What to do with Nicklas Bendtner?


One of the most intriguing footballers is without any doubt, Nicklas Bendtner. The tall Dane is a footballer with a decent amount of talent, and what appears to be a boundless amount of confidence. I say appears to be, as the few highly confident people I know don’t seem to need to tell everybody in the world how great they are (going to be); and I have a feeling that deep down he is not that confident at all. It is all show with Nicklas Bendtner.

But he somehow convinced Wenger, and many others, of his great potential. Arsene gave him a number of chances to deliver on his self-proclaimed imminent greatness. In between ’07-’10, NB52 played 81 league games for Arsenal in which he scored just 20 goals: 0.25 goals per game. In the following three season, he played only 54 games – for Arsenal, Sunderland and Juventus – hitting the net on the inside a meagre ten times.

Bendtner is now 25 and looks totally lost. Life seems to have become unbearably light for him. He is still under contract with Arsenal and, as a result, draws a large weekly salary; and there is nothing for him to worry about. If he had any ambition, any drive, he would already have signed somewhere else, where he can put his sleeves up and works his socks off to somehow get back to playing proper football again.

Instead, he smells the place out like Sunday morning Danish Blue leftovers. A few clubs have put their neck out and tried to sign him this summer, so it appears. But every time his bloated ego, adorned by his preposterous wage demands, stands in the way from giving his football career another go. The man truly does not know any humility and neither does he have any real sense how lucky he is to have made it into the top echelon of football.

After his loan fiascos at Sunderland, and especially at Juventus, only very few clubs will be tempted to sign him up on loan again this season. But I cannot see him move anywhere, and I reckon the Malaga rumours will remain just that.

He has got 11 months left on his contract, and he clearly has made no attempt whatsoever to fight for his a place at Arsenal. So, what is going to happen next with Nicklas Bendtner?

His one saving grace is his international career for Denmark. There still will be clubs out there who will want to take the gamble on him, but it is highly unlikely the haughty Dane will consider them anywhere near good enough for him.

I reckon, if he is not sold or gone on loan before the TW has finished, Arsene should give him ball collecting duties for the squad for the remainder of his contract.

But what would you like to do with our Great Dane?

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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132 Responses to What to do with Nicklas Bendtner?

  1. Dylan says:

    Great post TA. 🙂 I say we do everything in our power to do this Bendtner and Gamez swap deal. And if that doesn’t work we force him to practice with the reserves and be waterboy at their games. 😉

  2. James Bond says:

    nice one, TA

    well , he should be made to train with the reserves ala Malouda style

    ideally, we should just cut our losses short and find a way to terminate his contract if, we’re unable to get something out of him (Malaga swap deal sounded perfect).

    He’s just an average player with a massive ego – in the end he ended with the egg on his face and his trousers down with paddy power ; )

    lucky for him he plays for Denkmark who don’t really have much firepower up front and have to stick with bendtener and to his credit, he is one of those players who happens to do well for his national team .

    on a side note, i just hope Sczny doesn’t go down the same route as bendtener in the future as i can see some uncanny or canny similarities already.

  3. aman says:

    Frankly bendtner ruined his football career by just be devoted to money which meant he didn’t show passion on the pitch and commitment. I honestly believe Mr Wenger was right about all the stuff he said about him with his talent and potential to be a great player, but unfortunantly that wasn’t the case because he didn’t prove himself. Wenger should just get rid of him because he’s on 50k a week which he isn’t worth. He’s got a year left on his contract and wenger should just release him and I’m sure every fan would just want him to get as far as way from arsenal.

  4. AB says:

    Good question TA. Sadly we don’t have many choices. We all want him out, and soon. Clearly the accountants want him off our wage bill, fully for preference and otherwise at least partially. But we can only manage this is a) some other mugs are interested, and b) he is willing to play ball too; I’m surprised that there has been alleged interest on the former, but quite unsurprised that his ‘ball-playing’ skills on this front are no more sound than on the pitch.

    So what options does that leave us? I end up always thinking about the club and its stature first – how should we treat someone like this, and what do we want other young players to learn from the Bendtner experience? So, tempting though it is, I would not pay him off (or massively subsidise him) to play at some glamorous location (we tried this last time with Juve) either on loan or discounted sale. I would let him rot with our junior team – and fine him to the max if he failed to train and behave as required under his contract.

    The lesson has to be that Arsenal is in charge and has to be respected by players – try to get smart and it is the player that will suffer more than the club. Most players who leave us, when at the top of their game, eventually regret it. We should make sure also that no-one takes their position and the club’s money for granted. For a player supposedly nearing his prime, what a total waste.

  5. Dan says:

    Let him rot in the reserves and make an example of him.

  6. AFC says:

    TA, very good post. 🙂

    There are a number of things we could do:

    1) Do whatever it takes to get this swap deal with Gamez done. Apparently we want to give Malaga Bendtner and 1.5 million euros but the value Gamez at around 5 million euros. Try and reach a compromise in. That would be a great deal.

    2) Try and sell Bendtner to a newly promoted EPL team who have money to spend. Cardiff are close to spending £8 million on Spurs CB Caulker. That shows how much money some of these newly promoted EPL clubs have.

    3) If we cannot keep Bendtner just keep him as back-up. We are paying his wages and if Wenger does not sign another ST he might prove to be quite useful. Although he is not good enough for the first team he would still be a good option when facing some of the weakest teams in the EPL. He would also be able to play in the early rounds of the FA & League Cups and give Giroud much needed rest during the season. You have to remember he is still 25 years old which is still quite young and maybe if given another chance playing with the likes of Cazorla, Podolski, the improved Walcott he might actually flourish.

  7. AFC says:

    * 3) If we cannot sell

  8. AFC says:

    I would also add that he is better than Giroud at playing with his back from goal and bringing others into play. He is also quicker and stronger than Giroud. He might be able to compliment this current squad quite well playing as the lone ST.

  9. AussieGooner says:

    I think he should be placed in a booth outside the Emirates wearing a monkey suit (minus the head gear) giving away free peanuts to all of the supporters. He should be made to stay there while the game is being played inside the stadium so he can hear the noise supporters make cheering real footballers.

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers guys – having him play with any of our players, senior or junior, is likely to spoil the atmosphere. He might even have a bad influence on one or two youngsters. But I can see why some of you prefer this option.

    AFC, I dont agree with your comparison between NB and Giroud. A fully committed and driven Bendtner would perhaps slightly outperform OG, but as he is the absolute opposite, it would be best to leave him well away from the first team imo.

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    AussieG, great suggestion! 🙂

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    AB, yes a total waste! 😦

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Aman 🙂

    All agreed.

    JB – Szczesny is a different type. Also uber-confident but also very ambitious and a hard worker, I reckon.

  14. James Bond says:

    just goes to show another thing though,

    you can have all the talent, confidence and skill in the world but if, you’re not a true professional and don’t put in the hard yards during practice or show professionalism outside the football pitch then your career is likely to nose dive at the rates of naughts.

    his life style and his royal ways with the Danish Princess (his ex) and so on, actually may have led him to believe that he should be treated like a royalty himself ? either way, the sooner he leaves the better for everyone really…he didn’t have patience and should have shown more loyalty by putting in the hard yards at arsenal and who knows ? his time may have come but his impatience was also the downer,he wanted too much too quickly and in the end has end up with nothing ?

