Will Jack Andrew Wilshere (JAW) Escape the JAWS of Failure?

Super Jackie Wilshere!
Super Jackie Wilshere!


It’s very hard to find a single player in the current Arsenal line-up (and maybe you’d have to go a long way back in history as well) who could be named as Mr Arsenal, other than Jack Andrew Wilshere. He is a special kind of a player, someone who breathes for Arsenal, and who has had enough talent and determination to fulfil his dream; so he can breathe for Arsenal in an Arsenal shirt on the field, wearing the number on his back that is reserved only for special players.

There might be a lot of symbolic in the fact that when he was born – he has been a present for Arsenal from New Year 1992 – Arsenal were still reigning champions of England; or that on the day Wilshere was born, Paul Merson, an Arsenal player wearing “10” on his back, scored the only goal in a home draw against Wimbledon.

Wilshere’s technique, pace, endless energy, first touch, determination and ability to drill a hole in opponents’ defence, make him a player who is destined to go further than any other English player did.

I remember the first match in which I could see what kind of player Wilshere is. It was in 2008, when we were playing a friendly match against Real Madrid. 16-year-old Wilshere displayed a determination that is rarely seen at youngsters of his age – I made an instant comparison with Wayne Rooney – and I couldn’t wait to see him in the senior team. His performances in the senior team weren’t deprived of anything we’ve hoped he would deliver – he has been determined, energetic, fast and sometimes the only light in the tunnel of our collective performance.

However, there are possible traps that are waiting on Wilshere’s road to the heights that belong to him.

First of all, let’s start with English media. If there is anything that can destroy young English talent or at least slow them down, English newspapers are more dangerous than any WMD known to humanity.

I remember how they described Rooney after his first classy performances. He was dubbed “Roonaldo” (there is a certain irony in that he did reach the weights of Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima). Whether it was a jinx or karma, but Rooney – who has been an important part in all five Manchester United titles he has won – hasn’t been able to drag England out of mud in big competitions. Au contraire, he actually dragged England into it with a red card in World Cup 2006 against Portugal. Rooney’s turbulent personal life and issues he has had with Ferguson and Moyes already made people believe he is done, despite being only 27. Wilshere gave a man-of-the-match performance in friendly against Brazil, and it seems everyone expects from him to drag England to their second World Cup victory in history.

What Wilshere should learn: don’t read newspapers. Just play football and enjoy your life with your wonderful family when you’re not on the field. You are young, attractive, rich and famous so there will be a lot of temptations that will try to lure you away from the football and family. If you resist them, nothing should stop you on your way to the pantheon of football immortals. If you don’t, your fitness will suffer, your mental state will deteriorate and the consequences won’t stay within football boundaries.

That’s not all. Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard were considered as second best and third best player in the world not very long ago. The only question was: can they play together? However, the real question should have been: can they play on the same level for England without Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Michael Essien and Claude Makelele to do the dirty job for them?

Jack doesn’t hesitate to tackle nor to work for the team, but it might be that sometimes he won’t be able to repeat a form from Arsenal in England. He will not have either Arteta nor Ramsey in the English national team to assist him in the midfield. He won’t have Giroud to make a lay-off, like the one that preceded Wilshere’s strike against Swansea. He will have to give his best for England and be mentally prepared that sometimes, due to lack of quality in his team, that won’t be enough for success.

This could give him a thought or two about changing clubs. Don’t do that! The main difference between Steven Gerrard and Michael Owen is that, despite the fact the latter won the Premiership with United in 2011, he will always be considered as a traitor in Liverpool, and United fans hardly give a damn about him while the first one – despite the fact he’ll probably finish his career without winning the Premiership – will remain the true legend in the eyes of Liverpool fans.

