What positions do Arsenal REALLY need cover in?

With only about a month to go in the TW, many supporters are complaining about the lack of signings. But what positions do Arsenal really need cover in?

In my opinion, every top club should have at least two players in every position, and sometimes more depending on the formation and the players. This means at least 22 different players and not just 18 or 19 with some versatile players that can play multiple positions. So let’s take a look at Arsenal’s current squad and see where players should be brought in. The blank spots will be spots where we’re missing players.



(Note: Gervinho is being left out assuming he really is leaving and Diaby is left out due to his injury concerns.)

So to recap, we need players in the following positions: CB and DM, and we could use players in the LW and ST spots to improve on our still growing young players (Miyaichi and Sanogo). You could also argue that we need another DM, CAM, and RB to soon replace our older players that are nearing retirement (Arteta, Rosicky, and Sagna).

            There are a few options for the club here. They can either:

  1. Buy a player in all of those positions.
  2. Move Sagna permanently to CB and buy a CAM, two DMs, two RBs, LW, and ST.
  3. Move Ramsey permanently to DM and buy a CAM, DM, CM (box to box), CB, RB, LW, and ST.
  4. Other position switches, including, but not limited to, Verm to DM, Sagna to DM, etc.

Option 1 is arguably the best because it involves no tough position changes for our current players, but if the club doesn’t have the money for certain players in different positions then 2, 3, or 4 could allow us to bring in all the players necessary.

Don’t forget that Arsenal are famous for bringing in many players late (Per Mertesacker, Andre Santos, Chu Young Park, and Mikel Arteta were all brought in very, very late in summer 2011), and it’s highly likely that Arsenal will bring in a good number of players late in the window to replace the players that have left us thus far.

Because this has been a short post I’ll leave some questions to stimulate discussion:

1)     What positions do you think we need players in?

2)     Who would you buy?

3)     Who would you promote from within?

4)     What would they cost?

5)     Will Arsenal buy them before the end of the window?

Thanks for reading! 😀

Written by: Dylan.

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128 Responses to What positions do Arsenal REALLY need cover in?

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for coming to the rescue with a fine discussion starter post, Dylan. 🙂

    As it is your fifth post, you have got yourself a dedicated page above: ‘Dylan Posts’. 🙂

    What positions do you think we need players in? DM, CB/RB, multi-skilled attacker. I would like one player with CL/League winning experience, who can lead by example.

    I will answer the other questions in the morning 🙂

  2. AB says:

    The key debate Dylan. For me, we CAN’T start the new season without cover at CB and Striker, and I would hate to see no reinforcement at DM; but if I were restricted to 2 players, I would go CF and CB – the former needs to be top class, and capable of playing across the front (so will really cost), the latter needs to be proven PL quality, but not necessarily above our current first two choices.

    I know this probably sounds odd given what I have said previously about our DM need, but I stress its what we need to start a new season. In terms of what would make the most difference to our first team I think this would be a DM to complement the quality striker.

  3. Richie says:

    1. CB, DM, ST, GK
    2. I trust the club to know this better
    3. Gnabry
    4. Some but not all

    I don’t think we will get Suarez, since Liverpool seem to be better at doing what we should have done with Fabregas, Nasri and van Persie.

    Most likely there wont be much activity up until the final days of the window when the trolly will be pulled out for another dash at the transfermarkets leftovers.

  4. AFC says:

    Dylan, top post. 🙂

    We need to have two players (who are actually good enough to play in the first team). It is also good to have an experienced player as well as a younger player with potential for each position within our squad. We also need 3 GKs in total.

    Looking at our squad Wenger should buy a GK, CB, DM, ST and maybe a no.10/AM or RW (depending on where the Ox is playing next season).

    GK- We have Szez and Fab but we are missing an experienced GK. Cesar would be fine so let’s hope he takes a pay cut. Martinez is not ready yet in my opinion and should go out on loan.

    DF- We really need another CB or a RB if Sagna makes the switch to CB. Going back to the last post reports are saying we are going to offer £1.5 million and Bendtner for Malaga RB Gamez (if I have spelt his name correctly). This will be good cover. There are a number of things Wenger can do:

    1) Bring this guy in and send Jenks on loan to another EPL club where he would be a regular starter. He would get the game time he needs to take his game to the next level. Wenger could then bring in one of Rami, Cesar, Williams etc, so we would have 4 CBs.

    2) Convert Sagna to CB and have Gamez and Jenks as our RBs.

    3) Split Sagna’s time between CB and) and have the Malaga RB and Jenks as back-up to Sagna for the RB spot as well as stand in for CB when needed.

    I would loan Miquel abroad to get some game time as he is not ready yet.

    DM (double DM pivot)- We have Arteta, Ramsey and Wilshere if needed. I would buy a new DM (either one of the two Benders or Borussia Dortmund midfielder Ilkay Gundogan would be my first picks). I would move Jack back and not play him in the AM role.

    I would then try to bring in either an AM/no.10 with Rosicky as back-up with Ox deputising for Theo on the RW or I would buy a winger (who mainly plays on the right) and have Theo and the new winger for the RW and the Ox and Rosicky for the hole position.

    ST- Suarez.

    Ryo, Sanogo and any other promising young players can fill in when injuries occur or play in some of our easier fixtures.

    Any replacements for our older players or experienced players who cannot perform should be dealt with in the next summer TW. Henry could also come in during the January TW if one of our attacking players are injured or we just need that extra fire power.

  5. Faisal Manir says:

    Well i certainly think we can recruit from within, Eisfeld, Aneke, Gnabry and possibly Miyaichi can possibly start to get chances in the first team, i would like to try out Afobe & Akpom too.

    I feel Arsenal genuinely need another CB, CDM & ST. With so many defenders being released and Wenger should defo know that our defence is always injury hit, there is major concern there.

    I would like to see Fellaini added in, prob one of the most important additions that Arsenal need, someone who can get stuck in when needed. He seems the perfect fit!

    Striker options? No idea, maybe its time for Sanogo or Akpom to shine.

    Again my main worry is for the defence.

  6. AFC says:

    Looking at the deadwood within the squad. Johan is on loan with Santos sold and Squillaci released. So it is possible for a RB and CB to come in with Jenkinson going out on loan.

    Denilson is gone and Coquelin is out on loan with Frimpong set to be loaneded out of sold so we can bring in a DM.

    Arshavin and Gervinho have left the squad so we should bring in another winger/AM/no.10.

    Chamack and Bendtner will be sold or loaned out so we should really bring in another forward.

    I would also add Mannone has been sold which means another GK should be signed.

  7. Dylan says:

    Hurray a dedicated page. Better get to it before Glic does. 😉
    1. It’s in the post above. 😉
    2. Rami, Bender, Reus (can play LM), El Shaarawy, Kondogbia, Eriksen, and Gamez (for RB, other suggestions are welcome).
    3. Miyaichi (if no wingers come in), Zelalem (after some Capital One Cup games, if he continues developing at his fast pace maybe he can a cameo somewhere).
    4. Rami (£8 mil), Bender (£20 mil), Reus (£30 mil), El Shaarawy (£35 mil), Kondogbia (£10 mil), Eriksen (£18 mil), Gamez (£10 (not mil) and Bendtner).
    5) Yes.

  8. AFC says:

    Dlyan, Caceres and Abate would also be good for RB.

