A game of transfer window repercussions? Arsenal vs Tottenham Pre-Match


It’s DERBY time again. North London will be split in two once again for this very important game. On one side we have the mighty Arsenal. A team that optimises and oozes class. The other side…a cock on a ball, oh and Adebayor…enough said!

No time for the Transfer window, no time for injuries, we must focus on this game and give it all we’ve got again. Come on Arsenal faithful get behind the team and roar loudly.

Let’s get in to it shall we:

Missing in Action:

Diaby sick bay

Arsenal: Podolski (Hamstring), Vermaelen (Back), Ox (Knee), Arteta (Thigh), Diaby (Knee). Jack (Ankle) and Ramsey (Groin) should be right for this one.

Tottenham: Assou-Ekotto (Knee), Lennon (Ankle/Foot), Bale (apparently ‘Ankle/Foot’ – also known as ‘Almunia’s elbow’)

Transfer window update:

Tottenham have quite the long list. Whilst they have lost one primate, they’ve added Eriksen, Lamela, Chiriches, Paulinho, Soldado, Capoue, and Chadli.

Arsenal on the other hand have signed Flamini and Sanogo. Reading that definitely sends a shudder down the spine (even more so when you take in to account our injury record and our current long term injuries). The optimist in me says “let’s wait and see what the remaining days bring us”. The current Oz says “sharpen those pitchforks gents because if we don’t get some significant squad bolstering and major signings we may have to storm the gates”.

Anyway, welcome back Flamini. That 2007/08 season of his was a ripper. I loved how he went about it; he brought energy, drive, and a fighting spirit. His experience and determination will definitely help the cause.


Predicted Line-up:

starting line-up Totts

The best available should line-up for Arsenal in this must win home fixture (lose and we are already playing catch-up, and a loss to our neighbours will dent the confidence of both the team and the supporters).

Koscielny returns from his one match suspension for a great tackle. This should knock Sagna back to RB and move Jenks to the bench. Podolski’s injury should see Santi move over to the left (no other real options unless we chuck Ryo or Gnabry out there). Gibbs will line up down the left, and the rest picks itself. It’d be nice to see a cameo from Flamini (when we are 3-0 up). A look to our bench shows us just how incredibly light on we are at the moment.

Previous Encounters:

Tottenham v Arsenal 2-1

Can’t remember. Didn’t happen. Must have been a friendly or something?!

Two defensive lapses in a blink of an eye saw us go down 2-0. The BFG gave us some hope of a comeback…but it was not meant to be this time. It’s terrible that we were caught out by a monkey and a bloke who shaves lines into his eyebrows and head (I’m sure somewhere in the rule book that constitutes a straight red?!). After that result Tottenham moved into third position with a 7 point advantage over Arsenal…hahahahaha oh how things can change.

Arsenal v Tottenham 5-2

2012 was a good year for derbies. This game saw the best and worst from our dear friend Adebayor. A goal at the 10’ mark, and a straight red for a studs up challenge on Santi at 20’. Cheers Ade!!!

Per kick started the revival again and we went on to smash the spuds into the ground.

Arsenal v Tottenham 5-2

Words don’t do this match any justice. Have a watch to relive the memories:


Form Guide:               Arsenal:  : WWWLW          Tottenham: WWWWD

A convincing win against Fulham was sandwiched by Champions League qualifier victories against Fenerbahce. Hopefully those three victories were enough to brush aside the disappointment of our opening fixture against Villa.

Tottenham won their Europa League game midweek and rested quite a few players while they were at it (so don’t expected a tired outfit this Sunday). Both Premier League victories came from penalties put away by their new signing Soldado.

Arsenal Archive (1)

This week I’ve dipped into the Arsenal Archive and pulled out this video clip. It’s a collection of great goals against our North London rivals (here’s hoping we had a few more this weekend).




One to Watch:

Jan Vertonghen was a real enforcer last time we played. He was a very nice bit of business for Tottenham, one I’m still shaking my head about (why didn’t we get him???). Giroud will definitely have his hands full with both he and Dawson forming a solid CB pairing.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Aaron Ramsey backs up his brace against Fenerbahce. He will have his hands full against Paulinho and Capoue but I think his work-rate will see him take control again. Rosicky and Wilshere will definitely help see our midfield wins out.

Key-Match up:

Theo Walcott vs Danny Rose

Going forward Danny Rose is good, defensively he is questionable. We will definitely be going through Theo a lot in this match in an attempt to expose Rose’s weaknesses. Theo always comes to play against Tottenham and I see this game being no different. Mrs Rose has said Danny has had a few restless nights (nightmares, sweating, tossing and turning) in the lead up to this. Beware Danny…Theo’s coming to get ya!!

A nightmare on Arsenal's wing

Pre-Match Finger:

kid finger

This week’s finger goes out to…our injury curse! Podolski is now injured and will be out for 8-10 weeks. We really can’t catch a break from it. It’s bad enough that our squad is paper thin at the minute but come off it! It’s as though we are picking up one after every game, or worse…at training (Arteta). I’m an optimistic person but it is getting very hard to believe in the stability of this squad. Vermaelen and Wilshere have been plagued in recent seasons which have cost us dearly (from a quality player and a development standpoint). The Ox is out for an extended period (who here has that horrible feeling that we will hear “Ox hasn’t recovered as well as hoped so we’re sending him in for surgery. Return unknown”? I know I do, we’ve heard it all too often!)  Diaby is well…Diaby. Rosicky, Wilshere, Gibbs, Theo, and Ryo are all ticking time bombs. Imagine the squad we’d have if we could keep these players together…oh well we’ve always got FIFA!

I’m going to send another finger out to the transfer window. It’s long, draining, painful, frustrating, and miserable (if it was a guy we’d all undoubtedly be locked up because of the unspeakable things we’d do to him). Once it closes I hope we are all sitting back thinking “yep the juice was worth the squeeze” as opposed to sharpening our pitchforks and marching down to Ashburton Grove.

Pre-Match pat on the back:

This week’s pat on the back is going to Aaron Ramsey. In his short career not only has he had to come back from a career-threatening injury, but he’s had to endure the ridicule and torment from a large division of Arsenal supporters. His work rate and engine are unbelievable. Combine that with his mental toughness and he’s definitely going to be one hell of a player, and I’m glad it’s going to be with us. From ‘deadwood – squad player’ to 3 goals and 1 assist in 4 games this season. I don’t care if those goals came against Fenerbahce; if it was Santi or Jack every Arsenal supporter would be dribbling and crowing about their greatness. Well done Aaron, may you continue to serve up some delicious humble pie to those who doubted you.

Ask the opposition - spurs (1)

‘Ask the opposition’ returns again this week. It is designed to get some friendly banter from our opposition fans and get their insight for the match ahead.  This week the answers were kindly provided by Adam (Some will remember Adam when he dropped in last week under the name ‘Bongo’. Check out his youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyU0e0F45uQLG25qOJSKARg ), and Spooky (a top class Tottenham supporter from http://www.dearmrlevy.com/ ).Let’s see what they’ve written for us this week:

1) You’ve probably heard this all Summer but…Bale. Is he staying or going?

ADAM: I think the whole world knows that Bale will be off to Real Madrid in the next few days.  What I’ve been impressed with though is the way our board have not allowed RM have it all their way.  It was an open tapping up which they seem to get away with year in year out but I think Levy has stood up to their bullying, selling when we are ready, and making them have to postpone their big announcement parades.

SPOOKY: Going. Gone. See ya. Ignoring all the media hyperbole and their creative spin and the variety of headline hunting agenda’s that dominated the football news all summer long, the crux of it all was simple. Bale was not for sell. The player was happy to remain at Spurs another season. However, if Real Madrid showed interest and they bid a bid worthy of acceptance then he would have no issue with leaving as long as Spurs and Madrid could agree to it. The reason it’s dragged is Spurs have stood firm with the asking price. Once that was agreed, I guess the payment plan was the next stumbling block. To be honest, I actually think even if Madrid didn’t bid Bale would have pushed for the move (or at least his agent).

You don’t know what might happen in football. As a player, he might not have the chance to join Madrid next season so he has to take the chance this season. The irony is, Madrid are probably only bidding because they failed to sign Neymar.

I wish him well. Honestly hope he destroys the league out there. Going to be interesting to see him play alongside Ronaldo and Ronaldo’s ego.

2) If he goes do you think you will manage with the new additions to your squad?

ADAM: Obviously a player like Bale will be missed a great deal as you will be only too aware having lost a few star players yourselves over the years, RVP & Fabregas to name a couple.  What it does though is open up an opportunity for someone else to step up and become a hero, and though we will be weaker in one position without him, we have strengthened in most other positions, so yes I believe we will not only manage with the new additions, but will be a more balanced side.  Hopefully one of the new players will take up his mantle.  It looks like Lamela has signed (fingers crossed) and I think he will be the player Spurs fans will be most excited about.

SPOOKY: Players come and go, the supporters remain ever present. We’ll survive. The harsh reality is we have a 36k stadium and Daniel Levy’s sell-on philosophy does work (even if it’s held us back in the past – Carrick, Berbatov, Modric). For the fee he’s going for, whether we’re spending the money or being funded by Joe Lewis – it’s a new chapter. It’s exciting. New heroes at the ready. Shame he didn’t give us one more season but it’s easy for me. If you don’t want to play for the shirt then play for someone else. Only concern (a minor one) is that we may take a few weeks to bed in all the new players. Still, it’s a wonderful ‘problem’ to have.

3) AVB how’s he travelling? Will he take you places?

ADAM: I like AVB a lot.  He comes across quite cool and seems to be able to handle the pressure, and to be fair he was being hounded by the red tops at the start of last season right up until we beat Man Utd away (when he made Sun reporter Paul Jiggins look a fool).

He has the potential to take us to cup finals and into the promised land of the top 4 definitely.

SPOOKY: I hope so. He’s the first coach we’ve had that actually has an ethos, a methodology to his preparation and a blueprint to the way he wants the team to play. Last season felt like the foundations we’re set. Got many of the basis sorted. Our away form was phenomenal. I remember the 90s, we couldn’t’ win away. When we won away it was like a cup final. Christ, we’re woeful. From Jol to Redknapp to AVB there has been sustained progression. But more so under AVB there has been a clearer indication of direction. Hoping for more expansive football this season at home.

4) What player/position is your weakest?

ADAM: I’d say left back is currently our weakest position.  AVB seems to have dropped Assou-Akotto who was competent though prone to make mistakes.  We are now relying on Danny Rose who is still young.  Though we have cover there in Kyle Naughton and Jan Vertongen it is not their main position, meaning unless we get in a left back before the window closes this is not our strongest position, shall we say.

SPOOKY: I worry about left-back. Benny appears to have been told not to turn up for training which might be a polite way of suggesting he’s having medicals for other clubs. Danny Rose is solid going forward but I’m unsure about his defensive qualities. He’s also a touch small – when compared to some of the beasts in the side. We need a new left-back. Right back will probably be covered by Kaboul although would also prefer to see competition for Walker.

5) Which Arsenal player would you like and why?

ADAM: I like Jack Wilshere as a player.  I was at White Hart Lane last year (I’ll not mention the score) when you visited and the way he kept possession, and his distribution, was quite awesome, especially at his age and build.  Even though we won I felt he was the best player on the pitch that day and would fit easily into our side, and most sides in Europe.  I think his love for Arsenal is very noble and I can see him becoming your loyal Steven Gerrard type player though, so I don’t expect us to sign him from you any time soon.   I hope he stays fit this year and plays well as he could be a key member of the England team in Brazil.

SPOOKY: Cazorla. Plays both flanks? Although actually, we might have enough cover there now. Had you asked me this question 10 years ago the answer would be so different. Oxlade-Chamberlain. Young, another Soton youth player. English. I like what I’ve seen so far but I worry (not so much for Arsenal) but when I look across at Theo Walcott I hope ‘the Ox’ has a better footballing brain because pace can only get you so far (although tbf, Walcott always…always plays a blinder against us – aided by our own capitulation of course).

6) Which player/position do you feel is our weakest?

ADAM: Most would say your defense is your weakest position but I think it is that strong defensive midfielder that you are missing.  You have flair and pace going forward, but sometimes the defenders need to be helped out further up the pitch, and I don’t believe you have ever really replaced big Patrick Vierra.

SPOOKY: Goalkeeper. You could do with a giant there. Mentally rather than physically. I think it’s very strange how Spurs appear to have signed players that Wenger would have lapped up once upon a time. Also, defensive midfield – you need a powerhouse in there. You’ve lacked that for some time.

7) If Arsene fails to strengthen significantly is it time to go?

ADAM: I would say so most certainly.  My understanding of how Arsenal work, and no doubt your readers will correct me if I am wrong, is that Wenger is in charge of all footballing aspects of the club.  So called Marquee signing is not essential but they raise the spirits of the fans, who are the life blood of the club.

On that point, I don’t think you are upset that you haven’t got in a big name; you just want to see an improvement in the ever depleting squad you have.  If he doesn’t strengthen and you get in the top 4 again and win a trophy it will be difficult for the board to let him go.  If he drops out the top 4, then I can’t imagine why your board would renew his contract.

A few of my Arsenal work colleagues think it may be best if you did have a nightmare season so they can get rid of him.  It feels to me as though they are saying “Thanks Wenger for all you’ve done, please retire now so we can still call you a legend, don’t let it go sour”.

SPOOKY: I can’t answer that. See from my own perspective this is how I see it. Wenger changed your club, he made Arsenal out of his own ideology and introduce football you lot we’re never accustomed too (even when you we’re winning titles under Graham). Okay, sure, he inherited a back four of immense quality, stole our judas captain but credit goes to the scouting and the technical football. Was a good time to hit the jackpot what with Sky Sports exploding. The top four back then dominated because they were several leagues ahead of the rest of us, granted only Utd (with Liverpool and one other occasionally) showing fight. But all football cycles have a conclusion, they all end.

I don’t know what Arsenal are up to with the alleged war chest. I thought you cleared all debt. It’s obvious the impact of City/Chelsea means the top top players are out of reach. Scouting isn’t as clever as it was. If Wenger is stubborn, then he’s going out fighting. He deserves respect but perhaps the best thing is for someone else to take the helm. Refresh the club. Seems you’re all too busy trying to hang on to the past.

Still, testament to his ability, he still inspires you lot to grab that 4th spot. Although I think Arsenal’s team is vastly under-rated by some. Perhaps that’s part of the trick. Makes Wenger look like he’s working miracles. If you do have £100M + in the bank for new players then I’d be upset. Especially with the ambition we’re showing, backing AVB.

8) What is your prediction for the match?

ADAM: Because it is still early in the season and you still have a full squad, and our squad is still settling I’d probably ought to say a draw 1-1, however I’m going to say Spurs to win 0-2, not based on anything other than I am a Spurs fan on an Arsenal site. Thanks for having me.

SPOOKY: 5-2. Ha! Christ, I hate the NLD sometimes. The footballing Gods are twisted. If we play and we lose then I’d rather we lose because we’ve been outplayed or beaten on the day without the dramatics of red cards or the usual capitulations. We’ve started well against you lot but twice it’s gone to shit. And Arsenal do love to turn up for this game at their ground. I think it’s going to be a score draw. I hope we nick it. Not sure the game will be a catalyst for either side like the past couple have been. Very early in the season, but no doubt the bragging rights are just as important as three points. You what, screw it. 5-2 Tottenham. It’s about time those footballing Gods repaid us for the past 18 years.


We haven’t lost our first two home games since the 1949-50 season and Tottenham have only beaten us once since the 1992-3 season…I’m confident that after the game on Sunday both records will remain. Yes we have injuries, yes it’s a new look Tottenham line-up, but we always turn up for this game! We shouldn’t underestimate team stability, that’s what we have at the moment. Our players know each other inside out, and that will be the difference in this one. Arsenal to win 2-1

Theo – Soldado – Giroud!!!

For this week’s psychic prediction I went back on to the free site in search of my pre-match friend, unfortunately Yakman is no longer. Fear not we have an English man by the name of ‘Eagle Star’. Here are his responses:

Oz: Will Arsenal beat Tottenham on Sunday?

Eagle Star: The devil in me says Arsenal will win.

Oz: The devil? You must be mistaken. We at Arsenal are good folk, Tottenham are the demons of North London. Score?

Eagle Star: Arsenal 2-1

Oz: The transfer window closes on Monday. We’ve had a torrid time of it so far. How many players will we sign between now and then?

Eagle Star: Logic says 1, but I think it’ll be 4 (another psychic ‘Nova Leone’ also predicted 4 – fingers crossed)

Oz: Thank you. See you next week

What is your prediction?

