Gazidis, Kroenke, Law, Wenger: who is to blame?


I don’t know about you fine fellow Gooners, but I have been pinching myself occasionally during the last few days: A ‘wake me up please from this rotten nightmare’ sort of pinch. Unwisely, many Gooners including me, consciously or subconsciously, tend to wish away the summer time in order for proper footie to start again as soon as possible. And when the moment finally arrives, we want to be filled with (very often unrealistic) hope to win silverware again: we like to see a strong squad, a good pre-season, a nice new shirt, and a few new players we can get really excited about.

Whilst travelling through Norwich on Saturday, I was amazed by the number of Canaries wearing a nr.9 ‘Van Wolfswinkel’ shirt in town. I counted seven in just five minutes: the Norwich new record signing has become the embodiment of hope for the Canaries (and boy, did he deliver for them this weekend).

It made me mad at Gazidis, Kroenke and Wenger for seemingly not understanding/wanting to understand the very basic nature of football and its supporters, especially after promising so much at the start of the Torture Window.

Arsenal football club were in great position a few months ago: the team fought back to finish in the top-four, a strong core-team of young and experienced players was coming together, the main competition was going through major change, and we did not have to sell any of our star players but would be able to add to our squad with considerable funds. Strategically, Arsenal were in a superb position to make significant steps towards breaking into the very top of the PL again.

Three months later: no core players have been sold (as yet) but also nobody was bought, and the squad is depleted – in terms of numbers, and possibly, morale – after suffering a number of bad to very bad injuries during pre-season; and seeing no quality additions will also not have helped. We also lost a game, but that can happen and the season is long; although, the timing of it is very painful.

Rather than having every reason for real optimism for the new season, the club finds itself in considerable turmoil right now: a squad lacking strength in depth (no midfielders who can defend, not many defenders left for example) and not enough quality players who can make a real and sustained difference; and a disgruntled fan base who feel let down and to some extent manipulated by the BoD.

The management of the club have, until now, over promised and totally under delivered, and only a small miracle of quality transfer dealings could possibly turn the situation round again.

The mood could easily have been so different, and that’s what is so frustrating.

Most supporters wanted a quality addition in all four lines: GK, defence, midfield and attack. An experienced back-up goalkeeper, or for some the new nr.1, was high on the list, but most of us really wanted Arsene to finally get a quality DM who could play a bit of footie as well. Many of us also felt that we needed either a quality ‘third or fourth’ CB, or if Sagna was to be moved into central defence, an experienced RB. Many of us also believed we needed to add more fire power to our attack, and it appears that the club have been trying to achieve the latter as their first priority.

So what went wrong – who is to blame?

The problem is that despite the media’s attempt to desperately fill in the holes, we lack tangible knowledge of what has really happened in terms of transfer dealings this summer. It is one big, black box for us. We know the input: £70m to spend; we know the output: no players signed; but we do not know the throughput, other than the club making a few bids for players during the summer – and very little has actually been confirmed by the club on any of these bids.

But as supporters we can only be understanding for so long and the facts of the matter are there have not been any signings, and the season has started already.

So why did the club not spend the money and sign players this summer, and why did Gazidis come out so noticeably with his statement that we can compete with the best and have lots of money to burn in the process?

It did not seem very clever to be so public about it at the time, other than perhaps an attempt to convince top player prospects that the club is entering a new era, AND/OR to put some pressure on Wenger to buy a different calibre of player this time round. Some will argue he did it to get supporters to renew their season tickets, but I reckon that is far too cynical and Gazidis is too clever a man to underestimate the incredible damage this could do to the club long-term.

No, something is not right here. Of course, each and every failed attempt to sign up a new player could be down to causes beyond the control of the club: other clubs not prepared to sell (yet) or simply wanting unacceptably high sums of money; players not wanting to come or too many contractual complications, etc.

But usually money talks and as we have seen many times with clubs like Liverpool, Man City etc, if you are prepared to pay the right price, AND individual packages, quality players will come. Key in all of this is not to set your sight too high but go for realistic targets.

Despite having considerable funds, the club will still negotiate hard to get their targets for the ‘right’ price; but the right price in football is very hard to determine as there is lots of (oil) money about to constantly inflate the prices and undermine our negotiations, and this could be the main reason for missing out on all our apparent prospects until now.

Some have argued that the club is simply not negotiating astute enough; that we are dithering too much. If so, who is to blame for this: the negotiators, the manager, the final decision makers (Gazidis, Kroenke?). We just don’t know, and as long as we don’t, we have to blame them all, including Arsene Wenger.

It could well be that the management believed they could survive till the end of the transfer window with the existing squad and bring in players right at the end if need be, when negotiating can be a lot easier with those clubs who are desperate to sell to make ends meet. But this would always have been a very risky strategy, and losing on Saturday, combined with the depletion of our first team squad, have left the club in an embarrassing predicament right now.

Whatever the reasons, the facts are the season has started and we signed nobody; we have a weak squad, AND first team, for the foreseeable future; and it could and should have been very different right now.

The management need to take responsibility and act accordingly. If you treat our football club like a business – something I can understand to a certain extent – you also need to act like a proper business when those in charge over-promise and under-deliver; whoever that is. You also need to put things right pronto.

Your ‘customers’ demand it.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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264 Responses to Gazidis, Kroenke, Law, Wenger: who is to blame?

  1. Wengerball says:

    Mmmh… Yohan Cabaye 😉

  2. Admir says:

    Excellent question, TA, and your text reflected what is on most Gooners’ mind.

    Someone should be held responsible for Transfer Window Fiasco and when I say responsible, I mean FIRED.

    It’s simple – the weakest link should be removed in the best interest of Arsenal FC. From what I’ve read so far, Arsene Wenger has the final word when it comes to transfers. If he – according to his words – works 24/7 on new signings, he is bloody incompetent and should be sacked ASAP. If, however, it’s Dick Law’s responsibility, he should be fired and thrown out of the club with the giant foot-print on his ass.

    Apparently, we tried to sign Cabaye but Newcastle rejected our offer. We have been a laughing stock for everyone in this Transfer Window.

  3. AFC says:

    HH, i doubt Wenger will buy Williams. We only made a bid of £6 million the first time we wnt in for him and I cannot see Wenger doubling his bid to £12 million. I do not want Wenger to go for Williams.

    If we are going to spend £12 million on Williams I would rather we went for Rami or Sakho. Sakho can be signed for around £12 million and Rami can be signed for under £10 million. Both are better options than Williams in my opinion.

  4. rellends says:

    all of them through their own incompetence and ineptitude are responsible for this shambles. the fact that nobody at the club foresaw the toxic atmosphere that would develop if things went tits up early doors in the season due to a lack of activity in the market, tells you all how arrogant, naive, stupid and completely out of touch with reality they really are.

  5. AFC says:

    Admir, forget Cabaye. Let’s get SQ players.

    My list of super quality players avaiable for GK, CB and DM:

    GK- Cesar, Adler, Marchetti etc.

    CB- Rami, Sakho etc.

    DM- L.Bender, Gundogan, Khedira etc.

  6. George says:

    Today on Talksport’s sports breakfast show Moyes was being defended for Man utd’s low offer on the Everton pair. They were making it clear Moyes just identifies players and tell the cheif exec. The negotiations is not done by Moyes but the men upstairs. Isn’t this the same at Arsenal? Yet ONLY Wenger, not kroneke, Ivan, etc., ALWAYS gets the blame.
    Wenger was successful before the current board but now he is not – no brainer where the REAL problems are.
    If Wenger is doing the boardroom negotiations then what is point of having Ivan and the rest of board there anyway?

  7. ade says:

    They are all to be blame including the fans and the supporters.

  8. AFC says:

    TA, just the post I needed. 🙂

    I honestly believe Wenger and co are trying to spend. I think the problem is that Wenger only wants to spend on SQ players. I can understand that but the problem is we signed no one before the season started. Wenger probably knew this would take time and maybe he was counting on Arteta, Gibbs, Ox etc, staying fit. It seemed to me that he was thinking that this current squad of players would be enough to get us through the first through games.

    What I do not get is why Wenger could not have signed an experienced GK, Flamini, Gamez and just be waiting on signing a DM, CB and ST. I am partly understanding Wenger’s logic and partly not at the same time.

    I cannot say right now who is to blame. I will just have to wait and see what happens before I can make my final judgement on who is to blame for the lack of signings etc, ect.

  9. JM says:

    I have posted the following at another blog, AA.


    Looking at our board, we can do with a couple of additionals, after Sir Chips Keswick stepped up as Chairman.

    Arsenal board:

    Chairman: – Sir Chips Keswick
    CEO: – Ivan Gazidis
    Non-executive Directors:
    – Lord Philip Harris of Peckham
    – Ken Friar OBE
    – Stan Kroenke (also the majority shareholder)

    I suggest inviting heavyweight representatives from our shirt sponsor(Emirates) and the future incoming kit manufacture sponsor(PUMA SE):

    (1) Tim Clark, British, President of Emirates(airline) and the Chairman of the Emirates Foundation. He is an economics graduate from the University of London and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

    (2) Jochen Zeitz, German, CEO of *Kering’s Sport & Lifestyle division, overseeing PUMA SE.

    (3) Björn Gulden, Norwegian, new CEO of PUMA SE. The former football professional who played among others for German Bundesliga club 1. FC Nurnberg studied Business Administration in Norway and obtained an MBA from Babson Graduate School of Business in Boston. Fluent in Norwegian, English and German, he will be based at PUMA’s headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

    *Kering – Since 2007, Puma SE has been part of Kering – a French multinational holding company which develops a worldwide brand portfolio (luxury, sport & lifestyle divisions and retail brands)

    PUMA SE sponsors clubs:
    Borussia Dortmund, VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga; Newcastle and Cardiff City in the EPL; Bordeuax, Rennes in Ligue 1; Feyenoord in Eredivisie; Sporting Lisbon in Primeira Liga; Espanyol in La Liga.
    National teams: Italy, Czech Republic, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, Uruguay

    Emirates sponsors clubs:
    Arsenal, PSG, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Hamburger SV

  10. AFC says:

    Why the hell are bidiing £12 million for Cabaye. Nowhere near the asking price and I hope Wenger does not go back. Cabaye is not the player we need!!!

  11. Admir says:

    AFC, at this point, I don’t believe we are going to sign any player of SQ-rating. We haven’t been able to attract/negotiate an appetizer – why would suddenly a specialty of the house pop out in front of us?

    We couldn’t make Suarez leave Liverpool, for God sake, and we sat out during Higuain’s sale to Napoli only because of that. We didn’t compete with Oilers for Jovetić nor with Spuds for Soldado. It seems that we won’t enter the competition for signature of Willian nor Eto’o. We might be forced to splash too much money on Michu and Williams but at this point, we shouldn’t feel sorry for ourselves as that’s where we were brought by negligence and incompetence of our manager, our CEO, our main negotiator and our majority shareholder. It will require a miracle to make current management of Arsenal capable of signing a top class player.

    Anyway, I suggest a banner: “Dick sucks!” for the match against Fulham, just for fun for us that enjoy in sex jokes.

  12. Admir says:

    AFC, if you remember, Cabaye was heavily linked with Arsenal during last summer and in January. There was even a hoax (?) on the internet that on official site, at one moment, you could order a Cabaye shirt.


