If Arsenal sign Higuain and Fellaini, Cesc will have to make the decision of his life!


Watching Spain’s game against Italy yesterday, I just could not understand why del Bosque did not start with Cesc, let alone bring him on as a substitute. Spain lacked their usual dominance in midfield and, especially in the first half, Italy produced a number of quick counterattacks which easily could have led to the Italians taking the lead. Had Balotelli played yesterday, the Italians would have been one, two or even three nil up at half time.

Spain did not maintain their usual high tempo, in terms of chasing the ball and passing it round, and no doubt Cesc would have led by example in order to turns things round for them. A year ago, Spain embarrassed the Italians in the final of the European Championship by utterly dominating them, but this time round they were never superior and could only beat them by just about being better at converting spot kicks.

Fabregas, would you believe it, is 26 now, and it looks like he is still playing third fiddle to Iniesta and Xavi. He is now entering the very best years of his career, and as he is everything but a mercenary, he will need to make a big decision about what to do next. Our former El Capitan is a romantic who not only wants to win silverware but also enter the realms of football immortality. If things continue as they have been going over the last few years, Cesc is not going to make it past the threshold.

Whoever is managing Barcelona next season, they are unlikely to give Cesc a dominant role in their team. Despite Xavi turning 34 in January next year, it is unlikely that he will be benched on a regular basis any time soon. With other talent coming through and new signings arriving – where, for example, will Naymar play next season? – Cesc could face another spell on the fringes of the team. And immortality is, unfortunately for him, not one of the fringe benefits.

I have always said Cesc went too early. I understand why he went two years ago, but it was nevertheless the wrong thing to do. He became a chairman’s gift to the fans, who maybe wanted him, but did not seem to love, or even need, him.

Now, I know we are all not sleeping comfortably at the moment, as we seem to be waiting for an eternity to see the Higuain signing confirmed. But Terry Mancini Hair Transplant’s mate has said it is a done deal, so he’ll be a Gunner anytime soon! 😀

These things take time, and it was obvious that the appointment of Ancelotti would be used to further increase the pressure on Arsenal to improve our final offer for the Argentine. However, I expect him to be announced as one of us by Monday or Tuesday.

I am also convinced we will get a high quality DM, who can play footie as well, this summer. The links with Fellaini remain reasonably strong, but who knows who we’ll get this summer.

But, surely if it is Fellaini – or another high calibre defensive midfielder – Cesc would have to make the biggest decision in his footballing life. With a midfield/attack line up of Fellaini and Jack as our combined DMs/DM-B2B, Cazorla and Theo on the wings and Higuain up-front, the Home of Football would not be complete without Cesc playing in the hole for us next season.

This would be the team that would suit his talents to the max; it would finally provide him with the platform on which he can shine and cook with Fabregas.

This summer’s Terror Window will not be for the faint-hearted, as there will be many twists and turns, but there is real potential now to strengthen the team properly, and although the above scenario is a big dream, it could well happen.

Two quality signings and who knows, Cesc might decide to return to where he is wanted, needed AND loved by (almost) all.

Written by: TotalArsenal.


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234 Responses to If Arsenal sign Higuain and Fellaini, Cesc will have to make the decision of his life!

  1. AFC says:

    Reports are saying Mannone is off to Sunderland with a fee being agreed.

  2. rhyle says:

    The main reason Cesc didn’t play is ‘cos he’s injured.

  3. Highbury Harmony says:

    Morning fine fellow Gooners :),

    TA another well-written, brilliant article! I completely agree with your article and it’s a shame that a player as talented as Cesc is not starting during his prime years. He’s never been able to get out from the shadow of Iniesta and Xavi and that won’t change unless one picks up a significant injury and he finally gets to chance to rubbish the claims that he’s no longer a top player or that he lacks chemistry with one or the other.

    However, I cannot even fathom the idea of signing all of Higuain, Fellaini and Cesc! It would be like my transfers on FIFA 13 came to life and as if I had orchestrated the moves myself :twisted:.

    Also, my apologies for being away the past week. My fiance surprised me with a birthday trip to Hawaii after work and packed all my bags (minus a lap top) to visit my parent’s place there. It was a great relaxing, fun week but I’m glad to finally be back in the TW madness and on BK! I’ll be out and about today for some golf and my dinner, but hopefully there’s some good Arsenal transfer news on my birthday :). Fingers crossed!

  4. AB says:

    Love the dream!

  5. disq says:

    I actually completely agree with del Bosque’s decision to keep Cesc on the sideline yesterday. Cesc is a great player, and I’d love to have him back at Arsenal, but in this Confederations Cup he has been extremely poor. Even when he came on against Tahiti he barely got involved, and that’s saying a lot.

    I also think his future at Barca looks a lot brighter now that Thiago appears to be going, and Xavi, due to his age, inevitably will play less and less. As I said, I’d love to have Cesc back, but putting myself in his situation I think it’s as promising as it has ever been for him at Barca, and I think that would be hard to walk away from.

  6. AFC says:

    TA, good post. 🙂

    Fabregas will not be a starter at Barca next season. Is he ruining his career and wasting his talent. I think he is. When he joined I thought he would either play backup CF to Messi or play alongside Xavi and Iniesta in midfield. Either will happen now with Sergio cementing his place in the midfield and the signing of Neymar. Cesc still looks like he will stay for now.

    What I do not understand is how Mata played over Santi and Cesc and why Torres is even in the squad when they have the likes of Villa, Negrado, Soldado and even Cesc who are all better than Torres in their own way.

  7. jnyc says:

    Great article TA. I am pretty sure Cesc does not want to admit publicly his mistake in leaving too early. Tuth is, besides his friends luring him back, he just didnt want to miss out on all those trophies at Barcelona, with Messi in his prime years.
    but you are right, he could return, be the final piece to the puzzle, and look like the saviour and conquering hero if it happened, because if we ever did add those three, hig, fellaini, cesc, its all over for the rest of the prem 🙂

  8. Tapps says:

    Absolutely spot-on article! Fellaini as the central holding midfielder (his preferred position), the two Box-to-Box midfielders Wilshere and Fabregas, Cazorla taking over from Podolski on the left, Walcott on the right and Giroud and Higuain rotating central striking duties!

    Add to that the fact Vermaelen will have a stellar season and that The Corporal (Jenkinson) will finally nab the right back spot, and we have a realistic title chance.

    The only fly in the ointment is our continued link with Julio Cesar! ARSENE, WE DON’T WANT HIM!

  9. marcus says:

    Cesc would be a dream signing and as you have so correctly put it, it would represent his best move. Moreover with the way things have played out for him in Barca and Spain, it’s almost inevitable he will move on. Which is a good thing as we all know there are only clubs he would represent (his words). Meaning sooner rather than later, Cesc WILL come back home.

    Now the problem is he is still obstinate and believes he can win his place back in the team. When Barca signed him, Xavi was 32 and therefore they viewed Cesc who was 24 then, as his natural successor. Thing is, they did anticipate the fact that Xavi would still be playing at the top level at 34. And to be honest, there are no signs of him letting up. Cesc is now 26. He is no longer a promising youngster and needs to be playing week in week out if he’s going to have the career he craves. He will soon realize that.

    When Wenger said that he sees Cesc returning to Arsenal, it looked like a harmless sentimental statement to us. I now believe that the sly old dog had done his analysis and saw this coming. to be pretty honest, barring unforeseen developments, I don’t see him moving this summer. But one more year (maybe less) on the bench will open his eyes to reality. And in any case the longer he stays on the bench, the lower his asking price would be.

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for comments until now guys, will get back to you in a bit! 🙂

  11. afc says:

    I wish we could have Fellaini, Cesc and Higuain, but it wont happen. Higuain will be the only top class player we bring in this season, the rest will be French under 21 players .I cant understand why people believe we are going to spend top cash this season when arsenal have never in the history of the club done this before. Im not a wenger hater but I do think this season will be he`s last at the club, the guy is just to far gone in the head to change and make the signings we need to move forward as a top club. The way im thinking is one more transfer window of failure and it will be the end. the next manager at the club will have massive funds in 2014/15 season.

  12. AFC says:

    disq, how will Xavi play less and less? He could continue playing to 38 at the top level he has. Look at Pirlo. Cesc will be in his 30s before he even has a chance of becoming a regular starter.

  13. AFC says:

    Tapps, if we got Fabregas back he would be playing in the hole or as an AM.

