Arsenal – Fenerbahce: Frimpong’s big chance, Rosicky in the hole, Full-Backs fully back?

Fenerbahce's Sukru Saracoglu Stadium

Fenerbahce’s Sukru Saracoglu Stadium

Let’s park the bigger discussion about the club’s continuous failure in the TW, and focus for now purely on the CL qualifier against feisty Fenerbahce tomorrow. Nothing is better after a disappointing defeat than to get a chance to make up for it a few days later, and the Fenerbahce game gives the boys a fine opportunity to bounce back.

Would it not be nice to see a repeat today of the score line almost five years ago, when we beat Fenerbahce 2-5 in Istanbul. This was the team that played for us back then: Almunia, Eboue, Song, Silvestre, Clichy, Walcott (Djourou 84), Fabregas, Diaby (Ramsey 73), Denilson, Nasri, Adebayor (Vela 86).
Subs Not Used: Fabianski, Van Persie, Bendtner, Gibbs.

Only Ramsey, Walcott, Gibbs, Fabianski and Diaby are left from that squad, and especially Ramsey (late substitute), Diaby (played 70+ minutes) and Walcott (was unstoppable on the night) will have good memories from that game with all scoring a goal (Song and Adebayor were the other scorers).

Fenerbahce were recently banned from playing European football for match fixing, but as they appealed the decision they are still allowed to play pending the outcome of the hearing, which will take place a day after the return fixture. But of course, we cannot take much notice of this and just have to focus on beating the Turks over the two legs fair and square.

I am not too worried about tomorrow’s game, as I expect Arsene to use his European experience to get the best out of the team and a positive result to take back home. However, Fenerbahce should not be underestimated as a hostile atmosphere combined with an early Turkish goal could lead to considerable trouble, if we do not keep our cool.

Therefore, Wenger will have to select his best and most experienced team for this encounter, and he will have to get his players to totally focus on tomorrow’s game and nothing else. We need a calm and well organised defence/GK, we need a well organised, solid and multi-disciplined midfield, and an energetic, continuously pressing, and lethal attack tomorrow. So, that means a step improvement of all three lines from Saturday’s under-par performances against the shitty Villains.

I reckon Arsene will have to make one big change and that is in midfield. The Rambo-Wilshere combo did not work as we were left far too exposed in the centre of midfield throughout most of the game. I am a huge fan of Wilshere but I reckon he will start on the bench tomorrow, and Frimpong will replace him. He is our best defensive midfielder at the moment – which says a hell of a lot – and I reckon he will play in front of our defence and shield it with his life. I expect Ramsey to play in the more box-to-box like position and Rosicky, because of his experience and his truly fantastic performance on Saturday, will be back in the hole again.

Up-front it is likely to be Cazorla, Giroud and Theo, with a second half cameo by Podolski.

At the back, we have had some fantastic news that Sagna somehow has got over his horrific fall on his neck and that Gibbs can play too, so they are likely to play; although both Jenkinson and Monreal (appears to have recovered from his pre-season injury) are also available tomorrow.

My predicted line-up looks like this:


Enjoy the game fellow Gooners and let’s get behind the boys with all that we have tomorrow night.


Written by: TotalArsenal.

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194 Responses to Arsenal – Fenerbahce: Frimpong’s big chance, Rosicky in the hole, Full-Backs fully back?

  1. rellends says:

    frimpong would be a disaster waiting to happen. he’ll run around like a headless chicken giving away free kicks and eventually going off injured if he hasn’t been sent off already.

  2. Wengerball says:

    This is the beauty of being a Gooner.
    Games come thick and fast and the right focus reverts back to matters on the pitch, on field football tactics, the ooohs and aaahs of seeing Arsenal play and definitely what many envy of us Gooners… being at the pinnacle of football playing stage… and long may it continue. Roll on Champions league…

    COYG! 😉

  3. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers for the pre-game report TA. Nice to see a shift from the usual transfer talk and it’s a great opportunity to shift our focus if we can win in Turkey. However, the Turkish crowds are always extremely loud and raucous and will try their best to make life hell for our players. There is the benefit that this is not a home game since our players will not exposed to the showering of boos since no further signings have been made since that devastating defeat against Villa.

    Still, Frimpong as the DM is extremely concerning – if Cabaye is bought tonight/tomorrow morning and he passes his medical, is there any chance he would play right away ahahaha?! In theory, the Ramsey-Wilshere combo should work, but Ramsey would need to be more diligent in his defensive duties/organization and allow Jack to play the B2B role.

    I was relieved to hear that both Gibbs and Sagna were fit to play tomorrow, though I still think Nacho will not be ready despite training with the squad today.

    If we can manage at least a draw, I’d be very content as it gives us what should be an advantage heading back on home soil.

  4. AFC says:

    TA, great preview of our match against Fernerbache. I think Podolski may start on the LW which is why he was not played against Villa. I just cannot see Frimpong starting. I think Wenger will go for the Wilshere-Ramsey combo or even a Rosicky-Ramsey combo maybe with Cazorla in the hole.

    I could be wrong of course. 😀

  5. AFC says:

    Another option could be Jenkinson at RB and Sagna in the double DM pivot next to one of Wilshere or Ramsey. 😉

    If Jack and Ramsey play together in the double DM pivot why can’t Jack and Ramsey just stay back, keep tight and shield the back four. Surely Ramsey and Wilshere can play like DMs.

  6. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good job, as always, Total. Thank god we’ve got matches to play. Thin as our squad is, our confidence about our club is even thinner. We simply need more evidence to go on…

    I’m hopeful for the match tomorrow. The away goals rule gives home teams a real incentive to play for the clean sheet so that’s what I will be expecting from the Turks. As such I don’t see us worrying about them scoring so much as us matching or exceeding whatever they put in. Did Frimpong feature in pre-season (I missed the matches in Japan)? He wasn’t at the final friendly so his appearance on the bench vs Villa might not have much (if any) meaning. We may be trying to convince other clubs that he’s actually fitter (knees) than he is to secure a sale…

    I think we’ll see the same line-up as we saw vs Villa except with Santi in for Ox-Cham. If Poldolski is fitter maybe he’ll get the start. The one will likely sub for the other…Or maybe Rosicky will get the rest and Santi will line up in the 10 hole. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Jenks in for Sagna nor Nacho in for Gibbs, but the latter would be a longer shot…

    All told, if we could get a score draw I think we’d be fine. Unfortunately, bigger troubles loom back in London. A signing (any signing…) might be a bit of a tonic before the weekend…

    Go on…

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Guys, many thanks for comments until now. I will get back to you properly in the morning.

