ARSENAL FC – Sacrificing Trophies for Profit? You decide

Do Arsenal have the real appetite to spend?

Do Arsenal have the real appetite to spend?

Just some food for thought….

Since we last won the PL, The only winners have been Man United, Chelsea and ManCity.

We all know this. Yes, Chelsea, the club with no history have spent Megabucks to achieve all that they have achieved, same goes for ManCity. This is not news to any of us.

The game changed years ago since our Invincibles achieved what most believed would never happen. Roman invested heavily into a team that had not had much success at all, same with all the oil money now at City. The Mancs continued as per usual by investing in talent when they needed to.

My main gripe with what has happened to our club is that we have done quite the opposite. Selling our main core of players and re-investing in players who normally would not get a look into our team. Santi is one of the few shining stars who we have picked up due to the distress of another club.

Since the inception of the PL, what has The Arsenal actually spent on players?? If we look at the total amount we have made from selling players vs what we have spent on players since the start of the premier league, we have spent £20,216,000 (in 20 years). In comparison Man United have spent £230,810,000,

Chelsea £618,165,000 and ManCity £565,927,000.

We have spent considerably less than the winners of the past 10 years; a lot less, actually.

I do not expect us to spend the same crazy money that others have spent. Firstly, we would not have to spend a lot of money if we had not been soft and sold all our core players to direct rivals. Isn’t it funny that when we are looking at buying players from rival clubs, no one is crazy enough to sell to us. Rightly so!!

We have strengthened the likes of ManCity and even handed the title to Man United last season. Who is to blame? We are! In favour of making profits, we have sold our players and jeopardized our chances of winning any titles.

Did we need to sell the likes of Cesc (soon after signing a new contract) and RVP to a direct rival? My answer is NO!!  By selling RVP to a rival club we are saying that we are:

1)     more interested in making money

2)     Not serious about challenging for titles

3)     We are a selling club (in order to make profits)

I am not saying that I want Wenger Out. I appreciate all that he has done for the club. All I am saying is that we need a change of direction or leadership.
We have heard all the excuses over the past few years, and I do not buy it. Success brings in more commercial money, and the success we could have had with the players we have sold would have meant that we would not have needed to sell players in order to make a profit for the club. Success also makes you more attractive to other players; and from what we are witnessing now, we do not have the same pull on the Transfer Window as we once did. This is definitely evident.

Whilst the current TW is still open and we will make a few panic buys, I am not convinced that we are being led the way that a club such as The Arsenal should.

Yes, they will be panic buys because we’ve had the whole off season to plan and buy, and nothing has happened so far. It’s the same pattern as the past few seasons. We get thrashed by ManUre 8-2, we pick up Zorro, Per, Santos and Park.

Gibbs gets injured mid-season, we pick up Nacho.

How can the fans accept what is going on when we clear the dead wood from our books and still no one has come in. 17 out, 1 in on a free. Does that sound like a sound planning? Definitely not to me.

I now put it to you fine BK’ers out there: in your opinion, what do we need to change to get our fine club back to where it should be?

Written by: Alexgunners.

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256 Responses to ARSENAL FC – Sacrificing Trophies for Profit? You decide

  1. Me says:

    Why would any one want Wenger to stay ?

    He is a complete wash out – useless and incompetent

  2. AFC says:

    JB, from the previous post.

    I am expecting a lot from Theo. I am looking forward to seeing if he can up his game and pass that 20 goal barrier but he needs to be playing around more/better quality to fully reach his potential. He should not have to be or main source of goals.

  3. James Bond says:


    perhaps he’s one of the top 5 managers in the world, that’s why ?

    even without failing to win the trophies, he manages to stay in there, is a rather big accomplishment no ?

    are you telling me, if Wenger Quit or was sacked today, then by tomorrow he won’t have the big clubs lining up for his signature ?

  4. Highbury Harmony says:

    Quick comment to add to your fantastic post before I write my review on your article, Alex.

    We have £154 million in cash reserves, which is even more astonishing!


  5. alexgunners says:

    I read that one a little while ago. We have more in cash reserves than most of the other 19 PL teams combined.

  6. AFC says:

    Alex, top post. :

    Arsenal have spent £20,216,000 (in 20 years). In comparison Man United have spent £230,810,000, Chelsea £618,165,000 and ManCity £565,927,000.

    That says it all really. It does show that Arsene has performed miracle after miracle for the club. I just feel he makes it harder for himself. Song and Cesc did not have to be sold. RVP had to be sold to United for a good price if I might add. Why? Because he would have just went to them on a free the season after as he was in the last year of his contract.

    We have lacked quality and strength in depth for years and we never seem to plug these holes with have held us back for years. Buy 2/3 SQ players and buy 2/3 squad players.

    Can you imagine Song or Cesc leaving United when they left us? I can’t.

    We can win trophies and make a profit but for some strange reason AW, Ivan and co cannot see this.

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    A very fine post, alex 🙂

    You summarise really well what many of us are thinking right now. Losing a game is not the issue here, but not having enough cover for key positions is; and of course, there is the issue of a lack of quality being added to the team, which is not the biggest issue for me personally.

    I don’t think Arsenal were ever going to make panic buys – even not now. It is more likely that Arsene believed he had enough to get through the first few weeks and was hoping on getting some bargains towards the end of the TW – time pressure can work well when negotiating.

    However, it is unacceptable that we did not at least bring in a quality DM. And from a psychological point of view, it would have been great to bring a quality attacker as well – just to lift the spirits of the team and supporters and get the fecking media of our backs.

    Unless there will be some decisive action, especially on the DM front, it will all go quite ugly in the next few weeks. And it was all avoidable. 😦

  8. MistaKen says:

    Not really realistic to expect AW to change his transfer policy is it. He keeps saying it’s hard to find “quality” and if he could he’d buy. Even when he has the money he finds it more difficult than any of the top 6 to find “quality”. I don’t believe him anymore, I think he is driven by an overwhelming misguided desire to to get every player for a bargain. This, for AW is more important than trophies.

  9. James Bond says:

    Gerry, HH and Alex,

    those figures are based on historical figures (last published accounts),

    the current equation is not being taken into account, player sales – departures on loans, massive amounts saved in wages and the few months other amounts…

    the swiss blog Gerry shared with us was very good but the figures i was quoting were from IA and taking into account the current sitaution…70 million + 20 million from wages saved and 10 million plus from player sales.

    indeed, quite astonishing.

  10. fogo says:

    Plz fellow gunners, the only way to stop this dictatorship, is to boycott matches and stop buying merchandise straight away.. planned, organised protests..we need are voices heard and noted

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Warning to new commenters: racist remarks, including anti-French stereotypical insults, will not be approved.

  12. Andreas says:

    For God’s sake , the man is a complete failure. If he had any respect for himself and for the fans he would have left Arsenal after the 3rd year without a trophy. All he cares about is money. Poor Arsenal……!!!!

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    jgc 🙂

    From previous post. Agreed Jack needs different players around him to get the best out of himself, but that goes for all midfielders right now.

  14. James Bond says:

    it’s a great post, Alex and very timely, however, i will want to comment on something that the others might not

    you wrote : Since we last won the PL, The only winners have been Man United, Chelsea and ManCity.”

    actually, even before we won, there was only one more team (blackburn rovers) who had won it, meaning the title has only been won by 3-4 teams, generally.

    yes, you heard that one right – Liverpool have never won the Premiership- Suarez, are you listening ?


  15. Wengerout says:

    We need usmanov and his millions to get into top 3 .wenger has to go cant attract world class players only shit.

  16. alexgunners says:

    Song and Cesc did not have to be sold as you said. We let them leave when we needed them most.
    AW has performed miracles with what we have actually spent but as I said times have changed and success brings in more commercial money. That is the money we need, not money from sale if players

  17. Dylan says:

    Great post Alex. Thanks for that info. It’s just frustrating. I for one definitely don’t want to see Wenger’s legacy end with a failure to make CL. I want to see him go out holding the CL Trophy or PL title. Or at the very least, an FA Cup.

  18. Dylan says:

    Copy and paste from last post:
    I say we bid £60 mil for Aguero. We have the money, we can offer him big wages (because apparently we can afford Rooney), and I’m telling you now it seems like Pelligrini doesn’t rate him. He’s been talking up Dzeko all summer and he surely didn’t pay around £55 mil for two bench players (Jovetic and Negredo)? Man City also need money to justify a big bid for Pepe or another big defender.

  19. Red Arse says:

    Excellent read, Alex, 🙂

    Can I address a question about the number of times a player can be transferred, which came up at the end of the previous Post?

    Article 5, Paragraph 3 of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, the regulation should be applied as follows:-

    A player can be registered with a maximum of three clubs during one season, but can only play for two of them — with the sole exception of a move between clubs with overlapping seasons.

    I have scratched my head, and also my bum but cannot find a definitive ruling on a player being transferred twice in a transfer window, but as the TW and the start of most EU leagues overlap a little I guess that would be alright too.

    Confused? 🙂 Send a self addressed envelope with a $10 cheque to me care of BK and I will send you a list of Glic’s harem, anyone of whom will explain all you need to know! 😀

  20. alexgunners says:

    Thanks TA,
    It is now time for action. The board, AW and all the rest of the back room staff have an obligation to prepare a team for the start of every season and it simply has not happened this time around.
    There just simply is not enough cover for each position and we already knew that Nacho, Diaby, TV were out for a period of time.
    This just puts too much pressure on other players.
    Remember Jacks breakout season. He was over played and in the end an injury was inevitable

  21. Gooner4eva49 says:

    Excellent read Alex.

    Sacrificing trophies for profit is a correlation of securing our future.

    I know negotiations cannot go your way but we should of definitely had signings in before the villa game at the latest. Not every target but at least d majority of our targets should of been brought in. Is the question we don’t have a good enough ‘team’ to find players and negotiate? Can we be that incompetent. I wouldn’t like to believe that, we are a massive organisation with a massive turnover and massive profits, could such an organisation be so lame? Hard to think so. But I’m pretty sure a little fault lays with us.

    I still believe we will make good signings and real surprises are in store. It’s such a shame that this would b seen as a reaction.

  22. James Bond says:




    good balanced comment in the last article, however, Jack needs to stay fit for long enough,in order for the other players to get things going and perhaps he needs it for himself as well, adapt , maybe ? he still has time and i am expecting him to deliver the goods, if we sign one Top notch DM , we’re going to see a different JW then….he has good chemistry with Frimpong, maybe Wenger needs to let them 2 get on with it ? i’m not sold on the Ramsey-Jack combo as such –

    one combo that works really well for me is, Jack – Rooney- Theo


  23. alexgunners says:

    It’s easy to say get rid of AW.
    Usmanov may change things. There is no proof. All I’m asking for is the basics. A full squad. A competitive one that has the depth it requires.

  24. alexgunners says:

    I could not agree more. He deserves to go out with a trophy. Realistically I cannot see that happening unless things change dramatically. I know it is only the first game but confidence throughout the club is being damaged by what is currently taking place.
    This will be the biggest obstacle

  25. Gooner4eva49 says:

    Doesn’t anybody think if we did keep RVP for the final year, still added the players we bought in and the re-negotiated sponsorship money was made aware to him, would we of finished higher in the league and would he signed a new contract with the knowledge the club had ‘big’ money and were going to spend big. Or would of he walked away on a free, to united with old red nose retired???

  26. John says:

    I think we need a complete overhaul of Board and internal organisation. Arsenal’s set up where the Manager has all the power doesn’t cut it in modern football. Certain responsibilities should be taken away from Wenger/next manager, finances are not his business and neither are negotiations for contracts. He identifies who/where and that’s it. We also need a CEO who understands football, not Gazidis who is just there to protect Kroenke’s interests.
    Anyway, my football mate and I, both silver members, have decided to boycot Arsenal until things have drastically changed. Yes, that includes Wenger&Gazidis out.

