Jack in the hole, Captain Per, RambOx, Pod-OG-Theo up-front

Jack in the hole: let's hope he is fully fit and ready to direct our attacking play against Villa.
Jack in the hole: let’s hope he is fully fit and ready to direct our attacking play against Villa.

Arsenal – Villa preview report. 

At last it is here: the new season kicks off tomorrow. Having been tortured long enough with transfer fairytales and make beliefs, at least we can focus again on meaningful football. Our game against Villa tomorrow is a tricky one, even though Arsenal are at home. Paul Lambert will be happy to have survived a very difficult season at Villa and I have little doubt he will have worked hard this summer to improve his squad and his team’s quality of football. In reality, they have nothing to lose and will approach the game with both a good game plan and a ‘let’s go and enjoy ourselves’ sort of attitude.

Therefore, it is key for Arsenal to start the game strong and determined, with a high tempo and lots of pressure on the Villa midfield and defence from the start, whilst at the same time focussed and organised in defence. The latter will be a bit of a test for the team now that Arteta is ruled out, and the most important selection choice Arsene has to make is who to play in the double DM pivot.

I reckon he will go for Ox and Rambo tomorrow. Ox really impressed me during his cameo against Scotland for England this week: he was disciplined and focussed and did not make a single mistake in the more defensive midfield role he was given. However, I reckon Rambo will move into the Arteta role and Ox will take over from Rambo, and both will be given clear instructions to keep it tight at the back and guard the shape of the midfield throughout the game. The good thing about Ox and Rambo is their enormous energy and forward thrust (especially Ox), but it remains to be seen whether they can make us forget about Arteta’s great, fox-like ability to give shape and purpose to our midfield.

I am praying for an early goal for the good guys, after which we keep the pressure up and profit fully from the space Villa will have to open up in order to get a goal back. But it is more likely that Villa will sit back and absorb our pressure, and Arsenal will have to be both disciplined and creative to get into scoring positions, whilst constantly dealing with the threat of quick and incisive counter-football as well as lethal Villa set-pieces. It won’t be a walk in the park tomorrow, that is for sure.

If Wilshere is fit to play, I reckon he will start in the hole tomorrow. The two other options for this position, Cazorla and Rosicky, are likely to start on the bench against Villa, but should come on later in the game.

At the back, the team picks itself more or less. I expect Szczesny to start, Per and Koz to be our CB-pairing, and Gibbs to start as our LB. If Sagna is fit he is likely to start; if not, it will be Jenkinson.

Mertesacker will be the captain, and I reckon he is the best candidate to become our long-term captain. So, let’s see how he does tomorrow.

Up-front, it is not much rocket-science either. Gervinho has gone and Sanogo is not fully fit, and with Cazorla returning late from his international match, I reckon it will be Pod on the left and Theo on the right, with OG in the middle. All three carry a good to great goal threat, and hopefully they will fire from all cylinders tomorrow.

Predicted Line-up:


Let’s hope for a committed, full-on game, and NO FURTHER injuries, and a nice win for the mighty red and white.


Written by: TotalArsenal.

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326 thoughts on “Jack in the hole, Captain Per, RambOx, Pod-OG-Theo up-front

  • about bloody time, nice one TA

    interesting formation, however , i would prefer this front line

    Ramsey – Jack


    Theo Giroud Poldi

    3-0 Arsenal !

  • Good stuff! Feels much better than mourning over lost transfer possibilities. I’m pretty much with JB on this.

    Who joins Ramsey in the pivot? Could well be Ox, but my vote would be Jack to start with – more passing range and control. Further up I can’t see us leaving both Rosicky and Santi on the bench; assuming the latter needs some rest then Rosicky starts for me. I’m yet to be convinced that Poldi is going to do it for us, so I am ok starting with him on the basis that Santi needs rest from his travels, but if they were both fit then Pob would start on the bench.

    Agree with you TA about the early goal. This team could win well tomorrow, but we will start to feel the nerves if there is no progress early on, and the home support needs to stay with the team tomorrow, come what may!

    3:1 for my money.


  • It always frightens we with Theo and Podolski wide.
    It gives us so much more balance with Cazorla wide left.
    I’d prefer this
    Mertesacker Koscielny
    Sagna. Gibbs
    Wilshere Ramsey
    Walcott. Rosicky. Ox

  • TA,
    I completely agree, that is the team i would start and i think it is a strong line up. I also think they will sit back and try and park the bus and counter. I think Podolski and Theo will tear them apart at some point hopefully within the first 20 mins. It really is great to have Walcott in the team and not injured, i see him as a man now and not the boy who was getting pushed about a bit. He is up for the fight now and is a crucial member of the team. Come on Theo good luck have a blinder.
    I want Podolski to start playing 90 minutes this season, yeah rest him is we are in a very comfortable position and give someone like Serge a good run out.
    Like you said, its time to just forget about transfers, let the Boss do his hard work quietly and just enjoy what he puts out in front of us.

  • as much as i would like that @ TA

    i just doubt it,

    plus i reckon OX is a better used option from the bench , if we need to take Rosicky /Theo off…

    we need experience tomorrow with Santi, Possibly not playing the entire game or starting, Rosicky will do just that and speed up the play as well – this season is Rosicky’s (you heard it here first!

  • AB,
    That is my score prediction too, it has won me money on Arsenal quite alot over the years, i may cover it with a 4-1.
    Not say it will be an easy game, but we should have to much for them to handle.
    Who do you think will score first?

  • PG,

    First goal between Theo and Giroud – head says the former and heart says the latter; it would be great to have a confident striker from the word go.

    I’d also love to see who Arsene brings on from the bench if we do get into a comfortable lead – will he blood Zelalem, or give Gnabry a run out? It will be fascinating to see who he thinks, at the start of the season, is going to be coming through this year.

  • the only player i would consider dropping to the bench is Jack, Start Rosicky or Santi bring on either as sub visa- versa . The truth is they are both more expirianced and better players at the moment Jack is still learning of them

  • AB,
    I agree, it wil be interesting we have by far the most exciting young players coming though again, both could do it.
    On Giroud i think we have seen no where near his best form last season, he is France first choice Striker now and he has a season behind him. I think he is going to do well, fingers crossed i like the lad he works hard and wants to do really well. The same can be said about Podolski and that is where my money is going.
    Podolski to score first 3-1 to us, covered by a 4-1

  • 1 other thing Santi scored about 14 goals in his first season for us compared with Jacks 2, that is something he has to improve. If you are looking for a quick start then i would go for Santi, if he is tired then just give him a half.

  • @ TA

    cheers for the pre-match. I’d go with that lineup too as I feel Villa will be parking the bus. Having the extra drive in Ox should allow us to crash through it. I’m predicting a 3-0 victory. God I hope we score early for the players sake. If we go into half time 0-0 I could only imagine the boos that will rain throughout the stadium.

    @ PG

    I agree, Giroud’s best is yet to come. May he deliver plenty of humble pie servings just like Ramsey has!!!

  • @ RA

    we need your UMF’s…well I do anyway. Who else am I going to copy from when I find myself to close to GLIC on the ladder

  • I like TA’s line up. I liked the look of Ox in last seasons final game and this would be more of the same. I don’t think Jack belongs in the hole, but reckon Santi and Rosicky aren’t fit to start so it’ll have to do.

  • AB – Rambo-Jack is a strong possibility, but I think Arsene has big plans for Jack to play in the hole this season, with Rosicky being his back up.

  • OZ Gunner,
    I think you are right, he had a nerves start, plus the pressure of replacing you know who. For know the position is his and i think he has the skills to do himself and the club justice.
    Love the picture of the super A-Wengers the Hulk one made me laugh

  • Jambo – good point about experience, which Rosicky would undoubtedly bring. However, as it is a home game and I reckon Wenger will push hard to get Rambo, Jack and Ox into the first team as first choices this season, I reckon TR7 will start on the bench.

    He did not play for the Czech Republic this week: has he retired now from international football or is he not fit?

  • not retired,

    Wenger protecting (saving him for this season)

    he’s the captain of the national team.

    i’ll be very surprised if, Rosicky didn’t start tomorrow.

