If Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky and Arteta score 20 PL goals Arsenal will win the league

El Zorro

No need to worry about defence or attack, the key area in need of progress lays in midfield!

It is only early days, but those first two friendlies are showing us we might be okay with scoring goals this season. I have argued in a recent post it is quite likely that Giroud, Podolski and Theo will score significantly more goals next season. The first two have now settled in the PL and are entering their very best years, and our young English winger/striker is getting better and more productive every season.

If Cazorla can equal his PL goal scoring tally of last season, then between the four of him, Pod, Giroud and Theo they could score in excess of 60 goals next season (compared to 48 last season). I am going to make a statement by saying we will be fine up-front next season and there is no need to buy a superstar striker.

If we can get a top, top established striker who is PASSIONATE to come and join Arsenal this season then let’s go for him. But I don’t get the feeling Higuain, Rooney or Suarez have Arsenal on top of their wish lists, and if so, I don’t want them; they can sod off.

However, we DO need back up: one or two players who can come off the bench, or start the occasional game, and can hit the ground running. A  Michu, Demba Ba or Benteke would do fine for us.

I am also happy with our defence now, although I would welcome a fourth CB as, unfortunately, Miquel does not look ready yet.

The key really lays in midfield. We have fantastic footballers, and if one day they all manage to be fit, we’ll have one of the best midfields in the country.

I have little doubt that Arsene will continue with his double-DM pivot of Arteta and Ramsey.  I really want us to buy a ‘beast’/classical DM who can play a bit of footie too, and this might still happen, but it is more likely we will get somebody who can be back up to the Spaniard and Welshman.

With Le Coq out on loan, Diaby out injured and Frimpong’s future uncertain we are light in this area. Wilshere can play in the double-DM pivot, but other than him, Arsenal have no quality defence-minded midfielders available. Unless, of course, Arsene will move Vermaelen or Sagna in midfield if and when required.

But let’s say we will be a bit lucky with injuries next season and even see one of the youngsters step up from time to time; let’s say we will be fine in midfield from a defensive point of view so we can focus on another key requirement for our midfield.

The bigger question is who is going to score goals from midfield next season?

If we take out Arteta’s penalty goals, Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky and Arteta scored less than 5 PL goals between them last season! Luckily, Cazorla scored plenty – 12 PL goals in total – but he was often deployed more as an attacker than a midfielder.

We need more goals from our central midfielders and it is hard to tell whether we’ll see progress next season.

Arteta and Rosicky are not getting any younger and the former is deployed too deep to get himself in scoring positions often enough, whilst the latter lacks consistency in terms of finishing chances.

Will we get more goals from Wilshere and Ramsey next season? Well, if they are going to make it at Arsenal, we will need to see goals from both of them more regularly now.

I reckon, if Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsey and Wilshere (and maybe Diaby in the second part of the season, and Eisfeld if given a proper chance now) can score twenty goals between them, Arsenal will win the PL next season.

Our defence and attack will continue and further improve from last season’s performances; I have little doubt about that.

But will our midfield be able to deliver 20 PL goals without us buying one or two experienced, quality mid-twenties midfield players who can hit the ground running and score goals regularly?

That my Gooner friends, is the question I am putting to you tonight!  🙂

Written by Total Arsenal.

Please note, I am considering Ox as an attacker rather than a central midfielder, but this could change next season.



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212 Responses to If Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky and Arteta score 20 PL goals Arsenal will win the league

  1. Retsub says:

    Nice write up and great site. My first post here, so be gentle. I pretty much agree with all you have written. I looked into this last season and goals from midfield and the forwards were pretty much on par with United. The difference was the goals scored by defenders, our boys contributed very little from the back

  2. victor says:

    Not what most arsenal fans want to hear but may bed the way it goes.lets hope we do add quality to the squad, because yes we will show improvement but it wont be enough as we are falling further and further behind. It does hurt being an arsenal fan these days but im arsenal through and through and will follow arsenal till I die regardless!

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Well said, Victor, and all agreed. I am sure we’ll add quality to the team but it is important to note we already have a lot of quality in this team. Whether it is enough to win silverware is a good question. Possibly not, and that’s why we are likely to see a few players come and join us this summer. Keep the faith! 🙂

  4. Glic says:

    I shall use the Torture Window to torture you Totes !. How many times have I made a comment on a previous post for you then to say New Post !. Sassen fassen rassen !. hahaha

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Just copy and paste the comment to the new Post – simple as dimple and cheap as chips!

  6. Henning Swart says:

    Lol So you say we don’t need a striker, but we should buy a cheap one just to be sure. Then you expect our midfield to score more goals because we dont need a striker. But it’s fine coz our strikers will score 60 next season compared to 48 last season, co-incidently the amount of goals Cazorla scored. Lol. Our current strikers’ 60, Cazorla’s 12, the others’ 5 and Arteta’s PGs….. United won the title 86 goals last term. Seems like Arsenal need a world-class striker and a lethal finisher just to push their goal tally over the edge to challenge seriously for the title next season. Something any ordinary striker won’t deliver for us. Something we shouldn’t be ‘expecting’ from the midfield, but something we are grateful for every time it happens, every time they do score.

  7. Dylan says:

    To put it simply, no. Arteta, Rosicky, Wilshere and Rambo can’t score 20 goals between them. And with Arteta and Rosicky so old, they won’t be improving much. I hope Wilshere and Ramsey can get 5 each next year. Then maybe a few penalties from Mikel and 1 or 2 from Rosicky. The four of them around capable of 20 goals a season. BUT. Add Bender, Cesc, and Gundogan (long term replacement for Mikel) and Bernard (long term replacement for Rosicky) to that midfield? I could expect 30+ goals from that midfield. 😀

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Henning Swart

    It is called back up striker to cover for injuries/suspensions. I always expect our midfielders to score more goals than five between them (excluding Cazorla)…..

    So to do the sums for you: Cazorla, Pod, Giroud and Theo in excess of 60 goals + 20 from our midfielders (jack, aaron, tomas, mikel) and a dozen+ from our defenders, Ox, Gervinho etc, should bring us close to 100 goals.

    A world class striker is surely welcome but could make us one-dimensional again, and therefore bring down our total goal tally. It just aint that simple, and I very much prefer us to score goals from all areas: that is what this post is about.

  9. Dylan says:

    And just a repost of some players still available (and attainable by Arsenal right now) in this TW, for those who didnt see:
    Some SQ players still available: Ozil, Di Maria, Pedro, Alexis Sanchez, Gundogan, Hummels, Kroos, Bender
    Some quality players: Benteke, Nani, Chicarito, Yilmaz, Cesar, Jackson Martinez, Soldado, Tello, Sakho, Richards, Abate, Papadopoulos, Gustavo, Alaba, Bernard, Khedira, Turan, Fellaini, Subotic, Gourcuff, Costa, Rami, and probably more.
    Feel free to add. 😀

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Dylan

    Are you suggesting to add them all?

  11. Henning Swart says:

    We’ve had our fair share of crappy back-up strikers over the years, don’t you agree? Arshavin, Chamakh, Bendtner, Gervinho. And these are names from last season alone. Proven quality is what we’re after. And now they’re moaning in the media again how we ‘missed out’ on ‘long-term target Stefan Jovetic’ when in truth we never actually wanted him because the last thing we needed was another Nicklas Bendtner-like ego in the dressing room.

  12. matsikaweston says:

    espeacially Ramsey

  13. Admir says:

    Another intriguing input, TA.

    Let’s ask ourselves: how are they going to do that? Remember, back in days of the Invincibles, we had two sources of goals from midfield – Ljungberg, who was Thomas Mueller of his time or how they call it these days “Raumdeuter” and used his enormous pen…sorry, intelligence to penetrate behind opponents’ defenses after splitting passes (mostly Bergkamp’s), and Pires who could score from long range thanks to his shooting versatility. Also, Vieira contributed from DM-position as well as Gilberto Silva.

    I think that lack of defensive midfielder who can win the ball and make pressure on the opponents is the main reason we can’t compete with top teams and that’s why I want Fellaini in Arsenal so badly. Furthermore, we don’t have a habit of long range shots nor a player who can score from direct free-kicks.

    Regarding United title – I made a calculation a few days ago (or more) and I came to shocking result: United won below 50 percent of points against Top 6 teams (just 14 out of 30 – Chavs would be champions with 20) but they won 75 out of 84 (89%!!!) against the rest of the league! Nevertheless, they won the league comfortably. That’s why we need a top, top striker to make a difference between the draw and the victory in matches like Aston Villa, Southampton and Stoke away or Everton, Sunderland and Fulham at home.

  14. Dylan says:

    Well I think adding Bender and Cesc this year would be good. And then when Arteta is done, add Gundogan. And when adding Bernard now wouldn’t be all bad (as he can play winger as well) and then when Rosicky leaves he can take his spot in the midfield.


    Evening TA, am with you 100%. If this f*ucking players dont want to join us, then sod them

    I dont want to come on here and give people a history lesson, but at the start of both our most recent eras of success, in 1989 and 1998, they were viewed as a shock.

    In neither of those year were we fancied to win the league, we were no were near the year before, but on both ocasions we surprised every one, including our own support.

    Your question of goals from midfield is without doubt the key to the possibility of another shock.

    Can we win the league next year? Yes. I base my answer on history, in similar circumstances weve done it before and can do it again

  16. davi says:

    Of the 3, Ramsey is the one who could realistically improve his goal output signficantly next year as he was looking like nailing down a position at the end of last season (easily our best/most important player in the run-in) and he is the one who most consistently get’s himself into the most goalscoring positions I think. He clearly has the ability to score a good number of goals but needs to improve his composure. I don’t even know where Wilshere plays in this side, frankly. If we can find him an AM position, then maybe it’s possible for him to score more, he certainly seemed to know where the goal was in his early appearances, but it looks to me like he’s being brought through as a future Arteta replacement, and he hasn’t really looked a goal threat since he properly broke into the team, largely as a result.
    Oxlade’s one who hasn’t been mentioned, and it looks like he *may be considered a midfield option next season as well. Like Ramsey he get’s into good positions but needs to improve his composure – definitely capable of scoring. In all cases, it’s hope rather than expectation that they will score more goals next year, though.
    Anyway, the most important thing is that we can keep a balanced side throughout the season. When Diaby was starting alongside Arteta we had that balance, we then lost if for a bit when Diaby got injured until Ramsey came into the midfield and we found it again. When we have a CM who can properly support Arteta in the middle, we become very hard to beat, which can give us a chance in any game. It’s when the injuries hit that we will suffer again if we don’t have adequate replacements. The way things went last season, it appears that having one of Diaby or Ramsey fit at all times will be vital to the side. Without one of them in the centre, we looked too easy to beat and overly reliant on the forwards outscoring the opposition.

  17. Henning Swart says:

    Yeah I’m sorry, but I’m just in complete disagreement with the disconnected statements here. Defense was not the problem last season, it was superb in fact, best away defense, 2nd best in the entire league. But we only scored 72 goals up front in comparison to United’s 86, the season after our star-striker and Golden Boot winner RVP leaves us for them. And you guys are talking about signing DMs to solve our goal-scoring crisis, and then even have to do so in a very snooty, unappreciated, condescending manner as well. We need a bloody strong finisher or two up front, the message is clear. Everything else said here, in my opinion, you smoking your socks. Don’t think we’re gonna get away with signing only midfielders and miraculously we’ll win the Premier League from the grasps of all our industrial, commerce and petro-dollar reinforced opponents. In my most sincere, humble opinion. The same way Messi will be an asset for any team he plays for, always, as he scores all the goals, the same we lost in RVP and the same we need to replace. Or as I like believe, improve ourselves upon.

  18. Dex says:

    Based on our two friendlies It’s likely we will have a good start firing on all cylinders ( bet on arsenal to win by 3 or more on the first PL match) but our old foe. MR INJURY will strike again and one by one our key players will be out and when they return the momentum would of been lost. Man city and Chelsea ain’t mucking about with transfers.. What’s arsenal waiting for?

  19. UpTheARSEnal says:

    If you remember rightly Cesc only really started to consistently score goals towards the end of his Arsenal days. No-one can deny he is a world class midfielder.

    Jack still has a season or 2 left to get his goal scoring down if we compare with Fabregas. Wilshere has the technique to score magnificent goals, I am convinced he will do a Fabregas.