  27. Gooner4eva49 says:


    We have millions to spend

  28. scaredninja says:

    What do we need to do to change things? We need to fire Wenger. If all we do this summer is fire Wenger then I will note it down as a good summer. I fully realise there will be consequences stretching into the season if we sack Wenger (and it could mean this season being a write-off) but if what it takes to get us compeetitve,optimistic and positive about this club again is one season in mid-table,then so be it. Yes,ideally I would like Wenger to fill certain positions,which I will list hereunder but he has had 90 days to do so and hasn’t shown me anything to believe he can or for that matter is willing to.
    We need:I won’t specify names of players as there are various options

    1. GK (starter)
    2. CB (back-up)
    3.RB (Back-up)
    4. DM (starter)
    5. CAM/WINGER (back-up)
    6.CF/STRIKER (starter)
    Basically, we need 3 (world) class players who will walk straight into starting XI and 3 solid/good squad players, I do not think with our resources this is too much to ask.
    I have vented,partly due to anger and frustration I guess but I think my assesment(s) have some merit. [@scaredninja]

  29. alexgunners says:

    @ Gooner4eva

    We definitely should’ve had some new signings prior to the first game.
    Not every player targeted will be signed, that is a given. I feel that AFC has failed this off season to secure the necessary players.

    By the way, I have no problems with securing our future. I do have an issue with not replacing outgoing players season after season

  30. James Bond says:

    nice one, RA

    cheers for confusing me even more 😀

    Wengerout – money is not the issue , spending it is.

    the players most of us think are SQ and should be bought, Wenger may not think are worth that much to spend on – different glasses i suppose.

  31. Gooner4eva49 says:

    Arsenal do and have done everything well apart from winning trophies.
    We are represented to the highest standards, we do things differently and better than others. We have tradition. We are secure. Just lacking the trophies. Are we in such a dire state? I don’t think so. Just need to win and we will b the perfect club!

  32. HYL says:

    If Wenger leaves tomorrow, yea clubs will fight for his signature. Clubs like Swansea, Everton, Malaga, Valencia, etc. Club with small budget and is fighting for CL qualification. He has the track record.

    But he does not have a good track record at winnig it all. Mind you, 3 leagues titles in 17 years in the club is not that great a track record. It’s just about on par at a club like Arsenal. There are better manager out there who can do a better job of course.

  33. jgc says:

    Hi Alex, TA et al

    Great post, here are my brief, perhaps contradictory thoughts:

    A. Net spend without offsetting profit is a loss. The only other offset is future revenues. This is financial physics. Look no further than many EU countries, and others!, to know you cannot spend more than you make and grow forever. Thus, it isn’t about profits before trophies, but about sustainable growth. All three teams noted have unsustainable spending (period). Ignoring that ignores a huge part of the “problem”

    B. that all said, we are spending less than we could. We are “over sustainable” based on my back of the envelope calculations (ie anything free comes with no guarantee). We do need to spend more and it appears now would be good, or a week ago..

    C. Forget not we’ve cleared the deadwood, even if Chamakh is almost looking good at DM right now we are so thin. This is a win if we can spend now. A big one.

    D. The hard part will be closing deals and finding the right players who make us AND those we have now better. A hard ask. If I had a real AW criticism it’s that I think he’s always looking for perfect when Mr More Than Good Enuff is available and this fails the Price is Right test opting for the next box…

    E. if we’ve lost somewhere by not spending in the last few years its likely more in Brand Recognition than in trophies. Just my 2p, but that’s a big part of having more sustainable income streams, as per my A above

    Thus, I’m done for now! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  34. James Bond says:

    quick fix options (panic buys but decent) – Barry from man city , 2 – 4 million , De Rossi @ 8-10 million.

  35. alexgunners says:


    We do need an overhaul of the way things are done at AFC. I’m not sure that boycotting will help the situation but something does need to be done.

  36. Red Arse says:


    This is a very apt Post in the circumstances, although we can all see what has happened — or not happened, I suppose – there are as many opinions as there is fluff on Terry’s jockstrap.

    Look, there are some things we do know, amongst much that we do not.

    We know that Arsenal have money to spend, because that has been confirmed by blabber mouthed cry babies Liverpool when they complained that we had dared to make a bid for Suarez. So Arsenal/Gazidis have not lied about that.

    The ramification of ‘Pool’s screaming fould about the £40m + £1 is that we also know that Arsenal have tried to spend it. Similarly we Gustavo. So, Arsenal/Gazidis have not lied about that either.

    But most importantly, we also know we have, so far, failed with any bids.

    What of it? Well, I think it shows our inexperience of having a bucket full of money to spend on player.
    Frankly it shows a TW amateurishness that does not look good in a club of Arsenal’s size and class.

    Putting all our eggs in one basket and concentrating solely on one transfer at a time is foolhardy and perhaps we need a woman Transfer Director who can multi-task (so all my female lovelies tell me).

    Jovetic? Dither – gone. Higuain? Dither – gone. Gustavo? Dither – gone.

    There seems to be a trend here. Anyone see it? 😀

    It is a nonsense and needs to be sorted for the future of the club and the mental health of the fans. Amen.

  37. Highbury Harmony says:


    Absolutely fantastic post mate :). I really enjoyed that article, as it took a realistic review on the current state of our transfer situation and compared us to our so called domestic rivals.

    I still do not understand the ease at which we release our top players. I understand that we do not want to hold onto players who are not fully committed to the club, but selling to a domestic rival is unacceptable. Perhaps no other bids were made, but I find it hard to believe that more clubs were not interested in a player like RVP.

    What’s more confusing is that once these players are sold, we do not act swiftly to replace them with players of similar quality! Just look at clubs like Spuds, BD, Liverpool etc. that are not afraid to re-invest the funds that they accrue from sales. Sure, not all signings will work out 100%, but the intention is there and even Liverpool has learned from past mistakes and has made more shrewd purchases since the gaffs by Dalglish.

    I concur that AW is still a great manager, but as I’ve said for ages, he has lost his touch with the modern transfer market and needs a more in-tune individual with a better sense of player valuations to take over the reigns in that department. Let AW manage the football operations of the club and have another individual running the business side.

    The greatest issue our club currently suffers from is our strategy/direction from leadership. We’re focusing our efforts on the longer term future (sustainability in youth) and taking gratification from the immediate present (profit), without an eye on the near present and shorter future (re-investing those funds).

    As you perfectly put it Alex, there is no greater way to ensure success in the future by achieving success in the present. Unfortunately, we have gotten away with continual acceptable results over the years and lost sight of what is needed to win silverware. We are slowly decaying in reputation and attractiveness as a top football destination and need to rectify this asap.

    I’m still hopeful that a top signing will come in this TW and a couple more depth options that could be good starters for us too.

  38. AFC says:

    I raised that question so thanks for the info RA. 🙂

    Alex, all agreed. 🙂


    Aguero, Rooney, Falcao, Eto’o etc, COULD be signed if we AW is serious about signing SQ.

  39. James Bond says:

    Attention , there’s a hurricane coming, nah only one Holloway

    Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway: “I’ve got to learn what a foul is because I thought Nacer Chadli deliberately bodychecked Stephen Dobbie, smashed him down, and ran off with the ball.

    “If the referee didn’t see that, the assistant should have. You have to ask if he’s good enough if he didn’t see that. I don’t see how he can miss that.

    “A minute and a half later, we’re arguing over whether it was deliberate handball.

    “I don’t understand how it was a penalty, or how Dean Moxey could have got out of the way of it. I had three players right behind him.

    “It’s going to be a long hard season for me with these people (referees). I had this with Blackpool. Certain clubs get fouls and others don’t. Tottenham will feel that if they play Man United.

    “Do I think I would have got that at Tottenham? No I don’t. I just want a bit of fairness. I want a foul like anyone else would have got one.

    “I’ve got a horrible taste in my mouth after that.”

    He added: “We need to be more adventurous. We haven’t had a good pre-season. Half of them aren’t fit, which is why Marouane Chamakh wasn’t picked.

    “We had a great chance at the end with Kagisho Dikgacoi and didn’t take it. We’ve got to learn very quickly.”

  40. alexgunners says:

    Brand recognition is definitely an area that we are going to lose out on.
    Closing deals will be harder now everyone knows we are getting desperate and prices will be even more inflated. That’s the price of doing business a little late.

  41. Red Arse says:

    Sorry for the non sequiturs above, but my laptop is playing up and jumping some words.

  42. Abdul Dengi says:

    Wenger shld go becoz he is mentally retarded dis day (if he is trash by other club he wil strt making complaint about referee ) fuck Mr. Wenger

  43. Gooner4eva49 says:


    I know the frustration but why get ourselves worked up, look at the positives!
    It does look a shambles so far this summer doesn’t it! There is so much to be p’d off with but let’s not get ourselves worked up being a supporter is painful as it is.

    No disrespect but giroud isn’t a direct rvp replacement we should of signed £25-30m striker on par or at least close to. Fans take so much pain when ‘promises’ aren’t met which I understand. Too be honest I was expecting a top top top top top class striker last year.

  44. AFC says:

    JB, de Rossi is SQ but wages could be an issue.

    HH, I feel that maybe Bergkamp, Henry or someone else who Wenger trusts is needed at the club. Someone who can tell him when he is wrong or doing things in the wrong way.

  45. alexgunners says:

    It does seem that we don’t know how to close a deal now that we have the money.
    AFC as a club has failed and does look amateurish as you put it. If we have a team working on transfers as AW put it, we are in a world of trouble as they are really behind the 8 ball.
    As for the fluff on Terry’s jockstrap, I will leave that one alone

  46. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, from what I understand from articles and other intelligent posters on this site, such as JM, AW is a dictator at Arsenal and no other individuals would be able to sway his decisions.

  47. Highbury Harmony says:

    For example, DB10 has recommended Eriksen to AW on numerous occasions, yet he still has yet to make a move for him (according to the media at least).

  48. jnyc says:

    Alex. Great post. —–
    TA, I totally agree. All could have been avoided. We tried to be too cute in the transfer market. Ignoring cb’s even as we knew vermaelens injury, and after loaning djourou( did we consider recalling him) ?
    almost 2 months ago it was a chance to get higuain early, as juventus had no chance. We tried to bargain for 27 mil instead of plunking down the required 30 (at that time, long before Napoli had the cash)-
    —-not trying for fellaini
    —-one bid for bender, alot for us,19 mil, but look what players like illaramendi, and javi martinez went for, well over 30 mil.
    Really mishandling and misreading suarez situation( is that dead now? )
    2 injured players and a 16 and 18 yr old on the bench yesterday.
    —– i cry to write this, but maybe Arsene is not the man to lead the club in this new era.

  49. alexgunners says:

    We have allowed in previous seasons a clear out if our quality players to rivals which I agree is completely unacceptable.
    Replacing these players is where we have failed.
    I also hope that we do pick up quality signings and at least some depth to our wafer thin squad.

  50. alexgunners says:


    I think most agree that Giroud isn’t a direct replacement of RVP. The frustration lies exactly there. We need to replace out going players. It is tough being a passionate supporter.

  51. James Bond says:

    Pat N on the radio :

    “I think it was a good place to have a season ticket last season, there was a bad feeling about Rafael Benitez but I thought that was a very entertaining team last season. But if you bring Kevin De Bruyne into that team, and you have got Eden Hazard and Andre Schurrle to add to it, you are really going to enjoy this.

    “It’s going to be entertaining, I’m not saying they are going to win the league, but you will not get bored down here. Frank Lampard could easily have had a hat-trick, and that is supposedly the sitting midfielder. There are three other players who will score as well. Steve Bruce must be wondering which Chelsea player is not playing well. I hope they don’t bring on Romelu Lukaku, he’ll be desperate to score.”

    ladies and Gents, boy and girls ,

    that is exactly what we lack, the “fear factor along with the x factor”

    note how he manages to miss the name of “Mata” he’s on the bench as well…

    Rooney/Suarez, Bender, M. Richards and Rangel not Williams, would be very nice, while we are at it, get Begovic –

  52. AFC says:

    HH, it seems to be that way with all the top managers. Mourinho and SAF are also quite similar but they are worse in my opinion.

