Match review: Theo, OG and Pod look sharp, Full Backs rusty, Eisfeld and Akpom impress

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Quick thoughts on a game that was easy on the eye, against a weak but hard working opponent.

Today, Arsenal played a lot better than expected, given the heat and it being the first game of the season. A lot of youngsters were given a chance in this game, although Arsene opted for a solid defence with only Miquel, and Jenkinson to some extent, as non-regulars. He also started with the so familiar double-DM pairing of Ramsey and Arteta which gave the team structure and balance from the start. Fabianski was preferred to Szczesny, but I don’t think we can read much into this (yet). Up-front, Ox played in the hole, with Gnabry and Theo on the wings; and the biggest surprise of the day, Akpom held the line.

Arsenal played with a relatively high tempo from the start and passed the ball round well. As a team, they looked a bit rusty at times, as a number of combinations of passes were not completed and did not lead to a chance in the first half.

It was good to see us using the wings well, and especially Walcott looked sharp. Gnabry looked lively, and reminds me a lot of Ox, but especially in the first half he lacked a bit of  patience and composure at times. In the second half he improved, and the assist for  the second goal showed what he is capable of when he opts to go to the by-line and produce a fine assist for another attacker, rather than go inside and try to score a wonder goal.

Ox played quite well in midfield, and his interception in our own half and subsequent run with the ball led to the only goal in the first half. Ox  remained calm and pulled back the ball to Theo, who took his chance really well from the edge of the box.

Arteta was solid and demanding, and Ramsey was very active and driven and one of the best players of the half. Really nice to see him up for this game and trying to make things happen.

Gibbs and Jenkinson did have little to do as defenders but their forward play was below par in the first half. A number of crosses were inaccurate or weak, and they looked rusty in general, although they did worked hard to support our attackers.

Akpom struggled to assert himself on the game in the first half: he did not make himself available and was not anticipating the game / be at the right place at the right time enough. However, just like Gnabry, he improved significantly in the second half, and he did everything right for the second goal. He is still very young, but is showing real promise.

Arteta, Mertesacker, Fabianski , Koz and Sagna did not have to do much defensively, so I cannot pass much judgement on their performances today.  Sagna was very effective going forward, though, and he produced a couple of assists in quick succession.

I was  a bit disappointed in our young, Spanish CB today. Miquel made some fine interceptions and produced a very nice long ball, but he was at fault in defence a few times and this could have led to a goal – stronger opposition would have pounced on his mistakes today.

Once the second goal went in, and with Arsenal bringing on Giroud, Podolski, Rosicky and Sagna it became a really easy game for us. Good chances were created and our players took them well. Zelalem and Olsson made good first impressions, and the latter converted Rosicky’s superb cross into the box really well.

It was great to see Giroud sharp from the moment he came onto the pitch; especially his second goal was a fine finish. The same goes for Podolski who took his chance well.

However, the goal of the match for me belongs to Eisfeld, who impressed me once again very much with his composure, reading of the game and effectiveness/directness. He was given great service by Giroud for his goal, but he still had a lot to do. He finished in a ‘Neymar-esque’ style, with a vicious and well-placed shot that left the half-decent Indonesian goalie with no chance whatsoever!

We cannot take much from this game, as our opponents were too weak to give us a proper game, but I liked our energy and appetite, the tempo with which we played and the many chances we created AND converted.

It was also  great to see so many fellow Gooners supporting our team many thousands of miles away: they did our club proud! And luckily none of our players got injured.

Bring on the Vietnamese! 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal.

103 thoughts on “Match review: Theo, OG and Pod look sharp, Full Backs rusty, Eisfeld and Akpom impress

