Determination, hunger, team spirit, new signings: Arsenal can win the league!

Do Arsenal have a shot at the title?

I’ve actually intentionally waited for the euphoria and excitement (in me) that came with the deadline day signing of Mesut Ozil to die down, before I wrote this post. Simply, because I want this post to be as objective and as factual as can be.

So the question in everyone’s mind is: will we be able to push for a trophy this season with the signings we’ve made?

Is this the year to win some silverware again?

Is this the year to win some silverware again?

That is an opportune question: one that I will address by analyzing our signings and the competition. I will start by obviously putting aside Yaya Sanogo, because he obviously wasn’t brought in for the first team, which leaves us with Viviano, Flamini and the big one, Mesut Ozil.

It goes without saying that Ozil is the signing everyone wanted, and quite frankly, we landed gold. In the past 2 seasons, I have felt that even with Cazorla in the side we haven’t been creating enough clear cut chances. Our game has been characterized by a slow build up consisting of a lot of tentative passing, which more often than not leads no where, except when Wilshere is in form. With Ozil, however, that is all going to change and I expect Giroud and Theo to be the main beneficiaries of this.

Then there’s our second master signing in the Flame. Admittedly, I wasn’t too excited when we brought him in, but within a minute of his introduction against Spurs he won me over. It is worth noting that his performance came off the back of a long time without game time, so he can only get better. In my opinion, he solves our DM issues and then some more, considering he can play as a full back too. Then there’s Viviano, Italy’s number two goal keeper. He is actually a good GK who will not just serve as Szczesny’s deputy but will fight him for the number 1 spot, which I think is what the pole needs in order to fully unlock his potential.

We are not without our weaknesses because I feel we are still in dire need of a striker, a fourth CB and a winger, with the latter being the least important to really solidify our team.

In terms of our competition, there have been quite a few developments.

First of all, I expect Liverpool to compete for 4th place but not much more. They’ve made good signings and a good start, but their signings are youngsters who will need a lot of time to adapt.

Then there’s city who’ve made some class signings but have an uncharacteristically poor defence. I watched them get repeatedly carved open by Hull last week, to my utter disbelief. Don’t get me wrong they are still title contenders, but their defence might be their downfall.

Then there is Mourinho and Chelsea: the title favourites in my view. They have a mean defence but if Eto’o doesn’t perform, and Torres doesn’t step up, they might struggle because the title isn’t won on perpetual 0-0 results. That said, you can’t underestimate Mourinho: anyone can win the league without a functioning strike force, he can.

Then we have Spurs, the biggest spenders. They have assembled a very good squad but it remains to be seen how long it will take them to gel. That is always the danger you face when buying more than 4 players at a go. What I can tell you for sure is they are definitely stronger than they were last season, and I expect them to mount more of a challenge this time round, eventually becoming title challengers.

Finally, there is Man Utd. They lost their godfather in Sir Alex and are currently a team in transition. Moyes may not have found his rhythm yet, but let’s not forget that this is the exact team that won the league by a landslide. It’s difficult to tell where they stand, at least for now.

With all that in mind, I believe that Arsenal are genuine title challengers. It may be by just a whisker considering injuries – especially up front could ruin us – but as it stands, if we can keep Giroud and Theo fit until January and take advantage of our first ten fixtures, we can find ourselves in a very favourable position come February.

Based on the determination, hunger and team spirit we currently possess, anyone who doesn’t rate us with the best is asking for trouble. If you don’t believe me, ask the Spuds.

Written by: Marcus.

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  1. Itti says:

    If we can stay by 4 – 5 points margin of top come January. We will have a fair chance if we can add a striker

  2. henrychan says:

    Marcus.. top post..
    100% agreed.. if they don’t rate our team.. they will be in trouble.. hahahaha..
    I think only Chelsea is our big rival now.. But I am sure Wenger will beat Mourinho.. hehehe.. Usually Mou don’t win the title in his first year..

    About Spur players.. I am a bit sorry for Holtby.. for he will be at bench very often now..
    And also Adebayor, Defoe and Lennon.. even Sigudsoon will also warn the bench.. hahaha..
    I don’t think any players will be please if every years they bring 6 to 7 new players.. hehehe..

