AR16 – An ode to a player who turned groans into cheers

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Each time an article is written about Ramsey, the first few paragraphs ALWAYS touch on his horrifying injury… but I’m not here to tell you what we all already know… I’ll point out why I believe the young Welshman has A LOT to offer to our squad, and that he is, and can continue be, a core player in our squad, not only now but for years to come.

First, let me say that I’m a BIG fan of our young Welshman, and as such I feel compelled to defend him for as long as I can. This is a player whose trajectory was once well ahead of compatriot Gareth Bale (after all, he was appointed captain of Wales), and he looked to be a potential replacement for Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal. After overcoming his brutal mutilation there was no question he would require some time to recover some pace, and whilst his intrinsic quality was still very visible, some of the spark had gone.

As with Eduardo earlier, many feared we might have lost a player for good. We all know of his subsequent loan deals and his not so spectacular return to the Grove… a few good games marred by games where everyone wanted his head, and until the dying embers of last season, his contribution and place on the team had been seriously questioned.

Now to the REAL purpose of writing this post. What Rambo brings to our squad…

I won’t look past what we all witnessed last season, more so, the last few games of the previous campaign. It would be hard to argue that Ramsey’s burst of success seemed to perfectly coincide with the sides’ massive improvement and Wenger’s commitment to really go for Champions League football once again. Ramsey’s commitment to his box-to-box role throughout the latter months of the season was about as valuable as any other player’s contribution to the side. Taking nothing away from him, he did benefit MASSIVELY playing alongside our Lego haired Spaniard… Arteta is a feisty tackler and intelligent with his positioning, while he retains that ability to play reliable passes towards attacking players.

Knowing that he is tasked with shielding our back-4, Arteta rarely ventures forward and as a result, Ramsey greatly benefited from Arteta’s discipline. With Arteta acting as the defensive shield and with astute passing, Ramsey was afforded greater freedom playing more of a box-to-box role, helping out in midfield and storming forward into attack. Ramsey was essentially the player that connected everyone else. With Arteta sitting deep, Santi drifting inside from the left wing, Rozy hustling about in attack, and Theo and either Giroud or iPod providing incision and goal-scoring threat, Ramsey did a bit of everything. He passed, tackled, pressed and he was essentially the ‘glue’ in the team.

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To know how good a player really is, it’s only fair to compare him to the very best in the same position…using some reliable stats I stumbled upon, I compare Rambo to some of the best central players in the game (Javi Martinez, Lars Bender and Arturo Vidal) and 2 players currently linked to The Arsenal (Maxime Gonalons and Étienne Capoue):

Pass completion

Aaron Ramsey – 88.6%
Maxime Gonalons – 87.8%
Arturo Vidal – 87.4%
J. Martinez – 87.5%
Étienne Capoue – 80.7%
Lars Bender – 79.8%

Average passes made

Maxime Gonalons – 64.5
Étienne Capoue – 65.2
Arturo Vidal – 54.3
Aaron Ramsey – 52.1
Lars Bender – 45
J. Martinez – 41.2

Key passes

Arturo Vidal – 2
Aaron Ramsey – 1.2
Lars Bender – 1
Étienne Capoue – 0.8
Maxime Gonalons – 0.2
J. Martinez – 0.4

Tackling success

Aaron Ramsey – 91%
J. Martinez – 82%
Lars Bender – 82%
Maxime Gonalons – 80%
Étienne Capoue – 78%
Arturo Vidal – 70%


Maxime Gonalons – 3.1
Étienne Capoue – 2.6
Lars Bender – 2.5
J. Martinez – 2
Arturo Vidal – 1.4
Aaron Ramsey – 1.2


Arturo Vidal – 7
Lars Bender – 5
J. Martinez – 3
Étienne Capoue – 3
Aaron Ramsey – 2
Maxime Gonalons – 0
Looking at the above stats its clear to see how EXCELLENT Rambo was…yet some still dismiss him as a liability with only what can be regarded as ignorant criticism… take a look at those stats again…HE WAS THAT GOOD!!!!!

One criticism he often gets is that he misplaces a lot of passes but with Arteta doing the ‘safe passing’ he is tasked with playing intricate through balls in the final third, hence the misplaced passes, but in time his passing should improve.

Another thing I behold is his partnership with Jack… I think a real boon for Ramsey at the moment is the return of Jack who naturally creates space and movement around him. Ramsey compliments him very well and I think they are the long term central midfield pivot for Arsenal. There was a time when Ramsey and Wilshere looked almost identical on the pitch and now hopefully those days are returning. I recall how they ran the show during the manure match, where Rambo would go on to win the match for us, and most recently, the West Ham match last season where Rambo sat deep as Jack played the b2b role… I noticed how they took turns to attack and sit deep in turns and it was telepathic stuff… long may it continue!

One man who deserves credit is Arsene for not only sticking by him but being brave enough to play him out wide knowing all too well the impact it would have on his game. Wenger has said players with a future in the centre should experience playing on the wing because they have to play in half the space so they learn to use it better. Playing on the wing has not been a fail, it has done wonders for Ramsey’s career; he’s learned to use space better and quickened up his game, he takes less touches and he doesn’t get caught in possession anymore .

Wenger’s handling of Ramsey must be one of the best piece of man management I’ve ever seen; he kept faith in him and kept him in the team which has been great for Ramsey’s confidence, and playing him on the wing has hugely benefited his game. Credit to Rambo for keeping his head down and playing wherever he’s asked  …” At the beginning of the season I was moving all over the pitch, playing left-wing, right-wing, right back. I was asked to do a job in many positions, which I’m happy to do for the team. If the manager wants me to play there, I’m not going to say no.”…If only Theo could take a leaf from Rambo’s book…

As the season drew to an end he began to win back support with grit, hard work and determination. Groans from the stands turned to cheers once again.

His all-action role caught the eye, and he was voted Arsenal’s player of the month for April. All credit to him for not allowing himself to drift away and credit to Arsenal for sticking by him. What delights me is that the boo-boys have silenced and realized that Rambo is as important as any other player in the squad. He may not thread a pass like Cesc did, or dribble like Wilshere does, but he has all the attributes to make a phenomenal link between the defensive side of midfield, and attack. His all-round ability and his all-round playing style lend him to this versatility and his physical style means he can succeed. He no longer lingers on the ball as much anymore either and his new found energy and assertive aggression are there for all to see. If he gives the ball away, he wants to win it back. He never hides. I hope he can keep up this level of improvement and finally put ALL the doubters to bed.

images (7)

The one area he must improve upon is his goal scoring. He only scored two goals all season – in stoppage time against Olympiakos back in early October and the 4th goal against Wigan. Though he did enjoy an encouraging season in central midfield, there’s an obvious area to improve upon for next season.

