5 Reasons Why Gooners Shouldn’t Give Up Hope!


I’ve noticed a lot of pessimism surrounding Arsenal over the past few days. People saying we’re not really here to compete, that we never have or will spend any money, that this squad is destined for mid-table failure, etc.

However, I am here to brighten you pessimistic gooner’s thoughts! There are many reasons why we should still have hope for next season and the seasons beyond that.

1.      The Transfer Window isn’t closed yet!

For all you fans out there complaining about the lack of signings, let’s remember that the window isn’t closed yet. We have over a month left to do business and we’ve been told countless times this summer that we have money and will spend it. For all those who say that they’ve given us false promises, I’m sorry to say you’re wrong. They never said they’d splash cash all over the place early in the window. They just said that we have money to spend and will spend it. With over a month left in the window, no one can say that is a lie.

2.      There are plenty of quality players still available!

Many people have also been whining about how many so called “Super Quality” players Arsenal have let slip by and go to other teams. Names like Götze, Isco (Glic 😉 ), Cavani, Falcao, and more have been cursed because we let them go elsewhere. And while most of you will probably agree Arsenal aren’t the type of club to spend silly money on a Cavani or a Falcao, it can be seen as concerning that Gotze’s release clause was around £32 million and Bayern was quickest to trigger it. But, if you were Gotze would you rather go to the most recent winners of the DFL-Supercup (the German version of the FA Community Shield), DFB-Pokal (the German version of the FA Cup), Bundesliga, and Champions League, or a club that hasn’t won a trophy in 8 seasons? Let’s be honest, you’d choose Bayern every time.

Similar things can be said of Isco and Real Madrid. Money isn’t all that talks, trophies do too. So if we are to attract these kinds of players we need to win a trophy this season and for now, focus on people who want to come here and are willing to listen to and accept our project.

Missed players aside, let’s focus on some names still available and why Arsenal could/should bring them in: Özil, di Maria, Khedira, Pedro, Alexis Sanchez, Tello, Gustavo, and Kroos are the main ones that I will focus on for today.

Let’s start with the Real Madrid contingent:

The main two arrivals at Madrid this summer have been Isco and Illarramendi. This means Madrid do not have room for one attacking midfielder or winger and one defensive midfielder. Based on how valued different players are at Real, I’d say the players available are Özil, di Maria and Khedira. All of these players could add depth to Arsenal and be very useful players. Özil or di Maria could be available for around £20-£25 million and Khedira for around £15-£18 million. Özil and Khedira would both add to our growing group of German players and all three players would reinforce our squad in places it is weak. Both Santi and Arteta played a lot, and with Özil and Khedira backing up both those respective positions, our players won’t get overtired. Also, with rumors circulating that Gervinho is leaving, di Maria could be a huge upgrade on him.

Next up, the Barcelona crew. With Neymar in at Barca, it is likely one of Barca’s wingers will leave the club. Pedro, Sanchez, and Tello are the names most likely to leave. Similar to the di Maria situation, Arsenal are in need of a winger, especially if Gervinho does leave. Pedro and Tello could both add to Arsenal’s Spanish contingent, and it is thought Wenger had been interested in Sanchez previously. Pedro or Sanchez should come at around £20-£25 million, but interestingly enough, Tello has a release clause. Similarly to Thiago’s contract, Tello has a clause in his contract stating that if he didn’t play X amount of games in the 2012/13 season then his contract can be bought out for a mere £8.5 million. Wenger is known to be interested in Tello from last summer and he is a very realistic option for Arsenal.

Finally, on to the Bayern duo. It is fairly well known that Luis Gustavo is very undervalued at Bayern and with Bayern being linked to Sebastian Rode, and having brought in Thiago (who can play the DM and CM role if required), Gustavo is unlikely to have much of a role in the Bayern squad in this upcoming season. Currently Gustavo should be available at around £10-£12 million, and if Bayern bring in Rode, around £5-£8 million. Gustavo could add some needed steel to our DM spot and allow Arteta to take breaks at some point next season. Lastly, Toni Kroos; with Götze and Thiago (who can also play in the CAM role) coming into Bayern, I’d guess Toni Kroos will be the CAM to make way in the squad. He is still valued highly at Bayern, however, so I’d guess his price tag is between £17-£20 million. Along with this, Toni is basically two footed, like Santi. Kroos coming in would allow Santi to rotate with someone less injury prone than Rosicky and, along with a winger, would allow Santi to take some games off next season.

So, to finish this reason, let’s make some lists:

Least to Most Expensive:

  1. Christian Tello, LW/RW/CF/ST, Age: 21, £8.5 mil
  2. Luis Gustavo, CDM/CM/LB/CB, Age: 26, £10-£12 mil
  3. Sami Khedira, CDM/CM, Age: 26, £15-£18 mil
  4. Toni Kroos, CAM/CM/CDM/LM, Age: 23, £17-£20 mil
  5. Angel di Maria, RM/LM, Age: 25, £20-£25 mil
  6. Pedro, LW/RW, Age: 25, £20-£25 mil
  7. Sanchez, RW/LW/CF/CAM, Age: 24, £20-£25 mil
  8. Mesut Özil, CAM/CM/LM/RM, Age: 24, £20-£25 mil

Most to Least Likely to Join Arsenal:

  1. Luis Gustavo, CDM/CM/LB/CB, Age: 26, £10-£12 mil
  2. Christian Tello, LW/RW/CF/ST, Age: 21, £8.5 mil
  3. Sami Khedira, CDM/CM, Age: 26, £15-£18 mil
  4. Angel di Maria, RM/LM, Age: 25, £20-£25 mil
  5. Pedro, LW/RW, Age: 25, £20-£25 mil
  6. Toni Kroos, CAM/CM/CDM/LM, Age: 23, £17-£20 mil
  7. Mesut Özil, CAM/CM/LM/RM, Age: 24, £20-£25 mil
  8. Sanchez, RW/LW/CF/CAM, Age: 24, £20-£25 mil

(Disclaimer: Prices and order of lists are my opinion. Different factors such as the new manager at Barca may have unknown effects on these lists. Please leave your own lists below. Also, other quality players are available such as, Gundogan, the Benders, Rami, and more. Feel free to list below.)

3.      Arsenal have the money!

“The money is there if Wenger wants to spend it… “. These are the words of Ivan Gazidas earlier this summer. Now, on July 26th, Wenger has said this, “We want as many top players as we can but we have to focus on the players [already here] and develop them as well”. We know Arsenal have money to spend we just need to be patient. Once the squad is back from the Asia tour and have finished (and won) the Emirates Cup, Wenger can sit down and put everything into signings with no excuses. As stated in reason one, there’s time left in this window.

4.       The current squad is strong!

Our last season ended on high with a long unbeaten run, and now the Asia tour has showed us that many players in our squad are set for a big season. Giroud bagged six goals in four games, Podolski looks 100% fit, Rosicky looks a viable option to back up Santi, and Ox looks to be becoming a huge player especially for someone so young. The Ramsey/Arteta DM pivot looks strong and I’m sure is making Wenger think about where a DM fits into the squad. Jack also looks ready to start a new season and Sagna looks a good option at CB if we need it. Overall, the squad is strong and taking into account player development, this squad can challenge for trophies and with a few world class additions can be nearly unstoppable.

5.      The future is bright!


This Asia tour has also shown us how bright the future of Arsenal is. Gnabry and Ryo look ready for the step up to the first team, Akpom bagged a good number of goals, and Eisfeld and Olsson (among others) look like fantastic prospects. And of course Zelalem continues to be fantastic for us and could play a key role in our Capital One Cup run this season. This is coupled with good news back home where promising youngsters Sanogo, Crowley, Pleguezuelo, and Raage have all been signed. Even though it may not help immediately, it’s always good to know that the youngsters of the club are looking promising. 😀

In conclusion, have faith!

