Luis Suarez: Is He Really Worth Wenger’s Biggest Gamble?


Much has been made of Arsenal’s lack of trophies since winning the FA Cup in a penalty shoot-out against Manchester United in 2005. Much has also been made of Arsenal’s inability to compete with the so-called “Big Clubs” in the transfer market, due to financial restraints simultaneously imposed by 1) our move to the Emirates Stadium, and 2) the overly-inflated player market – (no) thanks in large part to mega-rich Clubs, like Chelsea and Manchester City, and most recently, Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco.

Against this backdrop, Arsenal fans all over the world have become disillusioned and disenchanted about the state of affairs at their Club while still passionately, or in some instances, reluctantly supporting the Club.  Arsene Wenger, the much-maligned long-term Arsenal Manager, and the Board of Directors (B.o.D), have in the past few years been berated and castigated for being negligent toward the Club and showing an utter lack of ambition by some section of the fans.
The 2012-2013 season saw Arsenal bravely claw their way back to nick 4th place away from bitter rivals Tottenham on the last day of the season, by a solitary point. This fierce battle for 4th Place was enough to give most Gooners Hypertension during the run-in to end the season. Upon further analysis, Arsenal actually lost only 3 games and drew 4 more games out of  23 since Match Day 16 (in December). That statistic in itself is quite amazing if you think about it. And yes, things definitely could have been much better had Arsenal started the season strongly. We all know that. So does Arsene Wenger and so does the B.o.D.

If that is the case, then what are they doing about it?

Well, to prevent history from repeating itself, and armed with a stronger financial position, Arsenal are seemingly determined to bring in a Super Quality Striker who likes to score goals for fun. And having fallen asleep at the Gate and missed the “Higuain Flight” (if they were even supposed to be on that “flight” in the first place), Arsene Wenger and the B.o.D. have set out to kill two birds – demonstrate financial ability to compete in the transfer market, and show the fans that we are very ambitious this time around and mean business – with one stone: “the Luis Suarez” stone.
Except this is one very expensive and very controversial “stone”.


Luis Suarez, as we all know, is without a doubt a world class talent, a technically skilled athlete, and a passionate, success-hungry footballer who can change a game by himself and make a huge difference for any side ‘whenever he is on the pitch’. A sure loss can instantly be converted into a draw, or a win, in one sweeping magical moment by the Uruguayan Striker. Inversely, a hundred magical moments can easily be undone with one unpredictable and insane moment from the same player.

And that is the big £40-55m gamble, isn’t it…?

As the debate continues to rage over the possible transfer of the controversial striker, I would like to play the devil’s advocate for a moment, and suggest that Liverpool and Arsenal ask themselves the following questions before proceeding any further.

Questions for Liverpool Management/Ownership:

1.) What exactly is Suarez’s valuation in today’s market, taking into account all the negativity (including the current 10-match ban, with six still remaining)?

2.) Can we achieve a Champions League spot with our current squad this upcoming season?

3.) Can we honestly expect Suarez to stay out of trouble throughout the entire season?

4.) How long can we realistically expect the next ban to be? 15-20 matches, perhaps more?

5.) How much would Suarez be worth after the next potential incident?

6.) Based on the above, can we afford to turn down an Arsenal offer of say £45 millions plus add-ons, for an unhappy and such an unpredictable player?

Questions for Arsenal Management/Ownership:

1.) Do we really need a Super Quality striker like Suarez?

2.) How much are we actually willing to pay for him?

3.) Can we keep his “inner demons” under good control throughout the entire length (not just this season) of his contract?

4.)  If we were to fork out say £50 millions for him, what would be his approximate re-sale value once his “inner demons” got bored and decided to come out and play too?

5.) Based on the above, can we seriously afford to “gamble” an unprecedented sum of £50 millions on Suarez?

6.) Finally, is Luis Suarez really worth that “gamble”? If not, what are some of the alternatives we could/should instead be considering?

I invite you all, to please put your managerial thinking-hat on for a moment and answer these questions as honestly as you can, and draw your own conclusion about this potential transfer.

Also, as this is my maiden post in the blogosphere, any constructive criticism that you might have for me is very welcome. Thank you.

Written by: Gino92

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424 Responses to Luis Suarez: Is He Really Worth Wenger’s Biggest Gamble?

  1. Well put. My concern is Arsenal are been pressurised to pay over the odds for Suarez …by our fans. He is truly not worth 40m

  2. James Bond says:

    short answer first followed by a more detailed one later,

    Yes, he’s worth the gamble.

    thanks for a splendid first article/post, welcome to ever growing list of writers on BK – GINO92

    a fantastic piece to get off the mark 🙂

  3. Milo says:

    Love the second picture! 😀

  4. F4PhantomPhreak says:

    No player is worth 50 million, no player at all! Who is to say he comes to Arsenal, then has a blinder of a season 30 goals, then next summer Real Madrid or Man Utd. Come calling, most likely he would be off in a flash……he would be pulling a Cesc type thing. My grandmother once told me, son if they do it once (meaning push for a move) then the second time becomes even easier, then the 3rd etc…etc…etc…. You get the point.

  5. James Bond says:

    Doctor Fred,

    you’re spot on there, he’s not worth 40 million, he’s worth 50 million and the only reason we might be getting him under 50 million is because of his baggage.

  6. 4real says:

    well done….we had couple of those type of players not long time ago….u need to factor in the qualifier for CL….

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Gino 🙂

    Thank you for a very, very good post. Your questions get right to the essence of the Suarez-gate, and really clever to focus on both clubs. I think Suarez will bring the additional spark to the club: he has energy and drive and would add additional skills/dimension to our attack. But at what price and risk: I’d rather somebody else is bought – somebody will PL winning experience and a real role model for the youngsters. Not easy to find, I agree.

    If Suarez joins us, I will support him, but I hope the club find a better alternative.

  8. Highbury Harmony says:


    Great maiden post and welcome to BK mate! I particularly enjoyed the questions you asked of both Liverpool’s and our management teams.

    I think the situation needs to be dissected from a club goal point of view. Are Arsenal serious about competing for trophies or is it simply a common statement made by clubs and/or to distract us from the fact that we haven’t won anything for 8 years? If we’re serious about winning some silverware, then a super quality striker is needed.

    Any league at the top level (La Liga, EPL, CL, Serie A and Bundesliga) is won with a super quality striker leading the line (well at least 99% of the time). From a talent point of view, Suarez clearly fits the mould – good pace, can create scoring chances out of nothing for himself and others, great close ball control, vision, decent aerial ability and the “hunger” to win no matter what (though he takes this too far sometimes).

    However, from a personality standpoint, he may not be worth the gamble. He’s already being targeted by officials for his diving and those in the FIFA/EPL offices surely have their eyes fixated on him. Any little incorrect move by him will surely lead to a bigger suspension than the average player committing the same infraction. This COULD be a distraction that Arsenal simply do not need. Winning silverware has a cost, but what are we winning if we pay 40-50 million for Suarez and he gets banned for 15-20 matches??

    Unfortunately, AW’s laissez-faire attitude to the TW thus far has meant that there are limited options remaining for super quality strikers. The ship has already sailed on Falcao, Cavani, Gomez, Higuain, Soldado, Jovetic, Negredo, Tevez etc. Aside from Suarez, Rooney and potentially Lewandowski, the rest of the strikers rumoured to be available do not exactly inspire confidence if the goal is to seriously improve the quality our squad.

    Whether or not we want to admit it, this may be a gamble AW cannot afford to pass up on, simply because so much hangs in the balance. It’s a contract year for him and if serious improvement is not made in either silverware or in the table, it could be the last season we ever see with AW at the helm 😦 (he said he would leave if he cannot better this club).

  9. RockyLives says:

    Excellent article.

    I think the risk for Arsenal is worth it because we need a world class striker to push on to the level above where we’re at now.

    Problem is, if I were Rodgers, I would see Suarez as vital to having any chance of getting Champs League next season, so I can see why he wouldn’t want to let the biter go.

    Having said that, it does look as if ‘Pool are lining up replacements.

  10. Admir says:

    Welcome, Gino92. First of all, I have to say that I’m impressed with your post. I guess Bergkampesque became something like blogging version of Arsenal, Ajax or Barcelona. 🙂

    Questions for Liverpool Management/Ownership:

    1.) What exactly is Suarez’s valuation in today’s market, taking into account all the negativity (including the current 10-match ban, with six still remaining)? – I think that his worth is around 45 million pounds. He is a world-class striker, a versatile player that can make a difference. His problems with discipline are the reason why he is worth less than Falcao and Cavani.

    2.) Can we achieve a Champions League spot with our current squad this upcoming season? – Hardly, but I must admit they fixed problem between the sticks (Mignolet instead of Reina) and have a very exciting player in Coutinho.

    3.) Can we honestly expect Suarez to stay out of trouble throughout the entire season? – No.

    4.) How long can we realistically expect the next ban to be? 15-20 matches, perhaps more? – Exactly.

    5.) How much would Suarez be worth after the next potential incident? – 35 million pounds tops.

    6.) Based on the above, can we afford to turn down an Arsenal offer of say £45 millions plus add-ons, for an unhappy and such an unpredictable player? – I think that it would be the best thing for Liverpool to sell Suarez for 45 million pounds, possibly abroad.

    Questions for Arsenal Management/Ownership:

    1.) Do we really need a Super Quality striker like Suarez? – Yes, but not Suarez.

    2.) How much are we actually willing to pay for him? – I believe we are ready to fork out 40.000.001 pounds. We have a history of not going all the way for just a million pounds or two.

    3.) Can we keep his “inner demons” under good control throughout the entire length (not just this season) of his contract? – Hardly, though Wenger managed to handle Vieira, Adebayor, Nasri, Van Judas, Adams, Keown, Anelka…and neither of them were angels, to put it mildly.

    4.) If we were to fork out say £50 millions for him, what would be his approximate re-sale value once his “inner demons” got bored and decided to come out and play too? – It depends on his performances and results but also what situation will be on the market. If there is a level of prices like now, he might be worth of about…well, 60 million pounds if he keeps banging goals in Premiership and Champions’ League without “inner demons”. With them – 40 million pounds would be a fantastic deal.

    5.) Based on the above, can we seriously afford to “gamble” an unprecedented sum of £50 millions on Suarez? – No, but we should spend that amount to reinforce our team. I’d spend that money on Lewandowski who is younger, better player and hasn’t had any racist or biting incident.

    6.) Finally, is Luis Suarez really worth that “gamble”? If not, what are some of the alternatives we could/should instead be considering? – No. Lewandowski would be the choice.

  11. Highbury Harmony says:

    F4PP, if we spend 50 mil and Suarez comes in and scores 30 goals next year then we can sell him to RM for even more. I’m completely ok with that scenario.

    I’d rather that than spend 50 mil and have the player be a complete bust like that Lesbanian looking fellow currently playing for Chelsea.

  12. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, I think I’m going to write an article about how we should buy back Vela in the next week hahaha. I was always fond of the lad and think he could be a great player, it’s just too bad it didn’t work out back then. He’s changed as a player though, you can see a sense of maturity to his game now.

  13. AFC says:

    Gino92, very good post. 🙂

    Here are the answers to your questions.

    Questions for Liverpool Management/Ownership:

    1.) What exactly is Suarez’s valuation in today’s market, taking into account all the negativity (including the current 10-match ban, with six still remaining)?

    £35 million but for Arsenal £50 million plus. Arsene will not pay it though so we will sell at £45 million.

    2.) Can we achieve a Champions League spot with our current squad this upcoming season?

    No, we cannot. It’s pretty simple. Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United all have stronger squads. I think we will struggle to even finish above Everton.

    3.) Can we honestly expect Suarez to stay out of trouble throughout the entire season?

    No we cannot. He has already picked up a 8 match ban and a 10 match ban.

    4.) How long can we realistically expect the next ban to be? 15-20 matches, perhaps more?

    Next ban will be at least 12 games maybe 15 games plus if the FA get serious.

    5.) How much would Suarez be worth after the next potential incident?

    £20-25 million.

    6.) Based on the above, can we afford to turn down an Arsenal offer of say £45 millions plus add-ons, for an unhappy and such an unpredictable player?

    No we cannot. He does not want to be at our club. We cannot keep an unhappy player at the club.

    Questions for Arsenal Management/Ownership:

    1.) Do we really need a Super Quality striker like Suarez?

    Yes, we do. We need a player who can score 20 goals plus and who can also score goals against the big teams (in the PL and CL) as well. Every team has a super quality ST which we are lacking. A top quality ST will allow us to compete . Giroud is a good squad player and a plan b for us.

    2.) How much are we actually willing to pay for him?

    We might actually get him for £40 million and £1 but I think we might have to end up paying £45 million.

    3.) Can we keep his “inner demons” under good control throughout the entire length (not just this season) of his contract?

    Not really sure. Maybe at a new club and given a second chance he might have changed.

    4.)  If we were to fork out say £50 millions for him, what would be his approximate re-sale value once his “inner demons” got bored and decided to come out and play too?

    If he messes up at our club we will have to sell him for around £20-25 million.

    5.) Based on the above, can we seriously afford to “gamble” an unprecedented sum of £50 millions on Suarez?

    Yes, because without a top quality ST we will not win the league and we might not finish in the top four which is our priority, of course.

    6.) Finally, is Luis Suarez really worth that “gamble”? If not, what are some of the alternatives we could/should instead be considering?

    Yes, he is worth the trouble. He is the only top ST left. Lewandowski will go to Bayern on a free and Rooney is likely to go to Chelsea, if he leaves United. Anyway Rooney is a SS.

    Other alternatives would be to bring in no ST.

    My alternatives are to convert Theo and Podolski to STs. Play Giroud with one of Podolski or Theo to give him the much needed help he needs. Invest in a quality winger and AM. Then play 4-2-2-2 or 4-4-2 (with two holding midfielders if width if needed or play a diamond variation).

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Go for it, HH. Bring back Flamini, Cesc and Vela and we are firing from all cylinders. 🙂

    Hi Rocky 🙂

    How’s life?

  15. AFC says:

    TA, I would bring back Flamini on a six month loan deal as cover for Diaby.

  16. AFC says:

    TA, do not forget King Henry as player-coach.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC 🙂

    King Henry could be a great influence on the shoulder chewer. But dont count on Diaby; it would be small miracle if he was to become a regular.

  18. bc says:

    I can’t answer all the questions but I believe arsenal will pay £40m for suarez. However I think they will offer liverpool some add ons worth £10-15m including the first £10m of any profit extra money if we win the league champions league etc.

    The fact they have borini sturridge iaspas or whatever his name is and have now offered the release clause on costa (a player arsenal were interested in) suggests that suarez will have soon been replaced twice over.

    For me there is not many players left in the top striker category. I would say the top 10 is messi ronaldo falcao cavani suarez rvp neymar lewandowski rooney ibrahimovic. Just behind them are Aguero tevez higuain benzema dzeko gomez manduzkic negredo soldaldo torres villa and a few others. Importantly none of them currently play for arsenal and that is something that needs to be addressed.

    Our current attacking quadrant of walcott cazorla podolski giroud is a 66 goal combination and possibly the best attacking quad out there. Its the back up of chamberlain rosicky ryo sanogo that lacks goals but add suarez to that starting line up and giroud to the back up and you are suddenly looking at a line up to strike fear into teams. If we could somehow include fabregas which I think is still possible especially if we sign suarez then we will have a formidable set of attackers.

    Fellaini cesar and a centre back option ould finish my spending. However I believe that barca are interested in vermaelen if we could get the anticipated 15m for him I would then sign 2 centre backs rami and sakho. Giving us 4 top centre backs and 4 top full backs.

  19. Highbury Harmony says:

    Generational – Messi, Ronaldo (not really a ST), maybe Neymar (also not really a ST)

    Elite – Falcao, Cavani, RVP, Gomez, Suarez, Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic and Rooney (before last season)

    Great – Soldado, Reus, El Shaarawy, Lavezzi, Jan Huntelaar, Eto’o (now), Torres (now), Villa (now), Drogba (now), Benzema, Higuain, Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko, Mandzukic. Maybes include Balotelli, Damiao, Aubemeyang, Schurrle etc.

    Good – Most starting ST not already mentioned, generally ones playing at good clubs

  20. AFC says:

    HH, to me Aguero and Balotelli are very close to the elite category.

  21. AFC says:

    I would also take Torres out of the great category and put him into the good category.

  22. AFC says:

    I would add Negrado in the good category.

  23. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, Balotelli still has much to prove. He’s too inconsistent to be Elite. And yes, Aguero could go in the Elite category – I probably should have put him there and for some lapse in judgement accidentally grouped him with the other City strikers.

    Negredo is somewhere in between the good and great category – you don’t finish in the top 7 in league scoring, in arguably the best league in the world, in 3 of the past 5 years without being better than good.

    Did you join the BK FF league yet?

  24. Highbury Harmony says:

    Torres is a bit of enigma. In his Liverpool/Athletico years he was elite, so I’m not quite sure what has happened to him now. I stuck him in between his current form and where he once was.