Like Arsene always says, a player really starts to come into his own at 23 so we can be sure to see a much improved player. He has the mentality, the fight and the ability and this Gooner will support him every step of the way.

Written by: Kenyan Gooner.

Special thanks to TA for encouraging me to write this post.

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118 Responses to AR16 – An ode to a player who turned groans into cheers

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow KG, what a great maiden post. Well structured, written and researched and the passion for Arsenal and Ramsey as a player shine clearly through. Top Stuff! 🙂

    Now we have two of the finest BK writers from Kenya – if the Kenyans can write this well then surely they can play football similarly well! 🙂

    So why did we not buy Wanyama?! 😦

    It is really nice that you also highlight the contributions of the Lego-haired one. I sometimes wonder whether Ramsey’s – or Jack’s in the b2b position – contributions would further improve if we had a DM next to him who adds real physicality to the team (a beast of a DM); or whether it is exactly the combination of Aaron and Mikel that made our midfield so balanced towards the end of the season….

    Anyway, back in a bit.

  2. turnipnipple says:

    Spot on post, nice work

  3. Retsub says:

    Well written, I too have been a big Ramsay supporter. Before the
    Shawcross asassination attempt he was really looking the part.
    Wenger faith in him will be fully rewarded when he gets more confident in front of goal. Personally I think Wenger overplayed him when he was having a rough spell, which in turn created more pressure from the fans. Anyway all credit to Aaron, expecting a great season from him

  4. Lobsta says:

    Yip, the kid is a talent. The beautiful part is I can see him coming in and playing in any position between the striker and the defence, and that alone should see him get decent game time next season. Even if he’s used as rotation to Wilshere and the likes

  5. davi says:

    Yes I think he deserves massive credit for his performances at the end of last season. Had he not found his feet in that deeper CM role, it’s hard to imagine that we would have made the top 4 frankly. He simply dominated matches and I’m desperately hoping he will carry that form into next season. He’s kept that steely look about him in preseason so the signs are good. While it’s absolutely true that the team was built largely upon the partnership between Arteta and Ramsey at the end of the season, the really encouraging thing was that Arteta had to go off early in the final match, and Ramsey still dominated the central area, ensuring we were *relatively untroubled.

  6. Gerry says:

    Yep, top post KG – I think AR will paste that in his cv, it does not get better than that.

    I have been a more restrained critic of Ramsey, which allowed me to praise him when he did show that he has a role to play. His commitment cannot be denied, and now he is more confident he spends his energy more wisely.

    I think this shows in the speed he moves the ball. Early on it was the failure, or belief, to see the right pass, and so the negative ones would build up the frustration against him.

    I would also say the quality of his passing has improved. My other criticism was he tended to hit a plain ball that once it hit the pitch would skid off away from its intended target.. Split his stats from the last 10 games to 10 from earlier in the season and I am sure it will reveal that also?

    I am not sure how much you can take from the presence of JW, who was missing for most of our finishing run? More likely it was the change to getting everybody to help support the defence, thus he was not isolated, and his abundant energy could be put to good use?

    Every team needs a workhorse, and Ramsey could well find that that is his niche? Where he will find it hard, I think, is if another midfielder is brought in, either as DM or AM, he will have to oust Jack if he is fully fit?

    Apart from emergency RB, I would not want him to be played outside of that b2b role, because I fear it would expose his potential weakness again? Rotate with JW is his best option for the time being. He still has time, like you say, to improve his all round game.

  7. davi says:

    Imo Ramsey’s role in the side is/should be very different to whatever role Wilshere has, and he’s actually moved clearly ahead of him now. For all the talk, we didn’t look as good as side when Jack was playing last season and it’s largely because we don’t have a role for him. When he broke into the team he was fantastic but was playing in midfield next to Song, so he was somewhat like the “arteta” in that system to song’s “ramsey”. Now we have Arteta so we need to find a new role for Wilshere, and I’m really not sure what that should be. The team was weaker when he played next to Arteta, he didn’t really inspire when he played as the advanced CM, and Arteta’s experience gives him a clear edge in the deepest midfield role. I’ve always said he should be playing wide, but hes not going to oust walcott, podolski or cazorla from one of those positions, so I don’t see how he fits into this team currently, not as a starter anyway. It seems clear that in the long term he’s destined to become a fixture in the team, but it’s hard to see where currently.

  8. Thanks for the kind words TA..and i’m truly grateful for the great honor for the chance to post on BK..

    Thought it was time someone showed some Rambo-love..a passionate player who ALWAYS fights for his team..i expect a complete beast next season.

    The Wanyama case is a curious one..Marcus had stated that we were just an Arsene-call from acquiring his services..but the people around him advised him not to take on the big stage YET..they reckoned the pressure would ruin his development..don’t know if it smart for us not to snap him up early on as one stellar season would sky rocket his worth..hope we don’t come to regret it..

    I’m of the thinking that a ‘beast’ of a DM would bring the best of our attacking players as he would in essence do a ‘two-mans job’ at the centre of the pack..shield the back 4 as well as breaking up play..this wold relieve the b2b player most of the defensive duties making our attacks much our current set-up, this job is implemented by the ‘2’ players who sit in front of the defense..Zollo and Rambo. i think Zollo has performed his duties to perfection and to the best of his abilities and due to his great discipline, whoever plays alongside him is given a great platform to thrive..just look at Song at his last season, he could afford to storm forward because Zollo would cover him, as a result, he had his GREATEST season with us..same case with Rambo but i think Rambo gives the team shape since he does not leave Zollo exposed and his amazing engine ensures he can storm forward and track back with utmost ease…the only problem with this is that Rambo is not YET as potent in carrying the ball forward as Jack hence a midfield base of Zollo and Rambo makes our attacks less ‘thrilling’ but on the other hand a midfield base of Zollo and Jack leaves our defense exposed as Jack isn’t YET as disciplined as Rambo..a good ‘beaslty’ DM would solve this and would ensure either Jack or Rambo fulfill their b2b roles..this would also allow Arsene to rotate between Jack and Rambo to ensure they remain ‘fresh’ across the entire campaign…but full marks to the one with great hair…he’s been a revelation to our side.

  9. Thanks turnipnipple..first time on BK???

  10. raaans says:

    excellent article……really looking forward to c d pair of jack & rambo dominate the epl….come on u gunners…..

