Indonesia Dream Team v Arsenal pre-view: Miquel, Ryo, Gnabry, Eisfeld to shine?

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s friendly against ‘Indonesia Dream Team’: nothing is a better antidote against the poisonous Torture Window shenanigans than watching a game of football involving our boys. It will only be temporary relief, and as per the nature of early season friendlies, it probably won’t be much of a game to watch, but at least the ball will be rolling again and we can watch eleven Arsenal shirts in action for the first time in two month.

This is the 24-man squad for the Asia Tour (thanks JM for providing the data):
GK: Lukasz Fabianski, Wojciech Szczesny, Damian Martinez

DF: Kieran Gibbs, Carl Jenkinson, Laurent Koscielny, Per Mertesacker, Ignasi Miquel, Bacary Sagna

MF: Mikel Arteta, Ryo, Aaron Ramsey, Tomas Rosicky, Jack Wilshere, Serge Gnabry, Kris Olsson, Thomas Eisfeld, Chuks Aneke, Gedion Zelalem

FW: Olivier Giroud, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lukas Podolski, Theo Walcott, Chuba Akpom

The following players did not travel to Indonesia:

i) Santi Cazorla and Nacho Monreal (extended rest due to their involvement in the Confederations Cup)
ii) Yaya Sanago (still with France at the Under-20 World Cup)
iii) Thomas Vermaelen, Abou Diaby, Emmanuel Frimpong (injured/recovering)
iv) Gervinho (announced as “sickness” … or something more ?…. Linked with Marseille, Roma)
v) Joel Campbell, Wellington Silva (no work permit to play for Arsenal yet?)
vi) Chamakh, Bendtner, Santos, CY Park (on sales)

I have not got a clue which team Arsene will select for tomorrow’s friendly, which will be shown by ESPN at Sunday 2.45 p.m. If I had my way, I would start with a strong team, but give at least some of the youngsters a chance to show us how much further they have developed last season. I would love to see more of Gnabry, Miquel, Eisfeld, Olsson, Aneke, Zelalem and Akpom during this tour.

I don’t think Arsene will add more than two or three top players to the team this summer, and with a number of players who were regarded as surplus to requirement now departed – with more to follow – there is a good opportunity for some of the above mentioned youngsters to play themself into the squad for next season.

Your guess is as good as mine as in who is going to start in tomorrow’s team. This is a time for experimenting and it will be interesting to see how we line up, in terms of formation, and who will start/ play where. No doubt, Arsene will make many substitutions and it will be hard to pull any big conclusions from Sunday’s encounter.

I expect us to be in with the familiar 4-2-1-3 (4-2-3-1) formation and would like Arsene to start with the following players:

Let's attack with speed and invention with proper wingers, Wilshere and Eisfeld mastering midfield, and Giroud playing the holding striker role.
Let’s attack with speed and invention: with proper wingers, Wilshere and Eisfeld mastering midfield, and Giroud playing the ‘holding striker’ role, whilst benefiting himself from proper wing-service.

How would like Arsenal to line-up for tomorrow’s friendly?

Enjoy the game fine fellow Gooners! 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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40 thoughts on “Indonesia Dream Team v Arsenal pre-view: Miquel, Ryo, Gnabry, Eisfeld to shine?

  • nice one, TA

    good pre- match up post as usual…

    for once, i fully agree with your starting 11

    but perhaps i wouldn’t mind if Poldi started on the left and then came off at half time with a few more players like Giroud, JW and Arteta for the likes of TW, Zelalem and Ramsey

  • I would put Jack in the hole to test him there in preseason and sub Eisfeld on for him at halftime, starting Arteta and Ramsey at the double DM spots.

  • James and Dylan, your proposed changes would work for me as well.

    Poldi on the left would add experience and direct goal threat, and Jack in the hole is also a good option. I would prefer to see Eisfeld in the hole for this game though, just to see how would perform there.

  • I am really interested to see how well Kristoffer Olsson does on tour! He is a very uniquely gifted player, and hopefully he can show that to everyone. He did very well in the matches I saw him play last season, and I think that if he can handle himself physically, we will have a real player on our hands, in the future 😀

  • Milo, from the bits I’ve seen of him, be looks very much like Rosicky (playing wise not actual looks). What do you think?