Will Dawson and Vertonghen stop Giroud in his tracks?

Which Tottenham player would you like in our team?

Written by: Oz Gunner

546 thoughts on “A game of transfer window repercussions? Arsenal vs Tottenham Pre-Match

  • Hi Guys 🙂

    Apologies for lack of posts and contact. We are in the middle of nowhere but have been able to send this post from the wifi in the kitchen of the B&B we are staying. I cannot abuse the hospitality much longer and my girls are giving me dirty looks, as in taxi driver know your job! 😀

    Oz, many thanks for a superb PM. I will read it properly when I get home but it looks brilliant and just the thing to get us going. Top stuff buddy! 😀

  • Always a pleasure to write for the site TA. Thanks for allowing me to post my dribble.

  • Remember this pearler!!!!

    It’s only fair we buy Fabregas now so we can reunite him with Rosicky and Flamini. What a midfield we had for the 2007/08 season. Only difference is we can chuck in Santi, Jack, Ramsey, and Arteta

  • Just so it confirmed on BBC. Good news. He is the sort of DM we need, providing he stays fit….

    Catch you guys later.

    BTW loved the Chelsea loss yesterday. Something normally only happens in fiction hahahaha 😛

  • It was great to see, especially in that fashion. Was good to see Luiz go over to Lukaku after the miss though. Really good leadership.

    Agreed. I was worried about Flamini’s condition but the 2 plus 1 leads me to believe he’s in good shape. Arsene also confirmed he’s really fit and has a great attitude.

    see ya TA

  • Regarding Vertonghen “I’m still shaking my head about (why didn’t we get him???”. Vertonghen is quoted as saying that he spoke with AW about his plans for him and AW told him he envisaged him being a defensive midfielder. It was at the moment he decided to sign for Spurs

  • OZ – I think you enjoyed writing that? 😀

    Great inspiring post to take into tomorrows’s game. However, I am still nervous, and in answering your first question, I think we might be grateful for the 2-2 draw 😥

    I said before the last game that we would overplay Ramsey, and he ended up with a groin injury. Now they can be pesky beggars to aggravate, and if he plays, he will be expected to play for Wales too? I think AW will err on the side of caution, and play Jack(with extra padding round his ankles) and Flamini in the pivot role. He must be pretty close to being match fit to have impressed Arsene to sign him… apart from the ‘freebie’ tag he has stamped on his forehead?

    My memory may not be that great, but I seem to recall one of the reasons he left, on slightly disagreeable terms, was because he wasn’t given enough credit playing alongside Fabregas? Indeed, I called him Fabregas’s ‘bag man’, which sort of reflected the picture at the time. He was basically the one that followed the horse clearing up any mess he left behind. Not a glamorous role, and I think he thought he could take over as the play maker, if given the chance? So if he is now mature enough to know what he can add to the team, rather than his own personal gratification, I think he will be a splendid addition with all his added experience. Just a shame about his agent?

    I also doubt Kos will be rushed back too. He may have been on the bench in midweek, but no way was he ready to play with that great pad above his eye? Reports of how bad that cut was at the time, leads me to think it will need all of the international break to be close to playing without risking further damage? On the bench again, may be with a ‘half-turban’ around his head, but only coming on if absolutely necessary?

    Rosicky is another to bear in mind with a National call up to follow, which could mean 3 games next week, coming after the 3 last week. So it is highly likely his participation will depend on how our sales talk goes in the next 24 hours(in the TW), so we have somebody fit for the game on the 14th of September?

    That is part of the balancing act that has to be thought out, as to where Santi plays. The other is the Monreal/ Gibbs combo/choice?

    If Spurs are with out Lennon, then new boy Lamela could be given the nod to provide width down the right. Walcott with dribbling skills is how I thought of him. Plus they have the pacey Walker down that side? So for me, as it was when I jumped the gun earlier, I would start with Monreal at LB, and have Gibbs in the Podolski role in attack, and use his speed to double up in defence. It took time for Nacho to get up to speed last time, so hopefully, if he starts he will get into the game quicker this time? Therefore, the other problem solves itself by having Santi in the ‘hole’, but with the freedom to go where there is space? Leaving Rosicky to come on for whoever needs the break, probably Jack on the hour mark?

    The players who did not play last night, in the Under 21’s, were Gnabry – possible replace Gibbs up front, if we are chasing the game, and he(Gibbs) can drop back and replace either Jack or Matty Flam – Sanogo, who could replace Giro, but more like Walcott, late on – Zelalem, probably only there to get the atmosphere of a NLD? – and Ryo, who could also be on the bench as a late switch for Walcott.
    Kos, Rosicky, Ramsey, and Fabianski would be the experienced benchers in my set up.

    However, I think you may be right, AW will go mostly with your team selection ..

  • Great job Oz! 🙂
    3-1 Arsenal, Giroud would be unstoppable, and if I had to pick one it’d be Lloris. Solid keeper. Although I also wouldn’t mind Holtby and Eriksen. Speaking of which, why do Tottenham never use Holtby?

  • Line up: Szcz, Sagna, Mert, Kos, Monreal, Flamini, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Giroud, Walcott. I just have a feeling about Wilshere in the nr.10 spot. 😉

  • Hi Oz

    Answers and 1 question. Here goes:

    A. Already called it for JB, heart says 3-1, head says 2-1. Either OG or Theo will score… Jgc-damus speaketh (for free, so no guarantees!)

    B. No, no one gets there way all game, and OG has looked more clinical so far this year. Theo too… And if Theo gets his way with Danny Rose, then …. OG will be available!

    C. Vertonghen…

    A question: that kid from Feyernoord pic is ancient, and everywhere. Wonder where he is now and what he thinks of it!? Would be an interesting story to read… Just musing.

    Finally, if Kos ain’t ready enuff, add back Jenks with Sagna in middle… Orr I could see Monreal-Gibbs on left side, and “Ram-sicky” again with Santi in the middle… Just some further musings while I wait in JBs sauces! 🙂

    Cheers — jg

  • and he’s back with a bang and so are the scintlatingly delicious match pre-views @ OZ

    loved reading that and i’m sure you loved writing it !

    thanks to both Bongo & Spooky for their comments and banter (5-2 to spuds, not even on Fifa – wake up and smell the coffee time tomorrow).

    in all honesty, even with Poldi out, i reckon that would have been our starting 11 (as has been the case in the past), so in essence this is our strongest possible starting 11 minus Arteta – yes, the bench looks like but let us not take away the surprise factor, yep, wait for it – “Gnabry”

    such matches are exactly what young players with x factor need to show their class and promise, so i wouldn’t mind a bit of Gnabry from the bench of even starting, should be good fun if he got a chance, say if we were 3-0, i would let him run riot and who knows ? 😀

    it will be a good game as usual as long as it’s 11 vs 12 – spuds won their match against swans due to a lot of questionable decisions by the ref, let’s hope we get a neutral at home for a change

    re-Bale then i think AVB wanted him in training for the sake of it to play mind games with us, saying yeah he’s in training and will be playing and available for arsenal – but as it stands, Bale being the Gooner that he is , showed spuds the middle finger and didn’t bother with petty mind games that a wee club often indulges itself in.

    anyhow , 9-0 to the mighty Arsenal.

    i got a sneaky feeling that Flam’s might start alongside Ramsey with Jack starting from the bench.

  • good to see you back today after your absence of yesterday @ JGC

    hope you’re enjoying your time in Europe thus far and the weather has been kind , if not then you can always join TA in Scotland, plenty of rain there, ha ha

    yep, agreed, it’s gonna be Theo time and Giroud time again (HH- come back mate)…

    and don’t you lot think for one second that i don’t know what you were gossiping about and talking about in the last article – Stares at Gerry, OZ and e.t.c you both miss him, admit it, ha

  • from the last article @ OZ

    yes, he has a 45 million (EUROS) about £38 million release clause – Draxler

    and i’m hearing he’s not in the schalke squad for the game today., we find out in a bit, won’t we ?

    just to keep things a tad interesting as it’s rather quiet in here today…

    this is from the Barca shop (actual shop and not the online one)….

    do you see what i see , or what i don’t see ?

  • i also see, how Taylor is very consistent at being totally incompetent….tough thing this consistency, has cost Everton a stone wall penalty, here are a few comments to show you what i mean on the beeb…

    Tom Moss: After the shocker at the Emirates, Anthony Taylor seems to be heading in the same way in Cardiff. Truly puzzling decisions.

    Ross Bligdon: Referee Anthony Taylor is a joke. Was a stone wall penalty and he missed Bellamy elbowing Baines.

  • Hey bk botty boys!! Great post Oz and I reckon your line up is what AW will go. I believe Little Mozart has retired from international football now so he will have time to recover after this one. Theo to score a brace and OG too hopefully. Good banter from the lads as well 😀

  • cheers Dylan, the Schlake match begins after an hour or so, isn’t it ? so we will find out

    we got Giroud for about 9.9 to 11 million after meeting his release clause and guess what ? we were told to pay 60 million for him much like Schlake ahahahahhahaahahh

  • Yes JB, the game is at 12:30. I have the channel that it’s on so I will check it out. 🙂 As for the £60 mil Giroud thing, I forgot about that, but you’re right! 😉 As long as we meet the £38 mil (or whatever the clause is exactly), they can’t so no, right?

  • so please let us know as soon as the team is announced , re- the german game

    no, what it means is that we can begin negotiations and talk to the players = Advanced talks

    but if, the player says no, it’s a dead end – what it essentially means is this , we need 2 parties to say yes when a release clause is activated :

    Arsenal : yes

    Draxler : yes

    Schalke – release clause figure met and hence they give permission to talk to us – sorted, even if they say NO and the player wants to join us (Mario Gotze scenerio), the club is powerless

    scenario 2 :

    Arsenal : Yes

    Draxler : No

    Schlake : Yes , thank you very much

    player sold.

  • That’s what I thought JB. But if Draxler and no then he doesn’t have to leave right? But if we meet the clause Schalke has no power?

  • By the way guys,remember how I told you how pissed Kermit was yesterday after his team chavski lost? Well karate kid Kermit got himself locked up for his troubles!! I went down to the cell to bail him out but then I saw he had company! Animal was in there!! 😀 Now as we all know, animal has the attention span of a flea on speed!! There’s no way animal can handle 5 minutes in a cell without his drumsticks, Yet low and behold there was animal reclining in the corner blowing smoke rings with the most satisfied look I’ve seen in awhile. “Where’s Kermit? ” I asked. Animal put out his ciggy and reached behind his back,pulled out Kermit, flipped him upside down so Kermit’s head was strategically placed near his crotch …. He then proceeded to use his legs as green drumsticks that made Jon bonham from led Zeppelin look like a sloth on Prozac!! 😀 …… Needless to say I did the right thing and went over to the nearest soda dispenser and after carefully selecting a soda with the highest E numbers and sugars, proceeded to lob it in to animal … Grabbed a chair and started clapping …. “Encore … Encore” I cried 😀

  • JB

    Was away hiking in Ardennes to find a small town with special beer. Good weather and success in hiking and beer followed by not missing last train from wop-wops back to city in time (smal miracle) for very long dinner of moules-frites and much wine with friends (for my birthday as happens)…

    So, more successful than the current TW, just to set it a wee target! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  • PS: I’m assuming it wasn’t Gerry’s birthday either? Just to allay suspicion… 😀

  • yes, if he says no and the club don’t want to sell him – no deal

    but if , he says yes and club say no then the club have no power much like gotze –

    but it seems to me that they will be an agreement and we have a good chance of landing him… i just want the starting 11 for the Schalke vs Lev match ASAP ahahahahahaha

    but hey , here is some food for thought, if we managed to get D, then will he be cup tied for CL ? i hope not.

    ahahahahahah @ Fozzie – course you did the right thing, having you and Glics on here is much like Having Ronaldo and Bale play together minus the hair gel 😉

  • sounds perfecto @ JGC

    many many happy returns of the day to you, a very happy birthday and maybe AW can make it one to remember by getting some business done today and as Gerry would put it – enable us to have some “guests” at the emirates watching the game tomorrow ?


    beautiful country – Belgium and one that will spring a few surprises next year at the world cup – deffo the dark horse for me.

  • JB, I don’t think qualifiers count towards cup tying a player. I hope not at least! 😉 I will get the Schalke squad up as soon as possible. 🙂

  • Thank you JB!! Plus miss p has taken a liking to your special sauces!! This draxler one will be a real coup if it happens!! 😀 oh yeah right about minus the gel!! It’s bad enough when miss p gets that honey out like you pointed out once! 😀

  • Wow nothing has come up for me yet! The Cardiff, Everton game is still on. 😉 Oh well, perhaps it will be his last game for Schalke? We will see. 🙂

  • JB

    Thanks for the kind wishes.

    all agreed…. In particular, I own national team jerseys for the US, and each EU country I work in (Belgium, Germany, Hungary). Team wise, just Arsenal (gift from my wife yesterday, cuz I’m a tight bastard 🙂 ) and Standard (gift four years ago for locals since I spend A LOT of time here)

    Belgium is quietly a great place, and now has the football talent to match… I would have them in final 8 with luck and further if all sails well… For the talent they have…

    Off to dinner now, my wife’s last day before returni g to relieve her parents of the rugrats!

    Cheers — jgc

  • @jgc my kiwi brethren, did u work some ancient Maori magic on lukaku’s homeland yesterday? If so, many thanks for the catalyst of events which I have enjoyed since chav Kermit lost the plot!! 😀

  • Macko,
    I played it , by the sound of it he was complimenting Arsenal, i am not good at french though lol

  • JB – Do you reckon there is anything in the ‘report’ of £30m + Podolski? I cannot see it myself. Backward step for Poldi, and we are trying to add to the squad,not just swap it around?

    I hate to add to the confusion over my twin, jgc, on the other side of the world(but currently touring in the Belgian hinterland), but it is my birthday tomorrow. ta dah!

    So, the D plays today, get’s an injury and we are stuffed once again? I hope your other 3 options are going better?

    How does £18m for Sakho sound. Not too OOT, so I think ‘Pool have done well there?

  • PG, years of animals drumming has left me deaf!! What are the fans saying in that vid?

  • Fozzie,
    Arsenal fc are the greatest team – “sit down if you hate tottenham!, sit down if you hate tottenham!, sit down if hate tottenham! Stand up if you hate tottenham!

  • This TW has caused huge amounts of fans loads of distress this summer , i was looking for a short film of someone banging there head of a wallor someone going mad but i came across that Fozzie so post that instead to try and keep it more possitive.

  • Oz, i say this with all sincerity, but your pre match reports are simply unrivalled. The format you have developed with the finger (hahaha) oppo fans chat, and the mystics prediction, is simply superb.

    I must also congratulate our two spurs guests for there logical and fair thoughts.

    On to the game. i will be there tommorow and cant wait. Watching us against them always gives me the biggest buzz and desperation to win.

    How things have changed. When i was in my teens i would come back from these games and my dear old mum would say, “Are you alright Terry?, has any one chinned you love?”

    Now i go to the game and the Mrs says “Hope someone chins yer, you orrible man”

    Yes my friends, the sweet cycle of life.

    I fully expect us to win tommorow. We have the most settled line up, and even more importantly a developed style of play.

    I also expect to be chinned.

  • Tel-boys hair transplant,
    Here here!
    OZ ,
    I agree with tel-boy, great post, really spot on not much i can add, sorry for moaning about TW’s it has really took its toll on me.
    P.S HAIR, The joys of becoming a man lol

  • Klopp in the video is amaze the level of Arsenal and was expecting to play against us 🙂

  • Tel-boys hair transplant,
    here here
    OZ ,
    I agree with tel-boy great post , spot on. Sorry for moaning about the TW, it has taken it toll on me this summer.

  • In other news, at least Jovetic has yet to see a minute of PL action..

    Let him rot. Maybe come January TW he’ll have a change of heart

  • All

    Fozzie: unless he was really counting on a certain beer, that I drank, then there’s no explaining it…. Has been far sunnier than normal here, perhaps he just wants to return to Belgium?

    Gerry: great! Congrats and all that… Truly.. But, you know we will never hear the end of it from a certain secret agent, right? If you also happen to be turning 49, we are more than truly cooked….

    Cheers — jgc

  • King Oz the 1st !.

    You are the King of PM……that’s Pre-Match not Premature Masturbation !. hahaha
    The worst thing about your PM ?……….It could be the only highlight of Sunday/Monday !.
    These are the games that send a little tingle down the back of the neck ……which in VCC`s case is…..his carers hard cock poking through the back of Vicky`s wheelchair !.

