Did we finally see the strong squad Wenger has been on about?


Here are my thoughts on Arsenal’s final pre-season friendly against Premier League rivals, Manchester City.

In today’s match, Arsenal started slow and ended slow, but really played some great football for the middle 60 minutes of the game.

Our first goal was an early one. ManCity was putting us under huge pressure and it seemed as though we were going to be torn apart, but Arsenal wasn’t going to just lie down and die. Aaron Ramsey took the ball off the foot of a City player, ran at the City midfield, got his head up, and played a through ball right onto Walcott’s foot. The pass was incredible: perfectly weighted, right to Theo’s foot, and it was a pass that took great vision to spot. However, the run dictates the pass; and Walcott’s run was brilliant. Theo was patient (which was important so that he wasn’t offside), waited for Clichy to turn, and as the ball was played he used his speed to make a diagonal run across the face of Clichy, go in on goal, and chip Joe Hart. Great run, great pass, great finish.

Our second goal would again see Ramsey and Walcott combine to embarrass Joe Hart once more. The City midfield was relaxed and Aaron made a run into the space between Manchester’s midfield and defenders. Santi played a straight forward ball to him, and rather than try to be fancy and dribble through the defenders, Aaron played a quick ball back to Theo; Theo one touched it back to him right through two defenders, and Rambo rounded the keeper and placed the ball calmly into the net. Ramsey and Walcott both looked very mature, calm, and unselfish for this goal which was fantastic to see from two players who have been known to dribble too much.

Not long after that, Arsenal would grab a third. City were slowly passing around the ball in our half, one of our defenders made a good tackle, the ball rolled to Santi’s foot, and Santi played a quick ball to Theo. Theo received the ball and quickly turned. He saw he had space and ran with the ball down the touchline. He saw the chance to play a long ball and sliced a humongous cross all the way to the other side of the field, putting so much power on it that he actually fell over. Giroud saw the ball coming, opened up, touched it by the City defender, and chipped Joe Hart: a world class finish for a striker who looks set for a big season.

Giroud would later score a beautiful volley, but it would be called offside. It would’ve been another Walcott assist and it was indeed a beautiful cross from him. However, an interesting part of all of these chances is how quickly we turned defense into offense, something some say we’ve lacked without a true DM. However, Ramsey especially is learning how to do this very well, and bringing in Gustavo would give us another player who is absolutely brilliant at doing just that: something to make note of. 😉

City would pull one back in the 79th minute. A long through ball saw Negredo touch the ball past Koscielny and calmly finish the chance. In fairness, Arsenal had made a large number of changes and most of them were youngsters, but that doesn’t excuse Kos’ relaxed defending on this goal. We’ll give him that one, though, as he had a great game overall. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen when we play them in the league, though.

A final interesting point was that Sebastian Perez made his debut for Arsenal in this friendly, but without officially signing for Arsenal (or at the least, it hasn’t been announced yet). Perez looked very committed to Arsenal already though; even picking up a very professional yellow card to stop a Manchester attack. For those who don’t know, Perez is a 20 year old Columbian defensive midfielder on a week’s trial at Arsenal. He looked fairly impressive with a few smart turns and tackles, but from what I saw he looked more like a box-to-box midfielder than a DM.

However, all I’ve seen of him was this 23 minute debut, and I did hear that he started as a number 10 and slowly moved his way back through the midfield to DM, so that could explain it. I expect he’ll be signed soon, and that’ll be a very nice signing, but for the future.

Speaking of which, Wenger made comments after the game, admitting that our squad is thin. This seemed odd to me, as it would have been the perfect time to gloat about how his squad was “capable of winning the title”. However, it’s good to see Wenger admit this, and it seems as though he is ready to make not just one, but a few signings.

Overall, the team played well on Saturday and hopefully this win will inspire the team and lead to us starting the season strong.

For now, here are some questions:

1.    How did you think our squad looked on Saturday?

2.    How many signings do you think Wenger will make?

3.    Can this squad handle the fixtures that lead up to deadline day without reinforcements?

Thanks for reading. 😀

Written by: Dylan.

162 thoughts on “Did we finally see the strong squad Wenger has been on about?

  • Hi Total. Hope you had a good holiday Amigo. When you get time can you read your post. Cheers

  • Nice post Dylan. You got it in a nutshell. Fine analysis of the game. We looked sharp and on the money with our first team.

    WhenWenger started to introduce replacements that’s when it started to go off the boil a little. We look thin and his comments were spot on, we need some reinforcing.

    1) Thin
    2) No SQ, but maybe a couple of cheap youngsters.
    3) No.

  • We probably WON’T sign Perez due to work permit issues, I have heard from one of the youth blogs I frequent 😦 This has yet to be confirmed though! It’s being reported in Colombia that this is the situation though and to be honest I believe it. I mean wouldn’t we have signed him already if we could??? Unless Wenger doesn’t rate him and thought better of it, this is the only reason why I believe we haven’t signed him yet 😦

  • Super stuff, Dylan. I did not see the match in France, so very pleased to read your very well written out thoughts on the game! 🙂

    Of course, it is just a friendly but it is the sort of win that gives the team a boost at this stage of preparing for the season. The squad is too thin in a FEW areas, as per my previous post, but this can still be fixed and is unlikely to hurt us straightaway. However, reinforcements should have been signed by now, and it is absolutely unbelievable Arsenal have yet to make a significant signing….. 🙄

  • Hi, good read. Thought you might like to know, I’ve read that Perez didn’t get granted a work permit because he hasn’t played enough for Colombia.
    I think we looked good on Saturday, but the scoreline flattered us and Cities squad did lack some of their best players (not that it means much with the depth!)
    I would like Wenger to make 4 signings: GK, CB, DM, ST. However, I think he will sign 2 first team players and a few more youngsters will come in for the academy.

    I think the squad would HANDLE it this month, but that shouldn’t be seen as a reason not to strengthen. We are lucky we don’t have a tough run in early on.


  • 1.Clinical finishing – a great thing, especially Giroud’s goal. Being carved open for too many times – not so great.

    2.None. I’m starting to believe that Wenger became a cretin. Our squad is thin, injuries have been annoying already (perhaps due to new fitness coaching?) and no reinforcements were made with just four days left before Premiership kicks off.


  • Hi guys,

    Great post, unfortunately I didn’t get to see the match been very busy over the last couple of days, but the result looked good. How strong was the Man City side?

    I have to say I think looking at our squad we are still probably at least 2-3 players short.

    I think we need a clinical striker: Jackson Martinez/Suarez/Rooney
    A Defensive Midfielder: Gustavo/Khederia/Fellaini
    A CB/RB: Richards/Zouma/Caceres

    And then if we have the money left over from that an experienced goal keeper and a left winger. With my preferred options being Julio Cesar and Munian. I think even if we got Julio Cesar on loan it wouldn’t be too bad business, maybe put in an option to buy if QPR don’t get promoted?

    Hi Gerry, Just responding from the last post. Yeah I’m looking forward to uni after my gap year and I have got a bit of Transfer Window fever I’m afriad to say. Sorry its taken me so long to respond, been outside playing footie with some mates all day. I still have some reservations about Suarez, more to do with his attitude than anything else (I have no doubts about his technical ability.) But mind you I do remember reading that he is still the 7th most marketable player in the EPL – so possibly we could make the money back from imaging rights and shirt sales. The reason I prefer JM to the others is because 1. I think he will cost less and would therefore appeal to Wenger more 2. He has lower wages 3. he is more clinical than the other two I have listed. However, he is unproven in the EPL and as such would be a bit more of a gamble than the others.

  • Wenger needs to buy at least 3 players to further strengthen the current squad. I’ll go for Gustavo, Muniain, and Diego Costa.

  • Great comment james to a good read by dylan, that’s exactly what is needed in our team GK (julio Cesar) CB (Ashley willams or Gustavo can play there) CM (Gustavo’s preferred pos.) ST (Suarez would be nice but i suspect Liverpool will pull out something to else to keep him away from us. If we are gonna throw around 40 million and a nicker we could opt for Jackson Martinez to inject a bit of cha cha cha into our strikeforce. 34 goals from 43 games last season seems like a goal machine who in terms of form is lighting the blue touchpaper. A quartet of signings of this caliber would definitely send the message out that ‘arsenal are back with a bang’.