    PS: i’m hearing Suarez is going to be pushing liverFOOL hard as he wants to come to the emirates and will be forcing the issue sooner rather than later (in coded words for everyone interested in my sauce – he already has told LiverFOOL about his intentions loud and clear yesterday hence you will see Rodgers playing out the “right price” in trying to get a higher offer and so on on a frequent basis until his patience runs out and he has no choice but to push even harder 😉 )

  15. AFC says:

    TA, I guess that is what I am trying to say. He is not useless. We could use Bendtner up until the quarter final of the FA & league Cup. He has been taken down a peg like Szez and he might have finally matured.

    Does it make sense to have a decent player on your books who you are paying 50k a week and not let him rot in the reserves?

    TA, I was the one who said many months ago that I felt Bendtner and Giroud ability wise were on par.

  16. AFC says:

    * let him

  17. James Bond says:


    what makes you think that AW wants Bendtner anywhere near the first team for games and even in training with the squad ?

    i somehow don’t see it happening…i think it’s curtains for him at Arsenal.

    i also hear good things about Frimpong and our new boy Yaya from their training , could frimmy still have a future at the emirates with coquelin no more ? he wouldn’t take up a place for CL as he comes under homegrown talent, doesn’t he ? it’s an interesting one, i would like to see him play for arsenal again.

  18. James Bond says:


    ahahahhahahahhahaah, that be perfecto for him – he would make the perfect clown, no doubt.

  19. AFC says:

    JB, AW has played the likes of Chamakh, Squill and Park in our early cup matches. Playing Bendtner against League 1, 2 and Championship teams is a no brainer to me. Right now he is our second best out and out ST. I would pick him over Yaya in any match.

  20. James Bond says:

    after all he has said directly and indirectly, belittling the club and manager ?

    erm, no thank you.

    he can fcuk off with his agent else where.

  21. AFC says:

    JB, by not playing Bendtner we will be giving him what he wants. Getting his pay cheque and doing no work. Make him play in small competitive matches. The good thing with this is that he will have to put 100% effort in these matches to attract potential suitors and put himself in the shop window.

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, I can see where you are coming from, but attitude, team play and hunger are keen in every match and he just has not got it. He would be a liability in an Arsenal shirt….. I can imagine what Suarez would do to him hahaha! 🙂

  23. AFC says:

    JB, we would be using him to progress in the early rounds of the cup meanwhile giving our ‘real’ players rest and saving them for the more important matches. Now Bendtner is the one being used. 😀

  24. AFC says:

    TA, agreed he can have a negative impact with his attitude on the team if he is in the first team for the whole season but not if he comes in on occasion. The majority of our squad our in their late twenties. They are MEN not BOYS and should be able to ignore Bendtner, not be influenced by his attitude and just ignore the bastard. Some of our players are probably still on friendly terms with him?

  25. James Bond says:

    not worthy to wear the mighty arsenal stripes again i reckon,

    we’re already letting him rot, we’re a big club and don’t really care about the wages as such as we have already wasted plenty on the like of sq, park, santos, chamakh, arshavin e.t.c e.t.c one more won’t make us bankrupt, however, he is wasting and ruining his peak years and looking more like a doghnut with every passing day.

    good riddance i says, we already have ample quality to progress through the initial stages of cup games ever since we got rid of Gervinho (or almost have).

    and like TA mentions it, Suarez would bite him every time both on and off the field for showing lack of commitment, desire and hunger for the mighty arsenal ahahahahahah (oh dear, is that TA finally coming round to Suarez and beginning to want him at the emirates ?

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    You have a point, AFC. It is not Wenger’s way, though. Chamakh etc were at least motivated to play well.

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha JB – if he bit a big piece of Danish bacon out of Nicklas’ mighty shoulders, he would become an instant hero hahaha 🙂

  28. James Bond says:

    here is a classic example on the self centered and greedy bashtard,

    Malaga are offering him 40 k per week and he wants 60 k per week, i mean really ?

    he is currently on 52 k per week at arsenal by the way, so wants a pay rise of another 8 k and is unwilling to take a pay cut of 12 k .

    Astonishing astonishing…go and fcuking play for Malaga who are a decent decent team in my opinion, he could still make something out of his career if, he stops demanding more money and is prepared to take a pay cut.

  29. tomstoned says:

    no need to use these harsh words against bendtner after all he is just a product of The New Arsenal…if anything should be learned from this farce..it is simply that Wengers naivity and our clubs wage structure have failed…..then again we have become nothing more than a business…and bendtner shows this ..ambition is not needed….not at a player level nor for The Arsenal…must be scary for the players who actually loves The Arsenal..if your reaching your potential and gets to be a top notch player..well the you will be sold…in every other path in life your being awarded if you do well…not just at The Arsenal..much like mcdonalds…then again who cares…as long as we are allowed to pay top dollar to watch the American brand Arsenal

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    They should offer shirt number 40 and then he will accept the pittance of a salary offer hahaha 🙂

  31. James Bond says:


    define the NEW Arsenal for us all, if you may ?

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Tom

    How is life? Are you in Svalbard right now, having a McD? 😀

  33. tomstoned says:

    i find it rather disgusting to go after a player like bendtner when there are so many similar examples….park ? squillaci ? arshavin ? and not to forget players who are slightly better (willing to go on loan while Arsenal still pick up a hefty part of their salaries)denilson,djourou etc,..and several of Jamie’s young boys..

  34. AFC says:

    I wonder if the Spuds would take him for free? 😀

  35. James Bond says:

    Breaking News :

    Real Madrid are speaking to Bale –

    surely, that’s like 29 days too early, no ?

    rest assured, that’s Bale on his way out for a substantial amount of money + Di Maria on his way to spuds ? possibly.

  36. TotalArsenal says:


    They are not similar at all, except for Arshavin maybe. The rest wanted to play at Arsenal but were not deemed good enough. Your friend Bendy does not care about football at all, let alone Arsenal.

  37. tomstoned says:

    ;)im home Total Arsenal …great blog im just being my usual self mate..no worries i hope :)..not having a burger,and im home on holiday but leaves for six months in september..last season however…misses dont want me gone for that long every year..all well with you mate ?

  38. AFC says:

    JB, Di Maria would surely want CL football. Why would any quality player from Real want to Spurs when they could join us. 😀

  39. James Bond says:


    that’s a poor reference and comparison re- Bendtner with the rest of the players you have mentioned.

    none of them had the option or choice to go to different clubs or let’s say none of them were spoiled for choices as the greatest striker in the world (according to himself) , nor did any of them refuse to leave the club asking for higher wages from prospective suitors and instead be content with staying at Arsenal and not playing.