  • You pretty much summed up my thoughts completely, TA. 🙂 I’m going to just give my thoughts on our young players for now, and maybe come back and talk about our senior players later. 😉 I agree Miquel looked shaky. I’ve read a lot of people saying he played great and will be a good third choice with Verm injured. I disagree. He still looks like he has potential, but isn’t ready for first team. A loan in the premier league would do him a lot of good. Maybe to one of the newly promoted sides if they need a CB. 🙂 Gnabry excited me as usual. He has tons of potential. But needs to learn to be more composed on the ball. Olsson excited me as well. It’s the first time I’ve really seen him play (outside of short youtube videos) and I think he plays a lot like Rosicky, and having Rosicky mentor him directly could prove to be huge to his development. 🙂 Akpom disappointed me. I’ve heard some very very good things about him and he didn’t do as good as I had hoped. The first half especially. He didn’t make any good runs that I can remember and looked like he was hiding most of the game. His finish was good though and the second half performance from him was good enough for me to still say he’s just young and will still end up being very good. 🙂 Aneke was out of position so I can’t say much about him. But that just shows we need another CB. Eisfeld impressed me again. He had some decent service from corners (better than Theo) and he looked like he knew where to go to receive balls and play balls to others. Basically, he looked very intelligent on and off the ball, which is a key feature for all CAM’s. 🙂 Martinez had almost nothing to do so I still don’t know too too much about him. And finally the player who impressed me most: Zelalem. 😀 I remember once incredible ball he played that was about 30 yards, through multiple defenders, to (I think) Olsson’s foot. His positioning off the ball looked a little questionable at times but he has pace, vision, and good intelligence (for a 16 year old). He will be world class one day. The next Fabregas seems an appropriate label to me. Maybe we can bring the current Cesc back to train the new Cesc. 😉 Overall, the future looks bright for us. Especially if you include the players we didn’t use (Ex. Ryo), the players we left home (Ex. Yennaris), our new youth players (Ex. Crowley, Sanogo, Perez, Raage), and the young players we’ve been linked with (Ex. Zouma, Kondogbia, Sanabria, etc). I’d love to hear feedback on my thoughts on our players and other people’s thoughts on the players on display today. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  • I found it interesting that Chuks Aneke played some of the match at centre-back. The coaching staff could have just been trying to fit him in somewhere to get minutes, but maybe he has a future as a defensive midfielder? I hope so! I say this because there is just too much competition for him to play as a central attacking midfielder. Not only is there competition from the first team members, but players like Olsson, Eisfeld, Toral and further in the future like Dan Crowley, who by all accounts generally impressed in his debut against Sutton a couple of days ago. Zelalem also would count as competition for Aneke there as well. So I think the most likely way he will break in to the first team squad, is as a defensive midfielder.

  • a very well written summary, TA

    agreed, but what promising talents are olsson and zelalem …it seemed as if they belonged there, unlike akpom who at times was unsure, perhaps needs another season developing or maybe a loan deal will help him….he did improve as the game went on but for me the players i have mentioned looked at ease.

    Eisfield is also another one that looked settled, was also taking corners, was he not ? and they were very decent corners, better than Theo’s 😀

    a good crisp game by us, although i was a bit gutted not to see JW like the most of you, however, he had a cold (confirmed by AW).

  • Dylan 🙂

    That is a very fine additional comment and mostly fully agreed.

    Akpom is not even eighteen, and taking this into account, I think he did well. His goal was all about good anticipation, timing and finishing. But he is, obviously, a work in progress.

  • Milo, I’ve heard people compare Aneke to Yaya Toure (meaning he could be a playmaker in the CDM role) so I think he definitely could be groomed into that position.

  • General comment:

    When it comes down to friendlies, I find it much harder to pull conclusions from the second half, as there are simply too many changes. That’s why you’ll find a stronger emphasis on the team and individual performances in the first half.

  • interesting developments,

    Guardian are reporting that we have gone back to liverpool with an improved bid of 35 million for Suarez.

    we mean business, hee haw!

  • HenryC 🙂

    Where are you mate?

    As soon as the Gunners arrive in your country, you’ll forget about your mates! 😈

    Tell us what is happening over there with our boys!

  • WeeDonald,

    where art thou ? give your dog a break and come play with us sometime as well, even though we know you have a good thing going there but it’s nice to hear your views on here as well ; )

  • Well, Aneke has very, very good technique and vision. You won’t see it on display as a centre-back, but if he is put in to midfield somewhere, you’ll probably see it. I hope he does get a chance because he has been patient, and was tipped by Wenger for big things in the near future, a few seasons ago. He also is a Hale End Academy product, and those are hard to come by, in the first team squad!!!

    I am looking forward to the pre-season match against Manchester CIty on August the 10th, I think it is!!! We probably won’t see too many young players though 😦 BUT it will be good to test ourselves against a truly powerful club, and see where we stand. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Aneke play in defensive midfield in this match, like he did last season, on tour. I thought he acquitted himself well in that match, and was a bit sad that he never played in the first team after that. Hopefully he can kick on from pre-season this time around!

