What will Arsene do if Per, Mikel or OG get badly injured?


I have not got a clue what is going on any more with Arsenal in terms of strengthening the squad; and I am sure not to be the only one. Come on Arsene, Gazidis, Kroenke; don’t wave with big piles of cash and say you can strengthen the squad with whoever you want, only to whimper out each and every time when it comes to the crux!

The majority of the fans have stood with you through thick and thin and understood the need to sacrifice our top-competitiveness, in order to complete the transition and strengthen the club’s long term position among the very elite. But now is time to act, to complete, to do and not dither any more!

The chase of marquee signing(s) seems to have each and everyone occupied at the club. Yet, what will happen if there is RIGHT NOW a serious injury to either Mertesacker, Arteta or Giroud? And let’s not even talk about more than one injury to any of these three!

Who will replace Per’s organisational skills in the team? Who will guard the back four and bring structure and organisation to our midfield if Arteta is not around? And who will lead the line and provide a target and purpose to our attack if Ollie is not available?

We have very little back up at CB anyway, but the specific skill-set of BFG has no cover whatsoever. We already lack midfielders who know how to defend properly, and without Arteta we would be so vulnerable; yet, we have seen no strengthening in this area, and if anybody is bought in the next few weeks then surely he would have to be worked into the first team/squad? If OG cannot play we have nobody who can take over from him; and let’s hope nobody is not planning to put this sort of pressure on Sanogo….

Forget the marquee signing, we are clearly not going to get one. But there is no excuse whatsoever for not strengthening the squad in the above mentioned key areas.

I know there is time left but why wait for so long? Why take the risk?

Written by:  a confused TotalArsenal.

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  • Understand the feeling Steve and yes what will we do with another serious injury to what is already a very weak looking back line.Surely there is more than Suarez on our shopping list.I have written on here many time’s now and not sure why other than to share my frustration with fellow gooner’s.Time really is now ticking by to fast and before long we will be in the thick of the Prem League and hopefully still in the C/L.It concern’s me though to how all those around us especially Spurs.

  • From previous post:

    The original info: August 8, 2013 11:03

    @Admir August 8, 2013 08:08

    I have gathered information that other than Etienne Capoue (Toulouse), Spurs have been keeping tabs on players from AS Roma (which is also not in any European competition).

    Franco Baldini, Spur’s newly recruited sporting director for player recruitment and negotiations (quite like what Richard Law is doing for us), and who was previously the executive director at AS Roma while still remaining closely tied with them, has been assigned to capture both Miralem Pjanic and Erik Lamela. That is when/if the Gareth Bale transfer to Real Madrid should go ahead. And Baldini will be very likely to succeed with the funds available then.

    @Admir August 8, 2013 11:13

    JM, thanks for the info.

    “Quite like what Richard Law is doing for us.”

    You mean – “is not doing for us”?

    Then Richard Law should be sacked with immediate effect.

  • Previously my last post: August 8, 2013 11:16

    For me personally, Luis Suarez is a good signing.

    He will provide the on-field firepower and guile to help us win matches.

    In training, his presence will “teach” our defenders on how to tackle a crafty and opportunistic attacker during an actual match. We can never simulate that in real scenarios and we do not have strikers, forwards, wingers who are in that category of ruthlessness and professional “gamesmanship” like Suarez and …. Drogba (a very good example). Our defenders can “wise up” when going against these “players”.

  • You hit the point, TA.

    I have had the same feeling about Mertesacker and lack of proper cover for him. Koscielny has had a very decent run of performances but his qualities have been used mostly thanks to presence of Mertesacker’s organizing skills.

    No natural defensive midfielder is something that I’ve been mad at for at least two seasons.

    We don’t have a proper replacement for Giroud and his dong in our attack. Perhaps Bendtner can replace Giroud in terms of size of an ego but not in terms of footballing quality.

    Wenger doesn’t look like a man with a strategy when it comes to transfers anymore. If anything happens in the next few weeks, it will be overdue at least a month.

    Personally, I think Wenger shouldn’t get a new contract unless he provides challenge for the silverware with the path he will pick.

  • This should be the alst of wenger’s season as a coach for the club.The reign of error has to end. Wenger ans his cronies have no long term plan than to stuff the poor fans. The deluded mob have lapped it all up and that is all AW wants. He is a loser of epic proportions if he thinks he can win anything with this lot. we are short of quality and quantity in major areas and that is obvious to everyone.Maybe they are smoking something at the emirates.

  • I read somewhere in the whole Suarez bollox that the deadline for naming the squad for the CL qualifier is Monday.. not much time to get any signings in before that.

    I agree with most others here – whilst a quality striker would be great, we are much more urgently in need of extra personnel in other areas first

  • @Admir August 8, 2013 12:07

    No we do not, we have Richard “Dick” Law and his clowns, as side-shows in the entertainment business.

    Hopefully, a miracle happens (once in a while).

  • @JM, then it wouldn’t solve anything if we just sack Law & clowns – their shoes would be too big to fill for anyone!

    Joke apart, it’s nine days left until Premiership starts.

  • TA,
    You are not the only one that is confused.
    Your post is spot on, We lack cover not only defensively but offensively we are weaker than last season.
    We are a joke in my opinion and that is why i have been away lately. Simply because we are not hitting any targets and i am sick of the BS excuses from AW.
    “Transfers are harder these days”, “We have a team that can challenge for titles”, We have let go of some players on our roster but no one has come in. A few panic buys is only a couple of weeks away.
    The spuds are picking up players and we are simply sitting on our hands hoping for the best. Is Suarez our only target? If so all our eggs are in one land mine filled basket.

    July has come and gone and we are merely just over a week away from our first PL game and we are a squad that looks so thin. I am just so over this.
    We do not have a squad that will last the distance. What they achieved in the last couple of months last season was amazing, but AW is kidding himself if he thinks it will happen again.

    My biggest fear is that we are becoming the new ‘Liverpool’

  • TA – I can understand that, that from a soggy campsite near Rennes, things might look bleak, but let us not rush down the doom and gloom avenue just yet, eh?

    And this bit is for you Steve as well.

    As was said last night, if AW was banking on the ‘release clause’ being activated, then the plan was we got Saurez, because of lack of interest elsewhere, and it would have made other signings easier. Good plan, except for the wording of that clause.

    So now we are going after our other needs, if the rumours are to be believed. We may not get them, but they signal that (Gundogan) DM, (Ginter) DM/CB, (Gustavo) DM, and perhaps (Rami/Williams) CB are the very positions you have referenced?

    We have been backed into a corner regards Saurez, but then so have Liverpool, because of their response. Selling him has to be a better option than hoping he will come around once the season begins? Now it may be that RM sniff a bargain, despite earlier comments made by their president, in which case Benzema might be an option?

    Then we have the Anzhi clearout? That might mean coping with high wage demands, but a double swoop for both Striker and Winger could be interesting?

    And we have still yet to see the fallout at other clubs to see who might be available. Indeed, Lewandawski(sp?) could be had on one year deal, with and added 2 if he chose not to go to BM. Who knows, Poldi may like the chance of going the other way?

    But let’s not get ahead of the non-deal for Saurez, eh? Any £51m(+?) offer would not depend on us being in the CL. It would be that he is down in London for a medical tomorrow, and unveiled before the Manchester City friendly, and he might even get a bit of playing time?

    If only Liverpool would take a little bit of time out and think about this, It may be far better for them for us to be in the CL, with all the extra games that ensues, not to mention that with a stronger side we are more like to take points of their other rivals, and as they think they are a step up from us, see what they do on November the 2nd, when the dust has settled?

    So keep calm, see who we get in the Qualifier tomorrow, see what develops by Monday, before having a mass meeting at Beachy Head, eh?

  • We will spend guys. I’m not concerned IF we’ll spend. I’m concerned WHEN and on WHO we’ll spend.

  • Dylan,
    Yes we will spend, but why does it take those jokers so long to seal any sort of deal.
    We must be the worst at negotiating. We are a joke

  • hello, if he does not recruit players in key areas, the season will be hard we will do as usual this fight like crazy against the Spurs that against them by recruiting 🙂
    But as I am Arsenal supporter I trust Arsene Wenger 🙂
    Just a defensive media business and it will go;)

  • Thanks, TA for a writing such a post summing up all of our thoughts. 🙂

    I do not know what to think. I am angry, confused (as you are), sad, hopeful, worried etc. I have supported always supported Arsene and stuck up for him. The TW windows closes in 26 days and the season starts in around a week (if I am correct) and we have signed no one.

    We are now in a position in which the PFA had said that the clause basically means nothing. Suarez can still take Liverpool to court but that would mean that he would not be able to move in this window.

    So now we are left with two options.

    1) Just wait and see what happens.

    2) Submit an improved bid (I would do this next week) for £45 million and see if Liverpool accept. For me that would be a fair compromise on the £50 miilion Liverpool want for Suarez and the £40 miilion and the £1 we want to pay for Suarez.

    We need to get this deal done for two reasons.

    1) Another club could possibly come in Suarez and we could end up with no SQ ST.

    2) Wenger seems reluctant to finally close/complete other deals until we make the big name ST signing.

    If I was AW I would get the Suarez deal done as quickly as possible. If you do not wish to continue pursuing Suarez walk away now and go and move onto onto other targets (which I am sure you have). Willian and Traore from Anzhi are available if you are looking for bargains.

    Get the L.Bender deal done. He is the best option out there. He has a fair level of experience and has the ability to be a SQ midfielder. Just go back to his club with an offer of £25 million and he is ours.

    Go for Rami or Sakho. Rami is a very good option for CB. He is available for a cut price of under £10 million. He has played in one of the top leagues in the world and has CL experience. Sakho is a very young talented defender who wouldd also do well. We would also be able to get him for a very good price.

    If you are looking for a cheap experienced GK Adler will do.

    I honestly not know what we so if any of those players are out. Our squad so thin and lacks quality.

    If Arteta is out I do not know what we do. We cannot play Sagna or Vermaelen there as we are they are needed in defence. I am assuming one of Wilshere, Ox or Rosicky play next to Arteta unless AW is hoping on Diaby getting fit. The problems here are that Wilshere may not be fully fit, the Ox does not have the experience and defensive ability. Rosicky would be the best option however he is injury prone. We cannot switch to five at the back because we do not have enough defenders to do that. Is Arsene seriously thinking of switching to three at the back. Cannot see it happening. I would also add what if Ramsey is needed to fill in at RB.

    If Giroud is out it will have to be one of Podolski, Walcott or Sanogo. I cannot see Wenger switching to playing two STs up front.

    I would have even said play Diaby as a sort of false 9 or behind one of Theo or Podolski and use his strength and size to try and add a purpose to our attack (as he was used a SS back in his early days) but he is not available.

    If Per is out one of Sagna or Jenkinson will have to step in if and Kos becomes injured and Ramsey will have to play RB.

  • AW can’t seriously be thinking of bringing in players on loan can he.

    For ST who is left apart from Suarez. What do we do? Buy a average or young inexperienced ST from abroad and hope he turns good?

    Klng Henry?

    Darren Bent on a one year deal??? That’s a real last resort I am thinking of. EPL experience and a proven goal scorer. Could score us 15 goals plus playing with quality players?

  • We have a good squad. We have youngsters who should be given a full season to play. But is undeniable that we need strengthening in key areas. One area of concern of wenger is to maintain the chemistry of the team. And bringing in players that will cost and earn much more than our key players will definitely bring unwanted facts that will have an impact on everything. How many players can we bring that should be earning more than Arteta?
    I’d love Suarez to join us, he’s a player I’ve follow since the WC 2010, he’s a winner, and he’s young… But the article is on spot, is more critical that we focus on the rest of the team needs. And there are plenty of good enough players out there. Let’s bring in Totti, and a few more experienced players from the EPL…

  • TA. I agree with Gerry here – yes its frustrating waiting, but we are a long way from doom and gloom. The positions you flag are unarguable weaknesses in our squad, and I would love to know what Wenger really thinks the needs are in these places, or what he is looking for in players to fill them – we aren’t going to learn this sadly!

    The CB post is the most critical of all here – we simply cannot start a season as thin here as we currently are. I don’t feel we need to have a SQ signing for this position, but we need to sign someone on the basis that they will be expected to play (probably quite regularly) over the course of the coming season – this leads me towards an experienced premiership pro, rather than the young foreign potential so beloved by Wenger. But the experiments with Sagna suggest to me that Wenger is looking to stick with youth (Ginter?) and try and manage the risks in other ways.

    The DM post is a mystery to me – as above, what do we think Wenger is really looking for here? I don’t think he wants an ‘old fashioned’ type of defensive beast, or else he would have bought one by now – I don’t believe we have been out-bid by the Spuds at £8m, nor that Capoue would have chosen them (given lack of CL and number of existing DM players) if Arsenal had been seriously interested. I think Wenger will only buy from the top drawer here, a real pedigree player, with touch, vision and passing as well as the positional and tackling prowess – failing this, he will rely on the development of our current young, home grown players, like Ramsey, Jack and the Ox.

    To give us any real hope of challenging – and I mean challenging, not expecting to win this coming season – we must have more potency in attack. The efforts going into signing Suarez (and I can’t warm to the man I’m afraid) suggest that everyone at Arsenal understands this. But still, on paper, we have options to cover an injury to Giroud – Pod and Walcott most obviously, and possibly Sanogo, though its hard to expect much from him at this point.

    Overall then, I would really be alarmed if we don’t sign a CB – it would seem a crazy risk, but going for a 19 year old from abroad would still represent a major risk to my mind. I think we will buy up front, but not quite sure who; there is still quality out there other than Suarez, but its getting very tight if we have not got options lined up. The DM is frankly anyone’s guess, but I still hope to be pleasantly surprised here. I just wish we could nail down a few now, so that a) they get some time playing together before the season is too far advanced, and b) we don’t end up with all our eggs in the basket of having to secure CL qualification – I trust in W, but would rather we didn’t leave so much riding on 2 games.

  • At least we will have NB52 for ST or we could always take Adebayor off Spurs on a loan. This is TW is really starting to stupid.

  • TA et al,

    Im not quite so pessimistic. Like Dylan, I think we will spend. It really depends on player availability and willingness. On the latter, of course we are the best club to come to, but unlike RvJ and some others, there are actually plenty of players who fully or largely honor their contracts. Here’s to them, the often unheard about (cuz there’s no fuss and drama).

    I think for top quality it will in this type of market always go to the wire or close enough. It’s just set up that way in all its dynamics that early choices really help no one or are, at best, guesses of where the overall auction is heading for all players and none. IMO, Fiorentina (was it?) are kicking themselves now for letting Jovetic go very early for 25M or so, given Bale at 100M and so on being tossed about.. Again, it forces everyone to play chicken!

    FWIW, I think Liverpool have already lost. Whether we get Suarez or not, and players head says “yes” but my heart says “ugh”, they will lose. They get the money late, they lose the player or they keep him and he trains in lonelyville until January and goes for say 20M less .. No winning their for Liverpool. And, to be fair to their fans, I hate the system that allows players to do this… but, dont see many better alternatives so..

    I agree we need depth, and I believe however that we will get it… later rather than sooner…

    cheers — jgc

  • AFC

    IMO, Adebayor on the right pay etc might not be bad business for cover. It would also *maaaaybe* allow him to resuscitate his image with AFC fans, and thus improve his future earning and place in things….

    cheers — jgc

  • AFC

    or worst case he could chase NB52 around with a large stick until he got fit enough to be, dare we hint at it, useful(ish).

    cheers — jgc

  • JGC, even Bent is close to signing for Fulham.

    I cannot see Adebayor coming back. I agree with you rhough that he would be good cover. He is very experienced and normally plays very well for the first year of any club he joins.

    Or could it really come down to Wenger having to play Bendtner?

  • AFC,

    I am still liking the idea of Ade chasing NB52 … if they took videos they could likely recoup salary for at least one of them from disgruntled Gooners who need some humor!

    there’s a whole business opportunity here! And, yes, he’s experience and would be good cover…

    cheers – jgc

  • JGC, I just feel all it not lost.

    Wenger can go and offer £25 million for Gundogan or L.Bender and we would get one of them.

    Offer £10 million for Rami and we would get him.

    Offer £5 million for Adler.

    Wait on Suarez and offer £45 million.

    That would be £85 million without wages and wages might take it £100 plus but we can afford according to AFC.

  • The difference between a £80 million and above player and a lesser player. (Re: Messi, C.Ronaldo). Gareth Bale ??

  • AFC

    Dont disagree, and I suspect we will get something like what you noted. As I noted well above now, the way the TW market for better players seems to work drives it rather naturally towards last/later minute doings for the most part.

    You’d have to wonder what Fiorentina are thinking about what they got for Jovetic (early) with the numbers being bandied about… Sure, they got their dosh right away, but what if it was 15-20M more which is what that calibre seem to be going at all of a sudden..?!

    Finally, with more humor … imagine .. “And this week, watch as Ade chases Nick with a *flaming* stick!” … Id pay money for that since NB is paid to run around, perhaps some running around should occur… 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  • JM – I was just trawling through the Eurobot messages and found one that might be an ‘alternative’.

    What can you give us on Muriel -Udinese? I would guess a big fee might prise him away this season?

    — i know u have been trying to stay positive, and not get too caught up in transfer rumours, hopes etc. I wish i could avoid it, but it is really frustrating. —
    i will judge only by the results of this window. Its up to Arsene to surprise us. If he doesnt, terrible job by him.
    —- our team is crying out for the strengthening u mention, but even more so, for two super quality players to add to our core of talent. To not add would almost insure no challenging this season.
    we need positive moves, if we dont get them, i will be angry and embarassed. If we get a great surprise , i will admit i was just impatient.

  • “Gary Neville analyzing the underrated Michael Carrick”

    Basically, what Mikel Arteta is doing for us … intelligent defending. (And no other player from our group of midfielders come close to what he does best …. yet). Crucial 1st team player and stand-in team captain.

  • @Gerry August 8, 2013 14:29

    Option 1: Luis Suarez (Liverpool and Uruguay): £50 million.

    Option 2: Luis Muriel (Udinese and Columbia) plus Jackson Martinez (Porto and Columbia): £50 million.

  • Glad to see that people are picking up on my pessimism…Not really, of course, it’s just the reality of the situation…How crazy is it that PM4 and MA8 have become such essential players for us AND that we got them at the deadline 2 years ago?… We are left to hope that the skeleton squad can get us through these tricky early matches AND that we get reinforcements in at the deadline. Exciting times…

    I’ve been going on about the situation for a while now so there’s really no need to repeat myself. We NEED a good CL draw tomorrow. Unfortunately, the travel becomes a real element. Ideally we beat Villa without too much trouble (and no injuries) in our opener, do our traveling AND win the first leg of the qualifier (while keeping a clean sheet) so that maybe we can rest some guys and have three winnable matches in London (Fulham away, CL return leg, NLD at home) before the transfer deadline. Again, it’s insane that we’re dependent on the ping pong balls and that we haven’t used our resources better.

    On top of all this, the Suarez deal has really got me down. It’s RvP all over again except the amount of money it will take is insane. We’re not only selling the tiny bit of our soul which remains, but we’re breaking the bank to do it. How much easier and better would it have been to have made RvP play out his contract. Frankly, a part of me is rooting for ‘Pool to hold the biteboy to his… IF the deal happens this is not a purchase which will unite the support… Can we really be THAT excited about Suarez winning pens or taking balls down with a well hidden hand? Have we become that mercenary? And if it doesn’t happen?…

    So, good draw, good results, signings (Suarez, Ginter/Williams, a midfielder?) and everything is back on track? It’s a tall order and I’m not sure all those planets lining up will even do the trick. I don’t want to countenance the idea that it’s the end of days for Arsene, and I’d like to trust in him. Still, I just cannot believe that he’s allowed soooo much pressure to build. What we’ve been craving is a respite and what we’ve gotten is a doubling down. It’s almost as if he wants the audience to see him as a magician, a Houdini who can escape from the most elaborate traps…Or maybe it’s martyrdom he craves?…

    I want to feel a little bit of balance and not so over-the-top and sense that there is a path back to sanity. Maybe you guys can help me… 😀 For now it feels like something to just watch as it plays out…

    Sorry… 😳

  • TA,

    Thanks for the article and I’m not surprised that more people are starting to catch up to the concerned and depressed state I was at a few weeks ago!

    Like most of you, I’m not sure what to make of the current situation around Arsenal transfers. Unless we are behind those closed doors, we haven’t a clue as to what’s going on and are purely speculating. Hopefully, some transfer business can be conducted soon and we should know better by now that panic/last minute buys come with serious risk and long-term implications.

    Just another quick point since I will likely make this into a short post instead; the issue with any bid is that we’ve now put ourselves into a corner with any potential signings. Publicly announcing your transfer kitty (even though this is apparently public knowledge) and likely setting few transfer targets that management thought we’d be certain to get with slightly above market value bids have likely cost us.

    At this point, AW likely wants to stand firm on his current bids since increasing them could be an uphill, losing battle since as we’ve seen with the Bale scenario, the selling club will always try to squeeze out a little more. However, we also run the risk of losing the player we truly covet, but unfortunately I don’t see a day where our management team succumbs to being held at gunpoint on transfers.

  • JGC, I’d pay to see that as well.

    Fiorentina maybe should have waited a bit longer and they might have got £30-40 million. Maybe they thought City would go elsewhere during that time or just thought Jovetic is not worth more than £30 million.

  • JM – So you rate Muriel then. I think I saw a 40m euro (genuine) release clause on the Martinez file?

  • The bookies make us odds-on to sign Saurez btw. Like I said earlier, Saurez could have a very good day tomorrow …. Not Jb’s ‘sauces’, more my tea leaves ha ha

  • AFC (and others)

    Exactly my point really! No one really knows the value of these rather ill-liquid auctions until they are done. I think we all on BK felt 25M was sort of the top end for Jovetic 1-2 months ago! And we all felt he was of the calibre desired. Now, if it was possible, like you, I think he’d pull 40M which we would have all laughed and laughed at..

    And thus, the system really incentivises all parties to wait far longer into the TW, and thus, all the stress and speculation.

    IMO, as a sport, we might be better off with a far shorter TW period perhaps. Or more formalised auctions. But, that would be just a different form of “fun” …

    Dunno the solution but suspect that being able to wait is a key skill. One our CL qualifiers makes even harder!

    cheers — jgc

  • Rumors say Flamimi is training with Arsenal. Maybe sign him on a one year deal (with an option to extend it 1-2 more years if he does well) as cover for DM and buying a big DM in January or next summer?

  • Dylan, I would not be happy with just Flamini for DM. Flamini would bew good cover for Diaby but that is all. Why can Wenger not just buy a DM and bring Flamini in as well for cover?

  • Dylan – I would not read too much into that. We have opened the training facilities to several old boys, even D. Beckham. We’re good like that.

  • JGC, I would like the summer TW to start as the day after the season ends and close the day before the season starts.

  • @jgc August 8, 2013 13:44, August 8, 2013 14:24
    @AFC August 8, 2013 14:41
    and TotalArsenal as well.

    On the Stevan Jovetic deal from Fiorentina to Man. City.
    There was this side deal that these 2 clubs negotiated before the ending summer transfer window in the 11/12 season.

    Matija Nastasic went to Man.City from Fiorentina @£13.4 million, while Stefan Savic was given a free transfer the other way on 31 August 2012(which is 1 day before the deadline). (the media reported it was a player-to-player exchange). At that same time, both clubs negotiated a 1st option release deal on Jovetic (Fiorentina is reluctant to let him go at that time as they are unable to find a replacement in time), where Man. City will have the 1st option to sign Jovetic (at a starting price agreed) should Fiorentina wish to sell Jovetic in the near future.