  3. Glic says:

    Thanks Marcus for a optimistic post. 🙂

    Hope you`re right, but cant see it myself. We already have a few quality player injuries. I think we are a couple of quality player injuries away from being mediocre. As from the last post, Ozil is a top top signing, but Arsene failed to address deficiencies and issues in other problematic departments.
    We will still not compete until these issues are resolved with more SQ players. 4th will exceed my expectations this season and foresee (and demand ) these frailties being addressed by next Summers TW, then The Arsenal will take off !.

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for a very fine post, Marcus, and all agreed. 🙂

    I believe we have now so many options in midfield that we can deal with getting injuries up-front. Say worst case scenario: Theo, OG, Pod are all injured –> we can play either Sanogo, or a motived(?!?!) Bendtner up-front tin the OG role, with five midfielders behind them: Santi, Ozil, Ramsey/Jack, Rosicky, Arteta/Flamini. We would probably not score many goals, but probably just enough to win games with a small margin – key is to be solid defensively though.

    But it would have made a lot of sense if Arsene had got himself some proper experienced ST back up this summer…


    Fantastic Marcus

    Course we got a chance, this is Arsenal were talking about.

    Ive already got a list of those who i will be paying a visit to when we pull it off. Some for a friendly chat and banter, and others armed with some chloroform and rather large needle.

    if we pull it off we will have thoroughly deserved it. With the exception of Utd, who have the largest turnover in Britain, all other winners of the Premiership have been sugar daddies.

    We have gone about things the right way and are about to reap our rewards and when we do i will be doing some reaping of my own. hahaha

  6. Mohamed says:

    If we are still in contention by January, then I fancy our chance of winning the premiership.

  7. VeePee says:

    Another fine post with an optimist view, an im saying: “Why not if not?” We certainly have a chance, a striker and maybe a defender will come in January.
    People complaining about our injured players forget that those players will recover and eventually join the team, and players of other contenders will get injured too?
    Truth is, we con only get better, “The Flame” will get better and wouldn’t need much time to adapt as he’s known our system in and out. To my mind his signing is as spot on as Ozil, and to sweeten it we got him for free. Hehehe….
    I love this one Marcos: “anyone who doesn’t rate us with the best is asking for trouble. If you don’t believe me, ask the Spuds.” Hehehehe……… Silly Spuds, always in our shadow

  8. henrychan says:

    @Glic.. hehehe.. five to one.. Will that means We gain a lot money from Ozil shirt.. hehe.. How much money do We get..?? Good enough to cover the 42 millions cost.. hahaha.. Poor Madrid.. the hope a lot from Bale shirt.. hehehe..

    I think the passes and assists that Ozil will do for our team will also the same.. Ozil will make 20 and more assist.. Bale only 6 or less.. hehehe..

  9. Marcus says:

    100% agreed. Our task for now is to maintain the pace with the leading pack. In January bring in a top striker and welcome back Poldi and the Ox and we will be in contention.

  10. Marcus says:

    Do not ever underestimate City and United. They’re right up there and are strong rivals.

  11. Marcus says:

    If you look at the post, I analyze the squad quite deeply and that’s how I came to the conclusion that we can challenge.

  12. Hello Marcus and fellow fine gooners..

    First things always you make my day..bless you!!

    Its been a LONG time since i was here but i’ve read ALL the previous posts and i’m drunk on everything Arsenal and as always ALL were top top posts

    That was an excellent read Marcus and your views are as good as mine..i genuinely believe in our ability to go for top honors this season though as TA pointed out, we’re a striker short but i believe our excellent mid might see us though and fingers crossed Jack and Rambo have an excellent injury free season coz i think their passion and engines will be needed all season post Marcus

  13. Marcus says:

    Very true. OR play santi as a false 9. and in any case, this is only for 3 and a half months. I’m sure as we speak, Arsene is looking for a top striker.

  14. Marcus says:

    Hahahahaha so do I mate. So do I

  15. Marcus says:

    Mohamed and Veepee,

  16. Marcus says:

    Kenyan Gooner,
    Thanks bro.

  17. Marcus says:

    Alright, got to get back to work. Catch you in a few hours

  18. jnyc says:

    Well, lets think about the team since the great run started about 15 league matches ago. Lets continue that style of play. Swarming TEAM defense, everyone hustling to win the ball back.
    best midfield in the league by far. A big plus obviously if Arsene rotates enough. This helped by Flamini.
    a more confident Giroud up front. Santi back to his best position. Ozil making everyone better especially Theo (my prediction). And chipping in some goals himself in our style of play.
    remember that we had the second best defense last season, and that group is intact.
    we also had four double digit scorers that no other team had, and could be five this year.

    and our guys should have a new confidence with a superstar signing- i wrote here many times that our players were begging for something like that.
    lets continue our run the next few weeks- starting Saturday, by not just outclassing weaker teams- but by outworking them! ! Thats how we have been doing it lately, especially vs spurs. All hard work and hustle by everybody.
    then we will see where we are when Podolski and the Ox return – and go from there.

