How will Szczesny, Giroud and Arteta respond to Cesar, Higuain and Fellaini?


I read last night’s article in The Guardian, summarising our transfer window activities until now, with some interest.

Here is the link:

The Guardian seems to have a close relationship with the club’s media department, or certain insiders at the club, as in general, they do well with regards to predicting transfer movements from and to Arsenal. Therefore, it does not come as a big surprise to me that ‘ media watch’ decided to link-up with the article today.

It is basically a positive article, and although there are no direct quotes from anybody in the know at Arsenal, there is good reason for encouragement regarding our transfer activities this summer.

In summary, the article tells us that:

  1. Arsene wants to strengthen his spine with a striker, central midfielder and experienced goalkeeper;
  2. Higuain is set to join for £22k up-front;
  3. The club is close to signing Júlio César for about £1.5m;
  4. Our bid for Lars Bender was rejected as  Leverkusen do not want to sell anymore players this summer;
  5. We are interested in Fellaini and Dortmund’s Gündogan, but as the former’s £24m release clause (if sold to a CL club) expires in mid-August, the club appears to be playing a waiting game…;
  6. Mannone has been sold to Sunderland for £2m (and Djourou has been loaned out for another 12 months – this time to Hamburg).

If at the end of the TW we will have signed a DM, a top striker and an experienced GK, and one or more very promising youngsters, I think it would be fair to say that most of us Gooners would be very pleased, providing that none of our key players is sold in the meantime.

But with these new arrivals, there comes the potential downside of disgruntled players.

How will Szczesny respond to the arrival of Cesar? The Brazilian stopper will only want to join us if he is to be our first choice GK, as he will want to ensure he stays fit and active, so he can remain the nation’s nr.1. Will Wojciech fight for his place and be patient enough, or see the writing on the wall and ask for a transfer….. And would that mean Fabianski stays and becomes our nr.2 GK?

How will Giroud respond to the arrival of a top class striker? I think he is a fighter and in some ways it might help him – less pressure to make us forget Van Judas on his own, for example; but will he accept sitting on the bench a lot? After all, he is at an age in which he needs to play a lot, especially if he wants to play for France in Brazil next summer…

How will the arrival of Fellaini, or another quality DM(type player) this summer, affect our current midfielders? What will it mean for the not-getting-any-younger Arteta, and/or our promising youngsters Ramsey and Wilshere?

What do you say, fine fellow Gooners?

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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101 Responses to How will Szczesny, Giroud and Arteta respond to Cesar, Higuain and Fellaini?

  1. Ian Hawthorne says:

    It will boost our squad and create competition for places which creates a winning team.
    Unfortunately you are jumping the gun as we are probably not getting any of the aforementioned players so pointless atticle

  2. Gabriel says:

    All arsenal players should be happy to wellcome any world class player joining them. This wil make all positions more competitives

  3. felo says:

    lets get fellaini,higuan…..sczenny is as good as ceaser no need of gk

  4. Paul says:

    Firstly, £22k up front for Higuain is cheap!!!!

    I can’t see new outfielders having an issue with competition. They’re smart enough (I hope) to know that it’s a squad game now, you need competition to improve you and keep you on your toes. Early season Arteta looked too content and I don’t think it’s a surprise that Ramseys emergence made him up his game again.

    The big question is Szczesnys reaction. There’s less rotation for that number 1 jersey and he knows Cesar won’t be coming to see out his days as a number 2!

  5. henrychan says:

    TA.. I wish all 3 of them will really come..
    The responds will show their (Szczesney, Giroud n Arteta) maturity..

    For Arteta, there will be no problem.. Fellaini will not be replaced Arteta.. but Ramsey..
    Arteta and Fellaini will be our double DM.. and Ramsey, Diaby will be their subs..

    Szcesney.. he still young.. 23 yo.. he still have a lot of time to learn from the best.. and GK carrier is the longest among the others.. A good GK can still play even when they are 40 yo.. And Cesar is a great GK whom Szcesney can learn a lot..
    With Manone out.. and Fabianski also seem to exit.. He will be our second GK..
    So.. there will be no problem at all.. hehehehe..

    The only problem is for Giroud.. he will be 27 soon..
    The coming of Sanogo and Higuan will surely limit his time to play.. and that’s a bad news for him.. because his place in the France-team may replace by Niang or Sanogo..
    But Giroud is a super-subs.. If he showing a good job as a subs.. then maybe Deschamps will think differently.. I hope so.. hehehe..

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    I H, Gabriel

    There is plenty of competition at Man City, yet it hardly created a winning team, did it? It is not as simple as you think it is.

  7. Lobsta says:

    The midfield situation will be an interesting one that’s for sure. We’ve got Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta, Le Coq, Yennaris, Frimpong and eventually Diaby contesting for 4 (possibly 5, if Wenger doesn’t use the Striker-on-the-wing 4-5-1 formation) positions.
    The addition of another midfielder will add to an already congested position. If we do add a Bender/Fellaini/Young DM type player I think atleast 2 of our trio of young DMs (Coq, Yennaris, Frimpong) will have to be let go as even a loan would be delaying the inevitable.. Sadly Ramsey too, I can’t see him getting much if any game time if we succeed in getting 1 of our men.
    Let’s not forget that over the Invincible season, Wenger mainly used 6 players for the 4 midfield positions

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Paul, agreed it would be relatively cheap, and I cannot see Szczesny accepting a nr.2 role for long either.

