Payet, El sharaawy, Nani, Jovetic, Cabella or Nani: who is the perfect foil for Higuain (potential​ly) and Theo upfront?

Will Jovetic or won't he join Arsenal this summer, and is he the answer for the LW?
Will he or won’t he join Arsenal this summer, and is Jovetic the answer for the LW?

With each passing day, it seems more and more likely that by the time the squad convenes on July 4th and heads off to Asia, Higuain will be among them. Recently BBC reporter David Ornstein via his twitter account confirmed that not only are Arsenal looking at the Argentine, we have made him our top priority. Given his track record, you can take that to the bank.

He seems to have a connection very high up in the Arsenal hierarchy. I remember during the Arteta transfer (which was one of the most dramatic to date) he knew and reported everything that happened, when it happened and how it happened. To refresh your memory, this was a transfer that was sanctioned six hours to the transfer deadline. A bid was made but Arsene changed his mind and called it off. He then changed his mind again and decided to go for him until finally, he signed him. Ornstein also reported the transfers of Santos, Per, Ox, Gervinho, Park, Santi, Poldi and Giroud well before the club confirmed them.

Anyway, given the imminent arrival of Higuain, our attack is looking as potent as it has ever been. Ornstein also reported that on our priority list is a DM and an attacking midfielder. I think he meant a left sided attacker, and the reports linking us to Dimitri Payet of Lille, El sharaawy and Nani confirm this – sort of. This is what I’d like to discuss.

With Theo and Higuain we have a mobile team of goal scorers who can create for each other and support each other, generally forcing opposing defenders to earn their keep to the very last dime. On the left though, we lack a player of the same calibre as the aforementioned two.

We have Gervinho who the less said about him the better. Then we have Poldi who when played on the left has produced mixed performances. His defensive contributions and crossing ability are commendable but he lacks the kind of pace, movement, speed of thought or dribbling skills that make players such as Di Maria such a pain to play against. As a result, for large chunks of the season he has looked lethargic. I believe his best position is at the centre of the park, and his performances in Giroud’s absence seem to have convinced Wenger of this. His two goal performance against Wigan being proof of this. Given an extended run in that position would reinforce my point, however, unfortunately for him (but fortunately for us), it is looking likely that this will be a position that will be fiercely contested for.

Which brings me back to my subject matter. This leaves us with Gervinho and the Ox as the two contenders for the left slot. Obviously, Gervinho is not a player who Arsene can hinge the success of his team on. The Ox to me seems as the perfect solution, but Wenger seems adamant on his plans to develop him into a central midfielder. This means that we do not have a player who could adequately complete this devastating attacking trinity. The ideal player should have pace, should be technically up to par, should have good dribbling ability, should be mobile (and versatile), must be strong in his crossing and most of all should be a goal scorer.

Like mentioned earlier, we’ve been linked with Payet, El sharaawy and Nani. I’d like to add Jovetic, Cabella and Isco to this list.

With Payet we have a player who only bloomed recently and at 26 is entering his prime. He has tremendous pace, crossing and dribbling ability and has a very good shooting technique. He would come cheap but his main con is that being a late bloomer, he has very limited top flight experience and his ability to adapt to the EPL is very much in question (remember that Gervinho was at one point in time ahead of him in the pecking order).

Then we have El sharaawy, who would be perfect. He ticks all the boxes above and is a prolific goal scorer. The only concerns about him though, are his slight build, loyalty to the Milan cause and his price tag. Although with the arrival of Balotelli and the Milan president’s comments that he is not ”unsellable”, a bid of around 30 million would be enough to bring him over to the emirates.

Then we have Isco whose abilities I have discussed at length before. With him, however, we are at a disadvantage because Man City and Real Madrid are both after him. They both have unlimited resources, with City even having the edge, as their coach is Isco’s footballing father figure. It would take enormous effort and funds to land him but he is well and truly worth it.

We have Jovetic, who we’ve been linked with all summer. He is also one who ticks all the boxes above. He is the most versatile and mobile of the lot. He would cost around 25 million, but given the fact he has been vocal about his desire to leave, this amount can be negotiated to between 20-22 million. Not only did he speak fondly about Arsenal, Fiorentina prefer to sell him abroad if he is to leave, so I doubt that the transfer would be a complicated one (if we were to embark on it).

There’s also Cabella, whose club president said that he would cost around 80 million, although this is a hyperbole used to scare off any suitors. Cabella is fast, skilled, extremely enthusiastic and young. My issue with him is that he is a diver. He also is a bit raw, but just a bit. He is not as prolific as we would like but his talent is there for all to see, and we Gooners saw first-hand what he can do when we played Montpellier in the UCL. He is nowhere near the finished article, and I have no idea how much he would cost, but I think he is worth a look.

Finally there is Nani, my least favourite. He has top premier league experience and has won many trophies. My concerns about him are the same that Man Utd have. He is inconsistent and selfish. He is a player who places individual success above that of the team to the point where it affects his game (he has repeatedly said that he wants to beat Ronaldo to the ballon d’or; he also recently said that he is too good for a return to Portugal.) Nani is a player who would rather do it all himself, and quite honestly, that is the opposite of an Arsenal player. If Arsene thinks he can manage and bring out the best in him then I think he should go for him because despite all this he has the talent.

However Arsene decides to go, I hope that whoever he brings in to fill in the final attacking position is of the same ilk as Theo and Higuain. This would make our attack fearsome and with the kind of midfield and defence we have assembled, we would reacquire our status as a European footballing giant.

Written by: Marcus

146 thoughts on “Payet, El sharaawy, Nani, Jovetic, Cabella or Nani: who is the perfect foil for Higuain (potential​ly) and Theo upfront?

  • Thanks Marcus.
    I`m one for the Gervinho camp and think he will improve even more in another EPL season, but as we`re talking about potential signings, I`m straight in the Isco camp and it will be light`s out as soon as my foot is over the fresh hold with some mega pow wowing !. hahaha

    I don’t get all this we cant compete with City for him as Gazidis has already said we can !. He`s got a £30M release clause, so pay it, end of !. He`s top of another Spanish generation of players coming through who will keep Spain at the top for another ten years !. City have spent loads of money already and have similar players in the squad, added to the fact that they have/trying to adhere to FFP with wages being more than their revenue generated, then we should be in the driving seat !. We want quality, we have to pay the money !.
    If Gazidis hadn`t come out and said we now can compete and will have £70M every year from now on, then I wouldn`t expect so much, but he made the statement, so now I expect us to start walking the walk after Gazidas talking the talk !.

  • Hi Marcus 🙂

    Thanks for a fine post about a position, LW, which has not been totally right since the departure of Pires.

    I think you are harsh about Gervinho, who for me is a good squad player to have. If we can improve on him, I would welcome it though, and the players you mentioned are all fine prospects. Jovetic would be a nr.10 player but could play on the wing, although not ideal. So, I like us to sign him and play him centrally and maybe give Ox or Myiachi a change on the LW next season.