  53. macko says:

    I not agree, the players are not Fabregas objects thought to return home, RVP departed for I does not know why, but Arsene respect the wishes of the players unlike teams like Liverpool etc etc.. …
    One must buy Fellainni even if it is expensive and strengthen our defense emergency.
    I am suppoter in the good or bad days and I said I have entiére trust in Arsene Wenger;)
    ps: I’m sorry for the bad translation: (

  54. alexgunners says:


    We did ignore all the signs, at CB we have been short and were well aware of TV long term absence. It seems that we have gone in for quality players and hope to get them at a bargain price. It is a sad state of affairs at the moment and all I hope that it gets better soon.

  55. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, the one difference is that SAF and Mourinho are better at retaining their players, as well as willing to spend the transfer funds available to them.

  56. Tomas says:

    34 million asking price for Higuain- Wenger bid 23. 55 million(at least) was Liverpool’s evaluation of Suarez- Wenger bid 40. Bayern wanted 20 million for Gustavo – Wenger wasn’t ready to pay more than 14. I think we begin to see Wenger’s transfer strategy at work. No matter what player or asking price, offer around 30 percent below the market. Not very scientific is it? And there’ve been others even more dubious ones. Wenger bid 4 million for Gary Cahill, where Bolton paid for him 5 million four years before. Cahill ultimately went to Chelsea for 7 million and he’s been a fixture in their back line since. Wenger and his staff can study players 24 hrs/day all he wants but unless he is ready to pay the market value he won’t get anyone .

  57. Glic says:

    Thanks alex baby, a heartfelt post !. 🙂

    I always thought FFP was going to be our “Knight in Shining Armour” !, but with the magnitude of Monaco`s piss taking spending spree when they have less crowds than dogging session at Crufts !. I have to say our only hope would be for Kroenke to sell his shares to Usmanov, but this is harder than it sounds, because although Kroenke would make a ginormous profit for doing fcuk all for our club, his thoughts and bodily functions are guided by his psychotic symbiotic syrup !. You`ve all seen the films like…..”Invasion of the Body Snatchers ” !….well, these sort of goings on exist !….I know for a fact that Area 51 have files on Stans syrup longer than Giroud`s cock !. It`s a fcuking alien conspiracy !.
    Out with Wenger…in with David Icke !.

    G4eva49 @ 16:52….we should have kept the bastard…..but it`s all about the money, money, money !.
    Someone has to pay for the back handers to the CIA to keep Area 51 off his back !. I see that Star Trek episode…..The Trouble with Tribbles !…..they exist !…..Stan`s Syrup is leader of the Tribble`s, they are everywhere…….thought your missus had hairy armpits ?……her beaver looking a bit more bushier today ?……..taser the bastards !.

  58. James Bond says:


    good post and don’t worry about the translation, we all understood your point.

    Fellaini – Man utd have made a 18 million bid for him, apparently,

    a deal might be struck between 18 to 21 , i feel

    however, Bender /Gundogan are the no.1 targets (rightfully so , some would argue)..not me !

  59. alexgunners says:

    Nothing wrong with respecting players wishes from time to time but it has happened a lot over the years. The club is important is important as well. We cannot sell players to direct rivals.
    ManUre got the bargain of the century. 25mil for RVP. Yet one year later we reportedly offer 40mil for Suarez. Something is not right there

  60. Kevin Weaver says:

    Has Arsene Wenger ever complained about lack of investment or threatened to resign if money for players wasn’t provided? Not as far as I know. Apparently he is coveted by some of the biggest clubs in Europe, but he chooses to stay at Arsenal despite being starved of the tools to be successful. No way.
    I believe he has never challenged the board and as been happy to take his massive salary with no pressure of being sacked because of his previous glories. He’s been lucky to have CL qualification as his safety net.
    If Wenger hadn’t been left possibly the best defensive unit ever by George Graham we probably wouldn’t have had the glory years. Without David Dein that would be a definite. Arsene is way out of his depth as a coach and team manager, his luck has finally run out and he is being found out.
    Nothing will change until he goes.
    If you want to see how far we have fallen, and how short we are, look at the Chelsea bench for the match against Hull. Wenger insults us by saying that neither Man U or Chelsea have been very active so far. It must be hard to improve a squad if they have subs like that.

  61. alexgunners says:

    You are right. If we want a player from another club, we have to pay what he is worth, not what we want to pay. This is how we will continue to miss out on our transfer targets

  62. jgc says:

    JB at 17:17

    That’s Presence! you are talking about! 🙂

    We lack Presence! All the way down the middle give or take Kos and TV

    Cheers — jgc

  63. Kevin Weaver says:

    If Wenger thinks RVP is worth £24m (apparently what we got for him last year) no wonder he baulked at the price of Higuain.
    My elderly Mother thinks £1.60 is a lot for a cup of coffee, she doesn’t get out much these days!

  64. James Bond says:


    25 million for RVP with one year remaining on his contract, nearing 30 – was good business for the company.

    50 million for Suarez , in his prime years and best years ahead of him, with 3 more years on his liverpool contract is also reasonable.

    difference is that RVP told Wenger he wants to leave after Wenger failed to assure him of the players RVP wanted him to bring (being the captain and all that – according to the stories)…he said he wanted to leave, Wenger granted him his wish in a fair way.

    with Suarez, he wants to come but it’s become a matter of pride now, as things i’m hearing from up north are along the lines of “40,000,001” is disrespectful, if we had bid 41 mills or 40.5 mills then they would have been more willing to negotiate – who knows, all smoke ?

  65. alexgunners says:


    I agree that we should have kept RVP. It would have made a helluva difference but he could probably see all this coming for a while so no wonder he wanted to go elsewhere.

  66. Glic says:

    In case you don`t know wtf a tribble is, here you go….Terry`s in that heap somewhere !. hahaha

  67. AFC says:

    Tomas, you bring up a very good point. What right does Wenger have to phone up other clubs and tell them what he will pay for their players?

    Just recently he made a £6 million bid for Williams.

    Wenger’s valuation of a player is always 20-50% below the clubs valuation of a player.

    HH, agreed.

  68. alexgunners says:


    Thanks for your thoughts so far. It’s now 3am and time to get some sleep. I will reply to anyone I may have missed in the morning. Good day or good night to all

  69. Kevin Weaver says:

    FFP was dreamt up by the same people who awarded the World Cup to Qatar. I don’t think it was ever really going to happen

  70. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Alex, Great Post…Sleep well…

  71. AFC says:

    JGC, good point about Presence! If you are a player from an opposing team who would you worry about. Walcott, Cazorla are threats and maybe Kos is a very good defender but he is to wild.

  72. scaredninja says:

    Good post,well-written and sums up the mess without going into hyperbole (hard not to at present)

  73. Glic says:

    Nite, nite alex, sleep tight
    Don`t let them Tribbles bite !.

  74. Larry says:

    If RSVP had to go because he only had one year left on his contract as stated that in itself is a f-up. Who is in charge of contracts at afc ,it’s an absolute outrage what’s happening there ?anywhere else the person responsible would be OUT. Its time for a. Change , or I think the consequences will be very very severe

  75. Admir says:

    Brilliant post, Alex, and there is not a single line I would disagree with.

    I’ll copy & paste what I left at previous post as it has something to do with our dealing with the transfer window:

    “…do you guys feel that early results have any bearing on deals getting done? Would potential incoming players see our injury issues as opportunities or too much pressure?”

    Excellent question, 17ht, as I believe that “a rabbit lies in that bush”.

    I have a feeling that in recent years players out there haven’t seen Arsenal as attractive as we used to be when Father Dennis, Son Henry and Holy Spirit Vieira were rulers of English football. Vertonghen insisted to be played as central defender and in starting line-up. I mean, no offense to Vertonghen – he might be a Spud but I acknowledge his playing skills – but what the hell he has had in his CV that makes him so cocky while negotiating with Arsenal Football Club, the biggest club from the biggest European city?!

    There is something that most people didn’t record, probably due to the fact Samir Nasri’s big mouth aren’t the most reliable of all sources. Last year, Nasri said that Patrick Vieira – our former Holy Spirit who works for Manchester Oilers now – persuaded him in joining City claiming that City are the one for the future.

    If it’s true (and it might be – after all, it’s Vieira’s duty to protect interests of his employer), it’s more painful to read what Vieira didn’t said but meant – “Arsenal are not one for the future, they are the one in decline”.

    Let’s take Lewandowski, for example. It was said earlier this summer that Real Madrid offered 30 million euros to Borussia Dortmund for him, that Borussia accepted that offer but that Lewandowski didn’t want to join any club apart from the champions – Bayern, Manure and Barcelona. And, it’s not like Real aren’t attractive employers – they already have exciting players like Ronaldo, Oezil and Isco.

    If I were a top-class player that doesn’t have an Arsenal DNA in his blood, I would never sign for this Arsenal and, more specifically, for this manager…unless as a stepping stone. And, as an Arsenal supporter, do I want that kind of player in Arsenal at the first place?

  76. Admir says:

    BTW, it seems that Yilmaz is off to Lazio.

  77. James Bond says:

    going by Admir’s comment,

    we should make a 60 million bid for Bale,

    10 million for Richards

    and sign Mo.Farah for free

    sorted !

  78. macko says:

    we can thank them Qataris who have kill football in autan inject money into gamers who are not worth half
    Bender and Gundogan are not for sale as Rooney waste of time.
    I not care less about big signing I want vouchers player like Song bought 280,000 euros in Bastia;)

  79. James Bond says:

    Infostrada Sports: Jose Mourinho is still unbeaten in all 61 PL home matches as Chelsea manager at Stamford Bridge (47 wins, 14 draws).

    say what you may about the man – but there is no denying, he’s the best manager in England right now.

    he talks the walk and walks the talk –

  80. 17highburyterrace says:

    IMO there’s nothing wrong with being a “selling club” and spreading the risk of having all your eggs in a basket (or two). Yes, you need SQ players to win things but if they’re injury prone, getting old and/or letting their contracts wind down, what are you gonna do?…

    The thing with Arsenal these days is that it’s a self-defeating show. The (not very knowledgeable) owner just wants to make money and the manager (who serves at the pleasure of ownership) can do THAT job. Structurally you have one club (United) with big turnover and willing to take on big debt. The other two have bottomless pockets…How do we compete with that? We don’t, except in the longer term, ideally with the aid of a fully toothed FFP scheme…(Gotta try to keep ahead of Liverpool and their American Owner, already we’ve spotted them 3 points…)

    Arsene’s comments yesterday indicate that he feels the press has geed up the “support” and that he is now in an impossible situation. We will not be buying sufficiently to mollify anybody and the results AND injuries have already gone against us. Will our buys, plus our current squad be enough to “compete?” We’ll just have to wait and see about that…early signs aren’t very promising…Turning the “support” into, er, support again won’t happen overnight…

    I keep going with plan A: “Hope”…There is no plan B… I feel for the manager but his inability to delegate and create breathing room for himself and his squad should be taken on board as a personal failing, not as a conspiracy…Self-doubt (about all the failed ideas, including player purchases…) and self-belief (in the current squad, in valuations in the transfer market…) seem to come and go in equal measure and it all results in paralysis. Maybe it’s more Hamlet than Lear… We need to move forward somehow. Game on Wednesday (then Saturday, then Tuesday, then Sunday…) and a transfer window that goes for another 15 days offers the tiniest bit of wiggle room. It could, however, get worse before it gets better…

    Anyhow, it’s all very sad. On the plus side, I think there’s been a lot of intelligent discussion (amongst the anger and tantrums and poo-slinging…) Again, great job Alex and (many of the) comment writers…

    😀 😦

  81. James Bond says:


    you forgot the Russians 😉

  82. Adah says:

    Your write up is spot on but for not calling for a change in leadersip make your article for short of our expectations in Nigeria. Wenger is too powerful to be a football manager. I advise he takes to politics so he can show is wider than life knowledge there. Wenger symbolises everything in our precious club today because Kreonke is a negative capitalist that does not see anything great in winning titles but profit from sales of players. My candid advise, sell Carzola to Athletico; Wilshere to any of the top clubs in England so Kreonke can make more profit. Haba Wenger. Your own self don too much.