  25. AFC says:

    HH, I will not be joining the BK fantasy league. I think I’ll just stick to writing posts for now.

    I agree that Balotelli can be inconsistant but in my opinion it its not the number of goals he scores but the fact that a lot of the goals he scores are important goals. He was key to City when they won the league but when he plays for Italy he looks the business. A real threat who will score important goals, which a lot of the top STs have failed to do at international level.

  26. AFC says:

    Where is Hulk. 😀 I am just messing with you. Hulk is a RW/ST hybrid like Walcott.

    Where would you place Fred?

  27. AFC says:

    I suppose you could put cesc in the list as well. He has played through entire tournaments with Spain as a false 9. Not sure if I would put him in the elite or great category though.

  28. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, I reckon it’s more important to score consistently for your club than on the International stage. Or else Bendtner could easily be confused with being “great”. Also, club competitions occur more frequently and occur every year. Balotelli has not really shown anything at the club level as of now, aside from his 13 games with Milan last half season.

    It’s really difficult to rate Fred. Like many other Brazilians, he’s found it difficult to replicate his success over a sustained period of time and outside of Brazil in general. I’d put him in good, simply because his stats at Fluminese are great but it’s still Brazil Serie A and he’s not exactly young…

  29. AFC says:

    Thanks for your views on Balotelli and Fred, HH. 🙂

  30. Highbury Harmony says:

    Re-watching older Arsenal games, it’s quite clear that a player like Cesc could change the entire complexion/identity of our team. His vision and ability to dissect a defense are second to none. His over the top balls are a thing of beauty and no defense can really defend or park the bus against that.

    Cesc could make anyone look better than they truly are though our finishing would still need to be more consistent with all the chances he’d create. Ideally, a combo of a great striker and Cesc with our current squad would easily win us the league imo.

  31. Highbury Harmony says:

    You’re welcome AFC, any time my friend :).

  32. bond james says:

    Right then….

    chamakh to palace

    gervinho to roma

    announcement very soon !

    Source…my sauce.

  33. Wengerball says:

    LS7(9) – Uruguayan forward.

    November 2007
    Joined Ajax from
    Groningen but he was
    later suspended by
    the Amsterdam club
    after a half-time
    altercation with his
    team-mate Albert

    July 2010
    During the 2010
    World Cup quarter-
    finals, Suárez
    prevented Ghana’s
    Dominic Adiyiah from
    scoring in the final
    minute with a
    deliberate handball
    on the line and was
    subsequently sent off
    (his second
    dismissal after being
    shown a red card on
    his Uruguay debut in
    February 2007). A
    penalty was awarded
    but missed by
    Asamoah Gyan as
    Suárez celebrated on
    the sidelines.
    Uruguay eventually
    went through to the
    last four on penalties.

    November 2010
    Suárez was handed a
    seven-match ban by
    the Dutch FA and
    fined by his club for
    biting the PSV
    Eindhoven midfielder
    Otman Bakkal during
    an Eredivisie match.

    October 2011
    Following his move to
    Liverpool in January
    2011, he was
    involved in a tackle
    with Everton’s Jack
    Rodwell and went
    down with apparent
    minimal contact.
    Rodwell was then sent

    October 2011
    Suárez was alleged to
    have racially abused
    Manchester United’s
    Patrice Evra during a
    Premier League
    match. Suárez was
    later found guilty by
    an independent
    commission and
    banned for eight
    matches and fined
    December 2011

    Was seen making an
    offensive gesture
    towards Fulham fans.
    At this time he had
    already been charged
    by the Football
    Association over the
    Evra incident,
    although not yet
    punished, but was
    handed a further one-
    match ban for the

    February 2012
    United and Liverpool
    met again at Old
    Trafford, but more
    controversy ensued
    as Suárez refused to
    shake Evra’s hand
    before kick-off.
    October 2012
    Celebrated a goal in
    the Merseyside derby
    by diving in front of
    the Everton manager,
    David Moyes, who
    had earlier claimed
    that “divers such as
    Suárez are putting
    fans off the English

    January 2013
    Handled the ball
    prior to scoring
    Liverpool’s winner in
    the FA Cup third-
    round tie at
    March 2013
    Suárez appeared to
    punch the Chilean
    defender Gonzalo Jara
    after tussling with
    him during a World
    Cup qualifier for
    Uruguay. The referee
    failed to see the
    incident, with Fifa
    launching an
    investigation that
    could yet lead to

    April 2013
    Luis Suarez the Liverpool forward bites Chelsea’s
    defender Branislav
    Ivanovic on the arm
    during the 2-2 draw
    with Chelsea at
    Anfield, before then
    going on to score a
    late equaliser.
    Luis Suarez is subsequently suspended for 10 matches in English football… (6 matches remaining ban still yet to be served for 2013/2014 season)

    Well, everyone in life deserves to learn from their mistakes and become a better person in life… but I guess LS7 has probably the football talent and on field risks in equal measure and being risk averse considered a prudent thing, the jury is out there on LS7.

    Arsenal Football Club as a brand has a great moral and virtue tradition to safeguard in the spirit of fair play and for the good of the game…

  34. Mike says:

    Hay I am as unhappy as any Arsenal fan about the lack of that special player in the lineup Players like Bergkamp or Henry just do not come along very often.

    But I am Much more upset about the state of Football today thanks to these Mega wealthy owners willing to spend STUPID amount on transfer fees and Player Salaries. First off NO player should Make £200 a week in fact no person, I do not care what your job, should earn earn that kind of money. (But that is a topic for a political or philosophical form no a Football blog).

    Arsenal have some very good players and they should have done better. Part of being a good manager and coaching staff is getting the players you have to preform better not just going to the transfer market and spending the most money to sign new players.

    Suarez Is not worth what Liverpool are asking. He is not even worth what Arsenal have already offered. And he is a Punk regardless of How talented a player he is.

    I do not feel Arsenal’s problem is not bidding enough on the WRONG players it is not going after the Right players before they reach astronomical values. And not offering the Right players we had good enough contracts to stay. AND paying poor players that sit on the bench too much to do nothing for the team.

    Another problem has been sticking with over hyped players based on some potential that never seems to come to results. AND bad luck with injuries that hampered promising talent’s development.

    I do not want Suarez I want a DM a new CB (or 2) so we don’t have the same problem as last year when we get injuries and a Attacking mid that actually can put up better assist and Goal tally so Carzola is not the only mid scoring goals and getting in double digits on assist.
    Even Giroud can score more if we had better passing in the final third our so called star players do great in the middle of the pitch but once they get to the final 3rd the through balls are just not good enough. I would rather Wenger go after Modric for 40M then spend a dime more for a bid on Suarez.

  35. Dylan says:

    I’m a little late to join and don’t have a ton of time, but I will say this is a fantastic debut post. Well done Gino! 🙂 As for the topic to debate, I’m still split. Suarez is great, but can we risk his antics. At first, I said avoid him. Then it turned to an “I’m not sure”. Then it changed to “I don’t care either way”. And now I’m starting to lean towards us buying him, just because there aren’t many strikers of his quality left in this window. Although I see El Sharaawy as a younger Suarez (they’re actually fairly similar) and I think buying El Sharaawy could be really good business too. The thing is, El Sharaawy is mainly a winger who can play CF and Suarez is the opposite. I think buying both would be great, but not realistic money wise. So it’s an “I don’t know” leaning towards yes on Suarez. And I also think that we should look at El Sharaawy. But great post Gino. 🙂

  36. Dylan says:

    AFC, thanks for putting the Kondogbia thing. I saw it earlier and meant to link it but I forgot. Sad to here he’s partially owned by a third party. 😦
    As for the striker thing, I think we need to be looking at Suarez, Reus, El Sharaawy, and Aguero. They are all great players. Obviously with Suarez’s attitude problems, I’d rather go for Aguero and either Reus or El Sharaawy. Aguero for ST and Reus or El Sharaawy for LW (to replace Gerv) and they can both back up the ST position and possibly AM.

  37. JM says:

    Who is Luis Suarez ?

    JM is coming to play in the Emirates Cup. (£35 Million to £40 Million value inc. buyout clause). Right foot, Left foot, Intelligent headed goals, acrobatic goals, improvised goals, poacher-like goals and more included. Great striker, definitely worth it.

    Quote on the goal in 1.35min to 1.46min mark in the video from

    “Marcos Rojo drifted a yard or so behind the rest of the Sporting defence. So did FC Porto’s Jackson Martinez. Leaning against that imaginary offside line that all of the game’s great goalscorers draw in their heads, Danilo read the Colombian’s mind and chipped a pass into the box.

    The problem was that it was played too square and with insufficient pace. With so little room inside the confines of the penalty area, Martinez had to check his run and could only take the ball on his thigh. Then he had a problem. He was facing the wrong way.

    As Rojo closed in, Martinez was forced to improvise. He allowed the ball to drop, then flicked a heel at it, sending it past Rui Patricio and into the net. For the few Portistas yet to be convinced, it was a moment that told them they had something special on their hands.

    That goal was just one of 31 he would go on to score in the first season of what has been a seamless transition to European football.”

    Senior career:
    (2004–2009) Independiente Medellin(Columbian league) 136games (55goals)
    (2010–2012) Chiapas(Mexican league) 58games (28goals)
    (2012–) Porto 30games (26goals)

    National team:
    (2009–) Colombia 18caps (8goals)

  38. Wengerball says:

    Great top skill for the back heel goal by Jackson Martinez of Porto in the video clip above. Great entertainment for any football fan to watch and experience such a moment.

    I hope the likes of Jackson Martinez, Higuain, Hamsik, Drogba, Yilmaz, Giroud and definitely Sanogo can contribute to some incredible entertaining gaols scoring and finishing in The Emirates Cup 2013 this weekend.

    The thought of Arsenal playing against more of such top players and teams in the coming season is what makes me long for the up coming season and what the “celebration of Koscielny’s goal and win against Newcastle last season” metaphorically entitled us to…

    Go Gunners Go… #Aha

  39. William rogers says:

    I do not think the team needs a striker if the existing players pull their weight and stay fit.

  40. johnnie nyc says:

    we really have left ourselves in an uncomfortable spot.. I just don’t know what we were thinking.. we knew we needed help in attack, and it needed to be quality after all the talent we’ve sold recently, cesc, Nasri, vP. and our problems scoring last season.
    we blew it haggling over Higuain almost 2 months ago..he could have been the class finisher to replace vP.
    we ignored every other talent out there(negredo, jovetic, soldado,- all of whom we could afford) and others. now we will have to pay a lot extra for Suarez, if we can get him at all—

    BUT 🙂
    HE IS WORTH IT.. exciting, does everything..(even with garbage talent support at Liverpool).creates his own opportunities– not just a finisher like so many others being listed here.. premier league proven, tenacious, etc.
    and remember, this is not a one time batch of money we are pulling from, not a nest egg….. if all doesn’t end perfectly, we will be in a decent position to spend in the coming years… thanks to years of prudence, sacrifice and Arsenes great work.
    I see no reason why we cant overpay a little for Luis, ( nothing to be ashamed of considering what big clubs pay for talent these days )to make up for our recent failures in the market
    — and also get another TOP player on top of it – midfielder, and then a decent cover in defence..because of injuries.. remember, we loaned out djourou and Coquelin early before bringing any cover in.
    Jack, Kozzer, and our leader Mikel have publically asked for signings, in a respectful way, they are crying out for a statement of intent also.
    we shouldn’t have left it all so late. with the way our few previous seasons have ended, and recent transfer windows with our talent peeling loose, its getting to be so stressful being an Arsenal fan. we deserve a couple of big signings. I wonder if the club ever think about us that way.
    they should.

  41. Gerry says:

    Gino Giino – Did you say yesterday that you were only reading posts but did not comment? – All I can say, like fine wine, you have brought something special to the table, so may be the wait has not been wasted? Brilliant.

    Love the style. Love the serious questions asked. By asking them in the right way(from both side’s point of view), you have made readers really think about their responses?
    Which is what is great about BK, writers and readers, I think you will agree.

    My point of view from the beginning of our interest in Saurez has been a consistent Yes.
    The reasons I have given are two fold:

    One, Arsenal are a club with prestige and a history of playing good football, AND having players who have reached world acclaim as the being among the very best.
    The moment Saurez was informed of our interest in him, he too was interested(as well as laughing at the Chelsea interest). That was HIM being interested. Not an agent whispering in his ear, as to how much money he could make, etc. I believe that response was genuine, because he wants to be remembered as one of the best footballers, rather than the baggage he creates and carries with him. So, when an esteemed manager like Arsene Wenger is willing, nay, keen to take him on board it immediately focuses on his good qualities, not his bad points. That is what, he most of all, is what he wants?

    My second point is why Arsene Wenger would want to take on such a character, for all the excellent reasons stated above, and yet pursue it beyond just an inquiry.
    The answer is first and foremost, he sees in Saurez, as I do, with all his talent, as being the player that will bring out the best in so many of our players that ended the last season so well, and fitting in with our style of play.
    The second reason is more an economic one. Once told of the ‘release clause’, the idea of getting a SQ strike for a tad over £40m, and that £1 was very,very deliberately targeted at sending the message, was the icing on the cake.
    I do stress though that I believe these two things came in that order, and is why this deal is still very credible to Saurez. Otherwise, in Saurez eyes, AW would be no better than Mourinho reason for wanting him?

    When the clause was exposed to be not all it should have been, i knew AW would not go to the £55m that ‘Pool were saying is what it would take for them to release him, and I guessed that the signing was dead.

    However, since then, despite all the pleas from the likes of Gerrard and Rodgers, it emerges there was a verbal agreement that he could leave for a CL club, bar Man U(their long tradition of mutual dislike for that club, equals that of ours to Spurs?) should they not get into the CL. This they failed to do. It has clearly riled Saurez so much that they have gone to offering him to any European Club for £35m – Which you may remember is exactly what we did with RVP and Juve @£15m?

    We failed to get them to go for it, largely, it transpired, because the treacherous twat had already negotiated with Man U back in the January, and that was were he was going. So it will be interesting to see if Saurez holds out should an offer come from, say Bayern, which is highly likely, or he is so bitter towards the ‘Pool board that he would rather stuff them, at the same time as restoring his credibility with us?
    We shall have to wait and see ….

    So to the questions you pose:
    On the ‘Pool side of things I think they have been exposed as going back on their word, and would be wise to sell quickly. If they take a few £m hit by selling in Europe they will do it, but rather than prolong it they will accept a bid below £50m just to clear the decks. My guess is that, in order to keep things ‘amicable’, AW will go $42.5m with a smug satisfied grin, because if it drags out, and legal proceedings follow, the current bid could still win the day?

    To keep Saurez, they have a far greater problem of keeping him out of trouble if he is still brooding over what might have been?

    On that point, I think the only games he will miss, after his ban has finished, will be if he gets a double yellow sending off, the latter probably for dissent?

    Otherwise, he will be stepping into a dressing room full of a unified group of players, many of whom he is going to have to earn their respect in view of his recent record. If he cannot win that battle, then this will be a really, really bad signing. Mind, I would imagine AW would have already got some feedback on this before going this far? A happy Saurez, playing in a successful team, which will exploit his skills as a goal scorer, and playmaker, then I believe there will be no build up of frustrations to ignite his darker side.

    So it is still a big YES from me. However, seeing as HH has put the one player I put as my number one preferred signing, long before this TW opened, as a potential ‘Great player’ – one PIERRE EMERICK AUBAMEYANG – who was available at £15m!!!

    Had AW listened to my pleadings for PEA, then I don’t believe we would be having this discussion … Just so you know, I too am dismayed at how this TW has gone so far.

    Repair the damage Arsene – Quickly!

  42. Gino92 says:

    Finally found some time out of a very busy day to read your comments. Thanks a lot guys for the encouragement. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your fine blog. Good comments by all of you.

    It seems to me that most of us are still divided on Suarez, and some of us can’t even make up our mind one way of the other. I am in the latter group.

    On the one hand I see Suarez the footballer, as the ideal top striker we need to get us to the top. Someone who can easily contribute 25-30 goals for us along with about a dozen assists or so, someone who will make everyone else play better with the passion, the hunger to put it all out on the pitch and win. I just love Suarez’s work ethics, his will and determination to WIN! I wish we had a few players like that in our current squad…

    On the other hand, I see £45-50 mil as a whole lot of cash (especially for Arsenal) to spend on such a highly volatile character, needing only a tiny little spark to ignite in a big way. I am sure Wenger will lay down the law regarding his on and off the pitch behavior if he were to join us, and for the most part he will probably behave in an admirable way. What scares the shit out of me is when he starts to get frustrated by bus parking teams, when defenders are constantly nibbling at his ankles, when calls are not going his way (even though he might be right), when he misses a sitter and our “faithful” boo-boys start doing their thing (remember Eboue or Arshavin?). How will he take it all in? Will his other personality “Hannibal Lecter” make a regrettable and unwanted appearance in the heat of the moment before any one of our players can pull him away from trouble? I can seem him score a wonder goal, a “goal of the season” just as easily as I can see him kick a defender right in the nuts in the 78th minute of a losing game because he got frustrated and is being totally outplayed by the defender. That is my major concern, and that’s why I want him and don’t want him at the same time. What a dilemma…!!! I am just glad I don’t get to make those big decisions for our Club. I would rather we just avoid the whole thing and spend half of the £50 mil on Robert Lewandowski (he might change his mind and choose to sign for us, I am sure Dortmund would rather see that happen than him going to Munich in a year’s time on a free) and the other half on Cesc Fabregas (if he is available this summer; if not then save the money for him next summer). The remaining £20 mil can be spent on Luis Gustavo or Lars Bender (I know his Club said he is not for sale but money, a lot of money, always talks). That’s our transfer situation sorted, in my viewpoint. I know it is usually not that simple though.