  • Marcus, fine post. 🙂

    It look like Higuain will come (we have agreed personal terms but are yet to agree a fee with Real Madrid) so that means he will play ST, Walcott will play RW of course but Wenger has a dilemma. Play Santi as a central winger/false 10 behind Higuain or play Santi in a free role on the LW. I think Wenger will play Santi in a free role on the LW and hope to develop a partnership between Santi and Monreal. This makes Jovetic, Rooney etc. perfect to play behind Higuain as the AM or even SS. If Wenger chooses to play Santi as a central winger/false 10 behind Higuain then Nani would be perfect for the LW and could also play RW. He would be very cheap, has EPL experience, CL experience, experience playing for a top team and has won trophies. He also has the ability to beat a man, has the skills and trickery and offers something very different to what our current wingers currently possess.

  • Fellaini
    But if I have to choose one of the above I’d pick Al Shawaary

  • Nice post Marcus. Out of the above I like Isco the best, mainly because Man C and R Madrid are after him too. Make a statement that we can compete for these guys, even without a sugar-daddy paying the way for us.

    Wonder why we weren’t in for Navas though?

  • Thanks Marcus, that was a fantastic write

    those are some mouth watering options down the left flank or even right i say,

    Payet – i’m not keen on as he still remains an unproven for me besides i’m very reluctant to look at any french players and get excited unless it’s Benzema, the rest are not just good enough or the ones that are, we already have them 😉

    El sharaawy, would be great but i doubt if he would want to leave Italy , as is the case with most decent Italian players. not likely

    Isco – now that’s a player alright but like you rightfully pointed out, he’s one of the hottest property in europe right now (sorry Glic), we’ll be easily out muscled financially by other clubs interested in him unless Isco wanted to be united with his mentor Santi then that’s different 😉 not likely to happen i reckon.

    Cabella – not keen on him, wouldn’t add much to our squad let alone team.

    Jovetic – was always meant to be smoke screen, wasn’t it ? (it appears so), i’m just happy it was smoke screen as i wasn’t entirely sold on Jovetic from the outset not for 20 million and deffo not for 25 million.

    Nani – now there’s a realistic target, sell Gervinho bring in Nani – sorted we are for the next 3-4 years, he is everything we need at Arsenal minus his shenanigans which i’m sure Wenger will be able to sort out.

    we get Higain, Nani, Fellaini and Cesar

    and that’s us more than just competing for silverware, we’re potential winners .

  • JB, my dream.

    GK- Cesar (squad player).
    DF- Young versatile CB who can also play RB around the age 22-25 around the same age as Jones, Smalling, Evans (squad player).
    MF- Fellaini (first team player/squad player).
    LW- Nani (first team player) if Santi plays behind striker.
    SS/AM- Jovetic, Rooney (first team player) if Santi plays on the LW.
    ST- Higuain (first team player)

    Please note I am NOT saying we should buy LW AND an SS/AM.

  • AFC,

    some good options and names there but truth be told then i don’t really want nor see us buying another CB, we already have enough if we keep our current ones and then promote our youngsters….if push comes to shove and we’re down with injuries or suspension then we have the likes of Sagna/Coquelin to step in for emergency cover. we have a few decent youngsters who deserve a chance when the opportunity presents itself.

    Rooney be perfect, wouldn’t he ? but if that doesn’t happen then i’ll take Cesc if not this season then next possibly ?

    PS : 17HT , where art thou these days, we’re missing you mate 🙂

  • also with Nani, you can play him almost play him anywhere up front or in a free role,

    he is versatile and with his speed and trickery, he can cause plenty of teams a lot of problems including the bigger teams…

    he’s within our price range and his wages shouldn’t be a problem either, with the world cup not so far away, he would want to prove a point or 2 to the rest of the world including the mancs – suffice to say he’ll be motivated.

    the thing that makes me want to put Nani at the top of all the names Marcus has mentioned is EPL experience along with other things i have mentioned in this comment.

  • Is there something going on between 007 and AFC ?. First we have Total and Marcus knocking one out together and now we have AFC calling JB, my dream !. Just another day on Broke Back Bergkampesque !. And with that I`m off to dream about Isco !. hahahaha

  • JB, for me our young defenders are not good enough. If we want to win titles how can we rely on these players. They have no EPL experience and have only played in the odd cup match. What if Sagna is injured. Anyway you are supposed to have 4 certified CBs in your squad who are good enough and have experience to play in important matches. The only reason Wenger has not brought one is because Squil and Johan are still on our books. Not to mention Santos as well.

  • Can’t wait for the transfer season to be over! I can’t get excited by all the speculation any more. I used to eat it all up, but it’s worn thin. IF we get HIguain, great!!! If we don’t, I think that means that Lukas Podolski has to step up, and I think he can do it. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised, if he really knuckles down, that he keeps Higuain out of some matches because he is a very good player himself, if he wants to be. I really hope Podolski doesn’t go the way of Arshavin, or leaves early, because he is every bit as good as Higuain, when healthy. I think that was the main problem with him last season, his health.

  • Glic,

    aahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahahhaha what are you on 😀 whatever it is, it’s bloody ever lasting ahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahah

    see you laters aligator !

  • AFC,

    i see where you’re coming from, however, i don’t really see the need for a 4th choice CB when we can groom one of the youngsters, already with some first team experience and so on given a chance.

    mind you, most of these youngsters do train with the first team and have a better understanding with the playing 11 than a new signing would at first.

    sure, we have the money but that doesn’t mean we try to spend all of it or go overboard,

    3-4 signings is just fine for me but hey if Wenger was buying more, who am i to argue against it 😉

  • JB, to me I just feel we will be left thin due to loss of form, injuries and suspensions. Would you play Miquel against Bayern. I wouldn’t.

    United have Ferdinand, Vidic, Jones, Smalling, Evans and Wootton who I think is at the same level as Miquel.

  • if we can play Jenko against Bayern, then of course we can play Miquel vs Bayern or play Sagna there , sorted.

    Miquel, isn’t as bad as we think he is 😀

  • JB, question to you then. I am not sure if Miquel was available for the Sunderland game but I think he was.

    If Miquel is at the same level as Jenkinson then why did Wenger play Sagna a RB at CB with Jenkinson at RB instead of Miquel at CB and Sagna at RB?

    That would have more sense surely, unless Wenger didn’t think he was good enough.

  • Miquel was injured if memory serves, he got injured after playing for the seniors in one of the capital one games or was it the CL game i can’t seem to remember, after that it was the first gen and so on..with injuries in between.

    he is rated highly by wenger and those who have seen him regularly…he was is /was our reserve team captain and true leader at the back.

    that alone should tell you that he can be trusted with a little more bonding and playing time.