  • Evening Arse Bandits and thank you Totes. 🙂

    I wont draw any conclusions from such a friendly , it was just nice to have an Arsenal footie respite from the Torture Window !. Ramsey run the show imo whilst on and I liked “Z”, he reminded me of Gundogan a bit and for 16 years of age wow, wait `till he puts some muscle on !.
    He He Henry loves a Dutch player Totes and was probably more excited at seeing a bit of Van Dijk !. hahaha

  • I’d like to give a special shout out to Giroud. Yes, this was very inferior opposition but the manner in which he took his goals suggests that whichever striker we bring in won’t just stroll into the team. I like that.

  • Morning all, Well for once I have no comment to make … as I failed to check if my viewing card before the match, and could not get it validated last night. Watch it later on the ‘ Player.

    i did follow it on text, and your summary TA confirms my impression.from that, thanks.

    Today could be interesting on the TW front? Higuain is supposed to have to grovel to satisfy Perez’s need to save face? And Suarez carrot is being dangled once more.

    If I were a betting man, and I am, but not on things like this, I would favour Higgy turning RM down and we get our man for £23.5m(=27m euros, approx).

    Liverpool will need all of the Saurez money to get their targets though, so expect a quick RM bid to be accepted?

    Anybody interested in us hijacking any of ‘Pool’s trio?

  • nice post and comments from you Gooners

    Eisfeld and his composure/vision impressed me most. This kind could end up becoming a Fabregas in the near future. I think everyone noticed that he got freed when Ox left the field. This was because he enjoyed a ‘free role’ which was highlighted by his timing and taking of the goal. Perfect positional awareness for his goal considering that, at that time, he played the second-striker role just behind Giro. He literally floated along the lines together with Rosicky. Well done kid and i admired your footballing intelligence.
    As usual, at some point in the game, Wenger gave Eisfeld the right-midfield position and just like Rambo he struggled a bit – part of the learning process. He also took several corners during this time but same old Arsenal couldn’t connect with any. Overall a good game.

  • A nice early start to the ‘season’ TA, and I agree with your views. 🙂

    If I was Chuks Anneke I would be a little worried. The fact is he has always been a clever and technically very good player, but as with Emmanuel-Thomas, he has put more weight on as he has grown older and has lost a lot of pace. Pity.

  • Dylan,

    I think you summed things up very well early on when the Post was first released.

    Player reviews are always subjective, of course, but it is what makes us all feel good when a player performs well — and fed up when they don’t! 🙂

  • Hi all..
    Sorry for not able to updating the info to all of you sooner..
    TA my brother.. I will never left you all behind.. hehehehe..
    It’s just because of my works.. who made me sick.. for real.. hahaha..
    I just arrived from Bengkulu.. other province of Indonesia.. in Sumatera.. this afternoon..
    and directly to my office cause tonight still have to attend another agenda.. have not have time to go home yet.. pity me.. And you know.. I had to missed the game ‘live’.. a very bad ‘karmic’.. so unlucky.. hiks 3x.. I missed two very important games.. Dutch and Arsenal.. I only can watched them on TV.. I will ask my sister and my son.. what really happened there in GBK..

    But I can tell you all now.. that Arsenal fans in Indonesia.. were very wonderful..
    You will know it from all our players comment after visiting Indonesia..
    I can assure you all.. that Indonesian warm welcoming will be the best during this Asia Tour..
    I guess more than 70.000 fans came to GBK (Gelora Bung Karno) stadium yesterday.. As I saw on TV almost 88.000 sit were full.. And after what happened yesterday.. I am very sure that Arsenal team will come back soon.. In two or three years.. hehehe..

    About the game.. As Indonesian I feel sorry to my team.. They played a very bad football.. Worse than what they did again Dutch a month ago..
    But maybe because Arsenal is better than Dutch I think.. hahahaha..
    The youngsters were very okay.. very promising.. especially Eisfeld..
    But I think Gnabry and Miquel were not ready yet.. still have to watch their games in Vietnam and Japan.. re-Gnabry.. maybe because of his birthday.. he wanted badly to score.. and a little bit too pushy I think.. I like Zelalem also..
    And I can’t wait to watch Miyaichi.. How good is he now..??
    Giroud and Podolski were Awsome.. Rosicky and offcourse Walcott also..
    Sagna also look better.. just hope they all can stay on that performance..

    I must go now.. See you all soon.. bye..

