All ingredients for success are here, just a certain Dutchman is missing

Arsenal's 'Russian Dolls of Evolution'
Arsenal’s ‘Russian Dolls of Evolution’

The 25th of June 1988 – exactly 25 years ago – was a very special day for Dutch football. On that day, Holland won the European Championship in Germany by beating Russia by two goals to nil. Gullit had scored a goal worthy of a final, but the one that Van Basten scored was simply sublime, or I should say, other-worldly/ from a different planet. One that will be remembered forever, and not just in Holland.

I remember that day really well. Living in a medium sized town along the German border, we had already celebrated our semi-final victory over Germany, by driving our cars, bikes, motorbikes, scooters, etc along the local German border road. It was a brilliant sight: for a few kilometres, there was nothing but one thick, slow moving line of beeping, shouting, singing, Oranje supporters – all trying their hardest to let the Germans know that we had beaten them.

Many of us did not care that much about the final at that moment in time: overcoming the Germans on their own soil was far more important than winning the Euros back then. But on the day of the final, every Dutchman who cared at least a little bit about football was desperate to win, so we could finally lift a trophy.

After the (almost) golden years of the seventies, in which Holland reached the final of the World Cup twice in succession, the Dutch entered a seemingly eternal period of darkness, when they did not qualify for the 1982 and 1986 World Cup Finals.

But Holland stuck to its philosophy of how the game should be played, and finally it paid off. The master of Total Football, Rinus Michels, had a second stint at the national manager job, and Holland were lucky that a number of world class talents, such as Koeman, Van Breukelen, Rijkaard, Van Basten and Gullit all came to the fore around the same time. The rest is history.

Although Arsenal did not suffer a dark period as bad as the Dutch National Team did in the early to mid-eighties, it is fair to say that we have been going through challenging times since the completion of the new stadium.

But just like the Dutch, Arsenal stuck to their long-term philosophy of how to play football (and how to run the club properly), and there are strong signs now that Arsenal will enter a new period of success. Even Johan Cruijff has been singing the praises about how Arsenal football club is being managed, and that is saying something. Somebody ones said that Dutch society revolves around three ‘JCs’: Jesus Christ, John Calvin and Johan Cruijff, and there is more than a bit of truth in this! 😛

But, as 17 Highbury Terrace often likes to put it: all planets need to line up favourably for Arsenal in order to win silverware again; and in my view, this is starting to be the case now.

Gazidis believes Wenger will sign a new contract and the club is entering a number of new and improved commercial deals. There is a good group of players who have learned to work for each other and grind out results when needed, and who also have learned to spread responsibility throughout the team. There is a good mixture of early twenties promising talents and a group of quality, experienced, and hungry for success, mid to late twenties players. The club does no longer have to let players go to balance the books and has now enough funds to attract quality players, year on year. Early signs with regards to the club adding a few quality players to the team are more than promising.

So, almost all ingredients are here to make the next step to winning silverware in style again, and hopefully consistently so. But for me, things are not complete until Bergkamp returns to his real Home of Football. Dennis would be the perfect bridge between Arsene’s vision and the on-field execution of it. He would be the super-mentor who would enable the likes of Cazorla, Wilshere, Ox etc to get the very best out of themselves. Together with Bould, he would also be the best long term guarantee that Wenger’s vision and work will be carried on once he decides to leave.

The Iceman’s return might not happen this season, but  it will happen rather sooner than later, of that I have no doubt. And I know I am not the only one who cannot wait till the day he does.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

The best of the Iceman in eight minutes:

71 thoughts on “All ingredients for success are here, just a certain Dutchman is missing

  • Not much I can say about this other than I agree! 😉 Bergkamp would be a fantastic addition to our coaching unit and if hired would seem a much better replacement for Wenger long term than Bould.

  • I would argue that Bergkamp’s winner against Argentina was a better goal than Van Basten’s. It is hard to find a quality video of the goal but basically a long ball by one of the twins floated to the right of the box and in stride Bergkamp volleys it in from a sharp angle. An impossible winner but not for DB10

  • Wow! What a fantastic thought that someone of Bergkamp’s skill could share some of what he has to the young players and also to the first team.

    Nobody in our club’s history could set the bar higher than Dennis, and I can really see players like Jack benefitting from his experience.

  • Small piece of trivia……he was named Denis and not Dennis, because some stupid law in Netherlands does not allow someone being named Dennis 😛

  • TA

    One would be excited by this, very excited, almost to Glic-like BOINGness (should that be a word!)