  8. frustrated gooner says:

    Nice one TA,
    I like your positive attitude mate,
    We could do with you as wengers assistant.

    Maybe frimpong should have played against villa?

    Hopefully we shouldn’t have any problems against the turks tomorrow night.

    As long as we concentrate on the job & not the crowd, We will be alright.

    Arsenal always bounce back with avengence
    And I’m expecting more of the same..

    A quick goal will unsettle the turks and a 2nd goal will turn their crowd against them.

    I can see us absolutely hammering them,
    To the point where their fans start ripping the seats out and throwing them on to the pitch.
    5nil up at half time.

  9. henrychan says:

    Hi all.. Good Morning..

    Good news.. Santi and Kosc will play..
    We will win and Kosc will score.. hahaha..
    Did I said before that usually after some bad game.. Kosc will be our Hero.. hehehe.. and I like to kick that big mouth Merieles ass.. hahaha..
    Did Chelsea ever beat us when he was around..?? Forget already.. hehe..

    TA.. I salute your sacrifice to the team and let Willshere on bench.. hahaha.. Yes Wilshere or Ramsey must play along Frimpong.. they both just can’t defence properly.. hehe.. but who know Wenger..?? It will be surprise for me if Frimpong play.. haha..

    I agree with you also that Podolski will be on bench and to subs Giroud or Cazorla if Rosicky pulled out..

    Amazing for Sagna after a shock accident last game.. but I think he must have some rest first.. don’t hurry with him.. Jenkinson will do his job well..

    For GK.. I will choose Fabianski.. He maybe not as good as Szcesney.. but more calm and never did some unimportant move.. that will make our defence confusion.. hehehe..

    I love my TV station.. the relay the game live.. haha.. and free..
    Go Gunners.. VCC..

  10. henrychan says:

    Hi all.. Good Morning..

    Good news.. Santi and Kosc will play..
    We will win and Kosc will score.. hahaha..
    Did I said before that usually after some bad game.. Kosc will be our Hero.. hehehe.. and I like to kick that big mouth Merieles ass.. hahaha..
    Did Chelsea ever beat us when he was around..?? Forget already.. hehe..

    TA.. I salute your sacrifice to the team and let Willshere on bench.. hahaha.. Yes Wilshere or Ramsey must play along Frimpong.. they both just can’t defence properly.. hehe.. but who know Wenger..?? It will be surprise for me if Frimpong play.. haha..

    I agree with you also that Podolski will be on bench and to subs Giroud or Cazorla if Rosicky pulled out..

    Amazing for Sagna after a shock accident last game.. but I think he must have some rest first.. don’t hurry with him.. Jenkinson will do his job well..

    For GK.. I will choose Fabianski.. He maybe not as good as Szcesney.. but more calm and never did some unimportant move.. that will make our defence confusion.. hehehe..

    I love my TV station.. the relay the game live.. haha.. and free..
    Go Gunners.. VCC..

  11. JM says:

    My line-up:

    GK: Fabianski;
    RB: Sagna; CB: Mertesacker; CB: Koscielny; LB: Gibbs
    DM: Monreal; CM: Ramsey; AM: Cazorla
    RW: Walcott; CF: Giroud; LW: Podolski

    Subs: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Rosicky, Frimpong, Gnabry, Sanogo

    – Fabianski needs to compete with Szczesny and earn his starting place in our team. (He did play in goal vs Bayern Munich away last season and we won that game).
    – Frimpong is returning from a Long-Long term injury, without competitive matches.
    – I have more faith in Monreal performing his role as a holding midfielder.
    – Ramsey and Wilshere (centre-midfield pairing) is still a work-in-progress (quite similar to when England was fielding Gerrard and Lampard in their centre-midfield)
    – Rosicky played the entire 90mins last Saturday; Cazorla to refresh our team with a start behind the front three,

  12. Ruel Carvey says:

    With all the talk i dont see fener as a threat, but you never know with the arsenal, i think the only change will be podolski for ox and he will have a good game even scoring. If fener allows arsenal the space they will be crushed

  13. Simba Murerwa says:

    Good post. What a lot of HATE from fans who are biased. Let Frimpong get his chance like anyone else. Yes he did not play pre season becoz he was recovering from injury. Fans are just over expectant of the Wilshire Ramsey combo but as of nw it has only brought bad results. The two need a guiding light like Arteta. Frimping can be today or he can fail. Bt why shld we continue with a failing combo when we can try another. Is Wilshire being glorified because he is English? Yes he is a wonderful player bt right nw he is not yet back to his level best since coming back from injury. You are the same fans who were giving Song and Ramsey a stick. Be objective and optimistic

  14. oz gunner says:

    Cheers TA, I like the positivity also. I’m not really concerned about tonight’s game in all honesty. I think we’ll go about our business and pick up a solid 2-0 victory.

    While I’d love to see Frimpong out there, after the knee injury I think he’s far from ready. All the talk about him being a “red card waiting to happen” annoys the shit out of me though. When people say that I just assume they’ve never seen him play and are caught up in what the media think of him (I think he’s had one red card, yet because of his style of play he’s labelled as a disaster. Melo is a disaster…not Frimpong!)

    We should not have let Coquelin go on loan without sufficient backup, I think that was a very stupid decision. He would have fitted in nicely. Oh well.

    2-0 winners. 2.30 am start I’m ready!!!

  15. Highbury Harmony says:

    On a side note, we seem to currently have the pieces to shift to a 3-5-2 to compensate for the lack of a true DM. Perhaps it would make us more solid down the middle?