    Yes Gerry, it is true I am my own worst enemy !, but that is only if when I chase myself around the house in a game of self-kiss chase that I have a baseball bat in my hand instead of a boner !.
    As for the game…..6-0 to Arsenal with Gotze and Isco sharing the goals !.

    This bloody luminous background has not only made me squint eyed but also my face is turning yellow !. Never one to miss a trick my missus has got me a part-time job in the local Chinese take-away !.

  • Cheers PG and JGC. Stretch-just as well you got a strong chin! Man my fur is getting all tingly thinking about the game tomorrow. I think it’s going to be a cracker!! Out of all spuds new signings, I’m most interested in capoue. We were so heavily linked to that dude, I want to see if he has “presence”!! 😀

  • 😆 Glic, yeah and while we’re on the Chinese subject, chav Kermit has been released from his cell and fair to say Animal has done a right royal number on his frog legs … His legs make chopsticks look obese!! 😀

  • Fozzie,
    I hope Capoue and all these other new spuds rent boys realise Wenger thinks they are all turd and that is why he did not bid on them and let them join pimp AVB’s rent boy agency. Simply not good enough to wear the mighty red mens shirt. 🙂

  • I don’t know what you`re on Fozzie , but I like it !. 😀
    Jim Henson died 20 years ago !. You have removed his hand I take it !.
    VCC had a boner crush on Jim Henson and loved his Fraggle Rock series, but since Jim passed away VCC has ended up with a Fragile Cock !.

  • I can sense a possible loan deal or 2 being sorted out by Wenger as we speak.

  • Is it anything do with these 3 words that come to mind and in no particular order……..Probe, VCC, Uranus !. hahaha

  • Some billionaire is funding a one way ticket to Mars for 10 random people , anyone can apply. The idea is to start colonising the planet. Just thought it was something interesting .

  • PG

    If we don’t buy any SQ by 11pm on Monday, I can think of at least 3 people I would like to send to Mars, preferably by a rocket up their arse !.

  • I had 1 in mind , il put a straight jacket on Ivan and throw him in there i swear i will.

  • No, PG. I wont even watch on TV as the tension and stress will be overwhelming !. I will be in a media lock down for 2 hours and deep undercover behind my settee !. What a sad khunt I am ! hahaha

  • Fozzie B,

    that honey is the real money, if you get what i’m saying 😉

    JGC 🙂

    interesting you say last 8, i got them down as far as last 4, provided they avoid spain and germany until that – promises to be a cracker though !


    what i do know is that we’re in for the Double D’s,

    we have made them an offer , a very very good one at the beginning they in turn wanted something from us with a P – we go back and say – no chance and up the offer to such an extent that takes the decision out of their hand – all i’m saying is, rule out nothing but my understanding is that we won’t be losing any more players from the squad (minus B).

    however, there is no doubt about Schalke wanting Poldi – whether he wants them, remains to be seen as well, if he says, yeah i wanna move in the other direction then a deal could be done on the cheap, but i will repeat AW does not want to get rid of poldi hence the 2nd bid which has met the release clause figure.

    there is also a player with a K – now that’s a loan deal offer for 1 year, but he has a lot of other offers and is looking for what suits him best – but yep, he’s experienced and wants to play in the CL and get back to his best to stand a chance of getting selected to play in the world cup year at home.

    what i’m saying is that PG’s senses should not be taken lightly.


  • it’s interesting to note that most if not all of you , do not want Flam’s to start the match ?

    he knows better than anyone (except JW and Rosicky), what the NLD is all about – the fella is in top notch condition, been doing double sessions in training from the last 1 month

    he can be our surprise package and trump card, he can surprise a lot of people tomorrow if he starts, sure he’s not SQ as we all wanted but he will put in a SOLID shift and most of all, he is not a has been , he’s experienced and at the prime of his career at 29.

    i for one, would love to see him start and have either Ramsey (unlikely) on the bench or JW (likely).

    Flam’s will bring that much needed calm and cool to the midfield which we really in midfield tomorrow – let JW come on in the 2nd half to pick up his yellow is all what i am saying i guess.

    bookings can be a downer, especially if we get one early on in the game.

  • Deffo JB, i just hope Wenger has learnt his lesson and does not push to hard for buy options at the end of loan or squess to hard on the price, or wages just spend and get the job done. For the good of the club your cant win them all Arsene you have pulled of some blinding deals in the past got some great prices, now if you haft to pay over the odds then take it on the chin like the Dr Glic.

  • Glic,
    I am not no, i wish i was i am yet to go to the derby.
    I think we will play well, it is a huge match for so early in the season though.
    Right i really need to give my mind a break from this all til tomorrow. I am giong to watch T2 judgement day . Quite app really.
    I would take your suggestion Kaka on loan we dont need badly in that dept, but a SQ sign he is he may be able to help on the left wing as well.?? is he left footed.?

  • that is it, PG

    K – both feet, CAM ideally but can deliver the goods in a packed MF or a diamond as well as in the Iniesta role

    let me just say, the next 48 hours are not for the weak at heart and in 17HT’s case , he will need the voddie and the martini nearby, ha ha

    where is he today anyway ?

  • re- Liverpool (Gerry),

    yes, they have done well in the TW so far, if they manage to keep hold of Suarez then they have a great chance of finishing 4th – no doubt.

    player with a K,

    he’s another one i tend to think of as our own Rosicky, a career that had so much promise but plagued due to injuries, he easily could have been right up there or even better with the very very best, AC Milan sold him at the right time i guess – but i wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back to them as he is still loved there and wanted.

  • Frozen Gunner,

    there you go, bang on about Jovetic but truth be told, i think we really did dodge a bullet there, he can keep the city bench warm – he’s another Alberto Aquilani /Sahin in the making i reckon.

    spuds are still active in the TW – and so are Schalke, i’m hearing a certain Adebayor heading to Germany.

    also, i’m not sure about this but apparently Rooney is “injured” got it during training today – much like the Draxler news, we find out tomorrow if he, indeed is in the team or not.

    but him playing or not playing shouldn’t have a bearing on anything now in my opinion, we break away for internationals anyway.

  • JB, I hear Jovetic was injured at one point recently and is just regaining match fitness, that’s why he has only been on the bench so far. I don’t think he’s another Sahin.

  • Hey 007, I’m here but the air finally cleared up (for awhile–from the big fire near Yosemite) so we were out and about, enjoying the mountains the way we should…

    Thanks for the updates on the TW stuff…It all still sounds pretty dodgy, esp. if young Drax played today…

    Big match tomorrow, and Oz brought it with another of his superb previews. Like others have said: simply the best. I’ll give a shout out for Theo’s sweater…That would scare the crap out of any defender… 😀

    It’s all down to the result…Get it, get some bodies in and we’re back in business…Anything other than that I don’t even want to contemplate. I too think Flamini goes straight into the team. It’s against the DNA of both teams, but this is one that neither wants to lose…

    Fingers crossed, up the arse, etc…

  • Sorry Lady Boys, but I am far from excited about Flamini and the rumour of The Real Trannie……Lady Kaka !….no thanks !….still no movement in the groin area ! and Kalou !!!……if that’s true, then Wenger hasn`t got a Kalou ! ( obviously, if he does get Kalou, then he has got a Kalou ! ).

  • ——————————————Szczesny—————————————————-
    ——————————————- Flemini——————————————————–

    Jack gets in instead of 1 MF if he is completely fit, we cant risk players getting injured at the moment surly . Not long til kick off now, it would be nice if they announced a sign yet before.

  • Yes I agree Glic Kalou is a definite ball bag dropper! Flamini is classy Glic and he has s point to prove with us. Trust me he is fit as a fiddle and passed his fitness test in flying colours!! SQ will be coursing through our veins soon in the next 2 years and longer. Miss p will have to run a few gigs in between but all is possible!! 😀

  • @ All

    Thank you all for the kind words, really appreciate it.

    @ TMHT

    god knows how many times I’ve been cursed by those psychics. They have a free chat service and a live webcam, but any questions usually involve a ‘private’ chat costing $2.49 a minute. Then you get the self-important psychics who think they are too important for football questions. They’ll form a psychic alliance and sooner or later my nose is going to grow, the hair on my head will retreat to my back, and I’ll be cursed with women! I’ll walk down the street and the postie will shout “hey Terry how’s it going?” 🙂

    The spurs supporters were very helpful. I’ve dropped in on Spooky’s blog a few times and he seems a very reasonable bloke. I also saw GLIC make an appearance once after we finished above them. I believe it was ‘HAHAHAHAHA’ all the way across the page 🙂

    @ Gerry

    I sure did enjoy it. I must admit though it’s not as fun without Bale in the team. I did a picture a few weeks back in preparation. It had Bale looking like a monkey in a totts shirt at the end of ‘the evolution of man’ picture, and Ramsey in a suit at the other end. But that sod had to go leave didn’t he?! Divers don”t get punished as much in Spain so I can see why he left.

    In regards to Flamini, I thought he left because we try to ship him off to different teams before his last season started. I remember distinctly that he almost went to Birmingham but they weren’t willing to pay 3 million for him (something along those lines). Then Gilberto was given a longer holiday because he spent all pre-season with Brazil. So Flamini was given a chance to play at DM and he absolutely blitzed it. So much so that Diara and Gilberto didn’t get a look in. Unfortunately they all left and we got stuck with Denilson…YAY!!!!!!

    Rumours were circulating that Arsene wouldn’t give him the bumper salary he wanted (because it was only one massive season) so he left on a free. I think it had more to do with Arsene trying to shop him around and Flamini did a Nasri (play out of his skin for potential suitors) and buzzed off.

    I think Ramsey will play but won’t for Wales. The game is too big to rest him, especially the form he is in at the present.

    Out of Nacho/Gibbs I think Gibbs. Simply because Nacho started midweek and Gibbs was only given part of the game (should have been less but the Podolski injury)

    @ Dylan

    I’m surprised Totts haven’t used Holtby more either, perhaps taking longer to adjust maybe? ! From what I’ve seen of him at spurs he’s looked average. He looked far superior in Germany though.

    @ Jgc

    I’ve always wondered that too. The picture has been edited so many times as well. I’ve seen him with a yankees top on, Chelsea, Barca.
    I just think it’s great that a kid could be that passionate about his football haha.

    @ BJ

    I prefer the ‘santi – LW’ formation away from home as it allows us to dictate the midfield a bit more. I’d really like to see Gnabry but in a big game it may not be best. Then again Arsene has a history of pulling surprises out of his pocket in big games (Song to CB against Manure, Coq starting DM against Manure, Ramsey starting and scoring against Manure).

    Haha I think you’re clutching at straws with the Barca shop picture. Only shows a few players and as one of the comments pointed out…you can still buy it online!

    Is Fozzie B VCC in disguise? I’m normally very slow at picking these things!

    @ PG

    please moan away, I’m more than happy to moan with you, we need to beef up this squad pronto!!!

  • Oz, brilliant pre-match report on the NLD. 🙂

    I think Wenger will go with most (if not all) of the players in your line-up. This match is a must win in my opinion. Any poor result will lead to a massacre led by the media, pundits and followed by fans.

    I admire you for being able to stay upbeat and remain optimistic ahead of this game. Right now I am worried, clueless and angry at the people running our club. We have been promised quality (I would go as far as to say world class) signings and so far we have signed a French kid (who is injury-prone) from Ligue 2 and Flamini on a free. Fans (myself and you included) have waiting patiently for months hoping for top quality players to be signed and none have been signed. Spurs have said that Bale will not be sold to Real until after the NLD. So that leaves Wenger and co with around one day (if Bale is sold on Sunday night) or less than 24 hours (if Bale is sold on Monday morning) to bring in 3-4 quality players. It will be very hard for Wenger and co to sign 3-4 quality players in quick succession before the TW closes. I quite frankly do not care how hard it is. Wenger, Gazidas etc, are getting paid huge amounts of money (and even getting bonuses in the case of Gazidas) and it is their job to buy the players (in the right positions which are also good enough) to help Arsenal move forward. Kalou? No thank you! Kaka? No thank you! I want players who are top quality, not players who were once top quality!

    If we lose the match at the Emirates I can see trouble erupting e.g. fighting, stadium damage etc. A lot of reporters will be at the Emirates on Monday throughout the whole day waiting to see if any players are signed or if no further players are signed. The reporters will get their story either way but I can see protests or even riots happening down at the Emirates when the TW closes or at times later on during the season. If that happens it will all be down to the guys in the suits at Arsenal. They will have no one to blame but themselves. As much as I do not condone rioting, people damaging the stadium, protests or whatever you want to call it, sometime these things need to happen. Just like the London riots showed the entire country (and countries around the world) that everything was not all good and cosy for many people and highlighted the oppression many people were under and are still under, exposing the fact that the government (the guys who are in charge and make all the rules) and the governement only were to blame and are the primary cause of the oppression which many people find themselves under. Maybe such things need to happen down at the Emirates (things get sour) to force the management at Arsenal to change by showing the nation (maybe even the world) what is going on at Arsenal, how Arsenal fans are being taken for a ride and have been lied to; that Arsenal fans are sick of being taken for mugs and will no longer accept being lied to and taken for idiots. If all that happens I can see Wenger or probably Gazidas leaving.

    I will save any of my further thoughts until after our game with Spurs…

  • Didn’t people die in the London riots??? Or am I just thinking about the bombings??? I forget…Even if they didn’t, I don’t see how you can compare human oppression and suffering with being unhappy that a football club hasn’t bought enough players for your liking. Maybe I just don’t understand people who literally kill themselves (Nigeria?? Africa, anyways) or cry over the result of a football match, or spill all their angst over lack of transfer signings on the internet, hoping that someone of influence at the club will come across what they posted. It’s all too much and crazy, in my opinion.

    I’m not saying that you are doing this AFC, although I think you went a bit overboard with making the comparison to the London riots and human oppression 😀

    Don’t get me wrong, I have looked forward to this match for over a month now, and I’ve basically put my day on hold to watch it, but after it is over, I move on with my life. Then once match day hits again, I get all amped up again 😀 It’s not healthy to live for football, as I have found out to my cost 😀

  • Milo, people did die in the London riots (3 I think) and some people lost their homes which was very unfortunate but for me it took something like that to change or at least get people to understand what is going on. It had to happen in my opinion.

    It’s not the about Arsenal not buying players which I like. It’s about the guys at Arsenal (Stan and co) ruining Arsenal football club. We have been lied to this summer (so far) and we have been lied to for years. What has gone on in the last 8-10 years has been disgraceful and Arsenal has been held back. Fans who love Arsenal (like yourself and me) are being oppressed by the corporate guys. If things do not change something needs to be done. If that means fans not turning up to matches then so be it. Fans need to start taking a stand!

  • I would also add that their are many fans in which Arsenal is a big part of their life. They will invest a lot of their own money in Arsenal and go to every match. Some fans would turn up to a match if the tickets were £200. It is not right for fans to be conned. Fans putting their hard earned cash into a football club and getting no return.

  • Latest reports are saying that Mata has to hand in a transfer request if he wants to leave Chelsea. I just can’t see him coming to Arsenal for two reasons.

    1) Mourinho and Chelsea will never sell Mata to us even if he hands in a transfer request unless we offer stupid money.

    2) It is very unlikely Mata will hand in a transfer request as he will lose a lot of money. He will no longer get paid his loyalty bonuses etc.

  • Squeaky bum time is here. Not sure what way this one will go today. Depends on how many fit players we have.

    How on earth can an experienced Manager in the Premier league get caught out like this, with such a short supply of players to pick from? Then gets quoted in the papers saying “I don’t deny the transfer window is difficult for me”?

    Bring back David Dein or get someone in to help. You cannot do everything yourself.

    I hope Wenger doesn’t go out on a whimper after all the good work he has done since arriving, it would be such a shame.

    Stretch…….I think he needs your help, bless him.

  • Cheers AFC. I agree, questions will definitely need to be asked of the higher ups if we aren’t put into a position where we can challenge for trophies. We were promised so much yet we’ve seen so little.

    Surely everything has been sorted for the last day so all we need to do is pull the trigger?!

    There really is no excuse though because Totts have brought quality all throughout the window. They can’t even offer champions league football for christ sake

  • Morning guys 🙂

    It is the NLD and let ‘s sizzle the silly chicken on the ball today hahaha 😛

    I have a good feeling about this one, but it won’t be easy. We need to be disciplined at the back. If the Flame is available he should play and next to Ramsey with Jack in the hole and Santi on the left. COYG!!!

    JB – did you really say we dodged a bullet with Jovetic?! In a way I hope you are right, but give him a chance first hey? 😕

    Catch you guys later today – travelling home in a bit.

  • Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening, BK’rs and Gooners world wide 🙂

    Firstly, Oz, mate. QUALITY pre-match buddy. As many have already stated, you are way and beyond when it comes to pre-match posts. Your layout and solid research is CLASS and make it a joy to read. Its too bad that the non-important things in life (studies, the mrs, work 😉 ) will sometimes take up your time so as to not produce another gem each and every time we play. haha. Im gunner call you the ‘PirEs’ of pre-match posts, as in, im always eager that you line-up (write the post) and im always assured of some magic ( i love the finger, and i dont mind hearing from the oppo 😯 spooky 😯 (coz they make me laugh, and i pity them….try-hards!! But tankyoo cum again). Ok enough of the love-in…………and NO, Prince is NOT on the turps…………………….YET 😀

    Its a beautiful sunny day here in Sydney, but a huge grey cloud has been hovering over my shoulders in the last few days. I actually read the post yesterday and decided to sit back and read comments from other gooners on the blogosphere both here, and elsewhere. My anxiety is two fold from the usual norm of an Arsenal kick-off, and its not based on this game alone or the fact that its a fierce derby. Im more worried about the what will happen?, should we lose. In terms of the game, the team will pick itself, and injuries, cards and stamina/form/tactics will dictate the substitutions. As it stands im pretty sure that every gooner can pick 9 out of 11 of our starting line-up…….but again, what if we lose? Usually im upbeat before a game, and pumped up with a winning mindset, but i have a feeling that a loss could ignite some very ugly and embarrassing scenes. Calls for damage to the stadium, tearing down the house, attacking Wenger on the pitch- physically, and riots on the boardroom. Its been simmering for a while and this is something that i DO NOT want to see painted in our clubs history. NO WAY!

    I understand how it has come to this and i realise the damage it has done. For this reason, if we cant get together (purchase/promote/loan/whatever) a strong and capable squad to compete, on at least three of the four fronts, i would maybe WANT Wenger to walk, rather than cop abuse both deservingly and undeservingly. It will be a very sad day but i have slowly come around to the idea of letting the mob have it their way, even though its emotion and hurt that concludes their desicion of Wenger OUT! But i will say this, or ask you ‘What makes any of you Gooners think, that anything will be any different with a new manager?’ I personally think and believe that the board and Stans master puppet Ivan will have the next manager by the gonads! Things will be the same and the same bullshit PR spin will be spun by our very own bonus taking Ivan. My regret then, will be that the mob had it their way and got rid of the wrong ghoul. And Wenger would never have had a chance to reap the rewards of what he has built and sacraficed.

    The first time my heart sunk was when Vickers said “That Wenger was once considered a God in his house.” i was taken back, after reading of many of his previous experiences with Arsenal and the joyful memories he had experienced with his family and friends under Wenger. This is why i fell in love with Arsenal, hearing of those experiences and listening (albeit from the other side of the world) to the North Bank and terraces in full voice as we tore England apart and took on the world under this great man!

    Slowly but surely, one by one, people started turning, and still are. Staunch Arsene supporters had been conned into believing that this old man is out to ruin this great club and family of ours.The divide and vitriol amongst our own is such a pity, if only we could realise how much it hurts our team on the pitch. Its no good, its not healthy, and its just NOT gonna get us moving forward. Its noticeable on all the blogs, people are distancing themselves and just pointing fingers without ALL the facts.I could be wrong, and Arsene may be, i said MAY be, the chief fuckwit, even though through his mistkes i still doubt it,but for this reason i guess, i feel its the best, that we change management if he doesnt come through with the goods. ( 3points tonight and or players signed to COMPETE and not just develop)

    Reading over what ive wrote, i cant believe that ive just called curtains on a man i hugely admire respect and most importantly appreciate, BUT i LOVE MY CLUB MORE and hand on my heart, should things not go our way…………well you know 😦 😦 😦

    OK, thats my rant over (imagine Prince on the turps 😯 ) For the sake of peace, sanity and our greatest ever manager and the usual ecstasy that a win brings (even more so, against those maggots in filthy white) lets hope and pray that our boys do the job and we are successful in the market.


    Come on you Rip Roaring Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oz, once again, cheers. I give you one of those facebook likes/thumbs up 🙂

  • You see what i mean people….this divide?…. even Glic does not want to wish me a good morning??????

    oh well, off to have a shower….maybe it is I that stinks 🙄

    Oz, good win against those pies. Next yr we will be challenging. AFL is an altogether different set up, where a teams chance of winning a flag comes every 10-15 yrs guaranteed, unless your ST Kilda. I think we are due, all my teams are plagued with injuries though……

  • OZ,

    As per usual, Great bloody pre-match.
    Great work and lets hope for a win to cover all the underlying issues with this current TW.
    Only days to go before it closes.

    I will be back during game time to chat with you all.

  • Nice comment Pricey Baby !.

    It only confirms what I have been secretly ( apart from telling you lot ! hahaha ) thinking for a long time and I say secretly because I have been drawn in for a while by going along with a lot of gooners on the web (especially AA ) saying that Kroenke was the safety way of running Arsenal in a self sufficient way and that FFP was for Financial Fair Play !. But like you say, If Wenger leaves, this board will only imo replace with a lap dog !. Kroenke is quite happy to poodle along making a profit at the expense of us being competitive !. Arsenal being just like one of his American sports vechiles…a VW Golf….just runs along ticking over…reliable…middle of the road !.
    To push us along to the summit of competing with the perennial trophy contenders, we need someone with a bit more go in them and that has to be Usmanov !. So that’s my secret craving….a big fat rich Uzbek !.

    FFP = Fcuking False Promises ! ( unless 3 SQ by 11pm Monday BST )


  • Good Morning

    Some very strong emotional outbursts this morning and I do not judge any of you for it. On the contary, it just shows how much you care for the club and i admire your passion.

    However, in my opinion you have misjudged the situation.

    Firstly, there will be no major unrest at the stadium. The crowd at the Grove has large elements of middle class, tourist, women and children, the stewarding is very strict, and the these days the Old Bill can nick you for giving some one a dirty look.

    Secondly, this transfer window was never going to be easy. The club is going throgh a second phase of transition associated with the massive changes that have occured in the last decade

    Arsenal have invested time and money in nurturing young players and will not sacrifice this hard work by purchasing players that will hamper there development and progress.

    In addition, all of a sudden we have gone from a selling club to one that is looking to add players, primaraly in offensive positions, from clubs that are reluctant to sell and who are demanding loads of money.

    The current power brokers at Arsenal are Kronke and Wenger. Kronke, through his middle men, Gazidis and Law, run the Club financialy and are given remit to use all available funds to invest in the team. This is were Wenger comes in. Its his choice on which players are bought in, and just as importantly, which players are given wage increases and extended contracts.

    This window has been a disapointment becuase the club has so far failed to bring in the top quality attacking talent which the team requires.

    For this reason, paitence and trust has been pushed to the limit but i would advise caution. Never mind that the transfer window goes crazy on the last day, still giving time to purchase players but ask yourselves who would like most to see the back of Wenger and the Clubs abandoment of its current strategy?

    Those men are Messers Lewis and Levy. They have be driven mad by there failure to breach Arsenes playing style and philosophy. Despite a roll over of managers and players, they have failed to breach Arsenes Arsenal.

    Over reaction is misplaced, and in our case will damage the very thing we are looking to improve

    Keep the faith, your paitence and trust will be rewarded. In the next year or two, despite hugh challanges Arsenal will emerge as a very good side, capable of taking on and beating the rest.

  • Quite scary really !. You lay at the opening of a girl with a big pussy and yodel !. Or just shout and listen for the echo………is there any body there ?…………..is there any body there there there there……..whose that ?…..whose that that that that…… I know you`re there !……I know you`re there there there there……..right, I`m calling the police !…..Right, I`m calling the police police police police…….You taking the piss !………You taking the piss piss piss piss……Oh, its just an echo hahaha ………..Oh, no it isn’t hahaha hahaha hahaha

  • Any one who disagrees with me be warned. I have recently invested in a catapult and have become a very good shot.

    The other day i hit some stranger from a good 100 yards. I watched from a safe distance as the police and ambulance crew stretcherd him into the ambulance.

    As he was disapearing into the ambualance, i couldnt resist taking another shot and hit him again. The medics and Cops just thought he was screaming from his initial injuries.

    Lovely. hahahaha

  • Stretch . It`s not the ones behind us ala Levy/Lewis, I`m worried about…it`s the ones in front who keep pulling away from us !. Only the Cortina and the Chloroform will save us ! . hahaha

  • Hahaha Funny you should say that, my next door neighbour, the glory hunting Manc, keeps getting taking away in an Ambulance as well 1. He lives just a Stones throw away !. hahaha

  • 😆

    Thanks for your reply Glic. Its re-assuring as i guess i have always found myself thinking in the same way as yourself. I never gave a fuck about money or finances. I got drawn in by a few at AA, and at first i found it all quite interesting, but slowly realised that there were many grey areas/ and still are when it comes to Arsenal. So i put my faith in a few mates (merry Terry, and Redders) and their logical thinking and the way FFP will work and our turn to take advantage with our warchest, and Nothing!, its all bull shit. Sure, a few clubs get banned but teams like Malaga, Metalist Kharkiv and my dads team Hajduk Split (who once beat manure 🙂 ) got banned because they couldnt pay their players. So how can they afford to pay for top notch lawyers and contest charges by Fifa and Uefa.

    Teams like PSG, Monaco, Shitty, Chelski…. shit they could buy FIFA and if threatened will create a super Champions League which Arsene has always predicted could threaten to happen. Its all a joke. I have NO faith in FFP and with the form of some referees and Fifas dinasour approach when it comes to technology, football is become a shambles and any club that falls victim to believing in FFP will end up in shambles.

    So i guess, im falling out of love with football, but will remain a gooner till judgement day. That means that while i lose faith in football, i will always cherish the memories that we create and have created, both on the pitch and through the tribalism of being a gooner.

    This is also why i would rather put out our hand to Arsene and say ‘thank you very much, this might be a mistake, but for the sake of Arsenal, its time we change direction and get some new blood’. He has and is making mistakes, i get that, especially when he comes out with quotes that he makes the final call on transfers, but i still believe there is something sinister going on behind closed doors and Arsene has become mearly a puppet.

    I whole heartedly agree Glic, KROENKE OUT, DAVID DEIN IN, USMANOV IN, and then if Wenger fails (which he wouldnt, we would have the meanest Arsenal team ever seen) then i would say, ‘You have had your day in this modern football world Arsene’. But for now, i dont think he deserves the abuse he gets.

  • Morning Terry,

    Hand on your heart, do you believe that FFP will work and indeed bite the teams that push the boundaries?

    I personally thought that the Quatari(?) sponsorship of PSG’s development for 400mil was a joke, but it seems to have put them well within FFP restrictions. Monaco work under a different tax bracket making the club huge savings and an automatic top dog in Ligue 1 and guaranteed CL football. See what i mean? Too many loop holes and grey areas 🙄

  • Sorry Stretch for saying KROENK OUT ! . I know you make a fortune out of supplying Stan with the best Syrups money can buy, but it`s time you informed him of the Transplant Technology and stopped ripping him off with the Symbiotic Syrups !. That way he would spend more time spending at THOF, than spending all his time at your Bounds Green Syrup Factory spending money on SQ syrups !. It`s your fault !.


  • That ref who dogged us against the Villains, is he the same wanker that dogged Everton and Baines clear penalty?

    I wish there was something the fans and supporters of fooball could do to stop all this corruption, but i guess when your team is getting the rub of the green there is nothing to complain about 🙄 and sites like Untold Arsenal are up shit creek with no paddle. FA and Fifa are too powerfull.

  • I`m going to have to love you and leave you Princey. I have half naked work to do in the sunshine !….plus the neighbours are queuing up for a glimpse this BK Body !. Have the bestest of Days/nights !. 😀

  • Hi Princey

    FFP was always a compromise. It allows clubs who wish to “kick start” early losses in there cycle and to procure sponsership deals that are refelctive of what Man utd or Real Madrid would get at open market vaule

    However, after these inititial binges, it curtails activity, so for example clubs like Chelsea and Man City, depsite having the resources to go crazy, can not.

    An example of this is Bale. a couple of years ago bale would be on his way to a suger daddy club, now he is not.

    FFP is not a panecia to our problems, but id does level the paying field to a large degree and give us a sporting chance.

    On the issue of transfers again.

    For the first time in 10 years we go into the last mad day of the window with out fear of losing players and with money to buy.

    You guys should keep your cool and enjoy tommorows excitement. We can actully buy some top players, and i think by the time the window closes every one wil feel much happier and excited about who we get.

  • Cheers from my aussie chums.

    Great comments this morning princey. I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. I do enjoy the Terry/RA finances but it’s hard to where it’s having an effect. This TW more than ever makes Arsene look as though it’s all gone a bit past him. Most loyal supporters are getting tired of the same old boring rhetoric. Which is a real shame because he’s been massive for the club.

    This whole TW window has left me more or less speechless though. We’ve been patient, then we were promised things (yeah we can pay Rooney’s wages no worries etc etc) but nothing has happened. Other teams have signed players with ease yet we keep on with the same excuses. Bloody send RA or Terry out there to get the job done and sign the contracts. The bloke whose doing it is coming off like a fossil who knows nothing about the system.

    Happy days.

    @ Terry

    It doesn’t appear that the youth project has paid off though. Yes we’ve developed some but for the most part they’ve been shipped off and haven’t made the grade. Our under 21 team is as bare as the first team. Look at the 2009 youth cup winning team. I did a post on it a couple of seasons back saying how so many have dropped off (now even more have. I though Lansbury was going to make the grade).

    hahaha catapult brilliant!!!

  • Hi Oz

    your quite right about the current state of our youth system, but i was talking more about the development of the current Brit pack more than anything else.

    I hear what your saying about the regurgitation of the same boring old rhetoric, and ime talking about myself not Wenger. hahaha

    Its very difficult to defend Wenger and the Board these days. To be honest ime quite knackered from it. Remember, i live in North London so am surrounded by it socialy and even at work. Then i come on to the forums, i always knew i was a sadist, but now realise ime a masochist to. hahaha

    Though ive tried to take a step back, i will not however stop expressing a view i believe in just because it is boring and unfashionable.

    We will go hell for leather to get some players in before the window closes, allied with the internal improvement within the current squad and the exceptional spirit and playing style, i believe we will have a very good season.

    Finaly, and i know some people will not agree, for me, Arsene Wenger is still the clubs greatest asset.

  • Stretch……hand on heart……do you really think Mr.Wenger is going to make marquee signings this TW ?

  • Vics, i think tommorow the Club will give it a big effort to sign a couple of top players.

    Within the next 48 hours we could be smashing our transfer record twice.

  • Terry, We need the ghosts of the 30’s to stir!!! and visit Arsene tonight so he’s scared into buying

  • Afternoon testes ticklers!! Big, big day today! And I’m really excited! Lets crispy fry that hen in JB’s secret sauces!! 😆 vickers thanks for tempering things in here. I too believe in 2 years we will be incredibly strong. And I haven’t given up that Wenger might pull ratatouille out from his hat in the last minute!! COYRRGs!!

  • I just tried to eat a hamburger. Its not gonna happen. So so nervous, i keep dry-reaching at the thought of a loss. Is that normal??

  • Hang in there Princey baby!! I’ve taken the other direction and visited the kernel, pretending it was that hen coated in JB’s sauces!! I tore into it theo Walcott style with a hint of flamini piri piri on the side!! 😀

  • OG: What is your prediction?
    P: I played Fifa today against the hotSPues, the omen tells me 2-1 to the Arse.

    OG: Will Dawson and Vertonghen stop Giroud in his tracks?
    P: Yes, Giroud did not score in my customary fifa game against this weeks oppononents. Twas Feo who scored first, and Rosa for the winner.

    OG: Which Tottenham player would you like in our team?
    P: Based on our needs compared to quality it would be. Vertonghen and Lloris. Paulinho, is a decent gamble but Flamini could be the sure thing??

  • Gday muppet, chicken a bit spicy? 😉 I cant eat a thing.

    Glic, were you always this bad with the Arse? ….the whole sofa experience.

  • Gerry,

    Happy Birthday !

    Afternoon Everyone,

    007 exclusive time :

    Benzema taken off as a striker and guess who was slotted in there ? Ronaldo…

    sign of things to come perhaps ? Bale on the left and Ronaldo up front ?

    VCC ?

    nervous ? no, not really, am really excited, they wouldn’t know what hit them today (but we know what it will be, it be Theo Theo Theo along with the likes of Rambo Rambo Rambo )

    they don’t stand a chance really – we won’t lose, i’m confident !

