Match Review: You can’t win a game against the ref


Here are my thoughts on Arsenal’s season opener against Aston Villa.

In today’s match, Arsenal came up against a group of cheating Villains. 😉 The team started off strong and played well throughout the game, only to be thwarted by the refs.

Within the first six minutes of the game, Arsenal were one nil up. Ox overlapped Rosicky down the left side line and the Czech played the ball down the line. Ox ran along the touch line, cut inside near the side edge of the box, and spotted Giroud. Giroud saw this, made a near post run, and put the ball across goal with his preferred left foot. It was a fantastic overlap by Ox and a fantastic near post run from Giroud, followed by a smart finish.

After this opening goal, Arsenal looked calm and collected. Agbonlahor made a normal run through the middle, got a lucky touch through Koscielny’s legs and found himself through on goal. Szczesny made the right decision to come off his line and go for the ball. He came out, and Agbonlahor touched it past him and dove like an Olympic swimmer over the Pole.

Let’s rewind a bit: even at this relatively early stage of the game the ref had been calling everything Villa’s way. Maybe to the ref it appeared that Szcz took down the Villain, but replays show the dive and exaggeration. This is why FIFA needs to allow reviewing technology, especially for red cards and PKs.

That aside, the ref incorrectly called the penalty. Szcz saved Benteke’s original kick brilliantly and was unlucky when the latter got the rebound and headed it in. An unfair 1-1.

Gibbs would then get unlucky. He and Weimann went up for a header, and Gibbs came out bleeding. The ref, once again incorrect, ignored a head injury when he should’ve stopped the game. Kieran will likely need stitches, but let’s hope he doesn’t have a concussion and can rejoin the team soon. After this injury, we were down to only 4 first team defenders and 0 left backs. This is another example of how thin the squad is, but I will touch on that later. Immediately, Jenkinson came in at right back and Sagna switched to left back.

After this, the refereeing only got worse. Call after call went against us. I was proud to see our players stand up for themselves, especially Jack and Aaron.

Eventually, Gabby would break into our box again. Kos made a smart tackle and hit the ball out of play, clearly getting the ball before the player. However, Gabby once again showed his true Villainous colors and dove like a scuba diver, and the penalty was called out of nothing. I can’t give the ref a break on this one. There was a ref behind the goal, on the sideline and on the field, and none could figure out that it was a good tackle. Even on live TV from a zoomed out camera angle I could tell it was a good tackle, so I don’t understand how none of the referees saw it. Benteke stepped up again and calmly tapped it home, after Kos received a yellow card.

Arsenal had many chances of their own. Rosicky went through twice and was unlucky on both occasions. Theo fought for a ball in the box and managed to hoof the ball across the open net, but it was deflected. Chances came and went, but one thing struck me as odd. The ref only seemed to call fouls for us when we had advantage, almost as if to stop us from building an attack. The game got very dirty, but once again the ref seemed to think Arsenal was at fault. Jack got a yellow for a challenge that wouldn’t have been called if Villa made it, but when Jack was constantly fouled there was nothing called.

In the end, the diving Villain got a run at our defense again. Kos dove forward to slow down the play and completely missed the ball and player. The ball rolled to Benteke, but Mertesacker and Jack had it covered. Strangely though, the play was called back and Kos was shown a second yellow despite clearly not getting any player! The call was incorrect and we can only hope that the card is reviewed and rescinded, otherwise we could be down to 3 first team defenders for our next premier league game. We are in desperate need of another RB, CB and maybe even another very young LB, if neither the CB nor RB is capable of playing LB. Down 2-1, and down to 10 men, all incorrectly. It looked bad, and in the end it was bad.

Arsenal continued to play well, and Aaron slotting in at CB. At this point I would’ve liked to see Podolski come on for Giroud, even if it was just to crush some Villain skulls. Sadly, he wouldn’t come on until it was far too late.

In the end, Arsenal would commit everyone to an offensive corner. Villa broke on our 3 defenders and scored a 1 on 1 goal. I don’t blame anyone of Arsenal at all: we had nothing to lose. If two wrong penalties hadn’t been called and Kos hadn’t been sent off, we wouldn’t have been in that situation.

At the very end, Sagna went up and over a Villa player and landed hard on his neck. It looked bad.

After the final whistle chants of “spend some f***ing money” and “you don’t know what you’re doing” went up in the stadium.

Overall, the team played fantastically and at the least deserved a 1-1 draw. They also played with a great spirit. And I think one of Wenger’s issues is that he doesn’t want to ruin this spirit. But most World Class players will have that spirit and if worse comes to the worst, buy relatively young (25 and under) and put that spirit in them over the years. We need reinforcements. The team we have now is great, but the squad is too thin. Let’s hope Wenger buys at least a DM, CB, and RB in the coming days before our next game. It looks bad now, but the season isn’t over yet.

For now I’ll leave you with some questions:

1. What did you think of the game?

2. How many players do we need before our next game?

3. Will Wenger sign players during this window?

4. Should Wenger get a contract extension if our only signing this window is Yaya Sanogo?

Thanks for reading.

Written by: Dylan.


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214 Responses to Match Review: You can’t win a game against the ref

  1. AFC says:

    Dylan, the reasons why Arsenal lost against Villa is because of Arsene and co. We found ourselves in the situations we were in during the match because we had no dedicated DM which meant we were often exposed. We were light all of pitch because of injuries (Ramsey going into defence, come on) and the fact that Arsene has not signed players.

    What a fucking joke!

    We get rid of all of the ‘deadwood’ and bring no one in for the start of the new season.

    So our squad consists of these senior players (excluding the youth or any remaining deadwood):

    1) Szczesny
    2) Fabianski (can also be counted as ‘deadwood’)
    3) Sagna
    4) Koscienly
    5) Mertseckacker
    6) Vermaelen
    7) Gibbs
    8) Monreal
    9) Arteta
    10) Wilshere
    11) Cazorla
    12) Ramsey
    13) Ox
    14) Podolski
    15) Walcott
    16) Rosicky
    17) Giroud
    18) Jenkinson
    19) Diaby

    And then before the season starts Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta and Diaby are out before the season starts so for the Villa game we were down to 15 players and had to fill our bench with kids.

    Then in this match Gibbs, Ox and Sagna get injured. That now means we only have 12 senior players and with Kos suspended that is 11 senior players for the next EPL game. So we only have 2 defenders left for our next EPL game if all stay the same. What the fuck is Wenger doing?

    While the Manchester United (the champions of England) have these players at their disposal (excluding youth):

    1) De Gea
    2) Lindegaard
    3) Rafael
    4) Jones
    5) Smalling
    6) Vidic
    7) Ferdinand
    8) Evans
    9) Evra
    10) Buttner
    11) Fletcher
    12) Carrick
    13) Anderson
    14) Cleverly
    15) Kagawa
    16) Young
    17) Valencia
    18) Giggs
    19) Nani
    20) Rooney
    21) RVP
    22) Welbeck
    23) Hernandez
    24) Zaha

    So they already have 5 extra players consider than us if both squads are fully fit. So United went into this season with 20% more players at their disposal than we did and have better quality throughout their squad.

    And then people are making excuses for our loss against Villa when there are none.

    My message to Wenger “SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY!!!”.

    It is clear that we need to add 5 players if we want to win things. If Wenger only adds 2-3 players we will finish 3rd/4th place again. We need an experienced GK, CB or RB (if Sagna is converted into a CB), DM, ST and another DM/box to box midfielder as Wenger uses Wilshere as an AM.

    GK- Cesar (£1.5-3.0 million) or Adler (around £5 million) or Marchetti (not sure of his price but he would not cost much).

    CB- Rami (under £10 million), Sakho (around £15 million) or Caceres (£10-15 million).


    RB- Gamez (around £5 million) or Richards (£10-15 million) or Abate (around £10 million).

    DM- L.Bender (£20-25 million) or De Rossi (£10-15 million) or Khedira (around £20 million) or Matuidi (not sure of price).

    ST- if Wenger really wants Suarez just offer £50 million for him or walk away. TRY and get Lewandowski and offer £40 million for him or Eto’o (available for a cheap price).

    Other DM/box to box midfielder with potential- Verratti or Pogba or Flamini. Not sure of prices for Verratti or Pogba. Diarra on the cheap from Anzhi or even Barry on the cheap.

  2. Gooner4eva49 says:

    Nice to read you share the same views as me.

    The ref was an absolute joke. He also kept interrupting play slowing our game down especially at unnecessary situations!

    We’ll need 10 new signings before Wednesday at this rate. Unbelievable unfortunate bad luck at the start we have.

    1) I thought the game was quite freezy. Stream kept on freezing, that and stress are my highlights of d day.

    2) 10

    3) yes

    4) Ha ha, a bit harsh but I would be astonished if Sanago was our only recruit

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    A very fine match report, Dylan, and you are right to focus on the very poor refereeing today.

    As far as I could judge, the first penalty was correctly given. The second one was a very poor decision and it amazed me Taylor did once again not consult with his linesman. It was clear that the ref allowed Villa to get under our skins, and yes he seemed very biased in his decision-making. But, this has been happening, and will continue to happen, for many years. We need to fight fire with fire and be streetwise in these sort of encounters.

    For me, as per comments in previous post, the biggest issue was the lack of shape and solidity of our team today. We never controlled the game and let Villa co-dictate the tempo. We missed Arteta tremendously today and that says enough. I wont go on about the absurdity of not signing a DM, because I am sick and tired of it.

    It is only one game and things can change for the better quickly, but I am more sombre than ever about our chances this season.

  4. James Bond says:

    thanks Dylan, nice one

    i have no problems or issues with us “losing” as it’s only a game and you can’t win them all. However, i do have a problem with our players attitude and the way they sulk , when a decision goes against us and so on – i don’t like it one bit, we need to get on with a job and let our footballing skills do the talking.

    Aston Villa came with a plan, the plan was very similar to Everton’s – break play up as much as possible, do clever fouls – be in your face, physical and don’t shy away – it worked, as it did for Everton and the real worry now is, how do we address it and fix it ?

    re- Wenger contract extension then perhaps the reason why he hasn’t signed one yet , is because he wants to leave and hence we have only spent -11 million so far, meaning the next manage will have £148 million to spend (figures quoted by Glic, so don’t ask me to justisfy).

    the Ref was a Pri:@£”:k, Dody dodgy… Prince said that he might be picking up his pay cheques from else where, well , it does make you wonder.

  5. AB says:

    Good positive stuff Dylan!

    1. Dire!

    2. None – we are dependent on the current squad for our next few games, but not for the season ahead. So fingers crossed, and lets hope today’s injuries are not too bad.

    3. Yes – 2 more min

    4. No

  6. James Bond says:

    from the previous article after he gave me a list and said he could tell wenger about 50 players fit to be a gooner :

    are you calling Wenger a bullshitter ?
    are you tell me that he is the biggest bullshitter out there and does nothing other than brainwash the supporters, the media and everyone else around him ?
    is that what you are telling me @ AFC ?

    guess what @ AFC

    the bullshitter is the highest paid manager
    and this is what he’s got to say to you, check it out for yourself…

  7. Shard says:

    1. I’d rather watch the WWF. Can’t believe how excited I was to watch football. This wasn’t football.

    2. I’d say 3 or 4. CB (Koscielny suspended), DM, Striker, maybe a full back though I don;t see how we’ll fit them in when Gibbs and Monreal come back. Maybe someone who can play left back as well as a winger. I don;t expect signings till we qualify for CL

    3 Yes

    4. Depends. On whether the reason we didn’t buy players was that he didn’t identify any targets or that he scuppered deals, or whether there were other problems in the process which had nothing to do with him.

    Thank you for not following everyone else and simply blaming Arsenal’s lack of signings as the reason for today’s loss. Thank you for giving me faith that at least some fans don’t just get caught up in the media driven narrative of Arsenal. The referee today was a disgrace to the game, and robbed the spectators of a game of football.

  8. madgunnerTT says:

    Long time arsenal fan here. just one question: is this article a joke? because if it is it’s a poor one.

    AFC well said.

  9. James Bond says:

    by the way,

    did anyone notice how when we were in possession and there was a foul on our players, instead of playing the advantage, the fcuker was blowing his whistles to stop play instead of letting us get on with it ?

    deffo, very dodgy

    Wenger needs to be more vocal.

  10. Tom says:

    We won’t even attract signings now, we’re shit. Galas on a free maybe, or I wonder if Henry would come back. Failing that I think we should stick a 15m bid in for Charlie Adam and Peter Crouch. At least we know they’d come. Hopefully.

  11. Sindy says:

    Everyone except the few who buy season tickets in England hates Arsenal. Worse the press. I feel the press bribe certain people to make sure whatever Arsene attempts does not bear fruits.

  12. James Bond says:


    are you a spuds fan in disguise ?

    let’s not kid ourselves, we still are in it to win it and have a healthy chance of reaching the CL.

    players will want to come as long as we’re willing to offer the right money .

  13. AFC says:

    JB, agreed. These guys are MEN not BOYS and it’s about time they started acting like men.

    Shard, our loss was down to the lack of signings. Sure the ref was poor but if we had made signings our players would not have found themselves in the positions they were in. Did you see our bench? Where were the players that could actually be called upon to do something.