  9. Dylan says:

    I agree, AB.
    Richie, would you prefer Gnabry goes straight to first team or gets a loan move?
    Thanks AFC. I’m still unsure on Cesar, but I agree completely with the Jenks loan and Gamez in thing (I said it before). However, I think of Gundogan as a box to box midfielder more than a DM, I could be wrong though. I didn’t mention Ox at AM, but if that happened I agree we’d need a RW (Tello 😉 ). Thanks for the great comment. 🙂
    Faisal Manir, I still don’t rate Fellaini. But I think Eisfeld could be close to the first team, same with Akpom, but I think both need another year. I also here Afobe may have missed his chance with us, so I’m not sure about him.

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Guys,

    Before I hit the pillow, please note I have added a bit of text at the bottom of Dylan’s post re our own BK BOING! FF LEAGUE – organised by Highbury Harmony.

    To find out more and participate, click on:


    We will also continue with the UMF League next season. More info to follow, which VCC and I are working on.

    Don’t say we don’t entertain you on BK hahaha 🙂

  11. Highbury Harmony says:

    Thanks for the post Dylan, it’s sure to spark some interesting debate with varying viewpoints! The only issue I have with your suggestion of buying late is that the 2011 window was one that was reactionary, which spurned a series of panic buys that featured some miserable fails. I’d rather our club be proactive in our search for players, opposed to being desperate.

    As for your questions:

    1) A new starting ST is of penultimate importance. A SQ striker can make the difference between a 4th-5th place finish and being a club in true contention for the title. We are in a prime opportunity to take advantage of the managing carousel that went on at the clubs above us and were able to keep all our players that we wanted to keep this off-season. Sanogo’s very raw and injury prone, so I wouldn’t count on him to be our back-up ST.

    DM would be my next priority after that. If funds are limited, a simple experienced depth option would be acceptable, though ideally, I’d like someone to replace Ramsey from the starting line-up and add some physicality with an appetite for risk to the DM pivot. What I mean by this is an individual who is not afraid to make a daring pass or an assertive tackle and will strike some fear into the hearts of our opponents.

    After that, it depends on what happens with the Bendtner-Gamez situation. If Gamez is brought in, Sagna undoubtedly moves to CB, which means we will be well covered at that position. I would then spend a little bit of money on a GK since Fabianski is injury prone and can be very inconsistent.

    2) Suarez for ST. If we get Suarez, then one of Capoue/Gustavo/Camacho/Benat would do at DM. If Gamez comes in, move Sagna to CB and buy Cesar for GK. If Gamez does not come in, I’d like to see one of Rami or A.Williams come in at CB.

    3) You already penciled in Miyachi into the squad, so aside from him, I’d probably only look at Gnabry, Miquel and Yennaris as other promotion candidates.

    4) Suarez – £40 mil
    Capoue/Benat/Camacho – £10 mil or Gustavo – £15 mil
    Cesar – £3 mil or Rami/A.Williams – £10 mil max

    5) I think Arsenal will purchase Suarez by the end of the TW. My reasoning is because every club reaches an inevitable point where it doesn’t matter how badly they want to retain a player’s services, but the cost of having an unhappy player in the squad that doesn’t want to be there is far greater than the funds you could recoup and spend on replacing them. £40 mil for Suarez is a significant sum of money that Liverpool could use to buy a replacement like Traore, Yilmaz, Soldado etc. if they act quickly.

    Outside of Suarez, I only see Arsenal making one more signing and it hinges on what happens with the Bendtner-Gamez swap deal. If Gamez is brought in, we can afford to spend some cash on a DM; if Gamez does not come as part of the deal, we’ll likely buy a CB to shore up our back line in case of injury and look to try Vermaelen or another defender at DM.

  12. Dylan says:

    Thanks AFC. 🙂

  13. Highbury Harmony says:

    Dylan, Kondogbia will cost at least £15 million considering Sevilla have sold so many of their players this summer already, not to mention that Real Madrid are also in on him.

  14. AB says:

    I know Wenger loves to buy wingers, but I’d like to see some of the current crop given a chance before we buy more young speedy types. In particular, assuming chances for the Ox are going to be relatively few in the central mid-field, I’d like to see him get a decent run of games – can’t be worse than Gervinho! I’d also like Jenks to get game time if Sagna is out or playing CB, so I would not buy more in this area either. In fact as a general principle, we should try and keep our core squad as stable as possible, and only add where it is either top quality or we have a gapping hole at present.

    This means CB and ST are the first places to be addressed, closely followed by DM. CB looks the easiest to cover, but the other two will be really tough.

    As to who, well there’s a handful of top names being touted round (Benders, Gundogan), but I can’t really see us being seriously in for them, bar Fellaini perhaps. But Wenger always has his eye on less familiar faces and, when he had the money, his choices were usually pretty good. So here’s hoping! I still don’t see the whole Suarez matter coming off, but maybe that’s just me being unable to adjust to our supposed new spending power. I wonder if Wenger has looked closely at Soldado before he gets picked up by another rival?

  15. AFC says:

    Dylan, about Fellaini. If we are paying around £25 million for Fellaini why not pay around £30 million for one of the Benders or Gundogan. Gundogan is basically a younger Arteta is I am correct. Faster, stronger, more agility etc, and would be a very good long term replacement for Arteta.

  16. Dylan says:

    All good, realistic points HH.
    I’d like to point out that I know we can’t afford everyone on my lists (they were merely suggestions) and that some of my prices may be off.

  17. Highbury Harmony says:

    Dylan, I would give up one of my nuts to get Reus. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been going on about him on BK hahaha! He could honestly be the next Henry if consistently used as a main ST and properly groomed there. However, I don’t think he’ll be leaving Dortmund in at least the next 2 years…

  18. Dylan says:

    HH, good point about Kondogbia’s price, but I doubt Real want him now that they spent so much on Illaramendi.
    AB, good point especially about Soldado.
    AFC, I’ve been saying the same thing about Fellaini and others. 😉

  19. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, I’d rather us not even spend £25 million on Fellatio, err I mean Fellaini. I’d rather use the majority of our transfer kitty on Suarez and just pick up one other player (dependent on what happens with the Bendtner-Gamez deal). It’d be an extremely successful off-season if we walked away with Suarez, Gamez and Gustavo/Capoue/Benat/Camacho in, while Djourou, Santos, Bendtner, Chamakh, Arshavin, Gervinho, Park, Mannone, Squillaci etc. all out!

  20. AFC says:

    HH, we could buy these players.

    GK- Cesar. He would cost £1.5 million
    RB- Gamez who would cost £1.5 million or CB- Rami. He would cost £9 million

    DM- one of the Benders or Gudongan. I think we could get one of those 3 for around £30 million. I feel we need a really good player who is fairly experienced for DM.

    ST- Suarez. It seems he will not take his case to the EPL. We may well have to pay £50 million for him.

  21. Highbury Harmony says:

    Dylan, the issue is that they’re rumoured to be inviting offers for Khedira, which I don’t believe to be true. But if they are, Kondogbia could be a replacement. However, I still don’t think Sevilla will sell after already losing Navas, Soldado, Alberto etc.

  22. AFC says:

    HH, I would add Khedira to the list of Gudogan and the Benders. Do you know how much we could get Khedira for?

  23. tomstoned says:

    There are three vital problems with The Arsenal and they need some attention…firstly sell kronke and that slick joke gazidis,then we absolutely need to send Dick Law out on loan..and finally try to get a good kindergarten that will keep our young board members happy….and we even might try to offload wenger but he is to much like bendtner..hard to get rid off…its all about the money..

  24. gunner17 says:

    we need a central defender, or if sagna switches then we need a right back.

    we need a physical defensive midfielder. fellaini? barry?

    an experienced striker would be nice too but is not really necessary. our current forwards are ok. villa would have been ideal though.

    martinez, frimpong, miyaichi must all be promoted.

