Why it is right for Arsenal to be in pot one tomorrow

Are you ready for Arsenal's 16th consecutive adventure in Europe?

Are you ready for Arsenal’s 16th consecutive adventure in Europe?

Today’s post will be a rather unusual one. It is a direct response to a post I read. You can read it here–> http://www.goal.com/en/news/1717/editorial/2013/08/27/4215326/arsenal-should-not-be-a-pot-1-team-uefa-must-overhaul?ICID=HP_HN_1. Basically (for those who don’t have time to go through it) it is advocating for a system where Champions league seeding is done based on meritocracy. In other words you are seeded based on  how far you went the previous season. As you can imagine, it is a post aimed at the Arsenal’s and Man Utd’s of this world, who have been seeded first for as long as I can remember yet haven’t even come close to winning it recently.

Let me begin by putting aside all bias (being a gooner) and examine the facts alone. I can understand the frustrations of teams such as Borussia Dortmund who have worked tirelessly to become one of the best teams in Europe, yet they aren’t seeded in the elite category. It is understandably very frustrating to be a team in the final in one season, and then the next you have to claw your way up all over again, while teams like Arsenal just need to qualify for the UCL and are automatically handed an easy route to the knock-out stages. The worst case scenario being Man Utd/Chelsea who have at one point been eliminated in the group stages, only to be seeded top the next season.

That said, the fact is if this system was adopted the Champions League would lose its value. Let me employ my business and marketing expertise to try and explain why.

This is so because football like any other sport is a business first. Football is not only just any business, it is one of the world’s biggest and most lucrative. Just look at the amounts thrown around in player wages, transfer fees, ticket and merchandise and sponsorship. Footballers are among the highest paid employees on the planet. Even CEO’s of most companies do not earn as much as they do (in terms of salaries). Taking footballer’s as commodities (which they are), show me a single commodity in any other business industry that costs 80M pounds that is not an aircraft or water vessels.

As such it follows that top brands are not necessarily the best performing CURRENTLY. The top ranked teams are Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Man Utd, Bayern Munich and Chelsea, not necessarily in that order. Not because of their recent performances, but because they are considered the top brands in world football. This is based on their global fan base. The teams mentioned above command the lions share of the world’s fan base, probably above 70%.

Let me ease up on the marketing jargon and explain in a more simplistic manner. Considering that above 70% of the global population watch the teams I’ve mentioned above, imagine a situation where seeding was done randomly and a situation arose where none of the aforementioned teams made it past the group stages. It would probably mean that 70% of the world wouldn’t watch the UCL past the group stage. The sport would lose billions if not tens of billions of pounds in revenue, which would have financial implications that would trickle well beyond the world of football (which I will not go into). This explains why despite the fact that Real Madrid haven’t won the UCL in over a decade and Man Utd performed poorly the last 2 seasons, Real Madrid vs Man United was the most watched game on the planet last season.

Which means that UEFA and FIFA in general have the responsibility of ensuring that football is as lucrative as it can be at any given point. Even if it means enforcing rules that may favour some teams more than others. Industries (including world football) have gatekeepers and shepherds whose job is to ensure their continuity and sustenance which in this era involves making very hard decisions. The structure of UEFA seeding is one of them.

So as much as I empathize with the Dortmund’s of this world, I understand why things are as they are.

Written by: Marcus

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  1. Trumbul Johansen says:

    Off course the fact that you are an Arsenal fan had nothing to do with you writing this article in order to justify the sham that is the seeding system of UEFA. I understand that football is a business but putting Dortmund in Pot 1 and a team like United or Arsenal in pot 3 would not render UEFA broke by any means. Please. Anyhow it won’t matter. Arsenal won’t make it past round 16, as usual.

  2. spartacus says:

    Dortmund were in our group in 2011/12 and came bottom with 4 points.
    Pot one. Pfffft.

  3. AFC says:

    Marcus, great post as usual. 🙂

    I actually expected Dortmund to be in pot one. We should not really be in pot one and United are borderline. Real and United get to a lot of semi- finals and finals so they can be put in pot one. As have Bayern and Barca have always been in the final for the last few years. Barca, Real, Bayern, Chelsea and United have all won the competition.

    So if Liverpool ever come back into the CL which pot would they be in?

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Very fine, original post Marcus and good food for thought! 🙂

    I will get back to you.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Their pot is called bin, AFC 😀

  6. James Bond says:

    Trumbul Johansen,

    can you tell us how Arsenal fared in the last 5 years and then tell us how Dortmund fared in the last 5 years in the CL ?

    go on, i urge you to educate all of us and back up your comment with some substance and FACTS ?

  7. Prince Joe from Nigeria. says:

    Football as far as 19 century to date is politics and those at the helm of affairs has to strictly adhere to. UEFA and FIFA presidents and their various executive members do not deviate from the rule, it can be describe as a cult and the rules and regulations has to be followed to the fullest. lt is as usual businesses throughout the seasons.

  8. Dylan says:

    Fantastic post Marcus! Although the workings of the CL always confuse me. 😉 It’s on thing I can’t grasp from squads to pots and everything. 😉 I understand aggregate, advancing, and how it works on a footballing level so that’s good enough for me. 😉

  9. Great post Marcus!….Dortmund will get there sooner or later and they have done brilliantly as a selling club…Hopefully we’ll look back on these past several seasons as “transitional” and, while we haven’t appeared dangerous, there is wisdom in prioritizing CL qualification…from a financial point of view…

    Perversely, the current seeding system actually makes the group of death more likely today than it probably will be in the future. Teams like City and Dortmund may have tougher groups but if they get through they’re all the more likely to go deep in the elims…And, of course, while we’ve had easy draws these last couple of years our lack of squad depth may find us getting punished tomorrow…

    But maybe that would force management to buy more bodies…(yeah, right…) 😆

  10. frustrated gooner says:

    Nicely put as usal.
    But I’m more worried about arsenal not dipping into their own POT at the moment.

  11. OMGArsenal says:

    Well written Marcus….There are other arguments to support your hypothesis as well:

    1) Arsenal have now had 16 continuous years in the CL, which only 3 other Clubs have achieved in Europe,
    2) Winning top spots in the EPL is much harder than winning the Russian or Portugese League title,
    3) The quality of the British Football on display is extremely high, despite all British teams getting eliminated last season,
    4) Arsenal was the only team to beat Bayern after the group stages.

    I am sure there are more arguments but maybe the seeding system needs to be looked at again, in order to ensure a more equitable competition?

  12. TA, from the last thread, thanks for setting me free…What do I do now?…

  13. James Bond says:

    ah, look who’s back, isn’t it WEEdonald ? 🙂

    great points @ OMGArsenal

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Enjoy the freedom 😀

    Or copy the text into tonight’s post…. 🙂

  15. davydavy says:

    Why have seeding anyway? I believe that seeding favours the strong at the expense of the weak and takes away a lot of the spontaneity from the tournament, making it more predictable and boring than t needs to be with a large number of ‘dead’ games near the end.

    (B the way the World Cup qualifiers are even worse, with the same teams going through time after time and virtually no chance for smaller European nations)

    I would like eight groups of four, all drawn randomly without preferences or seeding. and then we should go straight to two-legged knockout rounds all the way to the final.

  16. James Bond says:

    good post @ Marcus

    i’m happy with the current system – people tend to forget that there are always teams (countries out there) who can lose the seeding’s based on their performances, for example England were at risk of losing their no.2 ranking to Germany then Italy e.t.c e.t.c because none of the British teams made it far last year ?

    i know what you’re thinking, but hey, Europa league anyone ? that also helps , no ? hence that’s helped Chelsea maintain their ranking and will do so in the future as they won it last year and english teams do well in Europa league generally with our mid table teams (Fulham) reaching the final , no so long ago

    the standard and quality of other countries isn’t really as great or on part with England in my opinion hence you see the likes of Italy, being at risk of overtaken by Portugal soon.

  17. James Bond says:

    Arsenal last 5 years :

    2012/13 UEFA Champions League Round of 16
    2011/12 UEFA Champions League Round of 16
    2010/11 UEFA Champions League Round of 16
    2009/10 UEFA Champions League Quarter-finals
    2008/09 UEFA Champions League Semi-finals

    Dortmund last 5 years

    2012/13 UEFA Champions League Final
    2011/12 UEFA Champions League Group stage
    2010/11 UEFA Europa League Group stage
    2008/09 UEFA Cup First round

    not there the year before

    compare any team with Arsenal and bar a few , you won’t find a team with more consistency or better results than ours.

    people really need to get their facts right and straight, least we get out of the groups stages better than most ? give credit where it’s due and don’t just hate for the sake of it.

  18. James Bond says:


  19. Arsenal_vcc says:

    I agree with the central point you make Marcus 🙂 but don’t feel quite as strongly regarding the rationale you have presented. I have tended to view the UEFA rankings as being similar to tennis seedings for the grand slams. Just because Robin Soderling made it to the finals once at the French Open does not mean that he should be seeded 2nd for the following year. The point behind the seeding is to evaluate who stands the best chance of winning the tournament (pure probability). For this you need to take into account their consistency in beating others and, in the case of tennis, their preferred playing surface.

    Similarly, the goal is to bring together the best teams across Europe and this means weighting the league, the standing, and the performance in previous championships. Arsenal is being rewarded for their consistency (as described by JB’s 5-year table) in making it to the the R16 usually coupled with them playing in the 2nd highest rated league, etc. So Dortmund made it to the final last year. What is the probability that they will repeat this year? The short answer is that it is low because of their previous performances. Clearly if they create a track record like Arsenal they will get seeded higher. So rather than criticize the grading system, it may be better to ask other teams to show similar consistency. As simple as that no? 🙂 I think it is taking Arsenal envy to its height in attempting to diminish their track record.

  20. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Marcus.. two thumbs up..

    As I said before.. We didn’t cameback to CL.. We always there.. hehehe.. and yes We are deserve post one.. why not..?? hahaha..

    That’s what I love from CL.. No easy come easy go rich club.. can automaticly be on top.. the must qualified year by year.. hehehe..

    But whichever team will have a hard group.. There’s no easy team.. hehehe..

  21. Milo says:

    On an unrelated note, too bad we don’t still have Carlos Vela!!! 😦 He could easily deputize for Podolski on the left wing, and step in for injury…like NOW!!! 😦 Oh well, sometimes players just need a change of scenery, and it wasn’t working out for him here, unfortunately.

  22. Gerry says:

    Marcus – Nice post, and you explain the reason for the inequity very well.

    If I were to modify an answer I gave yesterday – If you are (a) rich (club), the laws are made to keep it that way? – Fairness, justice, equal opportunity have nothing to do with it.

    Arsenal_vcc@00.52 compared it to tennis seedings, but that is a false comparison in my view. At most tennis tournaments the seedings go from 1 to 16. Which means the draw has two halves from the off. The top seed half will not play whoever gets through the 2nd seed group until the final, and vice versa. In this CL process you have 8 top seed spots, which does make it slightly more random( if you believe that you will believe anything, ha ha), as the winners of these groups effectively become tops seeds? So, what is not to like about the top eight winners being (randomly, sigh) chosen to play each other …. ?

    The anarchist in me would love to follow the idea of all teams having an equal chance, so the likes the underdog winner of the FA Cup makes those finals so memorable? Alas for everyone of those you can get, one sided, forgone conclusion games which do not sit so well in the memory stakes?

    Perhaps taking davydavy’s idea @23.51 a little further. Whilst having 8 pots of 4 teams, the competition has already been reduced to 32, and two leg knock-out stages to the final, still favours the bigger clubs who have stronger reserves to cope with these extra games?

    So a compromise between total random draw from the beginning, you have CL elimination ties, such as the one we have just come through, to reduce those teams that have narrowly missed automatic selection down to 16. Then add those to those deemed to be worthy by virtue of winning their leagues(maybe adjusted to the 5 strongest leagues their 3 runners up, and runners up in the next 3 leagues?), and then a open draw of 32 teams. Like the 3rd round of the FA Cup, win 5 games and you have won the elite trophy. Yes, you could have Copenhagen playing Porto in the final, but that is the ‘romance’ of the Cup isn’t it?

    Much better than this A versus B because it makes the most revenue year after year?


    Excellent post Marcus

    We are been rewarded for our consistency are we not? I see nothing dodgy in this, and take it from me i am quite an expert in dodgy. I am the only man on record refused entry to London Zoo for been “To dodgy looking mate”

    Yeah sure, money talks. Your spot on with your analysis. Uefa have to protect the integrety of the competition and at the same time maximize commercial revenues. When i spot the Mrs coming towards me holding a frying pan i automaticly reach into my pocket and start counting my cash. This startles her and she is stopped in her tracks. Money is power.

    I dont care if we are seeded anyway. if your going to win the thing then you have to beat whats in front of you. The champions league is a great product and ime just glad were in it. People should reflect on that when they take a pop at Arsene Wenger, the man gets us playing at the top table every year.

    Besides. were going to be seeding every one this year ourselves by winning it.

  24. Funminiyi says:

    Morning guys, nice post matey, but this from the previous post. this TW can be very frustrating and I know AFC, JB, HH,17TH, MACKO, Gerry and TA will all agree with me. Here, we’ve speculated, scouted, persisted and even hope that one of our targets get signed up which unfortunately has not happened yet. But we can only hope after hope that whatever Arsene is planning doesn’t backfire because that’ll be too much for we fans to take. Last night while I was watching PSV- Milan, a certain Dutch guy stood out apart from Schaars, his name is Wijnalum(spelling) I think we need battlers like him in our midfield to help our attacking players break forward like Arsenal is renowned for and also, the guy reminds me of Patrick Vieira and a dread-locked haired Cameroonian. Afterall, It was JB’s advice to AFC that I took to talent spot. Hahaha! @Shey315. That’s your boy.