Also, he should have all possible respect for his team-mates at the club. It was a brilliant thing when I saw him defending his team-mates against Stoke in February. It shows a Vieira-esque attitude that we have needed since 2005. I mean, all our captains – apart from Gallas who a was story of his own – were more: “Sir, would you please put my team-mate’s head out of the toilet? Thank you!” than: “If you touch my team-mate again, I will break your scull using nothing but Gervinho’s forehead. And don’t you dare laughing at Gervinho’s forehead, punk!”
A hunger for improvement is arguably the most important ingredient of every champion. Dražen Petrović, one of the best European basketball players, had his own shooting trainings. He wouldn’t leave the training room before firing 500 shots. He was also improving on his dribbling using chairs. Every day he was the first that arrived on training and the last to go out.

Now, I was very happy when I read that Wilshere is doing exactly the same thing – coming first to training and going home last. That is the spirit of the champion. He probably knows his statistics, when it comes to direct assists for goals and scored goals, should have been better. And his defensive game leaves a lot of room for improvement as we could see, for example, against Bayern at home. After he solves the problems with his ankle this summer, I expect a lot more goals and assists from Jack next season. He has it in himself!

Finally, I’m sure JAW knows all this and that this article is going to be a bit of preaching to the choir. I like Jack as a player and I want to see him succeed, as I believe anything else would be an insult to his enormous potential.

Happy New Year 1992, Gooners! 😉

Written by: Admir

95 thoughts on “Will Jack Andrew Wilshere (JAW) Escape the JAWS of Failure?

  • come on guys dnt lie to yourself anymore we all no it jack wilshere is a overrated media made player. wenger needs to sale him and get a real no.10 playmaker

  • Super stuff, Admir 🙂

    Love the link with his birth, and you have summarised his technical skills and personality traits really well. Injury has hampered him, and combined with his lack of goals as yet, quite a few fellow Gooners have been critical of him recently.

    But those who know their football can see instantly what a great talent Jack is and how far he is able to go. The one thing he has very little control over is luck with injuries; if he is in luck in the next few years, his talents and attitude are likely to lead him to the top. And like you, I cannot wait for it!

  • Admir,

    Excellent post my friend. Very insightful and full of my favourite thing Arsenal, Jack! The obstacles are very much present and I would like to add that injuries are yet another roadblock in his career and something he’ll need to overcome as well.

    The nostalgic links were informative and entertaining as well. The biggest ask we have of Jack is that he’ll stay true to Arsenal despite our struggles and dark times. His commitment to our club is exemplary and we certainly could use more players with spine and passion like Jack’s in our squad to combat the top clubs domestically and internationally.

    Without doubt, there’ll be some critics on here claiming that Jack is overrated and attempt to bash your article, but pay no attention to them :). It was not too long ago that those some people were likely singing praises about him when he took on Barca on his own as a 18/19 year old.

  • ok then abu diaby is a great player but injuries have bein a roadblock for him but i dnt see anyone sayin anything about him?maybe the fact is coz diaby ant english thats why?

  • Jim,

    Diaby is an outstanding player and if it weren’t for injuries he’d be a world-beater, without a doubt. The talent and potential is there for everyone to see, but again he’s 26 and not 21, so time is quickly running out for him unfortunately.

  • A JAW dropping post Admir !. 🙂

    My current favourite player !. I do however have a bad feeling that he is going to be another Diaby and may never fulfil his extraordinary potential, I pray I`m wrong as he could be one of Arsenal and England`s best ever !. Overrated my arse !.
    If I had the choice of having Goetze, Isco, Oscar etc or an Injury free Jack, I`d take Jack every time !. Please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep fit !.

  • Glic, are you just saying that you love Jack more than the aforementioned players to fit in? Or are you trying to deflect the shame you have brought upon yourself by tattooing Isco on your todger, only to now realize he isn’t coming to Arsenal? Hahaha 😉

  • Thank you, people, for kind comments. 🙂

    jim – I for one would never allow myself to be biased to any footballing nation or any sort of prejudice based on nationality. Abou Diaby’s career has been ridden with injuries (36 in Arsenal shirt) while Jack had one huge injury set-back but he came even stronger.