  • apologies if i sound a bit biased, but Rosicky is on a whole new and gives this team the class it sometimes lack (even if it’s in patches due to his fitness) but he sure as hell tries and is a winner.

    the domestic games we got knocked out from, it seemed as if, he was the only one who wanted to win the game and came close by hitting the bar

    he needs to stay fit and i’m confident, we will have a promising season !



    relax buddy, take a deep breath

    we will be fine,

    why does everyone assume that just because other teams have added to their squad and team, they will automatically be better than us and will be doing better than us ?

    bear in mind, last year, our squad was fresh and still trying to figure out each others game, this year, is the real test !

    Wenger will add a few players before the window closes, he might be tight but he’s not a fool.

  • re-wind to last season,

    if, Arteta scored that penalty against Fulham (3-3)

    we would have finished 3rd.

    if, we managed to win those games against Everton (which we should have),

    we would have been 2nd.

    conclusion : it’s not all doom and gloom

  • TA,

    different players both Suarez and Rosicky.

    we need Suarez more than any other player, just to add that “Bite”


  • and a very dodgy hair style that would make our own Terry M, very very uncomfortable

    so he’s a no go !


  • AFC,HH, RA – where art though

    PS: TA, where are rest of the authors i.e. Umair e.t.c e.t.c

  • TA,

    if i told you that he’s way down the pecking order on that “list” or perhaps he’s not even on the list which has the names of Gundogan/Bender/Sami.K

    would you believe me ?

  • I believe anything, JB. It is an absolute disgrace we have not signed a quality, modern DM yet, and I really don’t expect us to sign anybody any more this summer. But Arsene is still singing Non, je ne regrette rien under the shower every day……..

  • ahahahahahahah, indeed such is life

    but, don’t be surprised if we win with a 2 goal margin (or even a win) in Turkey this wednesday and you start seeing a very rapid progress in that pen we use to sign players.

    your boy Kuyt is injured i hear.

    but agreed, it’s a farce for sure but there are still 15 days to go as Arsene would put it

  • I won’t be surprised, JB, but the point is the squad is too light for a gruelling season and there is no excuse for this. But let’s take one game at a time and enjoy the football 🙂

    We need at least a draw in Turkey.

  • TA, don’t worry about Fenerbache. We’ll survive that. We did beat Bayern last season after all.

  • I worry Dylan, Arteta leaves a hole for us.

    But Arsene can sort it out.

    Anyway, time to hit the pillow.

    Dylan, do you fancy writing tomorrow’s match report?

    Night all 🙂

  • We will win in Turkey and we will win tomorrow. … honestly , this is almost a full strength starting 11..touch wood we come out alright tomorrow unscathed. … we should be ok.

  • @ BJ

    IF (and that’s a big IF) we come out unscathed we will be fine. But you know this team, if someone sneezes at Arsenal and no-one says ‘Bless you’ then a player will injure himself.

    This club is too injury prone to be so thin

  • I don’t agree with Wenger that Arsenal can compete for the epl with the present squad. It is out of depth.I had a sneaky feeling RVP would help red face to win the epl. Fortunately the cl was out of his reach otherwise gunner fans cannot stomach sucha double whammy.
    If there is no injection of top quality players and wc promising kids,the gunners will imho,scrap for fourth.Then it would be time the board to wish the fm good riddance.

  • Disclaimer

    my last post is only meant for the next 4 matches ! Or even 3

    hopefully by then we would have additions (new) plus nacho back ! A long with frimpong who has been training well !

    OZ – true say… this arsenal team has a fair few players like the aussie team… watto… Harris. .. patinson etc etc…they all keep the doctors in business !

  • “why does everyone assume that just because other teams have added to their squad and team, they will automatically be better than us and will be doing better than us ?”

    – Well said JB! Couldn’t agree more. Here’s looking forward to the start of a great season & cup campaign (ending the trophy drought this year) 🙂

  • @ BJ

    haha that is true, thankfully Arsenal can win with injuries. Although Arsenal get screwed by decisions just as badly as the Aussie cricketers do haha 🙂

  • It’s been a long time coming TA, nice post as always.
    Now let’s do it the Arsenal way, I can only see one result here, God willing, a big win for my Arsenal. OG to open his account for the new season and Theo to impress. COYG!

  • Nice pre-match Total. Spot on with your line up. Only tweak maybe if Jack is not fully fit, then it will be either jack/Santi/Rosicky in that position.

    Fingers crossed for a 3-0 to the good guys.

    Theo has grown a pair, as could be seen against Scotland in the week. This will be his year, same as Bale had last year.

    If Giroud can get off to a scoring start it will give him and the team a huge lift and fill them with confidence.

    I’m looking forward to seeing who Wenger puts on the bench.


    ALL BKers…….don’t forget to enter the Boing league and UMF league. See top of page.

  • I was thinking of something.three of the british core are midfielders i wish to see them play together as all three have not a great defensive or attacking to confirm there most preferred role

  • Good morning all. So it is that time at last. Real football for real points.

    TA – I think you are pretty close to the line that Arsene will pick. However, I do remember Santi coming back at short notice and playing pretty well. In which case, along with his not so great pre-season stuff, Poldi will drop to the bench?

    As I said yesterday, it is not my choice of line up. I don’t think either Ramsey or the Ox can hold up a counter on their own, if the other half is up field? Ramsey is highly likely to get booked, which will be squeaky bum time for the rest of the game?

    The second point, unless Santi starts, there is a lack of creativity up front, especially with us coming out of a defensive position. Yes, there is speed with Ox and Walcott, and hopefully that will be enough?

    Fine when we are pressing high, as the gap between the rear guard and strikers will be much closer. It will be interesting to see how Jack does in that position, and he could be a surprise scorer today. However, with so many on the edge of fitness, I cannot see him lasting the full game, preferably only an hour.

    I am with JB on the need for a fit Rosicky to play, and if Walcott comes off too, then Gnabry makes all three subs …. Which brings me back to Ramsey and clumsy tackles?

    There will be goals in this game for sure. Villa will look for those big areas behind when we high press, so I hope that Gibbs will not venture forwards that often, as his speed will be vital to cut out Albrighton’s runs. Mert will have his hands full with Benteke in the air, but will need cover on the ground. If they play new signing Tonev then it will be really tough to stop them scoring.

    With Arteta I would have been happy to go along with the above predictions, but I fear that underestimates what he brings the team. For me, if we edge a 5 goal thriller I will be mighty relieved.

  • Morning Gerry, looks like your nervous about today’s game.

    It’s a fixture any one of the other top three would cherish. Why not us?

  • VCC – Name any one of the top 3 that have an injury to a key player?

    I thought not.

    I am taking a realistic view on how we have performed in the past without Arteta, and how Villa are just the sort of team to take advantage. Anybody remember the Hull game a couple of seasons ago?

    I would rather be pleasantly surprised if we get a win, than be over-confident expecting a big score .. then go along with the boo boys when it doesn’t happen?

    We have been banging on about key positions for god knows how long, and DM has always been at the fore. We haven’t got a replacement in, but suddenly it does not seem to matter?

    I find it very strange. I also think if Hayden is not on the bench it is because he is playing. Yes, it is a big ask for a young lad, but he is no mug. He came off the bench in the last game when Yennaris didn’t, which is my only reason for thinking he has to be next in line while the latter goes on loan. If that is the case ….

    I rest mine.

  • Gerry, that may be the case about the other three not having an injury to anyone of their first choice. I wouldn’t know, I don’t pay too much attention to the two Mancs and likewise to the no history money bags from the swish part of London.

    However, I do care about my beloved’s.

    Please tell me your opinion, as to why we keep getting injuries to key players????

    There must be a reason for this? Don’t you think?

  • Funminiyi 🙂

    I don’t expect a big win today, partly because the minds of the manager and players will already be on the midweek game (in terms of staying fit etc), and Villa will be no pushovers. A win will do for me, whatever shape or form.

  • VCC 🙂 nice positive comment, and I share your hope/expectation that both Giroud and Theo will win this game for us. If Jack is not fit, I reckon Arsene will not start him and I can see him also playing Santi and or Rosicky from the start. It is a close call!