  14. marcus says:

    By the way, Higuain update. Apparently the reason his move has been held up is because Ancelloti hadn’t yet given his consent. But now he has as he looks to step up the chase for Bale. See it here——-> http://www.elconfidencial.com/deportes/liga-bbva/2013/06/28/ancelotti-da-el-ok-al-inicio-de-la-operacion-bale-y-al-adios-de-higuain-123912/

  15. Dylan says:

    Cesc in the hole as our captain finishes the puzzle. We’d have a very very realistic shot at all trophies we are in contention for. If he comes back I’ll do a back flip. 😉

  16. ProudGooner says:

    afc, lower case,
    Not a Wenger hater lol, you could have fooled me i think the guy is a genius! He is a very cleaver man i agree with you that he might find it a little hard to splash out the cash hard but hopefully we are wrong he owes it to himself and us. He is a shrewd bargin hunter but he has built up his war chest to spend on class surely.
    Cesc i would love him to come back, it wont be til next summer though he will want to try at least 1 more season he loves Barca and the only reason he would come back to the club he loves second best is if he cant get in the team after 1 more season.
    I think Podolski is being a bit over looked , what can we expect from him next season.? i expect him to improve a lot , more goals, asists and general play . He seem to love the club and be very happy here. He is 1 of my fav players and i was there for his best goal of the season v Montpellier what a goal, the best i have seen live. 🙂

  17. ProudGooner says:

    excuse the the repeat , i cant type fast enough and have to keep going back. lol

  18. James Bond says:

    many happy returns of the day, HH – happy birthday (belated wishes if it’s not today).

    Thanks TA, i see , so this is what you’ve been discussing with your spuds mate last night ehhh and making him shizz in his pants, hahaha

    but on a more serious note, i don’t see Cesc leaving Barca now (sorry), as much as i would like it to happen but either one of Xavi or iniesta could be injured (they might not be but in football anything could happen),,,,in my opinion he will see if things don’t change until december, if they remain the same then maybe, just maybe you might be back at the emirates in jan but for now i don’t see it happening (even though i had some money riding on it) bugger.

    anyway , there is a lot of rubbish being said out there every day , playing with the fans feelings (like every TW really), first it’s Jovetic in the bag then Higuain e.t.c…

    i miss David Dein, no such rubbish circulated for as long or never really, we were swift in our business and player signings were announced just like that…..now it’s more like a game of musical chairs with every tom dick n harry choosing their picks with players out there being linked to us.

    just bloody get on with it, if we can get sanogo’s medical done and dusted and him being a gooner before 1st of july, then why can’t we do the same with other signings ?

    we have an excellent opportunity to be title contenders next season with a very very decent pre-tour and number of friendlies hence it’s imperative to get our transfer business done nice and early.

    Fellaini has been partying with Arteta (so like you i suspect he would want to party that much more down in london as scouse land is very dull n boring when compared to london 😉

  19. oz gunner says:

    Afternoon gents. Great article TA.

    I’d be over the moon with those three (who wouldn’t? ). The optimist in me would like to think Cesc will only put up with it for another season, and then he’ll return to his home away from home!

    I just want the transfers to hurry up. They’re all a bit predictable to be honest. This individual says this. Juve use Higuain as a smokescreen for Tevez. Player x’s preist said he’s almost signed. I just want the players to sign so we can slot them in to training early and have them clicking with the team by the time the season gets under way.

  20. ProudGooner says:

    lucky git lol

  21. Daniel says:

    Fabregas picked up a knock. Commentator said it near the start of the game. Id love to have him back though even though we have too many CM,s if him and mr afro join

  22. oz gunner says:

    Happy birthday HH. Glad the Mrs has treated you well.

  23. James Bond says:

    long time no see, OZ

    hope you’ve been well and of course, we’ve missed you and your posts !

    well done on getting rid of Mickey 😉 least it may not be a 5-0 whitewash 😀

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Afternoon guys 🙂

    I watched the Spain – Italy diving fest in a pub without any sound, so missed the bit about him carrying a knock. However, he was on the bench, so he must have been fit enough to be able to play. No?

  25. oz gunner says:

    @ Proud gooner

    Please. Rhianna is the lucky one, she’s hugging an Arsenal player. Although if Lulu was there with anyone other than his sister, close girlfriend or partner he may have to be sold.

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi HH, it is big dream, but yet it is not impossible, is it? 😛

    What a lovely wife-to-be you have and damn right she did not pack your laptop! Hope you had a great time and have plenty of new posts brewing inside of you, desperate to be released! 😉

  27. oz gunner says:

    @ BJ

    cheers, good to be back. Almost a month away in the sun has been fantastic.

    Hope all is well with you also.

    haha yeah he needed to go I feel, now we have good old boof lehmann at the helm. Not sure if it was a wise appointment…but then again I’m not so sure we could play any worse!

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AFC 🙂

    All agreed. I thought Torres looked poor yesterday, and it actually made me appreciate how Giroud holds position/role a lot better in our team.

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Tapps 🙂

    Lovely comment and all agreed, including the keeper comment!

  30. Gooner4eva49 says:

    What an excellent post. I thoroughly enjoyed that.
    With a midfield/attack line up of Fellaini and Jack as our combined DMs/DM-B2B, Cazorla and Theo on the wings and Higuain up-front, the Home of Football would not be complete without Cesc playing in the hole for us next season.

    This is spot on!

    Is Terry’s transplant and intel genuine?

  31. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oz, JB and TA, many thanks for the kind wishes and JB, today is in fact the big day! TA, I’ll start writing a couple posts after this weekend since we have family, relatives and friends all coming down to visit :).

    Oz, haven’t seen you around BK in a while, what have you been up to mate?? Always a pleasure to see you back though :).

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Marcus 🙂

    Fine comment and all agreed.

    Cesc would only come if the club show they are serious about strengthening the squad. At the moment, this choice is relatively easy, but as with Van Judas who apparently started to change his mind about leaving us after we signed Cazorla (and Pod, Giroud), Fab could find it impossible to resist joining us after we sign up two quality players.

    If the dream is to work out, we need to sign the CF and DM first, I reckon…. 🙂

  33. Alex says:

    FAB shd come back home

  34. AFC says:

    JB, if Rooney is really leaving United we have a good chance of getting him and we would be a very good option for him.

    Man City- Man U will never sign Rooney to their biggest rivals.
    Bayern- Cannot imagine Rooney moving to Germany with his family, learning German etc.
    Barca- Where would he play. Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Neymar, Messi would all be ahead of him.
    Real- Again where would Rooney play. Rooney is at his best when playing as a SS. So that means Ozil would have to be taken out of the starting line-up (do not forget Isco who has recently signed and you never know Bale might join) or he will have to be played as a ST. Real already have Benzema and are likely to buy another top ST.
    Chelsea- Same again. He would have to replace either Mata, Hazard or Oscar from the starting eleven to play behind the ST. Mourinho is likely to bring in a ST from abroad rather than buy Rooney and play him as the main ST.
    PSG- Same as Barca. They already have top attackers and are looking to add more.


    Prevening all.

    i would love Cesc back TA. What a player the guy is, and a thoroughly spiffing chap to boot. If we had him to play just behind Higuain, we would walk the league. We might even have to throw some points away to give the others a chance.

    Ozzy Baby, a month in the sun hey?? You lucky bleeder, surfing the wave whilst the sheilas drool for the Ozzy six pack. Dude, your living the life i wish i had, instead ime the one drooling through bad weather, attractive women spying, and 2 irate ex and current wives.

    Harmoniuous, “surprised you with a trip to Hawaii”, fantastic. I too got a surprise on my last birthday, a letter from the wifes solicitor threatening eviction. Though to be fair to the Mrs, she wasnt to know it was going to arrive on my birthday.

    A tip for any of you young uns. if you ever have a women try and evict you tell her “to keep the peace ime leaving tommorow”, but never do so, they love it. hahaha

  36. Gooner4eva49 says:

    Happy birthday HH

    TA do a post on the prospects of having all 3 of those signings

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    afc – cheer up mate! 😛

    Dylan, I will walk from Norwich to London back-flipping all the way! 😛

  38. AFC says:

    Above are the reasons why Rooney might not sign for the clubs he has been linked to.


    And also, instigate plans to build an extension to the house creating a nice seperation between you, but dont tell her of your plans until the builders arrive hahaha

  40. AFC says:

    Terry, has your source given you an update on Higuain?

  41. AFC says:

    * sell Rooney


    No Updates AFC, but i will ask this weekend.

    According to him the player agreed terms and Madrid agreed the fee about a week ago, so dont know whats holding it up?

  43. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    TA.. it will be perfect if all of them come together.. eventough I think it seem a little greedy.. hahaha.. What more realistic are either two of them.. but the most realistic is only one of them.. hehehe..

