James Bond says:


    let’s just assume we managed to buy ISCO, where do you think he will be playing ?

    yep, he will be on the bench most of the time as we would have Santi ahead of him, that was one of the main reasons why Malaga sold Santi as well and didn’t let us have both Santi and Isco when we wanted Isco as well, apart from the financial nitty gritty.

    i don’t think ISCO will be joining a club that doesn’t give him 1st team football on a regular basis.

    but i agree with your points though, many years ago we got the great DB near 8 million ( which was equivalent of 20 million in today’s world)…it’s just that as the rest of the world has accepted inflation and what not, we still live in the world of 1 to 20 million being the top bracket.

    West ham are able to fork out that much money on transfers because their Owners actually care and listen to their fans.

  53. James Bond says:

    bear in mind, that west ham also bid 17 to 20 million for Negredo, which was rejected.

    i spoke to a whu fan today and he said they were after the likes of Lukaku and Demba ..

    that for me is sign of intent and giving their fans what they want.

    it also shows that with all this tv money coming in, no club would hesitate in spending big for the right player or the players they want, the possibilities are endless, which basically means our 70 million war chest doesn’t necessarily give us a major advantage when you put things into perspective.

    i reckon the first signing on the 1st of july may well be that of Arsene Wenger signing a new deal.


    I reckon Higuain is super quality. Any one who plays up front for Madrid is super quality.

    Hes better than Van Poofy and should score at least 20 goals for us.

    I reckon if we sign Ashley Williiams as well then that will be enough for us to win the league. Players like Fellani are great but we probably dont need them, Our young midfield players Wilshere, Ramsey, Ox will improve big time.

    Yes, we will win the title, and deep down we all know it.

  55. Glic says:

    I`m sure we could accommodate both 007 !. Imo he`s too talented not to be 1st choice, strength in depth is what is needed !.
    On another track, here`s a link to Uzzy speaking about the puma deal ( even though it has not been officially announced, but I agree with the blog, in that he is the second largest shareholder and must have some insider info ! ). Watch the vid aswell !.

  56. Glic says:

    Saying all that 007, makes me think that Isco would be a bargain @ £30M !.

    I like Higgy baby Stretch !, but come on, I need someone to knock one out too !. hahaha

  57. Highbury Harmony says:

    RA, please wait to read my comment above in moderation. TA has been absent all day and has not removed the moderation, I do agree with you in essence, but am simply stating that Arsenal have officially announced pre-contract agreements last summer before the July 1st opening (Podolski and Giroud) and am just wondering why this has not been the same this year.

    As I said above, I am not trying to “discredit” or “disprove” you. It’s not about your facts being incorrect or this being a popularity contest, but simply a matter of ME questioning why ARSENAL are conducting their transfer business much slower this TW.

  58. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, good points about Utd being a private limited company until August 2012 of last year, but unfortunately the Podolski and Giroud announcements before the opening of the July 1st window last summer go against any defence of Arsenal withholding transfer announcements until then this year.

  59. Highbury Harmony says:

    Terry, I don’t know if EVERYONE that plays for Real is SQ, but I do believe Higuain is ;).

    For instance, Granero played for Real, but I would not say he is SQ by any means!


    Harmonious, whos Granero?? hahaha

    If i knew who he was then ime sure i would think hes super qualitee. hahaha

  61. Glic says:

    Hahaha I cant help it , but Redders calling 007 ” Mr Bond ” earlier, had me laughing thinking of this classic exchange where ” Mr Bond ” is about to have his cock cut off !. Gold Finger is played by Redders , so that obviously leaves Mr Bond being played by our own James Bond !. Hopefully Redders has calmed down and put the Laser away !. hahaha

  62. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha Terry, Granero is that funny looking Pirate dude who transferred to QPR last summer!

  63. Highbury Harmony says:

    Otherwise known as El Pirata. What’s with Real Madrid and calling their players El something? Higuain is El Pipita!


    hahaha, i noticed that. Always knew Redders was a super villian, He will probably give Bondie the Red finger hahaha

  65. Glic says:


    Sorry Redders, obviously you are a lot younger and handsomer than Gert Frobe , but because you are an accountant, your still probably an evil crook !. hahaha


    What? that bloke used to play for Real Madrid? i knew it, super qualitee. hahaha

  67. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha Terry, that bloke did play for Real and for some reason goes under the radar quite frequently. Even there he was a jack of all trades type of player and never truly a permanent fixture in their line-up.