  14. Tom says:

    It’s been years since we won anything and we’re about to make it anther one. I’m looking over my shoulder at Barnet creeping up on us….

  15. AFC says:

    Sindy, agreed. TalkSPORT take the pisss out of Wenger and the Arsenal everyday. Sometimes I actually feel like ringing up to put them straight but at the moment AW and co are playing into their hands.

  16. Shard says:

    It’s not like we’d have many chances to bring them on anyway AFC. Gibbs injured, and Ox injured. Arsenal aren’t going to buy a 3rd LB (rightly so) and Cazorla is a game changer of a player to replace the Ox. At most, you could argue we’d have the luxury of one game changing substitute. Maybe we should have bought Anthony Taylor. He was the real game changer today.

  17. James Bond says:

    Troll alert.

    Barnet ? maybe on the ps3 or xbox, actually no chance.

  18. AFC says:

    MadgunnerTT, the article is not a joke. It is actually a very good one as it tells the story as it is. Everything in this post is true. The ref was poor and we did play quite well. But my point was that had we had the right players (AW could have signed by now) the ref decisions would have not had influenced the match as much as they did.

  19. kay says:

    I am so amazed that no one is talking about the the Ref played in this game. The premiership is not played on level ground for all the teams.Arsenal have really suffered for poor officiating in the past few seasons. Anthony ensured that the boys were punished for. Flimsy fouls, he allowed Aston villa to kick our boys around without any action. He also made sure all our advantages were halted by calling the fouls when we had advantage.
    The fact that the squad is thin is not an excuse for the ref to be hostile on the squad. Pls give us a level playing ground like the other teams. And to Anthony,i am going to watch out for you this season, a similar performance this season ensure that u are sent to league 2 to ref. Mark my words.

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC 🙂

    We did not play well today. We might have created enough chances but we did not take them. But more importantly, we allowed them far too much space to attack us – mainly on the counter – and we did not control the game throughout most of the 90 minutes. Tactically/positionally we were poor today.

  21. AFC says:

    Shard, our bench consisted of players that were not even fully fit. We just did not have the players needed to step in. Like when Kos got sent off we did not even have a defender on the bench. I don’t want
    Ramsey playing at CB. We started the match with no dedicated DM and did even have a ST on the bench. Cazorla started on the bench as he wss not fully fit and durely AW was not expecting the likes of Gnabry, Sanogo and Frimpong to change the game for us. No offence to those players but they are not ready YET to even be on the bench.

  22. Shard says:

    Agreed AFC, and putting out a first 11, let alone a squad of 18 for the next game is going to be a major worry. I just disagree that signings would have helped us counter the referee’s frankly, corrupt decision making today. Although I will say that as a team, we have to learn to cope with it a little better. Though it is virtually impossible to.

  23. AFC says:

    TA, sorry I must have used the wrong words. For what we had available today the guys done ok. We started the match with no DM, Gibbs went off injured and Kos got sent off meaning that Ramsey had to play CB and our squad was extremely thin. As I mentioned early we only had 12 senior players to choose from (two of which were GKs and a few kids) who are not ready.

    My question to Wenger. If we losing a match and we only have 3 defenders why did AW not play 3 at the back and have Ramsey in a more attacking position?

  24. James Bond says:


    all those issues have been addressed and raised in the comments to further this article by Dylan.

    all in agreement with your comment.

  25. James Bond says:

    yep @ TA

    and that was mainly down to us losing Gibbs, i reckon

  26. :-( says:

    Bent ref.
    Mike Riley’s rent boy.

    Never witnessed fixing so blatant (and I was there).

    Absolutely dejected. To me this was the proof of some long held fears – That match fixing is rife in English football.

    I spent £1000 a year for pre-fixed ‘sport’ and there’s nothing I can do.

    Utterly depressed.

  27. Tomas says:

    @Sindy. You mean the same press that called Wenger a visionary who transformed English football, revolutionized player nutrition program and the genius in the transfer market (when it worked).

  28. AFC says:

    Shard, this is the problem. How can the players have confidence and play well when they know the squad is so thin. If I was a player I would be pissed of with Wenger for allowing us to only have 12 senior players at our disposal while United had around 25 senior players.

  29. Gio says:

    Haha blame the ref and continue to ignore the fact that you have a very average team and a manager who has lost the plot.
    But let me answer your questions.

    1: Villa totally deserved the win, it was a masterclass of counterattacking football and your cumbersome defence couldn’t cope. And about the penalties, the first one was a stone wall penalty and your keeper was lucky to still be on the pitch. So the ref helped you out there. The second penalty wasn’t so clear cut but looking from the refs angle it looked like a penalty and you cant blame him for not seeing the slightest contact on the ball by your player (even though you did blame him) And the sending off was because your player was such a fool that knowing he was already carded he decided to launch into a reckless tackle.

    2: 11. you need a complete new team as the one you have is pretty rubbish. you have probably 2 players who are above average (Wilshire and Cazorla)

    3: No he will not sign anyone of note. He will now panic buy just to appease the fans and buy the calibre of players that he bought 2 years ago when you got thumped by Man Utd. The likes of Santos etc. He has missed out on several top players because of his insistence of not paying what a player is worth in todays market. And also very few top players would consider a move to arsenal anyway as its not an attractive move anymore.

    4: I hope arsenal do offer him a new contract. That would mean that this fiasco will continue for years to come, much to the amusement of opposing fans. Long may he reign. Lol.

    Face facts gooners, you’re in for a long hard season and with Fenerbache next. It could be the end of the road in the CL too. Wouldn’t that be absolutely hilarious.

  30. Shard says:

    Confidence didn’t seem a problem till the referee started tilting the game. Look at Koscielny’s reaction to the second penalty. He just laughs at the ridiculousness of it all. He knew what was happening, as did Rosicky and Wilshere and all the rest. So did the Villa players and that is why they were so physical and dirty. They knew they would get away with it. You can analyse what Arsenal can do better all day, but the true story of this match is that Arsenal came up against a corrupt referee and that this is the main reason they lost.

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    JB – Gibbs was a big loss agreed, but our midfield did not know how to defend today.

    AFC – we started with a strong line-up but had no adequate replacement for Arteta; and that after three months of TW opportunities….

  32. James Bond says:

    passionate gooner

  33. AFC says:

    TA, why did Wenger not start Frimpong. Surely alongside Ramsey he would have been alright? Why did he not draft in Flamini for this match?

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Gio – I will let you comment on our site as long as you remain polite and constructive.

    Villa played well today and deserved their win, but you must admit the ref had a poor game and handing you the second penalty was a total gift for you. However, the counter footie was good and you hurt us where we were weak: in the area in front of our defence.

    Against Fenerbahce you will see once again why Wenger is still at Arsenal after all those years and why you have been in our considerable shadow for so long.

  35. James Bond says:


    ahahahahahhahahahaha i have not laughed this much for ages, i really needed that, you must be a CLOWN ? ahahahahahahahahahah

    nuff said.

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Frimpong does not seem to be part of Wenger’s plans at the moment; is he even fully fit, AFC?

  37. James Bond says:

    how did Vlaar manage to stay on the pitch,

    when Koc made a world class tackle – gets a yellow

    in the 2nd yellow – he didn’t even touch the player.

    like i said, you’re hilarious @ Gio

  38. AFC says:

    TA, I thought Frimpong would be fit enough to play.

    I would have just signed Flamini on a short loan deal for a week or two.

  39. Alcide says:

    1. Nothing much to add to Dylan’s excellent summary. It’s nice to see frustration did not get the better of everyone… I think however the first penalty is justifiable, and also agree with JB that a DM may have helped stabilize the team in a game like that and that there was too much sulking – although if sulking was ever justified…

    Our side is thin indeed, but I must say I am still amazed at what happened today. I’m sure some will say that this was waiting to happen, but seriously, between the ref, Kos, potential injuries for BS, Gibbs, and even TR7 and Ox, we’re really in worst nightmare territory.

    2. Depending on injuries of course, but at least 2 – CB and DM, but it’s not going to happen in the next 3 days…

    3. Of course he will. He always did, and this year he acknowledged he has the funding, and he got rid of many on the payroll. “We will, we will” he clearly answered. I am sure we’ll get at least 3 signed.

    4. Sure. But there’s no chance it will happen.

    Bad start, but well get better.

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – we should have bought a proper, quality DM months ago and we would have won this game with some ease. I would welcome back Flamini, short or long term (if he is still totally fit, that is).

  41. Wengerball says:

    I Thank Almighty God that Sagna is generally alright after his serious fall… that fall on second look was close to extremely serious and catastrophic.

    It’s difficult to train for bad officiating and the only optimism is that there are 111 points for Gunners to play for.

    Somehow and unfortunately so, the Emirates has a pessimistic atmosphere that will only have a long lasting good feel factor once it’s first silverware arrives but the good thing is that we have somewhat better away fixture performances as there’s less negativity of glory hunters on the road hence I’m confident we’ll get a good result and fast leg advantage away to Fenerbahce before an even better result away to Fulham before returning to Emirates to secure CL football group stage place against Fenerbahce a week on Tuesday.
    This hopefully will bring back the good feel factor and morale boost to the players before we have the North London Derby.

  42. AFC says:

    TA, I am really starting to lose my faith in Wenger. Why did he not go back with a £25 million bid for L.Bender before the season started.

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – I don’t know any more – maybe one day we’ll find out! 😕

  44. Gabriel says:

    Wenger is a fool of all time. He don’t know the game

  45. AFC says:

    TA, it is taking so long to sign players the players he eventually does sign must be SQ or I will not be happy. If he brings quality players e.g. Bender, Rami etc, I will take back what I have said.

  46. James Bond says:

    Wengerball – well said and well put, sir.

  47. James Bond says:


    yeah, he don’t know the game – agreed, that’s why he’s been a manager of one of the biggest clubs not only in England but in the world – and guess what, he’s been there for 17 years.

    only a very clever fool would be able to survive for this long , agreed

  48. Fournier Michael says:

    Sorry Still can not see what Wilshere adds that about a dozen young Spanish players that can’t even get a sniff of a cap in their national team couldn’t. SO he can dribble and he can pass. But he fails to make any impact in the game. Sorry he is not strong enough to prevent Villa’s attacks through the middle and he does not distribute killer passes that open up defenses or have a shot like Gerrard. How can anyone keep saying he is essential to Arsenal’s success? he provides no game winners and he does not prevent attacks. SO again what exactly does he provide that is going to win us the league if he stays fit?

    The best midfielder in the game today was 32 year old Rosicky. Then one of our highest paid players was on the bench and never even played a min. That’s really good team management for you. Is Podolski the new Arshavin another quality player signed and on 100K a week only to waste away on the Arsenal bench. Hay if he is worth that salary then he better be worth playing or just sell him and use this wages on a player that can make a difference. Carzorla Again was poor just as he was vs City. Ramsey started well but he is no DM nether is Wilshere so asking those 2 to be the deep lying Mids to protect the back 4 it is no wonder they had no protection.

    Wenger needs to stop wasting time under bidding for Strikers that he has no intention of meeting their teams demands to actually get and concentrate on the areas we have needed to improve since 2005 and have yet to address. THAT is why RVP left he knew the rest of the Squad was weak and he was wasting his time when after talking with Wenger he learned they had no intention of replacing the mediocre players with top quality. SO we lose RVP now Wenger thinks that loss was the only area we need help. As he never agreed that the rest of the squad is Just not good enough EVEN if we had resigned RVP. AND Cesc had never gone to Barca. We still needed a New DM and better keeper and better more depth in Center half.

    This game result was NO surprise It Hurt mostly because I knew even if today had gone well this type of result was inevitable at some point. Did it wake Wenger and the Board UP ? I doubt it. It did not even wake up the diluted fans that actually thing Jack Wilshere is a World class player. If he is So good why during this and every transfer window are the Bids from every big club not flying in. One reason he is not that special there are plenty of plays out there that due to NOT being English are cheaper to sign and just as effective as Jack. (If not better as they score goals)

    Oh an lastly if jack is NOT going to be playing behind the lead strikers and a Attacking Mid scoring goals and creating assist then Take that Damn Number 10 off your shirt. You do not deserve to wear Bregkamps number.

    And all you people that think Wilshere is SO good you need to watch the game forgetting that that is Jack and just look at what comes of his possession NOTHING. Maybe a free kick way way from goal if he gets the call. He creates NO goals or assist and he was not strong enough to prevent Villa from just attacking straight through the middle.

    Really I want to know how you all measure the quality of a player on potential and intention or Results? His results are POOR so I do not give a shit about his potential

  49. Gary says:

    I waited all summer for that? He’s done it again, fooled us all with the rhetoric on how we are going to buy some help and we go in with a skeleton crew. Finally gets rid of many of the wage collectors but doesn’t replace anyone. What a fool, I’ve had it.

  50. Wengerball says:

    One thing I realized in this and the previous post, you may call it as you see it and not sugar coat it… but make no mistake your blood and DNA runs Arsenal JB…

  51. ne says:

    That day I read one article, England want to have more creative player like Jack Wilshere. Yeah for starter they have 1, but if the ref continue their bias towards club for their own self, letting player being kick and foul with out a good reason, I strongly believe england would be losing jack for the next qualifier match, Ox already out by the way.