  • ah in that case Wenger must have thought it’s better to use Sagna and move Jenko on the right, which turned out to be a stroke of genius 😉

    be that as it may, i’m happy with miquel being the 4th CB, he needs to beef up a bit though.

    laters, TA.

  • TA, thanks. 🙂

    JB, I’m waiting for your answer to my question. 🙂 😀

  • JB, I’m just no convinced. But that’s just my opinion. I think he needs to be loaned to a club in the EPL.

  • Why would any team need four CB’s and i’m glad to hear them called Backs and not centre halves as has recently been the case in commentary boxes

  • i have already answered, AFC @ 23.34 (maybe it’s still awaiting moderation ?

    but to further add on it, Sagna is more experienced and perhaps Wenger thought it’s best to go with experience as CB pairing with BFG, let’s face it, BFG and Miquel are hardly strong lads or with a bit of muscle so to speak 😀

    but yeah i’m happy with Miquel as the 4th or 5th CB with Sagna filling in when the need arises, the lad needs to play more for the first team and train more with the first team players.

  • yeah, loaning is a good option if we indeed to buy another CB, agreed on that one

  • Rooney is being linked to us again, (courtesy the mirror and daily mail)

    Higuain up front with Rooney behind, santi on the left, theo on the right

    that could be rather devastating for any opposing team 😉

    22 million for hiquain, 30 million for rooney would leave us with 18 million ? sell gervo for 12 million and we would have 30 million at our peril to spend….we then get fellaini for 22 million, leaving us with 8 million for Nani or Cesar.

  • Does no one think David Villa on the LW would be a good idea? I know he’s 31 and probably only has a few seasons left in him, but he would add instant class and firepower to our squad. I believe he’s also available for less than any of the mentioned players (something like 12m) which really isn’t that bad if we get 3 great seasons out of him. Bare in mind we had a 15m loss on Arshavin and got little out of him. And he has been linked with Arsenal a fair amount over the last year.

  • provided AW can keep a tight grip on Nani’s attitude, this would be an absolute bargain for 8M. EPL and CL experience, fits in perfect as LW, in prime years no time wasted to adapt.
    People talk of him as a ManU outcast, well – so was Beckham, Ronaldo and few others.

  • Great post Marcus..
    But I don’t think any of them will come..
    As I said before.. if We bring Higuan.. then no place for another winger.. unless We sell Podolski or Gervinho.. and We still have Ox and Gnabry who can play there..

    And knowing Wenger for so long.. he never sell players unless they are force themself to leave.. and that’s why We have so much unplayed players.. which used to call deadwood..

    Now all We need is a solid GK..
    I think Cesar is already deal with us.. and that will make us very strong.. even if We don’t get Fellaini.. but I still believe Wenger will bring one DM.. hehe..

    Jenkinson – Mertesaker – Koscielny – Monreal
    Ramsey – Arteta
    Santi Cazorla
    Walcott – Higuan – Podokski


    Sagna – Miquel – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    Diaby – Willshere – Ox
    Miyaichi – Giroud – Gervinho

    And We still have Sanogo.. Gnabry.. Eisfeld..
    What a team.. and Fellaini.. Wanyama or Strootman are still could be part of them..

    With this team.. I am confident about ten first games of this new season.. hahaha..

  • TA, the only reason I haven’t been commenting is because I don’t really know what is going to happen in the transfer market…There seem to be strong rumours circulating about a select few players, such as Higuain, Rooney, Fellaini, and then there are the ones regarding players such as Illaramendi, (new) and Gilbert Imbula (not new, if you were paying close attention to the rumours a few months ago) I can see us signing someone like Imbula, as he fits Wenger’s transfer profile to a tee. He is young, and he knows him well because of his contacts in France, similar to the Sanogo transfer. I wouldn’t be upset if he didn’t sign anyone, and we kept all our players from last season, who contributed to our great finish and those returning from injury (Wilshere). I am excited about potential transfers, but I read the rumours, and don’t attach much emotion to them. Most people do this, but some…they go overboard. This site is usually very good at not creating hyperbole, and analyzes the ramifications of any potential transfer with a bit of emotional distance and passivity. That is a good thing!

    I hope to see two or three new faces in the first team squad next season. If they are from outside the club, great, if they are from the youth ranks, brilliant, but neither one takes precedence in my estimation. If some of the youth team players are ready now, then Wenger will use them. If they are not ready yet, he MIGHT go out and buy someone. Either one is alright with me.

  • Marcus et al,

    Interesting post. I am always in favor of more good players and your analysis matches mine. That said, I am reminded of a friend for whom “new is always better” seems to be the mantra.

    For me, I think Higuain will do nicely and provide new options we didnt have. I am not sure a new wing will do the same.

    I am equally not sure you can ignore XXX caps for Germany with many goals. In or out of position, quality and class show… He was also niggled much of last year so who knows what we might see.

    Regarding attack, if we really want total flowing football with lots of interchange, then Poldi on the wing suits and can switch with Higuain or Theo or Santi as needed, and vice versa. IMO, it’s only when you go towards the over structured “here’s your lane to run in” approach that he might lose out to someone more specific to that area, while costing us the defensive aspects

    So, with that last I will close with two other very old maxims:

    a. There is no I in “team” to agree with your bits about Nani and say that something like that could be a cancer in the locker room and team and that is perhaps why rednose lost faith in him (i.e. SAF wasnt a dunce about people or players I suspect)

    b. Goals win games but defense wins championships, and I like that Poldi comes back, unlike song and others, because it’s another form of being a “total footballer” and on the days when god says you wont score, you can still draw!

    cheers — jgc

  • Your analysis is brilliant but if we are to compete for honours this coming season and the ones beyond, Wenger should give us more energetic, young but seasoned players. So, I would go for Jovetic to join Higuain to fill out the attack and Fellani to strengthen the back bone of the midfield and by extension, the whole team.

  • Brilliant analysis, Marcus. I must admit I know very little or nothing about Payet, thanks for sorting that one for me. The other players connected with us all have qualities we need but I guess neither of them is a safe bet. Nani, for instance, would be my first choice simply based on the facts he is experienced in Premiership and would be the cheapest option of all aforementioned but it would be a tough transfer given that Nani doesn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the box. I remember his glorious 2010-11 when he picked 19 assists in Premiership and was one of the best players in United championship winning campaign.

    Speaking of rumours, I read yesterday in Croatian newspapers Sportske Novosti that we apparently offered 6 million euros for Tin Jedvaj, 17-year-old central defender from Dinamo Zagreb, that Croatians liked more Roma offer than included sell-on fee (25%) and that we turned our attention to Tiago Ilori from Sporting Lisabon (he was heavily connected with Liverpool).

  • Hi Will R

    I like David Villa too, but not sure whether he would bring more to the LW position than Pod or Cazorla currently do.