  20. ProudGooner says:

    Hello Gooners, TA,
    I think the answer is a yes. I am sure they can score at least 20 goals Ramsey missed a lot of chances last season and he can only score more i feel he is coming back to where he should be now after the injury. Whilshere defo has goals in him as well Santi is a given and lets not forget the OX this season i think he too will be a lot better and score more, even more so with all players willing to put in more work and effort in a world cup season.
    You must be annoyed tonight with news City have agreed a deal with Jovetivic, i am too it is is disapointing , i thought at first they had poached him after our interest but it appears they have been after him for a while. My point though is Arsenal have (had) never to my knowledge ever said they were after him or Higauin for that matter it has been all paper talk.. We do not know who they are after except Suarez that is the only 1 of which we can be sure. I have not been holding out for a signing during the tour anyway and it has kept me from cracking up over lack of signs.
    I am happy that crafty mr Wenger will find as a gem so i am not dispairing , Jovetivic has made a mistake i think anyway they have just signed Neguero as a stiker too, i bet he does not get as much playing time as he wants and city will probably ruin 1 of the 2 players developmant as always. Keep the faith lads. Wenger is a man with a plan 😉

  21. TotalArsenal says:


    There are plenty of strikers out there who could be good back-up.

    I disagree with you on Jovetic: he would have been a fine signing for us from a footballing point of view.

  22. Gbangu says:

    I have confident in our Artasey duo pivot DM and I want to a it most games but push Verm as DM in other games. Hence new CB needs

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Admir, agreed on the DM beast. Good point about a top striker sometimes making the difference between a draw and a win. But can a team not take care of this collectively – a good defence could make a difference as well?

  24. In the style of a late night radio phone in: Long time reader, first time poster…. I agree in some way with what you are saying. We’re very close to having a Very good squad. We don’t need an overhaul but just, to quote Wenger super super quality. The players are there who are available. A top striker and a big midfielder is all we really need. The defense is good (an experienced GK would be welcome though), our collection of FBs as good as any in the league but we do lack a big physical presence in midfield. Up front giroud and poldolski will improve. A proven finisher would again be welcome though. And if Gervinho goes I would let youth have a chance (Ox, Gnarby etc)
    Overall I’d give the squad a B+

  25. AMUDA J. BOLA says:

    I think I agree with u, but we still need DM n a Quality striker to put pressure on Giroud.

  26. Dylan says:

    Jovetic and Negredo gone is bad news indeed. 😦 But Soldado is still available and I feel he is better than Negredo anyway. Have faith gooners! We know Wenger will find someone. He always does. Remember last time we bought for the sake of buying? Santos and Park. Santos was chased out of Arsenal and Park scored (I believe) one goal in a handful of appearances and then disappeared. Let’s be patient. The late deals are sometimes the best (Arteta, Monreal, and Per for example).

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry 🙂

    History is a great guide – nice comment! 🙂

    Dylan, I would love us to get Bender and Fabregas this year, but I would be very happy with just Cesc 😛

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Davi 🙂

    Very fine comment and all agreed. Ramsey and Jack could start scoring regularly this season, just like Cesc started to do at one point. And yes, Ox is a good option to add goals to our midfield. But that is a lot of risk and I reckon we need to add at least one experienced, goal scoring midfielder to the squad this summer.

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Dex, all agreed about injuries and cover for certain players, and that is our biggest area to focus on this TW.

  30. ProudGooner says:

    Possible amount of goals per player Giroud 25+(PL 20) – Walcott 25(PL 20)
    Podolski 20+ (PL 16) Santi 19 (PL 12) OX 12 (PL 7) Whilshere 6 (PL 4)Arteta 12+ (PL 8+) Gervinho if he stays and i hope he does 14+ (PL 9+) Rosicky (PL 3) Diarby ( PL 3)
    defenders get 10 PL goals … i have aired on the lean , maen side and qouted less rather then more.
    i make that the midfielder’s get 37 PL goals., with our mid-players that should be possible 1 goal per game.
    It looks possible but that works out at 103 goals in the PL without Gervinho and 112 with him so that says i may have given to many but if you look at the goals per player i dont feel i have been to far out. ?

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    UptheARSEnal 🙂

    Agreed, super JW will come good and might need a couple of seasons before he starts scoring regularly.

  32. ProudGooner says:

    2.7 goals per game, or 2.9 if Gervinho stays. that does not sou d o hard for our team.

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    PG – yes we are equally annoyed about losing out on Jovetic…. I am quite surprised we did not get him and would love to hear what Wenger has to say about it…

  34. ProudGooner says:

    I missed out Rambo he will score a few more this season for sure.

  35. TotalArsenal says:


    ‘Artasay’ I like it! 🙂

  36. Highbury Harmony says:

    Giroud 25+ (PL20)??!! Gervinho 14+ (PL 9+)??!!! Ox 12 (PL 7)?? Arteta 12+ (PL 8+)??!!

    Hahahahahaha the expectations of fans for this squad just keeps getting better and better!

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Welcome notjustanyoldmug

    Nice name and agreed on the need for a physical presence in midfield.

  38. Highbury Harmony says:

    Can someone explain to me how these players will score so many goals with such limited minutes for some of them?

    Apparently, the idea of incremental internal improvement is completely lost on some fans and they expect players to increase goal outputs by double or almost double. I’m expecting the current group to maybe score 5-7 goals more than last season. Still not enough to win the title, because we also have 0 depth, poor team defense and a lack of understanding on how to diversify our attack.

    Oh and because teams better than us or slightly worse than us have also made some big signings and their hold overs will also see incremental improvements on top of that.

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    Amuda 🙂

    Agreed, although we do not need to put pressure on Giroud, as he puts enough pressure on himself. In fact, he is too eager at times. We just need a good alternative in case of injury, suspension or lack of form imo.

  40. Goonermundy says:

    I agree with most of your points and a nicely thought out article. I do believe however that we need a world class striker. My first choice would have been Higuain as I’m still reluctant to welcome Suarez. The latter seems be becoming more viable though so as long as we actually get one! That would leave Giroud with a smaller role, a position which would therefore no longer need filling as your article suggests. Your point about a DM is spot on, look at the best teams who play a similar, dynamic style and they all have the pivoting, deep midfielders with not necessarily large stature but relentless energy. I think Ramsey and Arteta are adequate but Arteta is getting old and the position lacks depth, therefore I think it would be wise to bring in a top player and Ramsey/Arteta can rotate in the remaining squad position.

  41. Highbury Harmony says:

    Disagree we need a top quality striker to replace Giroud in the starting line-up, not back him up. Giroud is a capable back-up/plan B though.

  42. ProudGooner says:

    For me its fair to say Suarez is a better player forgetting about his personality.
    I can only think he wants someone else. Lets just hope he gets who he is after. I never worry about his spotting talent , every other club knows it to that is why they have to keep so quiet about who they want sadly. Bloody City its not fair some bloody oil man walks in and just buys everyone for them. its a joke really.

  43. ProudGooner says:

    HH ,
    i to want another striker but i do think he could bag 25 next season in all comp’s

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    PG – I love the optimism and we all know that if Wenger can keep a team together for a while we can see big improvements. You might have been a bit too generous in your goal tallies for individual players, but the point is there is growth in our team, including number of goals scored.

  45. Funminiyi says:

    Nice post TA, yea they can and how much they take their chances is gonna determine this. Some seasons back, I think 09/10 to be precise, we had Cesc as our highest goal scorer from the midfield so why-not-if-not?
    They’ve got to be more clinical from outside the box cuz that where Cesc scored most of his goals that season. But I still think someone like Etienne Capoue will do a decent job alongside Ramsey in that double DM pivot giving Arteta more space to roam forward and wreck the havocs that he knows how to wreck best. Remember his first season with us?

  46. Highbury Harmony says:

    Actually PG, it’s called the modern game so deal with it. It’s not like Arsenal are devoid of resources to purchase players. We have the money and just choose not to use it.

    Can’t win with a mid-table mentality!

  47. ProudGooner says:

    No that is not right and that is why FIFA have brought out FFP rule and the TW is not shut til it is then you can say they are not willing to spend it

  48. TotalArsenal says:

    Funminiyi 🙂

    thanks. Good point about being more clinical from (just) outside the box. Ox has potential for this and Jack and Aaron need to improve on this. Also agreed on the addition of a proper DM freeing up our other midfielder(s) to go forward and score more.

  49. Funminiyi says:

    Gone are those days when Arsenal used to top goals chart not just in the EPL but in all of Europe. Titi, Pires, Ljunberg, and Wiltord. These guys always end up with double figures every season but I just hope our current Midfielders and strikers will get there someday too.

  50. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ah see, another misleading belief is that Arsenal will spend the money we claim to have. The fact is, nothing has happened yet and as history suggest, we are set to be disappointed yet again! The pool of top quality players is dwindling and we’re left bidding 40 mil for a player who will be banned for the first 8 games of the season.

    We’ve been sitting on piles of cash and profits for years. So yes, I can say that they are unwilling to spend it.

    If a club can claim a profit, which they have (whether some of it is skirting the rules is not important), then they have the right to spend it. They could just as easily follow the “Arsenal way”, but they choose to have actually show intent to try and win the league.

  51. Funminiyi says:

    Dylan, never say never, if the likes of Ramsey and Ox can improve their composure infront of goal and Rosicky can stay injury free, then impossible is nothing because Arteta’s pedigree infront of goal has never been in question.

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    Goonermundy 🙂

    All good points. I am convinced that Giroud would still play as our central (holding) striker, with Suarez on the wing in a free role, or in the hole behind Giroud, IF we were to sign him. I am really not worried about getting a top striker or not this season. My first priority is a DM and then another attacker, which could be a classic winger, or a nr.10.

  53. E9 schoolboys says:

    Top class keeper needed

  54. Dylan says:

    Fair enough Funminiyi. 😉 Trust me, I’d love to be proven wrong!

  55. Milo says:

    HH, you do know that if you are going to “boycott” and “go on strike” and “not buy any club merchandise”, you may as well go the way of Herb’sArmy, and not go on here as well. You might as well withhold your support of the club altogether!!! You are lucky, you can follow Borussia Dortmund or whatever other club you so choose. Most of us on here are Arsenal through and through and cannot fall in love with any other club. I love Arsenal. With Wenger, without Wenger, with Kroenke, without him, with all our super players, without them. If you cannot say the same, then why go on here and complain??? Why support the club by watching matches??? Turn on the computer or the television and follow some other league or club. The history, the prestige, the fucking uniform…everything about this club, I love. What we are “going through” or “having to endure” now isn’t the spirit of the club’s fault. It MIGHT lie with the people who are running the club, but they are NOT the spirit of Arsenal. Wenger will be a part of this spirit as soon as he retires, but right now, even he isn’t the true spirit of the club. He is the present. For me, there is a difference. I for one am actually quite pleased with some of the early developments I have seen form this squad. That is up for debate, but that isn’t what I am talking about here.

    Are you a supporter of Arsenal because you WERE enamoured with how the club WAS being run, or are you just a supporter because this is your club, NO MATTER HOW IT IS RUN??????

    What do you think, HH???

  56. Funminiyi says:

    PG, have you forgotten that we are stucked with a certain DB52, at least let’s allocate 4-7goals for his sorry ass too. Cuz you never can tell what will happen tomorrow. But I don’t think the fans will spare his blushes this time around.

  57. Dylan says:

    I have to agree with Milo to an extent. I am Arsenal through and through. And I would have to say most real fans are. BUT, fans can still complain. And HH has every right to want more from his team. HH can be upset and still be a fan. He could be upset and just saying things because he’s mad, or he could be serious. Either way, it’s up to him how he feels, if he thinks he’s a fan, and so on.

  58. Dylan says:

    Also, everyone had forgotten about Sanogo! YS22 will probably score at least 5-7 goals (even if most come in the Capital One Cup). But I expect at least 2 PL goals from him.

  59. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, you strike me as one of the most humorous “fans” of any sort on the Internet in its entirety. Your belief that fandom is defined by a singular attribute of blind faith is entirely laughable.

    I could care less why you support Arsenal or how you’d jump off a cliff if Arsenal management told you to. At the end of the day, there is no singular definition of what makes one a fan or not a fan. You can be a fan of a club and still be dissatisfied with the current direction and choose to have the intelligence to realize that this club needs huge improvements before it can come close to winning anything.

    I’m a realist and know this current squad isn’t worth two sh*ts if the hope is to win a title. It’s just that my desire to want to be the best is clearly not echoed by your misguided, overly optimistic view.

  60. Milo says:

    Why so insulting…I was only questioning why you throw idle threats around like “not going to watch them” or “switching to another league or club”, and so on and so on. If you are going to do that, GREAT. I get the feeling that you will not though.

  61. Milo says:

    And I never mentioned management…I was talking about the very fibre and spirit of a club you supposedly support??? Maybe you should read the whole response next time???