    Still 4 weeks to go for this transfer window. We had better announce some signings next week after the Emirates Cup or I am going to lose my mind… 🙂

    Anyway, time for some real competitive matches at the Emirates. We might lift our first trophy this season come Sunday.

    Go Gunners!!!


  43. jgc says:

    Hi Gino

    Great post… I have some quick thoughts to add in response:

    A. Unstoppable force (his demons) vs immovable object (Wenger). If anyone CAN control Suarez, IMO, by getting his actual respect and keeping him motivated, it’s Arsene.

    B. Risk and reward, as unfortunately, that’s IF ANYONE can control Suarez…

    So, like Dylan, I’m 50:50… Ad rarely for recent posts I’m almost in full agreement with HH !?! 🙂 so I’d suggest that if we want to spend the money AND make a point… AND, according to Tito it is Cescs decision to leave, I’d note that 70M gets you about

    – Flamini on a free to add spine for a year or two

    – Vela as added striker and I’m sure with OG, Poldi, Theo, Santi we will get goals by buy back clause

    – Williams for defense or similar defender for 13-15M it seems..

    – Annnd, 50M down on Cesc or Lewandoski to test the stiffness of those clubs. Maybe eve 55M. If Bale is worth 85-100+, Lewi is certainly worth that…

    That’s something like 73M… And much less risk than a HUGE talent with a taste for meat..

    Cheers — jgc

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Having read the comments to oooooooh Gino’s super-fine post, and having slept over it, AND listening to my gut feeling, I think we should go for for Suarez, and take the risk.

    We miss that bid of mongrel aggression in the team, that ‘over my dead body are we going to be beaten by you’ attitude: remember last season’s pathetic game against the Mancs when only Jack put up a fight?

    At times, we are too nice and disciplined, and perhaps a bit too naive: winning and fighting go hand in hand, and we need to

    Cesc, Rooney and Suarez have this; and that would be my order of preference in terms of signing a star who will make a difference at Arsenal. I cannot see us getting Cesc (yet) or Rooney (Chelsea or RM bound), so Suarez is our best ‘PL-experience’ bet.

  45. jgc says:


    We would need a clause that says we dont pay him if he gets suspended. I cannot see paying 40M for a guy who plays half the season due to suspensions (rather than injury which isnt their fault). Especially, as we know this guys history…

    Just y 2p — jgc

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    That makes total sense, jgc

    How is Luik in the summer; do you often go to the local, regionally famous, market?

  47. jgc says:


    In Luik/Liege, I’m currently living the oxymoron, “Belgian Heatwave!” … It was 38-39 Thursday and 40+ yesterday… About half my days here so far are 30-35…. Still, better than winter in NZ of late 🙂 … I visit Europes longest market every so often.. Good fun and a little practice as I try to improve my ability to hear/listen in French…

    As for Suarez, agreed, but do you think he’d agree to such a clause?

    Cheers — jgc

  48. Dylan says:

    JM, I’ve mention Martinez before as well, but unfortunately it looks like he’s off to Napoli.
    17HT, the Emirates Cup is being live streamed on ESPN3.

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow that is hot. My dad who lives not far away from Maastricht ha been telling me how hot it is over there. Good to hear you are practising your French with the locals.

    I guess he would sign up to it, as long as the rest of the package is good.

  50. oz gunner says:

    Great stuff gino. Enjoyed that.

    I definitely think he’s worth the risk. I think Arsene and Bould could sort him out. Cut the diving and shenanigans out of his game and he’d be immense for Arsenal.

    As TA mentioned he’s a fighter and a winner. He’d bring a fighting attitude that we lack at times.

    @ AFC

    We’d need flamini for longer than 6 months. Who knows how long Diaby will last. I’d love it if he came back, although, I don’t think Arsene would give it a second thought.

    Imagine: Cesc and Flamini back, Theo, and Santi…think i need a cigarette

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Oz

    How are you doing? 🙂

  52. oz gunner says:

    Good TA, excited about seeing tonight’s game live on the telly instead of via a dodgy internet stream. Hoping for a nice solid performance to put all of our minds at ease.

    How have you been?

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    I am fine, Oz. Quite busy with work, family and blog etc. Looking fwd to the game as well. The boys will surprise a few today, I reckon. Enjoy. 🙂

  54. alexgunners says:

    Evening guys,

    Anyone ready for our first game at home albeit the emirates cup?

  55. oz gunner says:

    I think they will also TA. Glad you have a plethora of quality writers now on BK to pitch in and give you a chop out.

    Sure am Alex. I just hope Higuain has a real shitter otherwise all the articles / fans responses wont be too good

  56. oz gunner says:

    Arsenal: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Gnabry, Podolski, Giroud.

    Napoli: Pepe Reina; Mesto, Cannavaro, Britos, Armero; Behrami, Inler; José Callejon, Hamsik, Insigne; Pandev.

  57. alexgunners says:

    Higuain will be starting on the bench, so lets hope he stays there. I do not want to see what we missed out on

  58. oz gunner says:

    I’d like to know where Jenks sits in the league in terms of quickness because he’s got some toe on him.

    Soooo close!!!!

    very open at the moment, looks like it’s going to be a good game

  59. oz gunner says:

    Crap i’ve stitched him up.

  60. oz gunner says:

    Wow that was one soft penalty decision. Shocking

  61. oz gunner says:

    even softer by Lu-Lu

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Oz

    Agreed with all comments. COYG!

  63. oz gunner says:

    mmmm fabianski very poor. And to think i was so excited about this one

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    Poor decision making and execution – If you decide to go, it needs to be your ball Fab! 😈

  65. oz gunner says:

    I have no idea what he was thinking. He was in no man’s land. need to be smarter than that fab

  66. oz gunner says:

    Gnabry is in everything at the moment. Continuing his development nicely!

  67. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oh dear….

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    I hate to say this first half reminds too much of last season. Individual, unnecessary mistakes at the back get us behind early on, after which it is a nervous, hasty Arsenal trying to get back into the game.

    Both mistakes stem from indecision – being caught between two minds. Jack and Tomas have been great though. Need an early goal to get back into it.

  69. oz gunner says:

    It’s been the script for too long now TA.

  70. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Total…

    For me, only one guy is playing well enough…and it’s Koscielny… Gnabry looks good but maybe because everybody else is poor. Jack’s made some nice one touch forward stuff but not enough to really spring us. Sicky and Ramsey very involved but not breaking down the defense…And, of course, completely missing when Napoli has gone on the break….

    Poldolski’s penalty wasn’t really much worse than his general play, so at least he’s consistent?…

    Higuain on…Hoping for a little better in the second 45…

  71. oz gunner says:

    Merts the new Cesc!

  72. oz gunner says:

    agreed 17, kozzer is a ripper

  73. James Bond says:

    the sooner we can get Suarez is the soonest we can bench Giroud.

  74. James Bond says:

    while we’re at it,

    how long would it take to get Cesar over from his south london home ?

    pay up and get him all signed up already.

  75. James Bond says:

    who the FCUK was that scoring that goal ?

    don’t tell me ? i can not believe my eyes :O:

  76. oz gunner says:

    You take that back JB. two bits of play showing his quality!!!

  77. James Bond says:

    WOW – what a goal , over head kick / bicycle kick , what ever it was , more of the same please @ Giroud

  78. TotalArsenal says:

    Quel But Quel But! Who needs Huguain hahahahahahahahahahahahah wahahahaha 😛

  79. oz gunner says:

    @ JB

    No we need Suarez to partner him not replace him

  80. James Bond says:

    actually, that was Sagna’s goal…as usual his shot was going wide but thanks to Sagna it went it, ha ha ha

    so i don’t have to take anything back @ OZ

    PS: good day for you at the cricket ehhh

  81. aman says:

    Great article gino

    I think we need suarez, he can play the messi role for arsenal.
    I still believe arsenal should have signed jovetic who is vey underrated in my opinion and for 22m he would have been a bargain considering the crazy world of football and he will do well at man city.
    I’m watching the arsenal match against napoli and even though we need a striker we 100% need a DM and a CB and most importantly a change in the style of play by having more width.
    I’m reading that some arsenal fans wouldn’t like arsenal to sign suarez which is understandable but would the arsenal fans like too see arsenal go for hulk who could be brought for 35m if his club would be prepared to sell?
    So hulk or suarez?

  82. James Bond says:

    that’ the beauty of Suarezenal, he can replace Giroud, play with him, play behind him e.t.c e.t.c

    but yep, another goal in the next 3 minutes will be ace !

  83. oz gunner says:

    It’ll be credited to him so my original comment stands haha

    It has been. Looks like an Aussie victory / draw

  84. oz gunner says:

    Their LB is getting a bit lippy. First ox now Mert

  85. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ox looks like he’s going to be the real deal this coming season!

  86. 17highburyterrace says:

    Lost my stream, maybe as the goal was happening? Sounds impressive…

  87. oz gunner says:

    God ox is going to be invalueable in the central position. He is going to create havoc against oppositions defensive press. He pulls them all over creating space for others.

  88. Highbury Harmony says:


  89. 17highburyterrace says:

    Saw that one….KOS!

  90. James Bond says:

    get in there


    youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lil beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  91. Highbury Harmony says:

    The man only scores important goals

  92. James Bond says:

    wo0000000000000000000t wo00000000000000000000000000000000000000t

  93. oz gunner says:

    That defensive pairing does it again. What a different Arsenal team this second half!!!

  94. Highbury Harmony says:

    Pretty evident to me that we need some more quality up front, good comeback though!

  95. James Bond says:

    what was the score in the first game earlier ?

  96. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, you are misrepresenting my creation it’s:

    #Suarzenal 😉

  97. Highbury Harmony says:

    1-0 for Gala I believe

  98. oz gunner says:

    1-0 Gala.

  99. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oz, get off my nuts and stop copying me mate 😉

  100. TotalArsenal says:

    I don’t like it; it sounds like sewer-Arsenal 😕

  101. James Bond says:

    cheers, so we’re still pretty much in it , if we win tomorrow with a reasonable margin of say -2 or 3 goals ?

    in all fairness, that wasn’t a penalty but Poldi should have done better

  102. oz gunner says:

    @ HH

    I can’t help it, I just admire you too much haha

  103. oz gunner says:

    Yeah i think justice prevailed in that one BJ

  104. ProudGooner says:

    If the forwards had there goal scoring boots on today it could have been 7-2 it was almost like they were trying to hard and not letting it all happen naturally. Good come back we were by far the better team. A new keeper a must even though Fab made a mistake or 2 i still think he is good but not good enough. Anew striker to help ot OG too. Anew defender KOS is becoming a legend .

  105. TotalArsenal says:

    Question is why Arsene started with a weakened-11. Not our nr.1 GK, RB, DM, and RW; perhaps one or two changes too many in defence…

  106. Highbury Harmony says:

    Arsenal is already getting sewered as it is, so it makes no difference.

  107. Highbury Harmony says:

    The boos at half time were pretty funny. Fans are fed up with the farce that is our transfer policy.

  108. James Bond says:

    do you blame them @ HH ?

  109. Highbury Harmony says:

    Nope JB, not at all. That first half performance was a complete joke and I’m expecting to see more of the same after a couple games in the season. Just as I originally expected JB, we can play nice football in spurts and against weaker competition, but can’t sustain it and get lost in the majority of the first halves of games.

    Nothing new to see here.

  110. Highbury Harmony says:

    The more first half blunders we continue to see, the quicker we’ll revert to ugly, defensive football on a consistent basis to ensure we can scrape out wins.

  111. Highbury Harmony says:

    That goal off Sagna’s back is f*cking hilarious. “The shot was going 10 feet wide”, some nice commentating there hahaha!

  112. 17highburyterrace says:

    Just saw the overhead kick, BS3 in the right place at the right time. Has he gotten a new contract yet?… Did Napoli’s 1st goal convince anybody about Jenks?… Did their 2nd make people feel OK about our situation at keeper?…

    It’s only preseason and it means very little, but I have concerns…Before Arteta came on our MF was completely absent and Napoli was able to break with consummate ease. Poldolski, horrible pen aside, looked unable to move AND slower with his touches. Last season we put it down to niggling injuries. What do we say this time around? IF we bring a forward in, I believe he will be the one to lose the most minutes…

    On the other hand, some youngsters looked ready for the first team–Gnabry has some skills and tremendous power for one so young. I loved Akpom rounding the defender and refusing to be pulled down there at the end. Sicky looks healthy and running well. Koscielny has become a beast. Set pieces are (maybe) becoming a strength rather than the opposite…

    The transfer window is still open and (I’ve been told…) we have money to spend and I think we must. I was really hoping to feel a lot more, er, hope, by this time of the preseason. I’ll always be 100% behind the team but, on today’s display, it appears a lot like ground hog day–with our best bet (like last year) to get out of the cups as quick as possible so we can try and grind out another 4th place finish.

    Sorry to be so negative…Luckily, tomorrow is another day… 😀 🙄

  113. Highbury Harmony says:

    I know Dortmund won’t sell, but I’d much rather spend 35 million on Reus or Lewandowski as an overpayment than on Suarez at this point. Lewa to replace OG in the starting line-up or Reus to play on the left and move Santi to CAM. Hopefully Santi could be like Gotze and form an outstanding partnership with Reus.

    Having the pace and finishing ability of Reus and Theo on the wings would just be dead scary.

  114. TotalArsenal says:

    Some of you are forgetting it was a fricking friendly. Would Arsene have started with so many second choice players, if he could have helped it? No, he was experimenting.

    Jenks has not looked good in any of the games, which is a worry. Unless Arsene decides he wants a stronger nr.2 – or nr.1 at RB, this might become a vulnerable area.

    Fabianski made a mistake and I would prefer a more experienced nr.2 to Szczesny, but nothing new there.

    At least the team fought back and some of the youngsters did not look out of place.

    Agreed on Pod: He looks tired and slow and that is a worry right now.

  115. Dylan says:

    HH, I’d be too worried that Lewandowski would use us as a stepping stone, but Reus is class and I would love him. He’s said before Rosicky is one of his biggest heroes so lets convince him to come learn from Rosicky! 😉
    Everyone else, disappointing today, but take it easy on Poldi. It’s still preseason (albeit, late into it) so he still might not be 100%. I still think he’ll come good this season, we just need to be patient. That being said, I still want another winger and striker (Reus and Suarez? Or El Sharaawy?). 🙂

  116. Dylan says:

    Don’t despair guys! St. Totteringhams day will still happen this year! Currently losing 5-1 to Monaco:

  117. ProudGooner says:

    Agreed , also the reason AW started a weakened teamis the fact that they play again tomorrow they could play 180 mins in 2 days but way risk injury for a friendly competition and like you said he wanted to test the young players against Italy’s 2 nd besytteam that considered they did not do to bad.
    Arteta proved his worth to the team today i think, he is so important to us both going forwad and defensivly .

  118. ProudGooner says:

    Good points , Podolski shooting let him done today but to be fair every Arsenal players shooting was off today til the subs at 70 mins. I honestly think it was over egerness and nerves , just like when you try to hard sometimes they were thinking to much. All that said we were a lot better then them today . Higuain did nothing at all , if i was him it would be clear as water that he joined the wrong club, its Real’s fault though they could have at least let him join a good club, it just goes to show some clubs only care about the money once the club has finished with the player and not about sending them somewhere good to futher there career

  119. Glic says:

    Thank you Gino92. Welcome to BK, I am the resident tester of BK WAG`s……except for VCC`s……I don’t like ironing…..too many creases if you know what I mean ! . hahaha

    Is he worth the money ?…..No
    Should we buy him ?……..Yes

    Make it so Arsene !.

    Evening Arsenal Bandits !.

    Just finished watching the game semi-live and I know you want my usual in-depth tactical analysis but f**k you, I`ve been looking at my Dr Glic accounts and none of you bastardildos have paid me for my Agony Aunt Advise !………alright it`s just one bastard and I will honour my Doctor/patient confidentiality and not name the bastard VCC !. hahaha

    First thing, why are we wearing our away kit at home ?.

    Agree with Totes, it`s only a friendly and by the looks of some lethargic players , they still need to get fit !. Although Wilshere had some nice touches and put himself about a bit, he looked knackered !.
    Rosicky, how old is he ?, all them rested sick years means he is only about 22 years old body wise !, love his energy and turning ability.
    I thought Rambo was putting it about a bit aswell and full of running.
    Theo gave us pace and the “threat” factor and Ox…..well he should start imo, he is going to be an immense player for us in the not too distant future.
    Top mark goes to……………Kozzy Bear…..he looks as fit as a butchers dog !.

