The Return of the King, DB10’s Testimonial, Beating Barca: 10 Unforgettable Moments at The Emirates


Over the past month and a half, us Gooners have been waiting for the signal of intent which was put out there by Ivan Gazidis. As we all know nothing has happened since then.

I, for one, am sick and tired of the transfer window. I just want the Football to start once again. We are only days away, and rather than the usual doom and gloom over potential transfers, or the lack of perceived activity by our club and how thin our squad is at the moment, I would like to revisit my 10 favourite moments at the Emirates so far.

I invite you all to agree or disagree, and please feel free to share your favourite moments on Bergkampesque.

Here are mine:

Could a better script have been written on that night? The king returns, comes on as a substitute and scores the winning goal. “THIERRY HENRY, THIERRY HENRY, THIERRY HENRY, THIERRY HENRY”

Barcelona, a Team that has swept all other teams aside. Arsenal, a team that had no hope or was not given a chance of winning this game. The script doesn’t always go according to plan. The little Russian produced a stunning goal to seal it for the Gunners.

Who could pass up a chance to see DB10 play once more for the Gunners? Besides, it was only right to give him a farewell worthy of all the hard work and memories which he has provided us all

Nr.4 – ARSENAL VS TOTTENHAM 5-2 (Not once but twice)
Nothing more needs to be said.

The magic of Cesc and the demolition of our noisy neighbours. Things do not get much better.

Always great to beat Chle$ki

It was mission impossible from the start but so close.

A wonder strike by Zorro gives us the win we deserved

Who doesn’t like a whipping going our way especially after the whipping we received earlier that season against ManUre

In my opinion, Theo scores goal of the season by his persistence and skills.

I hope you have all enjoyed a lighter post and look forward to sharing your favourite moments at the emirates.

Written by: alexgunners



93 thoughts on “The Return of the King, DB10’s Testimonial, Beating Barca: 10 Unforgettable Moments at The Emirates

  • Wow Alex, what a feast of football! Many thanks for a very positive post! 🙂

    A great collection of highlights and it will be hard to improve on it. One of my highlights was Song’s dance with the ball against Dortmund somehow breaking the yellow-black suffocating wall. I also really liked Ramsey’s winner against the Mancs. And then there was Henry’s winner against the Mancs: the bullet header from a superb Eboue cross.

    But I am sure more great moments will spring to mind in the next 24 hours or so! 🙂

  • TA,

    Without a doubt there will be some other great moments. Ramsay’s winner against the Mancs was great. Just a pity that every time he scored someone passed away 😆
    Hopefully this post will take away the negativity brought around by our inactivity in the TW. I for one am frustrated and hope that others will appreciate a post celebrating some good moments at our stadium

  • All agreed, Alex.

    We all believe we need to add to the squad so we have the quality to last the whole season, but let’s reminisce a bit today! 🙂

  • Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Sadly, my interest in watching football didn’t start until a few seasons ago (3 or 4 seasons ago now? I can’t remember exactly. I watched the second half of Fab’s last season and that was when I started following Arsenal very closely). That coupled with my young age means I didn’t witness numbers 3, 5, and 6. Or much of anything before the second half of Cesc’s last season. But let’s add to this list again next year with more beautiful football. 😀

  • Brilliant enjoyed every moment. I bought a block of tickets for 4 games and took friends along to each game. The matches were really bad, Fulham, QPR and one other so bad I have forgotten, But I was there the night Henry scored that goal. It felt like winning a trophy… Well nearly. Thanks again… Magical

  • Absolutely top notch… just what the doctor ordered….

    ps : we are back in for our no.1 dm target… no not gustavo… bender…. @ 17HT hence I said , no need to get the hopes up re- gustavo episode.

  • Every time king Henry scored – it was a special moment. .. no doubt. ..

    ps : sauce time for 17ht and co…. expect developments re – Suarez…and possibly bender…lars not sven.

  • Lars and Suarez! There is a god! 😉 Haha. If we can get both we will be able to bring in trophies (at least an FA Cup).

  • JB, do you recall your source mentioning any wingers at any point? Surely we need a replacement for Gerv?

  • Sagna injured I’m hearing. … doubtful for Saturday ?

    There goes our cb cover.

  • Dylan,
    Like you, I hope that we create some more memories with some great football.

  • Retsub,
    I would have given anything to have been there to watch Henry score. It’s Is obviously something you will never forget. I can only imagine the atmosphere

  • JB,
    Every time Henry scored it was special and as time goes by I realise more and more that we perhaps took their time in an Arsenal shirt for granted. We’ve had some special players and I feel it will be a while before we see someone half as good as he was.