    Ausgunner: injuries, suspensions, lack of form…. four is the absolute minimum.

    Aziz, good comment on Nani. Quite a few here are agreeing with you, but I am undecided about him: it could work or be a nightmare! 😕

  • Milo, that is a very philosophical stance towards the TW activities this summer, and you are guaranteed not to end up disappointed with it! 🙂

    You are rather wise for such a youngish man! hahaha 😛

  • Yank Gooner alert !

    I truly don’t see why most folks are down on Poldi, I think he played very well and held more than his own at LW, OG didn’t take full advantage of the set ups in my opinion. That said with Higuain coming to the ES I too would like to see a faster paced LW if anything to make the LW more competitive and bring out the best in Poldi and the new arrival. My favorites for LW would be Jovi or Nani for all reasons stated by you lot. I would also love for Cesc to come back but if not Fellaini would be more than adequate.

  • TA, the weather here is awful. It’s too bloody hot and only a week ago we had to turn the heat on! Apparently, it will stay that way until Sunday when we will have some refreshing rain.

    Women are not eye-smiling at me – my wedding ring is so big that it blinds them instantly. 😀 Which is a good thing – sleeping on a sofa isn’t something my back likes (I’m only 8 days younger than broody grey-haired woman from Manchester).

  • Henry chan,
    Davis Ornstein said that our priority this summer was a top cf, a DM and an attacking midfielder.Now fiven the number of attacking CENTRAL mids we have, I have a feeling he meant a winger. A left one to be precise. The names I’ve mentioned in this post are players we have been linked with so that’s how I came to my conclusion..

  • Marcus.. I think you must add Affelay and Maher.. cause they were link to us also.. hehe..

    Mvilla was mention again.. He was Wenger’s favourite.. and so do I.. hehe..
    With the player like Mvilla.. or Wanyama.. We can play 4-1-2-3 formation.. and I love that possibility.. haha..

  • My inside man has just informed me that Higuain is now an Arsenal player.

    Champons 2013/14 here we come.

  • Hi TA,

    I have only just noticed your comment that HH and I should cool things down.

    Altho’ I understand your comment, I have to say that it would be unfair to include HH (or even Bondy), because the main cause for any sharp comment was me, and was down to my occasional impatience with my inability to explain, as well as my general irascibility with the world, at the moment.

    The fault lies with me, and I absolve HH (and JB) as neither did or said anything untoward — it was all on me, I am afraid.

    Apologies to all concerned!

  • Terry,

    Your little man has a lot to answer for!! 🙂

    Off for lunch — I will beat you up later — if you are good!!

  • Ive heard Nanis wages are high, and he is looking to keep them that way. If true, i would rather keep gerv or find someone else. TERRY, i hope your info is good, if so, i would only ask for one more high quality signing. Maybe a strong dm. Anything else would be a bonus.
    But, people, — dont underestimate the quality of Higuain if we get him. He is top level. Equal to van persie and better than more expensive players. Incredible value for whoever gets him.

  • Terry 12:57……..stop teasing me….If this is true, I’m getting smashed tonight.

  • Hi RafGoon – no need to alert of Yank Gooners – there are plenty of you lot on BK! 😛

    All agreed on Poldi, but I think you find most of us are more than appreciative of the Pod’s first PL season.

  • My source has never let me down before Vics, apart from when he told me we signed Iniesta. hahaha. But, it does look like weve got him.

    If ime wrong then Redders will beat me up. An experience ime sure we will both enjoy. hahaha

  • Hahaha Admir – I had a picture of you in my head already, and now I am able to enhance it with a big, fat, shiny golden ring on your finger. I reckon everytime a woman tries to smile at you, you blind them with that thing, just to stay in the good book of your wife. Hope it cools down for you soon; at least before Higuain signs so you won’t overheat. 😛

  • Please go for keeper(Julio Cesar), felain, Jovetic or Rooney with these trophies are for the Gooners

  • Hah Redders 🙂

    Is there a more gallant Gooner in cyber world than you? No, nee, nein, Non!

    Although I don’t entirely agree with the content, it nevertheless takes a gent to produce such a humble comment, and that is why we all love you, Redders (in a non-Glic Broke Back Mountain kind of way)! 😀

  • Terry, lets hope your not wrong. Avoid a severe beating from Redders and we can all get Tattoo’s done. Sorted.

  • Total…I know this sounds like sour grapes, but I think Higuain is a better player than Van Judas.

    Time will tell. I’m getting excited.

  • Am I the only one thinking of Grenier behind the striker and sticking with Santi on the left? Grenier would bring amazing free kicks (better than Arteta, Santi and Lukas) and lots of creativity to the team, what’s more is that he’s a LOT more affordable than Isco or Jovetic and getting him would leave money for more important positions like central midfield.

    We definitely shouldn’t get Payet or Nani. Payet might have good numbers but so did Gervinho and look how he turned out… And I agree with what you said about Nani, no place for a player like him in Arsenal!

  • HIguain international goal scoring record is a very impressive 0.62 goals per game – compared van J the Grey 0.46…. Yes the Argentine is way better than the self-happy broody woman! 😈

  • Good points ArvGoon

    I don’t know enough about Grenier to pass judgement, but just wait a while and one of two regular BKers will give you their opinion.

    Santi on the left (or right) only really works if and when we have a dedicated, disciplined winger on the other side. If Higuain is indeed coming, it must mean that Theo will have to play on the wing again. Whether he will be able to do it in a disciplined way remains a big question, but we cannot have both Cazorla and Theo ignoring their wing-duties, as in keeping the width and work with the full backs to make things happen there.

  • Total, I have been lurking in the background reading the splendid posts, but have tried to catch up on the chores that I should have done during the winter. Almost up to date and hoping to be ready raring to go for the new season.

    I’ll thrilled to bits on this Higuain news. He is the piece in the jigsaw that will give us a chance to get back with the big boys once again.