  19. Glic says:

    Nothing wrong with you analysing Marcus, but leave the rest of the anal stuff to me !. hahaha

    I`ve got 3 Welsh geezers doing some work on the LoveShack in the field and in the field next door there`s about 30 sheep looking quite anxious !.

  20. Hey fellas…Nice post Marcus…Also Umair, whose post past me by yesterday…Great work!

    Overall, I think it’s extremely difficult to make any predictions about the season to come. I believe with the signing of Ozil that we’re right back in the mix but that we’re going to see some wild things happening. Internationals in a WC year create some real spin for certain players (esp. those involved in playoffs or fighting for a big role on the bigger teams). As well, ALL the English teams in the CL have extra matches with extra pressure. Europa league Thursdays, while easy to overlook from our loftier perch, can also affect how those teams (Spurs, Swans) rotate and manage their league play. Given that things feel soooo wide open this season, will fans be more patient or less? My guess is less (see below)…

    As such, I try and take it one match at a time. I keep thinking that the very unfortunate result on opening day may have worked to help us. Losing, at home, to a team that struggled to stay up last season, was a horror. It also, however, showed that anything can happen and all you can do is move forward. Rather than living in fear, we have to live in hope. If the (tight) squad can do this, I believe, we have as good a shot as anybody in any and all competitions. Luck, in the form of injuries and results makes all the difference, but the ability to keep pushing while absorbing all the ups and downs could be our advantage. My hope is that we’re beyond the point where any one turn of fate causes us to spiral downwards…

    What is really required (and what I believe we’re creating…) is a collective belief that every player’s individual fate is tied to their team’s. I feel that our next signings should be stalwarts Sagna and Mertesacker followed by an extension for Arsene. Solid performances centered around the new marquee signing (Ozil)–which should elevate ALL the attackers–in this next run of not-so-easy matches is what is really needed. We play Sunderland (away), Marseilles (away), Stoke (home), WBA away twice (in the COC, and the league), Swansea in Wales and Napoli at home. That’s 7 matches in 4 weeks, all of which we could win, all of which we could lose. (OK, Stoke at home we CANNOT lose…) My point, is that we’ll know a lot more about the squad a month on…

    Meanwhile, while looking at our rivals (and up and down through the league) I believe there are plenty of downward spirals waiting to happen. Football isn’t what it once was, the only game in town, and a parable to the honorable drudgery of life itself. These days, if a team doesn’t provide the thrill of victory and the entertainment of good play, support can erode much, much faster. I read “I won’t watch” (or I didn’t watch, etc…) on plenty of blogs and it reinforces just how delicate the support really is. Arsenal fans, I believe, are plenty dug in and we’ve been through a lot. My hope is that rock bottom is behind us and our only path is upwards. The danger always lurks, however. My hope is that its the other clubs who stumble. One dislodged pebble is all it takes to start a landslide…

    OK, that’s a lot of words that (basically) say nothing…Sorry… 😳

  21. Xavier says:

    Nice post @marcus. I really believe we getting a Double this season. Yes, I said it first!! 😀

    @glic Do you really think we can’t challenge right now or are you just protecting your heart incase we don’t?? 😉 Be optimistic mate. we gunning this season!!!

  22. Fozzie B says:

    Good Afternoon todger tamers!! Thanks Marcus and to all the fine posts over the last few days, especially JM’s masterpiece and all your comments thereafter!! I agree Marcus that team spirit is becoming more and more tangible. You can almost taste the steeliness coming through the team. All those “mental strength” condoms with Arsenes picture on them are finally working!!
    Imagine when Ozil uses his first one!! His eyes will orbit around his head before dropping back in. I must say that Venezuelan bird was delicious. Delicious enough to turn any of you shirt lifters straight?! ….. Maybe not 😆
    I must admit Glic your making me very jealous telling me about the 3 Welshman building your tranny anex in lesbsnia!! Fozzy b might be lurking out the back checking out your chloroform and roofy stockpile!! You will know its me … I have a naked haka alarm system !! The baboon butt caravan alarm that you have fitted might be perceived as a mating call!!

