Wenger says “Tell me who?”: Here you go, Arsene


In his post-match interview for the 2013/14 season opener against Aston Villa, Arsene said this: “…we are out to buy players. People always say ‘buy players, buy players, buy players’. When you tell them ‘tell me who?’ it becomes much more problematic.”

Here I have compiled a list for Wenger, as he asked. Please buy one player from each of these lists, Arsene.

The order the players are in within the lists is the order of which players (in my opinion) are the ones we should be in for most to least. (Ex. Rami is ahead of Sakho. Therefore, we should try to get Rami first; then if we can’t, get Sakho.)

Finally, the first price is what I think our starting bid should be, the second number is the highest I think we should go for that player.

Adil Rami, Valencia (£8 mil – £15 mil)
Mamadou Sakho, PSG (£10 mil – £15 mil)


Jesús Gámez, Málaga (£2 mil + Bendtner – £7 mil)
Micah Richards, ManchesterCity (£10 mil – £17 mil)

ST #1:
Sergio Agüero, Manchester City (£45 mil – £60 mil)

Luis Suárez, Liverpool (£50 mil – £55 mil)

Federico Marchetti, Lazio (£5 mil – £11 mil)

René Adler, Hamburger (£5 mil – £9 mil)

LB Cover/Other positions:
Fábio Coentrão, Real Madrid (£10 mil – £15 mil)
David Alaba, Bayern Munich (£15 mil – £25 mil)

İlkay Gündoğan, Borussia Dortmund (£20 mil – £30 mil)
Lars Bender, Bayer Leverkusen (£25 mil – £30 mil)

Marco Reus, Borussia Dortmund (£30 mil – £40 mil)
Ángel di María, Real Madrid (£20 mil – £30 mil)
Stephan El Shaarawy, AC Milan (£28 mil – £38 mil)
Adem Ljajić, Fiorentina (£15 mil – £23 mil)
Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma, Barcelona (£20 mil – £25 mil)
Alexis Sánchez, Barcelona (£20 mil – £25 mil)

Christian Eriksen, Ajax (£12 mil – £25 mil)
Willian Borges da Silva, Anzhi Makhachkala (£20 mil – £35 mil)
Toni Kroos, Bayern Munich (£17 mil – £25 mil)
Lorenzo Insigne, Napoli (£12 mil – £20 mil)

ST #2:
Javier Hernández Balcázar, Manchester United (£18 mil – £30 mil)
Erik Lamela, Roma (£18 mil – £30 mil)
Luis Muriel, Udinese (£20 mil – £30 mil)

Some young players would be a bonus. Maybe even Flamini in on a free for one year, as cover for Diaby.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I am a huge Wenger fan, I want him to stay and be successful with Arsenal. But he asked for a list, so I’m giving it to him.

Note: Coentrão wouldn’t be a waste because he’s put in a transfer request. He could play LW when Gibbs and Monreal are fit.
Also, Alaba wouldn’t be a waste because he can play in the DM pivot when Monreal and Gibbs are fit.

Finally, this is only a small list of players. I realize there are many more players out there that we could buy (Cáceres, Eto’o, etc.). Please do post any more players that you think should be included on this list in the comments.

Thanks for reading. 😀

Written by: Dylan.

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  1. scaredninja says:

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  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Dylan 🙂

  3. RichieLoco says:

    A good comprehensive list there. You do wonder whether Wenger really had any intention to buy any players this summer. Most of the targets we were “interested in”, we didn’t even submit bids for! I’d test the waters with a £20m bid for Ross Barkley – but with Fellaini and Baines inevitably leaving soon, it most probably won’t happen!

  4. 6red says:

    What kind of list is this? There is no chance that more than half of these players would ever come to arsenal. Kroos? Alaba? Aguero? Reus? You must be joking

  5. John Ready says:

    Good work

  6. Gunrunner says:

    You seriously added Aguero, Alaba, Di maria, Kroos and so on? Realistically none of them are for sale or would be willing to move.

    And your valuations are way off. Apparently Cabaye is worth 20 million now for christ’s sake.

    There is much more money than there are good players in the market currently. Arsenal were screwed from the get go.

    All our effort in building up this bank of about 100 million pounds is worthless because of this sudden influx of oil money/asian tv revenue.

  7. MM says:

    3 important points you’re not taking into account (and as a matter of fact most people):
    1) wages
    2) … and how this would relate to the rest of the squad
    3) whether they would improve their lot by coming to Arsenal

    on 1) and 2) – we could probably afford a Wayne Rooney on both transfer and wages, but how would the rest of the squad feel about having someone paid 100% more than the highest paid individual (btw you could argue that WR would get more playing time than in MU and hence improve his lot in Arsenal).

    But 1) and 2) help explain why Gustavo joined Wolfsburg (apparently on GBP 135k a week, which he’s not worth if you compare him to Arteta or Wilshere)

    You’d then see that your list is somewhat smaller than the one you put forward.

  8. eric says:

    fellaini is there, fabregas. Lewandowsky.

  9. SirThomasAbbott says:

    Aguero hahahahahaha, In the words of our scouser friends “What are you smoking”

    Here is a proper list. Short and simple.

    GK: Cesar

    CB: Williams / Richards

    DM: Kondogbia / Pogba

    AM: Ben Arfa / Eriksen

    ST: Benteke / Munian

    Easy as that Arsene.

  10. caxton says:

    attach this list to the letter sent by fans ATC to the board

  11. Yasin says:

    Williams from swansea,felliani from everten,rooney from man.united,cesar from QPR and bains from everten.

  12. Treesandspoons says:

    Good idea with a list! I think that is a horrible sign if Wenger doesn’t even know who… you have MONEY Arsène, therefore you can get whoever you can pay!

    But most player on this list are highly unrealistic. Never in a million years will Bayern sell Alaba for example.

    But some realistic names ARSENE:

    Bruno Martins Indi (Feyernord)
    Mamadou Sakho (PSG)
    Tobias Alderweid (Ajax)

    Daryl Janmaat (Feyernord)
    Jetro Willems (PSV)

    Yann Sommer (FC Basel)
    Stéphane Ruffiee (St. Etienne)
    (you should’ve spent for Mignolet!)

    should’ve got: Wanyama or Capoué or
    Luiz Gustavo
    Fellaini (Everton)
    Jordie Clasie (Feyernord)

    FW / Wing:
    Adem Lijalic (Fiorentina)
    Dusan Tadic (Twente)
    Christian Tello (Barcelona)
    Ruben García (Levante)
    Adam Maher (PSV)

    Stefan Kiessling (Leverkusen)
    Michu (Swansea)
    Alfredo Bueno (Rayo Vallecano)
    Jackson Martinez (Porto)

    there’a a lot more. this is just off the top of my head. Do SOMETHING Wenger!

  13. ruudthediver says:

    I was thinking the same when I heard him say that in press conference, there are many good players out there. I totally agree with Sakho, Richards, Coentrao, di Maria who are also realistic targets, but I would also consider:
    Iker Casillas, RM (continues to play 2nd fiddle w/new manager)
    Guillermo Ochoa, Ajaccio (experienced Mexican GK – would be cheap)
    Chris Samba, Anzhi (PL proven beast if reasonable money)
    Alvaro Arbeloa, RM (can play both fullback spots)
    Kondogbia, Sevilla (read once that his release clause is £8,5m)
    Lass Diarra, Anzhi (defensive engine – would fit right in)
    Arda Turan, Atletico
    Lewandowski, Dortmund (class if available)
    Burak Yilmaz, Gala (beast and lethal finisher)

  14. JDS says:

    Why do so many arsenal fans pick holes in seemingly simple solutions??
    This is a pretty comprehensive list of good quality players that we are able to bid for if we want to… We are supposedly a top 8 world football club, Today’s Arsenal fan has about as much ambition as Arsene Wenger – its become the blind leading the blind and I am fed up with it!! We should not be losing out to Wolfsburg a side that finished mid table in Germany, for a world class player that was available on the cheap because the rest of Bayern’s squad is sooo good!! He was man of the match on his debut last night and at £15m is a snip!! Stop arguing amongst yourselves and nit picking every gooner post or blog and get United behind the idea that we need some drastic change if we are to acheive the heights that we should be. This club has been one of the most successful in this country for over a hundred years…Its not just the last eight years that we should be looking at, we have a fantastic history and at the moment that is being tarnished because we are being run into the ground by a power crazed nutter and an American board that know diddly about our sport!! Good list hopefully we can buy (not panic buy) the 4/5 players we need to have a semi decent season and then re-group under a new manager and regime next season!!

  15. wam says:

    Sakho/ Richards

    Cheeky 60m bid for Aguero just to peeve City.

  16. JM says:

    Richard Law is never going to pull most of it off. (He is coming back naked without his shirt and pants from the negotiations)

    We are dealing with sharks here, against the really wily businessmen-owners and hard-nosed directors of footballs of these many clubs.

    That is the main issue I have, and I am speaking frankly here. We have got to go for the battles that we have an upper hand of winning in terms of transfer signings.

    {I have my emergency list of players, I am just not sharing around online lest the media catches on the buzz}

  17. SirThomasAbbott says:

    @TreesandSpoons , Jackson Martinez is a great shout.

  18. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Dylan my bro.. Your list is already be Wenger list.. hahahaha..
    But sorry my friend.. I prefer Treesandspoons list.. hehehe..
    Hi bro.. welcome to the jungle.. Thanks for remind me about Classie..
    yes Holland still have another great DM after Strootman..
    It’s time to go back to Eredivisie.. a lot of great and cheap players there..

    My list will be :
    CB: Bruno Martins Indi (Feyernord) or Adil Rami (Valencia)
    RB: Daryl Janmaat (Feyernord) or Jetro Willems (PSV)
    DM: Jordie Clasie (Feyernord) or Kondogbia (Sevila)
    AM: Christian Eriksen (Ajax)

    I pass the Strikers.. Cause I don’t think Wenger will bring any..
    But if Wenger Winger.. then I wish it will be Thauvin.. he will be great to subs Walcott..
    Adam Maher (PSV) also will be great..

    VCC.. I think I got zero point this week..?? hehehehe..
    Bad start.. but I believe still can finish in big three.. just like Arsenal.. hahahaha..

  19. Tarbabi says:

    Wenger [is] the star[a burnt out one] at arsenal. For years he has said, we [he] do not buy stars, we make them; that we have raided other clubs for their young players, we consistently overlook.

    At arsenal we have the deluded (wenger), leading the stupid (directors), followed by the dreamers (supporters). Eight, mostly unconvincing victories at the end of a league season, with the major decisions long resolved, was enough to convince wenger he had achieved some holy grail.

    How many seasons have we heard wenger and the board declared we are going to compete for titles and trophies? How many seasons now, has it been clear t blind Freddy and his deaf dog, those claims we’re without substance. When was the last time our team finished a league campaign within ten points of the champions? If wenger is asking which plays he should buy? An even more stark question is, is that not one of his primary roles? If he doesn’t know how to do that, is he the right person for the job? None of the other managers seem to have a problem identifying their teams needs.

