Arsenal’s 2013-14 formation options: With Suarez and without him

What is Arsenal’s ideal formation and starting XI this season?

Is Suarez coming or not? Who will replace Gervinho? Why haven’t we bought a DM? These questions have been asked too often over the past few weeks. So let’s bring the focus back to what should be most important: what happens ON the field.

There are infinite options for how a team lines up on the field. Ideally, the formation a team uses is specially designed to get the best out of the players the team has. The 4-3-3 that Arsenal currently uses was designed to really get the best out of two players in particular, Robin van Persie and Cesc Fabregas. However, both of these players are gone now and the question has been asked since the departure of van Persie: should Arsenal change formation to get the best out of the players we still have?

In my opinion, there are a few formations Arsenal could use to get the best out of our current players, but some depend on whether Suarez arrives or not. Therefore, there are two scenarios: with Suarez, and without Suarez.

With Suarez:

Suarez’s ability to play as a second striker (also known as a supporting striker, or SS), gives Arsene the option of lining up with two forwards who could play well off each other. There are pros and cons to every line up.

Possibility 1:



1)    Giroud’s excellent link up play will create lots of chances for both Suarez and himself.

2)    Allows Santi to play out on the left (arguably his best position).


1)    Rosicky has no spot in this line up.

2)    Santi and Walcott (along with our other wingers) would have to work a lot harder defensively.

3)    Suarez has to take less shots and be more of a team player with lots of passing (not necessarily all bad, but could reduce his goal talley).

This line up has more cons than pros, but allows for a very dangerous attacking two, and possibly a more solid defense with the wingers being forced to play further back. Santi could also play as an SS with Poldi or Ox on the left. Also, Poldi and Suarez both can player either SS or ST.  Finally, we could have Wilshere as part of the “defensive” two in the midfield and not have him worry as much defensively because we would have more defensive wingers.

Possibility 2:



1)    A dangerous front three with many different players who could play in a multiple of those positions.

2)    Our wingers wouldn’t have to work as hard defensively (a pro for Santi out left more than anyone else).

3)    Rosicky still has a spot in the team.


1)    Without a strong DM, it’s still a risk to play Jack as one of the two in the DM pivot.

2)    We have no World Class AM like we used to have with Fabregas.

This is essentially the formation we play now, but with the option of Suarez anywhere across the front three. It has fewer cons than pros, but we still lack the WC AM really required to unlock the full potential of this formation. If we brought Cesc back, this would be our perfect formation. This formation could also have Rosicky at AM, Ox on either wing, Poldi in the middle, Suarez in the middle, etc.

Possibility 3:



1)    A more solid defensive midfield.

2)    We could get the best out of multiple attacking midfields (Suarez/Santi, Suarez/Rosicky, Rosicky/Santi, etc).

3)    Our outside backs could go forward more freely.


1)    Basically no room for the wingers in our squad.

2)    Not much aerial service for Giroud.

3)    Suarez would have to play a deeper role.

This would be a very strange change of formation for us, but it has a good number of pros and cons. It would give us lots of attacking power through the middle, but it basically eliminates wingers from our team. However, with the Ox’s and Santi’s ability to play AM and Poldi’s and Theo’s desire to play ST, we wouldn’t necessarily be entirely removing them from the team. The strangest and least likely of the three, but maybe it could be an option in games against teams with very weak midfields?

Without Suarez:

With the Wenger’s desire to not spend, we may end up with no signings (or at least, not more than just Sanogo). Wenger says this squad could win the title, but maybe part of the reason he thinks that is because of a new secret formation he has up his sleeve? Let’s explore our options.

Possibility 1:



1)    This is a formation the team is familiar with.

2)    This allows Santi to play freely.


1)    Still no WC AM.

2)    A relatively weak defensive midfield.

3)    A lack of options up front.

This is basically the same formation as last year. Obviously changes could be made like Rosicky in the middle and so on.

Possibility 2:



1)     A solid defensive midfield.

2)    Space on the wings for the outside backs.

3)    We could get the best out of multiple attacking midfields (Suarez/Santi, Suarez/Rosicky, Rosicky/Santi, etc).


1)    Basically no room for the wingers in our squad.

2)    Not much aerial service for Giroud.

This is the same as the 3rd formation with Suarez, but this time minus him. A strange formation, but it could be used in times when we need a goal or against teams with a weak midfield. More of a formation you’d use in times of need than a regular thing. Not ideal without Suarez.

Possibility 3:



1)    We would be more solid defensively.

2)    Allows Jack to play more with less risk defensively.


1)    The front three would have to do most of the creating and would be very isolated.

2)    The connection between the midfield and front three is weak.

This formation is not perfect, but would allow Jack and Ramsey to make space in the hole between the oppositions’ wingers and fullbacks. This would also allow Jack to play with less risk defensively. This could work well and we could be countered on less, or it could backfire and leave us horribly exposed depending on the way this formation is played.

Overall, the best option is probably to not get tied to one formation. The first and second formations with Suarez are probably the best two, but neither is perfect. The best formation would almost be 4-2-2(wide)-1-1, if Wenger could find a way to make the very loose midfield compact defensively.

I’ll leave the question to you guys: pick your ideal starting 11 and formation, one with Suarez and one without (it doesn’t have to be one of the ones I mentioned above). Do NOT include room for other signings in either of those line ups.

This post in meant to get people away from the TW for a little while so everyone remains sane (at least for one more day). 😉

Thanks for reading. 😀

Written by: Dylan.

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161 thoughts on “Arsenal’s 2013-14 formation options: With Suarez and without him

  • Hi Dylan, great post I’ve enjoyed your previous blogs but this one has been the best, keep up the good work.

    I personally prefer a system with 3 at the back a bit risky defensively but I would like to see us give it a go, so it would look a little like this…


    Or with Suarez

  • Lots to think about here.

    I think we will stick with the 4,2,3,1 formation, whether we buy Suarez (unlikely) or not. Back 5 no argument about – we have a stable squad who are used to playing this shape now. Art and Ram in the pivot (again barring a SQ purchase). Walcott has to play when fit, and I would keep Rosicky in the middle (though he will need careful injury management) with Cazorla out wide (but free to roam). Ox will get wing time as well as some AM time I think, unless Jack really comes back this season. IF we buy Suarez then he plays on the left, with Cazorla moving into the middle.

    The problem we are all wrestling with is who covers for Arteta? Against weak opposition (Villa) surely Jack/Ox should be more than adequate. But a makeshift for the CL qualifier….? hmm, don’t like it much. Fingers crossed the injury is being over-stated by the press – and that our 2 key CBs don’t twang something in the next few weeks.