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry 🙂

    If Fellaini joins us it will be to improve on Arteta, not to play next to him, I reckon. If Jack is fully fit, he will start in the double-DM, no doubt about that in my mind. Fellaini offers that bit of extra physicality which is so needed in our team, and will allow Jack to be the best b2b we have. Unless, Arsene reckons he is ready for the ‘hole’ position again, in which case I can see Arteta and Fellaini play next to each other.

    I think we read Wojciech’s character differently as I cannot see him taking a back seat for long…

  10. Dylan says:

    Great post 🙂 Szcz will stay and fight. He will use Cesar to learn and grow. Giroud will also fight and even improve with less pressure on him and more on Higuain. And Arteta may worry a little but Jack and Rambo will see this new player as a new player to learn from similar to Arteta.

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Dylan 🙂

    I dont think Wojciech will accept it, but I could be wrong. But it could be that Arsene is expecting this anyway…

  12. alexgunners says:

    It would be interesting to see how the players react to new members in the squad. Whether it would mean that players would step up to the plate and show what they are made off would remain to be seen.
    We can only speculate as to how they would react to this but in the best interest of the team, new players need to come in.
    In my opinion, a TEAM means that you all play the necessary roe for the success of the collective group. If that doesnt suit, become a better player or move on.
    At Arsenal we’ve had too many sub-par players in the past few years who were comfortable in their position and were selected because we had no one better.
    For us to move on as a club, we need to make improvements on the field as well as at boardroom level

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Alex,

    All agreed. But if say Giroud and Szczesny hand in transfer requests it could come at a considerable cost.

    Giroud I could live with, although I don’t expect him to respond like that, at least initially. But Wojciech would be a big loss imo.

  14. alexgunners says:

    SCZC would be a big loss but we also need to be realistic about things, He is a good keeper but needs a lot of work to fine tune his game in order to become a GREAT keeper.
    Competition would be healthy for him and he is still young. He will mature and has an opportunity to be a great keeper with out club (hopefully). Cesar is an older keeper and will not be around for too much longer. He has won most things but he just needs to keep his form up for the World Cup spot. Mark my words, after the WC he wont last another year. Who in their right mind would give up an opportunity to play the world cup being held in your home country???? SZCZ should stick around and learn from experienced hands, but will he?

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Good points, Alex, and you are probably right. Only in the mid to long term will we find out whether the likely arrival of Cesar will have been good for us/Szczesny or not….

    How many more months has your wife to go till baby is due? 🙂

  16. alexgunners says:

    Mid October, thanks for asking. It is just flying by, I can’t believe that it is so close and I am so looking forward to it. Another Gooner in this world, that’s exactly what we need.

    How have things been for yourself?

  17. VCC says:

    Hi ALex…….Mid October, the sleepless nights are on their way, hehe.

    Happy times my friend, and as you say, another Gooner to the world. Take care.

  18. bc says:

    I think if wenger sat szczesney down and assured him he has a great future at arsenal plus gave him 20 matches he will stay. As for fabianski I am not so sure he will accept that.

    Giroud will up his game and if there are no more striker signings will get 25-30 matches a season who know wenger might just be going 442 or a variation of

    As for arteta he could do with the competition but I see fellaini as a different type of player to arteta. The player most like fellaini at the club is diaby. Arteta is more like ramsey. However if we had arteta ramsey fellaini diaby wilshire frimpong cazorla chamberlain rosicky walcott ryo podolski coquelin that is a decent crop of midfielders/wingers

  19. alexgunners says:

    I wish I could say that I am getting the necessary sleep now before the baby but that is just not the case. I better make the most of it.

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow Alex that it is soon! Do babies grow faster Down Under?

    Mid October is great as that is Spring for you: you need the energy and added sunlight of Spring! 🙂

    All fine here, my daughter just had her ninth birthday party. Time flies, time flies! 🙂

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    You are still alive then ZimmerVCC? 😛

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    bc 🙂

    Fine comment. I just don’t see Arsene giving Szczesny a minimum (guarantee) of twenty games. Giroud should play a lot as super-sub, so yes I can see him playing a fair few ‘games’.

    If Diaby had the physique and general health of Fellaini he be would truly world class. However, although I agree with you they are similar types of players, I reckon Fellaini would be great sitting deepest of all our midfielders (not everyone agrees with this though).


    Great post TA, i think its about squad so let them fight for there places

    Arteta will take it in his stride, probably Giro to, but Chesney might have a hissy fit and accuse everyone of been a bitch. Hes young though so can be forgiven.

    Yes Alex, TA is right, time flies. Its not the only thing that will fly, you will also find your money taking a long distance flight.