    Ches or Fab
    Gibbs-Ramsey-Rosa or Jack-Santi-Jenks

  16. lari03 says:

    Thanks oz gunner. I wonder why people complain about Frimpong. He is a good midfielder and he should have started against Villa because it was so obvious that the defensive mid field position was vacant and that was why Agbonlahon could waltz through to cause both penalties, Frimps would have cut him off before he got close to the box, so would Arteta too.
    We lost that game due to Wenger’s experiment with Ramsey and Wilshere.( remember when Ramsey and Wilshere played against Man united there was Alex Song the game ended 1-0 in favor of Arsenal) prefer Podolski starting, because then we have the chance to get 2 or 3 goals in the first half, if the chances are created. Also I think Arsenal are better off rotating their squad, start with goalkeepers today

  17. Me says:

    Arsenal will be out of the competition by 9:30 tonight.
    Wenger will have a new deal by the end of the year.
    And so it will go on….

  18. jgc says:


    I like JMs lineup and HH on clogging the middle if it suits what we have. For JM I think we might see Monreal wide and Sagna in the middle, more beast less hold?

    Good news is we do have options, at least some.

    Just my 2p — jgc

  19. Gerry says:

    TA – Back to business, the real stuff. It is one of those games where I worry when I think your line up might be the same as AW’s, which does carry risks?

    I was already thinking along the same lines as HH, only with a 50/50 twist.

    GK – Could go either way, but my guess Fab will get the nod. He is due a game, and it has the benefit of if he plays exceptionally well he keeps the spot for the Fulham match, or it keeps Szcz on his toes, as no doubt the transfer speculation will do as well?

    RB – Jenks. He is fit, will go up and down the line for 95 mins, no sweat.

    CB’s – Mert & Kos. They pick themselves as it stands at the moment?

    LB/LDM – Gibbs. Here is my twist on the three at the back. Notionally, he is our left back. positionally I would have him as DM covering that side of the field, but few, if any overlapping runs. Defense is his main priority.

    RDM – Sagna(with a neck brace). The incredible tough and versatile defender that is Bacs can do a similar job on the right. His reading of danger is the perfect man to have in front of Per. He will also allow Jenks to run the line knowing he can cover until they recover their shape.

    RMF – I guess Ramsey, if he has recovered from his knocks?

    CAM – Rosicky. Big risk here, as he may be doubtful for Saturday if needed in both. But if he is okay to play, then risk it. If we can get a couple of goals, we can shore it up with Frimpong dropping in alongside Sagna? Fitness is the only worry.(I agree with OG, Frimps is a better player than his ‘reputation’ gives him credit for. Fulham wanted to buy him early on, so he must have impressed them?)

    LMF – It has to be Santi to start, and may be Jack if needed late on. Jack is too likely to get too fired up in this environment, whereas on home soil he will have the crowed behind him.

    RW – Walcott. He needs to improve on his game against Villa, but if we can get an early goal, then space should open up for him later?

    St – Giroud. It could be a good game for him if he keeps his sharpness. any defensive slip needs to be converted.

    LW – Gnabry. In the absence of Gibbs running the line, I prefer his ‘presence’ down the left, offering both width and pace on that side. He is big and intelligent, and away from home he will not have the weight of expectation to deliver, so make better decisions in the final 3rd.

    That would be my thinking on the game, but I fear your line up, or one similar to the one that came out to face Villa, will be AW’s choice …

    HT – No chance for Cabaye, in this leg at least. But I agree with you, he is a good option, in the short term at least. I also think AW knew when he put in the bid that Cabaye would like to be an Arsenal player. When you get so many turning you down, this looks a ‘safer’ option?

  20. JM says:

    @jgc August 21, 2013 07:03

    No, Monreal at DM, alongside Ramsey in CM and Cazorla in AM is preferred.

    – He provides cover (moves laterally) for our left flank when Gibbs pushes up and links with Podolski in attack; which is similar on our right flank when Sagna pushes up and links with Walcott, Ramsey provides cover.
    – We keep our regular back 4 intact.
    – Monreal shows discipline and concentration in holding positions; he will not take unnecessary risks pushing forward, leaving a big hole in our defensive 3rd.
    – He is adequate in aerial duels and a good passer/crosser. (which is vital in our engine room for transition play between defence and attack).

  21. macko says:

    good team on paper It is pleasing to see Fringpong within in the team if he remains right in front of the defense ca we should secured
    I believe in our boys and if one has no the referee against us ca should go 🙂
    On the pictures of the training I’ve seen a lot of young players, ca might be the opportunity of their lifetime, they have everything to prove.
    I will do a dance of is hope for we pass this first round 🙂
    Go Gunners.

  22. henrychan says:

    Guys.. I found an interesting article.. just want to share it with all of you.. hehehe..
    (Why do so many people want the Arsenal model to fail? – By Ian Jenkinson.)

  23. Prince Paprika says:


    What started out as a cold evening in Turkey soon heated up as Arsene once again turned to his youth to hold the lines and protect his European record. The game started lively with the home side on the front foot. Peacock Meireles was first to threaten on the visitors goal before Dirk Kuyt had a header cleared off the line by the outstanding Fabianski.

    It wasnt until the 35th minute when the visitors turned on the heat. Santi threading through a lovely ball for Walcott on the right flank, who then turned his man and slid a beautiful backpass to Frimpong and BOOOOOM 0-1 Arsenal.

    From then on it seemed as though the visitors were in full control, minus a few nervy moments in the second half. Blah blah……………

    After the game Arsene said “I was proud of our boys tonight, who showed spirit and great mental strength”

    Arsenal go home in preparation of this weekends clash against Fulham with the anticipation of signing a few new faces to make an assault on the domestic league.

  24. Glic says:

    Morning Testi Ticklers 😆

    Thanks Total van Damnrottenscrotum.

    I don’t care if we play our U18`s, we will be too strong for them and I`ll take delight at thrashing the Turkish !.



  25. oz gunner says:

    @ prince

    I like it!!!

  26. Prince Paprika says:

    Glic, i met that girl (2nd from the right)

    She said “oohh Princey, yu big likey G.I.Joe. Mi luv u longa time”

    I cant remember her name

  27. Glic says:

    Morning Aussie Beach Babes

    What time is it in our Penal Colony ?. 😆

  28. Prince Paprika says:

    what a tin ass goal. Friggin magic!

    How are you Oz?

  29. Prince Paprika says:

    5.54pm east coast

  30. Glic says:

    Hahaha Princey, Not surprised you don’t want to remember that Lady Boys name !.