  • Gerry, well balanced comment and all agreed. We are so reliant on Zorro and will miss him today. If we only could bring in now an experienced DM who knows how to win one to one’s constantly and protects our shape in midfield, it would be different. But let’s see how Arsene resolves the nr.1 issue of his succession/cover strategy..

    If Rosicky is fitter than Jack, he will play, but I can also see Wenger starting the Czech and Cazza on the bench, in order to have them as fit as possible for the midweek game….

  • HH will be pleased with the number of participants in our FF League. Still time to join guys! 🙂

    Also still time to join the fantastic UMF League! 🙂 🙂

  • ^^^^^^^^^^DITTO^^^^^^^^^^^

    Come on ALL….enter both leagues for a bit of fun.

    There’s prizes to be won too.

    MANY MANY Thanks to Alex for donating winning prizes to both leagues. Great gesture.

    Roll up, Roll up, more the merrier.

  • Morning All, 🙂

    Not long now until the K.O. and like you guys, I just cannot wait until 3 p.m. (UK)

    BTW, very good Post, TA, you haven’t lost the master’s touch! 🙂

  • Can’t wait til KO, it has felt like an eternity hasn’t it?!!!!

    Giroud, Theo, and Ramsey to smash them into dust

  • Morning all

    Nice post TA, i agree with your predicted line up, but been honest theres not much choice is there? hahaha

    We have to grow without Arteta and find internal solutions. Ramsey, Gibbs, and Theo have made great strides, now its time for Jack and ox to shine

    TA, dont want to pick up on negatives, but your description that its an absolute disgrace in failing to sign a defensive midfielder is misplaced.

    Amyway, ime off to the game soon, so will will return after to give you my opinions.

    I am very confident that we will do very well this season and surprise many.

    Let the results be the judge

  • Good Evening Gents,

    Squeaky bum tie is almost upon us.
    Great pre match post.
    Tonight I will accept any win, doesn’t matter how it comes and i predict that Pod will score a rocket and win it for us.

    Fingers crossed

  • OZ,

    yeah, you Aussies get screwed over by decisions (of your own management), agreed, while we’re at it , the below list doesn’t do you no harm :

    1: sulk endlessly

    3: accuse the better team of being cheats, arrogant, have a 10 year old captain a team (who has won everything there almost is to be won and not to forget the current thrashing) , oh and also have one of your players hook (punch) one of our young upcoming bright future superstars

    i mean really ?


    glad we got that out of the way 🙂

    roll on 3 pm.

    PS: can we have a predictions thread/area for a top 6 finish ? we can always re-visit it at the end of the season to see who was bang on with their predictions (a bit of fun ?

  • Hi alex.

    I will have to watch on a stream later. If you have any links please post them, cheers.

    Have to take my Mum out for lunch today for her 86th Birthday. So come on Arsenal, give my lovely Mum and us Gooners a happy day and beat the Villans. PLEASE.

  • a very happy 86th birthday to your mother @ VCC

    it’s gunner be a gooner special today – i can feel it ! (and i need it ahahahahahahah)

  • Hi Redders 🙂

    Terry, enjoy the game 🙂

    Not signing a DM has been a lingering mistake for soooo long, and to miss out again this season – at least until now – is disgraceful, Terry. I am sorry, but I have no other words for it. 😕

  • Norwich is full of ‘Van Wolfswinkel nr.9’ shirts – that is what a good purchase does: it lifts up the spirits and raises hopes; whilst in Ashburton Groove the most popular shirt has ‘70,000,000’ written on the back.

  • Thanks TA – Like HT yesterday, I don’t get any pleasure if I am proved right.

    With the mid-week match ahead it puts added pressure on those who are needed for both, which is most of them? All the more reason to try out Hayden in this game, rather than drop him in the away leg of the CL? Any more injuries across the back and we will be deep in it come Wednesday?

    VCC – I don’t think it is reasonable to think there is a single answer why we get injuries to key players. It may be simply because they may be more vulnerable because they are key players. In other words, stress playing a part? Along with so many other factors, to which you cannot factor in for a simple answer to correct it.

    Mind, having a stronger squad could change all that?

  • Milo – From yesterday. You were right and wrong re- the Lille player. You correctly named him, although I hope that hasn’t jinxed it. Wrong on the signing date. They bought him the before last season, but loaned out him straightaway. He has just returned to the club who hold his signature, but hasn’t played for them. I guess they are trying to cash in on him while his stock is high?

  • Interesting match on Liv – Stoke. Both sides hit the bar in the opening minutes. It would be interesting if Liverpool do well without you know who, it might tempt them to sell anyway?

  • 007 exclusive :

    Bac & Theo fit and start.
    Rosicky also starts.
    Santi & Poldi on the bench.

  • TA, JB et al,

    Great post TA. IMO, the real test in 2 hours time is that I think Villa will come out and sit back a bit, daring us to break in without giving up an easy counter. We did it so many times last year it’s a good strategy. Thus, the real test is to come out forcefully and with purpose and organization, and clinically put them down. Early. It will send a statement to the league and our CL opponents that we mean business. Here is where OG, Poldi and Ox stepping up, and Theo and Jack building on last year will really have to show and show early in the season. If we do so, the early going should all be to the good guys. In the first weeks

    After that, I agree with a suddenly more optimistic JB whose sauces must be adding some alcohol to have him in better spirits!? We need some depth but we have enough here right now to ace these first few weeks and should do so with a statement today.

    JB, you wrote: “why does everyone assume that just because other teams have added to their squad and team, they will automatically be better than us and will be doing better than us ?” … Hmm, when I wrote something like this three or four weeks ago, you and HH and others “took me to task” … 😛

    As for Fellaini, I like him but see others points and prefer Bender. That said, Sideshow Bob was a wonderful character on The Simpsons, what could possibly go wrong? 🙂

    Just my 2p… jgc

  • ahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha @ JGC , nice one.

    i’m confident that we will break our transfer record twice before the TW ends, it’s just a matter of concentrating on our next 3-4 matches and making sure, we’re on the money – this current squad is good enough to see us through the next 2 weeks

    i’m always positive, so what if we haven’t got the players we wanted nice and early ? good things and SQ players come to those who wait …especially if they are going to be coming from domestic teams…i.e. RVP last year to utd in August – Torres – late

    three or 4 weeks ago, we were being linked to players left right and center , but i don’t think i took you to the cleaners for your positivity, it was more down to us leaving it as late as we have done – it’s just that i feel it should be other teams trying to play catch up to us instead of the other way around !

    we need 3 and we’re ready to compete and deliver, but for now, one step at a time and start well, our first 3 games are always crucial (last year it set the tone, didn’t it ?

  • JB

    Totally agreed on all points. Just taking e piss! 🙂

    I too would like three and, yes, zoned is better than later, but, to me, right (based on how they go and recalling the DB10 signing wasn’t universally hailed) is better than wrong.

    So, we will see – which I’m looking forward to!

    I’d add that if we got 2-3 great defenders EU middle I’d be happy without a striker. Not ideal but doable. You can’t lose if you give up 0, tho boring is another matter.

    And you’re right two 0-0 early last year set the tone …

    Cheers — jgc

  • Cant help but wanna see pool lose. Just for acting like d—heads. Brenda and owner, that is.

  • Sorry JNYC, but there are no bigger dickheads in world football (putting aside the ultimate scum who play for that chicken on a ball) than Stoke football club and its neandrathal supporters…..to laugh off a leg brake after witnessing it happen to Ramsey is just unforgivable. I hope Stoke f**k off down to the lower tiers. Just a shame Pulis wont be involved…..then again, Mark Hughes is a monster dickhead anyway.

    Hi Total, we’re back baby, back to creating beautiful football and hopefully some life lasting happy memories. Thanks for the pre-match mate. As Redders has rightfully stated- you sir are the master!! 🙂

    Cant wait till the end of the game, when Arsene wipes the sweat off his brow, turns to Lambert, shakes his hand and says “thanks for stopping by, thanks for the 3 points and now its time for you to get on your bike and ride your arse back to Birmingham”……………………………………………………………..”NEXT”

  • Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker (c), Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Giroud
    Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Frimpong, Cazorla, Gnabry, Podolski, Sanogo
    Villa: Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Baker, Luna, El Ahmadi, Westwood, Delph, Agbonlahor, Benteke, Weimann.
    Subs: Steer, Okore, Clark, Bacuna, Helenius, Bowery, Tonev.

