Giroud injured – Who to play: Pod, Bendtner, Sanogo, Akpom or Theo?

Giroud, Giroud, Giroud is on fire: but what are we going to do if he gets injured?

Giroud, Giroud, Giroud is on fire: but what are we going to do if he gets injured?

Among fellow Gooners, the overriding feeling with regards to our current team is that Arsenal are now very strong in midfield, good to very strong at the back, but a bit light in attack.

The big question we are all asking ourselves is what we are going to do if Giroud (knock on your mini-hampton Glic) gets injured.

There will be a new post later this evening, but for the sake of a bit discussion, I would like to ask BK readers to tell us who we should play instead of Giroud and why.

Before you do so, however, I would like to point out that Giroud’s role/contributions in our current team/line up/system of football are as follows:

  1. Giroud’s main role is to be the central attacking hub up-front: he is the pivot to many of our attacking moves and provides his fellow strikers and midfielders with a ‘base’ up-front. For that he needs to be good at playing with his back towards the opposition’s goal, not get outmuscled easily, be able to shield the ball well, have a good first touch and pass the ball accurately. It is fair to say that OG is not the finished article in these areas, but he is constantly making progress;
  2. Although OG will always be judged on his goals, in our current system we should also judge him on his assists, as well as his ability to make space for others and allow them to join our attack. The latter is a lot harder to measure, but is nevertheless key to this role in our current formation/system of football;
  3. As a result, we should look to replace an injured Giroud with a player who can do the same, and not focus entirely on the ability to score goals or produce assists;
  4. Giroud puts himself about across the pitch, is a force in defending set-pieces for us and continuously works hard to put pressure on the opposition defenders and midfielders.

You might believe there are more attributes/aspects Giroud adds to our team, and if so, please share them with us.

But, taking the above into account, and assuming that Arsene will want to continue with our current 4-2-1-3 system as much as possible, who should replace Giroud in case of injury, and why: Akpom, Bendtner, Pod, Sanogo or Theo, or….?

Also, if you would like to make your predictions for the coming season, please go to:

Finally, to support a locally based new band, have a look at this:

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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119 Responses to Giroud injured – Who to play: Pod, Bendtner, Sanogo, Akpom or Theo?

  1. Glic says:

    Thanks Van Boss ! 🙂

    It`s a hard one Totes……….but that’s enough about my cock !. hahaha

    Not sure, I`ll leave the technical stuff to you Fellatiotians !.

    A picture of the first of many. Vicky was there with his son and grandson !.

  2. JamesOfSouthWales says:

    I would take a punt on Carlton Cole on a free, potentially we could get I’m for lower wages than what he was on at the hammers. Also he has good technique, strength, good in the air and also has prem experience. You could also look at his potential resale value if needs be and he flourishes at a more creative club who made adebeor look good.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Glic – I bet he already had a zimmerframe back then! 🙂

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    James – that is a left field option there. I don’t disagree, but does this mean you don’t think any of the other options are good enough right now?

  5. SirThomasAbbott says:

    Carlton Cole hahahahaha. Brilliant.

  6. JamesOfSouthWales says:

    Thing is with our squad even though limited, has good variety of strength and pace which have to be employed at the same time in one game to create a lance in the team. Without Giroud all teams have to do is sit deep and stop through balls into the channels between cb and fb which pace players have to exploit to be effective. Players like Giroud keep them thinking and like I said create hat balance, they sit bak they invite pressure and struggle to score, play with a high line and allow pace men in behind.

    Sanogo is the natural long term successor to Giroud but we need ready made replacement at the moment an Cole ticks the boxes for me his signing makes so much sense financially and balance wise.

  7. Glic says:

    A great day for Vic`s, he also got a 100th birthday telegram from the Queen !.

  8. VCC says:

    Nice one Totes.

    Wenger has caused himself a problem by not having a sufficient back up centre forward. I see we are in for a Romanian who is out of contract, that no one knows anything about. That’s Wenger like.