    I would consider that like signing a to SQ/WC player in impact…

    So, any chance of it? Realistically?

    cheers — jgc

  • It’s about time his statue was erected outside the Emirates. A true legend of Arsenal. Its a true saying ……”you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone”. A saying that can be pointed at God and Arsene Wenger.

    He had the wow factor. So much so, that when he turned on the style you just thought , oh well that’s to be expected……It’s Denis Bergkamp, after all.

    I completely agree with you Total, that Mr.Wenger should get him on board ASAP.

    Just imagine our youngsters being taught by God. Now that IS the wow factor.

  • Morning guys 🙂

    The 25th June is special for me as our daughter was born on that day and Holland won the Euros on the same calender day. As it is now 25 years ago (where does time go??), I thought it would be a good topic to write something about. Whilst writing it and linking it back to Arsenal, I somehow felt that something is still missing at our beloved club.

    A few good signings this summer followed by the return of Dennis at some point in the next twelve months or so, would just be fabulous.

  • Hi Dylan

    If I had to chose between them, it would be Dennis indeed, but I somehow feel they would manage very well in tandem, and it would allow the Dutchman to stay behind when flying is necessary… 🙂

  • Good Morning, TA, 🙂

    Well we are back in sync, I loved the Post, as usual, and I could not agree more with you.

    There has been a lot of rumours about Dennis (and I am sure that is his correct name – see above) coming to Arsenal in a training/ambassador role, but nothing has come of it, so far.

    Fingers crossed it will happen one day.

  • Great article TA. This blog is fast becoming far superior to the other ones out there that usually regurgitate news from tabloids (sometimes even word for word) or offer half baked analyses that more often than not have no solid basis. We have some fantastic writers on here.

    Good news on the Higuain front by the way. Goal have reported that Juventus though having agreed terms with Higuain like we have, are preparing to send a delegation to Manchester to open talks for Tevez. This would mean that they’ve bowed out of the race for Higuain and if this report is true then it should be a matter of days before Higuain heads to London for his medical..

  • Fully agreed davyx2 🙂

    We could really do with that added inspiration and professionalism Dennis would instantly bring to the club/squad.

  • That is the WOW factor, VCC. 🙂

    Cheers Redders 🙂

    Let’s wait and see what happens after his statue has been revealed this summer.

  • Cheers Marcus, and thank you as well for your fantastic posts for BK.

    Let’s hope the Higu thing is formalised soon to settle our nerves! 🙂

  • For those who have never seen the Van Basten goal, or want to see it again:

    For those who want to see again the DB goal against Argentina:

    ‘I don’t think you ever play the perfect game…..for one minute, yeah…’

  • Ancelloti officially named as new Madrid boss. We could be getting news of Higuain’s arrival sooner than I thought. Possibly even by tomorrow.

  • TA, fine post and would love to have DB10 back at Arsenal. He will be a person who all young Arsenal players can look up to and will be the perfect person to take over as manager when Wenger eventually leaves.

    Agreed re- Arteta.

  • Woo! Ancelotti is official! 😀 If things I heard last night are correct Isco should be announced before the end of the day and Higuain before the end of tomorrow! 😀

  • AFC,
    I did. Yesterday. It’s true that Higuain agreed terms with both teams. However earlier in the window they offered Madrid a fee well below the 20 million pound mark (some say 16 million others 18 million) which was swiftly rejected. They offered the same to Fiorentina for Jovetic but Fiorentina said that they want between 23-25 million for him. Then Juve’s president said that the club simply could not afford that. This simply means that the only person who could fuck this up for us is Arsene Wenger. That was as per yesterday.

    Today, Goal has reported that Juventus are preparing to send a delegation to Manchester to begin talks for Tevez. see it here—->

    This means that (if the reports are accurate of course) they have seemingly given up on higuain. In fact numerous journalists such as laurens julien ( ) are already reporting that we already agreed a fee with madrid and with the official announcement of Ancelloti as the New Madrid boss, we should complete his signing probably even as early as tomorrow.

    All I can say is until we announce his signing, I will not celebrate but I am very confident that by the end of the week we should have a new Argentine striker.