  • Hey boys…Sneaking a peak this early morning–too busy with houseguests to engage at my usual (bloated) levels…

    First off, I allowed myself a little excitement a couple of days back at Sagna’s comments and the Higuain agrees terms stuff. With Terry’s “leak” (heh heh…) I’m getting a little boing thing going…

    For me, last season, the weak links were all down the spine of the squad. At the back, the droppings of Sir Chesney and TV5 worked for the run-in but, obviously, questions remain. I’ve complained (over and over and over) about Arteta and Ramsey being required to do the work of a proper deep-lying, possession-oriented midfielder. (Like Arsene, I don’t know the meaning of the term “defensive mid-fielder,” let alone “beast”…) Further forward, Wilshere was unfit but, luckily (ancient) Rosicky was able to make some very positive contributions in his stead. Finally, we all see the limitations in Giroud, but his suspension proved that Poldolski wasn’t quite a stand in. (That, by the way, was the first mention of Olivier Giroud in this thread, I’m pretty sure…)

    I really don’t see us buying a winger or an attacking mid (of any sort) unless Gervinho goes. Gerv would serve the purpose if he stays but the lesser lights in Marcus’ (much appreciated, as always) scouting report could work too. Grenier is a link that lingers on and he might be the longer term “apprentice to Santi/competition for Jack” (and a good buy if Gerv leaves)…

    If the Higuain thing happens Gerv (or his replacement) become less important. Moreover, it is very bad news for OG, at least if everybody is healthy. On that note, I would expect plenty of Weng-juries so that OG, Lu-lu, Theo and El Gonzo can all get minutes (not to mention Gerv or a new guy). Suddenly we present a LOT of firepower up front, and with overlapping wingbacks (strong in depth at both LB and RB if Sagna extends…) our attack should really be dynamic. Very exciting, I feel…

    Of course, all this depends on possession and service from our MF…

    HH’s great post on Fellaini (and all the excellent comments) made me a little less sure that he’s our “Mr. Right.” I think, however, he might be our “Mr. Right Now.” While we’d love to get back to quick movement and possession-based, “offense is defense,” total football, I just don’t see it happening with our current group of mid-fielders. Like Gerry (I think) said a week ago, we need to develop our own Xavi and our own Iniesta and (though I hate to laud him, because I really don’t think much of him…) our own Busquets. Wilshere MAY get there (Ramsey won’t, I fear) and Fellaini maybe could be a 2nd guy from Everton to help us bridge the gap until somebody younger (possibly the Ox or Le Coq–or Grenier or Eisfeld or Gnabry, etc, etc…) can contribute in a meaningful way. The Fro might also (finally…) turn around our reputation about set-pieces: that we cannot defend them and we never score from them. We improved as the season went on in this regard, but Fellaini would represent a real opportunity to make us truly dominant…

    So, if those two signings happen, I’ll be boinging like boinging boinger… What happened to the whole Roman Emperor to the Coliseum (at the Grove, you know, Julio Cesar)…? That would be like icing on the cake, (meringue on the lemon curd of the pie, chocolate chips in the cookies–I’ve been baking a lot)… That one seems to have evaporated…

    Anyhow, exciting (but also scary) times. With hope comes potential for disappointment… Hopefully we get some announcements that confirm these matters–with all laws and most (if not all…) BKers respected AND pleased…. 😉 😆

  • Hopefully Terry’s source is correct. It’ll be huge if we sign Higuain. Top class player that really could start a title race with Arsenal.

  • Marcus,
    I think your commentary about Gervinho is below par and he far predictable and adaptable more than your Theo.Walcot cannot dribble a defender in any given day.All that he does is run with the ball.I prefer Gerviho on the right than the former and let’s give him a chance(Gervinho)

  • TA @ 14:01,

    And could that be where Nani comes in. If Santi plays on the LW, Nani can play on the RW to play as a dedicated winger and if Walcott starts on the RW, Nani can play on the LW as a dedicated winger?

  • Fine comment, 17! 🙂

    It looks like you are having a lot of time to think about the mighty Arse between your HK tasks! 😛

    A very clear summary of the key issues currently.

  • Hi 17ht,

    I cannot wait for your visitors to go so that we can have one of your usual long comments, not like that scrawny little one @ 14:47. 🙂

  • some of the responses on here have been bordering on disgusting. filth even. how do you expect us to sign all these players and keep them happy? even then how do you expect us to sign a potentially first team left winger like nani or isco and drop someone of the quality of arteta to the bench and give ramsey zero to no hope of seeing first team action? when changes are made very rarely do you see more than 2-3 changes to the first team squad if at all for any team let alone a wenger side. if we end up signing a striker that is fine because we need one. if we sign a ball winning midfielder that is fine because we need one. but to say we need to sell gervinho who isn’t a first team player for someone who is just reminds me of typical media talk and i’d expect that from maybe a 10 or 15 year old kid but not a normal person who has the brains to know better.

    gk: szczesny
    rb: sagna / jenkinson
    lb: gibbs / monreal
    cb: mertersacker / koscielny / vermaelen
    dm: coquelin / ?
    cm: arteta / ramsey
    am: wilshere / rosicky
    lw: cazorla / podolski / gervinho*
    rw: walcott / chamberlain / gervinho*
    st: giroud / ?

    this is our team at the moment. i cannot see arteta being dropped. he will play the position that ramsey played most of the year. if wilshere drops back into that position then that simply means ramsey will never get a look in when we know how good he was for us in the second part of last season when he was played in that position – his natural position.

    i expect to see something like this next year:

    ——————– szczesny ——————–

    sagna – mertersacker – koscielny – gibbs

    ———– fellaini ——— arteta —————

    walcott ————- wilshere ———- cazorla

    ——————– higuain ———————-

    then we still have on the bench:

    that is plenty of depth for a team minus maybe one centre back.

    if we get someone like isco he will harm our team. same goes for the rest. maybe the only one that i wouldn’t mind would be someone young and unknown that is if gnabry isn’t ready to step up and fill in the boots for the carling cup games. but to suggest that we buy anyone else who will remove someone like arteta, wilshere or cazorla out of the team would be absolutely ludicrous and i don’t believe that person is a true supporter – simply a fan who doesn’t care about true football just wants to see the side field ten different #10 type players. since about 2008-2009 the fans of this beautiful sport have gone absolutely insane with their requests and only use opinions they hear in the media and regurgitate them online. maybe if you watch a few games, realise that everything said about our club in the media is near enough to bullshit and begin supporting you might realise how little it is that we need to improve the squad as a whole. and how we don’t need first team players like isco, however good they are, i still prefer cazorla over isco, i prefer wilshere over jovetic and i prefer arteta over every single player you mentioned because it would also allow someone like fellaini to make forward runs because he is now defensively adapt at covering a central midfielder. same goes for ramsey who will be rotated and i expect chamberlain to come on leaps and bounds this season.

  • nice one, RA – you’re a top man, we all have off days or bad days.. and no, i disagree when you say it was your inability to explain it, actually you explained it brilliantly, i just don’t buy these set of rules and so on imposed , same is the case with FFP which is being shown the middle finger by Monaco 🙂

    right then, Higuain is “nearly done” and (17HT, look away) Rooney is next

    Higuain – 22 million

    Rooney – 25 million

    Fellaini – 23 million

    Cesar – 5 million

    so that’s 75 million net spending excluding wages….. minus 13 Million big ones for Gervinho (75-13) = 62 million …leaves us room for one more signing… NANI.

    i should probably wake up now .


  • Hi Marcus, thanks for the good post mate :).

    All very tantalizing options to fulfill a void on the LW (a true LW anyway). However, buying a LW/CAM is largely contingent on what AW plans to do with Santi and Jack. If Santi plays in the hole and Jack is used as both a B2B/CAM then he will be more inclined to buy a LW for the starting line-up (unless he plans on playing Poldi there).