    Arshavin was going on loan rather frequently but then the offers just stopped coming as he looked out of sorts, competely , not surprised why no one was interested in him

    nor any of these players have come out and spoken ill about the club publicly or had a problem with attitude or team ethic.

    but it’s ok, you can find it disgusting as i can only speak for myself and i find players like Bendtner disgusting, the club invested in him, gave him a chance, took a punt on him, gave him reasonable wages and so on , in return he stitched us up.

  40. tomstoned says:

    AFC mate
    its our policy that kills us,in my opinion most players around would love to play for The Arsenal…once we’re a football club again and not some American brand…with money as the only ambition ;

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks Tom,

    You always make some valid points and it is very hard to defend the lack of TW action until now. And we need a bit of that on the blog now and again. 🙂

    Good to hear you are home and hope all is well with you, daughter and wife. So you will be kept home from next year; might be a bit of an adjustment for you….

    All good with me and family. Dare I say it to you, looking fwd to the season! 😛

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Off to hit the pillow now, guys.

    A long drive tomorrow to the city where Santi scored a fantastic hat trick.

    Night all 🙂

  43. AFC says:

    I’m not so sure tomstoned. Why would players go to us when they can go to clubs who pay higher wages than us and win more trophies than us.

    Manchester United
    Manchester City
    Real Madrid
    Bayern Munich

    All of those clubs are in a better position than we are at the moment.

  44. tomstoned says:

    007 🙂
    dont avoid my point even though i hid it well,..the reason for players to be able to act like bendtner(not my favourite Arsenal player)was and still is our wage structure…

  45. James Bond says:


    good point but then again if Bale joins them (which he is likely to do so) then that means limited opportunities for their players ?

    but i agree with you, we really need to be making a move for Sami Khedira, that lad can play !

  46. tomstoned says:

    Total mate
    Thank You mate, im happy to hear that all is well, like all masochists ,im looking forward to the season myself..darn go figure right..well at least i can look kroenke in the eyes and tell him we’re doing swell ;)sleep well and chat soon..

  47. AFC says:

    Also JB, Paulinho was promised Bale would stay. He might leave Spurs before the season has even started.

    Khedira is class. We must get him before Chlesea do.

  48. frustrated gooner says:

    Before and After training,
    Bendtner should be made to run through the tunnel of death.
    Where the other players can kick & punch him as he tries to make it to the other side. Lol.

  49. AFC says:

    * Chelsea

  50. tomstoned says:

    AFC mate
    well solid history,new stadium,john radford,best city in the world,best manager in the world,best supporters in the world,i could go on and on mate ;)…
    on the downside we’re owned by one rather silly looking actor from America who is purely interested in money….and who cares about an american business..really..??
    Nope lets get our Arsenal back and we will be just fine …thats a promise..

  51. James Bond says:

    tomstoned 😀

    we have made mistakes with our wage structure sure, but we have also worked very hard on being competitive on that front with other big clubs in Europe.

    when you compare the wages we’re paying with the rest of the mega rich clubs or some clubs in europe then you can see our wage structure wasn’t all that bad but we were giving wrong salaries to the wrong players…

    for e.g we got chamakh on the free after he let his contract run down on the understanding that he would get higher wages (60 k),

    we had some last ditch panic buys, hence the higher wages

    with bendtener being a homegrown player, his wage got there step by step.

    the American brand you’re referring to may hold merit though, however, things are looking promising with some astonishing bids already placed and rejected…i still believe we will get our share of quality players before the window closes, so reserve your judgement till then and try to keep positive !


  52. AFC says:

    tomstoned, I trust Wenger to get things right. Wenger could have taken the easy option out and signed average players but he is only interested by the top players.

  53. James Bond says:


    see you later and take it easy, you did say you were working for a few days and will be busy, so have a nice time and hope you’re back sooner rather than later !

  54. tomstoned says:

    James Bond mate
    valid answer,dont mind me ive been on this mission..get the hollywood ehmm.better not go there since 07 ,im just a stubborn old goat from the far north..:)who actually do hate what is done to Our Beloved Arsenal….thats all ;…so one could say my judgement started back then..

  55. aman says:

    Total football,
    I would like a request from this blog if you guys could do a topic on ‘what the effects of bale leaving for £85m has on Arsenal FC’.
    I’m sure the readers of this blog would have a very interesting debate.
    And also maybe from this article the shithole spurs could look at bendtner as a replacement for bale!! Haha


  56. tomstoned says:

    AFC mate
    lets hope so..

  57. AFC says:

    Aman, I might try to write an article on that. I will look at how Bale leaving could possibly benefit Spurs but could also be a bad thing.

  58. James Bond says:


    oh i agree with you re- ownership and his lack of interest in the club , there is no doubt about that one – we are on the same page there and i’m with you on that bandwagon.

    while we’re at it, i want David Dein back as well !

  59. James Bond says:


    are you sure about that ? i ask , cause last few times you made me look forward to some of your posts (england players e.t.c e.t.c) and then disappeared, yeah, i still haven’t forgotten it 😀

    you’re a quality writer and you should write more in my opinion.

  60. aman says:


    Yea that could be good, but we need one on the effects on arsenal, whether or not bales move could hinder arsenals chances of competing for trophies.

    I would love to start publicing articles but I don’t know how too, maybe some of you guys can help me out!! 🙂


  61. James Bond says:


    only Arsenal and Arsenal itself can hinder it’s own chances, doesn’t matter what other teams are doing

    as long as we get our business done, the rest takes care of itself.

    and you should write an article, just read some from some of the authors/writers here to get the gist of it and then put pen to paper….no reason why you couldn’t do it and do some thought provoking and discussion oriented ones, your comments are usually top notch quality.

    think of an area of interest or something that interests you relating to the club, then give us your thoughts, a balanced opinion with pros and cons leaving open ended questions at the end for the readers…do some research on what you’re talking about , if it’s stats, figures, or players e.t.c and include them if possible (google is your best friend) and you’re up and running.

    looking forward to you getting off the mark soon !

  62. James Bond says:

    for all you interested :

    re- Suarez

    he wants to leave ASAP.

    LiverFOOL want more money and they know Suarez wants to leave and they will struggle keeping hold of him, however they also need to move in for Soldado before the 3rd of August or 4th of August due to some tax issues in Spain…

    Arsenal know that and are willing to play the waiting game…the longer LiverFool wait, the more likely they will not have sufficient time to replace Suarez as they are eyeing Soldado e.t.c they also want to have a player ready to come in as soon as Suarez leaves making the bitter pill a tad easier to swallow

    as it stands LiverFOOL are waiting for a 3rd bid from Arsenal and if , that comes in then they will be willing to move and conclude this deal rather swiftly but we know how good AW is when it comes to playing poker.

    the reason why Suarez wants to come to Arsenal ASAP is because he wants to play in the CL qualifiers, he is hungry (and do i blame him) ahahahahahhaahah

  63. oz gunner says:

    Agreed TA. If Bendy pulled his head in 4 years ago and maintained that determination he would be better than Giroud. It’s a shame, all the tools yet turned out to be the biggest tool of the lot.

