Arsenal – Fenerbahce: Koz for BFG, Jack for Rosicky – No blue shorts please!

Can Ollie make it four in four, or even more?! :)
Can Ollie make it four in four, or even more?! 🙂

After months of no meaningful football, the games are coming thick and fast now. You could argue the 2nd leg against Fenerbahce is no longer meaningful with Arsenal having scored three times and conceding not a single goal in Istanbul last week, but that would be complacent.

The CL games – even the pre-qualification ones – attract big corporate customers to the ground and they want value for money. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to me that Wenger wants to play a very strong side tomorrow. The squad is also not strong enough to give a large number of first-teamers a break and yet feel comfortable we’ll get through.

Wenger has said he will not be making many changes – not more than one or two. Let’s hope this does not backfire on him, as quite a few players could do with a rest in order to avoid fatigue/injury so early on in the season. On the other hand, I can understand Wenger wants to build further on the mini-momentum his team has gathered, and if the team can do the job within the fist sixty minutes, he can afford to substitute a few players late on.

Predicted Team:

Arsenal v Fener2

I reckon, Koz will return in order to give one of the CB’s a rest and the BFG, but also stand-in CB Sagna, could really do with one. My guess is that Arsene will rest the German and play Sagna next to Koz.

In midfield, I reckon Arsene will play Jack – who will definitely start tomorrow – next to Ramsey in the double-DM pivot, and play Santi in the hole.

Other than that, I don’t expect any changes in the team; although, it is possible that Gibbs will get a rest with Nacho starting. But the young Brit is playing very well right now and Wenger might give him another game to build further on his fine form.

I would have loved to see the likes of Akpom, Zelalem, Gnabry, Frimpong or Eisfeld play tomorrow, but other than one or two late substitute appearances I don’t think we’ll see much of them tomorrow.

Let’s get the job done quickly and fingers crossed for no further injuries. And please, no blue shorts but nice, pristine white ones! 😉

COYRRG – Another year of CL footie is beckoning! 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal.

189 thoughts on “Arsenal – Fenerbahce: Koz for BFG, Jack for Rosicky – No blue shorts please!

  • I think Gnabry might get a run out. And don’t forget Ryo if he’s fit! 🙂 but other than that, I agree. 🙂 Great prematch TA. 🙂

  • Thanks Totes .. Have to thank you for turning the lights back on … being in a brokeback blogging community made the darkness extra tingly … I mean twitchy … 😀 .. ok will read post now

  • You could be right, Dylan, and I would like to see it, but I reckon he goes for a minimum of changes.

    I would like to see something like this

    Jenks – Sagna – Koz – Nacho

  • Fozzie 🙂

    I am still in semi-doom, dark mood re the club’s inability to pounce on our strategic advantage this summer, but I respect that not everyone feels that way.

    And yes, the site is too dangerous being so dark and Glic and Terry lurking around with their dirty minds in full swing. 🙂

  • 8 players have started all 3 games so far. With this being the 4th match in 10 days and us having 18 of the 22 man squad available. I would like to give as many of the 8 as possible a rest ahead of Sunday when none of the other 4 will be available although I do hope that some mote first teamers will be signed.

  • TA, even for me that’s too much rotation. I think we need to take this leg seriously and finish the job. I’d like something like:
    Jenks, Sagna, Kos, Nacho
    Rosicky, Wilshere
    Gnabry, Giroud, Pod

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I liked Rosicky in that box to box role. However, I don’t know if a Rosicky, Wilshere pivot would work well as they both would be too forward looking (unlike Ramsey who is becoming more defensive). But now would be the time to try something new! I’d like Theo to have a break, and Nacho to get a match for fitness reasons. I also have want Giroud to have a break, but we don’t have anyone to replace him. Unless we move Pod to the middle and put Ryo on the left? Not sure about that.

  • Love the OG picture Totes … it might be like holding up a red blanket for HH!! 😀 I see your cunning plan!! HH is sharpening his horn …. I mean horns 😉 right now.. I mean what else could he be doing … 😉

    Just to add a bit more rouge to your blanket Totes. I just had to say that thing about OG is that he is a real opportunist and poacher and his desire rather than his technical ability gets him the goals. And on Saturday, that strike was going to miss the goal and the flukey touch he took expertly … and then that ball control later for the fast break that lead to the other goal. That’s what makes the difference. And also he is scoring first lately and consistently? Shows he’s focussed when he comes out of that tunnel. How often have we been crying out for us to start better?? We fall asleep and come alive at half time usually??

    I like the trend as it stands … keep that up and the opposition will not know what’s hit them!

    I really hope Gnarby, Sanogo and maybe Zelalem or Eisfield get a bit of time if we get ahead. Need to give the boys some rest.

    We need to rest Gibbs, BFG, Poldi can’t play a full shift either and Theo needs a to be fresh for the NLD.

  • Well that Chelvski Manure game was interesting!! I preferred watching llama features chewing his cud in goal!!!

  • nice one, TA

    yeah i think, that will pretty much be it for the first half and if we score a goal or 2,

    then start of 2nd half, we might see 2 subs come on immediately .

    i won’t be surprised to see Giroud on the bench and young Yaya start though !

    also, Fen have 3 injuries to their main players – ooh la la !