  • Thanks, Fred. 🙂 Interesting formation, but I think that 3 in the back would only work if we brought in Hummels (or some other big name defender).

  • AB, I think we will get a DM in, in time to play the second leg of the qualifier. Interesting that you want Suarez on the left. Would he be better there than in the middle?

  • Having 3 strikers in the team, whether its Wallcott-Giroud-Podolski, or your fantasy Walcott-Giroud-Suarez, while it sounds good in principle, it usually ends up having the reverse effect of what u would expect.
    It doesn’t result in more goals, and only achieves in creating dull, frustrating performances, lacking creativity.
    I speculate this is why Wenger employs the “striker-on-one and midefielder-on-the-other-wing” formation (remember Ramsey’s less than satisfactory attempts to play this role.. Remember Cazorla’s excellent performances on the left), as the use of only 3 creative players is not enough for a team attempting to play “Wengerball”

    Think our first 2 or 3 games of last season.. and Arsene’s comments after 1 of those games alluded to this fact. If I remember correctly

  • Good point Lobsta, but Suarez is a fairly creative player. And I think he is creative enough to play anywhere in our front 3 and not take away from that.

  • Hard not to think about formations without thinking about potential signings Dylan. But another way to look at it is to think about the players we most hope to come on this year. My problem is when I think about our current ‘must play’ players, and add in those I would most like to see coming on this season (Jack and Ox first amongst these, if we assume Rambo and Giroud are 1st team regulars already), it leaves very little space for new players. I come round to looking again at young talent to develop in certain spots (CB) plus our old favourite of SQ in attack and experienced cover for Art.

    I really want to see Rambo get a regular place this season, and I am really hopeful that Giroud will do the business up front. Rosicky is a joy and must be looked after, but we should give Ox some CAM time – it would be great to think we might get Fab back (or an equivalent), but we should plan to develop someone here in any case. And Jack if he comes back strong this year will demand a 1st team place, where ever that may be in CM.

    I have a really good sense about our squad, even if it is thin in places. I remain optimistic we will address this before the TW closes.

  • Dylan, I highly doubt we would use 3 defenders but I would like to see us give it a go in some less important games, maybe the capital one cup if we aren’t going to take it seriously? I think we are still missing a good left footed CB, maybe Lescott? Then rotate between BFG/Sagna and Koscielny for the central and right positions. I quite like my first little formation with the two creative midfielders sitting in front of the two defensive ones, would be interesting to see if it works. Then buy a top quality Winger to compete with theo and santi, maybe Pedro or Sanchez now that Barca have got Naymar? Or if Bale goes to Real Madrid then maybe Di Maria. Then Jackson Martinez as a striker. Could work, what are your thoughts?

  • Great, analytical post, Dylan. Really enjoyed reading it and contemplating the options! 🙂

    With Suarez, I can see us play your first option: 4-4-1-1 with the chewer in the hole, playing close to the striker, rather than boss the midfield area and makes things happening from a creative point of view.

    Without Suarez – by far the more likely scenario – I go for your third option, which is the most likely line-up for the start of the season. It is solid, tried and tested, but with an important tweak: quicker turnarounds from defence to attack with a major role for Theo….. but I am writing a post about this currently, so will keep schtum for now 😉

  • Dylan. Agreed, Suarez could play anywhere across the front or as SS. And I think he will create and score from anywhere. In which case why not also take advantage of the strengths that Giroud also brings and keep G in the centre?

  • Option three for me without Suarez. If Suarez comes I’d stick him in place of Giroud in the middle of the front three. It would be a fluid attacking line with Walcott, Cazorla and Suarez rotating who would be the centre forward.

  • This in the main is a pointless task. Wenger obviously has intentions to rotate this season. He started only 23 players in 38 league matches and 7 of the champions league matches last season. He basically has a core of 18 players plus martinez frimpong diaby ryo and sanogo. He will only venture outside of that in the event of injuries although I do believe he will try to add some players before the window closes. If he doesn’t his job could well be under threat. Including suarez is as pointless as including rooney bale or gustavo, I will be very suprised to see liverpool go back on their words and sell to arsenal now. I actually think we have more chance of signing rooney but the only way we will get him is if united get fabregas, personally I would rather we get fabregas then we have one of the players our formation was made for.

  • Agreed Fred and AB!
    Thanks TA. 😀 I quite like the 4-4-1-1 formation. But without Suarez, I see more of the same. Which isn’t bad. 😉
    Sounds like a solid trio to me Milo. 😉
    Fair enough bc. This was actually written a while ago when Suarez to Arsenal seemed certain. At the core it’s still relevant though. Formations on the pitch is important. With or without Suarez.

  • Well done Dylan, lots of work done there and lots to take in. Just two points, on possibility 2 (with Suarez ) Pros: #3 says….” Rosicky still has a spot in the team “….but I didn`t see his name there !. Also, Wilshere is only in half of the teams !, If he is fit, he will be a first choice starter all the time imo and also imo, this will be the Ox`s break out year, at who`s expense I don’t know, but he needs some proper playing time, maybe he will take Arteta`s place now he is injured !.
    Ramsey, Wilshere and Ox, fcuk the Bermuda Triangle, this is the British Triangle, find your way out of that one muvvers !. hahaha

  • Hahaha Glic. 😀
    I was mostly saying there was at least a position for Rosicky to play. Also, I love Jack more than any other Arsenal player, but it’s sooooo hard to break up Arteta and Rambo. I think Jack is more of a box to box midfielder than a nr.10. So until we get a true DM who can cover for Jack going forward, I worry about his playing time. I also hope this will be Ox’s break out season, but I doubt it. I think it’s very much an Aaron Ramsey case. He’s trying too hard to do too much right now. Like Ramsey, he needs a season to mature and learn to play simpler.

  • Right lads i am getting a little scared now, 15 players out this TW and 1 in Sanogo who i think will be good. I am hugely worried about the ammount of players that are slipping though our fingers, its driving me and us gooners nuts. On top of that we now know Theo and Arteta are injured a reason to worry indeed.
    Dr Glic,
    Just when i was getting worried you put a great thought out there , the OX to take Arteta position , that is genius why did i not think of that.?? I like it and think him and Rambo will have to do Arteta job for now.
    Wenger has stated that will be very busy for transfers over the next 3 weeks and we will haft to be. I mean it has to be said the Spuds finish 1 point below us last season and have added some good players, that said the ammount they have spent suggests Bale is funding it all and will be leaving.
    Sorry to go off topic on this issue again, i just had to air my thoughts on this.On your formations though which great some of them are without Walcott and Arteta availble most of which are not possible for Villa, I trust Wenger to field the best formation for any team we face
    To say the team is a little thin is a complete joke we now need about 5 signings by 3 weeks, we have a Champions league match in a week grrrrrr!