    I can’t believe the money Real are offering Totts for Bale. There is NO WAY IN HELL he is worth that much. It really makes a mockery of the money we got for Cesc in the end (yes i know he only wanted to go to Barca but still we got royally screwed). 50 million tops for that chip. Bloody overpriced market.

    We want some players ARSENE!

  64. oz gunner says:

    @ Bond, James Bond

    You better not be lying to me. The last bloke who lied to me about transfers (Terry) ended up in an alley with his pants pulled down and a fire poker shoved up his clacker (unfortunately Terry liked it!).

  65. James Bond says:

    OZzie Ozzie Ozzie,

    Bale is worth every penny i suspect it will be 60 million plus 2 players and along them lines though.

    yep, we want some players but for now i think you could do with David Warner for the morning , tough luck in the first test match though, thought the umpiring decisions went against you in that one !

    still losing 5-0 though ahahahaha

  66. James Bond says:

    ahahahahahahaa, the things which are used to torture me on here, lasers e.t.c e.t.c and so on , ha

    don’t shoot the messenger, Oz

    take it with a pinch of salt as my sauce has a decent chance of turning more red than brown, but still use it as you may !

  67. oz gunner says:

    What ashes? Didn’t you hear we boycotted those silly matches because the poms are shifty. We should have won the first one (last wicket wasn’t out). The second test…sorry no recollection of that one. The Australian government has wiped out any recollection of such events on a national scale.

    If Bale is worth that I’d hate to have seen what Henry would have commanded when he was in his prime.

  68. James Bond says:

    ah, the grapes are sour indeed, i was being sarcy about the umpiring decisions, we got the worst ones from the umpires and besides it’s not our fault your guys can’t bowl, can’t bat nor use DRS properly ahahahahhaahah

    just get the likes of punter, hayden, langer , warney and mcgrath back – you might end up drawing a test match and lose 4-0 instead of 5-0 😉

    we live in a world where player values are overly inflated, agreed. however, bale is worth crazy amounts of money and RM will be able to recoup large chunks of it thanks to their commercial and marketing departments, they are a huge brand all round the world…

    that was another reason why they didn’t show much of an interest in Suarez and have gone all guns blazing for him (also, their supporters want him as well). they have all gone “bananas” for bale – 😀

  69. James Bond says:


  70. AFC says:

    Aman, I will inlcude all of that in the post.

  71. AFC says:

    I have just started writing the post now.

  72. Me says:

    What to do with Wenger and the Board more like – absolutely and utterly useless. Bendtner is the LEAST of Arsenal’s problems as we move into the new season with a squad that barely managed to scrape fourth position and they expect people to buy their new away shirt – they can go FUCK themselves. Wenger is beyond incompetent he is a LIABILITY…

  73. Admir says:

    TA, is there an option: “I’d beat his narcissism out of him with the biggest stick you can imagine”? 😀

    I’d sell him for that 1 pound we offered for Suarez.

  74. oz gunner says:

    No sour grapes BJ, the umpire decision for the fall of our last wicket was pretty average (no hot spot on the bat from memory). As for your unsportsmanlike players not walking (looking at you Stuart Broad). I’m not denying the poms are better though. Our batters don’t deliver as much as our bowlers, and despite having the best spinner in history we still don’t have a decent one. All i know is I don’t follow cricket until we are good again haha.

  75. Gerry says:

    Morning everybody. I guess the question of today’s post got the predictable answers?

    I do not know what the answer is regarding Nicky B, but I would like the human being behind all this to be given some more consideration?

    I see the situation is very similar to an alcoholic, in so far as his descent can only be halted by himself seeing the situation as reality, not the fiction he has created. Not many people have time for alcoholics either. Thankfully there are a few who try, and occasionally, do succeed in turning their lives around.

    Arsene Wenger is not one of them.

    Personally, I do think for a person who has earned the title of being a great manager, his halo slips somewhat when it comes to players that don’t find it easy when things turn against them. The players that have been listed in many of the posts above, have all been ‘cut adrift’ when they have their chance to use their ability being taken away, from circumstances beyond their control. No surprise that Arshavin can transform himself back into a player of real quality, once he was able to get away. Staying may have been his way of punishing AW, rather than Arsenal? Nicky B could be doing the same. That is a self inflicting damage that they alone can answer if it is worth it? The quiet spoken Chamakh I think will also rise again and show he has real talent, even if here, under Arsene Wenger, it has been impossible to show it.

    Now before you go on about AW being a footballer manager not a bloody psychiatrist, well these are football players? They needed managing, particularly at crucial times in their lives.

    Yes JB, there could have been similarities between Szcz and Bendtner, and he very nearly got ‘cut adrift’ when personal problems were affecting him. But as TA has pointed out, Szcz is possibly more driven, but also, possibly because he cannot be played out of his most useful position, and so could apply himself to that? Perhaps in AW’s memoirs he will give this a mention, but I doubt it. Not given to admitting flaws, strangely like the characters on the topic?

    But nobody is perfect, much as we would like them to be?

  76. Gerry says:

    JB @ 1.50am – Don’t get you hopes up – ‘Dead in the water’

  77. bc says:

    Same here we should tell him he is an employee of the club. If he doesn’t want to play football then make him earn his salary elsewhere in the club. Matchday steward, trainee groundsman whatever but don’t just let the fat cat sit on hiss arse taking a wage..

  78. William rogers says:

    Just pay the guy off and be rid, he is a waste of space. Then move on and forget him but learn the lesson, when you have a waster get rid.

  79. CoolGooner says:

    TGSTEL wants the money either as a free agent next summer when he gets a big sign-on fee, or this summer by Arsenal releasing him from his contract and paying him off. I don’t see him moving otherwise. I know, its incredibly selfish but it wouldn’t be Bendtner if it wasn’t, now would it?

  80. AFC says:

    TA, I cannot access my email so if you click on AFC Posts you will see my message for you. 🙂

  81. Thure says:

    I did not have time to read all the replies, so sorry if I repeat someone.

    But I just wanted to say great post – and also – that I (as a Dane) can’t agree with you more.
    What Bendtner’s career has become shows that virtues such as attitude, team spirit and personality are just as important as talent and physics.

    And speaking of his international career for Denmark, his leash has been waaay to long – both in terms of speeding tickets, traffic accidents and betting marketing – but also his shape during the last 3 years.
    But even that is (hopefully) not a one saving grace for Bendter this season: Andreas Cornelius has just been sold to Cardiff, just as Nicklas Helenius will be playing in Aston Villa this year. Besides them is a young Viktor Fisher in Ajax. All of these three have shown both talent, good attitude and team spirit.

    With 2 out of 3 (or maybe all of them) getting success and time on the field in the premier league and in æresdivision – Bendtner could loose his last certain spot and the faith of the only coach who still believe in him (Morten Olsen). Bendtner should be able to see this and make it his first priority to find a club where he can get time on the field… It just seems he does not care anymore

  82. alexgunners says:

    Good evening to all.

    Good post and what a shame he has more dollars than sense. A complete waste of a career. You asked “What to do with our Great Dane?”. Firstly strip that title to Dane as his greatness is purely in his head.
    Second send him to Malaga, Pay them the full amount of what Gamez is worth and throw in Bendtner for free. That is if we are actually in for him.