    We appear to have a mentally and emotionally fragile man as a manager; who appears to have sought out players who are similarly fragile; the drawing together of these elements have resulted in a brittle and spineless team and club, that cannot see its own weakness’.

  20. Treesandspoons says:

    That’s unfortunately the only option Arsenal has right now, because they’re way too late. They have to go through the smaller leagues like Eredivisie, Ligue 1, Seria A, or even go smaller.

    I feel like Arsenal is being too nice in this whole process.
    So here is how you should do it Arsenal:
    Don’t knock on the door like a fucking scout selling cookies. Kick the door in, throw some money around like a lunatic, take the players you want, and get the fuck out.

    Also should be considered:

    Luciano Narsingh
    Granit Xhaka

    Wilfried Bony, Jozy Altidore and Nacer Chadli will prove this year, that there’s plenty of talent in the Eredivisie. So Wenger you either act now or wait a year..

  21. VCC says:

    Smashing post Dylan.

    With respect, you are not a paid football scout, and even if half your list is/was available, you have come up with several players that would enhance and improve our squad.

    Why is it then, the Arsenal scouts and Manager cannot pull off four, three, two or even ONE SQ player this summer.

    Total incompetency on the BoD and the Manager. It’s become farcical this transfer window.

    There is talk now we are in for Cabaye/Fellaini/Michu….. at £20mil, £25 mil and £20 mill, a total £65 mil. WOW, what SQ that is ????????….NOT

    The same thing has happened for the past several years and our paid personnel are not performing. Any other business and they would have been long gone.

    Our supporters have put up with this crap for too long. I for one am not going to spend another penny of my money until we start to perform as professional people, and start trying to compete with our competitors.

    As I have said many times over the past few years…get David Dein back in. This guy knows what he is doing, unlike the krankies we have in charge at present.

    Rant over…….

  22. VCC says:


    You have indeed had a bad start. Never mind my friend, its a marathon and not a sprint. There is plenty of time.

    You are not alone, Von Cloggenstein has zero with you. More worrying is the fact GLiC is above you!!!!!!!!!

    Results and tables can be seen on the UMF link above.

  23. Gerry says:

    Yesterday’s responses reminded me of a 5 year olds tea party, where they had been promised a special tea at 6pm, and because it is now 4pm the kiddies just want any old gobstopper to fill their impatient mouths. Not helped because somebody dropped the special quality trifle earlier.

    Today’s black background hardly induces any positivity, I am beginning to wonder is the site is just bowing to pressure of the chattering classes, rather than be a beacon of hope in these difficult times?

    From some of the headlines you would think we were 3 matches away from relegation?

    GOOD NEWS – Fans we are not in the bottom 4, and we are only 3 points away from the Top, which includes Man City, Chelsea, Man United, and Spurs( regrettably, but we have been in that position before?).

    How many have stopped to analyse what is being said, if Arsene is not really trying to sign top quality players?

    1 – He is not interested in buying, only in keeping the club in profit?

    You cannot be serious. He is a manager who lives and breathes Arsenal, a man who loves football when it is played in a good way. He always sticks up for his players and takes the flak. Do you really think he would abandon those principles, for what? To save his job?
    JB quite rightly said yesterday, he could walk out of here and be signed up tomorrow. PSG would triple his salary if that was his motivation.

    2, Senile, out of touch? Or even a cretin according to someone who should know better?

    Is this not the same manager that dragged us out of the pits after a home drubbing by Bayern Munic less than 4 months ago, and got the team inspired to go on an unbeaten run, and get us into the 4th spot that entitles us(not Spurs) to play in tomorrow’s play-off – the game we should be talking about? – Is not the same manager that scooped one of the signings of the season by getting Santi Cazorla here, and then later, Nacho Monreal?

    Or is it you go along with the poisonous Stewart Robson when he says;

    (3 -) Arsene Wenger will not buy a top quality player because he fears the pressure of failing to deliver, so he would rather finish 4th and say we only got beaten by the bigger clubs?

    Are you really that stupid? Stupid enough to even listen to that reptile?
    We are talking about the only manager to have his team go through a whole season unbeaten. The pressure there would have been enormous the longer the season went on.
    The same manager that has steered the club through difficult times and enabled us to see our beloved club play in the Champions League every season for the past 17 years. This is the manager that has overseen the sales of his top players over the last couple of seasons, whether you think he was right or wrong, he still handled the pressure of doing it AND still keeping us in the CL.
    And now he is so despairing that he cannot face up to the thought of battling on more or less equal terms with the filthy rich clubs.
    Come on, be serious?

    4, He is so tightfisted that he will not pay over the odds for players?

    So easy to say he, or those behind him, are incapable of buy any big name player when we know little of the facts so we can only guess. What we don’t know is just how far other clubs would push the price? We don’t know if it is that he simply accepts when the selling club says No?
    We can be sure that players may have their reasons for going elsewhere, and may be no amount of pressure or inducement will make them change their minds?
    What we do know there is still time to get quality players. Dylan’s post shows that. It also gives the media hawks a handy reference guide as to link us with next, making the negotiations harder if other clubs muscle in. As JM says, and I agree, perhaps better not give them an opportunity?

    4 – Arsene Wenger does not know of any players available?
    Who the hell do we think we are to present a list of names. He is the leagues longest serving manager, he is fully aware of players out there. But the closer this window gets towards the end, the more difficult it will be. It hardly helps having a baying mob pointing out the obvious?

    Thank you, but no thank you. You enjoy your bloodletting if you must.

    Meanwhile I will wish the youngsters that get added into the first team all the best. It will be tough, but great experience for them. They need all the true support they can get.


    Very well said Gerry

    Nice post Dylan, but i haven’t got a clue about transfers

  25. henrychan says:

    Hi Treesandspoons..
    Yes bro.. Eredivisie is a real deal.. hehehe.. Wilfried and van wolfswinkel already did..

    Nainggolan.. another Belgium youngster.. an Indonesian father’s player.. very strong in defence.. but I don’t think he will fit with Wenger type of team..

    Narsigh is a Winger.. usually play as RW.. yes offcourse will be a great sign..
    but we have Walcott already.. and also Ox.. I don’t think Wenger will stock more players in one position.. moreover if we consider wenger sold out 15 players..
    and we still have youngster like Olsson or Gnabry and Miyaichi in LW who can also play RW.. so there will be no other RW.. unless he is a youngster and can play in various position like Thauvin.. hehehe..

  26. macko says:

    fans want Arsene Wenger’s head if I understood correctly this but he to not realize he has done for the club and if he leaves that goes replace it???
    In all clubs ago bad moments but Arsenal Wenger This is always guilty. I think the player are also their share of responsibility in Saturday’s defeat in particular Wilshere and Ramsey who are inccapable to stay in front their defense he rises but do not down again enough. what I read disappoints me at the highest point the fucking transfer window is not finished we would already veer Wenger ……
    ps: I can not do too much dévelloper the translation takes me a long time sorry;)

  27. Dylan says:

    Thanks RichieLoco. Interesting that you say Barkley. We know Wenger likes young English players.
    6red, it’s more about the fact that Wenger said he wanted a list.
    John Ready, thanks. 🙂
    Gunrunner, that may be true, but it would be worth a bid. We just need Wenger to convince those players that we’re building towards a title run and that we need them.

  28. Dylan says:

    I will respond to more comments later. 🙂

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gerry 🙂

    Passionate comment and you are at your best when you are a bit angry hahaha 😀

    You were one of those bloggers who from the start wanted a large number of new signings and presented us regularly with candidates we should aim to sign. I had a bad feeling throughout most of the summer that we would not sign any players of quality, but gave the club the benefit of doubt until a couple of weeks ago.

    The season has now started and by Sunday we could be nine points behind the Chavs already: there is a real possibility for this. It is total incompetence by the management not to have added to the squad early on in the season – let alone not strengthening at all until now – when we had everything in place to do so. Denying this is fine with me, but on this blog we support the Arsenal and our players when we play, but we are not afraid to tell the truth. I appreciate your contributions very, very much, but I hope you appreciate I have thought long and hard about my current stance re the club’s mismanagement and this will remain a big theme until, if at all, things are resolved.

  30. Wengerball says:

    Greetings Dylan, beg to differ though on Value For Money (VFM)…

    Now that it seems Arsenal are out to be penny pinched to the last penny by any selling club if we are to go ahead and panic buy,… I assume we would hypothetically have to pay the highest price in each of your category list hence;

    Adil Rami, Valencia – £15M
    Jesús Gámez, Málaga – £7M
    Sergio Agüero, Man City – £60M
    Federico Marchetti, Lazio – £11M
    Fábio Coentrão, Real Madrid – £15M
    İlkay Gündoğan, B.Dortmund – £30M
    Marco Reus, B.Dortmund – £40M
    Christian Eriksen, Ajax – £25M
    Javier Hernández, Man Utd – £30M
    ➡ A TOTAL of about £233M

    Sure, we conceded 2 penalties and lost 1 – 3 against Villa but Arsenal is not in a crisis to now panic buy and punch way above its weight by contemplating to spend over £200M just to appease a few so called fans and a Xenophobic negative media biased against Wenger…

    I believe we can generate a big percentage of internal solution by believing and entrusting the required performance mantle to the remaining quality young players after the majority of the so called “dead wood” players left the club in the off season.

    A player like Thomas Eisfield was in Borussia Dortmund together with Mario Gotze and Marcos Reus and they are about age mates… It’s time he also shined for us by being given his chance to supplement our AM position as he is averaging 1 goal per 2 games in our U21 side and he even scored a brace yesterday.

    Chuba Akpom should also supplement our Striking options as we’ve seeing him score almost for fun… he is about the same age as Nicholas Anelka was when he was scoring in the final to win us the FA cup 1998 double triumph.

    Kriss Olsson and Issac Hayden should be entrusted with supplementing our CM positions as should Hector Bellerin should supplement our right back…

    This all in addition to the likes of Gnabry and Zelalem who seem to have made the cut… and if need be call back on loan “Big” Chuks Aneke to marshall up our defensive duties… I say now and not “tomorrow” is the time to trust the genuine quality that is in Arsenal Football Club… as was shone by Wenger’s entrusting in much maligned Alex Song when he was young and later formed a splendid combination with Van Judas in salvaging our 2011-2012 season.

    I hope Wenger trusts and genuinely follows through his policy of “We are Arsenal,… we don’t buy superstars, We Make Them.”

    Thanks…. COYG! 😉 😀

  31. AFC says:

    Here you go, Arsene! 😀

    Another idea that could work after I was just thinking of Chelsea. Chelsea do not have a world class ST but this is covered up by the fact that the rest of the team (the three AMs behind the ST and two DMs) can score the goals and share the burden as well as keeping the defence tight.

    If we cannot get a ST why not invest in Willian and a goal scoring Eriksen and convert Theo and Podolski to STs.