    PS: HH – come back mate!!!

  • What we can learn from Manure-Chavs game is that Mo-orinho will once again try to win the league with conceding very few goals, and we need our defence to be as tight as possible to stand a chance.

    It was also more proof that van Judas is a top striker but not world class.

  • Too right Totes… real lack of urgency and temp as well … I was very surprised. Moyes was too scared and so was Maureen … bit of limp handshake alround. It will not be like that when we play either of them. Maybe the fear factor killed this one. And you were right about Van Judas Totes … and no real plan B tonight for Manu was there?? nothing at all??

  • We’ll pass them to smithereens, Fozzie, but we need to be disciplined at the back and play with a beast of a DM in front of them.

    I expected a draw, but more like a 1-1 and not a limp 0-0 without much passion OR quality. It is a good result for us as we are only 1 point behind both of them, level with the Nothern Oilers, and that after a painful slip-up nine days ago… Not bad. 🙂

  • Agree with the pretty much TA. I think Nacho will get the nod for LB, given Gibbs’ injury record. We have to rest Rosicky for the Spurs game Dylan – I really hope we don’t injure him early on again. I don’t want us to overplay Walcott either, but do think we will start with him. And I would love to see Sanogo get more of a run out, but can’t see us risking starting with him; if we get a couple of early goals though it would make a lot of sense.

    We could do with another win to keep the momentum, and start to make the home ground a more positive place; but after securing qualification, my eye is solely on the Spurs game at this moment.

  • Yeah I’ll take that any day Totes. That was the quietest I’ve heard old toilet in awhile too? I wish the atmosphere could get better at Emirates. Palace had fantastic atmosphere the other week. Not sure why old toilet has been a cauldron all these years in that big stadium and we can’t get the same at ours. We play a cheesy song at the start of games … we need to set the tone with a real song to get the crowd going. Must admit Liverfool have that part right!! What are AFC scared of … they should open a ballet to all their members and get them to choose a song! at least that way it will keep the trolls trying to vote and ruin our mojo!! Just a thought from right field! 😀

  • All agreed, AB

    Luckily there is a longish break after tomorrow, and all our players should be able to recover fully (unless they get injured, of course…. ). 😕

  • They are wary of the Maureen, Fozzie, and deep down they don’t believe in Moyes the Precious One… 😀

    Agreed on the atmosphere. We just need to free up a section in the stadium for the away support to be together. They will create the atmosphere and the rest will join in.

    Any ideas for a song?

  • yes, TA

    been saying it from a long time – Van Pu$$y is not a big match player hence you can see from his performances for your national team as well

  • Lol I just realised I said AFC should take a “Ballet” 😆 That will really bring the BK fairies out of the cracks of Totes dark background …. dancing in your pink tutus singing away boys in fill pelt.

    I was brushing my fangs and proofreading on my phone when I read it and promptly annihilated the bathroom mirror and my phone …. the Mrs thought I was having a colgate orgasm .. 😆

  • Reading the trash speculation – Benzema, di Maria, and best of all Ozil!!!!!! I can’t help getting my hopes up! Despite the need for a striker, I would take Ozil first of these (all day long – and not in the Glic sense ta), di Maria next and Benzema last. I will be cursing next week when we have only added Flamini mind!

  • AB – I am beyond reading any speculations now. First see then believe is my motto…

    I don’t want to invest any emotion in any of these names; it has done my head in. 😦

    How are you anyway? 🙂

  • AB – I think Glic would feel a lot happier about tattooing Ozil on his privates … the O can look like Stevey B’s eyeline on his winky!! and less letters too … hell he might even through in a hate free caravan day .. although that may be a bridge too far!!! 😀

  • I like it Totes …. and it gets so trippy at the end!! Man I had no idea how well AW can move … pity not so good in the transfer market … actually you’ve hit something there. He needs to clone himself and spread the workload .. .that’s the key!! 😆

  • Goodnight Totes and BK Ballet dancers, I’ve just overheard Kermit asking Animal for some more roofys … looks like Mrs P is going to get lucky again tonight … I better do the honourable thing …… and take on to keep her company … 😆

  • TA,
    Post is spot not much anyone can add ness they want to talk crap like someone il not mention lol 🙂
    On the chav v manure match i think the chav’s might be regreting what they wished for now, meaning (J.Mourino). If that is the football they have to look forward to for the next 4 years then despite winning a cup or a few there football has gone backwards.maybe some Arsenal fans will take note and the anti-Wenger’s might realise they could get or would get a worst brand of football. IMO.
    It is important we win tomorrow we need to get the fortress factor back at home as well.
    They should perhaps set themselves a 2-0 target for half time , then bring on the kids to finish them off ha ha ha ha.
    ps, DR are you around i have got a problem with some woman i banged??

  • TA. I’m good. I hate the TW, but find it compelling all the same. It sets the tone and expectations for the season ahead, but has been a pretty reliable disappointment for years now. AW is still brilliant at developing talent, but the competition has moved on (upwards) and its no longer enough – he has to buy effectively, and at the top level.