    However, if he plans on playing Jack as the CAM and Santi on the left, then we suddenly have a need for a back-up CAM unless AW thinks Rosicky is enough cover for the position.

    The problem with signing a ST and another forward type player (i.e. LW) is that we suddenly have too many players competing for limited starting minutes. Higuain will almost certainly start as our main ST and Theo at RW, so if we sign a new LW where does that leave Jack, Poldi, Ramsey, Rosicky and to a lesser extent Gervinho, Miyachi, Eisfeld and Gnabry (assuming Santi starts at CAM)?

    Also, I was wondering what you meant when you said Jovetic was the most mobile of the group? Not quite sure I understand what context “mobile” was being used in.

  • BBC Sport’s David Ornstein: “There is plenty of transfer speculation surrounding Arsenal at the moment and, whether or not any or some of the rumours materialise, it is set to be a busy summer at Emirates Stadium.

    “The Gunners have around £70m to spend and their primary target is Real Madrid and Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain. It is understood the 25-year-old is keen to join Arsene Wenger’s side after four-and-a-half years at the Bernabeu.

    “While reports suggest personal terms have been agreed on a four-year contract, no deal has been reached between the clubs as yet. Real need to fill their vacant manager’s position before final decisions are made on comings and goings.”

  • More from BBC Sport’s David Ornstein on the transfer situation at Arsenal: “They have also been linked to Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney and, although a bid for the England international is not thought to be likely, the idea has been backed by the club’s second-largest shareholder Alisher Usmanov, who says: ‘he is a great player and [joining Arsenal] would be great for Rooney, and Arsenal too.’

    “The other area Arsenal are focusing on is midfield, with an attacking and a defensive player sought. The desire for an attacking midfielder stems from injury problems for Jack Wilshere and Abou Diaby, while Mikel Arteta was Arsenal’s main defensive midfielder last season despite rarely having adopted the role in previous years. Everton’s Marouane Fellaini, a reported target, has a release clause of around £23m.”

  • somehow i don’t buy all this near manage coming in before sanctioning a sale of a player, in particular Higuain’s, why ?

    here’s my theory…

    he was allowed to state his desire openly a fair few months back by RM so he could find himself suitors and RM could get a good price for him….that in itself takes out the element of a “new manager coming in and promising the world to higuain” as it was evident he was given the green light to leave the club.

    i expect RM to sell him sooner rather than later be it with Carlo.C at the helm or not, as it doesn’t make much sense to me to delay the inevitable when you know you’ve been given permission to leave and find yourself a buyer – which Higuain seems to have done (note how David O says ” the player himself is understood to be keen on joining Arsenal” .


  • thats’ gonna be owesome combination. Theo, Huguain and Jovetic up front…

  • So 007, reading your man Ornstein it sounds like nothing will be happening and it’s all just a series of quotes and speculation…. My boingage is gonna need a bit more than that (as should yours, esp. for the Granny-Shagger)….

    Anyhow, I hear people getting up so I gotta pull some coffees. I’ll try to get back in a bit…

  • Marcus,

    You have written another comprehensive Post looking at our current resources and the potential signings we are linked with, and, as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    Personally, I do, occasionally, have my moments of ecstatic delirium, usually after we have captured a superdooper new signing, but more often than not I am somewhat cynical about all the TW buzz, but this year things are looking rather different, and maybe I will allow myself a modicum of anticipatory excitement, (not yet at the Boing level — can’t believe I typed that Glic) because if we do not sign the players you have mentioned, I am quite sure we will make more than one splendid transfer, eventually. 🙂

  • yep, in other words that’s Arsene Wenger telling us “it’s gonna be a long long TW for everyone involved” and we shouldn’t get our hopes high too much 😀

  • Ahem, please excuse the self-congratulatory and smug tone of my next comment, but ….. IF and I am still cautious, if the Gonzo Higuain deal goes through, you would have read it first on BK!

    That is to say, I, me, myself, after careful analysis and logical calculation 🙂 pointed out that Higgy’s lady had acquired a high powered job in London, and unless he wanted to spend half of his time, over the next 4 or 5 years, flitting between the UK and (say) Italy, it was a cast iron, stone waller (to mix my metaphors) that he would prefer to move to the UK (London) to be with her, as you cannot ignore the power of nooky, and as neither Chelsea nor the Spuds showed much interest in him — it had to be Arsenal.


  • music to my ears, RA

    music to my ears 😀

    thanks for sharing that one 😉

  • JB & RA, hopefully we will have know a lot more next week on who will most likely join us. Only thing worrying me is that we do not seem to be getting rid of our deadwood.

  • TA & JM, we have been linked with a 23 million pounds move for Axel Witsel. Maybe Wenger came onto BK and saw our comments. 😀

    Glic, a bit of bad news for you. According to the BBC, City are close to completing a move for Isco around the fee of 21 million pounds.

  • Hi AFC,

    And what is worse, it is all the Glicster’s fault, because Isco chose Citeh over Real Madrid, and went on to say in an unsourced interview, that any club who had a littledick-tator like Glic as a supporter could go whistle Dixie about him joining Arsenal.

  • Alex d S

    I have put your comment through because there is a lot of good stuff in it, worthy of discussion. However, please refraining from calling comments (and therefore bloggers) disgusting and filth. No need for that at all. Enjoy the blogging on BK. 🙂

  • Afternoon Broke Back Boingers 😆

    Yes AFC, I read that somewhere…….£21M !!!!!!……. I am f**king livid with rage, so please keep your distance guys as I have tied semtex to my under carriage and I`m about to light the fuse and blow my scrotum and cock to F**king smithereens !.
    Wenger you are next if this is true !. 👿

  • RA 🙂

    AFC – A good, reliable source – same one Terry referred to! – told me that the fist thing Arsene does in the morning is eat a croissant, drink a coffee and read BK! 😀

    I dont believe that rumour btw.

  • Glic, considering we signed Cazorla for around 16 mill (if I am correct?), do you think Isco is worth 21 million?

  • Absolutely AFC, I`d pay the £30M to blow the other Muvvers out of the water !.

    So Total, did you source reveal who is receiving the ” fist ” !. No wonder Pat Rice retired !….16 years of receiving ” The Fist ” !. hahaha

  • Did Isco at any point say, I wanted to come to Arsenal but they did not want me / bid enough for me?

    Burn your manlihood as much as you like, Glic, but Arsene was not Isco last manager and neither can he sign everybody available. If indeed he goes to Shitty then so be it. Jovetic is the better player anyway and he is super mobile (can play everywhere).