  25. Dylan says:

    Fair enough HH. Then we just go for Khedira. 😉
    Tomstoned, strong words. 😉

  26. Dylan says:

    Gunner17, thanks for the comment. Do you think Frimpong is ready for first team?

  27. Dylan says:

    Quick note, Santos is still an Arsenal player on the Fantasy Premier League. Hahahahaha. 😀

  28. AFC says:

    Gunner17, Barry. NO WAY!!! I would rather we get Gustavo, Khedira, Gundogan or one of the Benders instead of Fellaini.

  29. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, my guess is Khedira would cost between £20-25 million. His value on transfermarkt is £19 million, so I’d assume Real would sell him for more than that quoted value. However, if he were to become available, I think Mourinho would have the upper hand there since Chelsea are also in need of a DM.

  30. tomstoned says:

    Dylan mate…
    well i agree still ??..we’re out to make a profit right ?..Gervinho included getting rid of some deadweight must make it a successful transfer summer for Us..??just saying..and then panic buying barry and some other halfway decent squad fillers 😉
    its really quite emberrassing the whole thing..like the…its been handled rather disgraceful..but who am i to judge Dylan..we’re not a football club anymore mate..we’re an Ameircan brand..
    my guess is it will be a fantastic Emirates Cup when we parade our top notch signing Sanogo..perfect signing and he didnt cost to much either 😉

  31. AFC says:

    Thanks, HH. 🙂

    Surely Wenger can get one of Gustavo, Khedira, Gudogan or one of the Bender brothers. If he cannot it is either because he does not want to spend or our club has really fallen.

  32. tomstoned says:

    we have fallen ever since 07 ;)the funny thing is we havent done that much wrong either..we have only changed ambition for profit…its all good..its like watching a halfway decent American soap show…most like, it some dont..but nobody really cares..as long as its still running..

  33. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, if it comes down to a decision between spending big on a DM or a ST, I’d go with the latter every day of the week and twice on Sunday. As I mentioned earlier, having a top notch ST can make the difference between title contenders and league pretenders.

    It’d be nice to have both, but that’s more of a luxury that I don’t expect management to approve of at this point in time. If we spend big on a ST, I’d assume a depth option is the most we’ll get at DM. I’m perfectly fine with one of Capoue/Camacho/Benat coming into our side and potentially winning a starting spot from Ramsey.

  34. Dylan says:

    HH, surely if they bought Kondogbia Khedria’s value would go down?

  35. Highbury Harmony says:

    Szczesny (Fabianski)
    Gibbs (Monreal)
    Koscielny (Vermaelen)
    Mertesacker (Sagna)
    Jenkinson (Gamez)
    Capoue/Camacho/Benat (Wilshere)
    Arteta (Ramsey)
    Walcott (Oxlade-Chamberlain)
    Cazorla (Rosicky)
    Podolski (Miyachi)
    Suarez (Giroud)

    Other: Sanogo and Frimpong

    That would make up our 24 man squad and I’d be thrilled with that. Adding another GK would put the icing on the cake, but it’s a not an absolute necessity I guess.

  36. AFC says:

    HH, this is the problem I have with Wenger and the Arsenal board. Getting rid of all the deadwood would mean that we would have a huge amount of wages saved and made a profit. So in if we were to bring in Cesar and Gamez we would not actually be cutting into our transfer budget. So let’s say we have to pay £50 million for Suarez and £25-30 million on a DM we should be able to do that without a problem.

  37. AFC says:

    Only one change to that list HH. I would loan out Frimpong and bring in another AM or RW and have Ryo as our utility attacking player.

  38. Highbury Harmony says:

    Dylan, that depends. Real have never been a club known for selling their players for less, unless they no longer have any use for them (i.e. Granero, Albiol, Carvalho etc.). Khedira is in his prime and will likely be wanted by Chelsea, a host of German clubs, Arsenal, among many others.

  39. AFC says:

    With Cazorla staying on the LW.

  40. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, it’s not about whether or not we’ve shaved costs from outgoing players. Management will look at these purchases as long-term solutions too. Bringing in too many average to above average players/depth options hinders the opportunity for our promising youngsters to ever crack the first team.

    It’s not a matter of money or cash on hand, but a matter of squad spots and being realistic and viewing things from management’s perspective. Gundogan and the Benders are out of reach at this point in terms of their respective clubs being unwilling to sell, while Fellaini is not a SQ player.

  41. AFC says:

    HH, that is why I do not want us to bring in Fellaini. If we are going to spend we need to spend big but do it right. For instance getting Khedira or Gustavo for DM would be perfect. This is because they will be good short term options as well as short term options. I just want us to bring in two SQ players (DM and ST), an experienced GK and another DF.

  42. AFC says:

    * as well as long term options.

  43. Highbury Harmony says:

    The issue with that AFC, is how playing time gets distributed. I’m not Ramsey’s biggest fan, but he needs to play and he’s still very young that we may discover some untapped potential. With another SQ CM, that makes it that much harder for Jack to also work his way back into the starting line-up (unless he plays at CAM). We already know the immense promise he has, but just needs to stay injury free.

    An experienced GK would be nice, but it’s not a necessity for me. I would like to add a DEF though and if it can be done as part of an agreement on Bendtner leaving, then I’m all for it. Gamez gives us a back-up RB, while allowing us to play Sagna at CB full-time. If not, Sagna stays at RB and we could buy a CB instead.

  44. tomstoned says:

    spot on….your just forgetting one small thing mate..reinvesting…not in kroenke’s shares value but in Our Beloved Arsenal..hmmm..
    cant quite remember but *someone*;) said we would be compeeting amongst the big clubs when the Emirates was paid off,and be honest for once..we’re not really competing now are we..??
    to me its quite simple..kroenke doesnt care one bit for The Arsenal..gazidis..well nuff said…as a football club we’re being ruined as a profitable business we’re doing quite well…
    then again sport has never been about winning ?and we always remember the second best…besides all players that have had one ounce of winning mentality in our squad have begged to be sold !and will continue to do so…

  45. AFC says:

    HH, I see your point, but Arteta is not getting any younger and in a few seasons he will have a Giggs sort of role at the club same with Rosicky. By that I mean only featuring in 15-20 games a season. In time Jack will replace Rosicky and a new SQ DM could replace Arteta.

    An experienced GK is not a priority but would be the icing on the cake as you have said.

  46. AFC says:

    Dylan, thanks for the post. 🙂

    I’m off now. Good chatting with HH and Dylan. Speak to everyone soon. 🙂

  47. salaudeen basit says:

    Arsenal must sign top class player to compite for troph this season.

  48. Dylan says:

    I suggested jokingly previously, but could we really grab Aguero from City?

  49. Dylan says:

    That coupled with this could mean Aguero is looking for a move away?
    A proven PL goal scorer who knows what it’s like to win a title? Offer him a huge pay packet and make him out star. Could be worth the investment.

  50. davydavy says:

    Dylan I would LOVE us to get Aguero, and he would fit right in. Getting onto your questions posed at the top:

    Q1: I think we need a versatile defender to cover the right and centre, and a left winger who can beat his man and create chances consistently (Bernard is still the obvious choice here but we’re on the brink of missing out it seems).

    Q2: I would still like us to make a decisive late move for Bernard (if we haven’t already been too slow) otherwise Aguero if we can get him. Ideally both of them. And a young defender like Zouma. Perhaps a creative midfielder because little Jack and Rosicky are so injury-prone, although Santi Cazorla could slot in there nicely.

    Q3: Well Bellerin is a possibility and so too are Sanogo and Apkom.

    Q5: I wish that Arsenal had an experienced transfer dealer on the payroll. We should have had Bernard signed up weeks ago and shouldn’t have missed the boat on Varane.