    On the minus side…..our new signings were shit…..what a waste of money !.

  120. James Bond says:

    we’re still favourites to win the Emirates cup , no worries

    we will have Santi back tomorrow along with Yaya….

    i’m guessing he will play in place of Poldi and Yaya will get a game ahead of Giroud….both might be on the bench though which is fine.

    the Ramsey- Wilshere partnership isn’t ready for me just yet, nothing to do with JW – just that i don’t feel Ramsey is ready to take Arteta’s role….

    i would like to see the Arteta- Wilshere (b2b) – Santi (CAM) – Gnabry / Poldi (left wing) – Yaya (striker) – Ox (right wing)

    bring Rosicky , Theo, Giroud , Ramsey from the bench , sorted

  121. ProudGooner says:

    Yeah why were we playing in the away kit Dr Glic???
    It is a nice kit maybe it was a come and buy me to all the fans.I dont think i have ever seen that before strange. I watched it live on p2p do you use that?

  122. Glic says:

    Same thinking PG….a shirt selling exercise !.

    I watched on BT sport, being a BT Broadband customer, it`s free !.

  123. Retsub says:

    Kos was immense today and Sagna made a difference. What’s up with Podolski though? Thought Rameyput on a decent show as well

  124. James Bond says:

    on players possibly leaving…
    Gervinho we are at the moment close to an agreement with a club where he should go. Bendtner we are nowhere. At the moment he is completely here. Chamakh might go somewhere, it will be decided in the next 48 hours. [They are] permanent moves.

    on Napoli…
    I think they are a very good side. Very well organised. I like what they did in midfield. You could see that this team plays for a few years together. Hamsik was especially dominant in the first half. They gave us big problems there. Overall they are compact, united and a very well organised team that is very good.

    on extending Bacary Sagna’s contract…
    We will try to extend Bacary Sagna but we are not close to an agreement.
    on making a bid for Luis Suarez…

    I never said we have made a bid to Liverpool, now I can tell you we have made one, so at least that is some information. All the rest, I would like to keep to us. If we progress in that situation, we will inform you. At the moment, that is where we are.

    AW on


  125. Glic says:

    I see there was another Doctor like myself on with the first comment !. What a quality site this is…….Doctors, Professors, H&R people. Multi-lingual, Cunnilingual, Dodgy Accountants, Transvestites, Shirtlifters, Senile Old Gits, Lazy bastards who only work part of the year and then swan off to Miami for pleasure cruises, f**king dirt box Rear-Admiral ! and then there`s also my charity work as a van driver when I`m not frothing at the mouth as a Doctor of Gynaecology for my Lesbonians !. Utter Class !. hahaha
    Feel free to add your own profession as a lot of you bastardos are a bit coy and secretive to as what you do !.
    By the way any of you know how to buy players ?

    Off subject. Any of you own and tow a caravan ?…..yes !…..well keep of the f**king roads you dangerous muvver f**kers !…..two bastards overturned their caravans on the A30 today ! no wonder I was late watching the Arse game !. I would unhitch your caravan and set light to it if I was King and hook your rectum to the towing hitch and drag you down the A30, you f**king gypsy queens !.

  126. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA said “some of you need to relax it’s only a frickin preseason game”.

    Yet weren’t you the one going on and on about how we evolved and were playing beautiful football and are going to be a different team after our pre-season Asia tour?

  127. James Bond says:

    we’re being rather harsh on Jenko,

    he is not to be blamed for the first goal i reckon, it was down to luck

    he did all the hard work, got there in no time , headed the ball away but unfortunately, it was one of them headers that fell nicely for the only player in there

    with time he will learn to be more street smart and head it out of play instead of keeping it in play.

    i’ll forgive him for that as that header could have gone anywhere else on a different day.

    he’s right to be no.2, just needs to cut out the errors here n there and he will be ok.

  128. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Wake up too early.. hehe..

    Gino92.. welcome on board.. nice post..
    Is 92 belong to your birthday year..?? Well I must say you’re still very young.. you will be a youngster among oldster here.. hahaha..

    About Suarez.. I don’t really like him.. his bad attitude.. diver.. athough a very good striker.. hehe..
    For his 50 millions priced.. I prefer We got Bernard.. Gustavo and Cesar.. add a little more money We can get Fellaini also..

    I agree 100% with Wenger policy.. and I am surprised with his recognation about Suarez.. hahaha..
    I think 40 millions + 1.. was the best number we can offered.. more than that is insane.. hehehe..

    Pity me can’t watch the Napoli’s game.. but 2-2 is not bad.. We still can compete.. and We will be better if Cozorla and Sanogo there.. hehe..
    A good news is Spurs lost 5-2.. hahaha.. just like what I said before.. they still no better than us.. even after buying 3 new players.. hehehe..

    Monaco is really something.. even PSG can’t overcome Bordouex.. hehehe..

  129. Dylan says:

    JB, I agree completely about Jenks. He’ll be alright. But maybe this will make Wenger want to do this Gamez Bendtner deal. Although he said today that we’re nowhere with a Bendtner deal.

  130. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, I saw you conveniently skipped the bit about it being an experiment today.

  131. TotalArsenal says:

    PG – yes Arteta made a difference and so did Sagna, Ox and Theo. We simply have to play more compact at the Emirates, especially in the first half, and we’ll come good.

  132. TotalArsenal says:

    JB, fair point about Jenkinson. It was an unfortunate header, but he has not been at the required level in pre-season yet. Might still come, though.

  133. James Bond says:


    any chance you would wake up tomorrow and feel that we need Cesar as well ? same way you woke up today and decided , yep, Suarez is a go go !


    if, anyone can give Wenger a good money at being calm and so on, then i reckon it’s Rodgers, note how cool he is in this link with all talk relating to Suarez (surprise surprise)…

  134. TotalArsenal says:

    JB 🙂

    Cesar just does not excite me. I rather have a seasoned PL goalie. You would like to replace Szczesny where I prefer back up for him.

    I just wished we signed a quality DM asap. One injure to Arteta and we are fecked! 😦

  135. James Bond says:

    fair enough,

    yep, not just any DM but one who can actually stand up and be counted for, we need someone with a presence….

    no worries , let us make one signing the rest shall follow soon – only a matter of time.

    there was a meeting held yesterday at the emirates apparently, with only the top level people there, plenty of closed door talks and important talk i hear.

    push is coming to shove.

  136. TotalArsenal says:

    Let’s hope so, JB; if only to reunite the fans again.

  137. Dylan says:

    JB, sad thing is, we hear about these meetings a few times a year, but it feels like those meetings are the board trying to convince Wenger to spend and Wenger just defending the way he does business with no change. Someone needs to sit down with him, show him what he’s doing wrong and tell him if he doesn’t fix it we’ll hire a dedicated person to do our business instead of Wenger. And tell Wenger he has too much power and it must be fixed. That being said, I’m a huge Wenger supporter and I don’t want him to go without winning a trophy and then finding a suitable replacement (such as Klopp).

  138. James Bond says:

    indeed, TA

    did you hear the noise the Fans were making re- Suarez ? i get the feeling he’ll be loved and most fans want him, it was good to see and hear !

  139. AFC says:

    Guys, Chamakh has agreed to join Palace on a six month loan deal.

  140. James Bond says:


    or we should just bring David Dein back ? 🙂

  141. James Bond says:

    bond james PERMALINK
    August 3, 2013 02:04
    Right then….
    chamakh to palace
    gervinho to roma
    announcement very soon !
    Source…my sauce.

    the plonker finally got 1 right for this season, ha

  142. Dylan says:

    JB, that’s kind of what I said about the dedicated transfer guy. But only in the sense that David seemed to be the only guy ever to have any control over Wenger. 😉

  143. Glic says:

    I bet you`re all camp caravanners and just don’t want to come out of the closet !. hahaha

  144. AFC says:

    Can someone tell me why on FIFA 13 none of the players signed by clubs are on the updated squads e.g. We do not have Sanogo and City do not have Nava, Negrado, Fernandinho, Jovetic and players who have left clubs are still in the squads e.g Arshavin is still in the Arsenal squad?

  145. James Bond says:

    yep, he kept AW on a leash and not just that, the signings made during his time were very very decent..

    note how AW struggled ever since 2007 on wards with his signings

    with Dein, it was like, not knowing at all about Arsenal’s business and then snapping up players just like that and surprising the fans.

    unlike today, where fans are made to feel anxious, raised hopes and so on and so forth.

  146. Gino92 says:

    Hello guys,

    I don’t about you but I was badly in need of my “Arsenal fix” and I got more than I bargained for.

    It was very nice to see Serge Gnabry get some playing time in front of the home crowd and it won’t be long now before he is a full-time member of the first team. What an unbelievable amount of potential he has!

    It may be only preseason but for me, it was Groundhog Day, a deja-vu. I noticed a lot of similarities in this game compared to most of our games last season. We start off brightly, almost scoring (via Gnabry’s left footed curling shot), then out of nowhere, long ball over the top of our Central Defense leaving poor Jenkinson all alone to clear, which he sort of missed badly and voila! 0-1 to the opposition. Just like that. Hopefully, he will regroup and learn from it.

    Their second goal was comedic error by the keeper, something we have seen before as well. Big (but very slow) Per gets easily outpaced by Pandev on a nice diagonal through ball with no midfielder in sight to help out, then Fabianski comes out and gets stranded in no-man’s land and it is 0-2! Both goals could have easily been avoided.

    We get booed off the pitch as usual at half time, only to come back with purpose in the second half, and leave it until about 20 minutes to go before starting the furious comeback (nice bicycle-kick goal by Giroud by the way, even if it deflected off Sagna). Then with only a few minutes remaining we have to rely on one of our Central Defenders (“scorer of very important goals” Laurent Koscielny) to rescue us a point.

    Doesn’t it seem like you’ve watched a game like this before?

    Now after today, I am leaning toward us signing Suarez, the sooner the better 🙂 We also most definitely need a DM pronto unless we can clone Arteta 3 times over and give them clones an extra bit of pace. A new Goalkeeper is also a must. Can’t afford to have Fabianski make those silly mistakes. Speaking of a new Goalkeeper, why haven’t we bid for Julio Cesar yet? A keeper with his experience doesn’t come around often especially on the cheap.

    Apparently, the new Barca Manager is starting to backtrack on his earlier stance regarding Cesc Fabregas. Now he is saying that Cesc may need to decide on his own future. Could this have anything to do with the rumored new £35 mil bid from Man U? I am feeling very nervous about this. Something fishy is going on here. I want Wenger to put a stop to this and just bid to bring Cesc back to the Emirates. He belongs with us (besides Barca), not Man U.

    I am hoping for a much better performance tomorrow against Eboue, Drogba, Sneider and Galatassaray. And I want to see GEDION ZELALEM play!!!

  147. James Bond says:

    ahahahahahahahahahh @ Glics

  148. AFC says:

    Gino92, Harry wants to sell Cesar and Wenger wants him. We could get him for around £1.5-3.0 million however Cesar is currently on 90k a week and will not take a pay cut.

  149. Dylan says:

    Agreed JB.
    AFC, they are waiting for FIFA 14. They’re done updating squads on FIFA 13.

  150. Glic says:

    Arsene`s relationship with former vice-chairman David Dein.

    Arsene said he had the biggest chopper he had ever seen.

    He got Arsene in the sack.

    Prised open his hairy crack.

    And rodgered so hard he ruptured his spleen.

  151. AFC says:

    Dylan, bloody cheek. 😀

    Have you seen how thin the Arsenal squad is. No worries, I have got to division one using this team and have not been relegated once (although my borther has got me relegated twice).

    Tight 4-2-3-1 formation-

    GK- Szez (80)
    RB- Ox (77)
    RCB- Kos (81) underrated he should be 83 or 84.
    LCB- Verm (81)
    LB- Gibbs (78)
    RDM- Arteta (81)
    LDM- Wilshere (82)
    RAM- Santi (85)
    CAM- Rosicky (80)
    LAM- Podolski (81)
    ST- Walcott (81) underrated he should be 83.

  152. AFC says:


    GK- Fab (76)
    RB- Sagna (80)
    LB- Monreal (78)
    CM- Diaby (77)
    LW- Arshavin (79)
    LW- Gervinho (81)
    ST- Giroud (80)

  153. AFC says:

    * brother

  154. AFC says:

    I think Wenger has finally realised he cannot get rid of Bendtner. Bendtner is deliberately turning down moves to get back at AW.

  155. AFC says:

    I say send him to Glic land. 😀

  156. TotalArsenal says:

    Fine comment, Gino. 🙂

  157. AFC says:

    Gino, I would also add there is nothing Wenger can do if Cesc does not want to join us and would rather go the United.

  158. James Bond says:


    i think the 2nd goal was more to do with the quality of finishing as well and the way he rounded the keeper and timed his run…

    i’m not going to be too critical of fabianski or our defence on that one as well, it was a good move and finish…we have to give credit where it’s due

  159. James Bond says:

    re- about this meeting held on friday,

    guess what ? Stan was also there with his amigos (no, not David Dein).

    it might be a routine meeting, it might not be ,either way, not sure if Kroenke would attend it, if, it wasn’t something important.


  160. Dylan says:

    AFC, I started an Oxford United manager career (on Professional, which is low for me admittedly, I play on Legendary now) the day FIFA 13 came out. Here’s a summary to date:
    12/13- Won the NPower League 2 with Oxford. Won manager of the year.
    13/14- Was in first in NPower League 1 until moving to manager if Blackpool (1st place in the Championship at the time) in May. Then finished 2nd in the Championship with Blackpool and got promoted.
    14/15- Was 1st in the PL until moving to Arsenal (at the time were 10th in the PL) right after winning the Capital One Cup. Won the FA Cup and PL with Arsenal. Manager of the season.
    15/16- Won the Community Shield, FA Cup, PL, and CL with Arsenal. Record: 54-2-4. Manager of the season.
    16/17- Won Copa Europe, Community Shield, FA Cup, Capital One Cup, PL, and CL. Record: 65 wins, 1 draw. Manager of the season.
    17/18- See above, except perfect season. Record: 66-0. Manager of the season.
    18/19-21/22- Same as above.
    22/23- I’m currently playing. I’m 46-0. My squad is all computer generated players (FIFA generates new, made up young players to replace retiring players), except Wilshere.
    GK- Insigne (90, 28 years old)
    RB- Chekhov (91, 23 years old)
    CB- Rosenfelder (95, 27 years old)
    CB- Brunner (92, 24 years old)
    LB- Stepanenko (89, 22 years old)
    RAM- Ramos (92, 27 years old)
    CM- Wilshere (95, 31 years old)
    LAM- Byrne (95, 28 years old)
    RW- Cirigliano (96, 28 years old)
    ST- Dikanovic (93, 28 years old)
    LW- Meneses (86, 20 years old)

    CAM- van Haaren (81, 21 years old)
    CM- Soto (94, 26 years old)
    CM- Bekoe (89, 23 years old)
    RM- Linssen (89, 23 years old)
    ST- Fallman (90, 25 years old)
    ST- Vujadinovic (93, 29 years old)
    CB- Imparato (93, 31 years old)

    I also have multiple 87-91 players out on loan and in the reserves. If only I managed Arsenal…

  161. oz gunner says:

    Jenks will be more than okay. He’s still young but he improved out of sight last season. That run of games saw him earn an England call up remember. The only backup we need at RB is Jenks and Bellerin.

    @ AFC

    That’s a strong formation.
    I just got back into it and I was wondering the same about FIFA 13. Was unsure where the online games went that set everyone’s overall to 85?!

    My formation is a 4-2-1-3


    At 60 mins I bring on Verm for Jack, Arshavin for Santi, and Ox for Gerv

    I love it when you play those who choose Brazil, Barca, Spain, or Real (seems there the only teams i play against) and they try all that trick bull crap and you end up taking them to the cleaners.

  162. TotalArsenal says:

    Come on Jambo, Fabianski made a school boy error to come out and then not put as much pressure on Pandev as possible to avoid him shooting at an open goal.

  163. James Bond says:

    the more this thing is lingering on the more i feel that Suarez won’t put in a transfer request in writing, unless and until Arsenal are willing to pay part if, not all of his loyalty bonus which LFC would have paid him ?

    how much are Loyalty bonuses anyway ? anyone have a figure ?

    if, it’s related to his performance then has to be substantial … worth noting also, that his basic pay when he joined L’FOOL was 40 k per week, which increased to 80 k per week and then had it linked to performances which enabled him to get in the region of 100-125 k per week,

    as you can see, the performance based bonuses can be quite rewarding.

    so,if Suarez was to put in a transfer request, he loses out on 5-8 million (a wild guess).

    Arsenal will need to pay that or some of it as signing on bonus e.t.c ?

  164. TotalArsenal says:

    Let’s hope so, Oz. At the moment, Jenkinson is looking anything but ready for the first team football.