    Great expectations on mr Wengers great shoulders, all we can do as gooners is trust he will pull the rabbit out the hat, cos after 8 trophyless seasons, that’s exactly what is required.

  • Hi Dylan – In addition to all that you mentioned, I thought that the squad shape looked very good. City had some chances early but after that I didn’t think that they presented any real threat. Sure they had more possession, but the way the back4 and the midfield covered each other was really good (well, at least far better than we have seen over the last two years). If they keep this up, teams will find it very difficult to score against us (back to the 1-0 Arsenal days?). 🙂

    Ox was good but there were several occasions when it looked like he was trying to do too much. But overall still a very good game for him. One aspect that I would like your and fellow BKers thoughts on was the Pod’s impact. He seemed invisible when we were attacking and I can’t recall Zabaletta being challenged at all – all our attacks were on the right side. And all this with a sub-par Jack (IMO) and Santi still working himself back!

    So – I am really excited about this squad and their capabilities. The big IF is really squad strength and it is a bit disappointing that we have not added players to replace Squillaci! I mean C’mon its not like finding RVPs replacement is it? I really think that if injuries don’t disrupt our campaign, this will be a super year and that we won’t be targeting the 4th position only. Kind of irritating to read how we are rated to finish 5th or worse.

  • Thanks VCC, I completely agree. 🙂
    Milo, I think it’s more due to work permit issues. Maybe in the future?
    Thanks TA. 🙂 I’m not worried yet. We’ll sign people! For the first few matches, squad depth won’t kill us. We can make it to deadline day, but not January. Signings need to, and will be, made in this window. Hope you have a good time in London. If you need a post don’t forget you have that one I wrote on our formation in reserve. 😉
    I pretty much agree James. Except I don’t think City lacked many players. And I think Wenger will sign at LEAST four senior players.

  • Admir, it’s sad to hear you so down. Have faith in Wenger, at least through deadline day. If only 0-2 signings have been made after that, then the torches and pitchforks can come out. 😉
    Fred, the Man City side was pretty much all of their strongest players the whole game (except Boyata coming on late). I agree with pretty much everything, but for god’s sake, no Rooney or Fellaini! 😉 Haha.
    Simba, interesting choices. I definitely agree with Gustavo and Muniain, but is Costa good enough to take us to the next level?
    Thanks Luther. 🙂 Do you think Jackson Martinez could make it in the EPL? The Portuguese league isn’t quite the same level. One of Suarez’s attractions is EPL experience so virtually no adapting time.

  • Luther, also I just don’t rate Ashley Williams.
    Interesting thoughts Arsenal-VCC. I agree, the shape was good, Ox was trying too hard, Jack isn’t 100%. But the most worrying is Poldi. Completely useless through the middle. He’s supposed to come good this season, but I’m not impressed so far. Ah well, I’ll judge that based on how he does in the actual season and not just preseason. 🙂

  • As far as I am concerned the preseason games are meaningless. We need to strengthen period. Spurs are stronger than their were last year and we were only 1 point apart.

    Liverpool do not want to sell Suarez to their rival, I wish they did but who can blame them?!
    We actually sold RVP to Manure and handed them the title, it still hurts. Arsenal has been mismanaged for the last 6-7 years , we need to regain credibility by making 3 big signings at least one them should be Fellaini.

  • gunfest, the RvP situation was different because he had less than a year on his contract. I also don’t rate Fellaini, but that’s just me personally. I 100% agree we need to strengthen or no new contract for Wenger.

  • Dylan

    Up too early so…

    Optimist: defenses always get better and we were good end of last year so that’s sorted. Better, we were clinical. Even more better (as it were 🙂 ), OG took 2 from 2 very well (1 called back) so he may come very right

    Pessimist: we were open, fluid and quick, but got carved up a touch.. Maybe as a result?

    In answer .. We still lack some dominant presence or Adams-esque mongrel down the middle defensively I think.

    I think we will get three senior players and I think Suarez might be a bullet dodged(?) tho e man can score!

    I think Michu is under rated so that’s my dark horse… Strong defensive spine is now more my area of concern. I can live with 1-0 to the Arsenal… 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  • Is it when arsenal wenger killed arsenal football before he will be sacked, everyday new news. If he fails to land suarez because of Oliver gilord not to be benched does it favour arsenal. Is high time the board starting thinking about who will be the next arsenal manager. Enough is enough. We only want suarez not any other players.

  • Dylan 🙂

    I have not forgotten about your other post. It will go out either today or tomorrow.

    Morning all 🙂

    Catch you all tonight.

  • Dylan, I see your efforts were not wasted. Very good post, and strangely, still relevant while we are in the middle of a ‘Intertransferlull’ – one for the Arseblog I think?- so nothing has changed.

    As I wrote a pre-reply earlier, I’ll go straight to the questions:

    1,The game? Well certainly we had more of the collective defending that we finished the season with, and by that I mean getting a defensive shape when we lost possession. That does not mean every player getting back to their ‘formation positions’, but rather getting bodies back in places where there are gaps. That at least buys time to get properly organised.
    However, with our lack of signings we were playing much of the side that finished off that season, yet they were nowhere near that level of performance? It was our goals that made us look better than we were? Now that in itself is a positive …but
    … Remember Man C had new players in, and I think they came with a bit of over-confidence that they would simply score enough goals to see us off. It was their lack of goals that made them look worse than they were. They will be sharper come the start of the season, and yet despite having the best defensive record last season, they were instantly looking to get another player in, (PEPE?). So don’t let’s fool ourselves into thinking we beat Man City of the EPL. We didn’t!

    I did say in my comment after the game that I see Gibbs move into the left sided MF spot when we lose possession, obviously when he has not been in an advanced position himself. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good initial position to take up as a DM, and why WHEN we get a DM he may well be able to concentrate more, or at least get back across to cover wing attacks, which is an area where we were vulnerable in this game. Note too, on the other side, Sagna, who linked up well with Theo again, has the more solid Arteta on that side to cover.
    In short, there will be many benefits from that sort of signing. So while the goal return was great, we know we are not going to get those openings in real time. I said in the previous friendly that I thought Poldi might be considering his options at this moment in time. it is coming up to World Cup year, and every player who has a chance to play wants regular games, so I think a lot depends on who we bring in up front may decide whether Poldi is a late departer? Saurez would not be a direct threat, other options might be?

    Meanwhile, our back 6(two GK’s) look okay, given when everybody is fit we do have cover .. except as per the last post .. for Per Mertersacker. I know Williams is not everybody’s cup of tea, eh D? But he does have the one thing we look for in Per’s game – Leadership! – He also has EPL experience. The other qualities that Per brings is that calm and reassurance, as long as he has somebody who has pace along side him. Because whoever comes in, would, for now at least, be a replacement for Kos too, should he get injured, and it will almost certainly be a right-footed CB, because, as we have seen, Per can switch without problems.
    So the names are out there, it is a case of best fit, and who is available, and who will come?

    In goal, we have a good pair of keepers who seem to be okay with the rotation? It may not be an orthodox approach, but I do not see it as a great urgency, unless Fabianski gets a late offer he can’t refuse, to spend overly in this department. There are a few GK’s approaching the end of their careers who might like the idea of player/coach?

    Question 2, How many players come in? Well the three positions I have indicated above, plus a few more replacing the juniors we have let go;
    Striker/Frontline; DM or DM/CB; CB, right footed.

    Question 3, The possibilities for the squad as it is? Bald truth; We will be undone by injuries; Win some games well, but lose key games; If we continue past the January window in the same situation, we will fade over the last few games. Who knows how far we could free-fall then?
    Sadly that would mean all that promises to be great about our young players coming through could also be dashed, as confidence turns to desperation, and their dreams fade as fast as the fans …. Not a scenario we can afford?

  • Footnote – I caught the repeat of the program on mental health issues last night. Sobering thought?
    Can we please remember that the players out there are people too. It is so easy to let fly with terms like ‘deadwood’ and ‘waste of space’, forgetting that these people have probably sacrificed a lot in other areas of their lives in order to become professional footballers, and as the program showed, take it very hard when they relate their abilities to the person they are, and defeats can be as devastating to them as to the fans.