  • 😆 Glic!! I only eat that when the chavs beat us!! And when we beat the chavs he gets flipped upside by animal with his head by his crotchand used as a green drunmkit whilst I have my wicked way with mrs p in the background!! 😀

  • Great update Mr B!!! I like it …. I like it a lot!!! Benzema sounds like benzine! Benzine and flamini = ba boommmm!!!! Gonzo styles 😆

  • yeah, one on the left wing or in a free role (Bale) and Ronaldo up front, very much likely @ AFC

    indeed, Fozzie B, Indeed – what’s your prediction for today then ?

    PS: HH – come back mate, i know you wanna, you know you want 2 😉

  • JB, on top of the Benzema thing: Iker stayed on the bench again and Ozil not used, but on the bench.

  • Strange topic of conversation prior to the NLD?

    I am with you Terry. Not a time for wishing it had all been different. It is what it is. And that will be true at 11pm tomorrow night.

    Prince – If you go inhabiting the AA sites then they will feed you enough half truths to the point where you believe their total sh*te they spew out.

    Until JB comes on and says all his info has been a hoax, and we never we after any of players currently being circulated, then I am prepared to wait unconditionally.

    It is true, because we relied on one major transfer, that probably would have had others knocking at our door, but we are now at the mercy of the selling clubs versus the size of our wallet. With hindsight, yes a few OTT bids early on, the way Man City did, may have altered the mood. However, that does not mean some quality additions will not be added during the 90 minutes the players out there are doing their bit for Arsenal?

    I still think we will be a much stronger squad come Tuesday morning, irrespective of the result today. Riots and damage to the stadium are the talk of the minority who think they have more support for such action that they really have? If that is the level of support the guys on the pitch will get, I feel sorry for them and the future of Arsenal as we know it.

    All this talk of the board making a profit is an illusion. The only guy who has made millions from selling his shares is that David Dein so many of you want to praise, if you read the recent article on him? At least Arsene operates through the board, Dein thought he was above all that and could go ahead and inform the board later. The idea that the Uzbeki billionaire would do the club any favours in the long term is laughable. These guys don’t make their millions by being sentimental over a club with history and tradition. At least with Kronke he is letting the board decide how best to run the club, and he hasn’t filled the board with all his ‘own’ people either? If you want a target, have a go at the Bracewell-Smiths on the board. Get younger guys on there that have football knowledge of the current era?

    Arsene Wenger is the guy out in front, there to be shot at, and he knows it. I cannot believe in some of the stuff being uttered. He will be doing all he can right up to closing time tomorrow to ensure we have reinforcements to strengthen our team. If it does not happen it will not be from the lack of effort.

    Now get your match heads on and support the players ….

  • Afraid so Prince !.
    When I lived in London, which was over 20 years ago !, even then I would only go to games I felt more comfortable of winning ! ( I have got quite a good record over the years through cherry picking, I can count on one hand how many games I have been to when we have lost and that’s from 100`s of games ! ). The stress and tension gets me bad !. Some times I wish I wasn’t so into Arsenal and had some other love which wasn`t so stressful !.
    Obviously, like you lot, I am a sad bastard !. hahaha

    Right out again to a secret garden nursery hidden in a Cornish valley !. Back later to either laugh or cry ( draw counts as a cry as well ! )

  • Thanks JB & Prince for the B’day greetings. My present will come around 6.0pm tonight I hope, along with a few well informed sauces?

  • JB, can you not see Real switching to a diamond 4-4-2.

    CDM- Illarramendi
    LM/LCM- Modric
    RM/RCM- Isco
    CAM- Ozil
    RS- Ronaldo
    LS- Bale

  • Thanks glic now get out of the sun and cheer the guys on, else I’ll bring my dogs down so you won’t have a sofa to hide behind. They are very good at I can assure you 😀

  • Happy birthday Gerry! 😀 The team will win, Bale will leave, and a major signing will be announced today, all for your birthday! 🙂

  • AFC, I don’t think it’s likely for them to switch to a diamond. They’re more likely to move Ronaldo to the middle or right and put Bale on the left OR put Bale in the middle.

  • AFC – Do you really think there is room for Bale to work in with that giant sized ego up front. Nah! stick’em both on the wings and Varane in the middle?

  • Gerry, i dont know which AA site your referring to but the site i was talking about is on the blog role of this very site at the top right hand of your screen. I have met many friends on that very site many of whom now blog and frequent this site, including Total. I find that site to be very balanced and informative and enjoy all their posts and most/some of the comments on there. If it wasnt any good i doubt that Total would put it on his blog roll. Different strokes for different blokes i guess.

  • Gerry, why would Stan be investing his time and money into Arsenal if he is not making huge amounts of money? Surely he must get getting long term financial stability from Arsenal? Why else would he be at Arsenal. He doesn’t care about football, I’ve never even seen the guy smile or talk.

    I think the problem lies with Gazidas and Kroenke.

  • G-morning fellas, big match today…Pulling my coffee (heh, heh…) I missed the Scouse goal. Thank allah the game’s got a goal in it…RvP has already bungled a few touches in the box…and now he takes a yellow in a diving comp with the Scouse defenders… What’s up with United’s midfield? Is old man Giggs and diving diver Ashley Young the way to go? Of course, Rooney cracked his head open trying to get out of there… Didn’t they spend big money on the likes of Anderson and Kagawa who cannot even make the bench? Carrick and Cleverly–limping off in favor of Valencia–I guess are better than the fancy foreign players…

    Who cares about those f**kers anyhow?… (We do, because that’s the level to which we aspire…)

    Good and passionate stuff from down under and from the locals–I didn’t realize that AFC was such a take-it-to-the-streets sort…Wenger and his skeleton squad are living on the knife’s edge and it all comes down today (and tomorrow). With all the talk about FFP and the media driven frenzy around transfers, I think Wenger is doing his part to change at least the timing of the window. To put it simply…Realistic sums for players who can actually live up to the pressure is what the TW should be about. The game cannot afford more Torres–Carroll last minute deals. It was fun for both of those clubs (at the time) but look at what’s happened to the players, not to mention the managers…We need players who can actually contribute not just a statement of intent to mollify those who play the fantasy games…

    The bottom line is that it’s TOO exciting to be a Gooner these days. The run-in last year was gut wrenching and it’s picked right up with the Villa+ref opening day idiocy. We all just want a breather…in the form of something to ease the frenzy. The trouble is that signings don’t equal results and our situation requires results. We need to do better in the league and the CL and the domestic cups. Whoever we sign has to actually help us so “intent” today (or tomorrow) will only satisfy for a moment if it doesn’t actually produce…

    But that’s a discussion for the Int’l break…Today we must win. I think Flam will start and Rosicky may be the one to suffer. I think he should play but Wilshere is our future and brings the goonerish passion that people want. Frankly, I’d play both of them over Running Ramsey, but I know that stance is (now) a minority opinion…Aaron and Theo, as in the preview photo, need to show their claws. In many ways it’s those two (in whom AW has shown the faith) against all these new guys Spurs have brought in. If they do enough to distract, the real player (Cazorla) and the finisher (Giroud) might be able to bulge the net…

    So, go on you Gunners–and you Gooners–here and in our part of North London. Tomorrow we can discuss the transfers and the future and everything else…For now, it’s about, well, you know…

  • Dylan, that’s my tip to you for when you are playing with Real Madrid on FIFA 14. 😉

    Gerry, you probably are right. Apparently Ronaldo is not happy with the arrival of Bale.

  • 17ht, I am not a take to the streets sort so you have nothing to worry about. 😀

    I was simply trying to raise a point and a question. The point being many fans have been bottling up their anger for many years, put their trust in Arsenal for it to be taken away time and time again so certain fans may feel the need to take a stand ‘get serious’ so to speak.

    My question was that if such things were to happen would this change the mentality of the board?

  • Watching (woeful) United, and you guys discussing Real Madrid, I’d say that Bond is onto something when he calls for the Grease back at OT…

    Young Spaniards (Isco, Illaramendi, etc.) plus Gareth Bale (and Suarez)…? I gotta ask my merengues what they think….

  • Happy birthday, Gerry! 🙂

    We will win 3:2 today (Giroud after Walcott’s low cross, Giroud after Cazorla’s through ball, Rosicky after Walcott’s low cross – Soldado after Szczesny’s mistake, Soldado from the penalty spot) and announce at least two signings before the deadline.

  • AFC, I’ve actually just started playing FIFA 13 online over the past few days. 😉 I usually play as either Borussia Dortmund, Germany, or Spain. Arsenal’s players are too underrated to play with online. 😉 Offline I always play as Arsenal though, and my management of Arsenal is legendary. 😉 But yes my record online is something like 50-4-7 including cups. And I’ve won 2 cups and 5 division titles or something like that. 😉 I’m looking forward to playing online from day one in FIFA 14. 😉

  • AFC, when I was there in Autumn 2006, I couldn’t get a ticket for matches like Everton or Watford or CSKA Moscow…Things have changed, but the tickets continue to sell. For 50 pounds I can get into the stadium for most any match. My hope is that I’d have to bump up a bit higher for today’s and rely on my local contacts…Ideally not having to compromise myself too much with folks like Terry… 😀

    People are angry but it’s a GAME and we need to keep it real. I’m quietly confident today…(and I’ll be likewise tomorrow, for the “big” day… 🙄 ) I support AW and the squad and (though I see all the issues) the club…

    Go on…

    P.S. Happy B-day, Gerry (how old?)

  • AFC, Italy don’t have enough goal scorers for me. 😉 I’ve scored with every single player from Dortmund, Germany, and Spain (excluding keepers). 😉

  • I see we may have a goalie on his way? Viviano .. well it is a start?

    Prince – Misunderstanding, I thought you were referring to the guys that have that triple ‘A’ monicker, frequently referred by Untold Arsenal. I know of, but do not frequent, the one you are talking about. In fact apart from Arseblog, Desi Gunner, 7 AM, I rarely go to others, except if the headline appeals. But I avoid places like Le Grove, and Ashburton(apart from my recent mishap), like the plague.

    It does not sound like you find solace even on places listed on here though? Take it all with a pinch of salt and it will never seem as bad as it is portrayed. That is my advice :L)

  • 17ht, agreed. I do not know if this is just media speculation but I have read several articles on how the ‘black scarf movement’ which was once in the minority is now the majority.

    1 fan has (I saw his video somewhere) has been calling for fans to buy ‘no pies, no pints, no programmes’ at the game today until quality players are signed. I do not know how the loss of money (if a lot of fans were to do this) influence the club. It probably won’t influence them at all.

  • Quick note: I expect Montero and that guy with a Q from Juve are false rumors, started by Spurs supporters to upset Arsenal fans fright before the derby. After all, no one would be happy with either of those two. I expect those two at least are to upset Arsenal fans before the game, maybe Viviano as well.

  • Dylan, your right there. Problem with Spain is that they have so many SQ players you don’t even get to use them all. 😀

    City are quite decent as well. Yaya and Kompany, Tevez and Sergio are all top players.

    Gerry, do you know anything about the GK we could be bringing in?

  • Dylan,

    yes yes, i hear ya loud and clear and i also say this , a WEE club can do all they want to prolong and delay the inevitable but will happen, all things are in place for the private jets and all that 😉


    i wouldn’t rule it out with Carlo, he is a top notch manager who will have a massive headache on how to best utilize top notch talent and the best players in the world.


    i am trying extremely hard to make your bday a one to remember with my insides , it’s all tight lipped and rightfully so – however, because it’s your birthday , here it comes

    remember i said a few days ago ” do we like German players ”

    yep – expect something very very very good – sooner rather than later

    all of you will be happy chappy’s.

  • Thanks HT – Age? Let me put it in Astrological terms, Pluto would have changed signs in the difference between myself and jgc 😆

  • JB, any new news? Players could definitely be announced today, right?
    AFC, I just can’t play as Tevez or Aguero in FIFA. 😉 I actually don’t like a lot of Spain players so the team I start usually plays the whole game:
    GK: Casillas
    RB: Azpilecetua (or whatever, the Chelsea RB)
    CB: Piqué
    CB: Ramos
    LB: Alba
    RCM: Xavi
    CAM: Silva
    LCM: Fabregas
    RW: Navas
    ST: Villa
    LW: Santi

    I don’t like playing as Mata, but he sometimes comes on for Silva if he’s dying. If I’m up I like to put on Busquets and Iniesta for Xavi and Fabregas to shore up my defense when everyone is tired. Occasionally Soldado for Villa. I despise playing as Pedro, Torres, and lots of Spain players. So usually it’s that starting line up with Busquets, Iniesta, and Soldado coming on very late. 😉

  • Sh*t, I keep losing my posts…gotta copy ’em before hitting the button…

    Pool still leading after an hour…Nani on for Ashley Young…

    AFC, when I agree with you (not always, eh 😉 ) I like to say so…

    On this I agree: “It probably won’t influence them at all.”

    We’re fortunate to have a manager who sees the bigger picture. Signings for signings sake are stupid. Why isn’t Andy Carroll leading the line for Pool today? Where is Stuart Downing? Where is the guy who signed them?

    Big match today–with real players, in real life, no?

  • Does anyone think Boateng who went from Milan to Shalke would have been a good option for us? He mostly plays AM and can play out wide but I would put him in the box the box role to add some steel and presence.

  • I should note that Spain is my main team, I play as Dortmund maybe 1/10 and I’ve played as Germany like 3 times. 😉

  • AFC, Boateng is Draxler’s replacement. I expect we’re getting him. He even said he’d be willing to leave. I’d say Draxler is better than Boateng right now at age 19, with potential to be a generational player. I think he’s a young German Cazorla, but with height and some aerial ability. After all, he’s a CAM/LW, two footed, fairly quick, can score goals, etc. Imagine buying Santi 10 years ago. That’s what we’d be getting plus Draxler learning from Santi. 🙂

  • Bond, you are crazy….

    Young Drax or “Avatar Eyes”…?

    Unfortunately, I’ve stopped letting myself let you get me all hot and bothered, James…

    Here comes the little pea…

  • JB – 😀 If you are working that first half of the alphabet, can I point your sauce to the other half? The icing on the cake a it were?

  • Im watching this manure team and they are crap!!! They might pull a draw here or there against the top clubs and good enough to win a few at home, but far from title contenders. Im saying this, whilst Rooney is not playing. There is no service to Van Judas. Moyes isnt keen on Kagawa or Anderson, Carrick is solid but average, the rest are ageing and i would have to side with the idea that if they lose Rooney and make no signings, they wont make the top 4. Bold statement, but if they lose out on the Everton duo, lose Rooney, and make no additions in midfield, they are gone.

    On the other hand, i believe we should be throwing a lot of money at Shrek to come this way in a world cup year. Even the media bias against us would change. Yep, this late in the window, he would be my marquee and a taste of their own medicine to manure.

    Notice how the refs arent favouring manure as much any more. The S.A.Fergiescum X Factor is gooooooooooooooooooone!!!!

  • 17ht, copy and paste your comments onto a word document. That will act as a sort of temporary storage. 🙂

    You are right. The last thing I want is for Wenger to be pressured into making signings (who might not be good enough) for huge amounts of money. The problem is Wenger is running out of time to even be pressured into making such signings.

    Dylan, when I play with Spain or Barca something just doesn’t feel right. I just cannot seem to get them all to gel and play in my style of play. A bit weird considering in real life they have the best team chemistry. 😀

  • I am noting the plural in your last comment, JB … that would be the cream in my coffee 😆

  • Suarez watching from the stands…

    Did Moyes hairdryer fail? “I’ve never won here but you guys have!!! Get in there then, esp. you guys who I haven’t been playing!!!”….

    United in Crisis?…(Pool to win the triple? No pesky European football…) Where are the signings!!!!


  • Right off to find a sports bar in sunny albufeira!! 3-1 to the red rippers today!! Come on boyzzzzzz!! 😀

  • Dylan, Draxler sounds really good. Not sure if he is worth £40 million though.

    Prince, I just cannot see United selling any player to us let alone Rooney. They will probably let him get older until his stock drops and a lot of the top teams do not want him and then sell him onto a rich team abroad like Monoco.