  11. Thanks Retsub…bout time we showed some Rambo-love!!!

    Arsene did overuse him during the 11/12 campaign..but i think he was banking on Jack to recover from his ankle injury so that he could distribute the work load between them but Jack was ruled out for the entire campaign and Diaby and Rozy were still on the treatment table..the lesson i learned from this campaign is that his place is in central midfield where his ‘holding onto the ball’ skills can be vital..he’s good passing skills have also enabled him to thrive in that position…we can all expect a much improved player next season and with a good preseason, he can have just that

  12. Hello Lobsta..

    He is indeed a special talent.and a top professional…RB,CM, name it..he’ll play ANYWHERE with zero fuss and give his all..

    Even if we do(and i pray we do) recruit some new personnel in midfield, he’s great versatility will surely earn him some descent play time..i hope he still gets to play in his favored CM role to further up his game..the fact that Arsene signed him up to be the one of the core of our future team shows the massive faith he has in him.

  13. Hey Davi and GREAT comment..

    Without the partnership that Zollo and Rambo formed at the base of our midfield, i HIGHLY doubt we could have nicked in 4th place..their partnership gave the team shape while also locking out opposition attacks…i highly doubt if there is an ounce of grass at the Emirates that does not recognize Rambo’s feet..he was simply outstanding in our run in

  14. davi says:

    Hi KG – thanks! Yes I think every year now we are waiting for somebody to really raise themselves and improve the team and this season it was Ramsey. I’m surprised he hasn’t received more credit from others tbh, although Steve Bould gave him a lot of praise towards the end of the year.

  15. Thanks Gerry and really enjoyed your comment..

    Glad 2 see you were a Rambo critic but changed your stance on seeing his massive impovement

    I fully agree on your take on his early season performances..due to Diaby’s return and excellent performances early on..his spot on the team was truly taken by a better athlete…to afford him playing time, Arsene pushed him to the wings where we know he’s not really adept at playing as it requires a speedy and fairly technical player, but as the season progressed, he worked on his passing and as i showed in the stats in the post, his passing was up there with the finest of players

    I believe the absence of super Jack showed us what Arsene was doing wrong early on the season..paring Jack to Zollo was just not working..Jack tends to ‘burst’ forward and does not have the discipline or engine of Rambo therefore leaving gaps which often than not lead to us getting punished..maybe jack will improve over time but for the moment, i believe the base belongs to Zollo and Rambo

    Recruiting a proper DM remains a top priority IMO but even with this, i don’t believe it would relegate Rambo to the bench…rotation with Jack would be key to ensure both get playing time and none is overplayed..

  16. JM says:

    Official announcement: Andres Santos permanently transferred to Flamengo.


    Many games to be played in the domestic league, cups, continental cups, as well as the national sides playing qualifying games towards WC2014.

    Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, AoC – our primarily midfielders in the 1st team shall be fully utilised.

  17. I share in your thoughts Davi in your comment @9:30..i have no clear view in what Jack’s position is in our current setup…we all know he’s priceless when he picks the ball and runs at and past people making the b2b role seemingly his best position..only problem is, he’s not quite YET adept at tracking back and locking out opposition as Rambo is…as our number 10, i feel he’s quite not there YET…i think Santi is CURRENTLY better suited 4 that position than him…Arsene has a big task in defining what role Jack plays come next season

  18. Hey Raaans ..thanks 4 the kind words…

    The partnership of Jack and Rambo is truly something to behold..this two know each others game and movement and their pairing at the middle of the pack is truly sensational…with Rambo’s passing and incredible work rate coupled with Jack’s flair and swag…the future is indeed bright…hopefully, even with recruitment of new personnel, these two still get game time together

  19. JM says:

    It will be good for Wilshere to follow what Ramsey did previously – play in a variety of positions as a returning squad player (LW, RW, AM, CM, DM etc). Get the feel and workout of playing regular competitive matches back.

    Complete at least 1 full season without major injuries, leading to WC2014.

  20. Hey Jm…glad to see more ‘deadwood’ being shipped out..hopefully, it means more quality is to be added to boost our squad

    Everyone has a big role to play in our squad come next season and hopefully all will be up to the task

  21. TotalArsenal says:


    Your comment at 9.42 sums up exactly my thoughts on the issue. The key question for next season is whether we should continue with the solid, but lacking creative inventiveness, of the Rambo/Arteta combo, OR get a a beast of DM (with additional footie skills) and get Jack in the b2b role.

  22. @Davi…i think his role in the team has been finally acknowledged..i remember Kozzer stating what a vital job Zollo and Rambo played in ensuring they nullified the opposition’s attacks…hopefully more gooners will appreciate what he adds to the squad..this year, i expect OX 2 step up big time and cement his place on the team…i admire how Arsene has handled his development..not rushing him too much yet giving him some playing time.

  23. Fred says:

    Great post guys, I totally agree with you with regards to AR16. But I have to say I feel that the area we need to vastly improve upon is DM. We need someone who is a bit bulkier, younger, faster and more defensive minded than Arteta to simply guard the back four, and allow our more attacking players to venture forward. I see that you guys have mentioned some of the best DM’s in the world in Vidal and Capoue but I honestly feel that we would be better off signing a young person from Malaga – Camacho. He would cost significantly less than all the other DM’s mentioned and is more of what we need at the moment. The reason he would cost less is not because he is worse than the players mentioned but because he is overshadowed at Malaga by other Midfielders such as Isco. If we sign him now before his break out season, which I feel is coming up very soon, then it would be a great bit of business.

    Here’s his stats for last sesaon:
    Goals: 2
    Pass %: 80.7
    Average Passes: 37.5
    Key Passes/game:0.2
    Now for his better stats
    Tackles/game: 3
    Interceptions/game: 3

    As you cansee he is up there with the best in terms of tacking and intercptions. His passing isn’t outstanding but he’s only young and under Wenger that could massivly improve. I would love to see him at arsenal personally because I think he is exactly what we need – A DM prepared to sit back and do the dirty work and shield our back four.

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    About Jack’s best position.

    The best football – not necessarily winning the most points – Arsenal played was with Jack in the hole. A fully fit Jack is the only player, other than Rosicky, who can conduct the team. The most important role in football imo.

    But to make it really his position, he needs to add regular goals and it looks like he will need at least another season to get there. And that’s why the return of Cesc, even if on a loan basis, would be great right now.

    A fully fit Jack – which he simply wasn’t in the second part of the season – is, in my view, also a better, TRUE b2b midfielder than Ramsey. But, if Arsene wants to continue with a defensively disciplined, and protective of back-4, double DM-pivot, Ramsey and Arteta should be first choice, at least until Jack is fully fit again.