  25. Jamesofsouthwales says:

    Well said Marcus, also the only thing I disagree with Uefa is the Portuguese teams in pot 1 they are for me are pot 2-3 teams. They play in a less competitive league much like Ajax and the other Dutch teams but get ranked much higher than them. Even Ac Milan, Dortmund and Citeh are in lower than them. I would hate to think hey would categorise Liverpool in that fashion as globally they are a pot 1 team even though on performances they don’t reflect that image would Uefa do the same then I wonder

  26. Funminiyi says:

    Goal can go Fcuk blade but I want them to know that 16 consecutive appearances in the tourney is no joke they should just ask where are the Valencias, the Villareals, the Liverpools, the Rangers, The Celta Vigos, The Inter Milans and Deportivo la Corona of this world that we used to compete in this competition together at one point or the other and they’ll see that consistency is not on the shelves at McDonalds or Shoprites of this world; you don’t buy it, you work your asses off to earn it.

  27. Gerry says:

    Fumminiyi @07.12 – Apart from pointing out it was I that suggested doing the scouting, I think AW is ahead of us, as he had a pair of PSG guys on his list, and may still have? Your one included. So top marks for giving him the thumbs up 😀

    Now they are dropping into the Europa league it may yet happen. Likewise Lyon, who HT17 spotted one from my shortlist, but damned with faint praise 👿

    I do hope we get some good news today, as I fear the complications with this interlull coming up?

    All these managers coming out and saying they want the TW to close before the season starts, well here’s the answer – Start the season in September and give your players a proper break!


  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂
    Some fine comments but Terry’s morning one is a pure gem! hahahaha the power of money hahaha 😛

    On a serious note re the post, I don’t like the current set up. Sport needs fairness as its guiding principle and it is too obvious now that the big clubs are being favoured. The CL should be for Champions and maybe (FA)cup winners of every country, with a preliminary round (or two) to get to 32 teams. I do not just like fairness but also variety: different teams competing and having a chance.

    I like it that Arsenal gets preferential treatment but it is not fair imo. The ones in pot one should be the winners of the English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese leagues, and two from rotating European leagues. But you are right re money and CL football: romance was killed years ago. 😦

    And Wenger still has not signed a player…. Early warning to unconditional Wenger lovers: this blog will get very, very feisty if he does not deliver in the next few days. 😈

  29. Funminiyi says:

    Gerry, my bad, your damn right. Let’s hope Arsene signs someone today.

  30. Funminiyi says:

    I beg to differ on that TA, where then is the place of consistency? As someone rightly points out, It is easier to win The leagues in Portugal, France, Holland, Russia, Belgium and Switzerland than it is to consistently be in the top 4 in The BPL. And how do you expect Domestic cup winners who’ve won their trophy as a result of luck ( both in fixtures and some other factors that worked in their favour) to compete with the super powers of Europe? I can’t imagine the prospect of watching Wigan vs Bayern or Barcelona in CL other than pre-season friendlies. Uefa doesn’t make their that way.

  31. Funminiyi says:

    Uefa doesn’t make their “money” that way.

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Funminiyi 🙂

    Is it really? I think that is showing disrespect to those leagues big style, but that is for another discussion. Norwich beat BM once and they still live of that twenty years later…. that is football as it should be, my friend.

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Right off to Scotland for a few days. Hope to get connection up there and keep the blog going. If not, please look after it and stay nice to each other. 😉

  34. macko says:

    Guilavogui very good player 😉

  35. James Bond says:

    Flam is done.

    2nd free signing of the summer.

  36. VCC says:

    cheers Total. Have a great time. Hope your not going to wear a skirt like those pufters north of the border… 😉

  37. VCC says:

    Stretch 06:43…….go and have a lie down in a dark cupboard, your head must be splitting…lol 😉

  38. Funminiyi says:

    Rightly so, a discussion for another day entirely. Maybe, maybe not. Enjoy your trip.
    Welcome back! The prodigal son, I just hope he’s learnt his lessons. I can see him covering for us in the midfield and RB in situations where we have injuries.

  39. James Bond says:

    in my opinion the flam signing has been done now because Ramsey is a major doubt for sunday, as per my understanding he was meant to be the last signing of the summer.

    anyhow, Hernandez is available at 15 million (starting price) , that shows me that Man UTD needs to sell and buy , or they are buying something big hence they need to sell, either way, i have always wanted Hernandez down at the Emirates, at 15-20 million, might end up doing a very decent job , similar to Sturridge or even better.

    so the champs league draw is a tad later, what teams would you like Arsenal to be grouped with : out of the following…here are the pots…

    Pot One
    Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, FC Porto, Benfica.

    Pot Two
    Atlético Madrid, Shakhtar Donetsk, AC Milan, Schalke, Marseille, CSKA Moscow, PSG, Juventus.

    Pot Three
    Zenit, City, Ajax, Borussia Dortmund, Basel, Olympiakos, Galatasaray, Leverkusen

    Pot Four
    FC Copenhagen, Napoli, Anderlecht, Celtic, Steaua Bucuresti, Viktoria Plzen, Real Sociedad, Austria Vienna.

    Remember that teams from the same country cannot draw one another.

  40. James Bond says:

    to get the ball rolling here is my Group for Arsenal :


    CSKA Moscow/PSG



  41. James Bond says:

    on Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere…
    The news is quite positive. They just had bumps and bruises. They will be involved.

    on Lukas Podolski…
    It is bad news about Lukas Podolski as he will be out for eight to 10 weeks. His hamstring is much more damaged than we thought at the start. It is very disappointing and we have paid a very heavy price for that win [over Fenerbahce]. We have to be patient now.
    on the more long-term injuries…

    Arteta is doing OK but there are few weeks to go with him. Thomas Vermaelen could be back after the international break.

    taken from: AFC.com

    so that means hello Di Maria!

    gutted for Poldi though

  42. AFC says:

    JB, Spurs are interested in Hernandez and Eriksen. If I was a Spurs fan I would be over the moon right now.

  43. James Bond says:

    they can have everyone they like (for the future),

    as long as we get Hernandez, i’m cool

    would you fancy Hernandez at Arsenal @ AFC ? – thoughts ?

  44. AFC says:

    JB, he would be a better option than Torres but is he good enough to be no.1. I think we need a world class ST. Unless Wenger is willing to let Giroud go at the end of next season.

  45. AFC says:

    The fact that we have not spent any money is a disgrace. Spurs actually deserve to win against and if we sign unknown players or no players the Spuds deserve to finish in the top four.

  46. James Bond says:

    so you don’t think see both Giroud and Hernandez working together and bringing out the best in each other ? Hernandez for me is very unlucky not to be starting more for UTD , the dynamite that he is, scores important goals vs big teams – he’s that fox in the box that we have been needing.

    course we need a world class striker – no doubt about that but Hernandez at 15 million is a bargain i reckon as was Sturridge at 12 million.

    anyhow – Suarez is the missing link , as he is fluid playing anywhere across the front 3, with Poldi no more, makes it a must for me

  47. James Bond says:

    so spuds deserve deserve to win against us just because they have spent 80 million ?

    you do realize they are yet to score a goal minus the 2 penalties ? right ? the last match they won was thanks to the dodgy ref who was favouring them and the swans were really unlucky.

    i am not worried about spuds, our current playing 11 is enough to bag us 3 against us for now.

  48. AFC says:

    Hernandez could do very well at Arsenal but this is the problem. Wenger only likes to have two out and out STs in the squad so if we get Hernandez there is no space for a SQ ST. If Spurs can get Soldado and they are not in the CL we should be aiming higher. STs on the level of Benzema, Suarez etc. I do not think United would sell to us anyway. I think Hernandez will go abroad if he leaves.

    The fact is that Spurs are reinvesting the Bale money to sign players. At the end of the transfer window they could have a much bigger squad than ours and if we do not buy anyone and they continue to buy players they should finish above us. There midfield is nearly complete and the addition of Eriksen will complete it. If they get Hernandez that’s the forward line sorted. If they bring in a few more defenders that’s the defence sorted.

    Could you imagine Arsenal getting £80-90 million and reinvesting that all on players. I can’t. I can just imagine a few players on the cheap being signed.

    They are giving it a real go and are trying to move up a level and that is why they deserve to finish above us if we do not buy anyone. They are showing the ambition which should be but are not.

  49. James Bond says:

    i hear ya @ AFC

    but do SPURS get a team or do they get 11 individuals ?

    that’s the million dollar question.

  50. AFC says:

    JB, of course it will take time for them to settle in but they have a good team.

    GK- Lloris and Brad

    Sandro, Dembele, Paulinho and Capoue for the two DM spots.

    For me they need an experienced RB, a new LB, CB in addition to Eriksen and Lamela. Maybe another winger as well as they didn’t get Willian.

    We don’t even one recognised DM in our squad.

  51. Arsenal_vcc says:

    AFC – I am shocked that you would even think of wishing the Spurs to finish ahead of us! Case of cutting the nose to spite the face? Did some Zombie Spurs fan bite and infect you? 🙂

    I am not a complete “in Wenger we trust” fan, but I do believe that he has earned the benefit of the doubt and this team does have an air about them (in a good way) that is different from the last two years. I agree that it would have been better if the transfer business was concluded early and not delayed until the last minute. But, one could say that Wenger has not always been a last-minute buyer. Judging by the difficulty ManU has been having in bringing players, I do think that there is something unusual about this year TW (and not doing my nails any good either! :-))

  52. AFC says:


    The fact is that Spurs are reinvesting the Bale money to sign players. At the end of the transfer window they could have a much bigger squad than ours and if we do not buy anyone and they continue to buy players they should finish above us. There midfield is nearly complete and the addition of Eriksen will complete it. If they get Hernandez that’s the forward line sorted. If they bring in a few more defenders that’s the defence sorted.

    Could you imagine Arsenal getting £80-90 million and reinvesting that all on players. I can’t. I can just imagine a few players on the cheap being signed.

    They are giving it a real go and are trying to move up a level and that is why they deserve to finish above us if we do not buy anyone. They are showing the ambition which should be but are not.

    United are a different case. They only really need a SQ midfielder and they are trying to get an elite one to play next to Carrick. They can afford not to buy and wait another year.

    We need to buy all over the pitch and all Wenger has done is sign to guys on free transfers. Finding a top DM and ST is very hard but finding GKs and DFs are not. In the next few days I am expecting big names or I will not be happy.

  53. AFC says:

    Why are we not putting in bids for players.
    We need a DM, go and put in a £25 million bid for Khedira.

    Real are doing a massive clearout to fund the Bale move so why can’t Wenger go to Real and say I want Casillas, Khedira, Di Maria and Benzema how much do you want for all four?

    Casillas- £15 million
    Khedira- £25 million
    Di Maria- £25 million
    Benzema- £40 million

    So that’s £105 million. So Wenger can say I’ll take all of them from you for £90-95 million. I know some might now want to come but they might like the idea of joining up with their teammates. Bring in a defender under £10 million job done.

  54. Arsenal_vcc says:

    Fair points AFC. I agree that it would have been more reassuring if he had completed at least a few signings by now. The willingness to spend money I think is there (e.g. Suarez bid) though the instinct to get the best deal is very very powerful :-). AW definitely plays things very close to the chest and has some ideas that seem bizarre at first and then totally awesome later e.g. playing Ramsey on the wings last year, moving Sagna to CB etc. I would be very surprised if he was not having several conversations going on for all the positions.

    The part that is strange is why at any given time we seem to have about 5 people injured. When you consider that the current 5 include Ox, TV, Pod, Arteta, and Diaby – that is some serious talent. Would we be getting so worked up if all 5 were healthy? Is there something about the training regimen or player care that is just off?

  55. AFC says:

    Arsenal_vcc, he was only playing Ramsey out on the wing to help his development. I would like him to play Jack on the wing to further his development as well. Sagna could always play CB which is why I called for him to be converted from a RB to a CB last season.

    AW has had time to bring in players and I will now be expecting top players to be signed.

    I do not really know what is going on with our team. Maybe the lack of squad depth is leading to injuries. Wilshere, Podolski, Rosicky, Vermaelen are all injury prone players while Sagna has come back from numerous injuries. The less said about Diaby the better. Buying players will help to prevent these injuries from occuring as well as adding quality to the overall squad.

  56. AFC says:

    Dylan, I want us to spend some money. Flamini and Sanogo do not count as new signings for me.

  57. Dylan says:

    AFC, if we signed Messi on a free would you be upset because he costed no money? He’ll be a valuable squad player. I’m not upset about it, as long as we do bring in more players (Di Maria, Alderweireld).

  58. AFC says:

    Dylan, problem is Flamini is not Messi. He is not even the DM we need. All he is, is a versatile players who can play in midfield and defence. That is why I am not counting him as a proper signing. He should be a signing that compliments our ‘proper’ signings.

  59. Dylan says:

    AFC, he’s cover for Diaby. If we really are getting Bender next year, then I’m happy to have Flamini just to cover. 🙂

  60. Funminiyi says:

    AFC, I like your optimism but transactions with big clubs doesn’t work like that, these are Super stars that we’re talking about here and if you’ve not heard, Arsene has actually made enquiries about Ozil, Di Maria and Iker. He was told of Ozil and Iker’s reluctance and Di Maria’s standard which includes enormous wages and CL footie. These players available only if Arsene can convince them that joining Arsenal is the right move for them.
    Some seasons back if my memory serves me right, Spuds unveiled VDV, Adebarndor, Gallas, Walker and Naughton brothers, while having Bale, Lennon, Defoe, Pavlychenko, Modric, Dawson, Ledley King on their books. The point is they’ve had a better squad but always finished above them like forever.
    I know Wenger’s got Aces up his sleeves.

  61. AFC says:

    Funminiyi, instead of Wenger just asking about these players why doesn’t he go and put some actual bids in like other clubs do. If Real want Di Maria and Benzema gone they will go. Wenger could easily take both of those players from Real if he is prepared to spend the money on transfer fees and wages.

    What aces could AW have up his sleeve? We know most of the big name players who are left. So that these aces must just be the usual unknown talent.