  • G’morning fellas….Raining here in the mountains, where it never rains (at least in the summer and in the mornings)…Very strange. Happy birthday to your daughter TA (and you, celebrating the anniversary of that great day)…

    Nobody’s mentioned DB’s fear of flying, so I will….How does that affect the chances of him coming back to Arsenal as a coach/manager?

    Over the weekend I saw a little of Henry playing with the New York Red Bulls. He looked big (out of shape) but it might have been the shirts…After watching Spain, the quality of the US game wasn’t quite enough to keep my interest, plus I had to clean the house…

    For the moment, I think, we’re all on tenterhooks waiting for some sort of official announcement. Terry saying that Higuain is coming is almost (italics) enough for me, but not quite. I just can’t bring myself to really consider players in the squad if then they might not be… That’s just me, of course… I’d like to get this “terror window” open (and shut) and we really should be enjoying our summers without chewing our nails down to the quick. Maybe it’s the rain, but it feels very much like we should have a match this morning, not just a bunch of paper talk about transfers…

    So, not much to say this morning, but at least I’ve used up some space doing so… 😀

  • Marcus, thanks for that and hope Higuain does come before the end of the week. 🙂

  • Marcus, sorry for making you answer the same question twice. I must be losing my memory like Glic. 😀

  • 17,

    Be careful of that mountain rain – you’ll go rusty.

    Like everyone else, I am interested in transfer rumours, of course. But to me they are like a lot of naughty schoolboys daringly saying rude words like, arseshitfartfuckfanny (UK versions) and it all meaning sod all.

    What I would like to know is, how do we accommodate all these potential new players?

    Just to jog people’s memories, the squad can comprise 25 players of whom 8 must be ‘Home Grown’.

    Without too much thought, the following players are on our books and play in the squad.

    Szczeney, Fabianski, Mannone
    Jenkinson, Sagna, Mertesecker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Nacho, Gibbs,
    Ramsey, Diaby, Oxo, Coquelin, Wilshere, Arteta, Rosicky, Walcott, Cazorla, Gervinho,
    Giroud, Podolski,

    In addition there are a host of others out on loan or Under 21 y.o., Like Campbell, Afobe, Myaichi, Djourou, Santos and others like Miguel, Wellington Garrido etc as well as all the kids eager to break into the squad.

    If we buy a new Keeper, a Centre Back, A Holding Midfielder, and a Striker, (in addition to Sanogo) there must be a strong chance that some of the regulars must be let go, as otherwise there will be no possibility of giving them all some match time, and will cause upset in the ranks.

    But listening to AW he does not seem to want anyone to go except Djourou, Santos and possibly Mannone.

    A quart into a pint pot springs to mind.

  • RA, unfortunately the rust thing started quite a while ago for me…

    The 25 man squad stuff is probably a better bet than FFP for our (shorter term) ability to compete with the silly money squads. With fewer “home-grown” players they have to move their (failed or unwanted) players on–or into their “shadow” teams…

    The guys you’ve listed add up to (only) 22 names so there’s “plenty” of room…

    One of these days I (or somebody with more energy than I’ve got…) needs to break all this down a bit more seriously. What qualifies a guy as home-grown? Also, isn’t it possible to have an unlimited number of “youth” players in the squad? I can’t quite remember, and like I say, the energy fails me…

    Finally, where’s HH? His silence makes me think that an announcement is imminent, along with a torrent of thoughts on our new options up front. He never was the biggest fan of OG….

    Maybe a 2nd coffee is the answer….

  • Szez, New GK, Sagna, Jenk, Verm, Mert, Kos, Monreal, Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey, Diaby, Arteta, Rosick, Cazorla, Pod, Walcott, Giroud, Gervinho, Ox, Higuain, New DF, New MF, Coq and maybe one promotion.

    RA, do you know how City will follow the home grown rule? They must be looking to get rid of Milner, Lescott etc.

  • AFC, and 17,

    Both of you are very naughty, trying to lure me into more explanations about bloody rules and regulations! Look what happened to HH last time! 🙂

    Anyway, The Home Grown Player Rules:

    The Premier League have introduced the HGP rules restricting the numbers of players permitted in a first team squad and setting a maximum number of foreign players who can be included in the squad. More about the numbers game later!

    What’s it all about then, you may ask?

    Well, O.K. let’s have a look at the background and see how we arrived at these new rules.
    The FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, several years ago, tried to introduce worldwide rules to help protect and develop each nation’s young football talent. His Committee had the very understandable desire to protect youngsters from Africa and South America, in particular, who were being lured by European clubs and then dumped far from home when they weren’t good enough to make the ‘cut’.