    We could then play Santi, Willian and Eriksen behind one of Podolski, Walcott or Giroud.

    Switching Podolski and Walcott to STs will make them happy. Walcott would offer speed, Giroud would offer an arial threat and Podolski would offer clinical finishing. Wenger would have plenty of options up front.

    Willian, Santi and Eriksen would play behind one of Walcott, Podolski and Giroud. Rosicky, Wilshere and one of Walcott or Podolski (if there are injuries) could also come into the ’3′.

    For DM I would try to get Kondogbia/Pogba and L.Bender. Options of Ramsey, Arteta, Kondogbia/Pogba, L.Bender and Diaby for the two DM spots. Win our matches mainly through the five midfield players.

    GK- Cesar, Marchetti or Adler. Fab. Szez

    RB- Sagna. Jenks

    CB- Mert. Kos. Verm. Sakho.

    LB- Monreal. Gibbs.

    DM (double pivot)- Arteta, Ramsey, Kondogbia, L.Bender

    LAM/LM/AM/RM/RAM- Santi. Wilshere. Willian. Rosicky. Eriksen, Ox.

    ST- Walcott. Giroud. Podolski.

    That’s the 25 man squad filled with Ryo and Sanogo going out on loan to other EPL clubs (newly promoted EPL clubs or weakest EPL clubs).

    That my friends is a title winning squad which would challenge for the EPL, FA and League Cups and even the CL every season.

    Willian (£30 million)
    Kondogbia/Pogba (£20 million)
    Sakho (£15 million)
    L. Bender (£25 million)
    Adler, Marchetti, Cesar- (£5-10 million)
    Eriksen- (£15-20 million)

    So that’s £120 million for those six players (all at maximum cost) and we have £140-180 million in the bank. We COULD afford to buy those players. Wenger COULD do this.

    The likes of Chelsea, United, City, Bayern etc, have squad like this. Full of depth, super quality, players with potential and experienced players.

    City went out and signed Negrado, Jovetic, Navas, Fernandinho and are looking for a CB. Now that is how you buy players. According to Ivan and co we can compete with the top clubs so why can’t we go out and get 5-6 quality players.

  32. TotalArsenal says:


    I would like an experienced GK, but it is not my first priority. Shay Given would be my choice as back up to Szczesny.

    I would like a CB or RB and I like Williams, as I can see him replacing Per if and when needed (he has that calmness about him and he positions himself well – he is also strong and has PL experience). But I like your candidates as well. I also like the thought of super-Sagna becoming a CB and us finding a good RB.

    I would like us to sign a DM who can play footie too. Gundogan and Bender would be great, but I would also like Fellaini to be converted into a holding DM: he has all the skills to become one and can play footie as well. Nigel de Jong would also do as he and Fellaini add that bit of bite in midfield we have been missing soooo much. I find it totally unacceptable we did not get a DM until now, and with Arteta out for a while I cannot see how Arsene is going the fill the enormous gap we currently have, unless he buys somebody who can fit in quickly. Flamini might be the quickest solution, but I reckon the bridge between him and Wenger went up in flames years ago.

    I would like us to sign an additional attacker – somebody who can produce goals and assists. Super quality would be great, but I am also happy with another good attacker who can get around 10-12 PL goals this season.

    But the big frustrating thing is that all these players – especially the DM – if we get them at all, will need to fit into the team and this takes time and therefore will very, very likely mean another transitional season. 😦

  33. AFC says:

    Gerry, you said:

    4 – Arsene Wenger does not know of any players available?

    Who the hell do we think we are to present a list of names.

    We are passionate fans of our club who want Wenger to do well and succeed. Wenger asked reporters and fans to tell hm (give him) the names of SQ players left to buy when he was interviewed. HE ASKED US!!!

    I know Wenger knows who is available but instead of coming out and acting dumb by saying ‘who do I buy’? He should be saying ‘there are plenty of top quality players left, I know what I am doing, leave it to me and I will get it done’.

  34. AFC says:

    Gerry, I would also add that if I interviewing him right now and I asked him why he has not signed players he would turn around to me and say who? Who is left?

  35. AFC says:

    TA, buying 5-6 players would mean a transitional season but these players must be signed. City have signed 4 top quality players and it seems that we will soon be left behind by the likes of City, Chelsea, United even Spurs who have also added around 5 players. City and Spurs are still looking to add.

    The pros (signing quality players, more depth) will outweigh the cons (players settling in, partnerships formed etc).

  36. macko says:

    Wengerball I agree a 100% with what you said this is exactly my thought it makes me very pleasure of read such things big thank you to you;)

  37. AFC says:

    Gerry, I would also add that if Mourinho and SAF were in AW’s situation they would not say ‘who is left?’.

  38. AFC says:

    Forgot Caceres from my list. Caceres, Sakho or Rami for CB.

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    Don’t agree AFC – NO MORE transition for me and only two, max three long term quality signings. Spurs will never leave us behind 😆

  40. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha if we’re 5 year olds that never got our tea sets, that would make you the extinct dinosaur in the room that doesn’t understand the world is evolving and can’t adapt to the change.

  41. Highbury Harmony says:

    Wengerball, it’s a great theory to just promote the youth to fill the holes, but Aneke and Eisfeld are as injury prone as it gets in terms of already suffering a fair amount of injuries in their young careers. Same goes for Miyachi and Sanogo.

    The quicker we rush these youth, the less time they have to properly adapt to a more grueling schedule and playing against men. Their long-term durability is this diminished and we are left with the same issues on depth year after year and wondering what could have been.

  42. AFC says:

    TA, I just can’t agree with you. We are in desperate need of quality and depth in our squad. Spurs and City seem to be hamdling their transition periods well. I would rather AW bring in everyone he needs this TW rather than waiting to the next summer TW to bring in more players. Get all the business done at once and then next season we are in a better position. Our players are also now asking for signings and I can see a number of players leaving if we only sign 2-3 players. Why? Because we will always find it hard to win things when the likes of United have a 20% bigger squad than we do.
    We need to buy all down the spine of the team (Gk, CB, DM and ST) then next summer AW will have to buy another DM and AM as long term replacements for Arteta and Rosicky.

  43. AFC says:

    I would just get all the players we need now.

    It seems we will have to agree to disagree, TA. 🙂

  44. Gerry says:

    TA @12.34pm – Yes, I did advocate 5 signings at the beginning of the TW, and I have had my share of disappointments. I repeated only the other day that I thought 3 major signings plus a handful of youngsters, some of whom would be added to the squad. I still think that will happen.
    You never really gave a reason why you thought there would be any quality signings, just that you thought there would not be? And now with the window still open you seem ready to declare you view the correct one. If this was the actual status of signings on September 2nd, then you might have some more justification in this current outrage?

    Now I can totally agree that lessons will be learnt out of this window, as clearly the strategy for taking any ‘advantage’ of our cash position needs to be looked at. Remember they have not been shopping at the top end of the market for a long time? But there are things we know and things we don’t know with regards these potential targets. Just to join in on the feeding frenzy of what is spewed out by a hostile media is not my cup of tea.

    You have taken the trouble to reply to my comment, so I will take this moment to answer.
    I still think we will get quality additions before the end of this window, as well a more streamlined academy players. What really depresses me is the speed at which these discussions have turned after the result of one match. A match where the referee did not do a competent job, to boot.

    I’ll happily engage when we are talking Fantasy Football, I’ll happily engage when discussing team sheets, possible options we have with tactics, even though they have zero effect on the reality of who plays. Where I draw the line is talking about things that, at best, educated guesses, at worst, well I leave that to you imagination?

    We have an important match to play tomorrow, perhaps we might get back to the real world, not as we would wish it to be?

  45. Gerry says:

    AFC@13.02 – Really? He was talking to you(and all the other ‘fans’) to tell him who he should buy? It couldn’t be he was just getting exasperated at the thick journo’s who, when their script is challenged, he was testing them to come up with an original name?

    I would imagine the entire list created in this blog, Wenger has a note or two on them from their early teens as good prospects. It is not an obsession as the memo sent to Ivan the other day , implied. it is his way of noting progress along the way.

    Take the recent account of his dealings with Grenier. He told him he was destined to become a ‘great player’, and he was a ‘priority’ to Arsenal’s recruitment. Instead, Grenier has stayed with Lyon. But, he is still on friendly terms with Arsene, so who knows what will happen in future windows?

    There have probably been many such players that he respects them enough to do what is right for them. perhaps that is not the hard headed person that this world needs to get negotiations completed? Perhaps? But whatever the outcome of this transfer window, I still respect Arsene Wenger for having a far greater knowledge of a player’s suitability for than I can muster just by viewing odd matches, reading others descriptions, and watching You tube videos. I therefore leave it to him to make the final decisions, as it is his legacy that is at stake?

  46. Ejyk. says:

    Wenger is a confused manager.His afraid to accept that his philosophy has failed him.it seems really rare to me by hearing a coach of wenger calibre saying that he couldn’t identify many good players out there that would strengthen his current team.
    There are also so much questions to asked about the scouting team in the Board.Its a big shame to arsenal fc on what is happening to them at the moment.AW have derailed the club.its high time they bring a change.if not,the experimentalist will continue his woes.

    players like>> Christain Erikson,willian,bender,sakho,Rami would make a huge difference from what we have at the moment.Arsenal is a top club that challenge for all honors available and so needs top players like other big teams to fight for positions in the team.i dont see that at the moment.

  47. Gerry says:

    HH@13.34pm – No HH, it would make him, or whoever it was who dropped the trifle, some what unfortunate? If it had survived we, or at least the 5 year olds at the party would be singing his praises?

    May be the trifle can be salvaged? Then the dinosaur will have triumphed over catastrophic events … I say, three cheers for the dinosaur!

  48. Gerry says:

    Wengerball, Terry, Macko – Shall we start a chorus of ‘We shall over come …’ ha ha

  49. AFC says:

    Gerry, if you read his interviews even the ones on arsenal.com he constantly saying that no one (reporters are fans) can give him the names of players. If I can name 50 players surely Wenger could name closer to 100 considering he has in ‘the transfer market’ himself has years of experience and has scout after scout avaiable to him. Wenger just seems to make him harder for himself. By asking who he should buy he has given some fans the impression that he is chatting bullshit and other fans that he does not know what he is doing. I would rather he just said ‘leave it to me I know what I’m doing’.

    I will save my final thoughts until the window has closed…

  50. AFC says:

    Gerry, if you read his interviews even the ones on arsenal.com he constantly saying that no one (reporters or fans) can give him the names of players. If I can name 50 players surely Wenger could name closer to 100 considering he has in ‘the transfer market’ himself has years of experience and has scout after scout avaiable to him. Wenger just seems to make him harder for himself. By asking who he should buy he has given some fans the impression that he is chatting bullshit and other fans that he does not know what he is doing. I would rather he just said ‘leave it to me I know what I’m doing’. If he knows all of these players why can’t he go and get them like City can?