  165. James Bond says:

    agreed @ OZ

    no, i disagree @ TA

    he made a decision to come out as he saw him in a one on one situation and to the goal scorer’s credit , he rounded him off rather brilliantly and made Fabianski look clueless,

    it can happen to any goalie and may have done more than once.

  166. oz gunner says:

    @ TA

    I just think he’s a lot like Fabianski. Very much a confidence player that needs a run of games to get going (in saying that Fab stepped up last season).

    His speed, size, and crossing are too good for him not to make it!

  167. James Bond says:

    also worth noting, how Reina (a world glass goalie considered by many), made an error with his pass , only for young Gnabry to be inches away from going in….

    had that gone in, it would have made him look worse than Fab.

    there’s an error in most goalie’s if not all in some games.

    in years gone by, i can’t remember a single game where a goalie had a flawless performance, the closest i can think of is Rob Green a few years ago against us, he was the only thing who was standing between a 10-0 thrashing against Arsenal…. i never really rated him much as a goalie but the lad always made it difficult for us, ha

  168. TotalArsenal says:


    This is from another blog and describes it as I would have done:

    ‘For reasons that remain unclear to all, Lukasz Fabianski came out to try to take the ball, but then didn’t actually try to take the ball. Per Mertesacker had been tracking Pandev, mostly successfully, but when Fabianski left his line Mertesacker had to leave him to cover the goal. Fabianski’s failure to actually do anything hung Mertesacker out to dry, and Pandev scored pretty easily. Three errors.’

  169. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed, Oz. It’s his positioning, reading of the game and team-defending which needs improving. It will come but it might cost us this season.

  170. James Bond says:

    he is ready for 1st team is Jenks,

    he usually plays with Theo on the right and not Gnabry, do cut him some slack as combos are very important

    and both Theo and Jenks have a better understanding since Theo doesn’t neglect his defensive duties no more…

  171. TotalArsenal says:

    I really rate Reina, JB. He has got a lot of personality on top of his gk skills.

  172. James Bond says:

    BFG was tracking him, that’s right, which means he was well beaten

    the only reason why he had the chance to cover goal was because as Fab made him take the longer route instead of coming straight at him.

    we can argue and discuss it all night but something tells me this ones heading towards “agreed to disagree”

    so i’ll save us both the lengthy exchange 😀

  173. Highbury Harmony says:

    Speaking of combos, the Gibbs/Poldi hasn’t lived up to the hype of last season just yet and Giroud was near invisible until Sagna stepped onto the pitch. As TA said earlier, Arteta is integral to our set-up and without him we looked lost. Can you imagine what’s going to happen if he goes down to injury early in the season?

    At least Ox looks like he’s full of confidence, more direct and creating space for others and scoring opportunities for himself – he’s not afraid to take a shot either! I’m looking forward to seeing increased minutes from him as he could be the real deal this coming season :).

  174. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambo, do you have a bet on Fab becoming our nr.1 gk this year? Because only then I can understand your defence of Fab’s blantant error! 😀

  175. Highbury Harmony says:

    setting up opportunities*

  176. oz gunner says:

    @ TA

    I’m surprised you rate Reina. I think he looked like a liability all night (especially the first half). I once thought he was a great keeper but the last 2 seasons he’s declined a fair bit (probably karma from the cesc incident haha). He started dropping crosses more often (the one we bundled in late at anfield). There’s a reason he lost his spot at Liverpool

    @ BJ

    he was very close. Not to mention that one he should have put away before that (looked like we had 4 in the box to their one defender).

  177. oz gunner says:

    @ HH

    where do you think Ox should be played?

  178. TotalArsenal says:

    That is true, Oz. I just think he needed a new challenge and confidence from the manager.

  179. James Bond says:

    ha ha, no TA

    only 2 bets, Cesc and Ginter 🙂

    for the avoidance of doubt, i want Cesar to be our nr.1 😀 and be rotated with Sczny on a regular basis next season.

  180. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, Ox is looking good indeed. My biggest worry is Podolski at the moment. But only early days.

  181. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oz, really interesting question mate!

    The problem with Ox is that he could thrive in a variety of roles but he hasn’t fully made one position his own yet, if that makes sense. Ideally, I think he’s destined to be a CAM/SS type player with his combination of pace, vision, power and ball control/trickery. However, there seems to be more of a hole on the wing right now, which is where AW may play him for the time being.

    But, if Ox can improve his consistency then I think he could be destined for the CAM role full-time, sooner rather than later. Santi would then permanently move to LW with Theo on the right.

    What do you think?

  182. TotalArsenal says:

    Aaaahh, JB, you cannot have it both ways. Arsene will not rotate keepers in the PL; so, in your scenario Szczesny would become a cup-keeper at best.

  183. Highbury Harmony says:

    Agreed TA, Poldi is a bit of a concern at this point, especially his movement and what seems to be his compete level. However, he’s a tricky player because he can really change a game with his left boot.

    For the time being, he’d probably be better suited as a super sub until his fitness levels improve. I reckon we’ll see Santi start at LW tomorrow anyway.

  184. Highbury Harmony says:

    My issue isn’t with Szczesny’s potential as a great #1, but whether or not he can improve his consistency (lets in way too many blunders) and if he can stay healthy.

    An experienced GK is the best way to go. If Cesar is AW’s man, then so be it but right now I’m not very comfortable with Fabianski as our #2.

  185. oz gunner says:

    Agree completely. I can’t settle on just one position because I think he can play CM, wing, CAM, or SS and play them all very well.

    I hope AW resists sticking him out wide though because it doesn’t get him in the game enough. I think he’s a real press breaker, just too quick and skillful which pulls the opposition all over the place. I’d love to see him at CAM this season just so he can make openings for others (he won’t allow Theo or Giroud/new striker to be double teamed as much) and to make use of his powerful shot.

    Once he improves his fitness and gains a bit of experience he’s going to be scary good.

  186. TotalArsenal says:

    You could be right, HH.

    Let’s hope it is a strong line up to test the team properly, but giving a rest to those who played 90 minutes:

    Bellerin – Sagna – Miquel – ?
    ———– Arteta——Ox
    ————–Jack (45min)——-

  187. James Bond says:

    who said i wanted him Rotated in the PL ?

    Cesar plays most if not all PL matches, and all of CL matches (if fully fit).

    and Sczny plays in domestic cup games and some PL matches to give Cesar a rest during CL week against weaker opponents.

    win win.

    and yes, i can have it both ways because this is how good teams function and it’s not something which hasn’t been tried and tested with success,

    spuds last season,

    man city last season,

    man utd last season


    i see your point though about AW not wanting to rotate his keepers but based on our last few seasons, we’ve had plenty of injury’s to our players and the goal keeping department hasn’t been immune to it either, if anything, both the poles have a knack of getting injured .

    there are things that AW has to do differently and intelligently, i’m sure he is a 100 times more intelligent than most including myself when it comes to football but there is no harm in keeping players fresh.

  188. James Bond says:

    that’s a nice little dilemma there re- OX @ HH

    but it’s a bloody brilliant dilemma and headache to have, ha

    just goes to show what an important and improved player he has become, a vital part of this arsenal team for years to come i reckon – the boy is versatile and it shows that all the hard work AW has put into him, he has responded well and taken it on board .

  189. oz gunner says:

    Surely Arsene is going to bring in a DM this window. We all saw how important Arteta is to this team. Diaby isn’t close and can’t be relied upon, Coquelin is gone, Denilson is gone (thank goodness), and Jack was playing too loose (ear marked as more of a CAM under Arsene anyway).

    The writing is on the wall, and Arsene can’t say we have a plethora of midfielders at the moment.

  190. TotalArsenal says:

    Well JB that is a demotion of Szczesny then….. I don’t think Cesar is better than him, except for distribution, and I just cannot see Arsene demoting Wojciech. But I can see where you are coming from and our cockiest Pole has not fully arrived yet.

  191. TotalArsenal says:

    Let’s hope so, Oz. It’s getting beyond a joke now. Kick off in two weeks ffs 😦

  192. oz gunner says:

    Cesar will definitely be backup to Szcz. I don’t think Szcz should be backup and nor would Arsene.

    Personally we should have pinched mark schwarzer. Not only should we have picked him up a few seasons ago (haggling over a few hundred thousand come on). He is extremely experienced and was willing to be backup (now backup to Cech). Chelsea did very good there. Yes he’s old but he prepares himself very well and hasn’t really shown signs of wear and tear.

  193. TotalArsenal says:

    I reckon Shay Given would be good back up too.

  194. James Bond says:

    the way i see it, if demoting Sczny serves the team better in the next coming 12 months then so be it.

    let’s just say, you Rate a has been (Reina) and i rate Cesar 😀

    Sczny is the future – unfortunately, not if, Cesar arrives – not in the world cup year anyway.

  195. oz gunner says:

    @ TA

    sure is. The last two seasons we were annoyed that players were brought in late and not integrated early (while others teams did it quicker).

    I just don’t buy the ‘other teams won’t do business until late’ excuse. We’ve seen how much has been completed already. Not everyone is Nacho players need to learn tactics, formations, and how teammates move.

    Smells of stinginess

  196. oz gunner says:

    @ BJ

    In theory it’d be great but would Szcz go for it? He wants to play and may see it as a slap to the face. Remember he wants to play in the world cup too.

  197. TotalArsenal says:

    BJ – the has-been Reina is goalie at Napoli where your hero chose QPR and money….. I reckon you severely overrate him, but I could be wrong. My mate is a QPR supporter and does not recommend him either.

  198. Gino92 says:

    Sorry, but I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you on Napoli’s 2nd goal. I watched the game live on TV but also recorded it and have now watched that goal 7 times (thrice in normal mode and 4 times in slow motion), and every time I watched, there is no way I can not fault Fabianski for that goal. Once he decided to come out, he should have done so aggressively without fouling Pandev, of course. Or at least narrow the angle to his left since he had Big Per covering on his right with others still arriving. He basically didn’t anything except for a vain lackluster attempt at grabbing or knocking the ball away. It seemed like he was caught up in two minds, didn’t immediately know what to do and allowed Pandev to round him far too easily, imo.
    I am with TA on this one. Not that it really matters at this time anyway, right? 😉

  199. TotalArsenal says:

    I don’t know what it is any more, Oz….. Stinginess, indecisiveness, stubbornness, or all part of a great plan hahaha. But it splits the fans and makes the team unnecessary nervous. Gazidis said we had the money, so now it is time to take the bull by the horn and deliver!

  200. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Gino, I’ll pay you later, hahaha 😛

  201. oz gunner says:

    I asked VCC what he thought of Cesar at QPR but he said Charlie Shaw was good last season…useless 🙂

  202. oz gunner says:

    agreed TA, time to reunite the fans but it’s just creating more of a divide.

  203. oz gunner says:

    Must be off, full english beckons. cheers for the chat gents. take care

  204. TotalArsenal says:

    Right guys time to hit the pillow. Tomorrow we’ll play again, and hopefully in red and white so Glic does not get a fit! 😉

  205. TotalArsenal says:

    Take care, Oz. I can smell the bacon all the way to here 😛

  206. James Bond says:

    OZ, Sczny is not even first choice for Poland , not sure what makes you think he will be there even if he is the nr.1 for us next season ? unless szncy senior again does what he knows to do best ? yep, give lip service, the same what he used to do during his playing days for poland, ha


    not surprised your QPR mate holds Cesar in such high esteem, what do you expect, from a championship club who had a worldie playing for them ?

    course he left Napoli, i would do the same if i was asked to take a massive pay cut on my contract from 100 k to 35 k a week (estimate and guess) , at the end of the day, it’s peoples bread n butter

    if i am already on a 100 k a week, i wouldn’t want to take such a drastic pay cut, not sure about you though ? 😀

    Napoli wanted him off their wage bill, it’s as simple as that and worth noting that now they have got Reina as a temporary fix to fill the void left by Cesar.


    that’s ok, it’s an open discussion blog, every has a right to agree and disagree, i’m not going to be too critical of Fab just yet and instead give credit to the scorer on this one, if you watched the replay so many times then you will notice that at the point of going round, Fab slipped ? (i haven’t watched the replay or the game again and this is from memory – my memory isn’t very good i do warn you ahahahahahhaa)

  207. James Bond says:

    laters OZ,

    and yeah, you still won’t win at old trafford, it’s a draw i reckon

  208. AFC says:

    Oz, that is a good formation for Arsenal on FIFA 13 however I do not use Mertesacker. Sagna is my sub CB and DM. Ashavin can also do a decent job at DM if needed. Here is another formation I have used when I have been 2 goals down and have come back to win matches 4-2.

    4-3-3 holding-

    GK- Szez
    RB- Ox
    RCB- Kos
    LCB- Vermaelen
    LB- Gibbs
    CDM- Arteta
    RCM- Wilshere
    LCM- Santi
    RW- Walcott
    ST- Podolski
    LW- Gervinho

    I would only use this formation if you are in real trouble and need to go all out.

  209. AFC says:

    Dylan, how are you doing in the online mode seasons?

  210. Dylan says:

    AFC, I don’t play much online, but when I do I do pretty well. I play a custom 4-3-3 (same as in my one career mode) with 2 AMs and 1 CM in the midfield. So it’s usually:
    GK- Szcz
    RB- Sagna
    CB- Kos
    CB- Verm
    LB- Gibbs
    RAM- Santi
    CM- Wilshere
    LAM- Rosicky
    RW- Ox
    ST- Poldi
    LW- Gerv

    Fabs (in case Szcz gets hurt)
    Nacho (comes on at CB if needed)
    Diaby (comes on at CM if needed)
    Giroud (comes on for Poldi usually)
    Theo (comes on for Gerv usually)
    Ramsey (comes on for Rosicky usually)
    Arteta (comes on for CM if needed)
    The two outside AMs usually slot in slightly behind the front 3 just in between the ST and respective wingers. I love to run at defenders with my wingers and then back heel to my AMs in that hole and and then fire shots in. It works really well especially with Santi shooting.

  211. Highbury Harmony says:

    BJ @ 2:04 (I see you went back to your old name for some ridicule 😉 ), agreed with your “source” this time. AW confirmed that Chamakh and Gervinho are very close to making moves to new clubs.

    Praying that there are no major road bumps and both are sold soon! Though, this better mean new signings are coming in too…

  212. Gerry says:

    Did Dylan miss the request to do a match report?

  213. henrychan says:

    Dylan.. your 2 AM 1 DM/CM team will be great..
    But I think Wenger already did it before and didn’t went so good.. and that’s why he going back to 4-2-1-3 system.. with Arteta and Ramsey as our double pivot.. and it’s work..

    Lastnight game again Napoli.. I think wenger try to do that again.. and we can see it fail again.. Our balancing in defence don’t look good in firsthalf.. put Wilshere and Rosicky as our 2 AM is a bad choice..
    Or maybe we still play 2 DM with Ramsey and Willshere.. but I don’t think they can be suit each other.. for they are likely to attack more than defence.. hehehe..

    As I said several times.. we need player to subs Arteta.. and I only find that in Zelalem.. but he is still very young.. I don’t sure that wenger will take that risk.. but who knows.. He did it to Fabregas and Wilshere before.. hehehehe..
    Or He will bring us Gustavo.. than I will be pleased.. hahahhaha..
    I still believe.. Wenger will keep his word.. TW is still a month to go.. and He has said that he will bring a solid player to strengthen our team.. In Wenger we Trust.. hahahaha..

  214. Admir says:

    @henrychan – actually, Wenger said that he will work very hard to strengthen our team, not that he will bring solid players to Arsenal. 😉

    Our team is a glue addict and name of that specific glue is Mikel Arteta. A brief look at our results with and without him in Premiership since he has been an Arsenal player will tell you how crucial Arteta is.

    Also, it’s visible that – at least against strong teams like Napoli – Arsenal can’t afford to play with both Podolski and Giroud in the starting line-up.

    And, Armero… Why Wenger didn’t sign him after he ripped us a new one at Emirates three years ago while playing for Udinese?

  215. henrychan says:

    hehehe.. my Admir-al..
    I read that word as bring some solid players.. hahaha..

    I agree with you for Arteta.. and our strikers..
    I think Podolski must be play as Giroud subs.. for CF..
    I think Wenger only try to make some experiment.. and he can’t played Cazorla..
    Hope Cazorla will be ready tonight for galatasaray..
    But it fail.. as we already know that in our last season EPL.. and that’s why Cazorla always played as a LW.. cause we don’t had a real solid LW.. hehehe..
    But for me Gnabry is more suitable in LW than in RW..
    With Gervinho seem soon left to Roma.. Gnabry will have time to prove himself.. if we don’t bring Bernard.. hehehehe.. (still hoping)

    I don’t see Ramsey-Wilshere can bring solidity for us.. Ramsey-Arteta must come first.. hehehe.. more than other.. even Wilshere-Arteta.. hehehe..
    They already proved it.. and we all see from our lastest games.. in Asia tour and lastnight.. Ramsey – Arteta is the best choice..

    I like to see our first team play in firsthalf.. and Zelalem will play to subs Arteta.. and Eisfeld for Ramsey.. Zelalem – Eisfeld will be great for double pivot.. hehehehe..