  • For any who don’t have time to watch the whole match, but want to see the hype around Zelalem:
    Around 1:15 he has one good ball, around 1:45 he put any worries about his size to rest by taking a hard foul and getting straight back up, and around 2:00 is his wonder pass. I suggest you watch all of both videos as it captures his performance well. 🙂

  • TA didn’t realise you we’re based in Naarrich, small world. Just heard on talksport Man U have did 30m for our Cesc

  • Very nice Total–any info on the, er, supportive chest-ware that Rosicky was seen wearing once he stripped his shirt?…

    I only saw the match from about the 40th minute on and we looked quite impressive, esp. once the subs (Sicky, Lu-lu, Sagna, Giroud) were on. I cannot say much about the new guys. Watching on a stream and against competition of this sort it’s hard to make a ton of conclusions. Some guys look like they need some bulking up or some improvement in their running and on the ball skills. (Others, like Aneke, as RA points out, are already bulky…)

    I still don’t understand how the club can work these guys in and give them their best shot. Is a loan a good thing or is it really shopping them to the team which takes them? I guess a lot of that has to do with the age of the player and what stands in front of him in the first team. One would guess, given the pressure for short-term results, that it’s as tough as ever for the young guys at the moment.

    On that front, there are reports that we’re upping our bid for Suarez 🙄 , United are trying to work with Barca around Cesc (after losing out to Pep/Bayern on Thiago) but we have the “buy-back” clause and Real Madrid begin practice with Ancelloti today–The big news in the Spanish Press is that merengues still want Bale, RM have 26 first team players but only 25 numbers available and Xavi got married and Cesc brought the most buxom of all the WAGs… Or at least that was my take from the photos…Let’s just say that she wasn’t wearing that thing that Rosicky was… 😀

    Dylan, when can we expect your first BKesque post (on youth who will make the first team, go on loan, etc. ) and can you (or others based in North America…) help me with US television issues? It’s all ESPN now, it appears, so do I need to do something special (i.e. pay my satellite company) to insure that I get all the Arsenal matches?…

    Cheers, in advance….

  • 17, I’ve been putting some thought into writing a post lately, but I’m not sure what to write about! I guess I could write about the youth thing like you suggested, but I’m not sure. 😉 As for the TV thing me and my family are also unsure of what to do to ensure we get all the premier league games because of Fox Soccer losing TV rights to the premier league in the US. Sorry I can’t be very helpful on that topic! 🙂

  • Dylan, did you watch yesterday on a stream or was there TV? Also, doesn’t ESPN normally have stuff on ESPN-3 (high quality streams)… Just curious… For me, if I’m getting up early to watch a match, I don’t want to have to worry about the feed…

    You should write something… Just make it quick if you hope to keep up with the transfer “news”… 😀 (Any new thoughts?…)

  • I watched on a stream from the UK. It wasn’t on any US TV stations, but I’ve found a website that allows me to stream ESPN UK. As for ESPN 3, they do usually have high quality streams, but apparently not for Arsenal pre-season! 😉 The website I used was: 🙂 And they have the match on Wednesday too. However, fair warning, you will have to close many ads (sometimes even with X’s or close buttons that are fake and you have to find tiny little hidden ones in corners. It’s quite annoying) but the steam is decent enough quality and shouldn’t drop out. What I do is go to and go to the tab that says teams and then Arsenal and then click on the specific match and scroll down and if US isn’t on the list I look at UK and if it’s on ESPN UK I use that link I listed previously and it works. 🙂 As for writing a post, I’ll try to come up with something good soon-ish. And thoughts on transfer news? My only thought is Man U is stupid if they think they’ll land Cesc. 😉

  • Good stuff, Dylan..Thanks!…

    The transfer stuff is crazy and it’s almost like the media sits around competing to take Gooners a step lower. You think you’ve hit rock bottom, but you can always go deeper…

    Following up on my “conspiracy theory” from end of last week… I really cannot believe we’re in for Suarez but I can see the “wisdom” in making “low” bids for him–it pushes Real Madrid, the team that should (italics) want him and it puts the hurt on Liverpool. Yes, they need to sell him but if they sell him (below full value) to the club they need to beat for CL football it is saying, as we did a year ago with RvP to United, “We cannot compete”–or, at least, “We cannot compete with you in the short term.”

    On the Cesc business, I think you’re right, he’s going nowhere and United seem to be scrambling a bit for a “playmaker” sort. Kagawa is more of a runner but ought to be able to contribute. People here keep saying that Rooney is an ideal #10 or “in-the-hole” player but United seem to be taking a hard line with him and he’s never been the assist-maker they seem to desire now that they’ve declared that RvP should get the bulk of the scoring chances.