  83. Adah says:

    Your write up is spot on but for not calling for a change in leadersip make your article fall short of our expectations in Nigeria. Wenger is too powerful to be a football manager. I advise he takes to politics so he can show is wider than life knowledge there. Wenger symbolises everything in our precious club today because Kreonke is a negative capitalist that does not see anything great in winning titles but profit from sales of players. My candid advise, sell Carzola to Athletico; Wilshere to any of the top clubs in England so Kreonke can make more profit. Haba Wenger. Your own self don too much.

  84. 17highburyterrace says:

    Admir, Thanks for answer my question in an excellent level of detail…

    The market is just that, a market…We can offer money but I don’t think we’re very strong on that account relative to the bottomless pocket teams…We’re also offering players a chance to save a sinking ship in stormy waters? How many truly have the confidence to believe that they can do it on their own?

    A big signing early might’ve signaled that any prospective buys wouldn’t have been on their own. With fans believing that spending is the be-all and the end-all it only gets more perverse. Arsenal have to spend more to get their people, which heaps pressure on those players. Poor Torres, Poor Andy Carroll if we look back to January of whatever year that was…

    OK, nuf said…Chelsea match is over–a pretty comprehensive 2-nil…

  85. Arty Marty says:

    Is a great manager. But he has got it all wrong for the start of this season.

    New banner ‘ Caviar prices for fish fingers’

  86. macko says:

    Usmanov president 😉

  87. James Bond says:


    do you feel that the supporters are on the rise in Nigeria or do you feel there are more and more fans, unhappy and disgruntled with the club and the supporters are fed up and even borderline – no longer interested ?

  88. jgc says:


    IMO, the bigger the player, the bigger the confidence… Presence! And confidence, go hand in hand…

    Cheers — jgc

  89. James Bond says:

    Coentrao – is on the move ? handed in a transfer request…quite possibly headed to london from what i hear

  90. Dylan says:

    JB, way to steal my thunder. 😉 Conetrao is in my list. Hopefully he’s not a long term replacement for Cole at Chelsea. Although I’d he more worried that Man U get him in their hunt for an LB.

  91. James Bond says:


    you’re better off turning that into a post (worthy of one), the title should get plenty of people on bk as well for discussion..i.e. “Wenger asks, tell me “who” and here is “who”

  92. Dylan says:

    Good idea JB! I’ll do that. 🙂

  93. James Bond says:

    Wenger asks , tell me “who” and here is “who & who”.

    alternatively, i could get you wenger’s phone number and you could tell him yourself ahahahhahahahahaha

  94. scaredninja says:

    I agree fully with your list and posted a very similar one on twitter this morning. What I find disturbing is that we as fans are capable of compiling such comprehensive and similar lists, proving that it is not that difficult considering that it is actually Wenger’s job,as in he gets paid for this, we are just fans and even we know.
    Also, he says he can’t find the “right players”. Is Ramsey the “right player” at CB? Is Sagna the “right player” at right-back? Is our non-existent DM the “right player” at DM? If Wenger can’t find a better player than a player who doesn’t exist,then I fear he needs to go,the sooner the better!
    #LaudrupIn (Klopp is unrealistic me thinks)

  95. Dylan says:

    JB, ask your sauce for Wenger’s number. I’ll tell him I’ll work as scout/transfer negotiator/consultant for free. 😉

  96. Admir says:

    I would add just one more thing: Wenger’s statements about Gervinho’s departure. Instead of blaming himself for either lack of belief in Gervinho or lack of quality scouting when he decided to sign him at the first place, he decided to blame it on fans who booed Gervinho. Now, I agree that Arsenal players shouldn’t get a boo before or during the game but Wenger has been a rather disrespectful to the fans.

    Using his logic, he should listen fans again and spend some bloody money.

  97. johnnie nyc says:

    and, by the way,
    have we ever seen any evidence of bargains popping up at the end of the window?? there is movement often, only because of time pressure…but now, any team negotiating with us— will smell the desperation of our club, and exploit it… the result will be the opposite, prices will go up. negotiators will dig in..–
    its almost as if we are sabotaging ourselves..
    –if our players seem down,and play with lethargy, maybe its because they see how undermanned their rich club has allowed them to go into the season… our best players like Cazorla, Jack, koz, will be tempted in many ways to move because we really are looking like a joke.. in our business dealings, but even in running the football side now..

  98. 17highburyterrace says:

    Admir, fans booing Wenger’s buys is a vicious cycle that will take many (successful) buys to break. As such, anybody he buys must be prepared to withstand that level of scrutiny… A new manager breaks that cycle, of course…

    Dylan, and others with a list: I have some empathy for Wenger on this account. Through mis-management (advertising our war chest…) prices will sky-rocket for Arsenal targets. Also, why would City, or Chelsea or United (or even Liverpool) sell to strengthen us unless the money was absolutely silly? We can argue that it’s good to show intent, or that we should just “pay the money” but if average players will break our transfer records by tens of millions of pounds AND will be required to lift our flagging ship–right away…Well, that’s a lot to ask… Wenger has put himself behind the 8-ball so it’s all about results. We’ve only played one match, but so far, the results haven’t been good…

    Again, maybe it’s more important that the new manager sees your list. Who, by the way, will that guy be?…

    I wish there was some way to turn this all around. My growing fear is that the die has been cast and its all about watching it play out. At this point what are the chances that the ticket buying support will come around–no matter how results play out? Glic suggested we needed 28 points from our first ten (not so tough) matches…Our maximum possible now is 27…

    Sorry to paint things so grimly…just keeping it real (as we say)… 😀

  99. James Bond says:

    ahahahaa i’m sure you would @ Dylan 🙂

    Admir & J Nyc

    Wenger says this in return to your comments :

  100. Dylan says:

    17HT, I pray that when Wenger leaves, we get Klopp. 😉

  101. 17highburyterrace says:

    On the other hand…I’m sure (italics) that a few deals are in the works…Maybe Fenerbache will treat the CL qualifier as a friendly (assuming their appeal for match fixing will be fruitless…) and we’ll get lucky at Fulham and in the NLD…

    Would that be enough to get “supporters” to lay down their pitchforks and torches?…

    (Coentrao, is like a poor man’s Ramsey–i.e., could be a decent squad player–but with more interesting hair… I’m guessing AW isn’t the least bit innerested…)

  102. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bould, Klopp, both have five letters, only one is available in September…. 😦

  103. On the bbc 16august wenger said
    Im not againstspending money i
    Have am against spending money
    I dont have?is there a clue there
    As to why we havent bought anybody last night what did he say
    Iagree with spending money
    But its not mine to spend its the clubs all he can do is say i want to
    Buy a player but the board say
    Yes or no!

  104. saminator says:

    It’s you arsenal supporters in the uk letting the club down. Stop filling the stadum during home games. How long will it take for you to acknowledge that it’s you people paying wenger to insult your/our intelligence!

  105. scaredninja says:

    Consensus I think is we all want Klopp,but I genuinely don’t think it will happen this late in window, Laudrup more realistic.
    As for Coentrao being a poor man’s Ramsey…are you serious? (If it was sarcasm,my bad) Can you honestly say Coentrao isn’t better than both Gibbs and Nacho?

  106. Gerry says:

    Damn it I didn’t realise the Terror Window had already closed.

  107. scaredninja says:

    And in other fantastic news for Arsenal,Saints have signed Pablo Osvaldo (and equalled Arsenal’s transfer record) for £15m from Roma

  108. Glic says:


    Beat the N17 shifty shirtlifters and I`ll be bouncing off the ceiling !. Pure Footballing Viagra !.

  109. aman says:

    Come on people get behind wenger. Wenger is one the best around. We are not a club who cares about ‘profit’. That profit goes to the debt we need to pay off which is nearly done. So our biggest trophy since the FA cup 05 win was the stadium, our stadium is one of the best in europe.
    Don’t blame wenger for nothing, there’s only one solution which is to bring back david dein. He’s the one who sorted everything out and gave the manager confidence.
    In wenger we trust!!!!!

  110. James Bond says:


    course it was,

    while you’ve been sleeping, we also failed to Qualify for the CL and guess what ? Wenger was Sacked

    and the new manager has 5 days to invest the 100000000003084203284 million sitting in our bank account ? (maybe we’re keeping the money there for a reason ? to earn interest, i see).

  111. James Bond says:



    sure in Wenger we trust but that’s the problem i think, Wenger trusts no one 🙂

  112. James Bond says:

    taking a rational approach to all this,

    then i do feel that there might well be an agenda against Arsenal, Wenger and co by the media…

    the more and more i read the tabloids, the more they make Wenger sound like the new Benitez,

    although, Wenger hasn’t helped himself either but you do wonder, how much of a role has the media played in providing fuel to fire ?

    it puts extra pressure on the players to do well and they go out, motivated, up for a fight , full of passion and then try too hard and bang – there you go.

  113. Wengerball says:

    Our Football club has experienced barren spells before.

    We won the old 1st Division in the
    1952-1953 season and then waited
    until 1969-1970 to win the Fairs
    That was 17 years without a
    8 years between us winning the
    double in 1970-71 and the FA cup
    in 1978-79 seasons.
    Another 8 years between us
    winning the FA cup 1979 and the
    league cup 1987.
    Our league positions in them
    barren spells were 12, 9, 5, 5, 12,
    3, 13, 11, 10, 7, 8, 13, 14, 7, 9, 4,
    12 between 1954 and 1970
    And from 1972: 5, 2, 10, 16, 17,
    8, 5, and we finished 7th when we
    won the 79 FA CUP.
    Then 4, 3, 5, 10, 6, 7, 7, 4, 6
    before we won the league on

    Under Arsene Wenger we have
    finished: 3, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2,
    4, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3 and 4th.
    It is an amazing sequence
    considering the money that has
    been thrown at other teams during
    this period.
    Oh, and he has qualified for the
    last 16 in every one of them
    champions league years.
    No other club has achieved that.
    We have won the league 3 times
    and the FA cup 4 times under
    Wenger. Built a new stadium,
    watched some of the greatest
    players in the world play for our
    club and played amazing football
    along the way.
    I only wish the negativity specilizing media outlets and glory hunting so called fans had half of
    his Integrity, honour and


  114. jgc says:


    Bravo! (Bowing man smiley)

    — jgc

  115. TotalArsenal says:

    wow, super comments and well done Alex for staying up so long in Melbourne and get back to people. Next time I will issue the post at a more appropriate time for you.

    Many good comments but RA’s hit the nail fully on the head.

  116. James Bond says:


    history is history, i don’t want us to turn into the next “liverpool” by that i mean, their fans saying , what they have achieved in the past.

    football is a current sport (business), one where the supporters have a short term memory, after a couple of weeks, not many will remember how the ref stitched us against Villa, if we keep winning.

    today’s supporter is more versed, kept informed and in the know how due to media, Fifa games and so on…everyone thinks they know better than people who run the club (who am i to tell them, they are wrong ?

    we are all entitled to opinions and express them, no ones opinion is wrong or the reasons for supporting the team….

    here is something to cheer you up :

    Pablo Osvaldo: Southampton sign Italy striker for club-record £15m

    and this is what Wenger has to say about it :

    PS : i know, i’m terrible but i’m gonna keep doing this until we sign our first quality player ahahahahahah (take it light heartedly everyone).

  117. James Bond says:

    and TA has gone back to tweaking the background layout and colours (taking out his frustration perhaps ?

  118. TotalArsenal says:

    The new site colours reflect the current mood amongst the majority of the supporters. As soon as we reach brighter, more positive times we’ll turn the lights on again. 🙂

  119. 17highburyterrace says:

    Agreed Bond…but your trolls don’t help…I guess my comments don’t either… 😆

    The point I keep returning to is that I think, because of the “crisis” atmosphere at our Club the market is skewed. Sitting on Suarez wouldn’t make sense for Rodgers/Henry (Liverpool) if it was Chelsea making the offer. If Wenger gets crucified (by the media/fans/etc.) and our woes deepen, it clears a path for them back to CL football. As such, I’d hold out for 60 million, or take 40 from anybody else (or in January)….