    I will save my final thoughts until the window has closed…

  51. Dylan says:

    MM, I’m not suggesting we could afford all of them, but we could afford some, even on big wages.
    Good additions eric. 🙂
    SirThomasAbbott, Pellegrini said Dzeko is Man City’s number one striker. Do you think he bought Negredo and Jovetic to ride the bench? A big bid for Aguero could be tempting.
    Caxton, we may write our own letter.
    Excellent additions Yasin.

  52. Dylan says:

    Great list Treesandspoons! 🙂 But if we really have all this money we could tempt 1 or 2 of those big players.
    ruudthediver, great list! Except I heard Yilmaz is on his way to Lazio. 🙂
    Thanks JDS. 😀
    Totally agree, wam!

  53. Dylan says:

    Thanks henry and JM. 🙂
    Tarbabi, head up. If Wenger fails to make CL this year, he’ll leave and the club will be overhauled (that’s not what I want though).
    Thanks VCC and TMHT. 🙂
    Gerry, fantastic comment!

  54. Dylan says:

    Agreed Macko!
    Wengerball, I DEFINITELY don’t expect or want Arsene to buy all those players at top price. 😉 They were merely some suggestions.

  55. Dylan says:

    Great list AFC! 🙂
    TA, thanks for your list. Although, I still don’t rate Fellaini. 😉

  56. henrychan says:

    Oh my.. It happening again.. I must type it again.. hehe.. my smartphone really teach me how to be patient.. hahaha..

    I don’t the truth.. but rumours said Bale deal already done.. 93 millions pound + Fabio Coentrao..
    What a super crazy prices.. hahaha.. Platini will get a heart attack by that announcement.. FFP is really something.. hahaha.. LOL..

    That’s could mean.. Willian and Lamela.. and also Cabaye will be Spurs soon..
    And they can change all their starting line up.. hahaha..

    But don’t worry my fellow gunners.. At the end of this season.. they still will be below us.. hahaha..

  57. jgc says:


    Gerry and TA: I think what bugs me most is the wipe them out mindset. If we fire everyone now, it certainly won’t help this year or next. Equally, we don’t know the details. We may have offered more for Higuain and been turned down since RM is way more likely to see us than Napoli in the CL!? Who knows..

    Do we have incompetence? Yes
    Is it Wenger? IMO, no. The record says it all….
    Will it get solved this TW? Nope
    Will we get some quality? I think yes…
    Should we let Law and/or Gadzidis go? I think we’d get one, likely Law, as a sacrifice

    So, past a point frustrating, but….

    To the post itself. All are good choices. If I could have 3 I take 3 central defenders and DM types.. Bender, Pogba, Gundogan and go for 1-0 Arsenal each game.

    I do NOT think it matters too much whom, at any position, from your list we get. It’s all about fit and barring your Messi or CR7, very few are so so good to be brilliant everywhere! Every year about half the big big, usually ST, signings are a bit flat or worse. Ad a few others who were less rated, amaze. Thus, most any very very good players will do likely..

    So, yes, I’m frustrated and we will see tomorrow night, but what will be will be…

    Finally, TA, how can we be 9pts behind Chavs after two games, certainly, worst case is 9 points and game in hand?

    Cheers — jgc

  58. AFC says:

    JGC, I actuly suggested that idea last season. Get two DMs and two defenders in and maybe an AM like Willian or Erikesen. We will always score goals in our sytem of play but if we can invest in 3-4 defensive players that could be the answer. As you have said before defenders and midfielders are less riskier buys than attackers.

  59. AFC says:

    Spurs are in advanced talks to sign Willian from Anzhi according to talkSPORT.

  60. 17highburyterrace says:

    People, people…

    Dylan (and the others with the lists), I love the exuberance and the hope implicit in your list. Keep it up. Also, good luck with your personal efforts on the pitch. Having a physical outlet is key. After the therapy of what I fear will be a long post here, I’m gonna go for a run….

    I think there’s a need to look more deeply into the transfer market, which is NOT a normal one. What we have is a situation where several giant money clubs are hoarding players (limiting supply) and thus ratcheting up values. The two great miscalculations were that our current squad could deal with our rigorous early season schedule AND that talking big about who we could buy, money to spend, etc. would motivate the manager to pull the trigger. Much as it would be nice to think we’re on equal footing with City and Chelsea and United, we’re not. These teams (and Liverpool too, it appears…) don’t have to sell, at any price. Did anybody watch Kun Aguero yesterday? It’s a laugh that he–or any other City players–are going anywhere. Their 2nd team (which includes Micah Richards, from the list, and Jovetic, who many believed was the SQ answer for us…) is better than our first, at the moment, at least…It’s bad for the game but until there is structural change to prevent such hoarding it’s reality. Finally, the idea that transfers would mollify the “support” is also erroneous. Only results will do the trick. 1-3 for a home opener vs Aston Villa is exactly NOT what the doctor ordered…

    So, I’m not going in for lists AND I’m not going in for statements of intent that would likely waste our nest-egg on a single player. I still need to take down my Suarez mask avatar–all along 40+ million for a persecuted-by-the-English-media, already suspended, diving-cheating-biting guy along with talk about Rooney coming seemed like madness…We are not a “buying” club willing to spend crazy sums on high risk guys who will warp our salary structure…In fact, like Terry says, we’re in transition from being a selling club. Luckily (and sadly), we’ve got nobody to sell so at least we didn’t have to deal with tap-ups and want-aways all summer…

    The bottom line, I fear, is that this (however) is where a large chunk of the support wishes to live–in a fantasy world. It’s not totally their fault as the CEO has (with tongue somewhat in cheek, I would hope…) fanned the fires that the (hit-hungry) media (including us bloggers…) ignite…Structurally, however, we began the summer at a distance behind the top 3 clubs, in terms of our playing squads AND our financial resources. Our only hope was that managerial and squad cohesion would somehow give us a leg up. Maybe with some early signings AND good early results, the support would unite around the team to give us that little lift (in our home matches, esp.) and carry us to some upsets…Our early (league) schedule looked promising too…


    All that being said, I too want some signings and, obviously we NEED them. As the lists indicate there are clear areas in the squad that aren’t particularly difficult to augment with players who could at least challenge our starters. Cabaye is a GREAT example. This is a player who could rotate well with our central MFs, NONE of whom fit the mold of a traditional holding guy. Yes, Arteta has become that fellow, but only through necessity, unfortunately, he doesn’t have the greatest fitness record, much like Cabaye himself…

    So, where do we stand? Unfortunately we’re VERY weakened in the business (panic) end of the window because of the bad result on Saturday. And now, we’ve got bad news on the injury (and suspension) front with Ox out long-term and Koscielny sitting for Fulham away. (I don’t think double yellows can be appealed but I’m happy to be corrected…) Any slip up was gonna send our summer from “PR disaster” into “crisis” and, on paper at least, Villa at home seemed the easiest of the 5 early tests.

    So, as I’ve been saying, it’s back to plan A: Hope. (There is no plan B). I hope (for the moment, see below…) that we can get into the CL with performances that indicate some new guys are ready to step up. I also hope we get good results at Fulham and hosting Spurs (who looked solid but not really so strong-a team in transition–at Crystal Palace)… Ideally we find a little value in the wild sprint to the deadline day and augment our squad for the longer haul. If anybody watched Chelsea, City and United over the weekend and believes we’re gonna compete with those teams it’s time for a trip to the optometrist AND the psychologist, ideally one that specializes in depression (fueled by overly high expectations)…

    Sad as it might be, it’s time to get behind the club and gird ourselves for another very long season of fighting to hold onto our 4th place spot–a task that might be (far) easier if we dropped out of the cup competitions, esp. the CL. Or, if you think that’s not good enough for a club of Arsenal’s “stature,” then maybe managerial changes and a rebuilding period should be the tack. I’m still behind the manager and the club and the players (always), mostly because I don’t believe in quick fixes…but I think I’m very much in the minority…

    Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post and the glum outlook. 😳 Please ignore me and carry on… 😀

  61. 17highburyterrace says:

    JGC, I think (overall, re: transfers/the big picture) you and I are on the same page…Chelsea play Aston Villa (for some reason) tomorrow so all other teams will have a game in hand on those two…If we lose at Fulham and they win their match at United (Monday night football…) we could be 9 points behind them. Personally, I’m hoping that Villa beat them and then beat Liverpool at the weekend…Then, if we’ve lost at Fulham we’d be 9 points behind Villa, so maybe our 1-3 result wouldn’t look so bad… 😆

    AFC, Getting the giant money for Bale and reinvesting quickly seems admirable up the 7 Sisters…Hopefully, transition will be tough for that group. Big test on 1 September for both North London clubs, eh?…

  62. AFC says:

    17ht, Spurs are close to signing Willian. Why can’t we go in an get him? He’s a quality player who would improve our first eleven and overall squad. He can play LW, AM and ST. We are in the CL and Spurs and Liverpool are not so we could sign him if we really want to. I am not expecting £40-50 million players buy £10-30 players.

    We could get Willian if we want. We could get Eriksen from Ajax for a decent price. We have a chance of getting Pogba if we offer around £20. Why can’t we get Adler or Marchetti? I just do not get it, can you are someone else please explain. All I want AW to do is go and get some quality players not some of the worlds best.

    On Cabaye he is an average player in an average team run by an average manager. His is more of an attacking minded player and would not help to balance our midfield in my opinion.

  63. AFC says:

    * but players within £20-30 million and one or two bargain buys at £10-15 million.

  64. AFC says:

    Looks like Celtic will not be in the CL. They are now 2 goals down.

  65. TotalArsenal says:


    You wrote:

    ‘You never really gave a reason why you thought there would be any quality signings, just that you thought there would not be? And now with the window still open you seem ready to declare you view the correct one. If this was the actual status of signings on September 2nd, then you might have some more justification in this current outrage?’

    The first line is gobbledegook to me. Why is the 2nd relevant now? What does it matter whether we get some quality signings in the next 13 days? These players should have been signed no later than mid-July in order to have a chance of having a significant impact on our season.

    You also wrote:

    ‘What really depresses me is the speed at which these discussions have turned after the result of one match. A match where the referee did not do a competent job, to boot.’

    I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago expressing my disappointed of not signing any reinforcements through highlighting the risk of losing BFG, Arteta or Giroud to injury. Unfortunately, reality has already caught up and we have nobody who can defend a bit in midfield. This should have been our breakthrough season and yet again we will be running behind the facts. Just saying we only lost one game is totally missing the point – we have structural problems in terms of squad depth and quality. And this could and should have been avoided.

    You then wrote:

    ‘Where I draw the line is talking about things that, at best, educated guesses, at worst, well I leave that to you imagination?
    We have an important match to play tomorrow, perhaps we might get back to the real world, not as we would wish it to be?’

    I don’t like it when you are patronizing, even obnoxious at times. Let’s leave it at that.