  • Alexgunners – Thanks for that. I have only watched the first video at the moment. I shall go through the rest sometime during the day … I am just waiting for the tears in my eyes to dry up, flowing just as freely now as they did on the night ‘King Henry’ scored. Magical!

  • Gerry,
    It was an emotional game for all of us. How wonderful was it for all of us to see King Henry playing for us again?
    I still say that we dismantled our invincibles far too soon. So much talent gone so quickly. What a shame

  • From the last post:
    I didn’t get to see the game as it was not televised on Al-jazeera and Espn, but from the match report I read and from the break down that you guys made, here is the conclusion that I’ve made:
    1. There’s a far better understanding among some of our pairings I.e Ram-Teta, Kos-Mert( though they still need to work on their concentration to see out games), a developed understanding between Rambo, Wilshere, Theo and OG( though we still need to work on plan B I.e Poldi, Ox, Rambo and Theo/Miyaichi or Santi/Eisfield at some point).
    2. Wenger needs to wrap Zelalem in the cotton-wool like he did with Ox so that unnecessary pressure will not kill his budding talent, then integrate him slowly into the team so as not to do a la Wilshere.
    3. Gibbs and Jenks are not there yet( not that they’re not ready) but in terms of fitness level required despite the amount of games they’ve had under their belt during the just concluded pre-season. I think Nacho’s coming back will do it for Gibbs and I think a loan should do the magic for Jenks which led to me your second question, I’m not sure of how many players “The Shrewd One” is gonna buy but what I do know Is that need competition for our backfour, RB position especially. With three other signings, we should be ready for the new season. Don’t ask me which position those three should fill.
    I guess we should be fine with our current crop of players before deadline but the earlier we do our deals the better. Let’s see what’ll happen before Saturday. Keep the faith fellow goons!

  • Nice one Alex…….nice to have something to smile about during this summer break. You’ve cheered me right up, cheers. OOHHHHHH 2 B A GOONER.

    I have many happy memories of watching Arsenal for 58 years, since I was 5. Highbury/Wembley/Emirates.

    But near the top is the time my Son and I joined in the conga along the aisles after we beat Spurs 5-2. PARTY TIME.

  • Thats, Cloggenstein/Terry/GLiC/VCC/Redders at a fancy dress party in the Tavern. lol

  • Hi all..
    AlexG.. I love this post.. verymuch..
    The DB farewell game was very emotional for me..
    That’s what happened to a true legend.. (for Arsenal and maybe also for Ajax..)
    great respect and honour..

    Maybe we will never got such legend like Bergkamp ever again..
    Sad to see RvP end for MU.. just like Henry to Barca..
    Hope our youngsters learn from him.. and players like Walcott or Wilshere will end like DB.. and be our team for another 10 years to come..

    Thinking of Bergkamp.. make me even wondering for another dutchman in our team.. hehehehe..
    Sad we lost van Ginkel to Chelsea.. and Strootman to Roma.. Both of them were awsome lastnight again Portugal..
    Hope Wenger will find another dutchman to be our next legend.. hahahaha..

  • VCC,

    Forever in our shadow video is absolutely Hilarious.
    As for the game against the spuds. It would have been a helluva game to be at and i can only imagine the celebrations. It must have been great to celebrate it with your son.

  • Henry,

    I am glad you liked the post. It is all about remembering the good times we’ve had so far. There are many more great moments to come and it will be great to discuss them with all of you.

    We do need another TH or DB10 amongst our ranks. True legends and their legacy will never be tarnished, unlike the money hungry players that we have lost in the past.
    There will be others but to the same scale as DB10 or TH, I am not sure that will be possible.

  • Good morning to all you fine Gooners,

    a big day awaits, actually a big couple of days,

    i have left the teasers last night…

    now it’s time to dissect a few quotes and what not from the press conferences :

    Rodgers: It’s very simple. I want to concentrate on the players who are available. I won’t be speaking any more on Luis.

    PS: loving the videos lads, keep them coming !

  • Henrychan,

    i know you’re a big strootman fan, he had a decent game last night for the Netherlands, however, where do you see him playing for arsenal (hypothetical question) as i know, it’s very unlikely that we will move for him.

    and i don’t think we let our invincible’s go that early, truth of the matter is that everyone knew about the move to the emirates, and then there were some players who also wanted to leave, it’s no big secret that we actually did in fact, keep things moving as smoothly as we did due to the departures and sales.

    but then again, there is a part of me like Alex, that wishes , what if, we had kept them together for another year, what if ?


    we still remain the only club to have a GOLD trophy 🙂

  • Alex, it was indeed a helluva celebration.