  62. AFC says:

    Funminiyi. York City could make enquires about Messi, Ronaldo and Bale if they wanted.

  63. henrychan says:

    Bond.. Why not Demba Ba for 6 millions.. Hehehe..
    AFC.. You are a big fan of Madrid..?? Hehe.. Di Maria is okay.. The rest no..

    I think Wenger will give us the biggest surprise by getting Fabregas back.. Hahaha..

  64. AFC says:

    Hi Henry, I want big names. Why should we buy Ba if he ain’t even good enough for Chelsea. Di Maria would improve us, he is the traditional winger we need. Khedira is the DM we need. Benzema is the ST we need. Casillas is the GK we need. Wenger should at least go for two of those players.

    Where is the ambition. If Wenger wants Mata, instead of him just saying he’s interested he should go and put in a £30-35 million bid.

  65. Funminiyi says:

    Lol, you ain’t serious about that York city jibe are you? Sure he can afford these players but what i’ve come to understand about AW is he doesn’t like buying players with huge wages who at the end of the day won’t deliver more than what he’s got already and another is it causes players who are earning less to want more.
    Henry, we can even go for Lambert to teach Giroud how it is done in front of goal. He earns less compared to our forwards and delivers like hell.

  66. Funminiyi says:

    Or betterstill, we can get Biram Diouf for a penny.

  67. AFC says:

    Funminiyi, I am serious about the York City scenario. They can enquire anout any of the players we have enquired about.

    All the top players have high wages. You can’t expect to sign top quality players without forking out sometimes.

    What players would you like us to go for then?

  68. AFC says:

    * about

  69. henrychan says:

    Casillas also a bench GK in Madrid.. Hehe.. Benzema won’t sold cause Madrid don’t have any CF..
    Tonight we have Flamini.. Tomorrow till the TW closed.. We will have one player each.. Hahaha..

  70. AFC says:

    Henry, we could get Casillas for around £15 million as he has lost his place in the Real team. Benzema, Ozil and Di Maria will all be sold to fund Bale and because of their poor attitudes (Ozil and Benzema). I think Real will try to sign another ST.

  71. Gerry says:

    AFC – What you want is what we all want, AW included. You just putting up a £105m list of 4 players from the same club just is not going to happen. And it does not seem to make you feel any better either?

    Do you really think a £35m bid is going to change Chelsea/Muareen’s mind? It’s pocket money to them.

    Just relax. If anything is going to happen it will, but right now, just going through the motions of adding a list of players who Arsenal are fully aware of, does nothing but fill up space on the blog.

    I am fed up of coming back from yet another game of spider solitaire and finding there is still no good news. But until Spurs announce their signings I guess there will be little movement from anybody.

    Chill ..

    Oh,and if you don’t rate Flamini, and he shows his class in training, where does that put our squad?

  72. AFC says:

    Gerry, as you can tell I am angry. I know we will not sign four Real players. My point was why is Wenger not trying to sign Di Maria and Benzema. Why not go for Casillas. Why enquire about players and not bid? Since when was it a crime to bid for a player? So what if a bid for a player get rejected.at least you tryed and you can move on. I have no problem with Flamini joining but he is not the full solution to our DM problem.

    Why are we the only club who can’t sign the players we need?

  73. JM says:

    Arsenal FC are waiting for bigger premium stock …..

    Fabregas > Mata, Oezil

    Reus > di Maria, Benzema

    Not likely this season; next season when the PUMA SE kit sponsorship deal kick starts. The connections are there.

    This season, it should have something to do with Emirates’s shirt sponsorship deals (involving Arsenal, AC Milan, PSG, Hamburger SV, Benfica, New York Cosmos and newly starting this season – Real Madrid).

    You read it first here from JM.

  74. AFC says:

    * tried

  75. James Bond says:

    respect to Flam’s, had a bigger pay and better contract being offered to him at Milan but didn’t sign it –

    he is a trained lawyer, i won’t be surprised if he walks out on a FREE for the 4th time.

    anyhow, he’s a humble person and has that winning mentality – something we needed – good on Wenger for giving us a lollipop until we get our main buys.

  76. AFC says:

    JM, thanks for that. The problem we have is that we need to buy 4-5 quality players in a few days.

  77. James Bond says:

    we are not in for Mata – not yet anyway.

    i said it before, Mata Snr is a Gooner – an Arsenal fan

    JM Say Cesc, Benzema, Di Maria e.t.c next year ?

    i say Cesc, Suarez/Rooney/Benzema , Di Maria sooner than next year.

    anyhow , we are in advance talks with 4 players – won’t reveal names as we have been in ADVANCED talks with a lot of players throughout the summer – let’s wait a little bit longer, looks promising !

    SPUDS have no chance.

  78. AFC says:

    JB, we seem to be in advanced talks with about 100 players. I am expecting 4 top quality players to be signed.

  79. James Bond says:


    BA is a decent player, i have always been an admirer but for me , the boat sailed 2/3 years ago, we should have got him instead of Chamakh instead of letting him go to West ham.

    anyhow, we are onto bigger things now – if you feel it in the air ? if you do, then that’s jolly good if you don’t then you will soon.

  80. James Bond says:

    i can not comment on the 100 players reported by goal com and other various rubbish sources, soon as i see a player linked to us on a couple of websites, i immediately assume they are not going to be joining arsenal – it’s as simple as that – try that one, it really helps

    however, i can only share what i have been told and sharing it with you and if we manage to pull all 4 off then we’re in for one hell of a season – have faith and keep the chin up.

  81. AFC says:

    JB, I am starting to lose faith but I will keep the faith until the TW closes.

  82. AFC says:

    Chelsea have signed Eto’o on a one year deal according to talkSPORT.

  83. macko says:

    I’m glad Flamini is a good player who knows the club, now Di Maria or Özil
    or even mata and torres and that is a good transfer window 🙂
    Casillas is not a good recruit for me it ago better like keepers I have confidence into our grandad Arsene 🙂
    Please my friends quit comparisons with Tottenham team, we are Arsenal their worst nightmare This is well and good to buy full of players now they must do to take the mayonnaise and I think its not going to be easy even if c is good players;)
    they will do like Pardew :-))

  84. AFC says:

    Macko, is your first language French?

  85. James Bond says:

    that’s the spirit AFC, usually when a club is in negotiations and at advanced stages for 4 players at the same time, it means good news 😉 that’s all what i’m saying for now.


    it’s clearly frustration taking it’s toll on our young gunners, it will all be business as usual in a few days time – now worries

    Flam’s is a good professional, a clever player for sure , looking promising – however, we should have done it on monday and played him on tuesday – that’s my only beef with AW.

  86. JM says:

    Jersey No.20 for Mathieu Flamini, just ahead of Fabianski (No.21), Sanogo (No.22) and Diaby (No.24).

    1. Wojciech Szczesny
    2. (New signing)
    3. Bacary Sagna
    4. Per Mertesacker
    5. Thomas Vermaelen (captain)
    6. Laurent Koscielny
    7. Tomas Rosicky
    8. Mikel Arteta (vice-captain)
    9. Lukas Podolski
    10. Jack Wilshere
    11. (New signing)
    12. Olivier Giroud
    13. (Unused number)
    14. Theo Walcott
    15. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    16. Aaron Ramsey
    17. Nacho Monreal
    18. (New signing)
    19. Santi Cazorla
    20. Mathieu Flamini
    21. Lukasz Fabianski
    22. Yaya Sanogo
    23. (New signing)
    24. Abou Diaby
    25. Carl Jenkinson
    26. Emmanuel Frimpong
    27. (Reserved for reserve/academy player/returning loan player)
    28. Kieran Gibbs
    29. (Reserved for reserve/academy player/returning loan player)
    30. Park Chu-Young
    31. Ryo Miyaichi
    52. Nicklas Bendtner

    Jerseys No.2, No.11, No.18 and No.23 available for potential recruits (at the very least – No.13 is the spare if more).

  87. James Bond says:

    there you go then, according to JM, he’s just confirmed 4 potential recruitment’s – indirectly

    and i have stated it directly.

    keep believing !

  88. Macko says:

    AFC yes I am French and I not speak English fluently therefore I use google translation!

  89. AFC says:

    Macko, je ne parle pas français mais je n’ai utilisé traducteur google pour convertir mes commentaires de l’anglais vers le français.
    Torres a joué médiocre pour un certain nombre d’années, à la fois club et son pays. Son service à d’autres joueurs a été faible et la majorité des buts qu’il a marqués sont venus en Europa League et les Coupes d’Angleterre et de la Ligue. Jouer avec les goûts de Mata et Azpilicueta ont pas aidé. Il n’est pas plus tout jeune non plus et il ne serait pas judicieux de signer un ST moyenne (qui permet d’être très bon) à un contrat à long d’environ 3-4 ans. Son salaire serait également assez élevé. Pourquoi pensez-vous que Chelsea veut se débarrasser de lui et Mourinho ne jouera pas lui. Wenger serait sage de rester loin à mon avis. Il ya de meilleures options.

  90. AFC says:

    Macko, je vais essayer d’écrire toutes mes réponses à vous en français à partir de maintenant .

  91. Prince says:

    JM, your 15.53. Very very unlikely with Reus and Fab both playing for their boyhood clubs, and these boyhood clubs doing very well at the minute. You did however get my ears to prick up, as they would have to be my two favourite players outside our roster. IF ONLY, id even wait 2-3 seasons.

  92. ProudGooner says:

    Arsenal FC group F

  93. Prince says:

    Every blog is on pause and mute right now. 😆
    Who are we gunner get? Group F….arrrgh, the nerves, the anxiety, who can we avoid?

    Listen gooners, its nothing new. We have been pulling these balls out of pots for 16 yrs. 😆

  94. ProudGooner says:

    I hope we get a good group again like last season. The Flemini signing is a good one, though people will say we have not spent a penny and it is true, the player is worth 15 million and that he came for free is a great bonus, well done Wenger now for the big signing please.

  95. Prince says:

    Total, have a fantastic and well earned break 🙂 and may you return to us with great news.

  96. ProudGooner says:

    Comments awaiting moderation.?? i have never seen this before

  97. Prince says:

    Woohoo….a hatrick and more

  98. Prince says:

    Schalke, Basel, Austria Vienna would be cool. But if your gonna go deep into the big ears cup, you may as well take out a few potential dangers in the group stage.

  99. James Bond says:

    Group F



  100. Alcide says:

    Marseille – good pick

  101. James Bond says:

    so far so good !!!

    we got Marseille, 2 more to come

  102. Alcide says:

    Man… Barcelona Milan again!

  103. Gerry says:

    Marseille – Not bad?

  104. Alcide says:

    Marseille is probably the weakest in Pot 2…

  105. Prince says:

    Marseille are currently ahead of PSG and Monaco in Ligue Un. They are an improved beast in my opinion. We cant take any team for granted. My biggest worry was, having to travel to Moscow and play on an artificial pitch, had we drawn CSKA……

  106. James Bond says:

    Dortmund!!!!! get in there





    PS : HH- come out !!

  107. James Bond says:

    mouth watering 😉

  108. Alcide says:

    Prince, I watch ligue 1 and dont take anything for granted. Its been 3 games only so ranking means nothing. Probably the weakest in pot 2 describes it quite well.

  109. Gerry says:

    Yep, well if these signings don’t come off JB, at least we can welcome our next manager, eh?

  110. Gerry says:

    I guess we can rule out them selling us any players then?

  111. James Bond says:

    4th and last team in our group is NAPOLI




    interesting and yikes !

    hardest group ?

  112. James Bond says:

    we will be fine, i’m happy with our group – we will be alright, in rafa we trust, don’t we ; )

    ha ha , nice one @ Gerry

  113. Gerry says:

    And now Napoli! Hmmm greetings to slippy boots Higuain then?

  114. James Bond says:

    all short trips – i likes

    the question is, will we finish top of our group or be runners up ?


    i know it’s not as easy but hey, could have been worse ?

    thoughts people ?

  115. AFC says:

    Celtic have got Barca, Milan and Ajax. 😀

  116. James Bond says:

    don’t mind Naples to be honest, we control Hamsik and the rest takes care of itself – could have been worse if they still had Cavani though.

  117. Prince says:

    Alcide, i never mentioned anything about ranking, just that they were ahead of the 2 money clubs in France. I do know that its only very ‘early days’ in all comps, but last year they were struggling for draws.This year they are all guns blazing and its Lyon and PSG dropping points. On form i would say Schalke are easiest in group 2. Just my opinion mate

  118. Gerry says:

    Well I’m off dog walking. I prefer our group to the Mancs pair?
    later ..

    HH is taking ‘a time out’, so give it up JB?

  119. James Bond says:

    it will be exciting our group minus the Napoli game – yawns

    nah, giving up is for the weak @ Gerry.

  120. VCC says:

    Group F…the hardest group imo.

  121. VCC says:

    where’s HARMONIOUS????????????

  122. Prince says:

    in Stretchs’ basement Vickers!!

  123. James Bond says:

    exactly @ VCC

    TA is no longer here for a few days, i reckon it’s party time – HH come back and let’s get this party started, ahahahahahahaah

    OZ has also gone AWOL, what’s going on ?


    it’s the most exciting group in my opinion and AW will get us there, we get our signings done and it’s business as usual.

  124. James Bond says:

    The Master (Arsene Wenger)


    The Pupil ( Klopp )

    can’t wait !

  125. Alcide says:

    Definitely not the easiest group… but not a death group either.

    Prince, Marseille played 3 bottom teams, they only made one good signing this season, and the team does not have much depth, but fair point about Schalke, I don’t know much about their latest results.

  126. James Bond says:

    one thing worth noting –

    Dortmund – Runners up in their league

    Napoli – Runners up in their league

    Marseille – Runners up in their league

    so we gotta play the runners up from across europe, if we top the group then does that mean the 4th placed team in England is better than the runners up across europe i.e. our standard and quality of football is plenty better ?

    will make for an interesting article, if and when that happens.