    He and UEFA President, Michel Platini, tried to force clubs into accepting a 6 + 5 Team rule. This required each team to have 6 “home grown players” and only 5 foreign players in it. Under European Union employment protection rules, this proposal was not acceptable and was thrown out.

    So how do the Home Grown/Foreign player numbers stack up?

    O.K., each Premier League club can have a maximum of 25 players over the age of 21 in their first team squad.

    There will be a permitted maximum of 17 foreign players over the age of 21.

    Therefore clubs must have 8 home grown players in their squads.

    In addition, each club can have an unlimited number of players, of any nationality, who are under the age of 21.

    So there it is;
    Home Grown Players: (Minimum) 8
    Foreign Players: (Maximum) 17
    Maximum Squad size: 25

    So what are the various definitions?

    The definition of a “home-grown” player?
    A home-grown player is one who has been developed by an English or Welsh club for at least three years, before reaching his 21st birthday.

    The obvious effect of this is that there will be an even greater premium put on the market price of any English player. It will also eventually, it is hoped, improve the quality of the England team, though this is debatable.
    To give an example of “home-grown” players, over the age of 21, in the current Arsenal squad, would be; Mannone, Djourou Sczesney.

    The definition of a Foreign player?
    Well that is anyone born and developed abroad before coming to the UK, of course.

    No more sneaky questions.

    Where are you, HH? 😀

  • nice one, TA

    yep, all in agreement there, who wouldn’t be ? if beautiful football was poetry then DB was the poet who wrote it and made it his own.

    the time is right to pass on this poetry and tricks of the trade to the next crop 😉

    RA,17ht,AFC and everyone else – good afternoon

    quite an informative comment there, RA (worthy of a post alone – TA (you listening ? ) 😀

    great news re- the new PSG Manager (2 years), which means AW should least extend his contract by another year at Arsenal 😉

    re- RM, i feel they are going to be announcing ISCO and Cavani then departure of Higuain…or least Isco First…. (the funds they generate from higuain go to Isco’s contract)…and to match Barca , they buy Cavani, if not Suarez (sounds logical, isn’t it ?

  • yep,

    HH where art though, it’s ok to come out now, both RA and Glics were only joshing about that laser 🙂

  • JB, do you really think Real will buy Cavani? I don’t know a lot about Cavani, but I know a decent amount about Benzema and from what I’ve seen they look very similar players. Same with Suarez. Thoughts? 🙂

  • Soooo….What is the definition of 21? 😆 (Thanks for the write-up, RA…)

    If you turn 22 on 2 January 2013 are you “under 21” for the 2013-14 season? Buying “young” (“under-21, foreign) players might be one way of adding to your squad without running into numbers problems. Bring in an Oscar or a Hazard and see if they make they grade, then cull your older (foreign) players if you need a spot the following year. Hoarding 17-18 year olds (to make them homegrown 3 years down the road, seems even better…

    Of course, we need good players NOW if we want to take advantage of these teams (above us) who are (supposedly) “in transition”….

  • Dylan,

    Barca have spend a lot of money in getting one of the hottest properties in world footy (Neymar)…

    RM being RM will no doubt want to make a few intent signings of their own, so i won’t be surprised if it’s 2 out of these players “Bale”, Cavani and Suarez

    no, not really they are different types of strikers all 3 of them, Suarez is a tad more closer to Benzema yes but not Cavani

    saying that, i wouldn’t want to spend 50 million on Cavani, he’s a big fish in a small pond, in a big team he’ll be another Torres in the making (yep , you heard it here first)….suffice to say as you can see, i am not entirely sold on Cavani’s quality, i rate Falcao ahead of Cavani.

  • Dylan, I think Real Madrid need a 2nd (or better version of) Benzema and/or a flyer if Christiano gets hurt. A TON of the blame for Madrid’s disappointments fell to Benzema, but Higuain (as his sub) wasn’t able to do much better. Many blamed Mourinho, of course, but grew frustrated with Benzema for being less than clinical in front of goal. Everybody likes Benzema’s willingness to run (and clear space for CR7, Ozil, etc.) but it was an inherently defensive and counter attacking set-up. They lost far too many points early last season giving up stupid goals (St. Iker went wonky…) and because they couldn’t break down teams who parked the bus. Cavani would seem a good signing because he’s not a natural #9 and will do the same sort of running as Benzema does. My guess is that he’ll be the starter (until he’s found out) after which he and Benzema can share the spot… He can also spell Di Maria… All told, it seems like it would put an end to the Gareth Bale (and maybe the Suarez) to Madrid ideas…

    Of course, nobody hoards attacking talent like RM, so who knows… (Certainly not me…)

  • Any player who turns 21 on or after the 1st January in the season in question can be treated as ‘under 21’ for the whole of that season, but will automatically be treated as over 21 in the following season, and will need to be included in the squad’s HG category.