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    FM – you either see it or you don’t

  53. Mart says:

    Totally Agree with Dylan, I went was at the game today and you called it spot on!
    i am angry that we have not improved our squad, but even more surprised that we let Francis Coqulin on loan as he can play midfield, Right & left Back, and also Joel Campbell looked great last year in Spain, so why loan him? we have little back up for Walcott or the Ox ?
    So Angry!!!!

  54. AFC says:

    Rosicky and Ramsey also have knocks I have just read.

    So that’s Kos, Verm, Monreal, Sagna, Ramsey, Rosicky and Ox all out. This is the squad we now have:

    1) Szez
    2) Fab
    3) Mert
    4) Jenks
    5) Wilshere
    6) Podolski
    7) Walcott
    8) Giroud
    9) Santi

    9 senior players left.

  55. Wengerball says:

    Kudos on the Gunners optimism as well JB…

  56. Prince says:

    Changed your tone today JB?????

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    JB likes a good glass of wine, Princey! 😉

  58. TotalArsenal says:

    Ne, excellent point. Jack was continuously targeted today, and not for the first time. I so wish we have beast of a DM next to him to give some extra protection in midfield.

  59. TotalArsenal says:


    Ten green bottles were standing on the ball, Ten green…

  60. Prince says:

    Dylan, well done.

    1st one was a penalty, 2nd was a c**k up the arse from the corrupt FA..

    Football stinks right now.

    @Shard. I have nothing but respect for you. A wise man and a loyal supporter. Respect

  61. Admir says:

    1. What did you think of the game?

    The worst piece of refereeing I’ve seen in Premiership ever. Our performance was poor, truth to be told, and defending was abysmal.

    First penalty for Villa was clear though.

    Dylan, was Ox offside when Rosicky sent him the ball?

    2. How many players do we need before our next game?

    Six – a goalkeeper, a central defender, two full-backs, a defensive midfielder and a striker.

    3. Will Wenger sign players during this window?

    No. He is waiting for Diaby to recover.

    4. Should Wenger get a contract extension if our only signing this window is Yaya Sanogo?

    If our only signing this window is going to be Yaya Sanogo, Wenger doesn’t deserve a contract extension but a truck-load of slaps & smacks.

  62. Prince says:

    “you either see it or you don’t”

    simple yet perfectly put, Total.

  63. Admir says:

    BTW, I would like to point out at one detail that was omitted (or at least I haven’t found it yet) – we had one shot on target in the first half while Aston Villa had three (Giroud’s goal, Benteke’s penalty, Benteke’s goal and Westwood’s attempt).

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Prince 🙂

    All agreed, Admir. If such a well-balanced, fair and true Gooner can be down on Wenger’s transfer performances this summer, then Arsenal should take note. Enough is enough – time to deliver now, Wenger and Gazidis!

    Night all! 😛

  65. AFC says:

    Admir, this is what I would do if I was Wenger.

    Frimpong out on loan or sold. Ryo and Sanogo also sent out on loan.

    Sign Flamini as our veteran midfielder ready for our CL match and have him as our Scholes for the rest of the season.

    I would then go for Rami, L. Bender, Cesar/Adler, Gamez. Try and get Lewnadowski.

    We could have a 25 man squad of:

    Szez, Fab, Cesar/Adler, Sagna, Jenks, Gamez, Kos, Verm, Mert, Monreal, Gibbs, Rami, Flamini, Ramsey, Arteta, L.Bender, Wilshere, Rosicky, Santi, Diaby, Podolski, Walcott, Giroud, Ox, Lewandowski (could be unlikely or any other top ST).

    Job done!

  66. Alcide says:

    Oops just realized question 4 was not “Should Wenger be fired if only signing Sanogo… ” So I’m correcting my answer to “He surely doesn’t deserve an extension if he fails to deliver at least 2 or 3 players.”

    I’m off to stop drinking beer…

  67. Admir says:

    Thank you, TA. The thing is, I was feared from the very start of the summer that Wenger should change his habits. I wrote a text for called “Is it too early to panic?” regarding our lack of purchasing activity. It was written on 30th June. Almost two months later, we haven’t signed a single reinforcement (Yaya Sanogo is a new signing but he has yet to prove that he is a reinforcement as well).

    AFC, where do I sign this list? Flamini is a logical option and ticks all the boxes in Wenger’s book as well. That would be like a symbolic closing of the circle as all our problems started with Flamini leaving us for AC Milan on a free transfer.

  68. AFC says:

    Alcide, two or three players are not enough. I think it has got to the point where we need six players.

  69. Dylan says:

    Kos got me -2 points, 2 other players I had got me 0, but Benteke was my captain, he has another game this week, and 4 players in my starting 11 haven’t played yet this week! Won’t stay in 12th for long! 😉

  70. Dylan says:

    AFC, it’s Wenger’s fault for not signing players, but he can’t control injuries or reffing. Wenger can and will sign players. Think Monreal at the end of January. He will sign for injuries, especially in defense. Let’s get Rami or Sakho AND Gamez, whether Malaga get Bendtner or not, let’s get him.

  71. AFC says:

    Admir, six signings and we would be serious contenders in all competitions.

    GK- Cesar (£1.5-3.0 million) or Adler (around £5 million)

    CB- Rami (around £10 million)

    RB- Gamez (under £5 million)

    DM- Flamini on a free and L.Bender (£25 million).

    ST- Lewandowski (£40-45 million) it’s worth a try.

    So that’s a combined total £83-90 million. We can afford that!

  72. AFC says:

    Dylan, read my last comment.

  73. Admir says:

    Scary thing: we have played three games at Emirates so far – Napoli (2:2), Galatasaray (1:2) and Aston Villa (1:3). We are yet to beat someone at Emirates and number of lines were written about our need to make Emirates our fortress.

    And, while I’m at pre-season results – most of the people neglected the fact we conceded goals from Vietnam, Nagoya and Urawa while Napoli and Galatasaray scored two each. Lack of determination in defending – especially at our nominally defensive midfielders – caused all sorts of troubles for us.

  74. Dylan says:

    Gooner4eva49, thanks mate. Haha maybe the contract extension thing was a bit harsh, but my point was that we need signings. I am a huge Wenger fan, but he must be able to identify at least one more target.

  75. AFC says:

    If we got those six players I mentioned our team would not be disrupted thay much. Why? Because the GK and Flamini would not really need time to settle in. Gamez and Rami would be squad players and only L.Bender and Lewandowski (or other top ST) would be first team players.

  76. Dylan says:

    I agree with you TA, but I have hope. Wenger doesn’t want to panic buy again, but he knows he has to do something.

  77. Dylan says:

    JB, I disagree. Our players went on with the game too much. I wish they would’ve gotten in Villa and the ref’s face more like Jack did. The Wenger contract thing is interesting, but surely he doesn’t want to leave behind a weak team?

  78. Dylan says:

    Thanks AB, your responses are probably most realistic and level headed. Good to see. 🙂

  79. Nizam says:

    It’s not the ref. Tactically Wenger is a one track man passing ight in the box when surrounded by massed defences.When AV hit the third goal,the striker had plenty of time and space.
    The only way for Wenger to redeem himself is to win the next 6 games.Otherwise it would be business as usual with ganes clamouring for his head. Indeed this guy is living on past glory and thinks he is infallible and indispensable.

  80. Dylan says:

    Thanks Shard, that means a lot.
    MadgunnerTT, think what you want.
    JB @ 21:54 – Agreed.
    Tom, thank you for the joke! 😉
    Sindy, I think the media often makes up Arsenal trying to sign players just to make Arsene look bad. For example, Higuain. Perez said we never bid, so did we really fail?

  81. Dylan says:

    Agreed Kay! 🙂
    : – ( , I’m sorry mate. I can’t imagine how much worse it is to have spent money to be there. Head up. Arsenal won’t fall after one game. 🙂

  82. Dylan says:

    Gio, I won’t respond to you to avoid getting nasty.
    Shard @ 22:32 – Agreed!
    JB @ 22:44 – Totally agree!

  83. Dylan says:

    Thanks Alcide! And agreed! 🙂
    Wengerball, I love your optimism! 🙂
    Gabriel, I disagree. Wenger is a genius.

  84. Prince says:

    Hi Admir @00.20,
    I agree our pre-season results have been disturbing. Seems to me that ever since Kroenke has come in, we cant get a decent pre-season under our belts. Personally, i believe we should scrap the money making tour of Asia. We never had such bad starts to a season when Wenger was able to take his squad to the peace and quiet of the hills in Austria. No phone calls from the owner to sell our captain, no transfer requests, just mind on the job and get as fit as your body allows you. #FACT

  85. Dylan says:

    Fournier Michael, Jack is young. He needs time. He’s also not a DM. Be patient. Jack is incredibly useful, he is not to blame for our lack of signings, the ref, or the loss. He’s Arsenal through and through.

  86. Dylan says:

    Be patient Gary. One game doesn’t make a season.
    Ne, you are correct.
    Thanks Mart! Haven’t seen enough of Campbell to judge him though.
    Thanks Prince. I just can’t bring myself to re-watch the penalty calls. From what I saw, I disagree with the 1st PK.

  87. Dylan says:

    Admir, Ox wasn’t off. It was a great run. Thanks for your comment. I think Wenger will sign someone though.
    Nizam, it’s not Wenger’s fault for the game. Blame him for the thin squad, not the ref.


    Love your posting style Dylan, keep up the good work son

    if only i had taken my Air Rifle to todays game. I am a very good shot. Years of covert sneakiness from discrete windows in which i have shot my neighbours, innocent passers by, and an assortment of furry animals has honed my aim. To get the cops of my trail i once had to shoot myself. hahaha

    Today was a tale of woe and disapointment. A twat referee, and a very inept performance.

    I agree with TA’s analysis. We were weak in the middle areas, both positionaly and physicaly.

    Apart from our goal, and the odd piece of class from Rosiscky, we lacked invention and purpose

    Vulnerable defensivly. physicaly weak, lacking purpose and guile up front is how i saw it.

    I still believe in the Club and Arsene Wenger and forsee a great future.

    However, i am worn out and tired of defending this “Future”, which i do not only with my blogging friends but even with the people i go to games with and therefore need a break.

    Keep the faith.

  89. Alcide says:


    I was just saying anything less than 2 or 3 signings should get AW fired, but I’ll otherwise say we need at least 4-5 if we find the right players (Backup CB and RB, high quality DM and ST…).

    Who do we have to fill-in for LB? I still can’t believe we may have lost 5 players in one game…

  90. Dylan says:

    AFC, I’d sign Gamez, and Rami or Sakho, and Coentrao (I hear he’s put in a transfer request. Signing him wouldn’t be a waste because he could play LW when Gibbs and Monreal are fit again.) or Alaba (as he could play DM like he wants when Gibbs and Monreal are fit). I’d then sign Gundogan or Kondogbia or Bender, and Eriksen or Insigne or Kroos or Willian (could also play LW or ST when Rosicky and Santi are fit), and El Sharaawy (can also play CF) or Ljajic or Pedro or Sanchez or Reus or Di Maria, and Hernandez or Lamela or Muriel.
    That’s 7 players (If I counted right). In Wenger’s interview he said people tell him to buy players, but don’t say who. There’s the list Wenger! 😉 An experienced goalie (maybe Marchetti or Adler) and some young players would be a bonus. 😉

  91. Dylan says:

    TMHT, I agree except I think we had some very creative moments today. 🙂 The future is still right. One game with a bad ref doesn’t change anything.

  92. viera says:

    please remember that fenerbache are essentially OUT of the ECL and need to have the expulsion decision over turned…….this won’t happen as two of the clubs hierarchy are already serving jail terms for max fixing so I would send the under 18’s

  93. Prince says:

    NY Pancyprians (name of his FF team) or Taso from the U S of A.
    Whoever you are, WHY the fuck have you joined a manure fc fan league whilst being a part of ours??????????????

  94. Prince says:

    Viera, actually their hearing is on the 28th or a day after our 2nd leg home tie. That is when we will hear to news.

  95. Prince says:

    *the news

  96. Alcide says:

    Sakho leaves because he wants to have play time (he’s a contestant for the French team), not sure he’ll take the risk of moving from PSG to still end up 3rd or 4th choice in Arsenal. I think he has the potential (alongside Kos) to make the first 11 though – whereas Rami is only backup material in my opinion.

  97. oz gunner says:

    @ Dylan

    cheers for the match review, enjoyed it.

    Still spewing about the decisions, I’m sure kozzer is still shaking his head. Yes we need to perform better but shit we were up against it yesterday.

    @ BJ

    can’t agree with the ‘sulking’ calls. Athletes let off aggression in different ways, they are not robots. Better that than a rash challenge. We cry about a lack of passion and determination, yet some whinge when they show a hint of anger on the field. We can’t have it both ways

    @ TA

    the lack of a DM is disturbing. We deserve better after dealing with Denilson for a year.

    Could be a very very long year…

    @ Shard

    well played, haven’t put a step wrong with any of your comments

  98. Dylan says:

    Thanks oz! 😀 I agree, I love seeing that fight and heart on the field.