    Of course, other people know more than I do about roles and who can do what, where, but they seem to have stopped posting… 😉

    Maybe we just need to let the dust settle and then (try and) enjoy whatever happens…

  • Afternoon Arse Bandits 😆

    Off track a bit but I was listening to talkSPORT this morning and they were on about drugs/doping etc`, I don’t know about any of you bastardildos but personally I would just let them all take the drugs. My thought behind this is ……we see Bolt do the 100 Mts in just under 10 seconds, but if he were on drugs, wouldn`t you prefer to see him run it in 4.99 seconds !, f**k me it would be like fast forwarding your Sky Plus Box !. Can you imagine Giroud becoming the French Pole Vault Champion by just using his cock instead of the other pole !. Lewis Hamilton being over taken by some Bi-Cyclist !. Much better entertainment !.

    I was actually passing a sports field the other day, when a young lady asked me if I would help out, they were practicing their 400m relay, but one got injured so I was asked to fill in !. I had to run the second from last leg, a lady passed me the baton and I sprinted around the first bend and dropped the baton and couldn`t find it, so I just carried on sprinting and at the baton changeover I slipped my cock into the lady`s hand instead and she sprinted off dragging my cock behind her !. It was the most exhilarating lap of my life, but I got banned for life, it`s not like I used any drugs !. hahaha

  • I see a lot of rumours saying Manscum have made an offer for Cesc !. Can you imagine him going to Manscum without us bidding for him !. I think I would become a hermit and just watch women`s track and field from the trees !.

  • great comments by Dylan and 17HT (any chance of sharing those wedding photos with us 😉

    yep, all agreed, the future looks bright if these young guns keep working hard…

    interesting theory i read about Cesc last night, apparently he’s on his way back to Arsenal however, the signing won’t be announced until we manage to get either Suarez , Higuain or Rooney (one of them at least)…the reason behind this was that if we got Cesc now then buying from our rivals in the EPL will be troublesome as they will be reluctant to sell their prized assets to a team that has Cesc back…

    it makes sense however, it could also be an excuse of no transfer activity but let’s face it, out of all these players we are linked with, we need to get least 2…even if it’s Cesc and fellaini we’ll be fine ….add Suarez/Rooney (then we become serious contenders in Europe as well).

  • I hope your rumour is right 007 compared to all the one`s on newsnow saying Manscum are after him !.

  • well those rumours on newsnow confirm one thing,

    which is that Cesc might be up for sale or put up by sale by Barca and hence Mancs have made an official bid and preparing another one for 35 million.

  • right, i have made my mind up and will be including BOTH Cesc and Suarez in my Fantasy team for the EPL as arsenal players …we’re allowed to have 3 max from each team, that means i’ll be leaving out Santi (shame).

    Cesc, Cesar and Suarez are my 3 Arsenal signings.

    anything more would just be a bonus (and i’ll be very grateful).

    thank you AW.

  • JB, we should set up a Fantasy Premier League league for just BKers. I believe you can still set up custom leagues, right? 😉

  • I cant understand why Barca would let Cesc go !, especially as they have let Alcantara go !. ❓

  • Dylan.
    We will be doing some sort of one this season, you need to speak to HH about it !.
    We also do the UMF, as explained at the top of the page !. Have a look and join in this coming season !.

  • On our Asia tour, the toughest matches will be against the Japanese club sides, Nagoya Grampus and Urawa Reds, where both teams are technically and tactically competent, their players are match fit and into the middle of their J-League season.


    Arsenal transfer matters/rumours:
    (If we are gunning for 1 super-quality player in the region between £20 to £40 Million and the “said player” is also highly marketable in Europe/Worldwide)

    – Luis Suarez?
    – Gonzalo Higuain?
    – Cesc Fabregas?
    – Mesut Oezil?
    – Juan Mata?
    – Marek Hamsik?
    – Arturo Vidal?
    – Toni Kroos?
    – Marouane Fellaini?
    – Hernanes?
    – Arda Turan?
    – Roberto Soldado?
    – Stephan El Shaarawy?
    – Alexis Sanchez?
    – Jackson Martinez?
    – Erik Lamela?
    – Seydou Doumbia?
    – Fernando Torres?
    – Leandro Damiao?
    – Pedro?
    – Chicharito?
    – Julian Draxler?
    – Sami Khedira?

  • yep, Dylan – Glic beat me to it

    they had Alcantara last season as well Glics, yet Cesc wasn’t getting enough playing time so to speak or was being played out of position..

    Barca have bought Neymar for the big bucks and maybe just maybe FFP are in the back of their minds with them looking for a Quality CB ….they need funds for that perhaps ?

  • Dylan. ….As GLiC has said….Harmonious is going to run a fantasy league this year and I will be administering the UMF league, for BKers only.