    I agree with you about Cesc must return to us.. he was played as a ST there in Barca.. as a subs for Messi.. and you know that Barca is Messi.. they played him even when he was injured.. hahaha…

    I hate to read the news about Higuan lately.. what’s look certain becoming uncertain again..

    HH.. happy belated birthday my brother.. or in my buddhist tradition We call it.. happy continuation day..
    Yes.. its bad to know that your beloved player ain’t come to your team.. hehe.. Bony will be another good signing for Swansea.. after Michu last year..
    Why don’t Wenger just listen to the BoD.. and sign him for us.. along with Van Ginkel also.. hehehe..

  44. AFC says:

    Terry, thanks. I just want the Higuain deal done and dusted so we can focus in strengthing other areas of our squad which we really need to do.

  45. Highbury Harmony says:


    I guess this qualifies as good news on my birthday? But wait. I thought we weren’t selling any of our top players this off-season? (insert sarcasm smiley here 😉 ).

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Good to see you back Ozzie – you have been missed mate. Hope you had a great time and your head is full of clever BK post ideas! Take it easy, though.

    Happy Continuation Day, HH 🙂

    Henry – Greedy yes, but Cesc was ours in the first place and there is still money in the bank from the traitor’s and Song’s sales. As the buddhist monks will tell you: everything evens out eventually hahaha 🙂

  47. Highbury Harmony says:

    Henry, today is actually my birthday so you are on time my friend :). Thank you very much for the kind wishes.

    Also, G4eva49, thank you to you as well, really appreciate it :).

    Terry, LOL. That is all I can say to your story. I can see how the two surprises are fairly comparable though.

  48. henrychan says:

    TA.. I never heard such words.. hehehe.. not in my mother language..
    Do you mean : what ever will be.. will be..?? hahaha..

    Guys.. Gourcuff and Belhanda now linked to us again.. How do you rate this two players..??

  49. Jojo says:

    Get your facts right. Cesc was injured. Hence not on bench. Also get real he will never come back, Xavi now 31 so his time will come.

  50. Warren says:

    Great article! Lets hope he realizes this and returns “home” COYG!!


    WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWW if Cesc reternd to arse am so happy

  52. James Bond says:


    you make a very solid case re- Rooney

    makes a lot of sense and all agreed.

    besides currently is there a better no.10 in england than shrek ?

  53. Gooner4eva49 says:

    TA, married life has been terrific. So far 🙂
    Thx for asking

  54. James Bond says:


    if he was “injured” then he wouldn’t be sitting on the subs bench now would he ?

    get your facts right ? it’s rich coming from you when you say xavi is “31”.

  55. James Bond says:


    Gourcuff – not good enough for Arsenal – wouldn’t add more to the current squad.

    Belhanda – he’s alright, don’t mind him at the emirates but we could still do better i reckon.

  56. Glic says:

    Evening Gobbleflans 😀

    Thanks yet again Dutch Master, but cant ever see Cesc coming back !. Not sure about Higgy either as Terry Transplants mate is a blind Pigeon stuck in the corner of his loft who Stretch terrifies by slapping his knob on the perch whilst meowing !.

    I thought about saying best wishes to HH on his birthday, but this fucker, jets off to Hawaii, after already having time in Miami on his yacht, plays rounds of Golf with ex-presidents, wine and dines alfresco everywhere !, does he really need my best wishes ?. hahaha. Alright, I`ll say happy birthday, even though it seems like the bastardildo has nicked James Bond`s lifestyle and poor old 007 has to settle for commenting on here !. Redders get the Laser out ! . hahaha

  57. James Bond says:


  58. Glic says:

    Nice to see Oz back after finally escaping from a terrifying ordeal of being imprisoned by Australia`s most notorious ugliest carbuncled puss face Sheila……Wart Zit Matilda !. I`m sure they made a song about her !. hahaha

  59. Dylan says:

    JB, I agree. Gourcuff isn’t good enough. And I like Belhanda, but from interviews I’ve read from him he seems a little cocky and egotistical. What do you think of him?

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambo 🙂

    The Spud friend kept telling me that I was more than a bit bias towards Cesc hahaha 🙂

    I responded by telling him that Bale was not even half as good as Cesc, and that Arsenal still had a surplus striker for them hahaha 😛

  61. TotalArsenal says:


    Good to hear that, and how did your family/friends respond?

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry thanks for all the tips – you are a fountain of dark wisdom 🙂

  63. James Bond says:


    i wouldn’t personally want us buying Belhanda when we have the likes of the OX at our disposal who can surpass a lot of decent players within the next 18 months, if he keeps his head down and keeps improving – not gonna talk the OX up that much as being in the company of fellow gooners, most of us know how promising of a prospect he is….not to forget Eisfield as well.


    did he not thank you for having the cry baby “Gallas” and the worlds best penalty taker “Adebayor”


  64. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahahaha Glic 😀

    He is one lucky fella, Glic. You forgot to mention that all the men in Miami were eyeing up HH’s wife-to-be! 😛

  65. Glic says:

    Totes. Does your Spud mate know you own a Gooner site ?
    If yes, why don’t you invite him on !……….so we can destroy and annihilate him…….. even better, take the piss out of him, being a Spud, it`s only what he deserves !. hahaha

  66. TotalArsenal says:

    Exactly Jambo 🙂

    I said the Spuds could play 4-4-2 next season with Adebarndoor and the devastating Dane – God’s gift to football – Bendtner up-front. 😀

  67. rich junior says:

    the thing we want is to see better player in our club inorder to get sucess,we’ve been missing trophy for many years,so if those mentioned player will come to arsenal nothin can stop us.

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    He does Glic, but no chance of him coming on. He is quite down as he believes last season was their best chance to get CL football, as he expects Liverpool to improve significantly this season. He also said Spursday Nights were a punishment hahaha 😛

  69. dark says:

    Nice article, nice dream, but to take it in a different direction…it is my impression that soccer players are more likely than players in other sports to accept the reduced role thatCesc has. It is inconceivable that a MLB, NFL or NBA talent comparable to Cesc would accept the reduced playing time. A different role yes, particularly in the NBA, but to have PT reduced so much? No way. Cesc is a world class talent and that he accepts not playing every week is hard to understand. ( Of course the substitution rules and team loyalty and other emotional issues affect this, but still.)

  70. James Bond says:

    wow, a realistic spuds fan for a change, just wow, i thought it was all a myth…a realistic “spuds” fan ahahahahahhahah

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Dark

    Fine comment and spot on.

    I don’t think Cesc is happy with his playing time at all, and that’s the only reason why I believe there is some chance of him coming back to Arsenal, if Arsene calls for him AND adds a couple of quality players to have a realistic chance to win something.

  72. AFC says:

    JB, Cesc and Rooney are the best no.10s unless we are planning to pay 80mill plus for Bale. 😀

  73. AFC says:

    Guys, one thing I really want to know.

    Total fantasy of course, but suppose Wenger puts in a bid of 85 mill for Bale. Do Spurs take the money and sell Bale to us, their biggest rivals who have ruined their chances of getting into the CL for years.


  74. James Bond says:


    bale isn’t really a no.10 tbh, he’s a roamer and best suited on the LW and is given the freedom to play anywhere up front , much like Santi’s role at arsenal.

    so according to you, Rooney is the best no.10 in England, hard to argue against that 😉

  75. AFC says:

    JB, I can see Bale being developed into a no.10.

    Yes, Rooney is the best no.10 in England.

  76. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – 85,000,000 for Bale? Total madness. Of course they would sell and spend the money on four, five quality players, which is not a good idea…

  77. AFC says:

    TA, a lot of people are saying the even if Spurs get that kind of money they will not be able to attract top players because they are not in the CL. Good for us.

    I think we could get him for 60 mill and throw in Gervinho. 😀

  78. Fred says:

    Hi guys great post, as many have said Fellaini, Cesc and Higuain would be an absolute dream TW, and I would love it to happen but unfortunately realistically I can’t see it happening. This is mainly due to the cost of the individual players and the fact that the 70m we have also includes wages.

    Everton are insisting that we would have to meet Fellaini’s buy out clause of around £23m.
    Higuain’s deal is reportadly at around £22m
    Cesc would probably cost around £20m if we waive he 50% sell on clause.

    That totals £65m, so as most of you can see that would only leave £5m for the wages for the first year for three world class players – unfortunately I cannot see this happening unless we manage to sell some of the deadwood and reinvest the money into these players salaries. Not saying its impossible but just very unlikely.