    TA – I agree. If injuries let him go (this summer might be crucial as he has that ankle surgery on schedule, if I’m right), he’ll be great.

    HH – thank you, mate. 🙂 I agree – if we had 11 Jack Wilsheres, we would probably do to the rest of Premiership what Glic does to his women at Lesbania.

    Glic – thanks, mate. I’m sorry for those news about Isco. I suggest tattooing “JAW” instead of “Isco” at your dearest part, it would work on so many levels. 😉

  • It`s OK HH, I got Redders to do a laser tattoo removal job, using the same laser in which he was going to remove ” Mr Bonds ” cock with in the Goldfinger vid I posted yesterday !. hahaha
    I`ll take Admirs advise and replace it with JAW, I was thinking of JAWS, but I wouldn`t be able to go swimming naked in the sea without people screaming ! . hahaha

  • Glic, I remember you saying that you chiselled it in yourself, so I fail to see how laser tattoo removal would have helped you out at all hahaha!

  • Jack the man is talented and dedicated. His love for Arsenal is invaluable and he should remain at the club together with Gibbo, Walcott, the Ox, Jenkinson, Ramsey, Frimpong, and Scezy to form a team which can dominate the league and Europe for seasons. My observation has been that Jack sometimes wants to run with the ball instead of passing and then lose the ball without any productive outcome. Apart from his season with Cesc and Alex the team tends to do better without him. I can’t point any reason apart maybe from lack of understanding with players like Arteta or Santi whom he hasn’t played with for long periods. I have also noted that players who tend to hold on to the ball are more successful as wide players of which Jack managed to do on loan at Bolton. If he can dribble less and pass more he will achieve more. Goals come with confidense I hope he and Aaron will score more soon (15 to 20 per season will like Lampard) will see the team rely less on strikers. A midfield of Aaron, Jack and Fellaini/ Frimpong is one to behold for the future. Signs point to future captaincy although he has got tough competition from Theo, Gibbs, Aaron, Scezy, and Jenkinson depending on who becomes more established in the team. I love Jack for his passion the other aspects of his game can always improve. Team for the future:
    1 Scezy
    2 Jenkinson
    3 Gibbs
    4 Vermaelen
    5 Koscielny
    6 Fellaini/ Frimpong
    7 Walcott
    8 Ramsey
    9 Higuain
    10 Wilshire
    11 Chamberlain

  • this country is all about jack wilshere. hes overrated thats why no big club has comein for him. look at all the other players fabregas nasri vp henry even song all the big clubs got them but no one wants a little overrated boy.

  • Jim,

    It is very sad and telling that you need to value the quality of a player through how many clubs want him.

    You remind me of an old friend, who every time dumped his new girlfriend as soon as one of us pointed out ‘a lesser quality’.

  • Its not the tattoo i worry about, its watching Glic publicly putting his ball bag near Wengers mouth for missing out on him.
    As for Jack, he is awesome, Arsenal have been so damaged by injuries for about 4 seasons that now we always fear the worst. I think he will be fine infact better then fine . He has had a whole summer to relax, not thrown into the under 21’s squad he should play a couple of friendlies before the start of the season. Then that will hopefully be the end of his injuries. Super Jack Whilshere number 10
    The goals will come for both him and Rambo in good time, just like Theo.

  • Nice comment Simba 🙂

    There are times when we need a player to burst forward with the ball from midfield in order to get things going. Jack does that better than anybody else in the team, except for Rosicky who is also good at this.

    As soon as Jack makes these runs the whole team starts moving and things are about to happen. That is what he brings more than anything else from a technical point of view. The fact that he keeps the overview and can produce the killer pass whilst everything is moving in front of him, is another super quality.

    That is what he brings, and the best games of football we played this season, is when Jack was in the hole.