    The same goes for Bayern with Gustavo or RM with Higuain. Arsenal are a bad draw in the CL (if, of course, we get there)…

    Coentrao is a solid, but very unspectacular player who might have trouble with the pace and fouling allowed in England. He would improve our team but not resurrect it…

    What’s the latest injury news? (Ox-Cham and Sagna? Gibbs can wear a rugby helmet can’t he?)…

  120. VCC says:

    Fine post Alex.

    No need to worry. As we are getting close to the end of the transfer window, panic buying will start soon.

  121. 17highburyterrace says:

    It may be ineptitude, lack of delegation, etc. that has prevented signings thus far. But it is also market forces and the unique situation at Arsenal…Beyond that we need to look at psychology, given that we all believe it’s down to the main character, acting alone… (sitting naked on his throne, counting his doubloons…)

    A “big” signing would have made all the depth signings soooo much easier. Higuain would’ve done the trick, but some might argue that he was 2nd choice at Madrid for a reason. At least he was a mature talent looking for playing time with a South American WC on the horizon. Paying too much for him, however, might’ve been, well, too much…How many times were Real Madrid supporters begging for Mourinho to sit “inutil” Benzema in favor of Higuain?…And how many times was the substitution made and RM (still) failed to get the result?…Real were out of La Liga by November…

    As it is our deals must go to the wire AND we must somehow bring the skeleton (squad) to life in Turkey and then again at Fulham. Two matches at home (Fenerbache return leg and NLD) should (italics) be easier…Maybe not, given the hostile environs of our home stadium…

    Nothing to do now but keep your fingers crossed or (if you’ve got a higher power who will listen) break out the knee pads… 😉 for Glic and the other potty minded types…

  122. Matthias M says:

    Good article. Permit me to make three comments.

    1. Squad Planning: The one player in (versus 17 out) is an injury-plagued player with a history not dissimilar to Diaby. Wenger knew this history but chose to sign him. After the sale of Song, we had only Arteta and Coq as true defensive midfielders (not counting Frimpong). Arteta is aging and for such a combative role will pick lots of injuries. Yet Wenger sent Coq out on loan. With the exception of Carl for Sagna had no back-up player for any full or centre back when the EPL started two days ago. It was nauseating to see Podolski playing left full-back and Ramsey centre back!!!! We sent Miquel Ignasi on loan and dropped Djorou without replacements

    2.. Transfer & Wages policy: our ineptitude in buying, selling and pricing player’s wages have left us unattractive to serious players. We overpay mediocre players, underpay quality players (Song, RVP, Rosicky, Cole, Flamini etc.) and sell cheap to our opponents. Try replacing RVP, Nasri, Song, Cesc and Clichy at the prices we sold them.Song was earning more than 20% less than Squillaci, Djorou, Bendtner and Chamakh.

    3. Talent pipeline: In the past, our youth teams were the best in the land and promising talents easily moved up to the EPL. In the last fourteen months are reserves have dropped to average – at best – in the EPL. It is baffling that Wenger is not even buying young prospects for the future.

    The sum total of the three points is that we are between a rock and a hard place. No ambitious player of top quality holds Arsenal in high esteem, this contrasts to a few years ago when players took a cut in wages to learn under Wenger. Today we must pay a high premium over top (and not-so-top) teams to sign a top talent. Given how thin our squad is, we must buy as we cannot recall loanees before January. Buying in the fortnight left is now more difficult than ever. Imagine if you were Suarez, Felliani, Rooney or anyone contemplating Arsenal. Our state of disarray and a now likely failure to make CL (a loss to Fernabache) will strengthen the case against joining us.

  123. AFC says:

    17ht, you bring up a very good point which I have not yet fully answered so I will respond now.

    Wenger is now in a very tough situation. You are right in saying that we can almost rule out buying players from our domestic rivals or CL rivals. We do have foes who want us to fail so they can succeed but we also still have ‘friends’ or teams who are ‘neutral’. The teams I would regard as ‘friends’ or ‘neutral’ are teams who are cash strapped, teams who we have a good relationship with Wenger and Arsenal or teams who have no need to worry about us and whatever happens to us does not really affect them. I would also add teams who would benefit from our money.

    Example of teams I would regard as ‘friends’ or ‘neutral’ are Malaga, Anzhi, Monoco, Montpellier etc.

    Malaga and Anzhi are in need of desperate cash meanwile Monoco need to get rid of Falcao due to tax laws (financial problems). We have quite a good relationship with Malaga and Montpellier. Wenger generally has most of the French clubs on his side and a few Spanish clubs are willing to do business with us. Not really sure of the situation in Italy or Germany. Valencia just want to get rid of Valencia and PSG seem to like Wenger considering they keep offering him the role of manager.

    I think there are a fair amount of teams Wenger can buy from around the world. France, Spain, Germany and maybe Italy all have teams who would be willing to sell to us.



  124. AFC says:

    17ht, I would also add that we might be able to sign the likes of Gamez, Toulalan, Sakho, Falcao (if he has to go), Willian, Lucina Troare, Eto’o (if he lowers his wages demands by a huge amount), Diarra etc, quite easily.

  125. johnnie nyc says:

    JB, that photo made me laugh out loud LOL


    Evening all

    Nice post Alex, but i dont agree with a word. hahaha

    Just to let those know that wernt at the game, the crowd did get behind the team.

    There was a lot of anger aimed at the ref and frustration at the final whistle with chants of spend some f*ucking money.

    But i will say this. There was a subduded feeling before the game. The buzz and excitemnet of a new season just wasnt the same. i think most people knew the possible scenarios. A bad result and then the crowd would vent its frustration. Thats not a good thought to have before the game, but thats the way it is.

    After the game i did not see one person chant anything against Arsene or the Board. everbody just looked fed up and dejected and wanted to get home or to the pub.

    My own personal feeling about the current mess coincides with Redders and TA view. inexperience, incompetence etc. i would also add that, and this is not an excuse, we are in my mind going through transtion between been a selling club to a buying one, even though we havnt bought anybody yet. hahaha

    Honestly, the club has a great future and manager, but i have to admit the summer shenanigans have been shambolic and hence our chances of having a succesful season are been damaged

    I am a long termist myself, so am prepared to wait to see how things pan out over a year or two. If the current situation continues however, believe me, i will be very angry at what i would regard as a betrayal of our faith and seek appropriate vengence.

  127. Glic says:

    Yes Total, I too liked Redders comment, except for the bit about women being great at multi-tasking, that’s crap !. I don’t know any woman who can have an headache and have sex at the same time !.
    But I bet there`s not one BKer who couldn`t take their WAG from behind whilst eating a kebab watching Transfer Deadline Day and taking a photo on his mobile all with having a alcohol induced splitting headache !.

  128. James Bond says:

    J Nyc,

    that’s the spirit 🙂


    it’s all a bit of fun and to lighten up everyone’s mood, at the end of the day, it’s a football game , first of many many to come…if we all started to get down and frustrated just after day 1, then it doesn’t help anyone – but my trolls on the other hand might just make a few of you have a wee smirk ?

    i find that wenger pic , hilarious !

    ah, Terry , angry and seeking vengence – don’t blame you at all ! just tell me when and where and i will join you in this very noble mission ahahahahahahahah

  129. James Bond says:

    Glics, is back, up and running


  130. AFC says:

    TMHT, fully agreed but it could all go wrong. We could end up like the next Liverpool. Once you miss out on that top four spot it is very hard to get back into the CL. We could end up in a sort of football version of depression. If Wenger does not get it right we could finish outside of the top four lose all of our revenues, sponsorship deals etc. We would also lose the CL money. Kos could go to Barca, Bayern, Santi may also leave, Walcott and Wilshere might go to United etc.

    Wenger must think short term for the time being. If we can finish in the top four and maybe win a FA Cup or League Cup we would start to get back to where we were all those years ago.

  131. Glic says:

    If our Knight in Shining Armour of Optimism…….Sir Transplantalot is pissed off, then things must be bad !. hahaha

  132. ProudGooner says:

    I am starting to think there is a big problem with the board, its not Wenger its the board.
    How many times has he said “no manager wants to lose his best player” or “all my hard work improving and nurturing talent has been taken of me”.
    There is no way he wanted Cesc , RVP or Henry etc i could go on for hours leave. Of course Wenger is not blameless far from it, and his penny saving and haggling ways made the board huge money making possible.
    I will not slag Wenger off, he has been so loyal to our club and loves Arsenal football club.
    All that said what ever the problem is has now got to snapping point it really has. Our problems are there for all to see and we are exposed badly.
    Il leave you with this thought! The board decide or pick the manager of the team. The board sanctions all player sellings. Point is Its there job to make a secesful team and manger. They are doing bad things and dont get questioned enough. question the board.

  133. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good to hear the report from the terraces, Terry…

    AFC, so the drinking has begun in earnest?…If so, Falcao should be on his way… 😆

    From JM’s reports it sounds as if we’ve burnt a lot more bridges than we’ve built in our dealings with other clubs over the years. Payback can be a bitch, and, like you say, the vultures are circling… Maybe he can comment to your list of friends, neutrals and enemies…I can only talk about things in general market terms…

    Also great comment above from Matthias–so many basic rules of buying and selling have been broken this summer–Some are evidence of problems amongst management/board/ownership others are simply stepping over dollars to save dimes (as we say, over here)…

    Doing all those loan deals, which maybe saved us a few quid, now make us absolutely desperate for players in. If I were taking bids from several teams for my want-a-way guy(s) I would have one price for Arsenal (double? triple?) and one for everybody else…It was marketplace suicide to advertise our wealth to the world. I guess the intent was to motivate the decision maker (Wenger) through public pressure… Gazidis, perhaps, should be fired for this alone. As it is, a foolish dynamic was started which has turned our summer into an unmitigated public relations disaster. The club should be doing everything in its power to keep the support together. Those early statements exacerbated an already touchy situation… It might have been fun to “talk big” but, if you cannot walk just as big, it appears only brash if not downright stupid.

    Finally, a question for you (and others). How many bodies and how much money must we spend between now and 2 September to create “satisfaction”? Do these numbers change with results? At what point would you demand a change in management?… Feelings trend up and down with results and, rational or not, they determine our stance on management. I’m sure any change in management will have (even more) devastating short term effects. At what point is it worth making that change? (For me, I want the manager to stay as long as possible, but I’m a glutton for punishment–and high drama…)

  134. Glic says:

    Keep the Wenger pictures coming 007 !. Any piss taking is right by me, no boundaries with humour in my book !. 😆

  135. James Bond says:


    if there was a problem with the board -then Wenger could have easily walked out, anytime he wanted – he’s not the sort of man to take shi:£ from anyone – as is obvious from his transfer dealings and last minute change of minds or walking away when the other club starts to get on his nerves.

  136. 17highburyterrace says:

    Glic wrote:

    no boundaries with humour in my book !. 😆

    Really, I never would’ve guessed… 😉


    Going back to Alex post

    Before kick off in the concourse i purchased a packet of Maltesers, cost £3.20. Mr Shah in Bounds Green sorts me out for £1.40, and even throws a couple of Viagra tablets in.

  138. 17highburyterrace says:

    RA commented (way up above) about my avatar. Is the Suarez deal really (completely, officially) off? If so, I can remove the H. Lecter mask… As it was, I was trying to make peace with our “big” signing…

    Glic (others) any thoughts that the ref was tough on us yesterday because none of our first 11 was sporting the shaved head? Sometimes what you see tells the story….

  139. ProudGooner says:

    Terrys M’s Hair Transplant,
    I too am prepared to see how and what pans out over the next few weeks, lets just hope and back the boys to get the job done in Turkey that is the biggest thing at present. Its like the fan said if we fuck that up all of last seasons effort was for nothing. A worrying thought.
    Bet they wish they signed Wanayma now ha ha ha ha
    got to laugh or your cry or go nuts at the moment.

  140. Glic says:

    How many bodies 17ht ?… least 4………

    how much money ?……I`ve got a fiver !.


    PG, ime actully prepared to wait a couple of years. hahaha. But i agree with your gist.

  142. ProudGooner says:

    We just dont know mate, you kind of missed a point though. The board pick the manager if he is doing shit then they should sack him, as they clearly think he is doing a good job and want to give him an extension, look at the board. Sack Ivan that prick has caused nothing but problems this summer. since he turned up what good has happened??