  62. Highbury Harmony says:

    Did I say I was going to switch to another league or club? Nope. I simply said I would stop watching EPL football for a while to not further agitate myself.

    Maybe you should realize that there’s no definition of what makes a “fan”. You can choose to define fandom in any way you want, but what you don’t have the right to do, is to try and differentiate in others what is a fan or not a fan. Your attempt in belittling and questioning others’ fandom for a club is a disgrace.

  63. Highbury Harmony says:

    Management and the club go hand in hand. They control the direction of the club. I am unhappy with the direction of the club and have been for quite some time. Thus, I am not happy with the club, because my passion to see this club succeed overrides everything else.

  64. Milo says:

    I don’t really feel like arguing anymore…I was only wondering why you choose to support a club you are so disenchanted with. Isn’t that normal. Isn’t it irrational to keep agitating yourself by posting or thinking about how bad things are and complaining??? If something you are doing is bothering you, then why continue to do it??? That is quite similar to a definition of insanity I know, and it certainly isn’t logical…Aren’t you supposed to be the logical, rational, realist here???

  65. OMGArsenal says:

    TA…..this passion for a ¨beasty¨of a DM that you fondle every time you write here is a bit controversial for me. Arteta and Ramsey were solidly consistent in their last 15 games and certainly the last 11. We haven’t had a DM like you want since Viera and we no longer play the tactical game with only 1 DM. There are very few classical DM’s available and even fewer that can improve our current performances significantly.
    Watching how Wenger is using the academy kids so far in Asia tells me that he is seriously thinking about keeping 2-3 as impact substitutes. One of them is certainly Zelalem, who has really impressed everyone watching him….he’s only 17 and seems super confident, very skilled and intelligent, as well as being very pacey and with a Cesc-like eye for the perfect pass. The other option, when he returns from his injury might be Vermaelen given his penchant for attacking the box. I disagree with you that Miguel isn’t yet ready….he is the most experienced and senior CB from the academy and this mjust be his make or break year.

  66. Highbury Harmony says:

    No Milo, the rational, logical ones are supposed to be TA and RA.

    Again, why I choose to support a club goes beyond any singular, tangible attribute. Expressing my dissatisfaction with management and the direction of the club doesn’t agitate me. My passion for the club is to see them do well and I know the squad, as it stands, is just not good enough. Having to explain myself to the likes of you, however, would agitate me but I enjoy winding you up too much to get agitated.

    Keeping emotions bottled up inside and suffering in silence would be closer to insanity. If anything, I’m just creating insanity for the blind optimists.

  67. Milo says:

    You aren’t really winding me up…I’m a little perplexed, is all…I don’t know why I always have to argue with you…I guess we are just very, very different people.

  68. Highbury Harmony says:

    We don’t ever see eye to eye because you’re constantly overly optimistic about the club and choose to not discuss the shortcomings, where as I’m more of a realist that believes in continuous improvement and acknowledging the faults in order to truly become better.

    There’s nothing wrong with your classical approach on how to support a club; we’ll just fundamentally disagree on almost everything since my approach to “fandom” is modern and evolving, much like the game has changed.

  69. Simba Murerwa says:

    Good post indeed. Agreed on all points as I mentioned yesterday the key is to keep all our key players rather than buying although a purchase to improve the squad is always welcome. Your question can be answered if we get one of these players to step up and score maybe 15. Others will add on to that as some will be defensive midfielders whilst Rosicky will be more coming from the subs bench. Most successful teams have Fabregas, Lampard, Gerrard, Pires, Llungberg, Deco, Yaya Toure, etc a midfielder who scores in the region to give the team around 40 goaals between him and the top scorer. My wish is for Giroud and Walcott to give us at least 20 league goals each. If then Podolski and Sanogo can add on 25 that will be 65 then goals from Santi and the other mids will really push us further up the table. I don’t see Ramsey and Wilshie getting many goals and assists. From the current midfielders the OX and Eisfeld are the ones capable so from that angle the OX must get more game time in a no 10 role and Eisfeld must be part of the first team on a fulltime basis. Whatever analysis let’s not forget Sanago who might end the season as one of our key strikers.

  70. JM says:

    Off-topic: Top 12 most valuable clubs worldwide (Currently)
    First 11 and subs. bench

    (1) FC Barcelona (£515 Million)
    Manager: Tito Vilanova
    Victor Valdes, Dani Alves, Gerard Pique, Javier Mascherano, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi, Neymar
    Jose Manuel Pinto, Martin Montoya, Carles Puyol, Adriano, Alex Song, Pedro, Alexis Sanchez

    (2) Real Madrid (£515 Million)
    Manager: Carlo Ancelotti
    Iker Casillas, Daniel Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Marcelo, Sami Khedira, Xabi Alonso, Mesut Oezil, Isco, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema
    Diego Lopez, Alvaro Arbeloa, Pepe, Fabio Coentrao, Luka Modric, Asier Illarramendi, Angel di Maria

    (3) Bayern Munich (£445 Million)
    Manager: Pep Guardiola
    Manuel Neuer, Philipp Lahm, Dante, Jerome Boateng, David Alaba, Javi Martinez, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mario Goetze, Franck Ribery, Thomas Mueller, Mario Mandzukic
    Tom Starke, Jan Kirchhoff, Luiz Gustavo, Thiago Alcantara, Toni Kroos, Arjen Robben, Xherdan Shaqiri

    (4) Chelsea (£410 Million)
    Manager: Jose Mourinho
    Petr Cech, Branislav Ivanovic, Gary Cahill, David Luiz, Ashley Cole, Ramires, Frank Lampard, Eden Hazard, Oscar, Kevin de Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku
    Mark Schwarzer, Cesar Azpilicueta, John Terry, John Obi Mikel, Juan Mata, Andre Schuerrle, Fernando Torres

    (5) Man. City (£400 Million – 425 Million)
    Manager: Manuel Pellegrini
    Joe Hart, Pablo Zabaleta, Vincent Kompany, Matija Nastasic, Gael Clichy, Fernandinho, Yaya Toure, James Milner, David Silva, Jesus Navas, Kun Aguero
    Costel Pantilimon, Micah Richards, Jack Rodwell, Javi Garcia, Samir Nasri, (Stevan Jovetic), Alvaro Negredo

    (6) Man. United (£345 Million)
    Manager: David Moyes
    David de Gea, Rafael, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra, Phil Jones, Michael Carrick, Tom Cleverley, Shinji Kagawa, Robin van Persie, Chicharito
    Anders Lindegaard, Chris Smalling, Jonny Evans, Ryan Giggs, Wilfried Zaha, Antonio Valencia, Danny Welbeck

    (7) Juventus (£335 Million)
    Manager: Antonio Conte
    Gianluigi Buffon, Stephan Lichtsteiner, Giorgio Chiellini, Angelo Ogbonna, Leonardo Bonucci, Federico Peluso, Claudio Marchisio, Andrea Pirlo, Arturo Vidal, Carlos Tevez, Mirko Vucinic
    Marco Storari, Martin Caceres, Andrea Barzagli, Paul Pogba, Kwadwo Asamoah, Fernando Llorente, Sebastian Giovinco

    (8) Paris SG (£325 Million – 340 Million)
    Manager: Laurent Blanc
    Salvatore Sirigu, Christophe Jallet, Thiago Silva, Mamadou Sakho, Lucas Digne, Blaise Matuidi, Thiago Motta, Javier Pastore, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Edinson Cavani, Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Nicolas Douchez, Alex, (Marquinhos), Clement Chantome, Marco Verratti, Jeremy Menez, Lucas

    (9) Arsenal (£270 Million)
    Manager: Arsene Wenger
    Wojciech Szczesny, Bacary Sagna, Per Mertesacker, Laurent Koscielny, Kieran Gibbs, Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey, Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski, Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud
    Lukasz Fabianski, Carl Jenkinson, Thomas Vermaelen, Nacho Monreal, Jack Wilshere, Tomas Rosicky, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    (10) Spurs (£250 Million)
    Manager: Andre Villas-Boas
    Hugo Lloris, Kyle Walker, Jan Vertonghen, Michael Dawson, Danny Rose, Sandro, Paulinho, Moussa Dembele, Gareth Bale, Aaron Lennon, Jermain Defoe
    Brad Friedel, Kyle Naughton, Steven Caulker, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Lewis Holtby, Clint Dempsey

    (11) Bor. Dortmund (£250 Million)
    Manager: Juergen Klopp
    Roman Weidenfeller, Sokratis, Neven Subotic, Mats Hummels, Marcel Schmelzer, Sven Bender, Ilkay Guendogan, Marco Reus, Jakub Blaszczykowski, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Robert Lewandowski
    Mitchell Langerak, Lukasz Piszczek, Sebastian Kehl, Nuri Sahin, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Kevin GroBkreutz, Julian Schieber

    (12) Liverpool (£240 Million)
    Manager: Brendan Rodgers
    Simon Mignolet, Glen Johnson, Daniel Agger, Kolo Toure, Jose Enrique, Lucas, Steven Gerrard, Joe Allen, Coutinho, Iago Aspas, Daniel Sturridge
    Pepe Reina, Martin Kelly, Martin Skrtel, Jordan Henderson, Luis Alberto, Raheem Sterling, Fabio Borini

  71. Wengerball says:

    At only 19 years, I feel the Ox is Arsenal’s turn to AM. He can do very well in a box to box midfield role as was the case against Newcastle end of last season, can play in the whole behind the main striker like he did against Indonesia and Brazil, can play either wing in attacking midfield and numerous assists, is technically gifted and can dribble and turn on the pace against defenders and certainly scores goals. For me, on merit and performances put in, I rate him ahead of Wilshire. Hope Wenger will always have him in a matchday’s team sheet for the upcoming season if our midfield is to contribute more goals like Pires did during the Invincibles season…

  72. george says:

    guys stop letting our team dom through yo funny comments….stop pretending the team is poor and cant compete stop stop

  73. Gerry says:

    HH- ha ha. I see your wind up got the response you wanted? Now you feeling better, perhaps we can move on?

    TA – Another fine post for this moment in time. A little ‘pick-me-up’ when all around is chaos and despair?

    Alas, I find my self agreeing with HH in some ways…. Only some, before Milo blows a gasket.

    You say you want a beast DM? That might mean a problem for whoever makes way? This idea that our defense is fine, may also have to be questioned. We had a great run in, against lower clubs in the league, but none were easy wins? If you seriously think we can replicate that over a full season, and throw in another half a dozen clubs who have improved in this TW???

    This is the ‘reality’ that HH can see, before we even get into midfield, and possibly more important, the strikers. It will be their efforts that will affect confidence. Our run in was all about regaining our confidence, but it still showed our limitations?

    Bypassing the question of this post further. Why should all our strikers add more goals?

    Away from the free run on tour, Giroud is going to have the same problem as last season. Defenders will crowd him out if he is our focal point of attack?

    Theo may not even score as many goals as he did last season because he is needed to give width on the right. I doubt he will get near being a CF if we do bring in another.

    Poldolski may well improve if his ‘niggles’ have gone away, but that will require support from defending midfielders.

    Cazorla will be marked a lot tighter this time around, and unlike Cesc, he does not find space quite as easy?

    So then we come to the midfield … and yes, they will score more goals than last time because, be honest, their return was pretty poor? But let’s not put a number on each individual, they may just get spread out over more players.

    That is the view at this moment it time, with no quality signings. Okay.

    Now this is the point where HH can go back in strike, for a while at least.

    There will be signings. Plural. I agree that the intercepting buy back clause for Cesc should always be available, but who said £70m was our absolute limit?

    I was quite surprised at the Mirror poll(online) was 80% in favour of getting Saurez? I suppose I am also surprised that when I talked of Saurez as an addition to Arsenal in pure footballing terms, it makes his signing a lot more appealing than looking at the negative aspects. To concentrate on what he might repeat what he has done in the past does miss the point. He is a quality footballer? That said, I still think we only have a reasonable chance of signing him. Liverpool do need cash to get the players Rodgers wants to bring in, and are in danger of losing Eircksen to Milan. So if the £40m is the trigger, it will happen sooner rather than later.

    Just one signing like that can change the whole picture. It is also where I totally disagree with HH – How dare you insult my Giro boy!?! – Giroud with a dangerous and keen player like Saurez around, you could expect 60+ goals from that pair alone?

    Then the confidence will return. The swagger in attack will put away the teams we struggled with last season. Indeed, it would give our attack variety by rotating Giro with Gnabry or Poldi up front. Or indeed giving Eisfeld playing time in ‘the hole’, and scoring with his intellgent runs. By having more players with football intelligence, and that is what is so pleasing about the friendlies, the young ones seem to have that in spades, it can make lesser players use their maximum abilities.

