27 goals/81 assists in 157 games: Arsenal just signed a world top-ten footballer

Mesut Ozil - our very own toad in the hole ;)

Mesut Ozil – our very own toad in the hole! 😉


The second biggest transfer fee in British history belongs to Arsenal!!!  The acquisition of Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid for £42.4 million almost triples our previous highest transfer fee paid of £15 million.  His rumoured wages of £130k/week is £25k more than our next highest player (rumoured to be Walcott).

So, did Arsenal get a bargain or overpay the odds to acquire Ozil’s services?  Well, transfermarkt has him appraised at a value of €40 million (or £34 million).  However, given today’s transfer market and the inflation of player price tags, I believe that we have paid market value for an individual widely considered to be the best playmaker outside of Barcelona’s Iniesta.

With 27 goals and 81 assists in 157 appearances for Real Madrid, it’s easy to see why Ozil is rated so highly.  In the last three La Liga seasons, he’s finished 2nd, 1st and 2nd in the assist table.  One may be quick to point out that Ozil’s stats are inflated due to playing alongside other world-class players, in addition to one of the most clinical finishers in the game today in Ronaldo.  But, having watched Ozil play both live and on TV over the years, he was indeed the player that made Real tick.  When Ozil was not on his best form Real inevitably suffered, and the creative playmaker was often shut out in those contests.


This brings me to the criticism that generally follows a player of Ozil’s world-class quality; because of his vast amount of skill, he seems disinterested at times and does not appear to have the work rate/passion to allow him to be seen in the same light as players like Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta and Xavi.  Ozil can occasionally drift in and out of games, but can easily change the outcome of a game with one defence-splitting pass or a run up field on the counter.

Unlike Theo or Podolski, whom are often criticized for doing nothing for large portions of the game before ultimately scoring, Ozil is constantly involved and likes to make things happen.  His weakness comes from his own frustration – he becomes visibly upset when he does not receive the ball frequently enough, or the players around him do not finish the plethora of chances he creates for them in every game.

That said, you will rarely see Ozil waving his arms in the air, complaining to the referee or diving.  He is the type of player that stays up through contact and just likes to get on with the game.  When pushed, Ozil has a bit of a mean streak in him and is not afraid to get into the face of the opposition  – watch him get pissed off at Villa in the El Classico brawl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_Pp3O7v1EI

Last season, Ozil started 23 La Liga games, in addition to 9 substitute appearances.  He managed to contribute 9 goals and 13 assists in 2,022 minutes played, providing 2.9 key passes per game (more than any other player at Real Madrid) and creating a total of 24 big chances.  For every 22.1 minutes played, Ozil contributed a key pass.  On the other hand, Silva, statistically the best in key passes per minute played in the EPL, contributed a key pass every 24.2 minutes played.  In fact, across the 5 big leagues (EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1), Ozil contributed the most key passes in comparison to minutes played!  (All stats courtesy of whoscored.com.)

Now that we’ve established that Ozil is one of the elite playmakers in the modern game, it’d be a disservice to not highlight his pace and ball control.  He’s got an exquisite touch and his ability to control a ball in the air or along the ground is something to behold; in fact, the EPL has not seen anyone with his ability since Ronaldo left for Real Madrid in 2009.  Ozil’s speed can be compared to that of Jack when he’s 100%, as his acceleration, change of pace, lateral agility and speed with or without the ball, make him unplayable on most days.

Then, one must also consider the fact that Ozil is only 24 years old.  He is still yet to reach his peak and with the world already at his feet, there’s no telling just how good he could be if buys into Arsene’s tutelage and the overall plan.

Now the big question remains, how will Ozil slot into Arsenal’s starting 11?

In all likelihood, Ozil will play in his favoured CAM role.  He’s most influential when played there and he’s capable of breaking down a defence on the counter, around the edge of the box or with deep over the top/long balls.  Playing him centrally also allows him to drive our team forward with his darting runs to give shape to our attack.  This will also allow him to find the seams to play either Theo cutting in from the right, OG in front of him or Santi on the left.

Santi is most effective when played wide left, mainly because he’s the type of player that likes to see the play develop and join in on the attack at a moment’s notice.  Ozil, on the other hand, enjoys making things happen on the pitch and to be in full control of the game.  I have no doubt in my mind that the two will form an outstanding partnership with some of the most gorgeous combinations that the EPL and Gooners will have ever seen.

Whether we want to admit it or not, the fate of Arsenal’s future will be intertwined with this record breaking transfer – if Ozil continues his world-class production or betters it, it will surely convince management that spending big in the transfer market can yield positive results for our club.  The appetite for risk will slowly increase and perhaps we’ll see more signings in and around the £20-40 million mark.

However, if Ozil by some fluke loses form and does not work out like the much-maligned Torres at Chelsea, we may see the end of massive spending by our beloved club.  Unlike Abramovich at Chelsea, Arsenal do not have unlimited funds and we generally work under a conservative basis – this failure would then represent further proof that spending big in the transfer market is not the answer to our club’s woes.

Still, I believe that Ozil will be a massive success, and Arsenal FC will be reaping the benefits of Real overlooking a top 10 footballer in the world for years to come.

Written by: Highbury Harmony

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  1. Highbury Harmony says:


    Official :). Glic, I think I won your competition from the last article. Ordering my Ozil yellow Arsenal kit as we speak (I hope he wears #11 LOL).

  2. Glic says:

    Don`t wear it on this site…..with this background you will be invisible !. hahaha

  3. James Bond says:

    ah, we got our Glics back to BOING!!!

    Ozil = the league is ours

    the wait was worth it, in the end, no ?

    congratulations everyone and well done for the patience ,

    so what was that what the critics were saying ? World class players don’t wanna come to ARsenal

    yep, one of the top players in the world who has the potential of winning the ballon d’or , joins one of the top 6 clubs in the world –

    welcome – OZIL

    now let’s get him back fit and healthy from the internationals along with Per.

  4. Fozzie B says:

    Wocka wocka smiling schpincter boyzzzzzz!!!!

  5. Fozzie B says:


  6. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘Speaking after completing his medical in Germany, Ozil said: “I am thrilled to be joining a club of the stature of Arsenal and am looking forward to playing in the Premier League. It will be great for my own personal development as a player and I am particularly looking forward to working with Arsène Wenger.’

  7. Macko says:


  8. Highbury Harmony says:

    LOL TA, I don’t think anyone will read this article, we are all too ecstatic about signing Ozil!!!

  9. Fozzie B says:

    Glic reverse that Ozil tat baby!!

  10. Fozzie B says:

    Doh!! ISCO tat!

  11. James Bond says:

    And here is word from the man himself, Mesut Ozil.

    Taking to his Facebook account, the new Arsenal signing says: “Dear fans of Real Madrid. Thank you very much for three wonderful years with all of you.

    “My time at Real Madrid was unique and special for me.

    “Sometimes things develop differently, than I would have expected them to a few days ago. Although I’m leaving Real Madrid, I wish you and the team the very best for the future.

    “Now, I’m looking forward to my new club: THE GUNNERS!”

  12. Highbury Harmony says:

    How one individual united Gooner nation!!!

  13. Wengerball says:

    Great you are truly thankful to your fans MO…


  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Ozil alone would not have excited me but together with Flamini this is a huge improvement of the first team. Still hoping for another striker.

  15. AFC says:

    HH, great post. I do not think we had a good TW but we did not have abad TW.

    We should have let Johan go if we were not going to sign a replacement. We should not have let Gervinho go if we were not going to sign a replacement. I was expecting to see at least another top quality player arrive. There’s always January though. I can still see. Us finally winning a FA Cup or League Cup.

    Areas we still need to buy players for in the future: CB (could be a young CB) or could be an experienced RB; DM; ST.

  16. James Bond says:

    17 minutes to go, if we don’t pull out another signing before that
    if not,
    then rest assured, the January Transfer window is going to be MASSIVE.

    good things come to those who wait.

  17. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha JB, it’ll be interesting to see how many more fans he gets over the next few days. Madridistas love him and rallied outside the Bernabeu during Bale’s unveiling chanting don’t let Ozil go!

  18. AFC says:

    TA, the BBC have said we’re not signing any more players.

  19. Alcide says:

    Fantastic post HH, the only drawback is you said it all!

    I’ll just make one addition regarding stats – looking at squawka, over 32 appearances (one third full game, one third subbed on, one third subbed out), he scored his 9 goals taking 18 shots of which only FOUR were off target (and THREE of those hit the wood) – so he obviously does not spoil.

    Awesome signing, can’t wait to see him alongside Santi.

  20. Highbury Harmony says:

    Lol oh sh*t TA, didn’t even realize the transfer window was still open! Colours seems more colourful right now!!!

  21. Wengerball says:

    Can’t wait hopefully for Arsenal vs Real Madrid sometime… 😉

  22. Glic says:

    Super duper post HH. I`m with you, he will be a huge success, too much quality not to be !.
    Ozil, Santi, Jack, Rambo, Ox, Arteta and the future Zelalem !. mmmmmmm

  23. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers Alcide :). Fantastic addition on Ozil’s stats to the article mate!!!

  24. Madcap says:

    Yes the Gooners have signed the player Gareth Bale replaced. Good signing for an awful lot of money. We will see the result next May

  25. Highbury Harmony says:

    This feeling is better than when I found out my fiance agreed to marry me (don’t tell her that hahaha)!

  26. AB says:

    Big BOING! And don’t forget, our finances are now such that we can afford a signing on this scale every TW! Financial stability is here, and we can build year on year. I can hardly believe it though, and can’t wait to see him in action in our colours – COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Highbury Harmony says:

    Appreciate the kind words Glic, I’m bouncing off the walls right now, the only thing keeping me from falling over is my rock hard BOING!

  28. James Bond says:


    it was not just one signing, it was an INTENT signing – one that sends shivers down not only the rest of England but Europe as well.

    people will still moan at the lack of signings blah blah blah

    but what they don’t realize is that, we can basically play a 4-6 now (do a Spain) no need for a target man in some games and let Theo / Poldi / Ox run wild from the flanks.

    gives us a lot of options.

  29. ProudGooner says:

    HH, Fine post well done,
    🙂 just so happy right now 🙂 Ozil is a gooner! British transfer record smashed not just club but British 🙂
    Wenger hard earnt cash splashed , wonder if RVP still thinks the grass is greeber over there with a crap manager and no signings coming in . You should have stuck around son ha ha ha haha

  30. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers for the kind words AFC! I know you’re not completely thrilled with only signing Ozil, but it’s a process my friend, be patient! Just be happy that we finally showed the willingness to spend big and that suffering will be coming to an end soon. Ozil is truly a top 10 world footballer and never in a million years would I have imagined him moving away from Real in his prime.

    This is a dream come true.

  31. Rohan says:

    Elated at the moment. The only sad thing is that we won’t get to see him play for a couple of weeks.

  32. AFC says:

    We have signed the only world class player out of all of the EPL clubs.

  33. victor says:

    Who to who to be who to be a gooner OZILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL The Gunner.

  34. alexgunners says:


    Great POST
    Thanks for a look into our new signing. I knew that Ozil was a highly regarded player but i do not follow La Liga. If he can replicate what he has done for RM then we will have a real gem in our team.

    You are probably right. Most are too excited to probably read the article right now.
    It may not have been a striker that most were looking for but when you bring a world class player into our squad, it is exciting times.