  143. James Bond says:

    where about in Bounds Green is this Mr. Shah, be precise with directions @ TMHT


  144. ProudGooner says:

    cute chicks, but with bigger tits would be better and no fake plastic ones please . ohh natural 😉 ha ha ha thanks.

  145. James Bond says:


    course he’s doing a good job, he is making everyone a lot more richer and the share prices are on the up – why would they sack such a good employee ?

    he got us a few decent commercial deals (which we could have got anyway or even better ones sooner, had we been winning trophies ? ) oh and he makes a lot of promises every year during those Q/A’s with the members 😀

  146. AFC says:

    17ht, again very good points. 🙂

    Ivan should have kept our huge transfer kitty as secret as possible and just surprised everyone with the SQ signings. Maybe Ivan couldn’t do this because he has pissed of so many fans and he needed to offer them reassurances that we are serious as a football club so fans would continue to support Arsenal by buying seasons tickets, keep turning up to games etc.

    The problem with this is that while we have a money it is not a huge amount compared to the likes of Monoco, City, PSG, Anzhi (used to have), Chelsea etc.
    Those clubs can publically come out and gloat about how much money they have as they will simply pay inflated transfer fees or mega wages. Surely the Ivan speeches must have been approved by Wenger and the rest of the board?

    To make the fans happy again I would think that 5-6 signings must be made with us spending around £80-100 million. 2-3 SQ signings and 3-4 squad players. This would not really change according to results in my opinion as the squad is very thin and injuries to squad players will happen all throughout the season. I would say injuries get worse as the season goes on. It does not make sense to sack Wenger and sign another manager for at least another two seasons. Why? Because there is no one as good as Wenger out there. The club would collapse without Wenger. Wengers needs to stay at least three or four seasons in my opinion to get us through this period of transition.

  147. Glic says:

    17ht………” Good to hear the report from the terraces, Terry “. Stretch doesn`t go to watch the football, he`s too busy watching the Arsenal pussy in the crowd with his cock resting on the chap in fronts centre parting on his head or if there`s too many kids about, it`s in his pop corn box !. hahaha

  148. ProudGooner says:

    Exvactly right mate. that is just how i see it, Ivan has f£%% it up this summer and 1s before and without Wenger we would be in more trouble , i dreed to think how bad things would be if he left.

  149. ProudGooner says:

    Ivan Out

  150. James Bond says:

    why does everyone think Bale and Suarez haven’t been sold yet ? yep, the clubs first want their targets to come in before they let the players go the other way (so the clubs they buy from, don’t inflate the prices even more).

    but i’m sure, Gazidis and co knew that before making such statements.


    Fraid its true.

    If theres a nice looking bird about ime finnished. I dont get attacked by rival fans but by irtate boyfriends for trying it on.

    honestly, theres a lot of people who wont go games with me anymore through fear of what might happen. hahaha

  152. ProudGooner says:

    The Russian has also been saying for years the Kronke is tight and not getting the players in

  153. Glic says:

    I know a lot of you are against billionaire owners, but like I was saying or trying to say earlier in answering alex`s question, basically…………why didn`t the bastards sell all the shares to Usmanov !.
    It`s all hypothetical ( unless Kroenke eventually sells to him ) but what sort of squad do you reckon we would have now ?. I know it`s not fact, more a semifact, but I`m sure we would now have a squad challenging for what we all want……………Trophy`s !.

  154. ProudGooner says:

    i did not use to like the idea. Now i think Usmanov was the right way to go, i am happy to say i was wrong.

  155. Highbury Harmony says:

    SOTON signed Pablo Osvaldo for £15 million. A record signing for them and a pretty good one at that. They have to hope he gels well with the squad and Pocchettino because he has a short fuse and a bad temper at times.

  156. Highbury Harmony says:

    More and more targets are being snapped up by other clubs. Getting down to the wire pretty soon…

  157. ProudGooner says:

    Dein and Usmanov in , its since then its all gone bad, there is a reason for that.

  158. Glic says:

    Thanks Stretch for sending me the photo of the two you were sat next to up the North Bank !.

  159. AFC says:

    HH, Wenger must have bigger fish to fry?

  160. ProudGooner says:

    I am not even worried about fire power i want defenders ,DM , a keeper.

  161. scaredninja says:

    I’m sorry but ATM wenger apologists piss me off more than wenger himself does. Looking at the current state of the 13-15 player squad we have,the shambles this window has been, (I’ll excuse the famous 8 year thing as there are valid reasons therefore-satdium etc.), the autrocious tactical approach to the Villa game etc. How anyone can say Wenger is the best out there is beyond me! How anyone can even fain shock when others say Wenger needs to be sacked is even more appalling! Have said it before and will say so again, Laudrup could work,Laudrup would consider Arsenal, Klopp would not (for reasons mentioned above and others mentioned by those who know much more than I do here in comments section above). Random question: isn’t it time Arsenal appointed a directot of football to conduct signings etc. To sort of decentralise some of Wenger’s (or next managers) power and influence?

  162. James Bond says:

    HH, please read my comment @ 20:22, Wenger has personally replied to that acquisition and club record signing matching ours.

  163. ProudGooner says:

    yeah gooner babes yeaaaah pheaawww pheaaw

  164. AFC says:

    Guys, I have just heard that Kos and Santi cannot play in the CL play off match!

  165. scaredninja says:

    The only thing keeping me sane right now is these insanely funny memes, keep them coming. Oh and sorry if I sound overly negative,I’m a newly converted struggling WOB trying to over-compensate for all the years I have (mistakenly) spent defending AW who I still love far too much +___+

  166. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, whether or not we have bigger fish to fry, our Plan B’s are quickly being snapped up by other clubs. Capoue, Wanyama, Osvaldo, Gustavo, Schurrle, Higuain, etc.

  167. Gooner NW5 says:

    Hi all
    Some really great comments!

    I would like say something about the media bias against Arsenal. The MEDIA keep insisting that the fans BOOED the TEAM! Simply not true! The fans rightly or wrongly were booing the Board and Arsene for the lack of transfer activity at the club! Not just this season but over the last four or five seasons as they have watched our best players leave! Adding insult to injury is the fact that many of those players were allowed to run down their contracts and leave for less than their real value and even for free. The fans of our great club are complaining about real mismanagement issues that would not be tolerated in any successful business. Arsenal fans should not ever Boo the players who in my humble opinion always give their best!
    Thanks Gooner

  168. scaredninja says:

    Santi and Kos can’t play wednesday? Let this not be true please

  169. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha scaredninja – most of us are struggling with our support for our best ever manager: you are not alone.

    Laudrup could be a good option, but he could also fail miserable at this level.

    Lets see what happens in the next few weeks.

  170. AFC says:

    HH, agreed.

    Kos and Santi are suspended.

    So this is the list of our senior players available:

    1) Szez
    2) Fab
    3) Jenks
    4) Mert
    5) Giroud
    6) Podolski
    7) Walcott
    8) Wilshere (maybe)

    Sagna, Gibbs, Monreal, Rosicky, Ramsey, Vermaelen, Ox all out.

    So that’s around 7 senior players available for that match. Surely Bendtner has to be included in this squad.

  171. Glic says:

    I might be wrong, but I think one of the reasons the Spuds have spent heavily and early is because they have Baldini ( hope that’s right ) as a director of football !. Wenger does it all from training to cleaning Girouds cock ….apparently he takes it through the shampoo, hot wax and dry carwash !. hahaha

  172. ProudGooner says:

    Right Bergkamp (gooners) i am going to switch of from this nightmare senario til tuesday night, i am hoping we have signed someone by then ha ha ha ha (that prick Ivan) i need to relax and get my head down and its all making me stress out and sitting in front of a screen keeps me awake i swear it does.
    What i expect to happen is we find a club in financal difficulties and sign some of there players.I dont have a clue who we will sign now, and i dont care i still think Wenger will find us some good players just asap now! or tuesday night latest.
    No 1 has a clue who we are looking at by the looks of news now and papers, who knows.??/

  173. Glic says:

    If true AFC, that is alarming !. What`s wrong with Sagna, Gibbs, Rosicky and Ramsey ?.

  174. AFC says:

    Time to add Flamini. So this is the best first eleven to play in my opinion.

    GK- Szez
    RB- Yennaris
    CB- Mertesacker
    CB- Frimpong
    LB- Jenkinson
    RM- Walcott
    RDM- Wilshere
    LDM- Flamini
    LM- Podolski
    RS- Giroud
    LS- Bendtner

  175. scaredninja says:

    HaHa generally I don’t like the idea of Directors of football,but I think Arsenal specifically could benefit from one

  176. AFC says:

    Glic, Ramsey and Rosicky have knocks and are doubts for the match. Sagna and Gibbs are actually injured.

  177. Dylan says:

    AFC, Bendtner isn’t in our CL squad. Neither is Flamini. And you can only add one. We’d have to play Poldi up top instead if Bendtner and Gnabry on the left (if we got Flamini) or play Frimpong at LDM and Hayden at CB or Zelalem at LDM (with Bendtner).

  178. scaredninja says:

    Arsenal Football Club-The Fuxn Great Arsenal Football Club,The Greatest Footbal Club the world has ever seen has 7-seven senior players available for a UCL game and people still dare to ask why some want Wenger sacked?

  179. Highbury Harmony says:

    Why the hell don’t we just sign up Flamini to a 1 year deal as a depth option? Can’t be any worse than what we currently have after Arteta…

  180. AFC says:

    Dylan, totally forgot the rules. Thanks. 🙂

    Flamini goes into the squad as we really need a DM and Bendtner remains out of the squad with Sanogo coming in.

  181. Glic says:

    Don’t like this rumour, however, if true, he will be like a new signing when he comes back !.

  182. TotalArsenal says:

    Yeah Wenger should stop kicking lumps out of his players

  183. AFC says:

    HH, that’s what I do not get. Wenger should just sign Flamini as cover for Diaby and then add 4-5 players.

  184. Glic says:

    I`m one of the few who rated him…..why the fcuk did we sell Gervitational pull head ?.

  185. AFC says:

    SAF called Scholes out of retirement.

  186. scaredninja says:

    HaHa nah I’m not saying its Wenger’s fault players are injured,I am daft at times but there are limits lol but it is his fault the squad has no depth

  187. AFC says:

    We are actually in a position where we need the likes of Johan, Santos, Gervinho etc, now. Can we not call Johan and Coquelin back from loan???

  188. Highbury Harmony says:

    Even if Flamini doesn’t receive much playing time once Arteta returns or if we sign a SQ DM, we can ALWAYS use depth. I don’t really trust Frimpong and both Jack and Rambo have both suffered major injuries in their young careers.

    One year deal, minimal risk on a free. I really don’t understand the hold up…

  189. TotalArsenal says:

    It is his and/or the BoD’s fault, scaredninja. We just don’t know. But if Wenger does not blame the BoD, we must assume he has at least a role in not getting the players we require.

  190. ProudGooner says:

  191. Dylan says:

    AFC, agreed. Flamini over Bendtner. However, it costs money to recall from loans. We have it, but it’s not worth it for one game. Especially since we’d waste our one addition to our CL squad for these qualifiers on one of them.
    HH, agreed. He has experience, is supposedly training with us, wants one more chance at the EPL, and has worked with us before. Sign him up on a 1 year with an option for one more year if he plays X amount of games (implying he became an important player for us).
    Quick question, were there training pictures ahead of the Villa game?

  192. Dylan says:

    Thanks HH. I was curious if Flamini would be in those pictures, but I guess not.

  193. Highbury Harmony says:

    You’re welcome Dylan, I didn’t notice him either. With Ox out for at least three months, does the prospect of signing Willian not become more of a necessity? Either him or Eriksen would help us with or without Ox.

    Guess I just want something to happen soon…

  194. AFC says:

    The Ox could be out for 6 months, HH.

  195. Dylan says:

    HH, both are on my list. 😉

  196. Admir says:

    This kid said that he is a fan of Manure but that he wouldn’t mind reaching Old Trafford via Arsenal.