    So if not Saurez, somebody of that type. If not Cesc, somebody with an eye for a pass – Song come back, all is forgiven? The problem there is it may be July 2nd before we can be sure than Man U are not doing the dirty on us. Perhaps we should just activate the clause and then Barca have to say no, he is not for sale? Gourcuff is interesting, but whether he can stand up to the EPL is another matter? Le Gren would be the better option, perhaps £12m and Gerv might tempt them, despite the new contract?

    New CB yes. Stress fractures can be a worrying thing, and 3 months without Vermaelin could easily be 6 months. If not Ginter, would can play DM too, then I refer to Dylan’s list for other options.

    So, I am firmly in the Dylan et al camp. The future is potentially very bright.
    Keep the faith.

  74. AGB says:

    In the past torturous years of being and arsenal supporter I have come to one final conclusion….Never be optimistic with Arsenal… We all entered our past season with a lot of optimism but came out with the same results.. Remember when Denilson was touted to be the next best thing or how we kept the faith with bendtner hoping he’d turn out to be a goal scoring beast?? Well those are just few examples from a whole lot of scenarios.. Before we start judging wether we need new players, let’s try to see how many of our players will break into the 1st team of any top club(With real ambition)..I can only think of koscielny, wilshere, carzola, and maybe walcott..so that means we’re left with a bunch of average players..and we’re hoping to end our trophy drought..the fact is that we should stop deceiving ourselves and making some dreamy permutations(Gervinho scoring 14+ *scoffs*) and buy us some real quality in the GK, CB, DM, and CF position…we have an average squad..but one or two world class signings can take us from invisible to invincible once more..

  75. Red Arse says:

    Morning All, 🙂

    I have enjoyed belatedly reading the Post (well done TA) and all the comments.

    It is a treat to stand back and read the deeply held and opposing views of some and the concurring views of others which all blend into a fascinating mélange of footie folk wisdom.

    It’s a pleasure guys. 🙂

    A special mention for JM — the amount of work and effort you put into producing your fantastic and informative comments is a credit to you!! 😀

  76. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

  77. GunAbuja says:

    Arsenal heads strait 2 doom if they fail 2 make marquee signing in these areas: cf, AM, nd CD zones. U cn writ a whole bible lenGht given dem falSe hope

  78. TotalArsenal says:

    OMG – nothing controversial about it. Most can see we need a physical presence, both in the air and on the ground, and there are plenty of those sort of players, who can still play footie as well, around. I am not against continuing with Arteta and Ramsey but it will come at a price: it only works if they stay close together and form a wall in front of our defence, hence leaving a huge gap between them and our attackers.

    I wish you were right about Miquel, but I disagree.

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks JM

    Wengerball, good call on the Ox possibly breaking through next season.

    george, don’t worry: most of us can see the potential in this team, but not everybody agrees with this, which is fine too. It is an open blog.

  80. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry 🙂

    Another fine comment.

    Our defence will be fine, although the long-term injury to TV is a bit of a blow. The fact that other teams strengthen through buying players does not worry me anywhere near as much as you and others do. Growth from within, without over recruiting from outside, is what I believe in, and YES we will continue to defend well and score more goals next season (in attack). The progression will come from a well-oiled machine of a team which is no longer in transition. This can still be achieved with buying a DM and additional attacker, but any more SQ players will mean another transitional year, to which I say NO NO NO. Adding bench-depth is needed though.

    Giroud always does better in his second season at a club, as he is quick learner and super-eager. He will score more PL goals next season – by Christmas he will have ten at least. Podolski and Theo will also further improve. That is what I believe, and you can call me a dreamer, realist, whatever you like, but I believe this will happen. 🙂

    Key for me remains getting the midfield right, and Wenger has not been getting it right ever since El Capitan took the boat back home.

  81. TotalArsenal says:

    AGB – well balanced comment, thanks. 🙂

    Did the Mancs not win the PL last season with three to four quality players and an ‘average squad’ around them?

    Agreed though that two quality additions is likely to make us go further quicker, and I am sure we’ll see this happen this summer.

  82. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Redders 🙂

    How are you doing buddy?

  83. Red Arse says:

    Not too bad, thanx, TA. Hope you are keeping well too. 🙂

    I absolutely love the way BK has developed.

    As per my remark, earlier, there is a super blend of characters and opinions mixed in with a nice pot pourri of extremely good Post writing skills, which makes it a ‘must read’ experience with a good cup of coffee, first thing in the morning.

    What also tickles me, is that I have gone from being the Lone Ranger representing the US to now being only one of many who populate the blog and bring a fascinating extra pzazz and excellent knowledge to the whole deal.

    Great stuff! 🙂

    [And pzazz is not a type of pizza, Glic, and neither is it something to pee in!] 😀

  84. henrychan says:

    Hi all..

    TA.. If we need a great midfielder who can score a lot.. beside Cazorla..
    then I suggest Bernard is the one who we need to look for..
    And I am happy to know that some rumours linked us to him.. hehehe..
    Hope will end nice.. Who knows it may be true..

    Forget Suarez or Rooney.. we will never get them..
    Higuan seem so far away now..
    I hope we still can get Cesar and Fellaini.. hehehehe..

  85. Hello TA,fellow goons..

    First is to congratulate Dylan for his two maiden posts…really enjoyed them..keep up the good stuff

    Lovely post as always TA.

    On the issue on hand, the stated players CAN notch up 20 EPL goals…Jack,Rambo and Rozy with 5 each and Zollo scoring like 6 penalties…sounds achievable and with our improved attack..Theo WILL improve and with the three new boys with a year EPL experience under their belt(even with no much-talked about ‘world class’ striker), we should have enough 2 challenge 4 the title..the key thing is to keep the current group together

  86. alexgunners says:

    Good Evening Gents,

    Glad to be back.
    TA, We need to have a back up impact player who can change a game and be a different threat up forward. The OX looks to have the confidence he needs to be that player and he certainly has the skill to go with his speed and strength.
    As for Rambo, Jack, Rosicky and Zorro scoring 20. It certainly is possible. Zorro will convert the Penalties, Rosicky is passionate and will score some. Rambo has looked good on the Asia tour and will add goals to his game and Jack will have a serious breakout year and contribute as well.

    There is no reason why this team cant add more goals to increase our tally.


    I completely agree, Bernard is a superstar in the making. If we can actually get him, what a swoop that would be. If anyone os not familiar with him, check some footage of him on youtube. In a team that contains Ronaldinho, he is the star and leaves Ronaldinho in his shadows


  87. Dylan says:

    Well, I was going to link to that story about Bernard, but since henry just did how about this:

  88. Dylan says:

    Here’s my wish list for the summer (updated to be slightly more realistic):

    Higuain (£25m)
    Cesc (£15m) (Due to Barca still owing us money and our release clause)
    Lars Bender (£25m)
    Begovic (£6m)
    Bernard (£20m)
    Tello (£8.5m) (If Gerv is sold)

  89. Dylan says:

    And yes, I know this is over £70m, but I believe we could find the money.

  90. alexgunners says:


    Great wish list, but it is just something that wont happen. I cant even see us spending 50mil.
    I would settle for Bernard and a Cesar. AW has not spent a great deal on players in a long time. It is hard to believe that he will spend 40 on Suarez considering the most he has spent was 15 on Arshavin. I just cant see it happening. I hope to be proven wrong but i guess only time will tell

  91. Dylan says:

    alexgunners, that is probably the more realistic scenario. 😉 But that team I just listed, would have to be favorites to win the PL (if not very very close).

  92. alexgunners says:

    If we got those players in, it certainly would give us a great chance at some sort of silverware. After these last 9 years, i would settle for League Cup. Baby steps will get us there. Win the League Cup, runners up in the FA and 2-0 winners of the CL against ManUre with ReallyVilePrick being sent off for being a Judas Skunk that he is.

    It’s nice to dream

  93. jgc says:

    Hi TA,

    Been awhile moving about, but my thoughts:

    1. Great post, as usual

    2. My perhaps novel addition would be that our real problem may be just slightly off what you see. I think that our lack of scoring from midfield cuts down on the players other teams really need to watch. Most teams its 5-6 can hurt you for 6-12 goals (or more!) a year.. For us, it’s lower, more like 4 (OG, Poldi, Theo, Santi). The rest just dont threaten, or just dont play much!

    For example, Rosicky is a threat, when fit, and when he plays look at how things tend to open up. Some is him but a lot I think is that he spreads the defense to another player. Diaby, the same, … for about 3 games a year.

    So, this doctors prescription? We need a real number 10, a reincarnated BK himself, … very badly. Someone potent and down the middle. We do well out wide but a whole team could sit on OG and without someone else coming through (without coming from the side to do it) and … A DM I think would free someone up, or perhaps 2 someones up to do more, but still a more end to end type would suit better..

    Thus, given how we are now also linked with Mata and most of the world… If we are going to spend the whole lot (whatever it might be), spend it on Cesc (or similar)…

    My 2p from SE Belgium where all Americans who work in NZ live.. jgc

  94. Fred says:

    Hi guys, great post as usual. I have to say I’m probably in about half agreement with you guys – we do need more goals from Midfield. But even though I do like Giroud I have serious doubts about his goal scoring potential, and feel we would hugely benefit from buying a more clinical finisher, and buying a “beast” in DM and using a single DM – Fellaini could be good for this. This would then allow the other two Midfielders to be more attacking and get more goals/assists.

  95. Gerry says:

    TA – I get where you are coming from, but I think rushed progression from within is where we have gone wrong before? The Ox is the best example of a player being produced steadily, and now we may reap the benefit? I think that is the way to go, especially with the very young like Bellerin, Zelalem, and Akpom, but even Eisfeld and Gnabry ought not to be thrown into the mix simply because they are there. Development is just that. They need to develop, not have the confidence knocked out of them by injury?

    My point on the defense re the other clubs improving was really about the top six who we hardly took any points off last season. This is down to us not scoring from what chances we have, plus a very porous defense early on … largely with the same players?

    I don’t want signings to disrupt that unity we ad on the run, anymore than you or AW does.

    Take jgc’s point above on the need for a proper No10? That is what I see Saurez(type) doing. Drawing defenders away from Giro because he is also dangerous. You could indeed put the Ox in that role, but he is not the finished article to do that full time?
    Hence the need for a signing or two to allow these Eisfeld’s of the academy to be a part of a confident team.

    Dylan – I am sorry but your wish list needs another reality check? I doubt we would get Begovic, who I don’t think we need for £6m. Try this, only one choice from each line:

    Saurez – £45m; Higuain £35m

    Le Gren – £20m; Ginter – £18m – £22m; Gustavo £25m

    Emergency funds for Cesc, although not likely to be needed £25, and without that being used, may be a bargain on July 2nd

  96. TotalArsenal says:

    RA 🙂

    Pzazz is a great word and it is big compliment to associate the word with the site!

    I am sure it is you who has mainly helped the American and Canadian Gunners to feel at home at BK, so thanks for that. 🙂

  97. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Henry

    Good points! How is Yoona the mini-Goona?

  98. Dylan says:

    Gerry, my list is meant to be very very very best case scenario. Not realistic at all. But if you’d seen my previous list (probably about a month ago) it’s more realistic than that. I agree the Begovic price is probably low. But your prices for Ginter and Gustavo are high. I couldn’t imagine Ginter costing more than £15m. And Gustavo definitely wouldn’t cost more than £14m purely because Bayern don’t want him.

  99. TotalArsenal says:

    Kenyan Gooner – you are my blog-soul mate! hahaha 🙂

    All agreed, OF COURSE! 🙂

  100. TotalArsenal says:

    Alex good to see you back on BK again, and I will reply to your email a bit later. 🙂

    Yes we could do with an impact sub, and this could be Giroud or Podolski if indeed Arsene gets Higuain or another top class striker. If not, I am happy with a Benteke or Michu, or Huntelaar to come of the bench and do some serious damage.

  101. TotalArsenal says:

    Some wishlist Dylan, but what about all those promising youngsters! 😉

  102. I’m done with the Ramsey post you encouraged me to write TA..just awaiting your guidance ooh great one…

  103. TotalArsenal says:

    Alex at 12.23 Love it! Especially the really vile prick bit hahahaha 🙂

  104. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent news and great timing,KG! 😛

    Just email it to bergkampesque@gmail.com and I will get back to you.