    This “clause” is activated this summer transfer window and as such Stevan Jovetic is capture for a reported £23 million, where in reality Man. City have paid (£13.4 million from that of Nastasic’s transfer fee a season earlier + £23 million) = £36.4 million (Jovetic’s “real transfer fee”. {Remember, the earlier transfer was “supposed” to be only a player-to-player exchange between Nastasic and Savic}

    That is partly the brilliant work of Txiki Begiristain, Man. City’s sporting director and chief negotiator for players transfer in/out.

    You did not know then, now you know, courtesy of ….. JM.

  • @Gerry August 8, 2013 14:49 & August 8, 2013 14:56

    I have no preference to Luis Muriel (although he is still a raw talent by experience in top flight football).

    Jackson Martinez’s release clause: £35 million (€40 million).

    It depends on our club and manager and the direction of our team play and setup for the new season and beyond.

    Either 1 SQ international striker OR 1 Great striker + 1 raw talent (both internationals from the same country, playing together in the same club = chemistry?)

  • Thanks for pointing that out to me. 🙂

    I do not think Wenger was really in for Jovetic anyway. He might have shown interest but was never going buy Jovetic for more than £20 million in my opinion.

  • @AFC August 8, 2013 15:16

    I would have believed that when AW and the club sound out Fiorentina, they were revealed the nature of this “deal” that was struck beforehand and realise that there was little to no chance of us getting Jovetic either in a straight-out fight (Man. City would increase their bid anyway with their bigger resources) or a part player-exchange (when Man. City has already “did” it in their “ingenious” way).

    Of course, then our club has to “report” showing no interest. It was a losing fight from the beginning on Jovetic.

  • JM, fully agreed there if you put it like that. Us saying we were not interested saved us the potential embarrassment of trying to get Jovetic and failing like when United failed to get Cesc and ended up looking quite stupid in their pursuit of a player who did not want to go to their club and had no intention of leaving.

  • This video is taken a couple of months ago,

    “Arsene Wenger’s Interview with Al Jazeera Sports “Then and Now” – 01/06/2013″

  • Thanks JM!

    Though I will still hold to my view that the TW rewards the patient or strong stomached anyway..

    cheers — jgc

  • I can’t see us bringing back Flamini – only for a real exception (Fab) would we really bring back once someone left us in the lurch; its a good message for those thinking of buggering off elsewhere.

  • JM, thanks for the info on Jovetic… Of course, it might’ve been nice to have avoided all the “who will we pair with Jovetic threads.” Some people, I think, enjoy all the permutations and imaginings. For me, when they have little basis in reality, it seems torturous…

    Soooo….can you tell us who were gonna sign and when? And what’s the story with our CL roster? Did you (or somebody else) say something that it must be finalized by 14 August?…

  • JGC, I second your idea about the TW and deals going to the end. There’s hyper-inflation trickling down from the Falcao and Cavani deals to the “French Giants,” so valuations for the various want-away players are over the top. IMO there’s nothing wrong with waiting to the end on guys and getting a better price. Still, with the CL qualifiers and the immense pressure on management you would think a little overpayment for something that would improve the squad (and calm the rabble…) might’ve been in order. To most observers there are OBVIOUS areas in the squad we could improve (GK and MF) or at least strengthen significantly in depth…To push these improvements to the deadline (we hope…) while shipping out known quantities (Mannone, Le Coq) seems insane.

    Nobody will boss our boss, or so it seems… 🙄

  • 17HT

    Agreed with your comment. IMO, it’s the mutual tensions on seller and buyerr that rise as these dates near (towards end of TW) that create teh sales. Until then, to me at least, it appears waiting is the best option, unless you drastically need the money or some other similar factor weighs in..

    The seller gains “value” and the buyer has to pay more. Equally, unless players are going off the market, the seller loses ability to replace (if they want/need). Finally, the buyer may have an ally in the player wanting to leave (as oft seems the case in big transfers) a club that doesnt want to lose them. So, that plays to the buyer..

    Time passes and pressure rises all around.. In the end, the agents walk off with all the cash? :/

    cheers — jgc

  • @jgc August 8, 2013 15:42

    Indeed, Man. City is strong in almost all department (they have done their transfer signings with min. fuss and recruited 4 internationals), with the exception of centre defense. Nastasic is injured for a long term, that only leaves Kompany and Lescott as pure CBs. M.Richards, J.Rodwell and J.Garcia could deputise @CB of course, but on a regular basis they will need time to adapt.

    Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man. City and Chelsea are ahead of the rest in Europe in terms of 1st team squad quality.

    Man. Utd, PSG, Juventus are close and thereabouts.

    We, Tottenham, Dortmund, Napoli, Benfica come up next.

    @17highburyterrace August 8, 2013 15:45

    There were interesting and engaging comments on the “who will we pair with Jovetic threads” in earlier months of the summer break and transfer window. No deal was completed officially then, so everyone had been putting their thoughts and ideas in discussion on the threads.

    Only our club management, negotiators and manager know who we are going to get (or none at all).

    On our CL play-off situation, quoted from earlier threads/posts.


    Play-off Draw date: 9 August 2013

    *League Route (One Seeded and One Unseeded teams face each other):

    Seeded teams: Arsenal, AC Milan, Schalke 04, Lyon, Zenit St. Petersburg
    Unseeded teams: Real Sociedad, Pacos de Ferreira(Portugal), Fenerbahce, PSV Eindhoven, Metalist Kharkiv(Ukraine)

    Arsenal’s would-be play-off opponents: Real Sociedad, Pacos de Ferreira, Fenerbahce, PSV Eindhoven, Metalist Kharkiv

    *The above is the League Route for play-offs, there is another Champions Route for play-offs (involving champions of lower leagues around Europe).

    Play-off Registration dateline for players (max. 25 players), List A:
    12 August 2013 (24.00 CET)
    ** Club may register a maximum of one new eligible player after the above-mentioned deadline, provided the quota of locally trained players is respected and List A does not exceed max. 25 players. (whereby 1 registered player will have to be removed from original list)

    1st leg: 20–21 August 2013
    2nd leg: 27–28 August 2013

    Transfer window closes on 1 September 2013.

    Registration dateline for all further matches from the first match in the group stage up to and including the final:
    2 September 2013 (24.00 CET)

    We could add Suarez after 12 August 2013 if the conditions meet. It is a risky bit of business as that would also mean NO OTHER senior players that were commented by us (e.g. Fellaini, Lars & Sven Bender, Gustavo, Julio Cesar, Ashley Williams, Luiz Gustavo, Jesus Gamez, Wayne Rooney, Clement Grenier etc) can be registered on deadline date for the qualifiers.


    List A: (Max 25)

    Locally trained (Min 8), comprising of Club and Association trained players
    {Between the age of 15 (or the start of the season during which he turns 15) and 21 (or the end of the season during which he turns 21}:

    Club trained:
    GK: Szczesny
    DF: Gibbs
    MF: Frimpong, Wilshere
    FW: Walcott

    Association trained (Max 4):
    DF: Jenkinson
    MF: Ramsey

    Others (Max 17):
    GK: Fabianski
    DF: Mertesacker, Vermaelen (injured, may not be registered for this round), Koscielny, Monreal, Sagna
    MF: Arteta, Diaby (injured, may not be registered for this round), Rosicky, Cazorla
    FW: Podolski, Giroud

    List B:

    1st team Players: Miyaichi, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo and so on (the youth players etc)

    “If” we do not qualify for CL through the play-offs, we can forget about the 02 September 2013 deadline. (i.e. little to zero chance that Suarez, and any other SQ players, will join us for the lure of the CL)

    Therefore, 12 August 2013 is still a crucial deadline that we, the club, should not be messing around about.

    The likes of PSV, Real Sociedad are not easy walkovers. Metalist Kharkiv and Fenerbahce require long traveling for the team, in between league matches.

  • Hmm where have I heard this before… Of Course we need to strengthen the defense AND sign 1 or 2 strong midfield players. let’s go back 2 seasons We still have song and RVP. RVP is a league leading goal scorer Song is forces to be a box to box Mid not only DM but also leading all others except Walcott in assists that season. Yet we just managed 3rd. So we brought in Podolski Carzola Giroud we signed a left back to cover for Gibbs and Mert. in defense OK not bad but then we let Song leave and RVP after putting in his best season ever had enough and went elsewhere where the team behind him combined with his goal tally would win the league. So what has Wenger and the board done to improve the Midfield over last season? Nothing defense is a bit better but no depth one injury to any of the back 4 and we have a make shift squad. And it is even worse as we are starting with TV already out with injury. And so far e only transfer news is rumors of low ball bids for Suarez and Higuaín. I look at it this way Suarez could not drag Liverpool in to a CL spot and He won’t drag Arsenal to the top of the league ether. And to make it worse Spurs sign Paulinho a player that Arsenal could have actually signed and just the type of midfielder they need. Creative solid defensively and strong on the ball. BUT NO Arsenal was Too busy “F”-ing around in Asia playing sub par national teams and J league bottom dwellers and bidding on strikers we had no chance of signing.

    I am just had it same old crap. ONLY when truly desperate or embarrassed do they act like after the 8-2 massacre or the Santos humiliation at Left back. It is time go after players WE can get that will actually solve REAL tactical problems to strengthen the squad and give it a solid chance of challenging in all competitions. THEN go after that Marque player.

  • @Gerry August 8, 2013 15:20

    No sooner the comment was written, now Man. United are linked with Luis Muriel as a replacement for wantaway Wayne Rooney !!

  • Can anyone tell us why we are going after a 27 year old free agent who was released by Shalke.

    If we are looking to sign a ST in addition to Suarez why do we just not go to Anzhi and try make a deal where we take Lucina and Willian off them with a discount?

  • JM, Thanks for the CL info. Are we sure about adding only the one player? Didn’t Santos, PM4 and Arteta play in our CL matches 2 seasons ago. Is this rule new?…

    Sorry if the below sounds repetitive (esp. of Fournier Michael’s post…) but, here goes…

    What’s crazy to me is that we would have required an entirely different approach had we not eked out 4th place…

    If we had come 5th (or worse) we could promise guys Europa League Football (or only English league and cups) so, ostensibly, Suarez (and a host of other “big name” guys) would be off the table. Additionally we may have lost some of our better (older) guys to offers from CL teams. Would Sagna to PSG have made sense? Or Kos to Bayern?… We seem to take the money in these situations. Of course, maybe AW would’ve stepped down or ownership would’ve responded to the vocal disappointment within the support and somebody else would’ve gotten the job….

    Luckily we got up for 4th AND we seemed to be turning the corner financially with commercial deals, etc. Additionally, there seemed a bit of opportunity with the clubs above us going through managerial changes. Stability plus Wenger under pressure to (finally, again) deliver seemed an interesting prospect.. And so we responded….


    Nope, it’s business as usual. Instead of looking to make a real step forward we seem to have an eye on the teams behind us. If Spurs lose Bale and ‘Pool lose Suarez (to us, if nobody else will take him…) they will be weakened. And everyone assumes, Moyes will pinch Everton’s best players, weakening them as well…

    And we’re doing our part as well, tapping up players like Williams of Swansea and (now, in grand fashion) Suarez. We “should” be OK. Keeping our players (who got us to 4th) is a good first step. Clearing some wages by getting rid of the guys in whom the manager has lost faith isn’t such a bad second step. Still, step three would seem replacing those guys to increase our quality in depth. After all, we want to compete on multiple fronts don’t we? Even if we can’t (truly) compete with United, City and Chelsea, we shouldn’t have to field weakened teams against them just to make sure we can collect points against the lesser squads?

    To be clear…The previous two seasons, given our situation in the league we had to make very half-hearted attempts in the cup competitions and we were likely quite fortunate to drop out of them as quickly as we did. Doing so (esp. avoiding replays in the FA cup) allowed us to focus on our run-ins and get up for a CL spot. These seasons have been characterized by vocal dissent amongst the support. Are we in better shape than in these previous summers? In not losing any of our best players we are. In improving the squad and increasing its depth…Not yet we aren’t. 2 Summers ago we snuck through against Udinese AND did big business at the deadline (to get two of the three essential players in today’s post) but we had already showed our weakness in England with a 2-nil loss (at home) to Liverpool and (of course) the 8-2 at OT. Are we in a position where history might repeat itself?

    We shall see…

  • JM, United are also linked with Willian. I say we go to Anzhi quickly and offer to take Traore and Willian and they would likely give us a good quote for both.

  • 17ht, I wonder what Arsene would actually say if by some miracle (not for us) we lost our play off match. He would look a right idiot for not signing players early.

  • Supposedly Ajax could accept as low as £15 mil for Eriksen. He’s the perfect Rosicky replacement, why aren’t we looking at him?

  • Dylan, because Willian is available. 😉

    And as I said before we might be able to fight off any competition by offering to take Lucina as well for a discount on overall price instead of signing a 27 year old year old free agent. That’s two SQ players on the cheap. 😉

  • AFC, I feel like Lucina is similar to Giroud. That plus the AFCON doesn’t make him worth much. I’d rather go offer £18 mil for Willian and then if we go after a 3rd ST (after getting Suarez) go for someone cheaper.

  • AFC, why not Eriksen as AM and Willian as LW? And then forget Lucina? (For the reasons I stated above).

  • Dylan, the only problem is that we could end up paying close to £30 million for Willian considering other clubs will be in for him unless we get to him first.

  • Dylan, I would do that if we can get them both for cut prices. Willian should be the first priority oher than Suarez, of course.

  • Dylan, are United and Liverpool not in Eriksen? He would be a good buy if we can get him for around the price you said.

  • AFC, we should act quick on Willian, try to get Eriksen, and then if we really need a 3rd ST go for an Ilicic (spelling?) or Michu or such. Although Willian can play ST so we shouldn’t really need a 3rd ST.

  • AFC, supposedly Liverpool are, but Ajax has CL and Liverpool doesn’t so it would be a downgrade. Whereas we would be a slight upgrade.

  • Dylan, Willian would be perfect. He can play LW, AM and ST. This is my only worry. Have Brazil called him up for the national team? If not why?

  • Dylan, I think AW would only get one and if I had to choose I would take Willian. So my new updated list for transfers:

    GK (not a priority and can be signed in January or next summer TW)- Adler (£5 million).

    CB- Rami (under £10 million) or Sakho (not quite sure but I would predict £15-20 million).

    DM- L.Bender (£25 million) or Gundogan (£25-30 million).

    ST- Suarez (£45-50 million).

    AM/LW- Willian (£20-30 million). We could put the Gervinho money towards this signing as well.

  • AFC, that’s pretty much my list as well. Problem is, we can’t afford all of them. 😉

  • AFC, according to Wikipedia (the most reliable source of them all) Willian has been called up to the Brazil senior team twice between 2011 and now.

  • Anyone interested in looking over my FPL squad and sharing their thoughts?

    Szczesny (Mannone)
    Cole-Koscielny-K.Toure (Chester & Turner on Cardiff)
    Bale-Gerrard-Snodgrass-Giacherrini (Britton)

  • Tried to incorporate as many current and ex-Arsenal players as possible 🙂

  • from previous article :

    James Bond PERMALINK
    August 8, 2013 06:15
    I think there seems to be a confusion of sorts here….
    if , we qualify for the CL then we can re – submit our squad by 2nd of September. ..like every one else…
    this monday deadline is only for the qualifiers as per my understanding.


    August 8, 2013 10:54
    @James Bond August 8, 2013 06:15
    “If” we do not qualify for CL through the play-offs, we can forget about the 02 September 2013 deadline. (i.e. little to zero chance that Suarez, and any other SQ players, will join us for the lure of the CL)
    Therefore, 12 August 2013 is still a crucial deadline that we, the club, should not be messing around about.
    The likes of PSV, Real Sociedad are not easy walkovers. Metalist Kharkiv and Fenerbahce require long traveling for the team, in between league matches.


    no doubt it’s an important deadline, however, i feel that even without the additions, we are more than capable of progressing through to the group stages of the CL with the current squad as it’s still pretty fresh and hopefully we don’t pick up any more injuries from now till the qualifier….

    saying that, it would of course, be brilliant to get a signing or 2 done before monday (in an ideal world) but since we know this world isn’t ideal alas….

    also, in the previous article i mentioned developments re- Cesc and left a coded message for 17HT…

    and today there were indeed, some developments on that front, albeit not the ones we gooners really wanted but hey, i got news for you – make of it what you want

  • Not helping you HH! I will take your ideas and make a better team. I will beat you! 😈 😉

  • nice to have you back, TA

    hope you had a nice time away.

    let’s just say that quality players or top notch players, don’t really need that much time to bed in as opposed to the good players , so i’m hoping better late than never and when they arrive, they hit the ground running as most of our targets are either in competitive play or in training or light training.

  • Too premature TA….there are still just under 4 weeks until the TW closes and a lot can happen in that time. We are stronger in depth than you credit AFC for and expecting serious injuries at this time is truly finding the cloud behind the silver lining. Your pessimism and those of other Gooners is better replaced with a pragmatic wait and see approach.

  • Hey 007, I must’ve missed the coded message…Truth be told, I might’ve skimmed over some of the Scouse-Gloat… If what you meant is that Cesc is coming back, I’ve got to ask how you’re able to post without waking up… 😆

    Thanks however for the clarity re: qualifiers and group stage CL rosters…

  • Personally, I wouldn’t mind playing Sociedad in the qualifier–They will be tough to break down and they have a very fine attacker in Carlos Vela. Still, with their season not yet started I think we “should” have an advantage. Vela was never known for looking particularly fit…

    No matter who we play, getting out front will be the key and it “should” be less work defending a lead than chasing. The only trouble I see is that our first choice RB is our 3rd choice CB AND if Nacho isn’t fit to start the season, it means, in essence, that we have a single guy (Jenks) as stand in for our entire starting back four(!!) Add in that we have to play 2 guys to do the work of a single DM and that we don’t have a clear #1 (and must pick amongst Poland’s #3 and #4 keepers…) and being able to defend a lead might not be as easy as it would seem…

    But, at least, we’ll be coming off matches on the weekends before, so we’ll surely be “match-tested,” “sharp,” etc… And, of course, anything which doesn’t kill us will make us stronger…

    It seems like a joke, yet I’m finding it hard to laugh…. 😈

  • Evening to those of you who are intent on discussing the same thing over and over again. I for one will not be sticking around to follow much of it.

    Yes HT17 it would be nice if somebody actually acknowledge your post, but like the above, if you are going to use history as your sole guide, even if this TW the circumstances are different although, admittedly, the outlook at this moment in time looks similar, is a bit too much ‘glass half full’ for my liking, and L’entranger before, you said very much the same. So if you two want pair up and chat away your despair, feel free.

    I just want to thank JM for all his inputs, and yes, I knew MU were aware of Muriel, but he hardly sound like he is ready to fill the Rooney footwear? Not appeasing their fans either?

    Yes JB, I did read you earlier correction of my misunderstanding of what JM had written. The point he was making about no SQ signings will come if we get stuffed in these play-offs is more to do with not playing in the CL, rather than the rules.
    It will be might great pleasure when I read in the morning that we have agreed (an undisclosed) fee for Saurez, so then we can move on from this rather pointless, oft repeated, subject as to who we would buy. What will be will be. But to keep coming back to same few names .. grrr!

    I blame you Totes!

    At least HH tried to get you to talk about ‘real’ Fantasy players, but sorry HH, I’m with Dylan on that. You are far too clever to put out your actual team. I bet that is what you think most will go for? Tough. I am not saying, but I know that ditty of squad won’t get you past week two without first use of your wild card! Nice try though ha ha.

    Where the hell’s glic – the old Broke back Tamar bridge – when you need him to lighten the mood?

  • Dylan – fyi Muniain has a £37m release clause. I got worried in one post where you would have had him as well as Bernard, which the headlines were full of another £21.8m target missed. The way I look at it. give 12 months and a Ukranian winter, he will realise he has be stitched up by his agent and image rights holders, he will be glad to get out of there?

    Whilst you were on the Anzhi Willian, they also have M’Villa do they not?

    Now I’m at it!

  • Gerry, I was unaware of Muniain’s release clause. But Anzhi don’t have M’Vila. Rubin Kazan have him.

  • that’s alright @ 17HT, the real good stuff came towards the end in that article, ha


    yes, that is a genuine concern, however, i am confident that we will be there and Suarez coming out like that in the open , only proves one thing – he wasn’t waiting for us to win our qualifiers or else he would have remained shut.

    let’s keep our fingers crossed, in football , sometimes you can move at snails pace and sometimes it’s at a very brisk pace when it comes to making progress i.e. signings , marketing e.t.c e.t.c

    i’m just really disappointed at missing out on 1 player in particular :

    Mario Gomez.

  • Gerry, sorry if I’m too gloomy for you. If all the planets line up (signings, results) AND the support can forgive AW for what he’s put us through, I think he may still have a job. If he can get that contract extension signed before September, he truly must be saluted as one of the greats… 🙄 I’m pulling for the guy and hope it all comes together. I think, here on BKesque, our sample is a good deal more supportive AND optimistic than the norm… Count me as supportive if not overly optimistic (today)…

    While (whilst?) on my run today, I was thinking about the support. People in the know should correct me, but my understanding is that we have some 60,000 seats sold (for our home matches) to people with varying levels of “support.” (Some several thousand are truly hardcore and actually attend each match AND travel to the away games.) At least this group put their (not unsubstantial) money on the club…I guess some tix are reserved for away fans?…

    Next come the red level members who might attend the tickets given back a game or two (or more over the course of the season. Another hundred thousand, a half a million? That was me, last year, when I was lucky enough to be in Europe and able to attend the match with the American football score (Arsenal 7- Newcastle 3–Less than 6 pounds per goal, not bad…)

    Then there are the rest of us, watching the team on the telly/interweb and living and dying with each result. Are there a million of us, several million, tens of millions? I wonder…

    And finally there are those with a passing interest in Arsenal. Maybe they’ve heard of a player or two or guys from their home country who play for us and they’ve got an interest in our Club. Or maybe they support another club but like our style of football and know we tend to sell our best players. For these folks an occasional stream or a glance at the telly in the pub…Globally, if we’re on ESPN and playing somebody interesting, maybe it deserves a sit down. There must be a few folks in this category, no? Still others maybe just watch for the results and look at the match reports. You gotta keep up with the Arsenal if you want your fantasy team to be competitive, maybe?…

    All I know is that (according to Arsenal.com–Arsenal on TV) there is NO US television for our opening match with Aston Villa…Does that tell us anything? Our money “should” allow us to keep the brand in the public eye and well-positioned to ride out this “football bubble” and emerge near enough to the top. Still, wouldn’t it be superior if we were being televised on opening day. Stan, Ivan?… Somebody, please?…I guess in England, the 3 pm are stream only, so why not world-wide?…

    OK, word limit reached…more later…

  • all this situation with Anzhi may work against us , by that i mean, Spuds may have money and they may go after the key players in Anzhi…..that’s my only concern…

    but on a positive note, so happy that levy and co are still doing what they know to do best – yep, take ages to complete a deal , ha ha

  • 17HT,

    may as well write a post on that one i reckon , it’s going to be an interesting one and will be something different from the norm…

  • Evening Broke Back Bandits 😆

    Hahaha Totes. You always said you hated the TW and now you have cracked !. I did post yesterday that I know it is possible that our Suarez deal hinges on CL qualification, but why are we not acquiring other players in the mean time !.
    Anyway, why are you in Brittany ?. I heard it was just like Cornwall and you could have pitched your tent on my acreage for nothing and it`s not poxy raining !.

