Hey Europe, guess who’s back?!

Sweet 16: AR16 blasts Arsenal into 16th successive CL campaign

StartingvsFener (1)

Here are my thoughts on today’s second leg of our Champion’s League qualifier against Fenerbahce.

In today’s match Arsenal played very well in the first half, but then slowed down in the second half.

Arsenal started the day with a 3-0 lead on aggregate, and they would soon go 4-0 up. In the 25th minute Aaron Ramsey scored Arsenal’s first goal of the day. Podolski made a run through the middle of the field and when he reached the top of the box, he tried to slip Walcott through. Theo just got a touch and hit it across goal, where Rambo scored a poacher’s goal and put it into the open net. Two goals in two games in the Champion’s League for Ramsey, and it was quite clear that he would br full of confidence for the rest of the game.

In the 39th minute, Emenike broke down the left flank for Fenerbahce. He fired a shot that Szczesny could only palm onto the post. He then made a great close range save, although the shooter was called offside.

Right after halftime, Podolski went down with a hamstring injury. He went off on a stretcher, which isn’t a good sign. Gibbs would come on for him and play LW for the remainder of the game.

Arsenal played a very boring game throughout the second half, just trying to keep the lead and not get tired.

In the 60th minute Yaya Sanogo came on for Giroud. He had a very quiet game and didn’t do much, as we were mostly playing defensively after he came on.

In the 72nd minute Gibbs broke down the left flank. He swung a short, low cross into Ramsey’s feet and the Welshman happily volleyed it with one touch into the far lower corner. It was a very well taken shot and Ramsey was on top of the world.

In the 74th minute Ryo came on for Walcott and after that there were multiple fitness concerns, first about Jack and then about Aaron. Jack was clearly being targeted and really needed some protection from the ref, which he did not get. Then at the very end, Aaron went off holding his groin, but he was walking around after the game so he should be fit for Sunday.

Finally in the 90th minute, Ryo broke down the right flank and put a low short cross into Jenkinson’s feet in a play that basically mirrored our second goal. Jenkinson hit it well and was unlucky not to score.

Man of the match was clearly Ramsey who scored a hat trick across both legs and was involved in all aspects of our game. He seems set for a breakout season and I’m very happy for him.

Overall, Arsenal played well across both legs and will deservedly enter their 16th successive Champion’s League group stage. Now Arsene has no excuses: we are in the Champion’s League and the window is ending soon; signings need to be made.

For now I’ll leave you with some questions:

1. What did you think of our performance tonight?

2. Do we need to strength before the North London Derby?

3. Is this Aaron’s big season?

Thanks for reading! πŸ˜€

Written by: Dylan.

123 thoughts on “Hey Europe, guess who’s back?!

  • Dylan πŸ™‚

    Fine match report and nothing to argue about. Fenerbahce were very poor, both in terms of quality and effort, and I cannot remember us playing a weaker opponent in the CL in a long time.

    But the job was done in Istanbul and the boys did enough today to remain comfortable throughout the game. A bit disappointed in Wenger to not play a few players with a bit more fire in their belly tonight, but so be it.

    Gerry was right that Koz would not play….. luckily Sagna or BFG did not get injured.

    Ramsey took his chances well and I am sure he would like to play Fenerbahce every week for the rest of his life – he just cannot stop scoring against them.

    Back in a bit.

  • Dylan, top post as usual. πŸ™‚

    Very good win today and good to see Ramsey get two goals. The second goal was a very good finish. Areas we need to buy in my opinion GK, RB, DM, ST. Giroud looked disappointing at times. Jenkinson looks like he needs a couple more years before he is ready to be no.1 RB or even be fully ready to compete for the RB spot. I would try and sign Abate or Caceres. Sanogo and Ryo looked a bit out of their depth and both could do with season long loans as they do not look ready. I can’t see Wenger loaning them out yet. Podolski is out for three weeks according to reports. If Wenger could get Di Maria before the Spuds game that would be perfect.

  • Thanks for the excellent (and prompt) summary!

    A tiny remark – I don’t think Theo had a touch on the first goal, I believe the defender made the assist (but he had no other choice).

    1. It was a good, solid game, although as you said we got a but loose in the second half. Fenerbahce kept pushing too. Apart from Rambo (beautiful touch on the second goal, and what work rate again), I really thought BS has been excellent, and Santi just a pleasure to watch, his moves are so beautiful I can’t help but smile as he drifts away from defenders… Nacho started slowly with unusual bad positioning at times but got up to speed. I liked a couple of things Ryo did, and his pace. Yaya was a bit nervous, he’ll get better (Carling cups etc) but another ST would be a good idea…

    2. I don’t think we need to for Sunday, but we need to for the season to not go belly up with the next couple injuries/red card

    3. It does look like it, but as in 2. he’ll need a rest at this point (and young age).


  • Does anyone think Spurs are trying to delay the transfer of Bale to Real to make it harder for us to sign their players. If they sell him this week we could sign a couple Real players in time for our match with them. I can see them selling Bale by Monday.

  • Alcide, forget about Sagna and Santi Cazorla. Top performances from those two players.

  • Who is this other club in for Bale. There is probably no other club. Unless it’s us. πŸ˜€

  • Dylan, another superb match review, and a great result for our team!

    I was really pleased with the attitude of the team tonight and how we never took the result for granted. What a pity that Podolski has done his hammy though, because I’m certain that he would have scored against Spuds.

    Do we need to bring someone in before the game? Well, it’s probably too late isn’t it, although if someone like Di Maria or a midfielder could come on for teh second half then that would be a great option to have. I wouldn”t want to tinker with the defensive side of the team ahead of such an important game.

    Break-out season for Aaron – you better believe it! In fact, I am seeing a bit of Stevie Gerrard in him this season, and that is something that the Arsenal has needed for quite a few years now. Good luck to Aaron – he fully deserves it after what he has had to put up with at Stoke and at the Emirates in recent years.

    I’ll never forget that Aaron Ramsey said no to Alex Ferguson in favour of our club and then had his leg broken for the club in his first season for us, so I have nothing but admiration for him.

    Keep it going Dylan!

  • AFC, I have to agree, top, top performance from these 2. For Santi, I don’t swear by stats but it’s interesting that squawka has him #1 over the 2012-13 EPL (and Arteta 3rd although with a very different profile i.e. possession vs. attack score). I hope Rambo will be fit for Sunday πŸ™‚

  • Alcide, Santi is a SQ player. If he was just a bit stronger and faster he would be perfect.

    I think Ramsey will be set for the Spurs game. It looks like it will be the battle of the two double DM pivots (Wilshere-Ramsey and Paulinho-Sandro) and it will be good to see which is more effective.

  • Great wrap-up Dylan πŸ™‚ In the end, Fener did not quite prove to be as stern a test as we feared. Tonight was essentially a dead rubber and Arsene made sure that we would not become complacent. One aspect that puzzled me was the apparent freedom provided by Nacho on our left wing. Not sure if this is because he is still recovering from his injury or if this was by design – but there were multiple decent crosses coming in from the Fener right.