  105. TotalArsenal says:

    Really good to see you back, jgc. I started to wonder whether you had deserted us! 🙂

    Good to hear you are back in Liege – bet it is hot there today?! And you are not allowed to look at those pretty Belgian petites hahaha 😀

    I can see where you are coming from but weren’t we the only team with four goal scorers in double figures… Also Gervinho and Arteta managed to get (close) to your 6 goals per PL season mark… although A treat did it with six penalties…

    Yes, agreed on a man in the hole, but it would probably work best if and when we go back to 4-4-1-1. It needs a separate post at some time, but I am wary of the enormous gap we would have in the opposition’s middle if we played Ramsey and Arteta AND Suarez (for example) in our current 4-2-1-3 formation. That is why, in my opinion, we are crying out for Cesc to come back and Rooney is not a bad shout either (sorry 17).

  106. TotalArsenal says:

    All good points, Fred. HIguain would probably be the better striker, although he will also need to settle in, but I wonder whether he can do the hold up play better than Giroud (who needs to improve in this area himself).

  107. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry all agreed. I reckon we will need to play really tight at the back if we want to get points from the top four competitors, and to me it looked like the team made big progress in this area. A beast of a DM could improve this further.

  108. just inboxed you TA..*fingers crossed*

  109. Highbury Harmony says:


    Amidst my rage upon the club, I forgot to thank you for sharing an interesting theory/possibility article. Definitely a very optimistic view and I applaud you for finding positives during a depressing time (years really).

    To answer your question, no I don’t think those 4 or 5 midfielders can combine for 20 PL goals. With our current squad, I don’t think we’ll see one player hit 20 goals. I think at best we could expect 10-15 goals from that midfield, which the majority will come from Arteta’s penalty kicks.

    I realistically see Ramsey getting 3, Wilshere getting 3, Arteta with 5 and Rosicky with 2.

  110. Dylan says:

    That is the one draw back (the fact that the youngsters places will be taken) but there are ways they could still be worked in! 🙂 Bernard eventually takes Poldi’s place on the wing, Tello replaces Gerv (as in right now), Bender gives us the DM we need, Cesc gives us the AM we need, Higuain gives us the striker we need, and Begovic gives us the goalie we need. If you think about it, those players really aren’t taking the youngsters places (except maybe Bernard), but it could also allow for more high scoring games that allow youngsters to get first team time. So I’d say everyone wins. 🙂

  111. Tapps says:

    It’s absolutely obvious to me! We need a big, strong, combative DM. I see no better option than Fellaini and I don’t see the 23.5m buy-out clause as being excessive. I would also be talking to Fabregas and persuading him what the rest of the football world knows – Barcelona don’t want him. Time to come home where you’re loved.

    Those are the only first team players that we NEED. I would like to see a marquee centre-forward signed to ensure Giroud doesn’t become blase. I would also like another centre half to provide back up to TV5, Kosh and Big Per. I’m also not 100% convinced of Sczczcznczczy (maybe some competition would help him?)

    But with the two signings outlined we could field the following:

    GK: Sczcznczczy

    RB: Sagna
    LB: Gibbs
    CB: Kosh
    CB: TV5

    DM: Fellaini
    CM: Wilshere (God)
    CM: Fab

    FL: Santi
    FC: Giroud
    FR: Theo

    Unbeatable, I believe!

  112. TotalArsenal says:

    Ha ha HH, I thought it was better to let you rage on last night. I sincerely hope you feel a bit better for it! 🙂

    You are probably right re the numbers of goals from our midfield, and additional goal threat from midfield would be very welcome.

  113. oz gunner says:

    Pleasure as always TA. Couldn’t agree more. I feel Jack will bob up with a few more just like Cesc begun to. Just needs to focus on staying on the pitch first. Rosicky looks like a new man this pre-season, it’s a joy to watch.

    @ HH

    oi support the F’n club ( 😉 )
    Well played with your comments as always. The lack of spending is starting to grind my gears also. Club needs to put up or shut up. A couple of signings would really lift the spirits of not only the supporters but the players as well.

  114. Tapps..really enjoyed your comment..agreed on the Jack = god part!!!!..but don’t know why you lot have no confidence in our big pole..i’m sure he’ll be good 4 us

    17ht…always advisable 2 let it all out..i’m sure most of us are sometimes bubbling under with rage but our love 4 the club sees us through..plus we are seriously not that far from being THE squad many of us wish for

  115. JM says:

    @ Red Arse July 19, 2013 08:21
    @ TotalArsenal July 19, 2013 09:38

    Much appreciated.

    I am “chilled” with regards on transfers, if they come, they will come, if they do not, then we will do with what we have. (Although I am still expecting 2-3 signings to value-add to our centre spine of our team, i.e. GK/CB/DM/CM/AM/CF etc)

    At the end of the day, if we have a better goal difference than the rest of the league, we should be able to do well:

    (i) We have a better scoring effort from our midfield (Plus our forwards are doing their job and our defenders chip in along). Say we have what Man. United did last season. Goals for = 86 and we concede the same as ourselves last season, Goals against = 37. Goals difference = 49 (i.e. in 38 league matches, we put in at least 1 goal)

    (ii) We have an equal or lower scoring effort from our midfield, however our defensive effort improved to our title winning season in 90/91 and what Bayern Munich did last season in the Bundesliga (i.e. shut out shop, when it mattered).
    Say we score similarly as last season. Goals for = 72 and we concede less, Goals against = 18.
    Goal difference = 54 (i.e. in 38 league matches, we also put in at least 1 goal and keep clean sheets for half of them, or 19 matches).

    Technically and mathematically speaking, both (i) and (ii) efforts should be able to/ would be close for us to win the BPL.

  116. Fred says:

    TA, good point. It’s hard to find a clinical striker who is also good at holding the ball up. It is looking increasingly unlikely that we will get Higuain, but I would be happy with Benteke.

    My more realistic deam for this transfer window is:

    Benteke 20m
    Camcho 8m
    Cesar 5m
    Muniain 15m

    I know there aren’t really any marquee signings there but they would add a lot of quality to our current squad, allow us to rotate more, and I personally believe Ignasio Camacho is the perfect DM for us. He’s young, relatively unheard of, cheap, good at tackling and passing and is very happy to sit back and protect the backline. He would allow our more creative and attacking midfielders to do what they do best which is the type of player we need. I would be very happy with Lars Bender but for me he’s a bit too attacking, Camacho would be ideal in my opinion.

  117. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey fellas…Just catching up on the post and the comments. Very nice to see a lot of the “old-timers” popping around, even if some are clearly struggling with the way the Summer is going. (KG, I think you’ve got me confused with HH–I’ve been HOLDING IT IN!!.. 😆 ) Gotta agree with RA about the P-zazz here. It takes all kinds, but there’s an inclusiveness that makes it pretty interesting, at least when I’m not too freaked out about the relentless (for me) bad news…

    Fortunately, I’ll be disappearing (into the mountains, away from all devices) next week myself. Maybe by the time I’m back the squad will have some additions we can actually talk about. (Yeah, right…) In the meantime, I can’t bring myself to indulge in the speculative permutations nor can I separate the abilities of players from their foibles and my tendency is to think about how one thing affects another. (i.e. Suarez in = trouble for Theo, Poldi, etc.) Overall, I hate to say it, but our position seems awfully weak…IMO we really need some serious improvement but we’re in with the bigger clubs AND our depth is getting taken out with injuries combined with our insistence on pushing certain players who (I fear) will be seen in the same light as the Denilsons, Bendtners and Eboues in a few years’ time…

    I guess I can’t quite get past how we finished the season. 4th = good, but the style of play, the quality of the competition, the fact that we had to get out of the cups to do so (i.e., there was zero depth in the squad). We start with two extra matches (CL qualifiers…) and a lot of our guys may be involved in (2 legged) WC playoffs later in the Autumn… Maybe our (promising) youngsters will allow us to appear a little deeper than we did. Still, to be competitive (on multiple fronts) seems a distance too far…

    I think a big issue is the way we get our information. If you read 10 headlines coming from one (equivocal) statement (or from nothing) it can become something completely definitive AND loco. Better to unplug, maybe, or just keep one’s eyes on what we can see on the pitch, even if it’s only half the team and in training matches…

    What I continue to fail to understand is what management is trying to convey to support. With Suarez, if we’re really headed there, it almost feels like another Arshavin type of signing (but at a far bigger scale). “Don’t push me to spend big, or this is what I’ll spend it on.” Is that the message? At least we can push it all the way to 2 September. If he serves his suspension in a “Standard Chartered” kit, all the better, no?…The other “names” seem like they’ll choose to bypass Arsenal. Who wants to come into a pressure cooker and have to carry all that weight on their shoulders?… Jovetic to City, seems a prime example…

    So, sorry not to be more upbeat. Regarding the topic at hand, how about this…Consider Santi a midfielder and I think we could (italics) total 20 from that area. And if we bring in a forward, that guy (whoever he might be…) will make up for Santi’s goals from further forward. So, in Santi we (must) trust… and, so too in management…

  118. 17ht..my sincerest apologies mate..glad 2 know i’m not alone in ‘keeping it together’..and are you saying that our ‘prospective’ signings are shying away from the imposing burden and pressure they would bare if they signed 4 us??

  119. Gerry says:

    JM – I forgot to thank you also for that interesting list.

    My first thought, having gone down it was ‘ BD, what cheapskates!’ ha ha

    I still think they have a cracking squad though. Reus and Aubameyany up front, a strong defence at the back, and a potentially lively midfield? I shall enjoy them as my bonus team.

    I take it names missing are the ones you expect to be gone in this TW?

  120. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oh, hey, I meant to also salute another (awesome) list from JM… What exactly do the numbers (and rank) of the clubs represent? Good to see you’ve got Cesc as a starter for Barca (at the expense of Pedro?) and Isco for RM (Di Maria sits)… Some of the other choices for first 11 (also) seem debatable–and, of course, the transfer/terror/torture window continues on–but who cares…It’s a brilliant list…Thanks!

  121. Dylan says:

    Fred, interesting to see someone besides me taking an interest in Muniain. A younger Santi perhaps?

  122. 17highburyterrace says:

    KG, I’m talking about missing out on Higuain…which seems more likely with each passing hour…

    If I were him and I could re-unite with Mourinho (who might be telling him that it was Perez who was forcing him to start Benzema…) I think I would be very tempted to say “olvidalo” (forget it) to Arsenal…

    Even Napoli, where I’d be head and shoulders above the rest of the squad (and still have Hamsek and Inler feeding him balls) might be a better spot from which to claim my spot on the Argentinian team…AW bought Giroud and our big fellow needs chances if he wants a spot with the French team…Not to mention the whole British thing and the guys (Theo and Ox and young Jack) who need playing time to make their squad….

    Plus, who likes to be booed by the home crowd with each miss?…

  123. Dylan says:

    I must also thank JM for that fine list, as it highlights my list of high quality players still available. Pedro, Sanchez, di Maria, Gustavo, Kroos, and Richards are all (correctly) listed on the bench at their respective clubs. Surely if they don’t already know, we could convince them that they are undervalued at their current clubs and (the ones that we need) to come join us? And due to their clubs undervaluing them we could get them at decent prices? Pedro (pushed out of Barca by Neymar), Sanchez (pushed out of Barca by Neymar) and di Maria (possibly pushed out of RM by Isco?) are all (proper) wingers. We could do with an extra one. Gustavo (could be completely pushed out of Bayern if they sign Ginter) is a DM who formed half of a very good double DM pivot for Brazil. Kroos is a very very good, very very young, and full of potential number 10 (and is being shoved out who Bayern by Goetze). And Richards is a good RB/CB who could back us up and build on our British core. Although with Maicon gone from City, he may be convinced he’ll get his chance under Pellegrini.
    Overall, we could probably sign either Sanchez or Pedro for around £20m, di Maria (if we missed out on the other two) for around £25m, Gustavo for £14m (if Bayern signed Ginter), Kroos for £19m, and/or Richards for £7m. Any one of them would be a fantastic addition. 🙂

  124. Fred says:

    Dylan – agreed Muniain is a very good player, although at the moment I see him more as a winger, with a future down the middle. He seems to be very technically gifted to me and would dramatically improve our team on the LW.

  125. Gerry says:

    Dylan – I am posting a bit more today as I shall be missing from action tomorrow, here at least. The racing blog needs my full attention if recent results are anything to go by? ha ha

    As to the prices I put on players? Really it is about getting them. I don’t say AW would pay that much, but it might be why we don’t have the players that others picked up?

    Ginter was originally thought of at around £8m, but then he came good in the Euro comp. He also wants a first team place, which as a DM he would get, I think.

    Gustavo may not be wanted by BM, but others will, and again, you pay up or miss out?