  35. James Bond says:

    yep yep, he’s a top notch bloke and a team player – will be an instant hit with the fans as well, i have no doubt about that – i can imagine the backlash from the RM fans as you have stated and i don’t blame them….

    here is to everyone this gem and i couldn’t agree more with the fella below :

    Olufemi Adegbe: In years to come, we all will remember this moment. What we were doing when Arsenal announced Ozil.

  36. AB says:

    I don’t know much about our new goalie, but Flam makes so much sense, whatever the history – a proper DM, who knows the way we play, and can be cover across the back line when we need it. Feels like splitting hairs, but still feel we could have done with a striker – Ba would have been perfect cover, can just see him coming off the bench. So lets hope for no injuries to Giroud and some fast progress by Sanogo. Hell, who cares, we have bought a top, top, world class player aged 24!!!

  37. Highbury Harmony says:

    Thanks for the compliment PG, glad you enjoyed the article! I am so elated right now that we finally spent some money and on a well-deserved player!

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    Superb post HH – one of your very best. Fellow Gooners should read this one more than once over the next few days to take in what the club just bought. 🙂

  39. AFC says:

    HH, agreed. We are moving forward as a club. It will take time of course. One at a time. Maybe in January we can bring in one of the two more SQ signings we need and then in the next summer TW we can sign the final SQ player we need to be a force and hopefully sign a another defender.

    The No.10 position needed to be filled though with Rosicky getting older and this was the best option in my opinion.

  40. Glic says:

    Ozil to the Arsenal….Ozil to the Arsenal….Ozil to the Arsenal…..Ozil to the Ar..sen..al !
    I like the sound of that when he scores Arsenals first goal !.

  41. James Bond says:

    Former Wales midfielder Robbie Savage on Football Focus, BBC Radio 5 live
    “I am gobsmacked about Manchester United. There was no creativity in the middle of the park against Chelsea and Liverpool, they have nobody who can go past a man.

    “They need somebody. I do not think Marouane Fellaini is the answer for them.”



    cheery on top


    no the cherry was when RM refused to sell any of their players to their PARTNERS aka SPUDS

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Rohan

    Good to see you here. Fingers crossed he does not get injured during the internationals.

  43. Wengerball says:

    Some stand up ovation in appreciation of AW’s work to date I guess are in order … especially considering the stick he’s been getting way back after our loss to Bradford, Bayern and Blackburn last season to the latest 3months of the TW…

    Thanks Arséne for MO… 😀

  44. Alcide says:

    He’s number 11 as expected. Still can’t believe we pulled this off.

  45. AFC says:

    I will keep an eye out for any more signings. HH, top post as always and we finally got the marquee signing we needed.

    TA, I will try to have my post written by tomorrow morning.

  46. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers Alex :). Hope the kids are as excited as all of us!!! I find no fault in anyone who does not read the article as I would not have the patience or be able to settle down enough to read it right now hahaha!

    We now likely have the best player in the EPL, at only 24 years old. It’s about building around him and what we have now and hopefully on to better things!

  47. Fozzie B says:

    HH thank you for your fine work. Consider it my cheesecake of the highest order to accompany fried hen in the finest of JB’s special sauces!! Not too many of our camp campers have grasped how big a signing this is!! But as camp campers enjoy a few drinkies then slowly but surely they are feeling the rango loving!! Totes do not worry, I believe lord Wenger has the Star Wars connections to get Ozil playing at his finest!! I also believe he never got on with Maureen! It’s a personality fit that Wenger is perfect for. Together with his natural flare it will be stunning!! Ratatouille are you waiting till January?? 😀

  48. sam hurst says:

    Nice one

  49. Glic says:

    That is true 007….in years to come I will remember I was levitating my lap-top !. hahaha

  50. Gooner4eva49 says:

    Excellent so happy for us.

    I knew we would do something special. This really will bring Gooners together, this news has made everyone so happy which is really nice to witness.

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers AFC – really looking fwd to it! 🙂

  52. James Bond says:

    most def @ Fozzie B

    January promises to be a cracker and there is no need to take this one with a pinch of salt – 2 more SQ signings at least , as long as we are not out of the CL 😀

  53. ProudGooner says:

    You deserved it, it really was a great post. Totally fitting. The fans of our club are the best all the tough times we have been though lately finally rewarded
    So glad for Wenger finally the media will leave him along and he get the players to work with that he deserves .

  54. AFC says:

    Ozil moved for £42.5 million right?

  55. alexgunners says:

    You are spot on!!!
    Lets build a team around him, Santi and all of a sudden our prospect will look a lot brighter.

    The other thing about capturing Ozil is that people will hopefully once and for all shut up about The Gunners not spending more that 15mil on a player. Anything is possible.


  56. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, thank you for the very high praise my friend. Always a joy writing for your fine blog with an encouraging leader such as yourself.

    I don’t think many of us understand the magnitude of this deal, we just signed a top 10 footballer in his prime and is our signal of intent after losing top players year after year. Usher in the new era!!!

  57. Alcide says:

    Hahahaha JB, ManU missing out on Khedira and Herrera makes it even better (ok that’s petty but hey, we just signed a top 10 player!).

    What I really like a Igor/Feldman is his combination of pace and technique gives him that ability to play fast modern “german” football. He should tick with Santi on the tiki taka, but I’m also confident his pace could wreak havoc on the break alongside that of Theo’s.

  58. alexgunners says:

    The Window is Officially closed

  59. James Bond says:

    50 million Euros @ AFC

    Alcide – co signed and 2nded.

  60. AFC says:

    United are trying to sign Coentrao on a loan deal.

    Not sure if the Fellaini deal has gone through.

  61. Admir says:

    To quote Glic:


  62. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fozzie B, you’re welcome mate! Really glad to have you on board on a frequent basis and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the article.

    Maureen didn’t know how to get the best out of Ozil, he focuses more on strategy than he does on player development. I think AW can elevate Ozil’s game to another level.

  63. Highbury Harmony says:

    My Madrid friend just became an Arsenal supporter as well hahaha! He says everyone is so sad to see Ozil go but that it was best for him.

  64. macko says:

    Little message for all of us who rail against Arsene Wenger, again, he has bluffed us is really the best, always clean on his words never aggressive, he knows what he wanna 🙂
    A huge thank you to him and all those who are to work for this rookie, which for me and the best number 10 in the world!!

  65. Alcide says:

    I just can’t believe ManU didn’t sign anybody… Even Fellaini didn’t materialize even though he handed a transfer request.

  66. Glic says:

    Agree !. This signing is the statement that Wenger has finally got the “Garath Bale of his back ” and tells the rest that he WILL now spend the fcuking money on quality to make us competitive.
    This could be a new Dawn and I would like to get up at the crack of it !. hahaha

  67. James Bond says:


    Fellaini is there for the taking – wait for the developments , give it another 45 minutes before last minute deals begin coming out

  68. alexgunners says:


    Fellaini deal is still unclear.
    Fingers crossed ManUre do not get him.

    ManUre were more attractive to players when Ferguson was there and it seems that Moyes will need to prove himself at ManUre in order to lure players to Old Toilet. He seemed to have only concentrated on players from Everton

  69. Highbury Harmony says:

    And I still can’t believe it’s not butter!!!

  70. TotalArsenal says:


    The praise is genuine and totally deserved! 🙂

    The beauty of Ozil is it will take the pressure of Jack and Ox a bit, and yet, paradoxically, they will become better players quicker. I have no doubt Walcott, Pod, OG, and Santi will score many goals this season, but we also need the midfield to score a lot more than last season, and Ozil will add goals from midfield. He will also show Ramsey, Jack and Ox the way. Yet, there are many good players in our team which does not put too much pressure on Mesut to make a difference straight away and constantly. He will feel at home like a frog in a juicy pond. 😆

  71. Fidel o'brian moziku says:

    This is certainly a day and a moment I will never forget. Ozil please make the dofference

  72. alexgunners says:

    Isn’t it amazing,
    3 months of frustrated Gooners (myself included) and now everyone is ecstatic at this signing.
    It made for some interesting posts here in the past month or so.

  73. Akano Abiola Anthony says:

    Welcome home bro

  74. Highbury Harmony says:

    I love everything Arsenal, including Giroud and Ramsey. All I needed was my Ozil!!!

  75. James Bond says:

    you would all be surprised how many clubs OZIL turned down to join Arsenal.

    we don’t care if, Fellaini joins Mancs, i much prefer if he did – get himself bookings and sent off ahahahahahahahaha not exactly world class, he is now 😀

  76. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, I truly believe that our chances created will go up by leaps and bounds and that it’ll fall onto the shoulders of Theo, Santi and OG to convert more of them. However, I also think that Ozil will be developed into a better finisher by AW. We’ll see his goal tally spike up over the next year or so and he’ll be our new DB10.

  77. Alcide says:

    well they got Fellaini… but we got Ozil!

  78. weedonald says:

    Wenger said it all….he is a player in the Arsenal style and with the likes of Jack,Ozil, Flamini, Ramsey, Cazorla,Arteta and Rosciky available, we can rely on our attacking and defensive midfield being the best in the EPL. Since the midfield is where the League is often won, we are looking very sweet indeed.
    We now have Arteta,Podolski, Diaby, and Vermaelen as backup plus our youth prospecys….we are no longer thin.

  79. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ozil might wear 23, I think he’s worn that shirt for Real in pre-season before!

  80. James Bond says:

    next contract signing is massive – Arsene Wenger

    needs to sign on that dotted line – ASAP.

    another 2-3 years and we are sorted for a big big January.

  81. James Bond says:

    good to see you @ WEEDonald

    i prefer 23 to be honest instead of 11 @ HH

  82. TotalArsenal says:

    Big boots to fill, HH, but he has the characteristics to get close. He said he is looking fwd to working with Wenger and you cannot see him having said the same about Moyes….

  83. Highbury Harmony says:

    Agreed JB, 23 looks like a good number. Never been fond of 11 for some reason…

  84. Glic says:

    Now I`m switching them around to try and confuse you !.

  85. Wengerball says:

    Just come to think of it, if AFC had gone for MO early in the TW, it probably would never have happened as it has now, Real Madrid would not have played 3 competitive games b4 mid August and there fans would not have had such good vibes with MO gone earlier… after all, Madrid fans absolutely enjoyed MO… and as such, the deal would have died in the water like Suarez’s…

    I think Bales late arrival played a ill judged trick on Anceloti’s mind and he started experimenting very late in competitive matches situation with MO and the rest is history…

    For once and only, thank you 5pur2… you certainly got Gunners gem MO…

    COYG! 😉

  86. Highbury Harmony says:

    Great spot Alcide, cheers 🙂

  87. AFC says:

    Lukaku has joined Everton on a season long loan.

    Fellaini to United for £27 million has gone through. Needs official confirmation.

  88. Glic says:

    Fcuk, I`m confusing myself now !. hahaha

  89. Highbury Harmony says:

    I agree TA, going to play for Utd under Moyes simply does not have the same appeal.

  90. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fellaini to Utd for 27 mil LOL, we got Ozil for 42!!!

  91. AFC says:

    HH, didn’t Santos wear the No.11 shirt.

  92. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic, guess you can’t tattoo Ozil on your schlong since when girls see it they may mistake it for nozzle and confuse it with that since they are roughly the same small size!