  127. James Bond says:


    Aw does well vs French teams and even German teams –

    it’s just Napoli that can be bit of a problem really with their boring manager and his tactics.

  128. VCC says:

    Prince….Stretch had better let him out soon, we miss him.

    007. I can’t see Wenger forking out any significant amount of money. Can you honestly say If Flamini weren’t on a free and ex Arsenal would Wenger go in for him. NO WAY. He only resigned him cos he’s on the cheap and French. This smacks of another Wenger trait.

  129. James Bond says:


    Flam’s wanted to come to us and join us – he’s not a bad player, he might not be the one we were all hoping for at the start of the TW , we were spoiled with all the names being mentioned left right and center.

    he will keep it solid at the back and will be able to play ease at DM,RB,LB – is a ball playing MF as well – will fill in nicely for Arteta and can be rotated with him

    he actually had more lucrative options available other than Arsenal – he chose us

    if i told you that you shouldn’t count him as a signing and consider him a part of the team – with our major signings yet to be announced, then will you believe me ? it’s a tough thing to do, so perhaps look into Glic’s eyes and believe him ahahahahahahaah

    no jokes aside, we will spend money -i’m confident .

  130. macko says:

    I think we can pass this group that seems difficult thing but quite playable;)
    For AFC if I understands you’re struggling to understand my comments??
    Why do you want answer me in French??
    If you do not understand what I writetell me and I stops …..

  131. James Bond says:

    *part of the squad

  132. James Bond says:


    we understand you perfectly, AFC was trying to practice his french 🙂

    your comments are really good, i enjoy reading them – keep them coming

  133. AFC says:

    Macko, I understand you perfectly. I just thought it would be easier for you to understand my comments. 🙂

  134. AFC says:

    If I write them in French. 😉

  135. AFC says:

    Macko, do you think we will get out of our CL group.

  136. AFC says:

    Macko, do you think we will get out of our CL group in 1st place?

  137. Alcide says:

    I agree JB, even though they lost Cavani, Napoli bought some decent quality – Higuain, Raul Albiol, Mertens, Callejon, and have good tactics and a good coach…

  138. Alcide says:


    Oui (out of CL group stage)
    Non (1st place)

    Mais attendons la réponse de Macko 🙂

  139. AFC says:

    Eto’o was signed on a free transfer and took a pay cut. He would have a been a good short term solution for our ST situation.


    Bondy, HH is fine. I have just releashed the wrist shackles and as we speak he is having a good stretch down in the celler.

    To help him, i have been tormenting, errr…i mean applying therapy by displaying a picture of Arsene Wenger in one hand and alternating pictures in my left of Suarez, Isco, di Maria, Messi etc.

    Its for his own good

    By the way, AFC, were do you live? hahaha

  141. James Bond says:


    you must be having a giggle, ETO’O = 225-250k Per week (and that’s after the pay cut).

    no thank you.

  142. James Bond says:

    ahahahahahahhahahah @ Terry 😀


    are you happy with the draw ?

  143. AFC says:

    TMHT, I still live in London. Just trying to reply to a french blogger in french. 🙂

    I am right in saying that the signings of Flamini and Sanogo mean virtually nothing?

  144. AFC says:

    JB, the high wages wouldn’t have meant much as we wouldn’t have payed a transfer fee for him.


    Very much so Bondy. Ime bored of watching us beat these no mark teams at the group stage and then getting beat at the knockout stage. This way we can get all excited as we scrape through, and then get beaten by one of the big boys in the knock out stage. hahaha

  146. James Bond says:

    AFC, he wants to know where you live for different reasons – watch out ahahahahahaha

    nah, 10 million an year for a has been player ? no thank you – much rather get our main targets

    4 days left

    4 players in the pipeline

    get in there.

  147. AFC says:

    JB, 😀

    Where’s Glic? He must be kidnapping our signings for AW. 😀


    Are you using that translator thingy AFC? I dont trust that device. I once sent a message to some Ukranian bloke advsing him in good faith on were he could go for a hair restoration and he got back to me threatening death. Mind you he was using translator to, so the mix up might have been at his end. hahaha

  149. James Bond says:


    or we come out with flying colours in the group as most of the teams want to actually play football in our group minus Napoli , however, we get out of a strong group and putting on a performance, get one of the easier teams in the knockout (it’s long over due , 5 years to be precise when we last had our run to the semis ahahahaha) and then take it from there ?

    i would certainly like to think so.

    to be honest, the other teams should be fearing us – it’s not easy but it’s very doable

    we knocked Dortmund out 2 years ago, no reason why we can’t top the group this time round – you never know, Reus might get injured ahahahahahahahahahhaha

  150. macko says:

    Biensur we will finish first in Pool 🙂
    For the answers into French is like you want, but it’s hard for me to understand 🙂
    English and French are very very different level translation 🙂
    I thought you do not understand what I ‘writting 🙂
    It takes me some time before this is understandable 🙂

  151. AFC says:

    TMHT, yes I am. Maybe that’s why there was some confusion between myself and Macko.

  152. AFC says:

    Macko, thanks for clearing that up. I will reply to you in English from now on. 🙂

    Somebody needs to sue Google. 😀

  153. VCC says:

    Arsenal out to 40-1 to win the Champions league. I think they should add another zero at the end of that.

  154. AFC says:

    Guys, what do you think about getting Defoe on a one year loan deal until AW can find a world class ST?

    Would be a better option than going for Ba or Torres in my opinion unless AW goes for Hernandez.

  155. VCC says:

    007…what makes you so confident about Wenger making four signings before Tuesday?

    Who do you think Wenger will sign then?

  156. AFC says:

    Does anyone know any news on Adler of Marchetti for GK?

    Other GKs available Mandanda, Rui Patricio, S.Ruffier? Are these guys available?


    Vics, next time i see you i intend to sneakily inject you with morphine. hahaha

    Theres no point getting wound up Vics, it wont change nothing. Besides we have an improving core set of young players that will push us on and, there is still time for Wenger to snap up some top players.

    Anyway, you wont give a monkeys about nothing once the morphine kicks in. hahaha

  158. AFC says:

    For CB- Rami, Sakho, Williams, Caceres etc.

    Papadopoulos, Alderweireld are young CBs who would compliment our current older CBs.

  159. AFC says:

    For RB (if Sagna is converted into a CB)- Gamez, Abate.

  160. James Bond says:

    Defoe ? ??

    Terry – he’s all yours for the taking, by all means don’t hold back with your world renowned curing therapies ahahahahhahahahahahaha

    there will be signings @ VCC

    and we will be breaking our transfer record least TWICE – i can give you any names unfortunately as i am under increased scrutiny and under the radar – once i’m certain and given the green light i will gladly share the names.

    currently in negotiations with 4 players – for different positions.

    we lost out on Cavani in January by the way – 30 million we bid and had we got it upto 40 million , we could have had him – hence AW has learnt his lesson well (or so we hope).

  161. AFC says:

    DM- De Rossi, Toulalan, Mavuba, Lucas etc.

    There are still guys who we stand a chance of getting.


    Sound good Bondy. Without giving names can you give us positions?

    And then allow us to speculate and salavate. hahaha

  163. AFC says:

    Defoe, proven goal scorer in the EPL. Bring him in send out Sanogo on loan.

  164. Macko says:

    AFC believe me Sanogo will surprise you, we’ll talk;)

  165. Marcus says:

    Thanks all,
    I’m going to give one response to all. Many don’t seem to be getting my point. My point here is that some of these decisions made go beyond the pitch and have to do with football as a multi-billion dollar business. Notice how UEFA does everything it can to keep English clubs away from each other until a certain point (same for the spanish). Like I said earlier, Man Utd and Arsenal are the 2 most supported clubs GLOBALLY. Closely followed by Real and Barca.

  166. Gerry says:

    I think you are being a bit quick to sign off on Sanogo. I want to see how he does alongside Giro first, may be on Sunday?

    The key to our group is to win 2 of our 3 home games, win one away and draw the other two? If only it was that simple, ha ha.

    I liked JM’s input earlier. It does give hope, but not in time for Sunday?

    If TA’s away, is there any chance of any new titles, like a preview?

  167. Glic says:

    Thanks for the hospitality Stretch, best laugh I`ve had in ages !. What am I on about Shifty Shirtlifters ?. Stretch ( TMHT ) invited me around to the Bounds Green Cellar for a torture session with a BKer who shall remain anonymous, but put it this way, he has been missing and 007 has been sounding him out and he resides in Canada a lot of the time !. The biggest clue is that Stretch made me dress up in a Giroud onsie complete with false 12 inch bagette and two onions !, which I rammed down the spoilt brats throat whilst me and Stretch laughed hysterically in a fake French accent !. hahaha ( perhaps AFC could google translate that laugh into French ! …..ehaw ehaw ehaw ! )

    Thanks for the posts over the last few days boys, but apart from the sadomasochistic torturing of HH……..shit…..me and my big mouth !, hahaha I`ve been busy. Personally, I don’t give a toss who we got in the CL draw as we ain`t going to win it anyway, not with our up to the moment laughable transfer dealings.
    We are the laughing stock of the EPL and Wenger only has a few days to put it right, before he too ends up in Stretches Cellar……..buy, buy or bye, bye !.
    If we don’t get any ” Special ” players in, then I`d like to see a post put up preferably with a headline along the lines of……FFP !……..as in………Fucking False Promises !.
    Fucking Prick Law………..we said Fellaini ! not Flamini ! you spastard !

  168. AFC says:

    Gerry and Macko, I think Sanogo will be avery good player for us in years to come but he just looks a but raw. I think he needs another 1-2 seasons before he starts to show us what he can do.

  169. AFC says:

    Glic, good to see you back. I agree with you. I want quality signings. Let’s give Arsene a few more days to put it right. 😉

  170. Glic says:

    Flamini looks ” special ” !. hahaha

    Sanogo is gamble for the future but from the cameo`s so far his pass completion % is 0.005% and looks completely out of his depth, no way in hell would I risk him being within 50 miles of the stadium let alone him being on the bench on Sunday !.
    However, if we don’t make any signings by Monday night ( 11pm ) then at least …..Podolski…Diaby….Arteta….Verm…..Ox will be like new signings when they get back !.

    I`d like a petition for the re-instatement of Gerv !…..bring back our Lunar Landscape !.


    Cornwall, hahahahaha

    If we dont sign any one i am going to avoid this place for a while. I have a feeling there might be some spontanous combusting going on.

  172. Glic says:

    Hahaha Good idea Stretch !. I`ve bought an exploding Giroud cock from the Arsenal Joke Shop !.. How do you feel HH will take it ?………..I meant the Joke, not how internally !. hahaha


    Depends if HH has used the jekeyl and hide potion Cornwall.

    If hes good he will call the old bill on Girouds cock and write a letter to Girouds family explaining why he had no choice and apologise for the inconvinience.

    If hes bad he will take Girouds cock roughly and then torture him for lacking ability. After, he will write a letter to Girouds family giving graphic details with pictures and explaining how much he enjoyed it. hahaha

  174. Funminiyi says:

    AFC, I’d like us to sign Begovic/Ster gen, Rami/N’kolou, Clyne/Richards, Cabaye/Schneiderlin, Muniain/Moses, Diego Costa/Hernandez/Suarez. And we’ll be ready to challenge considering the group of death we’re drawn in and the Depths of our rivals in BPL.
    I’m so sorry I had to attend to some business “ish”.

  175. James Bond says:

    we like German players, don’t we ?;)

  176. AFC says:


    I would only take Rami from that list. I would also like Begovic but Wenger won’t go for him in my opinion. Richards is injury prone, not sure Clyne is good enough yet. Also we already have an English RB. Moses is not good enough. Cabaye is too attacking and we already have the likes of Ramsey and Wilshere is are attacking minded. I feel we need a real DM. Muniain is too young to make a real impact and this moment in time and is one for the future. Do not know much about Stergen, N’Kolou and Schneiderlin. Suarez deal is dead and Costa and Hernandez are not world class.

    I would try to sign these players:

    GK- Cesar, Adler, Marchetti

    DF- Abate, Caceres, Rami, Sakho, Papadopoulos, Alderweireld

    DM- Khedira, L.Bender, De Rossi

    Winger/AM- Di Maria

    ST- Benzema, Lewandowski. I know they are very unlikely but it’s worth a try.

  177. Funminiyi says:

    AFC, it’s true Eto’o took a pay-cut of a £100,000 to join Mou which brought down his wages to around £200plus…., do u still think at 32, he can cut it at the highest level and at the most demanding league in Europe?

  178. AFC says:

    Eto’o won’t be top goal scorer in the EPL or CL but he will be a good buy for Chelsea. His experience will show and he will help Chelsea get points. A very good short term solution in my opinion. And better than Ba and Torres.

  179. Fozzie B says:

    Wocka wocka bk ballet dancers!!

  180. Frozen Gunner says:

    german players? tell me its gundogan JB

  181. Fozzie B says:

    Thanks for all your great comments and posts everyone. I’ve especially enjoyed 17s pragmatic comments on the transfer market and jms research. JB latest batch of special sauce threatens to blow the lid on kernel Wenger’s secret spices!! I detect JB has sampled from the kernels transfer bucket (or should that be box) and is bearing the most satisfied oily smile I’ve seen for a long time? 😆

  182. Funminiyi says:

    Sure, he’s got loads of experience and flexibility.

  183. Fozzie B says:

    Glic I just wondered if u saw my observation for your recent mini blog sabbatical? It involved reconstructive tattooing from ISCO to OZIL where by chance the O just happened to conveniently appear like stevey b eyeliner on your winky? 😆 ps I like what u guys have done to HH. I wouldn’t call it the most subtle Giroud therapy I’ve ever heard, but then again we know HH loves his expression right? ….. Maybe we could call that a long black??? … Especially if OG had been hitting the sun beds!! 😆

  184. Fozzie B says:


  185. James Bond says:

    who likey likey this ? ; )

  186. Fozzie B says:

    JB are u given us a taster of what’s been making u smile? 😀

  187. James Bond says:

    ah, i am always smiling unless we lose and then i go on a wee rant just for the day and no one is safe from my venting, however, the next day i am back to my senses ; )

    today i am smiling more so than usual and very soon i’m pretty certain, most of you will be as well ; )

    i say no more.