    I will send you some draft stuff for the site sometime when I get a bit of peace from work; at the moment its hard to do more than dip in now and again. There’s never going to be a shortage of issues to think about though with The Arsenal.

    At this time of year, every year, I seem to find myself suppressing my hopes for success from the coming season, but getting increasingly emotionally engaged with ensuring that we don’t let ourselves down, and damage the legacy of our club or of AW – who may be nearing his time, but is still out greatest ever manager. The ideal is he can go on a high some day – PL and CL double. The fear is he slips out after a season where we end up 5th, or worse. I’m not sure there’s any middle ground.

    Once the TW closes and we are wherever we are I can just focus on the season ahead – and hope we are not already obviously out of it after the first 10 days. Spuds game seems bigger than ever this year.

    Another large drink needed!

  • “Stand up and shout- Steel Dragon” also in the movie “Rockstar” would be a mean song to start the engines at the emirates. Its also slow enough to be a desent football chant. Thats just my 2 cents.

    Off to read the post. 🙂

    Total, Fozzie, good to see you.

  • Cheers, PG.

    Maureen is a parasite who lets others play the decent footie and he takes the prizes. If everybody would play Maureenball nobody would watch the PL….

    But maybe he has changed …. 😉

  • AB – I know what you mean and I feel the sentiments too! 🙂

    Looking fwd to your post and don’t worry about the Spud’s game: the cannon will be roaring and the Spuddies will be mashed (sorry Bongo 🙂 )!

  • TA,
    You are right, i don’t think the chav fans are very happy tonight, that was the worst offensive play i have seen from chelsea in god knows more many years. All of them mis-placed passes though out the whole match, i had Chelsea down to win the league this season, after watching that i certainly don’t fear us playing them.

  • Hi all..
    TA.. I like your team.. especially for Sagna and Kosc.. I think if Wenger really wanna play Sagna as a CB.. then he must be able to work with all the others CB..
    And this game is the right time to test it..

    I also agree with you re Willshere for Rosicky.. but as an AM.. not as a DM..
    Let’s get Frimpong play.. along with Ramsey and Wilshere..
    Podolski could also start as our CF.. so Giroud can take some rest also.. Gnabry can start as our LW.. I don’t know if Cazorla need some rest or not..??
    Nacho also must start.. It made me confused about his rule lately.. haha.. Gibbs need rest to do his job again Spurs.. hehe..

    I don’t underestimate Fenerbahce.. but Spurs game is more important..
    I like our team win as much as they can.. and kick the soldado’s ass.. he becoming another Remieles also.. big mouth.. hahaha..

    Walcott hasn’t score.. he must play and must score.. to gain his confident and becoming our best winger again as usuall.. hehehe..

    So my team will be :
    Jenkinson.. Sagna.. Kosc.. Monreal
    Ramsey.. Frimpong
    Walcott.. Podolski.. Gnabry/Cazorla

    Subs :
    Eisfeld.. Sanogo.. Zelalem.. Mertesacker.. Fabianski.. Gnabry/Cazorla.. Akpom

    So no need to play Giroud and Rosicky at all.. hehe..

  • TA

    At 23:36, IMO, like it or not, Maureen is “clinical” .. Early season, new players, he went into MU not to lose and walked away with a critical away point. Nuff said, there are times when AW needs to bite that bullet like we did in part in the last 10 games last year. Play what comes to you.. And if the other side makes a mistake… Painful to watch at times but it delivers. I think if it was at Chelsea he may have come out harder. It’s why I called the draw in UMF

    Admittedly, better of course to score well AND defend 100%… But, you can’t lo if no one scores against you! IMO, Maureen will clinically choose where he wants to (try to) win and where not..

    Agreed about VP, last years 24M is this years 50M+ and you would expect more for that in a critical home match!

    Cheers — jgc

  • Hi Totes – Yes I think you have the right feel for this game, may be not the exact line up?

    My guess is that AW would like to rest 6 players, i.e. 3 rested and 3 subbed, preferably at half time. But the conservative approach will be most likely be just two changes, and to be honest they could be any of the 6 he would like to rest?

    So playing Jack I think will be at the expense of Rosicky. I also agree with others that Gibbs will be the second choice, as Monreal can get a full game under him. And that is the point, at least 5 or 6 of our key players will have to do the 90 minutes, which is worrying given the game that follows this one? So by a process of elimination you can get a fair idea as to who will be in that group:
    Jenks, fittest player in the club?; Sagna, doing less running at CB?; Mert, does not get many knocks; Ramsey, we will overplay him for sure?; Giroud, he is very strong, and on the ball at the moment. And that would be my certain 5. There is a case for Podolksi next, but I would rather think it depends on what team they are planning for Saturday, and he hasn’t played that much. But adding Monreal to the 90 minute club, and possibly Szcz if he starts

    So those who are subbed, and those rested completely, as I don’t want them on the bench, come from the following: Gibbs, complete rest; Rosicky, complete rest; Walcott, Santi, and Wilshere/Ramsey subbed.
    Kos, hopefully unused; Zelalem used; Gnabry, used(if not starting?); Eisfeld used; Hayden, unused, except for injury; Sanogo, probably used, but would like him to play with Giro as second striker? That would mean Eisfeld may miss out, but you never know?
    The final place would go to Fab, who could play, either starting, or half time?