    Before you know it Alex you will be skint, so allow me to give you some fatherly advice. Locate a loose floor board on the stairs area and losssen the carpet by trimming a half inch of the angle, just enough to gain access but not to much to rouse suspision

    Hoard as much money as you can under there, but never never never tell anyone about your stash.

    Within a year you will be waking in the middle of the night to go and count your gains. This will make you feel great, if your like me you will probably take up prank phone calling to celebrate. hahaha

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahaha Terry – sooo true and soooo funny 😛

  25. pastor john says:

    The best wenger should do is to get cesar and then make accurate rotation of playing time for both keepers i think dat wil be a perfect solution… On Gk line… Concerning the striking role giroud should be used as a sub coz he lack some striking qualities which cannot help the gunners… Higuian has no problem for the first team shirt… In the midfield i wil want carzola, wilshere and fellaini… FW… Walcott, higuain and poldi… DF… Sagna,kos,gibbs and mets

  26. Gerry says:

    Great post TA – Mainly because I did not see the Shrek mentioned once!

    The up front money is our big card regards Higuain though. The point I made yesterday that not many who would like Higgy can rustle up the fee in one go. It is either player exchange or part now, the rest in installments. Not much good to Real, who have some ambitious targets of their own?

    On the thought as to how the current squad will react, I think the fringe players have more to be concerned? Is Frimpong a ‘free agent’ or did he sign a new contract? I certainly will be surprised if Coquelin does not get a decent offer, probably in France. Miquel will either go on loan or get an offer back in Spain. Diaby would be good for Real Betis on loan, and then see how he is next season. Ramsey is in that tricky point where only he can say what p[laying time is enough for him? It is not just the defensive MF’s that will feel pressure if Le Gren(or similar?) come in either. I worry about Jack’s maturity to handle not being automatic choice, even when fit?(Not to mention his dubious taste in desirable playing partners??).
    Arteta knows enough that he will be in the mix most games, and a possible coaching role further down the line? The Ox, well he knows too that the best is still to come from him, and if he reaches anywhere near that point this season, he will be in the mix too.

    Moving to the Strikers, I suppose Ryo could do with a 6 month loan just to get back to where he should be, barring injuries. Feyenoord were inquiring, and there, or ‘Betis would be good for him I think? Podolski should not be too concerned at the moment, unless some other front line player arrives – wingers have been mentioned? Walcott, well he just has to play consistently well, and he will get plenty of starts and/or off the bench. Giroud? For a start, I do not think it is either or between him and Higgy? But against some sides, the twin attacking from set pieces could be quite useful at times? Dangerous to assume Higgy will play just because he is Higgy. He like Giro last season will have to build understandings with the rest of the team, and to do that he needs to play regularly. With Santi missing the tour of Asia, it might be wise to feed him in gently from the bench. How well he ‘clicks’ will determine a lot about who to partner him with? Finally Sanogo. He knows he is being given an opportunity to impress, if he is good enough? His under 20’s performance has shown he has talent. He also has the build to cope with EPL defenders. What remains to be seen is if he has the quickness of thought and play to warrant a starting spot?

    The Cesar thing is a tricky one. I am not sure if he will be consistent enough to hold down first choice keeper spot for long. However, if Szcz can put his personal problems behind him, I can see him still being our No1 keeper, but rotated to keep everyone happy – assuming nothing has been promised to Cesar to the contrary? £1.5m is nice, but I suspect his wages will be higher than it would be if we snapped up Schwarzer on a ‘free’. Fab will get an oferf somewhere where he will play regularly, as I cannot see a new contract being better here if he wants to make it a threesome?

    Squad, rotation, collectivity and understanding between players, all giving their maximum effort will bring due rewards for all … and no room for over-the-hill, smoking, disreputables thank you very much!

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Welcome pastor john

    That would be a fine line-up, indeed! 🙂

    Especially agreed with your midfield.

  28. Gerry says:

    Alex – regards the new born. Here is a tip for further down the line ..

    Never use the phrase ‘Because I say so!’
    A Libran child will need a sound reason for doing something or not doing it, even from a very early age. Do that, and you can play happy families right up to the teenage years .. where it does get a little more tricky? ha ha

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gerry

    What a fine addition to today’s post – another Gerry response mini-post! 🙂

    I cannot imagine Cesar joining us without some guarantee of regular playing time, but also agreed that he is likely to struggle to keep Szczesny out for long. Let’s watch this space!

  30. James Bond says:

    nice one, TA

    1: Sczny has to keep his head down and keep improving day in day out, show total commitment and impress everyone at the club that he is willing to do whatever it takes to be the no.1 goalie at the club again….let’s be honest, not many clubs out there where Cesar would be the no.2 goalie or a bench warmer and to be quite frank, Sczny may have already been on the bench had it not been for Fabianski’s (injury again)……. Cesar is absolutely world class for me, his distribution and passing is 2nd to none, the way he sets up his walls for FK’s e.t.c is something Sczny and others can learn from…. whatever improves our team, we must do that …ignoring the childish behaviour of both the sczny’s (if not one ..SNR n JNR).