  216. oz gunner says:

    @ Dylan and AFC

    Arsenal are really suited to FIFA thanks to our quick wingers. It’s easy to lob through ball to them and sprint off. If i get blocked cross it into Giroud and he does the rest.

    I’m surprised neither of you use Mert. Yes he’s slow but he’s hard to get around and his tackling is of a high standard

  217. Funminiyi says:

    Nice debut post Gino, welcome to Bergkampesque.
    To Liverpool Mgt, they’re probably expecting Arsenal to up their bid at least by £5m or thereabouts plus addons( if they’re lucky to get one) before they can consider parting with Suarez or betterstill, they might be hoping that RM will fail in their pursuit of Highly-overhypedironmonkey# and resort to their 2nd option which obviously is Suarez. Also, they might be thinking what if Suarez have a trouble free season and score loads of goals like always, how much is he gonna worth, what if the clinch CL spot by clinging to him considering other additions they’ve made?
    While Arsene will be praying for Madrid to get their man early or even later to force Liverpool’s hand and get ’em f**ked by completing the deal on transfer deadline leaving ’em with no or adequate replacement. Also, Wenger might be thinking this is our best chance of getting a world class striker taking into consideration the fact that we’re in a worldcup year and should Suarez impress this season without any of his inner demons wildcards, then Liverpool will wait to see how he performs at the worldcup if the eventually qualify for the mundial. And everyone knows his price will’ve skyrocketed by then.
    But as for me, if after trying to play the hardball & it didn’t work out, I’ll rather Wenger bid £22m for Diego Costa or someone like Kiessling.
    So to answer Ur question Sir Gino, he’s worth the gamble because he’s quality and u’ll need to be good at bluffing if you really wanna win big. That’s what Sir Alex is so good at. The same can be said of thebitterone#.
    Is he worth the gamble? I’d say yes
    Should we sign him? Yes
    Resale value or whatever ? so long he delivers, big clubs don’t sign big players so they can resell. Should he bang in goals like he’s known for and win us silverwares, who cares for re-sale value.

  218. AFC says:

    Oz, yes Mertesacker is a very good CB. I used to use him when I first started playing FIFA 13 BUT I play the Ox at RB which means he is not there 50% of the time so the RCB has to be able to play RCB/RB which is why I opt for Kos instead of Mert and Verm as LCB. They are also both very good from corners and with Verm and Kos in the team I am always likely to score from corners.

  219. AFC says:

    Oz, I would also add that online it is easy to bang in the goals so Walcott up front is very effective.

  220. Dylan says:

    Gerry, I never saw a request. 😦 Would you like me to do an “Emirates Cup Review” for tonight and cover both our games? 😉

  221. Dylan says:

    AFC and oz, if you ever need more defenders, Nacho’s 4 star week foot makes him easy to play anywhere across the back. In FIFA I find him to be a better CB than Sagna. 😉

  222. AFC says:

    Several reports are saying we are very close to signing Ginter with saying we have already signed him.

  223. AFC says:

    Guys, Dempsey has left Spurs and gone to the MLS so it seems Chadli was his replacement.

    Dylan, have not tried Monreal at CB. I hate using Giroud up front as he does not really fit into how I play. Rosicky is also very good behind the ST.

  224. Retsub says:

    Is it just me? Or is Owen Hargreaves a pretty hopeless pundit. I even came to respect Gary Neville who I detested as a player. Not sure i can put up with Hargreaves much longer

  225. oz gunner says:

    Ox at RB…interesting. I shall try it and report back to you AFC. If I lose Terry knows where you live!!!

  226. AFC says:

    Oz, I have found Ox to be the best option at RB when using Arsenal considering you are good defensively. Ox is faster than Sagna and can get back very quickly and has saved me on numerous times when a ball over the top has taken all my defenders out of the game. He can chase back and is strong enough to push players off the ball. When facing Ronaldo I have used the Ox to keep up with him and actually push him off the ball. Playing him at RB also allows me to have that extra guy in attack who bombs down the RW on the overlap whuch allows Santi who plays RAM to come central. When he is in attack it basically becomes 3 at the back. Kos, Verm and Gibbs with Arteta helping
    Kos with the RB role.

  227. AFC says:

    It will take a bit of time to get used to him at RB as sometimess he can go missing and make a mistake in defence but has more postives than negatives in the RB role. At times he has won me matches in seasons due to his defensive and offensive work has saved me in seasons and I have used him at RB against guys in division one in seasons and have won many matches.

  228. AFC says:

    Thanks, for pointing that out to me, Dylan. 🙂

  229. James Bond says:

    1-1 50 minutes – Napoli vs Porto

    a draw suits us perfecto ; ) or even a Porto win.

  230. Glic says:

    Afternoon BK Arse Bandits 😆

    I watch my son on FIFA and he`s good, what makes me laugh is through connect ( is that right ?) he can participate verbally with who he is playing, but he usually turns his part off and just listens to the other player moaning and groaning `coz they`re getting thrashed. It always seems to be a Spud and in the end they give up !.
    I personally don’t play it and have my own way of passing the time……like the other night, we had a electricity break down for about an hour, so I got a few Lesbonians on the bed, put a torch on the bedside cabinet and played a game of shadow puppet charades !. With their curvaceous bodies laying down I put a sock on my cock and thrust it up and down in between their bodies, they had to guess what film I was imitating !. Basically, I was doing a scene in the desert from Lawrence of Arabia where my tool dressed as Peter O`Toole, was riding through the desert sand dunes and mounds ( Lesbonian Tits ) !. hahaha
    Next time I get a failure, I will do a scene from Star Wars, where My cock will play the part of …..Han Job Solo in………. The Erection Strikes Back !. Come on Guys, give me some credit for an inventive imagination !. hahaha

  231. James Bond says:

    2-1 porto, just over 20 minutes to go

  232. James Bond says:

    fcuking hell ahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahaha @ Glics

    ahahahahahaahaahahaha lawrence of arabia ahahahahah

  233. AFC says:

    Glic, are you sure you have not been banned from playing FIFA 13 for your virtual sexual abuse of participants? 😀

    Glic, you and Terry need to pay Arsene and visit and get him to sign some players!

  234. oz gunner says:

    hahahahaha GLIC, brilliant!

    Should be ‘Lawrence of a Labia’ though, has a better ring to it 🙂

    @ AFC

    cheers worked a treat. Just played spuds. First time I’ve ever heard someone on audio before, didn’t know what was going on. Was 2-1 up 75th min so because it was a spud I just held onto the ball for the remainder of the game haha a few swear words were had.

    I’m surprised how big of an ego FIFA players have. So often I’ll go up 3-0 early and they’ll quit or give up the game in an attempt to get you to quit. Quite annoying

  235. Glic says:


    Me and Terry were going to pay Arsene a visit but Terry insisted on bringing VCC with us !. I was not too sure, but VVC said he was in fine fettle and was trialling a new dementia drug !…….I should have known better !……we told to VCC to bring some stockings to put over our heads and he turns up in stockings, suspenders, basque and high heels, the f**king perv !. We told him he was going to administer the chloroform to Arsene, but because he still had a boner for wearing the ladies clothes, Terry had to chloroform his cock !. VCC`s wife has now served me and Stretch with legal papers citing us for reasons in their divorce !. Then we had the fuck up trying to enter Arsenes house, I gave some semtex to VCC for the entry, next thing he is sucking off the door knobs !. I shouted at him………..” You`re only supposed to blow the bloody doors ! “. A fiasco just like our TW dealings !. hahaha

  236. AFC says:

    Oz, the worst thing is when you are in a cup final and the player quits before the end and the match does not count.

    As I said the Ox is good for RB. Theo is good for ST and Rosicky is good for CAM. I would also add that Sagna in a double DM pivot is perfect for defending a lead.

  237. Glic says:

    Hahaha Oz baby . Sounds like you have the same problem as my son, with the Spuds quitting all the time !.

  238. AFC says:

    Glic, if only someone could hack Arsene’s computer and put the ‘havearsenalspentanymoneyyet’ thing as his screen saver. 😀

  239. oz gunner says:

    @ AFC

    Cheers for the tips. much appreciated.

    @ GLIC

    I don’t know any spuds down here so it’s the best i can do to terrorise them. The sad thing is their probably 14 years of age, not to worry i still feel tough haha.

    Picking on kids is the way to go i think

  240. Glic says:

    Sagna at CB again and our only summer signing up front !. He better be as good as Titi for the money we have spent !.

  241. oz gunner says:

    Szczesny, Jenkinson, Sagna, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Walcott, Sanogo

    Subs: Martinez, Miquel, Koscielny, Zelalem, Podolski, Giroud, Akpom

  242. oz gunner says:

    Galatasaray: Muslera, Eboue (C), Chedjou, Kaya, Amrabat, Melo, Altintop, Baytar, Riera, Bulut, Elmander

    Galatasaray subs: Gulselam, Sneijder, Drogba, Nounkeu, Balta, Kazim-Richards, Kilic, Kurtulus, Colak, Sarioglu, Iscan

    Good to see Gala making Eboue captain for this one. It’ll be great to see him again

  243. Highbury Harmony says:

    Relatively weak squad for Gala, we better win this one…

  244. Highbury Harmony says:

    weak line-up*

  245. Glic says:

    No Wilshere or Rosicky on the bench !. Hope thats just protection and not an injury they have picked up again !. Who`s paranoid !. hahaha

  246. oz gunner says:

    Win and the cup is ours!

  247. Highbury Harmony says:

    I wonder how much Arsenal paid Gala to not start Sneijder and Drogba…might explain where our transfer money is going!

  248. Glic says:

    Thats better, back in Red !

  249. Glic says:

    less than a minute played….still 0-0….should be 1-0.

  250. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ahh Sanogo! Already looks better than Giroud!

  251. Highbury Harmony says:

    Lol @ Ramsey…reminds me of the game against Swansea where he tripped over himself in the box. We look miles better than last game at least!

  252. oz gunner says:

    You’re that anti-giroud you’d probably prefer Cygan HH.

    @ GLIC

    I love the yellow and blue from the 70’s. Our best away strip

  253. Highbury Harmony says:

    I like the look of a more mobile striker up front, Sanogo with two good steals already and some good movement and passing. A fluid, interchanging front 3 looks great! Something we can’t achieve with Giroud in the line-up…

  254. Glic says:

    Who needs Suarez with dives like Rambo`s !

  255. Highbury Harmony says:

    Don’t get me wrong Oz, I value Giroud’s work rate, determination and aerial ability but he is just god awful to watch. His running form is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, he’s so uncoordinated when he’s running with the ball and just doesn’t look like a real footballer. All effort, no skill and our formation becomes too rigid, while our game plan too predictable with him in the line-up.

  256. Dylan says:

    Sanogo will score today. I feel it. 😉

  257. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ramsey, Sagna and Santi look great so far. Ox surprisingly better in defense than offense so far.

  258. Highbury Harmony says:

    And Sanogo looks very good, what an over the top ball to Theo. Only to be wasted though…

  259. Glic says:

    Being a runner, I actually think Wilshere has the worst running style I`ve seen !. Very laboured looking !

  260. oz gunner says:

    That’s fair enough then HH. Whilst we do lack diversity and unpredictability, he goes give us variety in other avenues. What is strange to me is why we send in crosses when he’s not playing. At least when Sagna and co send it in we have a real threat there. But i respect your opinion and you make a good point.

    haha you’re right about his running form though. It’s almost dainty like, it’s the type I’d expect from someone who does a bit of male modelling on the side

  261. oz gunner says:

    Theo!!! what a ball from Ramsey

  262. Highbury Harmony says:

    Theo…should be 2-0

  263. Dylan says:

    Yes we look very good today. Except Theo’s finishing. God awful.

  264. Glic says:

    Great pass from our much maligned much improved Rambo !

  265. Highbury Harmony says:

    I agree Oz, he gives us variety and I’d love him as a super sub option/plan B. I just cringe when I see him running and playing on the pitch, just a sight for sore eyes in terms of playing style/ability.

    Really impressed with Ramsey so far, proving that he belongs alongside Arteta and more attack minded than last year. If we can get Ginter he’ll fit in very well as a 4th CB or 3rd DM if Arteta or Ramsey get injured :).

  266. Glic says:

    I think you`re find that Girouds running style is affected by his cock !. Along with Gervs head, Bendtners Ego and Arsenes stubborness, it has it`s own gravitational pull due to it`s size !. When Arsenal players are found blowing it in the Emirates underground car park, its not because they are shirtlifters, it`s because of the gravitational pull that attracts their mouths to it !…….Well thats their excuse !. hahaha

  267. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic, it’s surprising (or should I say not surprising???) how your knowledge of Arsenal is mainly of our players’ cocks…

  268. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahahaha and Theo scores with that shot!

  269. Glic says:


    Come on HH, am I not the BK Doctor !. hahaha

  270. Glic says:

    Sanogo may have been off-side, but even Giroud would have scored there !.

  271. Glic says:

    Row Z ! hahaha

  272. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey boys, half time…

    Cock talk aside, I think we are looking a little better today. Still, we seem a bit free of ideas for breaking down a defense that isn’t working particularly hard in maintaining their lines…Maybe with a goal in the match now (and changes coming) things will open up. A lot of offense seems to die at Theo and/or the Ox. Sanago looks promising but maybe isn’t sure how to help out when the other attackers get double teamed. Let’s hope he’s a right-footer because that lefty into Row Z wasn’t particularly composed…

    Ramsey, given space IS playing nicely and his ball to Theo deserved a goal–Certainly moreso than Theo’s pass into the corner of the goal…Ah well, take ’em where they come. Was it another case of our big guys creating distraction? A set piece goal from open play?…(or something…)

    Who will we see in the 2nd period?

  273. Glic says:

    All I will say is, lets hope all the other Premier league teams are as fit or shall I say not as fit looking as we are !. Yes a few look fresh, but most look lethargic !.

  274. oz gunner says:

    @ 17

    The Z man that’s who!!!

  275. TotalArsenal says:

    Dylan at 12.50: that would be brilliant. I am busy getting ready for our camping holiday, so little time to devote to writing. Please go ahead, compadre! 🙂

  276. Glic says:

    Now what was I saying about closet caravanners and campers yesterday !. hahaha

  277. Highbury Harmony says:

    Too bad Yilmaz is injured, was looking forward to seeing him play!

  278. Glic says:

    Broke Back Brittany isn`t it Totes !. I hope it`s Brest and not Le Coq !. hahaha

  279. 17highburyterrace says:

    Eboue with the slide rule pass and Gala’s best chance…

  280. 17highburyterrace says:

    Santi looks like he’s still on holiday…Luckily, the entire Turkish side is as well…

    I’m ready for subs…

  281. Glic says:

    Starting to look sloppy. Gala making all the pass and move triangles !

  282. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ox has not looked good moving forward today

  283. Highbury Harmony says:

    Per needs to get off the pitch

  284. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nah, nah, nah, nah-nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah–G.Z.!!!!

    Yeah, what is it about the Ox? I think he needs to think single touch rather than dribble when he’s playing centrally….The same could be said about everybody really, but we don’t have the good movement to provide the one touch outlets…

    Giroud turning in slo-mo but hits it straight to keeper. Mon Dieu…

  285. 17highburyterrace says:

    With Gervinho off to Roma my new avatar is in anticipation his replacement….

  286. 17highburyterrace says:

    *of his replacement…

    (Ox dive, not bought…)

  287. 17highburyterrace says:

    Drogba wins the softest of soft softies…Miquel naive, however…

  288. Dylan says:

    You have extend the arm for it to be a push! Garbage PK!

  289. 17highburyterrace says:

    I didn’t see the early matches, but from the two pens given in the Arsenal games and what they’re saying about the other ones, it may be hands-off in the box this season…All told refereeing of this sort “should” benefit us. Giroud (not to mention Suarez) knows how to go down in the box, and Lulu, Theo and others can learn…..

    Per (an adult) finally stops Drogba as he plays through a couple of kids…

  290. 17highburyterrace says:

    2-1 Drogba…

  291. 17highburyterrace says:

    Per not as convincing on that one…

  292. James Bond says:

    i thought we got rid of squillaci but it appears he still plays as a make LB at arsenal every now and again.

  293. James Bond says:

    *make shift

  294. Admir says:

    So, Drogba did it again – diving and kicking our ass.

    What worries me the most – apart from the fact Miquel can’t make one correct thing while playing as LB and that our manager looks as reasonable as Christopher Lloyd in Back To The Future – is our softness in defense. I just wish Martin Keown enters the pitch, even as a streaker, and make a bloody tackle.

  295. Admir says:

    Arsene Wenger at the press conference:

    “We made an improvement, we won third-place-trophy.”

  296. Glic says:

    Now let me think !……positives today ?……….erm…………Rambo………and……….that’s it !………Oh and being shit….even though it`s a friendly….might give some incentive to scrooge to spend the money under the mattress !. It was obvious once Gala started to pass and move they were going to get at least a draw or win it, in the end they deserved that win imo. Sneijder and Drogba still class !.