    Good and Bad news today !
    Bad news….Gervitational Pullhead is gone ! 😥
    Good news…..Our £70M/£100M is now £78M/£108M ! 😎

    May be the TW should be renamed the Tosser Window ( The Wank Window sounds good don’t you think ! ) and this is not to disrespect my fellow BK Bishop Bashers as we are all Tossers ( 5% admit to it and the other 95% are lying or something like that !. where`s our Facts and Stats man JM, he would know! ) . Yourself the Horse Whisperer ( I don’t know what you whisper in Shergars ear but by the size of his boner, he must have liked it ! ), Wanking over the racing post whilst listening to Brough Scott and gazing at John McCriricks photo !.
    Me and Stretch knocking one out to BabeStation after 10pm !
    HH, AFC and 007 jizzing over each other on Sky Sports Transfer Deadline Day !
    Redders pre-mature ejaculating by the mere mention of a new addition of the Oxford English Dictionary !.
    See we are all normal !…….well apart from VCC….he is seriously sick in the head !. I knocked on his door and got no answer, but I could hear some noises coming from the front room, I managed to peek through the window and saw the bastard nearly ripping his cock to bits watching an episode of…..Scooby Doo !, Mystery Incorporated ……the mystery is……who was he wanking about ?…..Daphne, Velma, ( actually, she would be my choice ! ) Fred, Shaggy or Scooby ?. hahaha

  • 17ht interesting analysis of the fan base.

    For many years I was a regular at Highbury standing on the terraces way before the advent of the season ticket. They used to ram upwards of 60000 into Highbury before the Hillsborough disaster. But interestingly you knew the majority of people who stood around you. If you wanted a punch up, it was up the North Bank. Quieter life down the clock end etc. in recent years I have shared a club level ticket. I can’t speak for the other areas but at club level it’s very rare to be sitting next to the same person. As these tickets are presumably owned by someone it suggests a high level of secondary market activity. I have purchased tickets from websites and have ended up meeting shady characters outside the ground, then returning the ticket once inside the ground.

    In all the many years I went to arsenal games (pre season ticket days) I was only ever locked out twice. Luton in a league cup match at their ground and wait for it…… The night we did the double at White Hart Lane in 1971…. What a night that was.

    In my opinion this is why the Emirates is called the Library. At Highbury if you wanted to sing you went to the North Bank, at the emirates you sit where your ticket number tells you too and invariably different people every game.

    Hardly conducive to a great atmosphere? It may be different in other parts of the ground, would be interested in other opinions

  • ahahahhahahaahhahahaa @ Glics



    wow, thanks for sharing that one, especially the double at white hart lane , priceless !

  • Evening Bergkampesqueres

    TA, i am surprised by your tone. You must be having a bad day with that Rennes bloke. Why the hell you would want to take this Rennes geezer on holiday with you i have no idea?

    My take is that we will buy players and i place complete trust and faith in Wenger to have a side capable for next season

    The middle to long term future of the club is gauranteed, with or without Arsene.

    The players you mentioned TA are key components, but i do belive that, not withstanding we will buy anyway, internal solutions can be developed. Football has a habit of surprising and Wenger will get it right.

  • To answer your last question Totes……” Why take the risk ? “. Well, hasn`t Arsene already said….” If we do not acquire any players in the TW, we have a SQUAD to compete anyway ! “.
    Obviously, he doesn`t think it is a risk ! and the only person on BK who agrees with the Great Man himself is ……..Stretch !, but someone who lives on micro-wave food and shares his loft with some cooing gay Pigeons who peck his fat balls whilst he wanks himself off with an Arsene Glove Puppet watching his illegal Philipino rent boy Domingo do the hovering naked can be forgiven for flights of fantasy !. hahaha

  • my take on Suarez time :

    i wanna go to Arsenal, no sir, you are not going anywhere.

    i want to go to Arsenal whether you like it or not, i am even willing to put in a transfer request if need be…- ok, you’re hell bent on leaving but we have a problem, our fans ! ok, so here is what you do, we leave you out of the friendly, you give an interview publicly stating your desire, this will make our life so much easier when we let you go and sell you to Arsenal, as right now, majority of the scouse fans want us to keep hold of you and stay here but once you come out in the open yourself, the same fans will want you gone ! this will make us look good as we won’t lose face !

    Suarez – ok, but here is the written transfer request as well just in case you decide to stitch me up again :”£$”$£:L”$L”$L£”:£$L now let me go.

    something along them lines but i hope you get the drift.

  • I resent that accusation Cornwall

    Domingo wears the Arsene Glove puppet and does the pulling.

    Ok, the pulling bit is done on me, but i just wanted to get things straight. hahaha

  • 17ht, Real Sociedad is one of the last teams I’d want to play. They played some of the best football in La Liga last season, out attacking and out passing Barca and Real. Vela is a completely different player now and together with Greizmann and Imanol, they are a force to be reckoned with up front.

    I’m not saying we’ll lose to them, but they’ll present significant trouble for us since they’ll likely break down our fragile defense rather easily.

  • its out for tender at the moment Cornwall. Had three firms round so far and one more coming on saturday.

    They all reckon its a 2 to 3 month job and ime expecting the cost to be about 60k coz ime raising the roof and havng an extension on my cock, errrr, i mean to the side to make the roof bigger.

    looking at Christmas for completion

  • How does it work? pay them at each stage of completion?

  • You can do. There is also an agreement/contract you can have drawn up with a solicitor, but I`ve forgot what it`s called, but basically, you put the money with the solicitor and when the builder does a stage of the work to an inspectors ( or someone qualified ) approval the money gets released, if it is not done to approval then it has to be rectified until approved !. This sort of contract is safe for both parties, If the work is OK, they get their money and you cant stop it and if the work is not up to scratch, they don’t get paid until it`s put right !. If any builder doesn`t agree to such a contract, then they are not worth considering !. But hey, that’s just my opinion !.

  • Celtic finished at the top of their league (champs) hence the easier opponents.

  • HH, I was being fairly sarcastic about Sociedad…and I noted some of our “issues.”

    Glad to see that Terry thinks everything will work out, and given the mastery of his domain that he seems to have perfected, I figure he should know…

    Cheers for picking up my mood–(keep) Stretch(ing it)…

  • Why did they have to play an extra CL qualifying qualifier then ?. Why not us ?……oh well it doesn`t matter, we will have to try and beat whoever is put in front of us, but there are some potential tricky opponents, making the potential Suarez deal hang in the balance !.

  • Cheers Cornwall, yeah, ive seen them used with some of my clients. Thanks for the advice mate, much appreciated.

    No problem 17. Anyway, after a good Stretch, ime too knackered to worry about anything. hahaha

  • Well according to this article ( and I used the Guardian one as someone once said they are as reliable as any paper can be, if that`s possible ! ) Suarez is going nowhere !. So what is plan B ?. Looks like another typical Arsenal TW, where we actually make money !. Looks great in the book keeping and we can pride ourselves on being the best self sufficient run club in the world, shame we`re not in the Bundesliga !.

  • it’s the champions league,

    doesn’t matter what team we get, at the end of the day, if we are good enough then we can beat anyone on our given day…which i believe, we are more than capable of doing

    a post on the preview would have been timely for tonight but anyway, bring it on – other teams should wish that they avoid us, yep, it should be the other way round not how most of us are thinking !

    if, we bow out before making the group stages then we didn’t have the quality and deserved to be there – it’s as simple as that

  • John W Henry speaks like he means it in that article . Is he (and I ask the likes of HH,17ht, jgc and Redders as they know their American sports! ) the sort to talk like that and then back down ?. He will look a complete twat if he sells to us after making such a statement !.
    Again, what`s plan B ?.

    The clock is ticking……….http://havearsenalspentanymoneyyet.com/

  • Nice post mate!
    You’ll never get anything done if you are always apprehensive when it comes to signing players from other leagues especially big players as it is Wenger’s custom. And you cannot blame him for being shrewd as he’s fresh from Arshavin’s dilemma not forgetting Reyes’s homesickness and Wiltord’s injury woes……, all the same, I think Arsene has to move on as every manager you ask will have a tale or two tell their signings that went awry, so citing those examples are uncalled for. He should go all out and sign players for those strategic areas that needs strengthening and also more for depth as we are lacking seriously on that front considering the number of games that we play every season and our luck with injuries. Sign sign sign da thing!
    I’m really gutted after reading that spurs have agreed fees with Toulouse for Capoue, but there’s Willian(though not the same position with Capoue) and Stephane Mbia up for grabs and also Gustavo if and only if he wants us to compete and not just make up the numbers like previous seasons.

  • Bernie the Bolt has gone as well !…..less and less SQ players are left !. Oh well next season we will have at least £148M to spend !.
    Arsene was today bigging up Goal Line technology on show at the Emirates. Shame someone didn’t invent Pocket Line technology !. I can see Gary Neville on Sky Sports discussing a slo mo shot of whether Arsene`s hand actually went into his pocket to retrieve the wallet or cheque book !.

  • I still think the player we need most is someone like Gundogan, who would be the ideal replacement/cover, for Arteta. I’ll keep saying this until we either get him, or he is officially pronounced to be off the market or off limits by Borussia Dortmund.

  • Glic,

    NA owners typically stand firm when they make bold proclamations like that. However, in NA sports, if a player wants to leave they are typically forced to stay and made to play or they can choose to sit out entirely (rare). Typically, a trade can and will eventually be made though (different than being outright sold).

  • Right , I`m off to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz , as I was stuck on the M5 today for 2 hours because another one of them Caravanning Khuntz decided to roll their caravan !. The bastard looked suspiciously like someone I know…of a French accent and there was what looked like to be about £70M in used bank notes flying all over the motorway which was allegedly was earmarked for a Lesbonian Tax Haven !.

  • UEFA: financial crackdown working

    UEFA’s financial fair play rules are already working despite some clubs looking to spend up to £100million on a single player, the organisation’s general secretary has insisted.

    Gianni Infantino says there are clear signs that the regulations are working with overall club debt in Europe having dropped for the first time – and by hundreds of millions of pounds.

    The rules will oblige all clubs in European competition to break even by the start of next season, but despite this apparent new prudency Real Madrid are trying to sign Tottenham’s Gareth Bale for a fee that is set to be more than £85million, while Paris St Germain spent £55million on Edinson Cavani and Monaco have spent around £130million on Radamel Falcao, James Rodriguez and Joao Moutinho.

    Infantino said that the financial fair play rules did not prevent clubs spending big – if they earned big too.

    He told Press Association Sport: “People see these signings and ask how it can happen with financial fair play but it’s possible – if you generate 100million euros you can spend 100million.

    “The other thing which must be taken into account is that a club may have an agreement to pay that over five years, so the cost is 20million for the season.

    “The problem comes is if a club doesn’t generate 100million but spends it – then there will be disciplinary consequences.”

    UEFA is still collating the latest financial figures but Infantino said the body had been encouraged by the overall trend.

    “It is quite positive,” he added. “It shows financial fair play is working and that it’s happening right now.

    “Overall losses in European club football are down for the first time, and by several hundreds of millions [of euros].”

    Infantino said UEFA’s crackdown on ‘overdue payables’ of money owed to other clubs, to players and in taxes had also worked with the amount outstanding down 60 per cent.

    Some clubs such as Malaga and Panathinaikos have been excluded from Europe as a result, while all those clubs handed suspended exclusion have settled their overdue payables.

    “No one likes to punish clubs but we will do it,” said Infantino. “In the last five years we have excluded 41 clubs from European competition, and eight this season have not been admitted.

    On 2011 figures, 46 clubs would have returned losses of between 5million and 45million euros 14 of those be at risk of a UEFA ban by having losses of more than 45million euros.

    UEFA will look at the most recent figures next May and then make a decision on whether any clubs will facing disciplinary action including possible exclusion.

  • HH

    So what is your opinion on the Guardian article and of the man (John W Henry ), will he dig his heels in or back down ?. Sounds a stubborn bastard to me !.

  • both liverFOOL and Henry will be ill advised to force a player to stay.

    all these are delay tactics, nothing more.

    you have the good cop aka the hypocrite (Rodgers) saying that he built an entire team around Suarez e.t.c e.t.c

    and then you have the bad cop (the owner ) who plays it rough and tough, in one instance he says ” i have spoken to arsenal and told them no” and in the next he goes ” it will not stop them and it will be interesting what their 3rd bid is going to be”

    conclusion : Glics – Chillax !

  • Glic, the article makes me less confident about Suarez coming to Arsenal as NA owners tend to allow managers/coaches to allow them to make life hell for players requesting to leave. I can still see Suarez being sold, but it may no longer be to us, unless of course there are absolutely no other suitors and the player puts in a transfer request and refuses to play.

    They could decide to just keep an unhappy player on their squad, but there’s no benefit to the squad or organization. You’d also be paying 110k/week to a player not dressing!

  • Bond says relax, but then again Terry told me Higuain was a done deal…So I’m not sure what to believe from my sauces… Usually the good cop/bad cop routine works best when they’ve got the perp…Oops, according to the PFA reading of the contract, they do…

    Count me as not particularly confident…and a believer that the TW must be done away with (no such thing in North American leagues)…

  • 17ht, the biggest issue for Liverpool is that they can’t compare this to Rooney and United. When Rooney wanted to leave years ago, he was convinced to stay by a world-class manager and was still remaining at a club that would contend domestically and internationally year after year.

    Liverpool, on the other hand, are going nowhere anytime soon and aren’t even in Europa league anymore! Suarez won’t be happy playing there and I could see him refusing to play too. It’s a lose-lose for their management, squad and organization as a whole if they keep him.

  • HH, I agree, but now its down to the personalities involved. Liverpool “should” sell and supporters “should” demand the sale, as should Brendan Rogers. Unfortunately, Henry saw what happened when Dalglish reinvested the Torres money PLUS extra in the likes of Carroll, Downing and Henderson. Rodgers has done better, esp. last January with Coutinho, but still bought players like (his own) Jay Allen and Borini. Will Henry “listen” to reason and start the rebuilding (again) or does he fancy himself a new breed of owner who will (help) put an end to (absurd) player power?

    Like we were last Summer with RvP, they’re screwed…Still, you never know…

    My hunch is that somebody will “discover” something in the contract which (maybe) allows everybody to save face and move on. Of course, we should be just as prepared for our (cheating, diving, biting…) target to attempt to use us as a stepping stone. If he can get ‘Pool and RM together (which helps save face that much more) and do a deal over the next couple of weeks all the better. If we get him for a year or two we’d be way ahead of the game…

    I dunno, the whole business stinks, I think, and we might want to be a bit careful about what we’re wishing for. Doing a little business in the meantime (to reinforce at CB, DM, GK, for example) would send a good message…(I suspect we’re holding off because our buys in these areas are kids…) Winning our matches would be good too…

    Fun times…

  • 17ht, the problem with Liverpool waiting until, say January, is that they will continue to lose value on Suarez. I doubt he’ll play for them after what’s happened and his heart won’t be in it either. Just a lose-lose situation at the club since he has nothing to play for (World Cup spot aside, no CL, no chance of winning the league).

    If they decide to wait and sell him in January, they’ll likely receive somewhere in the range of 20-30 mil, which is still decent to find a replacement, but doubling that figure would be even more beneficial.

    My biggest concern is if AW cannot contain Suarez and he picks up another ban/does something stupid. He’s stuck by Liverpool for a few years, despite all their struggles and I’d imagine he would stay with Arsenal for at least a couple years before moving on. If we could win the league or maybe even the CL (less likely), then we’d certainly be able to convince him to stay for longer.

    I agree that we should be completing other transfers in the meantime, but who the hell knows what the f*ck Arsenal management are doing.

  • I haven’t seen ANYTHING of him, but does anyone know if John Guidetti, currently with Manchester City, would be a useful option as back-up or competition for Giroud??? City doesn’t seem to want him, and he did score 20 goals in 23 appearances for Feyenoord in 2011/12. I don’t think we will get him, but it is a name to throw in there and think about! 😀

  • Christian Eriksen would be a top quality purchase and has been recommended to AW by DB10 on several occasions. However, still nothing happens and his reported price is only €20 million (or less).

    Either way, if Liverpool sell Suarez, they could sign him since they’re not exactly at a shortage of strikers (Sturridge, Aspas and Borini) and could use help at AM.

    Milo, not too keen on Guidetti, unless he can get fit. He was infected by a virus and almost had his leg amputated this season, thus his absence after a good season in the Eredivisie in 2011/12. He’s one to look out for, but we already have enough ST with injury concerns that we should avoid another.

  • Maybe not top quality but more than an above average quality purchase…

  • Arteta probably the most important of the three you name. As a stop gap Sagna has shown that he can slot in at CB and Walcott and Podolski in theory can play more centrally. Not saying its ideal but I reckon that is what Wenger would do assuming we haven’t bought someone like Williams or Richards to provide more depth in defence. If Arteta gets injured I would expect to see Wilshere played deeper with Ramsey. Again far from ideal. As usual we are only two or three injuries from calamity. Our first choice XI isn’t bad its the squad depth that’s the problem and it has been for years.

  • Morning all..
    TA.. what’s wrong mate.. you seem so depressed.. hehehe..

    COYG.. our strikers are okay.. Podolski.. Sanogo.. Akpom can all subs Giroud..
    You said that Sagna will be great at CB rule.. so let him be.. haha.. We still have our Captain.. Don’t you think he will be back stronger..??

    I only worry about Arteta.. but don’t you guys said Willshere and Ramsey can be good couple.. and We still have Diaby and Frimpong.. don’t We..?? Hahaha..
    Zelalem can also subs Arteta.. hehe..

    So don’t worry to much about our team.. Good new is We don’t lose one single our starting eleven players.. Isn’t that great..??
    I believe this proven (10 games) team.. will do just fine.. even We if We don’t get Suarez or Fellaini.. Suarez will go to Madrid.. cause Bale price (100M) is crazy.. even for Madrid.. and they will spend half of that to get Suarez..
    And Madrid will only bring Bale if Ronaldo gone..

    About TW.. I still believe Wenger will bring some solid players.. Save the best for last.. hahaha..

  • Good morning all you G&D peoples.

    By around 11.0am bst we should know our CL opponents? I make it a 6/4 chance we will get a short trip to Holland, or slightly further but still preferable trip to Portugal.

    However, the odds are 4/6 that we will get a longer, much less desirable trip, including the distant Turkish delight? Although, individually, I make that a 9/2 chance.

    Whatever you’re on henrychan, pass it around to the others. Boy do they need it?

    I am not sure I can share your optimism JB, on the Saurez deal. Mainly because I am not sure that; a, They would accept a £55m offer from us, given their public stance; and b, I don’t think AW & Co will offer that in the expectation they will move the goal post again? So unless Saurez goes ahead with his transfer request, and burns his bridges completely … and I was not too happy when he said he was in no rush to leave Liverpool, as it means he is still hedging his bets? Which make the transfer request seem unlikely. Especially as the gullible fool will likely fall for it a second time that they will sell him abroad if an offer comes in? He will then find out they meant January next year.

    My reading of it is, AW will walk away.

    So, for me it is plan B.

    We will have to make it a really good offer to get Muriel before MU. None of this pussyfooting around with a really low starter!
    We know J. Martinez has a release clause. Spring that as well. Then that would be the front line sorted. Ideally, get one or both in before Monday, so we can add them to the squad. It would be a gamble to play either in the first leg, but it gives good ammo for the second leg?

    If the agent spread rumour is to be believed, then Marico would be the fall back possibility?

    It would be nice to get at least one DM/CB sorted too, in that same time scale. Perhaps our potential opponents will aid that? But I think we would be in a stronger position if we got a healthy 1st leg lead, so we can wrap up further deals well before the window closes?

    So a lot hinges on the draw, and how much groundwork was done while Porto were in town?

    Positive thinking.

  • Wow TA a rare change for you, yet completely understandable.

    I know we’ve heard in years past that the purse strings open up if we get past the CL qualifiers. My biggest worry is if we don’t this time around. It was an almighty struggle against Udinese in 2011 (Antonio Di Natale was a nightmare).

    We waited patiently the last few seasons and have been promised signings. If the comment wasn’t made and we had to focus on youth and penny pinching…then so be it. But it’s looking more and more likely that smoke was being blown up our arses.

    The squad is paper thin at the moment.

  • Surprised Totts are buying another DM given they have sandro. Then again he is a touch injury prone. Just a shame because normally we get to laugh when fat boy Huddlestone takes the pitch.

  • In response to your question TA…if Merts or Arteta pick up a serious injury…may god have mercy on us all. It would be diabolical and given our current squad i think it would create even more distension between the supporter base unfortunately.

  • Sky sports just quoted the Liverpool owner, back in 2010 when Chelsea were chasing Torres.very similar wording. Will not sell to a rival etc. and then Chelsea upped the price and bingo..

  • ***** Latest (Fenerbahce vs Arsenal) – CL Play-off

    Play-off Draw date: 9 August 2013

    *League Route (One Seeded and One Unseeded teams face each other):

    Seeded teams: Arsenal, AC Milan, Schalke 04, Lyon, Zenit St. Petersburg
    Unseeded teams: Real Sociedad, Pacos de Ferreira(Portugal), Fenerbahce, PSV Eindhoven, Metalist Kharkiv(Ukraine)

    Lyon vs Real Sociedad
    Schalke 04 vs Metalist Kharkiv
    Pacos de Ferreira vs Zenit St. Petersburg
    PSV Eindhoven vs AC Milan
    Fenerbahce vs Arsenal

    *The above is the League Route for play-offs, there is another Champions Route for play-offs (involving champions of lower leagues around Europe).

    Play-off Registration dateline for players (max. 25 players), List A:
    12 August 2013 (24.00 CET)
    ** Club may register a maximum of one new eligible player after the above-mentioned deadline, provided the quota of locally trained players is respected and List A does not exceed max. 25 players. (whereby 1 registered player will have to be removed from original list)

    1st leg: 20–21 August 2013 (Fenerbahce vs Arsenal)
    2nd leg: 27–28 August 2013 (Arsenal vs Fenerbahce)

    Transfer window closes on 1 September 2013.

    Registration dateline for all further matches from the first match in the group stage up to and including the final:
    2 September 2013 (24.00 CET)

  • Guys, what is the plan b if we do not get Suarez.

    We can try and go in for Rooney? But why would he come when Chelsea can pay him higher wages, have a better squad etc.

    Eto’o? The highest paid footballer in the world. Maybe we could get him to take a wage cut cut by 50% if no other big clubs are in for him.

    Another approach. Since we would be lacking up front make sure we really good cover in other areas. So get a GK, CB and DM in. Then use the Suarez money to maybe bring in Willian and another younger DM.

    GK- Adler
    CB- Rami
    DM- L.Bender
    DM- Camacho (if he is still available)

    Then have Willian, Podolski or Walcott as back-up for Giroud.

  • Fenerbahce

    Volkan Demirel (Turkish international)
    Mert Gunok (Turkish international)

    Joseph Yobo (Former Everton player and Nigerian international)
    Bruno Alves (Former Zenit player and Portuguese international)
    Michal Kadlec (Former Bayer Leverkusen player and Czech international)
    Hasan Ali Kaldırım (Turkish international)
    Bekir İrtegun (Turkish international)
    Gokhan Gonul (Turkish international)
    Egemen Korkmaz (Turkish international)

    Raul Meireles (Former Chelsea player and Portuguese international)
    Emre Belozoglu (Former Inter and Newcastle player, and Turkish international)
    Samuel Holmen (Former Brondby player and Swedish international)
    Mehmet Topal (Former Valencia player and Turkish international)
    Caner Erkin (Former CSKA Moscow player and Turkish international)

    Moussa Sow (Former Lille player and Senegalese international)
    Dirk Kuyt (Former Liverpool player and Dutch international)
    Emmanuel Emenike (Former Spartak Moscow and Nigerian international)
    Pierre Webo (Former Mallorca player and Cameroonian international)
    Alper Potuk (Turkish international)

  • Retsub,

    exactly, however, Torres actually had a 50 million release clause (a genuine one not the one we were led to believe existed in Suarez’s contract).

  • One of my firends has told me that Arsenal could buy out the rest of Suarez’s contract. Can anyone tell me Is this true? What are the consequences?

  • i’m happy with our draw against the turks,

    we beat them 5-2 if memory serves in the CL, many many years ago , however, i know this time they are much more stronger but hey, we tend to do well in our away matches…i think we play with more pressure (hand brake on) at home, so roll on i says

    i’m very confident of winning the first one 3-1.