    To be a player who has made it into an Arsenal squad clearly has a lot to lose. Just remember, somebody like Nicklaus Bendtner for example, may not seem an obvious candidate for depression and suicide, but neither was Gary Speed?

    They all deserve more, so let us show we do have real class and give it to them?
    Than you.

  • Oh goody bloody good! Plan B,C, D, E, right up to plan M … err did I just say that?

  • Hi Dylan, I think that Jackson Martinez could probably hack it in the Premier League, you do still have some fairly physical players over there, but as you say his lack of EPL experience is his one major draw back when it comes to considering him. I think he’s a great player though personally I had a look at his stats a couple of days ago and apparently he scored something like 33% of the chances he has. Not quite as good as Higuain but apparently that’s better than Cavani. We are missing a clinical striker I think and he most certainly is a clinical striker. His buy out clause is 40m euros so that’s what around £35m? We could probably get him for less than that but if we want a quick deal we could bid that straight away and get him in the bag for less than Rooney or Suarez and on lower wages. A bit of a gamble but not much of one if you ask me.

    Also its good to know that Man City did field a full strength side, as it does show we do have the quality to compete. However, I do agree with Wenger in that our squad looks a little thin. 3 signings for me would be realistic, preferably. Jackson Martinez, Gustavo and Richards. Then if we can afford it/or get 4 players in then go for Munian, and ask for Julio Cesar on loan – pay part of his wages QPR continue to pay the rest and put in an option to buy if they don’t get promoted – I think they would go for that.

  • Hi Dylan,
    Welcome back TA.

    Good post. Whilst i think we performed pretty well against Man $hitty, i am not excited.

    To answer your questions:
    1) Our squad is bare, we were lucky a few times
    2)As i have said before, AW will make some desperation signing and that’s about it.
    3)The squad is too thin, we are one injury away from a disaster.

    One and a half months have gone by and nothing has been done. I am sick of the excuses used so far. We either do not know how to negotiate or we are really bad at planning for the following season.

  • Thanks Dylan.

    I only saw the highlights and it looked like a sort of “boot on the other foot ” display !, in that we had less possession and we hit them on the breakaway ( like teams have done to us in the past ! ),just being more clinical than City !. Just a friendly to me and means nothing !.

    1) Friendly, didn`t matter.

    2) Super Quality….none !. All the rumours are saying Suarez is going to stay at Liverpool !. All the best SQ has been plucked from under our noses and at prices we could have bettered, yet there are more talented players left, but our negotiating team have the mentality of Poundland, 99p store etc` directors !. I just hope he sticks with what he has got rather than do another panic buying spree of picking up more equivalents of Squilacci, Park, Santos, Chamakh etc`, we don’t want to wait another 3/4 years trying to get rid of over paid deadwood again !.

    3) Barring injuries to key players we should cope easy, there`s only 20 days of TW left, it`s what happens after 20 days time !.

    Unless Wenger has got an Ace up his sleeve we are going to look Mega Mugs !. No proper SQ by then and I`m sorry to say, I will be in the Wenger out brigade !. Just like players come to the end of their playing careers so do Managers. If Gazidis had not come out and said we can now compete financially with the 3 above us and said we have to carry on being prudent, then Wenger would be the best to keep us going on limited resources.

    I have no doubt he will do a sterling job keeping us competitive for a 6th,5th or at best 4th place with nearly the same squad as last season ( apart from losing Gerv` and not replacing with same quality or better ! ), but imo, 20 days to see whether he is still fit to lead us to be better than that !.

    Thoroughly pissed off Gooner hoping for some action !.

  • Dylan, I’m sorry but I can’t feel any optimism. This looks like a repeat of 2011-12. There is a proverb that the smart one learns from others’ mistakes and the stupid one learns from his own. Wenger has gone beyond stupid by not learning from his mistakes and that’s something that only a cretin would do.

    It seems we won’t get neither Luiz Gustavo nor Suarez.

  • Hi Alex….it’s history repeating itself with Arsene. It’s been the same old amateur approach in the close season year after year after year.

    He has become a Jack of all trades and master of none.

    One man cannot perform at the highest level in todays world without help, guidance and assistance in some areas.

    Whilst he still has an eye for a bargain with youth, he cannot spot the finished article, or maybe, if truth were known, refuses to buy some one else’s finished article.

    It’s been said many times in the media, here and everywhere, why has it taken all this while to wait until so late to make his move. There is two days to go before the big KO, and we still have no extra strength in depth signed. IMO a poor show for a club who aspire to be the best !!!!!!!!!!.

    If we pick up some one now it will take weeks even months to settle in.

    Many players this summer have been snapped up, the kind of players we could have been pleased with.

    Gerry’s PEA…..GLiC’s Isco……..Henry’s Bony……..Everyone’s Higuain…….my Shurrle……..the list goes on and we still are without strength in depth.

    Why OH why ???????

    My patience has dwindled. We will be lucky this year to finish in the top four and maybe unthinkable in the top 6.

    Thank you Arsene Wenger.

  • I had some hope for my 30th birthday (it’s today). It’s 15th anniversary of my 15th anniversary and of Vieira’s signing.

  • Vic`s
    I`m sure he can spot the finished article, paying for it is another matter and Isco wasn`t mine, he was second choice to Gotze, I just didn`t have the energy to fit the E.ON !.

  • Happy Birthday Admir.

    You better buy yourself a prezzie, cos Wenger ain’t going to cheer you up with one.

  • Happy Birthday Admir . 🙂

    Come on Arsene give him a SQ present !. Something we can get our teeth into !.

  • Hi GLiC……..It’s been a frustrating summer Arsenal wise.

    I feel we had the ideal opportunity to steal a march on the other top three this year, with their internal upheavals.

    Moyes looks a bit shaky, Mourinho has an aged back line and needs to replace Terry big time, and City manager is untried in the EPL.

    As I said a few days ago, Wenger has lost his mojo.

    Don’t tell Terry I’ve said all this cos he will send his Greek mafia around, I’m only a few minutes away from his tranny club in Brentwood.

    I do like Terry’s pink outfits though, they are very fetching. I’ll try and get a sneak snap of him when he walks into the club next time. Sure you’ll agree with me. 😉

  • VCC,

    I feel the same way that you do.
    I agree with you that he has somewhat lost his mojo.
    In previous posts i have stated that i will always be appreciative of what he has done for our club. There is also the right time to walk away and protect your legacy. In my opinion if he does not achieve something soon, he will be remembered by most as a top quality manager who lost his ways.

    Hopefully i am wrong but the way we are setting ourselves up for this season, it does not look very promising.

    This year was meant to be the big year for us, it might still be but a big club is supposed to have a plan in place and not leaving it to the end to make it happen. Every other club out these will just inflate prices now since we are getting to a desperate stage.

  • Come on Vic`s. Stretch gave a very plausible excuse for his wearing of womens clothes the other night, although I`m a bit perplexed as how his wife is always ill on a Friday night and that his clothes are always in the washing machine and why he keeps having to go in a Trannie bar in Brentwood dressed in high heels and stockings asking for directions for the chemist when there`s one in Bounds Green where he lives !.

  • VCC,

    I will get in early with my predictions and try not to leave it to the last minute like last season.

    Here it is:

    Everton (A)
    Arsenal (H)
    Sunderland (H)
    Chel$ki (H)
    Man$hitty (H)


  • Cheers Alex. The first one this season.

    I’m hoping Cloggenstein will dedicate a spot for the weeks predictions when he comes home tonight ?????

  • True alex.

    I was excited that this was going to be the year that we got some SQ players in after years of selling them !.
    I feel an idiot for taking in all of Gazidis`s promise`s. I should have known better !.

    If the Bindippers do keep Suarez, then you have to admire them for digging their heels in and not selling to a rival club, unlike our sorry bunch !.

  • GLiC, I’m sure they are very plausible reasons to look like a twit, er sorry, look tranny like.

    But Pink is definitely his colour. I don’t go a lot on the pink boa though, I think he should get shot of that.