  • Hahaha oh poor PG. The TW has broken you! Have faith, mate. Signings will be made. 🙂

  • Dylan,
    Once again great post and very in depth. To be honest I am not one to really understand formations too well. All I know is that we need additions. We are too thin at the moment and if we are to be realistic, 3 additions would not be enough depth for a team that plays 50+ games per season.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks alexgunners. 🙂 I agree, at least 5 additions are needed for a true challenge on all trophies available to us.

  • @ Alex

    great post yesterday, loved all the vids too. Great reminder of all the good times we’ve had at the Emirates.

    @ Dylan

    Good tactical in depth post, enjoyed it.

    I’d go with Possibility number 2 (with suarez), except swap Suarez with Santi. Santi can drift in and push Suarez closer to goal. I’d like to see Suarez used as God was.
    I love the two defensively minded midfielders, it’s the perfect balance for our attacking style of play

  • Dylan – I love your writings, i just hate the timings! I am having trouble with my FF side, having changed the line-up 5 or 6 times since I entered the Boing!! league …
    Now you want me to put Arsenal’s woes to right … Please!?!

    I think AW has a loose idea of a formation, but is (now?) warming to the idea of a set defensive shape. The problem is we have not got the personnel to make it work.

    The obvious weaknesses are the ones he is trying to address. As was said above, the key is the speed we turn defense into attack – was that you TA? My your hols have done you some good … despite your last D&G post coming to fruition ha ha.

    However, that is only have the story. You also need to turn attacking breakdowns into a solid defensive positions. This is where player combinations are vital, and why today’s match will be tricky?

    I hope the team do not go out there thinking this should be ‘easy, against a weak Aston Villa’. They are a youngish side who still have Benteke, added Tonev who will do the supply job, and they counter attack at speed.

    This game, in a nutshell, is why too much thought on the formation is wasted if you don’t get the balance of players right – TA’s next blog, so I’ll say no more. But from the responses above, I would say too little has been paid to this aspect?

    Back to my FF team who are anxiously waiting to see who gets the chop? And it is Saturday, so the horse racing blog looks like taking a hit again?

    I look forwards to your match review Dylan, perhaps you can tie in the two thoughts?
    Mind if anybody else is up for a match review, Dylan can start doing some revision for his forthcoming day job .. ha ha

  • Morning guys 🙂

    How are you doing, Oz?

    I disagree with some of my fellow bloggers above; we do not need five signings at all. If everybody is fit, we would have a bench of Vermaelen, Nacho/Jenkinson, Fabianski, Rosicky, Ox, Pod and Sanogo. And there are youngsters coming through, pussing for a team role.

    We need DM and CB or RB cover – depending on Sagna’s role this season – and we need another attacker/goal scorer from midfield. Two to three players (at the most) can make a huge difference. A DM who can also play as CB would be great and an attacker who can also play as AM/nr.10 would be very welcome too. But it is not rocket science, is it? Come on Arsene: get a fecking wriggle on! 🙄

  • Morning Merry Gerry 🙂

    I enjoyed reading your comments if and when I could access the site for a few minutes during my hols. I especially loved your mini match report after the Oilers game.

    What are the rumours re Arteta: has Arsene said anything about him recently? Without him we are likely to struggle in midfield and I can only see Ramsey replacing him, but less effectively. The idea of Ramsey and Ox working together in midfield is not a bad one, though. I really liked Ox’s contribution for England this week: he did nothing wrong, played very maturely and disciplined and gave the England team its balance back…. So maybe it will be RambOx this weekend… 🙂

  • TA -No nothing on Arteta, other than the latest – OUT for 6 weeks! – The rest was my speculation. He does look good around the the centre circle in that advanced role, like he did at Everton. If a player like Gustavo, were to come in, it seems with the improving Ramsey it will be his spot that goes. Hence look at using him in the advanced for, say the first hour, and Rosicky for the last 30mins? The likes of Ox and Wilshere alternate behind in similar fashion/?

    Just a thought?

    On today’s game, I fear they may think it is an easy game, when they should be treating it as though Bayern were playing. A similar style, and they can be dangerous.

    The problem I see, with any other pairing without Arteta, they both tend to get forwards at the same time. A point I alluded to in the Man city game. This puts a big strain on Gibbs to cover on that side, and leave the gap down the line, and possibly equally dangerous on the right if Sagna is not fit, and Jenks is having to do both?

    My preference, as I said yesterday, would be to have Ramsey on the right, to help Jenks’s wing, put Hayden in as a recognised DM, and Wilshere on the left. That way you have one body that will always stay back, and add height in set pieces. You could still play Ox behind Giroud and Walcott, or wide left, as I doubt Santi will play the full match?

    It could be the blueprint for the CL game if it works, or wo have not made a signing in time?

  • Dylan, another wonderful article with an in-depth analysis of a world-class level.

    Personally, I don’t know how our team is going to look but let me try with this one:

    Szczesny-Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs-Ramsey, Wilshere-Oxlade-Chamberlain-Walcott, Giroud, Cazorla.
    Bench: Fabianski, Sagna, Vermaelen, Monreal, Rosicky, Arteta, Podolski, Sanogo.

    Now, exclude injured players (Sagna, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Sanogo) and you’ll notice in how deep crap Wenger has brought us into with his lack of purchasing skills.

    This transfer window has proved that Wenger lost his mind completely and if we fail to qualify for Champions’ League (which is an option given the strength of our squad and strength of our opponents), Wenger should be sacked immediately. What a cretin.

  • Dylan,

    Smashing post. Mouth watering looking through the set ups.

    I don’t think Suarez will be coming to the Emirates, so we will have to plan things accordingly.

  • JM,

    Scour the French school leavers this summer, and you’ll find the next Arsenal target.

  • @VCC August 16, 2013 10:10

    We would still need to pay compensation to the overseas/foreign (in this case French academy) for signing underaged players.

    Arsenal will be promoting more of their reserve and academy players into the first team:

    Damian Martinez, Serge Gnabry, Thomas Eisfeld, Yaya Sanogo, Gedion Zelalem (They have already been included in our provincial CL play-off squad against Fenerbahce)

  • JM,

    Good promising youngsters though they maybe, but we require the finished article atm.

    Plenty of top quality players are moving around. Why are Arsenal not securing one, two or even three to boost our squad?

    Beats me.

  • Wait guys, I’ve got it. Wenger has not signed any body because Diaby is going to be like a new signing to us. Why didn’t I think of this all Summer. Doh.