Signings will be made, Arsenal will grow, and trophies will be won in the years to come. Whenever you’re feeling pessimistic or wondering why you support Arsenal go watch some highlights from last season, go on YouTube and watch some of DB10’s brilliance, or watch the highlights from that final league game of the 1988/89 season. Just remember that Arsenal has always won trophies and will win trophies again.


Have faith fellow Gooners!

Written by: Dylan. 

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136 Responses to 5 Reasons Why Gooners Shouldn’t Give Up Hope!

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow Dylan, a mini-masterpiece of a post! 🙂

    If this one doesn’t help Gooners to put things in perspective then I don’t know what will.

    Back in a bit. 🙂

  2. Epicurean says:

    Love the post…I have full faith in what we are doing this summer. Couple of other points to add… it looks as if the sponsors are putting pressure on the club to make a big splash in the transfer market. I don’t believe for a second that Ivan can pressure Arsene, but the sponsors most certainly can.

    Secondly, looking at Real and Barca, their future projections will be in great turmoil. Make no mistake, they are not making as much money with the state of the Spanish economy, they are subject to a very serious European commission on illegal state aid. And I think they are going to have to re-allocate TV rights money throughout the Spanish League and soon, this will hit Barca and Real very hard as they currently sell their own right s seperately, hence why they are so much richer than clubs like Man U.

    There is a massive financial movement going on under the surface of European football, and Arsene has put us in a very strong position just when the pinch is starting to be felt by the competition.

    Remember Arsene is an economist, football is in a financial bubble caused by shady benefactors, look at history, financial bubbles always burst, and we are one of the few clubs who will be able to PROVE their sustainability.

    Please those who say the board don’t know what they are doing…reallly…think about it? what did you get at GCSE?…be honest you are the one who doesn’t have a clue 😛

  3. Me says:

    You are clearly on the same drugs that Wenger is taking.

    The squad is NOT good enough to challenge because if it WAS good enough then surely to goodness it WOULD have challenged last season ! The truth which you cannot dispute is that Arsenal with this squad that is supposedly good enough to challenge barely scraped FOURTH place last season – unless the players we have have developed Messi like qualities over the summer then we can assume that we will fare no better than last season.

    Secondly the behaviour of Wenger in the transfer market tells me that he has no desire to want to buy players. The dragged out, will he wont he saga surrounding Higuain only fooled the less than intelligent – Wenger had no interest in Higuain, all he needed to do was show false interest so when, come the end of the transfer window when he has signed no one he can say “look I tried”. Furthermore the £40,000,001 bid for Suarez was done intentionally to insult Liverpool who will dig their heals in – It fools no one.

    The talk of ambition by Gazidis was a total lie. Arsenal and Wenger have no interest in winning things. They have no respect for their fans who pay money that they probably don’t have to watch them and then they spin the crap that they want to win things. Arsenal are a joke in football, they make out they are “self sustained” and a model for other clubs – what total and utter CRAP. Ask a Barcelona or Bayern fan would they want eight years of miserable failure so they can say they are self reliant ?

  4. Goodman Dylan! keep it flowing

  5. Me says:

    Epicurean – already finding reasons and excuses for Arsenal and Wenger to do nothing over the coming month. Really, you should stick to economics and banking because you have no ambition or interest in Arsenal being competitive…

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent comment Epicurean – truly honouring your name! 🙂

    No doubt Arsene is looking for players to add strength to his squad, but he will always respect the promises he made, and that includes those to his current players. It is fine balancing act between internal growth and adding quality from outside. We all know where the squad needs strengthening and I am sure Wenger will address this.

  7. Gerry says:

    Dylan my boy, you are forgiven. Brilliant!

    Had I not had to do my racing blog I may have done the summing up of yesterday’s match myself. Sorry TA. No time to add further comment on above either
    Later, when the lad wakes up and knocks out some quick match thoughts, unless you will spring into action TA?

  8. Are you Wenger’s spin doctor ?

    People want to see results and players signed not this crap about being positive.

    And as for Epicurean football is about passion and wanting to see your team do well. Its not about economics and bank balances and financial bubbles and any other irrelevant rubbish you want to post as to why Wenger is too incompetent to deliver results – with money to spend that is the bottom line – Wenger cannot deliver…

    Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish – everything about Arsenal stinks of a lack of ambition. If they don’t want to achieve anything then drop their ticket prices otherwise they will lose fans which they already are in case you didn’t see all of the empty seats last season.

    Wenger is such a washed up dinosaur, living off the successes of eight years ago. Time for him to go…

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘Me’ I reckon you will be pleasantly surprised about the development potential of this squad and what Wenger can do with a settled and well-motivated group of players. And, as Dylan has pointed out, there is still a long way to go before the TW closes.

  10. VCC says:

    Dylan…….my titfer is off to you. Smashing read. I hope to get time to reply later today. Pretty impressive list you have compiled, and time consuming facts gathered.

    We are blessed with wonderful authors on this site.

  11. Tony says:

    This is for ME… Are you really a supporter? I was there in the 70’s and early 80’s when we went to finals and lost. It was a barren time but I still loved my Arsenal to the core. Many ups and downs. I lived through the greatest day at Anfield and this Wenger has bought me and the fans unbelievable football. Ups and downs is what football is about. But to me you are a glory hunter. When DB was bought I said has been and look what happened. When TH was bought we said headless chicken and look what happened. Getting Sol Cambell from the spuds was awesome. The ups my friend are a privilege so now we have a lean period even though we have gone to some finals and lost. IMHO with a as you call it mediocre squad the mgr has done wonders. Now is the time to support and shout and be counted as I believe once again we have the makings of a strong team. Signings will come and silverware and you will be forgotten! Up the London reds.

  12. Epicurean says:

    Look i understand, and I want big players and I do believe we will sign them, if I am wrong we will only know in september. However fans generally take a narrow view. Don’t kid yourself…football is about money, it is big business. You can harp on about not winning for 8 years, but how long should it take? How much does that success cost? How big a risk would it be and how horrific would the consequences be if we were to make a mistake on the Carroll scale of things….most fans seem to think ambition is paying through the nose for the elite players of last season. It looks very good, but doesn’t make sense in the long term, had we bought a stellar player last season we wouldn’t have improved our stnding in the league by much, we certainly wouldn’t have won the league, Wenger will strike when he can impact the whole squad with new signings and make a genuine challenge at the league. If you think he got where he is through lack of ambition…then check what your smoking… xx

  13. Bazo says:

    Arsenal wil surely win but wenger needs to change wit time.he seem to know how to comfortably self-destroy!

  14. Merwyn Peter Sequeira says:

    Realistic. Let’s hope that this is what the Boss is thinking!!

  15. Admir says:

    Hello, people. I was a bit busy these days. There is a huge thing in Bosnia that’s going to take place in October – a census, the first one since 1991 – and I’m working on applications of those who want to do a field-work. Hell of a job. Furthermore, Cantonal Hospital in Bihać, the largest one and the one that was best equipped in the canton, was heavily damaged in a terrible fire around 2 am yesterday. Since my cousin (the one that has exactly the same name and last name as I do and that dates my wife’s sister 😀 ) was in the hospital as he was recovering in the same department where fire started, I had a sleepless Thursday. Luckily, nobody got injured but the material damage was huge (an early estimation said it’s around 13 million euros).