    He will play Walcott up front or sometimes Podolski when he is fit. Neither the best scenario if you want to challenge for titles.

    I’ve polished my Zimmer ready fro the new season. Looks great. I have Red n White tassles on each handle. If I could upload photo’s I would put them up here, I’m sure you would all be impressed.

    Busy day today, catch Ya’ll L8terzzzzzzzz Muvvvvers.


  9. VCC says:

    HA Ha GLiC.

    I’ve actually got some old programmes like the ones you are posting. I’ve also got my Arsenal rosette’s and flags from the finals I’ve been to.

    I’m a saddo.

  10. JamesOfSouthWales says:

    @ sirtomasabbott I was the one who was right about Koscielny and Ramsey and I’m right about Cole. Bad news for me and good for you is Cole to arsenal won’t happen anyway unfortunately

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    James, agreed a fit CC could be a good option, at least temporarily.

  12. Glic says:

    With the things I`ve seen you do with the Zimmer……. you`re also a saddo…masochistic bastard !. hahaha

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Vickers 🙂

    I like your response and would love to see your Arsenalised zimmerframe! 😀

  14. Glic says:

    Vic`s before he put the tassles on !.

  15. Dylan says:

    I personally think it should be Theo with maybe Bentner or Sanogo subbing for him if necessary. But for now, lets just hope he doesn’t get injured. 😉 If he does, we have options which is always positive. 🙂

  16. akpom will play that role

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Brilliant Glic, that should be Vicker’s new gravatar! 😆

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    Dylan 🙂

    The problem is Theo would mean a very different approach to our play, which might need time to settle in and therefore cost us points etc…

  19. Glic says:

    Yes Totes hahaha

    I hope no one was offended by the naked photo of Vickers at his local Naturist Club !.

  20. SirThomasAbbott says:


    Carlton Cole is on of the worst players I have watched live, his only strength is his.. umm, strength. Poor movement, loose touch and slow as anything – anyone say Hesky?. I was always a fan of Koscielny but will hold my hands up and say I owe Ramsey an apology and possibly a kiss. Akpom would be better than CC, and that is saying something. I just hope OG stays fit long enough for LP return because he is the only one with the talent to lead the line,


    hahahahahahahaha, i opened that link Vics without the tassels and almost pissed myself.

    I would have to go with Bentdner TA. This has too be Nicks last chance, and he should go for it.

    If Bentdner can get his fitness and discover some form he could be the answer.

    The problem of course is that unfortunately Nicolas suffers from the same condition as myself, an Emperor Nero syndrome. .I have had therapy, but some times i will demand to be mouth fed grapes and will occasionally confront a stranger and demand his execution.

    If Nick can get some help, discard the toga and blood lust, he could be a very good player.

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahaha Terry – Emperor Nero syndrome 😛

    Yes, a motivated, rejuvenated and de-Nerofied Bendtner should be our first option… but it is a big gamble….

  23. Glic says:

    From Nero to Zero !.

    Where’s Oz ?. Not feeling well ?. Is Oz ill ?.

    Reading AA a few days ago, it seems Redders is ….Back in the USA !.

  24. ephson says:

    bendtner should be the direct replacement for o. giroud. if we should take a critical look, n. bendtner is even better than o. giroud. o. giroud’s footwork is 13% as compared to n. bendtner’s 61%.secondly, n. bendtner can dribble whiles o. giroud has no dribbling mentality. bendtner is more experinced than the above mentioned names to replace o. giroud. but one thing i want all gunners to know is nothing than giving bendtner more playing time like that of giroud and hoe we will see the real bendtner

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Redders might have been visiting family over there, Glic. The really good news is he has written a post for BK, which will come out on Friday, the day of the site’s anniversary. 🙂

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    Ephson, a passionate plea for giving Bendtner another chance, and I tend to agree. 🙂


    Yes, I hear on the grapevine that Redders is canoeing the Mississippi with his banjo belting Dixie.