    Ramsey only started to shine when he was tasked to stay back and not try to force things going forwards. If he were to be tasked with creating a lot more chances, I still think he’ll struggle at times. But like many other Gunners, I am hopeful he will be able to develop this part of his game further.

    Every team needs an (extra) engine and Ramsey is that man for us, and every time he gives his all, he puts a smile on my face.

  25. Great to have you back TA.

    i’m of the opinion recruiting a good DM would really boost our good as he is, Zollo can’t do it on his own…for what he lacks in physique, he makes up for with his ‘football brain’ but as we have seen and especially against the top sides, he does struggle to dominate matches for us..acquiring a proper DM would really fully exploit the undeniable talent of Jack..with less demands on him 2 track back, he can team up upfront with Santi to terrorize defenses as the DM does the ‘dirty’ work 4 him…in a recent interview, Jack mentioned how he cherished playing alongside Frimpong back in the days at the academy..he mentioned how Frimpong would ‘do the dirty work’ then give him the ball..Frimpong was the ‘beast’ that protected Jack and as a result, Jack caught the eye of Arsene with his performances..a similar player in the first team would only help Jack improve his game..and this would also allow Arsene to rotate between him and Rambo..i don’t think recruiting a proper DM would affect Rambo’s game time as many would actually allow him to develop gracefully

  26. Hey Fred and thanks for the comment…

    I tend to believe acquiring a DM would be the BEST business of the summer..just a proper DM with no other purchase is enough to massively improve our squad imo…

    Haven’t seen enough of Camacho to give a sound judgement but by the sounds of it, sounds like a player who could do the job for us…his stats seem impressive and he’s of the right age also

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    KG at 11.15 – fully agreed. A good central midfield pairing is like a swan: working vigorously below the surface whilst gliding gracefully forward on the water at the same time. Best example I can think of is Edgar Davids and Zidane; Jack needs a similar beast of a DM next to him.

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Great comment, Fred, and always good to read your views.

    May I ask where you are based and what made you a Gooner? 🙂

  29. xavier says:

    Thank you for this piece KG. This really teared me up.

    I’m also a BIG Ramsey fan and I’m glad he recovered well from all the stick he got at the beginning of the last season. Can’t wait to see more from him this coming season.

    I love this piece so much I’m saving the page to re-read again. Its THAT good. Kudos. #AFC !!!

  30. Well stated TA @11:09…the BEST football we played last season imo is the away game at Sunderland(in the first half)..Zollo and Rambo sat back while Jack ‘conducted’ and Santi was drifting from the left..we really played some exquisite stuff..Rambo was linking up excellently with Jack while there were some neat interchanges between Jack and Santi…no surprise the only goal for the day resulted in a neat move..Jack collecting the ball deep from Rambo, running past two midfielders before cleverly finding Theo who laid it off to Santi to smash it in..classic Wengerball…with time and this set of players playing together, our overall team performance should improve

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    You have a good memory, KG! It was indeed a fine performance by the mighty Arse. 🙂

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Quick question to you and others, KG: how come Aaron’s tackling success is top, yet his interceptions are bottom? Any idea?

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Fully agreed xavier, it is a mini-masterpiece. 🙂

  34. Damn you you’ll make me choke up…. 🙂 .anyway, thanks 4 the lovely comment

    Let’s hope to see an even improved player next season..and by the looks of the preseason games, we are in for a real treat from Rambo

  35. Good question TA…imo, tackling can take many forms..slide tackle and block tackles…Rambo is really good at both and really commits and flies into this tackles throughout the match than any other player in the squad hence his impressive stats at this..on the other hand i thick an interception is more or less about good reading of the game and only players with high football intelligence can pull them off to perfection..Rambo’s reading of the game can only improve with time so we can be sure to see an improvement in this area

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Good one, KG: you could be right there 🙂

    It would also be good to see the stats between Jack, Diaby, Rambo and Arteta; you would not have them handy, would you?

  37. Dylan says:

    Excellent job KG! 😀 I’ve always been a fan of Ramsey. Even during that rough time he suffered after his injury, I always said he’d come back stronger.
    And he has. He’s still quite young, so let’s wait and see if he can reach the (Fabregas-like) heights that everyone once thought he could reach. 🙂

  38. Arsenal_vcc says:

    A much welcome post KG to remind all of us of Rambo’s value to the overall team. 🙂 Here’s hoping that he continues to only improve on his performances. I completely agree with your assessment regarding how important it is that he (re)discover his goal-scoring skills. As TA wrote in his piece yesterday, we need a few additional goal-scoring contributors. The current team balance is such that 6 / 11 cannot be counted on to add to our overall goal tally (the back 4, GK, and Arteta). Since we are presently without a 30-goal striker (Will OG / TW surprise us?), this places greater emphasis IMO on Rambo to find a way to become a goal-scoring threat. Regardless, he is definitely a member of the core and hopefully he will go on to establish himself among the great Arsenal names.

  39. Gerry says:

    TA@11.33 – Wasn’t there an example closer to home? how about Fabregas and Flamini?

    It could happen again?

  40. Will try and look for them TA..

  41. johnnie nyc says:

    excellent post KG, thanks for standing up for our guy ! he has been often criticized on blogs, but I always told TA that he would find a place playing further back, in a less creative role– where his energy and hard work would pay off…we always said it would be great if he could learn from Arteta. he was a big plus for us down the stretch last season.
    even if we add players that take away some starts from Rambo, I love his energy and the spark he brings as a sub..

  42. Hello Dylan..thank you 4 the kind words

    It has taken time since THE injury but he has started to remind us why Arsene rates him so extended run at CM and rotation with Jack to prevent burn-out will be key for his development. i also think pairing him up with Jack in certain games would be good for them to continue building their understanding with each other

  43. Thanks Arsenal vcc and fully agreed..20 goals from the set of players TA touched on yesterday would be excellent..

    With such encouraging performances and with the support of the crowd, his confidence can only sky-rocket and since he gets himself in descent scoring positions, he should notch up around 6 PL goals

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry, excellent example – it worked a treat back then. 🙂

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes, Johnnie, I can confirm you have said this all along! Will Ramsey move into Arteta’s role at some point?

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    By the way, have a look at this great (series of) post(s) – you can vote as well:

  47. Johnnie nyc..bout frikin time right???. :)..thanks for your comment.

    I think he is and can learn a lot from our vice-captain and even if he is relegated to the bench, he will FIGHT and WIN his position back on the team..he NEVER hides

  48. Marcus says:

    Welcome to BK my fellow Kenyan and fantastic post..