    I have to say that I like Dylan’s view and the way he put it was a master-piece. However, that doesn’t mean I agree with him as I’ll have to wait until 2nd September. 😉 I agree that Oxlade-Chamberlain looks like a true class already (his dummy against Urawa made me happier than any goal we scored as it means we finally started to use off-the-ball movement properly), that Podolski and Rosicky being fit seem to be two huge reinforcements for our team and I’d add that it’s a great thing Sagna went through pre-season this time as he was out last summer and we all know how crappy his performances were when he returned.

    I have some worries, though.

    First of all, our defending wasn’t that brilliant. Our opponents – perhaps thanks to the fact pace is a major weapon of Asian players – had a lot of space on the flanks. Miquel was especially struggling on the left full-back in defense which is probably something Wenger had calculated in before in order to keep Gibbs fresh now when he knows Monreal and Vermaelen will be out for some time.

    Second of all, if Arsene Wenger really thinks our current squad is good enough to challenge for the title, he is as wrong as one can be. We did have a brilliant run-in, it’s true, but we also had a lot of help from the outside factor (luck, referee’s decisions – Fulham, QPR, West Brom, Manchester United) that I don’t expect in the next season and most certainly I don’t want Arsene Wenger to count on.

    Third of all, the list of world-class strikers we can sign is really, really short. Basically, it came down to two names: Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez. We all know what these options bring with them, even if we manage to beat our competitors for the signature of one of them.

    Fourth of all, our players are asking for new signings. Arteta did it in a pretty straight-forward way, Wilshere said he was excited with all those links, Ramsey said he would welcome Wanyama (who went to Southampton) and Giroud said he would welcome Suarez. I already wrote once that Wenger should escape the jaws of his own vanity but I’m not so sure that he realizes how much we need fresh blood for big matches this season.

    Dylan, speaking of Barcelona contingent, I’d add Ibrahim Afellay on the list – a long-term target that is capable of playing on either wing.

  16. Wengerball says:

    Thank you Dylan for the read. Great 4th and 5th points that I appreciate.

    In the most recent of seasons, I’ve seen Portsmouth, Birmingham and most recently Wigan win trophies. I for one wouldn’t substitute the current state of affairs to the Gunners’

    For close to 9 months every year, the 2 to four hours (@ an average of 2 games per week) provide me with great recreation entertainment following the Arsenal team I so very much Cherish. Winning a trophy to me is an event but participating in challenging for that trophy is a process that bonds me even more with the club. It is a fact that taking the EPL as an example, only one team will win it and 19 others will fall short of the ultimate price… but I very much look forward to the 38 games experience of unwavering support to the Gunners as for me the process has more longevity than the event… hence I will enjoy the process more than the ultimate event.

    Having seen Portsmouth win the FA cup and QPR spend top sums, I’m sure the manager who was part of both those scenarios being one Harry Redknapp would share with me that Arsenal is really at the Apex of the world football and that many clubs easily envy Arsenal’s Premier league status, European football nights and the clubs stability over being out of such experience in totality…

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gerry – I think we have to let that game slip through now.

    Btw – you produced an excellent comment for yesterday’s post: enjoyed reading it! 🙂

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Admir, that seems to be a typical Balkan way of reporting funny and sad news at the same time. Sorry to hear your local hospital burning down but how funny about your wife’s sister being with your exact namesake!! 😀

    Good points in your comment. Yes our defence needs to become tighter, especially the full backs, but a big plus was Sagna’s CB performances. I really liked his verbal leadership and I can see him as a good stand in for BFG going forward. It is key for Jenkinson to step up, though, and he has been rusty until now.

    Any player will say he likes new players to come when asked about it by a journalist: it is the answer that gets you least grieve!

    Don’t agree on Afellay: good footballer but not the sort of mentality we need at the club.

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Nicely put, Wengerball. I also appreciate the beauty of the journey and the possibilities. 🙂

  20. Wengerball says:

    Thank you TA…

  21. TotalArsenal says:


    Why do you believe it is a world-class striker we need, rather than a good striker who can add to our current strikeforce?

  22. MikeMo says:

    Wengerball, where is your drive and passion for the club? You talk like my grand dad talks about his favourite comfortable shoes.

    Are you scared of winning?

  23. Admir says:

    @TA – it’s simple: because world-class strikers win Premiership (Cantona, Shearer, Bergkamp, Henry, Van Horseface, Drogba, Ronaldo, Rooney, Aguero, Van Judas), provided they have a decent support in other areas of the team, of course. Perhaps Manchester United from 1999 to 2001 might be considered as an exception given that neither of their excellent strikers (Cole, Yorke, Sheringham, Solskjaer) could be considered as world-class but they had the best defender in the world (Stam) and one of the best midfield quartets ever (Beckham, Keane, Scholes and Giggs).

    Take a look at the worst champions of the decade (in terms of points but also in terms of quality) – Manchester United 2010-11. Hardly a world-class team, they won just 80 points – in 2007-08, for instance, that would be enough for fourth place only. However, when things were tight, it was Wayne Rooney who bailed them out and was supported by the tight defense led by a world-class goalkeeper (Van der Sar) and defender-captain (Vidić) with additional help supplied thanks to special spell from Nani (19 assists).

    I like Giroud and I think Podolski got his left foot straight from Heaven but neither of them is a world-class level and it’s hard to expect that either of them will ever reach it.

    Of course, if we return Cesc and sign Fellaini, I will be pleased with our current attacking options. After all, we won at Etihad three years ago despite both Chamakh and Bendtner participated. 🙂

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes Admir and Song scored that day leaving him with a spontaneous boner hahaha 🙂

    I was at the Oil City away game; one of the best Arsenal away games I attended. 🙂

    I guess if you look at Barca and Bayern recently, there is something to say about not needing a world class striker to win things, unless of course you count Messi as a striker, which to be fair he is.

    I like it that we are spreading our goals throughout our attackers and hope they will do the same against the top teams this season, as that’s my only worry. I would also like some quality cover/ competition for our attackers, but I am less concerned on them being ‘world-class’ as you are. I can see where you are coming from, though.

  25. mA says:

    nice post

    Confessions…you’ve helped build my waning faith to some extent, at least.

    Confessions aside, i would like either of the Barcelona left-sided wingers at Arsenal. Tello, in particular, is terrific. I also agree with you regarding Gustavo because we all know that Arteta is not getting any younger. I reckon Gustavo is a small version of MA08, and learning from him would do him wonders.
    I advocate for a beast DM, but still realize that Gustavo-esque or Arteta-esque DMs play an underestimated role in a team like Bayern or Arsenal. This might have contributed to Wenger’s past comment that physical DMs are on the wane.

  26. Admir says:

    That is the reason why I cleverly left out Champions’ League and other leagues out of the picture. 😀 😛 It would be too hard to explain how on Earth Liverpool won Champions’ League in 2005 while Porto 2004 would be a bit easier to explain though it would require some paranoid explanations as well. 😀

    I agree with your idea of spreading goals but the thing is, against top teams you need top players. Thanks to Fellaini and Bale, Everton and Spuds won more points in Top 6 matches than we did. Perhaps with Fellaini and Fabregas we might emulate a bit of Bayern that dominated last season mostly due to exceptional quality of their midfield (Javi Martinez, Schweinsteiger, Mueller, Kroos) and wingers (Ribery and Robben) that were supported by full-backs (Lahm and Alaba).

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    On the other, Admir, the Mancs won the title a few times despite not dominating the top teams, and thanks to Mert and Arteta we finished above the Spuddies and Scousers! 😉

    What’s going to work? TEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAM work! 🙂

    I reckon Theo, Pod, Santi and even Giroud can all score goals against the top teams (as they have done in the past). But we could do with a beast of a………..Modern DM to free-up our incredible creative potential.

    Good analysis of Bayern.

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    MikeMo 🙂

    Are you perhaps a bit jealous of Wengerball’s contentedness – of his ability to enjoy our football without desperately needing to jeopardize the here and now for the future?