    3: i get the feeling that Giroud will welcome competition and it may even make him a better and more lethal striker…i suspect what was happening to Higuain at RM with Benzema may well happen to Girould…only difference this time being that Higuain gets the nod ahead of others

    5: Fellaini’s arrival can only help our midfield by giving both AW and the team a lot of balance and options also ! let’s not forget that the season is going to be very long and i reckon this time round by feb we won’t be out of every competition, which means it enables us to rotate our strong and keep everyone happy from our MF, give them time to recover for niggles and so on….i suspect this was one of the main reasons why JW got injured again, he wasn’t given enough time to recoup as the situation demanded it and we were desperate.

    all things said and done, JW has started following Higuain on twitter which means it’s a “done deal”.


  31. TotalArsenal says:

    Well Jambo, how could I go against anything you just said?! 😛

    It all makes sense, except….. you believing that Cesar is better than Szczesny… that I very much doubt.

    One of the biggest problems I foresee with Cesar is language issues. How many of our defenders are fluent in Italian or Portuguese…. Exactly none… 😦

  32. James Bond says:

    let’s just say, if and when he comes to the emirates, everyone else may believe the same thing and get onboard….time will tell and when that happens i expect you to take that comment about sczeny being better back 😀

    language issues ? what language issues ? you just wave your hands, point where you want your defenders and shout as loudly as possible, sorted


    besides he’s been in England for an year, i’m sure it might not be as bad as Santi’s, bear in mind both Portuguese and spanish are not far off, both speakers can understand each other e.t.c

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambo – I hope you are right, but I cannot see his potential arrival as an improvement as yet. I will definitely support him, but I far rather have an experienced PL goallie who is happy to be nr.2, but ready if need be.

  34. James Bond says:

    that’s ok, nothing wrong with that, you have your reservations same as with some other fans i have spoken too who’ve not followed Cesar as such .

    either way, Mannone being sold for 2 million basically means that we’re not going to be using any funds from the 70 million to invest in the 1.5 mills for Cesar – it’s a win win for Arsenal .

  35. James Bond says:

    nice new banner and layout, someone’s been playing with the colour contrasts, i see

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Jambo, I cannot stop now…. 😆

  37. Simba Murerwa says:

    Not even the new signings are guaranteed of game time. They need to fight their way into the team. Arteta is key to Wengers play. He will start ahead of everyone in midfield and let’s not forget that Ramsey is an outstanding player who had been affected by a serious injury however he is getting back to his level. I don’t see Jack having an automatic spot if we buy a DM coz Arteta might be moved to B2B. An influx of forward players may see Carzola being used as a CAM meaning more competition for Jack for that role. Eisfield can further complicate the situation if given a chance. Where will the OX play, Rosicky is still an important member. Only Wenger knows

    1. Szscezny
    2. Jenkinsin
    3. Gibbs
    4. Koscielny
    5. Vermaelen
    6. Bender
    7. Carzola
    8. Arteta
    9. Higuain
    10. Ramsey
    11 Wilshire

  38. James Bond says:


    no Theo, no poldi in your starting 11 ? that’s interesting.

    what are your thoughts on this formation with squad rotation or taking injuries into account:




  39. James Bond says:


    i wanted to take you up on that man city comment earlier.

    i don’t think the problem there was having competition within the squad or a large group of players to choose from….the problem was with the manager himself and the players not being happy with his methods.

    for all his tactics, formations and methods, Mancini’s man management skills were rather awful and that translated into the team.

    i expect a much better man city turn up next season.

    if only we can take micah richards off them, it be perfecto ! (i’m not sure if Sagna is in the mood to sign the dotted line anytime soon )

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi JB

    I am not a big believer of having competition everywhere as being important for success. Maybe, lazy players need competition to get the best out of them, but lots of players function best when they have the full support and confidence of the manager.

    Competition often leads to disgruntlement and a bad atmosphere, so in my view a fine balance is required.

    Man City have lots of pay cheque collectors and although I don’t rate Mancini highly, I don’t think we can blame him for the lack of desire and professionalism of so many of their players.

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Simba 🙂

    A lot of respect there for Ramsey and Arteta, and in a way I like to see that. But for me they are squad players going forward with a decent chance to force themselves into the first eleven, at least during certain periods.

  42. James Bond says:

    when was the last time we had decent competition at Arsenal, TA ?

    lack of desire, professionalism and so on at Man city ranks stems from the top down (manager passing it onto players and creating an atmosphere ) and shows in the entire unit….the appropriate word is “team culture” .

    connecting that to Arsenal then i feel we’re heading towards the right direction in all aspects, even JW said Higuain’s Mrs is hot and they have all the hot wags photos in the dressing room, i reckon that’s the way to go


  43. TotalArsenal says:


    Did the Invincibles have decent competition?

    It is not a necessity at all – team spirit and a core set of players with the right qualities and attitude are much more important imo.