    I think that the current team is strong enough to beat the spurs (even with the Pod being out). There’s a rhythm and flow to the team that just seems a lot more assured. The villa game was really an aberration I feel.

    Even looking towards the end of last season it certainly looked like Ramsey was displaying an upward trajectory and it clearly shows. I hope that Jack too hits a similar curve soon – he is quite a handful even at less than 100%. When in top gear a midfield of Santi, Jack, and Aaron will really be a handful for any team. Just hoping that the injury jinx stays away πŸ™‚

  • Good review, great performance, hopefully not too tiring.

    @AFC “Does anyone think Spurs are trying to delay the transfer of Bale?”

    Probably, but they are still trying to get 1-2 players in before Bale goes as well so the AFC affect might just be a positive side effect for them..

  • Man am I pissed at my brother!!! He made me miss the match to help him move to a new apartment, but he was late showing up to his old one, where I went to, so I ended up missing the whole match!!! 😦 Right on Aaron’s big day too!!! 😦 hahahahahhaha πŸ˜€ I am happy that he is doing well. Now all we have to see is Jack scoring a few and we will be EVEN BETTER, right??? πŸ˜€ I am supergluing my ass to my rocking chair on Sunday, and no one, NO ONE, is getting me out of it!!! πŸ˜€ Unless one of my cats get sick that is, hahahahaha πŸ˜€ I am not missing the North London Derby for any human being!!! πŸ˜€ My bro didn’t even apologize to me!!! He knows how Arsenal mad I am, and that football was the only thing I had for a while to look forward to. So I am making a resolution to glue my ass to that chair!!! πŸ˜€

  • Hi all..
    Dylan.. good post as usuall..
    But man.. We don’t come back to UCL.. We never left.. UCL is our home.. hehehe..

    No need to add some more phraise for Ramsey.. He is the man.. hehe.. I always a big fans of him.. ask TA for that.. hahaha.. I would choose Ramsey first before Wilshere..
    Not also Cazorla.. He is great in every games..
    I want to give my credit to Sagna.. He did the job very well.. and make me more ease about our CB..

    With the performance that Wilshere.. Ramsey or even Rosicky as our DM.. (Surprising me to watch both Rosicky and Wilshere as our double pivot DM.. hehehe..) I doubt Wenger will buy one.. He will wait for Arteta and Diaby back from injured..

    He would rather go for an AM or LW.. and I’ll chooce Mata for that.. He is good for AM and LW.. he is EPL proven.. he was also Arsenal fans.. and he will easily fit with Cazorla and Monreal..

    The problem is on Mourinho.. He would never give us an easy way.. hehe.. Remember last season he did for Sahin.. He would rather loan him to Liverpool than us.. I’m afraid he will do that again.. giving Mata to Liverpool than his derby club..

    But Spurs always s-pur (read: as poor) as always.. hehe.. He never beat us at Emirates.. cause the history repeated.. We will win another 5-2.. the same as the last two season.. hahaha..
    We had 4 days compare them only 2 days rest.. and with all the mess that Bale will make in couple days ahead.. I very confident that Spurs will suffer their first lose in PL this weekend..

    And I’m very happy with my TV station lately.. another TV station win the PL and CL..and this new one.. seem to be Arsenal fans also.. they keep relay lives on the Arsenal games.. haha..
    Make MU and Chealsea fans angry.. hehehe.. cause they don’t relay live the big match between MU and Chelsea.. hahaha..

  • Morning guys πŸ™‚

    Some fine comments overnight.

    Glad to see most of us are not getting carried away and realise Fenerbahce did not put much in our way, for whatever reason.

    Milo keep that Arsenal of yours glued to the chair haha. Your brother owes you after that abuse of your biological bond (clearly not a footie fan, or he would not have done that to you)!

    I will be out today. Have a good one!

    And Wenger stop fecking smirking and sign the quality players we have been promised all summer. We know the gaps….

  • Hello, after have had a good night πŸ™‚
    Arsenal have play well yesterday evening, they are all controled the match and even if the game seems simple the Turks prints a slow game that you endorts order to best you kill.
    Ramsey is improving he are no photos, but it would take a day in his head he gives himself a post and be able to to keep it, because if you look the play, he runs everywhere, once he is taking to a distributor a different attacking midfielder but his post and relailleur backgrounds and her big problem is that it does not return quite often defend.
    When heauras find his post and controleras he will become no doubt one of the best middle of the first league, see of the world;) but there is still work to.
    Our poor Theo still play a match behind Jenkinson is therefore ryo as it is go unnoticed This is that of aillor for ca repique in the axis …..
    Jenkinson is our weakness, all the teams one meets are aware because everything happens on the right side …. Lastly no comments
    I think against Tottenham we have every chance but he faudras be rigorous in midfielders;)
    PS: for me, the man of the match and Santi;)

  • lol, nice post…i read it as if it was a narration or some some of. keep up the good work Dylan.

    I am also particularly happy for Rambo because of his determination to become the best. As a matter of fact, not only has he improved his defensive performance and tactical side but also his goal scoring capability. Isn’t that what you wish for from an all-rounded midfielder? I also saw that he was among the top passers during the game.

    Altogether, hello Big Boys and hopefully we reach the semis and maybe the finals. Wenger was surely built for Europe and it is a shame he has never won that cup.

  • Dylan – I think you captured the essence of the match very well. Personally, I would have liked a little more upbeat note on how we played. But given the time this was published, I guess you were hot on the keyboard shortly after the final whistle πŸ™‚ So taking that into account you have done a grand job.

    Q1 – View of the match – Well we did what we had to do against a side that probably just wanted to show they were better than they are, or have shown? However, the change at left back probably had the biggest impact on how they attacked in the first half.

    If it was a tactical decision to tell Monreal to join Podolski in attack,i.e. providing width on the left was a poor one? If we were going to keep it tight, the gap left behind needed to be covered. It wasn’t, and they exploited it time and again. Luckily, both Mert and Sagna were in top form, and an awful lot of running back by Santi meant he too had his best game of the season?

    I watched the Bayern game earlier, and their little Swiss barrel(I can’t remember the spelling so I am not going to bother,okay) hit a shot similar to that of Emineke’s, and it went straight through the GK’s gloves. JB’s in match comment on Szcz was a little short on praise, even with the correction. This was Szcz at his best .. shot stopping. You might expect goalkeepers to always save at the near post, but from that range, with that power, it was up there with the best.

    If I am critical of AW about anything, it is the timing of substitutions. So when, at half time they still needed 4 goals to go through, why not take off somebody for the last 45 mins. No, this is not said with hindsight, as I said as much in my pre-view comment. I know we are thin on the ground, but I think Sanogo would have more confidence, and space alongside Giroud, and with an important match on Sunday did Pod really have to come out for the second half????