  51. Gerry says:

    Dylan – I am distracted from what I should be doing, grrrr! … By your excellent post, naturally.

    Three into two won’t go?

    We are dangerously light in 3 areas for a full season attack on all fronts; ST,DM, and CB.

    Here is my first bit of heresy – None of our younger players are ready to step should injury strike in these key areas. We know full well, when a player gets injured; a, it is always going to be just before a crucial run of matches; b, when they are out, it is rarely for the odd game?

    Second piece of heresy/or not?; The Saurez deal is dead in the water!
    AW was clearly led to believe the imfamous ‘clause’ would get him for a tad over £40m. Now realisation has set in, £55m is way too much?

    Well they could go out on a limb and try and get Bernard at £45m?(All in)

    Start looking elsewhere at others who may get displaced by the big transfers deals? But that is AW’s dilemma.

    DM – I think that will be addressed, no worries.

    CB – Cover for Mertersacker is the biggest problem Short term/ long term? Displace Kos/TV5? Top class/Back up?

    No to Sagna moving full time to CB – still our best RB. However, I am glad that there is a change of mood from the end of last season.

    Most likely to get regular spots, Gnabry, but others may surprise.

    Cheers, I’m gone!

  52. Glic says:

    Morning Broke Back Arsenal Bandits 😆

    A Delightful Dylanesque Ditty !.

    No time to f**k about, straight into the questions !

    1) Majority Share Owner, CEO………..hahaha……….CB, DM, Proper Winger and Proper Goal Poacher !.

    2) Instead of going through a massive list of available players and imo every player has a price even Messi , I will keep to who I fancy and I don’t mean in a BOING ! factor way !.
    Majority Share Owner….Uzzy, CEO…Me !…….CB, Hummels…….DM, Gundogan…….Winger, Bernard and Striker, Suarez !.

    3) Gnabry, Bellerin, Zelalem

    4) Seeing as Higuain started at £22M and went for £30 something Milllion and just to talk to Suarez starts at £40M and a pound and Levy is rumoured to want £125M for Bale and the last time a chimp cost that sort of money is when the Septic`s sent a monkey into space in 1961, the poor little bastard crashed landed on Planet of the Humans !. Basically it`s gone mad, so I have no idea whatsoever on prices !.

    5) Will Ebenezer buy them ?. My cock will be worshipped by all the fit lesbians in the world and will become the instrument of propagation of future fit lesbians for generations to come before Arsene puts his hand in his pocket to buy a drink let alone a SQ player !.

  53. jgc says:


    In quick response to you and others, HH and AFC in particular (this and last post).

    1. Points of need: DM, preferably versatile enough to be a CB on occasion if needed, and a #10 that can make best use of OG/Pod/Theo/Santi et al. Barring that, a very solid defender (anywhere along the back) and a very good ST.

    2. Who? I like the Aguero idea, as while Suarez has the ability, I have a hard time with his personality and umm “taste”.. If the Malaga deal is really on the table Bendtner for Gamez (give or take some dosh) I cannot in any way understand why we arent saying YEEEESSSSSS!!

    That all said, I am all for 30-50M down for Cesc (gotta stay consistent!) before a ST, and would equally say that for Reus.

    In response to AFC last and here, I know we could get Cesc cheaper (say 30M and forgoing the dosh they owe us and dont seem to repay, I hear its like 10M??), but bugger it, as noted by others above, every player has their price. Equally, paying it once might help start the landslide of interest to come to Arsenal.

    If AW et al decide on Hummels, a Bender, Gundogan or Reus, I’d say the same for whatever realistic value +5-10M just to get going. I think with deadwood leaving it can be afforded and might pay off beyond the one purchase to give Arsenal the “mana” to be more competitive in the SQ market if you will.

    3. I think the Emirates cup is a place to see who might stick and get some promotion. For me, no different than others (Eisfield, Gnabry) and we should look closely at Zelalem (?) and Sanogo for cameos? Ryo will stick and see action as well methinks..

    4. See above, but I think we will need to “overpay” to get the ball rolling. It should be on a proven talent. I would prefer a number on my list in 2 to Suarez tho I dont dispute his ability to light it up.

    5. Yes, and in response to HHs interesting observation about finally realising a player doesnt want to be there and that that too has a cost to the team.. I agree, but what strikes me as weird is that everyone knows this YET still wait until the last second. Unless you are an Oiler and have a few spare national teams in the back closet somewhere, you need to replace that player too. Seems like common sense, I know not part of a TW, would dictate selling sooner than the very end.

    So, a long yes, and at the last bloody minute… who knows who tho.. Except for JB and his sauces and Terry with his sources.. neither of whom is talking at this point! 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  54. Red Arse says:

    It’s all very simple — if we don’t buy any quality players, we will take James, James Bond, Jimmy and Terry Titmouse out and shoot the 4 of them for rumour mongering during a stressful Transfer Window.

    Incidentally, Dylan, you are fast becoming a doyen of BK with the frequency and quality of your work!! 🙂

  55. Dylan says:

    salaudeen basit, agreed.
    davydavy, Aguero would indeed be ideal. And yes, we need some better negotiators. Or just bring David Dein back.
    Gerry, I agree with most if what you say, even the lack of ready youngsters, but I’m not sure about the Suarez thing.
    Glic, I agree with everything except that we won’t spend. 😉
    jgc, I pretty much agree, but I’d rather not waste too much extra money if we can get players cheaper.
    Here’s some more questions:
    Would you rather…
    1) Spend £50 mil on Suarez and still be able to buy a CB, DM, and maybe GK?
    2) Spend our whole (reportedly) £70 mil on Aguero (a better, well behaved, experienced champion/European competition experienced version of Suarez) and then get no one else (besides maybe Gamez on a free)?

  56. jgc says:


    you;d really shoot someone for their sauces!?! Seems hard on the kitchen help… 😉

    cheers — jgc

  57. Dylan says:

    Agreed RA! We’ll just take them to a field and make it quick then let Glic hide the bodies in his new shed. 😉 And thank you. 🙂

  58. Red Arse says:

    Well, maybe shooting is not bad enough, JGC, I might instead sentence them to a week in Glic’s Love Shack at his tender mercy!

    Yes, that would be better, I think, thank you for making me review the severity of the punishment — someone had better get buying!!!!!!! 🙂

  59. Milo says:

    HH, this may have already been pointed out, but I THINK Benat has signed for Athletic Bilbao, and therefore cannot be a transfer target for anyone. I think he would be a very good signing, if available, but I don’t think he is now… 😦

  60. AFC says:

    Gerry, why on Earth would we spend £45 million on Bernand. That’s just crazy. He is worth nowhere near that. If we cannot get Suarez I would look to invest £20-25 million on a quality traditional winger and £20-25 million on a quality no.10/AM.

    Gerry, if we are going down the road of paying £45 million for Bernand we might as well offer Barca £40 million for Cesc or spend £100 million on Bale.

  61. AFC says:

    Now reports are saying we are after Luca Modric. I do not see why we would be in for him. He is not a DM or an AM so he would not be solving any of our problems.

  62. willc88 says:

    Oh sky sports I read an article comparing Giroud, with Suarez. While I am a fan of Giroud and think he’s going to be better this year the article suggested his conversion rate is really quite poor. I think it’s right we’re going for someone 20+ goals a year and a dm definitely .

  63. Wenger's coat says:

    Rosicky is a as good on his day. I think Wenger would I’d rather have Cesc back than sign Modric,

    Eboue is back on Sunday. I hope he gets a good reception

  64. AFC says:

    Wenger’s coat, we just do not need him. We should be going in Khedira who would solve our DM problem.