  93. Frozen Gunner says:

    I am curious though, JB–

    who were the other 2 (or 3) players that we were “in negotiations” with?

  94. Highbury Harmony says:

    lol AFC, yes that may have been what I was implying 😉

  95. Alcide says:

    Hahaha Glic how do you find those… Prince Igor he shall be.

  96. Glic says:

    Don`t worry HH. My Ozil will take the ladeez to the Ozone…..that’s further than Cloud 9 !. hahaha

  97. ProudGooner says:

    Marty has got to be his old man i would put money on it.Do You reakon he is his love child?

  98. James Bond says:


    i’ll disclose the names ,if they leave their current clubs, not at liberty to reveal names just yet – unfortunately.

    consider it the same practice as January – we made a 30 million bid, it was for Cavani.

    but to cut through the chase then you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that one of them is a Striker.

  99. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic, hope you aren’t implying that the only way you can take the ladies is by killing them and them ascending to Heaven hahaha 😉

  100. Highbury Harmony says:

    Off to dinner, catch all you lads later!

  101. Glic says:

    Right BKers, off to bed, where I shall wear my Arsene condom !. I like looking down at him smiling at me, It gives me Mental Strength !. hahaha

  102. James Bond says:

    “Confirmation from Manchester United that three men who reportedly attempted to negotiate a deal to sign Athletic Bilboa midfielder Ander Herrera were not acting on behalf of the Premier League champions and were, for want of another word, imposters.

    “Reports in Spain claim three men dressed in black suits and claiming to be United “representatives” spent an hour at the La Liga offices attempting to negotiate a deal. The move collapsed at the 11th hour.”


    come on, i’m sure the rest of you wanna join me, why hold back


  103. ProudGooner says:

    RT @JackWilshere: Signing of the summer! Easily! Fantastic player, plays the ‘Arsenal way’. Welcome @MesutOzil1088 absolutely buzzing!

  104. ProudGooner says:

    night Glic

  105. James Bond says:


    that Suarez deal was leaked for a reason and you have nailed it – it wasn’t done by us that leaking, we keep our cards extremely close, sometimes way too close

    until last night, we had BA in the bag, however, Jose , the tactician and mastermind that he is , played the perfect poker game – dangled the Carrot (BA) and in the end, let Lukaku go to Everton –

    as gooners we hate him, but fair play, the guy is shrewd absolutely lethal when it comes to playing mind games and doing such things, if you don’t believe me then ask Spuds.

    anyhow, Liverpool played their cards well by leaking the news and creating an unrest – they may have delayed the inevitable but certainly not dodged the bullet.

    the next most important signature is that of Arsene Wenger – sign the dotted line already.

  106. xavier says:

    Ozil could be the Bergkamp to walcott’s henry. Think bout that.

  107. Glic says:

    Sorry PG, just saw your question !.
    It is possible !, although Marty Feldman died before Ozil was born. Feldman was known to be the largest depositor at off-shore sperm banks around the world, being a obsessive masturbator it came as no surprise to all that his eyes would eventually pop out of his head !.

    Night !.

  108. James Bond says:

    very much so @ Xavier

    but hey , DB was special in his own way and Ozil — OOOOOOzes class in his own special way, in my opinion , Ozil will leave his own foot prints and create his own identity , people will always compare him to the very best if he delivers the goods but he is good enough to have his own statue , if he manages to deliver the goods !!!

    for now enjoy this

    Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler
    “Good player Marouane Fellaini… But just not a Manchester United player.”

    so he’s not signed for mancs ?

  109. James Bond says:


  110. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic you have been in fine, creative form, but toad in the hole is still my favourite! 🙂

    Night matey – how can sleep with your permanent froggy Boing! 😀

  111. ProudGooner says:

    thank you for you sperm bank insight, i can see why the lady would like to fill up there minges with Martys love fluids, his seed makes fine footballers. God bless Martys sole

  112. James Bond says:

    whole of UK should be grateful to us, without Arsenal they wouldn’t have a such an exciting day – besides let’s face it, we did everyone a favour by getting rid of the banana man and in return getting someone that Ooooooozes class (yeah , he’s not a cheat i mean diver either).

    PS: TA – i hope you haven’t moderated/banned someone someone, he’s a free soul-let him roam 😉

  113. ProudGooner says:

    Facebook is so funny at the moment, United fans are going nuts that Moyes did not go for Ozil and got Fellaini instead. Lets not forget all other top 4 sides have new managers. This could really be Wengers season, nothing would make me happier.

  114. James Bond says:

    name and shame @ PG

    go on copy paste them funny comments 😉

  115. ProudGooner says:

    i hope also that Sanogo, in a few weeks once the nerves and he makes friends at the club, that he can find top form. This is a player that Wenger tracked for 4 years and he really really believes in , i get the feeling he is the rough gem he will be looking to mould in to his polished shiney bullet to score plenty of goals maybe he is the striker we were looking for in this window , who knows? ? i bet Wenger does.

  116. James Bond says:

    not sure what to make of this :

    DONE DEALS – Everton confirm five deals
    Marouane Fellaini
    Everton have sold Marouane Fellaini to Manchester United for a £27.5m fee, with Victor Anichebe heading to West Brom for a fee which could rise to £6m.

    Coming into Goodison are James McCarthy for £13m from Wigan and a pair of season long loan deals for Romelu Lukaku and Gareth Barry.

    but i think, Everton have done solid business – getting rid of Fellaini was a major step for Martinez in trying to get his team to play the way he wants – fluid passing football – well done

  117. James Bond says:

    Fellaini nearly 28 million ? when mancs could have gotten him for 23 million ? LOL



    oh dear –

  118. Highbury Harmony says:

    In one hour since the TW closed, Ozil has gained 1,000,000 more supporters on Facebook LOL

  119. Highbury Harmony says:

  120. ProudGooner says:

    Moyes u fucking wet bag u can’t let Ozil go to arsenal and Garry Neville how can u. Say he wouldn’t fit in the team are u mad I know lets sign fella no instead idiots!

  121. ProudGooner says:

    Wow Moyes that was a great way to stamp your own touch on the team, let Arsenal sign one of the top 5 players in the world, while we lose Scholes , still play Giggs who is 74 years old and can only play 16 minutes a match and 40 games a season. Sign Fellaini to solve all that !!!!!! We are United not Oldham fc you ginger haired migget.

  122. Highbury Harmony says:

    You can already buy Ozil’s kit on arsenal.com 🙂

  123. ProudGooner says:

    JB there is loads i could go on all night, they really are not happy, 5 points behind Liverpool too ha ha ha ha

  124. AB says:

    Mancs do look like twats tonight, and we have pulled off (steady Glic) the coup of the window. Still can’t believe it. Hopefully some duff Mancs performances in the next few weeks. I don’t worry about any of our places (plenty coming back from injury) except right up front – Ba (or Suarez – pah!) would have made today perfect. But who needs to complain – we are by a mile the winners of the final day action!

  125. James Bond says:


    how long you reckon Moyes will manage to keep his job ? imagine this by xmas, he is somewhere mid-table , out of the Capital one cup (they play liverpool soon with suarez back) in a couple of weeks time…

    shit hits the roof when ? near xmas – mid table , hoovering around there – and not doing as well in the champions league ? or RVP injured and the one man team is doing worse than anticipated ?

  126. Wengerball says:

    Kinda feel sorry for young Lukaku… He’ll miss UEFA CL experience with Chelsea though on an individual career he’ll gain massively as he’ll easily lead Everton’s front line during the season.
    His missed penalty against Bayern obviously contributed to Mourinho’s decision making though he may have missed a trick there as Lukaku was CFC’s top stricker albeit on loan at WBA 😉

    I Guess the young Belgian strickers Benteke included want as much game time in readiness for 2014 world cup… good for them though and I hope the likes of NB52 borrow such a leaf for their long term football careers…

  127. James Bond says:


    oh deary me,

    not even the fastest man in the world could knock some sense into Moyes

  128. ProudGooner says:

    If you are RVP tonight , what would you be thinking? I would feel like a prize idiot, dis-loyal, at a club that is only going to go downhill from here, away from where he and his family were settled and happy, away from the manager who ,made you , to whom you owe everything. Moyes forget not ever winning a cup has never even managed to get in the champions league ha ha ha ha
    All he had to do was wait 1 more season.

  129. ProudGooner says:

    ha ha ha ha ha even Bolt aint happy that is great, nice find

  130. James Bond says:

    he didn’t even have to wait one more season @ PG

    had he stayed, we would have won much more than utd did.

    his goals and assists were the difference.

    anyhow, let the traitor suffer now, you reap what you sow – yeah ?

  131. Wengerball says:

    Just noticed @Dylan is MIA…
    Hope he’s aware AW had some SQ up his sleaves for that 11th hour…

  132. ProudGooner says:

    I forgot about NB62, we are a little short of strikers and he could get back to his best under Wengers guidance he did score a few important goals for us over the years and he is a lot better then nothing even though we have Sanogo, Walcott and Podolski still to cover Giroud, not so bad when you say it like that.

  133. ProudGooner says:

    Indeed here here on all points

  134. Wengerball says:

    Agreed @PG on NB52…

  135. ProudGooner says:

    Right i suppose i should try to un-whined and relax for bed after a great day. Really looking forward to the 14th v Sunderland his debt should be great. When was the last time our dressing room got such a big lift over a signing while other big clubs have had that yearly its all so positive. I would say the last time may well be Dennis Bergkamp, i am not just saying that either.

  136. TotalArsenal says:

    JB – I know Prince for quite a while and would not ban him from the site easily. I guess he is simply asleep right now or maybe getting up. You two have got to take it easy with each other though…

  137. ProudGooner says:

    check out this, the first bit is cool, this guy has skill like Pele——————

  138. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice video PG 🙂

    Night all. 🙂

  139. ProudGooner says:

    Goodnight TA me 2 , the bubble gum bit i liked.

  140. James Bond says:

    Ah , I’m always easy especially when it comes to drama Queens , however , not sure why you’re telling me to take it easy ? I have never scooped to such low levels where I have trouble maintaining eye levels with anyone.

    Besides , the show must go on minus the tantrums !

    Now I say cheese and you capture this moment and put it on that statue for January ? 😀

  141. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey boys…Had to step out for the ending moments…Still, I’m a happy chappy. SQ in, check… Buzzing as much from the derby win as the big signing, but overall it’s been a fine 2 days… And, best of all, NO Rooney, who has to work it out with RvP and Moyes…Maybe he can get hairstyling advice from Fellaini… 😆

    Bond, not so quick with the statue… Where’s the 2nd record breaking signing you promised us?…
    Just kidding, of course, and it was plenty of fun (plus a bit of torture…) having you and your sauce pulling us hither and thither…In the end there was less movement of players than expected which makes signing Messy all the bigger of a coup…

    A couple of things…I gotta commend Liverpool on their work in the market. Keeping Suarez and adding Aspas, Sakho and Mingolet plus Kolo on a free–the latter being a piece of business we could have considered… I still think the backward step with Dalglish will continue to haunt them but they are top of the table and shouldn’t be taken too lightly. Everton did well too, Fellaini looked particularly poor for them at Cardiff this past weekend. That’s classic that United fans are tweeting thank god Fro rather than Ozil…

    HH, great work (as predicted…) with the article on Messy…I need to write my merengue friends to see what they think, but I believe we’ve really scored here. I feel that Ozil in means we (finally) may be able to control matches with possession again. We’ve proven we can defend a bit and play on the break and use Theo as a constant threat with pace and long balls. Now I think our through balls should really improve and MO11 will bring more players into the scoring ranks. I particularly think Santi will benefit and bulge the net more often. Those two plus Theo’s pace and Giroud’s better 1-2s (and quick left foot…) should make us able to break down teams playing for the nil-nil (bus parkers)…Finally, there’s still opportunity for Ox and Poldi when they return from injury…

    Anyhow, just a few thoughts… Overall, an exciting time to be a Gooner, and hopefully a respite from living and dying (and cursing the manager) with each result…and, most thankfully, the window is finally closed and we can move onto the footy.