    That said, it did give a chance to see Gibbs in a whole new light? Not only did he come on and replace Podolski, be a left winger, be a DM, and I am sure I saw him take a throw in on the right? Have cloned him? But for Ramsey and Santi’s performance’s, he would be my MOTM. No worries on Sunday, he just needs to polish up his shooting boots and he is our new SS, until the cavalry arrive? Well a little OTT, but I was impressed. His assist for the second goal was so casual, as though he could it every day of the week. The finish was brill too, well done Aaron.

    From then on it did become a little ‘let’s kick Jack fest’, and I am amazed he went back on with only 8 mins left … i mean are they really going to score 4 goals against our remaining 10, or 9 in the last few minutes. At the very least they could have kept working on his ankle for another 5 mins to see how it was going. I do despair at times!

    Overall, great result, some fantastic performances, but at the cost of 2, may be 3 players for Sunday. I am glad the rest of you are so confident, without reinforcements?

    And that is my answer to Q – 2; We not only need, but I think the closeness of the internationals and players away not able to sign, does mean some business will get done in time … thankfully.

    Q3 – He has made a great start without doubt, but, BUT, it is only Week 3. Given a season doing what he is doing now I think is impossible to continue without help(rotation) or injuries intervening.
    Come back in May, and reflect on it. Too much expectation to do it now?

  • I just read Di Maria can be connected with Galatasaray, the I begins to get fed up, it would be time we get out our Bollocks and that clubs have to say if they are or seller is not blowing all our players to come …. shit, I’m starting to believe that one frightens all of Europe!! or else it is a true cabal against Arsenal!

  • Great summary Mate, couldn’t agree more, with what I’ve seen of this team this season, we’re going to start virtually most of our games ( if not all) in this fashion ( I mean starting each game strongly) and my only concern is on how to keep the momentum and not slow down or remove the feet from the pedal like we’ve done in all our games so far this season. Our midfield looks solid and I pray we don’t lose any of our currently fit players to injury and the injured ones to have speedy recoveries because with the look of things, this team is gonna be up there challenging on all fronts this season and we can only get better.
    Yes I think we’re currently short of wingers right now and with Poldi’s injury, our striking department also needs fine tuning and if the reports we’ve been hearing lately concerning a certain Bulgarian is anything to go by then I’d like Arsenal to wrap up the deal for this guy ASAP. So I think we need to strengthen our front-three, defensive midfield, CB, RB & an experienced goalkeeper to push Szczesny all the way and also to help improve his game.

    Rambo, what a gem we’ve got on our hands! I hope and pray he stays fit all season so he can put naysayers in their place. His importance has been felt in all of our games so far and if he’s fit enough to play against the spuds, Sunday will be no different. It’s deffo his breakout season. An early contender for BPLPOTY. You heard it here first.
    Now let the floodgates of donedeals begins.

  • Thanks TA.
    Agreed AFC!
    Thanks Alcide! I didn’t think Theo got a touch either, but upon further review I think he might’ve.
    Thanks davydavy! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Arsenal_vcc. I didn’t think Nacho had too much freedom, a lot of Fener’s attacks went down that right flank though, so Nacho appeared more exposed than he was I think.
    Thanks JakeInOz. I agree. πŸ™‚
    Thanks henry! I agree except I think we will sign a DM…Flamini! πŸ˜‰

  • Hahahahahahaha Milo. πŸ˜€
    Macko, I didn’t think Santi played that well, but maybe I’m just too used to him rocketing in shots from 30 yards, so I’ve been spoiled by him. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks mA.
    Gerry, I won’t criticize Wenger’s subs too much. Better than his usual “all pre-planned subs in the 80th minute”. πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks Funminiyi. I think lots of new deals will come flooding in soon. I wouldn’t be surprised to have a DM and winger before the NLD. And a CB, GK, AM, and ST before the end.

  • Dylan

    Great post.. According to JB, whatever I say now will be reinforced by Gerry right after, or vice versa… Anyway, my thoughts on your questions:

    1. Clinical, which is a very good sign for a team that in recent years has not always been that way. So far this year we’ve been clinical in all bar the game against the ref (is he allowed back in the EPL yet?), including pre-season.

    Thus, we are better than we think even if Fener didn’t go all all out. And IMO, they weren’t as bad as we made them look… All good signs I think. We still need a touch more discipline between backs and mids

    2. Technically no, but would be good for morale and mental edge. If we have more players on, even if they don’t play, Spurs and others will be thinking more and worrying more. This is good. Recent form should leave no opposition in doubt we are for real, albeit thin in players, no matter the tendency to doom say…

    3. To counter what I said about TAs gloom in 2 above, he did point out earlier, I think it was TA, we could get 10-15 more out of JW, AR and others in midfield this year IF they step up. Obviously, AR has been reading BK regularly and taken it to heart. Long may it continue! IMO, I think he could have a good or great year, far better than expected, and that he is, per 1 above, showing it already and is better than some think. I.e he is making the opposition look worse than they are and scoring. So, a long winded yes…

    JB asked last time if I could predict the derby outcome… Last post I responded and copied here..

    JB:: Ok, entirely for what little it’s worth.. Heart says 3-1, head says 2-1 … To the good guys.. One from OG or Theo

    jgc-damus speaketh … And like many prophets with vale best eaten with at least a small measure of salt….

    Cheers — jgc (onto Gerry now? πŸ™‚ )

  • nice one , Dylan

    1: our performance was okay against a not so good team, let’s be honest, the job was done in Turkey and we could have been better with our finishing…could have controlled it better i reckon

    3: yes, we need to strengthen and we will but not sure if we will be getting the players involved vs spuds (the new signings), our current playing 11 is good enough to beat spuds minus bale.

    5: yes, he needs to be looked after though, rotated e.t.c e.t.c this is his big season, as was going to be the case with The OX (i feel) but the key is keeping them fit and relatively fresher.

    on a slightly different note, are we back to how it used to be in the pecking order ? Ramsey ahead of Wilshere ? i would certainly say based on current form – YES.


    you’re right, i was a tad harsh on young Sczny last night, that shot he deflected to the post, a good stopper could have caught it and held it firmly instead of deflecting it he was lucky that it was deflected to the post and not gone in.

    as you can see, i’m clearly very biased when it comes to Sczny – don’t blame me, blame AW for not having a decent keeper from the last so many years at one of the biggest clubs in the world πŸ™‚

    people keep banging on about a world class striker that wins you the league, i beg to differ, it’s a decent keeper that does it and most if not all champions (teams of the past) have had a decent keeper (world class or potential world class).

    i guess losing Poldi is a massive blow, however, Rosicky comes back to the middle and santi drifts onto the left for Spuds should be a no brainer – bench looks a tad worrying – one of my hammers mate said to me , that they had a stronger bench than us on saturday and he wasn’t wrong, however, course i told him we didn’t need our bench cause our starting 11 are all winners (yeah, Sczny included πŸ™‚

    PS: HH – come back mate !!!