  • VCC,
    Diaby is always like a new signing, Dont forget TV5 will be like a new signing as well

  • @ VCC + Alex

    Don’t forget Frimpong and Ryo. They are like a new signing also.

    @ TA

    good as always, hope you and the family had a good holiday.

  • Thanks oz gunner. 🙂 Interesting that you think Suarez can be our new Bergkamp.
    Thanks Gerry. 🙂 For FF, make sure to buy the always scoring Chamakh along with the always playing Scott Sinclair, and the next Messi, Stewie Downing! 😉
    Thanks Admir. I agree we’re thin, but Wenger has also agreed with that three times. He says there are deals in the works. Maybe he let Gustavo go because there are better players lined up? (Gundogan, Bender, Vidal?).
    Thanks VCC. 😀

  • I would really, really like to have your level of optimism, Dylan, but if you ask me right now, I’d put more money on Koscielny’s departure in summer 2014 than on Guendogan/Bender/Vidal signing for Arsenal in 2013.

    Juventus are rich enough to keep their best players and to add quality players (hell, they signed Tevez and Llorente for combined 9 million pounds fee!) to their already strong backbone (Buffon, Bonucci, Ogbonna, Chiellini, Marchisio, Pirlo, Lichtsteiner, Asamoah, Vučinić).

    Bayer won’t let Bender leave – they have already sold Schuerrle.

    Guendogan? Let’s be realistic – Borussia Dortmund have shown strength to deal even with players that are not tied with them with a long-term contract (Lewandowski) so they won’t let Guendogan go at any price.

  • Thanks Dylan, I wish I had thought of those 3. Damn it,the window has closed now.

    Just you wait until Tuesday when the first leaderboard is published, eh?

    Admir, it is one thing to be frustrated, but I think you are a tad over the top there. Just remember he is th same”cretin” that has got you to having such high expectation?

    As for Gustavo, it sounds to me he has let his head rule his heart, in the short term that is.
    It is the VW money bankrolling his wages that he went for. Touch too much greed on the wages front, and not enough foresight on which team as likely to bring him the greater recognition for his International future. He may come to regret that?

  • I shall be watching the early kick-off match, mainly to see how they function without Suarez … It might be a permanent feature for them?

  • Admir, I think Wenger will find quality signings (even if it’s not the three I mentioned). He isn’t going to screw Arsenal over, although he may give us another up hill battle.
    Gerry, drat! Just make sure to use your transfer next week on Chamakh and your first wildcard on Stewie! 😉

  • Count on it D, Chamakh in my notebook for first reserve ha ha. Actually I can still do it before 11.30 tomorrow? Now where did I write my password down …

    On the reality front, I noted a slightly less confident tone coming out of Liverpool, but I would hope they are ready to pounce on some sort of Plan X as back up? Same with the DM situation. Mind, I am awaiting for 17HT to come on and explain exactly how ‘Mr Injuryman is siling on us’?? With a satisfied ‘smile’ of a job well done I shouldn’t wonder? I just hope HT does not follow it up with how well Per is doing …

  • Can I suggest that player that you admire so much? You know, the one that has signed for Hull …. Huddlestone?

  • I can see Wednesday will be the night spent reviewing the FF team, and Friday will be sweating on who will be fit with only one transfer in hand? Of what a wonderful way to spend to winter months.

    I might get to watch the odd match too?

  • Gday one and all. How are we?

    Thought id pop in and say hello, and ask if anyone has seen any super dooper qualiteeeee in the market. If so, can you tell my old mate Arsene that we have a friggin Barclays Premier League to win and it would be nice to introduce a few more troops to the front line. Sheeesh

    @Total, good to see the site pushing onwards and upwards. You d man!! Hows things?

    @ VCC, ive put in my guesses but im in moderation.

    @Glic, a big special ‘Hello’…..just for you 😉

    @Oz, are you gonna be singing the same song as me and Alex in the AFL…’wake me up, when September ends’..greenday. haha

  • hold your horses : sauce time very shortly…

    some very very interesting formations to utilize LS and even without him, will comment on the brilliant post by Dylan – later

  • Gerry, Huddlestone is in my notes, for one reason or another. As is Frimmy. 😉
    On another note, I’m sure Wenger planned for Gustavo choosing (incorrectly) to go to that Wolfenstein team. 😉
    JB, any news for your sauces? Specifically on the DM front?

  • JB – Such a tease? I reckon the only sauce he knows is of the Worcester variety – Very tasty, but does not satisfy without something to go with it?

  • Thanks JB. 🙂 I see you’ve already said something about your sauce. I might revisit this post after the January window and see our formation options again then.

  • For Gustavo, it may be that he wants a German passport – naturalization requisite 8 year residency and he arrived in Germany in 2007…

  • Gerry at 8.47 – all good points.

    I don’t think there is any risk of the team underestimating the game against Villa. This squad knows that it needs to work hard for every point.

    Interesting point about Hayden. I have not seen enough of him to know whether it would work, but I guess he would be too inexperienced for such a pivotal position.

  • jesus christ it’s triple P, call off the search party Alex. How have you been?

    @ Alex

    Damn I forgot I do them. I’ll do one when Arsene makes some signings.

  • I’ve never liked Sauces and I don’t much like yours either BJ 🙂

    Tell him he better get the next one right otherwise he’ll be hard to ketchup with!!!

  • do we like Lewandowski or ETO’O ;)?

    and Ozzie, considering my sauce got the last one and the 2 before those spot on, i’m kinda gonna let him live for now ahahahahahaha however, it’s deffo take with a pinch of salt or whatever Gerry prefers 😉


    i was told we have bigger fish to fry than Gustavo hence i shared it with you lot that don’t get your hopes high (when he started saying, he likes arsenal and all that).

    i’m just happy Theo is ok to start tomorrow, he’ll win us the game and the all important 3 points.

    who’s doing the preview for tomorrow (Stares at OZ)…

  • Hey boys, Very busy these past couple of days with houseguests. I’ve warned them about tomorrow morning’s match, however…

    Thanks Alex for the great bunch of clips. My boy and I have been working our way through them when we’ve got a moment free…

    Dylan, as always, I love both your enthusiasm AND the analysis. The Suarez apologies seem real this morning so I think the pendulum is swinging towards the bite boy not coming…(Gonna need a new avatar, probably…) With the season upon us and extra matches including one in ASIA, consider me a bit worried…

    No surprise there, I guess. I’m not sure exactly what Gerry means with the following statement, but I think he’s suggesting that I’ve become the voice of doom…and that maybe I take pleasure in it?(!?)