  49. jnyc says:

    Yeah TA, i hoped to see ramsey arteta as an apprenticeship of sorts.

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    For those interested, this is what I wrote about Aaron about a year ago for another site (BK was still a pipe-dream 😛 ). Just shows you how things have changed!

  51. just voted on the above link TA..gave it to the KING!!!…couldn’t help but notice a name of a certain dutch-man…YUCK!!!!!

  52. Wengerball says:

    Spot on KG on AR16…

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes KG, I felt like spitting on the screen haahaha 🙂

  54. Hello Marcus..great to have you back..long since i saw your valued contribution on BK

    Thanks 4 the kind words..thought i’d start off with something passionate and for me no one is more passionate about what he does than Rambo

  55. Hello Wengerball and thanks 4 your comment

    Nice to see more and more goons appreciate his talent

  56. oz gunner says:

    Brilliant KG, thoroughly enjoyed that!

    Always been a fan of Ramsey. No denying that his hard work would and will pay off in the long run.

    Ahhhhh let the humble pie eating begin (for a lot of supporters). Squad player…nope! STARTER!!!!

  57. Just read your post TA and you must be a visionary!!!..your post was like one year ago when Rambo was really trying to assert himself as an important member of the a result he was trying ‘too hard’ to make things work which in turn only made things worse..failed back heels which left the Emirates faithful begging for his was a time when only a few still believed in his potential and a time when his confidence must have been soaring low

    I can’t believe you figured out back then that CM was the position he would thrive…even I, the most adamant Rambo supporter could not see that back then!! you pointed out in that post and as we have discussed it today, him playing alongside a disciplined DM would do wonders to his game and as experienced last season, playing alongside Zollo brought the best out of imagine what would happen with him or Jack playing alongside a ‘true’ DM..scary and entertaining thought!!

    Really loved your article TA and judging by what i read in the comments sections, it wasn’t one of your most ‘popular’ posts…

  58. Thanks 4 your comment Oz Gunner..and fully agreed..let the ‘humble pie eatin’ begin 🙂

    It is heart-warming that A LOT of goons have acknowledged that he is a vital part of our team..also teaches us not to dismiss young players who do not produce the goods instantly…remember one Cesc Fabregas was deemed not good enough 4 Barca..came 2 the home of football and had his name ryt there with the best of them!!!

  59. jgc says:


    Great post, and an ode, to my mind, to the undersung role played by “team players” who play for the team rather than themselves. IMO, a great team needs all types but I cannot stand the all me types that dominate so much talking time.

    In that sense, it shows why Cesc was so loved, huge talent AND team player. I hope Ramsey in 2 years or so, and believe, will be be scoring more and being more of a two way B2B. Certainly, he was on his way there before “that” day…

    In the mean, a little boring, but winning, football wont kill anyone! 🙂

    Finally, if you consider his working with Arteta an apprenticeship, than, again, why not Cesc or similar to apprentice JW?

    Maybe goes to show TAs far earlier post about needing just two was a about right, DM or defensive B2B and a number 10….

    Just my 2p and Cheers — jgc

  60. Red Arse says:

    KG, that was a classic Post, full of info, assessment and opinion which must make even the most one eyed Rambo knockers think again.

    Just between us — I enjoyed it so much that I read it twice to ensure that I did it justice. For a debut Post I am mighty impressed, and you have also joined the ranks of some very talented writers on BK.

    Well done, sir!! 😀

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers KG!

    At the time, I was so annoyed about the lack of balls he got from within the team AND the fans’ vitriol against him. The post was a means of addressing the balance a bit.

    I happened to be at Stoke when Aaron’s leg was butchered. At the time, I felt quite a bit of relieve when I realised it was not Cesc, but I still feel guilty about that selfish thought now. As a result I became quite protective over him, as is reflected in the post.

    The way he has worked so hard to get back to where he is today is simply fantastic – compare that with Bendtner, Nasri, Adebarndoor and you know what I mean.

    But your post today is an updated ode to that incredible work rate and commitment to get back to his best again, and you have clearly touched on the essence of our Welsh Working Wizard! 🙂

  62. Thanks Jgc and fully this age where football is all about ‘me’, its refreshing to have guys like Zollo and Rambo professionals who put their teams first

    With the descent positions he puts himself into, he is surely going to improve his goal scoring record

    If we fail to land Cesc back, i think Jack still has a good mentor in Santi, specially when it comes to scoring..Jack could learn a thing or two from the little magician

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Johnnie, that would work a treat. 🙂

  64. Very much appreciate your kind words Red Arse..and really glad you liked my post..proud to join a team of Arsenal-loving bloggers!!!

  65. Thanks AGAIN TA for the kind words..

    whats not to like about Rambo..fights for the team, plays wherever he’s asked and don’t forget he chose us over red nose… 🙂

    The fact that he works harder than anyone on the roster is testament to the type of player he is..i’m delighted that he continues to blossom right infront of us!!!


    Kenyan Gooner

    These are the kind of positive posts i love. You are a true Gooner my friend.

    I could not agree more about Ramsey and the good thing is he will get better and better

    The one thing still missing is goals. I feel with his running power and timing of runs he can start scoring goals. Once he does that, we may start talking about the lad been top class.

    With your good self and Marcus i am quickly turning into a Kenyaphile.

    I think next year, if the police return my passport, i will pay the Country a visit. I will impress the locals with my voracious drinking and break dancing. The only problem is that your women will all fall in love with me, so you and marcus might get a bit jealous, but thats your problem not mine.

    See you next year. hahaha

  67. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahaha Terry 😛

  68. Tmhc…you sir, are a real CLOWN :)…really enjoyed your good humored comment..and thanks for the kind words..

    He’s not too far from being a top talent is he???..some goals and with his continued improvement, we will have one hell of a player!!!!