    Admir, “Dick Sucks” hahaha, for some reason i find this very funny.

    I dont know wether you get the English papers Admir, but in every tabloid over here there is a picture of a fan behind Arsene holding up a spend spend spend banner.

    That guy has a season ticket behind the dugouts and is a very good friend of mine. I spoke to him this morning and the Sun Newspaper wanted to do a quick interview with him. I think hes wrong for doing it, but thats me.

    Next time i speak to him i will mention the “Dick Sucks” idea. hahaha


    Fine post TA, and this pains me very much, but i have to agree with every word.

    I also apologise for pulling you up over the defensive midfielder thing, you were right

    Once again, i can only say that i am very disappointed and disillusioned at how events have unfolded this summer.

    I however am quite patient and am prepared to give the Club the benefit of the doubt. The window is still open and we have only played one competitive game.

    lets wait and see how things pan out.

  15. Dylan says:

    I blame Silent Stan. End of story. 😉

  16. AFC says:

    Admir, very true.

    “You get what you pay for unless your an Arsenal fan.”

  17. Dylan says:

    Admir, the shirt hoax was Guteirez not Cabaye, but we were linked to Cabaye.

  18. AFC says:

    We need to get this guy into the boardroom at Arsenal.

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers guys 🙂

    I will respond later.

  20. AFC says:

    We actually made a bid of £10 million for Cabaye. Pathetic bid!

  21. Admir says:

    And, apparently, Newcastle told us that we have to raise our offer to 30 million pounds.

    It’s a bloody mix of “We know they have money” and “We know they need players” attitude that give clubs which players we are targeting an upper hand in negotiations.

    @Dylan – 😉

    @TMHT, say hello to him. One of rare smiling moments for me was provoked by his banner. 😀 English newspapers – I rarely read them over the net but it’s mostly Guardian that I’ve read. These days, however, I avoid all of them. I guess it’s one thing when Arsenal fans say: “We suck!” and when Arsenal haters say: “You suck!” My friend – who is a die-hard Liverpool fan – wrote on my Facebook-timeline yesterday: “Would you like Arsenal to play as good as Liverpool these days? 🙂 ” I told him that he’ll make Wenger sacked as I’m going to print-screen his post and write to Stan Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis:

    “Dear Mr Kroenke/Gazidis,

    Liverpool fans are mocking us and they haven’t won an English title since Michael Jackson was black & alive. Do the math.”

  22. Prince says:

    I echo Terry’s thoughts. There is no sugar coating it and your post is spot on Total.

    Any player we sign now, will be considered a panic buy. I feel like we are now caught in between a rock and a hard place. We need players in, but all our good work and saving for a rainy day will have come undone now. With the combination of Gazidiz beating his chest pre-maturely and a rare day (or not so rare) at the office where we possibly have lost half a team through injuries, we all know that every team will be on alert and jack up their prices. Simple law of supply and demand and i would have expected an astute businessman like Gazidiz to have known better. For that, he should be accountable. In some quarters they say that this has caused a rift between Arsene and Ivan, but i wish not to add any fuel to that fire and state the fact- Ivan was negligent. You flex your muscle through actions, and you big up your brand AFTER you put your money where your mouth is.

    I believe there is an element of truth that certain big buys that we are looking at, will only consider signing once we qualify for CL proper. On the other hand i whole heartedly agree with those folk that believe we could have and should have strengthened in areas where a marquee signing was not an option, and for that procrastination i fear we may end up buying or having to buy average players at premium prices. Last season it was Thomas, the year before it was Doyle and Odemwingie and now its Michu and the like. If Michu is worth 25mil than Van Judas is 50mil and age does not come into this comparison.

    Where do we go from here? I dont know. The more i analyse it the more digruntled i get. We should not have to feel like this and actions speak louder than words. I really dont want to hear from the current Arsenal hierarchy justifying their shortcomings or bigging up on more empty promises. I just want to see some swift action and a little respect shown towards our current players who are left on the front lines.

    Unhappy days 😦

  23. Alcide says:

    AFC @14:35

    That reflects pretty exactly how I feel.

    On your CB choice, I’d really go for Sakho instead of Rami, the latter I have always found slow and error prone, and I’m not sure he’d succeed in the EPL.

  24. James Bond says:

    no one is to be blamed.

    we only just lost a game of football – not the end of the world

    plenty of time to recover for both Arsene and the lads,

    we win in a couple of days time and you will see , exactly why we hadn’t brought anyone in, yep, amazing signings lined up, don’t ask me what happens if , we lose.

    Cabaye and Kondogbia – smokes i reckon

    the bid for Cabaye was made before the Villa game, though.

    the blame certainly hasn’t crept in overnight, the cracks have always been there for all to see, it’s just that some have seen then before others and been vocal about them …we were fine before in the end and we shall be fine again – it’s Wenger’s Legacy at stake – he knows it too well.

    roll on wednesday – we have both KOC and Santi available from what i am hearing (and not suspended)…hopefully it’s true.

  25. AFC says:

    Alcide, Sakho would be better as he is much younger than our current CBs and can also play LB.

  26. Prince says:

    JM @14:45.

    Thanks for that info. Can we get rid of three of our current board members and freshen things up with all 3 of your nominated candidates. Come to think of it, it would be a very astute move in calling upon Tim Clark. He is British, holds a highly respected position and could help lead us forward through his ties with our major sponsor. In saying that, it would also be fantastic to cement a place for Bjorn Gulden (assuming we are to link up with Puma) based on his football experience.

    At present i have no nice words for our board and believe them to be a bunch of dinosaurs. They should really take a look into Bayern Munichs’ business plan and back ourselves with heavy body corporates, not these shrivelled up prunes living on a drip.

  27. AFC says:

    JB, I read in the Independant that Kos and Santi would not be available but then I read in other articles that CL bans are wiped out in the new season. Can anyone confirm if they are available for the Wednesday?

  28. AFC says:

    Prince, you have more chance of becoming Arsenal manager than the members of the board changing.

  29. Alcide says:

    AFC, agreed.

    You seem not to value Cabaye – as an Arteta backup I thought he could do quite well (I see him as a CM that is quite decent at defending – I’m of course not saying he’s the DM beast we’re hoping for). I must say however that I haven’t seen much of him since he’s playing for Newcastle, so my views may be outdated.

  30. AFC says:

    There are plenty of SQ players left and if we end up signing the likes of Cabaye I will not be happy at all.

  31. Alcide says:

    So JB, you’re saying that signings (at least some) are on hold and dependent on our succesfull qualification for CL group stage? At least that would explain the delays and risks taken so far in the TW…

  32. Alcide says:

    I’d take Gundogan and Bender over Cabaye for sure… I guess I feel so scared with how things are going I’m beginning to find myself settling for “ok” players 😦

  33. Admir says:


    “UEFA Champions’ League 2013-14 rules, Article 22.05 say:

    -Cautions and pending yellow-card suspensions from club competition
    matches expire at the end of the season.”

  34. AFC says:

    Alcide, he is not super quality and should be a lst resort. These are the super quality players who we are in with a chance of signing:

    GK- Cesar, Marchetti, Adler
    CB- Rami, Sakho
    DM- L.Bender, Gundogan (if we are serious and lucky)
    ST- Eto’o, Rooney, Lewandowski (if we are lucky). Falcao IF the situation changes.

    Willian is also available.

    Other quality players we can get on the cheap:

    Diarra, Barry, Flamini, Gamez

    If I was Wenger I try to bring in these six players. Order of preference for each position.

    GK- Cesar, Marchetti, Adler
    CB- Sakho, Rami, Richards
    RB- Gamez
    DM- L.Bender
    Back-up midfielder- Diarra, Flamini
    ST- don’t know who we can get. Any of Lewandowski, Rooney, Falcao, Rooney will do. If we cannot get a ST we should buy Willian and use the money saved to get a better second DM.

  35. Admir says:

    About Cabaye – his goal against United in 2011-12 was a master-piece. I think that Newcastle poor form last season had a lot with the fact Cabaye was mostly injured. He has had a similar impact to Newcastle results as Arteta to ours. Though, if there is a player from Newcastle that I’d like to see in our shirt it is Ben Arfa.

    I’ve heard an interesting information about Fenerbahče – they suffered a melt-down after having a 2:0 lead until 73rd minute and lost 3:2 against Konya. According to my source, they were so fragile on their left side that they could have easily conceded at least 7-8 goals.

  36. Alcide says:

    Good new (…and the same applies under the rules for the 2012-13) 🙂

  37. AFC says:

    Admir, thanks for that. 🙂

  38. James Bond says:


    we had our targets (Arsene did), ready to pounce and go in, we had personal terms agreed with a number of them – however, then things happened, there was a chance that we could get much better players then the ones we had on the radar…Arsene being Arsene, put them on the back burner and went ahead with the encouragement he had been given in pursuit of these certain players….

    things sometimes are not as they may seem, you think i know, you know and every other gooner knows our squad is in desperate need, and one of the best Managers doesn’t know that ?

    we want players at Arsenal who want to come and play for us, not be persuaded is what i’m hinting at.

    i’m still confident of us breaking our transfer record fee TWICE before the TW closes…but yes, our Plan A players will be keenly glued to their tele’s come this wednesday – make no mistake about that

    let’s all take a deep breath, take a step back, mistakes were made on Saturday, decisions were wrongly given but hey – you’re bound to have a shocker of a game in 55 odd long season of matches, that was ours right there.

    it can’t get any worse than that ?

    somethings gotta give –

  39. James Bond says:

    PSG – are going to get Cabaye , i would be very surprised if our bid made public today wasn’t anything else than smoke –

    we certainly didn’t make this bid today, i can tell you that

    why was it made public ? your guess is as good as mine.

    you see the name of Cabaye and a bid of 10 million – you’re ought to have some fans go ” bloody yell Arsene, Cabaye ? after all this time of waiting, you go after Cabaye and that too at 10 million ? yep, plenty of heads will be scratched – more disgruntled fans and more people after the managers head.

    luckily, we have been here before, practice makes perfect 😉

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambo 🙂

    ‘no one is to be blamed.
    we only just lost a game of football – not the end of the world’

    You must like sand around your head hahaha

  41. Prince says:

    Hi AFC 🙂 @16.16
    If you followed the thread or had read JM’s comment earlier you would see that i was responding to the candidates that he has put forward for the vacant postion on the board. Getting the sponsors involved at board level may be the way forward. It seems to be working for most clubs in Germany.

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Admir 🙂

    Agreed re the weakest link – time to act now.

  43. AFC says:

    Prince, I know. All I was trying to say to you is expect nothing to change.

  44. Dylan says:

    Sorry Admir. I swear it was Gutierrez in the place Bendtner was supposed to be. Hmm…can’t find it though.