  29. Gerry says:

    TA@10.09 – Thanks TA for the comment. With me being up early, when I’ve read all the comments, my mind is quite alert, so the mini posts tend to follow, so I understand you when you say it is a good read. … the same way people refer to good books, ha ha

    In the evening I am easily sidetracked so last night’s ‘gossip chat’ did overshadow the final game of the tour. i will wait until Dylan has had a chance to respond to everybody, and see if he did have any thoughts on the game, regarding my three ‘point you in this direction’ bit. I did not realise that he was working on this masterpiece at the time.

    I’ll be watching the racing later so it will be much later on before I catch up on further comments. Shame so many know what they want, and they want it NOW.

    It is funny what you said about spreading the goals around, but Henry does make a good case for the opposite. Which is why, in my belief that Saurez would suit our style of play, as I think AW will be instilling into him that others can score besides him? I expect his assists to rocket if he signs, and his own goals to shots ratio will also improve. In a nutshell, he will score plenty of goals, and so will half a dozen of our existing squad will score more. Win, win?
    errr minus the £50 it might might take to get him though?

  30. jnyc says:

    Dylan, My favorite post in a long time! ! Maybe add dzeko to the list?
    Gerry great point as usual about Suarez having others around him to share the load and get more assists. I hope we get to see that play out.

  31. MikeMo says:

    A fine line between contentment and complacency.

  32. Dylan says:

    Thanks TA! 🙂
    Epicurean, I agree. Wenger’s model of self sustainability will pay off in the long run! 🙂
    Me, you don’t know we were in for Higuain. Perez even said we never bid. And the Suarez bid was to test the clause. As for the current squad, they’ve had a whole summer to grow and develop, especially our British core. They’re young and will grow. Additions are welcome though. 😉

  33. Dylan says:

    Kalahari Blues, thanks! 🙂
    Gerry, thanks as well. 🙂 I’ll try to give some quick thoughts on the match when I’m done responding to comments. 😉
    Leon Kingsford, I’m not saying you have to be thrilled we haven’t signed anyone and be happy with high ticket prices. I’m not. You do have to try to have hope though. You have every right to be frustrated and Wenger and the board and want new signings, just remember, it’s not all bad. 🙂

  34. Dylan says:

    Thanks VCC! 🙂 Fun fact: the hardest information to gather was the positions that the players can play. My source? Fifa 13. 😉
    Bazo, it’s true, Wenger does need to change in some ways.
    Merwyn Peter Sequeira, agreed. 🙂

  35. Dylan says:

    Thanks Admir! 🙂 I agree, our defending was lacking a little on the tour, but maybe it was the heat or the pitches or just preseason. I think it’ll be fine (especially if we bring in Rami). As for world class strikers. Rooney and Suarez are without a doubt world class, but there’s others you could argue are too, or at least are high quality. Dzeko, Soldado, Javier Hernandez, Jackson Martinez (who I think we definitely need to be looking at, he’s very good), Damiao, Reus (can play CF), and Yilmaz to name a few.

  36. Dylan says:

    Thanks Wengerball. And well put. 🙂
    mA, I’m glad to help build you faith. That was the point of this post. 🙂 As for Tello, I totally agree. He looks fantastic and I would love him here.
    Thanks jnyc. 🙂

  37. JM says:

    The real market value (minimum starting bid and not from FIFA 13) of mentioned players in Dylan’s post:

    Real Madrid:

    (1) Mesut Oezil (£35 Million) – AM(C/R)/LW/RW
    Agency: OEZIL International Sportmanagement

    (2) Sami Khedira (£19.5 Million) – DM/CM
    Agent: Joerg Neubauer

    (3) Angel di Maria (£30 Million) – RW/AM(R/L)/LW
    Agency: Gestifute


    (1) Cristian Tello (£10.5 Million) – LW/RW
    Agent: Josep Maria Orobitg

    (2) Pedro (£19.5 Million) – RW/LW
    Agency: Bahia Internacional

    (3) Alexis Sanchez (£23 Million) – RW/LW/HS
    Agent: Fernando Felicevich

    Bayern Munich:

    (1) Luiz Gustavo (£16 Million) – DM/CB/LB
    Agency: ROGON Sportmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

    (2) Toni Kroos (£28 Million) – AM/CM/LM/DM
    Agency: SportsTotal

    Dealings for players must take into considerations:

    (a) Our budget (or Arsenal’s management deemed market value for each individual player)
    (b) Player’s club’s evaluation of their player
    (c) Player’s agency/agent
    (d) Any 3rd party ownership involvement
    (e) Player’s willingness to join us (esp. from top trophy winning clubs/rich-owners banked clubs/traditionally more “prestige” clubs)
    (f) Player’s wages and extras

    Until I see our 1st ever £20 Million++ player signing (quality or otherwise), I shall remain calm and skeptical at the same time over rumours and the media on us wanting and willing to spend £30 Million++, £40 Million++, £50 Million++ for any individual.

    There is a difference between idealogy and realism.
    I live in the present, the past has been archived, the future shall remain unfathomable.

  38. AFC says:

    Dylan, top post. 🙂

    1) Yes, the TW is still open for a whole month. I have placed all my trust in Wenger throughout the TW and will continue to do so until it closes. I will really start to worry in about two weeks.

    2) You have mentioned tons of players. All good. Just two points. Gustavo said he would like to stay at Bayern and is Ozil really available? I thought Kaka would be the first to leave?

    Di Maria would be perfect for both wings and can even play as an AM but TA said he has attitude problems so not sure Wenger will go for him. Khedira for DM, yes please! Both of these players are experienced, could contribute to the team for many years to come, have wons trophies and most of all have played at the top level (CL and international competitions).

    May I also add Rami of Valencia is available for around £9 million pounds and Bernand is available for around £21.6 million but I am sure you already know about these players, but I mentioned these players for the bloggers who do not.

    Tello is a good option, if Wenger is not looking to spend a huge amount of money in this position.

    I would prefer to have Di Maria over Pedro and Sanchez. Di Maria is the traditional winger we really need. He is the best traditional winger in my opinion. He would be able to to support Giroud very well. He can cross the ball very well and is technically sound.

    Not really sure about Kroos. He would improve us but I am not sure he is the type of AM we need.

    3) Yes, we have the money and Wenger has said we are looking to add players. I think he has suggested 2-3 but I really wanted to see 3-4. We will spend the money and Wenger is a man of his word. Just like he said in January he would buy and he did. He know new players need to be signed to add quality and strength in depth to the current squad.

    4) Dylan, the squad what we have is good however it lacks the quality and the strength in depth to put a serious challenge in for the EPL title (38 games) along with/while challenging for the FA & League Cups and the CL. Injuries to players are inevitable, suspensions etc. Chelsea are likely to be stronger next season, same could be argued about City with the signings they have made and they are still not finished, United are likely to be weaker though.

    5) The future is bright but while AW is concentrating on long-term success and sustainability, AW also need to be focusing on short-term success which he is doing now with more experienced players like Monreal, Santi, Arteta, Mertesacker, Podolski and Giroud all being signed and Wenger will continue to sign experienced players who can contribute to the squad immediately.

    You need short-term success to ensure long-term success.

    Short-term success i.e winning trophies now will lead to our most promising young players staying and wanting to stay rather leaving and wanting to leave to go to teams who they feel they would have a better chance of winning trophies with than ourselves which leads to long-term success which is winning may trophies over a period of time (5 years, 10 years).

  39. Dylan says:

    JM, only the positions are from fifa. The prices are all my own calculations based on the clubs need to offload players or make money. I am aware of the players market value (and could’ve copied it off transfermarkt.com as I assume you may have done), but I estimated my own values. You could be correct on all of them, except Tello because of his release clause.