  • thanks Prince, but we already knew that courtesy of 007 exclusive an hour and 10 minutes ago 😉

    the question is, Rosicky on the left or OX ? Ox in the hole or as a b2b ?

  • James Bond,
    Ox on the left. Rosa through the middle. You need experience through the spine and cant afford to make errors. For that reason alone i believe Ox starts on the wing.

    By the way, an hour and 11 minutes ago i wanted to know the opposition line-up……………………………………..you failed us.!! hahahaha

  • Hey Alexinho, enough time to get some grapes. Grapes are safe, they cant break glass screens. 😆

  • PPP,

    How have you been?
    I see you have learnt your lesson.
    I will stick with the cheese and bacon balls. I cant see any sort of chips cracking the screen.

  • Mignolet my fantasy keeper. Great start.

    I feel like some cheese and bacon balls now……….. No Glic……..stray away 😆

  • Alex, hmmm.. Bella= bambino?

    I know i havnt been around, but are ‘congrats’ in order, however belated

  • PPP,

    Bella is still 2 months away, I have just bought all her Arsenal gear prematurely

  • ha ha @ Prince

    i think , we will see our players interchange from position to position with Rosicky allowed a free role

    i’m just happy to see Frimmy on the bench,

    i’m expecting a lot of good things from him this season.

  • @ BJ

    Me too. I have to say though Arsenal.com is pretty poor, we never hear anything about injuries and I had no idea he was back from the knee injury.

    @ Alex

    Evening. 2 months…jesus! It’s not too late to move to mexico 🙂

  • James, im expecting another loan for Ping Pong. After the injury last season, it has set him back and as soon as Wenger gets his squad numbers up im guessing he will be out the door to learn his trade at a relegation battling club. Just a hunch mate

  • OZ,

    Surprisingly enough i look forward to the challenge. I think my wife would hunt me down and chop off my balls

  • I thought Sanogo was a no-go.
    Wasn’t he injured as well or just making up the numbers

  • if that happens then it’s good. however, after the departure of Coquelin , i’m expecting frimmy to stay

  • @ Alex

    ah the old ‘chop off my balls’ threat. I’ve copped that a few times…scary thing is I know she’s serious. Good luck hope it all works out well (gunners supporter how can it not!).

    @ Princey

    Yeah i think the same for pong. shame though because two promising loan spells have been curtailed by his dodgy knees

  • Welcome to the new season BKers.

    Quick UMF predictions (and after my humiliation last year, this time it’s SERIOUS!):

    Naaarch v Toffees – D
    Sunderland v Fulham – H
    WBA v Soton – A
    Swans v ManUre – H
    Palace v Spuds – H

  • 1-0 to the Arsenal
    1-0 to the Arsenal
    1-0 to the Arsenal
    1-0 to the Arsenal
    1-0 to the Arsenal

  • Girouddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    you lil beautyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    wo000t wo00000t

  • Nice work from the Ox–might’ve been offside at the start of the play?…

    1-nil to the Arsenal…

  • Good call on those who predicted Rosicky to play – but how nice is it to see Ox and Jack as well?!?!?! 😛

    Come on, lets build on this early lead now!! 🙂

  • Hey Prince…Got your screens all settled? 😉

    Hey total…Finally some football to watch…and an early goal just as you called for…Clinical from Ox and Giroud, no?

  • and that is why Sczny should be on the bench and we should have gotten Cesar or any other keeper, anyone who’s not from Poland – thank you very much.

  • Not much he could have done there BJ. Hard to turn away a penalty with that speed and power from close range

  • Sooooo….down to our final defender…. 🙄

    Sir Chez could’ve seen red for the pen, no?…

    Big tackle on Jack!!!

  • Anthony Taylor was the referee against Sunderland. That was arguably the worst refereeing we had in the second half of the season.

  • Jack gets a yellow for arguing…We need to settle down and just win this match…

    Nothing too easy for the Arsenal…

  • i hate when our players are static in the box…….


  • Our defending has been too soft ever since pre-season started.

    Chambo, on the other hand, looks lively.

    Sagna injured? :O

  • i’m not sure how you can defend him @ OZ

    that was one of the worst penalty’s and he could have and should have done better on the re-bound

    and look at him coming out and almost gifting another goal

    more than needing a striker or a DM , we need a solid keeper

    Sczny – OUT

  • bloody hell blatant trip on Ramsey!!!

    @ BJ

    agree to disagree. Szcz is top notch, just need a decent experienced backup to push him and keep him on his toes

  • Oz is correct about Sagna–pops right back up. Gibbs forehead cut might keep him out for a bit?

    Nice work from Theo and Giroud…Ramsey flying gets called AND now he’s hobbling…

    Not much room for injuries/error at the moment…

    Nother Villa corner…

  • @ 17

    he shouldn’t have been subbed. Put some Vaseline on it, strap it up and sew it up at half time. He’ll be fine. Dr’s these days are that good he’ll barely scar

  • Ox final balls letting him down…Otherwise playing very well. Still, I’d go for more quick passing…

  • shouldn’t be a yellow there come off it. Just a 50/50 ball both committing to the challenge

  • Corner defended and a big crash as we try to break….

    Half time and everything is wide open and at the mercy of the ref. I’m not sure this team has the ability to settle and control a match through possession. We’ve got plenty of pace and quality to score some quick goals (as we did) but I fear that we’ll be taking on more injuries playing in this sort of break-neck style. Mostly, I’m just not seeing the “plan” here…

    2nd half’s gotta be better (Santi, Poldi in?) but maybe an espresso will brighten my mood… 😀

  • Arsenal 1-1 Aston Villa
    What are you playing at Wojciech Szczesny? The Arsenal keeper – who has already conceded a penalty in this half – goes on a Bruce Grobbelaar style walkabout outside of his area and is challenged by Christian Benteke. The ball rolls out to Ashley Westwood 35 yards out and the midfielder tries to chip the ball back, only for the Polish keeper to get back and make the save.

    Eccentricity at its best.

    PS: that was from the bbc – exactly my thoughts, what the fcuk are you playing at ? SCZNY-OUT

  • Geoffrey boycott’s grandmother can be a better goalie than Sczny- OUT

    time to bring in the big guns – Poldi after 60 minutes i reckon

  • Good to get Giroud up and scoring early, shame we took the foot of the gas and let them back in. On the plus side we are always better in the second half once Wenger takes them in and points out what to do plus we have Podolski and Santi to come on and really crank it up. COYG we need a couple more goals for a safe win
    we should defo put in a bid for Begavic he is a top keeper .

  • but how bad is the ref ?

    that should have been a red card for Sczny ? a yellow for OX and half a dozen fouls in our favour instead of the other way around ?

    JW picked up a booking – NEEDLESS


  • PG ,

    glad i’m not the only one who thinks we need a solid keeper to be our no.1 this season, at least.

  • Why blame Szczesny, JB?

    At least he saved the pen, which was a lot harder than you think. Your fatty Cesar would never had gone to the ground so quick.

    We conceded because our midfield did not know how to defend – sliced open like a Del Monte peach.

    Very good ht summary, 17 and all agreed. More composure and control is what we want. Speed is good, but constant speed means kamikaze football. We are missing Arteta so much it is painful.

  • Since we conceded the goal, we have completely lost our shape. Some of the calls haven’t helped either.
    I love Rosa’s hunger and Jack’s feistiness.
    One things that stands out for me is that when we push forward there is only OG up front and not many other options around him.
    Ox needs to take the shot early on, he has the ability to score from further out. At least make the keeper work for it

  • Or Ceser why are we not in for him still? That is the kind of desision you do have to question.
    Please football gods be kind no more injuries please we just dont have a big enough team at the moment, and a few more goals for the gooners.

  • what penalty did he save @ TA

    it’s 1-1 not 1-0 and so easily could have been 1-2 due to his incompetence.