    Grenier has the potential to be really special and £20 might just tempt Lyon. However, another good season and he would be up there in the £30m+ bracket that Illarimendi and the one that went to MD cost.

    In any other window, I don’t think Saurez would fetch more than the £30m, with all the baggage he may bring, but when the supply is short, prices rocket?

    I still think a notional bid around £15-18m for Ericksen could be a winner, in his final year and looking for a move? That would be if Barca can be trusted with the word ‘No’ of course, re Cesc?

  126. Dylan says:

    Fred, I completely forgot he could play winger. Excellent point. 🙂

  127. Dylan says:

    Fair enough Gerry. 🙂 And agreed, Erikson could be a very very good signing.

  128. Gerry says:

    MD is a doctor, BD is who a I meant to say

  129. Gerry says:

    Yes, I thought of Muniain when the Brazil guy was on our rumour list … the 5’5” had something to do with it. Ha ha

    Got to go and feed the dogs .. later perhaps/

  130. JM says:

    @ Gerry July 19, 2013 15:36

    Welcome. Borussia Dortmund has a strong first 11, they will need a strong bench and reserve to sustain the challenge in all league and cup competitions (I believed their 1st team has 24 players, which includes some youngsters, i.e. U-21 players)

    The missing names … some supposed 1st teamers are out for nearly the entire season (e.g. Badstuber for Bayern Munich), some for half a season (e.g. Diaby for us), while a handful could be involved in the transfer-merry-go-round this summer till the window closes, so they are left out in the meantime.

    @ 17highburyterrace July 19, 2013 15:37

    What exactly do the numbers (and rank) of the clubs represent?
    The deemed marketable value of the 1st team squad/players of the respective clubs, i.e. Barcelona and Real Madrid are heads and shoulders above the rest; Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Man. City rounding off the top 5 (no surprises); Man. United, Juventus, PSG, Arsenal and Spurs making up the remaining 5 of the top 10, while Dortmund and Liverpool are close to entering to top 10.

    The line-ups are my personal projection, as close as what the managers might setup their respective teams.

    (It would see strange, very strange in the manner of Real Madrid, having spent £53 Million for both Isco and Illarramendi, two midfielders, yet their intended target Suarez, a striker, is seen as their secondary objective/target. They could have use that £53 Million for Suarez if they wanted him badly. Their midfield is loaded previously with Alonso, Khedira, Oezil, Modric, Kaka and they have also signed Casemiro earlier this season. Perhaps someone from that list would leave)

    @ Dylan July 19, 2013 15:51

    Bayern Munich are after a bigger prize in Sebastian Rode (not Matthias Ginter), though it could have a knock-on effect with Ginter joining E.Frankfurt.

    Napoli joins the transfer merry-go-round after collecting £57 Million from the Cavani sale. Raul Albiol and Leandro Damiao are poised to join them.

  131. Dylan says:

    JM, either way, it’s seems we agree that if Bayern sign a DM Gustavo is done. As for that other Real list (Ozil, Modric, Kaka, etc), I’ve stated previously that with current signings I believe Ozil and Khedria will leave. And I would welcome them both as well. (Khedria pushed out by Illaramendi and Ozil pushed out by Isco). I’d guess we could get Ozil for around £30m and Khedria for around £16m (he is extremely undervalued at Real Madrid).

  132. Glic says:

    Afternoon BK Broke Backers 😆

    17ht, I hope you enjoy your time away, but without your devices, no one can hear you scream in the Broke Back Mountains !. Sounds like a good line for a movie !. hahaha

    This is for HH to put up on his wall at home and look at whilst he bashes his cock with a steak mallet !. hahaha


  133. 17highburyterrace says:

    JM, thanks for the explanation, which was more or less what I thought you were doing…Agreed to a certain extent about Real Madrid and Suarez, but I think there’s a lot of desire for a better forward than Benzema though they “need” to keep him because they (Perez, at least) have invested so much in him…

    And this is the problem with (others) taking the bench names from the list and calling them “quality” and “available.” These clubs have invested a lot of money in those players and they’ve failed to break into the first 11s due to a variety of issues–injury, choking on the big stage, inconsistency (also called choking in the easy matches…), etc. It is fantasy to think that they will come to Arsenal on the cheap AND deliver as we need them to…

    Take for example Alexis Sanchez. Approx 35 million Euros from Udinese to Barca and the best thing he’s done is feeling John Terry’s (idiotic) kick in the back of his knees and going down theatrically to induce a red card. It should (italics) have gotten Barca another CL title but 10 man Chelsea (and no Terry in the final) did what they had to do… Sanchez as a bench player or against the lower teams in Spain seems a better option than admitting they’ve made a horrible mistake and shipping him to England for 12-15 million. Once he was in England, the diving will not fly…

    In truth, I think AW is correct when he says, “We’re in for players of that quality, but they’re not all available. Other clubs want them as well and there aren’t very many names.” And, unfortunately, due to the (extreme) pressure he’s under and the big declarations of “money to spend,” lesser names (Munian, Camacho, Sanago, etc.) do not inspire a big chunk of the support…

    Bottom line, we should have done our business early (and with boldness, over-paying) to get the players who would actually elevate our team… The only (real) power in any negotiation is being able to walk away from the deal completely or accept another option. To me, all signs point to us taking a 2nd or 3rd choice or an iffy guy (Suarez or Rooney, for too much money, IMO…) and pushing it until the deadline… In other words, big money or not, it’s business as usual…

    Oh well, any incremental improvement is good enough for me… 😀

  134. Dylan says:

    17HT, I can see where you’re coming from with Sanchez. But I think Pedro is just under-appreciated and di Maria as well. And with Isco coming in di Maria (or Ozil) will not want to sit on the bench. And Kroos is probably the best player on that list and the only reason he’ll be leaving is Goetze. Not because he isn’t performing or anything like that.

  135. James Bond says:

    Thanks, TA

    realistically, i only see a FIT JW scoring in the region of 6-8 goals, Ramsey not more than 2 after he has had about 200 attempts ? penalty wise i am not expecting us to be getting as many as we did last year…so Arteta scoring even 3 would be a bonus really – Conclusion – we could do with a DM to allow the likes of Arteta/JW/Ramsey/Rosicky to express themselves a bit more…

    i can see where HH is coming from and it does have some merit to it,

    mind you , i have already seen this happen with a fair few fans and mates of mine, in their case they had enough and just stopped following football altogether and credited AW/the board with it, ha

    anyhow, next 11 days, there should be plenty of transfer activity i reckon, with the likes of man city spending in excess of 100 million (AGAIN)


  136. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha TA, you understand how I operate. After a few weeks of getting used to the job and being idle on BK, I’ve found more of a regular groove that allows me to come on for half an hour during the work day.

    Definitely needed to vent built up frustration with this club and have now settled down a bit and begun to objectively evaluate the squad a bit better. 17ht’s superb comment @ 15:23 captures my thinking word for word, well done mate!

    I just don’t think anyone can rightfully claim that our internal improvements will be somehow better than every other club’s in the EPL. You could just as easily say that RVP will score more goals with Utd next season with more familiarity with his teammates and that Rooney will bounce back to 20+ goals next season after an off year and a better understanding on how to gel with another striker up front. You could also look at City and realize that the core of their team is still the same and will improve – Negredo and Navas already played together at Sevilla and on the Spain National team with Silva (Spaniards also seamlessly adapt to any style of play).

    Thus, the addition of more top quality players should in essence make them even better than last season, on top of the internal improvements of the holdover players.

    Of course, there is still time left in the transfer window and some hope that we will conduct some transfer business. My fear is that it’s already taken this long to make a signing and we’ve seen plenty of top players switch clubs (Gotze, Cavani, Falcao, Navas, J.Rodriguez, Paulinho, Jovetic, Schurrle, Isco, Neymar, Moutinho, Fernandinho, Villa, Mkhitaryan etc.)

  137. Highbury Harmony says:

    so the glimmer of hope to sign SQ players is fading*

  138. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic @ 16:36 LOL!!!

  139. James Bond says:

    anyone on here can do an analysis on Bernard ? i have no idea on how he fits into our team and if he is what we really needed for 21 million… (all i know is that spuds were in for him , so yeah if we managed to get him under their noses then that’s good enough for me even if he spends most of the time on the bench muahhahahahaha)

    no but seriously, a post on Bernard would be nice with videos and so on…

    i have never seen him play i confess.

  140. James Bond says:

    ah my old china, HH is about

    HH – thoughts on Bernard (Daily star are reporting that we have signed him for 21 million) ?

  141. James Bond says:

    Glics, that link was a gem 😉 thanks for sharing it

    AGB, that was a fantastic comment , well done sir.

  142. 17highburyterrace says:


    Pedro, Di Maria, Ozil, Kroos? Why would they want to come to Arsenal? It’s too late this TW and they will all believe that they can fight for their spot (and prevail). Maybe in the future, but will AW still be our manager? The way this window is going, if we don’t have success in the very near term (which I frankly cannot envision with the current squad) people will be baying for his head… I guess if somebody (I would encourage you to do it…) writes a post about it here on BKesque, we will at least be linked with those names… 😉 😆

    I joke, of course, and this is why incremental improvement by building our squad from within is really the only way forward. If we can add a proven player or two to relegate some guys who are currently first choice (into squad players), guys who really appear to me to belong at much lower clubs, then it’s all OK (for me, at least)…

    The problems are structural. Arsenal (like Dortmund) make a lot of money but (unlike Dortmund) we are starved for success and thus the pressure on the squad AND management is overwhelming. We also have a fan-base which isn’t 100% behind the club–due to being either “modern” or “short-sighted” (depends on your perspective 😀 …) As such, we transmit that pressure to our squad at every (home) match. It’s a tough spot for any “big” transfer. If we don’t offer absurd wages (we don’t…) why would they want to come to Arsenal? I guess London has a lot to offer, if you don’t mind the weather…. 😉

    Obviously, my viewpoint is fairly pessimistic. Wenger needs to get some young, committed, (not-so-mental, or otherwise tarnished) players in who want to be coached by him and who might justify him extending his contract to give us something going forward. Those names mentioned above would all be credible. The others–Jovetic, Higuain, Grenier, Bender (with whom we’ve been linked–anybody else) seem to be slipping away…

  143. 17highburyterrace says:

    HH, thanks for the appreciation and good to have you around, even if you’re turning into a hater (doomer, realist, whatever) 😆

    I needed you last week when I (finally) wrote my 2nd post. Could we really be in for Suarez? Wouldn’t it signify that all this talk about values, etc. for these past 5-7 years was so much hot air?

    Anyhow, (as always) I don’t know (WTF) is going on, but (today, at least) I’m not letting myself get too worked up about it… 😀 …

  144. willc88 says:

    I’ve been loving the posts since I started following, always one of the first things i read so I’d like to nominate you guys for the inspiring blogger award. COYG


  145. Gerry says:

    HT17 – Pessimism doesn’t help when the future looks bleak… There must be a follow up line to that if I thought about it longer?

    If you think things are bad, well perhaps AW read the same report I copped earlier in the week. It painted a very bleak picture of Britain plc. Perhaps, if you were thinking of visiting, sooner rather than later would be the best advice?

    Get the RA to explain how a country gets itself out of a bigger mess than Greece, when, with just the slightest rise in interest rates, the whole thing goes pear-shaped?

    That is depressing..

    Come on,take JM’s approach. If we get somebody, then fine. If we don’t, we still have a squad of players to field 11 of them for 38 matches?

    First let us see where we stand on September 3rd – I do believe I referred to thee end of the TW as July 2nd earlier, I must be cracking up under the strain?

    Getting the first one will make a difference, but players are still aware of Arsenal’s history, so they will still come .. unless there is a better off.ha ha.

  146. jgc says:

    TA, Oz, 17HT et al

    A few comments…

    TA: temps are just right for me at 27-30, which brings out the best in petite others. I’m ok as my wife and I have a look, but don’t drool or touch agreement… Looking forward to catching some games real time this year so season can’t come soon enuff regardless of TW.

    So, reading, a thought…if we agree, dangerous here I know, that Cesc or Rooney is “the one” to Bergkamp us back up a notch, AND we’ve a good bit of dosh, then why not say, ok Barca, here’s 50M for Cesc (admittedly they still owe us 10 or so?). If he performs as advertised, then every penny comes back in going further in CL and PL etc, and in brand value etc some more…. “Over priced” not for the team for whom he’d be the final-ish puzzle piece…

    So, a simple why not… Thoughts?

    17HT: a week without email!!! You lucky lucky … Lucky bastard… Enjoy!