  142. Dylan says:

    Fantastic post HH! I’m more excited than anyone!!!!! 😀 Absolutely over the moon and so glad I was optimistic the whole time! Wenger knew someone would be unsettled by Bale and it is his stroke of genius! In Wenger we trust! I was out when the news hit, but was informed immediately via a text from my Gooner mother! 😀
    And I’d like to point out, I called it first!
    …or not…
    But still, second! 😀

  143. Dylan says:

    Fantastic post HH! I’m more excited than anyone!!!!! Absolutely over the moon and so glad I was optimistic the whole time! Wenger knew someone would be unsettled by Bale and it is his stroke of genius! In Wenger we trust! I was out when the news hit, but was informed immediately via a text from my Gooner mother!
    And I’d like to point out, I called it first!

  144. Dylan says:

    Glic, better than Goetze and Isco, right??? 😉

  145. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Dylan…Those guys, even Glic, must be sleeping 😆

    I think Ozil is a proven and mature talent compared to the super-potential of Glic’s boing boys…
    Given a tight (aka small) and already united squad he can add that extra bit of excitement AND super quality which can take the club to the next level. Now we just need the support to fully get behind the team and the manager as if each match was a NLD…

    It was good that you were able to stay optimistic through all the ups and downs. I feel like I was moderately successful on this count, but it’s tough when so many are slagging off on the club and manager. That first match vs Villa didn’t help either…The level of torture was pretty extreme, but–esp. when you compare it to the work of the other clubs–it was maybe worth it. I still believe that results will be the true measure and that it will take quite a while to repair the broken faith that so many have felt. Time will tell and the other clubs have issues too, working their wantaways or offered but not sold players (Rooney, Suarez, Mata, etc.) back into the fold…Hopefully we can take advantage…

    Also, your optimism has been a nice

  146. henrychan says:

    Wake up in the morning.. with the sun shining bright.. hehe..

    Hi all..
    I have a very good sleep.. after yesterday winning.. and never ever dream for Ozil.. hehe.. but it certainly a dream come true.. for our club..
    Still surprised that We really spend big.. 42,5 millions pound.. wow..
    As we all know that Wenger won’t spend all the 70 + millions money.. I think he will sign 3 players for 45-50.. but he did more clever.. he bought 4 players for only 42,5 millions.. hehe.. cause the others were all for free..

    I believe Ozil will be success as Cazorla.. Giroud and Walcott will be the happiest man.. they will scores a lot..
    Just feel a little bid sorry for Rosicky.. but We can’t depend our Attack on Rosicky.. he is getting older and injury prone..
    I also hope Eisfeld.. Zelalem.. Gnabry can learn a lot from him..

    I think We will see Wilshere on the bench.. more often.. He will be the last choice for AM.. after Ozil.. Rosicky.. and Cazorla..
    And will he play as DM.. if Arteta back..?? Ramsey were at his peak. Flaminy also did great.. Diaby and Frimpong will also be his rivals..
    A bit rather strange.. no #10 in the squad.. hehe..

  147. Dylan says:

    Thanks 17HT. I actually bet my mom $100 a week ago that we’d sign a SQ player, so I’m thrilled for many reasons. 🙂 I’m buzzing at the thought of our possibilities, especially if we really are getting Bender and Fabregas next year. (Bender to replace Arteta, Cesc for Rosicky). 😉 Plus maybe a Benzema and/or Reus bonus and a defender of some kind to replace our aging players. 😉

  148. Dylan says:

    So who to remove from my fantasy team to put Ozil in??? 😉

  149. JM says:

    “2013 Mesut Ozil interviewed by kid (ENG SUB)”

  150. JM says:

    “Mesut Özil All History with real madrid (30 Goals & 72 Assist) 2010 ~ 2013”

  151. JM says:

    “MESUT ÖZIL | Goals, Skills, Assists | Real Madrid and Germany | 2012/2013 (HD)”

  152. AFC says:

    TA, I have put my post under ‘AFC Posts’ but it is awaiting moderation. Can you please use the post from the comment @ September 3, 2013 at 04:42 as that is the final draft. Thanks. 🙂

  153. johnnie nyc says:

    so much to be optimistic about. i dont know where to begin !
    first off– this fixes my biggest fear of the disappointment of our boys had we not made a splash in the market.. Jack, Koscielny, Cazorla, Podolski will all be excited to stay a part of our future program.
    This was THE statement of intent we were looking for.. so much to build on— our improving defense, our great finish to last season. the emergence of Ramsey. more rotation, rest for Jack, Rosicky, Arteta. —
    by the way, if getting a versatile quality player on a free, like Flamini, allowed us to save 15 mil to put towards a big fee for one of the best players in the world— instead of spending it on level C Gustavo or level B Cabaye– that turned out to be an amazing move and even saves some powder for a future top signing.. it couldnt have turned out better.. i think its a stroke of genius !

    and this will be the moment that other world class players look at us as serious contenders, and will be willing to consider us. there should be other great players joining in the future. what a difference it will make in recruiting.
    A legendary manager, strong financial footing (cash to spend), top facilities and fan base – young nucleus of talent – and of course, the pursuit of trophies..
    forget whatever negatives the media throw at us, we know the truth, as will the football world.
    the perception of Arsenal has just turned a corner.

  154. henrychan says:

    My friends in Indonesia have a new acronym..
    Godzilla = Giroud – Ozil – Cazorla..
    But I Prefer The Godzilla.. + Theo Walcott there.. hahahaha..

    Me myself have another acronym.. The GOALS = Theo Walcott – Giroud – Ozil – Aaron (Ramsey) – Lukas (Podolski) – Santi (Cazorla).. So we can make a lot of goals.. hehehe..

  155. Gerry says:

    HH – The right person, the right time … and I am referring to you 😀

    Yep, as Alcide said right at the top ‘ You have said it all’

    That still did not stop me reading all the other ecstatic comments, well AFC excepted?
    Come on AFC, get on board with the bigger picture? It is not about filling your basket with anything that is offered, it is about getting in the building blocks for the future. AW may not be perfect but he has stuck to that principle, even though it may have cost him his job and his legacy?

    Terry, take a bow also. You braved the wrath in your total support of Arsene in those final few days, and now you are rewarded 🙂

    So Mezut is our Man? That does sound so good 🙂 I will be all the happier when the interlull is over and we can count on a nearly fit squad to take us through to Christmas. Unlike after the first game, when we were barely out of the relegation zone ha ha, we are now starting in 4th place!
    I also think that NLD win probably played a good deal in MO’s mind too. I hate to think what would happen if both these things had gone down another path? Perhaps luck does favour the brave, and AFC, why the team we have got deserved to be supported to the hilt. Frustration should never be allowed to affect those on the pitch. I know we are still vulnerable to the injury gods, but with careful use of our young prodigies, we will be all the stronger in the long run. I will save my comments on that, as you are doing the next post on how Ozil will work in our strategy and formation?

    i think, combined with the NLD and the SQ signing, this weekend has been a big turning point in Arsenal’s future. So now we can relax and enjoy the ride

  156. Wengerball says:

    Just a query fellow Gooners, of the 29 players, if 25 is the strict UEFA CL players places available, who are the 4 players that would miss out on the final list to be submitted to UEFA…
    I’m probably thinking Chu-Young Park is one of them… 😉



    Fine post Harmonious

    i share your excitement about Ozil, The guy is simply a world class player.

    It would have been nice if he could have also bagged a top striker, but ones thing for sure, in future transfer windows we will be on the hunt.

    So what does this last few weeks tell us?

    Well, for me personally some very important questions have been answered.

    Firstly, the Club, namely Mr Kronke, is not some kind of crook who is hell bent on hoarding cash.

    Secondly, Arsene is not afraid to go big if the right player becomes available.

    Thirdly, looks like Gazidis and Law are not so incompetent after all, surprise, surprise.

    But the biggest lesson is this. Arsene and the club will not sacrifice there vision of building a team primarily from “within” and only adding when necessary.

    We are at a crossroads, and its going to take some time. the aim is to develop a side with enough quality to take on our rivals with the extra special ingredient of “grown together spirit” which hopefully will give us the edge.

    Its not easy, but its a commendable approach. One that preserves Arsenals special identity and class, but produces a team capable of winning the big prizes.

    I would advise caution. there is still a long way to go before we can take on and beat the best, but with time, we will get there..

  158. VCC says:

    Well I was wrong about Arsene spending large amounts of money. Fantastic purchase of a SQ player.

    That gives us a formidable triangle of =


    Santi Ozil Walcott.

    A foursome that will cause many top flight teams plenty of trouble.

    I only hope we have enough fat in the system to sustain a committed onslaught for the Premiership and FA Cup.

    Hats off to Mr. Wenger.

  159. henrychan says:

    VCC.. the traingle name is The Godzilla.. hehehe..

  160. jgc says:

    And TA, you have some unsolicited email… jgc

  161. oz gunner says:

    Absolutely brilliant HH, top post.

    I’m over the bloody moon!!!!!

    I hoped, prayed, fingers crossed….everything that we would sign him up from Werder Bremen (especially after that World Cup performance). But never in a million years did I think we’d sign him while he was at Real Madrid BEFORE he hit his prime. Arsene raved about him back then (Benzema like raving) and I’m glad he got his man in the end.

    The team must be buzzing at the moment. As others have mentioned, it’ll really bring out the best from others. Santi and Jack won’t get targeted as much and a bit of pressure will be lifted off of them.

    Best of all: “I love everything Arsenal, including Giroud and Ramsey. All I needed was my Ozil!!!”

    Yep I’ve written it in my diary to use against you should the moment arise haha

    Cheers again HH

  162. oz gunner says:

    @ GLIC

    I think Ozil just broke the boing chart!!!

  163. alexgunners says:


    How are you mate?
    Where do you even find a gif like that????

    It is a big BOING

  164. oz gunner says:

    I’m stoked Alex, only disappointing thing is the international break. I’m salivating over the prospect of seeing:

    Ramsey – Flamini
    Theo -Giroud-Santi

    How are you?

    haha came across it on a Aussie rules blog I write on. The site shows gifs and pics so when something unreal happens it’s very apt.

    I could also go with…Flamini and Ozil at Arsenal….(sorry about the title but it’s a harmless gif)

  165. henrychan says:

    Guys.. A very interesting new..

    Spurs also look after Ba.. hahahaha.. LOL..
    After spending thier money for 110 millions and they still need a striker on loan..?? hahahaha..