  23. James Bond says:

    brilliant piece @ Marcus

    Glics posted this video yesterday,

    note how happy Arteta (injured) is with AW after the game, that is the team spirit your article touches on – this is something that a £110 million investment can’t buy you

    6:46 onwards

  24. James Bond says:


    you make solid and valid points.

    however, since we’re all sharing our knowledge, which in my is rather limited but i’ll shed some more light on the subject :

    although, i agree , that Nike sponsoring both the Mancs on the surface sounds not feasible. However, having a brief association with one of the leading brands in the past myself- the global brands operate on a much wider and broader scale and not just domestic one.

    by that i mean,

    when Nike Sponsor Man City – they capture most of Middle East (U.A.E) , the fans in the middle east are footy mad and there is a lot of money to be made there – the real money so to speak.

    and when we look at Man Utd – you look at places like Asia – another money making hub for one of the leading brands to increase their market share and so on and so forth.

    whereas, it may not appear viable or sensible on a local level but from a marketing and footballing aspect, it makes a lot of sense for Nike to continue their partnership with Man Utd for the foreseeable future in my opinion.

    regardless, of Man City’s success and partnership with them, there is no doubting that Man UTD are not only the biggest club in UK but also one of the biggest in the world – Nike are the same.

    course it’s in our best interest, if Nike and Man utd were no longer to be, as that is one of the ways on how Man UTD get to pay the higher wage packets as well, by letting their partners brunt some share of it.


  25. James Bond says:


    apologies for not getting back to you earlier, i thought someone else might be able to help you out with the ticket prices and so on, i note, your comment / enquiry may have been overlooked by many and including me, i have only just noticed it myself as i was looking for a few older videos posted.

    Arsenal ticket prices : well the lowest one is around 70 (69) and it can go up to 175 approx , if you manage to buy them through the official channels.

    however, if there are games that are fully sold out, then there are people (members) , who can let you have their tickets or share their season tickets and so on…some people sell them before games at an inflated price, for example, if you wanted to go to the champions league game vs Marseille , then the prices are slightly higher e.t.c e.t.c

    the cheapest one are for the capital cup games, they start at 10 quid/ 20 quid and go up depending where you want to be seated.

    in short, if you are looking to come to london for a league match (premier league)

    you’re looking at roughly 200-300 pounds, if you manage to get the cheapest ticket (70 ) + hotel costs (travel lodge) , food and drinks.

    hope that helps.

  26. James Bond says:



    here is a link for tickets that you can use.

    as a general practice, for the locals/regulars at the emirates, it’s all to do with memberships and so on but the site sells tickets for Arsenal matches at a reasonable price.

  27. Glic says:

    Thanks Xavier for showing some concern over my dodgy ticker !. Being too optimistic usually leads to one thing…….disappointment !. Being pessimistic usually leads to one thing…….euphoria !. Same applies to sex !. Most of you bastards brag to the girls how big you are which only leads to the girls disappointment ! . Whereas I ask the BK WaGs do they want to see my Ozil tattoo ?. Which is followed by munch It`s munch bigger munch than munch I munch expected !, which I reply….dont talk with your mouth full bitches it`s rude ! . hahaha

    The Welsh boys are gone, but there`s some furry bastard with green slime running down his chops lurking in the hedge !… where`s my chloroform ?. hahaha

  28. ProudGooner says:

    TA & JB,
    I was just wondering, with all the Dennis Bergkamp & Ozil comparisons do you or anyone else have a state comparison of statistics of the 2 players. At the same number of games played or just out right??? I would be interested to see them if possible.??

  29. ProudGooner says:

    i Would like out current skipper Perr to get his nickman tattooed on his penis, as reading BFG LOL

  30. James Bond says:


    i have said it before, the comparisons with DB10 for me shouldn’t be made – DB10 was a genius and is a legend.

    we shouldn’t be looking to compare any promising or world class players to DB10.

    Ozil – ooooOOOooooZes class, and for me , is good enough to create his own identity and leave a blue print at the Emirates and be king –

    personally, i feel and think, that Ozil can remind you of Zidane / DB and many other greats, but fact of the matter is that , he has his own game, vision and style.

    he has admitted that his role model and idol happens to be Zidane

    i’m sorry but i’m not a stats person, so i won’t be able to help in that department but fortunately, we have many people who are into stats 😀 will be an interesting read, none the less.