    Through the streets afterwards people were just singing and dancing, and then back at my local. We just walked in wearing our colours, singing Arsenal songs (slightly intoxicated) and didn’t stop all night. My Son is a bit on the quiet side, but even he sang out loud all night.

    The following morning I could not speak.

    Lovely memories. 🙂

  • OK 007, I’ll fish some out…….regulars will have to bear with me as they’ve probably seen them before.

    Thanks to Alex we are having an uplifting day, travelling down memory lane and having some laughs along the way.

    Stretch will probably arrive later and bring us down to earth with his doom n gloom about having to build further and wait forever to become successful again. While we groom youngsters only to get disillusioned and leave for pastures green. 😉

  • 007.. Bond..
    I think Strootman and Van Ginkel played as double DM lastnight.. cmiiw..

    Van Ginkel is more like Arteta.. his pass was excellent..
    Strootman I think more like a clasic DM.. that made Van Ginkel also play the ramsey rules.. hehehehe..
    and surprised me that Georginio Wijnaldum was played as a AM.. I think he was a striker.. hehehe..
    And If you ask me where do I put Strootman in our team..
    Single DM in 4-1-2-3 formation.. hehehehe..

    Rumours said that Wenger is look after Georginio Wijnaldum.. and Zakaria Bakkali..
    Will be great if it happen.. hahahaha..

  • Alex…me too…….while I’m having a shower before I head out to the pub or stadium, I play Arsenal songs on my ipod. FULL volume. My missus hates it.

    I’m such a saddo, I even take it on hols with me and play them by the pool. hehehe.

    Shame I’m not a tekkie or I could post them up here.

  • VCC,
    We must be on the same boat then. I just finished playing it now as dinner was ready and the missus does not understand that i do not get sick of it.
    When i am having a bad day on site, i just put them on and my mood changes.

  • We are so lucky to have the away boyz. I watch them live out side the ground in the Gunners pub.

    One night they performed at a local hall ( a prezzie for a girl going home to Scotland after many years down South)

    It was Gooner songs all night, singing along with them. Such nice approachable lads, who love The Arsenal.

  • Your dead right, they have a feel good factor to them.

    My Wife and Daughter have no choice. It’s in stereo as my Son does the same in his bedroom. hahaha.

  • The first song here is one of my favourites.

    You can imagine that full volume on my Bose system, the f—— room shakes. ;-D Sheer heaven.

    Even my ring tone is an Arsenal song. My text messages are a full song. When I’m in a queue in the bank say, I just let it play the 3 mins. hehehehehehehehe

  • VCC,
    I am very fortunate that my wife is completely understandable of my Arsenal needs.
    She made my dream come true last year when we went to Hong Kong for her 30th birthday and we also got to see The Arsenal play there. I am a very lucky man

  • Great optimism focus read and watch ahead of the weekend kick off with a good theme of all that’s good about The Arsenal.
    Very refreshing indeed and much welcomed detour from the TW.

    Thank you.

  • VCC,
    You have a Bose as well. It’s one of my favourite possessions. Apart from my Arsenal top that I had signed in Hong Kong

  • really, using Strootman in that single DM role @ Henrychan , you must really rate him very highly indeed !

    great work with the videos @ VCC , cheered me up plenty and made my day !! 🙂

    but what’s put a downer on my day is that……….

    ARTETA INJURED and a doubt for the weekend…

    so that’s Sagna (doubtful)

    and Arteta doing his thigh, bugger

  • Wengerball,

    You are very welcome. Just a simple post to help distract us a bit from this dreaded TW

  • Funminiyi,

    The Gunners were awarded a Golden Premier League trophy to commemorate the achievement of the Invincibles. No other club has ever achieved this and we are the only ones who have one.


  • Aha… much enlightenment on the Golden EPL commissioned trophy to recognize the Invincible’s achievement.
    I appreciate my being enlightened on this Alexgunner… keep it up.

  • cheers for explaining that one, Alex

    i hope AW is playing mind games – Re Arteta

    otherwise we gotta go with our british core , of Ramsey-Wilshere-OX –

    it was interesting to see that OX playing through the middle last night for England as well (an indication early on that this is where he will be playing from now on ?