    Saying that I see 2 other best case scenarios. My preferred being bringing in Cesc for around 20m, Higuain for 22m and meet Lars Bender’s buy out clause of around £12m.
    Or alternatively not getting Cesc back (which unfortunately is the most likely scenario) and get Higuain for 22m, Fellaini for 23m and a decent left Winger like Michel Bastos on the cheap (so we can definately afford the wages if we don’t shift the dead wood) or if we do manage to shift some of the deadwood then go for Muniain.

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – I would feel uncomfortable spending 30 million on him let alone your amount! 😕

    You seem to rate him a lot more than I do. Anyway, I reckon he’ll stay another season at the Spuddies. A medium fish with potential in a medium pond without potential, he must be very comfortable now! 😉

  80. James Bond says:


    Bale is worth every penny for 85 million (if i was being unbiased, however if i was to be a gooner i would that that’s 80 million too many), hahahaha

    but no, i always said that he would be sold in excess of 80 million if not more than 60 mills.

    yep, they would have to sell us bale if the gooner himself (Bale) puts in a transfer request, he’s a gooner, so if there was genuine interest from us at that price, i reckon we would have him.

    it’s not like spurs are a big club anyway, they are just a wee club somewhere in london pretending to be big and who seem to be fond of taking our left overs or rejects


  81. TotalArsenal says:

    All good points, Fred. 🙂

    Let’s say we’ll get Higuain and Fellaini first… would Arsenal not find space to fund Cesc’s return? If we are to make a change in our spending habits, then I cannot see us spending a bit more than planned with the aim to spend significantly less next season….

  82. AFC says:

    TA, I do not rate him as highly as you think. A realistic price I would pay for Bale would be 40-50 mill. You have to remember he is British which inflates his price.

  83. James Bond says:


    if Fellaini is serious about leaving for a bigger club and a team in CL then he needs to be pro-active as well since the release clause will expire in August.

    if we’re wanting to buy him for 20 million then he should put it in a request or alternatively, if we do meet his release clause he needs to stop demanding the 100 k and accept 80-85 k per week i reckon

  84. Glic says:

    Freddy baby, the wages will be no problem , we are saving wages from Squiddly Diddly, Arshavin and all the other dead wookies who will be shunted out….somewhere between £350k – £400k per week, which will be re-used to pay for SQ players !.

  85. James Bond says:

    i’m not sure why we’re believing the 70 million figure, it might well be 100 million for the right players or a mere 30 million 😉 depending on how you view it but i won’t cap it at 70 if i am being honest, we were told that we had 100 million in the transfers not to long ago yet we spent peanuts.

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – for that money we can have Fella ini and Jove tics all the boxes – a no brainer for me!

  87. Glic says:

    My best mates wife has been reading BK and may well comment, so be on your best behaviour bastardildos !. Oh and she`s a mad goonerette and I`m not allowed to say for how many years as you never ask a ladies age, but I think she was nailing wooden studs on boots for Dial Square players !. hahaha

  88. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahaha ‘be on your best behaviour’ – you talking to your mirror again, Pervinho?

  89. Glic says:

    He`s originally from the Neveregions like you Totes !.

  90. AFC says:

    TA, 30-40 mill for Bale which rises to 40-50 mill because he is British and an EPL player and we are their biggest rivals.

  91. TotalArsenal says:

    Does he also prefer his eggs boiled in the morning? 😛

  92. Milo says:

    I’m STARTING to come around on the Cesc back to Arsenal scenario…Losing two or more years of an average to short length career, seems to be punishment enough for leaving us in the first place. The biggest problem I have with him is this…He signed a long-term contract and then left us for two thirds of his true value to us, leaving a huge hole for us to fill in midfield.

    If he decides to return, I would hope that he wouldn’t be given the armband back because I think we have leaders at this club who have stuck it out with us through the rough patches, such as Vermaelen (yes, I still believe that he is a leader in his own way) Wilshere, Theo, Mertesacker, Arteta, Rosicky and maybe someone else whom I have forgotten to mention.

    Cesc is still a great player, but I wouldn’t give the World to him if he returns. There has to be some compromise on both sides, but particularly from Cesc himself.

  93. Fred says:

    @TA, I would like to think that Arsene and the Board would spend that little bit more to get three genuinely world class players, and in an ideal world they would. If we manage to sell the dead wood such as Bendtner, Djourou and Santos we could reinvest their transfer fees into the funding of Higuain, Cesc and Fellaini’s wages, although I cannot see us selling them for that much as their wages are way to high considering the level they are at, and as they were already out on loan last season their wages cannot really be added on to the 70m we have if they leave.

    @BJ, I totally agree if Fellaini seriously wants to leave he should be making it a little bit easier for us to sign him, either by as you say lowering his wage demands or alternatively subsiding the difference in our valuation and his buy out clause – which many other footballers have been known to do. This would also save us a nice couple of million that coule be used to help pay their wages.

    Although as I mentioned another alternative would be Lars Bender and at 9m less we should be able to afford all three players wages (hopefully) if we sell the dead wood and reinvest the money. Fellaini is my preferred choice as he has EPL experience but I most definately wouldn’t turn my nose up at the aquisition of Lars Bender! And from a purely economical point of view would make more sense – unless by some twist we don’t get Higuain and go for a cheaper striker.

    Speaking of which has anyone really thought of Lewandoski? He’s in his final year of his contract and Dortmund are determined to not let him go to Munich. Arsenal have a good relationship with Dortmund and apparently the fans want Rosicky back, 17m + Rosicky for Lewandoski anyone?

  94. Glic says:

    That must be some sort of Double Dutch joke, but I can say he has no idea about Total football as he`s a West Ham fan, especially now Fat Sams in charge !. 🙂

  95. TotalArsenal says:

    Just too much for me, AFC 🙂

    Milo 🙂

    Good points. The BFG can be captain, simples.

    I put this to you though: a boy of 15 years old, leaves his family, friends and country behind and moves to London. He makes it there but he continuously asks himself: what am I missing, did I do the right thing, will they still love and accept me when I return to my home. He stays till he is 24 and then….. the need becomes too big. All very natural if you ask me, and there is nothing to be angry about re is move away from us.

  96. Fred says:

    Glic, Arshavin and Squillaci were the only members of the “deadwood” group we didn’t loan out right? Which by my calculation puts it at about £140k/week (which would probably not cover Higuain’s wages!). My key question is are the players we loaned out really off the books and as such by selling them we do not take into account their wages or are their wages still included in the clubs accounts? I know its a small point but there is a difference of millions in it over the season.

    If they are included in the clubs accounts than as you say wages would probably not be an issue as they would be struck off BUT if they aren’t then the wages would be a huge stumbling block when trying to bring in these three world class players.

  97. Milo says:

    He probably should have thought about that before he signed long-term with us. I would have rather seen him honour his contract and leave for free, than leave in the fashion he did. I guess at that time I attached too much emotion to the whole ordeal and should have realized that he’s just like almost every other athlete and person on earth for that matter.

  98. Glic says:

    I don’t know all the technical details Fred, I think I posted a link quite a while back in which it just stated that this summer we will offload that amount of wages per week !.
    I just understand it to be £70m+ on transfer fees not inc` wages !.

  99. Fred says:

    Fair enough, there are a lot of critical details that we aren’t being told, which make a huge difference to the players we would bring in. If it is £70m not including wages then great we could sign Higuain, Fellaini and Cesc which would be ideal (with a few extra french kids). However, if it isn’t we maybe incredibly disheartened by the players we bring in.

  100. Glic says:

    I see Arshavin commenting that he “nearly suffered depression”!. What stopped him actually suffering depression ?….probably f**king Greggs the bakers !….there`s one just around the corner from Drayton Park !…..shame it wasn`t a lot further away, then he could have run the calories off, not been such a fat unfit f**ker and not actually depressed the supporters with his lacklustre performances !.

  101. James Bond says:


    agreed on him not automatically having the armband back, he lost that right i reckon

    he can still be the leader on the pitch, sure but without the armband – good points


    I met Fat Sam once. It was a charity dinner and dance.

    He was a realy nice bloke. i asked him about Wenger and he replied that he didnt know the man but had the utmost respect for his “genius” coaching skills, and that any fallout was just professional rivalry

    later on in the night, he got very drunk, and things changed.

    He accused me of been a garlic lover and that unless i gave him my creme custard desert, he would headbutt me “Kevin Davis” style. i said no, so he got realy angry, threatening to chuck his fist in my face “direct and long”.