    Alex has kindly put up £100 to be split between the winners. To be spent at the Arsenal shop at the end of the next season.

    The UMF rules can be seen at the top of the site. These will be tweaked slightly before the opening day starts. It;s all a bit of a laugh and nothing serious. Friendly chat and banter. One tip is not to follow that scoundrel GLiC, unless you want the wooden spoon, lol.

  • Total, fix your site!! 😆 I wanna go Rhino on these dudes but I keep losing my posts…Maybe I’ll just split them up so I lose one line at a time…

  • it would be nice to have a sub section where the said prizes and intentions were put in place , so people who read bk could read about it and possibly join in the fun ? (@ TA)…the prizes on offer and put up by Alex and fantasy league e.t.c e.t.c it’s perfect timing now to do it !

    mouth watering names – JM

  • Haha, that was just a test…My posts seem to be working fine…

    Still, to be on the safe side, I’ll try to keep ’em short. I will say that JB’s theory is a boot-iful dream… But, the more you dream the tougher it is waking up… 😦

    For Glic, performance enhancing drugs may be just the ticket but be sure your track girls aren’t sporting that Higuain 5 o’clock shadow…I always like to give them a stroke around the adam’s apple to see if it’s bristly… 😯

    Can’t see Cesc betraying his DNA unless he’s bought into that whole bit about being a forward…I guess he had that one season with us when he got 19 goals AND 19 assists…

  • Agreed, nobody does a list like JM… Now we just need to put #s next to them…, you know so that we don’t over-spend…

  • I wouldn’t trust that Cesc won’t betray us once again, and sign with United, like his good “friend” did last season. I just don’t trust Cesc. I don’t really know why, maybe it is because I don’t trust many people, but I would be wary of Cesc and his intentions.

  • Bond,

    Re: fantasy league…Does Highbury Harmony post here any more? I think he’s given up on us…Not to mention Arsenal…

    Hell, he didn’t even respond to my post the other day…

    Since you refuse to take your turn (write a post) is there any chance you (the betting man) could do the honors?… 😀

  • be that as it may, Milo

    if he leaves us again then we’ll certainly be in a much stronger position both financially and player wise as well with JW being right up there along with ramsey , Ox and others coming of age as well….

    let’s get him back first and after that it’s Que sera sera.

  • Milo, Do you still “Trust” Arsene?… I think, on a lot of Gooner’s lists of “who not to trust,” AW might go right at the top…

  • Bond, nice to see you and Milo are now in agreement re: Ramsey… 😉 😀

  • 17HT,

    HH has found himself a proper job this time round and after what his missus did for his birthday, he sure as hell needed it as she will be expecting something similarly spectacular for her’s 😉 you know how women are, ha

    but on a more serious note, yeah we’re missing him.

    i can set up the Fantasy league for BK, no problem, if need be , i’m up for it.

    PS: where are the wedding photos re- Xavi and all the wags ahahahahahahah

  • Hey, all I’m saying is, I wouldn’t put all the eggs in one basket. No need to get testy.

    Yes I still trust Wenger, as he seems to put Arsenal first before his own interests. He could have taken the easy route and gone to PSG, but he hasn’t, because he wants to be successful with Arsenal. I’ve never been one to cry over lack of transfers, and I’m not going to start now.

  • 17HT,

    that was my way of making it a wee bit more of a sweeter pill to swallow 😉 but after watching Ramsey’s moves and groves with the balls, and those almost Zidanesque dribbles and see you later moves, i reckon he might not be so bad after all against lower teams, ha

  • Hmm…interesting about the whole “trusting” a player thing. I feel there are very few players in any team that fans can have 100% trust in. Wilshere, Gerrard, Xavi, Iniesta, and maybe a few more I’m missing. But there’s not many that I would say would never transfer and be 100% confident in. 😉 As for a list of prices next to JM’s list, I can do that. Just give me a minute. 😉

  • Milo trust me………look into my eyes !. hahaha

    Hahaha 17ht. My brother moved to Thailand and married a Thai girl and has a son !. When he first went there I said how did he tell the difference between the Lady Boys and the real thing, he said it was the Adams Apple !.
    I thought it might have been more obvious when getting down and finding a meat and two veg instead of a vertical bacon sandwich !. hahaha