  • GLiC, perhaps Wenger should ring Rogers on his mobile phone and ask for Suarez, like Fergie done with him.

    Still farcical of Wenger imo. £25 mil ….taking the piss. No balls

  • VCC & GLIC,

    Good on them for not letting their striker leave. Unlike us, no balls at all

  • Alex I too hope I’m wrong, but I fear I won’t be.

    As you will agree, I have sung from the roof tops about how Wenger was God in my house for many seasons.

    But I’m afraid he is making the same old mistakes time and again.

    Words fail me how I feel after this dour summer break.

    I have said, and still say we are only a few SQ signings away from the top spot, but unless he is prepared to bring in uplifting players we will always be second best. This squad of youngster’s just needs a few proven performers to make them feel ten feet tall.

    Dortmunds manager is what we want.

  • Knowing Wenger, he probably took Fergies first price, trying to bite his hand off. ;-(

  • Alex, I too admire Liverpool for taking a stance.

    If Wenger had some, perhaps ManUre would not have walked away with the premiership last season.

  • Here you are Vic`s, my predictions for the UMFL.

    I`m so pissed off I`m going to predict against Arsenal !.

    Aston Villa
    Crystal Palace

    All to win !.

    Yes, again I`m going to win the upside down league again !.

  • Summer of intent !.

    Autumn of Malcontent !.

    Winter of discontent !.

    Spring of content !……………………if we get 4th trophy !.

    Fcuk this !. I`m going outside to drop a one ton boulder on my nuts to cheer myself up !.

  • Glic,

    No need for the boulder treatment on yourself. Unless you are into that sort of thing 😆

  • VCC,

    That is my whole point, This team need some winners and some ‘Presence’ to change the mentality of this team.

    Te morale is high when they are winning but when we lose we find it so hard to pick ourselves up

  • alex.

    It`s that khunt Gazidis`s fault !. Turning me into a masochist !. I`m not yet up to the sadomasochist bit yet…….lets just see what reaction I get from the boulder first !. hahaha

  • Glic,

    Gazidis gave us hope, we should all have known better.
    Maybe we all deserve that boulder

  • Alex,

    Exactly. When we had players like Veira , Pires, Bergkamp etc, etc, in the tunnel at Highbury, players used to look to their right and think F— that, how can we win against these guys, they used to be beaten before they stepped onto the pitch.

    Now we have no presence in the tunnel, perhaps we should line up on the right like the Highbury days on the way out.

    Nowadays teams like Bradford and Blackburn are not afraid of us !!!!!!

    Wenger MUST see this if I can, but he refuses to act, sometimes sending our boys out like lambs to the slaughter, ala Old Trafford last season. It was shocking.

    Winning is infectious, and losing can become a habit. Our “Team” are a side of NON winners. We need to change this.

    Win one competition and the trophy’s AND money will come flooding back.

    If we had kept Persie for another year, perhaps who knows we might have got our £25 mil back by winning something.

    Crazy, crazy, crazy, if you ask me.

    I’m off to put my head in the oven, bye.

  • GLiC,

    I’ve got a use for that boulder. Smash it over the Krankies’ heads. It might knock some sense into them.

  • Nice post Dylan. i like your positive style, keep it up.

    Right, you whining ninnies. Net time i see Arsene in Brentwood…errr, i mean write him a love letter,,,err i mean letter, i will let him know of your treachery.

    Every one wants to leap before they can walk. Just because we have more money dosnt mean we are going to go on some massive splurge straight away.

    The first steps were to keep our existing squad together and sign the young players up for the future, we have done that. The next steps are to identify in a careful and intelligent manner the players we need to add to what we have, we are trying to do that.

    Arsene and Arsenal have a plan. Its to develop a team from within, which will have a special unity and bond, and to add when necessary

    in a year or so we will be able to match our rivals quality, and with the bond we have within the team an advantage that will take us to the top

  • Cant you marinate your head first by dunking it in a bucket of excrement ?. Then I suggest Gas Mark 9 or 245 degrees centigrade on the top shelf for one hour…..I like it crispy !. hahaha

  • good read Dylan cheers.

    1. Our squad looked good, but when you bring in a player on trial you know your squad is paper thin.

    2. I hope 3 at least.

    3. I hope so. If we don’t qualify for the CL Arsene and those involved in signing players have themselves to blame.

    I’m told patience is a virtue…it’s being tested at the moment. I’m nearly at the point where steam is coming out of my ears.

    @ Gerry

    re: player depression

    It’s a small price to pay for the big bucks they earn. While I did feel upset for Eboue most don’t genuinely care about the club and fans so who cares. Nasri deserved what he copped whilst walking to the Emirates last season (he’s the one getting the last laugh making 150k a week). People could call me all sorts of names for that much money…heck Terry gets called those things on a daily basis and he keeps on trucking.

    @ BJ

    what are you talking about? What’s this cricket you speak of? In Australia we only like Aussie rules. Take your bragging elsewhere 🙂

  • @ Terry

    they are sure as hell taking their time to identify. Not sure if we even have scouts anymore.

  • VCC,

    Presence is the biggest factor when lining up in the tunnel. The other is the lack of atmosphere at our stadium.
    If you get a chance watch the confederations cup final between Brazil and Spain.
    Spain, the current world champions were beaten before the first kick. As a Brazilian, it was amazing to see.
    Here it is:

    In terms of atmosphere at the Emirates (or the lack of), what is the song that the Gunners come out before a game. I remember “The wonder of you” was present for a while but what is being played now?
    LPool have “YNWA”, Man$hitty has “Blue Moon”, heck in the so called ‘Arsenlisation’ of the Emirates to create an atmosphere similar to Highbury no one thought of a song which encapsulates our team. Arsenal, a team with history needs to work on ways to make the Emirates a fortress and to have a ‘Presence’ that defeats opponents mentally and the away crowd before the game starts.

    That’s my 2 cents worth

  • This is why you are the best most unique blogger Stretch, your unbreakable optimism for all things Arsenal, allied to the fact that you`re fcuking nuts !. hahaha
    Anyway, I thought the massive splurge thing was just a mandatory Brentwood thing !.

  • Great vid alex !. I think I understood it …….roughly translated they sung….” you may have Xavi and Iniesta…….but we have Sideshow Bob and he will rip you`re bollocks off ! “. Come to think of it, no wonder you took to living in Australia…it sounds more like a sort of Aussie cricket sledging anthem !. hahaha

  • Alex,

    If Wenger does not improve this squad this Summer you will see an Emirates stadium with plenty of empty seats.

    It’s OK Arsenal saying its a sell out, but in reality its not. Season ticket holders have paid their money…yes…but they are staying away in their droves.


    Are you still at the home, or have they let you out on good behaviour?

    Catch you all later guys, off to take my dog to hydrotherapy.

  • Hi all..
    Dylan.. our team was great.. hehe..
    I think only two more signing.. a LM and a DM.. although I still hope a GK also..
    And Why not..?? Don’t underestimate our own team.. We have a great team.. our defence become stronger and stronger.. with Vermaelen and even Sagna can take the rule in CB.. in midfield We still have Eisfeld.. Zelalem.. Ox.. Diaby.. Frimpong and dont forget Rosicky.. for striker We have Miyaichi.. Gnabry.. Sanogo.. Akpom.. and Olsson..
    For me our team is okay although some solid players will make us even stronger.. hahaha..
    Do I look silly.. hehehehe..

    VCC.. Is the rules still the same bro..??
    If only Wenger sign Bony.. then no more strikers saga.. hahaha..

  • Glic,

    Sorry mate, not very familiar with cricket. For me its all about the Gunners.
    The only thing i have to say is. We are all getting frustrated because of our love for our club and whilst we are not going to all the time, we just want improvement and for us outsiders looking in, it just seems that so much more could have and should have been done to improve our current position

  • For eight years we have suffered because of the financial repercussions associated with the stadium move. Every year we lost players, we had little to spend, Sugar daddy clubs came along etc.

    Now we have turned a financial corner, kept our key players, looking to buy reinforcements, financial rules are been implemented and because in the space of several weeks we have not yet bought anyone you are losing patience now?