  • yep, fellow gooners

    so next time you see supporters from other clubs such as LiverFOOL, utd , chelsea or city gloat and boost, just tell them one word, “Gold” trophy.


  • Kudos as well JB on the heads-up on the GOLDEN Invincible’s trophy mention on this vintage Arsenal themed post…

  • JB – If there are any doubts about any, including Walcott, I guess the priority will be the CL match(with painkillers, if necessary)?

    I’m not sure on Yennaris’s fitness state, but Hayden could certainly play there? A lot will depend on whether Rosicky is back for the attack side of things, because having Ramsey and Wilshere playing means they will have pay more attention to defensive duties? This will be doubly so if we are without(give him a decent contract)Sagna. At least if he is fit he could slot and let Jenks do the wing job.

    But I repeat, the CL tie has to be the priority. We cannot afford to lose that on the away leg.

  • Bond.. maybe the truth is.. I like the 4-1-2-3 formation more than 4-2-1-3.. hehe..
    But I must admit it that more team play the double pivot way.. and it seem worked more efectively.. haha..

  • no worries and you’re welcome @ Wengerball


    indeed, priority needs to be the CL qualifier and i doubt very much, if Wenger, would be playing santi from the start, he might bring him on as a 2nd half sub (if needed)….

    Theo should be ok i reckon, he has been on fire lately, he needs to be there to take Villa apart…but even if he’s not there, we can always use Ox and rotate with Theo..

    Sagna is the real concern for me, if he isn’t a 100% then imagine, one of Per or Koc breaking down…there goes our CB Cover and Jenko is suddenly asked to play a lot of games in a short time span….it looks something like this our fixture list…

    Arsenal v Aston Villa Sat 17 Aug 15:00

    Fenerbahce v Arsenal Wed 21 Aug 19:45

    Fulham v Arsenal Sat 24 Aug 12:45

    Arsenal v Fenerbahce Tue 27 Aug 19:45

    Arsenal v Tottenham Sun 1 Sep 16:00

    people may view that as easy but i can tell you one thing, this will be the make or break period for us, one that sets out the tone for the rest of the season and if our injury’s don’t improve then i’m not expecting anything different to the last 8 years.


    yep, we’re getting there i guess , besides more and more teams are sticking to a 4-2-1-3 these days, that seems to be the norm unless you’re Pep guardiola….(why fix something that’s not broke ? Pep will prove you wrong or so, he intends to next season- hard task i tell you)

  • JB,

    I agree, it will make or break us and even though on paper our first fixtures look comfortable for us, i do not believe that it is.
    We are the Jekyll & Hyde team and who knows which team will show up.

    Regardless we need to be ready for every fixture and not take any team for granted

  • Alex,


    we lose our main players Arteta, Santi, Theo and Sagna due to injury or suspension,

    our performances suffer,

    we don’t get off to a good start this Saturday and it’s the same old story once more – slow starters, injury’s e.t.c e.t.c

    we got to weather the storm, while doing that , we need to ensure to get off to a flying start…by that i mean, by hook or crook getting 3 points against villa

    playing full strength against the turks and hopefully getting a 2 goal advantage – rest takes care of itself

    course, i’m also expecting a few signings by the same time next week – that will ease the burden a little bit

  • JB,

    Without getting back into TW talk, We (AW and the Board) are responsible for us currently being in this situation.

    I just hope that as you put it, “By hook or crook” we get the job done.
    Time for the team to show us the new bond they have been talking about since the Asian tour.

    Excuses will not be tolerated, enough said

  • Yes JB, it is tough, but there is still time to get players in for those later games. I suppose we will get the announcement as to where Gustavo is going later.

    I think the PSV pair might have been something that Wenger was keeping in mind, depending on how fees are spent elsewhere, rather than a replacement for the SQ signing?

    If he goes big on Suarez(£55m?) and gets him, it more or less solves our needs up front, for now at least? Whereas, if he goes hunting elsewhere he probably needs two players, and that means twice as many negotiations to hurdle? So it is looking like a big day for us.

    I know Wolfsburg are a bit of the oddballs in the Bundesliga, but apart from being in Germany, I cannot see them offering more than we can?

    There was a bit of chat on BT Sport last night re Newcastle and them having a Director of Football who brings in the players. The argument against it in the EPL is that it can cause a rift between manager and the higher management. The argument for, is that they appear to get the job done? I am not sure how multilingual Newcastle’s choice is, but the fact the owner imposed him on his manager without, it seems any consultation, cannot help to feed the argument against?