  • Comments are working for me now…I guess I needed to log onto wordpress…

    JB, how come Suarez is at Anfield, not in Madrid or London?…Is that one dead? Pool don’t need him AND they’ve spent the money?…

    If AW is suddenly telling the truth (about the Suarez deal) my world is upside down…. 😯 😀

  • Looks like I’ve scored the bagel (zero) in the UMF this week…That has to be a good sign for the real footy, doesn’t it?… 😀

    RvP, from a tight angle and with the chocolate foot can’t find (even) the side netting… 😦 😆

  • AFC, do you play on Xbox or PS3? Also, Draxler is probably worth about £20 mil now, but could be worth an invaluable amount in the future. Potential to be a generational player, like I said. And we have the money, so use it. 😉
    JB, Germans? Not narrowing it down very much. It could be Draxler, Ozil, or even…Reus (come back HH 😉 hehe).

  • AFC,
    They will never sell to Chelski, Moyes needed to make a stand in his first yr. Thats why Moaninho signed the old Eto as a stop gap till he develops Lukaku into Drogba 2.0 Rooney isnt happy at manure under Moyes. There is history there, and they may not see us as contenders and may sell to us at the 11th. Jack, Theo Ox and Gibbs are all mates with him and will be playing together in Brasil. Its a long shot, but he is super quality when he is focused. Very hard to defend against a tank who can shoot from everywhere. My gut feeling says, that seeing as it has gone quiet on that front, well in typical Arsenal fashion we will get our star under the radar. Rooney will be focused. He is the current darling and main hope of the British squad both in England and the eyes of the world. Without him, RvP wont get anywhere near his stats from last season, but Rooney can exceed RvPs numbers from last year with Theos service. Wishful thinking? maybe…..but very very possible.
    #watch this space

  • It must be late there in Oz, PPP, because you, my friend, are dreaming… 😀 United selling Rooney would, after this match at Anfield, be the end of the world up there…

    Moyes just has to get RvP and Rooney “happy” together… Knee pads for the former Everton manager, I’d suggest… 😆

  • Dylan, I play on PS3 but I do not know how much longer I will be able to use. My pad is dodgy and partly broken.

    Prince, you could be right. Let’s wait until the TW window closes. TW closes quite soon anyway. 😉

  • Wouldn’t you guys think, given the early season results, that we’re more likely to get Suarez than Rooney?…

    I would think that neither (ever) had a chance of joining Arsenal and that neither will move (anywhere). Still, Arsenal did some bidding (and some talking) so that’s something, isn’t it…

    Big game at the Grove. Kos in, Jack too…Flams on the bench, might play if we can get a lead, I guess…

  • 17,
    Actually throw a wig on her and a few plums down the chest, and Moyes would go from looking like gollum to the perfect flavour of the month for Shrek, he always was a granny shagger. 😆 I still believe that the no/relationship between Moyes and Shrek is beyond repair since the court cases. I also sense a bit of jealousy rather than healthy competition between he and Judas.

    Its half past midnight here. Not yet, the witching hour 🙂

  • 17ht, I do not know what is going on down at United. Moyes is trying to buy Baines a LB when he already has Evra. Evra is more experienced both at club and international level, has the experience at winning things and has a very good understanding with his teammates considering he has been at United for years.

    He wants to buy a creative midfielder but he already has Kagawa. He should be looking to bring in a L.Bender, Gundogan type player rather than Fellaini to partner Carrick.

  • the ARSE:- Szczesny, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud.

    Subs: Fabianski, Sagna, Monreal, Flamini, Zelalem, Gnabry, Sanogo.

    Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Rose, Capoue, Paulinho, Townsend, Dembele, Chadli, Soldado.

    Subs: Friedel, Naughton, Holtby, Lamela, Sandro, Sigurdsson, Defoe.

  • I’m freaking out here guys….As per usual I’ve got my Sagna kit on, and because this is a BIG one, I’ve got the blonde extensions in as well….

    WTF is Sagna doing on the bench?!?

  • Prince, thanks for the teams. 🙂

    Very weird not to see Sagna start at all. I was execting to see him at RB or even CB considering how well he’s been playing. He must need a rest.

    Walcott should expose Rose down the right. Rose has pace but is very inexperienced.

  • This is Wenger putting the needle into the Tiny Totts arm. Showing that a young speedy right back from Charlton (?) bought for half a mil will be our key weapon in destroying the newly built and very expensive lemons. Their weak point is at LB with Rose defensive skills. Wengers key weapon is the underestimated Corporal Jenks as his crossing and speed is better than Sagnas. The rest of the teams cancel each other out but for Girouds fine header……yes, very late here 17Ht

  • VCC,
    I’m a 7 at the moment the nerves are turning in to energy fuelling addrinerlin . COYG. I hope we get the first goal . What better way to shut up the cock on the ball fans . In our team and Arsene i trust! COYG again
    Keep your stone ammo handy ha ha ha ha
    Nice to see young Zelalem and Gnabry and Sanogo on the bench i think 1 or 2 of them could be our secret weapon this season , along with Terry’s catapult 🙂
    The bench look reasonable with a few game changers with the lads above and Flemini, Sagna and Monreal.

  • Hey Alex, whaddayasay?…

    Townsend is a huge diver (Bale-esque, I’d say) so the ref needs to have a good match. I’ve never seen Chadli play and I only barely know the Brazilian (little Paul) and Steve the Poo boy…

    That’s a lot of turnover up the road…And Lamela on the bench indicates that maybe they hope to spot us a goal or two…

    Big match…

  • 17ht,

    How are you?
    As for me, up for it, despite the nerves/ But always ready for a fight against the scum

  • Are we playing the entire Brit-pack (minus the Ox, of course)…Only Captain Dawson and the fullbacks for Totts?

    And we have kick-off (a bit library-ish relative to the Anfield match)…

    Kos tackle on the diver goes unpunished…

  • Theo is scared to go in for that final lunge that will get the foul. I know its critical but many will agree. Those 50/50s is what wins you penalties ala Suarez

  • Prince,

    Theo never goes for the final lunge. He needs to find the killer instinct you need to play up front

  • 100% agreed Alex. Its what wins you games when you cant break the deadlock. Had he gone for that lunge, Lloris would be off, 3 weeks suspension, one substitution down, and a look at a Santi free kick 🙄

  • If ever we needed a good run with no injuries, it would be at the start of this season.
    How bad has it been????
    and all the rest


  • Horse placenta gives you the grey hair…. 😆

    Jack’s fine, like Rooney’s “head” injury, it just screws Hodgson/English team…


    1-nil to the Arsenal…

  • We need more depth. We cop it every year, yet we do not learn

    COYG – Finish off these spuds

  • 1 Nil to the Arsenal , 1 nil to the Arsenal, 1 nil to the Arsenal, 1 TO THE ARSENAL! Giroud top scorer in the premier league at the moment early days of course.1 more to be there on his own.
    The defence has been very good in the first half, very solid . Well done lads , Shame about Jack but he was very quite in the game so i am glad he came off . We should be better in midfield 2nd.

  • I would have bit your arm of before the game, for a 1-0 lead. All we ‘gunner’ do is win or draw the next 45min.

    Im off for a Brand-EEE in toast to my new mate, hes frEnch hes frEEE hes MattEEE FlaminEEE.


  • Where’s Dr. Frankenstein?… I want to build a player with Theo’s speed, Rambo’s energy and Santi’s skills….

    Where’s Bond to tell me that his name is Draxler… 😆

    “Arsenal haven’t spent a cent, but they have the lead,” says blonde girl hosting the American broadcast…

  • Admir permalink
    September 1, 2013 14:27

    Happy birthday, Gerry! 🙂

    We will win 3:2 today (Giroud after Walcott’s low cross, Giroud after Cazorla’s through ball, Rosicky after Walcott’s low cross – Soldado after Szczesny’s mistake, Soldado from the penalty spot) and announce at least two signings before the deadline.

    So far, I got the way Giroud will score right… 🙂

    Townsend is making problems to Gibbs with his Robben-like runs and cut-ins and Rosicky has a yellow card already. Hopefully Flamini will add steel and balance. We should use those huge pockets between their central defenders and full-backs to nail Spuds down.


  • Nice Admir…

    Spurs have some big guys trying to play…As long as we stay disciplined and don’t let Townsend dive we’ll be OK…

    Sure would be nice if we could take the chances that are coming at the other end…

  • Isnt it a bit ironic that our f**king mascot is a dinasour. Bit symbolic of the board.

    anyway, i heard that gunnersauras got the job cos he knows a mate of a mate of a mate of a business associate of Peter Hill Woods.. 😆

  • Alex,
    You are right it has been harsh on the injury front. On the plus side though we start getting a few of them back in a week or 2. TV5 then Arteta 2 very good and important players on the positive side.

  • PG,
    We need to get a couple of them back as we are definitely struggling at the moment.
    It’s as if we have the most injury prone players or just some bad f@#king luck

  • Chadli also caused Jenks some trouble… Lets see if Flamini is worth err… never mind, hope he stabilizes our defense

  • Mat the Flame is costing us on the salary side…

    Personally I like it that we pay our players rather than other clubs, but that’s just me… 😀

    Did Giroud’s goal take a deflection off the defender?…

    2nd period on…

  • 17ht, even when we were paying the likes of Arshavin, Squillaci and are still paying the likes of Bendtner. 😀 😉

  • Yeah, panic buys and too much for some young guys, AFC…

    Still, only poor (broke) people get upset about “not spending enough”… 😆 😉

    We’re defending well…but I wish we could close the match with possession (and goals…)

  • Hunky Chadli well over…

    AFC, we’ve got a match on…

    Can’t see Bendy wearing the red and white, but you never know…His skills are at least on par with Giroud’s…if not his work ethic, hair and tattoos…

  • We can’t seem to hold on to the ball for more than 20 seconds, and we don’t seem to pressure them much… I don’t like that

  • I though Flamini got the ball. He’s gonna need to be careful now.

    We really need to get a second goal…

  • I would look to bring on Monreal around the 70 minute mark. He will help offer some service to Giroud with Gibbs.

  • Alcide, a bit more pace down the left might help. Nacho would also add more width.

    Maybe do the same down the other side? Have Sagna come on?

  • Prince, Monreal on for Rosicky. Then in the last 10 minutes bring on Sagna for Walcott. Clip the Spuds wingers.



    Tears, Tears i tell you boys, what a beautiful memory.

    Who are ya! WHO ARE YA????

    Forever in our Shadow MOFO’s

  • Well you have to recognize they have a good team, and once they gel, they’ll be competing for 5th for sure 😉



  • Also, well said, Alcide… 😀

    Saldado whiffing was tasty…Lamela looks a player…Chadli needs a better final ball but also a specimen…Capoue going down doesn’t help them, however…

    Lloris was huge today, but we were huger….


    I Have to go and get my 3 hours sleep before going to work.

    Not sure if i will be able to with the adrenaline.

    1-0 to the Arsenal
    1-0 to the Arsenal
    1-0 to the Arsenal
    1-0 to the Arsenal


  • aahhh the torture window. Cant we just forget about that for 25min. From ear to ear, i have a grin like the sydney harbour bridge upside down 😀 😀

  • I would just like to say “our defence was awesome today”
    Dylan,spot on you Tottenham mugs might have spent £110,000,000 but you cant buy class

  • Prince…I was just teasing about the TW…

    Still, sitting on all that “dry powder” is nerve wracking…

    Chuffed with my boys right now…Defense is a thing to be able to do…


  • The good – 1-Nil to the Arsenal against spurs feels great; we looked dangerous on the last third, created a few good chances and could have scored a couple more if it were not for Lloris; Flamini still runs around like no one (except Rambo) and has grit; OG scored again.

    The bad – I don’t like that our midfield struggled keeping the ball running; that we gave up possession as much as we did, they managed to find many passes right in the hole in front of our defense, too easily; they were dangerous on both wings, too, especially in the first half; Jack has a knock?

    We’re back in top 4! (Tied with Stoke hahahaha)

  • All-in-all, wonderful victory. 🙂 We deserved this victory. It was a victory with wonderful body and ugly face – you’ll still take it if it’s offered. 😀

    Very important victory before this international break.

    It was nice to see Flamini back. After all, he is one of the 49’ers. And, a bow for Giroud – not just for well-taken goal but also for his defensive approach.

  • Alexinho, im sure you will have no probs climbing up and down that step ladder all day long….and thats without RedBull….Good night mate.

    Tell you what BKrs, it would have been a very long two weeks with the interlull had we drawn or lost after such a mature display (minus a few chances we couldnt finish)..

    We definitely need re-inforcements and at least one qualiteee attacker imo, but if you sit back, for just a sec, this team is pretty awesome. Im really impressed and its scary to think how good we could be with a few additions that can adapt to our style. I also loved how we reverted to six at the back to shut up shop. We cleared everything in the air and hungrier for the ball.. Im stoked

  • Well that is half my b’day present, I hope what Wenger was reading is the other half 😆

    Thanks Admir, i think I aged another year in those last 10 minutes 🙄

  • Well said Alcide…

    We’re running well esp. Theo and Ramsey…but damn that’s a lot of chances to put the match away… A little extra quality up front would be a tonic…

    Team defense/commitment cannot be faulted….

  • Aye 17ht, it was Walker indeed (on Soldado’s pass?) anyway that looked like an awful last minute equalizer for a second (where was my faith?). To be honest a draw would not have been undeserved, makes it even better 🙂

  • Happy birthday Gerry, Again…. Look for more Gooners with b-days nine months on from tonight…

    Can’t keep my wife off me at the moment, but I fear she’s thinking about Chadli… 😆

  • Thank you and congratulations to Arsene Wenger, AFC players and the behind the team always Gooner Family for the win against Sp*rs in today’s NLD at the Emirates…

    Form is temporary,… class is permanent! :p 😀

  • I just got up to have a cig and saw my reflection in a mirror… I have more grey hair than Judas :shock:…………………………. nah, thats bullshit, i have less hair than Merry Terry 😆

  • Hair troubles, eh Princy? Welcome to my world…

    You gotta accept it…Another reason I don’t want Rooney at our club…

    Again, Bouldy with the guy-liner is an inspiration… 😆

  • What a great victory and especially what communion at the end of the game it says a lot about the strength of the team 🙂
    Beautiful Flamini retracted 🙂
    Go Gunners
    ps: my heart and ride to 180 pulsations 🙂

  • 17ht, thats just it. I accepted it 5 yrs ago. Only two years back my mates were saying “geez buddy, your going bald” and id reply “REALLY, you think i havnt noticed for the last three years”. haha Even today, its fascinating for some of them.

  • No, no…All good times and she certainly doesn’t think about Bale…In fact, just suggesting it has killed the moment… 😳

    Onto the transfer window then…Draxler’s got the boing factor? Come out, good Doctor….

  • Well done Macko. Did you enjoy the game? Who was your man of the match?

    In fact ill ask the same from all of you….. MotM??

  • Draxler may have the boing factor, in fact Oz spotted him a year and a half ago, but under the circumstances id like that we attend to another ‘MATA” 🙂

  • Sign of virility, the hair loss, no? That’s what I tell myself…My boy (11) is pretty relentless about it…

    We were hurting with no real offensive threat down the left…So much spirit on display today. The Spurs midfield is soooo Athletic but they tired quickly…They need a playmaker. Defoe and Saldado can finish against lazier defenses…And, as my wife keeps saying…Chadli and Lamela looked good… 😆

    The result was EVERYTHING…And we got it…

    Big day tomorrow…

  • Viviano at the Emirates having his medical according to Sky Italia journalist Gianluca Di Marzio.

    Great game from the boys today, we proved that at our best (1st half), we can beat nearly everyone. Just worried if we suffer anymore injuries at this point. Regardless of the outcome of today’s match, I hope AW was always hoping to strengthen in the TW.

    I thought everyone played well today. A job well done attacking, countering and defending as a team. More good times to hopefully come!

  • I wish i was in London right now. What i would do to be walking down to any tube station in full voice with other hardcores wearing the badge…… #goosebumps

  • I’m tempted to say Lloris, although picking the goal from the losing side is kind of lame… Otherwise I’d say Ramsey for the volume of play, even OG for the important goal (and overall workrate)… maybe it’s me but no one really stood out that much today? Good collective gritty performance kind of thing…

  • Upside down Sydney harbour bridge smile !……..I`ve an Eiffel Tower boner !.


  • Did you see AVB running down the line in injury time to coach Walker on throw in, i thought he was going to go in the 6 yard box to try and header it as well. What a tit he is.!
    Happy birthday, that was probably your fav present ah beat the the Spuds.
    Wenger just said in an interview just in- as soon as there is some news we will put it on our site,” who knows we might have a good surprise for you!” and a nice smile follows 🙂

  • Indeed, good English there, Macko…

    I did a LOT of yelling at the telly in Spanish today—VENGA, CORRE, etc… Dios mio I love Santi and Nacho is a player too…Not a great athlete but some real skills…(Gibbs, always afraid to use his right foot sometimes worries me…) Funny how small we looked today (beyond SCSZ, Giroud and his 3 inches of hair, and the BFG, of course)…

    You gonna get some sleep Prince or just stay with the Cognac?….