  • Luis Suarez – Realistic (wants to leave), £37 mil
    Gonzalo Higuain – Realistic (wants to leave), £27 mil
    Cesc Fabregas – Realistic (if Man U rumors are true. Then it’s likely Barca will sell), price: whatever our but back clause is for him.
    Mesut Oezil- Realistic (Real signed Isco), £30 mil
    Juan Mata- Unrealistic (I don’t believe that Jose would really sell him), £55 mil (I assume is what they’d ask for)
    Marek Hamsik – Don’t know much about him, other than where he plays and what I know from fifa.
    Arturo Vidal – Unrealistic (he’s having success at Juve and they’ve bought players to become even stronger, he’s unlikely to leave), £35 mil
    Toni Kroos – Realistic (Bayern bought Gotze), £18 mil
    Marouane Fellaini -Realistic (purely due to his release clause), price: his release clause
    Hernanes – Don’t know much about him, other than where he plays and what I know from fifa.
    Arda Turan – Unrealistic (Athletico Madrid already sold one big name in Falcao, they won’t want to sell another), £40 (I assume they’d ask for)
    Roberto Soldado – Realistic (Spain needs money), £20 mil
    Stephan El Shaarawy – Unrealistic (AC Milan love him), £40 mil (I believe is what someone AC Milan said they’d want for him)
    Alexis Sanchez – Realistic (Barca bought Neymar), £20 mil
    Jackson Martinez- Don’t know much about him, other than where he plays and what I know from fifa.
    Erik Lamela- Don’t know much about him, other than where he plays and what I know from fifa.
    Seydou Doumbia – Don’t know much about him, other than where he plays and what I know from fifa.
    Fernando Torres – Realistic (Chelsea don’t want him), £25 mil (purely because they paid so much for him)
    Leandro Damiao – Unrealistic (Tottenham have been unable to buy him for years, his club is unreasonable), £25 mil (I assume they’d ask for)
    Pedro – Realistic (Barca bought Neymar), £20 mil
    Chicharito – Realistic (David is an awful manager, and would probably sell him), £25 mil
    Julian Draxler – Unrealistic (Signed a new contract fairly recently), £35 mil (I assume they’d ask for)
    Sami Khedira – Realistic (Real bought Illaramendi) £19 mil

  • Hm. My comment is awaiting moderation. I can only assume it’s due to the length.

  • Glic,

    You are being naughty, again. When you say ‘look into my eye’, we all know you are referring to your one eyed trouser snake.

    Your bro’ is right, by the way — of course, alternatively, a quick squeeze of the meat and two veg usually brings a tell tale tear to the Thai eye!! 🙂

  • VCC,

    It’s hanging OK, but an American cucumber size can be tiring compared with the Weiner Glic has! 😀

    See you tomorrow!

  • Sorry Milo…Just kidding (hence the winky face).

    And I can’t really comment on Ramsey as I only tuned in around 40 mins in. Certainly the goal avalanche began when Akpom, Ox, Theo, Ramsey, Gibbs and Jenks (who else?) went off and Sagna, Giroud, Sicky, Lu-lu, Zelalem and Olsson came on….(The opposition may have been tiring or bringing on lesser lights…)

    Re trusting Cesc, I still believe that self-belief and a giant team calling, even if it’s not your boyhood club, is very, very powerful. Barca is tough given that Messi wants to use the whole pitch to do his thing and Iniesta uses almost as much. A less mobile guy like Cesc, you would think, would benefit from playing in a slower or at least more stop-start place like Spain, but in fact the opposite is true. His strength is quick decision making and a wide range of final balls (shots and passes). Barca need better players to fill space in exchange with Messi and numerous players have “failed” (Cesc, Pedro, Tello, Sanchez, Villa, Ibra) since the glory year when he had Eto’o and Henry and they got the 100+ goals and won the “sextuple.” Now we see if Neymar can do it…

    I would have no trouble having Cesc back, but that’s just me. I still think the odds of it happening are in the .000002 range… (Hulk, unveiled this week in Japan, still floats in the .000007 area…)

  • he’ll hand in a transfer request next and he’ll be a gooner .

    Real madrid upped their price for Higuain (as i speculated before), they want in the region of 35 mills…

    yep, if i was Arsenal (which i am)…and if i was playing Man Utd or Chelsea next week, who would i much rather have, Higuain or Suarez – no Brainer, it’s Suarez hands down…

    now don’t ask me my reasons, god dang it.