  • AFC, that’s what we are doing with our 40 million bid, not only buying his remaining contract but also the player ? makes sense ?

    the only person who can do this is , Suarez himself, only he can buy out his own contract , provided there is a clause in there and then he becomes a free agent – this sort of thing is very unusual and unlikely to occur at bigger clubs…as both the club and player need to agree or there needs to be clauses in the contract, as per my understanding.

    you have players who with mutual consent can terminate their contract, if the club and player agree – note we did this with a couple of our players – both from brazil ; )

    From BBC Sport’s David Ornstein: “A potential mess brewing with regard to Fenerbahce’s Champions League place.

    “The Turkish club were banned from competing in Europe for match-fixing in domestic competition.

    “They challenged that ruling to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

    “CAS say a final decision on Fenerbahce will be taken before 28 August.”

  • JB, that’s how I meant it. So we would be giving Suarez the money to buy out his contract. But that would be quite risky. Last resort?

  • AFC,

    Suarez needs to hand in a transfer request , by doing so he will be abandoning all the loyalty bonuses, his future earning share % and so on.

    and no, we can’t do that as your mate has suggested – both parties need to be in agreement, i gave you the example of how we let Santos leave ? that should have been a very relevant example to what you were asking…and the hint was that “both parties” need to be in agreement…

    contracts are very tricky, hence you have all sorts of legal people drawing them up e.t.c e.t.c

    if there is a breach, then a contract can be considered nil and void- there are a thousand of scenarios and what may with such things –

    if, it was as straight forward as that then 95% of transfers would go out this way, as it’s the cheaper option in many cases.

  • Until we hear what Saurez says now I don’t think there is much point in speculating. My feeling is that he was laying the ground for a quick back track after he heard what the PFA said – and made public?

    Until he comes out and says he still wants to leave, indeed, put in a transfer request, then I see no point in putting in another bid? I think Liverpool might just get lucky and some club in Europe will get him for £35m. In the meantime…

    Get busy with the DM and CB signings, whilst following up on Martinez and Muriel. Get those four deals done and it will be Saurez? Who’s he?

  • Gerry,

    that makes a lot of sense, and in an ideal world, yes, that should be the way to go


    AW is in a similar situation to SAF last season, more or less – he’s banking on Suarez , the same way SAF banked on the RVP deal to go through

    all these are mind games, nothing else – especially when you put things into context and the owner’s statement ” it won’t stop Arsenal for coming back from a 3rd bid and it will be interesting to see what they offer this time” – in a way, that’s basically saying *please do come back with another bid and don’t take my bullsh too seriously*.

    Contrary to what most of us feel, Suarez really does want to come to Arsenal and if, AW wanted to move away like he has done in previous deals, he already would have done so….there are enough assurances and vibes hence we’re still in it for him.

    you asked for plan b, plan b = Rooney.

    now here is the fun part, i’ll ask you to guess what’s the common element in these players connected to Arsenal :

    1: Higuain



    take a wild guess, if you may

  • So if Fenerbache are found guilty of match fixing do they forfeit and we automatically go through?

  • Dylan,

    not as straight forward, we still have to play them

    if, we lose and if, they are found guilty = we go through.

    if, we lose and if, it’s not decided before the 28th or they not found guilty = we are eliminated

    we need to win, regardless of any court case.

  • it is very unlikely for the decision to come out before we’ve played them in both the games, hence, no point thinking along them lines and rely on such favours

    let us be in control of our own destiny, if we can’t beat Fenb then we don’t deserve to be in there…

  • hypothetically speaking, if a decision was made tomorrow, then we would automatically be through to the group stages 😉 (very unlikely , considering the amount of money UEFA won’t be making if the matches didn’t go ahead), my take is that they will play the games first and then the decision comes out…

    David Ornstein from the beeb reckons the decision will come out before the 28th (it’s all shambles if you ask me, why are they even allowed to be here to begin with ?

  • JB – My wild guess would be, they all said they would be interested in coming to Arsenal … BUT have not!

    That is why your plan B is a non-starter. If we are second choice then he aint coming. Simples.

    Mind games are one thing but we are talking about Arsene here? He will walk …
    Unless Saurez makes another statement. Like I said earlier, burning his bridges?

  • If I were going to make a prediction as to how the how the draw would go – after reading that both Metatarsels & Funnybach were being done by UEFA – then it would have been;

    Russian Money = Easiest tie – Portugal.
    Arsenal = The most difficult tie – Turkey, and not have their appeal heard until we have made the trip out there, and played the second leg … Then throw them out.

    August 9, 2013 12:45
    Until we hear what Saurez says now I don’t think there is much point in speculating. My feeling is that he was laying the ground for a quick back track after he heard what the PFA said – and made public?

    that’s the thing though, this meeting was carried out on monday, with Suarez, Liverpool and PFA – Suarez came out in the open on tuesday

    then on thursday he went on the record in Spain , with a slightly less aggressive tone wanting a speedy and friendly resolution….

    there was no back tracking, in fact, after the outcome of the meeting on monday, he decided to go public.

    also @ 13:19

    no not interest, all 3 had/have agreed personal terms with Arsenal – only thing outstanding was either a bid , concrete bid or a bid that is good enough for their current club to sell.

    our plan b is actually a very decent chance of joining us, who would mancs rather sell him to ? chelse or us ? it’s not a case of the highest bidder taking him, i feel.

    AW has already made a statement in which he says ” it needs to happen soon or we walk away to our other targets” , yep, Suarez needs to move quickly, i hear, a private jet takes less than an hour from london to liverpool and vice versa 😉

    but yeah, for now it’s more hope and speculation.

    let’s also not be surprised if we did actually go back in with a 51 million bid to get this thing sorted (we have to be realistic here, Suarez hands in a transfer request, which means the money he loses out on from liverpool, arsenal will have to reimburse him by paying a larger signing on fee and all that), so in theory , it might cost us more money, best to go back with a 51 million bid and get it wrapped up ?

  • I think it will have to be £55m, £51m has that same ‘cheeky’ ring to it. They want to be able to gloat that they squeezed so much out of tightfisted Arsenal, to help cover the fact they have just lost their best player?

    Part of me wants that … But another part says, No. You won’t sell, fine. They let them find out how destructive Saurez will be when things do’t look so good. The infamous bite came when they as good as lost all hope of finishing in the top 4 remember?

    Like I said yesterday, the Muriel/Martinez combo appeals to me. Could do with another creative spark in midfield though … Gundogan???

  • Cesc/Gundogan are a must anyway, if AW really wanted a beast of a DM then he would have got us one already.

    he is going to stick with what he has and get a more fluid b2b i reckon.

    you look at teams like barca, who did all their hard work in January whilst we were sleeping, they got Neymar for 40 million plus add on’s stretching to 50 million on a pre-contract – sorted

    this is where we need to be more active and decisive.

  • Dylan – That was the point I was making with my little ‘conspiracy theory’, we have to jump through the hoops anyway.

    The easiest way for both those clubs would have been to postpone the 1st leg until the hearing has been done, and if the ties needed to played, then each club playing on the Saturday postpones their league matches, and play both legs in the same week?

    i wonder if we have any legal grounds for demanding that? They have already been found guilty, this is only an appeal against that verdict?

  • JB – Stop doing the simplistic thing on me. Naymar had his eyes on just one club – Barca.

    So of course they could wrap it up early.

    Pelligrini probably did all his tapping up,allegedly, before he left Malaga?

    I think AW got suckered into the phantom clause thing, thinking that we would have got Saurez way before the Emirates Cup. Thus making us a much more attractive proposition regards CL qualification, ergo, easier to sign players who are wavering with their present clubs?

    Now we are going to have to do the hard sell with a bit more cash …
    Which is another reason that might rankle AW, and why, without any further announcement from Saurez, he will walk?

  • JM – Thanks for the team info on Fenerbahce. Whilst they too can add before Monday, Moussa Sow and Emenike will prove quite a handful if they play?

  • @Gerry August 9, 2013 14:08

    They will, along with with Raul Meireles and Mehmet Topal in midfield and their defence of Volkan Demirel(GK), Bruno Alves(set piece threat!), Michal Kadlec and Joseph Yobo.

    We have the Arsenal to hurt them at the same time, when we perform.

  • Interested to see how Moussa Sow plays. I remember we were linked with him a couple of seasons back when he was a Lille and again in June of this year.

    2010–2012 Lille 54 (31)
    2012– Fenerbahçe 43 (22)

    Not a back record

  • Neymar was an example…it helps when a player wants to come and join you, makes it easier, however, it’s also important to give the selling club what will make them sell

    worth also nothing that man city (technical director also flew to hold talks and make a bid)….

    re- Pelligrini, he may have identified potential targets but it was down to Txiki Begiristain (technical director at man city) to get such deals wrapped up, nice and early…

    most big clubs have this and one has to question, why we haven’t ? considering the pros outweigh the cons

    at times, it feels as if, must like arsene’s attitude in the transfer market and his ways are still of the past ( we are still 10 years behind most in some ways)…gotta wake up and smell the coffee…

    here comes an update :

    Professional Footballers’ Association chief Gordon Taylor says it will be “practically impossible” for Luis Suarez to leave Liverpool this month.

    Suarez, 26, has been told to train alone after seeking a move to Arsenal. “With the transfer window expiring, the difficulties of not only selling him to a competitor but also replacing him makes it practically impossible,” says Taylor.

  • on top of that,

    that’s being biased, i thought they were meant to be relatively neutral or at the players side ?

    i mean what the fcuk is ” selling him to a competitor and not enough time to replace him”

    how is that his concern ? does he have affiliations with liverpool ?

  • @James Bond August 9, 2013 14:48

    “most big clubs have this(technical director) and one has to question, why we haven’t ? considering the pros outweigh the cons”

    We have one ….actually 1/2 of it …. Richard “Dick” Law who is handling player’s contract negotiations, though he is not a Director of Football.
    (unlike Franco Baldini @Tottenham, Txiki Begiristain @Man.City, Michael Emenalo @Chelsea, Andoni Zubizarreta @Barcelona, Zinedine Zidane @Real Madrid, Matthias Sammer @Bayern Munich, Olivier Letang @PSG, Fabio Paratici @Juventus, Michael Zorc @Borussia Dortmund, Riccardo Bigon @Napoli, Jose Luis Caminero @A.Madrid, Ariedo Braida @AC Milan, Antero Henrique @Porto, Rui Costa @Benfica, Marco Branca @Inter)

    There … I practically named most of the top flight clubs in Europe with a Sporting Director.


    “Law, a trilingual American who speaks Spanish and Portuguese, will take responsibility for player contracts in support of the chief executive, Ivan Gazidis, and the club secretary, David Miles. The appointment formalises a long-standing consultancy role Law has held with Arsenal’s scouting operation in South and Central America.



    AW’s reaction to the above statement:

  • nah, still hopeful plan A will work, i’ve not heard anything from my sauce, until i do, it’s Plan A

    or i says, we go bid 60 million for Bale – all cash up front plus let them have Bendtener .

    sorted 😀

  • Well this idle chatter is really disrupting my racing diversion, and now it is coming up to dog feeding time.
    Don’t around in circles while I am away. I am sure Tote he hass another blockbuster post lined up, entitled;

    ‘What the feck do we do nowwwww???’

  • 60 million plus bendtner = 100 million they want 😉

    nah, only joshing

    we will get our main targets, no worries

    keep the chin up – judgment day – 2nd of september or this monday, what ever floats your boat and keeps you going

    i better crack on with my day job as well,

    as usual, pleasure blogging with you, Gerry

  • bugger, 4 down now at 153 @ the cricket, i can see Oz having a nice wee chuckle…

  • AW looking to bid 21 million for Julian Draxler of Schalke. Please be true! He could be even better than Reus!!!

  • My other comment is in moderation, but AW is looking to bid 21 million for Draxler of Schalke! Please be true, he could be better than Reus!!!

  • @ BJ

    England are yesterdays news. I bet you’re outside doing the rain dance again…that or thinking up new ways to cheat the system haha disgraceful!!!

  • really ? better than Reus you reckon @ HH ? what would be his best position and where would you play him in this current set up we have

    didn’t Draxler recently sign a contract extension if, memory serves ?

  • OZ,

    how convenient of you to not read comments i have been leaving for you in previous posts 😉

    no worries mate, even if we got all out on the first day, we would still win this one with a day and session to spare !

  • @ HH

    Frick i bloody hope so, I’ve wanted to see Draxler in Arsenal colours for about 3 years. Always been such a promising player. I thought he was one that got away when we were heavily linked with him that winter TW

  • Yes he did JB, he’ll be difficult to pry away from Schalke for sure, but in this scenario the player definitely has a price (unlike Suarez).

    Draxler can line up on the wing (usually LW) and excels as a CAM/SS. He scored 10 goals and 3 assists in 24 starts in the Bundesliga last year, as a 19 year old! Could be the ideal player to play with Giroud and be that goal scoring mid/SS that we’ve been looking for. Great technique and ball control, very good pace and decent vision too.

  • HH, I think Draxler is a better CAM and Reus is a better LM. I don’t think they’re very comparable. I would want both. 😉

  • Oz mate, I sure hope so too. We’re getting pulled in about 50 different directions right now and it’s already been an emotional roller coaster in regards to transfers. I still think there’s a chance we might get Suarez, but I’m glad to read that we’re focusing on other targets in the meantime.

    Draxler would be my ideal signing and though he wouldn’t appear to be the big name signing everyone wants, he definitely has world-class potential and who better than AW to nurture that?

  • Dylan, slightly different players but you could definitely compare them. Reus is much faster and has better vision, but is also 4 years older. At the same age, Reus was further behind the development curve that Draxler is at now.

    Draxler is the better goal scorer and flair dribbler for sure, while Reus does everything better at full speed. Two different styles, but as I said you can definitely compare them.

  • if you’re excited and reckon he be better than Reus then i’m excited as well, although, i’ve not heard anything about it, i hope that means we’re actually going to sign him ahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

  • @ 44 secs

    when was the last time we have someone score a ripper like that? For 21 million Arsene had better bite their hand off

  • @ Oz, the article does go on to mention that we would open a bid at 21 million, but Schalke would likely ask for more considering his potential and the fact he just penned a long-term deal.

    What fascinates me is why players sign long-term deals if they are not looking to be at the club for as long. It gives the club full control and when players eventually get frustrated with the lack of results and become unhappy, look to move on. Why not sign players to short-term deals (2 years, with options whereby if goals are achieved it can automatically be extended etc.)?

    The state of contracts and transfers in European football is incredibly flawed…

  • Draxler did go on record to stay that if he moved to any other club, he needed to be assured of playing time, in order to improve. Spain and England are the only other two countries he’d moved to outside of Germany too. Likely staying at Schalke for one more year, unless he feels it’s a good fit for him and the club benefit from the transfer offer they receive.

  • HH, fair enough. The fact that we AREN’T being linked to him is definitely promising. He would be an ideal replacement for Santi in the (very) long turn, especially since he’s essentially two footed as well. Imagine him, Santi, Cesc, and Rosicky? Incredible creatively. And Rosicky eventually replaced by Eriksen.

  • I should say that regardless of bidding or not, I doubt Draxler will leave Schalke this year. That’s my gut feeling anyway…

  • @ BJ

    haha perhaps convenient 🙂

    In fairness though it’s hard to keep up on here lately. It’s a testament to BK that in the off season the site can generate so many comments. I’m normally a day or two behind but always great reading

    @ HH

    Agreed, it’s a mile a minute at the moment with all the names getting thrown up.

    I’d take Suarez, Draxler, L.Bender, and Rami

    That’d make us pretty serious threats i’d imagine

  • cheers for the video @ OZ

    21 million you say @ HH ? sounds like an absolute bargain to me and looks like a better investment than Bernard,

    if, we get him for 21 million than it’s a coup for sure…the kids cool as cucumber, very unselfish from what i can see – very much fits into our style of play.

    i likes !

  • Dylan, the best part about Draxler is that he can create for himself too and his long-term future really lies at SS imo. He’s very good in and around the box in terms of movement and being able to place his shot almost anywhere.

    Someone like Santi would love to play with Draxler as I feel as though our ST really lack that cut back movement that sees the top strikers score many goals. The only cut back goal I really remember us scoring last year was vs. Villa where Monreal a ball backwards from the left flank to Santi, whom had just cut back.

    Otherwise, the majority of our forwards always look to move forwards, where the traffic is generally flowing.

  • Monreal sent a ball backwards from the left flank to Santi in the box*

  • true that @ OZ

    considering we have gotten rid of 2 of our wingers, Arshavin and Gerv – makes sense to add one and promote one from the youths ?

    i would like to think so…

    the players you have on your wish list, would make us serious title contenders including CL contenders – for sure.

  • @ HH

    Agreed, the contract system is very laughable. Half the time I don’t think they’re worth the paper they’re written on.

    Agreed, it’d be hard to pry Draxler away from Schalke given that he’s been there since 2001. But if he wants to take the step up and eventually push for regular international football I think he’d be better with us (even though Schalke are no mugs)

    My biggest worry with him though is he’s already turned down City and Real. Apparently he has a release clause of 45.5 million as well

  • This was on August 5th of this year

    “I had sleepless nights about it. I was on holiday in Egypt with my girlfriend and sat alone on the balcony thinking about what to do,” Draxler told Bild when questioned about Madrid and City’s offers.

    “It was not an easy decision. You never know whether you will ever get such an offer again. In the end, I followed my heart and decided to remain at Schalke.”

    The 19-year-old then went on to discuss a potential transfer to Borussia Dortmund and again stressed that he would never leave Schalke for their arch-rivals.

    “Unless they brainwash me, I will never join Dortmund.”

    Draxler has a contract with Schalke until June 2018, but has a €45.5 million release clause.

  • @ Oz,

    I partially understand it from the player’s perspective, but it’s incredibly short-sighted imo. I mean, the upfront money and security of long-term deal (in case of injuries etc.) is great, but when you look at the situation long-term, the lack of control over their futures is demoralizing.

    However, clubs are at fault since they likely pressure these players into signing long-term deals, so as to have more control over the players’ fates.

    Agreed on Draxler being difficult to pry away. I don’t think Schalke will ever recover that full release clause, as it’s simply a means to deter other clubs for bidding for him. I’d imagine the 30 million Dortmund received for Gotze would be a similar price point for Draxler.

  • @ HH

    I agree, i think 30 million would do it also. I’d definitely have Draxler over Gotze as well.

    It just seems ridiculous contract wise. I mean in Draxler’s case he’s 19 and has endless talent at the moment. In other sports a 2 year deal sounds about right because then the club and player can reassess his output later on. He becomes a world better he gets a pay rise, flops he takes less money. It just means diddly squat because they will re-do it time and time again improving the figures. Release clauses, Bosman’s, verbal agreements it’s all too much.

  • @ BJ

    Adding one and Gnabry would be more than fine by me. Lets make it two german wunderkinds!!!

  • @ Oz, two completely different players. Reus and Draxler are more comparable, but Draxler is a goal scorer with some playmaking ability, where as Gotze is more of playmaker with some goal scoring ability :).

    Agreed on the contract situation. His public comments that he’ll reconsider his future at Schalke after next season are not in line with his contract extension to 2018…

  • @ HH

    Not comparing the two in terms of style of play, more just comparing two highly rated future German stars.

  • Nah! Draxler is a distraction from Muriel ha ha. Good player though.

    The thing is, and this is why it may not happen until later, Shalke have the team you were hoping to avoid yesterday, in the CL qualies. So more like to happen if the don’t get through as the CL apparently is worth a minimum of that sum yuou just mentioned – £30m

  • What the hell is Taylor talking about? Liverpool have weeks left to find a replacement. Why is Taylor siding with Liverpool?

  • Ha ha OG – I did like that film. But if you want to get really excited, not glic style, put up the link that shows this Udinese kid off big time?

  • I am coming to the conclusion that Arsenal’s management are guilty of navel gazing.

    It was fine to give a lot of attention to signing Suarez, but getting drawn into a messy transfer negotiating which is descending into a pissing contest, without, apparently, having a back up option or two also being worked on is poor.

    Time is running out, and with 3 years left on Suarez’ contract, ‘Pool can afford to tough it out, and that seems to be the most likely outcome.

    Surely we need a CM and another CB, so why have we not moved on that?
    Even Terry can multi-task, by allowing himself to be beaten up by old ladies while lusting after them, so why can’t Arsenal talk to clubs about other positions, as well as talking to ‘Pool about Suarez.

  • Mind, I’ve just had a similar thought about Lyon, if they don’t get through their next round, Le Gren could be an option?

    We could be the next Invincibles with those two in the side, with a few more additions?

  • Got to walk a dog .. then I’ll watch the cricket highlights before you and JB tell me the latest score ..

  • Dylan,
    I really hope so, i am very surprised we let him leave on loan. when we are a little short there ourselves. I really am a little worried about it lol.
    In Wengers judgement i trust though i suppose. Hopefully he signs some real quality in defence time is ticking away though.
    You know 1 of the questions on this post was on Per and the defence and he lets Miguel leave for a season. That sasid he did not convince me in pre-season so perhaps that why, Wenger knows what hje is doing.

  • I think that our management will enter into erotic literature after this transfer window!

    “He was obsessed with them. It was like there was some inexplicable connection with him and her type. It was like with Arsene Wenger and boys from Ligue 2.”

    “It took her a while to realize that his d..k was useless. She called that part of him ‘Dick Law’ as there were a lot of chances for him and no penetration at all.”

    “She got sick and tired of him and his endless foreplay. He was like Arsene Wenger in Transfer Window 2013 – at start, he was teasing her, arousing her like nobody did before, but later, when she realized that the foreplay was all she’d get, it was just frustrating experience.”

    “She had his type of p..sy. It was Arsene Wenger-type – a tight c..t.”

    “Cindy and Stan had all hope in the world that their first night together will be a sexual volcano. But it wasn’t. His ‘Little Stan’ was simply too silent.”

  • Don’t worry guys. I’ve written and sent a post to TA that should take your minds off the TW for at least a little while. 😉

  • Gerry,

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, but why are you hyping up Grenier so much? He’s ok, nothing too special that would make you want to write home about.

    Having him in our side wouldn’t help us much at all. We need better quality than him, and he’s not much better than the young options we have now.

  • Dylan

    It will have to be a very good post to get my mind off the transfer window. Seems to me we have unloaded a lot of fringe players, but in doing so we have left ourselves pretty thin on the ground. I am a big Wenger fan, but he is either about to pull off a master stroke or alternatively he has lost it.

  • Gerry, even in terms of potential, I still think he’ll be a Na$ri clone at best. He’s already 22, playing in a relatively weak Ligue 1 and appears like he’ll top out as a good to great player, nothing extraordinary.

  • HH – Last season was his break out. This one is the one that puts him firmly on the map.

    The Oracle has spoken …

  • Fair enough Gerry, I still don’t think he’s good enough but to each their own. Ligue 1 is weak too, unless you’re on P$G basically. Lyon, Monaco and Marseille are all a clear two steps behind.

    If he had the same production as Hazard at a younger age or proved capable of leading his team in the same way (he doesn’t yet) then maybe there’d be something there, but he also lacks the pace, strength, vision and dribbling ability of Hazard.

  • Sakho has been dropped from the French squad due to lack of playing time. Has Wenger been waiting for this? Will he swoop and bring him in now that he wants a move? Is that why he allowed Miquel to leave? I hope so.

  • HH, I don’t think Grenier will be a “Nasri clone” as has been suggested by some…I think he is already better than Nasri was at this age. He has more goal-scoring potential, as he is the free-kick taker at Lyon. Also he can play deeper on the pitch than Nasri can, and act almost like Arteta does for us. He probably cannot or should not play on the wing, as Nasri did for us, but he definitely is a very good central player. He would probably be worth 15-20 million pounds, in my estimation. He is also much more of a leader and team player, than Nasri ever could, or will be!!! 😀 I think he has respected the wishes of Lyon to a tee, and hasn’t said much about where he might, or thought he was going. He doesn’t seem like a mercenary to me at all, unlike Nasri. There was a point in time where Grenier thought he might leave, he stated this, and then when he sorted his immediate future out, he hasn’t said anything at all about leaving. He also hasn’t done what Lewandowski is doing right now, and complaining about not moving. I like him as a player, and i don’t think he is nearly as bad as Nasri, when it comes to the chance to move to a bigger club, or a bigger salary.