  44. James Bond says:

    Wilshere was onto something when he said that you can’t win week in week out with 11 set of players…it needs to be a group of 18 and then came the example of man utd back 4 completely being changed and yet the results were the same – that’s quality due to competition for places as well.

    would i continue playing Giroud week in week out even if he fails to deliver the goods whilst i have Higuain on the bench ? or vice versa –

    too much competition is bad for the team , in this one we can use Man city’s strikers as an example :

    they had



    Kun . A


    compare that to ours,

    we had no decent competition to Giroud …the competition he had was from wingers and forwards not strikers.

    with time we must evolve and learn from our mistakes, if the invincible s didn’t have competition for places at the time then that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strengthen the squad now to further improve it, when it’s necessary ?

    once you’re winning such minor details take care of themselves, however football is an ever evolving business and having a good core of 18 is essential these days due to the schedule, injuries or dip in form reasons.

  45. alexgunners says:

    Thanks for the advice. Being our first it is definitely new territory for us and I guess there will be lots of challenges ahead. Thanks mate

    Loved it. I have located that spot. I started it a little while ago thinking exactly that. I will not know where the money has gone so I will need a little put aside to make myself feel better.

    It does seem that babies grow faster down here. It will at least be spring as you said which is a great time of the year in Melbourne. Ill have to make every moment count. As you said time flies and your daughter is already nine. All the best.

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Fully agreed on a good core of 18 with a healthy element of competition for some of the places.

    Btw Arsenal scored six more than City in the PL – would you believe it! 😉

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    Alex 🙂

    Just make sure you put everything in place at your business for you to take a total break for at least the first two weeks. It might not be easy, but it is totally worth it (and your wife will need you to be there in body and mind…. 🙂 )

  48. James Bond says:

    that’s unbelievable.

    so we scored more than city and had one of the best defences (based on conceding goals) and yet we finish 4th and they finished 2nd ?

    how does that happen, someone explain ?

  49. Glic says:

    I think they got more points !.

  50. James Bond says:

    ah, wait

    could it be because of their record against the top 5 teams ?

    yep, that might be it.

  51. James Bond says:

    hahahaha @ Glics

  52. Highbury Harmony says:

    Another fantastic article TA :).

    I’m with Paul, £22k up front is ridiculously cheap! How the heck did AW manage to negotiate that? Are Real that desperate to get rid of Higuain that they’ll only be accepting 22,000 up front?

    Onto your three questions.

    1) Ches needs to learn to fight for his place, he (his father) acted like a child throwing their toys out of the pram last season when Fab took over and it seems as though he does not deal well with adversity. This is not a good sign for the mental strength needed to be a nr.1, though he did adapt well later when he got another chance to be the nr.1 again.

    Whatever happens in net, AW will be signing a player to make us a better team overall and players have to lose their sense of entitlement and complacency/comfort these past years and start dealing with the reality that we’re just not a good enough team right now.

    2) I don’t think OG will complain about a lack of playing time. He’ll probably end up thriving more in a secondary/super sub role and do better in the odd games he will start. Higuain should sufficiently relieve the pressure from him and be our go to guy against the top clubs and make us all forget about van Judas.

    3) DM would likely impact our team the least in terms of playing time. Arteta isn’t getting any younger and Jack needs to take a year to slowly transition back into the squad and to full fitness (unlike last year when he was thrown into the fire). Ramsey showed good promise and is a great team player – AW will continue to ensure he still gets decent playing time, likely rotating with Arteta playing alongside the DM.

  53. James Bond says:

    ladies and gents, i give you a “Mr.Bendtner”

    Bendtner said last month: “Will it be good for me to go to a big club where I risk the bench?

    “No, I’d rather go somewhere where the club is located just below the top where I can play every week.

    “I can take a step back to take three forward.”

    PS: isn’t he the same guy who said he was bigger than hamburg or a different club of sorts ? ahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah what a complete $”£$!£$£!! tosser.

  54. TotalArsenal says:


    That is it: they got the better of the Chavs and us (1 win and 1 draw) and went level with their neighbours. They won two more games than us and had we beaten them at home, we would have finished second this season.

    Next season, we are no longer a team in transition but will have added some special quality to a decent to strong core, and therefore we should improve in our one to ones with the top-four contenders.

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening and thanks, HH the part-timer! hahaha 😀

    Fine comment and mostly agreed.

    Wojciech’s dad made a fool of himself but I am not sure how much our GK was to blame for it.

    I thought Jack’s operation was only a minor one and he will be fully available come the next season, no?

  56. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, regardless who’s fault it was, it still looks bad on Ches’ part. I mean, he’s not going to control what his father says and does, but I’m sure Ches had a conversation with his dad about his discontent with the lack of playing time, which eventually led to the outburst. Of course, it’ll never be reported by his father that his son threw a tamper tantrum to him first and then his public displeasure was just part of the chain reaction.

    Whether or not Jack’s ready, it was quite clear that AW was adamant on not rushing him anymore and having the proper time and rest each week to allow him to be healthier long-term. Just a hunch, but I don’t think we’ll see Jack start as often next year, especially for the first 1/3 of the season (maybe even half).

  57. Highbury Harmony says:

    And yes TA, unfortunately it will be sporadic/part-time for me for a while now that I’ve started my consulting job in Washington. The new job is extremely demanding and there’s very long hours, so I will try my best to make it on here and write articles when I can :).