    Sczny – OUT

    very soon it will be Wenger -OUT


    back to reality,

    we need a good solid 2nd half,

    ever since Gibbs went, we have gone flat and lost shape – no doubt

  • I think it was not a pen by the way, i think he got a tiny bit of the ball. I like Szczesny but he is a few seasons away from being a safe pair of hands he still has a bit to learn.

  • That’s why I don’t really like Szscesney.. and asking for Cesar..

    I think Cazorla will come to replace Ox..
    Maybe Fabianski will also..
    But let see..

  • Cheers Total…

    Re: Sir Chez, gotta give him props for being so decisive…Just needs to get those decisions right…I guess it all contributes to the “experience” he needs…

    Somehow we need to take charge of this match in the middle of the pitch and get a couple of goals…

  • WS was not at fault for that penalty. He had to commit once Gabby tried to pass out wide for an open goal. Our defenders were at fault by ball watching as Gabby breezed into the box……..and not a single challenge. Where is the communication??

    17HT, forget the espresso….. get me a big fat spliff 😯

  • Saving a penalty is all about adrenaline, speed of reaction and muscle power. You can only save a penalty and then you need a bit of luck… Wojciech did not have that.

    On the positive side: Giroud’s movement and positioning are so much better in this game, and he took his chance with good composure.

  • Ox off (hurt?) Santi on…

    Villa look more content to park it and play on the break?

  • The whole team was out of shape defensively on a number of occasions; Wojciech sees the gaps and anticipates… I am not going to blame him for that.


  • I love watching Santi do his thing…If Jenks ever gets the height of his crosses figured out they will lead to goals…

    Sicky wastes the finish after the 1-2 with Ollie… Sh*t!

  • Giroud should have scored it now.

    Ox is injured, apparently.

    Koscielny was more at fault for our penalty than Szczesny – Agbonlahor sold him a tunnel.

    Rosicky had to bury this one!

  • Delph off the post! Defense just carved apart. What’s Per thinking there?…

    Big let off!

  • Referee is a moron.

    Our defense is leaving way too much space for Villains.

    Wenger should either go shopping or just go. There is no way this team can beat Fenerbahče.

    This is getting ridiculous.

  • This is an absolute joke. We lose Kos now and we have no one to replace him.
    Great start

  • spend the 70 million on shady refs and we’ll be fine! working well for villa

  • Does this ref know how to play the advantage.
    You are right, What a PRICK

  • If anyone wants to know why Lady Carma doesn’t want England to win anything again since 1966, just take a look at people who work for Football Association. Absolutely disgraceful.

  • unlucky Rosicky but shit he’s a fighter. love his determination and leadership!!!

  • Game not over. Boys should take a leaf out of Rosa’s book. DONT GIVE UP..DONT GIVE IN. We can still salvage something. Go for broke…Either we score 2 or we concede 3.
    Lets go for it!!

  • Indeed, looks like we’re just gonna use the 1 sub… 🙄

    Maybe he’s being rested for the trip to Turkey…

  • I would have to say that Arsenal–and Arsene Wenger–is in a bit of bother…

    Season over before it’s begun?…

  • You can defend AW and the board as much as you want, the proof is there for all to see.
    We can try and blame the ref as much as we want but we have been flat except for the first 20 mins of the game

  • Sagna’s gotta be OK, we need him at CB for the Fulham match…

    So…Plan A (for me) was “hope.” Any advice for a Plan B?…. 😳

  • there is over 10 yellows in this game and a 2nd half red, plus 2 second half goals and they only have 3 minutes extra time.

    The EPL is fixed and rigged, and today we got raped. I hope Arsene doesnt hold back…….fuck the fines…..speak your mind!!

  • and that is insulting to Poldi……………….catch you all later.

    Not happy!!!

  • thanks Taylor. months of waiting and enduring TW frustration for you to ruin it all.

    Demotion to championship for him

  • Can I get 4 points back for Kos? Incorrect red and he wasn’t on for the 3rd goal!

  • It was a horror-afternoon.

    We lost the game at home against bloody Aston Villa, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sagna and Gibbs are injured and Koscielny is suspended for our next game.

    We were poor in defending and slow in attacking movement.

    We’ve been killed by the referee. Our club should make a pressure so that prick never gets a chance to officiate another Arsenal game ever again.

    Arsene Wenger should be forced to either spend money or go. If he still thinks this side is good enough to win anything, he should be institutionalized immediately after press-conference.

  • Admir,

    We were flat footed when we defended, When we attacked, there was no cohesion and we looked tired and defeated early in the second half.

    Lets institutionalise him Admir, do not give him a chance to blame the ref, the wind direction, the alignment of the moon with Uranus.

    Time for action not Bullshit excuses

  • 1 match team decimated shameful arbitration and that is why we ask for a mid défensfif
    Wilshere and Rambo are inccapable Arteta to the work at this level is a little way

  • The ref maybe turned the match with the two very harsh calls on Kos (also on my FF team…) but we could’ve been down to 10 on the first Pen just as easily.

    Thin as our squad is, we simply need bodies. No bodies and the spirit suffers. It all seems inexplicable. Sort of a chickens meet roost situation.

    And now off to Turkey…

  • I had santi as captain so that didn’t work out to well for me. Do have Benteke and mignolet if that’s any consolation

  • 17ht,
    The problem we have is that the players are feeling the pressure even more so as they are trying to make things happen. They are covering for AW in terms of trying to make things work and prove to us that AW is right that this team can compete.

    Our own players have been asking for additions. There is no one to blame but the penny pinching AW.
    He is destroying his own legacy and has been for the past decade

  • AW – only has himself to blame really, not the ref, not anyone else

    if you don’t believe me, then look at his decision to bring on Poldi – SHAMBLES

    honestly, you see the likes of Mourinho and his team losing – do you see him or his players sulk like that ?

    where do you think most of our players get this sulking and moaning from ?

    yep – toughen up lads, it’s football, no ones going to turn round and be more favourable because of your moaning

    Wilshere needs to calm down and needs to let his football do the talking – not mouth (if he carries on like that then he is on his way on becoming the next Nolan)

    Giroud – just fcuking stop with the sulking and get on with it

    the only player out there who looked hungry, sharp and with grit was – Rosicky

    shame he couldn’t be more clinical with his finishing but my word – does this team look really really flat or what ? fitness levels – appalling

  • agree with that alex, the flood gates are definitely opening. A few injuries and we’ll be screwed. Regrettably they’ve happened already!

  • OZ,
    Let’s admit it,
    We all knew deep down that it was only a matter of time for this to happen.
    1st game in and we are screwed.
    The refereeing was atrocious but we are The Arsenal and we were at home, surely we could have done better.
    Top quality players bring a few attributes to your team. They bring a winning mentality and a never say die attitude. AW makes excuses for his players and they have all become whiners, definitely not a winning attribute.

  • I cannot disagree Alex….

    What I see is that, since Cesc left, we more pace in the team but very little ability to settle matches like today’s that are a bit on the wild side. When you’ve got a poor ref things can go pear shaped too easily. If anybody can do what Cesc used to do, it is Arteta. Counting on his fitness has always seemed a risk. Is there nobody else in world football we could’ve brought in to do this sort of job? I’ll leave that to the transfer experts, but my hunch is that there are plenty of candidates…

    That’s just one spot on the pitch and there are obvious others (keeper, striker, true winger?) It’s great to have belief in your guys but a bit wacky to think this lot couldn’t be improved upon or at least challenged without too much trouble.

    Even if we could’ve eked something from the match you have to ask a bunch of questions. How crazy is it to go into the season with 5 fit defenders? Today we couldn’t even field a full bench. Frimpong and Sanogo surely couldn’t have played. It’s our first match and we’ve got 5 in 15 days?

    You gotta laugh or you’re gonna cry…

  • I am not going to comment. My broadband dropped out shortly after we scored.

    Sounds like few positives to take out, and the injuries, well, that just sucks.

    Dylan – You better be spot on with the match report. Don’t sugar coat it, tell it as you saw it?

    I’ll catch it on the player later, but guys, just remember there are another 111 points out there, we have only lost 3. Between now and September 2 our whole world could look a lot different, so let’s not lose the plot altogether.