  • JB – You will be interested in the revelations in UA – on the clause that wasn’t, but probably is?

    Basically, it says Liverpool have history with such a clause – Twice before,in fact! They won one (v- Middlesborough) and lost one (v Man U). And they were warned that these clauses need to be clarified …

    Methinks if Saurez is told about this, then £40,000,001 might yet win the day ..
    against the ‘classless assholes at Liverpool

  • Well, there’s no denying that Nasri DOES have talent!!! So to be compared to him regarding talent isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just think that from a personality perspective and standpoint, I would not want to be associated with such an arse. I don’t think Grenier has done anything wrong…yet…and doesn’t deserve to be called a clone of Samir Nasri. I also think they are two different talents on the pitch as well, but this is only going from the Europa League campaign that I saw of their’s last season. I actually quite enjoy watching that competition, as long as Arsenal isn’t in it!!! 😀 So I got to see a fair bit of Grenier last season. HH, has probably seen more though, if he has the capacity to view the French League on his television or computer. I could use the computer for this, but my family uses it a lot, and therefore, I’d be hogging it all the time to watch football!!! 😀

  • Milo,

    What Grenier lacks compared to Na$ri is actual skill. Grenier’s not shabby in that
    department but nothing that stands out to me. However, you are correct that he has a better head on his shoulders and is more of a team player, which may see him find better success than his French comparison counterpart.

    Gerry, not sure what you’re thanking Milo for. In terms of pure ability, Grenier isn’t at Na$ri’s level. What he gains in goal scoring and set piece ability, he lacks in most other aspects of the game.

  • Milo, he doesn’t have the defensive ability to play as Arteta does for us. He’s an above average CAM and lacks the pace to play, aggression and assertiveness to play at the B2B role. However, if we moved to a 4-1-2-3, we may find some use in Grenier, but as it stands now, players like Jack, Ox, Rosicky, Santi would be ahead of him there.

    Someone like Eriksen is already more proven and flashes much, much better potential and would cost around the same.

  • lacks the pace, aggression, assertiveness and defensive positioning to play the B2B role*

  • I think we eventually will have enough talent in the attacking midfield department, if we stick with whom we already have. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Eriksen bought to play as a striker! Yes, I know he hasn’t played there much, but I think if he was groomed to play there, he might be worth more to us, than him playing as an attacking midfield player. This could happen, especially if we brought Bergkamp over to our club, in some capacity.

  • I completely agree Milo, which is why I was sort of confused about the hype over Grenier. If he had the pace or dribbling to play at the wing, I would like to bring him in, but he’s fairly one dimensional in terms of what he offers and what positions he can play.

    Eriksen could definitely be moulded into a SS type player, as he has the technical qualities of a DB10 and the goal scoring and playmaking ability too (albeit obviously not at the same level). Eriksen is also mobile enough to play the wing, though it’s not his preferred or most effective position.

  • Well, a player doesn’t have to be versatile, for us to buy him, as long as he can help us in the position he has mastered!!! I would really like us to sign Gundogan, as he can play in a defensive or a more attacking position! 😀 Him and Eriksen as a striker would be my ideal signings for midfield and attack respectively.

  • I also wouldn’t mind us signing a great striker who Eriksen can learn from, in order to improve his goal scoring.

  • Gerry,

    that is very very interesting indeed, aha – i didn’t know that but every little helps 😉

    open question to everyone, would you be happy if we, were to get Gustavo ?

  • JB, Gustavo would be the bare minimum. Better than what we have now at DM, but not spectacular. Better ball skills than a player like Capoue or Fellaini though. He’s good enough though that he’d improve our team and have a positive effect for the squad IF he’s happy to be here and a team player.

  • Yes, he would be my second choice behind Gundogan, for that defensive midfield signing! 😀 I’d be more than happy if we got Gustavo, in short! 😀

  • The tag for Gustavo is reported to be £8 million. At that price, I’d be thrilled with getting him, but an auction is likely to be set off and I’m sure Chelsea will outbid us in fee and wages…

  • Well, there’s still Kondogbia…I wasn’t that impressed with him at the under-20 World Cup, but maybe that is a good thing??? 😀 I don’t know…There are a couple of options there at least.

  • right then, expect developments re- Gustavo – not at 8 million though.

  • JB, you told us to expect developments re-Cesc as well. So far I’ve been bitterly disappointed. 😉 I want proof. 😉

  • Dylan,

    there were developments the very next day, i never said that he would be telling us all what we wanted to hear but he said enough in coded words ” My dream of being a success at Barça WAS huge ”

    note how when he was at Arsenal, he never came out and said he wanted out – he won’t do that.

    he will never go to man utd – that he made crystal clear

    i brought you the message of expecting developments, developments arrived 12 hours later 😉

    have you ever known about a club that bids for a player and once the player says he is staying, then that potential bidding club releases a statement , saying we respect Cesc’s stance e.t.c and whilst doing that, they work on a 3rd bid of near 40 million ? 🙂

  • i don’t know about that, just read it myself

    but apparently a deal could be stuck between 17 million between munich and a london club – that could either be us or chelsea

    hence i said, expect some developments…soon as HH said Chelsea were in it for him as well, that sort of made me less optimistic but i don’t know , if he has said what is being reported in the link then he might favour us over chelsea ?

    all i know is that we are going to be breaking our transfer record TWICE this summer

    17 million will take us off the mark ?

  • JB, are you 100% sure of that? And do you think breaking it twice will be breaking it out current one and then breaking the new one we just set? Or breaking our previous one twice? Also, supposedly Chelsea are in for Khedira. So if we can swoop for Gustavo while Chelsea are messing about with Khedira that could work in our favor.

  • 17 million breaks our transfer record…

    and then we better 17 counts as the 2nd time, no ? i’m hoping 40 million….;)

    you can never be sure or a 100% , however, i am confident that we will and get 2 top quality players and one very good one = 3 in total.

    i’m sharing all this based on my sauce, his track record is 80% (i sometimes bet using his tips and so far i have lost money on 2 and made a bit on the remaining 8, over the years).

  • Gerv is officially gone – all the best to him and big up to him for taking a “Big pay cut” for making this move happen.

    NB – take note , son.

  • http://hereisthecity.com/2013/08/08/jl-are-arsenal-back-in-for-luiz-gustavo/

    Quoted at £8 million


    Quoted at $23 million, equivalent of £15 million, which seems more appropriate.

    Either way, we’ll have a fight on our hands with Chelsea and Gustavo will likely be sold for around £15 million or less because Bayern no longer have a spot for him in the line-up and he would have been sold to Wolfsburg had he not blocked the move.

    By the way, it’s insane to think Mario Gomez was sold for less than £14,000,000!

  • http://prosoccertalk.nbcsports.com/2013/08/09/fridays-transfer-rumor-roundup-gustavo-to-chelsea-siqueira-to-liverpool/

    Quoted at $23 million, equivalent of £15 million, which seems more appropriate.

    Either way, we’ll have a fight on our hands with Chelsea and Gustavo will likely be sold for around £15 million or less because Bayern no longer have a spot for him in the line-up and he would have been sold to Wolfsburg had he not blocked the move.

    By the way, it’s insane to think Mario Gomez was sold for less than £14,000,000!

  • HH, JB and Dylan, if Gustavo will cost 17 million why don’t we just offer 25 million for L.Bender?

  • AFC, I would have to agree with you there though the mentality is likely that Gustavo is actually available, while the latter’s team may be reluctant to sell. Realistically Gustavo’s worth is about £12 million due to him being excess and the club wanting to move his wages. However, normal market value would probably be £15 million and the extra £3 mil is not excessive.

    At £17 million, you’re starting to get into overpayment territory where I think AW will lose interest. It’d be a different matter if Bayern were not looking to sell though.

  • AFC, I would prefer we did, but I believe they said they wouldn’t sell except for a ridiculous price (around £50 mil or something).

  • Gustavo would be a good get but I’d prefer better. Lets just sign Flamini on a free, focus our attention on other positions and smash it for L.Bender next season

    @ HH

    I think Gomez for 14 million is the steal of the transfer window. With his record how the hell did that happen?!

  • @ Oz, not sure how that happened…it appeared that Gomez wanted to leave and Fiorentina was his choice, so Bayern sold him at a discount because they had no leverage.

  • Makes Bayern look like the good guys I suppose. Others start leaking all the info waiting for an auction to develop. Good on them but damn them to hell as well. What a get he would have been. A world class striker 14 million!!!!

  • @ Dylan, oz gunner, Highbury Harmony, AFC, James Bond, Milo, Gerry

    Grenier heading to Arsenal? Minus (-100%)
    It has something to do with Lyon’s president, Jean-Michael Aulas, and Arsene Wenger .. way back during AW’s time with Monaco.

    Mario Gomez joined Fiorentina on the advice of Pep Guardiola (who had played in Italy for 3-4 years after leaving Barcelona). There is also the opportunity for him to be Fiorentina’s main man upfront after Stevan Jovetic and Luca Toni left.

    Geoffrey Kondogbia is partially owned by a third party investor, the Doyen Group. They will not release him for cheap. Total cost would be double or triple what Sevilla quote for his release clause.

    @James Bond August 9, 2013 14:48

    “most big clubs have this(technical director) and one has to question, why we haven’t ? considering the pros outweigh the cons”

    We have one ….actually 1/2 of it …. Richard “Dick” Law who is handling player’s contract negotiations, though he is not a Director of Football.
    (unlike Franco Baldini @Tottenham, Txiki Begiristain @Man.City, Michael Emenalo @Chelsea, Andoni Zubizarreta @Barcelona, Zinedine Zidane @Real Madrid, Matthias Sammer @Bayern Munich, Olivier Letang @PSG, Fabio Paratici @Juventus, Michael Zorc @Borussia Dortmund, Riccardo Bigon @Napoli, Jose Luis Caminero @A.Madrid, Ariedo Braida @AC Milan, Antero Henrique @Porto, Rui Costa @Benfica, Marco Branca @Inter)

    There … I practically named most of the top flight clubs in Europe with a Sporting Director.


    “Law, a trilingual American who speaks Spanish and Portuguese, will take responsibility for player contracts in support of the chief executive, Ivan Gazidis, and the club secretary, David Miles. The appointment formalises a long-standing consultancy role Law has held with Arsenal’s scouting operation in South and Central America.



  • Julian Draxler should stay (bearing any astronomical transfer fee) with Schalke this season and make his career move overseas in 1 or 2 years time in either England or Spain.

  • JM, how frustrated are you with the fact that we’ve made no significant signings and with the August 12th CL squad deadline coming up?

    What do you attribute as the main reason we have not made any moves yet?

  • Cheers @ JM

    no wonder we continue to suffer year in year out…

    that’s way too much power for one man…- too much of everything is bad for ones health… the economic health improves yet , the blood flow is taking ta serious hit with many fans already in favour of radical changes.

    like I said… we still refuse to evolve like most decent clubs and no one has the balls at arsenal to stand up to AW..- another reason why he is likely to stay at the Emirates for the foreseeable future and not join PSG.

  • “Supreme decision-maker”? No. Dictator. Which would be fine, if he knew how the transfer market works. But he doesn’t.

  • Arsene obviously doesn’t play FIFA! Arsenal fans around the world are going to get torn apart if we don’t buy any notable players. Please think of the children Arsene!!!

    @ RA

    I think you are bang on. I think it happens every time. We have all of our eggs in the one basket and if it doesn’t work out we are left with nothing or panic buys. It’s not 2002 anymore, we can’t rely on everyone wanting to come to us.

    I think one of the best jobs in the world would be a scout for Arsenal. Travel around the world, watch football, and write up half arsed scouting reports that Arsene probably doesn’t read anyway. gilles grimandi / JM you lucky bastard you.

  • Any use going after Javier Mascherano??? He is the same age as Flamini I think, and seeing that Flamini has experience playing for Arsenal, albeit in a different formation, with different players…That’s a tough one!!! I mean Mascherano is probably the better player, but is more injury-prone, and has a lot more miles on his legs, due to the number of minutes he has played at international, as well as club level. I’d probably go for Flamini. They are very similar in their style of play, so I’d be happy with either one. It’s better than signing NO ONE, right???

  • @Oz Gunner hahahaha. This is true! I fear for FIFA 14. I’m scared of Man City. And rumor is Arsenal will only have £29 mil per year in transfer budget in career mode!!!! Not anywhere near the £804 mil per year transfer budget I’ve amassed over 11 years with Arsenal in FIFA 13! 😉

  • @ Milo

    I like Mascherano but I don’t think he could play our system. Plus if we were going down that route I’d rather the free option.

    @ Dylan

    Exactly. I’m already reliant on Gerv down the left, and AA as the CAM sub. They better upgrade players like Gnabry and Ryo or i’ll be screwed.

  • Dylan, have you applied for the Arsenal manager position? £804 mil per year transfer budget and none of it used! You’d be a natural ;).

  • HH, well I make money each year and have won every single game in every single competition for the past 8 years. 😉 I do spend, but I make it back in selling my worse players (like the real Arsenal, although they are often high 80s rated players). I currently have 7 players better than Messi. I WISH I could apply for the real Arsenal manager’s position. 😉

  • @ Dylan

    I’d challenge you online but I fear you’d strip my confidence that much I’d be forced to melt my PS3 down.

  • Oz, I couldn’t play you for about 2 more weeks anyway because of my broken thumb (cast prevents me from playing). Plus I have an Xbox. 😉

  • Very impressive Dylan, then you don’t need to be playing on a higher difficulty, you need to get a life mate! Clearly your broken thumb is an indication that you need to get outside and put down the controller hahaha!

    When I play on Legendary, I lose some and win some so I probably wouldn’t enjoy playing you either…

  • True HH, a life is nice. 😉 This has been about an hour a day since FIFA 13 came out though. Not my whe life exactly. 😉

  • True HH, a life is nice. 😉 This has been about an hour a day since FIFA 13 came out though. Not my whole life exactly. 😉

  • @ Dylan

    Then I’m going to go with the thumb injury is Almunia like in nature and you’re just afraid haha.

    An hour a day is a fair effort. I go through stages where i don’t play it for a few months, then I’m up at 5 in the morning playing before uni, then off it again. I’ll probably still be playing when I’m VCC’s age, although I’d probably fall asleep mid game 🙂

  • Oz, I can relate that sometimes I go through phases where I only play a game in a whole week and then sometimes I’ll play all night (maybe once every other month). I’m only 15 and I’m sure I’ll be playing fifa for my whole life. 😉

  • Morning all – Well it’s the same,same, in the Gossip columns – So perhaps something might be happening?

  • @ VCC

    I’m the ugliest of the lot (maybe GLIC is but I’ll take a close second) so I demand entry!!!

    @ Gerry

    I hope that’s what it means

  • Hi Gerry……sorry matie, I have been so busy with stuff around the house and sorting out the Dormer I am having done I haven’t had the time to breath lately let alone blog. Cheers.

    Oz…your more than welcome, your one of the original main stays. Shame your a crap predictor though. 😉

  • Gerry…transfer window, I have abstained in taking part in the discussions, as it’s the same old, same old Arsene Wenger. I have been here the last few seasons, ever since David Dein left, and nothing has changed. I feel he is mugging the supporters off, charging the highest extortionate ticket prices and dealing up second rate (imo) purchases.

    He has lost his bottle and with it, his mojo, and is therefore stale in his approach towards the modern game.

    He has become far too powerful within the Emirates walls, building up a kingdom that no one dares to question.

    Ruling with an iron fist, and his attitude is do as I say not as I do, creating a dictatorship that has failed these past several years.

    His training sessions are his orders and no one else’s.

    I’m afraid after many years of protecting him and sticking up for him vehemently, I have gone over to the other side.

    I hate putting such harsh words into print about a one time fantastic Manager, who I loved, but he has had his day and imo, we must seek another leader to take us to the next level, which he clearly cannot do.


  • VCC – Harsh words indeed if he pulls something out of the hat, eh?

    So, Terry, it seems like it is just you and me then? Although I think we are on the verge of missing the last lifeboat … let’s hope we reach dry land pretty soon?

  • No new rumors today. C’mon media, at least make something up for us to talk about. 😉

  • VCC,

    I am afraid that i have gone over to the dark side as well. AW has achieved so much for us but his approach has become rather stale and we are falling behind.
    This is my opinion and i know a lot of you guys will disagree but that is where I stand as i am sick and tired of chasing a 4th place trophy.

    We need change and as many of you guys say, ‘no one is bigger than the club’ and i think this applies to AW.

    Football has changed so much in the past decade and we are not adapting to the changes. I am not saying that we need to spend big every year. It is just a matter of adding players in the right positions when necessary. We have become a selling team and we do not have a squad that can compete at the levels necessary to win a trophy. How long can we maintain this state that we find ourselves in?

    I always have and always will support The Arsenal but i do say that we need a new leader.

  • Yes, Gerry, I cant understand the frustration, not one ball has been kicked in anger yet and this stupid transfer window dont close for another 3 weeks.

    We have a fantastic future and great manager, i see no medium or long term problems.

    Personaly, i dont demand trophies or we must buy this or that geezer. I let the club get on with there business and as a supporter turn up to games to cheer the lads on and hope we win

    If we were winning the champions league every year or got relegated my feelings for the club and respect i hold for our manager would not change.

    When Brian Cloughs Forest were relegated on the last day of the season, Forest fans invaded the pitch and carried him aloft as a hero, thats class. Negative feelings and disrespect create a detachment between a Club and its fan base were as loyalty and positivity helps carry the club forward

    In my opinion Arsene Wenger should not be disrespected. Regardless of wether there has been a trophy drought. what he has done for the club will live on for generations.

  • Nope, I’m still not on the dark side yet 😀 I think we will make a couple of signings before it is all said and done! 😀

  • Terry, you will be getting a visit at 15:30 today. The three guys with white coats are nice gentlemen, they are there to help you.

    Co-Operate with them and you will not get hurt. They have a nice comfortable room ready for you at the Bounds Green mental institute for disillusional Arsenal fans.

    You will not be alone, it is packed to the rafters with Gooners all shouting “In Arsene we trust”

    Dr. GLiC will visit every Wednesday, and give feed back to Total. I’m sure it will only be temporary, and you will be fine and dandy in no time. Perhaps even ready for the big KO next week.

    In the meantime, can you leave your season ticket with your wife. I will call round for it and look after it until your happy release.

    Chin up, it’s not all doom and gloom, you may even come out supporting Queens Park Rangers.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Take care and God bless. 😉

  • Vics, a mental ward full of delusional Gooners chanting “In Arsene we trust”, sounds like paradise.

    Makes a change from the last time i was in there. For some reason a collective chant went round of ” The Duke of Wellington is coming”. i of course proved my sanity by yelling over them “In Arsene we trust” hahaha

  • Terry, haha.

    Of course I hope I’m wrong Stretch,and eat my hat, which I sincerely hope I do, but history looks to be on my side.

    The krankies (Gazidis & Wenger) have history of pussy footing around and penny pinching, and then scraping the barrel for the dregs that are left, together with one or two French school boys.

    Surely sane Gooners can see through them by now??????? It’s like a long playing record that doesn’t get turned over.

    I don’t think he had any intentions of signing marquee players. Gazidis and he strung the Gooners along all Summer.

    @ Gerry, If Wenger does indeed buy big before the window shuts I will be the first to hold my hands up, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Morning boys, I just lost my comment 😦 (This time I will copy it first…) Anybody got a stream worth watching?…

  • Ramsey…hmmmmm…If he can keep up that type of passing throughout the season, we will have quite the player on our hands!!! 😀

  • My comment posted! What’s happening, Dylan? Like I say, I need a stream….

  • Dylan, on the telly? My Bein is currently unsubscribed–My wife wouldn’t pull the trigger for the “big package”….

    Did we score? (Hey Milo…)

  • Replaying that goal in my head, that was quite a neat finish from Walcott 😀 Good to see him score with his first chance! 😀

  • Dylan, I can’t seem to get a stream on this ‘puter…I’ll be trying on the other one…In the meantime, give me the narrative, if you will. Trialists on the bench?…

  • Indeed 17HT. That 20 year old Colombian DM we have on trial is on the bench. Wenger must have been very impressed earlier this week. Ooooooooooooh Sagna hits the post with a rocket!

  • Sagna? Rocket? Sounds good…

    OK I’ve got something up on the other screen (‘puter into the Telly by way of HDMI cable)…First Lu-lu, now Jack down?…(but up again)….

  • Jack goes down hard. City playing very physical and getting away with it. City is dominating the game offensively, but our defense is solid.

  • Nice save from Sir Chez–from Dzeko…defense carved open, however…

  • Looking forward to seeing the goal. This seems a nice, open, fairly high paced run-out… I’m also looking forward to seeing all the new City players…

    No injuries, please…

  • Dzeko looks thin (as he falls over on the ball)…His last match for City?….

  • @Highbury Harmony August 10, 2013 01:51

    Q1: how frustrated are you with the fact that we’ve made no significant signings and with the August 12th CL squad deadline coming up?

    A1: I am not frustrated, I am chilled and most of these things at the club are expected. The work is done by the people within the club, there is very little we can influence at the our end. If there are no signings before 12th August (i.e. CL play-off deadline for registration), we will have to do with what we have in the 1st team.

    Q2: What do you attribute as the main reason we have not made any moves yet?

    A2: One word. Harmony (not Highbury Harmony, just “Harmony”), from the mantra of Le Boss, which is partly inculcated during his time in Japan and partly educated during his time as a manager.

    @James Bond August 10, 2013 01:57

    AW is here to stay, at least for this season (pending his contract renewal). Bridges are burnt with some clubs in Ligue 1 (Lyon, Lille, Marseille, Bordeaux etc), which means we will not be getting any players from them at status-quo.

    @Dylan August 10, 2013 02:13

    Every manager has his strengths and weaknesses; the best has more of the former and less of the latter; the worst contrariwise. We will only sign 1st class players for the 1st team, the squad depth shall come from within (the reserves and academy) – from AW.

    @oz gunner August 10, 2013 02:14

    I am no scout, though I understand a bit more of things through observations and with keen studies of pieces here and there, some things are best left unwritten (before official announcements or none at all), lest the media and fanatics on the web got hold of information and blow matters out of proportion, sometimes even fabricating/distorting them.
    {For those living in close to the ground, take a look around The Emirates stadium, something which was supposed to be there, is missing}

    @Milo August 10, 2013 02:35

    Javier Mascherano’s buyout clause = €100 million. He is contracted with Barcelona till 2016.

    The Bundesliga 2013/2014 season has started, it will be difficult to sign players from their clubs unless the said player(s) are on their club’s transfer list.

  • Hey Dylan…Tell me more…On the plus side, my research suggests that my television situation is good for the upcoming season (English footy, Arsenal at least…)

    Signings, reinforcements, etc. will be coming, I say, but we still need to (somehow) get through these first 5 matches…

    Is Ox playing where Santi usually does? And Lu-lu starts over OG? 4-4-2, no?

  • A quick list of some players still available (as far as I know):
    El Shaarawy
    Di Maria
    Kevin-Prince Boateng
    Javier Hernandez
    Javi Martinez
    Lacina Traore
    Jackson Martinez
    Giovani dos Santos
    L Bender
    S Bender

  • 17HT, it looks like a 4-2-1-3.
    GK: Szcz
    RB: Sagna
    CB: Mert
    CB: Kos
    LB: Gibbs
    RDM: Rambo
    LDM: Arteta
    CAM: Wilshere
    RW: Theo
    ST: Poldi
    LW: Ox

  • Note: in the list above it is (mostly) players that we could “probably” get. Although I don’t know how long their contracts run, release clauses, or anything. I do know that most of the Juve players probably wouldn’t leave.