    I may be crackers, but i just don’t share any of this frustration. We will be stronger this season and stronger the year after and then the year after that

    Its taking time to buy because firstly it is difficult, and secondly the aim is to add players that will blend in and add value to the existing set up. Its the right approach because when we do get to the quality required we will have the advantage of team unity similar to George Graham’s early sides and Ferguson’s fledglings

    This approach can take Arsenal to the very top, Just be patient for heavens sake.

  • I feel sorry for you D&G, still wallowing in your despair of yesteryear? Come on, I say dial double M for Murder! Get them, and we’ll murder the lot of them.

    Look at the positives – We will not have to wait until October before our signings can play?
    Although, I should warn that we are falling for media talk still. I am not sure why Dzeko would be any more available to us than Suarez either?

    My balance sheet would read; £60m the Double M’s: £18m the DM: £10m CB; or, (I briefly saw a headline of ’20m euros for sought after French MF’, and if that is who I think it is), then DM drops to CB as and when required, and snap their hands off!

    Total spend: £95m tops.

    Go on, you know it makes sense? IG – Don’t listen to AW’s valuation, just get the job done, every other bugger seems to follow my advice, why don’t you?
    (ref Sabotage Times@11.07am).

    Have a nice day folks, it could happen?

  • Thanks jgc, I agree except for one thing. I think Michu had one super season and is overrated. 😉
    Gabriel, I think Wenger has his targets. It will just take time.
    Cheers TA! 😀
    Gerry, I think we played a team pretty close to Man City of the EPL. And keep in mind, we can still sign players too. So this might not even be the Arsenal of the EPL. 😉

  • Interesting thoughts Fred. I would be ok with that happening. 😉
    Alexgunners, there’s still time. Wait until the end of the window before you judge the season.
    Hold out for deadline day, Glic! I have a feeling there will be signings then. 😉
    It will be ok Admir. Wenger could pull off some huge coup that no one sees coming and make us all look stupid (buying Ronaldo? Messi? Ozil? Casillas? 😉 ). Happy birthday by the way. 😀

  • TMHT, I agree and you’re right. Wenger has a plan. We have to be patient at least through deadline day.
    Speaking if patience, Oz. Patience through deadline day is indeed a virtue.
    Henrychan, even two signings would leave our squad very thin, but it’s better than no one! 😉

  • I’m sadly hearing news that Suarez has done a U-turn. Maybe this is a ploy to allow Liverpool to sell without looking foolish? Unlikely. Ah well. There are other targets. Here’s some semi-realistic ones:
    El Shaarawy
    Di Maria
    Kevin-Prince Boateng
    Javier Hernandez
    Javi Martinez
    Lacina Traore
    Jackson Martinez
    L Bender
    S Bender

    Or maybe Wenger is going to save up a few transfer windows budgets over the years so he has the €530 mil that Messi costs. 😉

  • VCC, here are my (first ever) UMF predictions. I hope I do this right! 😉
    West Ham (H) – Draw
    Arsenal (H) – Win
    Man U (A) – Win
    Tottenham (A) – Win
    Chelsea (H) – Win

  • Dylan,

    Re: Michu – well that’s the risk with one season types. Still we could get our 3pts back from the home loss last year!? 🙂

    Re: Suarez – well he is obviously not 90% or even 70% right in the head, so every third word out of his mouth could be contradictory. Add in a news famished pack of story telling newspaper “reporters” and I just heard we have signed a Martian who has 3 legs, runs 40m in 1.3sec and can play with 2 of “his” 3 “feet” … and after awhile it all begins to sound perfectly normal… (yikes!) 🙄

    cheers — jgc

  • Dylan
    50% of them I have no idea about !. 48% are unrealistic !. The 1% realistic semi is in my Y-Fronts and the 1% left is Bendtner staying !.

    Are you doing the UMFL ?….put your 5 wins, loses or draws on site before Sat kick-off and that includes all you other regulars who didn`t do last seasons one !.

  • I’ve got it on good authority that the UMF league is coming home to oz this season.

    Wooden spoon…GLIC you can keep it!

  • VCC and Glic,

    Hmm, a test of my ability to keep track of time. Rather unfair on a Professor… anyway, here we go week 1…

    City (H) – Win
    Arsenal (H) – Win
    Man U (A) – Win
    Tottenham (A) – Win
    Chelsea (H) – Win

    I am doubtful on the Arsenal one that we wont snatch a draw from the jaws of victory, but, gotta go with the home side to stir up trouble, .. now watch the team bus run into someting and we start the U13 team..

    cheers — jgc

  • Dylan – Can I just remind you of the title of your Blog?

    On the one hand, Man City played pretty much their new line up, having signed 4 players, and may add a 4th. While Arsenal have signed Sanogo … AND you asked the question if we had seen the strong squad AW has been talking about?

    Clearly, we both agree on the fact that we will get new signings, so the answer is ‘No’, or not without additions?

    What I was saying was, if the two sides meet again with the same line ups in the league, we will get stuffed. However, unlike the D&G’s amongst us who only hope, I am fully expecting us to strengthen in the right departments. So I agree, it will be much closer.

    Re the Suarez thing, I did warn we were in the hands of the media chatter. If he wants it sorted by the end of this week, we will know a lot more. Probably(deliberately?) lost in translation, he answered a question on what would make him stay at Liverpool, and he replied, ‘I would do it for the fans’ – In other words, not for LFC, not for Rodgers. And they better be careful how they word his next contract clause if that is the case???

    A hefty bid on his arrival back might really put the cat amongst the pigeons, if we have not given up on the idea altogether.

  • Ugh, I’ve written a long one, but it’s too depressing…

    Answer me this: If you’re an opposing manager why would you sell to AW’s Arsenal, a club bragging about it’s financial power, etc. Doesn’t it seem better to hold off (or sell elsewhere) even if means less money or disgruntled players? Isn’t the best thing–or at least a very good thing–watching the situation at Arsenal implode as supporters (with raised expectations) turn on the manager? Brendan Rodgers MUST be thinking–A little stumble in these opening matches plus holding out on selling our bite-boy and Wenger is in big trouble. If their results don’t happen and fans turn on Wenger can Steve Bould get Arsenal up for 4th? Holding onto our disgruntled player, unpleasant as it is, (maybe getting something in January for him…) may be the best way forward, if it means that Arsenal are in crisis and vacating their CL spot…

    Happier topics: Great match report, Dylan, keep ’em coming! (That’s quite a list, too…) Happy B-day, Admir!–I wish I could remember when I turned 30… Real football (with real pressure…) on Saturday! (And every 4th day for the next two weeks…) And, finally, TA is alive and able to get new posts up…

    Time to re-read the UMF rules and pick a bunch of draws…

  • jgc, I’d still prefer Suarez to Michu. 😉
    Glic, I agree some are unrealistic, but money can get you places. 😉
    I see what you’re saying Gerry. But look at my list. There are still players out there! 😉
    Thanks 17HT. Head up, mate. Signings will be made, and I think Suarez will be one of them. 🙂

  • Admir-al.. Happy Continuation Day.. Wish you all the best..

    VCC.. my first UMF prediction are..
    Everton away win ..
    Liverpool – Stoke city draw
    Swansea – MU draw
    WBA – Soton draw
    Palace – Spurs draw
    Arsenal.. City and Chelsea will win.. but one point is not what I’m trying to get.. hehehe..

    Dylan.. Wenger now have more players to bring with very less competition.. hehe.. I double up my expectation.. Wenger will bring another 4 players.. hahaha..

  • Liverpool-Stoke



    West Ham-Cardiff

    Man City-Newcastle

    All draws…(gotta go for broke, no?)…

  • Dylan I did see your list and my Plan B(or further down the alphabet if you want it a bit more cryptic?) are on there. Mind, missing on both list are the PSV pair?

  • Cheers ~Alex/GLiC/Dylan/jgc for your UMF entries.

    The UMF is now open for business lads.##Submit your predictions before 18:00 Friday please. 😉

  • My point is this: If you’re an opposing manager and dealing with Arsenal why not quote insane prices? AW, given the pressure he’s under, *should* go for those players (if he REALLY believes in them) but he must have doubts given his failures in the past. He may also be thinking his position is for life (or as long as he wants it)….Is he really impervious to the disgruntlement of the support?