    Don’t forget the HGP rule requires a minimum of 8, but ALL the players over 21 in the squad can be HGP qualified, in the unlikely event they are better than ‘ready made’ foreign players.

    Stop it 17 — any minute now HH will be on to tell me I am wrong, or ask another tricky question! 🙂

    Signed: The Oracle.

  • JB and 17, thanks for the info! 🙂 And 17, you’re right, Madrid do like to hoard the talent. 😉

  • RA, sorry… This stuff, to me, is really interesting, not so much about the actual rules (the details of which I forget almost as soon as I read them…) but for the implications about how clubs will “do their business.” Now I can see (almost, maybe…) why we’ve been so intent on buying guys like Miyachi, Campbell, Eisfeld and Gnabry–I can’t be arsed to check their ages or when we got them, but my sense (based on what you wrote above…) is that they’ll all be “home-grown” by the time we incorporate them into the 1st team, if indeed we do… The “academy” is one thing, but this buying of 17-18 yr olds seems the “new frontier.”

    After that, it would seem as if the loan system must be reformed in one manner or another. It’s my belief that big money HAS to change the way the game is organized and if the domestic cups are to retain any relevance (at all) AND you have these numbers restrictions (on 1st team players) the big teams will “need” a place for their “shadow squads”–the young guys (out on loan) and the older players who are struggling, injured or otherwise failing to justify salaries which lower teams cannot meet. Good players should play. The Arshavins, Maloudas and Bridges shouldn’t just be out there playing golf or shopping and getting haircuts…

    Anyhow, when you feel the urge, have the time, etc. let us know how you see things shaping up for the future. For me, the game has soooo much potential (to be the biggest thing, world wide, in all of sports…) but must move forward (structurally) while retaining the best parts of its traditions. I guess, for me, while we sit in “terror window” limbo, a little of this more general discussion is a bit of a tonic…

  • Sorry, I didn’t mean to kill the conversation with my musings….Or maybe everybody has gone home from work and now won’t be paid for talking football/Arsenal…. 😉

    With Mingolet going to Liverpool and Valdes saying he’ll stay at Barca, some folks are saying we could be in for Reina…

    Is that a bit more concrete?…. 😀

  • 17, I hope not. I really don’t think Reina is the keeper we need. I think we need someone slightly younger but decently older than Szcz. Maybe around 26-28. Just my opinion though! 😉

  • Dylan, I disagree. Buying a GK who is over 30 would be perfect. The GK would be able to challenge Szez for the no. 1 spot while offering the experience which we are currently lacking in the GK area. The experienced GK would be happy to be rotated with Szez. Szez will be able to learn from him as well. Not to mention he would be relatively cheaper than a GK under 30 and is likely to have lower wages. Any GK brought around 26-28 would want to be no.1 and would really be a replacement for Szez.

  • AFC, that’s true, but I don’t see why a keeper over 30 wouldn’t want to be number one as well. Surely they’d want to end their career as the number one of a big trophy winning squad? And want one last big pay day with high wages (not that that’s too much of an issue for us, just a point I wanted to make). 🙂

  • Dylan, it depends on the keeper. I think Cesar would come to Arsenal to be rotated with Szez. Yes, the world’s best like C from Real and B from Juve would want to be no.1. But for a lot of experienced GKs who have done everything there is to do, they just want a final challenge. Going to the best league in the world (EPL), go to London, play against some of the best players in the world and play for one of the biggest clubs in the world, ARSENAL! Cesar even enjoyed playing for QPR. 😀 A GK like Cesar would love to join us.

  • Alright, got the discussion back to the “real world.” 😆 …

    The emperor (Julio Cesar) has a couple of big matches coming in his home country (most likely) Uruguay tomorrow, and if they get past that, Spain (or Italy…) on the weekend. Or maybe the protests will shut it all down…

    Playing as a #1 for your club is the only way to play as a #1 for your country. Would we prefer the Brazil #1 or the Poland #3 (and/or #4) as our main guy next season?….