    Love your line-up and that could be close to the future first-11. 🙂

  • Jim,

    Pretty sure Bayern Munich want Jack and Barca’s players have spoken very highly of Jack too. Not sure where your sources are coming from, but many clubs are interested in him – the difference is that he’s just not available, at any price.

  • Lovely post Admir, Wilshere is Arsenal and Englands future.

    The guy is different class and will prove it

    Hello Hello we are the Arsenal boys, and if your a Tottenham fan surrender or you die, we all follow the Arsenal

    She wore, she wore, she wore a yellow ribbon, wemberely wemberley, were the famous Arsenal and were going to wemberley.

    The wanky Tootenham Hotspur went to Rome to see the pope, the wanky toteneham hotspur went to Rome to see the pope and this is what he said,,,,,,,, Whos that team they cal the Arsenal, whos that team they all adore, there the boys in red and white, and they fight with all there might, and Arsenal are the greatest of them alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

  • Admir-al.. nice post..
    I love Willshere.. I hope this season he can improve better and regularry fill the Rosicky rule.. And tandem with Cazorla as a duo AM will be extraordinary.. hahaha…

    Have anyone saw the U-20 lastnight..?? Sanogo and Kondogbia look very promising.. and Deulofeu and Rodrigues of Spain..
    All of them were linked with us.. and I will be delight if all of them become our youngster.. hahaha..

  • I aint going to be surprised If Wilshire wants to leave if the gunners continue to be unable to challenge for honours. Getting Higuain with/without Rooney won’t matter. The gunners need to improve the defence starting from goal to defensive md.
    It’s all very well scoring goals. Football is also negating the other team’s ability to score. Wenger is against anti soccer. Well if Arsenal can score but cannot stop the opposition scoring more goals,you lose.

  • Terry.. don’t take them (Jim n MG) seriously.. and don’t too hard with yourself.. they can add this blog more colourfull with their silly comment.. don’t they..?? Hahaha..

    Guys.. this Deulofeu.. will be the next Messi.. 5 years ahead.. hehehe

  • Malaysian Gunner,

    Why does improving the defence have to come at the expense of improving the offense? Who said it had to be one or the other?

    If an experienced back-up GK is signed, a dedicated DM and Higuain, I reckon we’ll be a force to be reckoned with next season. We’re already more talented than 3/4 of the teams in the EPL and clubs know this and form defensive strategies to keep us out. The more goals we bring in to complement what we have, only means more unpredictability and versatility in our squad that we didn’t have before.

    Anti-soccer is bred from too much emphasis on only signing defensive players. Instead, AW will look to bring in some reinforcements on the defensive end, while also greatly improving our attack to allow us to play proper Wengerball again. A ST like Higuain gives us a true focal point on offense, who is clinical, consistent, skilled, team oriented and ambidextrous.

  • Hahaha Terry, I think in your hatred, you accidentally read MG’s comment too quickly and misinterpreted it. He said Wenger is against anti-football mate!

  • That Maylasian guy always comes on here to criticise wenger and Arsenal, yet knows fuck all about the club, its traditions or vaules. If he was to go games and come out with the shit he does on match days he would be pummuled, simple as that.

  • Is anyone else getting anxious about the Higuain signing? I just want it to be confirmed by a reputable source and for the transfer to be completed and formally announced so we can move on and improve other areas of our squad and spring some optimism.

    £22 million and £130,000/week sound excellent to me, especially when you consider Higuain’s age, proven track record and the fact that he’s already playing/established at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Even former Spuds/Manure player, Terry Gibson, is praising Arsenal for getting Higuain!

  • Hahaha understood Terry, I will leave the enforcing duties in your capable hands ;).

  • Harmoniuous, according to my source (hahaha) the Higuain deal is done and dusted and Madrid have agrred the fee. Announcement will be withheld until some ninor contactual issues are sorted,

    And yes, i do let my hatred get the better of me,but these psudoe arsenal fans and totnumb wankers get on my nerves.