  66. Wengerball says:

    Gerry, Macko and Terry… top top Gunners you are,… Keep it Tops as such with your positive vibes and outlook being supportive of the team all the way… 😉
    I’m sure the likes of you particularly are the reason players like Gibbs will have a deep cut above his eye but sweat himself in training today to be in Turkey tomorrow to play his heart out. You certainly are the reason Sagna will have one of the worst falls I’ve seen that could have done his neck but will be Thanking God he is not seriously injured and will be traveling to Turkey to make himself available to win for Arsenal and bring back the smile on your faces…

    P.S. Macko, don’t worry much, your translation is great enough for me to read and understand you are fully supportive of the Gunners… 😀

  67. macko says:

    according to the newspaper “team” Arsenal negotiating to goalkeeper Guaita valence 26 years

  68. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, Is Willian “better” than Cabaye? Will he help our team more? I’ve seen him play a couple of times (when we played Shaktar Donetsk in the CL a couple of years ago…) and he was (IMO) “active,” but not very effective. In those matches I thought the other Brazilians, Luis Adriano and our own (former player) Eduardo were much better. I’ve seen Cabaye several (i.e., more) times and I rate him more–I also think that central MF is a bigger concern for us than a “roving wingman” (Santi, Theo…) who can also score, if in fact that’s Willian’s game. If Bale is gone, maybe that’s what Spurs require…

    Like HH, I also appreciate Cabaye’s (right footed) FKs… In truth I rate him and think he could spell our Zorro quite nicely and (longer term) displace Ramsey from the 1st 11. His fitness issues are the biggest concern same as they were for Arteta two years ago.

    That’s just me, of course. Maybe you’ve watched both players a whole lot more than I have. Going by youtube clips or media written “market valuations,” I think, is not going to get my respect. Have at it, if you like, but I sure hope that’s not how our club decides to bid on players or determines how high those bids should go. (Reports say Chelsea were in for Willian at 24 million but, as the panic/replacement buying sets in, his value has risen. They gave up interest at that number, how high should WE go?…)

    Watching players in full matches and over years is, in my humble opinion, the only way to scout. I do that with our team but not others. Hopefully we’ve got some people out there doing it correctly… AFC, I believe you’ve stated in the past that you don’t watch all our matches. Why not? Do you watch other teams and their full matches? Certainly AW watches our guys AND sees them in training. My hope is that he and his team watch A LOT of full matches of anybody we’re thinking about buying (i.e., on THEIR lists). To me, it seems a bit cheeky to suggest that we know better than they do about how to do our business, unless our scouting is of equal breadth and depth….

    Again, however, that’s just me…Feel free to carry on… 😀

  69. 17highburyterrace says:

    I need to get out–and my run has morphed into a paddle on the lake (sea-kayak)…

    Emotions are running high due to results. I think we’ve got a quorum of people here who want to see AW get his squad together and nose us forward. Unfortunately the first match didn’t go to plan…

    Lists are all fine and good (and fun!) but let’s be realistic. We won’t be buying 5-6 players and blowing our cash in what’s left of this window. Hopefully some deals happen and those players add to the squad and results start turning our way. I’m of the mind that the 8-2 at Old Trafford didn’t spur our buying in 2011 much as I hope that the 1-3 on Saturday doesn’t this time around. Those were (and these are) unfortunate circumstances. That year we got up for 3rd (the final CL spot). Hopefully we can do likewise this time around and maybe figure a way to go a little deeper in the cups…

    Hope is great, but people need to use their EYES and see that despite all the talk (amplified in the media and in the blogs, including this one, which, btw, I love…) that expectations need to be realistic. Maybe if we could’ve bought ready-to-play Super Quality players we would be in better shape. Those guys are in extremely short supply which means prices are getting insane. If it’s true that Real Madrid are buying Bale for 93 million pounds I say then buyers (including would-be bloggers with their lists) should beware…Is Bale worth that much? No he isn’t. (Y Dios ayudale en Madrid–god help him at RM…) Spurs have a chance to strengthen (over time) by using that money on several players. To their credit they’ve brought in a bunch (Dembele and Lloris last summer, being the cream, I think) and they’re able to get away from dross like Parker and Huddlestone and even (30 million pound!!) Adebayor… Likewise, owner Henry at ‘Pool, continues to dip into his (deep) pockets and his team looks better. If they get mercenary Suarez to play near his potential, they too will challenge us…

    We’ve mishandled our business, (AND our PR…) but it’s not too late to pull a couple of rabbits out of the hat… getting behind the actual decision makers (Wenger, anybody else?) couldn’t hurt. Assigning blame is another way to go, but that was yesterday’s blog, wasn’t it?…

  70. Prince Paprika says:


    Now that is qualiteee, i mean ‘Super’ quality comment. (the really really really long one 😉 )
    I enjoyed that read and tend to agree.


    Thanks for the post and no offence to you, but i wish to take no part in submitting a list to Our greatest manager. On another day i will be happy to talk players and even give you a few names (though you would struggle to recognise them as my gems cannot be found on the internet or TV) but out of respect and until we know the complete situation of the goings on at AFC, i choose to take the ‘fifth’.

    Some quality names popping up, but not even Monaco Shitty or PSG could prize those names away.

    Off to get ready for work.

  71. Prince Paprika says:

    17HT, the first really really long one 😀

  72. Red Arse says:


    He’s not the only one with a ‘long one’! 🙂 Thank you!

    And then there’s the little one adorning Glic! 😀

  73. 17highburyterrace says:

    PP, what’s wrong with the others? 😉 😆

    OK, I’m off…

    Seriously, I’ve got no problem with people and their lists and speculations and all the rest…I’ve just got a different strategy, mostly centered around trying to maintain my sanity…

    Like I say, carry on…


  74. Red Arse says:


    What a star you are. 🙂

    If you were a journalist asked that question by Arsene he would be happy to give you a job — problem-solver-in-chief! 🙂

    You have produced yet another enjoyable Post for a jaded blogger like me.

  75. Prince Paprika says:

    i just finished reading the others. hahahaha. Fantastic!

    Redders, behave or its my turn to start the tickling 🙂

  76. Highbury Harmony says:

    Exactly TA @ 17:50. It’s not a knee jerk reaction after losing one game, but pent up frustration over our moves (or lack there of) all summer. We had the opportunity to really improve our squad early in the window to allow the new lads to settle in and integrate, but we’ve now lost that opportunity and the competitive advantage we had over our rivals’ manager carousels.

    Instead, we’re left with a depleted squad that is just a couple more injuries away from being pretty irrelevant. One more loss and the squad morale will hit a serious low, with Koz also out with a red card for the match against Fulham.

    Any purchases from this point on are still welcome, but it’ll take even longer to integrate them into our side and to make a long lasting effect. It’ll be more transition and hanging onto a thread of hope that our healthy players can stay that way.

    It’s the manager’s role to ensure we have enough cover at every position and he’s failed miserably in that respect. It should come as no surprise by now that over depending on injury-prone players like Gibbs, Sagna, Wilshere, Rosicky, Arteta, Vermaelen etc. to stay healthy for an entire season should be avoided. However, we constantly doom ourselves to repeat the same mistakes of the past.

  77. AFC says:

    17ht, I mainly stayed away from our pre-season matches (any pre-season matches) as they mean nothing to me. I do watch as many Arsenal matches as I can (if I am not busy). I say I watch around 75% of our matches in full (watch highlights of the ones I miss) and I watch other teams full matches 25% of the time when I am free. For me Willian is the one attacking player (ST aside) we are missing. He has pace, agility, good ball control and can dribble very well. He is the sort of flair player we need. We tried to get Gervinho as this sort of an option but all did not work out. I would offer £30 million for him. Willian could be a long term replacement for Rosicky as he can play as an AM, LW and even ST.

    HH, Dylan et all have seen more of him than I have but I am pretty certain they will also say he is a quality player. 😉

    Players like Cabaye and Fellaini I just do not rate. They can be good players but as AW has said he is looking for SQ players. Both are attacking players who can play in a double DM pivot and I would rather we signed a more defensive player.

    All the top players are wanted but we need to try and get them. We are a top club and instead of just getting average-good players we need to push on and get top players in for good prices.

    I would rather take the likes of Hernanes, De Rossi, Pogba etc, ahead of Cabaye and Fellaini. We need more of a defensive midfielder.

    I’m sorry if I do not agree with you but the likes of Cabye, Fellaini are not good enough in my opinion.

  78. Prince Paprika says:

    Hi HH,
    just before i take off for work, i wanted to ask you about a guy in our FF league and his connection to a red mancunian league, and manchester supporters league. Anyway of kicking the f**ker OUT?

    Have a great day/evening all 🙂

  79. AFC says:

    Guys, can I just say that we should lower our expectations just because we are in desperate need of signing quality players to add quality and depth to our squad.

    In my opinion we have not tried hard enough to bring top players. Wenger seems to have from l.Bender to Cabaye (which could all be smoke of course) after he has said that we have not signed players because he wants quality players. That is why I will not be happy if he signs Cabaye, Fellaini and so on. He could have signed these players earlier on but didn’t because he was aiming for better players so to not go and sign these SQ players would be a bad TW in my opinion. I think Glic also said that if we cannot get SQ players he should not spend the money and leave the money for next summer. I agree fully with him.

  80. AFC says:

    * should not

  81. TotalArsenal says:

    AfC – happy to agree to disagree 🙂

  82. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, at 18.50 agreed, agreed. 🙂

    Wengerball – we are all true fans on this blog. Some prefer to see the bigger picture; that’s the only difference.

  83. Gerry says:

    TA – I am sorry if my attitude to the very recent blogs has come across in an obnoxious way. Perhaps i should have kept it like HT17 – ‘That’s just my view, but please carry on ..’

    The thing is what is so great about this blog is you have a collection of great writers who write intelligently about all things Arsenal. I just feel that that spirit of community we had is getting lost amongst all the doom and gloom.

    Perhaps tomorrows post will bring renewed spirit when reviewing of squad out there in Turkey. Given the lads that were kicked, piledriven, and left bleeding are going to be doing their bit to get our season off to a better start?

    With the exception of OX they all seem to have come through? The youngsters that missed out on the under 21’s last night are probably being kept in reserve for the Fulham game? With only Sanogo and Gnabry look like being on the bench.

    It really shows the perversity of the Villa match that Ox should be the most seriously injured? Not only was Ox the first to get up from the accidental clash that both appeared to pull out of, t’other guy got booked, but went on to score, and we are missing a player for at least 3 months?

    That’s me, ‘leaving it at that’, btw .. I am already looking forwards to tomorrow …

  84. Highbury Harmony says:

    Prince, consider it done my friend :). I’m glad you caught the culprit, as I have no idea why a non-Arsenal fan wanted to join an Arsenal related league, where the prize is an Arsenal kit of your choice…

    On another note, Dylan that was a fantastic list and cheers for keeping up the positivity/optimism in a realistic manner. Regardless of whether or not some of these players would come to our club or are actually available, it inspires hope and the realization that there are still plenty of quality players available to be bought in this TW.

    My only concern is how long it will take to integrate them into our side and whether or not the new purchases or our current players can stay healthy enough to fully come together and see the expected results come to fruition.