    Strange lot these Americans. If they wish to be molested and forced to squeal like a pig, why bother going down some huge river to attract attention?, there must be easier ways.

    Anyway, postings not the same without the Big Man, he is needed

    I just hope he took my advice and honed his crossbow skills before doing that bloody river. hahaha

  28. Glic says:

    I have been one to joke about Bendy …Deadwood etc` , but I always thought he was a useful player. He never really got a run in the team as an out and out striker, most of the time placed on the wing !. My concern is his attitude and fitness. The teams he has been loaned out to don’t exactly play the Arsenal way and if given the opportunity to play in his preferred position with the likes of Ozil, Wilshere and Santi pulling the strings I think he would be the logical preference. Lets face it Giroud came in and played in his natural position and not out on the wing like Bendy was forced to !. With Podolski out, If he isn`t on the bench for the next few games starting at Sunderland, then you can probably take him out of the equation, then it will probably be the rookie Sanogo unless we get the Romanian pick pocket for free, but I don’t want a average player whose been released and who will take away potential wages from a January or Summer SQ striker !.

  29. Gerry says:

    TA – Interesting little insert of a post you have here. Alas too many variables left out to give you a definitive answer. If Ozil is also lining up then my vote would go to Akpom. Not because he can do all the things that Giroud does, but he will score goals. I still have that image of him scoring pre-season, where he pounced on a loose ball in the box, and cooly put it away. That was a tidy finish. He, like Gnabry, is a big strong youth, not easily muscled out of a challenge, and as it stands at the moment, he would be the safest choice.

    True, the defence might have to work without him, and probably not too many balls in the air, as he lacks the top level experience to deal with sneaky nudges from seasoned defenders. But with the creative talent behind him, the fans behind him, he will score goals.

    Apropos my thoughts yesterday, Sanogo has plenty of skill, but replacing Giroud at this stage of his development is a tad unfair. Not to mention his physical issues I touched on yesterday. Too much too soon.

    Theo? Well we’ve been there done that, and as you have already responded, he would change the whole game plan. Not entirely a bad idea against certain opposition, but that is one of the absent variables?

    So to Nicky B – In an ideal world he would be a natural, even a challenger for that central role? Can he bring himself back to that level that he once had, on the few occasions he played centrally? So much is inside his head as to what is motivating him?

    You see, just as I see no problem Szcz being our No1 GK, now he is back with a smile on his face, engaging in the fun things with his team mates off field, I would have no problem at all with NB23, as he is now, if he can engage himself with supportive team mates, have a smile on his face, and enjoy his football again. That at least will help him through the fan reaction, which at times might be harder than opposition taunting? He has to be committed if he is prepared to go through that, and still come out a winner on the other side. We will not know the answer until he has an opportunity to put it to the test? Clearly Arsene has said something to him that prompted that statement release, and if that gets him on to the bench, it will be a start. But I remember the boos that went around for Eboue …

    Getting beyond that point, and his fitness levels, and match sharpness, are all things that will count against him. Skill comparisons, based more on his international appearances for Denmark, are clearly much closer to, if not matching, Giroud in most areas of the game. I would love him to do a Flamini, and come to restore the balance as unfinished business, and I hope the majority of the fans, our fans, give him a fair crack at it should the occasion arise?

  30. Glic says:

    Hahaha Better change his name to Redneckers then !.

  31. benny says:

    If Ozil dosent make a clinical finisher Walcott, nobody will do that. Walcott has speed, he needs just accurate pass ( wich will provide Ozil) to convert in goal.
    I think that time has come to see Walcott like central forward. This might be another secret weapon from genius Wenger.

  32. Glic says:

    And I thought Prof Geoffers was only supplying Fozzy with the hallucinating drugs !. hahaha

  33. JamesOfSouthWales says:

    @ Sirthomas I agree with you about Podolski he would be the ideal player to rotate with, then Sanogo and Akpom in the wings but at the moment we need another striker to step in let’s hope Giroud stays fit.