    I have confused a simple task by over-thinking it?

  • PG – still early days, but I reckon the Chavs are the team to beat, mainly because Maureen will make them very hard to beat and then nick a goal or two every game…

  • Henry, remember I predict the line-up Wenger will go for, rather than suggest what he should go for. I would love to go with your line up tonight, though. 🙂

  • Yes jgc, i would call it calculated. He has a squad with dazzlingly brilliant footballers but he will let them play the old-Italian/Portuguese way. Agreed that Wenger needs to be that calculated at times, rather than go for style and therefore vulnerability in EVERY game.

    But the truth is Maureen seldom entertains, especially in the big games, and if everybody would approach the games as he does the PL would be as boring as hell. It is legitimate though, and we need to live with it and break it. Won’t be easy.

  • Hello, I think Arsene was right to put a good team on the ground every year during the England trophy and league cup we alignont bis a team and each time we must either replay or we are eliminate. …
    Spraying was carried and can be go after the youth, I also I long to to see them play but must not miss;)
    Go Gunners

  • On the RVJ think, I noticed well before the match one of the bookies was offering money back if he scored … and they only do that when they think they are on to a winner?
    Which doesn’t say much for their opinion of RVJ in top games does it? 😀

    Interesting blog on wing tactics, the point you(TA) picked up in my comment, on the arseblog site. Beautiful graphic showing exactly what I said about the two side operating differently too. Strangely, the article makes the point that it is a general trend, which I had not thought about, not watching too many other sides play, except against us?

    I too, am not getting involved in the transfer chat, with names at least, but the right result tonight could end up us getting reinforcements for Sunday, albeit they will likely start on the bench? Like your backdrop, things are beginning to look brighter? Mind both can change equally quickly if anything does go awry between now and next Monday :o()

  • Gerry you could be right with your predictions but I am pretty sure Koz will play and the BFG needs resting. Play him too much and he will injure himself as much as getting a kick. But it is all a guess.

  • I have just read why Flamini will not be joining the club – Darren Dein!

    It took a lot to get him out of our dressing room, and I for one, have no wish to see him back. Sorry amigo, try Fulham down the road?

    Fozzie – were you not around when JM introduced the magnificent One OK Rock to us? Just at the start of our unbeaten run. If you want any song to blast them out the tunnel it has to be one of their high energy numbers?

    ‘Be The Light’ would be one of my choices.

  • I have just realised that my above comment was after reading it on Ash-tuth(spit)-burton Grove-tuth, tuth, wash my mouth out- site.
    Sorry guys, it was a genuine mistake.

    Funnily enough, if I were to pay for the re-naming of the ground it would be known as:

    THE PHEONIX STADIUM … and us rising at the Ashes.

    Well perhaps not?

    Tomorrows results, as well as others tonight may free up a few more players if clubs don’t secure European cash?

    Got to go dog walking, byee

  • TA.. We will see who will Wenger pick..
    BTW.. Which one will you pick.. Mata.. Di Maria or Rooney..?? hehehe..
    i will go for Juan Mata..

    Rumours said we Wenger is running after “bulgarian Bale”.. 20 year-old striker Todor Nedelev.. 3 to 5 millions.. I think it will be a good buy.. hehehehe..

  • Morning my friendly, fairy family!!
    Thanks for all the suggestions Prince and Gerry for songs to start at the Emirates. I’m thinking a rock based song to get the blood pumping, but its hard to get the fear factor into the opposition without pumping them up too right? 😀

    I guess the fear factor will come when we start winning!! I’m just so glad Chavs didn’t get the Battersea Power Station … can you imagine what kind of fortress ground that could have been!!

    Henry I must admit, it was strange seeing Mata not used at all last night!! But Abramovich likes him so can’t see him moving. Di’Maria or Ozil will be moving, lets hope to us!! Waiting till after our game tonight to see what happens before end of week.

    I have yet to have official confirmation, but I believe Glic has ISCO changed to OZIL on his todger. Although not with the BOOIIIING factor of ISCO, the relatively easy transition to 4 letters makes it far less painful!! Just not back to front, with the O around his winky like Stevey B’s eyeliner …. 😀

    My sauces believe, this might be the reason why he the Doctor has been quiet over the last couple of days ….. 😆

  • Fozzie B..
    i’m not sure that’s it was the first time Mata didn’t play..
    As long as I remembered.. he always stay on bench.. since Mou came..
    i think Mata is out of Mourinho team.. Mou prefer Oscar and Hazzard..
    and don’t ever believe Mourinho words.. hehehe..

  • Yeah I did think Mata would come off the bench in such a big, big game. Even Torres got a run but not Mata … so I think Arsene should put a cheeky bid in before Spuds do … I hear they are thinking of a £30k bid.