  85. Red Arse says:

    For me, I would prefer to forget about signing anyone who is not top quality, at least in terms of their potential quality for our team and club.

    We screwed up our transfer market business as we stand, but there is still time to go, and AW can still pull a rabbit out of a hat.

    If he cannot, let’s put the kids on the bench, save our money and go again in January and with even more money next summer.

    I do not want Flamini. I do not want Williams who was shown up as a good tryer but lacking class when RvP made him look ordinary, There are others — and I do not want them.

    Go get the good ones, Arsene, but do not under any circumstances bring back ‘end of season job lots or used sales stock’, please.

    Sorry, AFC — but I am like that in my private life so I insist Arsene does the same! 😀

  86. AFC says:

    HH, totally agreed. Another point I missed for 17 we do not need to be managers or scouts to see who the quality players are, which quality players are available etc. Clubs will be in for every player and it is part of the transfer market. The scouts and Wenger with all of their experience, knowledge, scouting reports have gone it wrong on a number of occasions which has resorted in us signing a number of players which have not played well at Arsenal. Now back to HH, there are plenty of players and what is the point of waiting and having all of this money if we do buy SQ. Buying a load of average players just to make up the 25 man squad will mean nothing has changed. We must keep the hope that Wenger can sign some quality players before the window shuts.

  87. AFC says:

    RA, I only suggested Flamini as sort of additional Scholes signing to compliment our ‘real’ signings. Fully agreed. This is what I was trying to explain to 17ht. We should only be looking to buy top quality players. There are enough available in each position. Do you rate Cabaye, Fellaini, Williams as SQ? I certainly do not. I would rather we go for the likes of Sakho, Rami, Pogba, L.Bender etc.

  88. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, I do not think any of Cabaye, Williams or Fellaini are SQ players. However, you have to look at the matter in another way too (which is what I think 17ht was getting at).

    Do all the SQ players we can think of want to come to Arsenal if they are currently in a better situation (clubs already improved early in the window, less injuries in squad and already in CL)? Players like Gundogan, L.Bender and S.Bender are already playing in their homelands too!

    When you look at players like Cabaye, Williams or Fellaini, they may lack the SQ of other options that may or may not be available, but they bring PL experience and are likely better than what we currently have (except for Williams who would likely be a 4th choice CB once Verm is healthy). Fellaini and Cabaye are at the very least better than Frimpong and Jack as DM/CMs (Jack is better suited for the CAM role), while either one would be fantastic for spelling either Ramsey or Arteta from the starting 11 (potentially even replacing them full-time from the starting 11).

  89. AFC says:

    HH, thanks for that. 🙂

    For me I guess I could settle somewhere down the middle and change my opinion. We lack quality and depth so your points and 17ht’s points make sense. What I do not want is Wenger getting no SQ players. They are few left as you and 17 have pointed out but I still believe we can persuade 1 or 2 SQ players or players with SQ potential to join us. If Wenger needs 4 players and gets 1-2 SQ players and 1-2 squad players I will be happy.

  90. jgc says:


    17: thanks for the feedback. The market is definitely perverse and rigged. Especially towards scoring types (ST, CAMs, B2Bs etc). Equally, others being valued at X drives up the value of others to 0.9X…

    AFC and TA: as a counterpoint, just for the discussion (tho I’m off to bed), define SQ? Proven or turns out to be for us almost immediately. The first we know of, but like say Modric or Torres, can fizzle. The second are Henry and DB10 who when they came were top quality but not SQ like we use it now, I think (happy to be countered). Ie well proven, very good, highly likely to get better, but… Just a thought about where you’d draw the line??

    IMO, we gotta sign someone, if only to get some warm bodies out there! I’d prefer the “near SQ” myself and defensive side as it looks to be a rough and tumble year and I’m not sure any 1-2 SQ or TQ attackers will let is regularly out score top teams… But 0-0 or 1-0 Arsenal on a lucky goal will do! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  91. Dylan says:

    Thank you Prince and RA. 🙂
    I am fairly confident that signings will be made, and I think Wenger still knows best. However, I did want to show “him” (in quotes because, unless one of you is Arsene, I don’t think he’ll be reading this 😉 ) that there are players still available. And I hope he will find the right players to help us succeed this season. 🙂

  92. Highbury Harmony says:

    Agreed AFC, I wouldn’t be content with just adding one or two depth type players either. I’m holding out hope that we can acquire 1 SQ player and 2 quality depth players that can be relied upon to eventually become good starting players for us.

    Eriksen, L.Bender, Suarez and Rami are likely the best options out there that we can maybe convince to join us for SQ (if Liverpool can replace Suarez), while players like Yilmaz, Turan, Willian etc. are not quite SQ but also quality additions that would be more than just “depth” players.

  93. Admir says:

    @Dylan – if I were an employer, I would hire you for your deep analysis and enthusiasm. 🙂 Bravo, again!

    @AFC 17:27

    We can’t go for Willian or any other player for that matter because we have incompetent people in management who simply don’t belong to this world. We have a spin doctor for a manager who has insulted intelligence of Arsenal fans so many times that I would have no problem in ordering punching bags with his picture in this post. We have an owner that spends most of our games questioning himself why the ball that Arsenal players are kicking is rounded shape and nobody except that guy in the funny costume between the sticks doesn’t carry it in the hands. We have a CEO that will collect a huge bonus as long as our books are balanced. We have a negotiator that is so good in negotiations that half of Premiership hates us and the other half mocks us.

  94. Red Arse says:


    We are as one! 🙂

  95. AFC says:

    HH, I think Willian has the potential to become SQ if as gets more experience at playing in the top levelm he could reach the quality of Cazorla if he plays at a top team in one of the top league in the world and the CL.

    JGC, I would define SQ like this. Players who are playing for some of the top teams in the world in the top leagues in the world. There are some exceptions but the exceptions have proved themselves in the CL or at international level. They have to be fairly experienced but they do not have to be at the peak of their powers. Potential super quality players are players who are fairly young but are starting/showing their SQ potential.

    I will list some of the SQ players that we have been linked with and could still get:

    Suarez, Rami, L.Bender, Gundogan, Lewandowski etc.

    Potential SQ players: Sakho, Pogba, Kondogbia etc.


    Admir, you are talking about punching an effigy of a man who is the most succesful manager in the Clubs history

    He is also largly responsible for building the Modern Arsenal which has attracted fans all over the world, of which i suspect you are one.

  97. AFC says:

    RA, it’s all about signing players who are SQ or have the potential to be. It depends on the situation as well. For me the ST has to be SQ or should not bother signing one. Why? Because we could use that money to sign SQ midfielders and defenders if they are available. We do not really need a SQ keeper just an experienced one while a defender is more 50/50. If it’s a CB we’re after we could do with signing a young CB with potential. If it’s a RB we could do with just signing a solid Monreal type. For me SQ is or should be a must for DM or ST if we are going to invest in one.

  98. AFC says:

    Admir, your views may change after the transfer window if we add the right the right players. If the guys at Arsenal do not I will also start to lose faith but for now I will keep the faith.

  99. AFC says:

    TMHT, I can see where you and Admir are coming from. I know you are a very patient man as you have said before and Admir is also a patient man but he is starting to get fed. I am also starting to get up but at the same time I am keeping the faith. Us Arsenal fans must stick together through the good times and bad times and I am sure we will eventually get back to where we used to be, winning trophies and being a force.

  100. AFC says:

    It seems we will up our bid to £15 million for Cabaye according to reports.

  101. Alcide says:

    AFC @20:46,

    I agree with your analysis, apart from Rami being SQ – he is a decent CB compared to our current trio, could potentially challenge for the first team, but in my opinion he is not SQ by any standard. At first glance he seems to have a good sense of positioning and anticipation, but is error prone. Good in the air, but a tad slow. Not sure also that he is up to the physical challenges of the EPL – he is a very “clean” player. Still a good signing for us though – but I prefer Sakho, more EPL and potential in him (but will he take the risk of not having enough play time?)..


    Thanks AFC

    Admir is just frustrated, which is understandable and i hold nothing against him. Football is an emotional game and i am no saint. It has driven me to do things in the past i regret and quite frankly am now embarresed of.

    What i would advise, and this realy shoild apply to all of us, is to contain your emotions in a balanced manner. i have been watching Arsenal for over 40 years and if i had continued to blow a gasket with all the things that pissed me off as i did in my younger days, then i would have snuffed it years ago. hahaha

  103. AFC says:

    Alcide, Rami is a quality defender in my opinion and is better than Mertesacker and Vermaelen. That’s just my opinion. We all see it differently.

  104. Dylan says:

    Thanks Admir. 🙂
    All you pessimists out there, I urge you to save the doom and gloom thoughts until September 3rd. Lets see what Wenger does. 🙂

  105. Glic says:

    Evening Broke Back BK Arse Bandits 😆

    Thanks Dylan for giving Arsene something to chew over whilst applying Bouldies eye liner .
    A lot of them I have no idea about, some are not SQ and some( Aguero ) no chance. Out of that list, here imo are the ones that would add something to our squad……Suarez, Gundogan, L Bender, Reus, Eriksen, Sanchez and my own…..Pogba !.
    As I stated previously, Wenger has said he will ONLY buy quality, so imo ( and agreeing with Redders ) the like of Williams, Michu and Cabaye are anything but SQ and this reeks of desperation ( again ).
    Reading something Redders put on another site about Arsene`s reluctance to take advise from his scouts has me worried that he is losing the plot with his dictatorship style of management !.

    I will never disrespect the man but I do like most on here have an opinion and whilst I have been driving hundreds of miles today my mind wandered from my normal activity whilst being bored of thinking of Phallus related humour to thinking of something that will probably get the likes of Gerry and Stretch foaming at the mouth !.

    What can it be that has already grasped your attention and made you moist your Y-Fronts !.
    Well it`s the thing about how brilliant Arsene has done in always managing to get us in the CL for 16 years running !. I thought more deeply about it and it came to my mind that, actually, what he has achieved ( in getting CL every year ) is only what I would have expected of a club as big as Arsenal !. Take ManU, I can say without fear of doubt that every ManU fan would expect CL qualification to be the minimum they would expect from any season !. Then we have Chavs and City ( only recently ) with their money, I should imagine they also have a minimum requirement of CL qualification !. That’s 3 spots taken care of !. Now with all the teams left to chew over 4th spot for a CK qualifier, do you really think that’s it`s not expected of us (the club and supporters) to be at least 4th !.
    There you have it, yes Wenger has got us CL for 16 years ( including qualifiers ) but to me, it was a minimum expectancy !.
    Not quite time to scratch my eye`s out girls !. Another thing !. Everything has a shelf life, a best before date, a sell by date etc`, whether it`s food or footballers coming to an end of their career, well imo this also applies to managers as well !. Now if you were a nurse at the STD clinic in Bounds Green and you were pulling back Arsene`s foreskin, not only would you find a strand of hair from Stans Syrup and some grain of Boudies eye liner, you would see a best before date tattooed of 2006 !. So what fcukers , I lied about not thinking of a Phallus joke !. hahaha

    Anyway, In other news on Newsnow……..A man has been banned from every animal farm in the UK after admitting having sex with a Goat !…………now when I said to VCC why don’t you have a Goatee…..I meant grow one…..not shag one !.