  65. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, you are absolutely right! I completely missed the signing of Benat to Athletic Bilbao…thanks for pointing that out mate :). He would have been a good addition to the squad for sure, it’s too bad we missed out on him.

  66. Highbury Harmony says:

    Dylan, while the suggestion of Aguero is a fantastic one, I just can’t see him moving on from City to Arsenal. If anything, Real would move in on him, especially if they fail to land Bale.

    With that said, I don’t see Aguero being available as it is and I’m somewhat concerned about his knee. Dzeko may start the year at ST due to his pre-season form, but Aguero’s form is temporary and his class is permanent!

  67. James Bond says:

    nice one, Dylan

    1: we need a striker and a DM, everything else is a bonus.

    3: Suarez/Rooney/Torres/ missing out on Tevez for less than 10 million was a massive mistake in my opinion, i don’t care about losing out on higuain but Tevez for that price and taking a wage cut as big as that was just criminal not going after him or showing an interest….. MF – Fellaini/Capoue/ anyone decent from Germany and as a last resort Barry from man city…

    i’ll be happy with any of those players.

    5: Gnabry /Eisfield

    7:anything from 45 min million to 72 million collectively (2 players)

    9: we better or else we’re looking at possibly swapping places with liverpool next season…and guess what ? i think it’s long overdue, if we don’t sort ourselves out whilst we still have time.

  68. AFC says:

    JB, do not forget Gomez.

    If we cannot get a DM I would rather we try one of Vermaelen or Sagna at DM, switch to 5-2-3 or try and bring in a veteran DM like Seedorf.

  69. AFC says:

    All those options would be better than bringing in Barry.

  70. James Bond says:

    JGC Posted
    July 30, 2013 19:51
    A few thoughts, most controversial, I think, to least:
    A. Why do we assume just because someone buys a top prospect from the XYZ national team and top WSX FC that sold him (for inexplicable reasons beyond a mtn of cash) that the team has improved? Have we not been mocking Pool for their Carrol et al escapade, or Torres at Chelski, or Tevez (no gone from) city, or our own Aeshavin et al… Only something like 15-20% of such buys work out at all…
    –> caution is warranted, IMO.

    no, we’re not assuming that just because top prospects have been brought in by other PL teams that it would automatically improve them. however, it adds squad depth and gives them further options, whether it takes them to the next level it’s arguable….but one things for sure, you only stand still with what you have without bringing in fresh blood needed in positions which needed addressing not just now but for a season or 2 or 3 at least.

    the example of LiverFOOL isn’t particularly a good one considering they had change of managers, bought one season wonders or overpriced british players who were not even considered to be top prospects for any national teas ?

    adding squad depth with quality is essential and that’s what most teams around us are doing, man city, liverfool, spuds even…whether they do better than before remains to be seen but least they are giving themselves a chance and their supporters something to cheer about.

    we have gotten rid of how many players so far ? and got in how many.

    i can already see AW giving excuses on how our season faltered once more in november, december, january – INJURIES, not enough decent players, suspensions and so on and so forth.

  71. James Bond says:

    rant of the day time,

    i dedicate this one to the traitor aka van pu$$y

    you sir, are a flat track bully and have cost us big time in big matches at crunch moments…

    you were the reason why we went out to AC MILAN and BARCA at advance stages in the knockouts of the CL.

    since you’re a traitor, up yours 😀

    PS: not sure why i remembered those 2 games and wanted to get it off my chest but there you go ..i know i know, sour grapes but i don’t care ahahahahahaha

  72. AFC says:

    JB, I am with you there. 🙂 😀

  73. Admir says:

    Another excellent post, Dylan. Congratulations for reaching your own page. 🙂

    1) We need a beast for DM, a world-class finisher, a back-up central defender/right full-back (depending on whether Wenger will use Sagna as right full back or as central defender) and a back-up goalkeeper with a lot of experience.

    2) Marouane Fellaini, Robert Lewandowski (yep, I know he’ll join Bayern next year but one can hope, right?)/Wayne Rooney, Ashley Williams and Shay Given.

    3) Akpom, Gnabry, Zelalem and Bellerin.

    4) Fellaini = 23 million pounds, Rooney = 30 million pounds, Williams = 10 million pounds, Given = peanuts.

    5) No, we won’t sign any of aforementioned players. 😦

  74. 17highburyterrace says:

    Dylan, Another great job and you’ve got all the speculators speculating quite nicely (with their speculations, though Glic, I fear, might prefer using a specul…um… something or other)… Note the use of the brackets AND the three dots…Style Baby, everybody needs some… But back to Dylan… Somehow you manage to make things both realistic AND not that depressing. Frankly its amazing. I’m so glad I urged you towards writing posts when you first wandered onto the site… I may not have 5 posts to my name, but I still demand some credit (for something, sometime, at everybody’s convenience, of course)…!!!

    So, since obviously, I can spot talent (Dylan) I’d like to suggest that we MAY have enough (talent + depth) to get us through the early part of the season and that anybody we buy will not be bedding into the team until the mid-autumn–AFTER the (heinous) international breaks, CL qualifiers (when do we find out who we play?…) AND any suspensions (for biting?) get served. Clearly, the early (transfer) movements are over and other stuff will be going to the end of the window when prices go back to more realistic levels and faces can be saved. Should we hope that Liverpool get off to a decent start if we’re really in for Suarez? Or do we hope they get off to a good start but get a bunch of injuries so that they “need” the money to buy back-ups? Personally, I prefer not to worry about the Scouse, but so it goes in a(nother) summer of discontent…

    Back in the so-called “real world,” I’m curious about the big cup competition this weekend. Santi and Yaya S might be getting run outs. Who else? We’ll see which of the tour-boys get time in front of the home crowd. Also, it seems we will be hosting one of my personal favorites, Manny Eboue, over the weekend, a guy who brings a healthy dose of laughter to the game. As crazy as HE is, he would never bite anybody… Question: Will Gonzo Higuain be playing against us for Napoli? That would seem a bit of a burn, no?

    All told, it’s football (at least) and if you can’t laugh (Eboue…) you might start crying…

    Oh…Thanks guys for setting up the fantasy league and I’m looking forward to the UMF competition as well…

  75. Highbury Harmony says:

    Moyes bidding for a third time for Fabregas. Apparently, he’s a complete idiot and just does not get it…

  76. James Bond says:


    i did say to you , don’t shoot the messenger 🙂

    this is what i was told :

    Rooney – personal terms agreed and wants to join arsenal , fee the stumbling block as we pursue Suarez first and leave this one hanging.

    Fellaini – release clause triggered and his wages only a stumbling block which have been left on the back burner because we want to first get a bigger name and then subsequently conclude the Fellaini deal

    Suarez – pending on him handing the transfer request , he was meant to be doing it according to the sauce , not sure that the hold up is ? perhaps a new contract offer by liverfool ? i don’t know.

    Cesc – a loan deal of 6/months to 1 year was being looked it , if not an outright buy after accepting man utd’s offer ? they are still in it for him by the way.

    there you go, utter transparency , this is what i was told by my “sauce”.

    course, i’m gutted and frustrated much like everyone else but hey, who knows it may still happen ?

  77. 17highburyterrace says:

    More seriously, Bond (the great rumour monger, sauces messing up his head…) has got it SPOT ON. Transfers don’t always work out (see Arshavin, for example…) but they do help the squad in creating depth and these players AT LEAST put a worry into the opposition. Running out a mature, accomplished player, even if he doesn’t know his teammates or the new league is (generally) superior to a leggy teenager who (more or less) has the same problems….