  99. henrychan says:

    Morning all..
    Dylan.. I’m 100% with you on referee.. so bad and such unprofessional.. someone must speak out loud to make sure this kind of situation won’t happen again..
    Why..?? Because many team will play the same football as Villa did.. and if the referee don’t do their job correctly then EPL will be in trouble.. for sure.. hehe..
    The second yellow for Kosc is very unreasonable.. the first maybe he can excuse for it happened in the penalty area.. but the second was very bad..

    1. I must say We didn’t play a good game.. I don’t really please with a fast goal.. cause many time.. after that We lost our cobsentration..
    We missed Arteta for sure.. It was a very surprised and speculative decision to replaced his rule for Ramsey.. and I just can say that Willshere – Ramsey just ain’t match for double DM.. Arteta – Willshere maybe can fit.. but not W-R..
    And for a hundred times (never really count.. haha..) I demand for a solid GK.. Szczesney is not a solid GK.. We even can compared him with Villa’s GK (I don’t know the name.. hehe. ).. if only Cesar is our GK lastnight.. hahaha..

    2. We need at least 3 now.. with Kos got a red.. Vermaelen still need some rest.. Sagna also.. and We don’t have Miquel anymore.. a CB is a must..
    Second should go for a solid GK.. Cesar or Adler.. forget Szczesney or Fabianski.. let get some real GK.. hehe..
    Third.. a DM.. someone like Van Ginkel for me.. rumours said We going after de Rossi.. too good to be true.. hehe.. Maybe Flamini can help us for a while.. Ioan him for one year.. but maybe someone like Radja Nainggolan or De Jong.. can make a big change in our defence..

    3. I’m not sure in 3 days Wenger will get them.. but I hope he will..

    4. Wenger didn’t sign his contract yet.. Many speculation about that.. but I still believe he worth the price We paid him..

    Go Gunners.. Keep the spirit high..

  100. Arsenal_vcc says:

    Just a question – is there an equivalent to Txiki Berigistain (the current Man City sports director and former Barcelona Dir.) at Arsenal? If there is, then this person’s performance really needs to be scrutinized. If not, maybe Ivan should bring someone like him in. It seems to me that having someone who sole responsibility is to get players signed (not just scouted) would help. Not to mention allowing Wenger to focus on developing the players.

    The atmosphere at the Emirates is actually getting to be quite depressing and even negative during tough matches. The players actually seem to play better when away from the Emirates!

  101. Dylan says:

    Agreed henrychan. Only thing is, I think the W-R DM pivot was better than we’ve ever seen before, but not quite ready yet. However, I do see a relationship forming there with Jack in a more box to box role (like Ramsey now) and Ramsey like Arteta plays now. 🙂

  102. Dylan says:

    Arsenal_vcc, Arsenal don’t have someone like that. It’s all Wenger, which is part of the problem.

  103. henrychan says:

    I don’t agree with you.. Ramsey used to play more forward.. but now he must give that chance to Willshere.. just hope both getting better together as We seem don’t have any choice again fenerbance..
    I don’t see frimpong will play as our DM.. Wenger won’t make another high risk decision..

    Btw.. whoever bring in this couple day still can’t join the team to turky aren’they..??

  104. @venbishop says:

    Wenger is a self thinker, A struborn and arrogant man, he keep trying to prove his philosophy about how the game should be controled and played even when he knows that changes in Epl will suffiacate his ambition. He has cash to spend why not strenghten your team like every other manager has being doing even tottenhan our neigbours are up for a top4 fight this season.. Wenger should not be giving another contract if he fails to strenghten b/c miracle and luck won’t keep us up on the table but quality and merit will…

  105. Morning all,
    I am regular visitor here, this is my first comment… Good post Dylan,
    1. From start to finish Agbonlahor kicking Wilshere from back… But he got is booking from the ref in the very end….Really we got disturbed when we suffered the 2nd penalty…We did good job overall apart from 3rd villa goal… Rosicky is my MOM performer… He rolled all over the park…
    2. At least we need 1 Defender and 1 DM surely…
    3. I think he should move since he got the real kick (thru suspensions and injuries )in the first day itself….
    4. Of course YES….

  106. alexgunners says:

    Once again good post but i do not agree with some things.

    I do not believe that we played well. Maybe the first 20 minutes or so we did, then we gave them too much space. Zorro’s absence was felt and there were big gaps. Players seem to be playing in unfamiliar positions.

    Rambo was playing too far back and unlike the pre-season he was ineffective in going forward. Jack was taken out of the game early and needs to keep his head. It’s hard considering the constant fouling on him and the no-calls.

    I completely agree with AFC.
    AFC said that we our squad is so thin. I said a couple of days ago that our biggest problem is depth. We cannot be serious about competing in all competitions with the squad that we have.
    In past seasons, we have said that we cannot buy unless we clear out the dead wood. This has happened, we have cleared most players and still no back up.

    AW is placing too much pressure on his players. They have to over compensate for the lack of squad depth. The players are good, don’t get me wrong but we need great players to add to the good players that we have. We need to blame AW, Gazidis and Law for what is happening to our great club.

    Now to answer your questions Dylan:

    1) The refereeing was a joke and we were too complacent. Not enough cohesion to get us where we need to be.

    2) How many players ? 5 would be great. knowing our injury record, we need as much backup as possible. Let’s not kid ourselves. You cannot get rid of that many players and only add 2 or 3.

    3)I do not think that he has a choice, signings are essential.

    4) Contract extension. Too premature for talk of contract extensions. What i feel he is doing is being negligent of the club’s needs. Us fans will always support our club but when we can see what is wrong and nothing gets done, that is called negligence

    Keep up the good work

  107. alexgunners says:

    A fair response from a true Gooner.
    I agree with him on so many levels

  108. Gerry says:

    Dylan – You never fail to write quality report. Whatever your future ambitions are, other than a lifetime playing FM, but you do have an aptitude for writing way beyond this. So we must enjoy what we can get while you are with us.

    Not a lot to argue with in your analysis either. This referee is known, to use the cliche, for allowing the game to flow. In other words, let both sides kick seven bells out of each other, so he does not issue cards early on. If we take our natural biased view out of the equation, I think I am right that the early fouls were committed by us? One where Giroud did far more to the player that went over the top of him, by barging under him, than Benteke did at the end, who just stood there, resulting in that very nasty fall for Sagna – Don’t worry Bacs. when you know what day of the week it is, your new contract with everything you have asked for is by your bedside. Please sign asap, we need you more than ever. Merci Arsene – Both could have had serious consequences, so Giro was lucky not to be booked?

    Strange as it may seem, that might have helped the our perception of the ref. If he had then gone on and booked Gabby, as you call him, for his blatant trip on Wilshire as he was springing a counter-attack, then may be he would not gone on to do several more niggly fouls before he got booked late on in the second half? Likewise Westwood who went in late, again on Wilshere, long after the ball had gone, then he might have got a second yellow for the one he did get a card for? To my mind late challenges when the player is not expecting it are more dangerous than the body check that Vlaar did on .. guess who, yep, Wilshere. And he did get a card

    I partly agree with JB on Jack’s responses, because it showed the opposition that they have got him rattled. When in that mood he is a red card waiting to happen.

    Moving on to the first penalty. I think most agree that Szcz did not touch the ball, and any contact that he made on Gabby, however exaggerated, would result in a pen by most refs? Did he prevent a goalscoring opportunity is the next question? Many refs might have show a red there?

    The second penalty, or not, is not quite as clear cut you made out though. Kos did clearly get a solid touch on the ball. which is why I find it strange he was appearing to claim a goal kick? He should have not drawn attention to it and just headed straight to a defensive position ready for the resultant corner. But that is hindsight. What the ref may have seen, and why he may have overruled his assistants, is he saw/thought Kos made contact with the leg before the ball. Close call, and it could have gone either way?

    Kos’s second yellow may well get the ref in hot water, as he clearly did not see anything more that the theatrical dive. However, I am not sure without watching it again, whether the assistant flagged a foul or not. Poor decision either way.

    TA is right though. All of this masks the failure by our players to control the game. However, I think the Gibbs injury threw the balance of the team completely. Gibbs gets through a tremendous amount of work, apart from his attacking down the line. If we get a corner, he is the one on the centre circle as the last player between there and our goal. He comes inside to cover DM whenever there is a threat. At one point in this game he made an interception between keeper and the right corner flag? So his absence really added to our weaknesses that I indicated might be the case with the expected line up.

    However, I had to chuckle at Gio’s little troll earlier. I thought Villa were capable of out-playing us with good football, just as Gio thought had happened. They didn’t. They abused the ref’s leniency to the absolute limit. It worked. It stopped us playing our game. But in truth, we had not got the right mix of players to play our high pressing game. And yes, most of it falls on the absence of Arteta. The after match comments were highly predictable,but they were largely coming from the same who were talking about the side that went out as winning 3-0. Yes, it is true the ref should have done better. But at the same time our players should have not got themselves into those situations were his decisions could affect the result we all wanted.

    I warned the DM partnership was not a good one, because neither could do what Arteta does when the other half is up field, or in attack,to be the one just ahead of Mert around the centre circle. That was predictable. Unfortunately the player I thought should have been there, Hayden, I think played earlier in the week. Perhaps a mistake not keeping him back the way the game unfolded, as he could have played at CB? Arguable though, because of his inexperience. So why not play our most experienced player, Sagna, to be the DM anchor, and put either Jack, or more likely Aaron on the bench to come on when needed?
    That way, we could have kept our most creative players (which was my other criticism of the line up, lack of creativity), namely Ox and Rosicky on the field, and try as the forecasted line up gave, Jack in the ‘hole’. Which meant it could be a case of Jack-in-the-box too?

    As it was it was, it left to Rosicky to do the driving, and with better finishing he could have had a couple. Ox had a couple of good runs too, but he is still learning and will do better? But it would have been nice to see them try and foul Jack in the penalty area?

    Sorry D, over long mini-blog again. I’ll answer you questions in a minute.

  109. Gerry says:

    100% accurate summary

  110. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Terry – I feel for and with you. Ideologically, we are very close (unlike our looks hahaha), and it hurts to see Wenger/BoD not make the next step right now. There is still a bit of time though, maybe?

    Alex, I will issue your post today – I think the time has come! 🙂

    Gerry – superb comment and all agreed. 🙂

  111. TotalArsenal says:

    Welcome Gunner Ever 🙂

    Agbonlahor was praised by his manager after the game…. It was all part of the Villa plan and their manager has the same thug-DNA as RedNose. The referee was so poor to not pick this up. But that is football and we need to counter it with intelligence, street-wisdom AND physical force. With Fellaini, Wanyama, etc we could have (had) a player who re-establishes the balance, both physically and in terms of discipline/organisation. Or maybe we need to move the phenomenal Sagna in midfield, or TV or even (my favourite) Nacho when he is fit again. Or bring back Flamini. But combining Ramsey and Jack is NOT the answer.

    I disagree with some re Jack. I thought his behaviour was spot on. We are at home ffs and nobody is going to kick us off the pitch – once again only Jack seemed to understand what was needed.

  112. Gerry says:

    Dylan questions – My answers

    1,- The game started well enough, but then fate, and the ref intervened, and it went downhill. Alas, some of it predictable, but should have been prevented.

    2, – What we need and what we get are probably two entirely different things. We need all the players we have needed since before the TW opened. I suggest one will be the answer, and indeed, it may be the free agent Flamini, if he is anywhere near fit, who steps up. Like I say, he is a free agent we could just sign him on a game by game basis. However, it will only be one player because we can add only ONE name at this stage. That means if we sign anybody else before the 2nd leg we cannot use them.

    On Viera’s point about sending the youth team out, whilst I think that is highly likely that the team will be made up of the young brigade, Gnabry, Akpom, etc. The way the rules appear are, if we do not beat Fenebache over the two legs, and they get thrown out, it is deemed we have lost the tie and whoever is going to replace Fenebache goes on into the league proper. One fly in the ointment to that is, I understand the team likely to succeed them is also under investigation. Get out of that one UAFA?

    Personally I think the legal team ought be in overdrive to get an injunction on either leg being played until a decision is reached, or at very least, before the 2nd leg is played?

    3, – How many players. Well if AW does not respond to the clamour and make panic buys which might go wrong at later date. Instead, stick to the principle of adding quality, I will go with the 3- ST, DM, CB. But I do think there will be many younger additions, some who will be added to the squad.

    4, – Immaterial – He will sign quality players. Who know Falcao might be up for grabs ha ha

  113. Gerry says:

    Is that J permalink B giving me 100%?

  114. VCC says:

    This guy is right. Until Wenger invests some of ARSENAL’S money I am not going to spend any more of my money on this team.