    Henry, hows the family going mate? hope Oona the Gooner is not giving you to many sleepless nights. hahaha

  • Thank Terry.. my family doing well.. Yoona the goona always give a fresh air to the whole family.. even when she cry.. hahaha..
    She is already two months young now.. but yes.. still sometime get me wake from my pretty sleep.. hehehe..

    Great new about Higuan.. and let’s guess who will come next.. haha..

  • Henry, I did not see the U-20’s last night, but glad to hear Sanogo looked good. Deuloufeu is very talented, but let’s wait and see if he can ever get to Messi’s level :).

    Nice to hear that Yoona the goona is doing well, as is your family!

  • HH.. Deuloudeu is fabulous.. two goals and one assist.. to bring Spain 4-1 victory agains USA.. He can play all the strikers rule.. RW..LW.. CF.. and AM also.. very brilliant.. We must bring him for sure..

    Sanogo also verygood CF.. he score one to bring France lead 3-1 agains Ghana..
    big and tall.. and black also.. hehehe (just kiding..)
    Very strong CF.. just like Baloteli.. hope he find his way to be the next Baloteli..

  • Hi Chuckles. Glad to see Yoona the Goona is doing fine. She is becoming famous here on BK. I hope you have got her an Arsenal pyjama set.

  • VCC.. hehehe.. thanks bro..
    Can’t find that yet.. I must try harder.. hehehe..
    And I love your gravatar.. very naughty.. hahahhaha..

  • Morning guys 🙂

    Terry, my friend, I had to take a comment out and edit the last line away from your beautiful cyber singing comment as well.

    Negativity is part of life: with the revealing bikinis come the wasps, with the warm evenings come the smelly drains, and with the new signings come the never-happy fans. Please don’t let them get to you! 🙂

    As long as bloggers don’t insult, are constructive, and don’t go on and on about it, they are able to express themselves on BK.

  • Morning Totes…….I’m starting to get a wee spring in my step with the anticipation of signing one of the top strikers in the world (imo).

    Makes me feel like getting a season ticket (wish I was rich like Richie, btw where is he?) I wonder if he is lost in that triangle?

    If that is the only signing, I will be more than happy, any more will be a bonus.

    I know guys are banging on about Fellaini, but I’m not convinced ????? but then I can’t see any other DM that excites me.

  • Morning TA

    I fully understand and apologise for any offence caused. A bottle of ouzo, another crap ready made meal, and lonely night in the Loft must have sent me the over the edge.hahahahaha

  • Can you also remove my 2.17 please TA, its not very nice, and ime to much of a cissy to say such things.

  • Terrance dear boy. I’ve told you about those micro meals in Asda the Extra special ones. They do a smashing Lamb shank one (microwavable). Add some mash and peas and your cooking with gas bruvver.

  • VCC, I just like to see it confirmed and then I will eat some humble pie, as I really did not think we would invest in a CF this summer.

    Fellaini is a yes for me, but I can see why some do not see him as the beast of a DM we were hoping for.

    Is all ok with your family?

  • Terry…Oh Ouzo. That takes me back a few years. Many a happy day/evening in and around the bars of Kasiopi/Sidari/Hersonnisos/Santarini/.

    Kali Maira,

  • Thanks Totes we are all fine, except for me. 😦

    I’m unloved, overworked and skint. I want the season to start to bring a little sunshine in my life. Also want to show my tattoo of Gonzo off 🙂

  • Chees Terry – having a night like that would make the most mild mannered Gooner a beast of a DM! 🙂

    Sorry to hear that, VCC, but except for the skint bit, I don’t believe you!