  34. Gerry says:

    Totally off topic ..
    TA – The band look quite tidy, but they tend, from that one song, to do what a lot of modern bands do, create a wall of sound which drives them along?

    Lying on my sick bed yesterday I thought about what made One Ok Rock so different. the conclusion I came to was this:

    If you take dramatic pieces of classical music, like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, or Tchaikovsky’s !812 Overture, both set up dramatic moments:
    ‘Ba Ba Boom’ on the bass drum representing the morse code for V (Roman numeral for 5) is probably something most can pick out. it is distinctive. Likewise the crashing cymbals representing gunfire in the 1812.
    However, both are longer pieces of music so they cannot sustain that intensity throughout. in popular rock/pop songs are shorter so the beat can be continuous. Like VCC’s example of the Stealer’s Wheel classic ‘Stuck In The Middle With You/(Giroud)’.

    When you get to the less commercial, but still very popular, Heavy/Classical rock then that intensity has to be more controlled, particularly if it is vocally driven. Otherwise you drift into the screaming over the top of a constant barrage of sound.

    The guitar lends itself to vary the intensity, and in two of my own favourite non-vocal records, the rise and fall and back again can leave you more emotionally drained than a head-banging session with Motorhead.

    ‘Time Away’ by ex-Free guitarist, the late Paul Kossoff, is the finest example I know of, and is the one piece of my music collection I would want save above all others. Similarly, Ramone’s Blues by Roy Buchanan ebbs and flows, with no single section going on to long, or feeling out of place.

    With vocals, think Janice Joplin, and her vocals, more so than the instruments, drive the songs. it is very hard to do much if the full on music goes on too long. The intensity has to drop away to allow the vocals space, but it is not ebb and flow, more off then on again. That is my problem with stuff I have heard from Green Day and Linkun Park. Some of it is fine, and live at a gig, it is part of what is expected. I think the band you have highlighted, Stand Tall, are in that much of a muchness area and will find hit hard to get universal acclaim?

    What I like about One OK Rock is that their music is ultimately driven by the vocals. The intensity that the beat gives is often raised higher by the vocalist, and the energy that pours out from the whole experience is tremendous. As JM has pointed out, they do have different styles, but with all it seems to me that the vocals take you on a journey, which clearly many people like to share …

    That concludes this Radio 3 talk on popular music, Goodnight

  35. Jones says:

    Always liked Carlton, possibly because I grew up playing with him but that another story. James is spot on though I think under the right coach he could find that form again and could be a surprise purchase in the right team. between TGSTEL and Carlton I’d take a punt on Cole, i don’t think there’s anyone else in our squad that can play the Giroud roll bar the enigma that is Bentner and I’m not sure i can stomach that fool on the team sheet he’s an embarrassment… Love the post…. Also love the thought on Walcott being fed through balls from ozil, wilshire Ramsey cazorla and podolski on the wing. Onwards and upwards bloody internationals.

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry, agreed re the big man. 🙂

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic, very good point re the bench-test for Bendtner… let’s hope he is on it and do some damage to Sunderland (his old buddies) at some point on Saturday.

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry at 12.47 – very fine comment that reflects a lot of my thoughts. Akpom reminds me a lot of Patrick Kluivert at Ajax in the mid-nineties. Physically and technically he was so advanced for his age and he won the CL at 17 or 18 years old. Maybe Akpom could fill the gap if Giroud gets injured….but I need to see a bit more of him.

    Re Bendy: do you believe he can re-establish himself, or is it too late?

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    benny good point about Ozil and Theo, but are you suggesting playing Theo in the middle or can he be just as effective ‘on the wing’ when receiving Ozil’s service?

  40. AFC says:

    TA, a well thought of post and written just at the right time. 🙂

    I just do not see Sanogo being the second choice for ST. He will get some game time but is too inexperienced. Same goes for Akpom and I cannot see Wenger starting them in the absence of Giroud. Walcott will be needed to play on the RW and Podolski will be needed for the LW so Santi can get some rest when needed so he does not get injured. So Bendtner for me. Bendtner has always been a decent ST and with the likes of Santi, Walcott, Ozil etc, he could be a very good ST. We would not have to change our system that much with Bendtner in the team either.