  40. Dylan says:

    Thanks AFC, and all good points. 🙂

  41. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Dylan I agree with you.. Our future team look very promising.. We add very great youngster lately.. And will be ready in 2-3 years when Arteta, Rosicky, Sagna and maybe Cazorla and Podolski also becoming older..

    Our current squad also very strong.. Their teamwork are becoming better and better.. I believe this team are much better than last season.. And bring us better result at the end of this season.. Hahaha..

    And yes we have money, and the TW isn’t over yet, some great players are still avaliable.. But great player doesn’t always mean expensive.. Cazorla is that kind of player.. And I believe somehow Wenger will find that kind of person.. Cesar, Rami, Capoue and I think Bernard also are some great players with reasonable price.. Hehe..

  42. Dylan says:

    I agree henrychan, Wenger probably won’t spend huge money, but will still find quality players as always.

  43. Gerry says:

    JM – In the case of Bernard, do you think AW is trying to see how much the 3rd party will accept, over and above their 45% of the £22m?

    Or is it possible that figure includes the 3rd party share? I cannot quite fathom why it is being reported that his Club are saying we can have him for £22m when we cannot? Unless it is lazy journo’s only quoting the Clubs demand without checking that it included a move to the EPL? If The club agreed a fee for his signature, could we loan him somewhere until the 3rd party deal was sorted, and bring him here at a later date?
    Just musing on it …

    Now his father is saying that he wants his son to go to Porto?

    Mind, it did not do Higgy’s dad any good on his hopes of a move to London did it?

  44. Glic says:

    The dogs doo dahs a delicious dose of Dylan !. 😀

    1) The Torture Window is still open yes, but we`re closer to the end of it than we were at the start of it and in Darth Wengers own words, we are no closer to purchasing any player !.

    2) Trouble is , I fancy all the ones you say are least likely to join and add Bernie to that list !.

    3) ” The money is there if Wenger wants to spend it ! “…..I`ve heard this before so many times !.

    4) The current squad is strong !. Another I have heard before !…sounds like Groundhog day !. Not sure what season it was, possibly last season, when Wenger said , ” this is the strongest squad I have ever had ! “…yeah right !.

    5) The future is bright !. I agree on that, but then again I have always thought our youngsters have been good, no change there then, some will make it, some wont !.

    On the subject of Goetze and Isco rather being at BM and RM respectively, I would say, we have offered £40,000,001 for Suarez, why didn`t we offer that amount for Goetze ?, I`m sure Dortmund would have rather had sold to us for that amount and the least it would have done is made BM maybe bid higher and to Dortmund`s financial advantage !. The same could be said of Isco !.
    According to newsnow, Daft Wenger is saying we can challenge if we do not sign anyone !. What is he smoking !.

    I may not agree with everything in the post Dylan, but it is still a stonker, well done mate !.

  45. Dylan says:

    Gerry, from what I understand the £22m does NOT include the 3rd party fee.

  46. Dylan says:

    Glic, I agree the least likely ones are the best, but just because they’re least likely doesn’t mean it’s not possible! 🙂 As for Gotze. The way a release clause works (from what I’ve heard) is something like the club gives the player the money to buy out their own contract using their so called “buy out clause” essentially transferring money between the two clubs. Then the player is technically a free agent, but in reality an agreement has already been made with the new club, they officially sign a deal, and make it officially official, and they belong to the new club. Even if we paid Gotze’s release clause, Mario could still turn us down and because it’s a release clause even though we bid it Bayern can bid the same and still get him. So that wouldn’t have worked. Isco is a different story though.

  47. Glic says:

    Didn`t understand any of that Dylan ! 😯 hahaha
    This is the way I see it, am I right in thinking BM and Dortmund are fierce rivals and Goetze was a Dortmund boy ?. It`s like the Spuds paying Wilshere`s buy out clause of £30m ( just for an example ) and West Ham coming in with £40M, I`m sure Jack would not want to upset us fans and sign for the Spuds for less money, he would rather earn his club more money and not upset the fans either !. If we had offered £40M for Goetze, it would have given him a way out of getting his club more money and not upsetting the fans by moving to their biggest rivals !. Hope that makes sense as I can go around the houses a bit !. hahaha

  48. TotalArsenal says:

    MikeMo, I am yet to meet a complacent supporter.

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry 🙂

    Yes you are sharpest in the morning! 🙂

    Suarez would no doubt add quality to our strike-force but at what price and risk….


    Fine comment. 🙂

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic – very fine comment as well!

    How is the your little shed building progressing?

  51. Glic says:

    So who`s going to do a post on Darth Wengers drug induced delusional remark that we can challenge without any signing`s or have you already done that one Totes ?. I wish there was a rolling on floor laughing my arse off smiley !. The only place Arsene is going scouting is Holland and it sounds like he`s after some SQ drug dealers !. hahaha

  52. Glic says:

    The Love Shack is waiting for windows ( 4.5mtr patio doors ), should be a week Monday !. I put a septic tank in last week and have grass seeded the area today. It`s gradually getting there, but the timber frame chap has been a pain the arse and I`m going to sort him out on Monday ! ( he`s already had a wrestle on the floor with the scaffolder !. hahaha

  53. Gerry says:

    TA – I may well prove that point as I have just been think whilst out with the dogs, a few ‘what if’s’

    What if we went down the ‘cheapskate’ route that some seem to think is a our permanent destiny?

    GK? Well if he is up for it, Fabianski signs a new deal? Or we get Shay Given v. cheap?

    CB? Well I really don’t think we can avoid bringing in a Per deputy, unless Sagna gives up on RB and goes for the CB full time. That might mean a RB is needed, so Rami looks the best bet?

    Midfield, in particular, DM? Well Capoue sounds cheap enough at under £8m(if we are quick), or even cheaper(probably) Flamini on the free/signing on bonus?

    Across the front three(i.e. not Bernard) our old friend Remy would be to of the cheap pile, along with Shay’s compatriot, Doyle? A more expensive step up I guess we could go for the Wigan guy, McSomethingorother (the one that looked good but got injured – not the overpriced one)

    Striker? Well clearly the cheapest option would be to fast track Sanogo and hope he can cut it? Nicky B would be an expensive option on wages, but he is still on our books. Digging deeper into our reserve small change we might get Michu?

    Sorted. The doomers happy hour is complete?

  54. Red Arse says:


    While travelling back from deepest Sussex, yesterday, I was cut up by a white van man who added insult to injury by giving me the finger. Then I realized there was some doubt about the ‘finger’ and I immediately thought I had been Gliced!!

    I trust it wasn’t you — although it was green and nobbly, a bit like a pickle — and Terry Syrup told me that was a good description of your appendage!!

  55. James Bond says:

    Wow Dylan, the wait was definitely worth it, well done in writing one of your finest !

    for now your brilliant piece has given me enough hope till Tuesday ( grapevine has it that we are going to be announcing 1-2 signings by tuesday – this means it could even take place on monday) , so for now i’m gonna take this post and shot it in the arm to keep me going till tuesday 😀


    sorry to hear about the hospital and what a coincidence that is re- your cousin ( both your parents are to be blamed for the exact same name ) ha

    on a slightly different tangent, who here thinks that Wenger is going out all guns blazing on Suarez at 40 million plus as an indication that he wants to win a trophy or 2 before he leaves the emirates same way as SAF ? the way i see it, get Suarez, win trophies and let someone else deal with Suarez’s problems once i’ gone ?