    Keep it up buddy 🙂

  • Thanks Vics, definately going to follow your advice, i can barely look at those micro wave meals now, never mind eat them.hahaha

    I must be 95% there to becoming the saddest git on the planet and need to sort myself out. All thats missing is a dirty old mac and bum fluff moustache. haha

    last night i was staring out of the loft window watching passres by enjoy themselves. At one point i got realy frustrated and shouted “ime up here you bastards”, but people just looked nervously around and walked off. hahaha

    it wasnt all bad though. About quarter to one in the morning i saw this young couple kopping off directly below me. I stayed realy silent and watched them for about five miniutes, sharing there excitment, but they stopped and started walking off. I shouted “come back you bastards” but that just made them walk faster. hahahaha

  • Καλημέρα σε ένα από τα ωραιότερα οπαδούς της Arsenal ξέρω … TMHT.

  • Terrance, maybe you can borrow GLiC’s mac and moustache. Wash it before you put it on though, 😀

    I’m serious about those “Extra special” meals in Asda, they are really nice.

  • nice one Vics. hahaha

    TA, what do you mean confirmed?, i confirmed it yesterday. hahaha

  • Vics, Cornwalls already said that when he jogs he does it wearing only black leather shoes, socks, and mac. People give him a wide berth, in fact when they see him, they run faster than he does.

    He waits to he spots a nice bird then the jog becomes a sprint and the poor girl gets the full exposure of Cornwalls flailing mac. hahahaha

  • Terry, not a pretty sight, him running around Launcestern like that. Can only be a Saturday or Sunday, cos they don’t let him out during the week, far too many people around. He’s the only person I know who doesnt need a mask at Halloween.

    I would give GLiC a wider berth than the one the Queen Mary uses at Southampton.

  • VCC.. sorry for my late reply..
    Thanks bro.. I appreciate your kindness..

  • Morning Rug Munchers 😆

    It`s OK HH, I had a skin graft on the todger, VCC was kind enough to donate some skin from his tounge !, I know have the added benefit of my todger licking it`s self off !. hahaha

    I rarely see anyone when running gays….guys, all I see usually is some nervous sheep !. This is true, one of my most embarrassing moments came when I was running around Dagenham, I was running down Oxlow lane and on the other side of the road was a few attractive ladeez, so I speeded up a bit to impress and gave them the Glic look and waved, I then came to a shuddering halt…..some council bastards had put some concrete bollards on the pavement in front of the Zebra crossing to stop kids running straight on to the road !….the bollards hit me in the bollocks and I crumpled to the floor with the sound of laughter coming from across the road, I then struggled to my feet and did some kind of ministry of silly walks run to quickly get away !. The embarrassment was worst than the pain !.

  • Henry, No worries…….your one of a band of brothers………The Gooners. 😉

  • nice one, Admir

    to those people who say JW isn’t that all and what he hasn’t won England the world cup e.t.c

    remind me what has Messi won Argentina ?

    football is a team sport and no one man can win you the world cup, they can bring you close to it ala Roberto Baggio in 1994 but they can’t do it all on their own otherwise the Messi’s of this world would have done it already along the likes of Ronaldo (although in Ronaldo’s case he bloody hell tries it alright unlike Messi who doesn’t deliver the goods as well as he does for Barca, maybe Messi is Messi because of the likes of Iniesta , xavi , e.t.c ).


    i’m not sure why the figure of 130 k to 150 k pw has been quoted by various sources, it’s 100 k p/w figure (which is even sweeter), he was at around 65 to 70 k p/w at Madrid i was told (could be wrong) but for now i’m gonna go with 20 million rising to 22 million with bonuses and 100 K P/W in wages for Higuain 😀

    100 k p/w – Higuain

    80-85 k /w – Fellaini

    would still leave us another 165 k to 215 k on wages we can spend (this is based on Glic informing me we have 350 k to 400 k from the deadwood wages clear out 😀

  • oh dear, get Cesar already

    his (sczny’s) taste in women is worse than his dressing and we have him as our no.1 goalie (we’re all doomed) 🙂

    TA didn’t approve De Gea’s personality, to hell with personality i says, i approve his Mrs ,hahahah (Glic, you’re a bad influence 😉

  • Jack is by far my favorite Arsenal player. He has the passion and drive that I wish every Arsenal player had. Look up Jack’s celebration after his goal against Montpellier. Just the pure excitement and passion to finally deliver directly for the team was amazing to see. He was thrilled to have finally helped his team win a game directly and I loved it. I think he will go on to be a legend for us and England. But the fact is he probably won’t win England the WC, Euros, or any other major international competition simply because England is not good enough, not because Jack is not good enough.