    So your tattoo will need to be HiJo 😉

  • Glic and JB, I know virtually nothing about Isco but seems like the real deal according to you guys and I value both of your opinions. 🙂

  • AFC,

    Rooney for me for a variety of reasons, including strong commercial revenues he would help us generate and so forth.

    we would be able to recoup all the investment in a couple of seasons if our marketing team and so on were right on the money, so in essence Rooney deal would pay dividends both on the field and off the field – immediately.

  • AFC,

    if Gotze is worth 31 million then glic for 21 is a bargain considering Man city didn’t even have to meet his release clause.

    Gotze – the hottest property in Germany

    Isco – the hotttest in Spain

    and no pun intended there (winks at glic) hahaha

  • Did I say I was going to burn my knob ?…….no !…….that is a long painfull torture !…….I said I was go to blow it to kingdom come ! …..much quicker and to the point !. hahaha
    However, I will wait and see how the TW goes, I mean , I don’t want to be to hasty do I, too many women will be disappointed !. hahaha

  • Let’s sign Fellaini – who would be a mix of Campbell and Vieira – and win the bloody Premiership without defeat. Then, in 2014-15, we’ll attack the record of Invincibles. 😉

    BTW, very important information: Laurent Blanc is, according to my pal from Paris, new manager of PSG. That means Ancelotti can sign for Real Madrid and sanction Higuain’s transfer but also that Wenger won’t leave us next summer for PSG.

  • Totes, I`ve been on another weeks holiday, just got in from cutting 1/2 an acre of gardens, it`s been hot out there today, phew !.

  • AFC – DM first for me; and yes, 17, Fellaini is the beast, I have been talking about soooo many times! 😛

    Admir, Blanc would make sense!

  • The problem with the hot weather Totes is the ladeez wearing next to nothing. In Padstow the other day, it`s a miracle I didn`t walk off the edge of the quay into the drink with all the distractions !.

  • Thanks all for the fine comments.
    Glic and TA, given as it is we have funds and on top of that we still have players to offload (Djourou, Park et al) we can still bring in a quality player and still keep Gervinho as back up.

  • AFC,
    My prediction for the first team line up would be:
    GK- Szczesny
    CB’s-Per and Kos
    LW-Whichever new signing

  • davydavy,
    Isco seems to be heading to city. And re Navas, I totally agree. I always wondered why we never tried to sign him. Its a shame really.

  • James Bond,
    I agree with you except for Cabella and Nani. Re Cabella, all I can say is you clearly do not know a lot about him, ay mate? And like I said in the post, I’m not too keen on Nani. He just doesn’t fit into our style (at least I think so).

  • JGC,
    Like I explained in the post, I have a feeling we are in for a left winger. If so, I agree with the notion. I feel that it has reached a time where players need to earn their spots. It doesn’t matter if you won the world cup with your country and scored the winner. Your current form should determine your place. And that should go for everyone.

  • Apparently we have made enquiries about Zouma. JB, this is type of young defender that we need.

  • The Chavs have extended their Adidas shirt deal for 10 years for $450M ( £292M ). On a par with our rumoured Puma deal, ours will be £150M over 5 years from 2014, but hopefully our one can be extended for even money after 5 years !.

  • Gervino is a very good player. The problem is that he has been going and coming from too many of this stupid African nations cup so much so that it affect his consistency. He has everything we need, speed, technical & tactical awareness, dribbling skills and ability to take on players on the run. I prefer him to poldi. Beside players like Ramsey have no business in Arsenal. Even if we get these other players you are talking about we still need a good bench.

  • GK Szczesny
    RB Jenko
    CB Kos
    CB Per
    LB Gibbs/Nacho
    DMC Verm (if we don’t sign Fellaini)
    MC Wilshere
    MC Arteta
    LW Santi
    RW Walcott
    ST Higuain

    Sell Sagna, only thing he has is pace. Can’t cross, can’t pass, too many mistakes. Sell Ramsey, he can’t do anything! Worst goal to shot ratio ever known to man!

    Verm I think would be a great DMC, tough tackling, pace, good shot, influential, heading, gives 100%… Perfect!

  • Marcus,

    i have watched enough of Cabella to know that he is not what we need nor is he someone who will offer us that something “extra”….besides it doesn’t appear he’s up for sale either unless there is a similar release clause in his contract as Giroud.

    Nani for me ticks all the boxes especially if we are to sell Gervinho, if we’re not selling Gervinho to ligue 1 then there is no place for Nani, however, sell Gervinho and bringing in Nani is an upgrade.

    so Cavani is on his way to Real madrid it seems….interesting that Chelsea can’t go for Cavani because of FFP (hmmmmmm really ? so it’s working ? i doubt it)…. man city won’t pay 53 million for him… happy days ! i have said it before and i will say it again Cavani isn’t as good for that price tag nor is he any better than Falcao.

  • Lotsa good stuff here today. Sorry Glic about your todger paint…. Frankly, I’m excited to see the backlog of good Spanish players given a chance in England. We’ve got our Santi and Nacho (and Arteta) thing going and now City are adding to their Silva with Navas and Isco. (Mata at Chelsea and De Gea at United too…) Also good to see talented non-Spanish players coming from La Liga to England. I’m thinking of Yaya Toure at City and, with Terry’s and RA’s reports, Gonzolo Higuain to Arsenal. Like the latter says, never underestimate the power of the nookie 😆 Re: Isco and Navas…This should spell the end for players like Milner, Sinclair and Nasri–or at least park them on the bench. More musical chairs will have to be played… Also, good stuff on the Blanc to PSG report Admir–I forgot about him but he was on the rise until the flat Euros last Summer…. At least the managerial musical chairs are starting to get sorted…

    Alex Sousa makes some fine points and new observers to BKesque may not be able to understand the “terms of the debate” here. Certainly I didn’t when I first arrived and I got into a bit of bother with some folks. Scouting the various links and imagining possible formations and line-ups is not my thing (nor it seems, Mr. Sousa’s…) but I’ve come to see that other people seem to enjoy it. I don’t quite understand how people can go through all those permutations without getting disappointed in the long run, but maybe it helps for the fantasy leagues and the video games…

    If we have any advantage (at all) over the bloated, silly money squads it would be that our team finished the season with nerve (if not style) to get needed results. With consistency in the managerial position and a decent early season schedule we are poised to (maybe) not be playing catch-up for a 3rd straight season. I don’t want to repeat myself, but it’s a blessing that we don’t have to take the Koscielny tap-ups too seriously and that we’re hearing better rumblings from the likes of Sagna and Vermaelen.