    But back to looking at it from the position of the opposing managers…If AW won’t pay the big price, who cares? If the fans turn on him (and Arsenal fall down the table our out of the CL…), it’s almost as good as money in the bank. Everything is relative. If my team isn’t “better” (by reinvesting money from sales), does it matter if I can nose in ahead of Bouldy’s Boys? Unfortunately, I think even foreign managers might look at it that way. Pep G., saw us worry Bayern (beat them at home), would Wolfsburg be such a bad spot for Luiz Gustavo? If I’m Ancelloti, do I fear Arsenal or Napoli more in the CL?…

    Anyhow, just a different perspective, but one that might be revealing…maybe?…

  • Henry/17ht……. 😉 cheers.

    17ht, the choice is yours…..don’t forget it’s a long season.

  • happy birthday Admir.Thirty hey? Whats your hair like? If you have a hairy back and shoulders its in trouble.If you have a hairy arse like me forget it, just invest in a fine toupee. Let me know, maybe i can help. hahaha

    Here you go Vics

    Arsenal 5-0
    Liverpool / Stoke – Draw

  • Gerry, you’re correct. I forgot about them. I managed PSV once in fifa 13 and liked that AM guy. 😉 Don’t remember the LW, but my brother plays as Belgium a lot and loves him. Fifa is no judge though, so no comment on them for me. 😉 Who is your plan B (or whatever letter) Gerry?

  • Silent Stan`s syrup
    Best I`ve ever seen
    Silent Stan`s golden syrup
    From Terry of Bounds Green

    A chorus from probably my best ever work, I shall repost it one day and win a music award or English literature prize !. hahaha

  • From Plan B to Row Z. I think that’s an award winning title for a future post !. Now all any of you lot have to do is write a post which is fitting of such a masterpiece title !. Donations to my Lesbonian Tax Shaven Haven will be gratefully appreciated !. hahaha

  • Well Well when I’m wrong I admit it and I am Happy to say I WAS WRONG. About what?
    About wether or not Aaron Ramsey was good enough now. I never said Aaron was crap just not ready yet well HE IS if he can keep up performances like the Man City match.

    And I also had doubts about Jack Wilshere in the final 3rd as well and said many times he has had too much put on him too soon and it is hurting not helping his game. Again I may have been wrong yet again. As he paired well with Aaron in this game well and In fact we might have gotten weaker in midfield when Cazorla came in as he had more then a few poor passes and was careless with the ball in midfield with Aaron more then once his savor making a tackle or putting himself in for the resulting hospital ball to prevent Man City capitalizing on the poor ball by the Spanish playmaker. (granted Santi may be a bit rusty as he was not involved much in the earlier preseason matches.)

    I was also pleased with Gibbs performance and Walcott was a true threat and Sagna looks strong both in defense and his delivery going forward. Seemed he always looked better going forward playing internationally for France then in a Arsenal shirt but if He can bring that to Club as well as country Great. Just hope he does not over do it as with both him and Gibbs rampaging forward that really leaves Players like Bale will have a heyday on Mertesacker if left exposed.

    The balls that lead to the goals were Just Pure Arsenal. I was over all pleased BUT and I was glad to see with the Trial of Perez that Wenger is looking for cover if not a starter in DM as I still am not convinced we can rely on Arteta all season again. And out of the Starting 11 in this match HE actually looked the weakest of the midfielders With Ramsey being the strongest.

    Now all that said I feel Man City was POOR Yaya Toure looked like he was playing with a knock and he was taken off and seemed to be limping (And when Toure is having bad match City is missing that engine in midfield) It could also be Yaya is getting up in age now and was not up to the Youth of Ramsey and Wilshere and how quickly they countered and the how well they pressed all match. (City may be in trouble if he is not fit this season).
    City’s play in the final 3rd looked rusty as well with poorly passed forward passes and missed chances. And lets not forget this is not their first loss in pre-season. But on another day things could have gone much different.

    You know As Arsenal fans we all want to see some big signings BUT there is a Down side to spending in the transfer market every Window and that is lack of Stability in a team. City has little of that at the moment new players new manager. They have Quality but it is not firing on all cylinders at the moment.
    I know it is not a popular view but if Liverpool or Spurs are going to take a CL spot this season it may well be at City’s expense. Not so sure Spurs or Liverpool are up to that challenge yet but Arsenal sure are not looking to be settling for 3rd or 4th this season.
    And with Jose Moreno back at Chelsea you know he is not going be setting his sights on just a CL spot. But the biggest of question marks for me coming this season is a ManU without Sir Alex. Is Moyes really up to managing that team? and defending their title?

    New Signings this week or Not I feel Arsenal have a Strong squad this year with just a few new players added (I hope) in the right positions we will be even better. (I for one feel it is NOT a striker we need But DM and a new Center back and for Monreal to be fit. As with Sagna and Jankinson on the Right and Gibbs and Monreal on the Left We are good on the flank but With only Mertesacker, and Koscielny fit at the moment we are REALLY lean at Center Back. Why Wenger is wasting time chasing Suarez and others when we are one Injury away from Sagna as Center back (not that he played poorly in Asia in that role it is NOT the idea use of that player or best choice option. And what if Jankinson takes a knock? then we are going to the reserve squad for a youngster in the back. If spending 50M on Suarez means we have to shop the bargain bin for a New Center back then Liverpool can Keep him (frankly I feel they can keep him I Hate him anyway He is too much equal parts bad with good for me. Just rematch the Liverpool Chelsea match (you know the Bite match) He both was responsible for the equalizer as well as the penalty for a stupid hand ball. He just does Stupid shit no denying he is good but Too much baggage there (10 match Ban?) and WAY too Expensive for what Liverpool want for him.

  • Dylan, are you not keeping up with the script? The double M’s? – Go back to, whenever, a week ago, JM answered my query about a name, and he put it in with his plan b.

    I am under an embargo from JB not to name names, okay.

    VCC – if it is same rules I’ll put mine in when I get back from walking the dog, okay? I hope George enjoyed his splashabout?

  • 17ht, Dylan and FournierM,

    17: the reason is that check books rule and when you’re deep in debt (ManU, Spain) mo money talks… Then, it’s just about creating the story for the fans that the player wasn’t grateful, good or needed (enuff) now…. Perhaps we are simply waiting on that story to play out other places. Same for if you’re a fearing FFP, a doubtful call for some but I guess we’ll see..

    Dylan: me too, but if we don’t get Suarez he wouldn’t shame us, I think, either. If only as cover and a different look..

    FournierM: good points and nice to see some optimism! I’m hopeful of more if only cuz the injury-man seems to like arsenal players too!

    Cheers — jgc

  • I see, Gerry. I know one of them, but I can’t think of the other! I’ll find the name. 😉

  • Thanks Dylan, nice one…

    from previous post :

    by the way, as ineffective as Poldi may have looked yesterday as the lone striker up front,
    i must say, he gives us plan C
    by that i mean, any of the front 3, say if we get Suarez …then the likes of Suarez-Poldi-Theo can all interlink and interchange in a very fluid looking front 3 – could be a lethal combo that and has the potential of reaching frightening heights – would work like a charm in a 4-3-3 (and will actually be just that ).

  • jJB – Agreed on the last bit – Which is why I said earlier that Poldi would not see Suarez as a threat. Whereas other left-footed/left side strikers would be?

    What your take on the stories? If Suarez thinks that John Henry was playing dirty tricks he will be even more peed at them. And probably the Gerrard one where it was it was instantly splashed around?

    I seem to recall that Suarez is an Aquarian, and they can be stubborn beggars to move away from what they believe is right … There is hope yet?

  • many happy returns of the day, Admir – happy birthday – gosh you’re getting old, ahahhahahahaahhahaah

  • Thanks JB. 🙂 I think Poldi is a useful squad player, but I want to see more than the from him.

  • VCC – I am going for the bonus point for 5 correct, if they are still in there?

    L’pool – H
    Norwich – H
    WBA – D
    Southampton – A
    Tottingham – A

    I’m in it to win it this time.