  56. Red Arse says:


    Another excellent and mature Post, which is both balanced and has positive suggestions! 🙂

    I am glad I retired from Post writing — the competition, marshalled by our Dutch maestro is just too hot!! 🙂

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic are you building that sceptic tank for Arsene to swim in if he does buy your demanded super quality this summer? 😛

    Sounds like it is going to be a very fine Love Shack, Glicster, and if and when I come and visit Cornwall next spring or so, I will make sure to have a proper look at it.

    Arsene always says we have a quality squad, nothing new there; that’s why the TW is such a bore. He knows, though, that we are light in one or two areas and I am sure he will get some reinforcements in soon.

  58. TotalArsenal says:

    Retired Red Arse….. I did not agree to that!? 😀

  59. Gerry says:

    I’m not so sure on that one JB. I think he is going to sit back and see if Saurez causes a little festering of discontent, rather than up the bid and still get a ‘No’ from ‘Pool?

  60. Red Arse says:

    Bondie, Jimmy Bond, 🙂

    What sources do you have that are saying there might be one or two signings announced by Tuesday?

    Are you stringing us along with wishful thinking, like the Greek prince, Terry, or are these bona fide sources that could be viable? 🙂

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry – hahaha Sanogo is the new Thierry Henry, didn’t you know? 🙂

    JB 😆 the eternal optimist! We’ve got to love you! 😛

  62. AFC says:

    Gerry, could it be that Wenger is working on many deals at the same time which is why the signings are taking so long? Maybe we might see players join within days of each other. My list if Wenger is serious about spending big.

    GK- Cesar. We are getting him for around 1.5-3.0 million so surely we can pay him what he was getting paid at QPR. He does not want a pay rise but does not want to take a pay cut.

    Rami- Cost less than Williams, has CL experience and experience at international level. Has played alongside Kos and Sagna, if I am correct. He would be a good buy.

    DM- Not sure about Capoue. Could turn out to be the next Gervinho. Not sure if he is good enough for an EPL top team such as ourselves. Khedira could be a better option if Real are selling.

    ST- It will have to be Suarez. Do we pay 50 million for him?

  63. AFC says:

    RA, JB etc.

    Wenger himself has said it is very unlikely anyone will be sign before the Emirates Cup.

  64. Red Arse says:

    Hi TA, 🙂

    All is well, I hope!

    While I was on a short break by the coast, I saw on the news that the guy who kidnapped those three girls in the US got — a life sentence + 1,000 years.

    I am worried that the Glicster may not realise, that even in the UK he might get at least 3 weeks + being forced to watch 3 Spuds matches, for inappropriate use of his Love Shack!

  65. Red Arse says:

    Hi AFC,

    The problem with completing the transfers everyone wants has been identified by Arsene.
    He said Arsenal are ready to do the deals quickly, but it takes the other parties to agree.
    And he is right!

  66. Dylan says:

    Thanks JB and RA! I hope 1-2 signings are made by Tuesday! 😉
    AFC, why does it have to be Suarez? And yes, Rami is an excellent option.

  67. James Bond says:


    Wenger also said ” Santi Cazorla” WHO ? and then said that he hadn’t heard of him before in his life and a few days later he was training with the team 😉

    RA, i have Sauces 😉 😉 but hey don’t shoot the messenger….let’s just say it involves Rooney/Suarez and Cesc …if not 2 from the 3 then 1 is said to be unveiled.

    Gerry, LiverFOOL owners are looking to sell the club apparently, no wonder that tweet from the owner coming directly in order to get the maximum money for their most prized asset ? i don’t know , i feel we have offered them a reasonable amount of money and LiverFOOL should just let it be now and cut their losses short whilst they are still ahead.

    TA 😀

  68. AFC says:

    Hi RA, it does take very long to complete transfers but I have read sources saying the hold up with Cesar is due to a wage dispute. Arsenal want him to take a pay cut and he doesn’t want to. Not sure if this is true but I could believe it.

  69. Red Arse says:

    Darn it. I suddenly realize I am starving — so off to get a bite to eat.

    Hope to be around tomorrow!! 🙂

  70. AFC says:

    Dylan, Suarez is the SQ ST left.

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    RA – luckily Glic is just a harmless, horny keyboard hero hahaha! 🙂

    All is well, a lot more busy now though. I will send you an email at some point this weekend to catch up a bit.

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    Off to watch Die Borussen smash the spoiled Lederhosen! It is on ESPN if you are interested. Catch you later guys.

  73. Dylan says:

    JB, your sauces better be right!! 😉 And no Liverpool are not looking to sell.

  74. Red Arse says:

    I think that is very saucy JB, and in the absence of anything else, I will go with your tip!! 🙂

    AFC, I had heard that too, and it does seem a negotiation may be ongoing with Caesar, especially as Szczeney has hardly played on the pre-season tour. Flappy in goal does nothing for my hopes of some silverware.

    Got to go, guys. Be good!! 🙂

  75. Dylan says:

    AFC, not necessarily. Rooney is out there. As well as Dzeko, Soldado, Javier Hernandez, Jackson Martinez (who I think we definitely need to be looking at, he’s very good), Damiao, Reus (can play CF), and Yilmaz to name a few.

  76. Dylan says:


  77. James Bond says:


    according to my sauces, I’ve been told that they’ve (Fenway) been in financial trouble for at least a year and in particular growing frustrated at their investment in L’fool.

    i also know that they have just splashed 100 million big ones on Pedroia (baseball player), so i can see why most people will rubbish it, however , the investment in UK hasn’t gone to plan considering the owners put in a lot of money into the project and not been getting the returns they had hoped for ? 350 million figures have been quoted and there about’s.

    but of course , you would know more as you’re based in the states.

  78. Dylan says:

    JB, all I know is that they came out and said the club is not for sale. 😉 I’d be surprised if they went back on it and made themselves look foolish.

  79. Gerry says:

    AFC – On Cesar. I read earlier in the week that Napoli pulled out of the deal with Cesar, apparently they could not/would not match his current wages of £90,000 pw????

    Oh yes, he does need to take a pay cut!

    I thought my £100,000 was not that far off the mark?

  80. AFC says:


    Rooney would rather go to Chelsea and he might even go as United do not want to sell and will probably address his future next summer. Also, Rooney is at his best playing as a CF (SS) so we would have to play Giroud or Walcott in front of him. I cannot see him leading the line brilliantly.

    Soldado would be very similar to Giroud and Wenger would not pay 20-25 million for him.

    Yilmaz is a huge gamble and I would rather play Walcott or Podolski up-front if we are going down that road. Has no EPL experience and does not even play in a top league.

    Reus is more of an SS/AM and we need a ST. Damiao and all this third party stuff which is why Spurs are struggling to sign him.

  81. AFC says:

    Gerry, thanks for pointing that out to me. 🙂

  82. Gerry says:

    Jackson Martinez is happy at Porto apparently, and has turned down moves already?

  83. AFC says:

    JH of United. Surely United would not sell to us. He scores many goals from sub appearances when it is easier to score goals. Could he do it week in week out in the EPL, not sure.

  84. Gerry says:

    Right, anybody up for discussing the last match yet?

  85. Dylan says:

    AFC, everything you’ve said is 100% correct and I have thought of. Just figured I’d list them. But that still leaves Dzeko and Hernandez as good options with EPL experience and Martinez as a back up option if we can’t get either. Problem is Dzeko may be too similar to Giroud for Wenger’s liking, but that still leaves two options. And I think Moyes is dumb enough to sell Hernandez and we could convince him to come be a star in our team.

  86. James Bond says:

    yep, RA, if nothing else it just keeps us going isn’t it ? but fingers crossed, monday-tuesday not that far off anyway.


    when have they come out and said no (or denied it ) ? was it done fair recently ?