    OK,enough said. Finally, AFC (my friend) why do we need Rooney (current England #10) as our #10 when we already have Jack (future England #10) as our #10?….That’s a lot of #10s and with the one mentoring the other in smoking and lager guzzling and iffy prostitutes (not to mention the hair weaving….) with the national team (Brazil could be a field day for Rooney)…Well, enough is enough. Arsenal need to stand for something and this is where I’d like to draw the line. Sorry… 😀

    (You too, JB, of course, and if you are Garth to his Wayne, all I can say is “to each his own”…)

  • 17ht,

    let’s just say if we were to get the following players :




    i would be very happy, if we got Nani i be more happy…and we should be sorted, and i’ll be more than happy..

    note how Rooney isn’t up there, ha

    but on a side note, how’s this for intent….; )

    22 million for Higuain (record breaking signing)

    23 million for Fellaini (another record break signing)

    25 million for Rooney (getting ridiculous isn’t it) ok ok, i won’t say no more 🙂


    one thing what David O from the bbc has mentioned is that we’re looking at both a defensive MF and an attacking one, there is no mention of a CB….and that 17 year old croatian chap linked to us will be for our reserves i reckon not for the first team…it wouldn’t make sense to buy a 17 year old as a 4th choice CB when we have youngsters who can fill in…it would be a good signing for the reserves though as we have cleared out a lot of players from the academy.

  • Dont concern yourselves with transfers my dear boys. After the good news that we have secured Higuian and thus the 2013/14 title, i can now inform you all that a reputable artist has been commisoned to do 12 nude drawings of me, which he plans to then exhibit at the Tate.

    The good news my friends, is that with TA’s kind permisson, i plan to dsiplay the drawings on Bergkampesque for you all to enjoy, and in keeping with making it a special event, i will kindly ask TA to coincide it with the signiture of Fellani, therefore making it a special celebration.

    Fantastic times ahead.

  • that’s the spirit Terry,


    Mr.Dick is in Madrid as we speak courtesy .

  • Total.
    Stretch has his own accountants office and has a unique way of interviewing potential female employees . He does it naked !, apart from the ring donuts on his todger !, he only gets away with it by the fact that he uses the said instrument as an abacus !.
    VCC has been going on a book keeping course and took Stretches advise, trouble is the ring donuts fell off, so he`s using mint Polos instead !. hahaha

  • JB, the Higgy is making me Jiggy. I’m Gonzo for Gonzo, etc. Really, I’ve ALWAYS rated him but it’s like Santi, last year, I want to temper my excitement (opposite to your approach) at all times and I hope that he settles well, etc. It’s a lot of pressure to come into a team as the record signing, highest paid player, etc….

    Fellaini, I think, is overpriced at 23 million but really plugs the hole in our weakest area on the pitch. I find Rooney distasteful but I see that he has been a very good player for United. I truly wonder, given his body type and fitness ethic, if he will be able to contribute at the level he would need to in order to justify his (relatively low) transfer fee and his (relatively exorbitant) wages. I’d rather put my money on Jack staying healthy and continuing to develop.

    Finally, “intent” is great but getting the highest quality and best distribution of players (filling the weakest areas in the squad while still allowing our developing players to, you know, develop…) is the key. Higuain puts the onus on Giroud (and Theo and Poldolski, but to a lesser extent) to do better. Fellaini would push Arteta and Ramsey. We were weak in the further forward parts of our MF last year but Wenger (and many of us) see great potential in Wilshere and are loathe to give up (completely) on Diaby. Many also hope that Rosicky is artificially youthful given all the years missed to injury. I’d still like a reinforcement in this area but if we overspend on Fellaini then he might need to do “double duty” and push further forward (as HH suggests did at Everton) when we’re chasing a result. Finally, (and to get back to the topic of Marcus’ post…) Gervinho might do better if he gets off to a better start (no Joey Barton stuff, but maybe without the crazy flat-track bullying of So’ton, either…) and figures out his place in the new squad. If Higuain is leading the line (which naked Terry says is a done deal…) he may feel better about passing rather than his usual cul-du-sac explorations….If he goes, spending a bit bigger (on a replacement or somebody who could play around in TA’s #10 hole…) might be just the ticket.

    Overall, however, in our situation (where we have money but it WILL run out…) signings to merely show intent (ambition) are the kind that might bite you if they go tits (and/or belly) up…(But, in truth, I think 007 already knows this–Like Rooney himself might say…different strokes… 😉 )

  • RA, no hard feelings mate :D. I was unsure why you were getting so upset with us as we were just simply asking questions about why Arsenal had conducted transfer business in a certain way last summer and had suddenly changed that policy this summer.

    Hopefully we can continue to still be virtual blogging friends without you cyberbullying at me again in the future hahaha ;).

  • both good news and bad news for you , Glics

    Good news : Isco not signing for Man city – it appears

    Bad news : he’s staying in Spain and very likely to sign with RM (if he hasn’t already). those are from my sauces i tend to trust.

  • 17ht,

    that’s the rational approach to take and one that makes a lot of sense and i am with you on that one, however, in today’s footballing world, almost every thing is over priced….thanks to a few clubs who spoil it for the rest of us..

    saying that Fellaini is good value for money at 23 million as Everton got him in the region of 17 million (with add ons and bonuses)…

    i would love us to get Fellaini for 10 million , Higuain for 15, (which seems like their actual or true worth if we were in the Era before chelsea and man city became what they have)…but we have to accept the harsh reality and get on with it…(you also have to appreciate that the commercial revenues, ticket prices have also sky rocketed so there’s a case for both in favour and against).

    yes, JW is the eventual no.10 but as it stands, he’ll be used as a box to box both for England and Arsenal it seems…let’s just hope he keeps on delivering the goods because he’s one of those players, who doesn’t seem to be fussed about where he is asked to play, the lad just wants to play and rightfully so !

    Rooney signing is more along the lines of me “wishful thinking” than anything else really…the only way we can get him is , if our 2nd largest shareholder pays for him from his own pocket (which is not going to happen, ha).

  • That’s a lot better 007, I don’t think I could have coped if he had gone to anyone else in the EPL, especially at a bargain price of £21M !.

    Vicky babes !. I prefer my own technique of using my own award winning designed….C**tculator !. I “divide” the flaps….”add” my todger….”multiply” the thrusts and then “subtract” !……… of course would need brackets to hold yourself up and they must be done first as in the BODMAS technique !. hahaha

  • Interesting write-up. I hope that the left side of the attacking front line can be resolved this summer. A more pressing area is defensive midfield because Mikel Arteta is not a natural fit though he did a yeoman’s job last football term. This is assuming that the Argentinian striker is bought soon!

  • The Argentine is a good srtriker but he s the most flagged off side player in la liga last season.he has to work on that in arsenal.Nani ll be more than a good addition to the wing play of the team as Gerv has not been effective there.we need a better defensive mf to guard the back line.i dont tink felliani can do that though.

    Lets make Rooney,pippa,jovetic our prime targets.

  • Higuain.
    Cazorla. Walcott.



    Gibbs. Sagna.
    Sakho. Koscielny.



  • Another option could be Cristian Tello. Lightning quick, has an eye for goal plus (obviously) technically adept. Plus he has a buyout of 8.5Million. Don’t know about his crossing abilities as Barca aren’t the type..

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