    I got up to leave, but he stood in my way, crazily shouting that i was refusing to shake his hand,and “thats not how we do things in this country Frenchie”

    I had no choice but to push the fat bastard away, but as i did he started screaming at all the other guests that it should be a penalty,that he never gets one, and that i should be red carded

    I managed to get to the door but to my shock he followed me, yelling that if his name was Alerdichie, he would have had my seat at the table. Luckily for me some Knob with an orange tan held him back, saying “leave im sam, the French prats not worth it”

    Very strange bloke

  103. TotalArsenal says:

    Milo, he probably signed a new contract out of respect for Arsenal back then….so we could get some money for him….

  104. James Bond says:


    firstly, the names Bond – james bond aka 007 aka JB 🙂

    good solid points, bender or Asier Illarramendi will do just as nicely i reckon

  105. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahahaha Glic, that was a great summation of how the roles have quickly reversed on myself and 007.

  106. Fred says:

    Sorry 007, Although all of the players you have mentioned are top class players I would still prefer Fellaini. Like I said previously has anyone considered 17m + Rosicky for Lewandoski. that would give Dortmund potentially 55m for a striker to replace Lewandoski (including the 38m they got from Goetze) Carvani as a replacement for Lewandoski? And a ready made replacement for Goetze in Rosicky. Could work out well for everyone.

  107. Highbury Harmony says:

    And thank you for the kind wishes sir small todger of the elevated table 😉

  108. Glic says:

    My pleasure International playboy and man of mystery !. 😆

  109. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic, what are your thoughts on the most recent transfer moves? Aka Isco to Real and our lack of current moves 😉

  110. panther says:

    Fabregas went off injured against Nigeria so that answers why he didn’t play against Italy. Yes it will be nice if Cesc went back to Arsenal but I know that’s not going to happen. I have to take issue with your automatic assumption that Jack Wilshere will be first choice central midfielder. Arteta done nothing wrong last season and unless Wenger buys a specialist DM, Arteta will play that role. Arsenals best spell of football came at the end of the season when Wilshere was out injured so stop with the automatic choices please. That’s the problem with English football; it focuses to much on names rather than who actually deserves to play. How many goals did Wilshere score last season? How many assists de he have? How many blocks or defensive interceptions did he complete? Wilshere is part of the squad but Arsenal need to add more quality and experience in the middle of the park, to make Arsenal harder to beat or be counter attacked.

  111. ProudGooner says:

    i agree Cesc moving back home was ok, he is the only player that has left us in recent times that i can honestly say i respected and did not mind. I was gutted he left but the way he did was respectable, They wanted him about 2 seasons before and he stayed and when he left he even paid some of the transfer fee, that proves it was not for money, i think he felt he had unfinished business with Barca.
    Clearly he could not get in the Barca team during the time he was with us as he is still struggling now, which is why i really think he should come back to us. I bet he kind of regrets it now as i bet Alex Song is massively what a waste he turned out there and Hielb even Henry to an extent 2 years at Barca cost him the ;last 3-4 years were he was still quick by moving him on to LA.??? I hope KOS thinks long and properly about this. Barca has damaged all the players above careers , KOS dont you go to Barca and get ruined now Wenger has made you strong.

  112. James Bond says:


    oh yeah, Fellaini should be first priority ( yep, comes before signing Higuain for me) but it’s good to have options in place if Fellaini stalls or is a no go e.t.c

    good options and points there, i do feel Rosicky is rather valuable to the team and the squad as a whole and i would like him to to be at the club for as long as possible, pref retiring from international football next year and then just concentrating on his Arsenal career.

    saying that , Diaby is making some progress as well, so some december he’ll be like a “new signing” and we won’t have to buy anyone in january , hahahahha

  113. Glic says:

    I wont say what my thoughts are on that touchy feely subject HH !. Lets just say that Arsene has not been about too much lately !. I did warn him though !…..No Isco ( and at £25M ! ) and he would be sucking my award winning sour cream scotum !………” Shut the f**k up Arsene and keep licking and don’t let your tongue wander to my rectum area….I`m not gay you bastard ! “………sorry about that !, anyway it`s time for his nap….Stretch , bring me the chloroform !.

  114. ProudGooner says:

    haha ha ha ha Lucky old Dickenson was there mate, you should have told fat Sam he could buy Chamahk for 20 million that might of calmed him down.

  115. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Panther 🙂

    Why was he on the bench then?

    Arteta has indeed done nothing wrong, and neither has Jack. Fellaini and Jack is my preferred combo in the double DM pivot, but I respect that you would see it differently.

    Our most successful spell might have been when Jack was unlucky enough to be injured, but our best football was when Jack was playing in the hole and conducting play. You either see that or you don’t; nothing to do with ‘names’ – whatever you mean with that anyway.

  116. TotalArsenal says:

    ProudG 🙂

    All agreed. Players forget that Arsene makes them get the very best out of themselves. Once that coaching goes, often the performances drop as well.

  117. ProudGooner says:

    Totally agree Wenger and his his coaching staff really are second to none. I really can not think of any other manager who improves and gets the most out of players more then Wenger and team.

  118. ProudGooner says:

    Its just a hell of a shame that some of the players cant see that or disregard it , when they think the grass is greener else where.

  119. TotalArsenal says:


    Unfortunately, too many get burned by the sun.

    Hleb, for example, was loved at Arsenal; where is he now?

  120. Glic says:

    He`s sucking the otherside of my scrotum Totes, giving Arsene a rest !. hahahaha

  121. James Bond says:

    there’s an interesting way of looking at why majority of players who leave arsenal don’t do as well as they were at arsenal, yep it’s true that Wenger brings the best out of them and they know their roles e.t.c

    it’s the same with Swansea, how many players who have done fantastically at Swansea, go on to other clubs and done half as well ?

    point being, it’s the system we play and so on, Swansea are the closest we have to ourselves so it’s an interesting comparison to make , with similar conclusions with player departures.

  122. ProudGooner says:

    Your right also Flemini, Song, Nasri, even Cesc not as bad but he would be twice as good if he stayed with us.

  123. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hold on, JB, you aren’t comparing players that have left Swansea to ones that have left Arsenal, are you?

    I mean Sinclair never got a chance at $hitty and Allen, well, he just sucked hahaha!

  124. ProudGooner says:

    James Bond,
    True Swansea players are another good exvample they are a well ran club really all credit to them. They have brought well keep there football level high even improved and lost some really good players, like you say they have just disappered

  125. ProudGooner says:

    ha ha ha and happy birthday for Monday i believe.?

  126. James Bond says:

    you missed the point, HH

    point being, even the S£$”%£ players as you call them, in sinclair , Allen e.t.c were swansea’s best players or were seen to be, when they left – they came falling down much like most of our departures

    sinclair never got much of a chance because maybe he wasn’t that good enough according to the manager or didn’t do enough to persuade the manager ?

    way of playing, the system should be the focal point , which makes some players look much better than they actually are.

  127. Highbury Harmony says:

    PG, birthday’s today, cheers for the kind wishes though :).

    Or is that a reference to maybe some belated birthday transfer news for our mighty team ;)?

  128. James Bond says:

    Joe Allan is not a bad player in my opinion, he’s just not the next Stevie G i reckon

    that’s all.

  129. ProudGooner says:

    Oz Gooner,
    You like Lu Lu then lol, well let’s say they are both lucky. Rhianna and Lu Lu Lucas Podolski. I expect great things from him next season. I was going to say i wonder if he managed to go back to her hotel room but as you said if he was with any other woman other then his mum or girlfriend then he will be sold. I wont mention that 😉

  130. Highbury Harmony says:

    Well, JB, it wasn’t so much the player “failing” to perform, but more so an idiotic decision to leave to an environment where he always knew he wasn’t guaranteed playing time. Outplaying Silva, Na$ri and Milner on the wing is no easy feat either.

    I completely understood your point, I just disagree that you can definitively state that the players that have left Swansea is representative of the overall effect of their system, compared to that of Arsenal. Since last being promoted, only two significant players have left Swansea.

  131. ProudGooner says:

    Happy birthday HH , yes i think Wenger will give you your present on Monday

  132. Highbury Harmony says:

    I guess you could count Danny Graham as well, but he was already failing before he left Swansea in 2012-13.

  133. Highbury Harmony says:

    Proud G, want to give me the inside scoop?? I wished for a certain Argentinian ST when I blew out the candles today, so let’s hope it comes true! By the way, it could be Higuain, Messi or Aguero 😉

  134. ProudGooner says:

    its a fair point and its ok to concead that Swansea are just not at our level
    Plus i would happy take Williams off them lol

  135. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic, I have to say the whole scrotum stimulating business is one of your less endearing visualisations. 😕

  136. ProudGooner says:

    Il give Wenger a call tomorrow after lunch and tell him to let me know the ins and outs and to let you be in the photo’s of the player holding up the shirt 🙂

  137. Milo says:

    HH comparing Swansea to Arsenal wasn’t what JB was trying to do, I don’t think. What he meant was that it is similar ON A SMALLER SCALE…The best players for Swansea do not compare to the best players of Arsenal, besides maybe Michu. But they are still, none-the- less, top players for their respective club (Swansea). They have been able, so far, to move past these departures, in their own way, much like Arsenal have in the recent past. So in the end the scenario is the same. The best players from each club leave, and the club begins a new cycle. I think that is what he meant…maybe.