    Oz: outside of allezkev, I’m not sure that “oi” to HH translates with all same force as it does under the southern cross skies.. For those doomed to the northern parts full time, I’ve seen and done an “oi” that makes 100+ insanely wild people/children stop instantly and pay attention across 6-8 football pitches..

    Cheers — jgc

  147. Dylan says:

    17HT, perhaps I can write a post to explain all of the reasons Arsenal should and could get those players. 😉 There are reasons for them to join and maybe I could capture that in a post. We’ll see. 🙂

  148. Gerry says:

    NEWS BREAKING – Barca are looking for a new manager!

  149. Dylan says:

    Interesting news indeed, Gerry! Thoughts from everyone on what managers that are left are capable of taking of Barca? Smartest choice I can think of is Jupp Heynckes (due to Barca’s defensive lacking and Heynckes ability to tighten up and make an incredible defense. Like he did at Bayern last year.) Any other big managers left out there?

  150. James Bond says:

    thought they might be, Gerry

    not sure why they left it this late though

  151. James Bond says:


    this might interest the Swansea Manager i reckon 😉

  152. James Bond says:

    Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke, 22, has withdrawn his transfer request and agreed a contract extension through to 2017 with the Club.

  153. Dylan says:

    Ah excellent suggestion JB. He was linked to RM before Ancelotti was official, right? 😉 More news! Benteke signs new 4 year deal with Aston Villa!

  154. Dylan says:

    Annnnnnd JB beat me to it by a second. Darn. 😉

  155. jgc says:

    My 2p

    Barca are big spenders but also very homegrown/Spanish…so, either Klopp or someone for la liga….

    Wonder what that means for Cesc? Too early to tell I know, but not to speculate and lie wildly! 🙂

    — jgc

  156. James Bond says:


    cheers mate, much appreciate 😀

    so that’s Benteke playing his cards wisely and smartly to up his wages, well done lad !

  157. James Bond says:

    *much appreciated

    blimey, i’m off my game today

    AW sign someone, just bloody sign someone ahahahhahahaha

  158. James Bond says:

    8 mills for gustavo is a steal i reckon.

    however, won’t be happening as we have “bigger fish” to fry


  159. 17highburyterrace says:


    I don’t mean to be overly negative, I really don’t. In fact, I’m just hoping that people can “manage” their expectations to avoid disappointment. For me, if we can do well enough in the league before the new year so that we can rotate a bit and give some deeper efforts in the cups I’ll be very pleased. If we can get a nose in front of one of the teams who finished ahead of us, even better. There’s always the chance, however, that things can go tits up (as they say)…(And I think our situation is delicate and our better players are showing their own worries with comments about our transfer business…)

    I’m committed to the longer haul with Arsenal and I think AW has done well to get us here. I’d love to see him lift a trophy, but frankly, I think that’s a long shot. The combination of his age and the lack of appreciation amongst the supporters PLUS the silly money AND competitive advantages of the teams above us, means that it’s a tall order. Getting up for our CL spot these past two years despite losing our best players was a first step in turning the aircraft carrier around…If we can keep our best guys, even better… Still, I think, there’s some truth to the idea that standing still is going backwards…

    Even more worrisome is that clubs seem to be flouting the FFP rules, at least in the vague way that I understand them, so our newfound monies might not amount to much. Whilst great fun for the (suddenly) big two in France (Monaco and PSG), not to mention Chelsea and City, it cannot be good for the game. Somehow the top clubs (led by Arsenal?…) need to force a re-organization. By not using our owners’ money we are putting it all on the backs of the (disgruntled) ticket buy fans. If Man City (or Real Madrid’s) shadow squad can beat us, but we pay more to watch our guys, why shouldn’t we be upset? Something’s got to give…

    But yeah, compared to British (or global) capitalism, the Arsenal situation is indeed quite bright. 😀

  160. Glic says:

    Personally and generally I don’t want players who are being pushed out or not wanted by a club because they have bought better players who Arsenal should have bought !. We are Arsenal and shouldn`t settle for second best !.

    Bernard for 007 !.

  161. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, take it easy on yourself, it’s Friday…;) Also, what was the big announcement up in Manchester a few days back? I thought you were talking about United, but maybe it was City and it was the Negredo/Jovetic stuff…

    Totally agreed about the Benteke contract…Doesn’t mean for a second that he’s not moving (just like Bale re-upping with Spurs in May)…

  162. Glic says:

    Gilberto Silva is at the same club as Bernard !. Bernard talks to Gilberto……” Two North London teams want me Gilly….who do you recommend ? “………….” Bernie, even though Barnet is nice, Arsenal are in the Champions League ( Qualifiers ) ! “.

  163. James Bond says:

    nice one Glics, would you be happy with Bernard ?


    it’s a chain of events really, give it another 6 days, things will start becoming a whole lot clearer but let me tell you something, you’re efforts on that Suarez post may well be rewarded 😉

  164. Dylan says:

    Very nice video Glic! Kid looks even better than I thought! Granted, his league isn’t the same level as the PL. But I’ve always said some things aren’t affected by your league. If you’re fast, you’re fast everywhere. If you can take a free kick, you can take a free kick anywhere. If you can consistently put the ball perfectly in the corner of the goal…you get it. This ignores pressure of performing at a higher level and climate and so on. But I would be very happy with his signing. Looks like he can cross the ball well (useful for Giroud), has pace and intelligence (which Wenger likes) ,and can finish the ball from all sorts of angles and distances and such (which isn’t exactly something to complain about).

  165. Glic says:

    Bernard or Muniain would be pleasing 007 and Dylan. Both would Arsenal type players imo !.

  166. Dylan says:

    Agreed Glic. I’m going to go find a Muniain video. I haven’t seen a ton, but I’ve seen enough of both of them now to be convinced either (or both) would be great additions.

  167. Glic says:

    Santos is off to Flamenco for good, apparently that is £18.7M per year (nearly £360k per week ) saved on wages with all the out going players this TW !. Get rid of Bendy and it`s more than £400k per week !. In theory, enough to pay both Shrek and Hannibals wages without increasing our wage bill !.

  168. James Bond says:

    Santos is a good man,

    Bendtener is a Wa£$£”$£”)$ , he should do the same and cancel is contract if he can’t lower his wage demands and shift his as$££” else where.

    cancel the bloody thing and do a Santos

  169. Glic says:

    Trouble is Bendy is the most conceited vain bastard going, in fact even more than that handsome bastard I see in the mirror every few minutes !. hahaha

  170. Funminiyi says:

    With Jovetic gone, Cavani taken, Negredo signed up, Soldado’s deal almost sealed up, and here we’re speculating about Higgy, Suarez, and probably thatbaldboyfrommerseyside, ain’t we missing someone who’s not been credited with enough shout out like I think he deserves?? His name is Javier Hernandez of Man utd, I reckon someone like him will do a decent job as much as every other players that we’ve been linked with lately will do. His awareness inside the box reminds me of Ruudboy and a certain Filipo from the land of Azzuris. With enough persuasion and by making him see our project and how he can fit into it, I’m sure he’ll sign for us. Dzeko is another option and these two will cost less.

  171. Dylan says:

    Funminiyi, I’ve suggested Hernandez since last summer (as a partial trade for RvP). He will be class I reckon. I think Dzeko is too like Giroud and Pellegrini said he’s not leaving anyway.

  172. VCC says:

    GliC…..Bernard Is your new ISCO ….trouble is it will make your todger much more painful having 7 letters tattoo’d instead of four. 🙂

  173. Highbury Harmony says:

    Benteke is a f*cking clown, I’m glad we were never really interested in him. After one year he thinks he’s the hottest property on the market and holds out on his team until he gets a wage increase and subsequent contract extension.

  174. Highbury Harmony says:

    Well VCC, not to mention that Glic could never fit Bernard on his todger to begin with…

  175. VCC says:

    That’s true Harmonious. ……..its a wee todger.

  176. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht the whole deal about Suarez just doesn’t feel right to me. I really think it’s just blowing smoke, though AW has taken chances on players with poor behavioural track records before.

    As a player, Suarez is great but he’s such a distraction on and off the field that it’s really a huge risk. The idea of buying players low would definitely be blown out of the water since AW would be doing something he’s never done and buy a player from the premiership that he could have bought for much less a couple years ago.

    Just doesn’t fit with his principle, though someone like Rooney makes more sense since he’d be available at a discount relative to what Utd paid Everton for him back in the day (also must consider inflation in that previous valuation).

  177. 17highburyterrace says:

    HH, the tone of your posts seems a lot more aggressive these days…Job got you down? :lol

    Why is Benteke a clown? Isn’t that the whole game, get as much money as you can? There’s nothing saying that he won’t still get sold, just that club’s will have to fork over if they want him and he’s got his wage requirements already sorted… Is he a clown for not taking a low wage at an ambitious club (like Arsenal or Spurs or Pool? or who exactly are we talking about?)…

    In this world, sad to say, money talks (or did you take a pay cut to work those long hours–winky face, again, eh….) If we’re asking players to take a step down from United or RM (perennial challengers for league and CL titles) we’ve got to offer them something…(And wages still top out, it seems, at whatever AW is making–and managers can have very long careers, it would appear…) Why, for example, would Chicharito want to leave United? Moyes is using one side of his mouth to say Rooney is not for sale but with the other he suggests that he needs to accept that RvP is the main man. If I was Hernandez (who is a THE icon amongst my Mexican football watching people right now…) I would hope that my abilities and commitment to fitness would make ME the next main guy at United. Even if they don’t offload the Shrekster, I’d be confident that I could take my chances and nose ahead of him. If RvP gets hurt (like he did when he was ours…ahh the good ol’ days…) the chance could come even earlier….

    Yes, in certain situations it’s important to play for your (club) team and show what you’ve got, but in others, counting up your cash is a perfectly acceptable activity… Exhibit A: Nicky Bendtner…

  178. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey HH, didn’t see your post as I was punching mine in…I hope you know I’m just ribbing you–no need to cyber-beat me to a pulp… (Another winky face, OK?…)

    Two words: Rooney’s wages. We could (italics) pay them, but what message does that send about loyalty, let alone hard work to guys like Sagna…whose abs are harder than Rooney (thick) skull…

    I wish Bond would come clean and JUST TELL US what’s gonna happen…As it is I have to run away and hide because it’s just too much to bear… 😳

  179. James Bond says:


    i would love to tell you what’s gonna happen but unfortunately the battery’s on my crystal ball have just died.

    it takes about 6-8 days till they are re-charged, so do bear with me 😉

    yep, good point Re- Benteke and getting the wages upped (he’s got a great agent, maybe same as Rooney’s ? 😉

  180. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow guys, so many fantastic comments today and many are sub-posts or new posts by themselves!! 🙂

    How many Gooners believe that Pires, Henry and Ljungberg would have become anywhere near as successful as they did without Arsene finding and developing them, and elevating them to stardom?

    Keep our players together and he will do it again. I have no doubt that from the current squad the future Bergkamps, Henries, Piresses and Ljungberg can be developed by Arsene. Four ingredients are required: Wenger, time, no good players leave, ability to add to the squad occasionally. The third part is the hardest one, and it would help if we added one or two star players just to make everybody BELIEVE we are going upwards and forwards again.

    It is clear we have lost patience, and Arsenal have the fecking money and it has got to be spend now, otherwise hell will break loose at Arsenal. So let’s spend it and hope it will all work out.

    But what I will not accept as a given is that this squad is not good enough to win serious silverware. Maybe not for next season, but in two to three years this squad will be awesome, give or take a few Wengergem additions.

  181. TotalArsenal says:

    Willc88 🙂

    Thanks for that, and what a nice site you have got! 🙂

  182. Dylan says:

    JB, you are infuriating. 😉 I’m kidding, but seriously you should tell us. Or just tell me. You know, either way! 😀 And I agree with TA. This squad has huge potential and will win something within the next 3 years. Within the next 2 if we add some Wengergems and 1 high quality player, this year if we sign 2-3 SQ players and maybe some Wengergems sprinkled in. 🙂 Have faith gooners! I’m working on a post (that I hope to finish in the next few days) that should help some of you more pessimistic gooners out! 😉

  183. TotalArsenal says:

    Dylan, good to hear you are climbing the pen again and I am looking forward to what you will write this time.

    There will be no post tonight. I received a fantastic maiden post by Kenyan Gooner, who prefers it to be issued in the morning, as Kenya is two hours ahead of us. So put your alarms clocks on for 8am! hahaha. 😛

  184. James Bond says:

    boooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooooooooooooo

  185. Dylan says:

    Hahahahaha poor JB. No new post. How about you just post a blank page for JB, TA? Just for the night until KG’s post goes up. That may calm JB down.