  • Thanks for the line-up, agree about the formation (why would the manager change it?) … My stream is coming and going… and currently, at half time, showing Bayern-City highlights from last August(?)…

    Per doesn’t look so strong (rounded like a traffic cone…) facing up on the ball…but defensive rotation stood up to the situation…

    Hey JM, great comment…Curious about the item near (on?) the stadium…The BK statue?, Somebody on one of the giant posters?… Keep the (unique) perspective coming, please…

    Dylan, that’s quite a list…

    Half time, and we lead(!) The changes should be interesting…At least on the City side..

  • 17HT, or it could be something like
    GK: Szcz
    RB: Sagna
    CB: Mert
    CB: Kos
    LB: Gibbs
    RDM: Ramsey
    LDM: Arteta
    RAM: Wilshere
    LAM: Ox
    RS: Theo
    LS: Poldi
    Like a 4-2-2-2?

  • Yeah, I would guess the “list” that we’re working on is a bit tighter than that one, Dylan 😉 …

    I guess it’s more recent footage they’re giving me–Audi cup highlights…

  • JM, I was (mostly) joking about Wenger. I’m actually a huge Wenger supporter. 🙂
    17HT, yeah I bet. And probably with a few more unknown (Wengergems?) names. 😉

  • Hi guys 🙂

    Dylan, thanks for the post. It will take some time to load all the attachments and I hope to get some time tonight to issue your post.

    Thanks again.


  • Hey TA, watching today?…

    Dylan, stream’s a little dodgy…I see OG, Santi and Fabs are in…Other changes? Seems a shame that we don’t have any new boys to run out….

  • 17HT, only changes that I know of. I expect we’ll see Jenks today. And now Wenger is going to say “we beat Man City who won the league two years ago so we can win the league!” 😉

  • And now OG!!!! Wow….

    Signings? We don’t need no stinking signings…


  • That was funny about the famous people, Dylan…

    Who do we have on the bench (beyond Perez)?

  • Jovetic? He wasn’t even listed on their bench! Perez on for Arteta. Let’s see if he’s worth us signing him.

  • Could we wrap these boys in cotton? (For those 5 matches in 15 days, you know…) Maybe Suarez WILL go to a Manchester team, after all…

    OK, here’s our new DM…That’s a lot of hair he’s got…Mikel needs to teach him a thing or two about styling, no?

  • Thanks Dylan…No Sanogo? No Gnabry? What is going on here….We can’t field a full bench for a friendly?

    I guess at 3 nil we shouldn’t complain… 🙄

    Make that 4 nil or called offside?….

  • Maybe it was Negredo earlier….Nice chest down from Jovetic there…

  • 17HT, it was Negredo earlier. We were supposed to have more on the bench but Wenger said Rosicky and 1-2 others had “minor muscle strains” and couldn’t play today, but would be fine for the Villa game.

  • GZ plus a whistle…who need Jovetic? Also, did I see Perez doing pull-backs with casual ease?

    OK, finally Negredo holds off Kos and finishes one…Thank god for the reality check…

  • Dylan, thanks for the info…

    “Wenger said Rosicky and 1-2 others had “minor muscle strains” and couldn’t play today, but would be fine for the Villa game.”


    3-1, however = 😯 too…

  • Is Nasri looking very “powerful” (fat) or is it just my stream?….Gibbs stepped on Jesus’ foot, but the pain transferred to his face?

    Isaac Hayden?

    In Wenger (we must) trust….

  • Full time…How do we parse this one? .

    We win–converting our nice chances but bring nobody for the bench… Perez? He’s our guy in MF? All very strange, IMO…

    Do we all get trophies?…

  • Excellent 3-1 win! Ramsey and Theo looked better than ever. Giroud still looks set for a big season. Zelalem still looked great, Perez seems to have some potential, Szcz looks solid, and our defense looks good.

  • Anyhow, thanks for the info/chat, Dylan… Looking forward to any match report/updates you (or anybody else) can provide….

    Wacky times, I say… Onto the real stuff, count me as still scare about 5 matches in 15 days (including a trip to Turkey…)

  • 17HT, TA already has a post lines up for tonight, but maybe someone can write a match review for tomorrow? If no one else, then I will. I’m off for now. Thanks for the chat. 😉

  • Cheers Dylan…

    My boy is clamoring (clamouring?) for the computer, too…

    I finally got a look at the first goal…Clichy, whoa… Wenger maybe has earned his salary in the players he has let go?…

    City defense (defence?) needs a little tightening up before their season gets going, I’d say…

    As for us?… As Wenger says, we have 16 players at a good level… 😯 I guess I’ll leave it to the experts to see where we go from there….


  • Hi guys, I did not want to know the result but I couldn’t help following your commentary Dylan … I just hope you don’t have to send condolences to some widow some where ha ha.

    I shall watch the game later on the ‘player … available sometime this evening I think. As you have a post coming out already I guess there will not be a match report then?

    Nice to see the TW shop is still full to the brim. However, I can hear HH sighing heavily about starting the list with Reus? You’ll know what he will say? ha ha.

    Catch you later

  • JM – I hope your ‘absence’ is not the thing I had flash through my mind … well not just yet, eh?

  • Gerry, I already wrote a post for tonight that TA is editing. So no match report tonight, but I’ll write one for tomorrow if people want. 🙂 As for Reus, I had to start with him because I love him as a player, even at the risk of an HH rant about him. 😉

  • so the better team lost today,

    we were lucky with the score line in the end – was flattering

    but let’s not kid ourselves, City was the better team and created chance after chance, some very good defending and poor refereeing was the obstacle.

    anyhow, i’ll take that win before the start of the season to boost moral (some of our players still look short of match sharpness fitness or fitness)….

    no worries, a good pre-season minus the cheating drogba episode.

  • Terry Hair Transplant,
    I do worry about you some times, the thought of all these anti-Wengers and some missed signings turning you into a QPR fan. ohh its sends me into cold sweats ha ha ha
    Hope Dr.Glic can work his magic on you, he performed miricles on the mrs PG, He turned her from a manure nun into a ninpho Gooner . Well done Dr.Glic.
    By the way the boys were magic today til Wenger though on a load of subs at 70 mins, things are looking good.

  • really @ PG

    you’re satisfied with the performance and how things are looking ?

  • I was JB yes , we are it a stronger position then last season and when we add a couple more players . who? i dont know. But i am sure we will and then we will be a force JB

  • What i will say though is Arteta is vital, he is a great great player with him we can do something if he gets injured we will struggle. I have now come to the conclusion that he is the DM we need he is the Arsenal style DM his range of skills are perfect, that said we need to buy a quality cover for him. I know and you guys all do that the stats stack up for Arteta where if he is not playing we used to lose matches that is no coincidance

  • We also have the finest group of youngsters coming though for the future. I really want Wenger to extend his contract because i want him to havest what he is growing . What i mean is , if another manager stepped in after Wenger contract ran out a year later they would have all the money to spend on new players plus what we have now and the young players coming though and i think they should easierly be able to challenge for he title but i want us to win it under Wenger, he owes it to himself and us fans.
    Can you imagine what it would be like to win it under Wenger again all these years later.?? It would be awesome , i want to see Wenger top of the pops again, i really really hope it happens

  • Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but we also beat City in a friendly before last season too…

  • I heard someone mention Reus and then spent the last few hours cleaning my drawers hahahha!

  • thats fair HH i take your point mate and understand what you mean, but City have a new manager and loads of new players and looked disjointed . they is change at all top 4 clubs bar us dont forget 🙂
    Our team knew where all our players would be on the pitch and what Wenger wanted from them.

  • Metro claims we’ve agreed a deal with Bayern for Gustavo. If it weren’t the metro, perhaps it’d be more valid?

  • Gerry, sorry we spoiled it for you… 😆

    Given some of the pronouncements from some of the long-timers (VCC and Alex, pre-friendly, above) I still believe AW is up against it. IF all the planets line up he might be OK, but still, a little regard for what the supporters (ticket buyers, esp.) are going through, seems in order… Tough stretch of matches (and behind-the-scenes activity, one would surmise…) until the end of the month…

    It’s all on the line and (too…) exciting. At least the manager seems calm enough in the eye of the hurricane…

    What’s the story on our new midfielder, Perez?…

    Internationals this week, so nobody hurt, eh…

  • United can only get worse after fergie leaving, that is a fact there is no way another manager can go in there and keep that up, they have lost a lot more then they have won pre-season all in our favour. Plus i just know Wenger will sign some great players even if it last day of the TW he willhe has to after moving 10 players on.

  • 17th,
    I don’t know what is happening with Perez, i take it he is a good player. When came on he did not do to much, he took a yellow for a professional foul kind of shows his committed , a Columbian international i have never seen a trialist play in a first team before Wenger must like him to do so. He played in Arteta’s position so whet is good is he is thinking about that position

  • All

    For the keen:: Rumormongers are us has Gustavo… http://metro.co.uk/2013/08/10/arsenal-agree-14m-deal-for-bayern-munichs-luiz-gustavo-3918886/

    OR NOT .. http://gossip.ladyarse.com/arsenal/2013/08/10/gustavo-fee-agreed-reports-based-on-internet-rumours/?

    For the mean: figure the solution to our scoring issues is to make a list of 30 or so famous oldies… And send it to Rambo.. He can “off” 1-2 per week then…as needed.. 😀

    For the silver lining team: can’t argue we didn’t make the most of our opps tonite. Last year we’d have seen a 1-1 or 0-1 cringer at times…

    Cheers — jgc

  • No need to worry about me PG. Ive been going to Arsenal since the mid seventies and seem some teams that how can i put this……..”very shit”. hahaha. No wonder ive got hair problems, shit Arsenal teams made it fall out.

    As for women?, been honest my problem has always been keeping it in my pants. i dont like to boast, self praise is no praise and all that but…..women bloody love me. Ive had more women than Gervinio misses hahaha. but of course i dont like to boast, so i wont.

    I love your optimism PG and the respect you show for our Fuhrer….errr, i mean our manager. HH and 007 are right of course, City are a better team than us, but with every month that passes our young players will close the gap.

    In a year or two we will be kicking there butt, and i will still be pulling loads of women, but i dont like to brag, so i wont.

  • Evening, Is Broke Back Butch back from Brittany yet !. 😆

    I`m waiting for the game to come back on player sometime this evening ( they don’t give a time ! ), after which I will give my considered technical analysis as usual !.
    Just back from my roll as technical adviser to the Launceston Ladies team, I like to go over parts of the match in detail naked with them in the showers afterwards !. I got around this hurdle by telling them I was a transvestite, they were suspicious at first as I was hanging the towel of my boner and they asked why I had a boner then, but being smart, I pointed to a photo of Isco that I had earlier put up on the wall !. hahaha

    As for Darth Wenger….well I love the guy and would not disrespect him, but, I do have an opinion and that one is that if he doesn`t bring in any SQ, then I think it`s time for him to move upstairs in some position.
    He has had plenty of time regarding the move and the introduction of Chavs, City, FFP and not forgetting the boards mouth piece Gazidis boasting of £70M ( £78M after Gerv sale ! ) to spend this year and every year there after. Unless one of the blood suckers….sorry …accountants ( hahaha ) on here can prove otherwise, at this moment in time, we now have £148M to spend next summer if we acquire no one this summer and in January !.
    So why don’t we forsake £48M from next years budget and put in the £100M that the Spuds want for Bale !. RM are f**king about , we can blow them out of the water !.. ……Sorted !.

    You are right PG. Zorro`s roll of reading the game and keeping it ticking over nicely would be missed if he got injured. There is one player out there who would be a younger carbon copy…..Gundogan !. Spend it Arsene !.

    I did suggest a mystery the other day !. That mystery being VCC knocking one out to Scooby Doo ! Mystery Inc`….who was he creaming about ?….Fred, Daphne, Velma, Scooby or Shaggy ?, well, thanks to an email from Mrs VCC, I can now reveal that it is………no, not the janitor !……maybe I should just describe it as Mrs VCC did…………” He comes home drunk after an evening of knocking on every door in our street trying to find out if has the right house !…by standing naked in the hallway…boner in hand with scooby snack wedged under his foreskin……….. shouting……Scooby Doo, where are you ?. ” hahaha

  • Cornwall, i always prefered Velma to Daphne. Something realy dirty looking about that Daphne, the type that would be very grateful if you know what i mean

    Ime a disgusting perv of a father. When my two daughters were little i got them into Scooby Doo so i could watch Velma. They always used to say “dad, dad, who do you fink dunnit?”. I never used to answer, i was to busy fantasising what i could do to Velma.

    About a year ago i was round my brothers house, theyve got a little boy who watches Scooby Doo, and heard my daughter saying to the brothers Mrs “Dad was brilliant, always watched Scooby Doo with us” hahaha

  • fair enough @ JB

    re- Gustavo , seems to be an upgraded version on Alex Song to me.

    for all those people who were fans of Alex song, i reckon they would like this guy even more, i certainly would say he’s going to fit well in our style of play .-

    grapevine has it that the finer details and medical are taking place –

    on a different note, whether we sign Gustavo or not, one things for sure, BM are a classy club and a BIG CLUB – RM take note.

  • JB, grapevine or your sauce? 😉
    Perez looked good to me (for a 20 year old). If we got him as cover for Diaby and Gustavo to cover for/help Arteta I’d be happy. And don’t worry guys, Chamakh is officially permanently gone and Wenger admits our squad is thin! He will spend:
    “on if he’s happy with the strikers he’s got…
    I think what is important is the strength of the squad. Today is one game. We want to play 55 games and we are maybe a bit thin squad-wise to go through a whole season.”

  • JB, Song is better than Gustavo. Gustavo is a dedicated DM whereas Song was a more all rounded midfielder. Although Song started off as a dedicated DM (like Gustavo) he began to unlock his attacking potential and began to excel in a box to box role. He also can play as further foward as the manager as Cameroon has said. I would liken him to Ramires and I would say he is in the same league as the Benders, Ramires and maybe Gundogan.
    It was unfortunate that he left before he fully developed or he could have become a SQ midfielder.

  • JB, problem with the Metro, they’re the ones who started this latest round of Gustavo rumors. 😉 We may have to trust them on that one. 😉

  • JB, for DM Gustavo is an upgrade on Song but as a general midfielder (by that I mean someone who can play DM/box to box/maybe even AM) Gustavo is not.

  • AFC, I’m with JB. Versatility is nice, but since we need a DM, and Gustavo is a better DM than Song so I’d be happy.

  • Quick side question: is Aguero hurt? Or just left out? Either way, if we can’t get Suarez, let’s bid that £55 mil (plus £1? 😉 ) for Aguero and see what happens. 🙂

  • Dylan, agreed. IF Wenger wants to conttinue with the double DM pivot then I would say that Gustavo is better than Song but if Wenger wants to go back to one dedicated DM and one box to box midfielder a combo of Song and Arteta is better. It all depends on what AW wants to do.

  • Only just watched the highlights, so not much to say technical wise apart form there looked to more Gooners than Northern Bastards in the crowd and that picture of Gazidis `s face, it was a bit like Blakey`s face from ” On the Buses ! “….” I hate you Butler ! “….he didn`t know whether to laugh or cry, seeing as he is a City fan !. Funny how we have sold them a few of our top players since he has been CEO !………” I hate you Gazidis! “. hahaha


  • not sure about that, Dylan, as he is not in the national squad either ?

    Suarez goes for international duties,

    Rodgers demand a public apology (if, he was to apologize then i reckon he would have already done so and Rodgers wouldn’t have had to come out in the open – begging for one)

    no worries, put in a transfer request – we still have plenty of time to register ONE player late for the qualifiers – no pressure.

  • however,

    Rooney on the other hands has a “shoulder injury” , doesn’t play the community shield vs Wigan but is in the national squad.

    like i said – our plan B is a very very realistic option.

  • No idea JB. Can’t find anything about him. Maybe Suarez is a smoke screen for Aguero? 😉

  • i agree with Rodgers, Suarez needs to apologize and it should be like this :

    i’m very sorry to LFC for wanting to move to a bigger club and have ambitions of playing in the Champions league with a classy club, for that i am extremely sorry to both Rodgers (who by the way, signed a contract extension at Swansea , had 3 years remaining on his contract and left Swansea for Liverpool – much like what i want to do)

    so yes, i am very sorry for having ambitions.

    thank you

    Luis Suarez.

  • swap Aguero with Rooney, perhaps ? 😉 and you might be onto something there @ Dylan

  • GLic
    According to Shazzam the music is Magika by Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergerson.

    Carl Jenkinson has been released. Nasri claimed he was punched on the chin, but police sources have confirmed that Nasri never had a chin

  • Too bad we missed out on Casemiro!!! 😦 We were interested, and now that he has gotten himself in better shape, he is looking like a great prospect. Real absolutely stole him for under 10 million pounds I do believe 😦

  • Thanks Retsub !.

    After being admitted to hospital for obesity, A spokesperson said they had removed Nasri`s season ticket for Greggs the Bakers. It was also confirmed that doctors had to operate to remove a warm bench from Nasri`s arse !.

  • Just a quote that made me smile

    A Partick Thistle player was knocked unconscious and when he came around, he didn’t know who he was. The manager quipped tell him he is Pele and send him back on

  • JB, if I recall correctly, Brendan Rogers has defended John Terry through the media a number of times. Yes, I know he was a Chelsea assistant manager, but anyone who would stoop to that level is an asshole in my books!!! 😀 This latest show of hypocrisy regarding the Suarez transfer, just substantiates my estimation of his character!…Pure asshole 😀

  • Milo,

    where were you when i we had liverpool supporters on here posting a few days ago, ahahahahahahahahah

  • I saw that, but I”ve fought enough battles on here with HH, that I didn’t want to get in to it with them. I feel for them in a way, as we have lost sooooooooooo many quality players in the recent past…I know the feeling. You want to blame everyone else but yourown club. I still don’t blame us for most of our losses! 😀 We had good enouh squads that if they would have stayed an extra year or so, we could easily have won something! 😦 I just think that you should avoid purchasing or bringing through weak-character players, as much as possible!!! This is why I am still warry of us purchasing Suarez or Rooney. They HAVE to display their overpowering want to come to our club, and help US, or else what is the point???

  • Brenda Rodgers is a travesty…..or was it transvestite ?……..or both ?. hahaha

    007. The problem with engaging with Scousers on here is that while you`re typing merrily away, they`re zipping through the back door nicking you`re plasma screen !.

  • Milo,

    fair enough but where they might be seen to have a weaker character- they make up for it with their determination and will to win football matches and important football matches as well – they deliver in the big games, something we really lack and desperately need.

    ahahahaha@ Glics – agreed

  • for 17HT and all of those interested in my “sauce” :

    Liverpool making their moves for Ashley Williams and Luis (wait for it) Luis Muriel from Udinese

  • the only reason they be getting Muriel be, if they were certain of losing Suarez i reckon, Muriel wouldn’t come cheap, most likely will cost half of Suarez plus they need funds for Williams as well – selling Suarez is the solution for them.

  • JB, there’s an issue when you ask if anyone’s interested in your “sauce” hahaha

  • the number of people interested in my sauce are on the up with each passing day, ha ha (admit it, you look forward to it as well) 😀

    no, but seriously, i like to make everyone aware before hand that do take it with a pinch of salt , this is the only place where i blog, so whatever i know, i like to share it with all you fine folks

  • oh no, that came out all wrong.

    no my sauce – my source aka sauce, hahahahhahahahahaha

    oh dear, HH – you’re missing glic i can tell ahahahhahahaha

  • it’s that time of the day again when i could do with some sleep,

    i guess TA is rather busy these days hence not much movement on the posts, perhaps it might be a good idea to have someone help in posting articles and so on ?

  • “[ Luiz Gustavo :: The Mustang :: 12-13 HD ]”

    Luiz Gustavo > Alex Song.

    Gustavo is a winner in the top flight competitions with Bayern Munich (triple champions – league, CL, domestic cup) and Brazil (Confederations cup). He gives a winning and combative spirit in the engine room. He plays 3 positions (started his career as a LB, dominant in DM and adaptable in CB).

  • JM, all agreed on Gustavo being better than Song. He’s better for what we need NOW, while Song was exactly what we needed in 2011-12. We could use Gustavo’s steel in midfield and he also has the technique and vision to sufficiently play in Arsenal’s system. My favourite takeaway from his game is his experience against top clubs like RM in the 2012 CL semis where he completely bossed their midfield and gave Bayern a great opportunity to win over the two legs.

    If we can sign Gustavo before this coming Monday, it’ll be a huge boost for both our domestic hopes next Saturday, as well as our International ones by being able to include him in the CL squad before the August 12th deadline!

    In addition, it’ll create less complications if we add another player later in the TW in terms of CL squads, right JM? My thinking is that it’s easier to add and drop one player than it is two…

  • Hi all..
    I wrote twice lastnight but somehow it just didn’t through this blog.. hehe..

    I am more than happy about the result lastnight.. Giroud.. Ramsey and Walcott did very good jobs.. a goal and an assist each..

    As I said in my unsend wrote.. that our proven team will be just fine.. because we do not lost any of our main players.. and it was true.. We won 3-1 in a netral place to City who bought 100 millions new players.. hahaha..
    Yes.. you all can say.. it is because they only play several times and not enough time to be solid as a team..
    But We know.. that’s the magic word.. TIME.. not money..
    play along together as a team.. more often.. will make us stronger..

    About Perez.. for a new player.. 20 minutes wasn’t good enough time to prove something.. I just can say he look okay.. hehe..
    I though Gustavo will be our team.. but I don’t really sure now.. but still hoping the rumours will come true.. hehe..

  • Good morning to all you faithful gooners. I had a bit of a football fest yesterday/this morning. So looking at them in reverse order:

    Our game v Man C – We were opened up far too easily, and better finishing they could have been 3-0 up before Theo’s well place chip from a delightful defence-splitting pass. We pressed high and rode our luck, especially with the ref being a bit inconsistent?
    Second half with changes, we seemed to control it better, but again Fab this time had little to save, and what he did, he did well enough.,
    Of our subs; Giroud chipped his goal in a similar fashion to Theo, who provided the assist from an over the top ball which Company missed; Perez did okay, although he wandered a bit, but he tended to be in front of the back 4 rather than the high pressing that Arteta, whom he replaced, but as a ‘freebie’ squad player, he could be useful?; Wilshere took a bit of a battering in the first half so it was no surprise to see him off after 45mins. He did broaden his play while he was on, so plus points to him. Without Rosicky, the powerful runs forward were left to the Ox, who got a good 80 minutes under his belt. Santi replaced the latter, but still looks short on match sharpness?Ramsey, who had a solid, all effort game, with a mixture of excellent passes and clumsy tackles. He is building on his finish to last season, and it is beginning to like Arteta will be the one who the new DM might replace(in Arsene’s thinking)?

    Finally I will come to my biggest plea to all Arsenal fans to stop clamouring for a Gedion Zelalem starting position. Yesterday the game went as I hope many of our league encounters will go – 3-0 up with half an hour to is the ideal time to bring on our talented youth players. I was really pleased that Hayden got a run out too, as he has great potential at the DM/CB spot in the future. The key words for both of these players is ‘in the future’.
    I would just draw your attention to one Jack Rodwell? He was a bright young thing at Everton, and played at an early age as a first team player. Given his injuries, can anybody tell me that, what 4 years on, he has developed into the potential player that was shown early on?
    Be patient with all these guys, Zelalem, Akpom, Bellerin, Hayden, and even Gnabry, who probably has the build for it, but still needs to develop his undoubted skills the more he plays, without the added pressure of expectation.

    The game itself will do more for confidence, but not enough to get carried away. It was just a pre-season friendly.

  • The earlier game I watched was the Augsburg v Dotmund – for real points.

    Now most of you regular readers will know I had Aubameyang at the top of my shopping list before the TW had even opened. So it was a mixed pleasure to see this very talented guy start the opening game of the season for someone else … and score a hat-trick! Not only that, he was involved in every chance that Dortmund created, including an assist for Lewandawski’s goal. They won 0-4.