    Gerry wrote (above):

    “Mind, I am awaiting for 17HT to come on and explain exactly how ‘Mr Injuryman is siling on us’?? With a satisfied ‘smile’ of a job well done I shouldn’t wonder? I just hope HT does not follow it up with how well Per is doing” …

    If Gerry (or anybody else…) thinks I take any pleasure in “being right” or anything close, I must take umbrage. I want nothing but success for my team (and the manager) no matter how flukey it might be. Please oh please, I pray, lets get through these opening 5 matches and to the end of the transfer (terror, twitchy..) window in some sort of shape to carry on with a bit of hope for the remaining 8 months of the season…

    So, anyhow, I’m looking forward to the match tomorrow. There’s always pressure and there’s always the chance that pressure can bring a group together and that players and the collective can rise up and get the job done. For the moment, at least, I’m gonna ignore the injury news just as I’ve come to ignore (much of) the transfer news…

    OK, gotta get my fantasy team together…Until tomorrow…Carry on…

  • @ BJ

    Definitely Lewandowski. His crucial goals last season took him to the next level.

    @ TA

    that is true, he definitely could. In regards to the pre-matches I’ll let you know soon enough. All a bit crazy at the moment finding potential PhD supervisors, but once I get that sorted I’ll be back writing them on the governments money 🙂

  • Oh, I forgot…Very good to hear from the Prince!

    Yes, let’s get a match preview up. I need somebody to sort the injury news out for me. Ramsey and Theo are fine, correct? What about my man, BS3? I’ll be wearing my BS3 kit, but should I put in the blonde extensions if he’s not available? If the houseguests wake up and I’ve got them in but Sagna’s not in the line-up they might start to worry–even more–about me…

  • Penis, Pussy and Purse… hahahaha. Good to see things havn’t changed round here!

    Hi Total, i dont know anything about ‘dandy’, but this pre-season and TW really have me going F.I.N.E – Fooked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. Yep. Yourself mate?

    Hi Alex, How you doing mate? Harvey Norman took out an AVO against me. They said i was getting too close to their new LED LCD screens. hahaha

  • Hahaha FINE: that’s how we like you! 😛

    All good. Very busy with work, family (school holidays here), blog etc. But really looking forward to the new season, despite the TW shenanigans!

    Are you working for yourself again and how are your brothers now?

  • So, TA, it turns out Glic is your grandmother!? 😮 😀

    @Gerry – yes, but you know that De Gaulle’s quote about Petain (at least I read that version): “For what he did in World War I, he deserved a statue. For what he did in World War II, he deserved to be hanged on that statue.” (Petain was a crucial man in defense of French town Verdun in World War I where crucial battles on the Western Front were fought but he was also a man that was leading Vichy Government in World War II that was installed by Nazis.) Just like everyone here, I want Arsenal to succeed. I want the best for Arsenal. I don’t want Messis and Ronaldos if that would turn Arsenal into Leeds, Portsmouth or Anzhi. When I notice mistakes from the people I care about, I try to turn their attention to fix those mistakes.

    What Arsenal have done in this summer so far wasn’t good enough. We haven’t signed a single player despite having supposed 70-million-heavy war-chest. Bloody Spuds – who don’t play in the Champions’ League and don’t have revenues anywhere near ours – spent 60 million pounds so far and made their squad stronger than it was. Liverpool are making signings and showing us how sticking to your best players can be a good thing. And they are not playing in Europe at all. Chavs added Schuerrle to already strong team, City added four decent players to their ranks.

    And, now, one day before the opening match, we have just 11 senior players healthy. That’s negligence, that’s something worth of slapping.

    @JB – I wouldn’t mind taking Eto’o. 😉 He has won Champions’ League three times and he was a key player in each one of it.

  • @ TA

    I don’t think he has one left, something about ink poisoning and amputation

  • 17HT – No, the one with the satisfied smile was Mr Injuryman – the one that was ‘smiling on us’ – which is why I highlighted the satisfied ‘smile’. I sensed it was a bit ambiguous, but to try and clear it up would have ruined the flow of the sentence. So sorry, you just got the ‘ ‘.

    As if I would think that of you? .. but yes, injuries did follow your statement, so when you sort out your FF team, try not to think in terms of ‘he’s bound to play’ eh?

    Something to think about on the FF front. Whilst looking at games at the weekend might be a good starting point, but with only one transfer each week, it will take 11 weeks to change a team completely. So think of a long term base that you can tweek each week according to who they play? However, the other thing to remember is players prices will rise and fall, so a player you cannot fit in now might be available in the future on the back of some poor results. On the same theme, players you get in at current prices might go up, so be prepared to sell if you feel they are likely to peak anytime soon?
    In other words, do a Suarez, show no loyalty ha ha

    I hope that helps? You can still change your entire line up until 11.30BST tomorrow, so have fun.

  • Thanks 17HT! It’s true, the Suarez deal seems lost now. But Wemger surely has a plan B and C (and I doubt either is that fat bloke who likes to roll around in ManUre 😉 ). Now remember when setting up your FF team, buy all players with red ! marks next to them, they’re bound to play. 😉 Also remember, Chuba Akpom will be our main striker this year and is available for selection.
    In reality, why does it show 0 people have selected Soldado, Jovetic, Negredo, Bony, and other newly purchased STs?
    JB, I’d prefer neither. Lewandowski will turn on us for Bayern and Eto’o is too old. If we’re going to steal from Russia I’d rather get Doumbia.

  • Too early to think that Suarez has apologised. Media stuff until you hear it from him? They realised by isolating him was only going to make him more bitter. By putting him back in training with the first team they can ‘allow’ these apology stories to spread. If that had been the case I would expect Rodgers to be on every media outlet proclaiming it. Up to now he hasn’t?

    TA – You may have missed the fact that Hayden did come on for the last 5 minutes against Man City. Nothing much can be read into that other than he was on the bench?

    He did have some top class games at CB and as a DM in the Next Gen series and Under21’s. What I was saying, it is a natural position for him, and, he should have Per not far away to keep him alert, and Jack and Aaron(as we are calling him these days) on either side, or at least one he can pass to? But his main job would be purely to hold up play until the cavalry arrive?
    Like I say, there are enough experienced players around him, and as you are one of the people saying how good the youngsters coming through are, you should be leading the call for him. For me, it is better than the alternatives, other than Yennaris?