  31. ProudGooner says:

    The comparisons are beingmade by a lot of professional players and managers, so i am afraid like it or not this will not stop, i am interested to the the states myself, i will not take it as the bible or concrete proof of who is better or anything i would just like to see out of curiousity.

  32. ProudGooner says:

    If anyone comes across DB10’S statscould you post them please? Iwill do the same like wise. I am sure TA has them somewhere 😉

  33. James Bond says:

    agreed @ PG

    it’s just that, sometimes such comparisons can back fire and put added pressure on a player, hence i don’t like it when JW is talked up and compared to everyone out there and so on and so forth – let the lad stay fit and play , play play !

    sure, it’s flattering at times but at the end of the day, we as human’s begin to feel that we’re already immortal – take my example, i was “Sir James” and then i became “The Visionary”.


    but since i like you @ PG

    here are the stats for DB10

  34. ProudGooner says:

    I hear you, and i agre, plus that is the last thing i would want to do to Ozil. Luckerly i doubt Ozil reads this or many other gooner sites yet, plus luckerly he is away with Germany so will will not be in England feeling the pressure of having to be better then Pele for Arsenal before he has even kicked a ball, of being linked with DB10, that will all be helped by the BFG and Lucus im sure they will look after him as will Wenger.

  35. James Bond says:

    he he, i’m sure he doesn’t read what we or others write, but i was on about all the legends and greats of the game as well… that for me puts added pressure, (can be seen as praised by many but i hope you know where i’m coming from).

    for e.g.s Stevie G – he can be England captain , can play 100 PLUS – AW is the same, do it privately, not in front of the whole wide world ?

    but yep, being professional footballers, they should be able to take the heat and deliver all the expectations and so on.

    the way i see it, DB10 ruled at Highbury

    and i expect, Ozil to be king at the Emirates.

  36. ProudGooner says:

    By the way i got tickets to the WBA capital 1 cup match away , very much looking forward to that and hopefully seeing Ozil live for the first time. There is still tickets on sale (general sale to anyone) tickets only £15 bonus

  37. James Bond says:

    that’s not a bad deal @ PG

    when we play at home, it’s normally 10 quid – even if i eat them pies from Piebury Corner, have a few pints and all that, it’s a night out under 50 quid – good to take the whole family or go with your mates.

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for the stats JB, I have added the BBC page to the blogrole for future reference.

    During his entire career Dennis scored a goal per every four games and he produced an assist per every four games on average. On top of that he produced many, many penultimate assists… 🙂

  39. ProudGooner says:

    DB10 Has an almighty record at Arsenal if Ozil can get anywhere near on par i would be happy, i think he will improve his goal scoring rate with us, i look forward to seeing this.

  40. AFC says:

    Marcus, great post. 🙂

    We can challenge for the domestic cups (FA Cup and League Cup) and probably win one. I can see us competing for the EPL but not winning it and I do not see us competing or winning the CL. For us to win the EPL and challenge for the CL I feel we are missing a top ST, young CB or experienced RB and a young midfielder as a long term replacement for Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky. We do not really need wingers in my opinion as we have Santi and Podolski for the LW and Walcott and the Ox for the RW. I feel when we get a top ST we will not need any more attacking players. So maybe next season when we add 2-3 more players we will be able to challenge for in all competitions but not for now.

  41. Gerry says:

    Marcus – Much as I like optimism, and we have now had two posts in two days declaring what we might do this this season.

    I think it is time to draw breath. Heavens above, ‘The Urzel’ has even kicked a ball for us yet, and has still another international hurdle to play .. and get through unscathed? That said, and I am very much with HT17, in taking things one game at a time.

    You do hit upon the main thing though, the League is unlikely to be won by a runaway winner? So that does put us in the mix, and Urzel is giving everybody a sense of something special can happen this season. Both players and fans alike, and that is not a bad thing at all.

    Two things that we need to do, are; 1, Keep the team spirit together, which means having the right balance in the way we play. There could be a tendency just to keep giving the ball to the ‘Big O’ because he’s so brilliant, and forget about others?; 2, Players have got very little time to learn his play, before we hit the run of 7 matches in 4 weeks, that HT has highlighted. Some will gel quicker than others, whilst some might just take his space, as we have seen with Jack and Santi?

    From there you can look at the possible combinations that might work quite quickly. For me that will TBO and Gibbs, TBO and Rosicky, hopefully TBO and Giro and Santi. Theo is a different problem, imo, as his state of mind at the moment is always a ‘do I wait/do I go’ dilemma? I think it is big shift from that to, ‘I go, and the ball will be there’ mentality.