    Bendtner – A lost cause, it’s a shame but what a tool!!!!

  83. oz gunner says:

    when he was at Birmingham on loan I thought we had the ‘next big thing’ on our hands, unfortunately for us Bendy thought that too.

  84. alexgunners says:

    The self proclaimed -The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived – Far from it OZ.
    Potential wasted. Wouldn’t we all give our right nut to play for our beloved team. At least i would give it up

  85. oz gunner says:

    I definitely would Alex. Although, I probably wouldn’t last long as I’d have more enthusiasm than Frimpong. Also with an Aussie rules background I’d be a red card threat.

  86. alexgunners says:

    OZ Suffers from white line fever???
    You are not alone in that. I gave up playing indoor due to the fact that i would play one week, get a red and miss out on the following week.

    Nothing wrong with anyone getting “Frimponged”

  87. oz gunner says:

    @ Alex

    Hows the baby planning coming along?

    Not at all, I’ll never forget Szcz frimponging Bale twice!!!

  88. alexgunners says:

    All is going well, less than 3 months to go now.
    The house is in the process of being baby-proofed and prepared.
    Being our first, it still amazes us how much our lives have changed and the baby is not here yet.
    I am looking forward to it

  89. alexgunners says:

    Good night to all,
    Until the next post

  90. Dylan says:

    BREAKING: Spuds have signed Soldado, subject to a medical. 😦

  91. willc88 says:

    Bendtner, please just go! Do it now, quickly and quietly. If gooners around the world all chip in with a quid do you reckon we could put together a severance package? Saying that, a quid each is probably a bit too generous.

  92. James Bond says:


    i still firmly believe we’re gonna get 2 quality signings done breaking our transfer record twice and one more signing = 3 in total… gotta keep believing especially after you see everyone else not sitting static.

    i’m not sure if , it was you who suggested that Suarez might be looking to join Arsenal so, he could join RM or BM in the future, well as grapevine has it, BM are in for him

    Real Madrid doesn’t make sense but the Munich connection does make sense as they are a bit light up front considering no lewandowski.

    anyhow, Suarez to BM happens then we’re left with Rooney .


    yep, not a massive blow to be honest, Soldado is a decent striker but he needs a lot of service (corners, crosses etc etc), with bale gone, spuds would still struggle even with Soldado.

    keep the chin up.

  93. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, Bale’s not gone just yet ;). Also, with the 85 million pounds they’ll be getting if they do sell Bale, it’ll be more than enough for them to get “delivery” for Soldado. Also, Soldado does not need a lot of service – he’s very technically sound, very good at link-up play and can create opportunities on his own.

    He’s a very good striker, not SQ, but better than anything we have but it’s unfortunate that he’s relatively similar to OG with a bit more pace, skill and finishing ability.

  94. Highbury Harmony says:

    I see Spuds going for Di Maria if Bale is sold, along with a CAM. They won’t be as one dimensional next season if Bale is sold, which is likely a bigger problem for us.

  95. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, thanks for the article.

    I would just about do anything to get rid of Bendtner right now. He’s a distraction that this team does not need and is an example of a player that AW just could not control. Whether it be cash or a swap deal, I’d take anything! He was miserable in his loan to Juventus and a club will be taking a massive gamble in buying him.

    The above stems one of my fears in any potential purchase for Suarez. AW wasn’t able to control Bendtner, and while Suarez is a much better team player, he suffers from his own problems, whether it be diving, biting or racist remarks. AW’s had success with troubled players in the past, but it’s a big burden to undertake considering how disruptive it could be compared to the relatively easy to coach group he has right now.

    However, he and Arsenal have backed themselves into a corner with few SQ options at ST remaining. Suarez may be the only viable option at this point if we’re looking to become genuine title contenders…Rooney has issues of his own, as does Lewandowski whom seems destined for Bayern anyway.

  96. AFC says:

    HH, Dlyan and JB, I have written a post as aman suggested on Bale and the effecr his departure would have on Tottenham and Arsenal and why we have nothing to worry about.

  97. AFC says:

    HH, do not worry. I think Real Madrid players will go to Spurs. Yes, they would not be one demensional but my post will explain how they will not be able to replace the SQ of Bale due to the fact they will not be able to get the SQ players required to do so.

    Wait for the post.

  98. AFC says:

    * no

  99. Highbury Harmony says:


    Yaya Sanogo (Auxerre) Free

    Andrey Arshavin (Zenit St Petersberg) Free
    Francis Coquelin (Freiburg) Loan
    Denilson (Sao Paulo) Free
    Johan Djourou (Hamburg) Loan
    Craig Eastmond (Colchester United) Free
    Kyle Ebecilio (Twente) Free
    Vito Mannone (Sunderland) Undisclosed
    Sebastien Squillaci Released
    Sanchez Watt (Colchester United) Free
    Jordan Wynter (Bristol City) Free
    Jernade Meade (Swansea City) Free
    Andre Santos (Flamengo) Undisclosed

    Aston Villa

    Aleksandar Tonev (Lech Poznan) Undisclosed
    Jores Okore (FC Nordsjaelland) Undisclosed
    Leandro Bacuna (FC Groningen) Undisclosed
    Nicklas Helenius (Aalborg BK) Undisclosed
    Antonio Luna (Sevilla) Undisclosed
    Jed Steer (Norwich) Undisclosed

    Richard Dunne (Queens Park Rangers) Free
    Jean II Makoun Released
    Eric Lichaj (Nottingham Forest) Free
    Andy Marshall Released
    Brett Holman Released
    Derrick Williams (Bristol City) Undisclosed

    Cardiff City

    Andreas Cornelius (Copenhagen) Undisclosed
    John Brayford (Derby County) Undisclosed
    Simon Moore (Brentford) Undisclosed
    Steven Caulker (Tottenham Hotspur) Undisclosed

    Heidar Helguson Released
    Stephen McPhail Released



    Out: Rafael Benitez; In: Jose Mourinho

    Andre Schurrle (Bayer Leverkusen) Undisclosed
    Mario van Ginkel (Vitesse Arnhem) Undisclosed
    Mark Schwarzer (Fulham) Free

    Yossi Benayoun Released
    Florent Malouda (Trabzonspor) Free
    Paulo Ferreira Released
    Ross Turnbull (Doncaster Rovers) Free
    Thibaut Courtois (Atletico Madrid) Loan
    Marko Marin (Sevilla) Loan
    Oriol Romeu (Valencia) Loan

    Crystal Palace

    Stephen Dobbie (Brighton & Hove Albion) Undisclosed
    Dwight Gayle (Peterborough United) Undisclosed
    Jerome Thomas (West Bromwich Albion) Free
    Jose Campana (Sevilla) Undisclosed

    Andre Moritz Released
    Alex Marrow (Blackburn Rovers) Undisclosed


    Out: David Moyes; In: Roberto Martinez

    Arouna Kone (Wigan Athletic) Undisclosed
    Antolin Alcaraz (Wigan Athletic) Free
    Joel Robles (Atletico Madrid) Undisclosed
    Gerard Deulofeu (Barcelona) Loan