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – yes it is hard to decide who is to blame. Only a very effective transfer campaign can things round now. 😕

  46. Prince says:

    The position must be filled, so in essence we must expect a new face=change. Correct?
    We need young blood

  47. Prince says:

    Sorry, last post for AFC

  48. James Bond says:


    why are we getting the knives out all of a sudden after that shocking defeat ?

    sure, things are not right but they haven’t been for a very long time – they suddenly didn’t appear over night ?

    what i don’t appreciate is the fact that everyone suddenly gangs up like that on the club (media mainly)….truth is , that you put Anything about Arsenal on the back pages or in the tabloids and it sells like hot cakes – trouble with that is, it also helps majority of the fans base their opinions on it

    let us all wait till wed evening at least, if not till the window shuts.

    besides, if we can beat spuds 5-2 with our weakest ever team in 2011 after losing 8-2 at mancs then surely, we gotta have a wee bit more faith in this team to win 5-0 against the spuds 😉

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry – you were right pulling me up on using the word disgrace – it was a bit harsh from me. Being patient is good and as Johan Cruijff loves to tell us: every disadvantage has an advantage, or as the lesser known Shakespeare once put it in a poem: oh, the sweet uses of adversity hahaha 😛

    Let’s hope we’ll out of this mess soon and the club can go upwards and onwards again.

  50. AFC says:

    Prince, the position will have to be filled but I wouldn’t be surprised if the wrong person is picked to fill the position.


    Bondy, fantastic comments.

    Let me know when you need some and i will get Shah to sort you out. hahaha

  52. Prince says:

    Good call on Ben Arfa, Admir. He would solve the 6 month layoff from the OX who was really Gerv’s replacement. Nobody saw that injury coming and i fear we may dip into our funds (funds possibly needed to snag a marquee player) to cover that wing void. I remember at the time that Wenger was looking at Ben Arfa, he and Diaby were having domestics.

    Diaby has turned out to be a real headache 🙄

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambo, I have always defended the club and the manager as per the circumstances we found us in. That excuse is no longer valid. I waited all summer to see the club deliver and they did not. Your comment has an element of flippancy in it, but I wrote a serious post about the things that really matter right now. But you feel free to concentrate further on the gossip…

  54. James Bond says:

    that will be much much appreciated @ Terry


  55. Prince says:

    Total, i now realise what you meant with the wine loving. Was it red or white? I just cant keep up. 😉

  56. Prince says:

    *wine loving comment

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    Prince at 15.54 – you summed it to a tee. We are on the same wavelength here.

  58. James Bond says:

    as if , it wasn’t already bad enough for you to switch off the lights here @ TA

    you went one further, and wrote a serious piece which was very relevant and good one, however,

    the things that really matter at the moment happen to be us getting behind the team, Manager and so on, and we can’t help them doing that with a negative atmosphere all around.

    get the blades, kitchen knives, bazooka’s all out once it’s the end of August is all what i am saying – if, things go from bad to worse (very unlikely), then there is no reason not to do the Surgery .


    Thanks TA, even though now we think the other is right, were do we go from here? hahaha

    Thats the frustrating thing isn’t it TA. We have a fantastic set up, a great manager, increased finances, everything you need to be successful really..

    At the moment i put down the summer to a mix of incompetence, inexperience, and bad luck. But the jury is certainly out.

    I think going forward we will improve on our transfer activity, after all, its the first time Gazidis and Law have had money to play with.

    However, these guys get paid a lot of money so it makes it difficult to put up a defence.

    My other thoughts are rather sinister, and involve Kronke hoarding money. Maybe he needs a new wig, and i know prices have gone through the roof lately hahaha, but ime pretty confident that particular fear of mine is unfounded.

    Overall, i remain very confident that in the near future Arsenal will become a big player in European football, but doubts about the people who run the club will only be allayed by actions now, not words.

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambo the damage is done already, regardless of who we buy before the end of the month. I will be very happy to be proven wrong, though.

  61. Prince says:

    James , you do realise that you were on the fore front in defending the so called supporters who left our game pre-maturely. You were also slagging off our manager and fuelling a shit load of gossip. Today you have done a complete U-turn. I hope you now understand what one means when they say to you that your comment has an element of flippancy.

    Its really hard figuring out which James we are gonna blog with on any particular day.

  62. AFC says:

    TA, if we do not get six players we will not be challenging for any cups.

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambo – also note that I am ALWAYS behind the team and every player who gives their all, but that does not mean I allow myself to put my head in the sand.

  64. Prince says:

    Hi Terry,

    Could it be possible that Stan is paying off his own debts (Kroenke enterprises) with Arsenal’s profits?

    That would be a real worry.

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry – yes fully agreed.

    I have little doubt that we will see big changes in the next few months, or at least by the end of the year. If you were preparing to sell the club what would you do? Remove all unnecessary ballast, increase the cash reserves, allow the owners to get their preferred manager…. Just a thought.

  66. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AFC – not sure about six players. I don’t think it is about numbers but quality/readiness to play now. A DM, CB/RB and attacker could make a big difference, but it is most likely it will take time for them to settle in, and another season goes down the drain. 😦

  67. James Bond says:


    like i said , still early days.


    exactly, the time was then to vent out your frustrations and anger – ON THE DAY, not continue to take it on endlessly, you watch, you get disappointed, you see, you swear , you chuck things at the tv , then you have a drink, settle down and look at the bigger picture.

    the bigger picture is what really matters here.

    no complete U-Turns, you haven’t blogged with me for long enough to know the real me – saying that the names “Bond” james bond, so it’s not only hard for you to figure out which one’s gonna turn up as i often have trouble with it ahahahahahahahha

    jokes aside, putting our heads in sand for the time being is actually what the club needs.

    come september if nothing changes @ TA, then i will write my first article/post for you…if that doesn’t get Wenger and co to put things right before september then i can assure you, nothing will


  68. TotalArsenal says:


    RA has always stated for this not to be the case (from reading the accounts). And if the oracle says it is so…. 🙂

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahaha Jambo – you just scared the pants of the emperor’s cloths 😛

  70. James Bond says:

    Also @ Prince

    isn’t it ironic how your stance has changed though ? in hindsight, wouldn’t it have been better had you joined in on the day to let it all out instead of letting the doom and gloom get to you slowly, yet surely ?

    nah, truth is that ever since Terry introduced me to Mr. Shah, everything’s rosey ahahahahahahahah

    but coming back to the post TA wrote, i know he doesn’t like it when i don’t comment on the content of his post,

    so the question he asks is ” who is to be blamed ”

    if , there is someone to be blamed then…

    Answer = The Fans surely ?


    Theres no evidence of that Princey, The Glazers do it at Man Utd, but there club generates so much cash they seem to have got away with it.

    One thing i will say though is that our previous owners received a premium on there shares when they sold by virtue of the fact that the club was cash rich. in some ways i hold this against them, but maybe ime just bitter?

    If Kronke hoards money within the club, in theory he could ask for a premium himself from a potential buyer. This does concern me, because cash hoarding was part of the process that made the previous owners a lot of money, why wouldn’t Kronke follow a model that works?

    I am not having a pop at Kronke, he might in the long run turn out top be a very good owner of the club. But the point is, we dont really know much about the man or his intentions, and of course we have Usmanov lurking on the sidelines.

    There is only one thing i am certain of. Growing up as a kid it was often said that Arsenals success was built on stability at the top. The Board were experienced, relatively unified, and a tradition of how things were to be done was followed by all.

    With the current set up, i have doubts.

  72. Wengerball says:

    No one to blame… though lesson learnt particularly for Ivan with regards to any future comments on the club having a competitive financial edge in the market almost comparable to other established European clubs.

    With the benefit of hindsight, such a statement may have been intended to show the club’s sound financial management coupled with appreciating the club’s sponsors contribution but it is counterproductive in the transfer market as any intended incoming deals will be hiked by selling clubs to Arsenal now…

    I personally enjoyed and appreciated the way Nacho Monreal’s deal was done… quietly, effectively and value for money all being achieved…


    Do you suspect Kronke is preparing to sell TA?

  74. Prince says:

    I wish i could express myself better James, but it looks like me and you will never be on the same wavelength. Frankly, i find your flippancy and reason behind it a little conde

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    Wengerball – good comment. But why is nobody to blame? People are being paid serious amounts of money to do their job, which they are not, and in the process they are failing the club structurally.

  76. James Bond says:


    the Monreal deal was brought back from June to January due to our need at the time, there was already a pre-contract of sorts there, same like the Lewis.H deal at spuds.

    and this is where the real issue i have with our club comes in – we knew back in January what we needed…a DM and Striker – surely, we could have been more pro-active in January to ensure that… i was certain it was the case when Wenger and co were making visits to Germany , etc but we now know is that was due to the clear out and not incoming’s

    we made a mysterious bid of 30 million pound for a player in january, which we now know as Cavani (eventually sold for almost twice the amount), perhaps had we offered 40 million, things may have been different ? anyway – let bygones be bygones

    the next 2 weeks is where it’s really at, in particular our next stop – Turkey.

    i can assure you, most of our bloggers and fans will come back to the brighter side and i’m hoping TA , will switch the lights back !

  77. TotalArsenal says:

    It is a theory, Terry. It is remarkable that the Uzbek has been very, very quiet recently….

    You could also argue that Wenger is planning to leave the club at the end of the season (or a bit earlier) and he is aiming to leave the new manager with plenty of funds and a good basic squad. All speculation, though. But something is about to change, I feel.

  78. 17highburyterrace says:

    ‘morning boys…

    I was at the beach yesterday evening with friends and they asked what I was going to do tomorrow (today, Monday…) and I replied, “Well, things, I’m pretty sure, are still in crisis in North London…”

    And so it goes…

    I think we’re all entitled to our ups and downs over this situation. It’s been coming at us for a long time now and it’s all about coping. Expectations and disappointments will do that to you. All we can really do is take each match and each piece of news, bogus or real, as they come. It’s rather torturous, of course, but pain is what lets you know you’re alive… 😀

    As I’ve been saying, we’ve misplayed our hand in the market in the most extreme manner so I don’t really see a way out between here and the close of the market. On the plus side, the squad is soooo thin that it could be improved in all sorts or fairly easy ways. (Loan recalls, anybody?…) Nobody seems to have taken my suggestion about our current keeper as an outfield option… I guess whatever it’s come to, it hasn’t come to that…yet…

    As for blame…Our American owner hasn’t saddled us with debt, but he also hasn’t shown the slightest hint of (competitive) ambition. Blame must begin with him and then with the board who figured that he was the way forward. We can talk all we want about the skintness of the manager but we have to see that there’s been a lot of failure in terms of assessing players. Again, I would suggest that this is leading to a certain form of paralysis and a knee-jerk, in or out, response from the manager regarding his guys. Just as his biggest buy, Arshavin, became unplayable, I think we may be seeing the same with his highest payed player, Poldolski. On the flip side, confidence in guys like Ramsey and Arteta, not to mention Wilshere, Rosicky and Diaby, to stay fit and really do the job, appears so strong that buying inexpensive guys who might easily compete or rotate with them seems impossible. If we couldn’t get Bender with our substantial offer why didn’t we go for Cabaye (or 5-10 other guys…) immediately thereafter? Again, it could be a confidence/paralysis thing. Additionally it may have been the domino theory of buying big and other players then clamoring (clamouring?) to get on the trophy train…Whatever happened to ideas like contingency and spreading risk, etc., etc.?…

    Finally, 007, Why (exactly) can’t it get any worse than this? Big match here in 50 hours or so over there in Istanbul, no?