    Best of luck with the preview for Wednesday’s game TA, it might be a case of who we have left standing. Personally, I’d rather lose this one, and win on Wednesday … if only that were an option?

  • 17ht,

    I think that there are a few of us fellow BK’ers who are on the verge of a tear or two.
    The laughter has gone and now the reality is slowing creeping in.

    Who gets rid of 17 players in the off-season without replacing them.
    I am just sick of excuses.

  • Gerry. No sugar coating here. Forget that we went into our second season running unprepaired. Today we got raped. Even Kozz laughed at the penalty because he knows we got cheated. I would expect a full investigation into this game. The EPL is fixed and a set up.

    Hard to win a game of football with 10 men v 12 (ref included), i dont care if your at home or how big your club is. It is difficult to win a game of football when every advantage is purposefully given to the opposing team, yet we didnt have a single advantage played…NOT ONE.

  • I know your all frustrated including myself, but when i hear “no exscuses” i wonder if you’s watched the same game. How is the refs decision making not an exscuse? It totally affected the flow and nature of the game.

  • PPP,

    Fair point, But as you said yourself, 2 seasons in a row unprepared.
    There always has been and always will be lots of players available so he (AW) has to be more proactive instead of using excuses that this side can be competitive.

  • Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, whose side were booed at the final whistle, when the Emirates Stadium was near-empty: “We started well but, after that, everything went wrong – injuries, decisions, going down to 10 men and the chances missed. It was a bad day, not on the quality of our display but everything went against us.

    “I’m not happy with the (second penalty) decision but I’m more unhappy with the spirit the referee let the game go in, I was quite amazed.

    “But it’s not my job to talk too much about that, I have to take care of the team. What hurts me is to disappoint people who love the club. All the rest I have to live with, but I’m here to make people happy and when I do not I can only say sorry and come back and make them happy in the next game. We could have won the game today with the players we had on the pitch, I’m convinced of that.”


  • Kozzers red card should be overturned. How do you get punished for making a world class tackle. That call alone, changed the dynamics of the game.

    If we had 4 Cavanis and 4 Benders in the team we wouldn’t have won. You CANT win if the referee decides against it. Even the commentators were in shock, fuck me, the WHOLE world saw it. Embarrassing for the EPL, and for football in general.

    Tomorrow you can find the referee walking out of the bookies with a brown paper bag.

  • Prince,

    sure, the ref was dodgy, seemingly and blatantly. however, erm, we are chasing the game and have Poldi on the bench, why not bring him sooner ? and then to bring him on when he did

    i mean really ?

    i was lost for words when it had happened.

  • James Bond, your laughing at that comment. Why, you dont believe we would have won that game with all our players on the pitch? seriously……

  • PPP,
    All the bad decisions aside, we have a wafer thin squad and no depth. Injuries were always going to happen. Tiredness would set in after we had so many players on international duty. Coupled with a long Asian tour, Emirates cup and friendly against Man$hitty. We never would actually be fully prepared for this match.

    All i am saying is that whilst we have some good players, we do not have the depth to overcome some injuries and the number of matches that are coming up consecutively.

  • James, we had been forced to make 2 substitutions before the 55th minute. Bringing Poldi on with 30 sec to go was poor, ill give that. But no manager in their right mind would bring on their last substitution before the 80th min with only a goal down. What if he did, and another freak accident happened? I bet you would have blamed him for that too. Damned if he does and damned if he doesnt.

    Is 5min and 55sec enough ‘extra time’ for 10 yellows, a red, couple of injuries a couple of goals (penalties)? If that happened to manure they would of had 20min minimum extra.

  • Alex, im not denying that at all. I also see the need for reinforcements, but once again, NONE of that would have helped our cause today. NONE

    Whilst we are prepaired to blame Wenger for not finalising any deals, can anyone confirm that it is indeed Wenger who passes over the pen for signatures. Sure he has a huge input, about that i have no doubt, but i never hear anyone call for Dick Law and Gazidiz into the fold. They are our chief negotiators………..

  • PPP,
    I say get rid of Gazidis and Law.
    It’s not all down to AW but he does have a big say on what happens.
    Regardless, Our negotiating skills are shocking.

  • The surgery`s open, what can I get you ?.

    If it`s the Wenger and Gazidis punch bags…..too late, sold out just before 5pm ( BST ) !.

    I am however in the development stage in my secret laboratory at Glic Industries of making a Kroenke Punch His Syrup Off !. I`ve been testing it for hours, if you punch it hard enough, the syrup fly`s off as it goes backwards and then it lurches forwards opened mouth to suck you off !, it then stands upright again and says ” thank you very much, that’s more dollars in the bank ! “.

    Said it yesterday and 17ht has repeated it…..”it could be over before it`s begun ! “. Another cliché comes to mind….” we are an accident waiting to happen ! “. Whether we played well or not or were unlucky with decisions and had a crap Reff`, I`m afraid the damage was forecast by the millions of fans writing`s on the wall of our inability to act early in the TW.
    We are a team with a recent history of bad injury karma, how many of you have said previously..” a couple of injuries and we`re in shit street ! “.
    In a lot of life, you make your own luck, we have failed miserably in recent years by not learning from our long list of mistakes of previous years. Take the blinkers off Arsenal !.

  • The result was terrible , i can get over that as Villa really played dirty gave us no space and more then that the ref was the worse ref that i can remember for a long time.
    The thing that worries me most is the injuries and Kos getting banned for a few games.
    No KOS red can not be challenged as it came as 2 yellow cards you can only challenge a straight red, so he has done us in for a few games. gutted.
    It could be a small blessing in disquise though it shows just how weak our defense is with lack of numbers and now he has to sign players, more players then he probably thought.
    Horrible day, I feel for Wenger though he is so unlucky with injuries and Arteta out is is serious problem for us, he is the missing link.

  • Prince,

    course we would have won the game if it was 11 vs 11, no doubt about that

    however, the buck stops at Wenger and i did say a few days ago, if we, failed to win then there is a fans backlash on it’s way…something on a bigger scale than we’ve experienced before.

    we can go on all night trying to defend and assume and blame – finger pointing doesn’t do anyone good – looking in the mirror does , hopefully AW will keep staring at himself whole night tonight


    fact of the matter is , we lost and were embarrassed – sure the ref was a Pr$££”O$£”K,

    but that’s not how you react on the football pitch being professional footballers, sulk and cry like babies – that was more embarrassing to me personally.

  • I cant remember the last time we had a decent start to the season !. The last few years I have been saying after about 5 odd games……..” I cant wait for next season to start ! “.

    I cant wait for next season to start !……shit, one game and I`ve already said it !.
    However there is a reason behind that statement……we will have £148M to spend !. hahaha

  • I am almost surpised that the football gods did not just finish of with killing Sagna by breaking his neck that would have really done us, a pitch faitality , Glad he is ok because that looked really bad.
    Right Bold clean of your eye liner and wig get your boots on you are playing on Wednesday

  • ahahahah @ Glics

    well, i’m kinda glad we lost to be honest, much rather lose now than lose on wed – as Gerry said

    plus we are slow starters, it’s time to panic buy again @ stares at AW

    nah we will be alright, we were very very unlucky today with everything, AW has apologized and he’s a good man , so i forgive him (NOT)

    ok serious mode on – a day to forget for sure, i just hope the injury’s are not as bad as they seemed

  • James, im embarrassed for you when you say ‘we’ were embarrassed. We were cheated is more like it.
    Im not making exscuses for Wenger or the board or whoever. I have said in the past on a different site that our squad was thin (and this was whilst we had Gerv, Arshavin, Chamack etc in the squad) but please judge tonights result on the game itself, it has nothing to do with players and negotiations.

    Who was crying? it was a shock to the players. Kozzer had to laugh, otherwise he would have cried. Above you mention Mourinho and him never whining. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    By the way James, DONT ever be embarrassed by Arsenal your club. I

    Hi Glic, have you seen the game?

  • anyway, the different in class between the 2 goal keepers was so obvious today.

    but that’s ok, Sczny has a habit of having one decent game in 7, so i reckon he might just have one of those in the near future .

    i’m hoping it doesn’t take Wenger till feb to make that decision this time !