  • Dylan,


    however , if Arsenal win silverware next season then that is only good news for England because we have a decent amount of English players at arsenal , if we get Rooney it get’s even sweeter but for now it’s not bad either.

    it’s all about belief and confidence in t he end, we win 1 trophy and then the champions mentality is there to do ever so well in the rest of the competitions.

  • Great post Admir. I love Jack. I see his talent, as do many others, that is why he gets hyped sometimes. I am just afraid that Arsenes lack of rotation is killing him. We remember he was overplayed leading to the original injury. I remember this season as the following. – Jack finally returns, worked into the lineup at the beginning, then, because Rosicky and Diaby were out, there was a long stretch, i think around the holidays, whete Jack was playing so many matches that it bothered me, and I
    said it here. Then, more injury issues.
    for the forseeable future, he needs to be rotated and rested no
    matter who is available, no exceptions, Coquelin, a promoted youth. I dont care who it is. We saw flashes of the talent this season, lets not ruin his career by shortsightedness.

  • For JB from the previous post.

    JB, we are just being linked with Kurt Zouma and we might not get him, but let’s suppose we do get Zouma (who is French and can also play RB) or another CB around the same age. The signing would be very good for the reserve team as you have said and but think what this could mean for our first team defence. This would now mean we are not solely relying on Miquel who might be good enough. Wenger would be able to look at both players in pre-season and see which one could come into the first team or if both can. This gives Wenger many options. He could promote one to the first team and send the other one out on loan or he could keep them both with the first team using them in cup matches allowing them to develop their own development as well as a partnership which could well be our future CB pairing. This would also relieve some pressure on Verm, Mert and Kos.

  • 17ht, Rooney and Wilshere are very different players. Rooney is the no.10 we really need. He is a SS who can play ST/AM and even deeper if required. Wilshere for me is really a box to box midfielder who might make it as a AM. Very different players.

    If Wenger wants Wilshere to play behind the ST he will not be ready for 3-4 years. It would be wise to invest in a no.10 until Jack is ready who Jack could also learn from.

  • Admir, fine post. 🙂

    Jack will end up a one club player like Giggs and Scholes. He is a fan favourite. He will be the player who other young English players will look up to and will be the heartbeat of Arsenal. He will become part of the furniture and is likely to retire at Arsenal.

    I do not even watch England anymore. I just cannot be bothered. We have a shit manager, shit overrated players (none of which are Arsenal players, which is good news for us), shit tactics and formation choices which makes England shit. Jack is very passionate about England so I hope he does well at international level.

  • good points, AFC

    agreed competition is good and healthy even for the reserves and can only improve our squad as a whole, let’s get this promising youngster then !

  • JB, even if we get the other 17 year youngster it would be good. We have released a lot of average youth players and need to replace them. Do you know if we already have a LB in the youth team of Miquel’s quality?

  • AFC
    I will always be an Arsenal fan before an England fan and I personally couldn`t give a toss whether any Arsenal player never played for England again , especially as both Theo and Jack have picked up injuries playing or being with England which has made them miss too many Arsenal games, which to me are more important !.

    I`ve been here today for a cream tea :

    It was washed away in the floods below and was rebuilt, it`s a miracle no one died !