    Hope the police return your passport(why do they have it in the first place??) :)…and you are very much welcome to our beautiful land..will be sure to entertain you with some local brews but be warned…they will knock the lights out of you!!!! :)..can’t wait to see those ‘break dances’ 🙂 :)…and don’t worry if our beautiful women fall for you, i’ll (don’t know about Marcus) be kul with it.. 🙂

  69. Glic says:

    One of my first heroes was Kip Keino, not only do Kenya produce some of the greatest runners the world will ever see, but now on BK, Kenya have provided two fantastic authors !. Well done KG. 🙂

    Take note Stretch !. Kenya`s the last place to try and run away from some angry husbands !. hahaha

  70. James Bond says:

    this is one mighty fine post on a player i highly rate as a “Sub” or a bench warmer when we have our “first 13-14 available”…. well done and congratulations on getting off the mark with a blinder…

    your hard work and dedication clearly shows in the post but one thing that stands out from your stats are a number of Assists, only 2 ? you have compared him with players who primarily play at a static position (fixed permanent , week in week out mostly) , where as Ramsey has literally played at most places even though most of it at the end was along side Arteta… also, how many blanks was he firing into the stands or crowd ?

    if we manage to get a DM this season then the best for AR be a Loan deal to Everton preferably or Swansea/Liverpool… As harsh as it may sound but i still don’t see him in this Arsenal team as a starter.. as a cover or back up options, he is fine and with time may well improve and get back to the level we all so want him to be .

  71. Thanks Glic..and glad to see you know our living legend..he’s actually the current chairman of our Athletics team..

  72. James Bond says:

    a “good rumour” for many fans.

    Sagna has agreed to sign a 2 year extension at Arsenal apparently.

    AFC and TA will be well chuffed i reckon.

  73. TotalArsenal says:

    JB – a good rumour hahahaha – do they excist?! 🙂

    It would make sense. I would play Sagna as a CB regularly and give Jenkinson more game time with Belerin as back up. Job done!

    How are you doing anyway, Jambon? You planning to go to Emirates cup at all?

  74. Hello 007..thanks for the comment

    I see your point but in a long campaign where injuries and burn-out occur, its fair to say that Rambo is an important member of the the post, i mentioned that i was not looking past the last 12 games of the season coz this is where his contribution caught the eye and going by the way he performed, don’t you think continued game time in his favored CM position is key to rebuilding and improving his game??..wasn’t it whispered by Arsenal faithful that Jack would have a torrid time dislodging Rambo off the point being, he showed he can nail a spot in the first team

    And like i said, he has to work on his finishing so as to chip in with a few goals to boost the team..he is definitely not the finished article yet so we will continue to see further improvements in his game i.e. assists, goals, interceptions and many more aspects of his game.

  75. a good rumor indeed 007..we need all the ‘old’ heads to smoothly see the transition from the veterans to the apprentices..also doesn’t hurt to have experience all over the pitch..defense (Bacary,TV5, BFG, Kozzer and Nacho), midfield(Zollo,Rozy,Santi) and attack(Ipod and Giroud)…BFG was right..we have a good blend of youth + experience.

  76. TotalArsenal says:

    tu tu tuturetutu Aaron Ramsey! 🙂

  77. Glic says:

    I should add, I`m pro- Ramsey, actually I`m pro the whole squad now that we have got rid of the Dead Wookies !. I pride myself on knowing a decent player and the one`s we have rid ourselves of recently have not been up to the Arsenal standard !, there`s only one left to go off the top of my head and that’s Bendy !.
    Although I think the squad is strong, we have to replace the released Dead Wookies with SQ if we are to compete at a higher level, getting rid of the DW`s has released wage funds to the tune of £360k per week ( Bendy will make it £400K ) so all we need is some SQ signing`s, the wages are already there !.

  78. Hey guys..i’m off till tomorrow

    REALLY enjoyed sharing with you guys my post and i heartily thank you for taking time to leave a are classy as our great football club.

    Till tomorrow…COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Have a good night KG.

    Cornwall, thats why ime taking you with me. I need you to be ready with the Cortina. hahaha

  80. James Bond says:

    when i say a “good rumour” it usually means yep yep ; )

    i’m good thanks, been enjoying the lovely British weather whilst it lasts , TA , what about you ? how are things with you ? and no, not going this year unfortunately.


    all solid points , however, an 80% fit JW is better than AR at 100%… us fans tend to have a short term memory in which we seem to forget that it was the return of JW that gave us a lift and bite…sure his levels dropped because of being injured and this gave Ramsey the chance which he took with both hands ( good on him) but the point being , A fit JW and Diaby are both ahead of AR in the pecking order for me…

    saying that , Ramsey can learn a lot from Arteta and Rosicky and perhaps learn how to shoot from the master aka Poldi !

    good solid points once again and thanks for defending a player that some of us love to blame at times, for the avoidance of doubt, his work rate has always been top class it’s just that i believe he is better suited to a mid table team…maybe he can prove me wrong by scoring 5 goals and with 10 assists next season ? 😉

  81. James Bond says:


    you forgot Chamakh ? so we have 2 (bendtener and chamakh).

  82. Jamesofsouthwales says:

    All I can say TA, I was right all along lol. I know what a good player looks like I have the eye as they call it. Mark my words Rambo will be one of the worlds best ( if not already), if he can add goals and refine his passing alla Pirlo he WILL be the worlds best. Is there a better all action gritty never say midfielder out there I can’t think of one.

    He reminds me so much of Genaro Gattuso in his prime, good engine never hides in a game and has all round ability but Rambo has a little more all round than Gattuso and also the calm intelligence which Gattuso lacked. He’s destined to be world class without a doubt.

  83. James Bond says:

    kill me and Pirlo while you’are at it.

  84. TotalArsenal says:

    All is fine JB 🙂 No, I am on holiday when the Emirates cup is being held. Loving the weather as well, although overcast and wet today in Narrrrich.

    Feel a bit sorry for you that AR doubters HH and 17HT have not been on yet, as you’re being a bit outnumbered today hahaha 🙂

  85. TotalArsenal says:

    jamesOSW 🙂

    Wow that is some praise/expectations for Aaron, but who knows how far he will go!

  86. Glic says:

    I forgot 007…..and Park !…that makes Bendy, Chammy and Parky !……..of course to counter that, me and Stretch have the Cortina and some chloroform !. ( although we will have to save some for Kenya ! ) . It`s not like anyone`s going to miss them is it !…..

    Gazidis : ” Arsene , Where is or what happened to Bendy, Chammy and Parky ? ”

    Arsene : ” Who ? “.