  115. Gino92 says:

    Hello everyone,

    Extremely gutted and disappointed by yesterday’s performance and result. Just when you thought we have turned the corner, we go back to the very beginning. Same old, same old… It’s like Groundhog Day. History tends to punish those who never learn from their past miskates. And yesterday, we got severely punished, at home no less…

    It is very easy to blame the referee (he must bear at least 70% of the blame, to be honest), but this is Arsenal FC, and we are so used to biased refereeing over the years. There’s really nothing new there. What is important is that we never seem to learn from past mistakes season after season. How long have we all been crying out or screaming for a dedicated, tough tackling, enduring, intimidating DM? A year, two years, maybe three, four, etc…? Since Matthieu Flamini left us for AC Milan’s cash, there hasn’t been any true DM to save us from embarrassing counter-attacking goals. Both Song and Arteta did admirably well the past couple of seasons, but WE BADLY DO NEED A REAL DM, PLEASE!!! Wenger should stop delluding himself and believing that his current squad is good enough to challenge the other big clubs for trophies. As difficult as it is for him to hear this, somebody needs to tell him and the people running this amazing club that we are only good enough to challenge for 4th Place. That’s it! Wenger needs to pull his fingers out of Kroenke’s and Gazidis’ stinking arses and sign a DM pronto! Even before a new Striker (which we also do need, along with a versatile CB who can play LB or RB and a creative AM). Bad refereeing apart, this is a game we should have still won comfortably had we had a proper no nonsense DM to shield the back four and allow Wilshere to push forward. If we all can see that (and for a very long time now), then why can’t Wenger see it too? Truly baffling! Maybe he is waiting to announce Abou Diaby as “like a new signing”. Fuck me!

    Something must be done. The sooner the better. Or our season will be truly over by the end of October.

    Heck, I am already looking forward to the start of next season… By the way, kudos to old man Rosicky. What a player and a leader! We need to give a contract extension and let him retire at Arsenal and become a coach or something. One of my all time favorite players, when fully fit and in form.

    I am still hopeful that Sagna and Gibbs are fit to play in Turkey next week. We MUST win and progress into the Group Stage or we will be totally fucked. Nobody (quality players, that is, if there are any left at all) will want to join us if we don’t make it.

    Here we go again with yet another never ending rollercoaster season. I wonder how long my poor heart can survive this…!

  116. Glic says:

    Morning Arsenal Bandits 🙂

    Thanks Dylan
    I didn`t see the game and after reading 100`s of comments on the Arse Universe it seems I made the right decision to spend my time in comfort behind my settee/sofa !.
    I don`t have to be an avid viewer of games to say whether we were lucky or unlucky or robbed by the Reff`, my feelings are deeper than just watching the outcome of a game.
    The problems imo have been deep rooted for years and like I have said previously…….” the shit is waiting to hit the fan ! ” and ” Wenger is on a hiding to nothing ! “. He can remark what players are there to sign out there ?, but like many of you have posted over the last few months, there are lists of them !.
    I just hope Wenger doesn’t go on another panic buying spree after this result and give us another 3/4 years trying to clear more “deadwood”. If he`s too inept to buy SQ, then I`d rather keep what we have and see if he can learn from another groundhog window ( which in it`s self is a groundhog day of his incapability to learn from previous groundhog windows ! ) and have £148m next summer TW !.
    We may all disagree on certain points as to why we are in this position, but these are all opinions and not always facts. One thing is for certain and that is it hurts us all like fcuk because we all love The Arsenal so much ! ( I take that as a fact not an opinion ! hahaha )
    I don`t know what the percentages are but at a guess I would say the majority ( 90% ? ) of our comments are indeed opinions, but it comes across as though we are talking facts !.
    Here are the facts……We lost !……We haven’t bought any SQ !…….Gazidis has said we have £70m to spend this year and every year there after !………etc`.
    Maybe there should be an new word invented which is a hybrid of fact and opinion !….a facion !……an opinact !, being me I prefer to infuse the word semi in to the equation…..a factsemi !……..a semifact !. Comments like……”Bale is a SQ player” would be under this hybrid word as it`s sort of regarded that he is SQ by millions of fans, yet it is an opinion as well as he could play for Madrid and be pants !.
    Here is another factsemi, It has taken me ages to write this comment, but ages compared to who ?..Compared to Redders….slow, compared to VCC…..quick !, but because I have been typing using my cock, I think it has been slow !. It`s also a semi fact that I can only type with my cock having a Semi !….if it`s limp it wont reach the keyboard ! and if it`s a boner then I get in a state by just bouncing my nut`s on the keys and trying to type an ” i ” could end up an “iou” ! ( I think AFC has this problem as he is always correcting his mistakes and doing this on his i pad whilst driving the school bus could end him up in trouble ! hahaha )
    I can actually trace the use of typing using one`s bollocks ( Testitype ) to type as the main reason for my mate VCC`s dementia !. He basically got carried away bouncing his balls up and down on the keyboard after the 8-2 defeat to ManU, such was the ferocity of his hip movement that he backfired his jiz and damaged his cerebral cortex ! ( the clacker effect ! ). Here is a video of him trying to show a re-enactment of how it happened !.

    Yes, I know I have been talking ( not testityping ) a load of bollocks, but as TMHT`s great unknown philosopher uncle Succocrotes once said…..” One sperm in the pussy is worth a few million swallowed ! “

  117. VCC says:

    I hope Arsene Wenger looks through these bloggs.

  118. VCC says:

    Listen to these guys. It’s spreading like a cancer, and unless Wenger and Gazidis take action we will become a total laughing stock.

  119. Wengerball says:

    My apologies for multiple post of the same message, had a challenge with my posting… no trolling intended

  120. Wengerball says:

    Going by the precedence of the two rulings below, WIN or LOSE, Arsenal Football Club are effectively in the Champions League group stages and the only handicap is not the eventual result outcome of our play-off tie with Fenerbahce, but if and only if the CAS finds Fenerbahce not culpable of match fixing… and I feel it’s a big ask for

  121. alexgunners says:


    I have also seen these clips on Arsenal Fan TV and it’s good to see some fans speaking the truth about the situation at our beloved club

  122. TotalArsenal says:

    Wengerball – the site will allow only one link to go through automatically. If you paste in more than one in the same comment it needs approving. Just so you know 🙂

  123. TotalArsenal says:

    Here is a fact for you Glic: another very funny comment. 🙂

  124. TotalArsenal says:

    Fine comment Gino and all agreed 🙂

  125. Wengerball says:

    Thanks Prof. TA…
    I’m better educated and informed now

  126. alexgunners says:

    Evening TA,

    Here is a question to all you guys?

    Are we going to see some panic buys as a result of ‘Reacting’ to the result and injuries?

    In my opinion, fans are not stupid and will never see any transfers as something planned but something rather similar to the actions after our drubbing at the hands of the Mancs.

    What do you think?

  127. TotalArsenal says:

    It is a wordpress thing, Wengerball – it keeps the spammers out to some extent.

    Where are you based btw?

  128. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Alex,

    Hard to say. At this moment in time, I just want the signings, one way or another. 🙂

  129. Wengerball says:

    Same climatic environment as Marcus TA…

  130. TotalArsenal says:

    Out for a bit, catch you guys later.

  131. TotalArsenal says:

    Climatic but not geographic, WB?

  132. alexgunners says:


    I know what you mean.
    How did we miss Wanyama? Are we sleeping on the job?
    Soldado flew under the radar? Surely we have scouts to look at players of his calibre.
    Heck, Loic Remy was not available? Surely we need another player up front.
    Bernard, Gustavo, the list goes on. Any one of these players would be a great addition to our team

    Did we waste all our time on Suarez? Surely looks that way.

  133. TotalArsenal says:

    It is like a 24/7 toothache, alex. 😦

  134. alexgunners says:

    It certainly is TA.

  135. Dylan says:

    @venbishop, I think Wenger has a plan that is just yet to be seen.
    Congrats on your first comment Gunner Ever! 🙂 I agree with you. Strange how Agbonlahor tripped Jack 3-4 times before bring carded.

  136. Dylan says:

    Alexgunners, I think the reason Ramsey didnt go forward was because he was in Arteta’s position. I also thought Jack played very well offensively. Maybe lost his head a little bit defensively though.
    Thanks Gerry. 🙂 I still disagree about the Jack thing though. The ref was absurd and his response was ok. I wish Wenger would’ve sent Poldi on earlier, purely to be overly physical and get in the refs face because he didnt already have a yellow.
    Agreed Gino.

  137. Red Arse says:

    Very good Post, Dylan. 🙂

    The passions certainly flowed from the fans after that game, some blaming the ref; some blaming Wenger and some blaming the players.

    I am not clever enough to know who to blame as this is just the 1st of 38 games and there was a combination of dreadful refereeing, injuries and poor finishing (from our players) — oh, and before I forget, Villa played well, especially in there speedy counter attacks by Agbonlahore and Benteke. [Has to be said].

  138. Dylan says:

    Thanks Red Arse. 🙂 I don’t think Villa played especially well but they definitely didn’t play badly. The ref allowed them to play a very cheap game though.

  139. 17highburyterrace says:

    Morning boys…Great work, as always, Dylan. The referee was woeful and Villa reacted to his “let the game flow” decisions more decisively than we did. The calls were so all over the place that I can’t say they truly turned the match. The decisions about playing advantage, however, did seem to work against us. And the sending off seem harsh. Still, with better players and some game changing options off the bench, you would like to feel that we might’ve overcome the ref and made more scoring chances (and converted them, of course). We didn’t.

    We lost the battle of the ref because we have zero home stadium advantage, what with so much of the support so deeply disgruntled. The issues are too many to repeat. The quality of the players on the pitch, entering the season unable to field fit players (and game changers) on the bench, etc. The transfer market may be obscenely out of whack, but then management must come clean with the support and not go on about money to spend, etc. Value for money (our transfer policy since the stadium move) would be better than “we can afford Rooney and more.” Fielding fit players for our busy early schedule would have seemed a minimum requirement. That we haven’t even been able to achieve this seems unforgivable…

    The travel to Turkey and the match with already out (?) Fenerbache is very interesting. You would think it could almost be like another pre-season friendly. Are there new players (2nd stringers, youth players?) who we could use to try and keep a clean sheet whilst saving first teamers for Fulham? The answer is no. We have no bodies, so we have to put out anybody with two working legs (and no deep cuts to the forehead or nearly broken necks). Hopefully it goes better. In fact, hope IS the only way forward, at the moment, for us Gooners. You guys can go on and on with your lists of potential buys but the manager has already responded (post-match) saying that there is no one to buy…Whoever we ARE getting (and I think there will be a couple) there is no way it can be enough. Dropping out of Europe, in reality, is probably in our best interest if we want to survive in the league…

    Watching Spurs play Palace this morning and…they aren’t very good. No Bale, no Dempsey, no Adebayor, yet still they seem to have a plan and they’re working in some new (and promising) players. (It helps that they spent on a Keeper last year…) On the other hand, we’re down to 10-12 fit players, with long travels and matches every 4 days. It’s called “management” for a reason–you have to “manage” the situations as they come at you. We are not managing anything at the moment… I hate to say it, but (poor as they are) they deserve the chance at the CL group stage that we won from them last Spring…

    I’ve been glum about things for awhile and I appreciate the variety of ways the BKers work to stay upbeat…I didn’t expect us to get tripped up quite so early but I expected it. Still, it hurts…

    Fingers crossed things go a little better. Any other ideas?…

  140. AFC says:

    A letter to Ivan from the black scarf movement.

    Having closely monitored activity at Arsenal over the course of this summer, we have today written to Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis. The letter expresses our concerns as a group, and those of Arsenal fans in general. Below is a copy of our letter.

    Dear Ivan,

    We write to you as Arsenal’s largest and fastest growing supporters’ group, to convey our deep concern at the current state of our team going into the new season.

    In early June, around season ticket renewal time, you were widely quoted following your Q&A event where you spoke about the club’s new financial firepower and ambition moving forward. Many fans saw this as the club finally about to break free from the shackles of moving stadium; new commercial deals were coming into place, we had a vast amount of cash available in the bank, profit from the Queensland Road property project was secured, the vast increase in TV revenue was about to land on our doorstep, and after treading water since moving from Highbury it seemed as if we were finally going to push on.

    What has happened since then is nothing short of a disgrace.

    There have been noises coming out of the club over the summer that the market was slow, that other clubs weren’t doing much, and that things take time if you’re after top quality players. We feel all of these were poor excuses, designed to deflect focus away from our shortcomings.

    The only positive of the summer has been the release of many players who were generally considered ‘dead wood’ – and naturally this frees up more cash for investment in the team. But with the departure of these players, virtually no movement has come in the opposite direction and we’re now left with a squad severely lacking in depth and experience. Indeed, the squad registered for the Champions League in the last week had to be padded out with kids.

    As a group we have been concerned for some time that the Board running our club has lost sight of the raison d’être i.e. we are Arsenal Football Club; not a business purely focused on posting profits year after year.

    You will have seen the results of our end of season survey, which came out in favour of Arsene Wenger but with 70% stating that he has too much control over transfer negotiations and setting of wage levels at the club. The same survey revealed that 87% of fans feel the current Board of Arsenal is out of touch with the feeling among fans, and that 73% feel less valued by the club since we moved stadium.

    It is our view as a group that the Board of Arsenal is too relaxed about the competitiveness of our team, and that as long as a top four place is secured, it is a case of ‘job done’. This should never be the case but despite hearing you say you’re not happy every time we end a season with nothing to really cheer about, nothing changes.

    So in June following your statement of intent, fans were rightly hopeful but what has happened since then? Yet again we’ve spent the summer dithering while others around us have strengthened, and once more we start the season playing catch-up. With five competitive matches due before the transfer window closes, there is every chance that our season could be dealt a hammer blow before we’ve had a chance to take stock, and this weekend’s defeat at home to Aston Villa should act as a huge wake-up call.