    I will repeat my call for Eisfeld here, whilst Poldi is out, because I think one of his greatest assets is his intelligent play, by getting into space where the ball could be played. That is the player that TBO will enjoy playing with, and if it comes off we will have something to savour between now and January, and may be beyond?

    Still on this theme of integration, how the ball is played out of defense is also going to be key to get the best out Urzil/The Big O. Long balls up to Giro with him running past with the knockdown is why that pair need to be on the same wavelength pretty quickly. The Kos/Per ball out to Gibbs I can see bringing plenty of joy, before opposition move to counter that?

    Which leaves the other midfielders working with him, and how well they click. With Jack, the quick turn, move forwards and early release has a lot of promise? A lot will depend on how fit he is after two international games as to whether he starts in the Sunderland game? I am guessing all will want to if they can. Ramsey, if he plays for Wales I think he needs a break, but his energy and breaking up play could work well, as fewer of his passes need to be the ‘negative’ backwards type with both TBO and Santi in advanced space to choose from? But with at least one of those two dropping out, the key will be Flamini. He has played behind a creative genius before, so if he gets his passing game up to speed quickly, I can see him holding down his position for some time? Mind there is a good case for bringing him off the bench to shore up any lead we might hold? The alternative is also valid, in making sure we have a lead to defend by helping keep a clean sheet? The final link possibliity will come when the ball is played out on the right, via Sagna or Per, so it might mean a crossfield ball finding TBO, or the equally adept Rosicky playing a quick one two with him. Or indeed,if not him, the roving Santi?

    At the end of this run of games I think the strongest combination will be mostly sorted, just in time for the tough November run? I have put down these thoughts just to add a sense of realism to what we need to do, never mind who else is tripping up elsewhere. It is a very tough ask for everything just to slot in place because we have this one player added to the mix, but if they can apply themselves, and keep it going until January, we could indeed be in a very strong position … but nothing is won in January?

  42. James Bond says:


    you make very good points , especially with young Eisfield – however, RYO is extremely good at making those runs as well, i would say , better than most from the limited options we have at LW now – i would like RYO to be given a proper chance first, ahead of Eisfield , or maybe Eisfield can be subbed with Ryo or vice versa, no worries

    yes, nothing is won in January but plenty can be lost by the end of January though – mainly confidence, belief and so on.

    let’s keep it going, take it step by step, setting small targets and achieving them should be the way forward really – one game at a time for now

  43. James Bond says:

    a mini package of Ryo and his runs both with the ball and without : (how was that not a red card tackle at the end on him , i will never know).

  44. 17highburyterrace says:

    It wasn’t even a foul… This is where experience comes in…Hopefully we have better luck with injuries this season given that we have a more mature (older) squad…

  45. James Bond says:

    foul at the end of this one (wig vs everton)

  46. Funminiyi says:

    Nice post bro, but I’m afraid I’ll have to disagree with you on one of those things you pointed out if not on all. Just as you’ve said, Mou shouldn’t be underestimated ( as he’s very good at shutting the shop like most of his teams are usually set-up and catch opponents on the break) he’s got arguably his best squad ever in this Chelsea team and if you still have doubts about what he can achieve when provided with the right ingredients/tools, then you must be a joker. All that aside, I just hope and pray he continue to leave out Juan Mata and screw up his second coming.
    On the other hand, Arsene with a full squad to choose from can be unplayable at times, but I wouldn’t know because the last time he had that luxury was back in 2007/08 season and remember what he almost achieved before our injury demons striked? If we can have an injury free season, there’s no limit to how high we can soar and there’s no limit to how many records we can break…, a quadruple anyone????
    On Ozil, I say let’s see how the guy fits in first ( though I’m not disputing the fact that he’s awesome) before setting the bars. Thank God you said it yourself how short on options upfront we are, I say get Marica or what’s the bloke’s name? It’ll give us more options upfront as well as width/depth. In the words of HH; what do I freaking know, maybe I’m wrong.

  47. James Bond says:

    a Quadruple ?

    only, if, AW doesn’t wait until the 70th minute to use his first substitute, then yeah why not ?

  48. henrychan says:

    Morning all..
    Funmini & Bond.. I like your spirit.. but don’t give it to excited.. hehe.. Double winner is the real target.. and I hope it will be PL and CL.. hahaha..