  • Gerry, sorry if I misunderstood…Maybe I’m taking on too much of the stress that I feel is on the current (skeleton of a) squad we’ve got…Hell, even the transfer betting Bond took a look at our August fixtures and went, “Gulp”…. 😀

    My hope is that some of the “Injuries” are more of the usual “Wenjuries” and that it’s an excuse to rotate in whatever way we can for these games every 4 days…As worrisome as the reports are, I found it even scarier that we were bringing on players with work permit issues in our final friendly. Where was Gnabry or Olsson or Eisfeld in the Finnish Friendly?…I tend to believe my eyes more than the papers (or the blogs) these days…but I must ask the question, if we’re selling off our under-performers (and/or former 1st team players) and not buying replacements, shouldn’t we be seeing our youth team guys stepping in? Zelalem, promising as he is only 16. Will he really be playing in these early matches?…

    Who knows? I’m hoping to see something good tomorrow–a solid defense and 3 points for the Arsenal… I’ve got Giroud to continue his preseason form (which feels like a VERY hopeful stance to take…) and I’m hoping that Theo is available to pull the defense away from the big French fellow. Certainly the OX will be playing (somewhere) and will need to turn in a performance…

    Ugh, the summer isn’t over (yet) but the clouds are (or at least certainly seem to be..) building…

    Go on you Gunners… (And you BKers, with your nearly endless ability to cheer me up…) 😀

  • Gerry, yes we all seem to be on Aaron-terms now hahaha 🙂

    I am only for youngsters getting a chance who appear to be ready.If you say Hayden could be ready then that goes some way… but I first will need to see him play myself.

  • Dylan,
    You were not wrong , this TW has been tough as has the last few years really i just hoped for good things. the ammount of time i have spent on it this summer lol, lets just say its been emotional. All them disapointment’s
    I am a die hard Wenger fan though, i still think he will find us some gems well known or not. He does always or nearly always find great players.Like JB i am pleased Theo is fit for tomorrow.
    My prediction for tomorrow is Podolski to score first a Gooner win of 3-1 or 4-1 .
    Come on Arsenal 🙂

  • TA,
    Who is this lad Jeremain Lens? He is in the Dutch national team i know nothing about him, i was doing my own scouting work ha ha ha ha ha . Well i came across him check out his last couple of goals he has great feet and very fast.
    What do you think about him??

  • Afternoon Shifty Shirtlifters 😆

    First of all, great to see the Prince of Pervsia back ! . hahaha

    Now I`ve been out delivering all day in the blazing sun and I`m not after any sympathy as someone has to do the job, but it is fcuking hard !…..I started here in Bude…………..

  • TA,
    That is a shame , i knew nothing about him but he looks every part a Arsenal style player. Oh well back to the drawing board i dont even mind being a scout for free of charge over the next 3 weeks if it means improving our beloved team lol

  • So while you Bandits have been keeping an eye on the TW !….I have been involved in my own TW……………………………The Wank !. hahaha

    Obviously none of them beaches I went to have given any of you the BOING factor !, however I did go to Port Isaac, so just for you bastards…….knock one out !………………………………………

    I bet Oz has got a semi already !. hahaha

  • I know PG, it`s a hard job of a hand job driving around all the beaches in Cornwall, but someone has to do it and that going blind fcuker is me !. hahaha

  • I need a holiday i could do with laying on a beech somewhere with some honeys like them walking about and getting wet .

  • Fairplay Dr , that is not a bad idea either Cornwall of Bournmouth would do for a week

  • TA,
    Who is Ola Toivonen? He plays for PSV as well is he any good do you know? Mind after losing Lens it would be hard to make them part with him.

  • He is okay too, PG but not really Arsenal calibre. Norwich have tried to sign him but he is aiming a bit higher than that…. unlike Pieters who went to heavenly Stoke hahaha 😛

  • I too have been a great backer of Arsene in the past, but this is the final straw !. He`s not happy with just running Arsenal from top to bottom, now he`s invading my patch with the humour !………………………….”For me, if you make 70 points, it means there is not a big difference between you and first place “. really !, what about a fist place !, your arse !. hahaha

  • Dr,
    I agree if he cant do the business in this window even me a die hard Wenger fan will have been tested to possible breaking point i would give him til the Winter TW as well but then i would have to say it might be time to move on as sad as that makes me.
    Well at least his got his head screwed on why would you go from PSV to Norwich i don’t mind your local mob but you wouldn’t would you lol

  • That said though Doctor i mean we beat city at the weekend, the young guns look great and he makes a great side and brings out the est. It is purely the transfers which is gutting. We haft to get behind him and the team i dont want to see us booing him tomorrow and they will if something goes wrong . We just don’t know what has been going on behind he scene as he is so secretive on transfers. He cant win unless he makes a big signing.

  • I think the problem is ………………………….Steve Bould !………………..he`s shafting him !. Look at this picture of Bouldy, is he not wearing black eye liner !. Wengers spending his money on dressing Bouldy up as a Transvestite !. That’s why Stretch ( TMHT ) is always sticking up for him…..they meet in the same Brentwood Trannie circles !. Wenger spends more money on cock make up remover than Dame Edna ( that’s why PPP has been missing, he went walk about in Edna`s Y-Fronts ! hahaha )

    Now don`t tell me that isn`t eye liner !.

  • Yep a wig and lipstick he would defo look like a butch lesbien, what a waste of cash tut tut

  • I worry about the Quarter Pounder Rubbish QPR fans too, everytime my old man says his going down to Shepards bush the chant sheep sheep sheep shaggers enters my head.

  • I see from the latest ‘alternative’ touted, Osvaldo (ha ha), we are working backwards through the alphabet? So with Negrado already gone … they are getting warm?

    Mind, I still do not see any great apology being announced after talks with Rodgers. Perhaps something will emerge before/after the game tomorrow?

    What say the sauces JB?

  • I thought it was hilarious at one the last few matches when we were under the cosh a bit, there was clearly some yobbo shouting obscenities, and it was picked up on one of the pitch microphones …

    And, as always at these moments, the camera switches to a close up of Wenger pacing up and down …. Unfortunately, as AW moved to his right, and it revealed behind him was Bouldy, who was in the act of urging the players on ….’F*cking Move!’

    Heard and lip read.Timing impeccable?

  • Evening Begkampesqueres

    Very fine post Dylan. i see a great future for you, plenty of women and money, the kind of future i could have had if i wasnt skint and disgusting looking. You deserve it.

    I dont realy do tactics. i once had a disagreement with TA about this saying its more about strategy than tactics. In the end he backed down, admitted i was right and sent me a written apology, which was very nice of him.

    Going to the game tommorow and despite all the pessimism i am realy looking forward to it

  • lol Gerry i did not notice that.
    Who do you want us to buy now if we can? and that is a real possiblity?