  166. alexgunners says:


    I am very well, even better after pulling off a deal for Ozil.
    Shame we couldnt get Demba Ba as well. Purely as a back up for OG as it is a very long season. I demanded a lot, i will be the first one to admit but Ozil is one helluva capture for our club.

    The international break is disappointing for me as well.
    I hate weeks without The Arsenal.

    I do look forward to seeing the team gel together and see some Wengerball.

    How is the PhD going so far?

  167. henrychan says:

    Guys.. If you’re already have an Ozil’s song.. please let me know.. also Santi song as well.. thanks..

  168. alexgunners says:


    Great point. 110 mil and you rely on a bid for striker on loan

    Was this a sign of panic by AVB?? Let’s just say it is

  169. oz gunner says:

    Glad all is well. Agreed, I’d like to have seen Ba. Giroud is durable but if he goes down we are in a bit of strife (especially with no Pod). Ba is a handful when on song (we know full well).

    Agreed, wengerball here we come!!!

  170. henrychan says:

    Yes AlexG.. it is..
    AVB realised it after the losed game at Emirates.. hahaha..
    And the didn’t have money left to buy another striker.. hehehe..
    3 games.. 2 goal.. all by penalty.. hahaha.. LOL..

  171. alexgunners says:

    The first penalty for them in the first game was not a penalty either.
    No goals yet from open play.

    It’s just so much fun to give it to the spuds

  172. alexgunners says:

    Gotta Love the POD



  173. henrychan says:

    AlexG, ohya.. maybe.. I don’t know about that..
    Never watch them playing.. cause no TV station rely them lives.. hahaha..
    Except the game again us.. last weekend..

    As I said before.. I love my new TV station who win the PL right..
    They always put Arsenal lives.. also in CL..
    And they didn’t even play the MU vs Chelsea lives.. hahahaha..

  174. jgc says:


    My brief take overall..

    Winners: Arsenal a clear #1, and Everton did some very good business with very limited resources for a good #2. I think the Toffees are much stronger for the effort

    No blood: The City and Chelsea folks. Spent some and can afford it but not hugely stronger or different

    Losers: Two clear ones for me.

    Runner-Up: Spurs, sold one big one like Everton (but 4x more) and bought and bought and bought. But, while they will be far better I am not sure it will be hugely. The overall team will be stronger but not as much, IMO, as Arsenal, and not for some time. Something about always in our …

    Bottom: A careful distinguishment here. Moyes, is the biggest loser this TW. Not ManU. ManU are still quite strong. Kept Nani, Shrek and the team together. Got Fellaini. Yes, maybe not perfect but not weaker and far from weak as a club anyway. So, ManU dont lose (they dont win either, kinda like the no blood category above), but, Moyes, he loses, especially with the fans

    Just my quick 2p after getting over my enthusiasm

    cheers — jgc

  175. alexgunners says:

    You are in Indonesia?

  176. jgc says:

    PS: Equally for what it’s worth

    I am now very hopeful that Bale does really well at RM. Then there is little backlash for them selling to us, they may overtake Barca (also not bad if it convinces Cesc to leave.. 🙂 ), and will really piss off Spurs fans that he didnt flop like Modric..

    cheers — jgc

  177. Gerry says:

    Alex – The bad news is Poldi looks like being out until Christmas?

  178. henrychan says:

    Yes bro.. I am Indonesian..
    In my country every league are there.. free.. hehehe..
    We have 20 some TV station.. hahaha..

  179. alexgunners says:


    It is bad news in that regard.Pod to remain injury free for the rest of the season when he returns (fingers crossed)

    The Arsenal has a huge following in Indonesia. I met a few of the supporters last year in Hong Kong.
    I am glad that you get to watch all the games live now.


  180. Dylan says:

    Agreed jgc! Imagine this midfield!
    Wilshere, Cesc

  181. jgc says:

    Dylan, Gerry, TA et al,

    Dylan: wrote an unsolicited post to TA – an optimists view on the TW, which I think was absolutely perfect with soe thought (more later if he publishes it!)….

    Gerry: per above also, I think we can more than survive it and let him recover to come back slowly in Deceber and January.

    The very short crux of it tho is that we have many midfield combinations to show and with Ozil and Santi so many ways to make chances that we can survive this. Equally, if you have too many you end up a bit where RM was with Ozil in that you cant keep them all happy enough. Finally, yes, with Ox gone similarly it wont help but we will can easily survive until then even deputising Gibbs.. if needed

    cheers — jgc

  182. Gerry says:

    When somebody does the ‘How MO changes our options’ blog, I will keep my thoughts on that, and who might step up, until then.

    In the meantime, let us hope we have a fitter squad after this international break? I do not think we are going to have to worry too much about the striker absence, as much as one would have been nice.

    I do worry that if they don’t get Sagna signed up soon, come January he will be free to talk to other clubs. If AW are willing to let him go I think it is a big mistake, even in they have got their eye on a younger replacement? His versatility on the bench is surely worth another couple of years. Look at Barca, they are sticking with Puyol, and he’s 37?

    I still cannot believe that some sites(Give Me Sport) are portraying our transfer dealings in such a negative way? ‘ … papering over the cracks’? Good heavens, I think Ozil is more than polyfilla?

    The proof will be in how the team can cope with such a dynamic player, but it opens up so many options as long as he can stay fit. Indeed, if it is true that Nicky B sees the light, and puts his ego to one side, that in itself would be a sign he has at last ‘grown up’, then he too, could have a future here. I just hope the fans give him a second chance?

    We do have the Russian TW still open, but only for them to bring in players. And I think I am right, loans to the lower divisions are still available for the likes of Hayden, and one or two others?

    Still plenty of things to look forward to before our next game. Keep the faith!

  183. James Bond says:

    2nd record breaking signing ? hmmmm does Arsene Wenger contract extension count @ 17HT 😉 we will get there in 3 months or so – things are looking up, things are in place – wheels are in motion.

    interesting comments in particular by JGC.

    i reckon Liverpool have done fantastically well and they are strong contenders for the 4th spot now or even higher, it’s difficult to find any area of weakness there, they are certainly building a team for the future and if i was a Spuds fan (thank god i’m not) – i would be very very concerned and even if i was a Man utd fan (yep, i’m writing them off).

    great article @ HH , especially that video , it never seizes to amaze me and give me a chuckle – that Jose bit in particular ahahahahahah

    thanks for sharing the videos @ JM

  184. Gerry says:

    Sorry jgc, our last two post crossed. Agree, nobody better to do a positive TW post than young D himself.
    How about it TA?

  185. James Bond says:

    Godzilla , i likes @ Henrychan

    oh and we all take a bow to you @ Dylan – you called it after the new kid on the block Zelalem

    quick question though, has he chosen German (Zelalem) or USA ?

    we have a very strong set of German players, Spanish Players and British players, can only benefit England in the longer run – The FA should be grateful to us.


    Great stuff as usual Gerry

    This has to be a chance for Bentdner to give it another go. The guy has loads of ability and can contribute. He should get his head down and show Arsene he’s up for it

    Some people are never satisfied. its always more more, and usually for free. This mentality does not sit well with me, not because of its greed or lust, just simply it is not logical or thought out.

    Arsenal are not a City or a Chelsea. The aim is to build a team from within and use available resources to bring in the right ingredients.

    This takes time and patience, there will be plenty of hiccups on the way.

  187. Gerry says:

    Sir James, if I may now call you that : ;), please do not reveal any of the names you were privvy to, unless they are already out there? I want January to be just a little less frenzied than this window.
    Thanks 😀

  188. Gerry says:

    TMHT – 😀

  189. AFC says:

    Gerry, I was reading an article on give me sport which said that we made bids for Rooney and Benteke but were told they were not for sale.

  190. jgc says:


    Actually, I wrote it, but channelled my inner, much younger self, so does that count as Dylan?? I sent it onto TA this a.m. EU time, but he is perhaps ignoring me, working or “spending time with family” rather than the “far more important things” we disucss here (quotes to indicate sarcasm 🙂 )

    cheers — jgc

  191. AFC says:

    Anyone know why Frimpong is still at Arsenal? Surely we could have loaned him out?

  192. James Bond says:

    not at liberty to do that anyway @ Gerry, not unless they leave their present clubs anyway – but hey January is going to be a cracker and much less stressful 😀 we gotta keep ourselves right up there though and in the hunt – what is it ? about 9-11 weeks , if you take out the international break ?not far….


    we can still loan out our players to championship sides, no ?

  193. jgc says:


    Injury? I believe he is not fully recovered. Thus, says my limited memory..

    — jgc

  194. James Bond says:

    and TA is back to his normal and usual self – the back ground colour contrast is getting a bit more pleasant and easy on the eye !

  195. AFC says:

    Thanks, JGC and JB. I can see Frimpong and Park going. I think we should just use them in early cup matches.

    I will give you my thoughts on Bendtner later when my post comes out.

  196. jgc says:

    For those that want to read more this was funny and almost balanced at the same time


    cheers — jgc

  197. Dylan says:

    I’m just happy that Arsenal have finally turned the corner in everyone’s eyes. If we really can bring back Cesc, I’d say our midfield would be one to challenge even Barca! 😉 Long term here’s what we really need:
    RB (to replace Sagna. Maybe we can get Richards in January? Or a Wenger gem? Gamez?)
    3 or 4 young CBs! It seems absurd, but we really need some young blood because our CBs are all so old that they will retire around the same age. Maybe Miquel can help that, and some of our other youth players. But I’d still like a fairly proven, younger one. (Again, Richards? 😉 )
    2x DM/CM (to replace Arteta and Flamini Sounds like there is a chance of us bringing in Lars Bender either next summer or January. So that could work and then maybe Cesc as a box to box and Rambo or Jack slides back to DM).
    2x AM (to replace Rosicky and longer term, Santi. Some would count Cesc here, but I think our answer is really from within. Zelalem and Crowley, and maybe even Ox, they will replace Rosicky. And then the man I see as a young Santi, Draxler. He can replace him.)
    3x wingers (2 to replace Poldi and Ox if he moves to AM. 1 for depth. I’d say Draxler, El Sharaawy, Di Maria, and Muniain.)
    ST (for depth. Suarez to Madrid, unsettling Benzema, get it done! That’d do it for me. Other options: Benteke, El Sharaawy can play through the middle, and our own young players could shine, Sanogo/Akpom.)
    So in reality, here’s what we need to take care of in January: Striker and winger. We have plenty of high quality options in El Sharaawy, Benzema, Di Maria, Draxler, and Muniain, with Cesc being a bonus. And now those targets are realistic because the club has shown huge ambition and that they are ready to spend big to bring in trophies.

  198. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi guys 🙂

    Site is back to positive again. The signing of Flamini, back up gk and the other fellow – what is his name again 😀 – are big steps in the right direction, so time to give the green light to the management and team, and fully focus on the season now.

    Could and should things have been done differently? Definitely, but I am sure lessons will be learned again.The team has strengthened in the three key areas I and others have identified for god knows how long. We have our back up GK, who sounds promising, we have our DM (steel) and our AM/nr.10 (flair and finish), so the team is now much stronger.

  199. jgc says:

    Dylan, TA et al,

    Dylan: agreed, we aint done but I think we can do those not quite at leisure but with a plan. More like Maureen did this year, frankly. I.e. we can be more in the drivers seat and choosy

    TA: I think the TW is a weird thing, and one perhaps difficult to learn lessons from. If, like Arsenal, you need a lot and want SQ or near, you sometimes have to wait until other things fall into place. Early in the TW we could have had jovetic, but not Ozil. I, and if I recollect, you would have been happy to start there (and 17M better off?). As I have said before, the TW is heavily predicated to waiting for the best deals to happen.