    The reason I raise this, is because I think Arsenal have more or less got it right. However, I still get the impression that it is AW the one having the final say over the financial side of it, and therefore it is why we appear to be a bit slow in the market. I could be wrong, and it is the ‘money-handlers’ that pull the plug, no matter how much AW may want a player?

    Ideally, and this is what I understood IG to have said; Arsene decides the players we want, and we(IG/DL/et al) do the negotiations. Which is great if they go to a reasonable level within budget and actually get the players we need?

    But that does say who it is that actually pulls the plug. It is always assumed by the media, and relayed to the fans, that it is AW’s ‘stinginess’? But that may not be the case? This next Suarez bid will be a good indication as to whether our greater need will override budget constraints? Under £50(the quoted £49m) and yes, the plug has been pulled. Over £50m( a Godfather offer they can’t refuse, £55m?), and a sense of realisation that world is running on a different logic to normal economics, and they are in that world?
    Oh, and as will the necessary £18m to get Gustavo in, if all else is equal?

    Food for thought whilst we wait for it to unravel ..

  • it would be a lot more straight forward, if, Suarez puts in a transfer request (basically letting go of his 3 year remaining contract wages )….this is what Liverpool want in essence, saving themselves in the region of 10-12 million…but at the same time, that’s a substantial amount for Suarez to let go as well, he will want Arsenal to least pay him half of that ? it’s not as straight forward but to me 55 million is a lot of money when you take other mega signings into equation – and we were led to believe, that the nearer the deals towards the deadline you do , the more chances of picking up bargain (rubbish) – we could have gotten Cavani (who we bid 30 million for in January) for 40-45 million in january on a pre- contract like Barca got Neymar…

    Falcao was near 50 milion

    and yet, here we are, with Suarez a player with baggage and not available till the end of september dishing out a similar sort of amount to the aforementioned players.

    good points re- technical director and it’s exactly that – keeping the manager on a leash….worth noting that most if, not all top clubs around europe operate this way and have one….

    David Dein was exactly that and how we miss him, ever since he left , AW has been given the freedom and powers of all sorts (not that he needed them but with Dein there, it wasn’t as easy for AW) now it seems that he is accountable to no one bar Stan (who doesn’t give a fcuk as long as the outflows are a kept to a bare minimum).

  • to sum up the Suarez situation, the following needs to happen before we return with a 3rd and FINAL bid…

    1: Suarez hands in a transfer request

    3: we make an improved offer

    5: transfer done !

  • Yes, but JB for £55m we are more likely to get him? And he would be available for the second leg, or even the first leg if we are quick?, and that could be a £20m return, even if we play Giroud at CB, and Akpom up front.

    I exaggerate, but our need has to have a higher limit that what the player is worth as a general estimation. Not fair to compare past fees. We are in the here and now, and SQ strikers are in short supply.

    Or to put it another way, how much more would you value Suarez over JM’s nominee, who will probably sell for around £35m(40m euros)? Or indeed my plan M, £60m the pair?
    Don’t mention fat boy, he ain’t going anywhere.

    On the Director of Football point – It is not about keeping the Manager on a leash, rather letting the money people do their job with the way the market really is. Not have them controlled by a false estimation of worth?
    Dein was in another era. You have to be more subtle than just grease palms with a brown envelop, or indeed having a Swiss bank account in the name of your dog?

  • yep, we have places ourselves in a position where our backs are to the wall – and unless we go big as as 55 million (or 49), there is every likely hood that we will may end up as the laughing stock instead of being seen as title contenders for next season.

    taking out the rational approach and economics side of out it,

    then we need to wear the Chelsea’s owner hat – i want a player and i will go out of the way to get him – this needs to be the approach now with Suarez, even at 55 million – it needs to go ahead.

    here you go, watch his highlights from last nights game, this fella can help us transform this current team – no doubt , and all this after not much game time lately…

    there has to be a way of to do check-balances –

    no, the point here is moot or lack off,

    if for instance AW thinks Cavani is 30 million (which he did) and we go on bidding that much for him, then he decides/does all that on his own – you have a technical director , who’s main role is to negotiate and have his own mechanism’s in place…he would turn round and tell AW – nope, you gotta be more realistic and come join is in 2013 instead of living in 2003…it’s my job to get you the player you want to the emirates, it’s my headache, so don’t interfere with what i’m doing and let me get on with it, be it at 30 million plus ad on’s or 45 i’ll get you what you want now bugger off !

    i just get the feeling that AW also is keen on getting into the negotiating side of things as well, it’s all central and this is where it needs to de-centralize for me

    in essence, we’re in agreement but we argue from a slightly different angle.