    Cesar is 33…

  • AFC, that is true that Cesar enjoyed playing for QPR. However I don’t rate him very highly. He had some real screw ups last year, but also moments of brilliance. So I’m not sure in him. Just my thoughts though, he could show up here and be unstoppable but who knows. 😉

  • Evening Boingilisious Broke Backers 😆

    Thanks yet again Total Van Boingkamp !. 😆

    Cant wait for the Bergkamp BOING factor !.

    As you can see, BOING ! is one of those words that can be applied to anything ( I`m sure Redders can have a look in his nuclear dictionary and find the technical term for that ! ) and also have most words hooked onto the end !. An example : Me, Terry and Vics are known as……………”The 3 Bergkampesque Boingateers !”……” All for one and won f**k all ! ”

    A quick step back to the previous post. He may not have a statue, but you can build your own Gerv toy !. Stretch will probably enlarge and just wear the Gerv syrup !.

  • don’t mind the “odd” screw ups Re- Cesar , every keeper has it in them

    however, his distribution of the ball is marvelous , with his distribution and us on a quick counter attack, oh la la

    he’s also very good against long shot, perhaps one of the best if not the best {( something which Sczny needs to make a lot of progress, i reckon he needs to get his eyes tested).

    either way, Cesar will have alot to offer to both Arsenal and sczny.

  • George Michaels 50th today !. I don’t think he has the energy to blow on 50 candles as he has just been to Montreal and blown on 50 Canadians, funny HH has been elusive lately !.
    Poor old George got caught blowing on a man who had dipped his knob in some melted Cadbury`s chocolate !. I`d say that was a Careless Wispa !.

  • Glic, you are quite the (evil) genius… I’ve already got my boy downloading the template…It’s the perfect rainy day activity for him…

    If he does it too quickly I may have him take some photos and make it my avatar…

  • I sure like the hope this post brings in relation to the past.Sierra Leone Gunner.

  • Hi Vic`s. I heard you have been having trouble in the ” how`s your father department ! ” and you`ve been in touch with Tom Cruise of MI fame to come up with some new gadget for your Zimmer !. I saw the message plea before it self-destruct……” Help….Missionary Position Impossible ! “. hahaha

  • I should apologise for such crap, but after 11 hours of driving, I was getting bored !. hahaha

  • According to Sky Sources….Juventus have agreed a fee for Tevez and he will travel their for a medical !.

  • Didn’t work…. (Does Tevez to Juve mean we get BOTH Jov he-ticks all the boxes AND El Gonzo, the Higgy one?…)

    Back to work on the avatar…

  • Still not working and my kid is getting frustrated…The avatar appears at the bottom of the (WordPress) comment box. Help!….

  • Seems to be working now (for some reason)…Of course we only used the image from Glic’s link…Now he needs to get going on actually building one…. I can picture myself rubbing the forehead for luck (when things get too scary peeking out from behind the sofa next season)…

    Back to your regular programming….

    Rooney to Barca? Aw crap, they get all the good ones…. 😆 (But then, of course, Cesc will be headed “home” –to us 🙄 )

  • You`ve done it now 17ht !. All your past comments now have a ” Gerv “. Combined with the Gervitational Pull of the real Gervinho it has caused a mini black hole on Bergkampesque and anyone who logs on now will be caught in the Event Horizon, thus being stuck with a permanent BOING ! Boner for an eternal Summer Transfer Window, what was it Total called it ?. hahaha

  • so apparently Bale is in spain somewhere on holiday (not near RM then ehh ) , don’t blame him, who wouldn’t want to be in spain for holidays, just ask our own Mr. Dick Law who was in spain for “holidays” and getting the Higuain deal done and dusted.

    but in all honesty, i wish spuds all the best in finishing 17th next season.


  • Gervinho, perhaps, will be (say it with me…) Like a New Signing!!!

    Can we please come up with a song for him….

    “What rhymes with forehead? Joey Barton’s only in Marseilles, not actually dead…
    (But we’ve still got Gerv-Vin-Yooooo)”….

    or something…

  • Evening fine fellow Gervitational Pullers! 😀

    Enjoyed reading up on the comments, even Glic’s Pervitational ones.

    Off to prepare this evening’s post. Where would I be without Marcus’ post writing support right now?

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