    I think in some ways Spurs did well, despite my rating, for example. They knew Bale would go and bought as early as possible. Imagine if RM had walked away. Bale would be there and they would be great, but have so much debt after the necessary firesale they mmight not have survived. Thus, they pulld off the +100, -100 (roughly) game pretty well. Whether the choices were good or not remains to be seen, but in managing a difficult transaction period they did well I think.

    for us, for what we wanted, broadly speaking, those players basically never seem to go early. Again, waiting pays everyone better it seems, on the sellers end anyway! 🙂 … So, I suspect we tried but were doomed to it, despite some herioic efforts.

    If anything, I am hopeful we can be more in charge next time as it is clear to me that when you arent, you suffer most…

    And welcome back online! 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  200. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers jgc 🙂

    I am sure we could not have gotten Ozil earlier, unless we had paid a huge amount for him – like 60m+ and we were able to cope without this signing until now. But Flamini should have been signed at least a month ago, and I don’t see why we had to wait till the last day for a back-up gk.

    It also looks we lost out on getting that additional striker, and unless we were fishing for a SQ one who was similarly hard to get as Ozil, it looks like the club should have done better. One injury to Giroud and we are very likely to suffer now. But all in all there are plenty of positives and it is time to accept things as they are and get excited about the team and our prospects. 🙂

  201. jgc says:


    Actually, I disagree somewhat. We could have gotten an adequate striker but they are all quite tied up and very few moved this year really. By few, I mean of SQ or nearer than not to SQ level. In a WC year to come very few want to move unless they know they will start… And unless they were SQ or near, they wouldnt necessarily start, so why leave a situation you know?

    Flamini, I think it was in the bag awhile back but done as needed. Or perhaps Flamini was seeing what his other options were? As were Arsenal.

    Per what I wrote for you via email, I think, yes, we could use a ST but might also get one at January for filler. Equally, we have Theo and perhaps the Pod (whose injury is now perhaps longer, sigh) to fill there.

    So, I am less upset about it. Better to get the 1 gamechanger than several might bes in this instance. Yes, we are still thin, but a dominant midfield (hell, 4-6-0 if need be) can still do… Very worst case, Id stick Cazorla in the 1 as hes good at feet and a good shot / poacher. In real real real desperation knowing that anything in the air was hopeless 🙂

    Just hum that Monty Python song a little! 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  202. TotalArsenal says:

    jgc – it can all be explained away, as it simply depends on the perspective one takes. I have almost always taken a glass half full approach – like you continue to do – and there are hundreds of posts to back this up, but something has broken over the summer and it will not easily repair itself.

    We are only thin up-front now and maybe at CB, but at least we have four very good CBs.

  203. TotalArsenal says:

    We have two posts lined up. Firstly, AFC’s which I will issue tonight and then jgc which will come out tomorrow evening 🙂

  204. AFC says:

    TA, in January there might be a top DM or ST available. I would also go in for a young versatile defender. Then next summer we are only looking for that one big player.

    CB- Papadopoulos
    DM- L.Bender
    ST- ? Not sure who will be available in the near future.

    I really feel we missed out on Sakho. 😦

  205. AFC says:

    Those would be very good options.

  206. 17highburyterrace says:

    Morning boys…and really good to see TA give the club the green light, sort of, at least… I was worried when even our normally fearless leader was getting fed up… Also, good to see PPP around with some duct tape (called cinta americana–American Tape–in Spain, haha…) to fix those kit numbers… “Can’t we all just get along,” said Rodney King during the Los Angeles Riots… 😆

    Plenty of good comments about our longer term needs etc. but I think looking at the current picture is (very) important. I’m still struck, overall, by the lack of movement in the marketplace…

    There was, of course, some…In Spain, Neymar (early) for Barca and Isco/Illaramendi plus Bale (late) is interesting stuff. Both “Superclubs” are still reeling a bit from last year’s CL semi losses to the Germans (who continue to look imposing…) The bottom 18, of course, lost ground–the two MFs to Madrid and strong players (Negredo, Navas) to Man City. Even Soldado to Totts is a little sad, but Falcao to Monaco is a lot sadder. David Villa plus 60 million Euros is probably not the worst exchange for Madrid’s 2nd team, however…Crazy, in the end, that players like Khedira or Herrara couldn’t be arranged for ManU, not to mention their efforts at a certain Barca AM…

    Like I said (above), now its all about English clubs working in their wantaways. Pool, if Suarez contributes, are suddenly solid and have added significantly. In the list of their acquisitions I forgot to mention Victor Moses. Add him (in on loan) to Mingolet, Sakho, Kolo and Aspas and it’s a bit of a team they’ve got. Lukaku at Everton (plus McCarthy–best FK in the league?) and the Merseyside teams are back in business. Writing off United seems premature. If RvP, Rooney and Nani work it out and Moyes gets Kagawa, Fellani and Valencia playing they could be a machine. English players Welbeck, Carrick, Cleverly, Giggs and Young should suffer but are still solid enough to contribute and allow United to compete on multiple fronts. It’s up to Moyes to create a “team” out of these players after (more or less) failing in the window. Chelsea, likewise has plenty of talent and Mourinho, who only subtracted at the deadline, has the same issue: figuring out how to mold (mould?) a big group into a real team. The same goes, of course, for Pellegrini at City…AVB at Totts maybe, with the result on Sunday and Bale official, has the biggest mountain to climb…

    And this is where, maybe, we have a nose ahead. Wenger has shown faith in the current core of our boys and in Ozil, the SQ player coming in. (His statements are VERY exciting reading…) We’re still low on numbers but it serves to tell every Arsenal player that the manager believes in them. Flamini and Sagna represent our (versatile) solutions at the back and they must stay healthy. A contract for the latter would be my next move. Get dat ting signed and then one for the manager himself and you could count me as truly satisfied with our Summer business. The transfer deadline has passed but Autumn doesn’t begin until 21 September…

    Sorry for the long post 😆 which says nothing nobody doesn’t already know, I guess I’m just starting to (really) look forward with some genuine excitement. Our next match (at Sunderland) in 11 days can’t come soon enough…Fingers crossed nobody gets hurt during the break…


  207. Dylan says:

    Khedira says Ozil is a dear friend and he’s sad to see him go. Khedira and Bender to eventually replace Arteta and Flamini? Huh, huh? German core. 😉

  208. James Bond says:

    50 million euros for a decent corner taker ? = Priceless

    expect plenty more goals from set pieces, in particular corners from the left flank.

  209. 17highburyterrace says:

    Again, sorry for the long post…Maybe I’m just trying to show how freaking competitive things are gonna be–starting right now–with Arsenal (and other clubs…) truly in the mix…

    Also, I’m very intrigued by TA’s statement about something (faith, maybe, between the club and its supporters?) being broken over the TW…

    Overall, I’m still chuffed and I feel we’ve got a very sly and opportunistic manager at the helm even if he took us (and his business…) right to the edge of everyone’s sanity. In the end, for all the ups and downs, it’s results that will count and I think we’ve got a squad,even though it’s still awfully thin, with enough spirit and excitement in it, which (maybe) can deliver…

  210. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – you could be right. I would like to park the purchases of new players for a while now and focus on what we have got. Maybe one of the young attackers starts breaking through over the next few months….

  211. AFC says:

    17ht, the problem with United is that their midfield is pretty poor. Carrick is ageing, Fletcher is out because of illness, Nani is poor, Young is poor, Kagawa is not used for some strange reason, 40 year old Giggs is starting matches, Zaha not ready yet, do not know what is going on and as with many United fans I cannot see what Cleverly brings to the team or what his actual role is. I think Moyes might actually have to start rebuilding the midfield at United.

  212. James Bond says:

    why sorry @ 17HT – what the avatar you have, no need to be apologetic over comments which are very sensible and right on the money.

    let us take care of our present and that in return sorts out our future – moral of the story – we got paid half the price of Bale for twice the player.

  213. AFC says:

    TA, agreed however if another SQ player like Ozil comes along we should snap him up. 😆 😉

  214. James Bond says:


  215. TotalArsenal says:

    JB – Theo corners are very, very good, no?

  216. AFC says:

    * do not know what is going on with Anderson.

  217. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes AFC – the more the merrier 🙂

  218. jgc says:


    good points. I would add that the early moves were likely largely done ahead of time or in Neymar’s case for such a large boatload of money that it didnt matter.

    As I have said, I dont think the TW is one that can be gamed. It requires to many assumptions and has too many “players”. Specifically:

    1. The player has to want it (really)

    2. The team has to want to sell to that specific other team at a given price versus what might be around the corner from another team

    3. the the buying team has to want that player over all other **POSSIBLE** options and costs.

    Thus, unless you really have an opportunity cost to selling quickly (money to buy) there is no reason for the seller, or the player who may end up beig worth more (thus his agents make money, his “stock” rises) to go early.

    For the player, going early is only a sign that you got all you felt you wanted (Isco, Neymar, and perhaps Illamarendi and Jovetic) in terms of team and step up/over etc.

    Clubs only benefit when they are far further down the ladder (Neymar in Brazil) or desperate for some other reason (Malaga). They then benefit from immediate effect.

    Thus, selling a very good or SQ player earlier only hurts you unless, IMO, you meet those conditions. Thus, I cannnot explain Firoentina’s sale of Jovetic. Seems clear that if theyd waited they would have doubled their money or nearly so (despite what he may actualy be worth).

    Add in external factors like an upcoming WC so that players will have more risk if they dont gel or play as much (unless they are Messi and a few others), and you have a recipe for this years hesitancy, which suspect is one driver behind prices. It simply took that much more to prise all the parties apart.

    Add in further, that you have “asymmetric” information. I know your release clause as owner but not outsiders. I know your salary and taxes, but not outsiders. These all change risk and potential reward. How do you know who you can afford or ask for, really? Very hard and the after effect seen at ManU it seems, leaving everyone a bit redfaced there and with Hernandes (was it?).

    finally, toss in a third party owner and you dont even know who to talk to or who really gets teh final say…

    Thus, is my analysis of the dynamics of a very weird system and market really. Ie it’s a crap shoot, we went in more in need than not, and thus in a weaker position, and came out well ahead. Amen!

    cheers — jgc

  219. James Bond says:

    they are decent but not as consistent or good as Ozil’s i reckon.

    Ozil can drift them in from the right corner

    Theo can curl them in from left.


  220. TotalArsenal says:

    17HT – it is personal rather than a fans vs club thing. I will write a post about it in the next few months, or maybe not. It is to do with failing to pounce on a strategic position of strength, and I am no longer prepared to give the club or Wenger the benefit of the doubt. But that is for another time as the show must go on.

  221. jgc says:


    Well you know my feelings about what we have and they will be up in two evenings… 🙂

    Sorry to hear something broke… what I wrote above was my attempt to add clarity in about 10,000 words to help that.. I.e. I dont think its something you can manage unlesss you happen not to need it..