  58. Milo says:

    HH, agreed. I couldn’t believe what Szczesny’s father said about the club and Arsene Wenger. We will find another young keeper, if Szczesny isn’t up to sticking it out and EARNING his place.

    I know most of you (us) saw Emi Martinez’s horror show against Reading in the Capital One Cup, but he has proven to be more than capable at the reserve level, and is a brilliant shot stopper. Like Szczesny, he needs to improve his distribution, but, if he is willing to put the effort in, he will be a very, very good keeper, I think. He has come alllllllll the way from Argentina, hasn’t said a peep about his match time and team selection, and is talented. I think he more than deserves a chance to at least play some more cup matches for us. He MIGHT go out on loan though, BUT if Szczesny leaves, and Cesar arrives, I don’t see that happening, as every keeper at the club would move up the rankings a spot or two.

  59. Gerry says:

    I have to say I am not fully with it on what Szcz’s dad said. That kind of peripheral chat is the kind of thing that goes on regularly with rising tennis stars and ambitious parents. Some get affected by it, others, well their talent sees them through.

    I am saddened at the way Szcz is now perceived. Two season’s ago he was our outstanding keeper – with no competition, I might add? – Widely hailed as the best young keeper aside from Joe Hart(who also has had his critics lately). Above all, he was/is a gooner through and through. His celebrations on wins, against Spurs in particular, mark him down as someone who loves being here, and respects the club’s traditions?

    Last season was not his best. Long before his dad’s outburst his confidence/concentration was patchy to say the least. I am not going to speculate on the his life outside of football, but I do believe it seriously affected him, and his performances. The previous year there was loads of clips with him having fun with the young guys he has come through with since he came here. Not a lot was seen in that respect last season?

    Sadly there is someone else who let outside issues ruin their promising career, that of Nicky B. – I find his descent more depressing than laughing at his departure, albeit his over-blown self confidence did offer a target for much ridicule. I also think JW should take note. His ‘jack the lad’ attitude can only go so far before he wakes up and finds he is not a young man any more, and at some point in the not too distant future he will have to ‘apply’ himself in a professional manner, both on and off the field?

    Luckily for us, I saw enough in those last few matches Szcz had got his focus back, and I think he is probably more self critical than the aforementioned NB, and his long term future here is not under any serious threat. I want to see that dry wit of his return, and then he will be fully restored as a our No1 keeper, and respected for that achievement?

    I agree on the Martinez call. He will be sound for our No3 keeper, with Mannone’s departure.

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    Okay HH, I didn’t know you had a ‘proper job’ now. I fully understand you’ll have less time to blog and write posts for a while. Once you have settled into the job you might find more time. 🙂

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    Milo 🙂

    Szczesny has publicly apologised for his father’s rant, so all should be forgotten now. Fathers love sons and sometimes they go too far in showing it, but why be too harsh on him/them?

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent observations, Gerry. 🙂

    Bit critical on Jack, though?!

  63. Red Arse says:


    I am still in awe of your ability to write such high quality Posts with such regularity!

    You are a genius, sir! 😀

  64. Gerry says:

    TA – My thoughts on Jack came from your earlier blog on the benefits of having a United reject here – ‘he will be amongst friends he gets along with’.

    I am sorry, i see that as a damaging negative. The instant picture I get is; straight from the training ground and spend an afternoon on the couch; playing Fifa on their playstation, smoking and drinking beer, and pizzas to follow …. and I see ‘jack the lad’ falling for that lifestyle very easily? But the thought of Gibbs and the Ox getting drawn into it as well, just adds to my despair.

    Hence my outright opposition to said player getting anywhere near our threshold. Yes the younger ones, and they were the ones you mentioned, would have been brought up on Rooney at his peak, and given their ages, that sense of immaturity that he would bring would find some appeal. The older ones with a sense of ‘professional responsibility won’t buy it .. and at a guess, I’m not sure RVJ did either?

    It was meant as a warning, rather than a criticism. He has spent a lot of time not playing, and has filled his time with stuff the he will have to leave behind if he is to become the player everyone expects him to be.

    I will add the unnecessary ‘it is just my opinion’ – It ought to be, I wrote it ha ha

  65. Red Arse says:

    Your concern is valid, Gerry.

    The caveat, “it is just my opinion” is, of course, unnecessary tautology, but occasioned by trying to imply other views are also relevant, as opposed to the practice of some bloggers who appear didactic and give the impression of handing down an inviolable judgement on some footie subject, often based on shaky knowledge foundations.

    Then, of course, there is verbosity! 😳

  66. jgc says:

    Hi TA et al,

    Late as always down under. Anyway, a few thoughts to add something sort of new.

    A. I don’t worry too much about the optimal lineup. They are all pretty good and frankly, the injury gods have not been kind to Arsenal in recent years so, IMO, they will all get chances between various cups, some rotation for he weary and the eve present injury specter.

    B. Alex, FYI, it is just not nearly nearly nearly as bad as TA and VCC and others imply. Tho those few times it’s bad, it’s somewhat better to be dead. But, IMO, they are pretty few. Except for me, imade the major mistake of marrying someone who was not, by a far cry, a lighter sleeper than i am. So, barring that… Best wishes!