  • Gerry, you get splinters in your ass by sitting on the fence. Pfffft, all 14, thats a cop out. hahaha. Hope your having a good one ol’ boy 🙂

    Id say Giroo gets 3, Ramsey gets 2, Feo, Lloris, Gibbs, Sczezny all get 1. Thats what i reckon the Fantasy judges will give out on MotM.

  • Hang about is that a mirage .. JB! JB! come and look at this? Somebody with a double H monicker is commenting. What do you reckon, is it a hoax?

    Hya Double HH, you have been missed … but you probably knew that, eh? 😀

  • Personally I`m glad it was a close 1-0…..anything like my 6-0 prediction would have had Arsene thinking we need no SQ !.

  • 17Highburyterrace,
    can you teach as some Spanish swear words?Someone had to asl might as well be me. ha ha ha ha

  • Kos has a good match and is real quality…Took just enough off that shot for Sir Chez to look good saving it…Flams was the body of the day…

    Santi started how many great breaks (that we couldn’t finish)? He was spectacular I thought as a deep lying MF…

  • So what time are we going to start the BK Transfer Deadline Day party tomorrow ?. Lots of Booze, popcorn and naked Lesbanians !. hahaha

  • 17,
    COgnac Baby. Im working with my younger brother tommorrow. He follows Pool and said we are going in late if both teams win. No complaints. You cant buy these moments.

  • True PG, I used those as well—(Puta Madre–Chinga Madre…The mother always takes the brunt… :lol:)

    Can’t see us getting in any (more) Spaniards–or Spanish speaking players–but maybe others know more than I do…

  • Glic, let’s start that party at around 8pm Monday. That when the big business will start to happen in my opinion.

  • 1-0 vs spurs, HH is back, and Arsene hints to a surprise… Nice Sunday evening this is going to be!

  • VCC will say different ( him the Manu hater, he probably had a bigger boner from the Manu result ! ), but in gooner football terms, there is no better feeling than beating the scumbags !. Just take a little time out to think of how sick them bastards are feeling !. hahahaha

  • Someone forgot to tell you guys that the parrrrrrrrrrty has already begun…(hiccup)…now lead me to those Lezbefriendz Dr Glicmeister

  • Nice, Princy…

    What sort of work? (If I can ask…) Again, my wife has gone onto other things with you bringing up Rooney…

    Where’s Bond to confirm things? 😆

  • Santi is my favorite player against a little deçu through the play of Thomas Rosisky which I guess is more interesting by replacing.
    Giroud were to me more involved than usual But how many balloons rendered ​​to the opponent but what a goal 🙂
    The day or will learn to manage Ramsey its efforts he will be the best player of the first leagues
    They all defended well anyway 🙂
    The best is ARSENE WENGER 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Gerry. That’s a lovely present Mr. Giroud and Arsenal gave you this afternoon.

    Have a good one.

  • Hahaha AFC and Glic… I must sadly say I’ll be spending my tomorrow evening hitting the refresh button frantically…

  • Levy and his boyfriend must be spitting chips. Nothing worse than a pathetic gambler, Capoue looks a gonner to me, you wait till they start fielding Adebarndoor out of desperation.

  • you all saw that BIG SMIRK on Wenger’s face when asked about transfer business and him saying ” you might all be surprised ”

    yeah, imagine that smirk again only 3 times better – that’s what i have been carrying around with me since the last 4 and so days whenever i think Arsenal.

    we put on a show today, now time for the real fireworks to begin…


  • All + 17HT and Gerry,

    Well, great comments. Was in sports bar in Belgium… Saw wonderful first 53 minutes, yelling in strange French at a tv screen.. With new Arsenal jersey on (thanks to wife)!

    Then…. Argh, what’s this, one patron of 10 wants Belgian Jupiler Leqgue football and all sets go over?!? And I see Zulte-Waregem vs Royal Charleroi. If you need 2 teams to pick for your mid tale fantasy Belgian league, these are sure bets… Sigh..

    IMO, we needed one more goal. We wasted perhaps 2 chances, but, IMO, gave up very few. In a defensive game from both sides (surprising Spurs didn’t show with enthusiasm going forward really IMO), a bit of OG clinical finishing (at FEET, not head, FYI) was the difference.

    I felt we were dominant where it counted in creating opportunity or the positioning for it, far more so than Spurs. Also Flamini had immediate impact too I thought, and looks a bit tougher/rougher Rosicky… Which would be good IMO.

    My MOTM? Santi and Ramsey very active, but OG got it do e in one touch where it counted…

    Came home to some great comments, and thanks for the online update! Now, onto the end of terror and windows! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  • ah, yes Gerry – it’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no no no, it’s only HH

    welcome back mate

    PS: see , told you it would work G, ha – many happy returns of the day once more

  • Come on Stretch !. Get on here and give us a …..” Our BK man at the game ” report !. That’s if he hasn`t been arrested for catapulting semen over the dejected deranged deluded spud supporters !. hahaha

  • I have not seen nor heard of any Spurs fan since the match finish not on FB not anywhere.
    I will be listening to drive time on talk sport tomorrow, can’t wait to hear matey chewing humble pie, he will be sick as a food poisoning victim ha ha ha
    good stuff , cheers.

  • 17ht,
    Im in flooring. At the moment though we are doing a few private jobs/renovations and tomorrow ill be on the plasterboard/gypbrock. I never have a drama putting a hard days yakka in after a win. But dont talk to me when the results turn on us..

    What do you occupy your time with?

  • Hi all, nice to be chatting with you all again.

    Happy birthday Gerry :)! What an excellent birthday gift you have gotten today 😉

  • There’s a difference between buying a bunch of young, promising players like Spuds have and the way Arsene has with our youth. We have switched to nurturing and growing young players before they break out in the last while to better ensure that they understand the club values and what it means to be a part of this organization.

    You can’t buy loyalty and I truly believe players like Lamela and Eriksen will leave after 2-3 years in search for a bigger stage (if they reach their potentials).

  • Oh

    And… Gerry, happy birthday! 17 has noted I’m around 3-3.33 Dylan’s, so…. I think sad,y for us both that:

    A. We’re old enough to drink and lots of it in celebration

    And, sadly enough

    B. old enough to know at least a little better! 🙂

    Cheers and congrats — jgc

  • Glic,

    Talkshite might be boring for a few days on your long drives and if we sign some stars they would have no material to work with, right?? Would love to have a listen at those mug punters

  • i told everyone before, i was super confident , Stares at VCC – what nerves ?

    we are king of north london and will remain to rule it for the foreseeable future !!!

    PS: admit it HH , you were a regular lurker and were reading all the comments every day – and yeah that you missed us all as well, ha ha

  • AFC, difficult to rate Viviano. Serie A in general is very defensive so a GK’s stats are perhaps slightly skewed in a favourable light.

    That said, I believe Viviano is a solid. He’ll give some competition to Ches and is more durable than Fab.

  • Hahaha JB, I have been away for a while. Have not yet had the time to check BK!

  • Very nice Prince…

    I’m mostly a house-husband, having made my “fortune” in real-estate and building myself…i.e., lots of projects, jack of all trades-master of none. (In truth, I have some professional level skills as an outdoor floor guy–decks…) Also, I live by the penny saved equals a penny earned. In Spanish, yo soy el codo (the elbow…) On that note, gotta keep the missus happy–rerun the Chadli close ups, etc.–and start some cooking… 😉

    JGC, that’s some serious BS at the pub…I’d find another…

    Bond, Where should I be searching for new avatars?

    Good times, a bit of pressure relief…Labor day tomorrow–as in giving birth to (new) hope?…

    A ver…

  • AFC, not entirely sure as details have not be released. He was on loan to Fiorentina last season and Palermo likely need to sell now that they have been relegated. I reckon he’d be a cheap buy and will come at a discount at a price AW will approve of.

  • Here you go Prince !. Add as a favourite and listen whilst you comment !. Drive time is the best with Adrian Durham, he always mocks us, but is a closet gooner ( his son is a gooner ! ) and around about 17:30 bst he has…..”The Daily Arsenal “. Take it all with a pinch of salt though and don’t be dragged in by his comments….he`s a shock jock and tries to reel you in !.


  • I thought today’s team effort to never say die was exceptional. Rosicky, Santi, Ramsey, Giroud, Koz and Gibbs especially stepped up to track back/get stuck in a tackle to ensure that we held onto the victory.

  • HH, I’m predicting four players will join us before the TW closes. This GK may be one of them.

  • And yes Oz, I believe OG had a very good game today ;). Guy is starting to grow for me though I would still like a more mobile ST. Someone who can help us on the counter or at the very least a SS like Draxler to combine with him.

  • AFC, I think Viviano and one more signing. If Jack is injured, AW will go for a third. Cabaye still looks likely at this point as coverage at the very, very least. Ramsey also has a niggle so we have to be careful.

    Flamini was also outstanding and is that reliable DM we need to spell Jack/Arteta every now and again.

  • HH,
    I agree about our youngsters they are really great, Gibbo for instance is just becoming an unbelievable player and to keep Monreal on the bench just shows it. Rambo needs no pointing out how well he is doing.
    Spurs have some good players, i have been thinking how many of there players would get in our team.?? I am not going to rubbish them but i don’t think many would go straight in, a few could. But not many at all.
    Our young British core is doing fantasic and i think the likes of Walcott, Rambo and Rosicky have really manned up and have toughened up the media used to say our team was light weight and could be bullied of the ball, that is no longer the case, they are tougher now.

  • 17ht

    Happy cooking… Well, there is only one sports bar in town.. Apparently, they have a special deal/apparatus switching broadband for Jupiler football, which is 33% fair enough as it is in Belgium. That sand, Standard Liege are not until 830pm, **I checked!** so no need for a midtanle match!!!?

    Ah well, I’ve one other option to try when we’ve the later Sunday game….

    Cheers — jgc

  • Glic, drivetime is funny. Did you hear the special daily Arsenal that was on one time? It had about 100 things that had happened since we last won a trophy.

  • Bond, Does the Serie B keeper count as one of your three? Just asking…

    Bodies are good, eh, but Sir Chez did the job today… (Sorry James…)

    Also, Emiliano who lives (Viviano?) is nothing if not a great footballing name….Right up there with another keeper–Jussi Jaaskelainen…

    Emiliano Zapata is my favorite of the Mexican Revolution heros…Or at least I really like his hat…(Hard to look past Pancho Villa, of course…)

    Let the games begin!

  • Chicarito would be a great link up player with Giroud HH. Not my first choice but i would be happy with an attacking set up where the pea plays off the shoulder of the last man with Theo making the diagonals.

    You guys have got me excited plus with the Wenger grin….hmmm…. i promised not to get my hopes up till its on the arse.com…Oh well, cant help it 🙂

  • Sadly no AFC, but I did like the one with the Arsenal Awayboyz singing live, even other teams supporters phoning in said the were brilliant !.

  • HH, are there still not four squad spots that need to be filled for the overall 25 man squad. I guess we need another ST, GK and defender. Wenger is supposed to be in the market for a left sided midfielder.

  • Only area that needs further strengthening will be maybe a CM/DM and a ST/W. I reckon AW is happy with the options at the back with Verm returning soon and Sagna capable of playing at CB too. If a CB gets injured, Sagna moves to CB, Jenks to RB and Bellerin called up. Ideal if you ask me!

  • None of the English teams will sell to us Princey…Not after today’s result…(not ever, I think)…

    It’s the new era of player hoarding…Except, of course, at Arsenal…. 🙄

    Skeleton squad getting it done…Hey, there’s a thought for a new avatar…

    Bond, can you at least confirm that Suarez and Rooney are staying put…That would be a weight off a lot of Gooner’s minds–or at least my own… Business with Madrid would be the next item to cross off the list…

    Agreed about those Spurs (including AVB, Levy and the guy with all the hair) using that club as a stepping stone to bigger things…

  • AFC,

    I believe AW will leave room for Diaby and Ox to return and will fill those vacancies with Gnabry and Zelalem for the time being.

    25 man squad: Szczesny, Viviano*, Fabianski, Monreal, Gibbs, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Sagna, Jenkinson, Flamini*, Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta, Frimpong, Rosicky, Cazorla, Miyachi, Podolski, Giroud and Sanogo. That’s 21 plus Diaby and Ox (long-term injuries), temporarily filled by Gnabry and Zelalem. Two more signings would be the hope (Cabaye and Draxler/Di Maria).

  • Good stuff, HH, we’ve missed your voice (of reason) around here…

    Bond, who I’m not sure if I should love or hate, hints at two Germans… I eat way too many grains of salt listening to the spy-boy…

    I’d be chuffed with the signings you’re suggesting…

  • Not sure if I would be happy if Wenger was to do that, HH. We’ll just have to wait and see what Wenger does tomorrow.

  • AFC, with the right amount of luck (with staying injury free) and the internal growth from within, one SQ player (Di Maria/Draxler), another good to great starter (Cabaye) and the depth options we’ve already added in case of injury (Viviano, Flamini and Sanogo), I believe we could mount a serious title run, or at the very least a cup run and end this silverware drought.

    I’m not guaranteeing it, but we’d be making considerable progress on those fronts in becoming a better team.

  • hahaha PG. I see one on that link say`s Durham is a wind up merchant and why are people falling for it !….he`s right , just take it all with a pinch of salt and laugh at it, I`m a believer in…if you cant laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at !.

  • Don’t believe everything you read, the summer TW crap the media have sold us over our signings this summer should have proved that beyond a doubt.

  • Guys, AVB has confirmed the sale of Bale to Real. Numerous reports confirming the deal. Maybe AW will be free to go and get some Real players now.

  • Working on a new avatar, in honor of Emiliano and our skeleton squad getting the job done…

    Teeth still on display, just in case…

  • Did you here about that bloke who couldnt get it up?
    He went to the doc and said “doc, i got issues, i cant satisfy the mrs”
    So the doc checked him over and told him to scream out “BEEEP”, so he did and smack bang, even Giroud would be proud, he grown into a beast.
    So the bloke says” Great doc, how do i get it down, i cant walk all the way home like this?”
    The doc replies “Say it twice ‘BEEP BEEEP’ ” hey presto, as limp as a chicken on a ball “But” the doc warned “you only have two more goes”
    So the excited bloke started running home, ecstatic that he was gunner do the mrs.
    Whilst running across a main road, a semi- trailer swerved and just missed the bugger

    BEEEEEEEEEEEEP !!! the truck horned.

    “damn, i cant walk home like this….um….BEEP BEEEP…..shit, that leaves me one more go” he said.
    The bloke finally gets home runs up the stairs with his mrs in hand and in a huff and a puff, ripped his and her clothes off and screamed in pride “BEEEEEP”
    The poor mrs in confusion replied ” Hi Honey, whats this BEEP BEEEEEP BULLSHIT?”

    I’ll grab my coat… 🙂

  • HH, this season we should at least win a FA Cup or League Cup while finishing in the top four.

  • AFC, I’d take a 3rd place finish and one of the cups for sure :). That is all I’ve asked for all summer in terms of progress. One SQ player this summer and one more next summer and I reckon we could win the title in 2014/15!

  • Draxler is a greater need imo, while Di Maria is more likely to get sold. I would be over the moon if we could get either and I think Di Maria will be better priced. Both can play anywhere behind a central ST, though Di Maria is better on the flanks, while Draxler is better as a SS.

  • Jonathan Dickinson ‏@joth1878 30 Aug
    If I could kill 3 people and get away with it, I’d kill Adrian Durham 3 times #bellend

    Thats my favourite, its always fun seeing people get wound up

  • I dunno AFC…We’ve got a tough opener in the league cup…And all those extra matches with our tough CL group…means (surely) we have to rotate a bit…

    At least we’re in that comp, (the CL) eh… 😀

    Is today’s victory not enough to savor? Pitchforks and torches back into storage for the moment, etc., etc.

    Don’t get me wrong–and I love the enthusiasm for the club, but we’ve also got a tough match at Sunderland coming up…i.e., one at a time, no?…

    HH, talk a little Draxler at me…AW back with the young boys might get the Paedo chants going again?…

  • hahaha Prince. I see that one. You`re right, It`s great seeing people getting wound up, but even better if you`re the one doing the winding up !. hahaha

  • Good Evening

    Happy Birhday Gerry, and wellcome back Harmonious

    Very nice victory. Think i will save my thoughts of the game for the post match, but it was a performace built on guts, pride, and some very nice breakout football

    I will also add that there were quite a few spuds in the Arsenal areas, something unusual for the Grove.