  • Thanks jgc. I predict a 4-1 over Spurs. They have too many new signings to be able to deal with a derby like this yet. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks JB. I reckon Szcz is proving himself and if we get a keeper, I want high high quality (Casillas, Valdes) not another Almunia (Cesar, the random Spanish keeper we’ve been linked with (not Guaita)). πŸ˜‰

  • JGC-Damus,

    2-1, 3-1, 5-1, a win is a win against the spuds – 3 points in the bag and early psychological advantage gained over the rest of the league.

    i do not see spuds as our competitors this season (minus bale) , we should be concentrating on the likes of Chelsea, and Mancs

    yeah yeah, i’m talking the big talk but really, we need to aiming for the very top and not be content with competing for 4th with Spuds or Liverpool – let them 2 compete with each other for that.

  • Dylan,

    he can prove himself on the bench for me, while a top notch goalie teaches him and shows him how it’s done with confidence, aura and keep calm at the back.

    zooming in on all the decent saves every now and again is not the way to go, look at the amount of mistakes and panic moments he has created in each and every single game of the season so far.

    he just doesn’t learn – got sent off at the Euros for Poland and could have done so again last night so easily – fortunately, the ref wasn’t called Taylor and carded the opposition player.

  • Nice job (as always) Dylan… My stream was crap but the tie was over after the first leg. Poldi off on a stretcher doesn’t sound good…

    It’s good to hear all the praise for Ramsey. Of course, I need to see it for myself and beating up on a team that was never going to make it (their appeal for match-fixing seemed a long shot AND they must’ve seen the writing on the wall…) should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt… That being said, AR16 and OG12 now lead the team with 3 goals each (in all competitions)… Speaking for HH (haha–if anybody can speak for himself, it is he…) the season is young and if these early goals make people (even the great Bacary Sagna…) think we don’t need reinforcements, they should check their pipes as whatever they’re smoking is too (freaking) much… To answer Dylan’s question, yes, we need a signing before Totts, somebody expensive and for the front, just to mollify the crowd. Ideally, whoever it is, just warms up late on while we sub to defend our lead. I like the Nacho/Gibbs combo (in that order, back to front) for matches where we’ve got a lead…Maybe we need something similar we could employ down the right?…

    Off topic (hardly)…I DID watch matches over the weekend including the nil-nil at the theatre of tame shots from twenty or thirty (yards) and I worry over what’s becoming of the game. The top teams are hoarding players and it needs to be stopped. This is what the roster limits and FFP are all about but they’re not working. Will Arsenal have a shot at the various underplayed and wantaway players at United, Chelsea, City (even Liverpool) or at Real and Barca? I fear we won’t but (as always…) WTF do I know. Our bare bones squad, shocked into life by the opening day loss, is getting it done, but over 4 comps and an entire season, there is no (freaking) way…

    So, you want Rooney, I’ll take Shinji Kagawa… You want Mata, I’ll take Victor Moses. Hell, I’ll take Johnny (freaking…) Evans if it means Bac can get back to right back…

    I don’t know if (or whom…) we’ll be buying as the TW closes. Certainly we need bodies and they’re hoarding them. It’s not right and we’ve misplayed our hand so I don’t expect it to be easy. 007, what are your latest discoveries?…

    Anyhow, more torture (twists, turns…) and terror to come…

  • Dylan, trust me you do not want Arsene to sign Valdes. The guy makes more errrors than Szez and Hart put together. πŸ˜€

    JB, Szez will improve but you are being harsh on him. Is he that far away from De Gea and Hart? No, in my opinion. Hart has made more mistakes than Szez and has lost City matches. Nobody doubts him. We just need to get an experienced GK in and get rid of Fabianskim

    A biit weird Di Maria, Ozil and Benzema are all saying they will not be leaving Real. Those bastard across the road are probably trying to delay the transfer of Bale to Real until transfer deadline day so we can’t sign any Real players.

  • Wenger needs to start putting in some bids. Let”s bid Β£25 million for Bender and Β£30-35 million for Mata.

  • 17ht, Mata will hardly get any playing time considering 5 players will be ahead of him. It would be a good time to go in for him. Moses will also be on the way out. Liverpool are interested.

  • AFC, Hopefully you saw more of the match yesterday than I did… πŸ˜‰

    I really don’t believe that Totts have any control over what happens with RM players…Bale is going there and if they feel like they need to sell it’s up to them who they sell to and for how much. Our cash should (italics) make us king. Hoarding players, however, seems on the cards. Madrid will have one of the strongest shadow squads in world football no matter what…

    Frankly I expect all but maybe one of Khedira, Modric, Di Maria, Ozil and Benzema to be staying in Spain. On that note, would you take Modric if he was on offer?…

  • The way it works is this: Personal terms can be agreed and a move can be desired, but if a player is under contract and his club doesn’t want to sell him there will be no deal…Until a club like Chelsea or City or RM get a ban from European competition via FFP, hoarding of players will be commonplace. I fully expect hell to freeze over long before this occurs…

    Why would Chelsea sell us Mata, (or City sell us Richards) etc., etc., etc…? Money means nothing to those clubs. We’ve got a better chance with Real Madrid, but again, I would think it’s an awfully slim chance… At this point I think looking off radar might be more rewarding…

  • 17ht, I watched the whole match from start to finish. Sad to hear you couldn’t watch the whole match. Just make sure you don’t miss our match against the Spuds.

    I actually think Modric will be staying and Real will sell Ozil, Di Maria, Benzema and maybe Casillas. Not sure about Khedira. He too could leave if Kondogbia is signed.
    Real don’t really have any problems with Modric. It seems to me that Ozil, Di Maria and Benzema will be ‘kicked out’. Benzema has come out and said the only way he is leaving is feet first and Di Maria has said he will stay until his contract is up.

  • Hi all..
    I still doubt about Bale.. Either his price isn’t that big or the deal hadn’t done..
    I don’t think Anceloti will take the risk of unhappy Madrid playersespeciallyRonaldo.. He is the prince now.. Ronaldo is like Messi to Barca..
    And Ronaldo is a very egoistic guy.. hardly to think that he will be cooperate with the guy who beat him in the transfer record.. hahaha..

    Bale already back to London.. isn’t he..??
    I think Suarez will come for surprise.. hehe..
    Poor spurs.. hahaha..

  • 17ht, I think Real want to rebuild the whole squad so I can see a number of players leaving.

    Fully agreed about Chelsea and City. However if we offer Β£30-35 million and Mata kicks up a fuss, refuses to train, might even hand in a transfer request (although that is very unlikely) we could still get him. Richards will not be sold as City are very thin in defence.

  • Henry, Bale failed to trun up to training. Apparently there is another mystery club in for him. I don’t believe that. Who would it be. PSG? Monoco? United? ARSENAL? πŸ˜€

    Bale will always choose Real over any team who have the money to pull off such a move.