  31. Glic says:

    Love to chat, but I have 5 granite steps to lay outside.

    Latterz Dingo Doers !.

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Gotta work today, so just a quick reaction. When putting the team together I start with Arsene’s characteristics in mind, and take into account he wants the team to bounce back, and of course, the importance of this game. So he will go for what he knows most and as much experience in the line-up as possible.

    However, he needs to make the midfield more solid and IF Frimpong is fit, which I believe he is now, I reckon he will NEED to play him. However, Sagna and Monreal are exciting alternatives, although I don’t see Wenger opting for them – too left field for tonight. If he does not solve the midfield solidity and organisation, we’ll lose tonight; of that I am convinced.

    I reckon he will stick with Sz as it would harm him a lot to be dropped again (after just one game), but good call on Fab. Jenkinson for Sagna could be an option – it all depends on the Frenchman’s fitness and whether the FInglishman has improved a lot during recent training sessions (had a poor pre-season). I reckon Monreal has travelled only for if they really need cover, but still not fit enough to play. Wenger will need Cazorla and Rosicky in this game and I reckon they will both start, but YES, Podolski could start on the left with Cazza in the hole and TR7 on the bench….

    Let’s see how it all goes. Catch you later. 🙂

  33. Prince Paprika says:

    Trust Wenger to take my sloppy seconds. But, boy can Arsene parrty!

    Four chicks and a lady boy. Arsene= MACHINE

  34. oz gunner says:

    The ladies like Arsene’s baguette.

    @ Prince

    Life is good. Excited for the game. Hows things on the East Coast? How are you going to maneuver around the early game?

  35. oz gunner says:

    Those spuds are a classy bunch. Was beating one in FIFA and he quit half way through. He sent a message with the subject ‘Villa Faggot’ and attempted to make fun of Arsenal and how we lost to Villa. Then continued with all sorts of other boring dribble.

    Poor fella must not have realised we belted them 5-2 twice recently, and that they are in the Europa league

  36. Prince Paprika says:

    Oz, its freezing cold here in the evenings. Real pommy weather 🙂

    As for the game, im pumped as usual. Dont know yet if ill snooze a bit before the game. Every time a try catch a few zzzz’Z before the game, i end up getting too anxious and dont sleep at all.

    Its always easy to last the day without sleep when the Arse win.Just dont ask me how i look.haha

  37. Prince Paprika says:

    Oz, have you seen the film clips they have made. “one club, dawsons knee”. If you can find it on Youtube its hillarious. It was up on AA yesterday i think. I was in stitches

  38. Prince Paprika says:

    A Cissohko on loan to bin dippers

  39. Prince Paprika says:

    Sorry Total, my manners?

    Thanks for the pre-match. Have a good day and catch ya later 🙂

  40. oz gunner says:

    @ Prince

    Sydney weather…poor bloke. I’ve applied to a few uni’s on the east coast, so once I get settled in you, Alex, and I should watch a game and have a few.

    I know what you mean, it’s too hard sleeping before. Most of the time I’m lucky if I get an hour in. Bugger, had a loo for that vid that irish put up but it’s been taken down my the user.

  41. alexgunners says:

    Evening Guys,

    TA, Great post and I really hope that we can concentrate on playing football the way it should and hopefully brush aside these guys aside.
    We need to be able pick ourselves up and make this game count. We do not need to go behind on this one

  42. alexgunners says:

    @ OZ and Prince

    Would love to catch up for a drink and watch a game at a pub. Count me In
    The weather in Melbourne has been absolutely shocking as well. What I wouldn’t give for some Western Australian weather. It would be nice to see the sun again 🙂

    At least for me the game will be at 4.45am meaning 6.30 finish and straight to work, it is a little bit different for you OZ, being a couple of hours behind

  43. Dylan says:

    I don’t think Frimpong would be a good idea (as a starter). He’s likely to give away free kicks and possibly get sent off. I’d rather see:
    Jenks, Sagna, Mert, Gibbs
    Kos, Ramsey
    Theo, Rosicky, Podolski
    That way Santi can fully recover for Fulham and Poldi is fresh due to barely playing against Villa.

  44. Prince Paprika says:

    @Oz and Alexinho,

    Now we’re talking, count me in anytime. I dont think i have ever watched a game with an Arsenal supporter, i mean, that i’ve known. I was at star city when wiltord scored the winner against manure, and there were plenty of Arsenal jerseys around but never knew them previously.. haha WILTORD, boy did i get maggoted that night…. (now in Martin Tylers voice) ….WILTORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy dayze 🙂


    Nice stuff TA

    I would keep Jack in the side but go with the rest of your line up. I think we can get away with it if we flood the midfield, by passing the need for an orthodox defensive midfielder.

    I expect us to win. Once again we are been under estimated by all and sundry, but we have the quality and desire to get the required result.

    2-1 Arsenal

  46. henrychan says:

    Hi all..

    Mourinho seem want to get Etoo back.. and Chelsea still have Lukaku and Toress.. so Demba Ba will be sold.. and Wenger should go after Ba rather than Michu.. hehe..

    Guys.. Can you imagine.. Spurs bring another players for 60 millions.. total 116 millions for 6 players.. and suddently Madrid change his target to Suarez and left Bale stay at Spurs..
    I think next year the will go bankrut.. Then they must sell their players for cheap.. hahaha..

  47. jgc says:

    Oz,PP and Alex

    Could be worse, you could live in Christchurch, with earthquakes and worse weather, and be the only Gunner fan within whatever number of km’s between me and Oz (give or take passing cruise ships)….

    Happy to be in Europe just now! COYG!

    Cheers — jgc

  48. macko says:

    Torres very good for Arsenal

  49. Red Arse says:

    Oh Come on Glicster.

    You know full well that Terry has gone out there to support the team and that sounds like his afterburner firing as usual – must have been another curry!

    The give away is all those fans falling over holding their noses and waving their hands to waft the pong away! 🙂

  50. Highbury Harmony says:

    Daily update for you Glicster ;).

  51. AFC says:

    Latest rumours saying Casillas is wanted by Wenger. Just cannot see this deal happening.

  52. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, I read this morning that we apparently offered £8 million for him LOL

  53. AFC says:

    HH, We pulled out of Guaita talks because we would not pay around £18 million. We offered around £12 million instead.