  138. James Bond says:

    of course i can definitely “state” that, this or the other because quite bluntly put, it’s my opinion, birthday boy 🙂

  139. ProudGooner says:

    Thats’ if he can talk, it all depends on Glic ball sack being taken out of his mouth so he can take a phone call.

  140. James Bond says:


    Gracias !


    no , it’s not ok to concead that they are not at our level because this is what HH and you are failing to grasp or maybe i was unable to put forward.

    the players that have left swansea may have been medicore to us but to Swansea they were the Theo’s and Cesc’s (i know kill me).

    i hope you’re able to see where i am getting that when you put it into context, saying that they have only lost a few of their top cream this year doesn’t do it as it was a comparison none the less basing it on style of play and how particular players fit more easily to their older systems as oppose to a different one/new one.

  141. ProudGooner says:

    I do get what you mean and totally agree, i just thought that you might conceed as its his birthday and his argueing that they not on AFC’s level which is an easy thing to concead on lol

  142. James Bond says:


    why would you be happy to take Williams off them ?

    he’s another mediocre player to us , who happens to be their best player

    he is not really what we need at that price and age at the emirates.

    don’t you feel, for that price we could get a better and younger CB if we looked around ?

  143. ProudGooner says:

    The swans have been rapped recently by city just like we did or they thought they were most have gone now except Nar£i who has lost his touch since leaving us.

  144. James Bond says:

    ah yes, of course,

    but like you said, it’s his birthday and he would want a productive and constructive discussion as a pressie, but little does he know, Glic and RA have the laser all ready 🙂

  145. ProudGooner says:

    I would take his as cover for our 2 CB’s, he is good There is no way i would split our defence at all at the moment. I am not mad about him but i think he would be a good player in the squad . You don’t think we should buy him.?

  146. James Bond says:

    for 8-10 million, at 29 years old – not good value for money

    when we have our first choice 3 CB’s at 27,28 approx to add a 29 year old wouldn’t be very wise.

    Williams made plenty of mistakes last season which were covered up by Michu’s outstanding first season,

    allow me to put it this way, DJ was a Williams in disguise, i would have preferred keeping DJ instead of letting him go on loan if we are to replace him by Williams.

    if he was in the 4-5 million bracket then yeah, i wouldn’t mind him at that price tho but not for 8-10 million !

  147. ProudGooner says:

    TV is better then him as well he would not get in front of him for me at the moment but im sure Wenger would improve him.
    Glic and RA lol anything could happen

  148. ProudGooner says:

    Fair point and i have not watched him that closely , maybe i am wrong about him and to be fair i would like to see Miguel start to get comfortable in the first team But with DJ gone there might be space for 1 more ,

  149. ProudGooner says:

    Santos is back YYEEAHAYY, he could always fill in if we get short i suppose. :/

  150. Admir says:

    Hello, people! 🙂 HH, happy b-day, fly high, bury all bad things and live in harmony. 🙂

    Great article, TA, though I have to say that – at this very moment – I don’t believe we are going to sign any of aforementioned players. Ancelotti will keep Higuain, Barca won’t sell Cesc (especially if Thiago leaves for Manure) and someone will hijack Fellaini deal. Call me a pessimist but that’s how I see things right now. Perhaps next week will be better. 🙂

  151. James Bond says:


    all agreed , and yep, Santos is back, happy days, he’s our own Gareth bale in disguise


  152. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha I really do not care if you think you are right or wrong JB, I just don’t agree with you. It’s not an accurate reflection of Swansea’s system and their players. Players like Graham and Sinclair were relatively cheap buys and were always seen as depth signings. Allen is the only notable failed signing since he was last promoted and adapting to a new team/environment can be somewhat difficult in the 1st year, especially at a club like Liverpool that lacks a clear strategy and heavily rely on 1 player.

  153. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers Admir, really appreciate the sentiment and kind wishes :). A pleasure to be blogging with you again too!

    Not sure if any of you saw this but Djourou to Hamburg is very close to being confirmed. Another deadweight player off the books, though he was noted to have impressed Hannover during his loan.

  154. James Bond says:

    since it’s the 29th of June in UK already.

    you lost the plot when at one hand you say ” i really do not care” and then on the other hand, go on to say ” it’s not an accurate reflection of Swansea’s system”

    i rest my case and let the readers make up their own minds up.

  155. AFC says:

    Seems Cesar will be signed after the Confed cup and Higuain will be signed next week.

  156. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cool story bro.

    Perhaps you do not understand the English language or have chosen to be ignorant, but whether I care if your right or wrong has nothing to do with whether or not I care at all. You being wrong or right has nothing to do with my justification that your sweeping generalization lacks enough credibility.

  157. Highbury Harmony says:


  158. bobby rashard says:

    Great news

  159. oz gunner says:

    I’d be pretty pissed with spending that much on Williams also. Nothing about him really impresses me. I’d have been more content with keeping Bartley or giving Miquel the chance if need be (can’t keep holding him back because sooner or later he’s going to get fed up with it all).

    @ HH

    see you haven’t lost any of that feistiness haha good stuff! Enjoy the family stuff over the weekend.

    Stayed in Bali for just under a month with the Mrs. Was only supposed to be 18 days but ended up extending because the weather was to bloody good.

    @ PG

    haha I just meant no bloke should be going to a Rhianna concert unless he’s been dragged there by a female…or he made her sing lu-lu-podolski afterwards haha

    @ Terry

    brilliant advice as always haha. I tried that when we first started dating. I suggested separate master bedrooms…it didn’t end well haha. Not my fault I just want a good night sleep without getting belted up by errant knees and elbows (she says it’s accidental but knees to the butt whilst sleeping can only be blamed on ‘sleep twitches’ once or twice).

    @ GLIC

    haha hey you leave matilda out of this…she has a beautiful heart! I see you’re still in fine form. I thought of you when i was on holiday and heard isco was likely going to city or madrid. I thought you’d be found hanging in the shed with your todger used as a noose.

    @ TA

    well done to you and the merry band of misfits for keeping the site in top shape during the boring off season. Everywhere else resorts to transfer stories and dribble. Hope all is well with the family.

    @ RA

    hope all is still well with you

  160. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oz that is great to hear my friend, some relaxing time under the sun is always welcome and a true treat. It’s too bad that vacations have to end, they always seem shorter than the time you book off for them!

    I’ve never been to Bali before, what’s it like there and what activities/adventures did you and the misses get up to (Glic and Terry, get your minds out of the gutter 😉 ).

  161. henrychan says:

    Guys.. if that’s what happened to ex-swansea players.. so what for buying them.. just forget Williams and also Michu.. hehe..

    Fred.. Klopp is 11-12 to Wenger in transfer policy.. so he will never run after Cavani for 50 millions.. hehe..

  162. dogdaysinla says:

    Get over fabregas i wouldnt want him back lot him rot on the bench like hleb and flamini.

  163. oz gunner says:

    Always flys unfortunately HH. We’re going back for another 18 days in 10 weeks though so i won’t complain. Bali is good, nice weather, everything is cheap (booze and food), and people are friendly. It is hilarious that nearly every Balinese bloke at night tries to sell you marijuana, epinephrine, mushrooms, and viagra. A 30min walk back to the hotel = hearing it over 50 times easily. Clubs are great as well (foam pits and 3/4 happy hours). Went with 16 mates from school a few years back and it was bloody brilliant. Any place that serves drinks in a fish bowl for $3 is alright by me.

    The Mrs and I have been there over 10 times each so nothing much left to do but relax. Typical day = gym, breakie, 9 hours by the pool, drinks, and dinner.

    How’d you like Hawaii? We are planning a trip a big trip to the US and not sure whether we should include it in our travels

  164. RICHARD says:


  165. oz gunner says:

    @ Richard

    Cesc and Song with Higuan would be a dream come true.

  166. Oghomwen Godwin says:

    I want Arsenal to be a winner once again There is enough funds 4 world class players y not get them now b4 its too late

  167. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning fine fellow G’s 🙂

    Yes, Cesc and Song and Higu….ain dudududududududuuuuh – like as in: sex and drugs and rock & roll – sounds good to me too.