    I had one sitting to my left who had his daughter with him. She must have been in her early twenties. Well, he said it was his daughter, but him been an ugly git and her been very fit, its more likely he was her step dad.

    I kept having to look at her, it was putting me of the game for F*ucks sake.

    I hope this dosnt sound to sinister, but i kept thinking, I wish i was her step dad. hahaha

  • 17ht, I will be glued to the TW until it closes. When the TW closes I can get back to discussing football matches etc.

  • Nice one Terry (or may I call you stretch?…)

    Cock on the ball, cock on the ball…

  • 17ht. If Wenger has got a smirky smile on his face, then he may have saved his bacon, but like he says himself….it must be SQ !. This result has only gave him some time and grace whilst we are feeling euphoric ….Tomorrow is another day !.

  • But you did watch today, didn’t you, AFC?… 😉 …

    We won, as I recall…

  • I-S-C-O to Draxler shouldn’t be too painful, but is there enough room?…

    O-Z-I-L should be easier–and you could even add in the avatar eyes above the pee-hole, though that might hurt, the glans being extra sensitive…


  • Stretchie baby !….so basically you didn’t see any of the game !…..maybe you can give a match report and ratings about her tits then !. hahaha

  • 17ht, I did watch the match today but I have not discussed who was MOTM, who looked tired, formation, tactics, how the opposition played etc. That is what I meant by ‘discussing matches’.

  • Fcuk that 17 !. Lets just keep it to Ozil,,,,,the rest sounds too painful !.

    Listening to talkSPORT….Bale and Levy have both given statements thanking each other etc`…it`s done !.

  • Glic,
    The force is strong with Wenger, very powerful . Your right his work this week is half done, he has to use his jedi mind tricks tomorrow in the transfers to really please the fans.
    Right i am going to un-whind and relax , ready for the next episode tomorrow. Till tomorrow gunners , see you later.

  • Glic, apparently we’re in talks with Ozil over a £40 million deal. I won’t believe till I see it.

  • She was very nice, but sice i have a daughter the same age, i tried not to make her or her dad feel uncomfortable.

    But the sweaty hands and forehead coupled with the serial killer glares probably gave it away. hahaha

  • Well then, AFC…MOTM? etc.? I’m sticking with Santi…If those clods up front were just a hair better it could’ve been over early, what with all the breaks he started…Lloris, of course, was spectacular for Spurs…

    3 points, in truth, is all that really matters, at the end of the day…

  • Ozil, a great player but he looks a little like 1 of the characters in star-wars from the ber scene, i think it was the chap playing the trumpet.

  • I’m also hearing that Pool could still yet sell Suarez. Their transfer activity doesn’t add up unless they are selling players. No Europa or CL qualification and no significant sales does not equate to having funds for Sakho, Aspas, Mignolet and Alberto, with Ilori and maybe Damiao to come.

  • hahaha Couldn`t you just introduce yourself as Uncle Stretch !.

    I`m listening to talksport now and they are talking to a Spanish expert and he says the rumours are that Ozil could be on the way to either us or Manscum !. Please let it be us as he is someone I class as quality !.

  • How do you rate him, HH? I Can’t remember him from last years CL matches…and 😳 my knowledge of German football is even worse than my knowledge of La Liga…

    On that note, and to answer Prince, I don’t see Madrid selling to us, but WTF do I know?…

  • 17

    MoTM, OG, because you pay strikers for that one touch, and his was perfect on a 10% opportunity… Gotta give them their due when it comes out that way…

    Santi, Aaron and team as a whole after that with solid appearance from Flamini too..

    Cheers — jgc

  • 17ht, I would have agree with you on Santi. He was MOTM in my opinion. If I had to have a Spuds man as MOTM it would be Lloris. A very good GK and one of the best in the EPL.

    Flamini looked solid while Rosicky had his usual drive and energy. I think the Spuds would have been better off playing a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 rather than a 4-2-3-1. I would have had Defoe partner Soldado or Lamela play behind Soldado as a SS.

    Instead of bringing on Monreal to play in front and behind Gibbs maybe Wenger should try to use a formation with five defenders when we are trying to close out games. Playing with five defenders will allow Gibbs, Monreal and Jenkinson to push forward even more while Sagna, Kos, Mert and Verm (when he returns) can just stay back and defend our lead.

    I really would like to see Jack used out wide in a free role like Iniesta and Santi are used.

  • Unfortunitaly Ozil suffers from a condition called “strabimus”, more commonly know as “Ugly Bastard Syndrome”

    Great for party tricks and failing to attract birds, but not much else.

    Fantastic player though.

  • 17, i believe Real must sell at least 2 of their Madridstars, just to even the books a little. Bale is one expensive pet, and the Royal family in Spain cant keep funding Real Madrid. Galacticos are scarce these days..

  • Window closes at 11pm tomorrow? That’s 3 pm my time…Just about perfect way to waste another day…It’s smokey again here 😦 and if it’s that way tomorrow I may have to take the family down the hill (as we say)…

    Get ‘er done, Ivan (as we also say 🙄 )…

    Who’s writing the match report?…(Dylan conspicuously missing…)

    Whoa, AFC, when are you getting your coaching papers (or whatever they’re called)? 😉 Wild, wacky stuff (as a famous American talk show host used to say)…

    Enough of the ‘mericanisms…Tell me about our Drax-boy…

  • You may wonder where the fcuk is Total ?. He will probably say he was tired driving through the night, but it`s still daylight !, driving with your head stuck up a Scotsmans kilt isn`t the same as night driving !.
    Yes he will say that he was doing some sort of research on the clan names of the Scottish !, but chewing on a quarter pounder with cheese underneath a kilt doesn`t make him a McDonalds !.

  • 17ht, couldn’t tell you anything about Draxler. If you want a scouting report I would ask HH. Scouting is HH’s thing. 🙂

  • 17ht, I rate Draxler very highly.

    His touch, ball control, passing/one-touch passing and finishing ability for a SS/W are top notch and he’s got pretty good pace too. Often, he’s capable of creating that something special out of nothing so he could be that special offensive attacker many of us are craving for.

    He’s only 19 years old, yet his stats suggest he’s 4-5 years ahead of the typical development curve.

  • Princey, Modric has a very rare condition called “Gorgonism” which can result in unfortunate individuals literaly been turned to stone at one glance at his face.

    It is advisable when watching Modric play that you do so wearing special 3D glasses that distort his image.

  • I rate Ozil pretty highly as well. His touch is exquisite and something the EPL will have never seen before. He’s even better than Silva and Santi in that he offers better pace, vision and ball control.

    You’ll forget all about Cesc if we get him.

  • Thanks HH…Sounds good to me…

    The most impressive player I’ve seen during your absence was in the Lyon game…se llama Carlos Vela…Too bad he’s not available…

    In that vein…it seemed to me like Spurs could’ve used Adebayor today–and maybe we could’ve too… 😯

    It’s true, Glic, Total’s been in near boycott mode, but the Kilt diving could explain things…

    Radar watchers and those with sauces, now’s your time…Keep ’em coming!… 😆

  • Vela is a quality talent, you could see how much his game has matured since joining Sociedad and it’s a shame he never found that form with us.

  • Spanish radio Cadena Cope claims the Gunners have made a bid for Ozil, which journalist Guillem Balague vouched for on Twitter, letting his 460,000 followers know about it

  • I have heard that Terry. The same myth travels through many regions of Croatia where people have fallen too his zoolander appeal. They call it a case of “Medus-itch-ic”

  • HH, agreed about Ozil…although I think you might be overstating the case…Cesc’s got a pretty strong final ball if not the movement of the uglier guy–Does Ancelloti really rate Luka above Messy (Ozil)? Hard to see what’s going on there…Gotta ask mis merengues when all is said and done…

  • Hard to forget Cesc HH. Always appreciate an eye of the needle pass. Still top 5 in the world for me. Ozil is special though

  • Ozil reminds me of Marty Feldman ( a friend of my father )….maybe it`s his dad !.
    He starred in one of my favourite films !. Notice the likeness !.

  • 17ht, Carlo Ancelotti rates Luka very highly and believes in having a deep lying playmaker. At the last world cup he was singing his praises and mentioned the little things he does that nobody notices that keep a team ticking. The bale / modric partnership will re-ignite.

  • 17, Cesc and Ozil are different players. Cesc is more passionate and driven to work hard defensively, which compensates for his lack of pace, while Ozil is more disinterested in the offensive side of the ball, but compensates with outstanding pace (for a CM), ball control and dribbling.

    Both have exceptional vision and passing ability; Cesc’s range may be greater, but Mesut’s productivity far exceeds his and he’s better in the final third.

    Last three seasons in La Liga Ozil has finished 2nd, 1st and 2nd in the assist table.

  • Wow, what a couple of days this could turn out to be. Beating the N17 no marks signing Mesut Feldman, and hopefully a couple of others

  • Prince, I will never forget Cesc of course. One of my favourite all-time players, but Ozil is simply class!

  • Well worded there HH…and I’m sure you’ve watched more than I have. Cesc, because he’s slower, plans things (including the final ball) a little further in advance, for better or for worse… Ozil has a lot of power (acceleration, strength) for his size. I agree he could dominate in England. Just my observations, of course….

    United/Moyes really only sticking with raiding Everton or is he in for Messy as well?…Trouble’s a brewing up there, maybe(?)…

    I guess if Suarez goes to RM they got to clear a little cash, just for appearances. But PSG doesn’t?…

    Lotsa questions?

  • in the UMF i choose 5 draws. Out of all the fixtures i miss out on the 1 draw.

    Prince OUT, and while we’re at it , i hear echoes at shit heart lane “AVB OUT, LEVY OUT, SAINSBURY’s OUT, LEEDS UTD HERE WE COME”…………..haha

    Lets all laugh at the might totts. 😆

    I bet Glasgow Rangers get into Champions League proper before FOYS do!!

    I bet my sofa on it 😀

  • Only thing I can see is haggis, Glic! 🙂

    Evening fine fellow Gooners 🙂

    Happy birthday to cosmic twins jgc and Gerry! 🙂 🙂

    Really nice to see HH back, all fresh and on the ball again. 🙂

    Watched most of the game in the pub and an important win for the good guys. I didn’t think we played well, but even at 60-70% of our potential we easily dealt with the Spuddies. Very good good goal by Ollie and excellent defensive togetherness by the whole team. Really loved Flamini’s instant armwaving to his fellow players and his flying tackles. We did not keep the ball well enough throughout most of the game as our passing triangles did not work very well. We also did not take our chances well enough as especially Theo had opportunities to score the all important second. But it will come as this team will grow further now. We still need to add though, but my money is on nobody (worth mentioning) arriving before tomorrow 11pm.

    Dylan, if you are around: are you ok doing a MR for the site? 🙂

  • I agree TA that the 2nd half was unspectacular. However, we were content and confident to hold the lead and that should not be overlooked. We got the three points and proved in the first half that we can beat any other team if we choose to play our brand of football. However, with our injury/sick list piling up, I believe the defensive approach is less taxing on the body for our players and allows them to sort of rest for future matches, while having a higher chance of walking away for three points.

    How that sort of strategy affects our well-being, well let’s not mention that!

  • hahaha HH – yes our well being is not of the club’s concern, is it?! 😉 🙂

    if we had been a bit sharper in the final pass and finishing our opportunities, we could have won with a large margin, but I take the 1-0 and leave the Spuddies with the illusion that something good is brewing at WHL…. 😆

  • Happy Birthday Professor.

    I know this is a footbal site Professor, but i would very much like to hear your opinion on how wounding of the skin can induce the formation of new hair follicles

    I am considering purchasing a 1.5 dermroller and applying Minoxidil 5% soloution to the rolled area. Thoughts please?

  • Total! Good to see you’re keeping it real…

    I’m out (to escape the smoke)–happy terror times…

    Til tomorrow…

  • Jgc, happy birthday mate! Sorry I did not give a shout out to yourself earlier. Guess it takes two birthdays on the same day to win the NLD 😉

  • Night 17. Cheers for the match commentary.

    Total, welcome back bud. Agreed on your 20.44, everything except the ‘not signing anybody worth mentioning’. …Pilot light????

    Jgc- happy birthday mate. Hope you have/had a good one. 🙂

  • Nice one OZ,
    Happy belated Birthday JGC & Gerry. It seems the Ozil thing is gathering momentum and its kinda leaving ’em PSG in it’s wake……, Confirmation though is some hours away. Fingers crossed.

  • I don’t care what anyone says about RM players’ stats being inflated because of the club they play for or their “rejects” not being SQ. It takes a world-class player to score 27 goals and provide 81 assists in 154 games across all competitions for a club.

    Welcome to Arsenal, Ozil (I hope)!

  • i told everyone that you will be a lot lot happy very very soon !

    why shouldn’t we be ehhh ? we are getting one of the top 5 play makers in the world.

    and guess what ? there’s more in the pipeline.

  • Ozil is the player we need, let’s try and get him in. My only concern is that if we buy Ozil and then also go and buy Di Maria surely we would be overcrowed in the ‘3’ behind the ST.

  • ah,

    Cesc vs The German ?

    one clear winner there and no it’s not Cesc (unfortunately).

    Cesc is a game changer,

    The German = League changer .

  • TA,

    really ? you want me to prove it – how about i let the regulars here vouch for it instead 😉 they were kept well informed, what you reckon folks ? 🙂

    who’s starting a petition for my Statue then ? 😀

  • James Bond PERMALINK
    September 1, 2013 14:49

    and that’s today, well before anyone else even had a sniff (read that comment please especially the end bit for Gerry;)


    you best get started on that statue.

  • Congrats all round botty brigade!!! Job well done. we managed to keep sodildo queit!! i had to laugh because when giroud scored the other tv next to it played a kfc ad at the exact time!! crispy fried hen in jbs special sauces!!! and thanks for confirming Glic that your ISCO tatt can be transfigured to OZIL!! 😀

  • Evening all .. that are left, that is. I have been watching the Marseille v Monaco match, and and at the end of it they were asking was it official yet …

    OZIL to Arsenal for 45m euros!

    I think you’ll be invited around to the Palace for your knighthood Mr Bond, never mind a bloody statue 😆 😆 😆

    It isn’t official yet, but my birthday has been rather good this year, do think I can have another one next year? : 😉

    If you are saying what I think you are saying to Totes, then things are really picking up?

    Thank you everybody for the birthday greetings, I would not have mentioned it had it not been so close to jgc’s, and our comment and thoughts being on a similar wavelength.

    I have to say Marseille do look a hard side to play against.. They lost 1-2, but out-played the money men in the first half. They levelled early in the second half, but it was until Falcao went off injured with about 15 minutes to go did it just slip away from our CL opponents. Whoever wins our group should go a long way, as all six games will be tough?

  • While I think of it, one of the guests on BT Sport thought we would not get the St Etienne player we offered 10m euros for, as he may be heading to Marseille.

    Right I off to get some shut eye, and hope it has not all been a dream 😕

    Congrats on your self control JB, you must have been dying to spill the beans … and probably ruined it all?

    My silence has paid off too it seems 😆

    night all …

  • I might look to write a transfer deadline day special post. That’s if it’s ok with everyone?

  • It’s yours, AFC. 🙂

    Do you mean a summary of the day to be issued afterwards, or an intro to the day with some predictions by you, or something similar?

  • TA, the post will be about the signings which have been made. A bit of info about each signing and what sort of impact they will have on our team? Are the players we signed the right players? What we should be aiming for with these new additions. Whether we had a good TW.

    I will most likely do the write up for Flamini and Sanogo now. I will do the write up for other players signed during the day/evening. I will try to get the finished post to you sometime in the early morning (around 6am) where you can post it at around 8-10 am.

    I will need you to do two things for me though. As you know my email address is not working which means I will not be able to put the pictures of players and predicted starting eleven in. So I’ll leave the links in the post so you can just click on the links to extract the pics.

  • And if I give you the predicterd first eleven in text could you put that into a predicted eleven image for me?

  • That’s all fine, AFC. I will do quick one-off post(s) if and when somebody gets signed tomorrow, but if you do an overview of all those signed….. let’s hope it will be more than Sanogo and Flamini…. that would be great. 🙂

  • A message to everyone.

    The TW officially closes at 11pm tomorrow but some signings may still be announced after 11pm mostly up until the 12pm mark. Some signings may even be announced in the morning.

  • Morning all. I’ve just watched the match, but I’ll save comments until the report is up.

    I have a few little insights that I will share later. However, it is D Day, so fingers crossed, eh?

    😀 😀

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