  • Hi Gerry 🙂

    Poldi has already expressed his desire and wish of playing along side Suarez – and agreed, neither he sees him as direct competition nor is intimidated by him, i feel Poldi is a real team player and not one to throw a tantrum and so on…besides, not everyone’s a Szcny in disguise even though Poldi is half polish, ha ha – am with you entirely on that one

    that’s what they are – Stories, Suarez is hot topic these days and having him on the back pages would sell like hot cakes –

    Gerrard would say that, wouldn’t he ? what else would we expect him to say in a news conference ? yeah, Suarez is going to leave us and we’re gonna have a right battle with this ungrateful Pr934k , how can he betray us like that ? especially when i called him the greatest ever striker i have played with at Anfield ?

    going on by his past antics, it will be extremely difficult for them to keep Suarez, whether he comes to us or goes to a foreign team, remains to be seen though – either way, if, they do somehow manage to keep him, they will be making a massive mistake , one i don’t expect them to make considering the players they are looking at in the transfer window.

    i also want to mention the “plan B” ,

    suppose if we were to get plan b before plan a,

    it would seriously make our signings a lot more difficult,

    however, if, we got both plan A and B , which i actually believe we can , how ?

    we got rid of Arshavin – Suarez

    we got rid of Gervinho – Gnabry

    no.10 = Plan B

    do you see what i just did there ?

  • If you still on fat boy’s case, then forget it. My reading of the big trio is that Suarez is the only one to leave this window?

  • Dylan,

    Poldi is indispensable for us, much like Germany as stated by Low.

    he brings a lot our team and squad, of course, we all want to see more of him and more from him, he is one player i’m expecting a lot of good things from next season.

    while we’re at it, i also want him to be taking most of our free kicks !

  • cheers Gerry….I hope Total is going to post the rules tonight. As you know he has just got back from Hols.

    Just a couple of tweeks from last year. Mainly entries are to be in by 18:00 Friday latest. 4 Jokers can be used max in the season. These are only aloud if you are 15 or more points behind the last guy. Makes it possible to do some catching up and hopefully keeps everybody interested. GLiC will use all his quota up within the first month.

    George enjoyed his first treadmill hydrotherapy since his operation three weeks ago. The vet diagnosed arthritis. The once weekly sessions seemed to help build his muscles up. Unfortunately with his operation it has set him back a little. He also enjoyed his banana shampoo and blow dry. Thanks for asking after him.

  • don’t worry 17HT and Dylan, just like Gerry said, it might be one of those that fall under the “20%” 😉

    fat boy also loves the spot light and scoring goals, like fat boy loves old granny’s i mean cakes 😀

    that’s the way it should be, it does LiverFOOL more harm than good by keeping him, he has very categorically said no to the apology openly, told his side of the story, the further this goes on, the further it makes LiverFOOL look more puzzled….he will leave, but like i said, whether it’s for us or a foreign club , remains to be seen,

    worth noting what Cavani the loose cannon also said.

  • 007……..all week end predictions to be in before 18:00 Fridays. Mid week games (more than 5 fixtures) 22:00 the day before.

    Cheers BJ.

  • Hey guys 🙂

    VCC has updated the rules, which can be found under the page ‘UMF Rules and Predictions’ – see top of the page or click on the link below:


    To help Vickers with collating our weekly entries, PLEASE PUT YOUR PREDICTIONS UNDER THE DEDICATED ‘UMF RULES AND PREDICTIONS’ PAGE AS A COMMENT, rather than the daily posts comments. This way, Vickers does not have to go through all the comments continuously to collate the data.

    If you have already submitted your predictions, maybe you can copy-paste them into the UMF rules etc page? I can help with this if you don’t know how to do it. Cheers guys! 😛

  • JGC (and anybody else who is innerested and isn’t convinced I’m a wacko)…

    What I’m suggesting is that at the top of the market money isn’t the only item in the equation, nor, maybe, should it be… Last season RvP wanted out so AW sold him (for decent money considering he’d let his contract wind down)…The year before we did likewise with Nasri (at the deadline, maybe because ownership wanted the money…) and with Cesc. Each time we strengthened our rivals…

    For Rodgers at Liverpool, the job is clear–get back into the CL (and don’t freaking let Everton beat you)….Do that and you’re a legend, fail and you’ll be moved on. There may be questions about City, United and Chelsea given the managerial and player movement in those clubs but, in general, buying (and hoarding) quality players will result in good product on the pitch. The weakest club in the top 4 is Arsenal. We’ve got a decent first 16 but after that…and it’s a loooong season… If your owner is willing to waste money (and Henry sure did when his first manager, Dalglish, was at the helm…) why not hold onto Suarez and “let him rot in the reserves” or force him to apologize and work his way back into the team? Like the owner himself said, getting replacements is tough given the looming deadline…

    Suarez is a special case and the forces at work are somewhat unique. Still, Arsenal are clearly building for the long run so why not do what you can to trip them up in the shorter term? If Perez/Ancelloti can mess with them over Higuain why shouldn’t Bayern and Pep do likewise with Gustavo? Sorry Bond, as much as I love your positivity I believe it’s laughable that United would sell Rooney to us (or Chelsea) if he’s indicating ANY desire to keep himself fit and play at the level he can. If he’s gone fat sell him (and let the buyer beware) If he puts himself about tonight (for example) keeping him is a no-brainer for Moyes… On the other hand, if Wenger is taken down by Piers Morgan and the rest of the mob, it could take us awhile to get back to the level we’re at, let alone actually giving the top teams a real run…

    Like others have suggested we “should” have gone big for younger, up and coming, potentially world-class guys from clubs that needed money. I guess we did with the Lars Bender bid (and maybe, if AW is still manager) we’ll get him a year late…The problem is that the pressure is on us to do better NOW. On the plus side, it all starts on Saturday…On the minus side, it doesn’t relent with our trip to Turkey nor back across town to (rested) Fulham nor for the return leg (we have NO backups!!!) nor for (rested) Tottenham…

    If we get through those matches maybe we’ll be looking “attractive” and not such an easy mark for the Liverpools of the world. At that point cashing in will make sense. I hope it goes down in that fashion as I’m a great supporter AW and I (desperately) want him to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

    I shudder to think what the reaction will be if things don’t quite go to plan. Is there a plan B? What would be acceptable to the support? To me it seems like he’s walking the tightrope (playing on the trapeze?) w/o a net…

    I’ll conclude with a quote from the guy Dylan was named after (and to match the spirit of Glic’s poetry above…):

    They’re selling postcards of the hanging
    They’re painting the passports the passports brown
    The beauty parlor is full of Sailors
    The Circus is in town…


  • Sorry Vic`s !. I didn`t know George had an operation !. ( arthritis my arse !, the operation was to remove Vic`s false teeth from Georges cock ! )
    My puppy Max sends his love, but not in a shirt (Tail ) lifting way, although most dogs will shag anything that moves ( which makes it more confusing why Stretch doesn`t have a dog as his best friend ! ) so they`re all Broke Back Bulldogs imo !. hahaha

  • i did say not to get your hopes up re- Gustavo, after all that liking arsenal talk and e.t.c e.t.c


  • Also, but of good news but Suarez denies ever claiming that he’d be willing to stay at Liverpool!

    About as exciting as it gets for a Gooner these days!

  • BREAKING TEAM NEWS- England v Scotland (2000 BST)
    Wayne Rooney starts for England, along with Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott


    3 gooners !!


  • 17ht. More wacko the better in my book !. On another Gooner site we had a club within a club for a while called the Cuckoo Club !, with me being the founder member, my adult humour was not everyone`s ( basically the moderators ! ) cup of tea and was binned and banned quite a few times. Keep it wacko you Krazy Khunt !. hahahaha

  • Personally, I don’t give shit about Gustavo, I never wanted their chuck outs. We should be going for Gundogan or Lars Bender….the players teams don’t want to lose !. That`s why I want Suarez…..he`s quality and Liverpool don’t want to lose him !.

  • Hi guys, as I said to 17ht I would not watch the England match if Walcott is not playing as a ST but I might give this match a go become Jack is back in the team. I also want to see how Kyle Walker does.