    We are now in a situation where we’re faced with a carbon copy of 2011, where it took an 8-2 humiliation at Manchester United to force a ‘trolley dash’ on the final day of the transfer window. Of course by then it was too late. For Arsenal to be in that situation once is unacceptable; for it to happen twice in three years will be unforgivable.

    It is imperative that the Board of Arsenal does its job and manages the Manager – an employee of the club you are supposed to be running. What are Arsene Wenger’s targets / KPIs set by the Board every year? Is the he not even answerable to the Board, with free rein to do as he pleases as long as he helps the business achieve a profit? Is he having to do all the running himself when it comes to transfers or if support is there, is he taking it? Clarity is required here because something clearly isn’t right at the club when it comes to the acquisition of new players.

    You put all the focus on the Arsene Wenger yourself at that Q&A session in June, but to fans there is little evidence of questions being asked of him; this despite approaching the end of the transfer window with no sign of needed, established quality coming in. Does the Board feel that it’s been a good summer? Because we’ve now lost our opening game of the season, our squad is already blitzed by injury, once more today there were fans coming to blows in the stands. As a Board member, does this even bother you?

    Of course if we used the funds we do have available, brought in top quality players and competed for prizes, in would come better commercial deals, you wouldn’t have as much trouble trying to get corporate punters back into the stadium, and naturally the more successful we are it becomes easier to attract better players. Or is the Board too short-sighted to realise this?

    A competitive team isn’t one which scrapes the position of 4th best team in the league on the final day of the season and gets dumped out of domestic cup competitions by lower league opposition; you need to realise that most fans are aware of this fact. They’re not duped by finishing in a position which may result in us playing in the Champions League. So what, if the cash from that competition is simply banked and never sees the light of day?

    It should be noted that as long term fans of The Arsenal we’ve seen plenty of lean times and poor teams over the years. Silverware isn’t the be all and end all; we follow this club out of pure love and will always do so. However, loyal matchgoing fans continue to walk away from Emirates Stadium, unwilling to part with their hard-earned cash when they feel let down and lied to by our Board. We pay the highest ticket prices in football after being sold a dream, but it’s always a case of ‘jam tomorrow’ and many have seen through the spin.

    Enough is enough.

    If the Board is actually intent on making Arsenal a successful force in football once again, changes have to be made. Arsene Wenger should have experienced, qualified support to help bring in top quality players, and he needs to be managed effectively if the right business isn’t being done.

    Or if the Board is simply intent on milking the Arsenal brand for all its worth to the detriment of the team (but to the benefit of our bank account), season ticket prices at Emirates Stadium should be reduced accordingly. Our loyal fans should no longer have to bear the burden after doing so for many years.

    Make no mistake, if there is not significant improvement in our playing squad over the next couple of weeks, the rapidly growing anger in the stands will become difficult to overturn. There hasn’t been a poisonous atmosphere like this at Arsenal for over 30 years and the Board has simply stood by, while things have gone from bad to worse. I am sure you appreciate, this can no longer happen.

    We look forward to your response in due course.

    Yours faithfully,

    Where Has Our Arsenal Gone (the Black Scarf Movement)

  141. Highbury Harmony says:


    Thanks for the match report and I admire your fortitude in remaining positive after yesterday’s loss.

    1) I thought we played pretty poorly. Our squad has never adopted the mentality of team defending and attacking and too often we get caught out of position. When we attempt to play free flowing football, we become a sieve at the back. This can be contributed to needing more of a regimented approach in training, opposed to allowing players to express themselves so much, or to needing better quality and durability in players.

    Villa played good enough to win and took advantage of their chances. Agbonlahor was particularly dangerous against us and really embarrassed Koz on a couple occasions. I’d have to disagree with you that we had good “spirit” on the pitch. At the closing of last season, you saw our squad persevere through similar circumstances, yet we crumbled and fell apart at the seams yesterday.

    Still, as RA puts it, it’s the first game of the season and there’s plenty of time to turn things around this year. Though it must be said that we should have already reinforced in depth at the very least by now. Injuries are mounting and this over reliance on a thin squad is finally catching up to us, earlier than ever.

    2) For me, yesterday’s loss and future games are not entirely attributed to new signings. If the current squad was not good enough to turn things around then there is a larger issue at hand. The durability of our players is clearly a concern and some should have more backup than others. AW needs to stop depending on some of our less durable players too.

    I would like to have 2 signings before our game against Fulham. Monaco may have to sell Falcao due to a French tax law and that would be a massive statement of intent, but the third party ownership will obviously pose a serious obstacle in our efforts to sign him. Still, he’s the quality of player we need right now. A DM is clearly a necessity since we are overly reliant on Arteta and completely lack organization in midfield without him.

    3) Realistically, we need about 5 new players just to fill our squad after all the injuries we’ve accumulated (if we want to ensure success). However, I only see AW making 3 signings, and even that is hopeful.

    4) No. He’d have done nothing to improve this squad and promised to leave if he ever thought he was hurting the club. Only signing Sanogo after all these injuries we’ve picked up is and after that devastating season opening defeat, especially with the transfer kitty at his disposal. I still think he’s a great manager, but clearly has been far too reactive in a time when he had a massive competitive advantage in both cash and the managing carousel around us. Sitting on 154 million in cash reserves is pretty unacceptable if you ask me…

  142. James Bond says:

    Cheers Wengerball,

    i just find it baffling as to why it how it gives someone a right to call someone a “Supporter”. does going to matches make me less of a supporter if i am supporting my team from my living room ? or does it make one less of a supporter if they walk out of the game when they feel gutted ? would it make me more of a “supporter” if i was to defend each and every action of the manager, players and so on, turning a blind eye to the issues that have been there for all to see for ages but not everyone will say them out loud just because they think it will make them “less of a supporter”.

    course we’re all gooners and not all of us will have same opinions, ways to vent out our frustrations and so on – it’s normal

    thanks for taking the time out and reading all my comments though, much appreciated 🙂

    There’s a precedent already set with Uefa banning the other the culprits – but sadly, the ruling doesn’t take place before we’ve played them hence regardless, we gotta be delivering the goods – i’m confident we will win because we’re playing away from home (no hand brake on).

    Prince ,

    erm, changed my tone ? will you be kind enough to elaborate ?

  143. Highbury Harmony says:

    Soldado gets Spuds on the board.

  144. TotalArsenal says:

    JB – When we play away we DO play with the handbrake on, and THAT is why we do better. When we are at home the handbrake is often missing, as was in evidence yesterday.

  145. Prince says:


  146. 17highburyterrace says:

    What a beautiful penalty kick (by Soldado)…Maybe the Spaniards actually practice such things… 😉

    The saga of Wenger is an incredible thing and I’m loathe for it to end in disgrace. As there is zero organizational plan beyond Wenger (as suggested by AFC’s cut and paste…) it will not be good for our club…short term, at least…

    Well balanced analysis HH…

    Here comes Chamakh (for Palace vs Spurs)…

  147. AFC says:

    17ht, we only have 9 senior players left, two of which are GKs, if the players who are injured remain injured.

    THERE are players out there Wenger can buy and could have signed.

    GK- Scharzer and Stekelenburg could have been signed. Adler and Cesar still available. We do not want to pay Cesar his high wages and I am not sure what is going on with Adler. Marchetti can also be signed if we are willing to fork out.

    CB- Rami is available for under £10 million as Valencia have said. Williams can also be signed if we double our offer from £6 million to £12 million. Sakho may also be availble if we offer PSG good money.

    RB- Gamez is certainly available for around £5 million as Malaga need money. Richards or Abate could be signed if we offer good money.

    DM- Flamini is available on a free. Why did Wenger not sign him on a game by game basis for the Villa game and the CL play off match. L. Bender could also be signed if we offer around £25 million.
    Victor from Celtic could have also been signed. Capoue was also available.

    ST- Higuain was available but we did not want to up our bid. Rooney is still available as is Eto’o.

    Do you see my point. I believe Wenger is looking for SQ players but he does not want to pay the prices. That’s like me saying I do want buy Iceland food as it is not good enough and then I go into Waitrose and refuse to pay the prices for the better quality food. SQ take time to find but by now we could have had Flamini on a free, an experienced GK signed, a CB and would only be waiting on the top ST and DM but Wenger has not done any of this.

    We could have signed Cesar, Gamez, Rami and Flamini by now but Wenger has not. Flamini could have been our Scholes and acted as a fill in for midfield when needed. Gamez as an extra body in defence when needed, Rami for CB depth, Cesar for GK depth.

  148. Prince says:

    I said that anybody who walks out on the players and team during a match is NOT supporting. NOT in my book anyway. Thick and thin and all that. Its not the players fault if the management didnt reinforce. Why should they be made to feel like shit if they are giving their all….under thje circumstances.

    Fuck me, if you dont like what you see at the grove, DONT GO….stop whinging about wasting your money… NO one is asking you to go, but for the love of God, have some respect for YOUR team, YOUR love YOUR life and Dont walk out on them….End of?

    JB, yesterday i asked you how much you paid for your ST after stating you had to pay the highest prices and it was a waste for what you got……..YOU never replied.

    Lets give it a few more days hey..

  149. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, I can really relate to what you wrote @ 14:34, well said mate! And cheers for the kind review on my comment :).

    Despite Spuds playing poorly, they are still looking like the better side and will come away with 3 points, similar to us last season. It’s true the season is still young, but I guess it’s positive for them that they are integrating new signings into their side fairly quickly, where as any players we add now will need even more time to adapt unless they are of a SQ ilk…

  150. Prince says:

    Elobarate i will JB. After the game you were slamming Wenger, putting up pics, slagging him and the team. Next post your defending him….I know im NOT pissed and i dont much like snakes

  151. Highbury Harmony says:

    I wonder why we aren’t showing interest in Willian. Interested rumoured suitors thus far are United, Spuds, Liverpool and Newcastle. Also, where is Liverpool getting all this cash from???

  152. TotalArsenal says:

    Retsub posted this a while ago on the DB tribute page – really funny:

    How about a Dennis joke?
    Arsenal were away to Spurs and most of the Arsenal lads wanted to go down the pub and shoot a few games of pool. DB10 piped up, listen lads Spurs are crap you go down the pub and I will play them by myself. So the lads go down the pub and proceed to get merry. After half an hour the pool game is getting tense, when suddenly Seaman announces “hey lads better check the score”. Spurs 0 Arsenal 1 Bergkamp
    24 mins. The lads go back to their game and proceed to get hammered. About 5’30 Freddie regains consciousness and remembers the game. Up goes the teletext. Spurs 1 Arsenal 1. Klinsmann 89 minutes. The lads are shocked as a disappointed Dennis walks into the pub “what happened”. “Sorry lads says Dennis, got sent off just after the half time break.

  153. Funminiyi says:

    Nice wrap up matey, but it’s so so sad we’ve to start the new season this way……, there’s a long way to go in the season and I can only hope and pray Wenger get his acts right and his cheque book out in time to sign some of the available SQ players left in the TW. really worried for Wednesday.

  154. Prince says:

    me like that joke. Cheers mate

  155. James Bond says:

    disagreed with both Dylan and OZ , and anyone else who reckons the constant sulking by not only Wilshere and everyone else is Justified.

    football is a sport, a very passionate one at that.however, show your passion through your actions on the pitch and through your performance not by being at the face of a ref, who’s incompetent or dirty

    look at it this way, ref’s are humans, if i was a ref and i had players constantly moaning every time i made a decision, how do you think i am going to take it ? yep, i’m gonna think they are over stepping and telling me i don’t know my job, so i’m gonna start zooming in them even more and start penalizing for anything and everything – yep, such is human nature and i’m a realist , i wish the refereeing was as unbiased, unaffected like it’s on fifa 2013/2014 but sadly in the real world it doesn’t work like that – too much of everything is bad for ones health

    if anything, it helped Villa more than it did us –

    the FA have a decision to make, if they want a future super star for England then they need to tell the fcuking ref’s to ensure they least be fair – that’s another topic for some other day.

    fine line between being passionate and too passionate – if some of our players don’t tone it down a little, then only a matter of time before there are a few red cards in the offering…you’re only making it easier for the ref.

    once the ref has blown the whistle and made a decision, no matter how much sulking you do or moan, he won’t reverse his decision – even if it’s shown on the tv replay immediately after that the decision was a farce and regardless of the entire stadium protesting (go back to the last world cup when Argentina scored, where Messi or Tevez was miles off side to score a goal)…replay was played on the big screen and voila.

    Wenger needs to address this and make his players more smart about it –

  156. James Bond says:


    no, the midfield was missing yesterday.

  157. Prince says:

    ONE of my all time greatest memories was when BIG BOY KEOWN got into Van nostriloys face after that penalty miss. #passion, hunger, desire

  158. 17highburyterrace says:

    testing, testing…

  159. TotalArsenal says:

    JW 🙂

    The midfield was missing because it had no handbrake, and even if it had one, it was not planning to use it. That is what we often do at home and it explains why we conceded considerable more goals at home than away last season…

    On referee-influencing: the Mancs do it constantly and get richly rewarded. What JW did was street-wisdom – something we are missing in this team.