    I’m with Macko … would love Ozil!! ;D

  • Fozzie, wot you talkin bout Willis? My suggestion is hard rock. I wish i knew how to put up a link for “Stand up and Shout- Rockstar (movie) soundtrack. My second choice would be ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ or ‘Paradise City’ by Guns n Roses,

    Total, thank you for a great pre-match. Im actually really looking forward to the game. Im with you. I dont see Wenger taking this tie too lightly.We should see a team (even if light on numbers) brimming with confidence, and i dont think we will see any fringe players take the field until we have scored a goal (hopefully first) or after the 50th min mark. I believe it was you that said you were not worried about us or Wengers form in these qualifying ties but rather your fears lay in the EPL where we are yet to boost our numbers/qualiteee. I agree with that. I believe we are comfortably through and in my own selfish way, i would like another sneek peek of Zelalem and or Ice Ice baby. Thanks again for wetting the appetite.

    Ps. Once that whistle blows full time i believe and expect a few phone calls/signatures/autographs/passport photos/ announcements/ happy gooner faces/ increase in shirt sales/ a drubbing of that swamplife wanna be football club. Is that too much to ask for?? 🙂


  • That’s better Princey … when I googled the other one I got some Japanese indy band lol!!!
    I’m down with Welcome to Jungle by GNR!!

    Would love to see Zelalem (we need a nick name for him to eh? VCC might come up with Zimmerframe related one!!) We have Zorro already maybe he will be just “Mr Z” aka “Mr T”? But he’s too young for that name yet 😆 maybe he can be “Master Z” although then he sounds like an old Jedi Master??? 😆
    Love “ice, ice baby” princey for Eisfield … that’s a winner for shizzle!!


  • Fozzie.. I prefer Mata for two reason..
    He was proven.. and he was LW who can play as an AM.. hehehe..
    We need a great LW.. Podolski just not a good LW.. he is a CF or SS..
    Mata combine with Cazorla.. Rosicky.. Walcott.. Arteta.. Willshere and Ramsey.. wow.. Giroud or Podolski can be topscorer.. hahahaha..

  • I would be very happy with Mata too Henry … just give us one … any one … hehe!!!

  • Fozzie,

    ……to the tune of the muppets (i think) 🙂 …… Ze-la-lem, do doo do doodit, Ze-la-lem- do doodit doo, ZE-LA-LEM…

  • If we could choose 2 players from any of Mata, Ozil and Di Maria it would be Mata and Ozil without hesitation. Just a personal choice 🙂

  • Off to gym and work now fellas .. keep the peace and COYRRG for tonight!!! 😀

    Catch you guys later

  • Laterz, fuzzy wuzzy bear. Hey, what happens when miss piggy gets kinky and smears your top shelf honey over your fur? Its gotta hurt, yeah? hahaha

  • it hurts when Animal comes home pissed from the pub with the munchies … 😆 That bastardo is ruthless!! 😆

  • Prince.. If you have to choose one of them.. Mata or Ozil.. which one will you choose..?? hehehe.. considering not every star could adapt to EPL.. hehehe..

  • Your thinking the same as me Henry, when you say that not every star can adapt to the EPL, therefore it would be Mata for sure. I consider him to be a closer like-for-like to Cesc more than any other player. In saying that though, im sure neither Ozil or Di Maria would have trouble adapting as their technical skills and in fact the la liga in general is superior to the EPL in that dept…… well in my view anyway.

    So its Mata, than Ozil, than Di Maria.

    Though, In my fantasy land it would be Marco Reus, Cesc and Suarez. haha

  • Prince.. Fabregas will return next season.. Wenger said so.. hahahaha..
    So.. Let’s hope for Mata then.. hehehehe..

  • Evening Guys,

    TA, Great post and looking forward to another year of CL footie but i won’t celebrate until the job is done tomorrow morning.
    I also see AW fielding a starting line up which will hopefully get the job done nice and early,


    On a separate note: CONGRATS on 1 million hits. Great work and also great work by all you guys

  • Wilshere to Bayern anybody? – I have to say I could be tempted – Shock! Horror!

    Given the following conditions;

    1, A sensible buy back clause?

    2, A top whack fee paid, although at least in part could be in part exchange for somebody we need?

    3, I cannot think of a 3rd condition, but the probably should be one … ?

    I know it sounds stupid to sell one of the most promising academy player whoever came through the ranks … and you can stop right there …. but …

    … there is nagging thought of another Diaby lurking? Not to mention trying to get him to find his place where he can be fully effective? It is just enough for me to think the unthinkable, without even bothering with the likelihood of it ever happening, but just enough to contemplate that a transfer target will fit in a lot better right now , and a certain little piglet in exchange could solve other problems …

    Food for a short discussion? Mmmnnn?

  • No, Gerry. Jack can’t be sold. He’s the heart of our team and future captain. Ignoring footballing reasons, the backlash from fans would also be awful.

  • Casillas, Khedira, Ozil, Di Maria, Benzema. Madrid can give us nearly all we need! 😉 Then bring in Alderweireld and we’re set? 😉

  • Dylan – I think that is far too many from one club. The would come as a gang and the dressing room could get divided. Two of that 5, but I would rather have those who want to come first.