    Bendtner might even earn himself a new contract or knock Giroud off from the number 1 ST podium. 😀

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry, excellent analysis of what makes good music for you. Standing Tall’s song gets better the more you listen to it, but I can see where you coming from and agree to some extent.

    I like all sorts of music but Mozart, Chopin, The Beatles, Radiohead and one or two others are my musical equivalents to total football.

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Jones, bloody internationals indeed! 😦

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    Btw did anybody get the musical reference in subtext to the picture in the post?

  44. James Bond says:

    nice one @ TA

    great questions and very relevant as well,

    we can take out Yaya Sanogo out i reckon, he’s injured i’m hearing – hopefully won’t be out for long

    i wouldn’t personally play with anyone up front, i would just tweak the formation slightly and encourage the wider men and MF’s to come forward and take care of things – Santi /Rosicky / Ozil/ JW / Ramsey and even Arteta can score goals.

    however, out of the options you have listed, i would go for Yaya (if fit).

    you also wrote that NB will be our big Gamble – well it’s only a gamble once you have a luxury of 2/3 strikers ahead of you in the pecking order in case of an injury, luckily for NB – this is not a gamble but a necessity for Arsenal to play him and slot him there, ha

    yep, we don’t really have a choice, do we ?

    also, i see Carlton Cole being mentioned – funny that, about a few years ago, AW was an admirer of his game and there were whispers that we might go in for him, may have even had a bid rejected (don’t quote me on that), however, CC available on a free now ? thank you very very much, we don’t want to get relegated nor be anywhere near such a player- we got our own Carlton Cole in NB – but it might be harsh on Bendy, he’s better than CC, slightly.

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – I hope Bendtner reads your comment and listens to you. 🙂

  46. Gerry says:

    TA@14.21 – I think he could, but .. He needs to convince team mates he is serious. He has to be committed. He then has to convince fans of that. But is his motivation is to get back his WC place in the Denmark squad, and he does not get stuffed out on the wing like a utility player, then this is a great opportunity …. and he still gets his £52 grand a week?

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers JB – we are so used now to play to the big man that not replacing him ‘like for like’ would be a huge adjustment and therefore risk…

    Do you, and you as well AFC, believe Bendtner can make a U-turn in his life/footie career?

  48. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Gerry – although the money might be a demotivator as a motivator for him.

  49. Funminiyi says:

    This comes in handy TA, it’s always nice to have something like this to keep us busy and it’s always good to have 2nd or 3rd options incase of emergencies.
    As much as we all have come to hate or loathe him lately, I still think DB23 is the man who can directly replace OG’s qualities and he’s the only one with a similar build/body type and if I’m not mistaken, we all know what he’s capable of on his day. Not taking anything away from Lu-Lu, Theo, Sanogo or Akpom, they’re all good options to have upfront but if I’m correct it’s only Akpom and Sanogo that really come closest to replacing OG but not as close as NB23( with the “right attitude”). Lu-Lu and Theo are better left as wingers where they’re most effective with their surging runs and lay offs. They do scare the he’ll out of teams and are pivotal to our counter attack moves. When NB23 is not available for selection, I’ll rather go for Lu-Lu before considering Theo. Akpom and Sanogo comes after them in that order.

  50. AFC says:

    TA, I think he can. He is still quite young and easily has another 4-5 years playing at the top level if he is motivated. Remember he now has to play well if he wants to move to a decent team or go to the 2014 WC.

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Flaminiyi 🙂

    I prefer the Pod up-front as well if it is a choice between him and Theo, but both are not great options in our current system.

  52. Funminiyi says:

    But in situation where we can get someone in who is quite better than what we have presently, it’ll be a welcomed idea. JB, TA, HH, PG, GLIC, FB,Henry, et al you guys can provide suitable names that’ll hit the ground running.