    C. Alex, and Gerry is somewhat right. However, fortunately, you will have far less time to drink beer at the pub, so it should all even out a bit. But, ask for a raise now anyway! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  67. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Redders 🙂

    It is getting tougher though – not much happening other than endless speculation and gossip. Cannot wait till the first friendly on 14th!

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gerry

    Fair enough. I see Jack as a total professional, who lives and dies for football. Of course, he is also a very young man and will make the occasional mistake…. nothing new there.

    A motivated Rooney would be a great player for Jack, and others, to have in the team. I guess we just see things differently, but I understand why Wilshere, purely from a sporting point of view, would love Rooney to join the team.

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    RA your 8.14 is a linguistic feast 😛

  70. TotalArsenal says:

    jgc – Alex owns his company so can give himself a raise as much as he likes! 😛

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    Next post tonight around 9-10pm!

    Keep rocking and catch you later. 🙂

  72. alexgunners says:

    Thanks for the wishes and advice. The business is under my wife’s name for tax purposes so I think I will ask the boss for a raise. I don’t sleep much so I will be happy to take care of things whilst I am at home.

    TA, I will be taking 4 weeks off and I have already employed someone else just to help with the work load.

  73. Glic says:

    Someone please translate Redders @ 08:14…….. as I`ve left my Universal Translator on board the Enterprise !. hahaha

  74. alexgunners says:


    I thought that you armed with your very own Glictionary would be able to translate that paragraph for us all. Not all of us have a grasp of the English language such as Redders.

    Sorry Red, you have certainly lost me.

  75. Glic says:

    Sorry alex, my Glictionary only covers words I make up myself and they are far too rude for this time of the day !.
    This is Redders checking out that he hasn’t left any words out of volume 26 ( Z ) of the Redders Dictionary !.

  76. Red Arse says:

    Not to worry, alex, it was totally inappropriate English for a worldwide audience. 🙂

    As for you Glic-o-Man, it is smacked botty time, and I will ask VCC to administer one of his specials!! (Thing is Terry loves corporal punishment so much, he will probably be jealous!!) 🙂

  77. alexgunners says:

    Thanks anyway. That is one helluva book.
    Are we expecting appearances by Dr Glic in the new season?

  78. alexgunners says:

    It’s not inappropriate English, it’s just that some of the words you use is way beyond the vocabulary of a sparky. Lucky there are such things as online dictionaries

  79. Glic says:

    Possibly alex. I`m thinking of putting Dr Glic on to video instead, so he can be even more explicit !….( of course with a #warning# before hand ! ) as you bastardildos have been getting an easy ride in the written version !. hahaha

  80. Glic says:

    Hello Redders, me old cocker !…….god, I haven`t used or heard that term of endearment in years !. hahaha

  81. alexgunners says:

    Will there be a subscription for Dr Glic’s Video Diaries and his Lesbanians? I will happily pay for the service

  82. TotalArsenal says:

    Four weeks is excellent, Alex. Plenty of time to watch the Arsenal games whilst rocking your baby to sleep – be careful when the boys score, though; you don’t want to wake them up when they have just gone to sleep…. 😛

  83. Glic says:

    If you do alex, I will throw in for free……..The Secret Videos of Dr Glics Bearded Dwarf Cornish Inbred Ladies !…….Victor von Zimmerstein says it works better than Viagra for him !. Mind you that bastard is f**king disturbed and will do anything to erect his mechanical monster !. hahaha

  84. alexgunners says:

    You are one of a kind. Always a pleasure. Not sure about the Inbred Bearded Ladies

    Quite the opposite, I think that the baby will have to adjust to UK time in order to stay up and watch the games with me.


    Alex my dear boy, you must never take time off work. This is the slippery slope to “Expectancy”

    Soon you will be expecetd to do all number of chores, including dreaded light bulb changing, mowing the lawn etc..It could get so bad that soon the mrs will be asking you for a cup of TV.

    You seem like a lovely lad, so allow me to sugest a change of image.

    Grow some stubble, invest in a string vest, and start consuming loads of take away food washed down with copiuos amounts of lager. This should give you the added weight and beer belly to slump on the settee and stay there.

    Try to practice 3 to 4 word liners like “Weres my dinner”, “Fetch us a beer”, “Give us the Remote” etc.

    If none of this works, then get a dodgy letter from your Doctor explaining you have a moderate to serious back condition, and only rest and lager dulls the pain. This worked for 2 months for me until i was caught out.

    The last resort is to threaten removal of conjugal rights. You can not lose on this score. She will either succumb to your wishes, or, like me, be so delighted with the withdrawal, allow you to slump on the settee all night. hahaha

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Alex, you are a true Gooner. 🙂

    The first time she will sleep through the night, you and your wife will celebrate like a FA cup final win.

  87. alexgunners says:


    Bloody Great Advice!
    It was that good that the Mrs had to read it because i was laughing so hard.
    I am a sparky and I don’t even change the globes in my own house.