    Thomas Hitzlsperger Released
    Jan Mucha Released
    Jake Bidwell (Brentford) Undisclosed


    Derek Boateng (FC Dnipro) Free
    Fernando Amorebieta (Athletic Bilbao) Free
    Maarten Stekelenburg (AS Roma) Undisclosed

    Chris Baird Released
    Simon Davies Released
    Mahamadou Diarra Released
    Mladen Petric Released
    Mark Schwarzer (Chelsea) Free
    Csaba Somogyi Released

    Hull City

    George Boyd (Peterborough United) Free
    Maynor Figueroa (Wigan Athletic) Free
    Curtis Davies (Birmingham City) Undisclosed
    Ahmed Elmohamady (Sunderland) Undisclosed
    Allan McGregor (Besiktas) Undisclosed
    Steve Harper (Newcastle United) Free
    Danny Graham (Sunderland) Loan
    Yannick Sagbo (Evian) Undisclosed

    Sonny Bradley (Portsmouth) Free
    Danny East (Portsmouth) Free
    Seyi Olofinjana Released
    Jay Simpson Released
    Andy Dawson (Scunthorpe United) Free
    Mark Oxley (Oldham Athletic) Loan


    Kolo Toure (Manchester City) Free
    Luis Alberto (Sevilla) Undisclosed
    Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) Undisclosed
    Simon Mignolet (Sunderland) Undisclosed

    Danny Wilson (Heart of Midlothian) Free
    Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea City) Undisclosed
    Suso (Almeria) Loan
    Pepe Reina (Napoli) Loan

    Manchester City

    Out: Roberto Mancini; In: Manuel Pellegrini

    Fernandinho (Shakhtar Donetsk) Undisclosed
    Jesus Navas (Sevilla) Undisclosed
    Alvaro Negredo (Sevilla) Undisclosed
    Stevan Jovetic (Fiorentina) Undisclosed

    Kolo Toure (Liverpool) Free
    Wayne Bridge (Reading) Free
    Roque Santa Cruz Released
    Carlos Tevez (Juventus) Undisclosed
    Karim Rekik (PSV Eindhoven) Loan
    Jeremy Helan (Sheffield Wednesday) Undisclosed
    Maicon (AS Roma) Undisclosed

    Manchester United

    Out: Sir Alex Ferguson; In: David Moyes

    Guillermo Varela (Atletico Penarol) Undisclosed


    Newcastle United

    Olivier Kemen (Metz) Undisclosed

    Steve Harper (Hull City) Free
    Danny Simpson (Queens Park Rangers) Free
    James Perch (Wigan Athletic) Undisclosed
    Mehdi Abeid (Panathinaikos) Loan

    Norwich City

    Ricky Van Wolfswinkel (Sporting Lisbon) Undisclosed
    Javier Garrido (Lazio) Undisclosed
    Nathan Redmond (Birmingham City) Undisclosed
    Carlo Nash (Stoke City) Free
    Martin Olsson (Blackburn Rovers) Undisclosed
    Leroy Fer (FC Twente) Undisclosed
    Gary Hooper (Celtic) Undisclosed

    Chris Martin (Derby County) Free
    Simeon Jackson (Eintracht Braunschweig) Free
    Lee Camp Released
    Marc Tierney (Bolton Wanderers) Free
    Elliott Ward (AFC Bournemouth) Free
    Tom Adeyemi (Birmingham City) Free
    Jed Steer (Aston Villa) Free
    James Vaughan (Huddersfield Town) Undisclosed
    Grant Holt (Wigan Athletic) Undisclosed
    Andrew Surman (AFC Bournemouth) Loan


    Dejan Lovren (Lyon) Undisclosed
    Victor Wanyama (Celtic) Undisclosed

    Frazer Richardson Released
    Danny Butterfield Released
    Dan Seaborne (Yeovil Town) Free
    Ryan Dickson (Colchester United) Free
    Ben Reeves (Milton Keynes Dons) Free
    Sam Hoskins (Yeovil Town) Free
    Richard Chaplow (Millwall) Free
    Vegard Forren (Molde FK) Undisclosed

    Stoke City

    Out: Tony Pulis; In: Mark Hughes

    Erik Pieters (PSV Eindhoven) 3.6m euros
    Marc Muniesa (Barcelona) Free

    Dean Whitehead (Middlesbrough) Free
    Matthew Upson (Brighton & Hove Albion) Free
    Rory Delap (Burton Albion) Free
    Mamady Sidibe Released
    Carlo Nash (Norwich City) Free
    Matthew Lund (Rochdale) Free

    Cabral (Basle) Free
    Modibo Diakite (Lazio) Free
    Valentin Roberge (Maritimo) Free
    David Moberg Karlsson (IFK Goteborg) Undisclosed
    Vito Mannone (Arsenal) Undisclosed
    Jozy Altidore (AZ Alkmaar) Undisclosed
    El Hadji Ba (Le Havre) Free
    Emanuele Giaccherini (Juventus) Undisclosed

    Titus Bramble Released
    Matthew Kilgallon (Blackburn Rovers) Free
    Ryan Noble Released
    Simon Mignolet (Liverpool) Undisclosed
    Ahmed Elmohamady (Hull City) Undisclosed
    Danny Graham (Hull City) Loan
    Alfred N’Diaye (Eskisehirspor) Loan

    Swansea City

    Jose Canas (Real Betis) Free
    Jordi Amat (Espanyol) £2.5m
    Jonathan De Guzman (Villarreal) Loan
    Gregor Zabret (NK Domzale) Undisclosed
    Alex Gogic (Olympiakos) Undisclosed
    Alejandro Pozuelo (Real Betis) Undisclosed
    Jonjo Shelvey (Liverpool) Undisclosed
    Wilfred Bony (Vitesse Arnhem) £12m
    Jernade Meade (Arsenal) Free

    Mark Gower (Charlton Athletic) Free
    Kyle Bartley (Birmingham City) Loan

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Paulinho (Corinthians) Undisclosed
    Nacer Chadli (FC Twente) Undisclosed
    Robert Soldado (Valencia) Undisclosed

    Nathan Byrne (Swindon Town) Free
    David Bentley Released
    John Bostock Released
    William Gallas Released
    Steven Caulker (Cardiff City) Undisclosed

    West Bromwich Albion

    Nicolas Anelka Free
    Goran Popov (Dynamo Kiev) Loan

    Marc Antoine-Fortune (Wigan Athletic) Free
    Zoltan Gera Released
    Gonzalo Jara (Nottingham Forest) Free
    Jerome Thomas (Crystal Palace) Free
    James Hurst (Crawley Town) Free

    West Ham United

    Razvan Rat (Shakhtar Donetsk) Free
    Adrian (Real Betis) Free
    Andy Carroll (Liverpool) Undisclosed
    Danny Whitehead (Stockport County) Undisclosed

    Carlton Cole Released
    Gary O’Neil Released
    Robert Hall (Bolton Wanderers) Undisclosed

  100. Highbury Harmony says:

    Can’t wait AFC :), I will be sure to disagree with the premise of your theory though! Spuds will actually be better without Bale, if they use the funds wisely. The difference between them and us is their willingness to re-invest the funds into their team, opposed to Arsenal who hold onto it for profit.