    So, in short, it;s like cocaine. If you dont need it, it’s easy to manage. If you do need it, it owns you far more than you own it…

    thus endeth my advice for the ill soul… jgc

  222. 17highburyterrace says:

    Moyes tried to buy in MF and failed–The story of the Hererra bid sounds straight up Dickie Law in Costa Rica, spending a week on Campbell…

    Fellaini at 27 million pounds, if you watched him play down in Cardiff on the weekend, is outrageous…Helpful at set pieces, I guess… I rate Cleverly higher than many folks, I guess–The English Ramsey, in my (rolly) eyes maybe. Moyes will have to get a few of the players he’s got back to their best and working together…If he can, however, they’ll be fine…

    But that’s the thing about us–we’re ALREADY working together. It’s not necessarily been pretty but we got the job done in the run in and in the CL qualifiers and at Fulham and Sunday in the Derby. Now, with Messy, there’s a real chance to add without having to subtract. I like it…

    The broken faith, if that’s the issue, Total, I think, is a real thing which only results–over time–can heal…

    Still, a corner (maybe) has been turned, no?

  223. jgc says:

    Or even more shortly as I read to catch up… I dont think we actually had that position of strength as only one of three parties… Not all of it..

    In implying it, I do think Gadzidis was, umm, naive(?) or a word beginnning with stupid preceded by a word that has a lot in common with “firetrucking” ..

    — jgc

  224. ProudGooner says:

    I am really looking forward to watching Podolski and Ozil linking up together for Arsenal. I think Podolski will score loads more goals with the service Ozil gives him. Giroud will do very well to and finally Theo , well doubt Ozil has ever played with such a fast player once he get his Theo timing right with Ozil service he could be deadly 🙂

  225. TotalArsenal says:

    Very fine comments, 17. Unlike you, I really rate Fellaini and I reckon he will be a force at MU. However, IF the Flame is fully fit he will be such a great addition to the team, and I will tip him to be seen as one of the best summer signings in the PL by the end of the season. He will make as much difference as Ozil, if not more.

  226. James Bond says:

    that is it @ PG

    that’s the thing about World class players, they make good players around them look “World class”.

    he will help everyone around him step up a plate and maybe raise their game to the next level – something we have missed since Cesc days.

    Santi has been more comfortable as the wider man – he was never going to be the Cesc replacemet – Ozil on the other hand, is.

    was it Jose.M who said : Ozil is the best no.10 in the world ? if so , not many would disagree.

  227. AFC says:

    United’s loan bid for Coentrao has failed according to the BBC. 😀

    I will come back to you 17ht with a reply later on.

  228. James Bond says:

    wow @ TA 🙂

    that’s a big big call – one that makes a lot of sense though !!!

    it’s like AW said “i’m sorry that Flam’s didn’t cost 25 million”.

  229. TotalArsenal says:

    He is a leader, JB. I will write a post about what he will bring to our team and why he could make a great difference this season in the next week or so. 🙂

  230. James Bond says:

    really looking forward to that one @ TA !

    and all of you already know my views re- Fellaini – i rate him highly .

    however, not sure, how you can go on from bidding from Cesc to Fellaini –

    i would be very worried if i was a man utd supporter, although they lost Scholes but they don’t have to worry about the lack of yellow cards through his absence, in Fellaini they have someone equally capable and more in that department.


  231. James Bond says:

    Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner issues a statement through his management company saying he was ‘very disappointed’ not to leave the club during the summer transfer window. But the 25-year-old Denmark international says he has had positive talks with Arsene Wenger and is looking forward to helping the club challenge for silverware.

    “An agreement had been reached with more than one club this week but as Arsenal were unable to secure the services of another striker, they reserved their right to not sanction any deal to be concluded,” reads the statement.

    “Naturally, I was very disappointed as I was looking forward to a new challenge, with a new club and a fresh start in English football.

    “I still feel very strongly about Arsenal Football Club and following positive talks with the Manager, I am looking forward to working hard to regain full fitness and doing my very best to help to the team and the Manager fulfil our objectives and ambitions this season.”

  232. TotalArsenal says:

    It is all about where you play Fellaini. Clearly he is no Fabregas or Ozil, or Scholes, but you can see him and Arteta or him and Flamini making a very fine double-DM pivot at Arsenal. However, I really rather have Matthieu than Fellaini – I just did not think Wenger would go for him again, given the way his departure went….

  233. James Bond says:

    who can see bendtener play vs West Brom ( in the capital one cup ?

  234. TotalArsenal says:

    A good statement and a motivated and focussed Bendtner will be of value to us.

  235. James Bond says:

    very much so and it further strengthens the focal point of my argument yesterday.

    Club is King – shame we didn’t do the same with the Gervinho deal though.

  236. 17highburyterrace says:

    JGC…I think your analysis of the TW dynamics is spot on which makes the early statements from Ivan all the more puzzling…In the end you have to think that he and AW weren’t on the same page and that he was trying to light a fire under the manager’s ass…Still, given our lack of real power (beyond our cash…) everything, esp. a deal for Suarez, was gonna go to the wire…except maybe for Higuain–the deal we probably should have taken. I think the plan was for that deal to happen allowing all the other depth signings to flow from there…In the end, I think Ozil is the superior acquisition though I wonder if we couldn’t have gotten Gonzo AND Ozil. Hopefully we get past Napoli in our CL group to reaffirm that we got the correct Blanco…

    Spilled (Spilt?) milk at this point…thank freaking god…

    Hey, I agree about Fellaini, he just looked very poor in his final Everton match and there will be pressure on him to hit the ground running at United. Luckily, like you say, Total, Cleverly shouldn’t be too hard to outperform…If Moyes can get 2 of Valencia, Young and Nani playing well (and Rooney and RvP onto the same page) they’ll be fine…Too early to write them off, sorry Bond…

    Also, I agree about Flamini–What a signing (or “find”), even if the price doesn’t impress the folks who believe that price = value. “Spend some money,” IMO, is stupid. “Improve the team” makes sense…And the two are not always one and the same…


  237. James Bond says:

    that’s fair enough @ 17HT.

    can we have a article/post on predictions for the season ? top 4, bottom 3 – e.t.c e.t.c

    will be jolly good , re-visiting all the predictions at the end of the season ? plus a bit of fun during the internationals .

    any takers ?

  238. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bendy playing for us again is crazy but interesting. A talent who never applied himself and got far too distracted by crazy self-delusion. Next to Giroud and Sanogo (rather than RvP) he might look pretty good…

    Given injuries to Lu-lu and the Ox, we ARE missing Gervinho. I fear that being a French speaking black guy confronted with the difficulties of some long-standing English elements (I’m talking racism and nationalism here) were too much. Joey Barton grabbing him and inducing a mild reaction and (successfully) playing the victim in his FIRST match…plus the hostilities of the ticket buying (“highest prices in Europe”…) support–No “Hey Gerv” song for him–proved his final undoing. Or maybe it was his misguided hair-loss strategy 😆 Still, a real talent (I think) thwarted by circumstance as much as his own failings, though I doubt that black, Francophones are treated much better in Rome…

    Bond, that’s rich, you asking for a post on a specific topic… 😉 Maybe you need an alter ego–somebody named “Bond’s Sauce” for example… Perhaps that guy would answer objections (or otherwise “take the heat”) if folks don’t like what he writes… 😆

  239. James Bond says:

    all for fun and banter, why not ? plus the title should get a lot of non-Arsenal folks visiting the site with their predictions as well – they will see , some of us make surprising predictions and voila, more hits, more discussions e.t.c e.t.c

    ah, i’m not planning on getting rid of my inside man anytime soon in the future, as the next 2 transfer windows will get us where we have wanted to be from a very very long time – but rest assured, i’ve already badgered him plenty this summer – hence, i’ll let him breathe a little until december at least- yep, that’s me putting all the transfer future talk and speculation on the back burner ahahahahhaahahaahahahha

  240. Gerry says:

    JB – I kept silent over names for fear of thwarting any in the TW, I am not going to fall for that one again. 🙂

  241. James Bond says:

    and rightfully so @ Gerry 🙂

  242. James Bond says:

    New Arsenal signing Mesut Ozil says the influence of Gunners boss Arsene Wenger was the key reason behind his move to the Premier League club.

    “I’m really looking forward to it because I have the faith of the coach,” the Germany midfielder tells DFB TV in an interview which has been published on Arsenal’ official website. “I had spoken to him at length on the telephone and he explained his plans and that he has faith in me and that is what I need as a player.

    “I’m also looking forward to being on the same team as [Germany team-mates] Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker. I’m looking forward to the new challenge there.”

    More from new Arsenal signing Mesut Ozil on his move to Emirates Stadium: “Arsene Wenger will give me the trust to help me develop further. I want to be completely fit for the World Cup. I know what I can do and what potential I have. I could have established myself at any club. I know that because I’m convinced of my own ability.

    “At Arsenal, I can feel that there is trust. I’m looking forward to the challenge. I will develop under my new manager and I’m looking forward to [playing in] the Premier League too. Wenger gives me the faith and I can develop further.

  243. Gerry says:

    On the Nicky B thoughts, even though I doubt if his fitness would be up to more than a few minutes for W. Brom game, I could see him and Mezut hitting it off quite well. The statement, through his management team is probably just testing the water for fan response? But just maybe, his WC place is making him, and his management team, get their act together. Like I said earlier, he has to ‘grow up’ and be responsible, rather than be ego driven? Although I am sure much of that has been blown up by the media anyway?

  244. AFC says:

    17ht, United really made a mess of the their TW on my opinion. They needed a top quality midfielder and maybe another midfielder and they only got Fellaini. A lot of United fans didn’t want him joining United and some fans were happy for him to join. I think a lot of the fans were expecting a De Rossi or a Gungodan or even a Khedira. A bid was made for Khedira (£35 million I think but Real wanted more money), they couldn’t complete the deal for the Bilbao midfielder because of tax issues and couldn’t get Fabregas.

    I don’t know why Moyes wanted another LB when they had the very experienced LB.

    I’m just not convinced Fellaini can hack it at a big club. Lucky he only has Cleverly and Giggs as his main competition. I would compare Cleverly to Henderson and not Ramsey.

    The good thing about us is that we got rid of most of our deadwood along whereas the likes of United and Chelsea still have some deadwood.

    City, Spurs and United to some extent are going through a transitional period but we will not. Not much disruption in terms of players coming into the squad. Ozil is a step in the right direction and before next season if Wenger can add a top ST, top DM and a young versatile defender we will become title contenders.

  245. The best thing, I think, is that it’s over…

    Or is it? The one thing that lingers is that Pool spent the Suarez money but still have him (not to mention 9 points out of 9)–A January blockbuster for the best non-CL tied player in the world?…Or, if they can keep it going maybe they can keep it going?…

    Bond? Bond’s Sauce? Others?…

    AFC–haha…I think you and I had troubles last Spring discussing United’s midfield… 😉 They’ve got plenty of good players, even if they’re not particularly typical, ball controlling, MFs. As plenty of English clubs (including us, last Spring) have shown, you can bypass your MF entirely if your keeper can kick the ball… 😆

    A final thought…Does the ineptitude of other clubs in the TW make our own failings feel better? Frankly I doubt it, and it all (still) comes down to results. If they (any and all clubs…) beat us they did better in the window(s). If we beat them, then maybe things (for the moment) are OK.