  • TMHT, thanks mate. 😉 You’re very lucky to get to go to the game. I’ll be up early in the morning with my mom to watch the first game of the season, and then the Arsenal game right after.
    COYG! 😀

  • Score pediction Hair Transplant? who do you think will be the first goal scorer? Have a good match wish i was going.

  • I have a good feeling PG, reckon were going to thrash them. Maybe something like 5-0.

    This is the year i expect our young Guns to make big progress. By the end of the season Jack, OX, etc will be very very good players.

  • PG – It is always after Suarez, in the striker dept. I would go Double M. You have one for the present, and one to develop, but who still interesting in current state. Cost £60m the pair?

    To compliment them you would need some more creativity, and the as yet ‘unsigned an extension’ from BD would do nicely. But on the cheap, the young MF from Lille would be okay, and then there would be money left for a DM. But Lyon have a couple of AMFs, but it seems we are destined not to get either.

    Finally, the young CB from St Etienne, at the other end of the alphabet.

    See JB, I’ve not named anyone?

    That would need a budget a tad over the £100m, but if we spread the load on to next season, it could be done?

    So if you can unravel that, you have my answer? Mind, the PSV pair are interesting too.

  • 5-0 and Arsene will be applying black eye-liner to Bouldys rectum !.

    Hey Stretch, that book Fifty Shades of Grey has sold over 70 million copies worldwide, I`m sure your Mancini Diaries would be more interesting and sell more !. Not that the BK Broke Back Bandits would be interested, they`re more interested in Fifty Shades of Gay !. hahaha

  • What`s all this cryptic…the cat crept into the crypt, crapped and crept out again…crap ?.
    Name names fcukers !.

  • cheers, Gerry

    you got a lot of “interesting” options and players there, some top notch ones as well

    i’m just glad the season starts tomorrow, and then we have the turks to worry about on wednesday – puts the TW talk on the back burner unless we fail to deliver the goods tomorrow and then it gets really really interesting – i’m hearing there might be a backlash of a very serious nature by the fans – let’s hope AW and the boys are at the races tomorrow.

  • Hey, don’t mention the races, I am 3 weeks behind in my ratings!

    See glic, somebody knows who I meant?

  • I think 12 noon would be a good time to put the big money to the test. You can just imagine how the pre match/post match press conference will go? ha ha

  • hahaha, i noticed that apart from young PG no one else commented on your gear stick expanding photos.

    I on the other hand stared at them for a good 20 minutes and exciting, but cruel and vicious thoughts came to mind. hahaha

  • I just though Micheal Luadrup comments on Michu. Do you think we have made an aprouch for him i think we may have and i would not mind having him though Micheal says hands off.
    Also i think Luadrup could be a good manager for us in the future. He seems pretty solid to me. Liverfool made a mistake they took Brenda and Swansea did very well getting Luadrup, Liverfool should have got Luadrup instead.

  • ha ha ha TMHT you dont have to ask this young PG to check out some lush boobs twice. I am gonna haft to go back for another look now.

  • Gerry, I’d prefer bidding £50-£60 mil for the title winning goal scorer for the sky blues two seasons ago (keeping the trend of no names) than the double M’s.

  • This is how I see it. Arsene is on a hiding to nothing !.
    Take our first 10 EPL games and this is not my opinion as mine is that all games are hard !, but the general Arsenal support probably thinks these games apart from maybe one from the Spuds or Bindippers should all be wins :

    Villa Home
    Fulham Away
    Suds Home
    Sunderland Away
    Stoke Home
    Swansea Away
    WBA Away
    Norwich Home
    C Palace Away
    Scouse Gits Home

    Now without even buying anyone the fans are going to expect wins !. Drop points against the supposedly weak teams and no SQ players bought and nearly all fans are going to bust a blood vessel ( nearly all means everyone apart from Stretch ! hahaha ). Imo, 28 points and CL football will only have the general fans thinking that was what was expected !. Anything less and the brown stuff will be flying off in all directions from the fan(s) !.
    Buy SQ and we still drop points and the fans will be saying he didn`t act quick enough or soon enough in the window !.
    The beginning of the end comes to mind for me regarding Arsene. Be it enough or too little, it could well be too late !. The demise of a legend could be one of the saddest sights ever at Arsenal . Hope I`m drastically wrong.

  • Hahaha Stretch. Obviously so far, only me, you, PG and Prince are exempt from being shirt lifters !. hahaha

  • i really hope your wrong Glic, but just like you i fear the worst.


  • Princey Baby, were you been?

    Heres a tip for any one struggling to pull. Stand at the bar and then make eye contact with your target. Once you have her in conversation make out that your an Iron but your starting to have confused feelings.

    It dont work for one night stands, but after a couple of dates tell her that you cant resist her and i gaurante instant success.

    P.s, if you find it difficult acting like and Iron, wear a pink hat and handkerchief

  • I am very worried for him too. But he is a wise old owl , he will sort something out he is now in full focus for Villa. We have for the first time in a lot of seasons kept our best players and he is working very hard on adding quality .
    He has only this season left on his contract, i would never boo him . I love the professor too much, i would just be so disappointed if it ended badly for him, he has done more for our club then any other manager in my whole life bar Fergie.
    We really need to get behind him, the media are putting huge pressure on him as it is.
    Back Wenger Gooner’s

  • Got to go,i have a date tonight

    Dont like i have to wear that Iron pride T Shirt tonight, but its all in a good cause. hahaha

  • Much as I love (what we over here call) cheesecake, I love even more when the good doctor talks football. Frankly Glic, I think you’re dead on about the results needed to appease the masses…Given extra matches for our threadbare, already banged-up squad (CL qualifiers and, hopefully, group matches, PLUS Internationals at a rate our competitors will not be playing…) and I think it may be a step too far. With the summer an official PR disaster, ANY slip up and AW is under real pressure. Has Silent Stan’s syrup may get tossed under the blanket if the weather turns…

    I think we will be doing business but we need bodies–ideally bodies who can improve the squad, but if not, bodies that can plug a dike, as they say…Somehow I cannot see the 1-2 BIG signings plus 2-3 squad or for-the-near-future types coming in…It’s just too late…

    Oh well, like the gambler says, “If I can just run the table, I’ll be back to even”… 😆

    As for tomorrow, I’m very curious if Benteke will be auditioning for a role with our club (or others) or if he’ll be counting his money and thinking about his big meal out in London…i.e., I picture that he’ll be hungry, but for what, exactly…They’ve got a few other guys, who, if they come in fit, could be trouble–I most fear the guys with the 4 syllable names…(See, I can play the game, too 😉 …)

    A second item will be the 18 players who suit up for us….Given that we didn’t have that number in Finland, to which youngsters will we give the honor (honour)?…

    Still, I llike the 5 nil (with an OG hat-trick?) and forcing the grim-sters to wait a week or two.