  • The shortest discussion in history Gerry hahaha. Mind you, my wife asked me for some money yesterday, that was pretty short to.

    Nice post TA. I have a feeling your spot on with the team selection.

    Ever since the dawn of time and the creation of the Universe we have had to play an important game midweek before facing our disgusting rivals. It says it all about the two clubs. We have commitments because were class, they don’t because there crap.

    We should do the Turks tonight and then follow it up by bashing our neighbours

    After that, we should snap up some quality players in the transfer window and march on to our destiny of Premier League and Champions League double winners.

    Nice, very nice.

  • really Madrid can give us all we need ?

    how about Chelsea giving Torres to Liverpool or Liverpool getting Benteke and then letting Suarez go ? 😉

  • Henry,

    Cesc might be joining us next year ? really ?

    you do realize, D. Dein also manages Cesc and he was in meetings for a good couple of hours at our base yesterday – majority thinks it was about a certain DM available on a free, however – you never know.


    PS: HH – come back mate , Also 17HT , where art though ? AFC – stop disappearing on us like that !

  • Gerry,

    close but no cigar i reckon ahahahahahahahahahahahhaa, well done for trying though !

    JGC @ 07.08 and Gerry @ 07.20 – there you go everyone , for all of you to see what i was going on about in the past week gone by – business as usual !

  • Bale has returned to Tottenham, I think their shit president expects the last minute and sell it to real like this we will be unable do our shopping, I see it as big as a house ……

  • Mr. Bond.. 007.. You are the agent.. you should know better than any of us here.. hehehe..

    I just try to translating Wenger’s words.. with my own though.. hehe..
    He said he kept contact with Cesc.. and had interest to bring him back.. but Cesc wanted to play another year for Barca.. So that’s the deal.. hahaha..

  • Macko,

    or they are delaying the deal on purpose because if they sell early, then RM sell us Di Maria early as well (in essence they don’t want Arsenal to get RM’s players just yet ) ?

    a game of chess it is.


    i was only playing the devils advocate there , course Wenger said that amongst other things 😉

    4-1 tonight to us ? what is your prediction ?

  • JB

    I saw it as I read down and thought, on dear lord, JB will make a meal of this… Thanks for not disappointing? 🙂

    I am hopeful your weekend prediction works as well! 😀

    Cheers — jgc

  • JB

    Fener are down some players, we are loose, but saving puff… 2-0 to the good guys.

    — jgc

  • 5-2 @ Dylan ? we don’t play spuds until sunday you know 😉

    disappoint and moi ? never – i’m a true pro @ JGC

    we will be fine both tonight and on sunday – Gut feeling

    AW will use his strongest teams for both tonight and sunday because after sunday we have the international’s and players like Gibbs / Jenks/ Arteta / TV can recovery fully and be ready for Sunderland

    so we’re gonna have a go all guns blazing tonight and run riot on sunday 🙂

    spuds on the other hand – have the same problem as we did last year, lack of chemistry and understanding getting the better of them, i’m glad we get to play them now instead of December 😉

  • ah,TA almost got it right

    Monreal instead of Gibbs the only change

    good to see Ryo on the bench, no gnabry though

  • JGC – is that meant to be a trick question or a question that has – BUSTED written all over it ? ahahahahahahahaha

    Good evening @ TA – you got 10 right out of 11 , well done !

  • Team in full: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Sagna, Merteacker, Monreal, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud, Podolski
    Subs: Fabianski, Gibbs, Koscielny, Rosicky, Frimpong, Ryo, Sanogo

  • Hey guys, I’m here–I can’t vouch for HH… Too much Ollie-love for his taste?…

    No, I wasn’t sleeping…We decided on an impromptu trip out of the smoke here in Tahoe. I actually tried to post from my folks house but it wouldn’t go through…

    For today, I’m stuck on a stream 😦 but I really do think this is a formality. Fener are in trouble with the match-fixing so I doubt they’ll be pushing too hard. We’ll see about how much AW rotates. Given that it’s a Tuesday-Sunday turnaround the playing today shouldn’t be an issue…unless there are injuries…Again, bodies would be oh so welcome…

    I’m trying to avoid getting caught up in any TW stuff and just hoping for a couple of reinforcements. I really think a passer (rather than a runner) to spell Arteta is a key. A healthy CB might also be worthy…

    So, here’s to a “healthy” run-out tonight…

  • good to hear from you and see you doing well @ 17HT

    not sure if we are gonna be in for a CB anymore, TV is really close to a return and will most likely back on the bench at least on the 14th of September (international break) along with Arteta.

  • Fenerbache
    Volkan, Gökhan, Gönül, Egemen, Bruno Alves, Caner, Selçuk Şahin, Meireles, Kuyt, Cristian, Sow, Emenike

    Subs: Kaldirim, Irtegun, Webo, Gunok, Potuk, Topuz, Ucan

  • by the way, if we get Suarez then he might be available to play before the Swansea game on 28th of September courtesy of Liverpool playing in the carling cup match tonight

    even sweeter ahahahahahhahahaha

  • nah Prince, i fancy Theo to score a few tonight with Poldi scoring one and assisting 3 🙂

  • A full strength team to face the Turkey boys, Wenger true to his word. Lets show the chavs and manure how to play football.
    score predictions??