  79. Wengerball says:

    Looking forward to Fenerbahce’s test ahead, they have only one once in their last five games which should give good morale for our players to into Wednesday’s game with confidence and high spirits as I have no doubt, we’ve always performed best when It’s us against the (negative media) world.

  80. James Bond says:


    if he wanted to sell, he would have done so already – he may have put out those rumours earlier in the year of a major take over and all that (himself probably) , to see what comes of it but i doubt if he will be selling anytime soon.


    we don’t have to be on the same wavelength , it’s a discussion blog not a popularity contest, you don’t have to like me or my comments , sir.

  81. Prince says:

    *condescending and to be honest i have been in relationships for years and never clashed with someone as much as you in the last few days. You say i have done a U-turn. Really? In which way….wait dont bother. I think its best me and you just keep our distance. Before anyone feels like they should get involved and blame the stress around our club for the high emotions, i suggest YOU DONT. Frankly James, i find you patronizing and i really wish i hadnt bothered at all. The whole U-turn thing…..well the proof is in the thread and you son, look like a tool.

  82. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers, 17 🙂

    What to do with Szczesny? He cannot shoot or pass and who can give him the right service in the air?

  83. Wengerball says:


    * won once not one once

  84. James Bond says:


    it can’t get any worse because these are the same players who celebrated like mad when they finished 4th – they know what’s at stake and to be quite blunt with you, although, it might not be a walk in the park but we have most of our first team players available…Poldi on the left will run riot in Turkey, he loves turkish food 😉

    but for the sake of argument, if we don’t make it, then that’ not getting worse- it will be a case of the straw that broke the camel’s (Wenger’s) back.

  85. AFC says:

    TA, we really need 5-6 players because our squad now lacks depth as well as quality. In my opinion we need 3-4 quality squad players and 2-3 SQ players. If we add 2-3 we will not finish in the top four, 3-4 players only secure 4th but 5-6 players will make us contenders.

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    I am not worried about the Fenerbahce game. Playing in Europe is Wenger’s speciality. I am worried about the Fulham away game no end.


    Not so sure about that Bondy. I think TA might be on to something.

    His track record indicates he will not sell, but i believe all his other investments are in North America, which is a million miles away from a top English football club.

    However, i am not anti Kronke. He might prove to be a very good owner. But for the mean time i reserve judgement.

  88. James Bond says:


    what ever it is you’re on these days, i suggest you stop over doing it or maybe it’s time to get yourself back into Rehab ?

    word of advice – treat others like you want to be treated –

    let’s just say i am going to ignore your petty and personalized insults one last time – you won’t be as lucky the 3rd time

    there is no need to take that one with a pinch of salt.

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Interesting theory, AFC. And I hope for you you get your wish, but I doubt it. For me two really good signings would be a result at this stage.

  90. James Bond says:


    it’s a good discussion to have, maybe for another day ? let’s just say, he may not have done as much damage to the club as people may think he has.

  91. TotalArsenal says:

    James and Prince – best to call it a day now and tell yourself: I am okay, he is not okay hahaha 🙂

  92. Red Arse says:

    Arrggh, some f*cker has turned the lights out ————— pay the bloody electric bill TA!! 🙂

  93. James Bond says:

    the day has only just begun @ TA 😉

    ahahahah @ RA

  94. AFC says:

    TA, I would also add that we only have around 18 senior players (when all are fit) while the likes of United have around 25 senior players. Our squad to is just to thin and lacks super quality in the DM and ST places. More injuries are likely to occur (especially considering a lot of our players are injury prone) throughout the season. We could get 5-6 players for around £83-90 million.

    GK- one of Cesar, Marchetti, Adler will do.
    CB- Sakho or Rami
    RB- Gamez
    DM- L.Bender
    Other DM- Diarra on the cheap
    ST- not really sure. Still a few top names that could be available as I have mentioned above.

    With those players we can actually believe we have a chance of winning a cup and seriously competing.

  95. Prince says:

    Total, its interesting how you have picked up on the Uzbeks’ silence? Do you think he plans on riding it all out before he pounces? Maybe he sees the events unfolding and believes Kronke will fall on his own sword. I dont want change for the sake of change, but with the football landscape changing and no real conviction behind FFP (eg PSG. Monaco) i feel that maybe he might be the lesser of the two evils. Who is to know, except that Stan has been very unimpressive till now.

    I just vouched for Usmanov………….i feel dirty. Its hard not to get envious at the teams stocking up around us.

    Terry, thanks for the reply. Would make plenty of sense for Stan to pack it all in after the weekends events and head home for good but i just dont see it happening based on his past business dealings. Plus, it is said that Stan plans to hand over the reigns to his son.

    We are in for a bumpy ride

  96. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha RA 🙂

    It is dark and devious on BK!

  97. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – Dylan, your American soul brother it seems 🙂 , has written a post about a list with available players for Wenger.. I will discuss the needed squad improvements then, if that is okay? 🙂

  98. Red Arse says:

    Bond, James Bond, Jimmy my pal, and you my favourite Prince. 😀

    Pull your horns in.

    Do you know, you two and HH are like the paprika in a soup, I love you going head to head, but you are too good to fall out —- so pack it in.

    To use a contradiction in terms, you are so similar that you are completely different!!!

    Yeah, I know that’s bollix, but I know what I mean — so if you disagree with me, I will tickle your nuts off!! 😀

    I am slightly cheesed off today, for non-football reasons, so I cannot have my Spartan warriors bugging each other!

    You probably are so deep into it that you do not know how good you are, and how much entertainment you give your fellow bloggers, Top class guys and if you are not around to entertain us low life bloggers you will have committed an offence against blogdom.

    Inebriated? Me? Sod that! OK I am. And I do not care if Glic is reading this! He threatened to get his harem to lick me to bits if I became melancholic.

    Come on Bondy – Come on Prince baby, I need you both up and fightin’!! 😀

  99. TotalArsenal says:

    Prince, it might be a lot worse under the Uzbek; we just don’t know. But he usually comes out with very negative comments at this stage of transfer set-backs…

  100. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘offence against blogdom’ hahaha. I like it RA 🙂

  101. Red Arse says:


    You are hereby charged with getting those galoots to sign up — pronto.

    Of course, if you do not, I will ask Terry to examine you intimately with his telescope, and then let his syrup (wig) have its way with you!

    New York, New York!! (just to remind myself that I am not British!!) 😀

  102. AFC says:

    TA, that’s fine. 🙂

    Why would Arsenal be worse under Uzbek. Uzbek actually cares about Arsenal and is a fan of the club. Not many of the worlds richest men are football fans but we happen to be very lucky in the fact that our billionaire actually supports Arsenal. Is that not why David Dein sold his shares to him. But what do we do to our billionaire who is a passionate fan of our club and is willing to invest? The likes of Stand and that Lady Nina (whatever her name is who is now complaining) try to freeze him out from the club.

  103. AFC says:

    RA, 😀


    Hi Redders. Whats your current take on Kronke? Do you see a possibility of him selling in the near future?

    Now i am been serious, Kronke has done a lot of harm to all good wearers of a hair system. The key is to blend the piece into your existing hair were it should work as a compliment in terms of framing the face and hairline.

    kronkes piece is reminiscent of something from the seventies, its a joke. How are decent sufferers, who take the big and highly emotional step to rectify there hair meant to be taken seriously when people like Stan behave like this?

  105. Wengerball says:

    The likes of Messi, CR7, Neymar, Gotze, Isco, Luke Shaw, Thibaut Courtois, Danny Welbeck, Marcos Reus, Romelu Lukaku, Cesc Fabregas and many more have made their name and shone in world football at a relatively young age…

    As such, If Wenger felt and truly meant that he’s seen enough quality in the remaining young players after parting company with the so called “dead wood” then he should certainly trust what he has seen on a day to day training session and entrust the likes of Yaya Sanogo, Zelalem, Chuba Akpom, Serge Gnabry and even Isaac Hayden into the action and no need of panic buys player like Chu-Young Park when he hasn’t had enough time to see their qualities. These young players have the hunger to play and impress and even if they may stutter, they will always come good far much quickly as Alex Song exemplified…

    As such, one game gone wrong should not divert a long term strategy planned out during the off season. There no need of a QPR trolley dash strategy if it’s not the right quality of players initially intended…

    What I feel Wenger should spend more time on is on team tactical play.
    If the 4-2-3-1 is not working well against a particular team on the field, then Wenger should be quick to issue instructions to the players on the field to have a transition to;
    4-5-1, 4-4-2 or even 4-3-3 to achieve the required result.

    Thanks…. 😉

  106. 17highburyterrace says:

    Terry, Shave it off and wear it (plus some eyeliner…) Steve Bould style?…

    If Kroenke did that, I think we would see some players getting signed…

    😆 😯

  107. Red Arse says:

    I think Kroenke is a cnut chancer, and you have my permission to smack him with your rubbery whatnot — before Glic does, becoz his is toooooo small — but don’t tell him I said so!! 😀

  108. Prince Paprika says:

    Total, this weekend has been an all time low in our history. I just cant see it get any worse than when you have a full stadium up in arms against its hierarchy and each other. The only thing we would have to live with is a change in phlosophy, and seeing as the football landscape has changed im starting to feel that we may have to go with the flow.

    The romantic stories of Dortmund winning the league against the power house Munich or Atletico Bilbao winning a Europa league will be a thing of the past. Its really sad the way football is heading. Numb.

  109. Red Arse says:


    I know where you have been — and leave her alone — she’s mine! Well in my own mind!! 😀

  110. Prince Paprika says:

    AFC, it is said that Usmanov is a manure fan. We all know that Gazidiz is a citizen

  111. Prince Paprika says:

    the Vicar of Twittley says “she’s mine”.
    Prince likes to see this sort of ambition 😀

  112. James Bond says:

    much appreciated @ RA

    now tell me, who do you want me to take out ahahahaahhahahaah

    spare a thought for me,

    i’m gonna lose monies if Cesc and Ginter are not gooners before the 3rd of september – Oh, Cesc, where art though ?

    it was an interesting games yesterday 7-0 – mostly if not everything good went through Cesc….

    on a different subject,

    world class players make other players around them look good, that’s for sure.

    it will be interesting to see how Jovetic and co do tonight, considering TA wanted Jovetic at the emirates.

  113. James Bond says:


    good comment, however, do we have the right players to be flexible and comfortable in a tactical change and switch ? i’m not sure about that, hence players like Rooney , Suarez and Cesc in a gooner shirt would allow us that luxury of a tactical switch, formations and so on.

    it’s even more difficult now with the OX out , our options are limited hence we need to stick to our guns and keep believing.

  114. Prince Paprika says:

    Total, un-moderate me please

  115. Prince Paprika says:

    Smithers…………..release the hound!

  116. TotalArsenal says:

    You are free to role PP 🙂

  117. James Bond says:

    Fulham are doing very decent business in the transfer market,

    a top notch goalie,



    a tough game awaits us this saturday – that’s for sure

  118. Prince Paprika says:

    spank you Total 🙂

  119. jgc says:


    I recollect ManU lost game 1 last year and it was the only time all season, for one week, we were above them… I am not saying things are rosy, nor, in support of JB, all tres horrible!