    Can anyone tell me why Welbeck is starting on the LW instead of the Ox?

  • Don’t expect to much of Jack, he looks way of the pace unfit imo, although I dont want our players playing for their countries ( just being selfish for Arsenals needs ! ) he needs some proper game time workout`s and Scotland will not be a normal casual friendly, they want BLOOD !.

  • Glic, I am just want to see how Jack does. I do expect to see a lot from Theo. He is a top quality player and for me if he puts his head down he run the show.

  • TA, agreed. I also cannot understand why Gibbs or Richards do not get a chance.

    Gibbs will clearly be our future LB and Richards is also clearly needed in defence whether that be at RB or CB.

  • 1 nil to Scotland ALREADY!!!

    Hart should have done a lot better. How many more mistakes can the guy make both at international and club level. A very overrated keeper in my opinion.

  • But Feo scores to make it 1-1! And Jack looks fit!
    HH, supposedly the Wolfsburg rumors aren’t true. So we can still get him.

  • 17HT, there are still young(er) players available. Some big names like: El Sharaawy, Kondogbia, Reus, Gundogan, Lamela (maybe something can be worked out with Roma since they have Gerv now?), and Eriksen to name a few. Also some smaller, less developed names: Zouma, Quintero, Vilhena, etc.

  • Dylan, I thought Jack didn’t look sharp. He seemed a bit rusty.

    Rooney was clearly onside when he scored.

  • Jack looked OK for 30mins then looked shattered for the last 15 !, he will only play one half and Iexpect to see the Ox get some playing time .

    I keep saying it, if Arsene really thinks that Arteta is invaluable to the way we play, then Gundogan is a must buy player !. We all ( well quite a few ) wish Arsene would have bought Arteta when he was younger, well Gundogan is that man !.

  • Glic, agreed. I would like Wenger to go for Gundogan. The problem is he would cost us £30-35 million. I would try to get one of Gundogan or L.Bender this TW and then next summer TW go for the other.

  • In other news, Tottenham have been (at least slightly) weakened by Huddlestone going to Hull.

  • Agreed AFC. Then we shall write a letter to Arsene, you write it and I`ll deliver it !……..which is no problem as I`m living in his loft…..I can push it through my spy-hole in the ceiling , it will land on his bedside cabinet !. hahaha

  • Dylan, I do not think Spurs really needed Huddlestone. I hear Parker is off to West Ham or QPR.

    Glic, 😀

    My question is when will Arsene bring in the quality players which we clearly need? We will see all in good time.

  • A quality goal from Kenny Miller. Glic must have distracted Cahill. Cahill should not be giving Miller that much space. Time for Roy to give Richards a chance at CB? YES!

  • Milner on for Cleverly and Lambert on for Rooney.

    WTF is Lambert doing in the England squad?

  • Lambert scores on his debut. Poor guy, arriving on the international stage so late.

  • Lambert has scored from a corner, 3-2 to England. I’m still not convinced that Lambert is good enough to play for England in the 2014 World Cup.

  • AFC, Sturridge is hurt. And Lambert is a quality player. Scores on his England debut. Too bad it may be his first and last cap. Deserves to have been in the PL and with England more than that during his career.

  • Dylan, as I said before I am not convinced by Lambert and I never want him starting over the likes of Rooney, Defoe etc.

    Just because Lambert scores in a friendly match, against Scotland (who are an average team), from a corner (which could be down to Lambert just being in the right place at the right time and scottish defenders switching off, in other words luck) does not mean he is a quality ST. He is an average ST as best. NB52 has scored many international goals against top teams and he ain’t quality.

  • AFC, I despise Defoe (maybe just because he’s a Spur) and I’d have Lambert over him any day. Quality player for Southampton in the PL, unlike Bendtner. That being said, I’d pick Rooney, Welbeck, or Sturridge through the middle over him any day. But he’s far better than Defoe and gives England one more option.

  • Dylan, Lambert is NOT better than Defoe. You are comparing to different types of STs. Defoe is a clinical finisher whereas Lambert is a target man. If we need a target man I would rather Roy go for the much younger Carroll.

    I would also add Bendtner is pretty damn good at international level and has done it for Denmark for years.

  • I would also add that Defoe has huge amounts of international experience over Lambert if we are going to compare them. 😉

  • AFC, fair enough. But you could say the same about choosing Sturridge over Defoe. Similar situations. Agree the disagree re-Lambert. And I know Bendtner did well for Denmark, I said in the PL.

  • Dylan, shouldn’t Lambert have scored both of the two chances he recently had?

    A certain Spurs ST would have done a lot better in those situations. 😉

  • Dylan, I know you did but for the purpose of this debate we should be comparing them internationally rather than at club level considering this is an international friendly. 😉

  • Eh, unlucky AFC. 😉 He’s still quality. I doubt either of them will go to the WC.

  • Dylan, very good point about Sturridge. There are a number of players I am not yet fully convinced by in the England squad.

    Zaha, Cleverly, Sturridge, Welbeck (although my doubt is starting to fade), and Baines to name a few.

  • Dylan, 😀

    I admit Defoe is starting to lose it but I would still pick him over Lambert. I personally would not have Bent, Defoe, Lambert in the squad. I would go for younger options such as Carroll.

  • Koscielny – world class once more

    that is what you call a true world class player, performs for both club and country – RVP take note.

    what a performance that was by KOC.

  • by the way, remember that mysterious 30 million bid we supposedly made in January ?

    yep, it was for “CAVANI” , no kidding.

    wenger wasn’t joking when he said, he’s going to cost a lot of money, trouble is, we were well short of the asking price ahahahahahahahahahah

    but to our credit, we did make a 30 milion bid.

  • Thank you, guys! 🙂

    Glic, mate, do you know that I have a .jpg file called “Glic” on my computer? 😀 It contains Reus and Isco in Arsenal line-up on FM 2013. 😀

    TMHT, I’m just 8 days younger than Van Judas and I still don’t have a single gray hair. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting bald. 😀

  • I thought Cleverly played very well AFC. He set Theo up very nicely, and he combines well with Wilshere and Gerrard. They are three different types of players, who can contribute in their own way, pretty effectively. I actually think Cleverly is under-rated, and performs a role similar to that of Ramsey for United and England. No, he will never be as skilled or refined a player as Wilshere is, but he is much more than serviceable!

  • Thumbs Up Dylan,
    I didn’t get to see the game as it was not televised on Al-jazeera and Espn, but from the match report I read and from the break down that you guys made, here is the conclusion that I’ve made:
    1. There’s a far better understanding among some of our pairings I.e Ram-Teta, Kos-Mert( though they still need to work on their concentration to see out games), a developed understanding between Rambo, Wilshere, Theo and OG( though we still need to work on plan B I.e Poldi, Ox, Rambo and Theo/Miyaichi or Santi/Eisfield at some point).
    2. Wenger needs to wrap Zelalem in the cotton-wool like he did with Ox so that unnecessary pressure will not kill his budding talent, then integrate him slowly into the team so as not to do a la Wilshere.
    3. Gibbs and Jenks are not there yet( not that they’re not ready) but in terms of fitness level required despite the amount of games they’ve had under their belt during the just concluded pre-season. I think Nacho’s coming back will do it for Gibbs and I think a loan should do the magic for Jenks which led to me your second question, I’m not sure of how many players “The Shrewd One” is gonna buy but what I do know Is that need competition for our backfour, RB position especially. With three other signings, we should be ready for the new season. Don’t ask me which position those three should fill.
    I guess we should be fine with our current crop of players before deadline but the earlier we do our deals the better. Let’s see what’ll happen before Saturday. Keep the faith fellow goons!

  • AFC,
    Lambert reminds me of the old fashioned No.9s like Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Inzaghi, David Trez to name but a few and as much as I like your choice of younger options, Carroll don’t come close to at all. Lambert is in another class of his own. The guy has earned his place in folk-lore already. Carroll on the other hand needs to forget the hype, get his head down a lil’ bit, roll-up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.
    With hard work, he’ll be there someday, but for now he just doesn’t cut it with me and I’m pretty sure most managers think the same.

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