    But this is Arsenal. All we can do is hope…

  78. AFC says:

    Guys, I think what Wenger is doing is working on several deals at once. He will then agree terms with the players and do 95% of the deal but he does not do the remaining 5% of the deal (the hardest part) which is agreeing a fee with the club. I think he does this so he can have many options. So a lot of these ‘done deals’ are not that far away from being done if he wants to complete them. Thoughts?

  79. jgc says:

    JB et al

    JB, I still don’t agree entirely.. A team may add depth or go backwards with the wrong players or attitudes! Great teams are great because of their core, IMO…

    I DO agree about depth and injuries… That said, depth isn’t about 20-40M players. IMO, depth is the 10-15M players and your up-coming youth..

    Just my take.

    Agreed with your rant btw… Still did he really make MU better? They left CL before us I believe. Yes they won the FA, or more City lost it to them (again IMO)…. Even tho they were second two years ago and better before that, I think RvJ didn’t make them better, but simply a flashier form of (still very good) different..

    OTOH, Cesc/Rooney/… Will make us better I think.. Gamez and some others will make us deeper and thus more competitive but not better.

    Or so I sees it…

    Cheers — jgc

  80. AFC says:

    HH, agreed. Moyes just will not give up. I hear he is after Modric now.

  81. 17highburyterrace says:


    WOW!! That is some sauce you’ve got…And you didn’t even mention the Higuain stuff…

    Keep the news coming, we’ve got the grain(s) of salt necessary to take it….

  82. jgc says:

    AFC and 17

    AFC: I think AW likes to optimism his portfolio in one shot. I suspect he does get them all kinda agreed and then tries to get the best combo of fees from clubs to maximize output. As a Maths and optimization professor, I love it. But, it’s a strategy with some downsides if a few holdups occur (you can lose all quickly), and it guarantees a last minute finish as it all wraps at once (hard on the rest of us!)

    17: I’d argue Arshavin in the field was largely better standing 1m out of bounds and letting us play with 10 for most years/games after his first year… A negative he truly made us worse far more often then better.. I’d also say he had to affect other players, especially young ones, who’d see the pay packet and the lack of fitness (ie lack of effort or caring) and wonder how it could be. That can rip the heart out of any team in any environment, I’m sure TAs HR background will have some light to she’d on it..

    Cheers — jgc

  83. James Bond says:


    that’s ok, we don’t always have to agree with each other since it becomes boring 😉

    i respect your views, however, high risk = high reward , Suarez is worth the high risk as is Rooney i reckon…we should stretch our financial budget on one quality player i reckon and then work around the rest, besides , we have made a few sales as well and on top of that we have freed up approx 20 million in wages, so if we put 2+2 together = 100 million in transfers available ?

    haven’t we already had that depth in 7-12 million players in the past which hasn’t quite worked out ?

    yep, van Pu$$y, fails to deliver in big matches as per my memory and i believe, will continue to do so, why does he fail to score for the netherlands ? they could have won the last world cup if he wasn’t firing blanks i reckon


  84. jgc says:


    I like your sauce.. Hopefully it’s not burnt by being on the slow burner too long!

    Cheers — jgc

  85. AFC says:

    JGC, it is painful for us fans. I would prefer to do all the deals at the same time rather from go to deal to deal like City do.

  86. jgc says:


    no worries… My take on RvJ is cant handle pressure outside league that one step up. Dunno why but seen it lots. I strongly suspect MU would’ve won the league without him last year as they have the depth of quality…

    As for us. IMO, AW is fantastic at the rare big deals (BK, Henry, Santi, Arshavin year 1 then who knows what happened ..) and at bargains (RvJ originally, Cesc very early…). Interestingly, he falls down a bit in the middle (Santos, Squillaci, Mannone (solid but), Djouru,…) … IMO we never had real depth that was firm … I’m hopeful that Monreal is a turning poin in his run at that level..

    Cheers — jgc

  87. AFC says:

    The Cesar deal is basically done but Cesar does not want to take a pay cut and Gerry says he is on around 90k a week so he does need to take a pay cut.

    Higuain was basically done until Real ruined the deal.

    Fellaini- Wenger will not meet release clause. He does not think he is worth that much and I agree.

    Rooney- offered £20 million. Wenger may raise offer to £25 million. Not sure he would go to £30 million.

    Suarez- offered £40 million and £1. Liverpool have said the clause is water tight and laywers have gone over the bid and concluded all the clause requires Liverpool to do is inform Suarez of a bid over £40 million. Suarez will not take his case to the PL. Wenger may stretch to £45 million and he will not go above that in my opinion.

    Gamez- I think it was our idea he was involved in the deal. However Malaga say he is worth 5 million Euros but we have only offered 1.8 million Euros (I think) with Bendtner.

  88. James Bond says:


    Higuain wasn’t mentioned by me nor by my sauce, that was all down to “PeePee”, ha

    but on a more serious note, we were used by RM in order to start a bidding war, invite suitors such as Man city, Chelsea, french clubs e.t.c yep, we were used as bait and AW didn’t like it one bit as it was excuse after excuse.

    it’s good to always take it with a pinch of salt because to be honest with you, it could be the Arsenal PR feeding them (the Sauces) such whispers on purpose ? at the end of the day, it’s someone with the know how at the emirates, he usually gets them right 80% of the time.

    no worries, i’ll share whatever i have as long as you ask Glic and RA to put that laser away 😉

    Tevez going for 5 million and on a 100 k wages per week has got to be a bargain, surely ?

    when you consider we have strong links (Vieira) at man $hity, we should have been more active.

  89. James Bond says:


    agreed, i just hope he gets injured in pre-season, hahahaha

    correct me if, i’m wrong but wasn’t BK signed by Bruce and not AW ?

  90. Dylan says:

    Thank you Admir. 🙂 Good comment, I just don’t rate any if the players you mentioned, unfortunately. 😉
    JB, great comment, I just don’t rate Rooney, Torres, or Fellaini. However, I could see Torres doing ok in our system.
    17HT, thanks! I definitely acknowledge you were the first to urge me to post. I agree with most everything you said. I think Higuain will play against us for sure.
    Thanks for the info JB!
    AFC, I agree. We must be working on several deals at once.
    Side note: My fantasy team will destroy you all. But I still don’t understand UMF. Ah well. I will learn and win that too. 😉

  91. Delano says:

    Failure to buy a player by now is just threatening to say the least.Come the Emirates Cup we shall have known where we belong and how much we lost in not buying Higuain.

  92. AFC says:

    Just to add Gamez is a really defensive) and does not really join in the attack much.

    If there is a stumbling point in the fee paid for Gamez maybe we could give them Park as well?

  93. Highbury Harmony says:

    Dylan, considering you’ve never even been ranked in the top 100,000, I’m not too concerned ;).

  94. Dylan says:

    AFC, I doubt Malaga would want two strikers, but if they did, they’d probably want Chamakh ahead of Park.

  95. Dylan says:

    HH, here’s my fantasy season every year:
    *make a half decent team*
    *follow for the first few weeks*
    *never change my lineup*
    *give up because I’m bored after week 3*
    I will follow closer this year. 😉

  96. AFC says:

    Dylan, I’d just try and given them Maroune as well. They need players.

  97. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fair enough Dylan, guess we’ll have to see what happens! I’m targeting the top 15,000 this year, should have been there last season but goofed off a couple weeks and forgot about my FPL team.