    PEA will now become their fan’s favourite, not ours.

    I understand, that despite interest from other clubs, he chose Dortmund. I cannot help but think that had we put in the £13m bid that was first offered, and AW had got to speak to the player, things might have been different?

    HH – I hope you are noting this – When I spot a player with more than the bits you see on You Tube vids, they are worth noting. That goes for both Le Gren and Muriel?

    Gundogan was also playing, taken off later carrying a neck injury. He is indeed like a young, fresh legged, Arteta, playing high up the pitch the way Arteta used to do at Everton.

    Lars Bender was in there too, and as the game was real end to end counter-attacking game, both defenses were fully tested out, and if anything it was Hummels and Subotic who were making the mistakes – They could do with our Kos???

    On that showing Augsburg will do quite well, even though they hardly have a star name to rub together so to speak … in a non-glic sort of way. What they do have is 11 players that will all try their hardest, and some can run fast enough with the ball to make the CA style of play very effective.

    The other game was live; Bordeaux v Monaco, which reminded me of Liverpool v Arsenal. One team who play a decent level of football but always destined for that 5th to 8th spot, whilst the other has just that bit more ‘class’ to finish higher. I wonder what brought those thoughts to mind?

    Fascinating game which took until the last 10 minutes or so before two quick goals for Monaco saw off the challenge. The second was a typical Falcao goal of persistence and skill in the box. Enough to put them ahead of the ‘other’ team in ligue 1? Although they did point out in commentary that there have been 6 different champions of that league in the last 6 years. So perhaps not the same duality at the top as in the Spanish and German leagues?

    Another plus point was the co-commentary by Kevin Gallagher. He put in interesting bits our how well the forwards positioned themselves, and how they were achieving their free kicks. I liked it

  • All

    Just for humor, spotted a great line elsewhere in the Suarez vs Rooney musing..

    Wayne Rooney has committed crimes against arsenal.
    Suarez has committed crimes against humanity.

    So Suarez has a far shorter road to redemption!

    Cheers — jgc

  • Gerry, I wrote a match report just for you and sent it to TA. So there will be one eventually. 😉

  • nice one, Gerry

    thoroughly enjoyed your mini analysis and insights on games from Germany to France to England , agreed – PEA @ 13 million being an absolute bargain and rest of the finer points you made – brilliant.

    another sunday and it’s all quiet and calm – before the storm perhaps ? a sign of things to come , i wonder.

    for now the cricket is on and Captain Cook is in full flow – Watch out OZ ahhhahahahahah

  • Henry, in case you didn’t know, we beat City in a friendly last year too…doesn’t mean anything.

    Gerry, I’ve seen more than YouTube vids of Grenier. He’s just not as good a the hype you are giving him, though it is hilarious that you seem to believe YouTube vids are my only scouting resource.

  • nice one, JGC

    Dylan, for me Perez needs to play for the reserves not first team but give the lad a contract is all i say.

  • HH,

    are you sure we beat City last year ? if memory serves, then we lost 2-0 to them ?

  • Ahh, you’re right JB, we lost 2-0 last year to them in Beijing! Mixed up the score line for the home and visitors!

  • HH, we lost to City in pre-season friendly 2:0 (both goals scored by Yaya Toure). Oxlade-Chamberlain hit the post in that match, that was our best chance in the game. Still, your point is valid – beating City (they played without Aguero) is good only for self-confidence and as an example of defensive flaws we should fix before season starts. BTW, Negredo might score 25 goals in Premiership next season and totally exclude Džeko from the starting line-up in City.

    Luiz Gustavo would be a great signing, something that we need so much.

  • i was very very surprised not to see Frimpong involved and to see Perez get the nod ahead of frimmy.

    unless frimpong is injured again, i can’t see a future for him at arsenal now (a shame really , cause i would have wanted him at arsenal) but seeing perez involved makes me less optimistic

    that’s ok @ HH :).

  • it’s the world cup year, so i do actually expect Negredo start plenty of games for man city and score a healthy amount of goals – in the process cementing his place in the spanish team and starting 11.

    he’ll do well in England

    however, expect a lot of diva like diving from the spanish players in particular – nevas was a great example of it.

  • If memory serves Admir, didn’t Zabaleta score the other goal in that friendly?

  • I think you’re right. I don’t know why I thought Yaya scored both goals. Perhaps because he was dominant in that game.

    Anyway, for those who like a good laugh, take a look at photos in Facebook-group “Just toon it”.

  • by the way, as ineffective as Poldi may have looked yesterday as the lone striker up front,

    i must say, he gives us plan C

    by that i mean, any of the front 3, say if we get Suarez …then the likes of Suarez-Poldi-Theo can all interlink and interchange in a very fluid looking front 3 – could be a lethal combo that and has the potential of reaching frightening heights – would work like a charm in a 4-3-3 (and will actually be just that ).

  • Arda Turan available for 20 million – shocking

    Monaco had a bid of 15 million rejected – told to come back with 20 million and he is all their’s for the taking.



  • Hi Dylan – I am sure other people will look forward to your review, as well as me that is.

    The above scribbling of mine were fresh scribblings having just watched the two halves on the ‘player. With most expecting that we might not do well, coming off the last match, it was good to see that the ‘collective’ defending was better this time. There were quite a few positives to take from it, as long as we allow for the fact it was a friendly. Mind, it was one that both sides wanted to win/not lose?

    I know a lot off their attacks were down Gibbs side but that should not be taken as a weakness on his behalf, at least as far as I was concerned. It seemed to me Gibbs was getting drawn towards the middle to cover the marauding Ramsey, which left a gap down that side. No doubt that will get sorted.

    The other thing I noticed with Gibbs in attack was his greater tendency to turn inside, rather than go down the line. That may be because him and Poldi aren’t on the same page, or because the Ox wasn’t offering any one-two’s that side.. At least when Santi came on he tended to stay back more, and Perez drifted over that way too when Navas came on. Neither he nor Jovetic got much of a look in, but that is their problem?

    I guess this is an early comment on your report?

  • JB, I don’t rate Turan. I reckon he’s an average player in an above average team.
    Gerry, I didn’t think too much of their attacks came down the left until Navas came on.

  • @ BJ

    As far as I know Frimpong still has a knee injury. He was supposed to be out for a while when it happened (I think they said Sept but don’t quote me on that) so that’s probably why we haven’t seen him this pre-season. Probably why he hasn’t been transferred either.

  • all part of the plan to get KP in nice and early so he can take you to the cleaners , ha ha

  • Apologies HH – Did I really imply that? I must be getting good at this taking the p lark ha ha?

    However, I shall look forward to the review of Ligue1, and see how ‘Captain’ Grenier and his partner in crime, Gourcuff manage to get a 4-0 win for Lyon. I also want to repeat, I am not saying Le Gren is a SQ player right now, but what I see is the player he will be, okay? I would happily offer £20m for him now and let him stay at Lyon on loan, because, with another stellar season behind him he will be heavily sought after next year? But that is just me. I hope he remembers that AW did not pursue him when he decided to stay.

    Despite what JM says, I reckon that clubs who need to sell, will sell to whoever is offering the right money. Gustavo might be an example of that, except we haven’t sign him yet?

    The one major criticism I will make about our transfer policy is this. When Ivan Gazidis was asked about his role in the transfers was he said – Arsene selects the players, whilst we(himself and Dick Law) sort the finances out. – I thought that meant they sign the cheques, so Arsene did not have to be involved in that side of it?

    At a simple guess, I would say what has happened is, Arsene had a list of players, probably around the 4 or 5 mark, which with various alternatives, meant his total spend would come in on budget, or thereabouts. So every player he went after, and if his price went up over AW’s estimate, IG/DL pair would come back and ask if he still wanted X, X, an X, and he would say ‘Yes, of course’. Well you cannot buy this player at this new price.

    Enter the Suarez deal. He thought if he got him at the release clause price, then they knew exactly how much they had left over. It was then just a question of which X player would be knocked off the list in place of a cheaper alternative?

    The point I am making is that it still left AW in total charge of how, and who to spend the money on?

    The sticking point now is, from my above scenario, if we are spending largish sums on players we need, any increased bid for Suarez can be tossed out of the window, and unless Suarez can make it clear that he still wants to leave, then I am not sure the bid we have in will remain on the table? Suarez will also not want to dig his heels in too much if he hasn’t got an alternative, so talk of us turning to Rooney is probably more of a hint to him to make a decision, than us paying the fat slob £300k a week for his beer and fag money?

    I think alternatives are in the offing the longer this goes on, and I know who I was warming to?

    Off to watch the match and avoid any cricket scores, thank JB.

    Later ..

  • @Gerry August 11, 2013 14:51

    Zero chances of any current Lyon players coming to Arsenal as long as both Jean-Michael Aulas and Arsene Wenger are at the respective clubs. The altercation between the two runs deep.

    Not for £20 million, not for £50 million, not even for £100 million. Certainly, not if AW begged Aulas even for 1 single youth player from Lyon.

    Since Arsene Wenger arrived in 1996, there is not even 1 single player (either senior or youth) signed from Lyon:

    List of recruits from Ligue 1/Ligue 2:

    Remi Garde (Strasbourg)
    Nicolas Anelka (PSG)
    Christopher Wreh (Guingamp)
    Gilles Grimandi (Monaco)
    Emmanuel Petit (Monaco)
    David Grondin (Saint-Etienne)
    Kaba Diawara (Bordeaux)
    Guy Demel (Olympique Nimes)
    Robert Pires (Marseille)
    Sylvain Wiltord (Bordeaux)
    Pascal Cygan (Lille)
    Guillaume Warmuz (RC Lens)
    Gael Clichy (AS Cannes)
    Mathieu Flamini (Marseille)
    Alex Song (SC Bastia)
    Abou Diaby (Auxerre)
    Gilles Sunu (LB Chateauroux)
    Emmanuel Adebayor (Monaco)
    Bacary Sagna (Auxerre)
    Francis Coquelin (Stade Laval)
    Samir Nasri (Marseille)
    Marouane Chamakh (Bordeaux)
    Laurent Koscielny (FC Lorient)
    Gervinho (Lille)
    Chu-Young Park (Monaco)
    Olivier Giroud (Montpellier)
    Yaya Sanogo (Auxerre)

    It is an embarrassment to go on repeat mode in this matter while both parties remain status quo.

  • Sky Sources: Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has no plans to apologise to the club and his team-mates.

    just as i suspected – well done lad, that’s the way to go.

  • JB, according to different sources, at yesterday’s post match press conference, someone asked if our bid for Gustavo had been accepted. Some sources report he replied “There is nothing concrete yet” while others say he replied “It is as you say”. Surprisingly, while the second answer doesn’t SOUND like it Wenger answer, it is WORDED like a Wenger answer (he almost talks in a Yoda like way sometimes 😉 ). However, the first answer doesn’t not sound like a Wenger answer, the second one just sounds more like a Wenger wording. Thoughts?

  • there is interest in Gustavo, there is no doubt about that

    i reported it a few days ago ?

    whether he chooses us, remains to be seen though.

  • if the deal goes through, then check this out

    we sold Song for 15 million

    and might be getting him for 14-17 million, not a bad bit of business at all, considering he is a definite improvement and upgrade on Song.

    i also have managed to put 2+2 together Re- Suarez, if you’re interested i’ll let you have my 2 cents.

  • Fair enough JB. It’s just a matter of if Wenger really confirmed we had a bid accepted.

  • note how wenger said that the transfers are gonna go down right to the wire but we’re confident of getting our signings done ?

    when do we actually qualify for the CL ?

    Liverpool stance is such that Arsenal not in the CL officially hence release clause not triggered.

    they are playing hard ball and at the same time want arsenal to up it to 50-55 million , if we want him for the qualifiers….

    AW’s stance, no, we are not gonna be doing that and wait until we have played our qualifiers hence once we’re in, we have triggered the release clause and fulfilled all the conditions…

    this was mooted before – but if you try to dissect Aw’s statement of ” we might have to wait it out and go right down to the wire to get the players we need” then this may just be it.

  • I completely agree. I’ve said this before JB, and so have others. And it makes sense too, we save money, can spend it on other targets, etc. Our current squad can win the qualifier. We’ll be fine. 🙂

  • Also, rumors from last week are just today starting to spread. Supposedly we’ve bid €45 mil for Benzema, in case we can’t get Suarez. Interesting. Shockingly, I’d rather have Suarez due to his experience in England, but Benzema is a better plan B than Rooney in my mind. And then Rooney can be plan C if it really comes down to that.

  • JB, there is no release clause. The contract has been looked at very closely by the PFA, Liverpool and Suarez’s laywers/solicitors etc.

    The contract only says that Liverpool have to inform Suarez that such a bid has been made.

    While there is nothing in the written agreement Suarez has said that he had a verbal agreement with the club (which is just as binding as written agreement) that he could leave if they do not finish in one of the CL spots. The problem is Liverpool are denying such an agreement was made and Suarez could take his case to court to prove such a verbal agreement was made but the court case will not be conluded until the summer TW is closed.

  • AFC,

    you have clearly not been reading what we have been posting in the last couple of days.

    all that is utter rot, don’t believe everything you read in the tabloids or that said by Mr.Taylor (PFA).

  • JB, I might be wrong but I cannot see why Suarez would have a release clause in his contract. Why would Liverpool agree to such a clause (£40 million release clause) when they could sell him for much higher than that?

    Besides I am 99% certain there are no release clauses in English football.

  • ah, no Rooney is plan B, if only chelsea stop inflating his price even more by placing them bids @ Dylan

    you really think those Benzema rumours have any truth to them ? bearing in mind – no more Higuain ? 🙂

  • Sorry, wrote the wrong thing. Release clauses in English football are rare and I cannot recall any top players from any top teams in England having release clauses.

  • yeah , AFC

    you’re spot on @ BA 7.5 million

    Fellaini @ 23 million

    you might not be wrong, you are wrong.

    : )

  • AFC, some (not me) would argue Fellaini is a big player with a release clause. 😉
    JB, if Madrid go back for Suarez or Rooney or make a surprise move for Lewandowski or something we might be able to get Benzema. It’s unlikely, but I just really don’t want that fat lazy English bloke with a hair transplant. Don’t forget, he’s had issues too. (Betting, fitness).

  • hahahaha, i love the way you guys endlessly speculate, debate, deduce all this transfer stuff, i dont know were you get the energy?

    After that Higuain stuff ive learned not to believe anything. Ime not pissed off with my sauce, he was genuinely shocked it didnt go through and besides, he is a man not to be messed with.

    It is realy beggining to look like it will be crash bang wallop in the last 48 of the window so i expect excitement levels to reach a frenzy though i do fear for your healths. i would be very upset if i heard Suarez, Gustavo etc were signed and the news made any one of you spontaneously combust. hahaha

  • Dylan, no wonder you and 17HT get on so well, ha haha


    that condition in the clause was inserted for a reason and the reason being “CL football”

    do you honestly think that the clause would only include ” to be informed only if 40 million bids and over are made” and not have a deeper meaning then that ?

    in today’s world, we know exactly who and who is interested and what the bids are – considering this clause was inserted no less than a year, you have to question liverpool and not doubt Suarez or his reps.

    there is foul play and it’s most likely from liverpool (As they have a history on this – read Gerry’s posts as well when you get the time, from a the last few days) will bring you upto speed on the suarez issue, if you want 😀

  • JB, what I am trying to say is that there are not that many players in English football with release clauses as opposed to players abroad (i.e Spain) where a lot of the players have release clauses. Torres, Ba, Fellaini are exceptions. That is why I would not be surprised if there was no release clause.

    It would be good if RA, JM etc, could shed some light onto release clauses in the England.

  • JB, yes me and 17HT do get on very well. We also both live in the states which helps with talking a lot due to our timezones being similar. 😉

  • JB, all I’m trying to say is I wouldn’t put past LiverFOOL to trick Suarez and co about the whole release clause through the wording of the contract etc.

  • AFC,

    there is no such light to be shed,

    release clauses exist in England – you and i are just not meant to know about it , as it’s confidential or until a club makes it public themselves..BA, Fellaini were public knowledge cause the clubs wanted/want to get rid of them

    Torres not so much so and came to light after he was sold.

    why isn’t it common knowledge as opposed to spain ? because their clubs needs the money and they are more than happy to make it transparent as oppose to England – you can get fined and so on for insider information, note how we might get just that if it all goes through and liverpool lodge a complain.

    but to say you’re 99% certain they don’t exist and so on, is wrong.

  • Dylan,

    not just that but also the fact that you both hate Rooney ahahahahahah


    LiverFOOL have been warned about such clauses before , so , if it goes to court and so on, it will be a major cause of embarrassment for them…

    i’m going to trust Suarez’s reps on this one – bear in mind, we have a legal team of our own…we wouldn’t have placed a bid just on the agents word alone.


  • Bondy, AFC, Dylan

    I can gaurantee you one thing on deadline day. That plonker Geoff from Sky Sports will pull up Harry Rednapp in his Bentley were Harry will make plonker Geoff salivate on the news that he is in tough neogiations for Peter Odewinge, but it wil be a close close call.

    Harrys excitement will come form the fact that he will get a boner revealing this ground breaking news and that he will have just extracted £500 from Plonker Geoff for sharing this with him.

  • JB, that could be true but is it not commonly known that there the large chunk of footballers in England do not have release clauses whereas in Spain the large chunk of footballers do have release clauses?

    We will find out if the Suarez has a release clause all in good time. 😀

  • ahahahahahhahahaahhaahaha@ Terry (nailed it mate)


    confidentiality ? hence not commonly known ? like i explained earlier, you and i are not meant to be knowing about such things ?

  • JB, 😀

    Anyone notice the way Wenger does everything at Arsenal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger has passed the bar as well as having a degree in economics. 😀

  • maybe wenger has a release clause in his contract as well @ AFC


  • JB, I worded my comment in the wrong way. What I meant to say is that the PFA and EPL could have made us believe that that the large chunk of footballers in England do not have release clauses but in actual fact the majority may actually have release clauses. A conspiracy theory???

    Any wonder what Jack’s release clause would be? 😀

  • oh yeah, that makes sense @ AFC

    50 million i would imagine at least.

    but like i said, only agents make it public , if , the clubs are looking to sell otherwise it’s foul play i guess and you can be fined and so on, get’s very messy hence we’re letting Suarez and co sort it out

  • JB, thanks for the article. 🙂

    We will just have to be patient and see. If Wenger can get Suarez.

    If we do not sign some players (excluding Suarez) next week I will be be angry. I am expecting a GK, CB and DM all to be signed before the seaons starts.

  • yes sir,

    expect some developments by next week – your message has been passed on to the relevant authorities 😀

  • As TA said in this current post, there is no excuse for not buying a GK, CB, DM etc. I really hope AW and co have not made a mug of me for defending them and putting my full trust into them.

  • i can’t say much for a GK or a CB, but a RB and DM, can certainly be looked at 😉

    TA has gone AWOL

    so has OZ, (don’t blame OZ as i don’t expect him to return unless it rains again in the cricket 😀

  • JB, I am pretty certain TA will be back. Maybe TA is talking to AW as we speak giving him the kick up the arse he needs to make signings. 😀

  • Suarez saga has made Brendan Rogers the biggest fool in coaching History.The ambience between Liverpool and Arsenal has been so good and even when we still enjoyed the Top 4 as it was there was never any rift between the teams. Its MU that has beef with LFC. Arsenal has always been a good friend. How can BR make a player look a goddes at such a big club. Just let him go get the money and buy other players.It is very stupid in all respects it deserves to retain a player who totally doesn’t want to play for you.To me even if Suarez went to Madrid its all fine but for a big club like LFC to cling on a disgruntled player.Its an embarrasment.
    Remember this is the same coach who said he was on good terms and talking to Suarez. LFC should just fire this idiot of a coach.

  • Must read for everyone – Swiss Ramble latest post(Arsenal News Now@6.25am,Monday,12th Aug)

    But read it right through. Long, but fascinating insights. Like:

    We have the lowest %age of revenue from Commercial sources, and the highest from (basically) gate receipts.

    We had a £31m loss last season. No Really! But it is all explained later.

    JM’s point on not having a Technical Football Director – v. interesting comment by Monaco’s one.

    Despite an accumulation of £158m profit, our transfer budget is only around £70m(but could be pushed to £100m)

    We are not as well off as many think we are, but we are better off than others think we are?

    FFP will help us?

    We owe other clubs about the same as we owe clubs(deferred payments etc.)

    There is just so much good stuff in there, and every graphic is explained below. If you just click on it, he deserves the hit, but so much better if you read from beginning to end.
    Please allow time to do so, it is a gem.

    Far better than my original post I managed to wipe cleaning my mouse lens!


  • Good Morning Gerry + Gooners.

    Thanks for that prompt regarding the swissramble. Fine read, and well worth the time taken to peruse the whole article.

    This just strengthens my argument made a couple of days ago here about the two Krankies.

    If Wenger is so adamant in signing one player (Suarez) for £50mil (est) why doesn’t he save a few pennies (right up his street) and read page 50 in the Sun (I know, I know, its red top, get off my back, lol) and sign Lewandowski and Sakho, and save a quid or two.

    These two would come in at approx. £40 mil, saving him approx. £10mil. This can be put towards his already incredible wage. (double standards, dare I say ???????)

  • Thanks for that Gerry and Glics,

    being an Accountant myself, i read all that with a keen interest , however, after analyzing it and dissecting all of those figures, i only come to one conclusion .

    all our problems , surplus or lack of = NO TROPHY in the past 8 years.

    once you start winning, the numbers and everything else takes care of itself –


    are you a liverpool fan or an Everton fan by any chance ?


    there is interest from Arsenal and BM have accepted a couple of bids – Gustavo needs to make his mind up and choose 1 club – he is free to leave.


    to put it bluntly , Wenger thinks Suarez will do what RVP has done for Man utd last season – and to be honest with you, i’m on the same boat and will go much further, we will be a better team and squad due to Suarez and will be right up there in most of the competitions, if not all.

    i think this is Wenger’s way of saying to the board and Stan – i stood by you for 7 years, now i need to be rewarded for my patience and Suarez is the way to go – if , he had been the same old walking away stubborn AW, then he would have walked away from the Suarez deal long ago – he is still in it for him, which means , Wenger is desperate to have him at the Emirates (and i don’t blame him)….

    of course, i can see your point as well , however, after 7/8 years of being tight, AW deserves it and us fans deserve it.

  • on a different note :

    TA, we hope you’re ok ? it’s unlike you to be gone AWOL for so long.

  • Funminiyi,

    Gustavo – in london having a medical and there is a photo shoot booked in for a player –

    let us all wait and see how the day pans out – looks promising though.

  • the photo shoot might not be for Gustavo by the way – it’s sure as hell is exciting though ahahahhahahahahaha

    the Gustavo in london having medical bit – we have heard it all before with Higuain, jovetic e.t.c e.t.c

    so i’m not gonna be getting my hopes high until it’s confirmed.

    today is the deadline for registering players for the CL qualifiers ?

  • So 007, you`re a blood sucking bastardo like Redders and TMHT ! ( Accountant ). No wonder you all want Suarez ! Love at first Bite !. hahaha

    I`m must be the only one questioning the rumoured acquisition of a player deemed not good enough for Bayern Munich !. Not exactly SQ !.

  • Glics 😀

    love at first bite, class ! ahahahahhahahaahhahahaha

    truth be told, you also had the likes of Gomez on the bench at BM, also , Cesc on the bench at Barca , Dzeko / Tevez at man city,

    BM are just spoilt for choices really

    he is better than Alex Song i reckon…

    might not be SQ but will deliver the goods i reckon.

  • As for Totals lack of input recently, being buggered brainless by a bunch of broke back Bretons comes to mind !. hahaha

  • Right, off doing some hard landscaping !. When I come back, I expect England to have won cricket and Arsenal to have bought some SQ !.