    I read that as well. Something about us being worried that Real want £15 million and Wenger only wants to pay £8 million.

    I would just go up to £15 if I was Wenger and I really wanted him because he is one of the worlds best keepers, would be able to contribute to our team for another 6-8 seasons and would be help Szez develop his game.

  54. AFC says:

    I think a figure closer to £10-12 million would be value for money. Wenger could try and haggle with Real to get him around that figure.

  55. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, I would not hesitate to spend £15 million on Casillas. He is at least a top 3 GK in the world right now, if not the best and is a SQ player at one of the most important positions (if not the most important) on the pitch.

  56. Highbury Harmony says:

    In no particular order, I think the top three are: Buffon, Casillas and Neuer.

  57. ProudGooner says:

    Elsewhere, Nacho Monreal returns to the squad.
    Team in full: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud
    Substitutes: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Monreal, Frimpong, Gnabry, Podolski, Sanogo

  58. ProudGooner says:

    I really hope for a good performance from the lads tonight, it could be just what we need. Great to have Santi starting , i wonder what is going on with Podolski though a non starter twice in a row.

  59. Highbury Harmony says:

    The most hilarious thing for me is Wenger stating that the window should close before the season starts. So, you want the TW to close earlier so the fans and media won’t be breathing down your neck about who you’re going to sign?

    News flash, if the window closed before the start of the season, we’d be even more screwed than we are right now. Why don’t you go and spend some money you cheap, frugal cunt!

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    10/11 right but the one missing is Frimpong…. Let’s see how it goes. Will be watching the game in the pub so catch you all later. COYG! 😛

  61. AFC says:

    HH, all true about Casillas. HH @ 18:24:15 calm down mate. 🙂

    Let’s just see how we do in this match. Bit weird Podolski is not starting. Could become the new Arshavin? Too early to tell besides that’s an argument for another day. 😀

  62. oz gunner says:

    @ HH

    it’s bringing the frustration out in everyone. It’s like he has a checklist at times. ‘got them cheaper than expected…check, they or the team involved didn’t involve the media…check’

    @ TA

    Enjoy the game

  63. Highbury Harmony says:

    I have some weird feeling that we will lose over two legs and then Fenerbache gets banned and we get in…

  64. Highbury Harmony says:

    Exactly Oz, just spend some money for christ’s sake of you think the player is good enough to play for Arsenal! Will the extra £5 million really kill you and your funds? I mean, let’s be honest here, you aren’t going to spend it anyway…

  65. Highbury Harmony says:

    if you think*

  66. Highbury Harmony says:

    Wtf are these blue shorts we’re wearing??

  67. Highbury Harmony says:

    God damn it’s loud there!

  68. oz gunner says:

    nice jump and dive forward there to get the game underway.

  69. AFC says:

    HH, something to do with our kit clahing with theirs.

  70. oz gunner says:

    Agreed HH, appears there is no bargaining with Arsene, just his valuation of a player.

    I must admit I’m not thrilled about seeing Kuyt again, thought i’d never have to deal with him again after leaving pool. Diving sod.

  71. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, I mean wtf are they. So hideous!

  72. oz gunner says:

    @ Jgc

    I do for sorry for you…NZ…you poor bloke

  73. Highbury Harmony says:

    Is Wilshere done? Looks like it’s pretty bad the way he’s flailing down on the ground.

  74. oz gunner says:

    God we are playing all over them, need to grab one while we have the ascendancy

  75. oz gunner says:

    Ramsey needs screw ins not moulds, keeps going down

  76. Highbury Harmony says:

    Koz bleeding profusely

  77. Highbury Harmony says:

    Another game, another injury…

  78. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey fellas… No TV for me so I’ve got the world’s worst stream…

    Somebody kicked in the head?…

  79. Alcide says:

    It had to be Kos 😦

  80. Alcide says:

    Jerks on

  81. Alcide says:

    Oops I meant Jenks

  82. Highbury Harmony says:

    I wouldn’t Jenkinson a jerk, guy loves Arsenal and gives his all.

  83. 17highburyterrace says:

    At least Kos won’t have to play on Saturday…

    Keep up the commentary, my stream is very stop-start and blurred…

  84. Highbury Harmony says:

    wouldn’t call*

  85. Highbury Harmony says:


  86. Alcide says:

    Well we need to keep at it, it’s for us to take it… Fenerbahce are waiting low and obviously happy to play for a goalless draw. I hope our shallow bench will not be a problem, not much choice for fresh attacking blood apart from Pod.

  87. AFC says:

    We need to get at least 1 away goal. I would bring Podolski on around the 70 minute mark for Giroud to offer another option and then bring on Gnabry for Santi around the 80 minute to add some pace.

  88. ProudGooner says:

    They played well, done everything right except score. I think Wenger may put Sanogo on for a little while in the second half. We need to grab a couple of away goals we still have Podolski as well of course its looking good at the moment Evert reason to be positive about the second half. Kos was injury is not good but nothing to serious , Jack needs to be more commited in challenges everytime it looks like he is scared of tackles and this is making him come of worse . Theo could well be the man ti grab the goals tonight

  89. ProudGooner says:

    What stream are you using?

  90. ProudGooner says:

    you tried p2p?

  91. Highbury Harmony says:

    Too many times I’ve seen us play well in one half and completely awful in the other. Let’s hope that isn’t the case. I wouldn’t say we’ve done everything right, our play in the final third has been disjointed at times, yet fluid at others.

  92. ProudGooner says:

    Yeh the final 3rd has been the only part that must improve, we need to put more bodies in the box. they have done must things right except score

  93. Alcide says:

    We do need to be careful with our double pivot positioning – in one occasion on a set play they managed to pass the ball right in the hole with no gunner in sight and there was way too much space for the AM…

  94. Highbury Harmony says:

    GIBBS!!! What a ball by Rambo to Theo to Gibbs!

  95. oz gunner says:

    Yes!!!! GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Alcide says:

    Splendid! 1 nil arsenal!

  97. AFC says:

    Gibbs has scored! 1 nil to us.

  98. oz gunner says:

    I love the look on the fenerbache defender “I’m not touching that…oops” hahaha

  99. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ramsey!!! What a strike!