  53. James Bond says:

    from previous Article :


    yes, the conclusion of both mine and your thesis (observation) is the same – it would be in our best interest if that marriage ended in divorce, or even a bitter one 🙂


    i feel that Ryo is a 3 in 1 Winger, he can play the proper winger’s role, and at the same time, he makes some really really good runs – something that Ozil can find with his right foot ; ) course Theo will get plenty of chances as well but Eisfield for some reason, isn’t even on the bench or training with the first team, maybe he has been struggling with injuries or has lost a bit of confidence ?

    Ryo for me is more closer to having some first team minutes under his belt over Eisfield – but i do rate Eisfield highly as well and is definitely an intelligent football player.

  54. johnnie nyc says:

    if Giroud went down this week, I think id go with theo for safety sake– less disruption, but TA, do you think the youngsters replacing theo outside then, could move around intelligently? I kind of doubt that they have enough experience.., or would it just be Santi and Theo alternating ??

    either way– I want Giroud resting in any matches except prem and champs league– for a breather, but also because Bendtner, Sanogo, Gnabry and Ryo need time to play… these guys will need game experience to be ready in case theyre needed in more important matches.

    I really don’t care about the Cap one cup — should be used to experiment with youth, and rest our best. FA cup, im somewhere in between- a little more important– but I would rather be fighting with a chance to win the league near the end, (because I believe we CAN win it)— than to win a secondary trophy.
    A delicate balance for the manager. but you know I never think Arsene rotates or rest our best players enough.

  55. James Bond says:

    course he can,

    everyone deserves a 2nd or 3rd chance, why not ? (especially when we’re paying him 60 k per week in wages) ahahahahahahahahahahha

  56. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – if he can sort out his inner demons and make new friends in the dressing room, and focus hard on his football, it could work out again. It definitely will be his last chance at Arsenal.

  57. johnnie nyc says:

    JB, I agree about Ryo and Eisfeld.. I think Ryo has super raw abilities– and Eisfeld always seems to play intelligently, and be in the right spots when ive seen him play. I don’t understand why he isn’t considered by Wenger. seems like he would be a good safety net in a pinch..

  58. James Bond says:


    honestly, there is no one at the moment out there who provides us with anything better or different than we currently have –

    the best players who fit into our system and style of play and hit the ground running are all at Arsenal –

    the ones who are better , become available on the 1st of January 🙂

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    johnnie hi 🙂

    Not a big fan of Theo in the middle myself, but yes, I believe in our young wingers.

    Agreed on not enough rotation, but it will become easier for Wenger if the team is doing very well…. so let’s hope for a good re-start of the season. 🙂

  60. AFC says:

    JB, I’d take Cole and Marica and use them in the cups.

  61. Gerry says:

    JB – I’ve come to the conclusion you don’t care about your laughs .. there was a ahha at the end of the last one.

    Re- Eisfeld. He scored to cracking goals in the first reserve game as I recall, I’ve not heard of an injury since?

  62. James Bond says:


    we use our youth to fill in for the domestic cups in the past and i see no reason, as to why we should change our policy now ? we need to show belief and stick to what we have , instead of getting 2 players just for the sake of it – i will be very surprised if we moved for any panic signings , so to speak.


    if paying 60 k P/W to NB and not giving him another chance, when Giroud and Yaya were injured won’t make you laugh then nothing will 😉 course that was an assumption that he might not get a chance and hence the wicked laughter

    but i can tell you’re in a Grumpy mood today – must be the lovely weather.

    Eisfield has been missing from the bench in all of our games and i don’t recall seeing him train with the first team – in fact, Zelalem has been on the bench , i would like to think that Eisfield should be ahead of Zelalem and on the bench , if he was fully fit and ready to go

    The game against West Brom will give us all the answers i reckon.

  63. AFC says:

    JB, they would be able to offer experience to our cup set ups which are mainly filled with youth. Marica on a 6 month deal until we reach the latter stages of the cups could work.