  • 17HT,

    good points there re- Ramsey only scoring against the mighty Fener but i guess he took the goals well ? confidence is everything – when i used to play back in the day, we purposely used to play a weaker opponents to hand them a thrashing before playing decent opponents, ha

    going by that tried and tested method, the flat bully’s aka Ramsey and Giroud are heading towards the right direction – confidence can only improve you as a player on the pitch and long it may continue !

    i got a couple of names , however, am not gonna disclose until i got confirmation of a medical or if the deal is near – yeah yeah, there is talk in the air of TA doing a POST on my TIPS – the ones i got wrong and ones i got right, and if i got 2 more right out of the 4 names i mentioned the other day – then there is even talk of a statue for me, not the one Michael Jackson got outside craven cottage but i hope you get the drift πŸ˜‰


    you do realize you’ve just said De Gea (younger than Sczny) is better than Sczny, mind you De Gea has only been in England for what ? an year or so ? not bad ehhh

    Hart, is class, going through a blip , he will bounce back – however, he doesn’t have anyone pushing him in training , same problem as ours ? but trouble is, i want a new no.1 with Sczny helping us win cup games, Capital one – FA cup , until he irons out such moments of madness.

    you see, the goals he conceded from corners last week against Cardiff were more down to the change from Zonal marking to man marking – which the city players (defenders) themselves said, they are not comfortable with just yet.

    anyhow, he is error prone as is every keeper in the world – you’re bound to have a few error’s here and there but keeping it consistent on regular basis and instilling both your team mates and supporters is the way to go – Sczny does neither for me, sadly or not yet anyway (been like that since the last 3 years or so).

  • Feet first? I have no idea what that means but I like it… πŸ˜€

    Yeah, I think my CL TV (telly) will be sorted for the group stages… On that note do you (or anybody else) think tomorrow’s draw has any impact on transfer business? For example, if we’re drawn with another club are they less likely to want to sell to us? Maybe, however, we’re in the same pot with RM (and Barca)…

    We’ll see about those RM players getting sold. They’re only just scraping by in these early days with Ancelloti. Winning 1-nil at Granada is better than they did last year (when they lost in our tiny stadium…) but it’s not a real statement, to be sure…

    Henry, AVB press conference for their Europa Cup match has him speaking about Bale to Madrid as a complicated but (basically) done deal, a “dream move” for la cara del mono (the monkey face)…

  • Thanks 17HT. Seems like we could get Alderweirld who I hear is a better Johnny Evans. πŸ˜‰
    JB, I have faith in Szcz. πŸ˜‰
    AFC, I’d be happy with Ozil and Di Maria. Let’s just make that happen. As for Kondogbia, Sevilla have announced he’s buying out his own contract to move to Monaco. Also, I hear we’re getting Bender next summer and are signing Flamini on a one year as cover. As for Mata, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with him. He would be a great addition, but I’d take Ozil over him. However, if Ozil is staying, let’s do everything to get Mata.

  • nah, Bale is being delayed on purpose , they know the sooner they sell bale the sooner it may strengthen their rivals in the EPL.

    also, they have Lamela doing a medical today ?

  • To get back to the topic at hand (rather than the statue for 007…) can anyone confirm that we (simply) don’t play any sort of DM or double pivot or anything of the sort given the positions that our goal scorer (Ramsey) gets himself into? Also, is this why we need Sir Chez (or any keeper) to keep making those blocks at the back? In a match where defense should (italics) be a priority, why do we choose not to sit (at least) one of the MFs?…

    Just asking…Like I said, my stream was stop and go and then all stop before getting decent for the foul fest at the end…

  • JB, a lot of people say De Gea is better than Szez. I would say they are on par. As for Hart, he is one of the most overrated GKs (along with Valdes) in the world. Ruined City’s little chance of winning the title last season, and has made a ton of mistakes. Szez can only improve and will.

  • 007, by the way… I thought that thing you did with the queen, flying her in during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last summer, was super cool…

    In fact, if we’re gonna build you a statue, that’s the image that comes to mind…


  • 17ht, we do not play with a traditional double DM pivot. By that a mean two dedicated DM’s (like De Jong and Van Brommel) who shield the back four and do not go forward. It seems like we are playing with two box to box midfielders who are still a bit defensive.

    Alcide, that means nothing in my opinion. If a club want you gone it is likely you will soon be sold. Players do not get to decide whether they stay at clubs.

  • Very good AFC, so then I will not have to correct anybody who invokes the term double pivot ever again…Thank jesus (of Navas) for that… πŸ˜‰

    As such, and with PSG reportedly NOT in for Pani (Cabaye)…Are you warming to the idea of that guy?

    Sorry, if I’m not taking all this transfer stuff seriously enough…It’s miserable here (with forest fire smoke…) so I’m in a goofy sort of mood…

  • 17ht, I don’t think we will go back in for Cabaye. Surely Wenger must be working on some special signings if it is taking this long.

  • AVB has said Mata will not be sold to Spurs or Arsenal in an interview as Chelsea do not want to sell to a rival.

    If this is true I am starting to get sick of this. Who are United to tell Rooney he can’t join Chelsea or Arsenal, who are Chelsea to tell Mata he can’t join Spurs or Arsenal. Players can play wherever they want to play. If I was a player I would be angry as hell. I guess I would just run down my contract and leave on a free.

  • Boys (AFC, Bond, Dylan, others…), I’m only drinking coffee–no breakfast to barf up yet–so I feel safe to ask…

    Did Rooney’s performance on MNF (Monday Night Football…) put an end to the ideas about him leaving United?

    Just curious…

  • 17ht, I guess United were never going to sell Rooney to us or Chelsea. Rooney was/is not prepared to hand in a transfer request as he would lose a lot of money. The Rooney saga is on hold until next summer.

  • AFC…This is the problem with financially impervious clubs hoarding players…Until there is some sort of profit sharing structure put into place (like in North American leagues) many very fine players will be rotting on the benches and shadow squads of the silly money clubs…It’s ugly and fans (consumers) should protest. The “uprisings” at Arsenal are one form of such protests but are misdirected. The only hope is that (down the road…) the other owners (Sheik Mansour, Abramovich, etc.) become more like Kroenke and less eager to waste their money hoarding players…

  • 17ht, agreed. Maybe an end to transfer fees would help to achieve this. Players (like us) just get payed wages and bonuses etc, and can leave whenever they choose (like us) to go to another club.

  • Looks like it’s just you and me, AFC… 😦

    Re: Rooney…I would’ve liked to see Kagawa (who I really rate) in the Chelsea match. Ashley Young put in some good crosses but I just don’t see RvP and Rooney getting on the end of many of them. Between Cashley marking the crosses and Terry, Cahill and Ivanovic heading them out (and Cech catching them) it seemed a poor strategy…English footy at it’s silliest…But maybe that’s just me…With Kagawa I think they could play along the ground and break down defenses…

    Again, hoarding good players = bad for the fans…

  • 17ht, why would Moyes bring on Giggs and not Kagawa. Kagawa and Hernandez need to leave if they are not getting any game time because they are good players.

    Torres and Ba need to be sold as they will not play much.

  • AFC…American baseball, which has led all the sports (but now is deathly boring, IMO)…works (more or less) that way. Players get “traded” sometimes, with cash involved and owners are more or less guaranteed to make a modest (but steady) profit. Large market clubs subsidize small market teams…

    Still, players hardly get to choose for which club they play. European Football is a lot more interesting (for me, at least) and I think there can be a lot of gains for the selling clubs–roster limits and FFP are good ideas but corruption seems rampant. If Russia and Qatar can buy World Cups, you’d have to think it’s easy for clubs to buy ways around FFP…As sports fans the one thing we really crave is some measure of fairness….