    Arsene : ” Hello Dr Glic….You don’t happen by chance to still have the ” Contracts ” available ?….slap head is asking questions ! ” ”

    Dr Glic : ” I`ll just have a word with Stretch, but don’t ever contact me on this line again you bastard ! ”

    Dr Glic : ” Stretchie Baby, Arsene Bandit is cracking !. You remember that wild night in Kenya with KG and Marcus !….what happened to the ” Contracts ? ”

    Stretch : ” I swear on Saint Savalas, I had nothing to do with Arse rapings ! “

  87. James Bond says:

    ahahahahahahhaahha @ Glics

    re- Park, he’s already been written off in last years financial accounts, meaning we have already taken the hit and accepted the losses…so technically he is not hurting us but if we get some mad person offering us even 1 pound for his services, then that’s a profit of 1 pound 😉

    in essence it’s only 2 and coincidentally both happen to be strikers (chamkh and bendtener)

  88. James Bond says:


    that’s nice, hope you have a good time then !

    yep, 17HT is away as well hope when he returns he can fight the good fight with me, ha ha

    i’m sorry to hear that you lot are feeling outnumbered by me today ahahahaha

    no but it’s alright, AR has his admirers and rightfully so, the lad has worked hard and good on him for having support, my support for him shall always be there as well, no doubt about that and for that reason we should ship him to one of Everton, Swansea or Liverpool ASAP for a season long loan.


  89. Glic says:

    That Park must be the most puzzling and strangest signing ever by Wenger !. The only reason I can think of as to why he fell out of favour so quickly is that, Wenger did invite Park around his house for a B-B-Q one evening and Arsene went in to get some Chateau de Rectum and left Park in charge of the Barbie, only to come out and be astonished by Park`s remark of……” How do you prefer your Poodles boss….medium or rare ? “.

  90. TotalArsenal says:

    Surely JB, you would want Aaron at least on the bench? 😕

  91. James Bond says:

    yes Glics, that’s the only logical explanation to it all 😀

    no, i wouldn’t want him on the bench if we were to buy a DM, TA , i much rather he go out and play week in week out…another full season will do him the world of good i reckon, however if we fail to get a DM then he has a role to play.

  92. TotalArsenal says:

    Dont agree at all on that one JB. 😀

    New DM – Arteta – Wilshere for two positions. Others can play there but Ramsey is clearly an unmissable player for us, one way or another.

  93. James Bond says:

    what good does that does for his “development” if he is used as a reserve/utility player needed to fill in every once a month or for cup games ?

    New DM / Areta / Frimpong

    Wilshere / OX / Arteta

    Santi/ Rosicky/ Eisfield/ Cesc 😀

    Poldi/ Santi / Gnabry

    let’s just say, i don’t mind him on the bench but i would prefer to have game changers on the bench if possible, Ramsey can be used when we’re trying to hold onto a lead or make the game a bit slower – sure

  94. Highbury Harmony says:


    I would take Ramsey for the bench, but he’s nothing more than average in my mind. Jack of all trades but master of none, pass completion % is meaningless when you make the kind of passes that Arteta and himself do.

    Hard worker, good team attitude and won’t complain if he’s not a starter. Only one of himself or Arteta should be in the starting line-up, because with both we lack assertiveness in defense and offense and they make one another more or less redundant.

    Completely overrated player because he had a good run of like 10 games in the season against mid and lower table EPL clubs.

  95. Highbury Harmony says:

    To add to my previous comment: Very few key passes, gets dribbled around a decent amount and does not offset that by dribbling around others enough, awful in the air etc.

  96. James Bond says:

    ah, HH

    i have been expecting you 😀

  97. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB :), I don’t understand all the sudden high praise for Ramsey because he played well for 10 or so games. It’s like grasping at straws because there’s nothing else positive happening for us in general, especially in the transfer market.

    I mean I can’t really fault people for needing to find a glimmer of hope during these dark times, but it’s basically placing unrealistic expectations on players to compensate for the fact that we haven’t bought anyone and to give the illusion that we’re going to somehow be exponentially better through internal growth.

  98. James Bond says:


    mate , you should try reading all the comments if you haven’t already, for a moment i thought these comments were posted keeping Pirlo in mind…i had to check 3 times if it was Ramsey or Pirlo we were commenting on 😀

    but this is what the majority of us gooners do, put unnecessary pressure on average players and expect them to be world beaters and to be honest it’s the managements fault…we have to be content with what we have and what we have at the moment is a squad who barely finishes 4th (after relying on other teams to slip up, have more congested fixtures pile up e.t.c) .

    it’s a sad state of affairs with this mindset, year after year we are led to believe things will be different next season..8 years and counting i tell you.

  99. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, I’d rather not give myself a stroke by reading all the delusional comments about how “great” Ramsey is supposed to be. I’m just going to stick with giving my two cents on each article and go from there (until this club actually shows me they’re in it to win it).

    Otherwise, it’s just too infuriating and a waste of time. Gooners have started to settle for average and have some bliss idea that we can win a championship if we can keep a group of basically average and above average players together for long enough. It’s not aided by the fact that management is complacent and satisfied with profit, which becomes contagious to the squad and the fans.

  100. Highbury Harmony says:

    It doesn’t help that management is*

  101. James Bond says:


  102. 17highburyterrace says:

    Just caught up with the post (a great maiden effort…) and the comments and, as anticipated, I have to disagree. I “like” AR16’s workrate and commitment to the club, but I’m with those who cannot see all the praise as being deserved.

    For me, it starts with his running. If you want to accelerate you cut down your stride, you don’t lengthen it as Ramsey does. The sight of him (“running in quicksand” as I call it) chasing a ball in vain makes me look away. Of course, it’s even worse if you happen to catch up to it and need to kick that ball. Cutting down your stride to make the correct touch is the key. Because he does the opposite it’s no wonder that he rarely makes the key pass or the assist or the goal.

    Beyond the running (which is at the heart of all problems) there are the poor touches. I will give him that he has a lot of heart in chasing down his own poor touches and that he never gives up. Still, the most telling comment I ever read about it was, “Ramsey’s 2nd touch is a tackle.” Awfully harsh, I know, but maybe that’s why the tackle % is up there relative to the interceptions…

    Personally, I would like to see us go back to a real passing game (more or less gone with Cesc’s departure) and the running and chasing that characterize Ramsey’s game don’t really have a place in it. Sometimes lots of running is nice as it shows effort and commitment. Still, I’d go for quality passing and great technique most any day.

    So, sorry to disagree, but there you go. Again, KG, great writing and a lot of passion. I won’t soon forget the emotion of that day at Stoke and it’s been great to see Ramsey working so hard for the team. As such, I think there could (italics) be a role for him. Still, if we want to move forward, I think it’s as a squad player only.

  103. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, very good news there re: Sagna getting a 2 year extension… IMO that’s a very important piece of business…

    I’m around until Tuesday (so watch yourself 😈 😆 ) but then gone for 5 days…


    Ramsey certainly splits opinion, he must be a schitzophrenics nightmare. hahaha

    The general consenses amongst season ticket holders is admiration of his work ethic and commitment, but doubts about wether he is good enough long term to cement a place in an Arsenal side with serious intent on chalanging the likes of Utd.