    Marcus.. this season belongs to London.. hehe.. if not us then Chelsea.. hahaha..

    Can’t wait for Sunderland’s game.. Hope Di Canio don’t play a hardball.. and no more taylor in the field.. hehehe..

  49. JM says:

    @ James Bond September 9, 2013 15:56

    I stand by my observations that no rivalry big clubs within the same city in European leagues share the same kit manufacture sponsor.

    Man. United is only but one of the many route that Nike Inc. uses to stretch its muscle around the world, and they will be conscious of investing £1 billion to any sporting franchise or sporting individual.

    Man. United has also lost one of its pillar of attractions when SAF retired. Moyes is unable to entice marketable and quality signings under his new rein, while the bankable players within United are RvP, Rooney, Kagawa(for Far East Asia). They have witnessed the abrupt business decision made by Chevrolet (worth £175million) which prompted the sacking of its marketing chief who sanctioned the deal.

    Nike Inc. has spread its sponsorship resources throughout European clubs strategically – Barcelona, A. Madrid in Spain; PSG in France; Juventus, Inter Milan and AS Roma(starting 2014/2015 season) in Italy; Porto in Portugal; Arsenal(till 2013/2014 season), Man. City(starting 2013/2014 season), Man United(till 2014/2015 season currently), Everton in England.
    National football teams in Europe are also sponsored by them (England, Holland, France, Portugal, Poland etc)
    National football teams in Asia/Australia: Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam etc.
    Various football global stars/icons are sponsored by them: C.Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney, Sneijder, Ibrahimovic, Balotelli, Drogba and more.
    Professional leagues around the world use their sponsored tournament balls.

    Beyond football, they have make large investments in other sports:
    American football (all NFL team uniforms), South Korea (baseball), Basketball teams (China, Philippines, South Korean, USA), India (Cricket), Manny Pacquiao (Philippines/Boxing), Li Na (China/Tennis), Victoria Azarenka, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal (Tennis), Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy (Golf), Argentina (Rugby union), Junior Dos Santos, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones (MMA) and others not mentioned.

    The above is a whole lot of sporting investments that Nike can recoup from.

    Nike Inc. has made their point to Man. United in that there is no way that £1 billion will be sanctioned as their investment and they have made the first move to open a new partnership with their city rivals, taunting Man. United’s management with the message, “You may be the best supported and marketable football in the world now; we at Nike Inc are the top boss in the sports money chain. We can replace your global marketing position with any of Barcelona, PSG, Man. City etc”.

    Nike Inc can do without Man. United, can Man. United do without Nike Inc? Who is the master and who is the beggar?

  50. JM says:

    A wise future move (when it is officially announcement) for Arsenal FC to break away from Nike Inc (too much competition to court its affection, even though it is the top boss), shun Adidas (the big money is in Bayern, while Chelsea with Abramovich at helm & Mourinho, who is also sponsored by Adidas, managing will always prove the better attraction in London), to begin our new era of cooperation with Puma SE (less competition in England, while both club and sporting company grow together their status on the pitch and in the sports branding market).

  51. JM says:

    I will be happy to see Mesut Oezil(Özil) reach the footballing heights of his fellow German international, Andreas Moeller(Möller), both being attacking midfielders/playmakers.

  52. Funminiyi says:

    Morning guys,
    Henry, for one, I’m not the type that gets carried away by such big name signings as I always have my little reservations except they are players that i’ve seen so much of ( especially ones coming from BPL). If we can get to Jan without being far away from the summit, then we can do something meaningful that’s if the BOD will back Arsene to make signings in Jan and quickly get whomever he wants in and early to aid our chances in CL & FA. A defender( be it CB/RB) will do as much as a new ST will. Just like we got Reyes back in Jan 04 to get us over the finish line.
    Yeah JB, if he won’t wait till his usual 70th minute to make his subs.

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Good discussion yesterday evening and last night!

    There will be a new post around 9PM tonight by Dylan, but I will put something up later this morning to keep us going till then.

  54. Gerry says:

    JB – I take your point about Ryo, but I am not thinking about the same position between him and Eisfeld. It is the difference between the Podolski line, and the winger line. Ryo is your line running winger, creating wide play. Eisfeld is an attacking midfielder who does best on the inside of the wide player, and I believe that is the Podolski best line too?