  64. James Bond says:

    and why would they want to join us on a 6 month deal , if they are looking for better terms and a contract ?

    i hope you know that when they say a player is available on a free, then that normally doesn’t mean we don’t have to pay a fee on signing ?

    some players , let their contracts run down intentionally to go on a free, this way, they get a decent fee on signing, for example if a player would cost 10 million from a club and then the player agrees to join you the season after for free, it’s usually at 2-5 million fee on signing and higher wages (Chamakh).

    i’m not keen on filling in the void caused by injuries to players – we have enough quality in this squad to see us through without having to make do with the like of Cole and the romanian international.

    but i see your point – unfortunately not a viable option for me.

  65. Gerry says:

    AFC – the simple way you think a player will accept a 6 moth contract is amazing. Come on. They may be on a free, but they will want a wage over 6 months that is as good as a 2/3 deal elsewhere. Which is why one will go to West Ham, because they need someone for 3 years, and CC will probably drop down to championship level.

  66. Gerry says:

    Damn you Bond! you’re so bloody quick on the typing!

  67. James Bond says:


  68. TotalArsenal says:

    Okay then, if you don’t wanna play…. 😦

    Here is the music reference to the subtext of the picture:


    To be honest, Nicolas didn’t really get that many chances up front, because he was to busy screwing up his chances off the pitch

    I thought Danes were supposed to be cool and regimental people, only agreeing to laugh at certain times of the day etc.

    If Bendtner was a Cretan i would perfectly understand him ruining his career. He would probably ride on to the pitch on a donkey, make an unwanted pass on Ozils Mrs, and challenge Szcesney to a knife fight.

    I now realise why i like Bendtner. Hes a bit crazy and would fit in nicely at a Greek Taverna. Hope Wenger gives him a chance and he takes it.

  70. AFC says:

    Gerry, I just thought that the prospect of playing for the Arsenal would make be open to less wages. 😀

    Would that mean we would not be able to get Marica on a one year deal as would he rather sign a three year deal with West Ham?

    TA, not really into rock music, sorry.

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    that is okay, AFC: what do you like?

  72. AFC says:

    TA, I like mostly hip hop and rap music. Artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Snoop, 2 Pac, Biggie, DMX to name a few.

  73. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    TA.. the first choice will be Podolski..
    then Bedtner.. Park CY and Sanogo.. Akpom doesn’t even listed in the team.. hehe..
    But not if Wenger bring Marica..
    This chacha Marica.. will be second after Podolski.. and that’s also mean Bedtner is finish in Emirates and will be off in Jan.. Park also..

    Will Walcott scores a lot.. I think yes.. he will.. at least 15 goals.. hehe..
    But he will give more assists to Giroud.. Podolski.. Bedtner and even Cazorla and Ramsey..
    I choose Ozil.. Cazorla and Walcott to be the best three of assists.. hahaha..

    I am more confident now re Ozil.. cause Fabregas and Cazorla give some credits to him.. and can’t wait to watch the game.. and I hope it will be lives again.. on my tv station.. hehe..

  74. James Bond says:

    Johnnie nyc,

    i think AW does rate him but it might be the thought behind it ? you have to weigh up the pros and cons – do you keep a player on the bench as opposed to letting him go and have game time with the under 21’s ? what’s more beneficial to him, minutes under his belt or training with the first team and then finding yourself glued to the bench on match day’s ?

    Zelalem is out for 8 weeks, not good news – i was expecting big things from him but i guess, at such an age, you do have the tendency of breaking down a lot as the body and muscles are still not as strong and developing.

    big massive day today re -internationals, i hope all of our players come back FIT and healthy.

    England vs Ukraine is a decent game, hopefully JW and TW run the show, win England the game and then get subbed by the 60th minute, ha ha

    i fear more for TW than JW – is that wrong ?