    We are in a major(ish) spot of bother given injuries. And we may have a very down year, but we are rich enough and, one way or another, will see enough changes that next year if not this year, will be better.

    So, like JB, lets relax, just a wee bit… In support, I can offer some scientific facts. I measure my (ahem) anatomy every day (wee touch insecure) and can point out it hasn’t shrunk even one millimeter with last weekend nor has it had several bitten off (ouch) with our failure to get Suarez…

    And yes, it could be worse you could be a Raiders fan (NFL hopelessness at 9 years and counting, 20+ if you discount one freakish year)… And yes, anatomy unchanged…

    Finally, I think we will get some players of quality… Oh, and per the post, who to blame… Buck may stop at Wenger, but JUST LIKE THE GAME, on field execution is what matters… Ie Gadzidis (by way of Law)…

    Cheers from sandy head Belgium — jgc

  120. James Bond says:

    Anthony Taylor has been dropped by the FA – pity, he won’t be able to ruin other matches for OTHER cubs like he has done for us.

    time to appeal the KOC cards i feel and get it over turned, even though we have lost 3 points, no reason why we shouldn’t appeal it.

  121. Red Arse says:

    Oh my, if only I was sober, I would hit the Prince Paprika and Jimmy Hot Stuff, with scatological humour that would go down in blog history.

    Failing that, I will have to ask Glicster to say something wondrously insightful. Oh, yeahhh!

    Ok, OK, I know both are a dream, but maybe Terry Titmouse will explain the delight of hirsuteness and show us his flowing locks. Or his fly landing strip – whatever”

    Backing them up, by showing a dexterity on his zimmerframe that only Sideshow Bob could emulate, is VCC, aka, Slip Pants Vicky!! 🙂

  122. Prince Paprika says:

    Redders, im sure YOU could still create blog history with some scatalogical humour whilst under the influence. I believe you have the mental stwength

  123. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers JGC 🙂

    I was not focussing on the game we lost but on the bigger picture, but respect to those who want to keep seeing things positively/

  124. jgc says:

    JB: good news on Taylor.. As I said on prior post my first real time uninterrupted game in yonks… And he was beyond atrocious. An appeal might go well…!

    RA: Glic and terry are off measuring their anatomy… For Glic, erosion in Lesbania may be a serious issue!

    Cheers — jgc

  125. jgc says:


    I agree the bigger picture sucks anatomy (mon euphemisme du jour) but it is what it is, as we say in intensive care land, and sometimes positive is better than nothing. We *could* all be worse off, truly…

    IMO, to your post, Gadzidis. The off field player organization is not executing or professional enuff it appears … That may well make this year truly difficult to remain positive about, but I can always talk about ICU patients and burns patients to provide context. HAPPILY, unlike just about every other club in world football, we are in very good shape financially, so of not this year, there will be changes and a next year… Sucks, I know, but… It is what it is. Blaming Wenger or players won’t, IMO, help…. Not when he back room personnel execution and planning are so bad…

    Just my 2p from context-land — jgc

  126. TotalArsenal says:

    From wiki (I did not know there was history between Taylor and Arsene)….

    ‘In March 2011, Taylor and his assistants came under scrutiny from Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger after his team was held to a 0–0 home draw by Sunderland. The officials elected not to award Arsenal’s Andrei Arshavin a late penalty after an apparent push by Sunderland captain Titus Bramble.[18] Wenger said afterwards that he was “too disgusted” to talk about the decision.[19]’

  127. James Bond says:

    being sober is over-rated 😉 @ RA


    that is it, the time to keep it cool and keep it real is now.

    yep, Taylor down, time to get Alan Shearer the sack from match of the day (bloody biased and clueless that clown)

  128. VCC says:

    Redders 19:16.

    SPV…….S(lip) P(ants) V(icky)…………More like Sexy Pulsating Virile …person. 😉


    I measure myself everyday Proffesor, its part of the stretching regime. hahaha

    I love Alan Shearer. He is exactly the sort of boring odius turd that provides me with plenty of opportunities to have my way with bored house wifes.

    The more Shearers in this world the better

  130. TotalArsenal says:

    No need to provide context, jgc – it is a football blog and I am well aware of the dark/sad side of life.

    It is time to see structural changes at Arsenal now – enough is enough.

  131. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahaha Terry – your public duty is exemplary.

  132. jgc says:

    TA: interesting history, who says match fixing is only elsewhere (pure speculation)? Certainly given their Jekyll and Hyde performances at time in the lat years with otherwise top end reputation, Arsenal would be great games to get good odds on a draw when they should win withou suspicion… Even purer speculation… 🙂 … Certainly, the ref had a big influence Saturday despite our play and the odds were certainly against an AV win… Yet an arsenal loss is somehow still believable, … I need a conspiracy theorist to flesh it out! 🙂

    JB: I can live with biased announcers. It’s called the mute button. Next best thing to full uninterrupted game was that in French speaking Belgium they just turned off the sound! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  133. James Bond says:

    i would like to comment on something and link it to JM’s comment :

    Paul Pogba (Juventus)
    Yohan Cabaye (Newcastle)
    Geoffrey Kondogbia (Sevilla)

    those are the players, we are being linked to today…

    all french ? surprise surprise

    erm, Wenger gets them in – leaves for France next year after the world cup

    2+2 ?

    nah, couldn’t possibly be ?

  134. jgc says:


    Per last … I have an HR theory for you… Change requires failure that is countable or measurable. IMO, AW has spared AFC that failure via great coaching these last years. This year may be it, but, sadly, not until the failure is real and countable…

    Just a thought… jgc

  135. TotalArsenal says:

    jgc – it is interesting to read this Antony Taylor page on Wiki: it is bizarrely full of red card / penalty controversy.

  136. jgc says:


    Umm, you do know that numerous sports scientists, different than me, have shown stretching has negligible effect?? Much like reality on last weeks ref! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  137. jgc says:


    Another HR theory I heard once, per your Wiki page. The easiest way to succeed is to fail just a little. People remember your name but nit necessarily why… That page has that all over it… IMO…

    Cheers — jgc

  138. Prince Paprika says:

    Wengerball, im watching the game and hust heard Martin Tyler say the same. Cabaye was due to start for the bar codes against Shitty until learning of a 10mil bid from Arsenal in which case he was left out of the squad.

    I believe he is our next signing and the 1 signing that can be nominated for our CL team. Very important position for us, however i dont believe he is Arsenes’ first choice, but that is not to say that he would be a bad purchase or panic buy. Not my 1st choice either but far from being a bad signing.

    Looks like the old school DM in the shape of a beast is dead in modern football

  139. Prince Paprika says:

    *just heard

  140. TotalArsenal says:

    jgc, the failure of not being able to add a single player during a period of three months, whilst fine funds are available, provides enough impetus this time round. The excuses – which I always felt were valid – have now ran dry, and the club is required to make the next step up this time.


    Well, there wrong Proffesor

    i have stretched for three years and i can say withot fear of conradiction that i have made considerable gains.

    Heres my conspiricy theory for the day. The illuminati dont want you or i to know the truth about the benefit of a good stretch. They fear that if the truth were known every one would give up there work and go on a mass stretch

  142. jgc says:


    Agreed if its Gadzidis, but I guess I’m saying that while cathartic, it won’t fix the now… Sadly

    Note that I AM disappointed.. And at serious risk of what Glic will do with it, i wish to be excited.

    Hence, given little hope in Gadzidis and 2-3 more weeks of TW torture, I’m going with optimism to the last..

    — jgc

  143. TotalArsenal says:

    Another interesting theory, jgc. My biggest HR success theory is influenced by an old song: the secret to a successful career is knowing when it is time to jump the ship (and smoozing the arses of your superiors) 😛

  144. jgc says:



    Gains in what?

    Cheers — jgc


    Lets put it this way Proffesor. Due to my stretching regime i am no longer a sufferer like Alan Shearer

  146. Simba Murerwa says:

    I blame Kroenke coz if Wenger had been messing his investment he would have sacked him a long time ago. Arsenal needs to sort its house in order for sure. We need players who are going to straight into the starting 11. Ashley Williams???? Not after watching him against Manure. Our main problem has not been selling key players but selling players who were good bt never given a chance. RVP, Nasri, Song, Cesc wanted to go so you can’t blame Wenger. I blame him for losing Vela, Havard Nordtveit, Denilson, Senderos, Eboue, Lassana etc. These are players who despite supporters hating them are better than what we have at the moment. Fans want big name signings yet we can’t compete for bargain buys like Mignolet, & Gustavo. We need at least three buys who can galvanise the whole squad. Cesar, Rami, Michu, Bender, Rodwell, and Muniain will do for me. Sell Podolski, Mertesacker, Fabianski, to create space and wages. Why loan out Djourou, Coquelin and Miquel? If they are not good enough let us sell them. Miquel looks better than Per but lacks experience. Coquelin and Frimpong must be our double DM with Arteta playing his Everton role. With the current team I would prefer:
    1 Sceszny
    2 Sagna
    3 Gibbs
    4 Koscielny
    5 Miquel
    6 Frimpong
    7 Walcott
    8 Arteta
    9 Giroud
    10 Ramsey
    11 Carzola

  147. jgc says:


    Also a good theory, known in America as knowing when you’ve failed too much (before anyone else does) 🙂

    In which line we could turn Gadzidis into a word for screwing up. Like, .. Did you just fart in a room full of important people and the queen? Oh! Gadzidis me!!!

    Failure to execute under pressure…

    Cheers — jgc

  148. jgc says:

    Terry 🙂

    At risk of not having any last words.. Shearer is bald not tall.. And biased, which is another word for bent…. Are you sure you didn’t umm… Lose the hair thru friction..??

    Good lord what’s become of me?

    Cheers — jgc

  149. TotalArsenal says:

    jgc, almost without fail, those that make it quickly to the top never stay more than two years in the same job or even company. They jump before they get burned and it gets richly rewarded. What will Gazidis do next? 🙂

  150. Prince Paprika says:


    So what your saying, is that your the best you have ever had. 😆


    Possibly Proffesor hahaha

    Lets put it another way. when i wake up in the morning i jump out of bed invigorated and full of energy

    When Shearer wakes up, he looks down and wishes he hadnt. hahaha

  152. James Bond says:

    time for both good news and bad news.

    bad news :

    man city are off to a flier vs newcastle…

    good news :

    we will be out of the relagation zone and up to 17 or 16 by the end of this one.


  153. jgc says:


    Easy, like CEOs elsewhere he will convince someone it was all someone else’s fault and take only a small step back to a Fulham like level, or to an American sports team… But, IMO, likely in England EPL or a job with UEFA.. It’ll sound important…

    Sad but true, self promoters often move well enough they are known but never fully found out. In tech, NZ is full of them sadly — jgc

  154. Prince Paprika says:

    Simba, You may have a case with Vela and ill give you Lassana, but the rest are all a bit iffy. Just my opinion

  155. jgc says:


    You win!! (Bowing smiley) 🙂

    — jgc

  156. Glic says:

    Terrific post Totes !.