  98. jgc says:

    AFC and JB,

    JB: you’re right, not AW by about 1 year.. Sigh… Point still holds tho I think…

    AFC: even for 5M games for Bemdtner is like TWO signings because Gamez would occupy a place on roster AND play!

    cheers — jgc

  99. 17highburyterrace says:

    True, true jgc… Personally, I see Rooney as Arshavin on steroids and the wage issue is huge and if he comes in on 200k/week with a beer belly then all the teamwork from the Spring is wasted. Obviously he’s got plenty of talent and has periods of excellent fitness and performance, but his overall approach (footballing brain?) seems a whole lot less than players with less talent (RvP and Cesc, for example) so I can see why United managers (SAF and now Moyes) are willing to marginalize him… At 27 it seems a bigger risk than la mordita loca (Suarez) Let them work it out up there, I say. If he stays and manages 30+ assists+goals, I’ll try the arse-hair transplant myself… Also, I think some of the mid-range buys should be saluted (Per, Arteta). Trying to get experienced players at bargain prices (Park, Santos, Squillaci, Chamakh–free!) seems to be the issue. The thing is, we’ve shipped out so many guys this summer that we NEED bodies–either we buy them with ALL THAT MONEY or we put the kids in…(gulp)…

    Bond, the sauce is super-interesting. Any guy we’re in on who is staying with his team has got a complex problem. Yes, a new contract may do the trick but relationships are complicated and it’s hard to get past things that get said (or printed) and the tendency is to fantasize that the new relationship (new club) has more promise. This fact plus our (so-called) financial strength should (italics) give us leverage at the deadline. We just have to hope we have the talent+depth to get off to a good start AND then we get the right players in AND then they add to the squad. That’s not too many planets that need to line up…Or is it?…

    Dylan, HH, since you guys are so awesome, could you give some of us wanna-bees a hint or two about FPL stuff? I guess it’s not too smart (for example) to put Suarez in our opening day line-up, right? :D:

  100. Dylan says:

    Interesting HH. I wish you could see each others teams. Or can you and I’m just dumb? 😉

  101. Highbury Harmony says:

    Dylan, you can’t see others’ teams, just the history from years past. If you click on the manager’s name when looking at who’s in the FF league, you’ll see their FPL history rankings.

  102. jgc says:


    Interesting! I think Suarez is greater risk, and I can hear me agreeing to JBs greater reward, then Rooney. But, you’re right, if scenery change and upcoming World Cup didn’t motivate Rooney then, a HUGE bust…

    That said, I think AW excels most at convincing players they are greater than they are. I
    Thus, I thin Suarez is the greater risk as he’s insane and his possibly immune to such, where, totally IMO, I think Rooney (grandmas and hairpieces aside) isn’t (insane! :-)..


    Cheers — jgc

  103. jgc says:


    Good point about Per and Arteta, thi I had them both, at the time in the upper range for AW, but they could be seen easily as mid range buys… jgc

  104. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, tips?

    Don’t follow your heart, use your brain/gut. Selecting or avoiding players because of your allegiance to a certain club is the easiest way to lose in FF.

    Take as few points hits as possible. The only time to really take a hit is if your team has a bunch of players that are not playing/suspended/injured. You should always field a squad of 11 starting players. If you have players with a blank GW and not enough to field a full team, I’d recommend taking at least a 4 point hit to field a full squad.

  105. NOOBGOON says:

    Hi guys, i.m just a noob!

    1. We need a cb, st, and a cdm. Simples.

    2. For these positions and our transfer track record i would suggest.

    Williams or rami or ginter for cb. We cant trust sagna as cb. He is not cb. Strictly rb. He.s not young to adapt. He not trusted on headers or playing against no.9’s.

    St. More difficult as many options have gone. Higuain, jovetic etc so quality will now cost much more…. Lewandowski or suarez or new old targets like m.suarez, lorenthe, barientos, cardoza, el shaarawy etc… either way any reinforcements will help the squad

    Cdm. Kondogbia or barry or gustavo or fellaini. Honestly i believe we shud have imposed ourself on paulinho but hey, hindsight is a terrible thing….

    Promoting reserves. Ryo. Miquel. The others maybe too young, zelalem etc

    Thats all folks. I can see us as runner up in the league behind man city. Winning the cap1cup vs spurs on pens. And as usual, quarter finals champs league. Fa cup we get knocked out early by a former arsenal players goal. Verm will collect top own goal scorer for the season and jack will not be playing to his maximum. Giroud will score for fun then break his legs! Yes both! So the need for squad strengthening is right now!! Cmon u goons!!!!

  106. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, another tip is there is no singular way to win in FF. I’ve seen managers go with anti-top 4 strategies and do extremely well (no top 4 players allowed in their squad), I’ve seen others only go with new players (promoted ones and new transfers) and do well, and I’ve seen other managers go with cheap teams where no player is worth more than 9 mil at the start and also do well.

  107. James Bond says:


    yep, and let’s not forget, if Shrek was to come at the emirates he would be super motivated wanting to prove to everyone that he was good enough to still be the main man at utd ahead of van pu$$Y …so in his case revenge is a dish best served, cold ? and what better way to do it by helping arsenal win the PL 😉

    back to reality – sanity is over rated i reckon, it’s all about insanity (suarez is the way go go) ahahahahhahahaha

    both would be great additions though and would help strengthen us, no doubt about that

    by the way, has anyone looked how Arshavin has managed to get back into shape and full fitness ? was it the same guy who looked like a doughnut from the past so many years at Arsenal ?

    i watched the highlights the other day and i could not believe my eyes :O:

  108. 17highburyterrace says:

    Re the fantasy league, I’ll guess I’ll have to dispense with my own “personal” rules–always selecting three Arsenal players (and wasting transfers to cover injuries)… Plus, I may have to include players I cannot stand (or at least find distasteful…)–In the past that list has included, RvP (last season), Terry and Lampard and…Suarez and Rooney (lol)…

    I guess the other keys are finding guys who have been mis-listed as MFs (but score a lot of goals) or take PKs. C’mon guys, help me out here…

    JGC, Rooney seems a real simpleton to me but one with a good agent who has found him the giant money. If he was smart he would’ve gotten his money at United a lot more privately–threatening to go to City “worked” but has left scars… He’s good enough to do the business at United and he “should” just buck up and get fit and work it out with RvP and be the number 10 up there to the Grey-haired little boys #9… Despite JBs sauce, (what terms does the sauce say we would have offered? I think it’s all just paper (agent) talk. If it could help us get Cesc back (a million to one shot…) then maybe it had a purpose…

    Suarez needs a real team with a real manager (Daglish led the ridiculous response to the Evra incident…) and I’m warming to the idea of getting him. The bite was as good as a transfer request, without the negative financial implications (lol)…

  109. Highbury Harmony says:

    Somehow, I’ve completely forgotten about Gonalons as the ideal DM solution…it’s too ba Lyon have a hard stance on not selling any of their players because he’d be the ideal purchase at around £15 million.

  110. jgc says:


    All about motivation. That’s partly why big buys don’t always improve a team… Arshavin had it all to play for at Arsenal AND all the talent to be DB10 mark 2, but… ?!?!?!?!?!?!? And, now look … Sigh..

    Cheers — jgc

  111. jgc says:


    To lighten it up.. Worth it for perspective. I like best the spurs bit near the end!


    Cheers — jgc

  112. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, all good questions/theories, but unfortunately that is research you will have to do on your own ;).

  113. jgc says:


    Interesting points re Rooney/Suarez. Can’t say I disagree at all.. Proof will be in the Christmas pudding I guess! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  114. Highbury Harmony says:

    Lampard, Gerrard and Arteta are three MFs that take penalties 17ht :).