  • I reckon we will start with the 6 GB boys seeing as there has been such focus being put on them with the new kit launch etc.

    Ox/Walcott on the wings, Jack in the hole with Ramsey playing deeper with Arteta, and Jenks/Gibbs RB/LB.

  • Yes, you are right, but what I am hoping he develops in to is more of a Pirlo type player, who can play in a defensive position, but contribute to the attack by facilitating play. He has been utilized in a deeper role, and at first he looked a little lost, but by the middle and end of the season, he was performing consistently well there, as part of the “2” in a 4-2-3-1 formation. I think of him as a more mobile, forward passing Arteta, or a less accomplished Pirlo at this point in his career. He COULD get to that level, I don’t know, but his ability on the ball, and to retain possession as well as his intelligence, is second to none within our youth ranks.

  • Hi TotalArsenal. Your team is good however I’ll put Ramsey where Arteta is, OX where Wilshire n move Wilshire to left wing. Why? Ramsey seems the natural successor to Arteta. A player who does all the basics right and works according to the coach’s instructions. The OX is very fit, dynamic and very mobile and has been very impessive each time he has played a deeper midfield role. He can a genuine box to box player. I prefer Jack on the wing because he seems to want to drift to wing positions when in possession because that is his natural position. Jack also wants to hold and run with the ball which is more suitable to that position. He can be our Neymar, Messi, Ljungberg etc. Everytime I see Eisfield I see Fabregas so you are spot on there.

  • Timely post TA, and it is one where we can all have a view … and all be right?

    The squad is great, and advert for our promising stars to have a chance to strut their stuff. I know some had to stay behind to fulfill fixture back home, but it may also signal a likely loan spell for some?

    The standout missing name is Nico Yennaris for me, as I would love to see him starting in place of Arteta at some point. But still a month before the serious stuff starts, so it may happen?

    That said, the rest of the youngsters there are oozing ‘special quality’ at their own age level, now we should get to see how they do with the step up. None more so than Zelalem, who at such a young age is about to out ‘Fabregas’ in terms of promising talent. I am sure we will catch glimpses of him from the bench during this tour?

    But to the serious bit, the starting 11. Much as I like your take TA, I would guess it might be a tad more conservative up front. A lot depends on fitness of course, so picking a starting will definitely include:
    Szcz -subbed for Fab at half time?
    Bacs or Jenks – again switched at ht, but no rest for Gibbs on the other side I guess?
    Per and Kos – and time for both TV5 and Miquel late on.

    Now it gets more difficult. Does Jack start, and just have 45 minutes, or if he is just below peak, give 20 minutes at the end? Despite his enthusiasm, I would favour the latter?

    So Arteta and Ramsey it is, but without the aforementioned Nico, or even Hayden, it does highlight how thin we are if you take out Arteta in this position? Time to experiment?
    It could mean Ramsey and the Ox in the second half, and Jack and Ox at the finish? Or even Jack and Chucks Aneke at some point?

    I too want to see Eisfeld have a great tour, he being the oldest member of the ‘youth squad’, I recall he was out for a time at the end of the season, so I don’t see him starting, but a late show is possible. So in the absence of Santi, this would be an ideal time for the Ox in his perfect position? He may drop back, or just play an hour, but he should be the AM from the start, imo.

    The rest is just formation and bodies.
    On the right you can have Rosi and Gnabry. On the left Ryo and Podli, and in the middle Giro and Akpom Behind those two Ox giving way to Olsson and Zelaem … with, at some point, much of our future on the first team pitch together??

    Wilshere, Walcott, OX, Eisfeld, Ryo, Olsson, Sanogo, Zelalem, Gnabry, and Akpom? ..well maybe not all, but that is one great midfield/attack to drool over,

    My starting 11 would be different, with subs in order 1/2/3 at some time:
    Jenks/Verm(switching to back 3)
    Giroud/ Akpom

    Or something along those lines?