    This is all understandable and none of us can be sure how the future will pan out.

  105. Highbury Harmony says:

    Aye mate, almost forgot to thank KG for an outstanding maiden post! Much like Ramsey, I really appreciate the effort and the heart put into the article, but I disagree with the overall sentiment that Ramsey is deserving of praise or a good enough starter for a title winning team etc.

  106. oz gunner says:

    Shit here come the Ramsey downers. Duck for cover gents!!!

    @ Glic

    I’m afraid the Kenyans would last longer than the cortina!!! Wise to bring Terry along for the ride though because if you do break down he could whip up some Hippo Souvlaki with tzatziki in no time at all.

  107. alexgunners says:


    Great Article.
    Rambo has certainly stepped up in the second half of last season and the boo boys have backed off now. I also believe that he has a lot to offer to us still and I hope that he continues to perform in a positive manner for our beloved club.

  108. Gerry says:

    Well there you are TA, much as before? Mind, mentioning ‘humble pie’ probably was going to cement views?

    There is a big difference between being critical, and being short-sighted. I thought at the beginning of the season that AR might be better on loan, abroad, to get away from the pressure, and give him a chance to ‘sort his game out’. Despite the finish to the season, I still think might have served him better?

    Now he is beyond going on loan, so the pressure is back on him to improve further. Which is why I still think he will find it tough to cement a starting berth. Much as AW admires Ramsey, I think he will fall behind a fit Wilshere when push comes to shove?

    My point about any new midfielder coming in, if an AM, then that restricts (starting) options for JW, And a DM could make both Arteta and Ramsey positions redundant in some games, although he could rotate with Arteta in other games? So his place on the bench may not be a permanent one?

    HH – I know what you are saying about game changers on the bench, but hey, a bit more positive thinking and we should not need them. At the very least, you need players to cover a variety of positions in case of injury, and Ramsey is very much that type?

    For Nico fans wondering why he was not on tour – He was injured. Although the report from the Under 21’s match sounds like a Dad’s Army viewer whispered in Boreham Woods dressing room .. ‘They don’t like it up ’em!’, and they duly got ‘stuck in’. Even the normally calm and collected Hayden got into a ‘heated exchange’. No surprise they are struggling, as so many of their former team mates have departed, and the very good ones are on tour. Does not stops fans getting their digs in early though?

    Patience is a virtue .. some of the time.

  109. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry 🙂

    When did I mention ‘humble pie’ – I am not sure I am following you? 😕

  110. TotalArsenal says:

    HH 🙂

    ‘JB, I’d rather not give myself a stroke by reading all the delusional comments about how “great” Ramsey is supposed to be.’

    I respect your point of view but please don’t call the views of fellow, very knowledgeable bloggers ‘delusional’: it smacks of arrogance. Time to calm down a bit buddy.

    KG has made an incredibly fine argument in favour of Ramsey’s contributions this year and follow up comments have also been well structured.

    Re: Game Changers (you and Jambon)

    On a good bench we do not only need a few game changers, we also need game consolidators, and for a start, that is what Ramsey has to offer. There will be many games – whether as starter or a sub – in which his energy and running will make a real difference to the team. Every team needs to have such an (extra) engine at its disposal.

  111. oz gunner says:

    @ Gerry

    it was me who mentioned humble pie.

  112. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post 🙂

    It is a well written and argued ‘vent your frustration’ post today by Marcus. It will take some uber-optimism to argue against him! 🙂

  113. Gerry says:

    TA – Yes, I should have added -when others ..’ I know it it was not your good self. Sorry

    I glad you reiterated the point I made re ‘game changers’, so I am glad we agree on that.

    I see we are down a GK and only 1 main CB – Thank heaven Per is made of tough stuff?.

    I guess there will be a shift on the emphasis for a new CB? They don’t think Szcz will be out fort long. I know I did my back in after a coach journey, long delay, 2 hour+ flight, another delay, and another coach journey .. before getting a proper lie down. Let’s hope it is not too serious, eh?

    Mind, it puts Fabianski in a good position for getting a new contract – cheaper than Cesar, I would guess?

    As for CB, there was a name on Dylan’s list, but I think AW needs a change in strategy. The idea of putting in a ‘cheeky’ low bid just to start the ball rolling, simply allows the selling club to announce it, and invite better offers. If we seriously offered £8m for Gustavo we don’t deserve to get him. Now the starting bid is £15m and likely to get closer to the £25m I thought he might go for? The pattern seems to be repeating itself at nearly every turn. Another example is Higuain. We are not in a cash avaiable better position than Napoli now, so even a late matching bid may not be enough? Wheras, an earlier one might have sealed it. However, there is still Chelsea to complicate matters?

    Much as I think Saurez is an ideal fit, in the footballing sense, The £40m+ it might take to get him will seriously limit the quality we can then afford for a CB and DM?

    If we do get Saurez, I do think he will have to explain his behaviour to our entire squad, including the juniors. If he can be successful in getting their full support then that should be good enough for those that think it tarnishes our good name. Far better he redeem himself here, and if the club are seen to be helping in that regard, it will all put to one side an he can let his football do the talking?

  114. Gerry says:

    OG – I am sure you were not alone with the ‘pie comment, as I would not have wanted to singled you out in that way. However, it does tend to polarise views that Terry humourously point out?

    You do have a very valid point on the people who supposed to support the club, yet stupid enough to boo our own players … Lucky HH is about 4,000 miles away in is current mood, he’d boo and carry a placard ‘Wenger Out!’? ha ha

  115. Mike says:

    I would never say Ramsey is a liability as far as not being reliable squad player he is that. BUT the one stat that BOTH Aaron Ramsey AND Jack Wilshere MUST improve on is Passes that are Assists and MORE shots and Goals. You when your attacking Mids have fewer Assists and Goals then the other top 4’s Defensive mids do your not going to win the league. (infact Song playing as a DM for Arsenal had more assists then ether Aaron or Jack)

  116. willc88 says:

    I’ve got a lot of time for young rams! good lad

  117. Funminiyi says:

    Great write-up KG,
    With sheer determination like he’s shown lately and hardwork, he’s gonna become the fulcrum of this team and as for goals, that’ll only come with time. For any player, staying injury free and been confident is the dealio….., you can ask Iron-monkey from across the street(Bale).
    I just hope and pray will be more lucky with injury this time around and everyone will see how good this side can be.

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