  87. AFC says:

    Anyway only Rooney and maybe Soldado to an extent can be classed as SQ.

  88. Dylan says:

    JB, yes it was today actually.
    AFC, fair enough.

  89. James Bond says:


    re- last match , we created plenty of chances, Wilshere was brilliant for the first 30 minutes and was huffing and puffing (struggling – match fitness wise after that), Theo could have done better with his finishing but was really good yet wasteful…

    they gave us a good game, we created loads and we got the win courtesy of a lucky goal, all in all it seemed the boys were really jaded and wanted to come back home ? 😀

    i’m just glad KOC played and no one is serious injury or injured as such, which is really good !

  90. Dylan says:

    More strikes available (meaning not sold this summer): Hulk, Sharaawy, Aguero, Ibrahimovic, Mandzuckic, and more. Of those I could see Hulk and Sharaawy leaving. I include Aguero due to Man City buying two new strikers and saying Dzeko isn’t leaving but not mentioning Aguero. However, he is a cult hero there and Man City love having 4 strikers so it’s the least likely of them all.

  91. James Bond says:


    if it was today then that’s fair enough, i would still take it with a pinch of salt though

  92. AFC says:

    With Suarez the best thing to do is play the waiting game. Liverpool might let him go. If they do not up the bid to 45 million. Meanwhile the PL may have to intervene and it could get nasty if Suarez and his guys get legal and take it to ‘court’.

  93. James Bond says:

    have paddy power stopped takings odds on Cesc fabregas ? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  94. Dylan says:

    JB, really? Interesting…

  95. James Bond says:

    paddy power and william hill have also stopped taking bids on Rooney ?

    oh frightening, if true


  96. James Bond says:

    yes, Dylan

    it appears to be the case from what i’m reading, re- both Cesc and Rooney

    do you know how everyone found about the Suarez interest of Arsenal ?

  97. Gerry says:

    JB – I agree it was a combo of their better organised defence and our wasted chances that stopped us getting off to the early start.

    Walcott in particular should have done better, but as you say, end of the tour, etc. What I noted from the previous game and I was hoping The boy D was going to pick it up as well was this;
    When Rosicky plays and brings the ball forwards he tends to drift towards the wing, thereby opening up space in the middle?
    With Wilshere doing the b2b thing, he tends to go straight down the middle, where it is more congested? What he was good at though was the crossfield balls. He is definitely on his way back. The Emirates Cup should bring him on a treat?

    I agreed with the ‘Player commentary team that said Gnabry has developed physically. Since the start of last season, I remember saying how I thought both him and Akpom looked to be carrying some ‘puppy fat’. Now the pair of them look muscular young men who can more than hold their own in the occasional league games? Gnabry is particularly useful with his wide play if we are going to use the Ox in the centre?

    Actually the midfield trio was the one I put in for my suggestion of one(of many) line ups we could have. By having Arteta as the main DM, and Wilshere and Ox ahead of him, it gave an attacking threat, but both capable of coming back to defend?

    I thought Miquel had a rough start but gradually got into the LB role and by the second half he looked the part. It was a bit like TV5 switching out wide and taking time to adjust.

    I don’t know what to make of the absence of Eisfeld either? Perhaps he, and Yennaris will get a look in before the season starts.

    I fear for Aneke though. Not that he has done much wrong, he simply hasn’t got the flair that the other have?

    Ryo will do really well with regular games. Some of his stuff was really smart. very quick from a standing start – it must be the short stride he uses, eh HT17? – I can understand AW wanting him around, if we don’t get another wide player?

    Fabianski pulled off some smart saves, and even got a touch on that fine volley that got their goal. I got worried when I saw Per go off, but their counter style was pretty neat at times. Kos did brill too. Surprised he played the whole 90 though.

    I will no doubt remember a whole lot more as I drift off to sleep tonight – like how cool and sharp Akpom was for his goal?

    But hat is my review done? And me done as the dog is feeling the heat from the computer?
    Catch up in the morning, eh?

  98. Gerry says:

    Yes betting money in Barca town?

  99. James Bond says:

    yes, Gerry spot on

    and a certain agent cough S’s agent cough cough has strong links to you know where.

    the news first broke through that there had been a betting frenzy in barca and hence odds slashed… most of us thought it’s joke of the century (including me), however then the clubs were forced in a way to come out in the public ?

    conclusion : transfers and bookies are a good combo.

  100. Dylan says:

    Yes JB, I remember the Suarez betting spree. Lets hope this Cesc thing is true!

  101. James Bond says:


    that was one fine mini post (article), someone can take it up and make it into a proper post).

    all agreed, Akpom seems to be very level headed for a 17 year old, no doubt.

  102. Milo says:

    Dylan, in this post you are saying what I have been trying to tell everyone who will listen 😀 I think that this should be required reading for the gloomier of gooners out there.

  103. Admir says:

    JB – thanks, mate. I guess it’s a common thing in small places. My mother’s uncle had to prove to the officials that he is not the guy that was already married when he wanted to marry my mother’s aunt. There was a bloke with the same name, same father’s name and same mother’s name. What were the odds, heh…? 😀

    Dylan – it seems Soldado is off to Spuds if they pay half of the sum (15 million euros) by Friday and I’m currently pissed with that.

    Dear Arsenal FC,

    may I please apply for the job Mr Richard Law is doing? I honestly believe I’ll do it better than he does. My offer stands until 31st August 2013 and just in case Arsenal FC don’t sign any new top players by that day. Two days should be enough to seal a few deals. Perhaps we had enough of Dick Law and not enough Dick Long. I will attach statements of my friends who will confirm that I can be such a Dick. Thank you!


  104. AFC says:

    Admir, 😀

  105. Dylan says:

    Agreed Milo. 🙂
    Admir, if he goes to Spurs for that little I’ll be pissed too! Also if the board accept your (incredibly formal) application to head up our transfer department I must ask to head your scouting network. Whoever found Gervinho should probably be fired and replaced.

  106. Highbury Harmony says:

    Disagree with the majority of this post, but I digress since I’ll reserve my views until after I see what moves we make before the window closes.

  107. oz gunner says:

    Brilliant Dylan!!! impossible not to enjoy that.

    Who is this Epicurean bloke and what is he doing speaking so much sense…that isn’t allowed during the transfer windows.

    cheers gents

  108. Gerry says:

    Good morning all. Well it is 5.30am here in the sunny UK, and it was a tad cooler last night, so I slept well. Here is the only nugget that my sharp little brain could come up with today.

    Saurez – We all think we know something about his ‘release clause’ yes? Well something that was reported yesterday got the little grey cells ticking over, and it got me seeing how both sides could be right … as it stands at the moment. It may also explain why AW says he is prepared to wait.

    If the clause does require us to be in the CL, and L’pool not, for it to be a ‘release’ and not just an ‘inform’ clause? Well technically ‘Pool are right – we are not in the CL until we win the play offs.
    However, both legs of that play off are concluded before the TW closes. So provided we get through okay, and we should know our opponent at the end of the week, then a re-submission of the £40,000,001 of should be enough?

    It does explain why ‘pool thought they could play hardball, for a while at least. However, I notice a different attitude to it on News Now this morning.

    More a resigned opinion from people outside,ex players, etc, that he will leave. Plus the reported bid of £42.5m that we may submit. I am guessing that that is tied to the news on Soldado, because if they don’t act soon, they too will run out of alternatives. Certainly, if they left it until after we have qualified(fingers crossed) they will really be scratching around at the crumbs?

    Now, with all that said, I think there may be a dramatic u-turn by ‘Pool, and they will accept this bid, using terms like ‘it needs to be settled quickly’ .. ‘You cannot hold on to a player if he is determined to leave’ … ‘blah blah blah’

    So JB, your sauces look like being more red than brown?