  297. Retsub says:

    Just a few observations
    1 Drogba is a cheat, but we need to be able to deal better with him

    2 will be a lot stronger with Kos back, but we need another quality CB

    3. Jenks isn’t ready yet, must keep Sagna

    4 no point in having a big name striker if he isn’t given any ammunition
    5, in fairness at no time did we see our strongest side, but undoubtably we need to strengthen

  298. Glic says:

    Hahaha Admir, that’s better than 4th !.

    I will be amazed if Miquel makes it, he needs to do some body building and go out on loan !.
    Although potentially good, are Akpom and Sanogo really a better option than Gerv ?. Gerv leaving will make us weaker imo if we do not get Suarez !. If no SQ players come in (and the clock is ticking below) then Gazidis is going to look a complete numpty and should be replaced !.

  299. macko says:

    Rambo actually tons, ox bad, jenkinson a shame ….
    have started the season well …… they left Gala win because of a very bad coatching

  300. Wenger's coat says:

    Drogba or not, dive or not. we are really not good enough. I did not see anything to really fill me with optimism (I’m talking about winning the title). Sanogo looks a cheap version of Giroud lumpy and slow. I might be wrong but I did not see anything good. lucky against Napoli and Theo’s goal was a fluke today. Yes it is a friendly but winning is winning no matter what.The zip is not there, the passing and physical aggression is lacking big time.I’m glad this result happened now. Wenger will see we are way short of a title winning side.

  301. Milo says:

    How did you come to the conclusion that Jenkinson isn’t ready??? Going by this match, he was our best full-back and improved immensely from his last outings in pre-season. I think he is going to be back to the way he played for us last season, when Sagna was injured. He was our most consistent player for about 10 matches last season. The thing he needs the most is confidence in him from his manager!!!

  302. Admir says:

    @Glic – Miquel needs to buy himself a pace. I’m more cautious in judging our players’ potential after Jenkinson’s incredible improvement last season (before that I wouldn’t let him near Emirates even with a season ticket).

    Totally agree about Akpom, Sanogo and Gerv.

  303. James Bond says:

    i’m with Milo on this one,

    Jenks was in a different league to everyone else today, only had one poor pass which Sagna failed to read, that was it.

  304. Retsub says:

    Maybe it’s just confidence as you say, but he doesn’t look right to me. Sagna seems to be getting back to his best and would be my first choice

  305. James Bond says:

    as everyone vents off their frustrations and directs them at every single player one by one – allow me to say, we missed our focal point today , Rosicky.

    he is the difference between us being right up there or struggling for 4th place again next season.

    i hope he stays fit !

  306. Glic says:

    I`m sorry to say this and it sounds a bit drastic but until we hire a hit man to eliminate our nemesis Drogba, we wont win a thing !. Die Drogba Die !. hahaha

  307. James Bond says:


    Sagna still first choice yes, but Jenko doesn’t look out of his depth and should get more games next season.

  308. Glic says:

    Great player 007, always full of energy and drive even if it doesn`t always come off !.

  309. 17highburyterrace says:

    And the boos rain down…

    I dunno, I think it’s better to get beaten in this manner than in 2 weeks time. All Gala had to do was hold their lines (conserving energy) and then send a couple of balls into Drogba and it’s game over. Obviously we need Koscielny in there…

    Offensively, it appears we will be counting on Rosicky AND Wilshere to make a little better effort at breaking down defenses. A few better touches from Theo might help too and from Santi who (I’m sure) will get fit quickly. Still, we look like a team that will have trouble breaking down resolute defenses and happier to be playing on the break. The unfortunate part today was that we got the (lucky) goal which opened the game and we (still) couldn’t play on the break. New boys and a mixed team were probably mostly to blame…

    Amongst the young players GZ looks fantastic for 16, Gnabry (yesterday) seemed like the new Ox, but the old one (still only 19 but only for a dozen more days…) looked a bit lost playing centrally. Miquel doesn’t seem a LB nor a CB nor ready to be counted upon. Sanogo looks good enough to not send out on loan. Not seeing Ryo, Eisfeld, nor Olsson must indicate something…

    Bottom line: I don’t think we’re going to be increasing our “quality in depth” with these fellows. Given that we’re shipping everybody else out it needs to come from somewhere. Do we have enough to play (and win) at 2x per week through the end of the month? Any players we get in the TW will only help once we’re into the Autumn. Given the tensions amongst the support things seem a bit on a knife’s edge…

    Arsenal: Always Exciting… 😀 🙄

  310. Glic says:

    If we want drive and energy in the team then we need a fit Jack, Santi and Rosicky in the starting eleven, but I`m sure someone will say we cant play all 3 as we need Zorro and Rambo too !.

  311. Glic says:

    Oh and Ox too imo !. F**k it, lets play all the quick attack minded players, that probably means Ryo at CB !. hahaha

  312. Glic says:

    What`s the worst that can happen ?…………we don’t buy any SQ and we get beat in the CL qualifyers !. Lucky the Emirates Cup was a work out, but if we do play like them two games in the CL qualifier, then we are in trouble !. Lets hope Arsenal draw my Lesbonian team in the CL qualifier !.

  313. James Bond says:

    i’m actually GLAD we LOST,

    imagine had we won, AW would have said, see how good this team is ? yeah, this team will go all the way, my current squad is so bloody good that it makes me wet every time i think about the potential, the spirit, the determination blah blah blah blahdi blah

    now we least get spared all that BS.

    and hopefully it will speed up the signing process now !

  314. James Bond says:

    i’m not being funny here but one of Ox/Theo needs to be on the bench and we should start with Poldi on the left, whenever possible.

    OX/Theo have and can have an impact coming as super subs and win us games.

  315. Glic says:

    Exactly ! . I agree with your train of thought there 007 !.

  316. Glic says:

    @ of your 18:49, I should add !.

  317. Glic says:

    These are the players ( not inc` SQ to be bought !. hahaha ) in my superior Glictical tactical knowledgeable opinion that should start every game ( if fit ) :










    That only leaves 2 spaces left for you bastards to work out Pod, GIroud and Theo and If we get Suarez, that only leaves one !. Which will be a defender, so that only realistically leaves Verm , Mert and Jenks !.

  318. Dylan says:

    TA, just a quick note, my post might be done a little late tonight, but ill get it done! 😉

  319. Gerry says:

    Dylan – When I posted this message -‘Did Dylan miss the request to do a match report?’
    I should have added it was TA’s request,okay.

  320. Gerry says:

    I have to say I disagree with a lot of conclusions being drawn from these two matches.
    However, I will let Dylan do his review first.

  321. Glic says:

    These two friendlies along with the Asia tour are for the main purpose to get players fit, try some different tactics and have a look at some of the youngsters. Had we bought anyone of true worth, then you could add that these games would have been for their integration as well. The proper moaning can start if we don’t achieve our main goal and that is to win our first league game, anything good or bad before means jack shit !. ( not including anything about SQ signings, that`s another story and one that will divide and cause unrest in gooner families world wide! . hahaha )

  322. James Bond says:

    saying all that is all jolly good @ glicster

    but you forget, this is the only REALISTIC chance of a trophy we had of winning with this current squad 😦

    and we blew it,

    dodgy referee, anyone else and i reckon we could have gotten 2 penalties and that cheat would have gotten a yellow card , ha ha

  323. James Bond says:

    *was not is

  324. James Bond says:

    and someone please kill me, if i will be made to watch bt sports with those so called experts,

    either give all the rights back to sky or bloody recruit some decent footy experts,

    honesty, i much rather watch paint dry than to have the likes of hargreaves and james talk me through tactics , football and so on

    that’s what you call torture i tell you.

  325. James Bond says:

    *forced not made

    AFC mode OFF.

  326. Glic says:

    I watch the match 007, then at half time I have a snack, then get back to my comfy seat for the 2nd half, I never listen to the so called experts, I`d rather listen to someone like……..well …, talk about the male appendages of the Arsenal squad and the effects of gravitational pull !. hahaha

  327. 17highburyterrace says:

    Looking forward to Dylan’s match report, not to mention Gerry’s comments…I always love to be disagreed with ;)… I’d also love to hear from anybody who attended the matches re: atmosphere, etc. Like I said above, I don’t think there’s too much to be taken from our loss, but it does sort of set the table for maybe (please) an announcement or three over the next week. How many more players can we have going out before somebody comes in? Could Mathias Ginter be the answer to today’s question? (Who can we get who could’ve stopped Drogba?…)

    In the meantime, what say the sauces, Bond?…

  328. James Bond says:

    good on you , Glics

    i’m just gonna have to set it on mute then for next time, utter rot i tell you.

    i honestly didn’t think they be as rubbish as they were with their analysis, opinions and so on.

    on top of that, their biased towards Arsenal was so obvious.

  329. James Bond says:


    i shared my sauce with all of you a few days ago,

    re- chamakh


    and even Ginter,

    i have money riding on the Ginter deal 😉 need i say more ahahahahahahhahahaha

  330. Highbury Harmony says:

    What more can you say than: “Typical Arsenal”

  331. Glic says:

    Am I the only one , but is HH turning into Herb ?…..a sort of hybrid……….Herbs Harmony !. hahaha

  332. Highbury Harmony says:

    I wish I could hate this club as much as Herb does…

  333. Glic says:


    I think Koz would have stopped Drogba for the winner, he would have been tighter on him. I understand everyone`s praise for Merts organisational skills, but as a one on one man marker, I think VCC on a lead lined zimmerframe with a wheel clamp could manoeuvre quicker !.

  334. Highbury Harmony says:

    If we got rid of Ox, Koz, Gibbs, Sagna, Jack, Santi, Gnabry, Zelalem, Bellerin, Theo, Poldi, Ches, Diaby, Jenks, Olsson, Aneke and Akpom then it would probably make it much easier to hate the club hahaha!

  335. Highbury Harmony says:

    And Nacho and Verm of course, can’t forget about them.

  336. Glic says:

    One SQ player and all will be forgiven HH !. If not, you can join me and Stretch as we dissect Darth Wengers cerebral cortex on the blood stained body of Gazidis !. hahaha

  337. Glic says:

    What, so you can be left in a darkened room naked with Giroud, Chamakh and Bendtner !. hahaha

  338. AFC says:

    Glic, not for me. I am expecting 4-5 players to come in.

  339. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic @ 21:16, might as well toss in the entirety of Arsenal’s management in there…I’d like to take Stan’s toupee and strangle him with it as well!

  340. 17highburyterrace says:

    Is that a list of players you like, HH? It seems a bit lengthy for me…:D

    Bond (or anybody else…) tell me more about the German kid who will be joining us…

  341. Glic says:

    Actually, I`m quite calm and relaxed, but that’s probably like being in the eye of a tornado, just waiting for the force to pick up if we don’t buy any SQ, then I don’t think I will be able to contain my rage !. Still, theres how many days to the new season…….lets check the countdown !.

  342. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, it is a list of players I like which is why I couldn’t truly hate the club if I tried…

  343. Glic says:

    That’s the problem HH, it`s his symbiotic syrup that has the control, you need to strangle the syrup with Stans dead body !. hahaha

  344. James Bond says:


    won’t be as many as 4-5,

    2-3 max i reckon.


    a good solid defender, comfortable playing as a DM , or even as a MF

    is meant to be the next mat hummels and ballack when played further up.

    still very young, very tall and of course, he’s German so the BGF partnership can work, ha

    he’ll be coming as a 3rd/4th choice CB and can be used as a DM (although i doubt if Wenger will be using him as such or to replace Arteta just yet), may well do later but for now as a CB perhaps

    he is young as i have said, so him coming over for our reserves is out of the question purely because he has been a regular for his first team in germany (Freiburg).

    we also loaned them Coquelin if i am not mistaken.

    he also played in the under 21 world cups for germany…looked promising !

  345. Dylan says:

    Sorry I didn’t see the request Gerry. Don’t worry, in a few hours you’ll have a double match report. 😉 And I will probably be swamped with negativity for trying to be as positive as possible. 😉

  346. Highbury Harmony says:

    Miyachi is out for the next two weeks with a cracked rib in case anyone was wondering.

  347. Glic says:

    None of us would ever hate The Arsenal, however, the same cant be said of the people running it as a mere profit business with no intention of making us being able to compete on the trophy side of things !.
    HH, 17ht and jgc, a question. do all the North American sports and for example the NFL, do all the franchises make a profit ? and do all the less successful teams ie Seatle Seahawks just carry on knowing they wont win anything, but be happy knowing they are making a profit !. Hope I`m using the right examples there, but our game of football is totally different, If Stan thinks the fans will be happy just to make a profit and not compete, then he is seriously underestimated the whole package of tradition, fans, communities and history etc` of our beloved game.

  348. 17highburyterrace says:

    Thanks Bond–You too, Dylan…like I say, looking forward to it, although I’ll have to brace myself for the positivity… 😉 …

    HH, (and other doomers…) It’s all about expectations. Even if we use our money we’re still way behind the top 3 clubs in England, the top 2 in Spain and these new big money teams. We need a little FFP refresher from the accountant types, but I think AW has it right talking about RM as he did…What’s wrong with being a top4 club made up of kids and a few finds from Ligue Deux? 😆 Maybe Ramsey can find Giroud (the white Drogba?) with balls over the top and we can get some easy goals like we saw (from the Turkish retirement party…) today…

    I’m pretty confident that a bit of spending will occur. I’m on the Suarez train (witness the changed mask-atar…) and the Ginter kid sounds alright. That’s 2, who are numbers 3, 4 and 5, AFC?… I’m less sure that spending will elevate the collective into the top 3 or deep into the tournaments…

    Glic, my understanding is that the North American teams can make (modest) profits for their owners as long as they can fill the stadiums. And if they can’t, they tend to move! A lot of the big profits come from associated real estate development and concessions from the governments of the host cities (and counties and states)…Currently, I believe Kroenke and his buddy Phil Anshutz are working on a whopper of a deal in Los Angeles–to build a NFL stadium and bring a team, most likely Kroenke’s St. Louis Rams back to SoCal…

    Kroenke, from everything I can tell, seems dedicated to being the richest sports owner in the history of that game. Arsenal, like the other big clubs, should (italics) grow hugely if and when a European Super League gets formed. And the real estate model shouldn’t be overlooked either. Maintaining ownership in the Highbury development (and who knows what else near Ashburton Grove) must’ve piqued Stan’s interest in the Club back when he was shopping…

    As always, take whatever I tell you with a grain of something or other…

  349. James Bond says:

    interesting you mention Stan @ 17HT

    there was a meeting of sorts and Kroenke was there, he is not known to attend meetings or be a regular at the emirates, and guess what ? he even stayed for the games yesterday evening i’m hearing.

    call it what you may, but it may have something to do with sanctioning big money deals ? or even selling his shares (i wish of course.).

    anyhow, the boss is going to be facing the music on tuesday by the fans on Al-jazeera….this will be rather interesting.

  350. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic, franchises in NA are less in it for profit in comparison to winning titles. However, it goes by a sport by sport basis. With the exception of baseball, all the other major sports have a salary cap. Also, some leagues have revenue sharing whereby certain teams are forced to fork over some of their profit to teams less fortunate (more or less a handout hahaha!).

    The salary cap really restricts teams from lavishly spending on free agents and usually prevents the same teams from winning their respective leagues year after year. It’s quite a good system and there’s a greater emphasis on accumulating draft picks and building a winner through the draft. A team like the Seahawks are actually starting the see the fruits of their labours by being patient and rebuilding the team through the draft!

    Such a system would never be feasible in European football though. But, if there ever came a day where such a thing were possible, Arsenal would be quite ahead of the curve.

  351. AFC says:

    17ht, this would do.

    GK- Cesar
    CB- Rami or RB- Gamez
    DM- ?
    ST- Suarez

    I think Ginter will be signed as a replacement for Coquelin and Frimpong.

  352. AFC says:

    If Ginter is intended to be the main DM I would rather we try to get one of Gustavo or Khedira.

  353. AFC says:

    Personally I would rather have Flamini back instead of Ginter being signed.

  354. James Bond says:

    Ginter – CB.

    not sure why people keep mentioning him as a DM, is it because he played for Germany U21’s there ?

    he’s primarily a CB.

    he is versatile, can play as a DM, as a MF, as a SS…CAM e.t.c e.t.c

    reads the game well and is intelligent but i’ll repeat again, his best position is as a CB and that is why he will be bought , if the bid gets accepted and all that.

  355. AFC says:

    JB, thanks for that. I saw him play as a DM then all the reports said he was a DM rather than a CB. My updated list.

    GK- Cesar
    CB- Ginter or Rami OR RB- Gamez
    DM- Khedira or Gustavo
    ST- Suarez

    I would also bring back Flamini on a free as Diaby cannot be relied on.

  356. Dylan says:

    The post is in TA’s inbox. It’ll be up soon hopefully. 😉

  357. Dylan says:

    AFC, surely we need at least one winger too? Especially with Gerv leaving? And a CAM so Santi isn’t run into the ground?

  358. AFC says:

    Dylan, a GK, CB, DM and ST the minimum requirement. I would also try to get a AM/no.10 and keep Santi on the left wing.