    All is well, Ozzer. Henry is getting huge, summer is a rain-off until now, and the terror window is keeping us ‘entertained’ hahaha 🙂

    Good to hear you had a relaxing time and you needed it after your ordeals with those sweaty miners. So, what is up next for you? Further study, finding a job, or becoming an FT blogger on BK hahaha? 😀

  168. Abdul rahman conteh says:

    I would be very much happy if Wenger could sign Fellani and Huguian this summer

  169. TotalArsenal says:

    Unlike many on here, I would welcome the signing of Williams. I would see him as a more than decent back up for Per, and someone who would accept starting on the bench a lot. I like his maturity, personality and reading of the game and of course he has PL experience. Yes he is older than you want him to be, but he would not need much adjustment time. It would be a ‘strength of depth’ signing… 🙂

  170. dammie says:

    Cesc didn’t play d italy game simply because he was injured!!

  171. oz gunner says:

    One day we’ll buy 4 players a week into the window and sell a few duds while we’re at it. It’ll hit us that hard the whole supporter base will go into shock!

    @ TA

    glad all is well. How old is Henry the gooner now?

    I’m stuck in purgatory at the moment. 2 more weeks until i get my results. 80+% = scholarship and PhD in either Queensland, Sydney, or hopefully Melbourne uni. A international scholarship if I’m lucky. 75-79% = remote chance of scholarship. 74% and below = gun shot to the head / accept Terry’s offer to move into the spare corner of his loft (not sure what’s worse 🙂 )
    Definitely more of BK hopefully. Miss the might Arsenal

  172. TotalArsenal says:


    So he was on the bench just to play cards with his mates?

  173. TotalArsenal says:

    OK Oz, fingers crossed for you, but having read a bit of your work I have no doubt you will come out on top. Cambridge has a little university you might want to get a scholarship for (and just an hour’s drive from Londennium as well as Narrrich! 😛

  174. oz gunner says:

    You’re too kind TA. It’d be a dream. A lot of good schools in and around London. UCL looks good also. The school that I’m at currently has a scholarship link with Harvard. I could only imagine if I ended up there. The school would think Australia was pulling their leg.

    – “so Oz what’s an ion?”

    – “um wasn’t that Man United’s sponsor?”

    – “mmm…i see”

    – Oz gets taken out back and disposed off. Name erased from the school both there and in oz

  175. Jed says:

    Sorry all optimistic gooners, but I have to share this point with all of you. Our midfield is literally packed at the moment, its obvious Wenger won’t buy Cesc AND a DM at the same time. If we get a DM, which I really doubt we won’t because of Ramsey’s late show at the end of last season, then it’s difficult to see all of Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Fabregas AND new DM all playing at once. Not forgetting news that Diaby is running fit at possibly the worst timing? (love the guy, but he’s just not up for it physically) So it really depends on who we get, but it would only be one singular midfield addition. If its a DM, Wilshere’s playing in the hole. If it’s Fabregas, then it doesn’t make sense because we lack a true midfield general/destroyer.

  176. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Oz

    I am a half decent talent spotter (part of my human resources background) and you’ll come good, I tell ya.

    AON on the horrible Mancs’ shirts always makes me say to myself: Arsenal Or Nothing. 🙂

  177. TotalArsenal says:

    All good points Jed. 🙂

    The post is written around a dream scenario, and yes buying both Cesc and Fellaini would mean disappointing a number of our current midfielders. However, the season is long and strength in depth is required. Also, we don’t have a DM with physical pressence and we don’t have a conductor who can also score goals. Jack can conduct but goals are missing as yet, and Santi can score and assist but is not our natural conductor.

  178. oz gunner says:

    cheers TA, much appreciated.

    haha I never thought of that. Anytime I notice sponsors on shirts i just think to myself “it’s no Dreamcast or O2” …those were the days.

    I loved my Overmars Dreamcast shirt!

    @ JED

    the more the merrier I say. Until Diaby and Jack get through a season unscathed we really shouldn’t be relying on them. It’ll be harder for Arteta to get through the season so depth is definitely required.

  179. Wat is delaying wenger 2 saying player cuz am tired of all dis

  180. Abdulai N Jalloh says:

    It’s a dream that I honestly want to happen this season.

  181. Gerry says:

    Hi all, I think you are whistling in he wind in think Cesc will return. i said before, unless Arsene gives him some encouragement to come back, i just don’t see it happening. The supposed targets indicate he is looking elsewhere too?
    If AW does not sign a new contract and angles for the move to PSG, where would Cesc like to be, here or Paris?

    Too much wishful thinking methinks?

  182. agwau daniel says:

    please the club should help us gunners these season and they buy at least 3 to 5 player its shameful to be going empty handed every season,you can go to hunt and continue coming back home empty handed then you will not be considered a good hunter.

  183. agwau daniel says:

    In addition to what i wrote however much as you have good skills of hunting when you continue coming back home empty handed no one can look at your skills of hunting what is important is what do you have at hand .our friends from other clubs will continue laughing at us if the club does not help us and buy Higuain,Fellaini and one more defender plus Cesc back home .lets not talk and talk lets talk and act plse our dear club bosses help us plse.we have arsenal in our hearts.

  184. I wil lyk cesc 2 cum bak

  185. Muhammad N. Muhammad says:

    we need gonzalo coz is a nice goal scoarer

  186. Carol Stole My Greek says:

    Damn brilliant TA!! 🙂

  187. adil says:

    I would love to see Ashley Williams at Arsenal cause according to Sir Alex fuckingson, the boy could have killed RVP

  188. AMUDA J. BOLA says:

    I think Cescb Shld com back to Arsenal where he’s being worship. It was a great Mistake for him to move at the time he moved

  189. arsenal will are still waiting

  190. 17highburyterrace says:

    It took me awhile but I’ve gotten caught up on the post and comments…Good stuff from the usual suspects and glad to see some regulars coming back from their vacations… Terry, with the marital advice, however, is making me wonder about trusting his insider info on transfers 😀

    Me? I’ve been working like a donkey (the one Higuain is riding from Madrid?…) rather than lounging in Hawaii and/or Bali. It’s warm weather up here in the mountains and I’ve got to work again today. Maybe an early start and then a dip in the lake to clean up… Oz (and others)…This is definitely a spot you should come for a visit if the States are calling… (HH, you too…give me your girl’s e-mail–plus a photo, of course–so that she and I can start planning your next surprise… :lol )

    I’ll be watching Brazil-Spain tomorrow so maybe a little “live-blog” company will be in order… Those of us in the “virtual pub” need to start training for the upcoming season…

    As for the topic at hand… Sorry, but I think we need those pigeons in hand (Higuain and Fellaini) before we begin talking about Cesc. While an interesting and lovely dream, I think Cesc will be staying at Barca and that he’s unperturbed by the paper talk and the issues at the warm-up tournament. He’s playing the long game….

    Watching Spain (going through the motions…) you can see that Xavi, Busquets and Iniesta are used to having a real runner (Messi) at their disposal and when he is missing their well-placed touches don’t carve open defenses in the same manner. Yes, Iniesta can be like Messi at times and carry the ball forward (as can Pedro…) but he cannot bring it central like the defender (and tax? dodging Argentine can.

    Cesc IS the odd man out for the moment but that moment will be short-lived. I think they (Barca) look at it this way….Neymar (next season) can spell Messi if he’s less than fully fit (the problem this past season) and replaces (always nervous and failed…) Alexis Sanchez and David Villa (who is too old, too hurt and needs a soft place to land. Spurs?!?…) Iniesta and Xavi need back-up and Cesc, despite all the criticism he takes from the Cules (Barca supporters) is the ideal guy. Both are healthy (for the moment…), both are legends (for all time…), but both are slowing down. Cesc will never move with the grace those two possess, but he’s got his own tricks and, when he gets his chance, he will cement his own legend….at Barca. The bridge back to London, I fear, has been burned, but, of course, you never know…

    Nope, I just don’t see it happening. What we will watch tomorrow is the Confederations Cup and it’s just a run out for everybody (even the protesters). None of it matters and Del Bosque was willing to lose the semi-final in order to see which of the England based Spaniards were any good. The Chelsea guys (Torres and Mata) looked poor. The City guys (Silva and Navas) were better but not particularly convincing. The Arsenal boys (Santi and Nacho) don’t even play, which makes sense. We (as a team) are (for the moment) lower in the pecking order and so then are the guys who play for us.