  100. Alcide says:

    2-0… Ramsey’s on fire tonight!

  101. oz gunner says:

    if he wasn’t MOTM he def is now!!!!

  102. Highbury Harmony says:

    LOL @ their keeper

  103. Alcide says:

    Yep, poor goalkeeping…

  104. alexgunners says:

    Morning Guys,
    Great to see us getting these 2 away goals, all we need to do is shut them out completely

  105. Highbury Harmony says:

    Giroud’s been invisible this half. Time to bring on Sanogo or Poldi as ST.

  106. oz gunner says:

    Not sure if I’d call it poor keeping, it was low and hard. I think Ramsey just struck it really well. shit defending though

  107. AFC says:

    So that’s two away goals now. Wenger has a dilemma. I think we should keep pushing and try and get a third away goal. If we score one more goal this tie is over.

  108. Highbury Harmony says:

    Keeper made a half hearted save, I’d call that poor keeping Oz, deflected off his hands and in. Go re-watch the replay.

  109. AFC says:

    HH, I would bring Gnabry on for Santi to give him a rest and offer more pace. Maybe give Sanogo a chance. Not quite sure. I would go for Podolski.

  110. Highbury Harmony says:

    Yikes, that was a questionable penalty call, but I’ll take it!

  111. oz gunner says:

    I watched it several times HH, low, hard and fast. The slow motion replays make it worse than it was in real time

  112. Highbury Harmony says:

    Great take by Giroud, goalie couldn’t have saved it even if he guessed the right side.

  113. oz gunner says:

    Fenerbache…pfft. Piss off you match fixing sods. Easy fixture

    @ AFC

    you got your wish haha.

  114. AFC says:

    That’s 3 goals now. We have done the business now.

  115. Alcide says:

    Actually after seeing it again at real speed, I agree with Oz, good fast low ball. Now Santiago needs to be rested, he looks exhausted.

  116. AFC says:

    Oz, we should get into the CL for yet another season. 🙂

  117. AFC says:

    Podolski on for Giroud.

  118. oz gunner says:

    @ AFC

    we sure should. Chuck another 30 million in the transfer kitty 🙂 We’ll make a fair bit of interest on it when we choose to spend it 🙂

  119. Highbury Harmony says:

    Nacho on for Santi.

  120. Highbury Harmony says:

    for Theo*

  121. AFC says:

    At least we can sleep at ease tonight, Oz.

    HH, not sure if Monreal should be on. A bit risky for me.

  122. Alcide says:

    Well 3 nil, a few good passing sequences, a couple nice saves from Szczesny, that felt good 🙂

  123. ProudGooner says:

    great half, they played great
    Plenty of positives thats more like it. They put the Proud back in the PG 🙂

  124. oz gunner says:

    4.38 am down here AFC, may just stay awake and make a full english to celebrate.


  125. Highbury Harmony says:

    So we have £100 million to spend now and guaranteed CL footy?

  126. ProudGooner says:

    Rambo is back to his brillient best before he got injured by the look of it, then he was the better out of him and JW and he was tonight well done lads. Rambo man of the match for me.

  127. ProudGooner says:

    Ha ha ha ha dollar signs indeed. You know you want a fry up any way, its sounds lush as well.

  128. oz gunner says:

    Is that enough for Messi yet HH???? With could probably buy the Spanish league with that given all their problems

  129. AFC says:

    Oz, all AW needs to do now is spend some fucking money. 😆

  130. AB says:

    Top result. Come on TA, time to change that backdrop to something more optimistic!

  131. AFC says:

    HH, apparently we always had around £140-180 million to spend. Let’s just assume we don’t. £70 million plus £30 million plus £10 million (sale of Gervinho and other players) makes that £110.

  132. oz gunner says:

    Enjoy the rest of your night/day gents 🙂 Smashed it!!!! Going to savor the win

  133. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, that means £110 million in the transfer kitty that we’ll never see spent. Hip, hip, HOORAY!

  134. ProudGooner says:

    That realy was the perfect performance, it needed to be a strong 1 to attract some good players and the did it well.
    I wonder if Luis Suarez is thinking about coming again now that we can offer him Champions League.???

  135. AFC says:

    HH, surely there is no excuse for Wenger and co to not spend on quality players. That win will also make it easier to attract the top talent as we basically in the CL now.

  136. Highbury Harmony says:

    PG, I don’t think it’s whether or not Suarez wants to come, but whether or not Liverpool will allow him to be sold to us. Not to mention whether or not AW will pony up the cash to actually get him…

  137. AFC says:

    PG, good point. If I was Wenger I would make a bid of £50 million for Suarez tomorrow.

  138. Highbury Harmony says:

    In theory AFC, only in theory. After all, in theory we had the perfect opportunity to conduct our business early in the TW to improve the squad and get the new lads settled and integrated early, but we missed that boat too.

  139. ProudGooner says:

    Yeah i think you are right, if he puts in a request though that changes things. It is worth a last ditch 50m bid though i think. I think Wenger is ready to spend now he has to.
    Fingers crossed mate i agree with you mate. It has to be worth a go, nothing to lose hey.?

  140. Highbury Harmony says:

    PG, if coming out and basically claiming that he wants to leave Liverpool wasn’t close enough to a transfer request, I don’t know what will be. The only benefit for Liverpool if he does hand in a formal request is losing his loyalty bonus.

  141. Alcide says:

    Now AW just needs to put his money where Glic’s mouth is!

  142. AFC says:

    HH, I do not think Suarez ot Rooney will hand in a transfer request as they would just lose too much money. PG, it’s worth a try and the bid would also unsettle Liverpool once more.

  143. AFC says:

    I would bid £50 million to unsettle Liverpool and bid £85 million for Bale just to unsettle Spurs and stur up some trouble. They will never accept it anyway,

  144. AFC says:

    After that I would bid £35 million for Rooney to piss off United and drive up the price Chelsea will have to pay if they want him. 😀

  145. ProudGooner says:

    I don’t know all the ins and outs of a transfer request, but if the player wants to join us and we have the money plus the player has made it really clear he wanted to play for us then it has to be worth a big bid before it shuts.
    We need a proven goal scorer, 1- 2 prefer defenders a midfielder and another keeper… 4 at least really 5 even a few more. In Arsene il trust for now, i hope for us ,the club and for himself he can get the players he wants

  146. Alcide says:

    Hahaha… how about 28’000’001 for Fellaini and Baines?