  188. James Bond says:

    for now i leave you all with something that didn’t make sense to me at the time (draws CL)…read and let us all scratch our heads together…

  189. Abdulai N Jalloh says:

    Nice one

  190. ProudGooner says:

    3 Days to go Wenger do us proud and pull out some gems, i know you can do it. I have faith in you.. Who do you guys think will play on the left on Sunday in Podolski position? Remind me guys what footed in Ryo?

  191. AFC says:

    PG, Santi Cazorla will probably play LM/LW with Rosicky playing CAM. If Rosicky is not fit Wilshere will play as the CAM role with Flamini next to Ramsey.

  192. AFC says:

    Ryo can play on both flanks but is not ready to start such an important game in my opinion.

  193. ProudGooner says:

    That is an interesting read, i watched the draw live and did not notice that. That is the first i have heard of it also, if that is true then they perhaps should draw it again it should not stand. not the whole draw just the 2 German teams affected i think.

  194. ProudGooner says:

    Oh thanks,I think Santi should be in the middle if at all possible. now the sale of Gervinho is looking stupid. He is a good player i liked him we should have replaced first.
    I thought maybe Garneby might play there , a bit of a risk in such a big game, but i was hoping 1 he might thrive in.

  195. AFC says:

    That is why I can either see another winger like Di Maria joining us or an AM with Santi moving out to the left.

  196. ProudGooner says:

    If Santi is put there i think he will do great, i always just think your best player should be on the ball as much as possible . There is a few options , Gibbs as well. But i think you are right it probably will be Santi.

  197. ProudGooner says:

    Or play 4-4-2 with Theo and Giroud . I hope we get Di Maria i am sure we are offering clubs the right kind of money for the players it is just the don’t want to sell or the players dont want to leave. Which is disappointing , something will happen soon, spuds dont won’t Real selling to us and that is why they are pissing about with Bale . Hopefully Real get annoyed by this and do some good deals with us. If they are paying 90 million for a player and they cant even let him join for the start of a season let alone pre-season then i think they should get there own back.

  198. AFC says:

    PG, maybe a tight diamond 4-4-2 would work.

    GK- Szez
    RB- Sagna
    RCB- Mert
    LCB- Kos
    LB- Gibbs
    CDM- Flamini
    RCM- Ramsey
    LCM- Wilshere
    CAM- Santi
    RS- Walcott
    LS- Giroud

    Won’t happen though. 😀

  199. AFC says:

    PG, you beat me to it. We could play Ramsey, Wilshere, Flamini and Santi all in a ‘4’ behind Walcott and Giroud in a narrow 4-4-2 formation.

  200. ProudGooner says:

    I like it , the is a great balance between defence and attack in midfield and plenty up front to score goals.

  201. ProudGooner says:

    oh mate he would be perfect, i would be over the moon, fingers cross. If he does play santi on the left, he could put Rosicky in and take Jack or Flemini out there is a lot of options still even though we are short of bodies. I trust Wenger to get this right though that is 1 thing he is IMO the best in the league at luckerly

  202. ProudGooner says:

    It is not all as bad as the media make out. I think our group is not that bad we should win the group or come second

  203. AFC says:

    PG, Casillas is in the final year of his contract which makes me feel we could really stand a chance of getting him for around £15 million. Casillas and Szez as our two GKs and Fab sent out on loan or sold.

  204. AFC says:

    PG, agreed. Even with this current squad of players we should get out of the group. With new signings we should really give Dortmund a run for their money and maybe even come top of group F.

  205. ProudGooner says:

    TV back in 2 weeks , Arteta back in 3 then OX 4 tops plus the signings. time will tell a good result on Sunday and some signings we could be great. Fingers crossed

  206. ProudGooner says:

    Right i am going to get my head down, and hope we get your 2 players Di Maria and Casillas oh i would be chuffed with them 2 and a couple of others a defender and a striker that would be something.

  207. JM says:

    Kaka, “The club knows that I’d like to leave and I’d like it if the club would help me to find a solution to that”.

    Gareth Bale(wants to join)->Real MadridArsenal<-Kaka(wants to leave) ??

  208. JM says:

    The whole interview:

    This is a summary: “I want to leave, the best thing for me and the club is to leave. My father is speaking with Real Madrid to find a way out, we can only hope for a solution before this next Monday. My intention is to keep playing in Europe”

  209. oz gunner says:

    Not a bad pot. I don’t care who we face and half the time it’s the unknown teams that cause the most problems (dodgy pitches etc). I’m excited to see BD again (why couldn’t lewandowski go to BM so we don’t have to face him?!)

    Happy to hear about Flamini’s arrival. Massive fan of his, and a 3 year deal shows Arsene was keen to bring him on board (if it was 1 or 2 I’d have questioned his fitness and durability).

    @ BJ

    If we sign Draxler I think i’ll spontaneously combust!! He’d fill the Podolski hole perfectly.

  210. JM says:

    Flamini – 2 year deal (till 2015) with an option for an extra (3rd) year.

  211. Gerry says:

    Good morning all, Hope we all slept well with the mini distraction of the UCL draw?

    So if we ignore JB’s titbits, or JM’s 2+2=X, until medicals are completed, we can get of with the NLD matter, which does need careful consideration.

    Despite Spurs only having two days recovery time, they had a confidence boosting win, and left out some key players?

    So let’s not kid ourselves this is going to be another 5-2. AW will also be distracted by the TW, so I expect Bouldy to have a greater influence, this time, on how we play?

    Going by my previous maxim of minimum changes, beyond forced ones, my bet is the team that started the second half after Poldi went off is likely to be the base of the side that starts Sunday:

    I could also see it being a Flamini/Ramsey pivot if Jack is the more suspect one to start. It is a no-brainer for me to have Gibbs and Monreal together, given Spurs ability to attack down the flanks. Monreal stays back to fill that space Gibbs has pace to get back and assist, and ditto to get forwards on the counter.

    So unless we are liberally spilling JB sauces anywhere, even from the bench, that is how I see it. Barring any more injuries we might pull it off? Although, to be honest, I think a scoring draw is the likely outcome, and then we can re-group after the Interlull?

  212. VCC says:

    Morning Gerry.

    I agree this will not be another 5-2. It’s difficult to call this one. Depends on how we approach the game/Spurs new players gelling/Flamini fitting in.

    Wenger has left us so short I feel we will have to start with Flamini, which is a concern in my book. Would be nice to be in a situation to have him on the bench and bring him on gradually.

    Your line up is probably all we can muster, with the possible exception of playing Kos and dropping Gibbs into the Flamini slot.

    Looking forward to it as it’s a big test for us in more ways than one.

    Bring it on.

  213. oz gunner says:

    Morning all. I think it’ll be:

    Sagna – BFG – Mert – Gibbs

    Ramsey – Wilshere


    Theo – Giroud – Santi

    Flamini doesn’t really need time to gel (has he not been training with us for a few weeks now?)

    But anyway save the totts talk and formations until after my pre-match you sods!!! 🙂

  214. Alcide says:

    Per is going to be real tired with that setup 🙂

  215. oz gunner says:

    @ Alcide

    oops 🙂

  216. Gerry says:

    Sorry OG – As per my reference yesterday, I wasn’t sure we were getting a preview. And as I am not naming names until the last blow of the TW windows blows, I better get back to more solitaire ha ha.

  217. Dylan says:

    Lamela to Spurs isn’t done yet, Eriksen to Spurs isn’t even close yet, but Spurs did sign that Romanian CB from Steaua Bucharest.

  218. Gone awfully quiet around here…Dylan or Oz, is one of you gonna do the match preview? Total, has escaped to Scotland, eh?…

    Like the air here in the mountains (smoky) the latest transfer rumblings are pure fantasy stuff. They’re so outlandish that even Bond and AFC are laying low today…Are folks beginning to realize that it may not even be physically possible for it all to happen? We’ve got a match on Sunday afternoon (where I suspect our new signing, Flamini, will start…Jack off the bench?)…At least Real Madrid get their own derby out of the way at mid-day. Would there be time for our new signings to fly up from Madrid, have their physicals and then get registered before flying out to be with their national teams?…I guess anything is possible. Still given our progress (to date) it appears laughable and grasping at straws…If even a portion of it comes off, Bond deserves whatever the bookies pay him, just for having the nerve to endure such an ordeal…

    Back in the real world… Given that we’re down to the barest of bare bones AND that we’ve got no gimmes in the CL, things seem a little tough…It’s all fine and good saying that we can get by on fewer players given that Sagna (and now Flamini) are so “versatile.” If either of them goes down, god help us. It also means that we’re counting (more than ever) on Arteta and Vermaelen and Diaby (not to mention Poldi and the Ox…) to be like new signings sooner than later. Unfortunately, we’ve even got a tough draw in the League Cup (WBA away) so the notion of young guns stepping up seems more remote than ever…Wow, good planning. Assuming that we don’t get all three (or more, hahahaha…) of the Real Madrid guys, we may need some plan b (c, d, etc…) action, i.e. some bodies in just so we can field teams for the midweek matches. As such, I tend to believe Arsene when he says signings will be made. Good thing that nobody in management is panicking…

    But luckily, to get our minds off these troubles, we’ve got some footy. And best of all it’s the North London Derby. Is it a match or a snapshot of the “progress” of the two clubs?… Who is the ref? Totts have been relying on the 12th man and we’ll need some serious home support to threaten whoever has the whistle. Watching Andros Townsend last weekend suggested that he IS the new Bale–at least when it comes to the diving. Soldado takes a good Pen, too. Otherwise we have to hope that all their new signings are still not quite bedded in and, overall, esp. if Flamini starts and sits in front of Kos and Per, I think we could (italics) keep them under wraps… All told, I think, going one match at a time is the best sanity saving hope for Gooners and form–for the home support–goes out the window with the NLD… So it should be strong, TW missteps notwithstanding. If the result goes against us, however, I would fully expect some violence…

    Happy Friday, Gooners! 😯

  219. Dylan says:

    17HT, Monreal flew in on the last day of the January window, signed, then went back home. So kind of similar to going on international duty. They can do deals quick. They could even do them Saturday and Sunday (as well as today). They just can’t be eligible to play over the weekend because the FA is closed or something. 😉

  220. Gerry says:

    OZ- FYI only. The Under 21’s are playing tonight, so a quick run through their team will give you a good idea who will be on the bench? Live audio/text on the player at 18.55gmt.

  221. So then Dylan, you remain optimistic?…

    I get scared whenever 007 isn’t here to hold my hand… 😉

    Also, much as I love Nacho, is he the sort of signing to keep the revolutionaries from storming the Bastille?…

  222. Oops, sorry Oz, I must’ve missed your comment about your match pre-view…


  223. Gerry says:

    Not wothout Gibbs help HT?

  224. Gerry says:

    Or even without*

  225. James Bond says:

    so who missed me ? 🙂

    today is friday and friday is a good good day, isn’t it ?; )

  226. James Bond says:

    good to see you around @ OZ and yep yep, i hear ya re- that player starting with a D !!! i’m looking forward to your match preview, however, i fear that TA might not be around to publish it ? (i do remember asking TA to have contingency plans re- publishing posts last time) but i don’t blame him for not trusting me ahahahahhaahahahahahahaha


    every year there is a bit of “dodgy” going on at the CL draws, and i am not making it up…last night was another example of it and i’m glad other people picked up on it as well – i was watching it live and i must confess, i was like WTF ? anyhow not that i’m complaining, Dortmund is precisely the reason why we all love European nights, don’t we ? 🙂


    interesting team selection but i’ll discuss it in match preview post or else the OZ is coming after me !!!


    Lamela deal is done, take it from me… they are just messing about really, Levy thinks his new signings are no good hence dirty tactics delaying the inevitable so we don’t start the domino effect (or they prolong it)…they are just a WEEclub, so don’t blame them but trust me, Lamela is a done done deal…it has been from the last 2 days at least.

  227. Obviously, I’m looking forward to Oz’s match preview…And a well fought Arsenal victory on Sunday….

    Do we need a little news on the TW front before the match? I think we do. The Derby is ALWAYS emotional and anything less than a win will result in trouble on the terraces. Personally, I’ll be singing the praises of the Flamster AND I love a bargain (“Mathieu Flamini, We got him in on a Free”)… I’d always rather pay the player than his former club…

    But that’s just me and the ticket paying crowd may feel differently. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it something along the lines of 70 pounds (and up) just to get into the match? These are folks with long-standing grudges against the folks to the North and, for many, that’s a lot of cash…They’ve spent their Bale money while we still haven’t spent our Cesc/Nasri/RvP/Song (and even our Gervinho…) money!! If they can beat us in our stadium they will have every right to crow…

    It’s unthinkable, of course, but the job of management is to think about the unthinkable and plan for it…

    Extra police, then, I guess… 🙄 👿

  228. So then Bond…Will we have a skinny Argentinian Winger at least warming up for us on Sunday?

    Surely he’ll get one last chance to impress vs Atletico, no?

    And yes, I missed you… 😯

  229. Prince says:

    Are you expecting a loss then 17ht?

  230. Dylan says:

    17HT, I remain very optimistic. 🙂
    Gerry, I know it’s essentially done, but it isn’t officially. Maybe while they waste time with the Bale thing we pull one over on them and steal Lamela? Go to Roma, we already sold then Gerv so we have a good relationship, offer the same for Lamela, show him we have CL, then steal him from Spurs! 😉 They’re furious, sell Bale quickly and try to find a replacement, then we grab Benzema, Ozil, Di Maria, and Casillas! Hooray! 😀 I will wake up now. 😉

  231. Dylan says:

    I mean JB, not Gerry.