    I`m with you in that all this hurt around is not because of one result on Saturday ( which I take no pleasure in my correct UMFL prediction ), it`s as you say…..”the bigger picture ! “.
    I just cant see it ever changing with the current management in charge and that’s from Wenger to Kroenke and all the overpaid cronies in between !.
    I championed FFP, but Monaco`s emergence put paid to that. I wouldn`t even say the hope of FFP working is like pissing against the wind…`s more like pissing against Hurricane Katrina and having your cock ripped off !.
    I`m with Wengerball. Wenger has repeatedly said he is ONLY in the market for quality players !. So I do not want the less than average equivalent of Messers Park, Santos, Squilacci etc brought in for another groundhog deadwood dash, either buy SQ or keep with what we`ve got , I will respect Wenger more if he did that, do the former and all respect has gone as far as I`m concerned.
    He`s already on thin ice with me anyway for not even competing with RM and BM for the signature`s of Gotze and Isco , we cant compete on the field without SQ and we cant compete off the field !. Can anyone honestly say Malaga would have preferred Madrids £25M offer to a £35M one from us or Dortmund would have preferred Munich`s £33M to a £40M one from us !.
    To tell the truth, I feel the whole management team has been incompetent and with only 2 weeks left of the window and with thing`s that can get a lot worse, they only have this time to save face imo.
    I don`t expect us to win anything even with SQ signing`s, all I ask as a fan is to have a team capable of competing, the likes of ManU, City and Chavs have such strong squads that even they cant expect to win anything as the competition is so strong, but they will compete and that`s all I want !. As it stands, we haven`t competed for quite a few years, then shock horror, Gazidis makes a statement of intent, dangling the mother of all carrots to us gullible gooners !
    If we do not get the likes of Suarez, Bender, Gundogan etc` then I would like the lot of them to resign !, this will obviously not happen.
    This Gooner is more honest and a man of my word ( apart from the womanising and the withdrawals from banks without their knowledge and other misdemeanour`s !. What do you expect , I`m a cockney hahaha ) , so if they don’t resign if we get to Arsenal Armageddon , then I will withdraw myself to behind the deepest sofa and only come back when I can see the faint beginnings of a shining light of an Arsenal that is back where it belongs, not necessary winning but definitely competing.
    We all put hours of time, effort, money, heart and soul into this life long love, something Kroenke will never understand !.
    I`m currently filling my backpack in anticipation of a journey I will take if all goes tits up.
    I`ve always wanted to seek out and explore the source of the River Lezz, which runs through my Principality of Lesbania. Only my fittest Lebanian sherpa`s will travel with me.
    It is said ( In the writing`s of the Great Lesbanian explorer….Baron Heinz von Shitzenhauzen ) that at the source of the Lezz there is a shrine where the ” Holy Hampton ” secrets are kept. Legend has it that these scrolls will enlighten the reader on the possibility of using ones cock as a multi-tasking tool…..the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife…..a Swiss Army Cock !.
    I will however need one of you unfortunate souls to take care of my Lesbanians whilst I am away, hopefully Arsene and Co can turn things around by the 2nd of September as I wouldn’t trust any of you bastardos running my running machine let alone my fcuking fit Lesbo`s !.

  157. James Bond says:

    glics for president ahahahahahahahahhaah

    while we’re at it with Cabaye bidding, can we put one in for Krul ? he’s a quality goalie i reckon, better than what we have.

  158. AFC says:

    Glic, a top comment. 🙂

    Your view mostly falls in line with mine. He has said that he cannot find SQ players which is why no one has been signed yet (apart from Sanogo). And I agree with him partly. It is hard to find a SQ DM and ST. But he still could have signed 2-3 other players (experienced GK, CB and) in preparation for the new season but he did not. It has now reached a point for me that I will not accept less than 2-3 SQ players (ST, DM and maybe a CB) and 3-4 quality/squad players (GK, RB and maybe another DM on the cheap).

    If he cannot find these players I would rather he not spend the money. The only problem with this is that we might not make the CL this season and then we would find ourselves in serious problems.

  159. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes, jgc the world is full of them. It was quite a lesson when I realised it really is not what you do or achieve that matters, but who you know and how quickly you are able to move on.


    Cornwall, FFP is having an impact mate. As for this summers balls up, i cant see it going on much longer

    Its frustrating becuase every thing is in place, except the personell to see it through

    That will change. Things move quickly in football and we will see some significant changes in the next year or two.

  161. Highbury Harmony says:

    I, for one, would welcome Cabaye with open arms to this squad. We need to get the ball rolling right now and the dominos should start to fall after we sign one player.

  162. AFC says:

    I think we should arrange a BK deadline day hangout. 😀

    Any takers? 😀

  163. TotalArsenal says:

    wow Glic, a fine and yet once again hilarious comment. 🙂

  164. AFC says:

    TA, I also think if all does not go well Bergkampesque should write and send a letter to Wenger, Ivan and co demanding to know what is going on with our club. A sort of petition asking for an explanation. We can all contribute to the letter highlighting our concerns about the direction in where the club is going, why we could not get SQ players (with a list included highlighting over 50 players that would have been good enough) in the TW etc.

  165. AFC says:

    HH, we would end up paying close to £20 million for Cabaye so why not go back with a bid for L.Bender between £25-30 million. We need a DM. Cabaye is not a DM and I would rather we go after DMs.

  166. TotalArsenal says:

    Not bad ideas there, AFC. 🙂

  167. James Bond says:


    define a bk hangout on deadline day ?

    yep @ HH

    when you look at the quick fix problems then there are 3 names :

    Gareth Barry

    De Rossi


    Cabaye seems to be the best one.

  168. Dylan says:

    Agreed AFC! 🙂 I suggested a deadline day hangout before and I think a letter is a good idea. 😉 However, I’m currently trying out for my high school soccer team and if I make it I would likely have practice on deadline day so I might be bouncing in and out for part of that day. 😉

  169. Dylan says:

    JB, I imagine he just means getting a lot of us on here commenting about the rumors we’re reading and (hopefully) signings that we’ve made. 😉

  170. James Bond says:

    good luck for the trials @ Dylan

    and isn’t that what we have been doing from the past 3 months or so, on a regular basis if not every evening ? 😀

  171. AFC says:

    Another idea that could work after I was just thinking of Chelsea. Chelsea do not have a world class ST but this is covered up by the fact that the rest of the team (the three AMs behind the ST and two DMs) can score the goals and share the burden as well as keeping the defence tight.

    If we cannot get a ST why not invest in Willian and a goal scoring RW/AM/no.10 and convert Theo and Podolski to STs.
    We could then play Santi, Willian and the other RW/AM/no.10 behind one of Podolski, Walcott or Giroud.


  172. AFC says:

    JB, a BK deadline hangout would involve us having our usual debates and discussions on who we are buying, who we are missing out on etc. Maybe a summary could be written up (I might do this is I have the time) discussing if we have signed the right players, amount of players and predictions of what will happen in the season (where we will finish).

  173. Glic says:

    Sorry Stretch buddy, but if FFP is working and I wont even mention how much City and Chavs have spent beyond their means ( income ) ( oops I did mention it ! hahaha ) but the case of AS Monaco is the biggest slap in the face ever, they don`t even fill their 18,500 capacity stadium !. If anyone was bang to right`s with a smoking gun in their hand at the scene of the crime then its them, yet I don’t see any action against them !.
    Fair enough if FFP works will it stop City, Chavs, ManU and the Spuds (when they get their Sainsbury`s Stadium built ) competing and leave a clear run for us ?. We know the answer to that….No….they will spend, spend, spend………only someone like Usmanov ( and until I see the evidence, all I will take is that he has said he loves Arsenal…not ManU….a multi- Billionaire and a fan ! ) will be able to keep us at least being competitive !.

    Obviously you are first in line for looking after my Lesbanians whilst I`m away, it`s because when I first met you at the Tavern, I was immediately taken by your sincere looking trusting face !. Which for an accountant was like the equivalent shock of finding out Mother Terasa swallows it big time !. hahahah

  174. Dylan says:

    Thanks JB, and yes, pretty much. 😉

  175. Glic says:

    Go Dylan !……I hope you get that Cheerleaders job !. hahaha

  176. James Bond says:


    Bayern Munich also didn’t have a “world class striker” yet they won a fair few things last season – good point


    we need a SQ CF/Striker more than a winger…although, Willian would be more than welcome !

  177. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, I reckon £15 million is all it would take to pry away Cabaye from Le Toon. Also, it’s another matter to actually lure Bender away from Leverkusen. Keep in mind that a player can block a move and his team’s already in the CL and he’s currently playing on home soil.

  178. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cabaye can provide 5-8 goals a season from midfield when healthy. He’s also great at free kicks, which seems to be an aspect of the game we really struggle with.

  179. Dylan says:

    Hahahahaha thank you Glic. 😉

  180. James Bond says:

    from the beeb,

    Manchester City 4-0 Newcastle
    The Newcastle fan are suggesting, in no uncertain terms, that their club should spend some money if they want to improve. Will their coffers be boosted by Yohan Cabaye’s departure though?

    did they not spend a lot of money in January ?

    what does that tell you ? spending is not always the solution (AW mode ON).

  181. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC agreed, if we can get three world class distributors (or two and an up and coming elite player like Oscar) like Chelsea, then we would be fine as well. It’s quite puzzling why we haven’t moved for Eriksen yet considering all the SQ options at ST are now basically dead.

    At one point, Eriksen was more highly touted than Hazard and I believe Hazard has only since taken over because the former is bored with the level of competition in the Eredivisie. Eriksen also outplayed Hazard each time they faced each other in International competitions.

  182. AFC says:

    JB, I would buy Willian and a goal scoring SS/no.10. Switching Podolski and Walcott to STs will make them happy. Walcott would offer speed, Giroud would offer an arial threat and Podolski would offer clinical finishing. Wenger would have plenty of options up front.

    Willian, Santi and the new goal scoring no.10 would play behind one of either three. Rosicky, Wilshere and one of Walcott or Podolski (if there are injuries) could also come into the ‘3’.

    For DM I would try to get Kondogbia and L.Bender. Options of Ramsey, Arteta, Kondogbia and L.Bender for the two DM spots. Win our matches mainly through the five midfield players.

  183. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, Newcastle did not spend a lot of money. They went the cheap route and bought a bunch of players on the last year’s of their contracts at a discount. It’s a case of bringing in too many new faces and them not being able to integrate quickly enough.

  184. Glic says:

    Great idea to send a Bergkampesque letter to Arsenal FC. Obviously you were hinting at it being written by Dr Glic !. hahaha

  185. AFC says:

    HH, does Eriksen score goals though?

    Are there any other AMs/no.10/SS out there who are goal scorers?

  186. Glic says:

    Thanks Totes, you know I always try my best to keep it sensible !. hahaha


    Cornwall, dont lose faith mate. FFP is working, we can compete but have just cocked up the transfer window.

    The structure and finances are in place. Dont throw in the towel on hope, becuase its just round the corner.

    I said a couple of months ago that people shoild temper there expectations. We have gone from a selling club to one looking to strengthen and the transition has been to difficult for the men handling it.. They have been found wanting but that wont continue for ever.

    All this, the last eight years and the current day, is primaraly a legacy of the stadium move. We have turned the corner, but its not star trek were you can teleport, its a road back to were we belong, the top.

  188. Highbury Harmony says:

    Eriksen was one of the main reasons De Boer took over at Ajax, and was willing to sell Suarez years ago. He’s one of the best goal scoring midfielders in the Eredivisie and has proved capable on the big stage too (CL).