    As always, however, WTF do I know and (hopefully) I may (very well) be talking out of my ass….

    Good point about Chicharito, I forgot about him…It’s very sad for my Mexican (football watching) friends and (almost) makes me glad that our own great Mexican player (Carlitos Vela) is making his stand in the Basque Country (Real Sociedad)…Interesting that both managers went with their English guys (Terry and Lampard for Chelsea, Rooney, Cleverly, Carrick, Jones and Young for United)…Most exciting league in the world? Maybe not…

  • 17ht, I would go as far to say why can’t clubs spend as much money as they choose. As long as they are not hoarding players they do not use they shoujld be allowed to spend what they want. If City and Chelsea have a billionaire funding them why should we or clubs lower down in the league complain. They should just try to find their own billionaire like City did. You don’t go into a shop to be told how much you can spend.

  • * should

    If we really wanted we could bring Usmanov in. So instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and AW complaining why don’t AFC bring in someone who is prepared to actually invest and put some serious money in the club.

  • Gonna have to agree to disagree on this point. Personally I believe it’s immoral for people to have fortunes at this level when others don’t have enough to eat…Football exposes the absurdity of our world and should be criticized, not lauded… WalMart (Kroenke) is just as evil as Gazprom (Usmanov)…That either guy should be seen as a way forward stinks…

    That’s just me, of course…

    Anyhow, my people are up so I’ve got coffees and breakfasts and getting people on their way (out the door and into the smoke…) so you’re on your own…

    Stay strong…(in the face of terror, torture, turmoil, transfers, etc.)…

  • 17ht, I guess I just live by the ‘it’s a free country’ motto. Happy to agree to disagree. πŸ™‚

  • AFC,

    I would very much prefer a framework where each club competes on the basis of the financial wealth generated through its own activities. There’s a difference between investing in a club and funding losses year after year (Chelsea, City, soon Monaco…).

  • JB, cut the guy some slacks, at his age(23) Cech wasn’t as good as he is right now but it is the calibre of defenders that play infront of a goalie that also helps their confidence I.e Terry, Ivanovic, Cahill etal and the competition they have for their spot on the team, I.e Carlo Cudicini, Neil Sullivan who made him a better goalie before the hilarious Hilario.
    AFC, I’d take Modric any day of the week over Wilshere ( though he’ll get there too someday) for now.

  • let’s hope so @ AFC

    cheers @ 17HT , glad you liked my stunts and moves – much appreciated

    erm, Wenger last year in his contract ? delays possibly because he’s yet to sign a contract extension which is on the table for him – anyone ?

  • I begin to believe that we will not have new signature except Flamini, but good anyway it shall make with.
    Let us pray for not have too many injuries;)

  • Funminiyi,

    i have cut Sczny, plenty of slack and have done over the years – he’s not good enough to be our no.1 not back then and certainly not now – unless he strings together 3 decent games or even 2, then i might change my opinion of him,however, very unlikely to happen.

    we need to strengthen at the back starting with the Goalie.

    i respect that he has a lot of believers in him who reckon he is the way to go – i’m just not one of them based on his performances, year in year out.

    that’s all – sure he can improve further – not questioning that – he can certainly be one of the top 5 keepers in the world in the future at some point, but i’m fed up of the potential and future syndrome, let’s take care of our present and that in turn takes care of the future (8 years is a long enough to be chewing on that “Future” hoopla.

  • 17HT,

    re- Rooney,

    he showed once more who’s the real King at old Trafford , and why he’s the best PLAYER in England – saying that, the best players and big match players, always rise to the occasion, his stock must have raised by another few million based on that performance alone i reckon.

    whether you hate him (which you do) or love him, the guy still has quite a few years in him at the top – we need a Suarez/Rooney if i am being blunt here , exactly what we lack and need.

    you compared him to a Torres waiting to happen and i tell you, Torres can never defend like Rooney has been doing over the years nor can Torres be so technically brilliant as him either oh and his crisp passing or eye for a pass is just beautiful – to make it shorter, if there ever was a proper no.10 in England, then that’s Rooney for me.

  • 007 Torres would be a dream for Arsenal I swear that to who do fact it has Chelsea have Arsenal redeviendrais great torres avant Chelsea.
    PS: I is fed up of not be able write into French πŸ™‚

  • I am sorry, but I would argue it is ‘free country’ as though that makes us all equal? You are definitely more free if you have lots of money? And the laws are framed that it stays that way!

    Funny this talk about, pivots, double pivots, etc should be raised, because on BT’s Bundesliga program, that point came up regards Pep’s changes at Bayern. Their German intel guy reckons that Pep is in the process of doing away with a DM altogether, and getting 5 or 6 technically gifted players who go on the attack. In their most recent draw, Schweinsteiger(sp?) was the only DM playing, and involved in setting up the attacks. This is probably the way AW wants to go, but hasn’t got the squad to do it yet?

    AFC – I did not think there was any mystery about who else might have ‘inquired’ about Bale, that was Man U? Not likely to go there, but I cannot see him going anywhere but RM. Their problem all along has been how much they can afford up front. I cannot think there is any reason they are trying to fund a Suarez deal as well .. that would put CR’s nose out of joint?

    That does mean Liverpool will be sweating right up to deadline hour?

    Dylan, from what little I have seen of Lamela, he is another Walcott, but with dribbling skills? Useful, but is that what we want right now? I not surprised at JB is getting twitchy fingers, these international are really going to mess up negotiation for top players, so don’t be too surprised if what we get after Friday is SQ quality?

  • PUMA welcomes Santi Cazorla.


    {β€œSigning this new partnership with PUMA is an exciting step for me. I like the people, their ideas for football and I am impressed with their product development,” said Cazorla, who wore the boots last night in their win over Fenerbahce, which qualified Arsenal for the group stages of the Champions League}

    Current Arsenal players sponsored by PUMA SE:
    Arteta, Sagna, Rosicky, Giroud, Cazorla

    Former players:
    Henry, Clichy, Fabregas

    Starting season 2014/2015:
    New kit sponsorship deal with PUMA SE, worth Β£30 million-a-year. ( five year contract worth Β£170m in total. )

    Future potentials sponsored by PUMA SE:
    Reus, Fabregas(returning), Verratti, Klopp(manager)

  • Gerry, Walcott with dribbling skills is correct. Hmm…sounds like Di Maria! Which is exactly what we need. πŸ˜‰ Haha in all seriousness though I think we could use a proper winger. And if we really are going to lose out on Di Maria we should get his eventual successor for Argentina, Lamela! We sold Roma a winger (Gerv) so now they should sell us one! πŸ™‚

  • JB…Rooney (in the shop window?) played pretty well and is clearly fit (at the moment)…. I still thought RvP was the best attacker on the night…That chocolate footed volley (into somebody’s arm…) was pura tecnica as they might say in Spanish… Shame about us losing him last summer… I don’t think I ever said anything about Rooney doing a Torres–IMO Torres just isn’t the same player due to injury (late Spring 2010)…before he became the 50 million pound man…