  232. James Bond says:


    it’s official when i confirm it, which i have done 2 days ago 🙂 my credibility is on the line here ; ) besides i have said it before, only Arsenal (WE) are the hardest clubs to pinpoint transfers and get them 100% spot on due to Mr.Wenger’s mood swings


    all my comments re-TW are in this article, i will end up repeating them but if you may, then there are things in the pipeline and very very close.

    but if it makes you feel any better than William Gallas is available on a free 😀

  233. PPP, Most certainly not!! I’m “expecting” an Arsenal victory and the usual happiness of being a Gooner rather than the lifetime of misery which supporting Tottenham entails…

    I’m talking (with Dylan) about being optimistic in the transfer window and for the season more generally…And I’m concerned about what might result if things didn’t go well for us on the day…

    These are normally the concerns of management, whilst supporters are free to ride the tide of emotion. My fear is that there is A LOT of emotion out there and it might come out in some ugly ways if the 90 minutes don’t go to plan…

    Here on the more optimistic/hopeful blogs we comfort ourselves with the long-term perspective of a club and management that is doing a decent job–for the long term. On the day, however, if you pay your (hard-earned) money and you have to take abuse from the supporters of a hated rival whose club seems to be doing a better (maybe even MUCH better) job in their short term work, I just fear it could all boil over…

    So, optimistic and hopeful but also (as always…) trying to do management’s job for them and considering the unthinkable…


  234. Dylan says:

    JB, how close is close? And how many deals are close? 😉 I won’t ask for names.

  235. James Bond says:

    4 negotiations currently ongoing – different positions.

    and here you go, it’s official enough for you now ? 🙂 http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/23903926

  236. Thanks Bond…I appreciate the hand-holding…By tomorrow, if nothing is official, I may need you to hold me the way you flew in with the queen… 😯

    Suarez to RM then, with the hunt for a new avatar on my part. I might go with a picture of your sauce, perhaps…

  237. Dylan says:

    Yes JB, that’s good enough. 😉 Is it possible for any deals to be announced today or tomorrow? That’s the real question. 😉

  238. James Bond says:

    impossible is nothing @ Dylan

    what goes in in the head of AW, even he himself doesn’t know at times, but i can assure you, once he changes his mind and we pull out last second then i will gladly share the names with you – but let’s just say this time around, things will be different and he doesn’t have his usual mood swings or change of hearts .

    you’re a fan of Micah richards right ? chances of him being at man $hity are very very bleak come this monday.


    that’s the way to go, it’s a friday after all, so more the merrier, keep yourself merry even if it means having a bottle or 2 – no worries

  239. Prince says:

    Cheers 17ht.

    I was just being cheeky in regards to your “extra police” comment.
    Would a draw and the announcement of one player signed via Real Madrid plus a few bodies from here and there and one young gem from France be enough to appease the fans? Thats my gut instinct. I cant see us go into the season on empty. Arsene knows he has to refuel.

  240. Prince says:

    Really looking forward to OZ’s pre-match.

    @Oz, can we give the finger to every maggot bastard whoever wore that lily white shirt with that chicken standing on a basketball.

    Fuck Off You Spurs!!!!

  241. Prince says:


    Might call it a night, get a power nap, and wake up to watch Chelski losing the second half.

    Nite BK

  242. Dylan says:

    JB, I’m a huge Richards fan, but don’t they need him to have enough English players in their squad?

  243. James Bond says:

    how many players do man city need in their squad to be british ? hit me with a number.

  244. Ah geez, the spyboy’s hints are getting hopes up…Will I truly be forced to try and write my friends in Andalucia for scouting reports on all the incoming RM players…not to mention how they’re tying their hopes to a Spud and a biter?… 😉

    Yeah, Prince, an early season draw, at home, IMO, would be a missed opportunity vs a Spurs squad which will no longer be a one primate team…but certainly it will keep things calm. When I was there in 2006 and trying (and failing) to get tickets from the touts (vs Everton) I ended up chatting (during the match) with a policeman who told me that draws make life easier for them–it mutes the home crowd AND the (always outnumbered) away support. I think an announcement, if not an actual body on the bench, would make such a result take the sting out of the atmosphere. If they have to sell to Real but we can buy it shows the proper order of things…

    I don’t want to pip Oz, but this has all the signs of a cagey (trying not to lose…) affair… A good test for both defenses I would think.

  245. Dylan says:

    I can’t claim to know JB. 😉 It’s something like 8 homegrown players or something? So Richards, Wright, Lescott, Milner, Barry, Hart. So that’s 6 English players that I can think of. There might be more, and I don’t know who’s homegrown on City. So if they’re willing to let Barry go and Wright is retiring soon, can they afford to lose Richards?

  246. Dylan says:

    Oh and Sinclair and Rodwell! But if Sinclair is also allowed to go out on loan…I’m not sure. 😉

  247. Dylan says:

    *has been allowed to go out on loan.

  248. Bondy,

    Among(st?) the less marquee stuff, can you tell me about Wenger’s attempts to land a Japanese player who can actually contribute….Talks over Uchida would mean that he’s gonna throw in the towel on Ryo, no?… I always thought Honda (if not Kagawa) was the man to get if we were intent on earning some yen…

    Also, can you confirm that there will be no deals amongst the (bigger) English clubs? Certainly Moyes MUST be getting at least one of Fellaini/Baines, but otherwise all’s quiet towards the top of the league, I would assume…

    Dylan, Sinclair is already loaned to WBA, correct? Loanees certainly can’t count towards the 17 plus 8 rule? Or can they?…

  249. Dylan says:

    17HT, that’s what I meant to say. Sinclair is gone and shouldn’t count towards that rule. Outside of Man U, I see Man City getting a CB, but that’s it for big teams.

  250. James Bond says:

    here you go Dylan,

    british players currently at Man city

    Joe Hart (ENG) Richard Wright (ENG)

    Joleon Lescott (ENG) Micah Richards (ENG)

    Gareth Barry (ENG) James Milner (ENG) Jack Rodwell (ENG) Scott Sinclair* (ENG) (loan)

    they will have to promote within their youth to make up the numbers , if they fall short.

    it’s not our problem, isn’t it ? : )

  251. James Bond says:


    Uchida is a RB, Ryo is a winger, even if we got Uchida it shouldn’t have any bearing on how we use Ryo – Ryo is blistering quick and very technical, the lad is very promising and in a few years time, he will be comfortably the best player Japan have had – you can quote me on that !

    Fellaini is already long gone to the mancs in my opinion, i will be very very surprised if he plays against Cardiff.

  252. James Bond says:

    also Dylan, what difference does it make if we get the players in now or tomorrow before the spuds match ?

    they had to be REGISTERED and not signed before 5 o clock today to have been able to be eligible for the sunday match.

  253. Dylan says:

    I know JB. I just want to know when to stalk Arsenal.com for announcements and keep hitting refresh! 😉

  254. Fozzie B says:

    Howdy camp cowboys!! JB thanks for exciting sauces!! May I check with u,are we in for OZIL? And do u think we will get a ST in this window. I’m sitting here by a pool in Portugal letting my fluff dry off before heading into town to watch the chavs and could do with a little more spice to rub into my chav mates going with me! 😀

  255. Thanks James…

    So then, we will be living on announcements and/or whatever is written in the papers (along with what happens on the pitch, of course…) for Sunday…

    Good times…

    At least we can (finally) realize that Rooney, Fellaini AND Suarez was always (just soooo much) smoke… 🙄 It helped while away those tedious (or at least long) Summer days, I guess… Next Summer I’m going on full black out…Given my coffee in the morning/sauces in the evening roller coaster, I’m just too old…

    For this weekend I’ll just have to hang on, as I fear the ride isn’t quite over yet…

    Fozzie, count me a jealous….

  256. Fozzie B says:

    Ps Kermit is a chav supporter in case u guys didn’t know 😦

  257. Gerry says:

    HT – I think you may have the young guy from Real Betis’ Avillado?(something close to that). who is reckoned to be the ‘next Ronaldo’, and not the CR version?

    Ryo’s staying in the squad was always dependent on who comes in, but I hope he gets a chance after his bad luck with injuries.

    JB – I see RM had offered an alternative fee – £70m up front – which might have got AW’s hopes up, as we know how they are funding such a bid. But that has been rejected. Spurs only need to hold out until the FA offices close tonight, so we cannot fax registrations (without medicals), and who then might have been available for the NLD. If they are stupid enough to think they can hold it up until it is too late to sign anybody, then RM might have to pull out of the deal. My guess the deal will be agreed tonight, but not announced on their websites until tomorrow evening … but early enough to catch the headlines in the Sunday papers? If that is the case, and they have to pay more up front than they hoped(well above the £20m for sure), then RM will want to get as much as they can for their players in cash, but it does not mean we are the only ones at the table … We will still be kept on our jangly nerve ends for quite a bit longer yet?

    For me, I am saying nothing.

  258. Fozzie B says:

    17h I will dedicate my next brewski to you my friend! I for one have been very grateful for all your guys comments during this TW. You know I’m actually really confident that 2 years from now we will be flying and have some SQ quality coursing through our team!! I know it’s not as soon as we want but I think it’s a hell of a lot closer than it looks!! COYG,s!!!

  259. James Bond says:

    enjoy it with the chavs @ Fozzie B and yes, we are looking at 2 attacking options .i.e. creator / and up front e.t.c e.t.c e.t.c

    no, 17HT, Rooney and Suarez were not smokes – Fellaini very well may have been but not them 2 – it was our initial bid for Rooney (20 million) that got the ball rolling and the Chavs to inflate his price – Suarez everyone know’s about and may well know a tad more in the coming days.


    my lil birdee tells me 11 o clock tonight, the official announcement and on monday the unveiling re- Bale.

  260. Cheers Fozzie, where exactly in Portugal?…

    I watched the Fulham home match (3-3) last November at a little bar in Tavira (eastern Algarve)…

    Nice enough town, tough result (Arshavin won the dodgy handball at the end, Arteta had the pen blocked)…

    If you’re drinking (too early here…) then here’s to better times! Cheers!

    Gerry, As I’m trying to imply, there’s a lot of incentive (all around) to announce things before the Derby…007, can you confirm?…

  261. Fozzie B says:

    Nice one JB. I was just reading about mug smashers linking back with Torres! I still have a gut feel about ratatouille popping out from out of Wenger’s hat last minute! : D

  262. Gerry says:

    That will do for me. Hell if it all goes to plan we could have some ‘guests’ at the Emirates on Sunday?

  263. James Bond says:

    of course announcing things before the Derby has huge incentives, announcements such as a Royalty like one NB, having his own Palace made of Crystal.

    hows that for an announcement ehhh


  264. Fozzie B says:

    17h I’m in albufeira with the muppet crew. Animal has been on a 3 day bender but that’s nothing new I guess. Miss piggy is sizzling her juicy bits whilst Kermit is using some of JB’s sauces to make her extra crispy that kinky bastardo!! 😆

  265. Smoke, Rolling Balls, call them what you will, James…

    Arsenal cash can “spur” things in the marketplace but we need to be stronger (financially AND competitively) before clubs who perceive us as rivals (i.e., Liverpool) will sell to us…

    In other words, I’ll leave toothy on the zimmerframe, but my hope is to bring him down in favor of a martini (or other salute to your sauce…) or maybe a pair of Angel Wings…

    I still think an interview with the sauce (over the int’l break) would make a smashing maiden post… 😀

  266. James Bond says:

    you know how “Guests” love turning up at the emirates for such glorious matches, so it shouldn’t be any different this time and yeah, Bony like appearances shouldn’t be ruled out.

    ahahahahah @ Fozzie – you never know, Wenger tends loves his surprises and tricks – but yes, he is not kidding when he says that “panic buys ” are not his thing, not since 2011 anyway.

  267. Fozzie B says:

    Come on ratatouille! Come out from Wenger’s hat you good thing! 😀

  268. Whoa…Bendy + the Mahk in South London… That’s some firepower… Suddenly I see them with a (real) chance at staying up…We’d still be paying their wages so they won’t play against us, right?…

    I’m actually serious here…Where are the smileys for NOT being sarcastic?… 😆

  269. ProudGooner says:

    Evening Gent’s and ladies of course if there is any.?,
    The derby is looming and everyone is up for it already lol.
    I am predicting an Arsenal win, i have been listening to talk sport drive time. That mug on there does my head in. He is clearly a spuds fan and always sticking the boot in to Arsenal. The Bale deal is suppose to be done and annouced at 11pm, they have signed a lot of good players i will give them that, but i agree with Wenger that he may have signed to many and gelling them all and getting used to his style of play and the PL will be to hard in the 1st season.
    They are suppose to be very close to signing Christian Ericson for 10 million should we not snap him up for that price? I think we should. For me the first position to fill is Defence then striker. It sure will be interesting to see who we get by Monday, i am sure Wenger will sign some quality and i will be glad when Monday has passed.

  270. Gerry says:

    Yep ,PG it sure has been testing times.

    I had 3 goes at sorting out my FF team, I don’t know how AW copes with it all … I guess the £7.5m helps to buy a decent bottle of wine? 😀

  271. James Bond says:


    the whole idea of trying to offload NB is that we no longer have to pay his wages ? we are trying to sell him and not loan him.


    we already have 3 fully fit CB’s , with TV almost fit and he will be available after the 14th of september

    we get in another CB and that makes it 5 ? i’m not sure, why it would be wise of us to get a CB just for the sake of it ?

    a forward over a CB should be the priority.

    ah, FF, blimey, thanks for the reminder @ Gerry

  272. ProudGooner says:

    Sagna is a left back , he is able to cover of course.take Sagna out of the picture then we have 3 CB’s that is not enough we need at least 1 more , an injury even a red card could course problems and with cash availble i would say to Bold here is a 18 million budget find or pick us a centre back.

  273. ProudGooner says:

    right back i meant lol

  274. James Bond says:

    Flam’s is a right back as well ? can do a solid job there and put in a shift , no ?