    PG, that was a horrible horrible way to fall, i’m not sure if , he even needed to do that tbh…unnecessary.

  • “We have the quality in this squad to win the league. We are just a couple of additions away from challenging.”

    ROFL!!!!! Pretty sure I told all of you that pre-season form/results don’t mean shite hahaha!

  • i’m not sure if we were watching the same game @ Price

    every time the ref blew the whistle, you had a group of our players in his ear.

    sure, you don’t find it embarrassing but i do, we’re not a bunch of Pansy’s and if JW doesn’t sort that bit out, he’ll be getting himself and Arsenal a lot of unfavourable decisions.

    i hope you see where i am coming from ?

    if not, then it’s agree to disagree –

    this is football, if decisions went against us which they did today, then we will also be getting decisions back down the line – shit happens, we can’t look for variables and excuses every time it happens.

    i have already conceded that the ref was a Pri£”$:£”k.

  • Hello @ HH

    enjoyed the game i take ?:)

    and the constant sulking by your favourite striker in the world – Giroud ?

  • Hahaha JB, I don’t enjoy the game when we lose, especially like that. Yes, the ref was shite, but to not even manage a draw against Villa on a day like today is pretty pathetic. As much as I rag on OG, it’s because I want AW to actually strengthen the squad and not rely on him as our main ST week in and out.

    Pretty awful showing today, though I’ve seen it coming all along. The hype around our pre-season form was overblown and anyone could look at this squad and realize how weak we were.

    It’s the manager’s fault that we’re in this position, there is no one else to blame. Preparing for injuries is his responsibility, yet he fails to realize this year after year. No depth, no quality, no results. Typical Arsenal.

  • So where are we at now? Arteta, Vermaelen, Nacho, Sagna, Gibbs and Ox all injured. Koz potentially suspended for the next match.

    We’re only one game into the new season too…LOL

  • were you one of those fans like me who felt rather “embarrassed” by our shenanigans on the field ..i mean if nearly 50 k people leaving their seats and making their way out of the ground before the game finished wasn’t a sign of embarrassment of them having enough then i’m not sure what was,

    pretty pathetic but never mind, we have always been slow starters, i just hope Wenger and co get it right for next time.

  • i remember a time when we (in general) were complaining that our players were too soft and needed to get in the refs face a bit more over poor desicions. The only player who was doing that was Van Judas because he believed in the fight. Its rubbed off on young Jack, and he was talking about this on Arsenal.com even before the start of last season.

    Its what will get you desicions, it doesnt always look pretty on the eye, but i love when our players show grit, fight and are not afraid to question the ref. I loved it when Thierry and Keown used to do it, i love it when Jack stands up for us and his team mates. It also seems to work for manure, farca, liverpoo, madrid, Munich.

    Whats the problem?

  • Gibbs will be ok to play he will haft to, even if it means he cant header.
    I think Sagna will be ok, he was probably just in a bit of shock, things may not be as bad as they look.
    Just heard the OX left the stadium on crutches .
    Its a day to forget, we will bounce back chin up Gooners its just 1 game . Lucky there is still time to add some more players hey.

  • I don’t know if I was embarrassed per se, but definitely disappointed and amused. I couldn’t help but laugh at the product on the pitch and at the result because I had foreseen this coming for some time.

    It’s not even signings at this point – if the current squad we fielded wasn’t good enough to win today, we have far bigger issues. Also, what kind of SQ player wants to come to Arsenal after a showing like that? Not exactly inspiring confidence or gaining momentum leading up to our CL playoff game.

  • i’m waiting for Terry to come back and tell us all, what he made of it all…will make for interesting reading as he was actually there at the emirates to witness it all – such a perfect start and then bang bang.

  • Prince ,

    too much of everything is bad for ones health – that’s the problem

    you need to pick up your moments and do it – catch the highlights or replay of the game perhaps, concentrate on how many players were doing it and how regularly.

    let your football do the talking not your mouth, should be the way to go.

  • The problem AW faces is that any signings made from this point on will appear as “panic buys”. Also the quality of player he can now bring in after a loss to Villa and potentially being out of the CL becomes significantly lower…

  • James, can you please define the word ‘supporter’?

    Why is it the players fault for not having a bench? Do they deserve to be walked out on. I actually think its one of the worst things you can do to your team. Worse than the madrid fans when they wave white flags in a sign of desperation, worse even than the players who leave us for money. Those people today were not supporters, nothing but a bunch of show pony’s who get a kick out of winning and nothing else

  • Bony gets his season off in fashion, scoring his first PL goal against Manure.

  • first game of the season, in front of full house and us being unable to deliver the goods either by hook or crook ?

    it’s not the score line that embarrasses me, it’s the manner we sulked and sulked after every dodgy decision

    take it on the chin, use it as motivation and just get bloody on with it.

    agreed- re SQ might wanting to stay where they are but hey it’s just 1 game and this seasons going to be very very long, Hull are gonna do us a favour tomorrow aahahahahaha

  • Prince,

    those people including me have to pay the highest ticket price in almost whole of Europe and all of England , highest paid manager

    we are allowed to have an opinion and express ourselves, the way we see best when we’re disappointed, no ?

    i also understand and appreciate that there are fans like yourself and Terry, who support the team through thick and thin – however, supporting the team and showing disappointment are 2 entirely different things.

    i’m not sure where you’re getting this support notion from, considering we have won jack all in the last 8 years and still our supporters refuse to give up and keep getting behind the team – no matter what.

  • for the avoidance of doubt , i find it very embarrassing when i see , players from my team moaning and sulking like that on a football pitch.

    it’s not like it’s going to make the ref change his decision ? aye ? so what’s the bloody point – i ask ?

    choose your moments wisely, you said RVP was doing that so JW picked up on that, i mean really ? RVP no matter how much you hate the fcuker now but he is world class and has presence, JW is still finding his way – if you must be in the ref’s ears, then someone like an Arteta or BFG should be the ones doing it in a smart intelligent manner.

    this needs addressing for me and i hope Wenger gets it sorted !

  • By walking out on the players half way through a game. Again, was it their fault?

    How much is your season ticket JB ?

    Please, once again, define the word supporters if you can, and then tell me if those people who walked today are worthy of that definition.

  • Supporter – A person who is actively interested in and wishes success for a particular sports team.

    I don’t think those people who walked out of the game were wishing for us to lose. Walking out of a game early because you’re getting beaten by the likes of a team that barely survived the drop last season is hardly a “non-supporter”.

  • Glics,

    could it be that the only reason we have spent -11 million so far in this transfer window is because Wenger wants to quit and then let the new manager have a bite at that 148 million ?


  • erm, who am i or you to “define a supporter” ? – you need to go back to my post @ 19:23 – the answer is between the lines

    i see, HH has already done that,

    so going by HH’s definition, haven’t we already been doing that from the last 8 years and still continue to do so ? 🙂

  • Jack is future England captain, already a leader in our team. Finding his way? He is an international player that represents those referees at the world cup. Finding his way…………………………………PLEEEEASE!!

    Anyway, best to cool it off for tonight, maybe talk with clearer, less frustrated minds tomorrow.

    Good night all.

    @HH, good to see you mate. Sorry, bit wound up…i am

  • oh dear,

    “Future” England Captain, “future” Super Star, yep,

    the way he is going, he has a better chance of becoming the “Future” Nolan at this rate.

    you do realize, the comparison of RVP giving it to the ref’s vs Wilshere doing it was rather weak, i’m not even sure if you’re even rebutting on the same points i’m raising as every time i try to give you my 2 cents, you drift onto a different tangent bring in the “future”,

    the future has got us 8 years without trophy and the very rosey “future” looks rather bleak if we don’t takecare of our present.

    see you later.

  • PPP, nice to see you as well mate :). All I’m trying to say is that I don’t think that any of us are in the right to categorize an individual as a “fan” of the club or a “non-fan” of the club. There are many ways to support a club and in the end we are all just wishing for our club to win and be the best possible one out there.