  359. James Bond says:

    easy there lads,

    why would we need a winger when we have the likes of gnabry and Ryo ?

    also worth noting that Santi plays on the LW ?

    Gnabry will be promoted i reckon.


  360. James Bond says:

    we have the perfect no.10 in Rosicky (believe it or not).

    Rosicky/Santi/ JW when need be can also step up…and OX isn’t too bad either.

    a CF,


    and CB

    should be priority.

    anything else is a bonus for me and is more than welcome but not a necessity as such.

    Monreal will be back in training tomorrow, so it’s good news (remember, how i was telling you AFC that he won’t be out until October and you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet 😉

  361. James Bond says:

    *perfect false no.10 – more goals from him is what we really need !

  362. Dylan says:

    JB, I want to like Ryo, but I just can’t rate him yet. And I want Gnabry to have a loan. So I want a high quality winger, even if Santi plays LW. And if Santi plays LW, we definitely need a CAM.

  363. AFC says:

    So Dylan this would be our 25 man squad.

    GK- Szez, Fab, Cesar
    RB- Sagna (new RB if Sagna goes to CB), Jenks
    RCB & LCB- Mert, Verm, Kos, New CB (or Sagna with a RB signed).
    LB- Gibbs, Monreal
    DM (double DM pivot)- Ramsey, Arteta, New DM, Wilshere
    AM- new AM/no.10, Rosicky
    LW- Santi, Podolski
    RW- Walcott, Ox
    ST- Suarez, Giroud

    That 22 with Sanogo, Ryo and Diaby making up the remaining 3 spots. Job done!

  364. AFC says:

    I would then have Henry and Flamini on stand-by to come in on January if one of our forwards or midfielders get injured.

  365. James Bond says:


    you not a fan of Rosicky as our CAM ?

  366. AFC says:

    JB, an AM/no10 should be signed if Wenger wants to keep Santi on the LW. If Wenger wants to play Santi as a false 10 then a LW or RW should be signed depending on which flank the Ox plays on.

    Rosicky is a very good AM but I would rather have him as a sub. Like Dylan, I do not rate Ryo, Miquel, Sanogo yet.

  367. James Bond says:


    if and when we get Suarez, don’t you feel that we can use him just behind Giroud as a no.10 or alongside him ? both of them can form a devastating partnership i reckon.

    so why rotate them ? and have them down as strikers ?

    that’s the beauty of signing Suarez, he can play anywhere across the front 3 and even behind the striker…(can interchange with Santi and drift left letting Santi cut inside) – Perfecto !

  368. James Bond says:

    so the way i see it , you young gunners wants







    and a winger in say Nani /Bernard

    why not 3-4 more players to your wish list and make create another and different starting 11, one we can use in CL exclusively 😀

    do you see my point ?

    let’s get 1 signing done first and then take it from there, 2 to 3 is sufficient for me 🙂

  369. James Bond says:

    in hindsight, we should have signed Neymar for 50 million,

    beginning to look like an absolute bargain and coup at 50 million when you consider Bale for 100 million and Suarez close to 50 million as well,

    bloody barca did well !

  370. AFC says:

    JB, these are the players who United have. I have excluded youth players as for me they should not really be in the first 22 although I do not mind them taking up the final 2-3 spots.

    GK- De Gea, Lindergaard
    RB- Rafael, with Jones, Smalling or even Valencia stepping in when needed.
    RCB & LCB- Vidic, Ferdinand, Jones, Smalling, Evans.
    LB- Evra, Buttner
    CM (two CM spots)- Carrick, Fletcher, Anderson and a new CM which they are looking to add. Jones can also fill if needed.
    LM/LW & RM/RW- Valencia, Zaha, Young, Nani, Kagawa. Giggs as well
    CF & ST- Rooney, RVP, Hernandez, Welbeck and Kagawa behind the ST if needed. Giggs as well.

    That’s 24 senior players if you include Giggs. The new CM will make 25, now that is a squad.

  371. AFC says:

    JB, does it make sense to have your only two STs on the pitch at the same time. Who would you play two days later if you have a fixture or one gets injured and the other is tired.

  372. AFC says:

    No JB, all I want is a GK and ST (which we should have already signed as replacements for Song and RVP), a GK, DF and maybe another AM/winger (would be good.)

  373. James Bond says:

    Utd have an aging team and squad, i will be very surprised if they finished top 2 or 3 next year.

    simples – use Poldi and Theo up front as well, they can deliver the good, i much rather Giroud be rotated with Poldi or Theo and let Suarez do what he does best…course he could also play as a striker , no worries and we could use Giroud as a super sub, when we’re chasing a game, could bring him on to play with Suarez e.t.c e.t.c

    like i said, the possibilities and options that Suarez gives AW are endless.

  374. Dylan says:

    JB, I love Rosicky. I just don’t trust him to stay fit all season. So I’d like someone like Erikson to come learn from him.

  375. AFC says:

    JB, I have no problen with Arsene promoting Sanogo and Ryo but is it too much to ask to have 22 senior players who you would trust to play against any team in the world? 22 senior players, Diaby and Ryo & Sanogo is fine for me.

  376. AFC says:

    JB, Pod and Theo cannot be used as STs as they are need on the wings. Ryo and Ox are not ready to start games yet.

  377. James Bond says:

    let’s touch wood re- Rosicky staying fit, i honestly can’t remember the last time he was fit and had a full and proper pre-season with us

    good points @ AFC – i’m not comfortable with it either

  378. AFC says:

    JB, the only guys who are old in the Man U squad are: Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra (will be replaced with Baines) and Giggs (who is not really a squad player and makes cameo appearances and Zaha will take over). So Man U only really need to buy a top CM and maybe two defenders whereas we need to buy 4-5 players.

  379. James Bond says:

    OX is ready to start on the wings,

    Gnabry needs a little bit more time but he is more than ready to be a sub – needs to work on his back tracking and defensive duties which he will no doubt learn under AW and Steve.B.

  380. James Bond says:

    Carrick ? RVP ? Fletcher ?

  381. AFC says:

    Man U might end up with 26 senior players including Giggs. I would rather we had 22 senior players, Sanogo, Ryo and Diaby.

  382. AFC says:

    Carrick and RVP can go on for 2-3 more years. There are around 30. Fletcher is their Diaby and is likely to be sold.

    JB, regarding the squad you have to think of it like this. Suppose you two or three matches of high importance only a few days apart like it is during the Christmas period, you need to have players capable enough (players you would trust) to make up two teams. A team A and a team B.

  383. Dylan says:

    AFC, that’s a good squad, but I’d rather sell Diaby and buy maybe Muniain. Muniain is a young Spaniard called the “Spanish Messi”. He can play CAM, RW, and LW. I think that’d be good business. So our squad could be: Szcz, Fab, Cesar, Sagna, Jenks, Mert, Verm, Kos, Rami, Gibbs, Monreal, Ramsey, Arteta, Gundogan, Wilshere, Eriksen, Rosicky, Santi, Poldi, Walcott, Ox, Suarez, Giroud, Sanogo, Ryo, Muniain.

  384. James Bond says:

    Team A


    Sagna Koc Per Gibbs

    Fellaini Arteta


    Theo Suarez Poldi/Santi

    Team B


    Jenkinson Ginter Verm Nacho

    Arteta Ramsey/JW


    Ox Giroud Gnabry/Poldi

    sorted and rotated for xmas.


  385. Dylan says:

    So the players we should sign:
    1 of Gamez or Rami
    1 of Gundogan, one of the Benders, or Khedira
    1 of Eriksen or Kroos
    1 of Bernard or El Sharaawy
    And then Ginter, Kondogbia, or other youngsters are bonus.

  386. AFC says:

    Dylan, surely that is over 25 players?

    JB, the problem with that squad is that you would have player playing in team A and team B, you would have players covering several positions when they needed not and you have untested young players starting.

  387. James Bond says:

    course not,

    i created those 2 for CL footy,

    it’s very unlikely that you will have to rest all 11 players and field completely different teams for the PL or CL,

    for domestic games, we can easily rest 5-8 players hence you see it’s not the numbers that worry me but the quality of the players.

  388. Dylan says:

    AFC, I think it’s over if any if the bonuses are added. But in that case I’d loan out Ryo.

  389. AFC says:

    These are our senior players: Szez, Fab, Sagna, Jenks, Kos, Verm, Mert, Gibbs, Nacho, Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta, Santi, Ox, Podolski, Giroud, Walcott and Rosicky. So that is 18 players whereas the likes of Chelsea, United and City will have around 25 senior players to choose from. That is 7 less. You want us to bring in 2-3. That would still leave us 4-5 senior players less than Chelsea, United and City would have. Our squad would still be too thin. Then when injuries occur, suspensions and that is why the PL allow 25 senior players. We would be filling around 20% of our available squad spots with youth players or young players with potential who could be loaned out or kept in the youth team where they would play week in week out.

    You cannot include young players with potential simply like Gnabry, Sanogo etc, because every team has them. City, United have promising youngsters. Chelsea must have loaned out 100. 😀 do you see what I am saying?

  390. AFC says:

    JB, for me quality and numbers are an issue.

  391. AFC says:

    JB, if I was managing this team I would fill all 25 squad spots with senior players. I would then loan out Ryo, Sanogo etc. Then next summer assess the squad and if the youngsters have proved themselves then more players do not need to be signed to replace those who are not needed. For example Sanogo could come in for Giroud if he needs to go. Ryo could come in for Rosicky with Ox moving central etc.

  392. James Bond says:


    can you translate all the above into an Article ?

    you have done all the hard work i reckon 😉

  393. AFC says:

    JB, what would you want me to explain in the article. Why we need around 4-5 senior players?

  394. James Bond says:


    your comparisons with man utd – analysis

    reasoning and so on, basically an amalgamation of your last 5- 8 posts into one with a bit more tidying up e.t.c e.t.c

  395. Dylan says:

    JB, forget an article, lets just make me and AFC joint manager. 😉 Arsene can stay around and help us learn the ropes and coach. 😉

  396. AFC says:

    JB, I will most likely wait until AW has finished signing players and then I will write a post analysing our squad and do we have enough quality/strength in depth to compete in all four competitions.

    On the subject of young players with potential. Who is to say Gnabry, Ryo, Sanogo will become world class talents? Are we certain they will become good? For all we know they may never make the grade like the large majority of young players who do not. Let these young players prove themselves out on loan. Jack done it. Lukaku done it. They do not need to be in the first team to prove if they are good enough.

  397. AFC says:

    JB, I would also add that because of the success Wenger has had developing young talent into world class talent, us as fans can get a bit carried away and think AW can make most of our young players into world class players.

    A lot of guys seem to think Miquel is ready to step up. If United need a CB do the fans say Wootton is ready and should be given a chance. Majority would say no.

    Or when City need a winger/creative mid do the fans say we’ve got that arab kid form the Saudi League (cannot remember his name) let’s give him a chance. Doubt it.

    These players will have to go out on loan to prove themselves and that is what the loan system is for.

  398. AFC says:

    I would also say based on the ability of these players now, would you rather have:

    Johan or Miquel
    Gervinho or Ryo
    Sanogo or Chamakh
    Mannone or Martinez


  399. AFC says:

    I would say Chamakh, Johan, Mannone and Gervinho are all better than Ryo, Martinez, Miquel and Sanogo. We want the strongest possible squad so why would we get rid of these players to replace them with younger players who are not as good. Would you not keep Johan another year and send Miquel out on loan?

    Do you get this point?

  400. Dylan says:

    AFC, I would say the mostly the opposite to be fair. Miquel, Sanogo, Martinez, and Gerv. But I 100% agree with your point. We have to buy world class players and be ruthless about it, we can’t baby our youth. If they’re good enough, they’ll still make it. Management has to be more ruthless and let our youngsters worry about getting to that level themselves.

  401. AFC says:

    Dylan, do you really think Johan and Mannone or worse than Miquel and Martinez in terms of overall ability?

    So if you were managing Arsenal in the CL final right now you would pick Martinez ahead of Mannone and Miquel ahead of Johan?

  402. Dylan says:

    AFC, absolutely. But, I don’t think any of them are good enough to be first team at Arsenal. However, of your choices they are best.

  403. AFC says:

    Dylan, if you would, we will have to agree to disagree. 🙂

    I’m off now. Good speaking to Dylan and JB. Speak to you guys soon. 🙂

  404. Highbury Harmony says:

    Why is everyone ragging on Sanogo? He played his first game in a few weeks after spending time on vacation after the U-20 World Cup and only had like 3 days of training before the match. He helped France win the U-20 World Cup and was their leading scorer too.

    Considering he’s also only 20 years old, he did fine. He tracked back to help out on defense, had two nice steals in the opposition’s own half, made some nice runs, ran into space to receive passes and smartly passed it to open teammates. He didn’t score unfortunately and his decision making on two of his shots could have been better, but hardly anything to moan about.

    Clearly, the negativity he’s receiving is unfounded and directed at him because he’s been our lone addition in the TW thus far. AW’s not done yet, I can feel a couple signings coming within the next week or so.

  405. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB @ 0:59, I already wrote that article last season…

  406. AFC says:

    HH, saw you are now on BK. 🙂

    I was not picking on Sanogo. I was making these points on all of our youth players.

  407. AFC says:

    JB, seems HH has beaten me to it. 😀

  408. AFC says:

    HH, do you not think AW should loan out Sanogo to another EPL team? He is high profile enough for a team in the EPL to sign him. Look how a loan benefited Lukaku.

  409. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, not completely sure. I would not loan out Sanogo unless we are certain that we have enough depth first. Akpom will likely stay with the academy and be an emergency call-up if need be, but we can’t loan him out unless someone else is coming in.

  410. AFC says:

    HH, this is going back to my point early. I would rather we loan out Sanogo and Ryo and bring in some experienced quality players in their positions. There time will come where they can come into the squad.

  411. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, the way I see it is that if we get a versatile SQ striker like Suarez (not coming to Arsenal or is coming to Arsenal depending on which source you read hahaha) then we’d only need to loan out one of them.

    We’d have:

    ST – Suarez, Giroud, Podolski
    RW – Walcott, Chamberlain/Miyachi
    LW – Cazorla, Podolski, Chamberlain/Miyachi

    What I’m getting at is that I wouldn’t sign a depth winger to sit on the bench. I’d rather keep Miyachi here to get experience with the first-team in cup competitions, substitute appearances and the odd PL start.

  412. AFC says:

    HH, see your point but I would rather Ryo go out on loan so we can bring in an AM/no.10. That would give us Walcott, Santi, Ox, Podolski for the wings and the new AM/no.10 and Rosicky for the ‘hole’. I would then use Jack further back. So we would have Jack, Ramsey, Arteta and new DM for the double DM pivot. Then in time Ox can move to the middle and Ryo can take his place on the wings.

  413. Highbury Harmony says:

    “Then in time Ox can move to the middle and Ryo can take his place on the wings.”

    So you want to sign a player to a 4-5 year deal only to have them sitting on the bench most of the time and rotting away on our squad in say two years when players like Gnabry and Ryo are ready?

    Basically, we’ll be left with another Gervinho on our hands. Sure, we sold him, but at a discount. Also, any additional attacker we sign that is not a ST will mean less playing time for Ox. The kid needs to play!

  414. AFC says:

    HH, you are right. Wenger will eventually have to go into the market though to replace Rosicky if the Ox does not step up.

    I’m really off now, HH. We will see what happens next week. AW said signings will come after the Emirates Cup. He said we are in the position to do quick deals which would suggest he has a GK and DF lined up. So the hard work will be getting Suarez and signing a DM.

  415. oz gunner says:

    God watching BJ, AFC, and Dylan go hammer and tong makes for good reading.

    The problem with loan deals is it’s an imperfect system. Younger players get battered in the Championship and the style of play isn’t suited to ours, therefore, they are likely to sit on the bench anyway. Loaning them to EPL teams means more bench time unless your tough (Lukaku, Wilshere, Caulker) and can handle it. Not to mention the standard of the lower teams is a lot higher so we can’t just loan Miquel to Swansea and say “here you go” (Bentley had to go on loan again and look how good he was against us, and is the size of a house).

    Half the time they’ll play more in cups and under 21 matches then out of loan.

    What to do with players like Gnabry, Ryo, and co is beyond me.

    I just want to see Ryo stay fit so we can all see what he’s made of. At Bolton he was exceptional at times, he was blitzing chelsea players with ease.

  416. Highbury Harmony says:

    I agree with that AFC – we will eventually need to sign a replacement for Rosicky. However, if Rosicky can stay fit, and that is a big IF, he could certainly push on for another couple seasons as a quality substitute/plan B. By then, we could have an internal replacement for him by the name of Zelalem :).

    Also, yes I believe ST and DM are the two main priorities. Another CB and GK would be great as well, but not as important as the aforementioned 2 imo. With that said, I’ll never be unhappy with more depth in case of injuries, but we need to be careful of how many signings are made because of playing time.

  417. Highbury Harmony says:

    Good night AFC :).

  418. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post 🙂

    Dylan does it again!

    Off on Hols now. Will try and catch up at some point today.

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