    The stubble is a great idea and the 3 to 4 word liners is the way to go. I do feel like i have done my back somewhat since reading your reply, I guess a trip to the Dr is a must.

    Calling Dr Glic

  88. alexgunners says:


    you are probably spot on and obviously speaking from experience.

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahaha Terry Machiavelli Hair Transplant – Master of the Darkest Relationships Arts

    So lazy even his hair refuses to grow 😀

  90. alexgunners says:

    I’d have a years worth of sleepless nights for an FA cup final win

  91. alexgunners says:

    To all you fine gents,
    It’s nearly midnight in the land of OZ and I bid all of you a great day. Until the next post.

  92. TotalArsenal says:

    one year of sleepless nights, Alex>?! Now that’s commitment! hahaha 😛

  93. James Bond says:

    that was bloody brilliant @ Terry

    ahahahaha i’m in stitches here ahahahahhaha

  94. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey boys, I’ve been reading and I actually wrote a ton on the Rooney post. It was too harsh and I’m glad I had to leave it without posting…

    Suffice it to say that I am in complete agreement with Gerry. So too with Reds and (obviously) verbosity is a bee in (what’s left of my) bonnet…

    As for the content of that thread (and this one too)… Competition for places is necessary and worrying about players being able to “take it,” whilst trying to interpret their statements (and those of their entourage…) is an(other) exercise in “choosing favorites” — It’s fun, but essentially meaningless. Add in “opinions” about the quality of the guys (who is underrated, overrated, etc.) and it gets super-stupid…Qualitative observations of what we ALL can SEE, i.e., what players do on the pitch, I think, is more interesting. So too are statistical analyses, though they are just another window. In the end, it’s ALL still opinion…

    Arsenal finished 4th in the league and had disappointing exits in all the cup competitions last season. To do better, the quality (and depth) of the squad must rise through purchases and development of our younger players. Fortunately, through (generally) wise purchases emphasizing these ideas (depth and youth player development) we have created a solid squad of players who (mostly) bring a strong “team first” element. Additionally we have managed our finances well and now we seem well poised to push on to a higher level…

    In recent years we have been a “selling” club and the instant transition to being a “buying” team, while tempting, will not occur. If this policy is reversed and we buy people like Wayne Rooney, whose bloated salary and questionable team and professional ethics United are desperate to offload (for big money, much as we offloaded the likes of Adebayor, K. Toure, Clichy and Nasri to a certain buying team…), I will have a LOT of trouble supporting the current management. Luckily, I have faith that it is all smoke designed (in part) to stimulate that sector of the “support,” who prefer live in the realm of fantasy… That this site, which has also touted the “values” of the club, goes in for this sort of (pure) speculation, saddens me…

    Whoa, re-reading that, I guess it is still pretty harsh…

    So, for the sake of brevity (:lol:) I won’t say “it’s just my opinion” or, “as always, WTF do I know?” Instead, I’ll leave with the same apology I’ve been using with each of my recent (much too long posts) and simply use my favorite of all the Britishisms…

    “Sorry”… (And then I will run away and hide, again…)

    (Finally, Alex… All joking aside, having a kid is fantastic. Obviously it will change your life, but all for the better. You wake up already to watch Arsenal…CL matches I know start at crazy times down under…You will be just fine… Congrats x10…)

  95. Admir says:

    Hello, people! 🙂

    TA raised some very important questions and that’s great way to reach proper answers.

    Personally, I believe that team needs both competition and hierarchy. The Invincibles are great example with one footnote: we lost to Chavs in CL because of lack of quality players on the bench that could keep the rhythm of the game. It’s the very same thing Henry pointed at in 2004-05.

    Personally, I would see Arteta going to bench as the biggest mistake since giving up on Gilberto Silva. There is still room for Arteta in our team and it is more likely that Ramsey would be dropped in favour of Fellaini. Arteta is the best passer of all three players and with those two in the starting line-up we would lose on the ball flaw.

    Anyway, I’m a bit pessimistic these days so at this moment and I don’t see any of aforementioned players (maybe Cesar) coming to Arsenal at all but let’s wait a bit.

  96. TotalArsenal says:

    hi 17HT 🙂

    Hope that feels a bit better! 😀

    Clearly, the last few posts have not been your cup of tea and you have expressed your views and feelings with exquisite clarity.

    Hope the next few posts might be more to your liking. 🙂

    Or maybe you can write your second one for us! 😉

  97. TotalArsenal says:

    Admir 🙂

    I can see where you are coming from, and if we don’t buy a new nr.10 you might well be right. I like Arteta a lot but Fellaini-Jack would be more my preference as first choice DM pairing.

  98. Dylan says:

    Competition for places will be team next year. We have a good squad we just need to keep our players, add a few young ones, and 3-4 world class players to make sure we have good competition for places. Then we will have an incredible squad who is more than capable of winning trophies again. 🙂

  99. James Bond says:

    yeah 17ht, i’m kinda getting bored of TA’s post 😀 would be nice to a 2nd one off you when you get some time to spare ; ) would love your thoughts on Suarez joining us ; )

    sky bet have slashed their odds on the trouble maker joining us 😀

  100. James Bond says:


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