  • Wenger is confident he will add to his squad in the coming weeks.
    “We are active,” he told Arsenal Player. “We are in a situation like Manchester United, like Chelsea, where everybody expects signings and at the moment not a lot has happened.
    “There are 18 days to go, so that is a long time in the transfer market and we will be active.
    “I cannot certify what the number [of players coming in will be] but we will be active until the end, that is for sure.”


  • Yes, we agree on that, and as I say I thought that is what IG said at some prezzer early on.

    I think the point it falls down is he wants an input on contract length, bonuses, etc. I don’t mind him talking to the player and player’s agent, but after that is agreed, he hands it over to the DOF/DOF-team, and they settle the financial agreement.

    With this current deal, I think we have to convince Suarez we are still serious. It may still be in vain as somebody might just have a punt. But with that sort of money, we ought to be able to wrap other deals – the Double M’s – without too much too late.

    We shall no our fate when they are back from their trip to Japan I guess?

  • I just can believe that some of you guys still expecting Wenger to spend 55 millions for Suarez.. it just insane.. hehe..
    COYG.. We can get 5 players for that.. and no way for that to be true.. We know Wenger won’t do that.. Not even if he give 200 millions to spend.. hahaha..

    Interesting that We will face spurs just at the end of TW.. but untill that We have 3 games to play.. and Wenger still have time to strenghten the squad.. hehe..

  • henrychan,

    where we’re sacrificing 4 players by bidding 40 million for suarez, then why not sacrifice another player and make it 5 to get Suarez ? 😉 you see what i just did there ? 🙂

    yep , agreed @ Gerry

  • It’s clearly that night in October when ManU came visiting, they got the game’s 1st goal through Wayne and some minutes later Thiti, And Eboue combined well for the equalizer before VanJudas scored a Screamer that only Wayne’s scorcher @ Newcastle beat to the goal of the season award. Though both players later went off injured but it’s a night to remember afterall.

  • good ones @ Willc88 and @ Funm

    so it appears Eto’o off to Chelsea if not man utd ? do i need to say the obvious here ? 😀

  • Thanks alex baby, super stuff, the stuff of legends !. 😀

    That little catch of fixtures you put up will indeed make or break us. We could be out of the running for league before it even starts and possible Thursday night viewings !. Lucky I have a bigger new sofa, it`s going to take a pounding up to Sept` 1st, not for the faint hearted !.

  • bad news folks,

    Arteta might be out for 6 weeks i’m hearing.

    indeed, this is getting serious now @ Glics

  • Your mission 007. You will fly to Dortmund, head hunt Klopp as Arsene`s eventual successor with the condition that Gundogan and Reus are sold at a discount price to us pronto !. Yes I know 007, this is tougher than when Redders threatened you with the Laser, but you are Bond !. God save the Queen !.

  • Alright , M

    i’ll ensure Gundogan doesn’t sign on the dotted line to extend his stay at Dortmund – i couldn’t hear the rest of the orders as i’m currently imagining being in the Bahamas with a red head, a blondey and a brunette

    over and out.

  • Probably to young, but the nearest ( Gundogan apart ) I have seen at Arsenal for keeping it simple and passing it about was the games I saw Zelalem play in Asia !.

  • So that’s Redders, VCC and TMHT !. Batting for the other side in the name of Queen and country !. Well done Bond !. hahaha

  • ahahahahahahahhahahaahaha @ Glics

    VCC , we will be fine, keep the chin up, Gundogan/Bender – will be fast tracked on M’s orders since Captain Arteta is likely to be out for 6 weeks from what i am hearing.

  • i have something to cheer both of you oldies (Glics and VCC) but i suspect it will be a bit too much considering we have a few kids on here….

    maybe there’s another way of sharing this link i got for yous ?

  • and no, it’s nothing dodgy before all of you with a curious mind come to that conclusion

    let’s just say, it’s a STUNNER scoring a stunning goal (a sort 22 second clip).

  • 007,

    The only thing that will cheer me up is Arsenal having a chance to win things and start competing again.

  • Hahahaha JB. C’mon now! The window isn’t over! Have the smallest amount of faith. 😉

  • New Post – New Post 🙂

    Dylan takes us through our formation options – with and without Suarez. A fantastic piece of work by our very own Jackie Wilshere! Enjoy 🙂

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