    People may think Higuain and Fellaini (or whoever we buy) have already transformed us into league champs and CL contenders, but (sorry…) that’s just wishful… We have to make the signings and then those boys have to settle in. After that, we have to play the matches and actually see where the chips fall. We’ve done NOTHING yet and, nice as it was to go unbeaten down the stretch and secure 4th, it was ugly (as hell…) and it was against nothing but lower and less motivated competition. That’s the reality (sorry, again…) and the teams above us have plenty of resources and will be trying to improve themselves too. Until we beat them, we’ve got nothing to offer players of Cesc’s quality. He’s an ambitious (and very smart) guy. 10 years ago (when we were-relatively-in a much stronger position…) he saw an opportunity with us and he came and took it, biding his time (a bit) in making it happen. He’s doing the exact same thing at Barca… Until we offer a similar (BIG) chance, there’s no reason to think he’d be interested.

    Again, (for those still reading…) sorry to be the voice of reason, and maybe it’s because of this donkey work I’m doing that my dreams do not soar like those flying around to the best beaches of the world (or watching themselves in their mirrors 😉 )…

    Time to run and hide…(go to work… 😦 ) Back tomorrow…

  191. i dont understand why Vilanova dnt make him play more last season. He did a lot of stupid things. Im just praying Csec dsnt think of leaving Barca

  192. James Bond says:

    and we pray that not only he thinks of leaving barca but actually does leave, ha ha

    right then, betting has been suspended on Higuain joining Arsenal.

    music to my ears

  193. TotalArsenal says:

    Afternoon guys 🙂

    Wow, this fantasy I have is shared by many others it seems… 😛

    Thanks for commenting to the regulars as well as the many first time commenters – very much appreciated. 🙂

  194. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambo 🙂

    Music to all our ears, for sure!

    What have you been up to this Saturday afternoon?

  195. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gerry 🙂

    Do you really think for one second that Arsene would go to PSG?

  196. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks Carole SMG 🙂

  197. James Bond says:

    a little bit of this and a little bit of that with some gardening and wimbledon oh and the british grandprix, ha

    only thing missing from my saturday’s are – arsenal playing

    apparently we have a bid for grenier rejected, it was a very good bid as well which indicates we’re serious about him .

  198. TotalArsenal says:

    Very good comment from the voice of reason! 🙂

    17HT – you might well be right re Cesc being prepared to wait a little longer, but I can only see him do this if he gets some assurances from the (new) manager. How big is the chance that Arsenal will sign a quality striker (higuain) and DM? Quite big I reckon.

    Would that present a strong improvement in our squad/ line-up possibilities? Yes it does.

    If Cesc does not get the assurances and Arsenal/Arsene really want him back…. then it could all work out. Far fetched, yes….

    You are right of course that these players would need to settle in, but doesn’t this go for all teams who get new players? At least the base is already there…

    Hope the job you’re doing is not too taxing for you – keep up your spirits, buddy! 😀

  199. AFC says:

    Guys, it looks like Wenger will sign Cesar and he will become an Arsenal player. Cesar is available for as little as 1.5 million with wages of 70k a week. He is much cheaper than the alternatives. Harry in an interview for talkSPORT said that he does not know anything about Cesar coming to Arsenal but said he will go to a big club after the Confed cup. That has to be us as only ourselves and Roma are interested in him from my understanding.

  200. AFC says:

    Let’s hope it happens. 🙂

  201. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambo – yes a Saturday without Arsenal playing never really feels complete.

    AFC – let’s wait and see what happens. We all need some conformation(s) from the club in the next week or so, to start believing again. A little less conversation and a little more announcements! 🙂

  202. James Bond says:

    1.5 million ? sounds like the perfect Wenger deal to me 😉 good business for QPR as well for a goalie they got on a free.

    i’ll be more than happy with an international no.1 goalie as opposed to 2nd, 3rd choice keepers at our peril….

    so for about 45 million we can have,



    and Cesar

    start the engine time !

  203. James Bond says:

    to add to the above, we would still have 25 million left to spend – (Rooney, Cesc , Gomez )

  204. AFC says:

    Also Belhanda has said he has received an offer from an EPL. Wenger could be behind this as well. 😀

  205. AFC says:

    * EPL club

  206. Glic says:

    Evening Muffeteers 😆

    I`ve had to come in and suck on some jubbly`s, been driving around Cornwall and then 3 hours of grass cutting, looked on NewsNow then here and you sad scrotum suckers have no good news for me !. Maybe I should just wait `till Totes posts a headline of…….BOING !. You call it……… The Terror Window !…….another fitting name would be…….The Torture Window !.

  207. James Bond says:


    i hope not.

  208. jnyc says:

    I love Arsene, but if we do manage to lose Higuain because we didnt tie him down fast with a SOLID offer . I will be disgusted. A solid offer is close to what RM asked, not 4 million less. I hope im just being paranoid. This guy is a class striker, he brings talent and credibility. Missing out on him for a couple million just would confirm that we are not a big team. A big team can attrac and pay top talent. Not just poaching a benteke or michu off smaller vulnerable clubs.

  209. AFC says:

    JB, I want an experienced midfielder to come.

    What’s going on with Yaya? He would solve our DM, b2b and AM problem. 😀

  210. James Bond says:

    pardon me , AFC

    but Yaya who ? toure or Sanogo ?

  211. AFC says:

    jnyc, agreed. If Higuain doesn’t come it will be very hard for Wenger to bring in a ST of his quality for around 20-30 million.

  212. James Bond says:

    if it’s Yaya Toure then he’s signed a contract extension a few months ago , he won’t be leaving anytime soon.

    as Mancini rightfully said, once he gets old and loses his pace and burst, we will stick him to CB.

  213. AFC says:

    JB, Yaya Toure.

  214. AFC says:

    JB, that’s bad news.

  215. James Bond says:

    it’s to do with showing intent and making sure you put the message across, we’re Arsenal, we’re a big club and we will get the players we want and not bend over for a few extra million quid here and then lose the players to other clubs ( IG and AW, i hope you’re reading this).


  216. James Bond says:

    no not really, he is the engine of Man city’s team, he’s on crazy wages for a reason and it shows clearly when he is off to the AFCON.

    but no worries, Fellaini isn’t half bad either 😉

  217. AFC says:

    JB, am I right in saying that when we do win the league and want to really make a go of it in CL guys like Gerv, Giroud, Ros, Sagna, Coq even Ramsey will have to be moved on.

  218. AFC says:

    JB, I see the AFCON point but he is still a quality player who would improve most teams. Players can take wage cuts if they really want. 😉

  219. James Bond says:

    i think Gerv has already seen the writing on the wall and his reps are being proactive , it seems (good).

    Giroud , still has a role to play from the bench or as our plan b

    Ros is still cunning and clever, often is the orchestrater in speeding up play, besides he won us a game on his own and got us a very valuable 3 points (scored 2 goals ?

    Sagna has divided opinion but we all know jenko is the future…

    coq and ramsey, both ok as squad players or cover.

    we can still give it a proper go with the 3/4 signings (higuain/fellaini/cesar.rooney or cesc) i have mentioned, with 2 signings (cesar/Fellaini) we can win domestic cups but with 3/4 we can go all the way in most.

    re- signing Yaya Toure, we had our chance and now the boat has sailed.

  220. AFC says:

    JB, surely if we want to be a dominant force in World football, by that I mean reaching the final or the semi-final if the CL every year as well as winning the league Giroud and Gervinho will have to go. Sagna and Rosicky can stay as our veteran players. Gervinho will have to be replace with a top winger and another ST of Higuain’s quality will have to come into the squad.

  221. AFC says:

    * of the CL

  222. James Bond says:

    yaya toure is a prime example and very relevant to this article….i feel.

    look at how he was used at barca, he grew frustrated and left for ventures new…a couple of years later, he is one of the best in his position if not the best….(how would have loved to have Yaya and had he still been there, they would have been harder to beat).

    but yeah, he grew tired of playing a bit part role and voila .

    Cesc should pay heed to that 😉

  223. James Bond says:


    when we reach those heights that we all want then i’m pretty certain most of the top players would want to come to us and be even willing to take wage cuts so to speak or put in transfer requests themselves…success is the best magnet ever created.

    for now let’s get our targeted players and take it one step at a time 😀

  224. AFC says:

    JB, we will rise and United will fall first. Then Barc, Real and Bayern all fall. 😀

  225. Simba Murerwa says:


    Jenkinson. Koscielny. TV. Gibbs

    Fellaini. Arteta

    Walcott. Carzolla


  226. willc88 says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see cesc back at the emirates, but I really can’t see it happening.

  227. TotalArsenal says:

    willc88 – you never know. If Barca don’t give him a key role this season, he might see the light and rejoin us.

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