  147. ProudGooner says:

    I like your style , i agree a few cheeky bids would be great 🙂
    Bid 70m for Bale before the derby, like the day before

  148. AFC says:

    United have already pissed off Everton twice so we don’t need to do that. Unless we offer £30 million for both to help drive up the price United would have to pay for both of them. 😉

  149. AFC says:

    PG, I think Spurs have already had a bid of £83 million turned down so I would just bid £85-90 million for him. We could bid £100 million and they wouldn’t accept.

  150. Alcide says:


  151. AFC says:

    * Real have already

  152. AB says:

    Spuds have spent so much money without selling Bale – I wonder if RM might start to offer lower rather than higher – can Spuds afford not to sell him now???

  153. ProudGooner says:

    We do need some defenders badly , there is just no cover left for our CB’s , i do not know who Wenger will bid for Williams is a really good option. Italians are good defenders maybe that would be a good place to look i realy don’t know who we could get to come to Arsenal but Wenger does normally find good players.
    I know Wenger has always liked Brede Hangerland and he is a great player, again its worth a bid, not sure Fulham will let us have him if they do it wont be cheap , but who cares money is for spending so spend it.

  154. AFC says:

    AB, I think Real have already agreed a price for Bale. Around £93 million according to the source HH put up for me yesterday. The deal will probably be finalised sometime this week or next week.

  155. ProudGooner says:

    Bid for Suarez, Hangerland, Williams Lars Bendner and Rooney. That would improve our team

  156. AFC says:

    PG, Sakho, Caceres and Rami would all be better options than Williams in my opinion. 😉

  157. ProudGooner says:

    Oh and Asmir Begovic.

  158. davydavy says:

    Well done team in Fener!

    To me what really stood out was how dependent we have become on Theo as an attacking threat. No attacking menace down the left and it’s clear that Santi is out of form at the moment. We sold Gervinho who sometimes did well down that side but haven’t replaced him (still a bit gutted that we messed up the Bernard deal but I know I must move on).

    Ramsey, Wilshere and Rosicky looked a good team in midfiield, cotrolling the ball well and moving it forward although the defence at times looked a bit lacking in tightness and cover in front of it.

    Good performance by Szcz which was great to see!.

    So where do we need to reinforce? Up front I think, definitely a left winger and also a mobile striker like Suarez. Not too keen on Baines and Fellaini at all – we’re well resourced at LB and Fellaini will only make our team slower and less skilful by taking the place of either Jack or Aaron. Big mistake.

  159. ProudGooner says:

    I take your word for it AFC, i know nothing about any of them players if im honest.

  160. AFC says:

    PG, I doubt Rooney will be leaving but why not try. I would try and sign these players.

    GK- Cesar, Marchetti, Adler

    CB- Sakho, Rami, Caceres

    RB (if Sagna moves to CB)- Abate, Caceres (as he and Sagna could take it in turns playing at RB and CB as they can both play RB and CB.

    DM- L.Bender, Pogba

    ST- Rooney, Lewandowski, Suarez. All unlikely but worth a try.

  161. Glic says:

    Good question AB.
    And AFC, I`ve said it all along…..get in for Bale !.
    This result should see the domino effect. I expect signings pronto and SQ ones.
    If Suarez indeed wants CL football and we are the only ones in for him, then sort it !.
    Bender, Gundogan, Reus, Pogba, any other SQ talent out there, it`s time to wield the cheque book, like AFC says, we have more than £100M to spend and unlike the Spuds for once we haven`t had to sell our best player to spend it.
    You say you have been working 24 hours a day Arsene, well now show us what you`ve been working on and I don’t mean Cabaye !.

    Night Happy Gooners !. 🙂

  162. ProudGooner says:

    i agree there was nothing from the left at all except Gibbs who was awesome again tonight. We have Podolski but i never wanted to see Gervinho go i liked him, still Wenger must have a replacement in mind if he let him go.
    Gibbs actually started out as a winger as a kid and Wenger trained him as a defender so he could play both Monreal and Gibbs as a winger it could work

  163. AFC says:

    Davydavy, I only said to bid for Fellaini and Baines to drive up the price for United even though they are not the players we need. 😉

  164. AFC says:

    All agreed, Glic. 🙂

  165. AB says:

    AFC. Unless RM have already signed a contract, what is binding them to £93M? Spuds cannot do other than sell Bale now after all their buys – they need to raise cash. To my mind this changes the power from the seller to the buyer. There may be some contract in place of course, but if so Spuds wont be pushing the price up – they don’t have any leverage now, esp as no one else has come in for him.

    just thinking…., hoping!!!

  166. AFC says:

    AB, very good points. 🙂

    We’ll find out all in good time what happens to Bale.

  167. henrychan says:

    Yes.. We did it.. We are in the CL.. Just hope We will get a nice draw.. hehe..
    I like to hear what will comeout from Merieles and Kyut big mouth after this.. hahaha..

    Ramsey and Wilshere do some great change of their roles.. and its work..
    For me Walcott is MOTM.. His moves was truly a dissaster for Fenerb defenders..
    He do a great jobs.. a very unselfish assist to Gibbs.. I think Ox or Podolski or even Giroud will shoot the ball..
    First goal change the whole game.. hehe..
    I can’t believe when Monreal in for Walcott.. hehe.. something funny..

    If the referee do their job properly.. then We know that We deserve to win.. hehehe..

  168. TotalArsenal says:

    A very nice win and the boys did well. Fair to say, Fenerbahce were either going through the motions or just very poor tonight. They sat back and were happy to soak up pressure, but their counter football was slow and ineffective. They also hardly put sustained pressure on our central midfield, which surprised me. Ramsey played well and his indirect assist and finish from outside the sixteen were class. Well done Theo for getting us two assist and Gibbs and Sagna did us proud. Both Jack and Rosicky played with passion and drive, but the Gooner of the Match goes to the henchman of Istanbul: Aaron! 🙂

  169. ProudGooner says:

    There is defo something going on with the Spuds and we can alls see it. I reakon we should make them keep him then hopefully they go bust like Glasgow Rangers and end up playing in the Vauxhall confrance ha ha ha ha that would be amazing oh the thought just makes me smile. COYG

  170. AB says:

    What do people think about the Benzema speculation? Cant see it myself unless RM decide for Suarez. I will keep hoping for some SQ addition until the deadline day. Amazing what a lift a good win gives!