    Would love to hear the latest from the sauce, but discretion is probably in everybody’s best interest…

    Back to your statue…From Russia with Love still stands out as your best work…except (of course) in the Transfer market (Arshavin)…

    007, with his sauce…

  • Macko – any signings would be a “dream” right now , ha

    there is always a likely scenerio of AW not spending any money this season – leaving for PSG next year and leaving near 200 million (correct me if i’m wrong, Glics) in the transfer market for the next manager to spend ?


    really ? you thought RVP was the best attacker out there ? i thought he was pretty average myself and he is slowly yet surely returning back to planet yet – only a matter of time before he gets injured and then it’s really back to normal i reckon !

    oh my apologies then, i thought someone said that Rooney is another Torres waiting to happen soon, i don’t know why i assumed it was you – yeah, with age , gray hair are not the only things you get, ha ha

    ha ha, good 1

    and yes, you will hear as soon as there is something concrete , i understand it’s frustrating times for everyone at the moment, i don’t wanna make it worse (for the weak hearted) πŸ˜‰

  • Erik Lamela deal done – Spuds spuds spuds

    they might be a problem next year.

  • JB – Stop it with the HH thing. If he wants to say something and get misunderstood, then it is entirely up to him?

    On the other hand, he could just pop his around the corner and say how he thinks the Boing!!! League is going. I forget which night was going FFF chat . err, is that too many F’s

  • My (ongoing) point is that we’re in a spot where we (maybe) have money but we need to spend it wisely…

    Same with Spurs…Investing in players like Sigurdsson, Lloris, Dembele, Holtby (last season) and Lamela (too bad about Willian πŸ˜† …), Paulinho, Saldado, etc. seems good. Clearly they’ve got a manager (AVB) and a CEO (Levy) who are being aggressive in a way that Wenger is maybe more cautious. Are they thinking of the long-term consequences for their (current) club or of their next move? We’d like to believe that Wenger has tied his fortunes to our club’s…

    Reading between the lines of your report, however, I’m thinking of switching my avatar back to my Hannibal Lecter mask…

    If your sauce isn’t working for you, maybe you should try another… πŸ˜€

  • 5 days and 4 hours to go then it shuts!
    It is a shame that we are all on TW alert mode again after 3 good wins and nerves are tensioning up again.
    Still trying to be positive.? Always the optimistic that i am that is 5 days and 4 hours we still have to strengthen . Right? The only thing is all the big Real names and your Mata’s Suarez and Rooney i think it the PL clubs will not sell to us, if we are lucky we can take 1 Real player. The rest i think will be surprise names that Wenger is keeping close to his chest.
    You know what i cant wait til the TW shuts now it has been a nightmare, I just want to thrash the spuds on Sunday, hope Wenger signs us some gems at least 2 and if that is the case get a few in the Winter TW. As long as we can make it to then in good shape everything will be good.
    Also i think it is quite clear now the spuds are delaying the Bale sale so we cant get the Real signings done.

  • macko,
    i think your right i don’t see Wenger going to any other club. He loves Arsenal, i think he will end his career here .

  • Gerry,

    i called it a few days ago – Torres to Liverpool or Beneteke to Liverpool, then that allows Suarez to leave.

    everyone is using Arsenal to link their players and create a hype to inflate prices and put it out there, 8 times out of 10 that’s the case.

    HH- is doing rather well in the BOOING league, he needs to give us a few pointers or 2 i reckon πŸ˜‰ share some secrets of the trade, ha


    all these new players spuds are getting will take a while before they gel together so to speak, same problem we had last year, hence i said, next year they might be a problem for the big boys (us).

    ah, temptations temptations….i gotta be strong i gotta remain strong πŸ˜‰

  • right im going watch psv v ac-milan and get away from all this TW stuff, til tomorrow see you later Gooners

  • but personally, i wouldn’t mind Torres at Arsenal , it being the world cup year and all that for 10-15 million, CL winner, World cup winner , he can work in our system and we might be able to bring the best out of him as well – if that’s what you wanted to hear @ Gerry.

    i would welcome Torres at the Emirates with open arms, if the price was right though or even a one year loan ?

  • Laters @ PG

    take it easy.

    it may have been a tad premature for both you and HH to change avatars is all what i am saying for now πŸ˜‰

  • JB, Torres is a shambles and we would be the biggest mugs of this transfer window if we were to buy him. Once a good player now a poor player. I would rather we buy no ST if it was Torres or no one. I would rather play Walcott or Podolski up front.

  • JB – Can you honestly see Torres going back there?

    As for the delay in releasing the Bale transfer, I think that is more tied up with; a, RM printing Bale shirts ahead of the deal; and b, with what happened to Willian, they don’t want it to repeat with Lamela. His medical tomorrow, Bale on his way.

    Di Maria possibly the only one likely to come our way from RM though .. and that is me not mentioning any names πŸ™„

    I better go and watch the footie myself!

  • he’s not as bad a bad option to have at 10-15 million @ AFC.


    why not ? anything and everything is possible in the world of football, some fans will hate him in the manner in which he left but then again there will be some who wouldn’t mind him back – besides Jose.M will be more open to letting Rogers have him (sahin) than us.

    nah, all that shirt and the way RM are doing their business re- Bale was hogwash i reckon, money talks at the end of the day and you know that rest – they can print shirts and do whatever they want before hand and even tell BALE to miss training sessions cause they can after walking the talk and not just talking it.

    all this delay, more of out of beef at RM for our interest in some of their players is my guess, it’s like you mothafΒ£$Β£”$32[043 we are selling you our best player, the best player in England and in return you’re letting the Gunners have some really classy players ? wtf ?

    RM’s reply : not our fault you’re not in the CL and hence none of our players fancy you.


  • anyhow, Spuds could have both Christian Eriksen and Lamela by tomorrow or friday, permission given to Christian Eriksen to speak to Spuds – there goes another one of our guys as 17HT would put it.

  • Not too cagey are you Bond…There’s a reason my guy on the zimmerframe is so toothy… πŸ˜€

    Watching Sociedad and Vela just took a yellow for diving…He got the touch on the ball but definitely dived (dove?)…Amd a minute later he’s got a chance to chip the keeper but fails…Tough stuff for the mightiest Mex of them all…Still, the Spanish team is 2 away goals up on Lyon.

    Any need for me to watch Gorcuff or Grenier at the other end? Cheers (as we say) when tipping the sauce…

  • JB, I think we should avoid Torres. Have Spurs not already signed Lamela. I heard on talkSPORT that the deal is done.

  • Vela – the one that got away or the one we got rid of , shame really.


    pretty much done and dusted, i reckon the hold up is because of Christian Eriksen, as spuds would want to announce a double signing before saying good bye to Bale – for their fans and all that, you know how it goes.

  • JB, I’m just waiting for our signings. I will be keeping a very close eye on our transfer business until the TW closes.