  160. AFC says:

    HH, very good question. It’s probably because Wenger does not want to pay in the excess of £30 million for Willian. The fact that Liverpool can pay this kind of money but for some reason we seem to not be able to is really starting to piss me off.

  161. Red Arse says:

    TA, 🙂

  162. James Bond says:

    Prince PERMALINK
    August 18, 2013 14:51


    when have i done that, i wonder ?

    Prince PERMALINK
    August 18, 2013 14:58
    I said that anybody who walks out on the players and team during a match is NOT supporting. NOT in my book anyway. Thick and thin and all that. Its not the players fault if the management didnt reinforce. Why should they be made to feel like shit if they are giving their all….under thje circumstances.
    Fuck me, if you dont like what you see at the grove, DONT GO….stop whinging about wasting your money… NO one is asking you to go, but for the love of God, have some respect for YOUR team, YOUR love YOUR life and Dont walk out on them….End of?
    JB, yesterday i asked you how much you paid for your ST after stating you had to pay the highest prices and it was a waste for what you got……..YOU never replied.
    Lets give it a few more days hey..


    precisely the point, peoples money, peoples choice, peoples team – no one gives ME or YOU the right to question their loyalty and support for the team .

    the point is moot,

    and the point is not HAD, we do pay the highest ticket prices in not only England but in most of Europe – FACT.

    i can have a healthy debate and discussion with you, as long as you decide to stick on ONE point at a time and not cloud the issue by gong onto different tangents.

    Prince PERMALINK
    August 18, 2013 15:00
    Elobarate i will JB. After the game you were slamming Wenger, putting up pics, slagging him and the team. Next post your defending him….I know im NOT pissed and i dont much like snakes


    i will do as i want, if you fail to fathom any of what i say then to put it bluntly – i couldn’t care less, however, re-read my comments again and if you still can’t get the gist of it then re-read them again until you do.

    it’s for all to see as they have been from the past so many months.

  163. 17highburyterrace says:

    Shit, just lost a comment after getting lured into not copying by a few that got through…

    AFC, I like the Iceland/Waitrose comment…Too true, too true…Wenger has overestimated how good (and injury-free) his current players are…There are many areas where we could at least provide depth and competition to the squad for good value (Sainsbury?…) The post match comments about the press getting what they wished for speaks volumes, much as the silly bids (or amounts bandied about) on guys like Suarez and Rooney. There’s a lot of paranoia and passive-aggressive crap coming out from the King Lear character (Wenger) at the moment…. We should be building the squad incrementally (i.e., like the mid-range bids on younger players like Bender)…

    I agree (I think) with TA about the “hand-brake,” but what I think he means is that we lacked on-pitch leadership to calm the game in the face of hostile reffing AND a hostile crowd…Wilshere IS immature and got a yellow for dissent. Rosicky (and others) have every right to surround Taylor when he calls back play for us but never for the Villains and their breaks…Obviously Kos really got hosed and the yellows seemed as much for his disrespect as for the plays themself. Still, maturity dictates kissing some ref-butt when it might help secure a needed result…

    What lacked yesterday was LEADERSHIP to deal with the situation. A few (pointless) one touch passes could’ve settled things a lot. Always running with the ball (and inviting the reducers the ref is allowing) is not the way to assert your superiority. It’s called adaptation to a difficult situation. Do we lack the quality or do we lack the vision and maturity to deal with this. My hunch is that we lack both… 😳

    HH, you see a lot when the red-mist isn’t too blinding… 😉 (Try to) keep it coming…

  164. Red Arse says:


    Liverpool like any privately owned company in this country (UK) can incur debt provided they remain solvent, and can also borrow against future ticket sales or sponsorship.

    Perhaps that is what they are doing — or maybe they will sell Suarez after all? 🙂

  165. James Bond says:


    perhaps liverpool are doing something we should have done ? ensuring they get a back up before they sell Suarez ? i.e. Willian in – Suarez out ? FFP will demand it, hence clubs like West ham want to sign another player but can’t unless they have shifted a few first ?

    letting Gervinho go before bringing anyone else in, wasn’t very wise ?

  166. Prince says:

    arrrrrrgh…… to chew some glass

  167. TotalArsenal says:

    That is the spirit RA 🙂

    Liverpool are spending our pounds already and Suarez is in the bag (nibbling his way out no doubt)! 😀

  168. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, that was exactly what I was implying ;). Also, BR said the Suarez situation was “resolved”. Though he wouldn’t comment on whether he’s staying or not :).

  169. TotalArsenal says:

    Did you mean ‘grass’, Prince? 😛

    Take it easy buddy. Over time you will come to like JB and vice versa – you appear to be quite similar in points of view and style of blogging. Communication can be a difficult thing sometimes.

  170. Red Arse says:

    And I was just enjoying your sparring, Prince baby!! 🙂

    Passions run high when none of us know what the hell is going on at the club to sort out the transfers etc, but there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ with the comments you and others make – they are only opinions, and all the better for that.

    17H’s gravatar is scary! 🙂

  171. James Bond says:


    that’s not it – we lack steal and presence in the MF, even if Arteta is there, it may help cover the cracks temporarily, but it doesn’t address the issues we have..

    it’s similar to our Goal keeping issues, which have been there for a number of years and yet, Wenger Refuses to address them – so we made a record bid of 20 million for Reina in 2010 , didn’t get him – but does that mean , he was the only worldie around at the time or till to date, there is no one decent out there ?

    so what if we made a 30 million bid for Cavani in January – does that mean , we tell the fans, yeah see, a bid of 30 million was made for someone who went for almost twice as much –

    again, there is a fine line between being Street smart – and making it work to their advantage.

    why do you think the mancs or mourinho’s team get more decisions in their favour or play the refs ? there has to be a reason why we get the most questionable decisions from the ref’s, it’s about time we addressed that, no ?

    let’s take a deep breath, be realist instead of being idealist.

    i doubt if there is anyone more optimistic than me even on my bad days when it comes to Arsenal – but there comes a point when Terry comments as he has done above , do i blame him ? no.

  172. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers 17ht, I guess I was well prepared for yesterday’s result in seeing that I have been stating all summer long that we could not simply rely on last (and past) season’s success(es) as the measuring stick for this coming year’s performances.

    Why put so many eggs in one basket? Why not reinforce in positions where players are more injury prone? Why get rid of so many players when you have no new ones coming in?

    The gloom is very much still present, but as others are now experiencing the gloom, I have already felt it and am now onto the glimmer of hope stage (or denial depending on how you want to put it ;)).

  173. AFC says:

    17ht, of course I do not want Wenger signing Iceland type players but there are room for SQ purchases and quality Sainsbury’s purchases.

    Cesar, Gamez, Rami and Flamini could have been our Sainsbury’s purchases and L. Bender and bite boy could have been our SQ Waitrose quality.

    I honestly think it will take six signings to fix this season. Get Flamini in before our CL game and sign him for the rest of this season. I would then also try and get Gamez in before the CL play off match. We could have problems as I think we can only register one player before the match.

    So Flamini and Gamez signed for the Fulham match meanwhile working on Rami and a GK (Cesar or Adler). We could have them ready for the next EPL match after the Fulham match. And then to deadline day work on L.Bender and a top ST.

  174. Dylan says:

    Thanks 17HT. Don’t worry too much, one loss doesn’t ruin a season. The reason I think Wenger is talking the way he is, is because he doesn’t want to get fans hope up (unlike Ivan). He’ll likely buy 3-4 squad players and maybe one relatively big name (Bender or Gundogan or something). Gazidas saying we had all this money hurt the club more than it helped it. It’s not helpful in negotiating transfer fees and it’s not helpful in changing the atmosphere at home if we can’t find players to spend on. I put a lot of blame on Ivan, but Wenger isn’t without fault. Overall, keep your head up. Signings will surely be made now and we will survive. 🙂

  175. AFC says:

    Thanks for that RA and good to see you back on BK. 🙂

  176. Dylan says:

    HH, we will have to agree to disagree. 😉 I didn’t think we played badly (we didn’t play well either though). We just need more depth. But, this ref lost us one game, not the whole season.

  177. Dylan says:

    JB, agree to disagree. 🙂

  178. 17highburyterrace says:

    HH, That’s a good one, equating hope to denial…

    Onto the Chelsea match…

    Wenger’s post match comments should scare you guys…”There is no one to buy,” “Everybody says spend, but then you ask on whom?”

    I’m paraphrasing here but what it says to me is that we might have a couple of targets and we might get them at the price we want at the deadline. Otherwise, the squad we’ve got is the squad we’ve got. The stuff about Rooney and Suarez, as I wrote a month ago, was out of left field (as we say) and left field is where it will be staying…Of course, I could be wrong. As always WTF do I know?… 😀

    Hopefully we see some new faces in Istanbul. Oh wait, we MUST see new faces in Istanbul (simply to fill out the teamsheet) AND we have to hope we come through with body (and soul) mostly unscathed…

    I might have to take a break from the ‘puter and head to the hills just to keep myself sane…

  179. Highbury Harmony says:

    Dylan, whether or not the reffing was poor, when you concede 3 goals to Villa and Agbonlahor gets chances as clear as the ones he did, it cannot be considered a “good” performance. We had 0 spirit in that game, aside from Rosa, and complaining about every call is not “spirit”.

    We need more than depth, if you cannot see that then there is no hope for you.

  180. Admir says:

    So, we want Bender to protect our back. What’s next? We’ll sign Nani to look after our kids on the pitch?

    We are too slow at the moment and there is a huge lack of responsibility towards Arsenal FC. We should have sent at least four bids after Aston Villa match. Of course, one might argue that we would send a message that we’re desperate and that would make our position in negotiations more difficult.

    Except, we have already made that position difficult by not making signings in appropriate time.

    If I were Ivan Gazidis, I’d either fire Arsene Wenger or give him an ultimatum that he must produce results that match Arsenal stature and commercial success in order to earn a new contract (as it wouldn’t be wise to pay 7 million pounds after sacking and a few millions to the new one).

    If I were The Board and my CEO doesn’t press Arsenal FC manager enough to improve the most important part of the club – those 11 on the field, I’d fire that CEO for negligence.

    Unlike some bloggers who have defended Gazidis in this whole ugly story, I consider him to be an accomplice in Wenger’s mismanagement.

    At this very moment, I think that a group called Bergkampesquers, made of people who write here, like beautiful football and love Arsenal, would do a better job as Arsenal manager than Arsene Wenger has done this season. And, we would cost Arsenal much less than 7,5 million pounds.

  181. Prince says:

    We shall meet one day in Amsterdam, Total. Im sure you can direct me to all the fabulous ‘glass’ware….. 🙂 Im sure your right…. im just F.I.N.E atm 🙄

    Redders, sometimes i dont know if im hogging the space or pissing the regulars off with a slanging match? I dont know if ive gone overboard as i may have in the past. If only i could get my points across as eloquently as your good self. 🙂

    Night all.

  182. TotalArsenal says:

    JB – I don’t get much of your last comment, but let’s just leave it, as I feel it will get us nowhere today. However, taking a deep breath is never a bad idea 😉

  183. James Bond says:


    when you look at the table , it will says we lost 3 points – not that we got screwed by the ref

    same way, when we got a few decisions in our favour last season and won the game – the table didn’t suggest otherwise, we got 3 points

    5 games from now, no one will bother remembering we got screwed and so on by the officials -, what will matter is our 12-15 points, not the points we lost due to the officials – what i’m saying is, the season is very long – this is only just the beginning, we will get some our way as well , don’t worry

    we can’t control the ref’s

    but we can certainly question the performance of our team , in particular the players who failed to deliver @ Theo Walcott

    where was he ?

    Santi Cazorla ? Wenger, erm, where the hell was Poldi ? why would you bring on Santi who has looked short on match fitness from the last 2 weeks and had just got off a flight….why not put Poldi there on the left (that’s his position by the way and he was more fresher than Santi)….

    sure, there were a few positive in between as well, like Rosicky – everything good went through him and i fully expect him to get better and better, provided he stays fit.

  184. 17highburyterrace says:

    Answer me this, hopeful types…If you’re an up and comer, say a Lars Bender, (or a Gundogan) AND there’s already whispers about you coming to Arsenal next year…why would you want to step into the pressure cooker that is the Red part of North London at this moment. I guess, if the price goes up and up and up it’s your club doing the selling and maybe you can up your personal terms as well…Still, waiting a season and letting the emotions settle a bit might make a LOT of sense from a sanity perspective….

    Six signings, AFC? You might be right (about what’s needed) but you need to wake up (and smell the triple espresso) if you think there’s a chance in hell that it could happen… 😉

  185. 17highburyterrace says:

    Admir, you speak (complete) sense…Are we at all sure that Gazidis (on approx 1.5 million a year plus bonuses) CAN fire Wenger…at 5 times his salary?

    No, the drama is in watching our King Lear slowly going mad… 😦

  186. AFC says:

    HH, I actually think us guys on BK could have done a better job of bidding for players. If you want a player you go and get him.

    Flamini wants to join us (he wants one more chance to win the EPL title) so sign him up.

    Either offer to pay Cesar 90k a week or move on to Adler or Marchetti.

    Offer Malaga £5 million for Gamez and that’s a done deal.