    For me it is a question of either/or, but depending on how the opposition play as to who would be the more effective. If you would play Poldi in any game, from a tactical point of view, then it is Eisfeld every time for me. For the same reason, if you are trying to get behind a PTB team I would not necessarily play Poldi either.

    The role of Gibbs in this is key. In an attacking sense, I see him being the Reus for Ozil to play off down the left, but to make a triangle you need Podolski/Eisfeld, not someone who takes the space that Gibbs will go for, if that makes sense? If Gibbs is required for more defensive duties, then he can be the deep leg of the triangle, with Ryo possibly, making the width, leaving Ozil to make his move inside?

    On the other side, Walcott does not play the line as much, so the overlapping back is used to open up the space. I think TA suggestion of using Sagna ahead of Jenks would be the wrong way round, as Sagna is the better defender? That would offer width, with defensive cover? For the moment we are not that rich in midfielders,with Ox out, Rosicky and Jack need monitoring as to the number games they play consecutively, and Ramsey close to the one game too far situation. Providing Flamini is okay, that means Arteta need not be rushed back into it, and if push comes to shove, Gibbs could line up alongside le Flam for extra defensive cover, as well as attacking down the line? These are the alternatives when you have to spread a thin squad over multiple games. It also opens the door for others, when we have the opportunity to give a break to some.

    The loan window is still open for some time yet, but Hayden is looking for a loan to get regular play, but I cannot see him going until we have got TV5 back up and running.?Yennaris I think is another that has not got a deal, and Flamini has possibly pushed that into being a loan come permanent move? Up front I saw Gnabry linked to Bolton,(described as an attacking midfielder, btw, not a winger?) but with him being named in the Euro squad I cannot see that happening this side of January, unless we do sign Marica? Ryo might still be on a loan list, again, but that depends on if he gets an opportunity to impress first?

    Again, whilst we are still short on strikers, I cannot see Akpom going anywhere? I know he was not put on the Euro squad list, but domestically he can still be useful as Giro’s stand in, as the unlucky Sanogo has pulled out of the Under 21’s French team with another injury. I think we are going have to be very patient with him, as we were with Gibbs. I think his tall frame is still growing its full strength, which like Gibbs, explains in part the different injuries. Hopefully he will be fit to play some part in the Cup game against West Brom, but he is going to need managing very carefully this season?

    … Hello, Nicky B? I am not sure of his fitness status, but I hope he will be available sometime during these next 4 weeks? A dream scenario would be for him to come off the bench and score a couple of vital goals playing in that central position that suits. If the fans can then get behind him he could indeed be ‘like a new signing?

    Only five days to go before we slot in Ozil? Perhaps we should mark it as -5bo, and our future begins on ‘O’ day ….

  55. Fozzie B says:

    Good morning schlong schleppers! I’ve just read an interesting article about Ozil Ozil Ozil oi oi oi and the how we did in the marker fro a different perspective. Well worth a gander! Off to work and catch yee all laterzzzz!!!! 😀

  56. henrychan says:

    Funminiyi.. Easy brother.. hehehe..
    With or without Ozil.. Our team will be good enough for PL big 3.. hehehe..
    But Come On Fun.. Fabregras himself give his phraise to Ozil.. And I believe our former captain.. hehehehe..

    Hope Fabregas and also Vela will be back next season.. together with Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla.. We will win all the trophies.. hahahaha..

  57. Fozzie B says:

    *transfer market …. Should have stuck to tranny window!! 😀

  58. henrychan says:

    Guys.. Anyone know.. why Eisfeld is not in our main team..??
    Gnabry, Ox, Zelalem, Sanogo, Frimpong and Miyaichi are all there..
    Is he being loan..??

  59. Gerry says:

    henry – I think he is in the Euro squad, and I think he might qualify differently under EPL rules

  60. Glic says:

    Morning Fine Fellatiotians 😆

    I watched this video and then went outside to copy the moves………..I`m currently typing this comment from a hospital bed where I`m in recovery after having an operation to untangle my body !…….as the nurse quoted…..” he looks like a human Curly Wurly ! “.


    PS…….Sign the little bastard up !.

  61. Glic says:

    Is, Good Morning Schlong Schleppers the way Steve McClaren would say…..Good Morning Long Sleepers in his native Dutch ?.

  62. Glic says:

    Even Arsenal have nicked my stuff !. I want a free Season Ticket……..make that a 12 seater box for me and my BK Arsetards !. hahaha

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    I allow you to call me an Arsetart/tard if you get us in a box. Glicster! 😛

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

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