    Super qualitee indeed!


    hahaha, if that Granero geezer can play up front for Madrid, then so can i, and probaly every one else

    EL Nohairo, hahaha

  69. Red Arse says:

    Hello, Meester Glic,

    I am sitting here stroking a pussy and theenking of things that I do to you, and I haf decided your punishmental for calling me Gertrude Frobe!

    You will haf your cockadillado super glued to Terry’s tongue for 2 days and if you are cheeky, I will reduce that to 1 day.

    Stay still Mildred – how I stroke pussy if you keep moving — you naughty girl, now go get the laser machine ready while I think wat to do with Mr Bond and his accomplice HH hooohhaahaa ………………….. stop tickling me Mildred or i will lend you to Terry Tuffnuts.

  70. Glic says:

    Redders, what have you done with Agent 00? Vicky ?. The last I heard he had been arrested for licking the Lolipop lady outside the school gates !.
    I always read Arsenal newsnow ( as up the top of post ) and I`m always curious as to some of the general news stories displayed on the side ( to right ). Yesterday there was an item claiming that some man had become the first person ever to inject himself with a computer virus !.
    I now know this man to be VCC, he injected himself in his male appendage, trouble is, his wife is now divorcing him on the grounds that his cock has become Microsoft !. hahaha

    Now off to watch the Tahiti Gooners Vs Spain (who have two Gooners playing ! ).

  71. James Bond says:

    this is the moment where this bloody rolex is meant to do it’s thing and go off..wait for it.

    any second now, any minute now..

    Glics, you were right about Tahiti, they are gunners in disguise , ha

  72. VCC says:

    Terry , Higuain IS SQ.

    I’ve booked my session with the Tattooist in Brentwood tomorrow to have Gonzalo Gerardo Higuain etched on my JT. Unlike GLiC, it will fit nicely on my limp member. Will look nice when extended with Capital initials GGH.

    Translated into Great Goal Harvester.

    I now have man love for the French born Argentinian..

  73. James Bond says:

    ah, Santi looking rather frustrated in an all Spanish thrashing…got a yellow believe it or not and even stared at the ref , those ever so i’m gonna kill you ref stares !

    4-0 ht

    poor Tahiti, i wish we had them in the EPL, Arsenal would score 20 every time 😀

  74. James Bond says:


    suffice to say, you’re Excited alright !

    no one saw that Higuain deal coming a few months ago, it’s a major signing if it happens, that’s for sure, one that is worthy of forgiving not signing anyone to replace RVP !

    apparently he was on 65 k per week wages in RM and we will be giving him 100 k pw which is in line with out current top earners, it’s funny how everyone went on about 130 k pw to 150 k pw, that didn’t sound right, this 100 k p/w sounds much more sweeter …

    highain 20-22 mills with 5.2 mills in wages, total in the region of 25 to 27 mills including wages which leaves us a further 33 million + 10 from Gervinho deal ?

    Terry and Glic may well get their wish granted 😉

  75. Glic says:

    I`m not an accountant 007, but it has been regularly documented that we will be saving £350-£400 K per week from the deadwood leaving and run-out contracts this summer, so my reckoning is that the £70M+ is just for the transfers and the money saved will help pay for wages !.

  76. James Bond says:

    was the 5th goal, santi to nacho to Villa and in the back of the net 😉

  77. James Bond says:

    if it’s 70 million net of wages and not gross then we still have room for 2 more Quality signings and dare i say, even ISCO,

    i agree with you on the earlier comment, we missed out on gotze (if we were well n truly in it for him)…Isco will be a sound investment and a shrewd one at that.

  78. Glic says:

    BOING !…….stop talking dirty to me 007 !. hahaha

    Even though he is getting on a bit, I`d have David Villa for £5M !.

  79. James Bond says:

    is Torres one of the worst penalty takers amongst all the spanish takers out there ?

    i would certainly say so.

    misses a penalty and then scores from open play, ha

  80. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post 🙂

    Marcus entertains us wtih a thorough look at who we should get to strengthen the left wing position! Enjoy 🙂

  81. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi RA and HH 🙂

    Maybe it is time to give each other a break on BK for a while. Sometimes it is really difficult to put across in a written comment what you are really trying to say to somebody else, and the more you try to explain yourself the further you are getting apart from each other.

    You are both great guys and phenomenal bloggers on BK, and I hope you both keep contribution to the blog, but maybe give each other a break for a while. 🙂

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