    Offer Valencia £10 million for Rami and we are in with a very good chamce of signing him.

    Offer £25 million for L.Bender and again we are in with a good chance of signing him.

    Try your best to get a SQ ST. Offer £40-45 million for Lewandowski and see what happens. Try to get Rooney etc.

    It can’t be that hard can it?

  187. TotalArsenal says:

    I will guide you, Prince. Grass, girls and grachten van Amsterdam – it will all be yours hahaha 😛

  188. James Bond says:


    i thought Gazidis played his cards very wisely in very smartly , shifting the entire blame on Wenger’s shoulders – when he said ” Wenger is the one responsible and we’re ready for the signings”

    note, how Wenger admitted to this on friday, when asked, if it’s true that you decide how much a player is for, his wages and so on – his reply ” giggles and yes”.

    although, i believe he’s the right manager for us, however, he needs assistance – has way too much for power for one man managing one of the biggest clubs in the world, i reckon.

  189. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, Rami and L.Bender would be SQ purchases imo. Those are the type of signings we desperately need and filling out the rest of the squad with depth options would be ideal. However, without a SQ signing up front, we’ll still struggle to score since we do not create enough consistent chances (and when we do finally create chances they come in bunches in one game or we muck them up).

  190. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, again with the coffee…And funny stuff about Flamini wanting to join us for one more chance at a title…(We should, I fear, savor this moment when we’re only 3 points back, not to mention those pre-season tables when we’re at the top due to the vagaries of alphabetic order)…

    But moving forward… Were Sanogo and Frimpong made to dress even though injured? Could they be available for Istanbul?…Any news on Ox-Cham, Gibbs and Sagna injuries?

  191. Dylan says:

    HH, no no no. We definitely need depth. Absolutely 100%. But the players fought and argued to the end. Because they love the club and didnt want to lose. Players who aren’t commuted would just shrug at those calls and not care. I was just saying our players are committed, but now we need depth.

  192. James Bond says:


    you would want to come to Arsenal because at Arsenal, you will have one of the worlds best manager, a 70-100 million transfer kitty for every summer for the foreseeable future, the best facilities in the world oh and if you’re German then, it also links you up with Poldi,Per,Gnabry , Eisfield – feel right at home

    it also helps, when you it’s only the start of the season and we end up qualifying for the CL – hence , a lot of interested parties will watch our performance on wednesday – Bender has been our no.1 target and his club will sell for the right price….if players can join Monaco for the right price and QPR then joining Arsenal shouldn’t be hard.

  193. AFC says:

    17ht, your right. Maybe I need to smell something stronger than triple expresso, whisky?

    Why can an ordinary fan like me see what is needed (5-6 players) but Arsene one of the most experienced managers in the world cannot?

    JB, Santi is not fully fit. I sorry but how can we blame Walcott? So now it’s up to Walcott to bail us out of trouble every match. He done it last season. He done the seaosn before with RVP and Song and now he is even getting England out of trouble. How much more can the lad do. Give me the names of wingers who are currently doing a better job than Walcott right now apart from Bale, Ronaldo and Messi?

    If I was Theo I would be pissed of by now!

  194. Prince says:

    take me to meet God, too????

    my bags are packed…. seriously now, im trying to sleep and watching Moaninho blow ass kisses to the Chelski smurfs is helping my cause 🙂

    zzzzzzzZZZZ’Z club bed… dj pillow

  195. Dylan says:

    Well said Admir. I completely agree.
    JB, I see what you’re saying and I agree.

  196. Gerry says:

    JB – I have to take you to task for announcing the ‘headline figure’ regarding the transfer budget. It has now been repeated twice on here.

    The excellent Swiss Ramble blog last week did indeed state that we have cash reserves in excess of £150m, but, I repeat, but over half of that sum is an already committed expense. Therefore the transfer budget is around £70m, which could be expanded to £100m due to a couple of one-off payments going in if the remaining property deals go through.

    AFC – That brings me on to your wish list. To get the SQ players like Bender to leave their clubs is more likely to cost more than any notional value. It is a seller’s market because of the short supply, and even then, they still might not sell e.g Liverpool, because they cannot now get in a replacement? On top of that, players/agents will also try and squeeze the maximum out of the situation, which is why QPR are in such a mess? You mention a player like Eto, and even Chelsea are not going there on £300,000pw??

    Now it is true, that wages are spread over the length of the contract, so don’t necessarily entirely come out this season’s budget, but it is funds that the Club are committed to paying. So unless you want to dig into future budgets, there is a limit as to how far we can go?
    The likes of Remy are bodies to fill a space, which we turned down when offered. You mention Flamini in terms, that a, you know he is fit to play, and b, that he is willing do go down a casual route. Perhaps more importantly, do you think that this never crossed ‘Mr Pennypincher’s’ mind when he knew the of Arteta’s injury, not to ask him?

    HH has punctured the idea we might get Falcao with the 3rd party thing .. if it is anything like the other two names that we have ‘missed/yet to miss’, Bernard and Kondogbia, i.e £50m all in for the former, and £30m or the latter, that puts Falcao at about £100m-£120m, plus high wage?

    There are players we could still get, if the Saurez thing is definitely a gonner. One we know has a genuine release clause, but there is no guarantee he will be a major success in his first year in the EPL. The DM I figure will cost nearer £30 if you want SQ. If you want Sakho for CB, then wages could be an issue?
    The cheaper options everywhere will probably be surplus requirements in a years time.

    As for Wednesday’s game, if we get a draw out there, using a reasonable blend of youth and fit first team regulars, we might get others back for the Fulham, which has now taken on more significance that it did before? At least we can use Bendtner in some capacity, if he cares to do a bit of self-advertising? You never know, he might be a LANS?

  197. 17highburyterrace says:

    More questions…

    Now that the season has begun (and in woeful fashion…) do you guys feel that early results have any bearing on deals getting done? Would potential incoming players see our injury issues as opportunities or too much pressure? Seems to me that things ought to be fairly far along by now to have much chance of getting completed….

    I realize that money talks, but, if you’re a sailor, is there any amount of money that would lure you onto a new ship–headed into stormy waters–that you knew was built so poorly that it had to be sinking?…

    Sorry, I know it’s just one match, and I’m sure the home support will be better for our next EPL match with….Spurs! 😀 🙄 😯

  198. AFC says:

    HH, we could get Cesar/Adler, Gamez, Rami, Flamini, Bender and a top ST for around £90 million. Money we have.

    Rami and L.Bender are SQ so I would also put them in the Waitrose basket. 😀

  199. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oooh…Lampard pen not quite as good as Soldado’s…

  200. Dylan says:

    17HT, players shouldn’t be afraid of pressure. If that’s the reason players aren’t coming to us then we have a problem. Wenger needs to convince those people that the pressure won’t be specifically on them and that he’ll help deflect blame from them.

  201. jgc says:

    Dylan, TA, JB, Prince et al,

    well after decades down under I’m in Europe long enough to catch a game real time and all the way thru… (Censored 250 words many beginning with F)

    My quick thoughts as I recover. Well, we got bullied, the ref allowed it and then some, and we didn’t respond.. That took us out of shape and left us open. Reffing was horrible but we lacked the Presence! In DM …. By the end we were playing two lines and way to open to counter…

    For my money Rosicky was MoTM ..everywhere going hard til the end and crating the max whenever he was with ball or around it.

    Regarding the Jack thread. I think, like TA, he’s a great player. Perhaps unlike TA, I think that Arsenal don’t have the right players around him to get the max out of him, IMO a Yaya in his prime DM and a creative No10 to play off of… Thus, we don’t get the max out of him, and vice versa. How that changes is important but right now he doesn’t quite fit in and is part of that handbrake off problem we have…just IMO… I’m not at all saying get rid of him, but there is a style and speed / thinking mismatch right now with players we have..

    We need two defensive midfielders or central defenders, and a can opener striker…

    That’s it from a depressed here — jgc

  202. AFC says:

    HH, I thought a player cannot move twice in the same transfer window so how would Falcao be able to join us? Also is he 28,29,30? 😀

    Gerry, players like Eto’o will eventually have to take a pay cut to join top teams, that’s if they really want to join them.

    Players like Gamez, Rami eyc would be able to contribute for at least 2-3 seasons and would be good purchases. I understand signing a top ST and DM may prove difficult but he could have already signed an experienced GK, a couple of defenders and Flamini (at least for the rest of this season to start playing when he wants to) if he really wanted to.

  203. Dylan says:

    I say we bid £60 mil for Aguero. We have the money, we can offer him big wages (because apparently we can afford Rooney), and I’m telling you now it seems like Pelligrini doesn’t rate him. He’s been talking up Dzeko all summer and he surely didn’t pay around £55 mil for two bench players (Jovetic and Negredo)? Man City also need money to justify a big bid for Pepe or another big defender.

  204. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ah I see what you were trying to say Dylan. I thought you were implying all we need is depth. We need a SQ addition or two as well if we’re serious about contending. Injuries are a natural part of the game, though we should be more prepared by now considering our history with that aspect of the game!

  205. Dylan says:

    AFC, age doesn’t matter when you’re WC. 😉 And no, there’s no rule against players moving twice in a window.

  206. jgc says:


    money does talk and if the ship could be saved by you generating huge endorsement income for being a god, then, yes you’d come to AFC.

    Look at Cesc, where its not about the money. If he came back to AFC at same wages he’d make double just from endorsements (or lots more at least) if there was any success.

    So, IMO, yup it is about the money..or could be…

    Cheers — jgc

  207. Dylan says:

    Agreed HH. 🙂

  208. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post !!! 🙂

    Alex wrote this a few days ago, but it has only become more relevant since our defeat on Saturday. Enjoy! 🙂

  209. James Bond says:


    i am expecting a lot from Theo this season, he’s the man i feel but yesterday wasn’t one of his best days, maybe fatigued as well ? hence start Ox on the right with Poldi on the left (in hindsight), it’s a great thing hindsight, but anyway, we can go on and on about yesterday –

    football is very current and let us all look forward to the future – if only my god dang sauce would answer his phone, i might be able to get a few sauces to share with all of you 😉


    can we take it easy with the questions and perhaps if Hull shock Chelsea, then that lifts everyone’s mood ? 🙂 and then there was Oscar.


  210. Admir says:

    “…do you guys feel that early results have any bearing on deals getting done? Would potential incoming players see our injury issues as opportunities or too much pressure?”

    Excellent question, 17ht, as I believe that “a rabbit lies in that bush”.

    I have a feeling that in recent years players out there haven’t seen Arsenal as attractive as we used to be when Father Dennis, Son Henry and Holy Spirit Vieira were rulers of English football. Vertonghen insisted to be played as central defender and in starting line-up. I mean, no offense to Vertonghen – he might be a Spud but I acknowledge his playing skills – but what the hell he has had in his CV that makes him so cocky while negotiating with Arsenal Football Club, the biggest club from the biggest European city?!

    There is something that most people didn’t record, probably due to the fact Samir Nasri’s big mouth aren’t the most reliable of all sources. Last year, Nasri said that Patrick Vieira – our former Holy Spirit who works for Manchester Oilers now – persuaded him in joining City claiming that City are the one for the future.

    If it’s true (and it might be – after all, it’s Vieira’s duty to protect interests of his employer), it’s more painful to read what Vieira didn’t said but meant – “Arsenal are not one for the future, they are the one in decline”.

    Let’s take Lewandowski, for example. It was said earlier this summer that Real Madrid offered 30 million euros to Borussia Dortmund for him, that Borussia accepted that offer but that Lewandowski didn’t want to join any club apart from the champions – Bayern, Manure and Barcelona. And, it’s not like Real aren’t attractive employers – they already have exciting players like Ronaldo, Oezil and Isco.

    If I were a top-class player that doesn’t have an Arsenal DNA in his blood, I would never sign for this Arsenal and, more specifically, for this manager…unless as a stepping stone. And, as an Arsenal supporter, do I want that kind of player in Arsenal at the first place?

  211. Adah says:

    You missed it on the ref. I believe that ref is a gooner but for his job he has to hide it. If I’m the centre or even the assistant ref all I would have done was to ruin Wenger’s I too know knowledge. Everybody is annoyed with Wenger for doing so much to bring a club that could have easily represented the English people with pride. What we saw against Villa is a drop of what is to be received for the rest of the season because of Wenger’s attitude of putting personal parochial interest above the joy of millions that pour to stadium and viewing centres to watch their darling gun blazers. I saw him felt isolated for the first time, he should expect more of his friends to become foes soonest. As for those of us in Nigeria if that attitude of depleting our team is not stopped forthwith, we will have no option but to boycot all our matches.

  212. Gerry says:

    Well you can cross Lewandawski off the list. He has got an improved deal with Dortmund, and can leave next season.

    Funnily enough, in this WC year I would have thought joining Arsenal now is ideal, as they get plenty of chance to stake their claim for a fist choice spot? They all want playing time, and it is really only players that are under threat are the one who are most easy to persaude … at the SQ end anyway?

  213. Gerry says:

    Well thanks to that great tip somebody gave me? – Chamakh did not cost any points.
    he he.
    Still, I’ll wait until Ttuesday to see how my well name team do in the Boing league. How many entrants HH. I am hoping for a mid table spot?

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