    2012/13 – 14 games started, 9 goals (Eredivisie), 6 CL games started, 1 goal + 4 assists (group of death with Dortmund, Real Madrid and City too!)

    2011/12 – 20 games started, 7 goals (Eredivisie), 6 CL games started, 1 goal + 2 assists

    2010/11 – 21 games started, 6 goals + 1 assist (Eredivisie)

    Not mind blowing statistics considering it’s the Eredivisie, but he’s only 21 years old.

  189. James Bond says:


    for some reason,i don’t think Wenger is doing Poldi much justice or giving him the opportunity he deserves.

    sometimes his decisions leave me scratching my head, as i’m sure is the case with you.


    that was a lot of money spent for a club that usually finish mid table or lower mid table on average…it was an influx, yes, however since then to now, they have had ample time to bed them in and what happens ? 4-0, albeit they were a man down.,,,could have easily been 10-0 had it not been for their goalie.

  190. AFC says:

    HH, am I right in saying we could get this dutch guy for £15 million.

  191. Alcide says:


    It’s still a bit early to know if FFP works (full rules will apply in 2015). In the case of Monaco, I must say it’s hard to imagine they will be able to achieve a self-sustained model, even if they manage to strike a good deal with French tax authorities and Footbal Federation, but you’ll have to wait and see their financials at the end of the next few fiscal years, and UEFA’s reaction to have a final say on FFP.

  192. TotalArsenal says:

    Eriksen is Danish, AFC, and I reckon it would need more like £22m to get him.

  193. Glic says:

    Newchateau have spent monies (January ) and it may have not worked for them , but the big (rich ) clubs spend on top quality and they are the ones competing. We could parallel us with Newchateau and say we have spent heavily in the past few seasons, but with average joe`s not quality and that is reflected in us only competing for 4th and nothing else !.
    It`s quality, not quantity that matters, give me one Gotze to all of Chamakh, Santos, Squilacci, Park, Bendtner, Denilson and add as many as you like, just give me one Gotze or just one Cornetto !.

  194. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, I guess you could say it was a lot of money relative to where they were in the table. However, they did receive generous profit from the season prior where they qualified for Europa league and was just unwilling to spend it during the summer TW. The deal for Debuchy was agreed in principle then, but they hit a snag in the talks and could not complete the move before the deadline.

  195. James Bond says:

    Monaco have a rich owner – they get fined 75 million for the taxes – peanuts for someone as willing and as rich as their owner, who is willing to change the dynamics of his team and transforming them into the next Chelsea ?

    i think so.

    bear in mind, if they win their league and other domestic cups , and qualify for CL, then rest assured their commercial revenue sky rockets and hence FFP falls into place – they will somehow find a way to balance it out

  196. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, I think somewhere in the range of £15-22 million would be enough to get Eriksen. The biggest issue with him is whether or not he’ll consistently bring intensity. He has an abundance of skill, good pace, is very tricky with the ball and can score some wonderful goals. It’s all a matter of putting it all together and what better man than AW to help him fulfill his through the roof potential?

  197. AFC says:

    My list of players keep changing. A squad like this could work.

    GK- Cesar, Marchetti or Adler. Fab. Szez

    RB- Sagna. Jenks

    CB- Mert. Kos. Verm. Sakho.

    LB- Monreal. Gibbs.

    DM (double pivot)- Arteta, Ramsey, Kondogbia, L.Bender

    LAM/LM/AM/RM/RAM- Santi. Wilshere. Willian. Rosicky. Eriksen.

    ST- Walcott. Giroud. Podolski.

    That’s 23 players and Sanogo and Ryo can fill the remaining two spots.

    That my friends is a title winning squad which would challenge for the EPL, FA and League Cups and even the CL every season even if I am dreaming.

    Willian (£30 million)
    Kondogbia (£20 million)
    Sakho (£15 million)
    L. Bender (£25 million)
    GK- (£5-10 million)
    Eriksen- (£15-20 million)

    So that’s £120 million for those six players (all at maximum cost). We COULD afford to buy those players. Wenger COULD do this.

  198. AFC says:

    The likes of Chelsea, United, City, Bayern etc, have squad like this. Full of depth, super quality, players with potential and experienced players.

  199. Highbury Harmony says:

    The highest I’ve seen Eriksen quoted for is £21 mil, though reports state he could be had for less since he wants a new challenge. Also, he’ll only move to another CL side.

  200. Dylan says:

    AFC, take it easy with the players mate! I wrote a post about our options and you’re going to have to repeat all these great lists. 🙂

  201. Glic says:

    Hope you`re right Stretch, but as you say yourself , they have been found wanting !. I`d like to see someone sacked for incompetence and have it known that they were sacked for fcuking up !
    I`d rather have Saville in charge of the NSPCC than Gazidis and Law in charge of our Transfer negotiations !.

  202. AFC says:

    IF Wenger and co were serious they would be spending more than £100 million and buying several SQ players like Real and Bayern do.

  203. Highbury Harmony says:

    The most enticing prospect for me is a player like Eriksen that can grow with young players like Jack, Gibbs, Jenko, Rambo, Ches, Ox, Theo etc.

    Basically, Eriksen would be our Hazard – a creative attacker capable of beating his man off the dribble and having the ability to set others up and score goals himself. Santi would be our Mata as a player who enjoys spectating the beautiful game more, while scoring and assisting a bunch of goals through use of his vision and instincts.

  204. AFC says:

    Dylan, sorry forgot about your post which is due to come out. I must remember to copy and paste that list and team into my comment(s) for your post.

  205. James Bond says:


    that is it,

    big clubs spend money year in year out, even though, they may not need to do it – take BM for example…

    i was being sarcastic there with my quote , indeed, we all want the same thing, i know how hard it is for you to not see ISCO at the emirates…



    agreed…but you could also take LiverFOOL’s example as well, they have spent a fortune, yet , last season they finished below Everton ….

    saying that, if they don’t sell Suarez and get Willian – then yep, the writing is on the wall – what i’m saying is that they won’t finish 7th, i’m willing to put that in writing and sign it right now

  206. Dylan says:

    It’s fine AFC. Just warning you about the load if copying and pasting I’ll require you to do, as that is a very fine list. And if we write a letter, both of our lists must be included in the the letter, along with any other players that other BKers think of.

  207. AFC says:

    Oops forgot the Ox form the squad. I would then loan out Ryo as we would have Willian. Willian, Eriksen and Santi behind one of Giroud, Podolski and Walcott. Maybe I need to wake up and smell the coffee as 17 says. 😀

  208. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, it’s not about spending a fortune mate. It’s about buying the right class of player. I’ve never been an advocate of AW going out and just making 5 signings to fill the depth of our squad. I’m hopeful of one SQ player and two depth signings that may turn out to be good starting players like a Ginter, Gonalons, A.Williams, Cesar etc.


    hahaha Saville

    Think i told you i knew about that fucker 25 years ago. Some geezer from his home town told me how he would torture victims in the celler of his Night Club after the Bouncers had tied them to a chair.

    Never thought he was a Nonse though. I always thought he was into Ferrets and a bit of harmless Necrophillia. hahaha

  210. James Bond says:

    spot on @ HH

    we don’t need a repeat of 2011, hence majority of the fans are getting restless.

  211. AFC says:

    If Bergkampesque write a letter to Wenger, Ivan and co. I will make up a list of 50 (yes 50 players) that Wenger could have signed (been in with a very good chance of signing) that would have improved our squad with price estimations beside them.

  212. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fabio Coentrao handed in a transfer request a couple days ago and operates as a LB, LWB, LW and at times a CM. He could technically be added to the list considering our shortage on the wing and LB right now with respective injuries to Nacho, Ox and Gibbs (he may be ok to play but is just a few games away from some sort of leg injury usually).

  213. Dylan says:

    AFC, if you did that I’d list 50 players that we still can sign that are good enough for Arsenal. 😉

  214. Dylan says:

    He’s on my list for that exact reason HH. 😉

  215. James Bond says:


    Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has said that Arsenal showed “disrespect” by making a bid for Yohan Cabaye in the hours before kick-off and adds that the Frenchman’s subsequent unavailability had a massive bearing on the outcome of the match.

    Full quotes to come.

    interesting, i was told that we made the bid before the Villa game, unless we made another bid today ?


    That mug Pardew just blamed us for Newcastles defeat, nothing about them been crap

    Would love to tie him to a chair

  217. AFC says:

    HH, I honestly feel Wenger needs 5-6 players.

    Willian (£30 million)
    Kondogbia (£20 million)
    Sakho (£15 million)
    L. Bender (£25 million)
    GK- (£5-10 million)
    Eriksen- (£15-20 million)

    Wenger could sign all six of those players if he wanted (maybe apart from Bender) all of which are SQ, young and fairly experienced, would improve the squad and are very young.

  218. James Bond says:

    On Yohan Cabaye’s unavailability after Arsenal’s transfer bid: “You prepare for three days with a player of that talent and that was taken away from us because we were shown disrespect from Arsenal on the eve of the game. They could have bid when the game was over and it had a huge effect on the game.”

    oh dear, reading between the lines on that one – i read, he will be playing in Turkey as a Gooner ?

    why else would you leave a player out unless he has refused to play or put in a transfer request ?

    if he has prepared for the game this well then surely, a mere bid wouldn’t let you drop him all of a sudden…unless he has asked for the move himself.

  219. AFC says:

    City went out and signed Negrado, Jovetic, Navas, Fernandinho and are looking for a CB. Now that is how you buy players. According to Ivan and co we can compete with the top clubs so why can’t we go out and get 5-6 players (of similar quality to the players I listed in my list)?

  220. AFC says:

    JB, true. Everton did not leave Fellaini or Baines out of their squad.

  221. Dylan says:

    JB, that is interesting, but not Arsenal’s fault. If Cabaye refused to play, thats on him, not us. Just business.

  222. James Bond says:


    my take on the subject ?

    out of all the players linked today,

    Pogba is the most likely to move – due to Racism…i hear, it’s not getting any better and was running wild last weekend in one of their games ? ( thanks to the in laws for this one).

  223. Glic says:

    hahaha Stretch. Torture Pardieu with some Necro`…he can suck Mother Terasa`s saggy nipples whilst riding Saville`s rigamortis cock like one of Gerry`s Aintree stallions !.

  224. James Bond says:

    open ended question for anyone and everyone to answer –

    20 million for Cabaye


    20 Million for Pogba

    what’s your preference ?

  225. Glic says:

    I think you`re right there 007, apparently Arsene has triggered Cabaye`s release clause of Two baguettes, one onion and a `69` Sasha Distel 7 inch vinyl of Raindrops keep falling on my head !.

  226. AFC says:

    Sorry TA, meant to say Danish buy. Thanks for correcting me. 🙂

  227. James Bond says:

    ahahahahhaahhahaah @ Glics

    where were you when RA needed you ! he was missing both you and terry 😉 needed a bit of cheering up but sadly, we were all busy sharpening up the knives for AW and co !

    now here is David ornstein :

    Cabaye travelled with #nufc squad to Manchester but returned home as not in right frame of mind after Sunday’s £10m #afc bid #bbcfootball

    don’t tell me, the guy is depressed ? 😀

  228. AFC says:

    * Danish Guy

  229. AFC says:

    JB, Pogba every time. Kondogbia also has a release clause of around £20 million, £17.5 million to be exact if I am correct?