  109. Red Arse says:

    Good morning, one and all. 🙂

  110. AFC says:

    One defender we have pissed off.

    ARSENAL target Godfrey Oboabona has blasted Arsene Wenger for showing him a lack of respect:

    Arsenal’s management tell me to come for a trial when I won the African Nations Cup.

    I think I should be above such requests. It is high time some of these clubs started respecting Nigeria.

  111. Glic says:

    Morning Faggotards 🙂

    What if we don’t qualify for CL ?. Everyone thinks it`s a done deal !. Yes, we have a fantastic 100% record in qualifying, but all records come to an end at some stage in time and I`ve seen us lose enough Cup finals against lesser teams than who we may face in a CL qualifier !. Luton, Swindon, Birmingeham etc` and a couple in Cup Winners Cup Finals !. We as yet could be joining our little shirtlift neighbours down the road for Thursday night viewings !. Too many counting of chickens in my book !.
    As you will see from link below, there are quite a few teams left that would activate my medical condition of Sofarism Hidus ( an uncontrollable urge to hide behind Sofa also known as Setteearism Hidus )


  112. VCC says:

    Oh Glicorus….. Dicarus….. Docarus. …why don’t you climb up a clocarus. instead of hiding behind a sofa. 😉

    Don’t hold your breath my friend…..it’s the same old….same old …Arsene Wenger…….promises…promises……promises.

    I’m afraid he has turned into a dinosaur, who has lost his bottle.

    If supporters think the Asian tour was a sign of winning ways to come, i’m afraid they will come down to earth with a bang when we play against the big boys in the premiership.

    If he doesn’t reinforce this squad, I predict we will not get into the top four this season.

  113. Glic says:


    Just seen from list that at this moment in time we cant face Milan or Shalke 04, Still some tricky opponents left though !.

  114. Glic says:


    I agree with your prediction my senile china !.

  115. Glic says:


    Dylans upbeat and optimistic post didn`t last long for me and Vic`s, straight back in with the early morning dooming and glooming !. hahaha

  116. AFC says:

    VCC & Glic, people assume that if we get Suarez we will be instantly be serious contenders for the EPL but we will not. Suarez will just ensure we get 3/4rd place. The way we become title contenders is by adding 3 or 4 players. It’s quite simple, an experienced GK is needed with a CB and a DM. Even then I think that will not be enough to win the league. I think we will still need another player.

  117. Glic says:

    As much as I`m grateful for Wengers brilliance over the years, if he doesn`t go on a crusade to find the golden wallet he has misplaced, then I think it is time for someone who is not afraid to put his hands in his pocket and buy some statements of intent to take us to the next level !. Otherwise it will be another groundhog season just waiting for the inevitable squeaky bum Sunday to arrive !.

    I can see Stretch being outraged by such a comment, so outraged that he is about to commit Hari-Kari of the Red Member and place his cock in a darkened cage in which his wife`s evil pussy prowls from corner to corner !. hahaha

  118. AFC says:

    I say this because looking at our squad a ST and a DM are replacements for RVP and Song and therefore should be seen as the bare minimum. Wenger was also supposed to get an experienced GK in last season.

    So only the addition of another CB and maybe a no.10/AM/RW can be seen as Wenger going that extra mile.

  119. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

    New Post IN A BIT – just working on it.

  120. AFC says:

    Glic, if we sign a GK, DM and ST I will not be happy. I am expecting 4-5 players to be signed.

    Cesar, Rami, DM, Suarez will make me happy. Another attacking player if there is money left over.

  121. Glic says:

    Never said we just need Suarez. I agree we need much more !. Although the man in charge is contradicting our opinions and saying we can still challenge without signings !. Of course, I don’t expect him to admit defeat and say anything other, but just like the last few years, we know he is on schum goodtz drugtz !. ( That’s how Schteve McClarenzs would say it in Dutch ! ) hahaha

  122. AFC says:

    Glic, I didn’t say you did. I was just referring to those people who do.

  123. Glic says:

    Indeed you didn`t, it is dark behind the Sofa !. hahaha

  124. alexgunners says:


    I agree with what you have said. We need to reinforce our squad. Whilst the Asia tour has been a success it does not relate to our future fixtures.
    Yes, we do have a good squad and a lot of promising players but we need some ready made players to get us into contention.

    I guess we will see how we line up in the Emirates Cup. We need to pick up the pace if we are to sign some players. The league is only 3 weeks away.

  125. AFC says:

    Glic, you could argue that the likes of Giroud and Ramsey would be given their marching orders if Mourinho was in charge.

  126. alexgunners says:

    Suarez is not the answer but certainly would help and it would be just the start, We need cover in other areas. I just dont understand how we are bidding 40 mil for Suarez when less than that would have secured the signing of Higuain.

    It’s things like that which frustrate me.

  127. Glic says:

    Morning or evening alex 🙂

    Nah, things like that piss me off, driving around the sea side yesterday and seeing jack and danny in bikinis is what frustrates me !. hahaha

  128. AFC says:

    Hi, alexgunners

    I can actually see why. Why should we pay that much for a striker who has made it public he is leaving and wanted to join us. Add to the fact that Real kept increasing the price. I think Wenger was trying to say ‘you will not take for me for a mug’ and ‘I’ll take my business elsewhere’.

  129. jgc says:

    Hi Dylan,

    Great post, and I generally agree. I’d like to see us sign one bigger name player but reckon we also need a breakout player, where it could be any of a healthy JW to OG or Theo. thought it might be the Forehead last year, but sigh … So, the one player has to offer the threat that keeps teams rocked back that extra step. Any of Rooney, Suarez, Cesc would do it… Or Luiz, or… At the other end…

    I’d also support Epicurean et al that supporting a club is about highs and lows, … Unless you’re only their for the highs! >:)

    In support of Arsenal I’d note you’d have to be a multi-decade fan to know some lows. But IMO not huge huge lows, like say a 40 year NFL Oakland Raiders fan who got 30 good to great years and the last decade of (gasp) good thing there’s no relegation in the NFL! Ie most AFC fans know highs and not quite so highs, which ain’t bad and, depending on your perspective on things, importantly, were earned rather than bought off the shelf…

    Moving on, I read this morning that unnamed “them” again have said Cesc to ManU is done! Thoughts on that for you or JB who’s apparently got the inside track?

    Finally, EU, and French and Spanish tax authorities are both turning on football teams who’ve profited from exceptions in tax etc for sometime. There’s too much austerity and hard times to ignore it now in those countries. Thus, if FFP, works at all we may see some bubble bursting, or at least deflating… In the last two years two teams have gone bust (Malaga essentially and Rangers in actuality) and several more are at the margins, so…

    Just some random additions and queries to add and note that if this TW has you overwrought, IMO, the next few years are going to be “interesting” IMO!

    Cheers — jgc

  130. alexgunners says:

    Evening Glic/AFC,

    AFC, I understand what you are saying but the other thing is why are we all of a sudden sanctioning 40 mil + bids and higher wages when we were not prepared to do so only 12 months ago.

    As much as I cannot stand RVP now, what a difference he would have been to our squad in the season gone. To be honest I do not see us spending big anyway

  131. Glic says:

    Apparently there`s a NEW POST !.

  132. AFC says:

    JGC, I do not believe the Cesc rumour. Quite frankly I couldn’t care less about Cesc. If it is true we would get 50% of the transfer fee anyway so United would be basically giving us money to strengthen our squad.

  133. alexgunners says:


    As you have said in the past, New Posts always coincide with when you make comments.

  134. AFC says:

    Alexgunners, I do not get it either. Why did we not do it in Januaury and bring in Balotellit for a cut price? Who knows?

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