  106. AFC says:

    Alcide, I think Sakho could be convinced to come. He would get to play in the EPL and would get playing time due to the amount of injuries we have in defence. We have a good manager in Arsene who is French which could play in our favour. He is also years younger than our other CBs which means he will eventually become our leader and main guy in defence if he was to come.

  107. AFC says:

    Terry, 😀

    If the tranfer window closes and we have not signed the players needed or the right players I think my fuse will finally blow as with a lot of other people on BK. Let’s hope Wenger and co can fix this for us.


    Yes Cornwall, but he also acheived qualification during a period of major upheaval

    The owner changed, the Directors changed, key personel left, a break even transfer budget, and the little fact of rebuilding a team from scratch. Allied to this, every year he saw players leave for money, others like Totnumb and Liverpool didnt have to worry about this distruption because there players were ordinary

    And why did the rich club want our players? Because Arsene bought them in as nobodys, identified there talent and turned many of them into world class players. in fact, if he had the resources to keep his players there is a good chance he might have won the title.

    Aresnals greatest resource during this challanging time of continued structural change at the Club is Arsene Wenger

    If we lose him, in a period were we have an inexperienced Board and stay away owner, then we truly are in the shit.

  109. AFC says:

    Glic, 😀 good to see you.

    Pogba would be a very good buy. He is/could develop into that Song type player. A DM/box to box midfielder who can defend but join in the attack. I hear Pogba also scored a cracker from far distance in a recent match.

  110. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey guys, back from my paddle (lovely, of course)…and glad at least a few people read my writings and enjoyed them…It’s all part of the therapy that I’m sure Dr. Glic would prescribe–after, of course, taking care of more important things encased in your Arsenal shorts…(I’m actually wearing a pair, as I type…)

    Back to yesterday’s theme on blame…Management is not unified and thus we have a public relations disaster. Gazidis is the same guy who has inflamed expectations for signings AND thinks fans should be excited that we’re in negotiations for extending Wenger’s contract. To me, that’s idiocy… (To be clear, I think we +should* extend Wenger’s contract to mitigate deepening our short term troubles. To his credit AW has made himself “indispensable” to the organization…The other parts of management should maybe not get off so easily…)

    Regarding today’s debate. I too want Super Quality at the club, but who qualifies? Just because you command a big fee (or salary) does NOT mean you’re SQ. Very simply put, there are only a handful of players worldwide who can carry a team to a higher level. There are others (on people’s lists…) who are widely acknowledged to have FAILED at their current club (see Sanchez at Barca, for example). Certainly they’re not SQ? Still, (if you watch our matches and acknowledge that we’re not that good…) you can see how WE might want them…

    IF the support could be more realistic and get behind the manager and his squad and look beyond immediate results something good, maybe, could happen. As it is, we lurch from match to match and crisis to crisis. Hell, a good chunk of the support thought it was wrong to celebrate 4th last Spring. (And I guess Glic agrees, see above… 🙄 ) According to one blogger whom I trust (7amkickoff), we waited a year to get Santi and are working the same deal with Bender and Leverkuysen… I’d call Santi SQ and I’d wait a year if Bender can contribute in similar style. Most Gooners at this point, I fear, wouldn’t…

    Right now, as JGC says, we need bodies…Cabaye is a good player and was a big part of Newcastle finishing above Chelsea a year ago. With Arteta a fitness issue and Ramsey (for me…) unconvincing, it’s a no-brainer. Unfortunately, Newcastle hold the cards. Fellaini is a similar proposition. Everton has finished above Liverpool two years running. If he’s their best player and Suarez is ‘Pool’s maybe we should bid 40,000,002 on the Fro. I’m kidding, of course, just trying to suggest that AFC’s argument about the “quality of the team” is a misleading one…

    Our club is in (serious) trouble right now. Finger’s crossed for an uptick with tomorrow’s match and maybe some good news in the transfer misery…

  111. Dylan says:

    Thanks Glic. 🙂
    17HT, I hope the Bender thing is true. 🙂

  112. 17highburyterrace says:

    Whoa…Did anybody see the goals Sociedad scored in Lyon… nil-2 going back to the Basque country…Carlitos Vela playing a large role in the victory…One that got away, where a good #2 manager (who speaks Spanish) might’ve been a good thing…

    I’m with Terry re: the manager. The board (including majority shareholder) and the rest of the management team are where fingers should be pointed… Also, I’d like to read RA’s post about AW ignoring his scouting team. Please refer me there…


  113. 17highburyterrace says:

    But Dylan, we NEED him now (don’t we?)…. 😉

    How much should we push out the boat (offer) to try and get him a year ahead of schedule. Or is he the sort of SQ that needs a year out on loan (or with his current club) before he’s of value to us?…

    Just asking (i.e., tons of respect for your post AND your list)…and trying to highlight some of the difficulties that management faces and fans tend to under value…

    As always… 😀

  114. Alcide says:


    It’s just my opinion on Rami, for having seen him in many games (although mostly playing for the French team). Sakho indeed has more potential especially over the medium term. As for Pogba, he would be a great asset, and a perfect player for Arsenal to groom into SQ – that’s one of the most promising player I can think of.

  115. AFC says:

    17ht, we would probably have to pay £5-10 million extra to get L.Bender a year early. He is good enough to come into the team now if needed and will be able to develop while playing for us.

  116. Alcide says:

    With Lyon’s defeat at home, I wonder if Gourcuff will be on the way out. If OL does not make group stage in Europa League, They might need to cut some players. Aulas, relayed by French newspapers seemed to be hinting that his expensive midfielder could be authorized to leave. He’s found is form (finally) in the last few games, and maybe could add depth although does not play in the positions we need most. What do you think?


    17, i think Redders posted it on “Arsenal Arsenal”

  118. AFC says:

    Alcide, not sure about Gourcuff to give you an opinion on whether we should try to sign him.

  119. Glic says:

    Yes Stretch I know he has been a heaven send and he will go down as our greatest manager ever imo, but by all accounts he does everything and delegating is a dirty word for him, so the buck stops with him imo, less than 2 weeks to get the support back on side, but I have a horrible feeling of deja vu and the nightmare scenario if seeing the doppelgangers of Santos, Squilacci and Chamakh ………… The trolley dash from Hell !.

  120. Glic says:

    It was on Arsenal Arsenal @ 10:58am.
    It`s on the blogroll on the right hand side of this page !.

  121. Admir says:

    Glic, there is a joke here in Bosnia about a goat:

    The Bosnian, The French and The Italian were released from prison after they served 5 years. While they were walking as free men, out of nowhere, they ran into a goat that was eating grass.

    The French said: “Mon Dieu, if she was only Brigite Bardot!”

    The Italian said: “Mamma mia, if she was only Monica Bellucci!”

    The Bosnian said: “God damn, if it’s only dark…”

    (There are versions with a cow and a sheep but you get the picture. 😀 )

  122. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, sorry to be riding you, but how do you know how much we need to pay to get Bender (nor anybody else)? Are you privy to the negotiations between the clubs? Do you have a “sauce” (“source”)… Speaking of which, where is Bondy today?

    Would you agree with me that circumstances have (perhaps) made for a (much) more difficult end of window situation for us? I think we’re gonna have to pay ridiculous, if not obscene, prices for “average players”, given that management has induced a situation where ANY bad result is seen as a crisis by a vocal part of the “support.” On the plus side, those “average” players might still be better than some we’ve got and might add to our (outrageously thin) squad depth…

    My point: the easy solutions are maybe not quite so easy AND the information that makes them appear so easy (maybe) needs questioning…

    Cheers Glic/Terry for the heads up…Off to AA, then…


    All this could be true Cornwall.

    When you consider that the club lost Dein, Fizman, Frier, etc, they effectivly lost very experinced men who played key roles within the the club.

    Maybe, after these departures Arsene took on some of there responsibility becuase he was more qualified than there replacements and maybe it has backfired? i dont realy know.

    But was is clear is that just from the statement above you can see the major upheaval the Clb has ben through. in any organisation this would be massive and Arsenal are no different.

    The key to the frustration is the transfer situation, but what people conviniently forget is that this the first time the likes of Gazidis and Law have had in which they can play the “game” with money in there pocket.

    This is not an excuse, as ive said they seem to be have found wanting and i include Arsene in that, and ime sure the situation is not helped by having an owner who looks upon the club soley as an investment and is riding a horse somewere with extra glue on his nut so the syrup wont come off.

    There is a lot more to managing a football club than the transfer market, a lot more.

  124. Glic says:

    Hahaha Admir
    You forgot the 4th person…..VCC, who said…” Bollocks, if only you 3 were not here and I had kept one of those condoms from prison instead of giving it to Tony Adams ! “

  125. AFC says:

    17ht, I do not know how much which is why I said ‘probably’. I really should have said have said in my opinion. I think £5-10 million because we would be getting him for around £20-25 (my guess not fact) so an extra £5-10 million (25-40%) would make it worth while for them to sell him a year early to us. Of course, there is the chance that he might not want to leave yet or his club might not want to sell him to us yet.

  126. AFC says:

    JB’s sauces have probably driven him crazy. 😀

  127. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cheers, AFC…Same as Gerry, I guess I get sensitive to so much conjecture…

    My big point is that it’s a seller’s market and if you’re selling to Arsenal it’s time to make lottery style money (due our “crisis” or the schism between the club and the support)… In other words, if we can finagle anything that offers the tiniest glimmer of hope here at the business (panic) end of the window, I’ll be chuffed…

    See what I’m doing there? Lowering my expectations to floor level…It’s the key to happiness, in my opinion… 😀

  128. Glic says:


    Nina Bracewell- Smith the Hon Vice President of Arsenal has come out and said she regrets selling to Kroenke. I think I`m right in thinking you couldn`t give a shit about Kroenke or Usmanov, but do you have an opinion who would get Arsenal competing out of the two ?.

    In an Ideal world, the EPL would be run as like the Bundesliga with the fans owning 51% of the clubs, but alas we aren`t. So imo unless FFP really bites and I have grave concerns as to what impact of policing UEFA can do !, then it`s Usmanov all day for me, you only have to look at all of Kroenkes sporting acquisitions to see that that they are all average……something that Arsenal have never been and something we don`t want to end up as !.
    Kroenke OUT !.


  129. AFC says:

    Glic, Nina Bracewell- Smith is one to talk. She is the one who sold her shares to Stan and helped Stan and co in trying to freeze Usmanov from Arsenal. She should be apologising to the fans and saying it is her fault rather than trying to make out she is the victim and she has been taken for a mug.


    First of all Cornwall, Bracewell Smith, like all the others, saw the money and ran, so i pay no truck to her comments.