  • Dylan,

    we sold Cesc for 25.4 million to Barca, he let go of all the bonus money and other bonuses e.t.c to make the deal happen and affordable for barca….on top of that if Barca had won the CL with Cesc then we would have got a further 5 million from them (much like the RVP deal , win the PL and we get 1.5, win the CL and we get 5 million from that as well e.t.c).

    however, we realized that we were selling Cesc on the cheap and even Barca acknowledged that hence our dick of a negotiator did something very smart, we inserted a 25 million (Fixed fee) buy back clause…as well as first refusal…and also if we say no to buying him back and barca sell him to anyone else, we get 50% of the revenues.

    now here is the interesting bid, Barca still owe us in the region of 10-12 million from the Cesc dream (don’t quote me on it but it’s a significant chunk)….

    so in essence we could have him for as little as 15 million and that would be deal done.

  • also , least it’s good to get it confirmed by Liverpool that we did make a bid…now we have lodged a 2nd bid and if they say no, we’re going to increase it to 36 million possibly with the player and his agent doing the rest (i hope and wishful thinking) but yeah it seems 36 million is our 3rd bid just in case if the 35 million one gets rejected.

    i still say we should have offered them 30 million plus bendtener…no way in hell they could have rejected that offer 😀

  • last but not least re- Cesc buy back on the premise above,

    Cesc – 15 million

    Suarez – 35 million

    Fellaini – 20 million

    70 million, well spent.

    obviously that’s the minimum but if we go by the full max value then it’s like this…

    Cesc – 15 million

    Suarez – 40 million

    Fellaini- 24 million

    yep, we have a short fall of about 9 million ? no worries, we’re gonna sell Gervino to make up the numbers along with rest of the deadwood…not to mention that 1 million we got for Mannone …so every little helps.

    it’s very realistically doable.

  • JB, Cesc for £15 would be a steal, but I here they still owe us for Song as well. So possibly we could get him for even less? 😉

  • Evening gossip tarts 😀

    Who is on a sugar rush then?! 😛

    Yes Offshore G – Naarrrich it is, at least for now. Are you south, west, east or north of the Fine City?

  • Marcus, agreed on Giroud – it was nice to see him score straightaway.

    Henry, thanks for the fine update and sorry to hear you are being worked to the bone. Take it easy mate and spend time with Yoona da Goona! 🙂

  • yes, Dylan that is correct but the song money isn’t as significant but it helps, sure.

    however, it just goes to show that in the future we should try not selling our players to Barca (they are a bunch of twits)… they kept demanding about 15 million for David Villa and ended up selling him for 2.5 million (literally) ahahahahahahahahahha sure the rest of the money comes in installments and is closer to 5 million but i hope you get the gist of it.

    Good Evening, Guv’nor

  • Dylan,

    Nice to hear you are thinking about writing a post. Why don’t you write a post about what Arsenal could look like in two years time, taking into account age and development potential of our current wider squad? Just a thought. 🙂

  • We wont pay £35M for Higgy and I`ll be surprised if we paid that for ” Jaws ” !.

    What pisses me off is that we could have paid Goetze`s release clause for £32M and £25M for Isco, both who I would rather had than the afore mentioned ! ( but I will settle for both ! ). Wenger and Gazidis will only save face if we get at least 2 SQ players imo, any two from Higgy, Jaws and Cesc would be a start in the right direction !. Obviously, I don’t want much, but you are f**king slow Arsene and missed out on Goetze and Isco , so we are now scraping the bottom of the barrel, so stop tickling Bouldies testis and get a move on ! hahaha

  • Go for it Dylan – judging for your comments you are a natural footie writer, and I for one will be looking forward to your maiden post. 🙂

  • by the way, Rosicky looked fantastic as well as Sagna maybe both of them have got their mojo back ?

    looks well promising !

  • For 007….

    So that’s from the English version of Marca, but I thought Total, the language appreciator, would like Ramsey and his “frivolidades.” I guess he didn’t have time to pick out a target before hitting the cross 🙄 …

    Any follow up yet on the Rosicky supportive undergarment?…

  • Nope, nevermind. Looks like it worked now! Who likes my new avatar? 😉

  • Soccerman, are you the same as Dylan, if not, somebody is using your avatar….

    Total, moderate me, goddammit! Everything is (reasonably) “safe for work” and of Arsenal subject matter, now that Cesc is coming home…

  • Alright I’m hoping my avatar works. Otherwise, I give up. Too much spazzing from my computer. 😉

  • thanks for that 17HT, but no pictures sadly, now worries i’ll use google ahahahahahahahahahahhaha

    (i know i know, i’m lazy).

    interesting bit about Ramsey though !

  • I’m not against us buying Cesc back 17, especially at that price, I was just saying I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to Man United instead. RVP has probably been in his ear, and anyone who counts him as a friend is a bit suspect in my eyes.

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