    Sagna can play LB as well, so you’re right, as can Flam’s and TV5

    defensively, we are ok and can have a 2 sets of back four for 2 to cope with 2 games in a week.

    make it back 5.

  275. Glic says:

    Evening Scrotum Scrutinisers 😆

    So Pornochio is in Sweaty Sockland !, probably meeting up with his spunky sporran caber tossing arse bandit friend Phil McCock !.

    Best news in a long time………an Oz pre-match, quite simply the best anywhere !.

    Lucky bastardildo Fozzy Barenaked !. Don’t let Miss Piggy get her trotters on you, you`ll up in a Albufeira STD clinic with pork scratching`s on your cock !. hahaha

  276. ProudGooner says:

    On sky sports Robert Green was just talking about his starting all games so far this season for QPR and saying how surprised he is that Ceser is still at the club, he said that could well change by Monday he and the club are looking for a new club for him and they have had offers

  277. James Bond says:

    Juan Mata is left out of the Chelsea starting line-up for the second time in a week after also being overlooked for the trip to Manchester United on Monday. Fernando Torres starts up front for the Blues.

    left out of the spanish team as well.

    poor chappy – that’s what happens when you go to Chavs for more money and turning the mighty gooners down -fullydeserved.

  278. ProudGooner says:

    I dont think we are at all, with KOS on a red card and TV out even with Flemini we have only 6 defenders that is with Flemini

  279. James Bond says:

    KOS is available for spuds – he got 2 yellow cards hence he is back.

    2 sets of back 5


    Jenks Sagna Per Gibbs

    2nd one


    Flams Koc Tv5 Nacho

  280. ProudGooner says:

    I agree we have a good defence , but you are not allowing for injuries or suspension . I hope we get Mata he would be a dream for us, fingers cross JB

  281. ProudGooner says:

    TV is injured and you are not alowing for injuries again or the ammount of games we have to play. Anything can happen. We have as many strikers as we do defenders and you dont think we are a little short, i only want 1 or 2 but 1 at least. oh agree to dis-agree on that 1.

  282. ProudGooner says:

    I think Munich will do the Chav’s 4-1 , they will want revenge for the champions league final at home they lost as well. It is quite a juicy match . What is your score prediction?

  283. Gerry says:

    I’ll leave it to OZ’s preview, but I have just had a squint at the Under 21’s line up. Absences are interesting … ?

  284. Glic says:

    I love talkSPORT ! ( and that’s not being sarcastic ! ) always taking the piss out of Arsenal and Arsene, trouble is I cant defend him as he brings it on his self !.


  285. James Bond says:

    no no, i am allowing for injuries

    as i mentioned before, we have 3 fit and available CB’s for sunday , when they get back it will be 4 ? no

    for every position we have 2 players now, you can argue with the RB and i will give you that

    let’s just say that all i’m saying is that, more the merrier but forward line first ? i don’t mind another CB, if that’s what you’re getting at – however, as you can see, we are not as bad or thin as some people may make us out to be really.

    we only only one have Striker at the moment at a reasonable level, rest of them are not strikers in my opinion with poldi gone until xmas – that’s the one area where we need strengthen.

    it’s not about agree to disagree that one, i am not coming at you with the kitchen sink, only assuring you that our front line is in more need than our back line – if that makes sense ? i.e. OX/Poldi/Gerv.

  286. Gerry says:

    I am trying to decide who, but I agree with you PG, I think another CB would be useful,

    It just depends on how much over budget they are prepared to go?

  287. James Bond says:

    Chavs 2-1 , yep, they will win.


    very interesting , the absentee’s and more like enforced, no ?


    most of the people on there are anti-arsenal, i don’t bother with that lot, unless it’s someone unbiased.

  288. ProudGooner says:

    I just see Rodney earlier , i to love talk sport it is on my car radio more then anything else these days. He is just bitter that they still cant finish above us. He does do my head in but i dont think he is always right at all. He has a vendetter against Arsenal . We are still better then the spuds that is what gets him, all the time he puts in to Arsenal is funny as F he should worry about his own team and problems

  289. ProudGooner says:

    It is indeed how can he pick Schurrle over Mata ,that is a strange one.
    I would even settle for one of Wenger’s rough diamonds for a CB , another KOS would do nicely but i feel we are deffo 1 short to be safe. On the other hand if you can get a player of Gary Cahill’s class for 29 million then why not grab him
    it is not that i think its more important then getting another striker, because i dont but i think them to positions need new players , then a 3 rd keeper.

  290. Glic says:

    I hope he is true to his word, although Flamini is a “technicality” as he did not actually pay any money for him, but no way is he SQ….more fcuking lidl or aldi !. As I`ve said SQ or no one imo !.


  291. ProudGooner says:

    lol i dont know to call him netto class might be a bit harsh lol
    Wenger must have seen some good in him, he is saying all the right things.. He was needed as JB has pointed out he covers many positions that could have been or could be a real worry for us.
    cheap and nasty hmmm lol

  292. Gerry says:

    Well I want a distraction so I am going to watch Bayern win 2-4

    Look forward to further developments when I tune in tomorrow?

  293. ProudGooner says:

    me too Gerry , see you later. il have 4-1 munich

  294. ProudGooner says:

    what a goal by Torres. lol The german fans a going mental at him

  295. ProudGooner says:

    super cup live link above

  296. James Bond says:

    and AFC didn’t want Torres, yet he wanted Defoe

    AFC, where art thou

  297. Match getting better with a goal in it now…My telly-feed is a little bit crap, however…

    Sooooo…Parsing the Bond-talk….If ‘Nando is staying at Chelsea I have to wonder who (in the musical chairs) Liverpool are gonna get. Also, since they seem to be working on Sahko does that mean Agger to Barca? Is that all their Suarez money already spent meaning that toothy is on the move? Or does deep-pockets Henry just keep him to “rot with the reserves”…

    Mata (sitting, so he must be gone…) but to where? Certainly not our way…Or could it be, what with Poldi’s lefty FKs sidelined?…Seems like we’d have to pay a bit over the correct valuation…

    Frankly, I think Mourinho is on the correct track with Mata…Beyond the deadball stuff his game (for me) drops off. That’s just me, and I’m sure people will scream at me, but Santi seems the (far) better player. Given how he played in Brazil I can definitely see why Del Bosque wasn’t convinced…On the plus side, he’s survived a couple of years in England (not gotten himself injured) and won (both) European trophies, and he’s still only 25…

    How come Willian isn’t on the Chelsea bench? I think it must have to do with his hair?…Also, why does (US military whistle-blower/secret leaker…) Bradley Manning want to be called “Chelsea Manning” and not “Arsenal Manning” from here on out? Those familiar with the LGTB community (Glic, Terry)?…

    I’ve got no answers (today), only questions?…

  298. Bond.. .

    Defoe might’ve finished that one too…

    I think (even) Giroud might’ve done the deed, but maybe now I’m just trying to get HH to come back… 😉 Dude got his UMF picks in, by way of Ben Nevis, er, Total…

    Make the “news” official and (maybe) we’ll get the disgruntled ones back… 😆

  299. James Bond says:

    i’m not sure about that one 17HT,

    but at the moment , Jose.M is showing how much of Pep’s achievements at Barca were down to Messi and co as opposed to his tactics.

    Jose. M has him in his back pocket in my opinion (so far) – and hence i predicted the score line above, i honestly don’t see how Pep can live up to the hype this year created by the previous manager.

  300. Frozen Gunner says:

    hmm schalke pick up boateng from milan.. funds available from the sale of one, julian draxler, perhaps??

    3 days

  301. James Bond says:


    sczny would have saved that.

  302. Coming around on Sir Chez?…:D

    Cech is a great “technical” keeper and usually gets his positioning correct. Sometimes seems a little weaker as a shot-stopper…

    What sayeth the sauce about where Julius Caesar will end up? And while we’re talking about keepers, why isn’t Begovich on the move?…

    Also, does this match go to ET if it’s a draw after 90?…

  303. Corrections, AFC style…:D = 😀 and Begovic, not Begovich…

  304. ProudGooner says:

    I just had a thought the spuds have 100 million on players and yes the Bale sale will fund them all, but what about all the wages for these players?? surely if they are not careful they could find them selves in trouble even more so when you think they are building a new stadium , wgere has all that money come from.?

  305. ProudGooner says:

    i did not realise it was on itv, i have been sitting in front of a laptop for an hour ha ha ha ha

  306. Nice goal from Hazard…Keeper might think he could’ve done better, I would guess…. Could be another nice win for the Chavs on the continent…

    PG, this is a big moment for Spurs…Their brand is based on being “not being Arsenal” so speculating (to accumulate–i.e., taking a little gamble on players and a young manager…) is probably a good choice. Bale’s wages will be saved and distributed (a bit) but players who don’t pan out will get moved on. The new TV money should lead to wage inflation up and down the league… Overall, it’s not that bad to be a selling team, spreading your risk away from a single pair of thin ankles…

    But maybe the Swiss Ramble (or others?) has reported on their finances recently if you want to go deeper…

    Like I said (above), big match on Sunday, and both teams might be playing to avoid losing… despite their reputations for attacking football and porous defenses…

    Bond, I guess I’m on my own until tomorrow…consider me beyond nervous…

  307. AB says:

    PG. I just want RM to drop their offer for Bale at the last minute. As you say, Spuds are over-reaching themselves on salary costs – and the purchase sums depend on the Bale sale. They are gambling on getting CL qualification and cash this season. If they do AVB will be off (if there is a decent offer elsewhere); if they don’t then Levy is done for (as well as AVB probably). Spuds have to get CL this year after £100m spend – the pressure is all on them.

    Meanwhile our (top 4 team) is intact, young, talented and improving. I will feel much better if we buy 2 players – and hope springs eternal etc! Flam signing feels a bit sad, but he provides quality cover where we need it most, so can’t argue with the sense of it. I don’t think we need more at the back now. LW and SS are where we need a bit more – or real SQ anywhere, but my hopes have dwindled rather.

    Sod the Durham on talk sport, I see no reason not to be positive about Sunday’s game. I back our 11 against theirs – though Arteta will be missed. But I do feel concerned about squad depth for the season – but hopeful that we will strengthen yet.

  308. ProudGooner says:

    It sounds like you have looked in to this a bit. I suppose you are right it is just the spuds used to have a wage cap which was smaller theours, the players they have signed must be on big bucks. I am thinking some of them must be close to 100k a week.
    What an end 2 – 2 lol penalties lol
    YOU are defo right about spuds mentality , wanting to be our opperites , Wenger is a wise old owl though he has seen it all before. 🙂

  309. Oh too bad… 😀 And we go to pens…

    Love your confidence PG…Wenger is definitely old…but now people will judge his wisdom on results…The difference between us and Spurs has been 2 points over the past two years…Big match, Bigger season…

  310. ProudGooner says:

    Rednapp also spent a lot of money, i really do think they could find themselves in trouble. The Bale sale will be around will not cover all that, no way that is for sure, then they want to build a new stadium.
    Luiz, that is how to take a penalty.

  311. Glic says:

    Fcuk the poncey Chav/Munich game !. That’s 3 players the Spuds have bought today !. Eriksen, Lamela and some Rumanian lucky heather seller !.
    Now Paulinho, Lamela and Eriksen are quality players and just before someone says they ain`t, go back through the BK archives and I bet they are on some of the lists put up by you Broke Backers !.
    We must be getting at least 3 Super Duper Quality players on TW Deadline Day, because even a win over the Spuds on Sunday is not going to save Arsene and Gazidis from the wrath of supporters if we don`t acquire “special” players !…………………………………..Sanogo and Flamini £0………….if it wasn`t so funny, I`m sure some gooners would top their selves !……… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  312. Chavs…Sooooo close….

    Lukaku in the 5 spot is the only miss…Twisting those dreads even tighter, I hate to tell you, will not prevent the hairline from drifting back….


    Gotta run…

  313. ProudGooner says:

    I am not worried about Sunday i think we will win, we have a great team better then there’s What worries me is we need a few more players which i think the old Owl will come up with and i hope he gets 1 or 2 in the winter TW.
    Lukaku , that is how not to take a penalty.

  314. Frozen Gunner says:

    aaand signal lukaku’s exit from the bridge

  315. alexgunners says:


    Spot on. If we think that one or two average players will do and if we continue on this ‘in wenger we trust’ bandwagon, we are kidding ourselves. I am sick of excuses being made by AW and excuses made on his behalf.
    For Fu#%s sake. We could not find one reasonable player that is better than our current squad. Give me a fu#%ing break. We are not idiots. I appreciate what he has done but time to pack your bags and go.

    I’ve personally had enough. 4th place is not a trophy

  316. Admir says:

    Hello, people!

    If you haven’t noticed, I was absent for some time due to obligations I’ve had regarding census in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My five-day-training made me miss our victory against Fenerbahče and World War III that happened and, apparently, lasted shortly after Ramsey’s brace.

    I haven’t missed any new signings apart from Flamini’s return and bunch of top talents that joined the wrong London club. I will swallow what I have to say about it.

    Instead, I’ll just say that Chelsea went “from pens to penis” after just five penalties. Life is good again. 🙂

  317. Fozzie B says:

    It’s official!! Kermit is well pissed 😆 I have just broke up 2 fights!! I’m not lying!! It’s karate kid frog style!!hell freezeth ova and shall show no mercy!! I’ve got him back at the hotel and given him a cold shower!! Well not personally cos I don’t green on me fingers!!

  318. Glic says:

    Hi alex

    I will wait `till 11pm on Monday ( British time…..what time will that be for your neck of the woods and come to think of it …Ozzie and Princes times ? ) before I decide whether to stick the knife in !. hahaha
    Lets put up the countdown clock to see how long he has to turn it around and save face for himself and Gazidis !.


  319. ProudGooner says:

    Glic -Alex,
    Sad state of affairs , it is Wenger last year on his contract so it is all or nothing for him know really. I have always stuck by him and still do, but for me if he cant sign some better players then at the end of the season as much as it hurts to say it his time could be up.