    My own opinion is that i dont realy know. hahaha. However, given Kronkes track record and Usmanovs wealth then i would not be averse to a change.

    My only concern would be how Usmanov would treat and handle those below him. Despite Abramovichs success, the way he runs things is ugly and distasteful, football clubs are more than just an ego maniacs desire for trophies.

    If usmanov acts with dignity and within the Arsenal traditions, then i would be more than happy to assinate Stan for him. hahaha

  131. AFC says:

    TMHT, agreed. She is just saying this rubbish now to cover her own back.

  132. AFC says:

    TMHT, from my understanding Usmanov is an Arsenal fan (Prince begs to differ) who just want to invest money in Arsenal so we can compete and do well.

  133. Glic says:

    Sorry guys, I wasn`t sticking up for Bracewell, ( and I agree with you both that she can talk ! ) I was just reporting what she said, that’s why I posted the link. My main point is that Kroenke is hardly a success ( trophy wise ) with sports teams unlike his business`s, but maybe as long as his sports clubs make money that’s all that matters !.

    Hahaha Stretch. You don’t even have to assasinate Kroenke, it`s the symbiotic Syrup that’s the problem !, bring me the syrup of Stan !. hahaha


    That could be true AFC, and i would wellcome that.

    As i said, my only concern is how he would behave. Abramovich for example sacks managers because they make him weak tea. Some might not care as long as we are winning, but i do.

    Just as important as winning trophies is protecting Arsenals image and good name

  135. AFC says:

    Glic, I know you were not defending her.

    TMHT, surely he would be better than Stan. I think the other guys in the board do not want him to be the majority shareholder as he might actually start spending serious money.

  136. Glic says:

    I`m not sure of all the info but didn`t Dein sell to Usmanov first, then the then current board went ape shit and shareholders sold to what they thought was the lesser of two evils in Kroemke !. So in a way our classy image and good name was not so great then if there were under hand dealing trying to keep out a legitimate purchase of shares by Usamanov !.


    “better” is the word AFC. As ive said, my own opinion is that if he was to act with dignity and respect for his manager, staff, and Arsenals traditions, then i would take him over Stan like a shot.

    In fairness i trust neither man and this realy irks me. One thing Arsenal was known for was its stability and relative harmony in its higher echelons.

    With an absent owner, and a minority shareholder lurking in the shadows, i dont think we can longer claim this

  138. Highbury Harmony says:

    According to the Telegraph, Willian is having a medical at White Hart Lane today in a £30 million deal.


    Good point Cornwall.

    The previuos owners did a great job for Arsenal but after the move to the Grove they saw the £ signs, sold out and became very rich in the progress. None of them have a right to lecture any one

    In a way this leads me back to the debate about stability and Wengers record. These are the conditions the man has had to work under.

  140. AFC says:

    TMHT, fully agreed.

    HH, If Spurs can keep Bale they will have a really good team.

  141. AFC says:

    Spurs are also trying to sign Lamela.

  142. Wengerball says:

    Surely now, there no longer is any doubt about how manipulation of some of the passionate and long standing Gooners who’ve been most supportive of Arsenal are being sold negativity by “Daily Media tabloids” and are buying it…

    Someone at some point in this post said they will reserve giving a “list” to Daylan’s post lest busy bodies so called reporters see the hypothetical players names and price quotations and tag them to their cheap daily reporting in their media Arsenal hating outlets… and somehow, a story that I saw and decided to ignore as is recommended in avoiding fanning attention seeking Anti-Arsenal campaigners is finally finding fuel onto Arsenal Supporting blogs… Truly sad indeed as case in point, the story peddling the Anti-Arsenal campaign on matters contract negotiating for players is not only (obviously) inaccurate as I fully trust the intelligence of those charged with doing a good job for Arsenal, but the reporter originating this bile is the same one who had a go in telling Wenger in his press conference pre-Bayern away that “he was looking at Wenger because it was his press conference” in relation back then of trying to poison fans atmosphere after we had lost to Blackburn and then there were lied suggestions that Wenger was just about to sign a new contract at the time.

    I personally wouldn’t mind Wenger being given an open ended new contract of him to stay with Arsenal till when he feels in his own terms, he can retire from all football related activities, but what I’m disappointed in is the likes of such journalists taking advantage of the big support Arsenal has got around the world and trying to disenfranchise and split the opinion of Arsenal supporters who in them want to win in harmony ‘Victoria
    Concordia Crescit.’

    I say we can agree to disagree on matters Arsenal but let’s not get disunited by any Arsenal haters who ride their daily bread by being negative about arsenal as it will always get the headlines and increase their “hits” and sales revenue. Such don’t care about Arsenal and it’s their joy when it’s not going Arsenal’s way as it will be there minefield blasting Arsenal.
    Lets not give them coverage in Arsenal blogs by paying attention to their tired bile and untrue stories as they will realize that even if any publicity is good publicity, Arsenal supporters have Arsenal at heart and if at all, they will only criticise constructively for the well being of the club e.g on tactics but not criticize to bring our great club down.

    After all, if God forbid Arsenal were to go down down down, its the supporters who would pull together to bring it up like in Portsmouth’s case and the negative media would be nowhere around to help our course.

    As is said, “He/She who angers you controls you” and no negativity circulated around will destroy the Gunners fraternity as we are a free lot and not to be controlled by Anti-Arsenal advocates…

    COYG 😀

  143. Funminiyi says:

    Inigo Martinez so Sagna can go CB
    You didn’t mention Shawcross as we still loathe him for that Rambo tackle
    Mattieu Valbuena from marseille
    Tim Krul from Newcastle
    Or Asmir Begovic
    Mauricio Isla
    Ezequel Lavezzi
    Stefan Kiessling
    Mirko Vucinic

  144. Glic says:

    At the end of the day we can only support what ever team we put out on the pitch and I`m sure all of us BKers always want us to win unlike some so called fans who would rather us lose just so that Arsene get the sack !.
    One thing is for sure ( well imo ! ) only one of ManU, City and Chavs ( or maybe the Spuds, the way they`re buying anything that moves ! nah, surely not ! ) will win the EPL and only one of them plus Madrid, Barca and Bayern will probably win the CL and we all know why !.
    Unless we spend seriously big and pay the big wages then the same cycle will continue and we wont have chance of joining the party, in fact we will be pushed further down the pecking order by the likes of PSG and Monaco etc`, unless FFP works ( hahahha ) or Kroenke sells to Usmanov……..mmmm ……what `s the best bet…..FFP or someone with the reputation of never selling a sporting prize trophy selling to a fat Uzbekki ?.

    Just to confuse you more, Alisher Usmanov has two contrasting anagrams ( amongst many ).

    1) A man holes virus !

    2) His Arsenal ovum ( egg ) !.

  145. AFC says:

    Wengerball & Glic, well said. 🙂

  146. Highbury Harmony says:

    Bale sold to Real Madrid for £93 million

  147. AFC says:

    HH, I heard that rumour early today and dismissed it. Thanks. Glic no need to bring your bananas for the Spuds game. 😀

  148. Highbury Harmony says:

    I beg to differ AFC, Bale will officially be confirmed as sold soon. I believe Spuds are simply waiting to confirm their own signings of Willian + before making the formal announcement.

  149. AFC says:

    HH, have you got a link for the article?

  150. AFC says:

    HH, I believe you. I was saying that I thought it was not true but it seems to be true now.

  151. Highbury Harmony says:


    Of course, we’ll have to wait for the official confirmation on Spuds’ website, Skysports or BBC though.

  152. AFC says:

    Thanks for the link HH. 🙂

  153. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ah I see AFC :). It makes sense since there’s no way they could fund all the signings of Soldado, Chadli, Willian and Paulinho without the sale of Bale. Lamela is next I’d imagine.

  154. AFC says:

    I have also heard that Coentrao will be sold to Spurs for £15 million.

  155. Highbury Harmony says:

    Dylan, how come I never got a thank you for defending you and commenting on your article ;)?

  156. Highbury Harmony says:

    Remeber AFC when you told me that Spuds would simply not be able to fill the rest of their squad with quality players if they sold Bale and I disagreed with you ;). Looks like Levy and AVB are willing to spend that profit they’ve been accumulating.

    Now, I’m not saying it guarantees them a CL spot or better, but it certainly shows the willingness to get there and that maybe in a year or two they’ll have a solid foundation to build on, not centered around one individual.

  157. AFC says:

    HH, seems you were right. 🙂 😀

    Not sure when the spending will stop with the Spuds. Maybe 2 or 3 more signings for them.

  158. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, could be a case of too many new signings though and not enough time to properly gel ;). We’ll have to see what happens but Soldado already looks top notch, while Chadli and Paulinho were great in their first games. Capoue was also decent in his cameo sub appearance.

  159. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, I have no idea what they’re doing with Holtby. He was a pretty highly regarded player by Germany and Schalke before making his move to the Spuds, yet he hasn’t received much playing time or opportunity there…

  160. AFC says:

    HH, what they could do is intergrate 2-3 players every few weeks and I think they would be set for the future. Holtby out wide might be an option? I think they want rid of Adebayor and Defoe. Not sure why they want to get rid Defoe.

    If I was AVB and Levy I would go for a LB, CB, RB, ST and Lamela and if they are getting rid out Defoe and Adebayor. CB to replace Caulker and LB and RB to add depth. ST and Lamela to replace Defoe and Adebayor.

  161. Dylan says:

    HH, sorry mate! Totally missed your comments! 🙂 Thanks for the support. I wouldn’t worry too much about gelling. The best players gel quickly. 🙂

  162. Highbury Harmony says:

    Agreed AFC, I don’t understand the need to get rid of Defoe, UNLESS he wants a move away in order to secure regular first team football to cement a place on the England squad for the upcoming World Cup. Spuds become pretty thin at ST if they sell him.

    Regardless of how slowly they integrate various players, there’s still a learning curve to adapt to a new system. Fortunately for their players, Spuds’ football has always been about pace so there’s less of a need to adapt to a system per se. I think they’ll be a strong side as always and will have actually improved after selling Bale, especially if they can add both Willian (more or less a done deal apparently) and Lamela (on top of their other additions).

  163. Highbury Harmony says:

    Haha no worries Dylan, I was merely jesting ;).

    I agree that the best players gel quickly, though I would reserve the tag of “best players” for ones that understand our system (possession/tiki taka) or are of a SQ like Santi.

  164. AFC says:

    HH, all agreed.

  165. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post 🙂

  166. Marcus says:

    I can come up with a list of players who are available for transfer and would make us contenders.
    GK- Begovic, cesar
    CB-Adil Rami, Ezequiel Garay
    DM-Either of the Bender brothers, Tiote,Fellaini
    CF-Rooney, Lewandowski, Suarez, Michu Jackson Martinez
    Wide (left) Forwards-El sharaawy, willian, Di Maria, Sanchez

    So Wenger needs to stop peddling his bullshit and either do something quick or fucking resign and leave the job to someone who can do it!!!

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