    Being discontent after a showing like today is normal and you can’t blame fans for leaving the game early. I respect them more than the ones that boycott games altogether, but I still wouldn’t call the ones that boycott, “non-fans”.

  • on the second penalty decision…
    The linesman said to me that he did not give the penalty and he was at the level of the tackle. So why does the referee – who did not give the penalty straight away – suddenly give the penalty? That’s what is amazing to me. I would understand if the linesman said it was a penalty but you have to live with that. Just because you get these decisions given against you it doesn’t mean you should go on to lose the game. We have to focus on ourselves now.

    prince might be right about the ref collecting his wages from else where though !

    that was a fcuking disgrace, no doubt

    i thought the linesman had said something through his microphone to the plonker !

  • I am not surprised by the result. The second penalty was dodgy but let’s stop moaning about the refs or injuries. We are at juncture due to the ineptitude of our management.
    Before the end of last season any fan with an IQ higher than room temperature knew what was needed in term of players. We should have been one of the first teams to buy, right of the gate!
    What adds insult to injury is Liverpool does not want to sell Suarez to one of their rivals in the EPL, but we sold RVP to Manure…do you think united will be willing to sell Rooney to us?! How do you spell idiot in French?! We badly need a change at the top!

  • more gems from Arsenal.com – Wenger says

    on if it’s wrong to call for signings…

    I’m not here to say who is right and who is wrong. I’m here to make people happy who love this Club. When we don’t do it, I feel sorry. I have to look at the solution at the start of the game. We couldn’t go out at five to three and buy six players. When the game starts, you have to win the game. Could we win the game with the players we have? I say yes. That is my answer. After, we are out to buy players. People always say ‘buy players, buy players, buy players’. When you tell them ‘tell me who?’ it becomes much more problematic.

    course it becomes Problematic now Arsene, since 85% of the players have already changed clubs and moved on, earlier in the summer.

  • What a fucking joke!

    We get rid of all of the ‘deadwood’ and bring no one in for the start of the new season.

    So our squad consists of these senior players (excluding the youth or any remaining deadwood):

    1) Szczesny
    2) Fabianski (can also be counted as ‘deadwood’)
    3) Sagna
    4) Koscienly
    5) Mertseckacker
    6) Vermaelen
    7) Gibbs
    8) Monreal
    9) Arteta
    10) Wilshere
    11) Cazorla
    12) Ramsey
    13) Ox
    14) Podolski
    15) Walcott
    16) Rosicky
    17) Giroud
    18) Jenkinson
    19) Diaby

    And then before the season starts Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta and Diaby are out before the season starts so for the Villa game we were down to 15 players and had to fill our bench with kids.

    Then in this match Gibbs, Ox and Sagna get injured. That now means we only have 12 senior players and with Kos suspended that is 11 senior players for the next EPL game. So we only have 2 defenders left for our next EPL game if all stay the same. What the fuck is Wenger doing?

    While the Manchester United (the champions of England) have these players at their disposal (excluding youth):

    1) De Gea
    2) Lindegaard
    3) Rafael
    4) Jones
    5) Smalling
    6) Vidic
    7) Ferdinand
    8) Evans
    9) Evra
    10) Buttner
    11) Fletcher
    12) Carrick
    13) Anderson
    14) Cleverly
    15) Kagawa
    16) Young
    17) Valencia
    18) Giggs
    19) Nani
    20) Rooney
    21) RVP
    22) Welbeck
    23) Hernandez
    24) Zaha

    So they already have 5 extra players consider than us if both squads are fully fit. So United went into this season with 20% more players at their disposal than we did and have better quality throughout their squad.

    And then people are making excuses for our loss against Villa when there are none.

    My message to Wenger “SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY!!!”.

    It is clear that we need to add 5 players if we want to win things. If Wenger only adds 2-3 players we will finish 3rd/4th place again. We need an experienced GK, CB or RB (if Sagna is converted into a CB), DM, ST and another DM/box to box midfielder as Wenger uses Wilshere as an AM.

    GK- Cesar (£1.5-3.0 million) or Adler (around £5 million) or Marchetti (not sure of his price but he would not cost much).

    CB- Rami (under £10 million), Sakho (around £15 million) or Caceres (£10-15 million).


    RB- Gamez (around £5 million) or Richards (£10-15 million) or Abate (around £10 million).

    DM- L.Bender (£20-25 million) or De Rossi (£10-15 million) or Khedira (around £20 million) or Matuidi (not sure of price).

    ST- if Wenger really wants Suarez just offer £50 million for him or walk away. TRY and get Lewandowski and offer £40 million for him or Eto’o (available for a cheap price).

    Other DM/box to box midfielder with potential- Verratti or Pogba or Flamini. Not sure of prices for Verratti or Pogba. Diarra on the cheap from Anzhi or even Barry on the cheap.

  • HH,

    have you already opened up like a 100 point lead over all of us in the FF league ? 😀

  • After a period of calm reflection, followed by a couple of beers, the only conclusion left is – please someone shoot me….

    Its hard to see what more could have gone wrong today, and a worse range of negative consequences that may flow from this. My only comfort is that we were in a similar hope last season before the away leg to Bayern, which pretty much kick started our recovery. But its a hell of an ask that we repeat the feat.

    I don’t think the Arsenal Board can be in any doubt about how exposed we are with such a thin squad – but have we got the right quality options ready to trade? Or are we waiting on supposed success in CL qualification before getting signatures? I worry more if we are – for a supposedly responsible, well run club, that borders on plain gambling.

    The worst aspect for me is the effect of turning home games into high pressure, nervous matches; when we should be relaxing, confident in the back-up of the home support. It will take several good results to turn this – which will need to be delivered by young heads, since most of the old one’s are now crocked.

    More beer needed. Can anyone find a positive out of this…..?

  • beer ?

    mate, bring on the JD is what i say, ha

    good news is that we play after 3 days,

    all will be forgiven if we win there .

    such is the beauty of football,

    if we can forget and forgive losing to blackburn at home in a QF of a domestic cup, then rest assured, losing to Villa is like losing to BM –

    but hey,maybe this result can spur us on and act as a catalyst for the rest of the season (in a good way ?

    how many teams have lost the opening game of the season and then went on to win the league ? i wonder.

  • Cheers JB.

    I found myself mulling on the ‘favour’ RVP was doing us by slotting in goals at Swansea – it meant we ended the day on 18th rather than 19th! In such small mercies we must be truly grateful on days like this.

    Yes, the scotch will follow shortly!

  • JB @ 20:55. I could give Wenger 50 names of players that would all be good options which Wenger would be able to obtain.

    AB, there are no positives. Any matches we win now will just cover up the cracks.
    If we do not add 4-5 players we will not win anything.

  • AB,

    just imagine RVP texting all of his ex team mates on his way back to Manchester, ah – i wouldn’t be surprised if he was doing that just now.

    anyhow, after darkness comes light

    we will be fine, provided we win against the turks before the Fulham game (tough tough game that will be).

  • Yes there is a positive AB , the Emperor has not clothes! Wenger and the board have no where to hide now, they have to add players to team. They were probably hoping for a couple of good results against weak teams and not buy players. They have to now, no choice!

  • AFC,

    are you calling Wenger a bullshitter ?

    are you tell me that he is the biggest bullshitter out there and does nothing other than brainwash the supporters, the media and everyone else around him ?

    is that what you are telling me @ AFC ?

  • Gunfest,

    do you reckon any decent player would want to leave his current club and join us , until we have made that trip to turkey on wednesday and delivered the goods ?

  • JB, in that particular statement he is chatting bullshit in my opinion. The players are available and he hasn’t signed any. Wenger is trying to make excuses for why he has not signed players early on in the TW.

  • JB, it’s all excuses with Wenger. He could have signed a GK, CB, DM and a cheaper MF as cover all before the seaspons started. If he was only waiting for the ST I could understand.

  • Wenger is lost in his own spins. Everyone managed to find themselves a proper reinforcement or two (if someone mentions Manchester United, I will throw Zaha and 14-point-margin between them and runners-up last season at that person) except for us.

  • Yes James Bond as indicated above by AFC there are such cases. I bet you if I went to Brazil and Argentina , I will find at least 4 players who are better than Ramsey!

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