  320. James Bond says:

    17HT and everyone else :

    this is tomorrow’s copy of the mirror 31/08/2013 and they are telling us something that we already knew, didn’t we ? ; )

    while we are at it, there is more , hang on, it’s good, maybe good enough to keep 17HT going for a wee bit longer :

    here it comes : what has Theo been posting today ehhh

  321. James Bond says:

    17HT and everyone else :
    this is tomorrow’s copy of the mirror 31/08/2013 and they are telling us something that we already knew, didn’t we ? ; )

  322. James Bond says:

    while we are at it, there is more , hang on, it’s good, maybe good enough to keep 17HT going for a wee bit longer :
    here it comes : what has Theo been posting today ehhh

  323. Admir says:

    Sorry, but I can’t swallow it.

    Alex – you’re right, we are not idiots. It would be too much to say that Wenger is an idiot either. I mean, how many idiots earn 7,5 million pounds per year? We haven’t signed a single top-class player and injuries have already massacred us. Now, we are hoping that Real Madrid will have to sell us players like Di Maria or Benzema on discount prices just because transfer deadline is approaching.

    Marcus, you made an excellent text again but I don’t agree that brands should dictate who starts from Pot 1. Borussia Dortmund are side that anyone with heart should like, at least a bit. However, they had one excellent European campaign in recent years while Arsenal have had a continuity of results.

  324. James Bond says:

    well done Fozzie, you’re the official peace broker and ray of hope – now work on getting HH back ahahahahahahahahaha

    i posted something above which you might like 😉

  325. Glic says:

    All means nothing 007 as I read on newsnow that Wenger is putting in a bid for Kalou !!!…….now who would be a Wenger signing…..Kalou for £2.5m or Draxler for £40m ?…..remembering that both Isco and Gotze were cheaper than the rumoured Draxler !.

  326. ProudGooner says:

    that walcott and cesc is fake

  327. James Bond says:


    don’t shoot the messenger – i hear ya ! Gallas is also available on the free


    are you sure ?

  328. Glic says:

    HH is not being released from Stretches cellar until Wenger signs at least 3 SQ players ! and unlike Admir who cant swallow it….HH is being force fed Girouds jizz !. hahaha

  329. Admir says:

    Salomon Kalou?

    No, seriously, we are going to ask for Salomon Kalou?

  330. ProudGooner says:

    I am just going to wait til Monday night at 11pm like you said Doctor, Wenger always does his shopping last minute. So best to give him til then .
    The dream would be give Spurs another kicking on Sunday with the news we have made a big signing the day before or day after . Wenger is not crazy, he has a trick up his sleeve i know it. 🙂

  331. James Bond says:

    ah, Admir hasn’t been following what i have been posting whilst being half sober ; ) so i don’t blame him for not being able to swallow it.

    Gotze – if you have BM and Arsenal in for you – who do you choose ? no brainer.

    same with Isco, no ? @ Glic

    Draxler – well usually, i would let HH do the fine reporting on him….but in his absence, we can ask OZ to do the honours unless HH wants to do it himself ?

  332. ProudGooner says:

    Yes mate the Ox has said people have been doing about him too (making fakes) plus players tweets are shown at the bottom of Arsenal site and the is nothing from Theo, in fact there never is.

  333. James Bond says:

    it’s not a tweet though,

    it’s instagram .

    2 more days to go, we find out won’t we.

  334. Glic says:

    That is true 007, but I see it that Arsene should have put in a £40m bid for Gotze and Dortmund would have either sold to us or Bayern would have had to match or better the bid, but we just sat back and gave them a clear path ! . Same with Isco…..a paltry £25m !….easily worth a bid of £35m, but no, lets just give a clear path to RM !. At £40m ….is Draxler better than the two above ?.

  335. Glic says:

    Two days coming up that could define our season and Arsene`s future !. They will be either deliriously joyful or excruciatingly painful !. Night boyz. 🙂

  336. Alcide says:

    But the point is that neither wanted us… They wanted BM and RM.

  337. alexgunners says:

    Hi Glic.
    I believe that it should be early Tuesday morning here. Still have not spent any money. I guess he is trying run the clock down as much as possible

  338. James Bond says:

    Isco was worth every penny, Glics even at 35 million i wouldn’t have mind – i’m with you on that one.

    i honestly don’t know much about Draxler, i was told about our “strong interest” in him a few days ago, hence you saw me keeping things going and most of you upbeat, i couldn’t have disclosed it until it was in the open – now the mirror are reporting it, so there is no point in me keeping it to myself….

    so whether is better than the aforementioned or worth the 40 million, only HH and OZ can tell you – i’m a mere messenger and not into german football as such – you can ask me about Kalou though or Gallas ahahahahahahahahahahahah

  339. ProudGooner says:

    See you later Gooners , i need a break from all this TW disappointment , i cant wait til its over I hope for good news soon or the fans are going go nuts Glic you are right.
    see you all later. Don’t strees over it we cant change anything so no point.

  340. James Bond says:

    joyful Glics, joyful, i said we were in negotiations with 4+

    good night and see you tomorrow, am off myself now.

  341. alexgunners says:

    It is leaving things mighty late. We’ve had around 3 months to buy players. No team in their right mind would want to destabilise Their own team by selling to us late in the transfer window. Sad state of affairs indeed.

  342. James Bond says:


    Liverpool sold Torres last minute to de-stabilize theirs,

    for the right price , most teams will be willing to tango – we have much more money to do business than the 70 million quoted,

    of course, it looks silly if we end up spending 0 pence in the end – i guess what i’m saying is that if we get Draxler for 40 million then we will still be able to add more to the squad – quite eloquently as well.

    it’s frustrating times to be a gooner but AW knows what he’s doing, it’s his neck on the line here – we all know it as does he.

  343. alexgunners says:

    Welcome back.
    Not one top class player so far. Buying players at the end of the transfer window screams of desperation.

  344. oz gunner says:

    @ Glic

    Draxler may not be better than either of those two now but I think he has the most upside of the three. Both he an Reus will make the German international team near on impossible to beat. Massive get if he comes.

    @ Gerry

    Cheers for all the inside goss,appreciate it.

    @ BJ

    Agreed, TA needs an offsides with all the bloody holidays he takes haha (I vote VCC or RA). If it was left up to Glic it’d be a porn site in a number of minutes 🙂

    Oh we’ll if TA doesn’t make an appearance it’ll be a pre-match via comments (the show must go on!)

  345. oz gunner says:

    Draxler apparently has a release clause of 39.3 million so hopefully we trigger that. I worry about his ‘sleepless nights’ comment when asked about offers from city and Real Madrid.

    Get in his ear pod and big, he need that German wunderkind!!!!

  346. oz gunner says:

    Pre-match complete. Ready for TA when he gets connection

  347. Gerry says:

    OZ – You may be waiting a long time, the signals not only have to bounce around the mountains, but the pylons are few and far between. Mind, if he can find an internet cafe in Oban or Inverness (I’m not sure how far north he has gone, but he ain’t going towards the best of the weather though?) he might just get lucky over breakfast?

    If not, the comments page will do fine … after all mine and Ht’s comments can be post in themselves : 😉

  348. Prince says:

    Oz, your a champion! Even if Total is still dress fitting for his new kilt to go with his new clogs 😉 , im sure if you put your pre-match up in comments (maybe in italics) it will be more than enough to get the juices flowing. Maybe you wont get the exposure that your pre-match deserves, but i wont complain 🙂

    Gerry 🙂

    I quite enjoy 17ht’s posts. Dont discourage the man. haha

    Soo so looking forward to the NLD. “rumble in the jungle’ is my prediction, heart on the sleeve stuff from everyone involved!

  349. oz gunner says:

    Cheers gents. If I don’t get anything back I’ll definitely chuck it in the comments section

    @ Gerry

    Your mini posts (along with 17 and HH) are always good reading.

    @ Princey

    hahaha he’s probably clogging his way through the lakes in search of nessie

  350. Prince says:

    Redders 🙂

    We havn’t seen you around for a little while, and if for whatever reason you cant or choose not to blog, i hope your doing well mate. Be good 🙂

  351. Gerry says:

    glic – It is not Arsene who is his own worst enemy, it is you!

    You keep going to NewsNow and read any old story concocted by would be journo’s who just go for the headlines …. AND YOU BELIEVE THEIR HOGWASH? Or at least, want to believe it.

    It only makes your frustration worse and you get it all out of proportion. When you are told that Isco and Goetze wanted to go to the clubs they have ended up in, you just ignore it, and moan about how we should have waived £40m at that time and somehow that would have changed their minds?

    It does not work that way.

    They are looking at their personal careers which involve being in their National teams. They have each moved to the top club in Germany and Spain, and no amount of money is going to change that.

    Look at all the stuff written about Fabregas?
    Where is he? Still at Barca, and saying he is not leaving because happy to be there … which if I am not mistaken was what he said at the beginning of the TW?

    If you are going to wait until 11pm Monday, then stop torturing yourself by feeding all these connections that are 99% certain to be wrong anyway.

    I said yesterday I spent a couple of hours on my Fantasy team, just juggling the budget, wondering if I need to use my magic card and make more than one signing, but deciding one was enough if I changed my formation, but then deciding who to get at what I could afford …. Sweaty stuff, and it is only a fantasy game ….

    and my legacy and future are not on the line?

    I said before, if Arsene fails to get any of the latest targets, I think he will be the first to walk. He will not the gullible masses to tell him he got it wrong.

    True, he may want to limp along until we don’t get out of Group stage of the UCL, and we are struggling with injuries, that results in the league that put us out of contention for even 6th place by Christmas …

    But some of us don’t believe that will happen ..

  352. Alcide says:

    Nice post Gerry, I’m going with that 🙂

    On another note, I read in French media that our head scout – Grimandi was in St Etienne, and that the coach there apparently gave a green light to Guilavogui to enter talks.

  353. VCC says:

    I miss Redders too. AND Harmonious.

  354. VCC says:

    Cloggenstein had better get his finger out, we all want an Oz pre match.

  355. Gerry says:

    Alcide – Thanks for the comment. 😀

    I am trying not to tempt fate, but I would hope they kept their eyes peeled … should they be inclined to fill the basket a little more … :;) :;)

    Just to show how ancient I am, one of the first real top class racehorses I saw on b&w television back in the late ’50’s was called Alcide …

  356. Gerry says:

    Try again : 😉 : 😉

  357. Prince says:

    My prediction= Gerry is next to end up in the cellar along with HH 😯

  358. Prince says:

    Another prediction=
    Before the window closes, Rooney and Mata will have swapped clubs and colours (maybe some money included). Fellaini is also snapped up by manure with Baines following in January or next summer. Arsenal will pick up that Joshua kid from France and with half an hour remaining of the window, we will snap up one of Kaka or Ozil along with Benzema and Draxler. Suarez will end up in Real as Pool might cash in, even though they will recieve payment in installements. Bale is already picking out his lingerie with ChristinA Ronaldo, as they consider venturing into a side business of ‘Lezbefriends Karaoke’.

    If any of our targets fail, i am only guessing, but isnt the Russian TW opened for a bit longer. If so, it might be a security blanket and we might do a swap deal with a Russian club and send Bendnter out into the cold. But that could be a desperate measure stop gap move in which i would expect Wenger to walk of his own accord at seasons end.

    In whatever way Arsene leaves the club, i would hope that Gazidis and Stan follow suit. For me, they are true ‘smooth criminals’.

  359. Gerry says:

    No Prince, that cellar is not big enough for the both of us 🙂

    Anyway, Stretch would have stuff a pigeon in each ear as we endlessly argue over what we said, and how one sentence made can make the rest of the discourse disappear, before finally getting down to who is the biggest pillock that ever walked the earth …. i could go on, but why preempt a future discussion … 😆

    Actually, if HH does check in today, he will like this little aside ..

    Most know I look after a large family of dogs. One of the younger ones, but still over 10 years of age, is a very large male dog. His mother is a small size collie type, weighs about 22kg. He weighs in at over 35kg. He is big, almost labrador size, and lollops along in an uncoordinated way, and his name is Prince …

    However, if I have been on here discussing the merits of our centre forward, and then get ready to go dog walking. When it is his turn for the collar and lead, I call him to me – Come here …. GIro 😀

    I don’t mean to, it sort just slips out …

  360. oz gunner says:

    @ Prince

    I’d be very happy with that outcome (not so much with the Fellani to Manure part though). I think manure have one weakness and that is central midfield.

    @ Gerry

    I thinking he’s lurking in the background counting how many times he’s been referenced.
    The count stands at:

    BJ – 101 782
    The rest – 15

  361. Gerry says:

    OZ – JB just wants to show off his moment of triumph, and he is desperate to have HH’s hero worship him 😆

  362. oz gunner says:

    hahaha he’s just lonely now when everyone has gone to sleep. HH normally tucks him in at night 🙂

  363. Prince says:

    Oz, who is your captain for this week in your fantasy team? I wont tell anyone, i promise.

    I was just looking through the Boing League. I wonder how many people trust Arsenal defenders in their team? And has anyone seen the design and colours of Totals kit in the Boing league. hahaha, i saw the same design (on t.v 😉 ), on a float at last years mardi gras. haha

    Total, that must’ve been some hectic acid. 🙂

    Ok, im off till later, obviously everyone can see that Princey has been on the turps.

    “One Tony Adams, theres only one Tony Adams…….ONE TONY-YYY AAA-ADAMS…theres only one Tony Adams…..(hiccup)….”

  364. oz gunner says:

    hahaha good stuff Princey. My captain is Santi. Frick knows what’s going on in that comp. This is only the second time I’ve done it. Last week i was making changes and like VCC i was timed out. I had BFG but traded him for Coleman.

  365. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post – Oz Gunner Oz Gunner Oz Gunner: do I need to say more?! 😛

    Enjoy! 😀

  366. Prince says:

    Thank you Totes. 🙂

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