  101. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, as per my long post @ 15:08, I’m most concerned about Spuds, Everton and Swansea below us. Everton because Martinez has always caused issues for us in the past and now has a better team, reluctant to let go of their best players. Same goes for Swansea who now look like a genuine team with good enough players for at least a Europa finish (if things go well).

    Regardless of what you want to think about Spuds losing Bale, so long as they spend the 85 mil wisely, they will actually become a better team. Di Maria, Soldado, Paulinho, Chadli and other new signings (don’t forget about Holtby either from January) >>>>> Bale.

  102. AFC says:

    HH, I will be sure to explain my point of view. 😀

  103. Dylan says:

    JB, I think the opposite. Soldado is quite good and if Bale leaves they’ll buy decent replacement. But I agree that I’m confident we’ll sign at least one player.
    AFC, looking forward to it! 🙂

  104. Gerry says:

    HH – I think you could have saved an awful lot of effort if you had reproduced Man City’s ‘In’s’.
    They are the only ones it seems to me that have bought SQ players? The rest, bar the odd one or two, seemed to be in the bracket we found it was relatively easy to get, but without ant certainty they will cut it?

    That said, I will be interested in how Cardiff’s Cornelius does. if you remember when I was not naming potential signings, coding the instead e.g ‘The Toulouse German’ = Sebastien Rode( who I went off as he had a touch of the Song about him – forgetting about defensive duties. Can pass well though?), well DCS was Danish Copenhagen Striker = Cornelius.

    Arrgh,those were the days when we thought we might cherry pick signings while the others struggled with the burden of financial collapse?

    JB – Just because I think the Saurez deal is now dead – and yes it was me that repeated the comment made on another blog, that my one fear was that we would be used as a stepping stone to BM – I agree I think we will get our three core needs. Especially the DM.

    Strikers not currently available, may be with all these movements among the top clubs. Just like it is now being reported that Gustavo may be open to a move, hence the DM comment.

    CB is a bit more delicate, as I don’t think we want just anyone. It needs to be someone who can replace Per when needed, and so do the organising when with Kos/TV5, but also quick enough when replacing Kos and playing with Per?

    I think Ericksen might be an extra body for a variety of advanced positions, so the striker search will go on?

    See what Friday brings, eh?

  105. James Bond says:

    Ginter Ginter Ginter 😉

  106. Gerry says:

    JB -For DM? I jest, but he would be useful there. I can see him playing next to Per, not so sure alongside Kos/TV5 though?

    I think I have just read something about the conundrum that got glic going all frothy in the mouth – Monaco and the FFP?

    Could it be because technically, they are like the Isle Of Man is to the UK(only Great Britain), being a State not actually in Europe, and therefore not subject to FFP rules?

    I ask the question, because that is what I have just read.

  107. Highbury Harmony says:


    I agree most of the EPL signings are likely not considered SQ outside of City’s, though Soldado is edging pretty close to that category.

    Eriksen would be a quality addition, he certainly has the talent to outproduce almost anyone on his day, however he lacks the consistency and determination to exert himself during a full 90.

    If he were more consistent, more deadly in front of goal and more proven outside of the Eredivisie, he would have been picked up by the top clubs already. Still, there’s a good amount of potential in him to maybe become SQ someday.

    Cornelius could be a good signing for Cardiff, will be interesting to see how he does. I reckon Bony and Canas will be great additions for Swansea, while Caulker is a good bit of business for Cardiff. Deulofeu could be the loan of the year as Everton are a team on the rise with Martinez at the helm.

    Things aren’t looking too bright these days (quite literally, it’s pouring and dark outside), though we’ll have to wait and see what happens since there’s still some time left in the TW. As of now though, I have us finishing in a tight race for 5th with Everton.

  108. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hell, even Liverpool could pass us if they keep Suarez!

  109. ProudGooner says:

    TA, good post,
    NB52 grand a week. is a complete joke. How can he expect to train with the team with everyone knowing his lack of effort or willingness to fight for his place in the team, everyone can see he has turned his career into a just money making job and he does not seem to care. I have heard some Birmingham fans raving over him and his talent when he first joined us and went out on loan to them for a season or 2 i believe. He has got some skills but as you said he has become really lost, i think that just about says it about him.
    More worrying is the lack of news on transfer’s coming out of the club, i can understand our club not wanting to name targets as other teams will defo pounce on them if they do. Still i think Wenger will come though, with the spuds seriously getting some good signings he has to respond and soon. He found us Santi and the other 2 who are all very good players and i think he will find a few more, but its becoming seriously annoying now :/

  110. Gerry says:

    HH – I wouldn’t like AW to finish on that low note?

    I can still see one or two top strikers getting edgy before the TW closes though.

    I would like us to sign Ginter, but he is still very young. Mind, as a DM for now, fine. Which still leaves that CB position? Rmai perhaps?

    I am going to have to turn off the computer very shortly. It is very humid here and it creates far too much heat for my elderly dog.

    See what tomorrows post is all about – best scenario, Bale stays and has a crap season ha ha

  111. Highbury Harmony says:


    I would ideally like to see AW be extended, but he’ll need to make at least one big signing and at least one other reinforcement to achieve his goals in the coming year. I know his intention is to never hurt the club, but there’s something that isn’t sitting right with me right now – whether it be AW’s reluctance to spend money or the board’s disapproval of signing players, there is clearly some disconnect there and things haven’t been the same since Dein left.

    There are some quality options left at DM and defense, but the market is looking incredibly thin when you look at ST.

    We have a strong system and a great coach/manager which has allowed us to perform above our weight for quite some time, and I figure that will continue to happen, but it becomes more increasingly difficult each season with teams reinforcing around us, while we stand relatively idle (when comparing transfers ins and outs).

  112. ProudGooner says:

    Well said i am pleased you still back AW, all you said above is true. I still feel we are just a few players away from a great team . It is just hard on us loyal fans watching all our rivals snapping up great players and us not seeming to get anywhere i am sure AW and team are working really hard behind the closed doors even more so now they are back in London instead of touring and can see what is going on all around them.

  113. Gino92 says:

    Hello TotalArsenal and Everyone,

    I am a newcomer to your blog as far as posting a comment but have following every single one of your posts and reading every comment for the past 2+ years. Never really had the desire to post a comment before but as the start of the new season looms over the horizon, I would like to finally join you guys and contribute to the various debates as best I can. Besides, it is much more fun this way than commenting all to myself, right? Better late than never…

    By the way, kudos to you guys for such a top blog. I really enjoy reading your posts and comments. I actually feel like I know most of you already.

    Regarding Nicky B., I hope this rumor or any rumor related to him finally leaving Arsenal is true. If not, then let him play in the Reserves. What a “nuisance” and a greedy bastard he is turning out to be!