    I had my cream tea the Cornish way, that’s jam on scone first with the clotted cream on top of the jam !. The Devon way is, clotted cream on scone first with the jam on top of the clotted cream !.
    It`s comparable to how differently me and VCC have sex !…..I start jamming it in and then cream later, whereas VCC starts to cream before he even gets to start jamming it in !. hahaha

  • Miquel’s isn’t really a LB, he was asked to play out of position by Wenger in that game he got injured ….

    Meade was our LB and he’s been released which means we’re on the look out for one,..we only have one LB by the name of samir something something (pardon my ignorance but i don’t know much about him), i always thought we were going to keep hold of Meade.

  • 007. I see your link is good and bad rumours !. #1 good about Higgy….#3 bad, £25M for Isco !. It will be no surprise that I would prefer those rumours to be the other way around !. Or get both, we can afford it !.

  • JB, we should bring in a LB and then try to play the same defence again and again in reserve matches and the odd cup match.

    RB- Bellerin
    CB- Miquel
    CB- New arrival
    LB- New arrival

    Keep the same four defenders together and make them grow together. If it works out that is one out of the two defence lines sorted for the future.

  • Glic, club before country for me. Always the Cornish way for me as well. 😀

  • Glad to hear that AFC 😀
    I don’t want that VCC teaching you bad habits the Devon way !, although he is from Essex and Is more comfortable with TOWIZ ! ( The Only Way Is Zimmersex ) hahaha

  • Listening to talkSPORT on the way back and if anyone`s interested, there will be a ” My sporting life ” programme on tonight with Tony Hadley ( Spandau Ballet, they`re all Gooners ! ) @ 10pm, so it will probably be all about Arsenal !.

  • Don’t be silly Totes…a post by me wouldn`t be suitable for newsnow . BK would be banned for life !. hahaha

  • hahaha Totes, I`m not falling for your trap to make me look an idiot ( you bastardildos can keep your remarks to yourselves on that one ! hahaha ). It`s probably fair to say, I comment a bit different to most and with all the brilliant authors above :Yourself, 17ht, AFC, Admir, HH, jgc, JM, Marcus, Nik, Oz ( where the f**k are you Oz baby ? and PPP ), Pope, Redders, Richie ( are you lost in the England Triangle…..the M25 ! ) and Umair, I think you`ve got the serious stuff covered !. Nice try with the flattery though and for that I have lifted your ban on revisiting Lesbania !. hahaha

  • AFC,

    your comment makes a lot of sense and yes, we should do as you have suggested 😀

  • Glic, would he not want first team football or regular football. How would we offer that with Santi, Podolski, Ox, Walcott, Gervinho, Rosicky etc.

  • JB, Samir Bihmoutine was released by the club about a month or two ago. We have a very promising 16 or 17 year old left-back by the name of Brandon Ormonde-Ottewil, who MIGHT be promoted to the first team near the end of this coming season, if he continues his development. He looks like a very good prospect, who we should see more of in the European youth tournaments.

    For those who might not know, we are NOT going to be participating in the Next Gen Series this coming season. UEFA have classily decided to create a competition exactly like that of the Next Gen Series, so most of the big clubs will be participating in the UEFA organized tournament, while the Next Gen will get the secondary clubs, even though the whole idea of a European youth tournament was founded by the board of the Next Gen Series. Gotta love UEFA…NOT

  • thanks for that Milo,

    yeah, what a bunch of jokers really, always count on UEFA to ruin a good thing.

  • AFC. HH would probably know Tello better and that’s why I put the ? at the end, so you could be right !. I blame HH for introducing me in the first place to the exquisite skills of Isco !. That HH has a lot to answer too, if it wasn`t for him, my todger would still be in a perfect unchiseled tattooless condition !. hahaha

  • nah, Tello doesn’t do it for me when we have the likes of OX and Gnabry.

    i much rather have Nani for 8 mills than Tello.

  • New Post – New Post 🙂

    Marcus, who has been prolific this week, has done it again: a very fine, up-beat post about the benefit of letting Van Judas go last season (for lots of money). Enjoy! 🙂

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