    What I’m really saying is that expectations in many ways creates reality… The club should help us manage ours, but in the end it’s up to the individual…

    On that note…Gotta run (while there’s a break in the smoke…) 😀

  246. jgc says:

    HT, TA, JB et al

    TA and JB: I think Fellaini is very good for the D in DM role and other aspects. How good perhaps remains to be seen with his new, better supporting cast. Will he be Yaya or Ya-who? I agree with TA about Flamini, and fear more for an injury to him than Giroud, frankly. We’ve needed Presence! And he brings it, and Fellaini might.

    Per what you will see soon is that Fellaini for 25M doesn’t really raise the level at ManU. He gives it depth and perhaps some new features, but it remains to be seen if the level rises noticeably. Thus, the risk in that buy is larger vs Flamini who is proven and free… Deal of the summer in dollars for quality even tho I think Ozil will bring us as much or more than Flamini, and I expect heaps from both!

    On NB: well given his goals for ARsenal there is no reason he can’t be top flight, except for the one between his ears… Depends on how often AW has heard it all before is my guess.

    TA and 17 on the TW: I would add that Ivan, despite not being an American sports exec, acted like one. Maybe for his boss or out of ignorance. In the states trades and such are much more transparent and logical, and easier as they don’t cross leagues. If you got money and I got players its just economic, and what can i get from it, as there is no way to hide the player in another league. So, you either trade/sell or don’t.

    Thus, saying I got money and I’m coming for you is a threatening statement of intent (Steinbrenner and the Yankees did it often/always). In European Football it is much different due to the different environment, and more like screaming out “take advantage of me now” … In the US it’s just a matter of titrating to one dollar more than anyone else will offer and deal done…

    I’d also add its much less logical. I will sell to A for less than to B to avoid playing my player or strengthening someone I MIGHT see in the CL, or to avoid them being able to sell to my competitor C… Much more than just dollars and cents which makes it all hard to figure..

    Oh, and in the US, only the better players have no trade clauses, so unless they are a free agent, they have less input. Far less input, at least directly…

    Cheers — jgc

  247. jgc says:


    Re: Liverpool, I don’t think they can afford it long term. They have plans to better Anfield one hears from my scouser and Everton supporting colleagues, as well as American owners who have leveraged it to the hilt. Ie taken money out of it like ManUs owners.

    The difference is that ManU is a world brand money generating machine so it’s more affordable, but even they are showing signs of, shall we say “cost sensitivity”. Same for RM and Barca…

    We on their hand have a better owner than that at least, for now anyway, as he’s not leveraged out his profits ahead of time and instead built his asset value (stadium and brand, and hopefully now players) more conservatively in approach.

    Thus, since Luis really has burned his bridges, sale in January or perhaps more like next summer and do a Spurs-Bale, one player for a team thing..

    Thems my thoughts — jgc

  248. Fozzie B says:

    Evening bk belly dancers!! Enjoyed reading all the comments guys. It’s like the smoke rings rising from the Cuban cigars ….. Celebrating and contemplating what has happened and what is yet to happen. It looks like our no1 striker target could be ours in jan providing we are still in the cl according to JB and I think it makes sense. Regardless we are only going to get an SQ st and will bide our time till we do!! I really like the direction things are heading. Throw in some good variables that were not obvious (well to me at least, but maybe not to Wenger) such as the return of the flame … Or should that be old flame … And voila things do look very, very upbeat. All the boys have got a massive lift at the club and will get that again when the st is delivered! I have faith that Wenger will get his man as he’s proved he will when it counts for sq quality. I love ozils comments about “how much the manager has faith in me” . Look out Maureen you got Rango coming to town with a point to prove!! Meet our new sheriff of the midfield and wrap your lips around his gun barrel and be prepared to have your head blown!! … In more ways than one the Glic voice inside my head says!!) 😆

  249. 17highburyterrace says:

    JGC, Fozzie, etc…

    I really don’t think we’ve got a prayer at Suarez in January. The bigger English clubs have zero reason to sell to us or to loan (see, for example, Demba Ba–another great footballing name!…) plus, RM is his real destination which would only happen if he can’t integrate back at Liverpool (i.e., he plays their results fall off…) AND RM screw up like they did last Fall (or Autumn, as I believe they call it elsewhere)… Anyhow, hopefully, Sanogo and Nicky B can spell the Big French Fellow and his silly tower of hair, if need be…Goals from midfield might act a tonic too…

  250. Fozzie B says:

    Hi 17h, yes I have thought your way as well-RM carousel time again when we might get benzene … Reunited with Ozil would surely be great. But I really wonder who our number 1 target would be in jan. it might not be ratatouille even they i would like it to be. I believe that cavani was our number 1 target last jan followed by David villa. This summer we don’t go in for either although David villa was a no brainier for me. So things may change again in jan, but I think we will go in stronger as we will have even more funds …. It’s going to be well exciting and if not jan then defo by summer…. A lot of sexy arsenal football in the meantime lads!! 😀

  251. jgc says:


    Despite his talent, which I want, I have reservations about Suarez. I suspect he’s RM bound if they’ll have him, but next summer. Don’t think RM will pay what Pool want til then, which may well approach Bale or 60M. At least we clarified his contract status for the world? 😦

    I think we may get someone in Jan, and toss out the name, for backup, of Adebayor?!? 🙂 … Or perhaps someone else tho most would be cup tied somehow, they’d help in EPL games..

    Cheers — jgc

  252. willc88 says:

    What a signing! very pleased – obviously he’s not the answer to it all but it’s a damn big step in the right direction! COYG!

  253. Fozzie B says:

    Chav Kermit has told me that his handsome lookalike has failed his medical at the Arsenal ….. Apparently he suffers from asthma and suffered an extreme attack due to the dust in the trophy cabinet. …… I had to laugh at that one before clothelining him and giving him a knee in the Niagra’s 😀 😆 hey Glic I forgot to say I tried your TW checklist but got slightly mixed up!! I ended up naked in a Chinese restaurant with a levitating plate of sweet n sour balls and no chopsticks!! When I came round in the cell I found a strange pinching sensation in my intestines and proceeded to let rip and pin animal to the wall with a pair of chopsticks!! “Theres your drunmsticks I said, don’t say I don’t look out for you!” 😆

  254. Mesut_Ozil says:

    I know we didn’t sign a beast of a defensive midfielder that everyone was hoping for but do you guys think that Ramsey and Wilshere could be our new Flamini and Cesc

  255. James Bond says:


    Fellaini has presence , i have spoken to a few mancs, although they are not in bliss like us, they are not disappointed either – Moyes has gone back to what he’s created, however, they lose Evra and a couple of more to injuries and then it gets really interesting.

    re- NB, well he, played for near 100 games and 22 goals , along them lines – he had to play in all 3 positions up front and so on, reading between the lines from his statement then it’s more of a case of him being “gutted” instead of him “looking forward” to the challenge and being fully motivated to our cause.

    for his sake, i hope he actually tries and stays out of trouble, i doubt it, if he is ahead of Theo or Yaya in the pecking order.


    if memory serves, then you wanted someone aged 25 at Arsenal ? guess what, Ozil will be 25 next month !


  256. James Bond says:

    ahahahahahahahahhaha @ FB

    you never fail to crack me up, neither do Glics or TMHT ! all 3 of you are unique in your own special way !

  257. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers for all the fine comments, you’re all a fine bunch of Gooners!! My apologies for not being able to respond to you each individually…been a busy day at the office!

  258. Highbury Harmony says:

    Gerry, thank you for the kind words mate. Glad you thought highly of the article! I can’t wait to see Ozil on the pitch in an Arsenal shirt. It still all feels like a dream 🙂

  259. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB, always my pleasure to share my thoughts with you all and to have you on BK to produce such fine comments. Cheers mate!

    Are you happy with just the one SQ signing?

  260. VCC says:

    let’s all sing..

    “Cazorla to the left of me……Ozil to the right……here I am, stuck in the middle Giroud”

  261. Highbury Harmony says:

    Thanks Oz! I never want to see this diary of yours as it probably has some scathing remarks towards me on our arguments over the past year hahaha! Mark it down though, as I’m thrilled with everything Arsenal now!!!

  262. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers Dylan :). I don’t know if you’re more excited than anyone, but certainly on par with some of us that are over the moon ;). I was crying out loud for a SQ signing and never in a million years did I think Ozil would be made available.

    If you told me the past few years were a contingency plan made to eventually bring in these kind of top players, I’d do it all over again in the exact same way. Onwards and upwards you Gooners!!!

  263. Highbury Harmony says:

    As always, I’m glad you enjoyed my article 17ht, especially because you always provide such a thought provoking response!

    I’m glad that Ozil has brought some renewed optimism in your faith for Arsenal to play some proper attacking, possession football. I really feel as though he was the missing link in our play in terms of needing that something extra special in games where we lacked the drive or creativity to break open a stubborn defence.

    Hopefully the rest of our team continues to play at a high level and Ozil can elevate our offense to a whole new one! I think this signing really signals our intent and paves the way for recruiting not only top German talent, but more SQ players.

  264. Highbury Harmony says:

    I find it amusing how msn foxsports rated us as “losers” in the TW, simply because we strengthened at a position they deemed was a luxury and not a need. Apparently their evaluation of our team was that we struggle to defend, not score goals. While that opinion holds some weight, it should be noted that you never turn down the opportunity to sign a player that drastically improves your squad in any area of the pitch, especially a world-class one.

    Also, most other sites have the same line of thinking that we were clear winners because we’ve added a game changer that can also elevate the games of everyone around him!

  265. ProudGooner says:

    I am a tad worried a might get radiation poisoning of TA’s new back ground ha ha ha cor blimey can you pass me my shades.lol

  266. Pingback: Deadwood gone, the Flame returns, Marquee signing made: the big TW summary | Bergkampesque

  267. AFC says:

    17ht, we needed a number 10 in my opinion to allow Santi to play out wide. Santi always played out wide before he joined us and he plays at his best out wide.

    We did not come out winners or losers in my opinion. What I don’t get is why we didn’t get Eto’o on a one year deal instead of trying to get Ba? I know he had high wages but he would have been a very good short term option at ST.

  268. AFC says:

    Sorry my last comment was for HH.

  269. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post! 🙂

    He has not written a post for ages, but AFC makes up for it with this mammoth post. Get yourself a beverage and some pretzels, tell the partner not to bother you for a while and enjoy this feast of a post! 🙂

  270. AFC says:

    HH, I would also add a lot of pundits seem to think Ramsey and Santi are AMs when they are not. Santi is primarily a winger and Wilshere is better deeper in the box to box role in my opinion. That meant our only actual CAM was the ageing and injury-prone Rosicky. Ozil will is a long term replacement for Rosicky and an upgrade! I welcome him with open arms to Arsenal!

  271. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, those pundits go by recognition basis, not by how they actually watch the games. Just like Mata, Santi likes to pick his moments and be opportune in flashes, which makes him the perfect wide player where he doesn’t need to “waste energy” or constantly exert himself to control everything.

    I don’t think too many claim for Ramsey to be an AM, as he’s really solidified himself as a strong option at DM/B2B mid. He’s really evolved his game or just gained confidence and pundits are starting to recognize his ability at that position. The bit about Jack being an AM is mainly due to AW’s comments that his future lies there and on the basis around his reputation as the future of England’s creativity, along with his drive and vision.

  272. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post guys – please copy paste comments to the new one. 🙂

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