  • Evening @ PG


    2 theo, 1 Poldi and one Giroud

    3 assistss to Poldi one to Santi

  • Evening James Bond,
    I like it and i think 3-1 or 4-1 myself i will go for 3-1 with Santi first scorer the Giroud and Theo to finish of.i love going to the CL matched i wish i was there tonight, last season i was lucky enough to see Podolski volley v Montpellier. I would like Podolsko to score again and it very possible

  • ramseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    you lillllllllllllllll beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • what a game poldi is having though, it was because of his run that Ramsey goal was possible

    we need to keep the ball better and frustrate them a tad more, no need to be this hungry just yet, let them come out and leave more spaces behind

  • before people call me anti-Sczny and a hater like HH (Giroud)

    the beeb agrees with me, taken from the bbc

    Arsenal 1-0 Fenerbahce (Agg: 4-0)
    I heard Alan Hansen calling for Arsene Wenger to sign a goalkeeper over the weekend and Wojciech Szczesny is not doing much to change anyone’s mind here. He comes flapping at a cross, gets nowhere near the ball and is then lucky not to concede a penalty in his clumsy attempts to win the ball back. Panic stations in the middle of that Arsenal defence.

    honestly, this kids not a big match player in my opinion and may not be for another couple of years either.

  • saves one on his near post – any average keeper can do that.

    then saves an offside shot – given off side by the ref, shot was straight at his body.

  • apologies, i meant above average goal keeper can do that – block a nearside thunderbolt at chest high.

  • not a bad 1st half but in all honestly, we should have been 2-0 up had Giroud not missed a sitter


    2nd half changes, anyone ?

    Frimmy/Rosicky on for JW/Rambo – Ryo on for Poldi and perhaps Koc on for BFG ? or Giroud gets a breather and on comes young Yaya ?

    after the 60 minute mark though ?

  • Nacho got caught positionally a few times behind his back, a bit rusty perhaps?
    Szczęsny being awful… then great when it counts.
    Santi… Love him love him love him
    Sagna. I don’t know how many headers he won… Really not bad CB… I wonder if we should try him as right full back, he could be good there 😉
    OG should have scored, maybe he’s holding up for Sunday. COYG

  • Thuram was average, a player who fluked his name against Croatia in the 98 world cup. So so so overated in my opinion.

  • I think it shows that Monreal hasn’t got Gibbs pace?

    I did not think I could get to watch it as it on, as it is only ITV London – but they have obligingly put it on the ITV player?

    Back to the match …

  • me is Jenkinson that I find really bad, there is one level below the team even if it is a gooner you must be objective;)

  • Thuram done alright then for an average player, being the most capped for his country then i reckon !

    yep, Gerry , Nacho lacks the pace – it’s rather obvious and sometimes we wish Gibbs was playing but in his defence, Nacho’s better defensively (a tad).

    yeah, funny those people at ITV, baffling that one


    Jenks, sometimes tries too hard, he’s alright, let him learn from the master aka Sagna !!! he’s back to his best and i think the best RB in the country, Sagna is !

  • poldi being taken off on a stretcher



  • Bond.. the videos really means a lot.. hehe..
    Ramsey scored again.. just wonder no celebrity or top guy was dead..?? Hehe..

    Oh my.. Podolski injured.. wow.. Gibbs in.. I though it will be Miayaichi..
    Another 3-0 will be enough.. hahaha..

  • thats rotten luck no Podolski for the derby that will be about a month won’t it? Gutted for Podolski and the team

  • glad it does Henry, i’m glad it does – you have almost all the barca players in there (major ones) except Cesc.


    i hope the injury isn’t as bad – he is a must for this sunday !!!

  • Sczny – shows again why i want a “proper keeper” at a BIG club.

    that was just poor, comes out dashing – 9 times out of 10 that could have so easily been a penalty .

  • Thurman was à monster défender, if we had stats from this period I guarantee you he would lead in defensive actions and tackles, and I don’t remember seeing him outpaced!

  • thank you @ Alcide.


    like i said, not bad at all for an “Average player” then ehhh 😉

  • oh HH – Where art thou ?

    we are about to have a very feisty debate i reckon , your input will be much appreciated 😀

    AW should take off Theo and bring on Ryo.

  • The question is- Why are any of our players pulling a hamstring at this early stage of the season. Poldi has barely played and his muscles should not be that tight. Maybe someone with a sports science background would know more than me?

    I suspect that nothing has been torn, rather a pre-caution.

    Game is fizzling out.

  • Raaaaaaaaaaamseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    yooooooooou lilllllllllll beautyyyyyyyyyyyy

    2-0 !