  197. 17highburyterrace says:

    TA, Why would AW blame the board? He’s the manager, he serves at the pleasure of the board. Unless he wants out, of course…

    To his credit he (usually) takes it upon himself although his comments to the press directly after the match seemed less than fully assuming responsibility in order to embrace his own power over the situation… 😀

    We may be catching a bit more than our share of injuries and certainly the ref yesterday allowed for a dangerous match. Still, some measure of the squad depth question should fall to the guy who is supposed to “manage” that issue…I think we may see some of the young boys given a real shot on Wednesday. Hopefully it works out. Ramsey finished the match and Sagna walked off under his own power, but I don’t mean to sound like an apologist…Surely SCSZ must have some significant skills as an outfield player…He’s certainly tall enough to be a danger at set-pieces if he can remember to not use his hands…

    I think our best bet is that the Turks see the matches as mere training exercises and don’t put out a strong squad nor play at full effort to preserve themselves for their league matches.

    How’s that for a slim straw (and a weak grasp at it)?….

  198. TotalArsenal says:

    Because his reputation is now at stake, 17. And if they sack him, he’ll find a job/club in no time…. Eiffel Tower Oilers are not doing that well at the moment……

  199. 17highburyterrace says:

    Total, I agree with that, but only after he gets the sack…So you’re saying he is looking for a way out?

  200. 17highburyterrace says:

    Personally, my gut says that if Ramsey can finish the one match he can play the next one…Same with Sagna, scary (and sore…) but (thankfully) not in a wheel chair… Can’t Gibbs be fitted with a rugby helmet that keeps his cut from being hurt if he chooses to use his head? I’ve got no magic wand for Ox-Cham’s injury. It sounds like a tough one, esp. in a WC year…

    I didn’t realize about the suspensions, however…


    Thats a terrible rumour about young Alex, i was hoping it would be the lads breakthrough year.

    These young boys, Ramsey, Jack, Gibbs etc have had terrible luck with injuries.I guess its all part of the risk when developing players. Before you buy, one of he big factors to consider is a players injury record.

    This whole situation is very upsetting. I can see the reasons behind our predicament but going forward it is not someting that can continue. Consistently going into a new season un prepared is not an indication of a well managed or ambitious club.

    I have never screamed for transferss or demanded big names. I have only asked for the Club to try its best, use the resources available to build a team, and do it in acompetent way. Very disappointed.

  202. AFC says:

    Does anyone know what is going on with Falcao? Will he have to leave Monoco?

  203. AFC says:

    Just read a report saying Gibbs is fit for the CL game.

  204. TotalArsenal says:

    17 – No, but having £70m to spend and not spending it, whilst ending up with a thin squad, and the fans going ape-shit, needs explaining. It currently looks like Arsene is either dithering too much, being to tight-Arsened, or too complacent. The BoD has come out and said Arsene has got money to spend, but what we do not know is whether every purchase will have to be approved by Kroenke, and if so, whether it is the latter who holds things back.

    I am a big Arsene fan, but as it is now and from what we know, I have to blame him for not getting in the reinforcements we need.

  205. TotalArsenal says:

    Same with me, Terry. 😦

  206. TotalArsenal says:

    Gibbs fit would be a boost, AFC. Don’t know much about Falcao but just cannot see us ending up with him.

  207. AFC says:

    Real, Chelsea and United are in for him. Why can’t we go in for him and try and persuade him to join. United already have 4 STs and RVP and Rooney are no.1 and no.2 and Chelsea are in for Rooney and already have 3 STs. I have also heard Real do not want him anymore. So he could come to us and be our no.1?

  208. TotalArsenal says:

    Off to hit the pillow. Catch you all tomorrow. 🙂

  209. Alcide says:

    AFC, Falcao dismissed Marca’s rumors after Monaco’s game on Sunday. Link is in French…

  210. ProudGooner says:

    i think the professor will get us out of this mess somehow. Back to the board here is a telling story- Lady Bracewell tells how she regrets selling her shares to Kronke.

  211. and honestly…c’mon our business should have been done alot earlier than this…if its being done that is…its rubbish…and blame wenger..nahh…blame the hollywood h’oker and his henchman gazidis….and throw in the elderly home we call our board…gazidis wages have increased over 300% the last three you all know where your money goes…feed the rich..feed the rich..feed the rich..yeah thats the american way :)The Arsenal isnt a football club anymore…and truly it hasnt been since 07…

  212. alexgunners says:

    @ Admir 17:54

    It is sad that Vieira thinks that Arsenal are a team in decline, if that is what he actually said. In saying that, Arsenal are just not as attractive as they used to be. Players want to in things, it’s in their competitive nature and of course the money plays a big factor as to where they play. Lot’s of player unfortunately do use Arsenal as a stepping stone

  213. alexgunners says:

    @ 17ht 18:02

    It does seem as we are self destructing from inside and i feel that this will affect the players.
    It will take a big turn of events to sway some of the supporters back and i HOPE it will happen.

    You are also correct about there being intelligent discussion here on BK. We do not all have to agree but we all get our say and that is important

  214. alexgunners says:

    @Aman 19:32

    I believe as a collective group here, we have all been behind AW. Over the years support has decreased due to decisions made regarding our great club.
    You can’t just say bring back David Dein. Thats like me saying bring back Cesc, RVP. Things just do not work that way.
    It seems that the club only cares about profit.
    Surely you do not believe that there are no players out there that are better than the ones we have. AW is losing his touch and his excuses are wearing thin

  215. alexgunners says:

    @TMHT 21:13

    You are certainly entitled to your opinions and i think that you are a true optimist. You have stated your feelings on previous posts and I hope that you are right and that the natural order will put the ‘Good Guys’ in a position where they belong.

    I am usually a patient person but this TW has made me lose it. I am not saying Wenger out. All i am saying is that the off-season has been shambolic and that we need to change a few things. Did we need to sell players to our rivals? I dont believe so. Should we be expecting to buy players from our domestic rivals? No, as they do not want to stregthen our squad.

    I am glad to hear your opinions as we all view things differently

  216. alexgunners says:

    @ GLIC 21:18

    Classic comment. You are right about the headache and sex thing. But the second paragraph is an absolute classic

  217. alexgunners says:

    @ All BK’ers

    Thanks for your fine responses
    Some great discussions, some frustrated supporters, some optimistic.
    Let’s all hope that the right thing is done to remedy the issue of a thin squad.

    Baby steps, first thing, Beat Fenerbahce and add some players to our roster please!!!!!!

  218. JM says:

    (A personal opinion and observation)

    I believe our board and senior management might have made their final Decision, which they deemed to be for the best to our club’s future.

  219. JM says:

    I do not wish to elaborate more at this point of time.

    We should keep supporting our club and players this season, no matter what might happen next in the future.

  220. Fournier Michael says:

    Lets not forget RVP had no intention of leaving IF the club was ready to build a solid team behind him. Had Arsenal been bringing in top talent and not selling RVP would have stayed. And the Whole sale to a ManU issue would never have happened. But we unloaded too many top players RVP could not get what he deserved in salary and the club was not moving forward in a direction he was happy with so he wanted out.

    I can’t blame him I blame Arsenal’s management from 2005 and on all the transfers have been negative. Henry walking out the door to Barca the very team that beat US in the Final to join them to win it the next season with them was the beginning of the exodus. Hay if Henry a player that loved Arsenal publicly as much as he claims would leave why would Cesc or Nasri or Kolo Toure and then why would his brother Yaya (who was thinking of a move to Arsenal before that) join Arsenal and not Mancity. (not that Arsenal would have paid what Barca wanted for him anyway no way Arsenal was spending £24M for a player in 2008-9 when the talk was going around.

    It is NOT just this transfer window that has me upset but everyone since 2005 Even getting Arshavin in the January Transfer was a last ditch effort not a plan the proper thing would have been to get in in the Summer before he was cup tied. Bid 10M on him at the start of the Sumer transfer season and negotiate from there. Not 15M in Jan. when your in trouble.
    As a Plan B. Sorry Hay I am all for youth development also but Get the right youth not injury prone over hyped players. Sorry I am well know NOT to be on he Jack Bandwagon I prefer my number 10s that know how to score goals and create assists.

    There was no reason to break up

  221. macko says:

    smaller question: the would be the debate even if Arsenal had won??

  222. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    AlexG.. welldone..

    “..Since the inception of the PL, what has The Arsenal actually spent on players?? If we look at the total amount we have made from selling players vs what we have spent on players since the start of the premier league, we have spent £20,216,000 (in 20 years). In comparison Man United have spent £230,810,000, Chelsea £618,165,000 and ManCity £565,927,000..”

    Wow what a fact.. 20 millions in 20 years.. Only 1 million a year.. That’s the fact.. and it became habits already.. and we know that habits can’t change immediately.. it’s a long process.. 16 years.. or even 20 years long..
    COYG.. I just can’t believe some of you still dreaming about Suarez for 50 millions or even Bale for 70 millions.. hehehe..

    We had already released 17 players (sold and loaned).. cmiiw.. the biggest of all season..
    How much money do we gain from them..?? Not more than 20 millions I guess..
    But from salaries that we can saved.. maybe bringing 3 to 5 players for 50 millions (altogether) will be the most realistic thing.. hehehehe..

    Let’s hope our youngster will give their best fight for turkey’s game..

  223. AFC says:

    Manchester United have had a £28 million bid rejected by Everton for Fellaini AND Baines. What is David smoking! 😀

  224. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

    Intriguing comment, JM…. ‘Final Decision’ hmmmmm 😕

    There is an update on the UMF league standings under the dedicated page (see top of blog).

  225. TotalArsenal says:

    Alex 🙂

    Can I say once again what a great post you wrote for us. We all would like to talk about different things, but your post covers exactly what is on many a Gooner’s mind, which is reflected in the great response with over 225 comments already. Top stuff, compadre! 🙂

  226. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Henry,

    Good, balanced comments from you recently. How is life in Jakarta and how are your dad and Yoona the Goona doing? 🙂

  227. alexgunners says:

    Hi Henry,

    Hope all is well.
    The savings alone from the players that we have shipped out would allow for us to pick up a couple of Quality players. Let’s hope it does happen very soon.

  228. alexgunners says:

    Hi TA,

    Once again, thanks for the opportunity to write for fellow BK’ers.
    There certainly has ben some great responses.
    It’s also great to see so many new and returning BK’ers as well.

  229. Prince says:

    Can we make the backdrop a couple shades more darker please> 😦

    These trully are dark days at THOF. In my time supporting the Arse i have never experienced such a low. But what else can i say except that the management have brought this upon themselves. Since joining the blogging world, and been welcomed into the Arsenal family by my online mates not to mention educated by the likes of Merry Terry, Redders and Total i found myself staunchly defending our club and loyal manager in their way forward and philosphy. I was prepared to be patient after learning (guessing) of our internal affairs and although ive always harboured doubt over our number 1 shareholder ‘the Wig’ and his master puppet ‘no wigs’ ive always had full confidence in our manager and believed (and still do) that he will steer this mighty ship to shore.

    However, this confidence is wavering and is a direct result of our transfer dealings in the past and our lack of dealings in the present. Just like that video floating around of that ‘Fellaini looking’ Arsenal supporter in the ‘states’ i too feel betrayed after consistently defending our ways to the, lets say, impatient ones.

    Amateur mistake number 1, Francesco Fabulous. I have had many debates on another site on this topic. We were too soft! He WAS sold tooo cheap in a window where Milner and Bent went for 25mil respectively. He should have been told to shut up and if he no likey… he could warm the bench. It was a world cup year and his place in Spain was on the line. Worked for those wankers for an extra season with Modric, and its working for Rooney (same shit, its a WC year and he will play rather than whinge) and its holding up with Brenda and Luiz………..for now.

    Plenty mistakes before, in between and after 🙄 eg we needed a defender in a January window when we were already top of the pops…..we got that mute Squid a season too late…. DOUBLE WHAMMY 👿

    Our biggest ever mistake- that hurt me most (Every one is to blame, from Judas to the Wig to Wenger to purple nosed Fuckuson- was the selling of our most prized asset. Our captain, our SQ 20plus goals a season striker. Its not just the approval of the sale, but selling to a direct rival (albeit past) in Manure was basically saying, ‘we cant compete, so we wont try’.