  • Players like gnabry, rio, eistffeld,miguel should be given more time on the pitch so as to gain experience

  • Hopefully the likes of Ryo, Eisfeld and Aneke will prove that we do not need to sign even more players.
    We seemed to have signed a hundred new players since we last won anything, perhaps it is time to give the younger players their head.
    And play players in their correct positions.
    Walcott deserves a run in the centre forward spot – his pace would not go amiss in what is otherwise a pedestrian centre field attack.

  • nine post…and quite relieving to that the Arsenal gonna play today

    my take would be to include Poldi. let him play an extended period since he is fit and ready to go.
    Eisfeld, Gnabry and Miquel need a place in the team, but wondering why Yennaris was not included

  • I like your team TA, I’m looking forward to seeing Eisfeld, if I remember correctly he scored two goals in a similar fixture last year after coming on as a sub. It will also be interesting to how Jack gets on today, just glad Arsenal are back on tele in what seems like an eternity

  • Tony – Agree with the former, not with the latter, although you did remind me I had missed Walcott off my various 11’s.

    So I guess I would slot him ahead of Rosicky, again thinking fitness and time given to Gnabry .. So my right side line would be Wlacott/Gnabry/Rosicky, with the first switch at ht, so Gnabry gets 35/40 minutes, and Rosi a short run out, depending on how the game goes?

    If you were commenting on TA’s selected, I don’t see a lack of pace there? With Arteta as the anchor, Wilshere can turn and move forwards quickly (at his best), Eisfeld can be very direct, Ryo on the left, and despite Gnabry’s build he can be deceptively quick. Not winger quick, but enough to leave central defenders in his wake.. Well Giro’s job is to hold it up to play in the latter pair, and get his head on Jenks and Ryo’s crosses

    But if you take a different view that is fine. In this 10 or 12 man sub match, we can all get a bit of what we want?

  • Guys you forgot about chuba akpom and chucks aneke. I think we should start with chuba as the striker and chucks for JW. If we don’t see dis guys now b4 de go on loan, when do we?

  • cheers for the pre-match TA. I’d love to see that lineup. Eisfeld – Gnabry – Ryo…poetry in motion!!!

  • Cheers for comments guys! 🙂

    Here is the line up:

    Fabianski, Jenkinson, Miquel, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Gnabry, Akpom, Ox, Walcott

    Subs: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Rosicky, Podolski, Wilshere, Giroud, Zelalem, Aneke, Ryo, Martinez, Eisfeld, Olsson

  • Morning boys…. 2 quick ones from Sagna to Giroud…and in! Very nice…

  • Sagna and Giroud are giving hosts a proper display of French connection. Giroud’s second goal was a real beauty.

  • 6-nil…Sicky with a 2nd assist–a perfect ball which Olsson tucks in…

    Oops, and there’s #7…Giroud heads down to Eisfeld…

  • Not a bad run-out….Tell me about that thing Sicky is wearing (after stripping off his shirt)…Is it the Man-sier or the Bro?

  • Anything less than a beat down on the Indonesian dream team would have been a disappointment. Good to know that we can create chances and score goals against much, much lesser competition though.

    Thanks for the preview by the way TA :).

  • Great game, some quality finishing from Giroud and Podolski, also nice to see some of the youngsters getting in on the action Eisfeld and Akpom. Slightly disappointed there was no Jack this afternoon but hopefully he will be around for Vietnam on Wednesday

  • Hi and welcome, Offschore G 🙂

    I thought the finishing was good for all seven goals, but yes, really nice to see Giroud, Pod and Theo take their chances today.

    I missed Jack today as well, but was v happy to see Eisfeld getting 45 minutes. Also nice to see Rosicky really up for it.

  • Thanks TA, I like Eisfeld a lot I hope he gets a few more opportunities in the upcoming season. Rosicky is an absolute class act and one of our saving graces last season. Bring on Vietnam I would love to see double figures on Wednesday. Oh and nice to see the two Manchester clubs not looking to good so far

  • I am based in East Anglia not far from Norwich, I started reading your blog whilst working offshore (hence the name) and read it everyday when I can now. Today was the first time I’ve seen Ollson play, another good prospect for the future

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