  230. James Bond says:

    Kondogbia, correct . however, 3rd party ownership issues as well – no go i reckon

  231. AFC says:

    JB, what a load of bollocks. Maybe we should make a bid for Berbatov so he is not in the right frame of mind for the Fulham game. We should have made a bid for Benteke and make one for Yilmaz and Eboue meanwhile we’re at it so they do not play. 😀

  232. Dylan says:

    I’d prefer Pogba for £20 mil.

  233. AFC says:

    JB, apparently we have enquired about Kondogbia and have been told by Sevilla that we must meet his release clause.

  234. James Bond says:

    exactly @ AFC

    so imagine if , he breaks down again with depression (no pun intended or ill feelings to Cabaye),

    i can already see Alan “hard done” Pardew saying , it’s all Arsenal’s fault

  235. James Bond says:

    Man utd wanted Cesc – wouldn’t get

    us getting Pogba wouldn’t be as sweet as that but it will be close though !

    it will be wise to keep an eye on the Pogba situation i reckon.

  236. AFC says:

    I honestly do not think we are in for Cabaye. Probably a smoke bid meanwhile we go for our proper targets.

  237. James Bond says:


    we work 24 hours in a day for TRANSFERS, so i will be amazed if we were not making enquiry’s to every single club in the world about every single player named from kondogbia to zuu zuu or loo loo

    hope you get the drift 😉

  238. James Bond says:

    anyhow, back to the real world and dissecting Pardew’s statement,

    Cabaye has asked to leave – we will get him for about 14-17 million or there about’s.

  239. AFC says:

    JB, if we are working 24 hours on transfer deals why can’t we sign anyone. I could have signed a SQ player by now if I was working on my own for 24 hours a day. Wenger has a whole team of people working 24/7 and we can’t sign the players we want.

  240. Dylan says:

    Reps at Valenica for Guaita:
    Maybe we can get some sort of £15-£18 mil double deal for him and Rami?

  241. James Bond says:

    Gareth barry off to Everton on a 1 year loan – one less name for my quick fix – disappears

  242. AFC says:

    Dylan, that seems like a plan. 🙂

  243. James Bond says:


    i have a brilliant idea.

    let us both scratch our heads at the same time and try to figure the answer to that one @ 23:20

    i promise not to post on bk until i have managed to find the million dollar answer…

    over and out 🙂

  244. TotalArsenal says:

    Night all and a special thanks to those who actually responded meaningfully to the content of the post. Sweet dreams to you all. 🙂

  245. AFC says:

    JB, maybe Glic can give us an answer. 😀

  246. alexgunners says:

    Great article and a great response by all. We are a great club but unfortunately we do not have the right people in the right places to make us successful.

    These guys do get paid handsomely and yet seem to have no common sense. Bidding for players this late in the game will only inflate prices and clubs will be more reluctant to sell as they do not want to be unsettled themselves.

    That’s why it’s important to get business done early.
    Great post

  247. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, now that I am home and have had a proper chance to read the article, I would like to share my thoughts :).

    First of all, spectacular piece that has captured and echoed my thoughts word for word. Regardless of who’s to blame, action needs to be taken. My initial reaction to the disappointment of the TW thus far has been because of the expectations set forth by Gazidis. However, as time progresses, I feel as though Gazidis made that bold claim in order to place the onus on AW to actually use the cash on hand to strengthen the team (again just a theory).

    There’s another theory that is starting to gain momentum, which is that AW and management are simply out of tune with the modern transfer market and their valuations of players are simply too low and outdated. And yet, an even uglier theory that may be true in that AW simply has too much responsibility and has basically become a dictator at the club, hence the lack of signings.

    Waiting until the end of the TW to strengthen was never going to be a successful strategy. One needs to take into account the time it takes for a player to integrate with new teammates, a new system and potentially even a new league/city.

    The lack of signings can also come down to desirability of our club. Everyone knows that we have not strengthened and the extensive injury list we currently have. We are at a distinct disadvantage when negotiating transfer fees and wages, not to mention the fact that players could see our club as one in decline.

    All that’s left are disappointed fans and a growing sense of resentment towards the club’s management. Unfortunately, the current players feel the full wrath of this and directly it hampers their morale/performance on the pitch. If proper strategic planning and action are not taken soon, we could soon follow the path Liverpool have taken the past few seasons.

  248. henrychan says:

    Morning all..
    TA.. I never knew you could be so frustrated.. haha..

    AFC.. I don’t think a RW is needed.. We have Walcott and Ox.. no one is better than Theo for RW.. hehe..
    Afterall We still have Gnabry and Miyaichi.. but if Wenger bring another RW.. it will be Thauvin.. He could be the Next Walcott.. haha..

    If Willshere is ploting for Arteta’s
    rules.. (it is surprise me.. because I think he will be our CAM..) then We sure need another solid AM.. someone like Eriksen.. or maybe Gourcuff.. he can play AM and LW.. just like Cazorla did..

    Is it true that Cazorla and Kosc will miss our trip to Istambul..?? What a bad new..
    Koscielny usually do great job after getting red card.. hahaha..
    And I believe if both of them can play.. We will win the game.. CL referee can’t be worst than PL’s.. hahaha..

  249. njstone9 says:

    Here’s an idea.

    Two seasons ago we finished 3rd and managed to bring in Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla relatively early on.

    The season before that we finished 4th and saw the mad last day rush that saw us get two decent players (Arteta and Mertesacker), another on loan (Benayoun), and a fair amount of dross (Park, Santos etc).

    This season seems to be going that way and even if Gazidis has said that players aren’t bothered about whether we have secured Champions League football or not, recent evidence suggests it is easier to do early business if you have – at least for the players we have attempted to sign.

    The trouble is this year we have enough money we should be getting in players better than Podolski and Mertesacker and Arteta. At the very minimum we should bringing in players at least as good as they are.

    I am somewhat comforted by the failure of big clubs to come in for Capoue, and his relatively low price. He wasn’t an unknown like Koscielny so I think perhaps he’s not as good as people are thinking – not top drawer anyway. Hence we were not in for him. Saldado is 28 and Spurs have paid a lot for someone who may or may not adapt and who will have no selling on value. They’re definitely spending the Bale money.

    I’m angry and frustrated Arsenal haven’t brought anyone in yet but still clinging to the hope maybe two or three high quality players will come in before the month is out. Maybe Bender? Worth waiting for I think. Maybe Begovic? Maybe still Suarez if Liverpool can buy a replacement in time. Cabaye could be this year’s equivalent of Benayoun. Underwhelming initially but turns out to be a fan favourite.

    Incidentally if Suarez is involved in any more controversies this season, Liverpool are going to look like right chumps for holding onto him.

  250. Wesley Yates says:

    Unseen to many fans, Arsenal has been doing some big deals. We are now well placed to receive more television cash, and we earned an attractive deal with Puma, and still have a bigger injection to come from Emirates. Just last week we saw our Asian trip pay off when we signed a deal with a betting house called Bodog. What a mighty instant return they must have made on our very first game. Arsenal fans need to wake up to the fact that we are doing the business that really matters when it matters. Watch the team bounce back against Fernabache and everyone will be warm and fuzzy again, ready sign another deal with us that will bring more cash to the club. What happened on Saturday was good for our new betting Partner, Bodog, and, if anything, left our bank balance unscathed. So did AW lie when he said he was working 24 hours a day to buy players? Probably but someone should have asked him what he means by work. Come on you Arsene, more kitching for less on field performances, now that is real value for money.

  251. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, my apologies mate. Here are the statistics for Eriksen in the Eredivisie (much, much better, I knew something was off!)

    2012/13 – 33 appearances, 10 goals + 17 assists
    2011/12 – 33 appearances, 7 goals + 19 assists
    2010/11 – 28 appearances, 6 goals + 11 assists

  252. Highbury Harmony says:

  253. alexgunners says:


    That is the million dollar question?
    Who is to blame. I guess that is something that we will never know. Gazidis for promising the world and delivering nothing?
    AW, being a tight arse as usual? Or seriously deluded with the demands of the PL?
    The board has to take some of the blame with their decision to back Kroenke.

    Overall I believe that this has been coming for a while now, clearing out players and not replacing them. The only thing left to do is clear out the deadwood and make more profits by saving on salaries.

    We are to blame for believing that we could not compete whilst we moved to the emirates. This bought AW many years of security as our manager.
    ManUre managed to have a 70000 seater stadium and still buy players.
    I fear that AW’s tactic of raiding the French league went in for long enough and everyone else is now doing the same. He has run out of ideas.

    They are all guilty of negligence.

  254. jgc says:

    HH TA JB Dylan et al

    I agree mostly. IMO it’s Gadzidis and Law as I’ve noted above. AW may have say but per Gerry or JM much earlier or last post, they handle the negotiations and approach etc.

    Ie money talks BUT we may miss out because we can’t execute and time /frustration are also money… I mean we lost Gustavo to bloody censored Wolfsburg! That smacks of incompetence, a missed deadline or such and thus failure to execute, not lack of dosh. I think that they, especially Law, are not up to it… We were perhaps in for many players and failed that way…

    If I had a main complaint it’s that money, read overpaying, can trump incompetence like this, so I’d like to see some..

    TA: per 21:4x-ish … Actually accomplishments matter more, mate! Every dog has its day and I’m watching one die at my work just now for being all talk and no walk… It’s just often not when you get to see…

    JB and others: like the look of Eriksen!

    Dylan: best of luck! Nothing trumps actually playing!!! I was fortunate enuff to play they university and summers and after. Best thing ever! And the things I got from it set me up for life (/end_advice-of-old-man)

    Cheers — jgc

  255. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning fine fellow Gooners 🙂

    HH at 23.59, thanks 🙂

    Good to see you fully see the fundamental importance of not getting those signings in early and build further on what we have got, and a good theory summary as well. You saw it coming for a while, where I still believed they would deliver somehow. I was wrong.

  256. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry 🙂

    But how could I, or you, or any other Gooner, not be frustrated right now? I want the best for the club and it requires professional management of our resources and player purchases. They let the club down big style, where we had such a chance to be properly competitive again.

  257. TotalArsenal says:

    njstone9 – good theory and you are probably right. Even if we get the quality players, it will take time for them to settle in properly, as it usually does. We will find ourselves in another transitional year. It is a real possibility that by Sunday we are already nine points behind Chelsea.

  258. TotalArsenal says:

    Wesley 😆

    Alex – you summed it up perfectly, and I know you would rather look at things in a positive light (like me).

    jgc – that is it: ‘incompetence’, and it is what frustrates me so much.

    jgc – good to see that somebody has been found out in your organisation; now let’s see what happens to him/her next…

  259. Macko says:

    This is a cabal against Arsenal: Another clubs or influential people in the media and they play well Gooners enters with both feet.
    Please, we will sign it, rest of the time a bit of confidence in our club What have stops to look at the neighbors …..

  260. TotalArsenal says:

    It is too late now, Macko.

  261. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post.

    Dylan takes on Wenger 🙂

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