  115. 17highburyterrace says:

    Thanks HH for the fantasy ideas. I guess you’ve gotten your job wired and it’s great you’re back posting and finding ways to help us through these darkest of days… Cheers! (Yeah, research… Since I’ve got no job and I don’t get “paid” to do my research, it’s a little tougher…Can’t you just e-mail me your starting 11?…)

    Bond, Rooney’s greatest asset is that he just wants to play and he’s (f*cking good at it)…Like Arshavin (and the Ox and so many others) he’s a powerful physical type. As these guys get older it’s much tougher to stay fit. Like Arsh, they may not have the body-type nor the personal discipline to be fit year round and the 6-8 weeks off in the summer (if playing in England, not Russia…) become crucial. If you’re smoking fags and drinking lager poolside it’s gonna be tough… (other guys, who rely on stealth and less running and were always skinny and less muscular, RvP, etc. have a better chance of being great players into their 30s, IMO, at least…)

  116. jgc says:

    And to lighten a bit further because I’m a “Stanford guy” the recent transfer rumor has them getting Pirlo and Bonucci .. Enjoy! 🙂


    Cheers and all in fun — jgc

  117. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good stuff, JGC… I know some Bay Area folks who’ve been watching the pre-season stuff for several years now and really enjoy it. Getting to watch a player like Pirlo pulling the strings must be a thrill even if nobody’s working too hard. On that note, we’ve gotta give credit to Carlos Tevez for coming from South America under dodgy circumstances (going to freaking West Ham!) working the two Manchester teams for ginormous money AND now getting to have Pirlo toss him balls that will probably be of a slightly better quality than say Carrick or Barry might have sent him…

    Also, very interesting that the word “ginormous” doesn’t prompt the spell-check…

  118. jgc says:


    Just thought I’d add some lightness. Spent 11 years there between school and then work.. Loved it, but can’t afford to live on the peninsula in the style I’d prefer to remain accustomed to have (not much, but includes having a house bigger than a garage!)

    As for Tevez, he’s done we’ll and we missed out there I think.. He’ll do better like a lot of S. and Central Americans in Italy where their style seems a better cultural fit to the style of game played (a bit more individualistic)…

    As for spelling have you seen what my iPad does to typing!? 🙂

    Glad you liked it!

    Cheers — jgc

  119. Highbury Harmony says:

    By the way, the new Puma kits are monstrosities…that bib covering the v-neck is just awful. I hope we won’t be wearing anything like that in 2014-15.

  120. 17highburyterrace says:

    JGC, I grew up in Berkeley and graduated from UC so it’s like being a Spud, except that it isn’t… US rivalries are below zero on the scale of (real) football derby craziness… I do a lot of skiing and hiking with a “Stanford” guy whose wife just got a job (cell biology prof) there. By overbidding (hugely) they were able to get one of those on-campus houses. I prefer a more low key life-style in the mountains, but I’m actually a little jealous of your NZ-Western Europe lifestyle (but for the crazy long flights, of course…) Where in NZ are you based. My wife had a colleague who works at the U at Christchurch and lives in the coastal village just to the South. It seems awfully nice, earthquakes notwithstanding. In Spain (Granada) we met a very nice family based in Queenstown and their set-up seemed admirable as well…

    Compared to Juventus, I don’t think Arsenal offer the same things for a Tevez. Over there he should (italics, quotes…) be the scorer on a team that is stacked to the brim for winning Serie A and should (same) be able to make a real run at the CL… We’re not there yet, I fear…

  121. jgc says:


    Congrats to your friend and his wife! Yes, wildly overpriced there!!

    Then your wife’s colleague is at Lincoln, small place good at plant biology ORRR somewhere around me at the bigger Univ of Canterbury. If she lives on the coast then I’d be guessing suburbs like Redcliffs, Brighton, or Sumner.

    Yes, earthquakes suck, but my second calling after bio-engineer is my phd in earthquake engineer! 🙂 .. I have some new devices in first use in the first big new building downtown. I am enjoying my W. Europe bit of sabbatical now after that and some other major efforts over the last 2-3 years.. Chch is small so I may well know or know of your wife’s colleague! 🙂

    Or vice versa, which like Glic means, don’t believe allllll you hear! 🙂

    IMO, Arsenal could offer the same to Tevez but didn’t. Perhaps we hope bigger with others as it maybe should be….if we get it done

    Finally, it is just like Gunners – Spuds, BUT, IMO better in some ways because it can be reasonably left behind all the other days of the year!!

    Cheers — jgc

  122. 17highburyterrace says:

    JGC, I stepped out for a bit of exercise… I guess people are done worrying about Arsenal for the day…

    My wife’s colleague is in the School of Education at Univ of Canterbury but I’m not sure which of the little towns he lives in. He said he can ride his bike to work, mostly on trails…

    The point I was making about Tevez is that it seems, after making the big money at City, he’s looking for a good competitive opportunity and willing to take a pay cut to get it. Getting the number 10 shirt at Juve is a very good spot. We have nothing similar to offer and Higuain (who perhaps will compete with Tevez for a significant role at the Brazil WC) opted to be the primary option at Napoli. Giroud, as much as everybody can see his limitations, won’t be that easy to displace. The same goes for Lu-Lu-Lucas Poldolski and Theo Walcott and all 3 will be working hard to secure their own WC positions…

    Latest on the NewsNow is that Spurs are gonna hijack our Suarez bid with their Bale money and that United are gonna go big for Cesc. And, somehow as a consolation prize, we get the ugliest girl in football, Luka Modric, who is actually, IMO, a fine player who we could really use. All of it is so out there that (like everyone else, it seems) I cannot be bothered…

    Sunshine calls… 😀

  123. Gerry says:

    Evening all, I had my usual trouble getting my fantasy side registered. I even had to reset my password so I could set up my squad. Then it would register it, and I threw a wobbly when I lost all the details. Came back after a bit of food inside me, and spotted my error straight away — Only one GK. Doh!

    All done now, so the challenge is on?

    HH – I noticed you threw a carrot to HT17 with penalty takers?

    Arteta – great except we rarely get any?

    Gerrard – He will only get a few games in before he is crocked again?

    Lampard – The oldest of the lot, also likely to be restrict to ‘off the bench’ game time?

    You are such a generous soul .. Ha Ha

  124. jgc says:


    Interesting! Mostly trails to UC and college of Ed means Avonhead. I’m next door in Fendalton!

    I agree about Tevez and that OG is better than ‘appearances’ and even that Modric who dominated at Spurs, to a measure to justify the RM bid, would be fine for us. IMO, another example of over priced ‘failure’ like Torres where his skills didn’t really fit the team rather than lack of quality…

    Off to bed so I can run along the Meuse in the morning for my exercise!

    Cheers — jgc

  125. Dylan says:

    Gerry, MFs aren’t all about the penalties remember. The pass completion rate is huge. Any of those 3 could be good back up. 😉 Ok so how many of you have Santi in your teams? I’ll throw it out there and say I do, but no more info than that.

  126. AFC says:

    It seems that Suarez wants his future resolved by the end of next Friday according to reports. It seems we are in for a few tense weeks.

  127. Delano says:

    Gunners its high time we all realised all these bids were a hoax. The real unwillingness and foolhardy the board demonstrated was letting Higuain go for about 35pounds and they opted for a more expensive player who they knew would never be sold by Liverpool to us.It is just plain stupid for Wenger to throw hopeless bids like he has done. Am worried a more young less experienced coach at Spurs gave Wenger a run for his life in a race to Top 4.
    On a more optimistic note i still believe we can challenge for Top 4 if we change our football system to last years run in tactics.If we stay defensive and attack on the counters like we did last year Guys i promise you we may be surprised with our own results. We have the players to do the damage on counter attacks that is if we can soak up the pressure and release the ball too fast in the wings for attacks.Short of that Spurs and Liverpool may be too strong contenders for our coveted Top 4.

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