  186. Dylan says:

    And thank you TA. I’m hoping this post goes well so that some of the more pessimistic guys out there can cheer up a little. 🙂

  187. TotalArsenal says:

    Hope you are not booing Kenyan Gooner, JB! 😕

  188. TotalArsenal says:

    Dylan, as long as you promise that Arsenal will spend big they will love it! 😛

    Anything less might not suffice hahaha 😀

  189. Dylan says:

    Oh I won’t promise that TA. I’d be terrified of HH murdering me if it doesn’t come true! 😉 But I’ll give them reason to hope. 🙂

  190. TotalArsenal says:

    Dylan, good stuff. This is a glass half full blog in the end hahaha 🙂

  191. 17highburyterrace says:

    So, Total, to play devil’s advocate…

    Of your 4 ingredients the one that is really lacking is time. Wenger did it before because the previous level of success wasn’t so hard to match, or maybe because ticket prices weren’t so high (and the fans were more behind the team or at least more patient) or maybe because he was younger or maybe because the others in the big 4 weren’t SO big that they had shifted the entire footballing culture towards money being the very center of the matter.

    My big hope is just to get to see it play out–that Wenger stays healthy, the fans (and owner) stick by him and that we’re not cheated out of at least TRYING. The losses, two years running, of Cesc (plus Nasri) and RvP (plus Song) were crippling blows (and can also be seen as admissions that we weren’t ready to compete at that point in time–since their sales strengthened our rivals). We are in a rebuilding mode…again.

    In 2006 we moved to the new stadium after the CL final disappointment (and our first go-round of getting up for re-qualification on the final day of the season). I remember that Carling Cup final (Feb 2007) with Abou Diaby knocking out John Terry and Adebayor sent off for brawling at the end. 17 yr old Theo scored and 18 yr old Cesc ran the offense and we appeared to compete with Chelsea. We lost the match but the future looked bright, very bright indeed!….

    That was the group that was supposed to come good. That was 7 years ago and now Theo is the only one who remains (well, so too does Diaby, sort of…)–and only because Liverpool and Man City thought that they could get by just fine last season with Raheem Sterling and Scott Sinclair!!

    With no time on his side, Wenger can’t take a punt on prospects either, so Jovetic (the new Bergkamp, I’ve been told… 😉 ) goes to City… Will he really not realize his potential there because he doesn’t have AW looking over him?

    What would make ME more excited is not Suarez nor Rooney (or other forms of spending for spending’s sake). There is no “building a team” when you bring in players (no matter how good) who’ve shown that they’re wacked in the head, disloyal or both. And while the British core is good marketing, they are not the super-quality guys that the other teams are hoarding. We need time AND a plan and talented people to make it happen. AW needs to delegate and bring in a real first team coach (or coaches…) and make plans that seem bigger than his contract and his smirky vision. (And mind, I actually enjoy the smirks (taking the piss out of the media, and the most impatient, irrational branches of the supporters)…It’s too much to put on one guy and borders on the irrational to believe that he can wave his wand and “do it again.” Conditions were actually easier back in 06-07…

    Belief is good; having something believable is important too…

    But that’s just me, and (at least) I’ll be gone for a few days… 😀

  192. Dylan says:

    17HT, I believe the loss of Jovetic is indeed the loss of the new Bergkamp. But I don’t think Jovetic will become the new Bergkamp at Man City. Whether you love Wenger or hate him, not many will argue with the fact that he is one of, if not the, best (offensive) coach in the world. And with Bould strengthening our defense, our team has decent coaching. That being said, I wouldn’t object to another coach or two and bringing in some specialized former players as coaches in the future. (Ex. Henry to coach our attackers, Rosicky or Arteta or Pires or whoever to coach our midfielders, Bergkamp as our youth coach, Seaman/Lehmann to coach our goalies, etc. This squad with a few Wengergems will do wonders. You just need to wait and see.

  193. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Dylan.. AlexG.. TA.. and others..

    Bernand will be another Wenger best buy.. after Cazorla last year..
    And yes Dylan.. he will easily take Podolski place in LW position.. and that also mean Cazorla can play at his best for an CAM.. and for Podolski.. he will be play as a CF.. and We still have Sanogo and Akpom there..
    If We get Bernand then I won’t be sad if Gervinho gone.. hehe..

    Gustavo.. why not..?? 8 millions is a great transfer.. hehe.. As I think of the replacement for Arteta.. Gustavo will be the man..
    and hey.. We can get 3 Brazilian in three diffirent position.. wow.. Cesar.. Gustavo.. and Bernand.. and they all Brazilian first team.. wow..

    Will it be great if We have this team:

    And with Sanogo.. Akpom.. Gnabry.. Eisfeld.. Zelalem.. Ollson.. Yennaris.. and others.. We will be very close to be back to our Glory.. hehehe..

  194. TotalArsenal says:

    17 🙂

    Before I forget, have a great holiday!

    Were conditions easier in 06-07? Not sure about that.

    I am not sure whether you can have ‘something believable’ – you either believe or you don’t, no? If you are pessimistic about the squad and Wenger’s ability to make further progress with them, and a bit of help from the TW, then I will fully respect that.

    But I am excited about this squad and our ability to add a bit more quality and depth this summer – which does not need to be established ‘Super Quality’ for me. I love it that we are keeping the guys together and Arsene can start where he finished last season. We just need to get the balance right in midfield and this team can go very far this season. And if Arsene cannot get the balance right this season, I reckon it is time for him to go. But I am confident he’ll get us there again.

    Fully agreed on needing additional coaching.

  195. Dylan says:

    henrychan, glad you agree! But if we get Bernard and Gerv does leave, I think we’d need one more winger to replace Gerv (ahem…TELLO! He costs £8.5m!!!! Buy him Arsene!). Also, Gustavo for £8m is indeed a steal. But anything more than £15m is too much for him. I’d rather splash the £25m for Lars Bender at that point. But Gustavo is not bad at all. 🙂

  196. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice line up Henry 🙂

  197. TotalArsenal says:

    Off to bed guys.

    Keep your peckers up! 😛

  198. 17highburyterrace says:

    Dylan and TA, thanks for the responses…Truly, I don’t mean to get people down, just keep them more realistic…(and I’m definitely looking forward to the future posts…)

    I want to believe (I really do) but it saddens me that AW has spread himself so thin…If he’s the guy who can make Jovetic into Bergkamp he should have f**king gotten him–after all, Gazidis says we’ve got the money, right?

    Or maybe Denilson was the next Bergkamp…Or was it Arshavin? Once bitten, twice burned, or something….

    I have great admiration for those who can see the beauty in all the players we’re being linked with or not worry about salary structures (Rooney) or players who go mental (Suarez). All the better if they can not be upset when they end up or (stay with) other clubs… Likewise, seeing the upside of guys romping with the lower teams who we could pick up for a song who might do the job at Arsenal is great. For me, it’s easier just assuming that whoever is wearing Red and White must (italics) be the best…that is, until I have to watch them play…We must make judgements with our eyes open (not shut in prayer), right?…

    Most of all, I’d love it if some of the pressure could ease on our (dear) manager. A little success (a minor trophy or a CL group or elimination upset of a big club, sort of like with Bayern, but actually, you know, winning the tie…) in order to give him a little more time. I HATE how the pressure just keeps getting bigger but I also have to think that he’s brought a lot upon himself. 4th isn’t something to celebrate, but god did (do) we need a celebration…

    So, I too “believe” that we can move on from here… How far (and at what cost to other important matters, i.e., values, style, etc.) is maybe where we differ…

  199. Dylan says:

    One other note to Henry. We can’t rely on Diaby. So I’d replace him with Jack and then Jack’s spot with either Ox or Bernard (who can both play AM) and that leaves room for one more winger.

    ………TELLO! 😛 I’ve decided after this next post, my fourth post will simply be entitled “TELLO!” and will be a rant about all the reasons why we need him. 😉 I said this as a joke, but the more I think about it, the better it sounds. I could write it similar to HH’s post “Why not Wanyama”. Hmm…

  200. henrychan says:

    Dylan.. We still have Gnabry and Miyaichi there.. so no need to add Tello.. as he is also as young as them.. and he is Barca..
    And We don’t know what will happen.. soon.. with Barca.. after Vilanova resigned.. maybe AVB will leaving Spurs.. and emaybe Fabregas will return to Emirates sooner.. hehe..

    17h.. there another Mexican striker that still Gunner.. and also look great.. Vela.. why don’t just bring him back.. heheh

  201. 17highburyterrace says:

    Henry, Carlos Vela IS the best of the Mexican players, I think, and a huge reason (lowly) Sociedad got up for a CL spot this past season (14 goals, 9 assists). Everybody is pointing to Illaramendi so they may have a big drop off now that he’s moved to Real Madrid. If they reinvest the 35 million Euros from his sale maybe they will be OK…

    Unfortunately, Vela at was transferred to Sociedad after his first season (on-loan) there. At Arsenal he always looked to have fitness issues and he’s stated (numerous times, I think) that he’s happy at Sociedad. I’ve heard stuff about a buyback clause similar to Cesc’s but I’m not sure if that’s true. He also had a fairly big disciplinary issue with the Mexican national team and has not been a part of it since. It’s the kind of trouble I picture Glic and his buddies getting into…look it up, if you’re really interested… They need him and have been having trouble during the CONCACAF qualifiers, so I’m curious if he’ll get a reprieve…

  202. henrychan says:

    17h.. I agree with you about Vela.. he is mexican best player.. And guess what Bendtner and Park also.. for their country they are still their best..
    Just pity they don’t mixed up to the team smoothly.. or just maybe didn’t got too much time to fit in.. hehehe..

    And now we’re link with Mata.. hehe..
    Isn’t it great if We can get him too.. hahaha..

  203. JM says:

    Forget Jovetic.

    “Bergkamp Mark II” has always been Cesc Fabregas, personally earmarked by AW himself, as DB’s successor. (He did play alongside and learned from Bergkamp himself).

    Part1 : Sublime assists for Arsenal, when he was playing centre and attacking midfielder.

  204. JM says:

    Part 2: Cesc’s goals at Arsenal and his adaption in playing as the false “9”/shadow forward at Barcelona, refining his skill set to a hybrid AM/CF.

    i.e. Cesc can now play at CM/AM/CF. When the chance/opportunity that he would return to us (I hope after WC2014 where he has the chance to retain the WC with Spain, after attempting to win the CL alongside Messi and Neymar with Barcelona this season and after our sponsorship deal with PUMA begins in season 2014/2015), we would look at better years to come in future.

    PS: That alongside DB returning to either (i) head our youth academy, taking over from Liam Brady, or (ii) join as part of our 1st team coaching stuff.

    Frank de Boer was reported to have extended his coaching contract with Ajax, there was no mentioning of Bergkamp’s renewal (his contract at Ajax was deemed to have expired/expiring in summer 2013). Optimism.

  205. oz gunner says:

    if only JM, if only…

  206. jgc says:

    Oz et al

    Note my thoughts above… If Cesc is the key, and we want to make a statement, then spend 50 for him. Really!!! That’s cheap if and only if he’s really the key element, which many of us think is so…

    Thus, it’d be down to the interesting question of would he come if we showed that kind of interest. That’d be interesting to see too! And no loss if he says no now as the message is delivered.

    Or another way, if god posted that for 50m he’d make DB10 27 again, would we pay? I think so…

    So, not if only, but, perhaps, only if…

    Cheers — jgc

  207. oz gunner says:

    @ JGC

    I don’t think it’s money that can sway Cesc. If we are to pray to Dennis it would be in an effort to persuade Cesc to join his second home again. No one knows what’s going on in his head at the moment, but I sure as hell hope it’s thoughts of anger and frustration at not being utilised properly at Barca

  208. jgc says:


    Don’t disagree, but isn’t it worth the try to Barca? Iftheysaid yes, we could at least saytoCesc, this is how WE value you, and would you like to come back? If he says no, nothing lost… If yes…

    My basic thinking was to say that if we think he is the real answer we should simply go for it, price be damned.

    Cheers — jgc

  209. oz gunner says:

    @ JGC

    You’re right. It could put some thoughts in to Cesc’s mind. Both ‘do Barca want me?’ and ‘Shit Arsenal REALLY want me!’

    If Cesc can make Adebayor look world class I’d love to see what he can do for Giroud. I have no doubt that if we had him we’d win the league!

  210. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post 🙂

    Kenyan Gooner has produced an incredibly fine and daring first maiden post for BK. Enjoy! 🙂

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