  171. AFC says:

    TA, all agreed. Ramsey is improving game after game as with Theo. For me Theo is the player to watch this season although I am expecting big things from all of our players.

    Walcott’s target should be 20 EPL goals and Ramsey’s target should be 5-10 goals in the EPL.

  172. AB says:

    PG. Agreed. If they don’t sell Bale now, its CL or administration (if we are lucky)! The next Leeds? How I would laugh

  173. AFC says:

    AB, i think Benzema is their only senior out and out ST so I doubt they would sell him to anyone.

  174. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed AFC – Theo is the one to watch. The Gibbs assist should go to Aaron and Theo together – that was fine football. Fenerbahce were poor though and we have put things in perspective. Fulham will be a different proposition.

  175. henrychan says:

    AFC.. nothing is done yet with Bale.. I just hope Madrid switch on their target to Suarez.. hahaha..
    I like to see how Spurs manage all their greed.. without a balance income. Hehehe ..

  176. AFC says:

    TA, if Theo wants to become one of the best wingers in Europe he will have to reach that 20 goal mark in the EPL. He still has a few more years before he reaches his peak as well in my opinion.

  177. AFC says:

    Henry, Spurs probably have plans in place if they can’t get rid of Bale. I doubt they would risk leaving themselves in such as bad position.

  178. henrychan says:

    If I am Madrid BoD.. I will let Spurs continue hoping for the big deal.. and keep the race for the winter TW..
    With all the big expensive stars they have.. Spurs just can’t go through it.. and will sell Bale half price discount.. hahaha..
    With the same money they can get both Suarez and Bale.. hehehe .

  179. AFC says:

    Henry, very true. We must get you into the Real boardroom to persuade them to wait until January. 😀

  180. Alcide says:

    Well AW just said Suarez is absolutely not happening.

  181. AFC says:

    Wenger has said there is no chance the Suarez deal will happen. He also went to say quality wise Arsenal are fine but we are short in numbers. I really hope he does not only try to sign 1 or 2 players.

  182. AFC says:

    Alcide, I think he also said he is only looking for one player. I might be wrong and I hope I am because we need at least 3-4 signings.

  183. Alcide says:

    Crossing my fingers AFC, for 3-4 including one SQ at least.

  184. AFC says:

    Alcide, that would be good. I am hoping for 2 SQ signings.

    I’m off now. Good speaking to you and everyone else today. Speak to everyone soon. 🙂

  185. 17highburyterrace says:

    Lotsa trouble viewing today’s match including a power failure in the 90th minute…I thought it would be on television but it wasn’t. Thanks to those who offered suggestions on streams, above…As it was, I couldn’t even access the site here in the 2nd half. At least by then my blurry stream was playing more than stopping…

    So, I guess we looked good. Like TA says, Fener didn’t really show up even though they made a few decent chances. I still believe we’re giving too much room between our MF and last line of defense and better teams will make more and better chances. Seems to me that we cannot wait very long to reinforce at CB.

    We played with very little pressure on our MF and it made everybody there look pretty good. Ramsey’s running was unmatched AND he played the key passes and scored from distance. Rosicky and Wilshere also spread the space nicely and kept pushing with the ball. Santi, by contrast, looks well off the pace. Up front is where we’re struggling, though Walcott looked dangerous throughout. Giroud’s pen was sweet, if otherwise he had a quiet match.

    Onto Fulham in about 60 hours…Seems a tough one, no?

    Suarez deal is dead, but AW says the transfer window is now starting… Hmmmm….

  186. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, almost done the match report. Had a slight complication with work and have been tied up for a while – should be in your inbox soon!

  187. Admir says:

    It was a performance that I really, really, really liked. 🙂

    Furthermore, it was our seventh consecutive away victory.

    Ramsey was brilliant and his talent for through balls is something that I’ve always liked in his game.

  188. oz gunner says:

    That pass was sublime Admir. Once his shooting improves (was unreal before his injury) he’ll be quite the midfielder.

    Definitely my favourite for the box to box role, just need a DM to compliment him

  189. njstone9 says:

    Wenger may have said a Suarez deal is dead but I’m still not so sure.

    In this article: Suarez clearly says he wants to move specifically to Arsenal and that he wants Liverpool to let him go.

    It’s quite possible Liverpool will need to bring in a replacement for the deal to go ahead.

    The article also sheds more light on what happened. Suarez clearly felt the intention and spirit behind the release clause which guarantees the opening of talks was simply about agreeing a fee. It appears quite clear to me that Liverpool have indeed reneged on the spirit of that deal even if the wording if the clause does not force them to sell.

    I’d be absolutely furious if I sat down with my employer and negotiated such a clause only for them to turn around a year later and refuse to abide by that agreement. Yes, Suarez’s agent messed up by not getting the wording to be watertight, but from what Suarez says, he clearly felt an agreement was in place and that a watertight wording wasn’t required.

    Liverpool seem to have acted shoddily with him and by leaking Arsenal’s bid and first demanding more money then refusing to sell, have dealt badly with Arsenal and the general PR side of things.

    It remains to be seen if any there are at other deals out there that did hinge on Arsenal getting past Fenerbahce, as they now seem 95% certain to do.

  190. VCC says:

    Morning all. That’s feels a little better. Although a fine performance from our boys I have to agree with Paul Merson, ,it’s only papering over the cracks.

    We need reinforcements, and quick.

    Harmonious, I love your avatar.

  191. Macko says:

    hello friends, what a pleasure to wake up with the taste of victory even if We have trouble to conclude our actions, but itis nice to win in Turkey 🙂
    I wanted to wondering you a service into France the match against Fulham is not broadcast, can you give me links to watch the game live please without having to download of pluging, thank you in advance my friends 🙂

  192. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post! 🙂

    It has been a while but here is another super-fine MR by the Canadian Canon. Enjoy!

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