  • Oh no. Just realized the photoshoot could just be for Perez. Shouldn’t get too excited.

  • exactly 😀

    but there is a real buzz around the “Emirates today”…

    re- Gustavo – then i honestly don’t know, i was told his medical was done on saturday and then there is another one today – doesn’t add up

    all i know is that he was interested in going to “Wolfsburg”.

  • Hi JB – Don’t tell me how they are doing(cricket), but do you reckon 320 will be enough?

    Back on the boring footie chatter – I jest – but on Swiss Ramble(thanks for the link, glic), I read it slightly differently.

    I thought it came out that not only do ‘the krankies’ know what they are doing, but they are might be hampered because they are not directors of football who can separate the choice of player from the financing of a player, as AW has a hand in both?

    And on the 8 year period, although they had money that could be spent, it was no guarantee that a trophy would follow. Now you can argue whether the risk was worth taking, i.e. doing a Leeds, or whether the prudent path of allowing Arsene the genius, at working his magic until we are in the position today? Fine line with the amount of debt that had accrued with interest payments. The fact that we are still in debt to the tune of £98m, which is now fully under control as the bonds are not due until 2027/2031, is testament to how clever AW has been? The recent £100m we spent on transfers, without the two one off payments meant we actually showed a loss in that period show how close it might have been had we not kept that ‘contingency’ money, and missed out on the CL money?

    I do think that we are the only club paying corporation tax is a touch sad though. It meant we could have got another £10m player for half price if we had showed a loss?

    I will need to read the article again to take it all in, but overall I thought management came out of it quite well, except in one respect, which they can correct next season.

    When they get the new revenue streams coming in, it would be the sensible thing to reduce the renewal price for all ticket holders, and prices in general, to get that balance of %age income from commercial sources higher than of the gate receipts %age. That would be more in line with the three clubs above us. Reward fans who continued to support the club in hard times. Which in turn might get a better atmosphere in the ground from grassroot fans?

  • Gerry,

    180 would have been more than a handful to chase for the Oz’s i reckon, the weather is overcast , expect plenty of poetry from Anderson… if our seamers and quickies fail to deliver then we have Swanny to run through them… it should be ok, considering there’s 5 more sessions to go (and the pitch is beginning to play a few tricks as well).

    it’s better to do what we do (pay our taxes) instead of doing a chelsea e.t.c e.t.c besides, it helps in the longer run , for e.g. capital gearing , or to put it in much more simply, if we were to go to the banks down the line for a loan , overdraft and so on, we would be getting much more favourable interest rates and on favourable terms , as opposed to clubs being run at a loss and so on.

    think of it this way, you have a bad credit rating – you get offered a capital one card (30% interest)…

    you have a good credit rating – you get the drift.

    we’re doing our business in a good honest way, long it may continue as least, we have our house in order…it’s a long road but it’s worth it !

  • and they need 299 not 330 (i know, you asked not me to tell you the score but this is the target , if you take out their first innings lead).

    we should be fine, hopefully the weather behaves.

  • Thanks JB – I know just what you mean about credit cards. I am stuck with my Barclaycard because to get another would, as you say cost more.

    I’ve always said I pity the poor sod that steals my identity ha ha!

  • Just on the Saurez thing. It does look like another offer might be in order? It is so easy with hindsight, that we could have got Cavani for that money? i like to fact that he is chipping in with his support, although he will not win over many fans in Liverpool?

    Regards TA – I think the last message was he was working on links for Dylan’s earlier post. The fact that he hasn’t put up his later match review suggests to me he is somewhere remote, where he cannot get a signal, or find an internet cafe?

    It’s that or glic’s alternative?

    In your earlier post, did you mean to say Gustavo did ‘not’ want to go to Wolfsburg, rather than he did. I see they and Napoli are making noises, but if it is regular play and the CL it has to be us doesn’t it?

  • Rumor has it we will be bringing in another 20 year old DM trialist next week. Some Cameroonian kid.
    Gerry, I’ve heard he DOES want to go there. I think it might be his old club. Similar to when Podolski went to Bayern from Koln, but then ended up going back to Koln?

  • it’s very much in order when you take the recent comments below into context :

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says the club are working hard to bring in new signings.

    “There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Obviously it’s not easy,” he tells his club’s website.

    “We have seen that from other clubs’ experiences as well. But I’m confident we will add to the team. I don’t think there is any doubt that we need that.”

    replacements are being lined up, there seems little doubt about that.

    let’s hope he’s ok and Glic hasn’t got to him already, ha ha

    no , Gustavo’s preference is to stay in Germany….Napoli will obviously will be linked to every player now , ever since they have the big bucks …

    anyhow, the plan B has met Arsene Wenger at his house ? was reported on bbc 2 radio (apparently).

  • Gerry, I was reading a report where his agent said that Gustavo has had offers from England, Spain, Russia and Germany. Gustavo would be a good signing. If we cannot get him I would go back for L.Bender and maybe try to sign Khedira.

    It is a bit frustrating that AW is taking so long to make signings. Only ourselves and United are yet to make big signings.

  • G’morning fellas… I’m not an accountant but I dated one for awhile and she was WILD (in both good and bad ways)… I think I will wait until we sign somebody (anybody–except Rooney, of course…) to read the Swiss Ramble article. From the synopses above I’m getting that we have a problem with AW delegating the work… Hmmm….That doesn’t bode too well, esp. considering that we’re headed into a stretch of 5 must-win matches before the window closes while (whilst?) the “support” (having dug deep into their wallets for another round of tickets) is sharpening their pitchforks and soaking their torches (in petrol). Maybe Steve Bould can close the Suarez deal?…(or has a plan B or three for the January Window…) Quite a bit of pressure for our group of 16 players. Luckily they’re at a pretty “high level” as they jet off for the most insulting round of internationals of them all…Hopefully we get most of them back (Santi all the way from Ecuador…) in a similar state. Meanwhile Aston Villa have how many international players traveling this week?…

    Speaking of which, where’s Total? We must assume that he’s out of internet range. He checked in with us–the North American Rooney haters–during the Finnish friendly the other day but then disappeared just as quickly… Getting away from the computer is a beautiful thing, but these are tough times and we need our (fearless?) leader to keep help keep our focus…

    So, the other Luis (Luiz?) Gustavo prefers Wolfsburg to us? Geez… Like Bond says above, it’s all about winning. If we win the revenues rise, the players want to join us, etc. I guess that’s what it comes down to. And lucky us, we’ve got it all to play for…

    Who would’ve guessed this season would pick up (exactly) where the last one ended? We were trying to keep our underwear clean and/or hiding behind sofas and that’s exactly how we resume. I guess I have the distraction of getting my fantasy team together. What’s up with the UMF league? I’d like to play there too, if it’s on…

    Pressure Cooker: It not just a tool for terrorists…

    Happy Monday…

  • Hi 17ht,

    I think it has come to the point where fans (myself) included just want Wenger to sign some quality players. There are still some quality players that we can sign if Wenger is serious.

    How can we go into the new season with around 18 players and expect to challenge for the EPL and CL meanwhile having good cup runs?

    The fact that we can only choose from around 18 senior players meanwhile the likes of United, Chelsea, City have around 25 senior players means we are at a disadvantage before the season has even begun. The fact that we may well have to be playing the kids in some of matchs next season highlights how thin our squad is. The other top teams will not find themselves in this position.

    I would like Gustavo to come but it seems he would rather stay in Germany. I wonder what Wenger does if we cannot get. Just have Perez as back-up. I will ot accept that as a fan and I am sure most fans will not accept it either.

  • ah, 17HT is back –

    not sure about Aston Villa but we’re already a man down – Ramsey is down and has been withdrawn from the wales squad.

    i hope all our players come back healthy.



    -Uchida (RB from Schalke) new scoop.

    i think the above 3, will do just fine for next season.

  • I completely agree with 17HT and AFC (including the UMF thing 😉 ). But yes, 18 players is not enough. At the least, we need 22.
    JB, we heard about Uchida in a January right?
    Anyone know anything about Isla and Caceras (spelling?) of Juventus?

  • Dylan, Isla play RM for Juve, if I am correct? Caceres plays RB and CB. He would be a very good option.

  • AFC, that is correct as far as I know. Do you think we could get either? (I’ve heard Isla can play RB and CM as well).

  • Dylan, I do not know much about Isla.

    JB, see how thin our squad is getting. We might even struggle to fill our bench with quality players soon.

  • Dylan, we would be able to get Caceres if we really wanted to. Not sure about Isla.

  • AFC, we should be getting Caceras then. We will have a CB/LB (Verm) and a CB/RB (Caceras).

  • i don’t know @ Dylan, first i’m hearing about Uchida tbh (i do have a bad memory btw, so you have been warned!

    yep @ AFC, it’s imperative that we get off to a winning start this saturday.

  • hahahahaha, i return 18 hours later and Bondy, AFC, and Dylan are still at it.

    Because of your immense stamina i will let you into another deadline day certainty. The rundown clock will be ticking and that Jock and nice looking bird will speak to Plonker Geoff, who will be hanging around outside the Grove in his sheepskin coat.

    Cue, 11.59, the Jock will say “whats happening Geoff?” were Plonker will proudly announce that Arsenal have sealed the Suarez deal. Plonker Geoff will then be mobbed by a bunch of feral youths who wil start shouting “theres only one louis suarez. one louis suarez” followed by a rendition of “we hate totnumb, and we hate totnumb”

    When plonker Geoff gets home he will find his wallet is missing.

  • Hahaha TMHT. 😀 I look forward to deadline day. I see us making 2-3 signings on that day alone. We will have a fair share of laughs that day I’m sure. And I won’t be in school yet so I’ll have live coverage (here, sadly not on tv 😉 ) with good old ‘Arry and Geoff all day. 😉 Someone in London should go camp outside Colney all deadline day. 😉

  • Dylan
    TMHT lives in London, but by coincidence, Transfer Deadline Day clashes with Transvestite Deadline Day !. So the pull of a night in Brentwood wins hands down…….his trousers !. hahaha

  • Good stuff there, Terry…

    I wouldn’t fret too much about Ramsey and Theo being injured…I got a feeling their ills are more in the (classic) “Wengury” vein and that Roy and the Wales Manager (Chris Coleman?) are doing AW a “solid” and resting these crucial Arsenal players… The fact that everything hinges on the health of players like Ramsey and Theo is another issue entirely… Where is the palm hitting the face smiley?….

    I had written a long one earlier but failed to copy/save it and it failed to post….Ah well, I was just saying the same thing in a (slightly) different way…It’s a PR disaster (of course) but there is a way out–We just need to win everything AND get some signings in AND have the supporters give AW the benefit of the doubt… (In the lining up of planets, that’s only 3 things, well, 7 if you count each match individually, well 10 if you feel it’s 5 matches, 4 signings and one collective sigh of relief–How often do the planets in our solar system line up?…Oh, and we only have 8, since Pluto got downgraded…)

    Sorry…Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

  • ahahahahahahah@ Terry

    no no, we’re not Gossip tarts e.t.c e.t.c we’re just very persistent 🙂


    my apologies mate, i am extremely sorry for getting my prediction about the 4th test wrong, actually i said to you before the test match had begun that we would be winning this with a day and session to spare,

    we did win with a day to spare but unfortunately, couldn’t win with a session to spare.

    do forgive me.

    but hey, chin up maytey, we will try to win the 5th one as aforementioned, no worries


    3-0 England (only reason it’s not 4-0 is due to the weather, yikes).

  • I hope so to Dylan.

    Gustavo would be an excellent buy. Hes athletic with plenty of drive, a real team player. Hopefully we will get him before deadline day, i dont want plonker Geoff any were near this one.

    Just a quick one on Cornwalls comments about Transvetites. You might soon see a picture of me dressed as a hooker, bending over in a tranny club whilst a gruff looking man without any trousers stands ominously behind me.

    Please dont get the wrong idea, all can be explained. That night my estranged wife was feeling unwell and begged me to go out and get her some medication. All my clothes were in the washing machine and i could not find my shoes.

    I relunctly had to put on the tarts outfit which i had from a previous stag night and wear the six inch high heels that a year ago was delieverd to me by mistake, i had actully ordered some trainers

    It was late at night and i could not find a chemist so walked into a bar to ask for directions, the bar just happened to be a Transvetite club.

    Whilst in there, i accidently slipped over and had to use my arms to rest myself against a table, hence the illsusion i was bending over.

    The gruff man behind me was just moving forward to help me up. He was without trousers becuase he had earlier spilt a bacardy and coke on himself

    The bulge in his under pants was a result of an alergic reaction to the Bacardi

    Hope this clears everything up.

  • Hahaha Sounds completely plausible to me to me !. Now where did I put that dry cleaning ticket for my trousers ?.

  • Welcome TotalArsenal to Bergkampesque, we don’t except any funny stuff, so keep to the rules and you`ll be alright by us !.

  • do we know who this guy is @ GLICS ? the name sorta seems familiar though

    PS: bad news for all you fine folks keen on Gustavo – a bid hasn’t bid accepted by BM from us according to David Ornstein (beeb)

  • It`s official !. Chamakh has gone to Crystal Palace.
    I for one will be sorry to see him go, with all the deadwood gone now, ( apart from Bendtner who wont even make the bench ! ) who the fcuk am I going to yell abuse at ?. We always need one shit Khunt to pent our frustrations at…..cant we bring back Denilson !. hahaha

  • With him gone we must have hit our target of saving £400K per week now on wages !. Enough to pay for Rooney and Suarez each week !. That is a massive turnover of deadwood players and wages and we`ve only brought in Sanogo !.

  • Rooney won’t cost as that much money even if we get him for 33 million – why ?

    Mancs still owe us money from the RVP deal

    plus we can structure it in such a way that we don’t have to pay a large chunk up front…20 million net flow should do it with rest coming in installments.

  • Good to know Total is alive…And also good to know the (er) “back”-story on Terry’s forthcoming photos…It’s nice to see that you guys can have your fun despite the fact that the sky is falling (“the sky is falling”)…

    007, who cares what David Ornstein says? You’re an international man of mystery and I’ll take whatever your sauce tells me… 😉

    Back to sharping my pitchfork and soaking my torch in petrol…Maybe a bit of news from the Sun, or something from the “inner pages” and a little polishing of the petard, or something… 😀

  • Hahaha 007. I bet HH gets a boner slagging them two off !. hahaha

    It wont be a player for me, it will be the bitch Gazidis , he`s going to get both barrels for working up my hopes !…………..the bastard !.


  • JB, you’ve sapped the energy from me and 17HT with this Rooney talk. Seeing all of his fat jiggle in an Arsenal shirt us not a pleasing thought. 😉

  • it might not be a pleasing thought but guess what, it might be a very realistic one ahahahahahahahahahhahaha


    very soon there might not be me or my source aka sauce as if this doesn’t end soon with us getting a few SQ players as he keeps assuring me then i am going to kill myself first and then my sauce ahahahahhaahhaha

  • thanks for that @ PG

    trip down memory lane is fcuking brilliant but i would like something more current like within the next 12 months ahahhaahhahaha

  • Slow news week. I worry the Gustavo stories are a side effect of the Suarez saga going (temporarily) quiet. And that Guastavo’s quotes could be faked. When the Jovetic saga went quiet (for us) the Higuain rumors started. And that could all have been media lies (Real Madrid president Perez said we never bid, journalists admitted supposed quotes by Higuain/his father about Arsenal were fake). I worry the Gustavo stories could be a lie identical to the Higuain saga, and that he could end up at Napoli like Higuain (or Chelsea or Wolfsburg, etc).
    That being said, I hope the Gustavo quotes are legit and it’s true that his deal could be done any minute. 🙂

  • Good Morning all. Yes, it is going to be a quiet week with most ‘targets’ away on International duty. ‘Most’ is the interesting word there?

    It surely gives our ‘A team’ of expert negotiators time to explore the ones that are not away?

    HT17, it was a really good read that Swiss Ramble put up, and now is exactly the time to read it. It will give your sapping stamina a boost to see out the dying days of this Terror Window? Neither you, nor Dylan, should worry about JB’s plan B, it is one of his sauce’s 20% that he gets wrong, okay?

    Aargh, if only his Mrs’s were more open to the delights of Spain? Perhaps then, the downgrading of interest in Bale(after a poll of RM fans said he was only worth £60-£70m), the attraction of the Shrek at £30m would be the answer to all our prayers? No beefed up Chelsea(in more ways than one?). No interest in Suarez from RM. Spurs stuck with a devalued Bale? And us ……?

    TA – I guessed that might be the problem. Remote places in rural France means their super fast broadband is just a thing dreams. As long as you are not feigning an ‘international injury’ because you are in deep TW depression? Perhaps next time you connect, get on Swiss Ramble’s piece and sleep peacefully? The JB/Dylan/AFC show will keep this title running for a while yet, no worries.

    Like yourself HT, I too lost a post the other day. Wiped it my self as it happens. But I was just reporting that with the German and French season having started, the matches that are being covered over here are full of interest because nearly everyone will have at least one of our ‘missed targets’ in them. And some have even got targets we’ve yet to miss?

    Kurt Zouma was the most impressive of the latter category. For a young CB he has got an awful lot going for him. Tall, powerful, a mighty leap, quick for a big guy. The next Sol Campbell I reckon? The trouble is, everybody knows about him so he would be a tad expensive?

    Another one of AW’s ‘admired’ players was Gourcuff that had a good game too. If he was back to his best he would add that creativity – JM’s transfer embargo pushed to one side – and they were trying to sell him as he is Lyon’s biggest earner.

    So, as another day in the life of starts to unfold, let’s wait and see what gossip is invented today, eh?

  • @ GLIC and Terry

    Bloody brilliant, funniest thing I’ve read in a very long time!!!

    @ TA

    welcome, hope you had a good holiday.

    If you write 5 posts you can have your name at the top of the blog!!! Also it’s transfer talk or bust at the moment

  • Hi guys, great post as usual.

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply I’ve been fairly busy over the last few days. I see this was written before the Gustavo rumours as he would be a very good player for us and would probably take the place of either Ramsey or Arteta or just rotate between the three of them. With regards to Mertesacker. I have a feeling that this season Wenger is going to convert Sagna to CB. In which case I think we are in need of a Right back who can also cover at CB – Richards would be perfect. If OG gets injured and we don’t sign a striker we have Walcott or Podolski that can also play up front not the ideal situation I know. Now that a lot of the good strikers that were available have moved I would like us to go for Jackson Martinez – 40m euros buy out clause done. Cheaper than Suarez and better in front of goal and less of a problem with his atitude.

    so thats roughly £35m for Martinez
    £12m for Richards
    £17m for Gustavo.

    That costs us £65m. Combined with the £8m we got for Gervinho that leaves us with £13m to get a good winger in or Williams at CB and possibly Cesar.

  • Hi Fred, You re going to be great when you get fully into the student lifestyle. You should be more or less on the same time zone as Dylan and HT17 … wake around 2.0pm and still available to chat until 3.0am? I guess you’re still in pre-season mode and waking up early? ha ha

    Yes, that trio looks okay, but I think it will be a straight CB, and given my post above, you know where I would look?

    Yesterday I queried about Gustavo wanting to play for Wolfsburg because I remember he turned them down after their first offer, and I had not read the rumours at that time of JB’s post. Now I see they have swung back in our favour, so I think much of that chat was generated by Wolfsburg after they put in an improved offer?

    I am not sure how many ‘hits’ this particular blog has had, but about 3 days ago I floated a name( who I will not repeat, in case it scares him away), and our ‘facts man’ JM reckoned we could get both ‘X’ and Martinez for the £50m that might be refused by ‘Pool … I was really warming to that idea!! Almost to the point of ‘Suarez, who’s he?’ ha ha

    I think we have to pursue Plan A until we are certain that ‘pool are not going to commit hari kiri and keep him, or find an alternative buyer? However, I would like to think Arsenal have the good sense to ask to be ‘kept informed’ regards JM and my Plan B, as like all good offers, they don’t stay on the shelf for too long?

  • You see what happens, I put up a name at 6.41am, and now it is all over the blogs??

    I just hope they don’t scroll back for my other one? But I guess another name I mentioned earlier might rise to the surface after Ginter has said, sorry, quoted as saying, he is staying put. ha ha

  • I know I said it was going to be a quiet day … but not this quiet.

    I just re-read Swiss Rambles blog. Still very good.

    Whilst scrolling down to that I noted something JM said in regard to player ‘X’ above. Whilst he did say we could get both Jackson M – note those two initials there? Are we missing something? – and ‘X’ for the same money as the Saurez deal, he was indifferent on ‘X’ due to his raw potential and lack of experience at the top level … So it is just me warming to ‘X’ then is it?

    I think there is some footie being played tonight so I better go and walk the dog and feed myself.

    It has been nice chatting with you …

  • ah, OZ,

    how hard is it to congratulate a fellow gooner on winning the Ashes rather convincingly and handsomely ? but no worries, thank you none the less 😛


    you got to stop mentioning names , ha ha ha

    back to footy news :

    Miyaichi, Eisfeld, Gnabry, Martinez and Zelalem have been included in Arsenal’s Champions League squad.

  • so when we give our revised list after qualifying for the group stages of the CL, i’m assuming we will have 3 players out

    – Zelalem

    – Miyaichi

    – Eisfield

    no doubt, they are there to make up the numbers i reckon

  • JB, don’t you think Miyachi(I’m not sure about the spelling) would be better off away at a premier league club on loan? Its so sad he was out for the majority of last campaign but I still think he’s a season of top-flight football away from making Our bench or being that impact-sub that we’re all craving for.

  • agreed@ Funm

    hence i said, i will be very surprised if he was still in the CL squad come 2nd of September or whenever we give our revised list.

    loaning him to Everton is the way to go, considering they are a bit thin there and the Martinez factor

  • so it seems Ramsey is fit for Saturday

    and both Suarez and Gustavo are WIP.

    there is plenty of hope yet.

    i wonder , if getting both Suarez and Gustavo would represent us breaking our Transfer fee Record TWICE (as i have been reporting and sharing) 🙂

    would be nice…

  • Bondy, there is more than just hope my good man.

    Look at Gerrys link for Swiss Ramble. the club is entering a phase were we can compete with the big boys financialy.

    Our policy of “constructing” a team allied with the new resources to purchase wisely is a fine balancing act, but one we must maintain.

    Arsenal building a young side and been able to add the required quality, will give us a distinct advantage against our competitors.

    The doom and gloomers are wrong. If we continue our strategy of nurturing and buy when we can we will become the best.

    Arsenals future is safe in the hands of Wenger. His philosophy, experience, and intelligence is unmatched within todays premeir league

    Mtach our oppenents financialy and maintain our vaules of developing then see what happens.

    My moneys on Wengers Arsenal

  • yes agreed @ Terry

    however, it’s getting down to the nitty gritty now , the time is now for AW to reap the rewards of all his good work i reckon – he deserves it

    check this out :

    “It looks like Wayne Rooney hasn’t been injured at all.”



  • Hi guys

    Just got back and hopefully fully connected to the internet now. If so, I will issue Dylan’s post at some point tonight.

    It’s been a nightmare getting onto the internet and apologies to all the loyal regulars for depriving you of discussion input. 😦

    Nobody signed, of course, but we did beat the Nothern Oilers, I believe?! 🙂

  • no worries, TA

    as long as you’re safe (including from GLICS) and healthy, all is well

    but perhaps not a bad idea to have a right hand man on BK, keeping things going whilst your AWOL ?

    anyone trust worthy should do (that rules me out) ahahahhahahahahahaha

  • New Post – New Post!!!!! 🙂

    Dylan did this one a few days ago and I enjoyed reading it very much. A fine analysis of the game and there appear to be some good positives from this game. 🙂

  • VCC – will do!

    I am off to London early tomorrow morning, but hope to do a lot of blog admin in the afternoon/evening. We will get your and HH leagues properly going in the next few days.

    Apologies for the lack of contact in the last week or so.

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