    PS: Out of curiosity, how does one submit a new post for consideration? And create an avatar? Thanks.

  114. James Bond says:

    Ginter as a CB cover, Gerry

    bid has been made and likely to be accepted, i’m hearing.

  115. Glic says:

    Thanks Totes 🙂

    An Arsenal legend in the making Nikki B

    Not a player at the club was as good as he

    His brain ruled by his cock for a Danish Princess

    She ruptured his scrotum and rendered him useless

    Last seen sucking off Vikings and at a clinic for STD

    What to do with him ?

    Just say the word……..me, Stretch, Cortina and chloroform….the rest is history !. hahaha

  116. Glic says:

    Tick, tock, tick, tock………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


  117. Highbury Harmony says:

    I don’t trust anything that comes out of JB’s potty mouth!

  118. Glic says:

    I bet the stadium will be full over the weekend for the Emirates Cup to see the new signings !. Higuian and Sanogo !. Lets hope he is f**king shit to justify our dragging of feet !. The other one ?……..who cares, he didn`t cost anything !.

  119. Glic says:

    I see one of he he Henry`s favourites……Willyfried Boner got a couple on his debut for Swansea tonight !.

  120. VCC says:

    Glic…..Daniel Levy has more balls than Kroenke/Gazidis and Wenger put together. Arsenal will miss the boat as usual. It’s like a record that has got stuck.

  121. James Bond says:

    As Glic would say,

    “look into my eyes” – HH


    on a more serious note, it’s fine, you don’t have to trust me, i only bring you sauces that i rely on for my small bets for fun here n there,

    based on my sauce i have bet on Cesc and Ginter.

    it’s a win win if, both happen for Arsenal and me, if not , then no bigi !

  122. alexgunners says:

    @VCC and Glic,

    None of us know what the hell happens at our club. I for one can say that I am severely over it. AW blames players going to clubs with money. Don’t we supposedly have a war cheat to spend?????
    The spuds sign Soldado and Paulinho both quality players. Are they more attractive than what we are?? Yes we will make a couple of panic buys or find some free transfers. So much for planning for the new season. Now AW is saying that he has belief in our squad. What a load of BS.
    Yes we have some talent in our squad but nowhere near good enough to challenge for honours.

    Yes, I am one severely frustrated gooner

  123. AB says:

    HH. Glad you conclude that we remain best served by Wenger, despite all the ‘grass is greener’ brigade. I agree pretty much exactly with your aspirations for the transfer window, but I am less bleak on the outlook if we don’t secure the new buys that we are looking for. We do have a pretty good quality team, who are a) young, b) improving, and c) are used to playing with each other; in a season of change elsewhere, there is no reason to assume we will regress, quite the reverse. And I still believe we will make some substantial signings in this window – its just fraying everyone’s nerves having to wait so long and put up with all the media headlines. The project, to put The Arsenal in the very highest group of clubs in world football, continues on the same basis that it started – sustainable investment and growth; it will not be rushed (risked), though we all know it will be considerably accelerated with the right signing or two. Keeping the faith!

  124. TotalArsenal says:

    Good evening and welcome to new bloggers Thure and Gino92: thank you for very fine comments 🙂

    Only just come back from work, and will publish AFC’s post in a few minutes.

  125. Glic says:

    Vicky and alex.

    I`m sure someone will remind us there is still time in the TW to make some signings……..hold on a sec`….lets go to the clock !.


    yep….still plenty of time ! ( yes , that was sarcasm ! hahaha )

    I said long before the season was over that this would be our most exciting TW ever with most money spent by us !……so far I`m looking a khunt of a predictor !……even more worse than my UMF predictions !. hahaha
    I also said that if Darth Wenger does not spend any money this TW after the Gazidis revelations !, then imo it will be time for Arsene to go !. With the Spuds breaking our transfer fee record twice this window I haven`t changed my mind . Sorry Arsene…..spend or go !. Nothing to do with your brilliance of the past, but you need to change with the times, you were a visionary manager, now you are an economist manager !. Credit is due though, you`re doing a brilliant job, but I`d rather see trophy`s in the cabinet, not money in the Bank of Stan !.
    The clock is ticking and only SQ will do !.
    Over to you Stretch !. hahaha

  126. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post 🙂

    AFC is back with a fine analysis of the Bale situation. Enjoy! 🙂

  127. Admir says:

    May I say that I got a little bit sick with Google Hangout with Arsene Wenger?

    There, I said it.

    Now, let’s go to the more important things. The most important question is: what kind of method our negotiators use?

    “The Obvious One”, in which they publicly state the interest for a player after stating they have 70 million pounds war-chest and in which every move is so transparent that it makes you feel uncomfortable?

    “The Masochist One”, in which they let our rivals sign all players they want (including our own) so we can try the hardest way to the failure of grabbing silverware?

    “The Traditional One”, in which a pigeon (probably the one Colonel Black Adder shot down back in 1917) is used to deliver our bids for players?

    “The Annoying Cretin One”, in which we insult the team we are trying to make a business arrangement regarding their player (e.g. Cahill, Suarez) before withdrawal of the bid?

    “The Back To The 1998 One”, in which we try to find a new Henry or Bergkamp for less than 15 million pounds?

    “The Stubborn Idiot Trapped In The Groundhog Day One”, in which we repeat the same mistakes over and over again without learning anything?

    Cavani, Falcao, Gomez, Soldado, Jovetić, Negredo, Bony, Aubameyang, Higuain… A lot of strikers were available this summer. I understand that we couldn’t sign Falcao and Cavani but all other strikers were within our reach.

    Wanyama signed for Southampton and it seems that Napoli will beat us for Gustavo’s signature as well. Hell, even bloody Flamini is a free player now. But, no new defensive midfielder for us so far. Fellaini – who was arguably the best player in the league in the first half of the season 2012-13 – has a contract clause that makes him free for 23 million pounds. If Wenger is reluctant to meet that one, he will never spend more than he did for Arshavin in 2008.

    I’m sorry for all this negativity but today is 1st August, our first game will kick-off in 16 days and we haven’t signed anyone except injury prone youngster who is yet to make first appearance for Arsenal since he wasn’t with the team in Asia.

  128. Glic says:

    Good stuff Admir , but how dare you leave out Goetze and my Isco ! 😆

  129. ProudGooner says:

    Glic 15 days, is that all it is til the season starts. Well it clearly is and that shows just how much they need to pull there fingers out of each others hairy bum holes (AW & Ivan 70 million to spend) and make some signings.

  130. alexgunners says:

    That’s exactly how I feel right now.

    Well said.

    There has been a lot of quality players move this tw.

  131. Admir says:

    Glic, I left them out because I was mentioning only strikers and DMs that we missed out on. 😉 Of course, I had liked Goetze while he played for Dortmund ever since I saw him playing and I wrote about his release clause LAST DECEMBER (except, it was reported back then he was available for 30 million euros) on allarsenal.com but apparently, our beloved manager expects Rikhard Zorge to inform him about what is new in Germany before Dickhard Law steps in.

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