  • I think the keeper is the only reason we are still in front , we could easy be drawing or behind if it was not for his saves. I want another keeper as well , but in a couple of seasons he will be one of the best keepers around so i would not say Sczny out, sounds a bit harsh when he has not let a goal in. He has come for 2 or 3 balls he should not have or he did not make it though but his learning, we all make mistakes. He is a big talent. When you say out , do you want him sold?
    Mind you people used to say the same about Walcott, Rambo, KOS ANF Nickolas Bentdner 52 grand a wekk just to level it up a bit lol

  • Alcide,

    finally begin to fulfill his Promise – something that MILO always defended ! he’ll be happy tonight with his performance !

    2nd MOTM in 2 games in a row ?


    You are warming to the hearts of many gooners. We have a ‘Pirlo’ in the making. Huge call i know, but Arsenes faith in Ramsey is paying great dividends.

    I suspect Dicky Laws phone is going ape-shit with agents wanting in!!!

  • Come on Sanogo we need him to get a early goal in his Gooner career to get him off and running.
    Carzorla is the man

  • ….and the Emirates is in full voice! Just what the doctor ordered. Fine display .

    Ooh to, ooh to be, ooh to be a GOONER!!!!!!

  • Alcide,
    Rambo was always the better player out of him and Jack before he got injured , he is showing everyone what he is about now his back to how he was before. Now he is scoring goals the sky is the limit for the man .

  • well done on that cross – Sczny more of that confidence on the pitch please !

    Wilshere down now FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • why are you back on the field @ JW

    only 7 minutes to go,

    surely can afford to sit it out, AW – sort it out

  • They need to invent some better ankle protection, like shin pads for ankles , them ones that are connected to the shin pads are not all that. I might have a think about it then go on dragons den, il have a few more buds and see if i can think of something.

  • AR 16 rightly so through hard and brilliant work certainly has guaranteed Arsenal plays in the UEFA CL for a 16th time consecutively in the competition under Arséne Wenger’s magnificent guidance… how timely this 16 theme is!

    All it takes for the negative “No touch Ramsey” bandwagon to do is say…
    I was wrong, Wenger was right to stand by Aaron Ramsey as he sees his qualities more in training than I do… AND I CHANGE MY MIND, SWALLOW MY PRIDE, EAT MY HUMBLE PIE AND SWALLOW MY BITTER WORDS…

    In Wenger I Trust… COYG…


  • just goes to show how poor AW can be at times,

    Wilshere again gets targeted,

    really AW – wake up and smell the coffee sometimes – be more pro-active, yeah ? should have taken him off when he got taken out with less than 8 minutes to go and kept him out not allowed him to go back

  • that Meireles is 1 ugly mother F”%^r and a dirty player, his hair dresser needs shotting

  • else where in the capital cup

    Liverpool 2-2 Notts County
    This is a superb effort from Notts County against what is a very strong Liverpool side. Into the last three minuets now.

    SUAREZ – are you watching ?

    we in the champs league for the 17th year running

    and LiverFOOL can’t even finish off notts county – LOL and guess what ? that’s their strongest team playing from KICK OFF

  • Hehe guys, don’t worry I always believed in Rambo (hell. I still believe in Diaby!), but that second goal was that of a top striker. I didn’t know he had that in him *too*!

    Other than that good game. Fenerbahce put much more pressure on us and showed that they’re not pushovers. Sagna really ruled the air and more (give that man a contract). Santi is brilliant. Yaya is a bit apprehensive and hesitant. Ryo seemed more comfortable (pity Jenks forgot him a couple of times) and certainly has pace.

    I hope Pod’s injury is not too bad.
    And now some signings please 🙂

  • Alicde,
    I totally agree with all you said. Sanogo needs some playing time and to score i think, because what you said about him is just what i thought about him too. I am sure he will come good though.It is a massive step up for the lad good luck to him

  • Hi guys,

    Very good win today and good to see Ramsey get two goals. The second goal was a very good finish. Areas we need to buy in my opinion GK, RB, DM, ST. Jenkinson looks like he needs a couple more years. Sanogo and Ryo looked a bit out of their depth and both could do with season long loans. I can’t see Wenger loaning them out yet.

    Apparently Mata’s dad was in the director’s box at the Emirates. Di Maria, Ozil and Benzema still linked. No DMs linked even though we need one. A bid could be made for Casillas. Liverpool interested in Sakho. I would try to hijack that deal or go in for Caceres or Abate.

  • JB et al

    Back from dimmer… I’m gonna call out my 2-0 call from way earlier… Feeling genius now, may quit for rest of season! 🙂

    Hope it’s not too bad for Poldi!

    Ad no JB, I’m not yet busted until Gerry responds first to this?? 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  • oh JGC-damus,

    could we have the predictions for sunday as well, while you’re at it 🙂

    i’m guessing he won’t, since he is enjoying it way too much, ha ha

    i wouldn’t be quick to rule out Poldi this quick, not just yet anyway.

  • If rom what I read in French newspapers/websites, I doubt we will land Sakho, he is really looking for 1st-pick playtime, and he’s not going to too sure of that with Arsenal. I hope I’m wrong though, he has a good level already and good further potential.

  • JB

    Ok, entirely for what little it’s worth.. Heart says 3-1, head says 2-1 … To the good guys.. One from OG or Theo

    jgc-damus speaketh … And like many prophets with vale best eaten with at least a small measure of salt….

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