    More mistakes have come to the fold in our transfer dept. Our rather re-active approach rather than pro-active approach has always made me anxious. Selling players and never replacing them or having to wait for ever for cover is illogical and senseless. This is where i and many people question WTF is going on. Is there a rift in management. Are we on the same page? Who is playing who? Meanwhile us fans/supporters are suffering. Whether you live in a remote part of Africa or the doorstep of Highbury or on the coasts of Australia, we currently live in this black space, a void, where there are no concrete answers available and everybody is pointing fingers in different directions looking for something or someone to blame. Wenger OUT. Gazidiz out Chamach OUT…..EVERYBODY, get the fuck out its a Warzone and you can hear the cries from the terraces and its just plain NO GOOD. It doesnt look good on our players, our people nor our history. This media driven witchhunt (my opinion) has divided us and made us look like a laughing stock and that hurts.

    Who is ultimately accountable? The chief shareholder! Someone should point out what Victoria Concordia Cresit means, because right now we are not showing it, yet we have the resources to make it happen. WHY? Why the empty promises. Why the incompetence. WHY oh WHY give reason for this divide????????? FOR F**KS SAKE STAN…..SAY SOMETHING!!!

    Alexinho, as you can see im hurting just like you and the rest. I dont know the answers for the waves of questions directed at our club, so i will hesitate in agreeing or disagreeing with you and others who have made fair points. Right now though, i still hold a small glimmer of hope, a pilot light you might say. I believe Arsene will eventually guide us to safety but i also believe it will not be enough and i am afraid that he will be used as chief scapegoat, which will be a crying shame.

  230. Wengerball says:

    Really do enjoy reading Henrychan’s comments. Quite a pragmatist…
    ( lol )

  231. Glic says:

    Great long comment Princey baby !
    Mine will be short………He`s not known a Silent Stan for nothing !.

  232. TotalArsenal says:

    Fantastic, well-expressed comment, Prince.

    I also have a pilot light left burning! 🙂

  233. Prince says:

    Hi JM,
    Oh do share?………………….please

  234. alexgunners says:


    Wow, That was a post in itself without you realising.
    As you put it, we are all hurting at the lack of direction. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and whilst we all hold onto hope, we mainly HOPE that the right thing will be done and soon.
    It is time to re-active since we missed the boat in being pro-active.
    You are completely right in saying that it does not look good for our club and our fans. AW has always had it harder than most in the Premier League and received a lot of unjust criticism but i fee that more and more it is deserved. He is coping the brunt of it but the board is also guilty.

  235. Prince says:

    So very good to hear Total. These are trying times, and its not a case of your fault my fault, its ‘What are we GUNNER do about it’………….. You can tax that for a future headline 😉

  236. Prince says:

    Too many splinters in my arse at the moment Alex………yes OUCH

  237. Glic says:

    Morning Aussie Beach Babes 😆

    I see Arsene is saying he is working 24 hours a day on the transfer front. Two things come straight to mind….1) Sounds like he`s in panic mode ready for a deadwood trolley dash ! and 2) Why the fcuk wasn`t he working 24 hours a day 3 months ago to sort out our dealings !.

    Right, out for some in the blazing sun landscaping work !.

  238. Prince says:

    Total, without being too forward. May i suggest leaving Alex’s headline post up for longer than usual. Im sure it will generate further great debate as the lost souls of blog world and the Arsenal family search for answers.

  239. Prince says:

    Show us those pecs in the British sun Glic. hahaha. VCC reckons your not too far behind in the zimmer dept. 😯

  240. Wengerball says:

    It all emanates from kissing the Arsenal badge or anything that represents Arsenal and the the bonding covenant is sealed…

  241. henrychan says:

    Hi TA..
    Life goes well.. as usuall.. My Yoona was 4th month yesterday..
    Jakarta.. the big city is back to normal.. hahaha..
    It had been 10 days after the Islamic Holiday (Islamic Eid).. and after our independent day (Augst 17th).. Now already jammed all over the place.. hahaha..

    Yes AlexG..
    With so many injured players.. Wenger must buy some players..
    After all.. He already sold 15 players.. buy 5 players will be great.. some youngsters also..
    I hope Cesar, Daryl Janmaat.. Bruno Martins Indi and Bender will become ours..
    Flamini and Gourcuff seem close to coming.. hehehehe..

  242. VCC says:

    Prince 10-09,

    I can assure you my friend, If you saw us together you would opt for GLiC looking the eldest of the two. He’s certainly the ugliest. 😉


    Princey Baby, great comment, heart on sleeve.

    Your faith in Wenger will be rewarded.

    Arsene is no stooge. If he felt that the Board were not backing him or telling lies he would walk. I don’t trust the owner or his cronies, but i have faith in Arsene.

  244. JM says:

    @ TotalArsenal August 19, 2013 09:11
    @ Prince August 19, 2013 09:58

    I have posted the following at another blog, AA.


    Arsenal board:

    Chairman: – Sir Chips Keswick
    CEO: – Ivan Gazidis
    Non-executive Directors:
    – Lord Philip Harris of Peckham
    – Ken Friar OBE
    – Stan Kroenke (also the majority shareholder)


    Arsenal senior management (key executives):

    Chairman: – Sir Chips Keswick
    Chief Executive Officer: – Ivan Gazidis
    Club Secretary: – David Miles
    Chief Financial Officer/ Chief Accountant: – Stuart Wisely ACA
    Chief Operating/Commercial Officer: – Tom Fox
    General Counsel/ Chief Legal Officer: – Svenja Geissmar
    Head of People & Operations: – Trevor Saving
    Customer Relationship Management Executive: – Adam Rutzler
    Head Negotiator (on contracts): – Richard Law
    Manager: – Arsene Wenger


    Reference again:

    Arsenal appoint Richard Law to chief executive Ivan Gazidis’s team

    • Appointment formalises long-standing consultancy role
    • Arsène Wenger remains chief decision-maker at club

    [Start of quote]
    Arsenal have made their final appointment to the executive team in Richard Law, bringing to an end the recruitment process that began with the departure of the former chief executive David Dein in April 2007.

    Law, a trilingual American who speaks Spanish and Portuguese, will take responsibility for player contracts in support of the chief executive, Ivan Gazidis, and the club secretary, David Miles. The appointment formalises a long-standing consultancy role Law has held with Arsenal’s scouting operation in South and Central America.

    Arsenal have been keen to stress that Law will not become a traditional director of football, a role that might suggest the diminution of the manager’s influence. Arsène Wenger will remain the supreme decision-maker at the club, with Law instead acting as a facilitator for the manager and Gazidis.

    Law, who has been central to the club’s partnership with Salamanca, the Spanish second division side who have taken several Arsenal players on loan, will also act as a buffer from the management team for agents attempting to place players with the north London club.

    Upon Dein’s departure Wenger made clear his intention to bring in an executive to assist him in his transfer dealings but with Miles and Gazidis jointly assuming those responsibilities, the position has been recalibrated. The new appointment ensures Arsenal have a single point of contact on transfer matters.” [end of quote]


    (An incomplete) List of top managers who are between 60 to 75 years of age, and have managed/are managing top level clubs and national teams:

    (1) Jupp Heynckes, 68yrs, retired (last managed Bayern Munich), 36yrs of management

    (2) Ottmar Hitzfeld, 64yrs, Switzerland (till 30 June 2014),
    31yrs of management

    (3) Otto Rehhagel, 75yrs, unemployed (last managed Hertha BSC), 41yrs of management

    (4) Sir Alex Ferguson, 71yrs, retired (last managed Man. United)
    40yrs of management

    (5) Arsene Wenger, 63yrs, Arsenal (till 30 June 2014), 33yrs of management

    (6) Vicente del Bosque, 62yrs, Spain (till 30 June 2014), 27yrs of management

    (7) Giovanni Trapattoni, 74yrs, Ireland (till 30 June 2014), 42ys of management

    (8) Fabio Capello, 67yrs, Russia (till 31 July 2014), 23yrs of management

    (9) Marcello Lippi, 65yrs, Guangzhou Evergrande FC (in China), 32yrs of management

    (10) Louis van Gaal, 62yrs, Netherlands (till 31 July 2014), 28yrs of management

    (11) Guus Hiddink, 66yrs, unemployed (last managed Anzhi Makhachkala), 33yrs of management

    Some are managing national teams, a couple retired, a few unemployed currently. AW is one of the few (if not the only one) still managing a top level club side.

    Our board and senior management will have taken note on this and put into consideration on their final Decision (as well as availability of managers after WC2014: e.g. Joachim Loew/Germany, Cesare Prandelli/Italy, Didier Deschamps/France, Alejandro Sabella/Argentina, Paulo Bento/Portugal, Marc Wilmots/Belgium etc)

    AW might feel it is the right time to make a move. The French Football Federation(FFF) president, Noel Le Graet, has previously approached him in summer 2012 (while he has still 2 years contract remaining, and thus declined then).

    At 63/64yrs, moving onto the FFF and taking charge of the national team’s assault on Euro2016 and WC2018 (for at least 4 years), bringing him to 67/68yrs then, will give a fitting and completing cycle to his illustrious managerial career.


    end of post (JM)


    This are add-ons:

    AW was offered and accepted an extension (3 more years) of his contract in 2011 by the board and senior management.

    At any point of time during his contract, should the board and management wished to fire AW, they have to pay a compensation package (in millions of dollars) to him. If he leaves on a free, they pay nothing. If another club/national team successfully signs AW up while he is contracted, they pay fees to our club. (similar to that for a player)

    And also:

    We have a CEO, a CFO/Accountant, a General Counsel, a Head Negotiator (on contracts)along with the manager when approaching transfer signings/releases. Each have their own role to play and responsibilities (who sources list of players, who contacts clubs and players, who decides to finalise the spending money, who drafts the administrative papers etc)

  245. Prince says:

    Thanks JM, i read it earlier and if that is the case than i will make peace with it. I said earlier that i feel that Arsene will be used as a scapegoat and we will all part ways (thats not to say he is faultless) but i suspect that Gazidiz is currently more important to ‘the Wig’ (in his warped mind) and will try ease the discontent amongst supporters by shifting blame solely onto our manager. No doubt this will be a very sad day but i will stand to thank the man who along with the great Herbert Chapman have brought us to eternal greatness and look forward to supporting our next manager.

    Of course this is just an opinion, and, hypothetically, if it plays out the way i think, i believe the proof will be in the pudding when our next manager finds himself under restriction and caught in a web of empty Gazidiz promises.

    Meeee, a conspiracy theorist? ………..get outta town…NEVER 🙂

  246. Wengerball says:

    On a lighter note, the joke around is that

    “We are all about foreplay without any penetration” 😉

    I’m certain it’s only temporary though…

  247. Highbury Harmony says:

    Just read this morning that we have a deal in place for Ashley Williams and is waiting for AW to give approval.

    Perhaps the first domino??

  248. Prince says:

    Hi HH, Do you rate Williams higher than Gary Cahill?

  249. TotalArsenal says:

    Many thanks JM. Comprehensive stuff as always and it all makes sense.

  250. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post. A continuation on the theme set by Alex. 🙂

  251. If Wenger says it’s hard to find quality players, then it means that the Iscos, Falcaos, Gustavos, Paulinhos, etc that have all switched clubs this window are all crap, right. Wenger is an illusionist. and if i may ask , is it bad for another club to really profit from selling a player. Why would Wenger bid 40m pounds plus one pound for Suarez, if I were a manager i would never sell to he who thinks he is the smartest coach of all time. Couldn’t he have bid 41/42m pounds for Suarez. Wenger acts like he’s the wisest fella around, and that exposes his folly. He’s gonna panic buy, and he would have to pay more coz all those clubs know how desperate he is now. He has only made the club the laughing stock of the football world, as you can see in Brazil coach advising Gustavo to shun Arsenal, could he have said that concerning Man City, Chelsea, or even Dortmund. wENGER IS A JOKE.

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