  • Why don’t we loan Ryo out to Palace. Ian Holloway really needs wingers. He would play a lot of matches in the EPL for them. A no brainer in my opinion.

  • I assure you that Torres Arsenal would be like a fish in the water n chelsea he has never made ​​her too much spot of pressure.
    Torres best friend of Arteta with Santi and Nacho he is at home the guy

  • you’re not the only one @ AFC

    as 17HT keeps on hinting, a glass full or empty of GREEN TEA a day keeps the nerves and anxiety at bay –

  • Flamini is our last signing i hope – he’ll do a decent job as a utility player, DM/RM in my opinion @ Macko

    where as Sagna will be the 4th cB if need be.

    sorted – no need to buy any defenders .

    you have to convince AFC re- Torres as personally i don’t mind him at Arsenal, if we fail to land our plan’s A and B (unlikely).

  • Macko, je ne parle pas franΓ§ais mais je n’ai utilisΓ© traducteur google pour convertir mes commentaires de l’anglais vers le franΓ§ais. πŸ™‚

    Torres a jouΓ© mΓ©diocre pour un certain nombre d’annΓ©es, Γ  la fois club et son pays. Son service Γ  d’autres joueurs a Γ©tΓ© faible et la majoritΓ© des buts qu’il a marquΓ©s sont venus en Europa League et les Coupes d’Angleterre et de la Ligue. Jouer avec les goΓ»ts de Mata et Azpilicueta ont pas aidΓ©. Il n’est pas plus tout jeune non plus et il ne serait pas judicieux de signer un ST moyenne (qui permet d’Γͺtre trΓ¨s bon) Γ  un contrat Γ  long d’environ 3-4 ans. Son salaire serait Γ©galement assez Γ©levΓ©. Pourquoi pensez-vous que Chelsea veut se dΓ©barrasser de lui et Mourinho ne jouera pas lui. Wenger serait sage de rester loin Γ  mon avis. Il ya de meilleures options.

  • oh my days, stop swearing at me in French @ AFC

    it’s not very nice.

    PS: HH – come out and play !!!

  • JB, πŸ˜€

    I think Macko’s first language is French so I used google translator to change my comment from English into French.

  • Ay puta madre, AFC, watch a little footie, instead, no?… Bond is telling you that Suarez isn’t dead and that Nando is headed back to Merseyside…And Flams sorts our defensive worries. Am I missing anything there, 007?…A keeper to bring to a higher level of peace… πŸ˜‰

    Vela puts it away for Sociedad, but Celtic are pushing to beat Shaktar somebody or other in regular time. Meanwhile Milan is getting it done in their return leg…

    CL Draw tomorrow getting more interesting all the time…

  • Bond (or anybody…), back to the Rooney, RvP stuff from the Chelsea match the other day…Why can’t those two find some happiness together? Is Rooney (maybe) just not that strong at finding a pass–a bit of head down player, when all is said and done…

    And Rod Stewart is weeping!! Celtic finally get the goal, on great work from former gunner Tony Stokes…

  • you’re good @ 17HT πŸ˜‰

    we are seeded in POT A, which basically means, we get relatively easier teams, so the more reason for top players to come join us – getting out of the group stages will not be a problem as usual.

    AFC , you’re not the only one who thinks it’s dead, i can assure you there is a majority of people out there who are thinking the same – but like i said, the TW is still very much open.

  • Let’s put it this way, AFC…

    I KNOW that Arsene lies…Bond, I think at least WANTS to tell the truth…

    Toothy guy on a zimmerframe, however, until things get a little more solid…

    In the meantime, “Mathieu Flamini, let’s get him in on a free”…

    How about some “potential on the cheap,” you know, as the third leg of the wheel, or something…

  • ah, thanks for clearing that french translation bit up , i thought you were having a right go at me in french for favouring the Torres move, ha @ AFC

    yep, we all know why Celtic won though, right ? yep, they didn’t let Shakhter Karagandy, slaughter the sheep before the match began πŸ™‚

    it’s sort of like that when you 2 put world class players together or with huge ego’s, RVP must have only agreed to sign if, he was promised priority or first choice ST, hence you saw Rooney from MF to anywhere else, i am yet to see a team with 2 world class strikers, being happy and making it work…the latest example and a short one is at PSG with Ibra and Cavani ? how long before there is a bust up there and a problem ?

    look at Tevez, he was at mancs – probs, he was at man city, probs, Balotelli the same, these lot don’t like competition and want to be top dawg, it’s like how dare you take the spot light which was meant to be mine ?

    Rooney has been there for 8 years, imagine an older striker coming from a different team and knocking you off yer perch ? yep – do the right thingy Rooney, come to the emirates and make the traitor pay ! revenge is a dish best served cold.

  • Man oh man, how poor did Lyon look? Le Gren ought to jump that ship though I wonder if he’s got enough quickness to avoid trouble in England…Nice bend on the corners, however…The pretty one (Gorcuff) seems even slower…

  • With PSG, Real Sociedad, Athletico Madrid and AC Milan in pot 2, Dortmund and Juve in 3, and Napoli and Leverkusen in 4, there is potential for a “Group of Death” πŸ™‚

  • And Fenerbahce’s sanction was just confirmed… our win was just a good rehearsal then – except for the injuries.

  • Ah geez Bond…I knew I shouldn’t have brought up Rooney so soon after lunch… πŸ˜†

    I basically think you’re correct on Rooney…but your analysis doesn’t bode well for la cara del mono (Bale) at Real Madrid…I still feel that there are other big names (with issues) who have played in England who have a better eye for a pass than the Granny shagger…Strange that a guy who used to be bald can’t raise his eyes to see them…Or maybe one’s hair has more to do with what you believe than what is real…

    Since your sauce is involved with all London teams where is Demba Ba headed? Will anything be done before the weekend? Need to know for my UMF and Boing picks…Can’t let HH just run away with those comps if he won’t share the analysis, er, banter, with us… πŸ˜€

    Dios mio, the Vela highlights are impressive…

  • at the start of the TA, i did mention that BA was the most likely to leave the bridge (TA said, we should then make a move for him – yeah TA, if that happens then that’s another one i got right ahahahahahahaa).

    BA wants West ham, New castle also want him, a few teams outside of England also interested (west brom cough).

    the same with Mosses, he will be allowed to go on loan

    yeah, good call on HH, i’m sure he is still lurking – just needs to come out like Fozzie B (disappeared as well ?

  • Re- Bale

    then Ronaldo might be no more soon in the future AT REAL MADRID

    yep, you heard it first here, whether it happens this TW, in January, next summer, it will happen alright.

    so no problems as such for Bale in my opinion.

    they are trying to build a new team, hence letting some more of their players go and even move for the bitey one ? meaning they will be in a better place without Ronaldo

    – Isco / Bale/Suarez(?)/ Illarramendi / Morata –

  • New Post New Post πŸ™‚

    I am not sure whether I should be happy or sad, but Marcus has written a very fine post about the hard reality of favouring the big teams in the CL. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

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