    Big match, but I guess they all are… 😆 🙄

  • this for Terry,Glic and co 😉 (anyone under 18 – don’t even think about it – even though i know you will be the first ones ) ahahahahahahaha


    what a STUNNER that goal was.

  • Stretch and Prince. Did you notice on AA that there is a “Trolls” thingy at the top of the page ! . I don’t think they ( moderators ) have seen my comment yet !, it`s harmless, but knowing the likes of BR, it will piss him off !. hahaha

  • Putting the transfer window aside for a sec, i just hope that, starting with the Villains tomorrow, Arsenal play with freedom and confidence, putting it into our heads that every team starts on zero. None of this handbrake stuff and playing within ourselves that we have grown accustomed to in recent times.

    I also believe that to have any chance at lifting that piece of tin, we must create a fortress at home. If we can do that than logically we’d be half way there. Yes?

    One last thing before i hoover my weetbix and head to work (with Dame). How many times have games been played before us only to see our rivals drop points. And now, how many times have we failed to take advantage in those situations?

    I know we havnt even kicked off, but im starting to suspect a very very very bumpy ride ahead for us gooners. So far this silly season hasn’t swayed in our favour.

    Dick law, Ivan and Arsene play the transfer game the same way our boys played (at most times) last season….with the friggin hand brake on.


    on that note, have an awesome day muvverZ

  • It will be ok Prince, i expect Podolski to score at least once tomorrow and be a real force this season, all the 3 signings from last year have improved and the lads are ready to go.
    They know what is required Lets just try and think positive , we are making 40million £ bids, we lost none of are best players we are still looking to add a few and we are the only top club with the same manager.

  • Laterz Prince, be careful with the nail gun, there`s only so many times you can ask your client to call the Ambulance after nailing your cock to the floor without them thinking you`re incompetent at your job !.

  • Merry Terry, I was gonna say the same thing but looks like Glic is always looking out for you.. Under no circumstances are you to swallow on the first date, and a gentleman should never kiss n tell, so, even if you do, you should keep it to yourself. hahaha
    By the way, ive been good. Chat later, gotta work. Byee

  • Thanks 17ht, I can sometimes try and talk sense, but most others do that all the time and are far much better at it than me. So as you can guess, I prefer the crap !. hahaha

  • Gerry, are you talking about Thauvin from Lille??? 😀 He would be a brilliant signing!!! 😀 He JUST signed for Lille though, from a club in the French Ligue 2, and I don’t know the rules regarding how many transfers you can make in one season with one player. I don’t think Lille would give him up without a fight!!! He has just as much talent, if not more so than Hazard, in my opinion. He doesn’t have as much pace, but his technique is absolutely flawless!!! I was upset we didn’t get him from Ligue 2 when we were interested in him, in the first instance. I hadn’t even seen him play, but I figured if he was going to Lille to replace Hazard, he must be pretty damn good!!! 😀

  • Arrrrgh. Dont you just love it? Wake up at the crack of dawn, freeze your walnuts off getting the tools in the car and then recieve a phone call saying the material wont be delivered until after midday. I lose half a day because of those lazy prick delivery drivers. Probably stopping off at beaches and taking happy snaps. 😯

    Oh well, i guess your all stuck with me for a while longer.

  • Hi ProudGooner.
    Love the positivity @20.53, but im confused (stop it Glic). Please explain to me how all of a sudden we can afford to bid/buy 40mil plus players?
    Why we couldnt snag the best player in the EPL to stay and captain us and why we are willing to go to 50mil for a player who is suspended for ever, yet we never bothered with his international team mate at that price?

  • Hahaha Prince, whilst I was wanking…sorry watching the beach babes today, at home I was having 80 linear metres of western red cedar delivered ( obviously the driver was an Arse bandit not bothering to take the long detour via the beach like me ! ) ready for the chippies ( when they come back ! ) they underestimated the amount needed to clad the Love Shack. ( it`s cost nearly £3000 for the cladding @ £3.75p per linear metre )

  • Prince,
    I have been asking myself the very same question for the last few days, we did try and keep him but he was determined to leave for Man.u and signed for them put number 20 on the back of his shirt signaling united 20 league title that was all he wanted to wiun the league straight away the easy way,and he got it the Judus grey haired, glass legged piece of shit. We should have made him see out his contract and lost the 25 million.
    If your star skipper is willing to leave to join your arch rivals , then he really is not an Arsenal man anyway, i would love to play against him i would put in the dirtyist tackle.

  • Surely the Kharkiv scenario would be set as a precedent in our case should they find the Turks guilty. Funny thing is that the next team in Turkey to take Trabz place (if guilty) are also under investigation…or so i heard

  • @ BJ

    Sign her up!!! I’m surprised Arsene hasn’t tried to sign up an Arsenal lady before. Cut her hair short and she’d still look more masculine than Nani and Ronaldo.

    @ GLIC

    what a tough day you’ve had with all those beach babes. But you’re right the best one was of the fisherman’s friends. My bucket list has getting drunk with that lot and singing sea shanty’s after Arsenal win the league!

  • @ PG

    Agreed. I’d swing more elbows than Keown against Van Nistelrooy. He’d release a new book ’50 shades of black and blue’

  • Great post with a terrific idea,
    All the same, I think we’ll be better off with few additions to our “bare-bone” squad. I jes pray Arsene wll make haste(not literally) on this front as the so- called SQ players left are being snapped up every passing day. Spurs are done with Capoue’s deal today you never can tell which player’s turn it’s gonna be tomorrow.
    Back to the topic being discussed here, here’s my own team:
    1. Zszceny
    2. Sagna
    3. Gibbs
    4. TV/Frimp(when fit)/Arteta
    5. Kos
    6. Mertesacker
    7. Theo
    8. Santi/Rosīçky
    9. OG
    10. Ramsey(in a double pivot with Teta)/ Jack
    11. Poldi.

    My Second team
    1. Fabiansky
    2.Jenks/ Bellerin
    3. Nacho
    4. Yennaris
    5. Sagna/ TV
    6. Bendtner(funny)/Mert
    7. Ryo
    8. Ox
    9. Sanogo
    10. Eisfield/ Zelalem
    11. Gnabry/ Rosicky

  • How true is this: “Why make all of his signings early in the transfer
    window? That would raise expectation levels and put
    even more pressure on him and the players? By
    waiting, he has lowered expectation levels and given
    Arsenal a great platform to have a great season”

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