  75. James Bond says:


  76. James Bond says:

    Message for PG – try checking ITV before finding a steam online for the game later 😉

  77. James Bond says:

    apologies to the Pod.

    i have said it before, Poldi for me is Plan C, if Giroud was Plan B

    there is no one in this current squad, who happens to be better at counter attacking football and finishing than Poldi .

    i have even been an advocate of Giroud and Poldi being rotated in the ST/CF role – i honestly thought that AW may have used Poldi in that role a lot to give Giroud some rest or motivate him.

    plays to play up front according to my pecking order

    1: Giroud

    3: Podolski

    5: Yaya

    7: Theo

    9: Bendtener

  78. TotalArsenal says:

    The Pod should be ideal but until now has been disappointing alone up-front, JB

    For me the pecking order is:

    2. OG

    5. Bendtner (reluctantly)

    8. Saynogo

    11. Akpom

    14. Pod

    28. Theo

    56. Verminator 😉

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – not really my music but nice to know you like rap. Maybe you can do a post in rap-style… 🙂

    I am the AF Ceee
    There aint no messing with meeeee

  80. AFC says:

    TA, 😀

    It can stay in your dreams as it will just necer happen. 😀

    If you look at our current formation does Theo not come in from the RW become a ST. So he is already a sort of supporting striker/winger so if we could move him up front and play Podolski on the LW in the same sort of role (supporting striker/winger) that could work. Santi can be moved to the RW in a free role.

  81. AFC says:

    TA, Vermaelen up front, why not. Worth a try. 😀

  82. James Bond says:


    did you chuck in the OoooooooOOOooooooZil factor when coming up with that pecking order ?

    Ozil OoooooooooOOOoooZes class combined with the Persistent Runs of Poldi down the middle = match made in heaven

    yep, the German Connection and both happen to be lefties – what is it about left footed players ehh ?

  83. Glic says:

    AFC likes hip hop and rap music . VCC likes op` hip replacement !.

  84. weedonald says:

    The Arsenal tend to improve average strikers and with Ozil now leading the midfield, any of our developing youngsters could fill in. However I think Bendtner could actually become a top striker once again for AFC as he has everything but the attitude and the teamspirit needed. Wenger apparently had a long, serious chat with him and it is my impression that he’ll start him out on the bench and in Cup games to see if he has altered his narcissism. If he plays well and does the job, we can expect to see him in as a sub for Giroud since he has:

    1) familiarity with the Arsenal way,
    2) the ability to hold up play and to score in very difficult circumstances,
    3) Great height and physical presence and can really jump for headers,
    4) intelligence and alertness in build-up play,
    5) strength and is not injury-prone and is still young,
    6) moderately good pace and very long stride,
    7) more confidence than God gave most strikers but has been humbled by reality!

    Apparently Marica is almost in the same category as Bendtner and his international goal-scoring record is in fact better, so I could see this happening IF Wenger felt that he was adding quality to the Arsenal. The unknown in this mix is Ozil,Jack, Cazorla, Arteta, Ramsey and Rosicky’s link-up with someone other than Giroud. I know Ozil and Cazorla could make HRM the Queen look good as a striker with their passing so our backups in Sanogo, the Ox, Walcott, Ryo,Gnarby,Poldolski,and Bendtner will thrive with the number of opportunities the midfield will create.
    Another point is that Ramsey and Kos pose a goalscoring threat as well so IF the Gunners control the play and counter-attack like they have been doing…our opponents won’t know where to turn. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Ozil turn into a goal-scorer since he won’t be in the shadow of Ronaldo anymore.

  85. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambo – I am a leftie and they are simply the best – quicker, more creative, more style: simple! 🙂

    I don’t want us to change our style/formation now we are in the season again, as it will take time to adjust and make it work to perfection.

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    Fantastic comment, WeeD, and spot on! 🙂

  87. James Bond says:

    nice comment @ WEE- Donald.

    don’t be a stranger now.


    you’re not the only lefty on here 😉

  88. Glic says:

    I`m like Santi……….you wouldn`t know whether I was left footed or right footed, both are as good as the other. However, when I have a wank it`s usually the right, but some times I use the left as that feels like someone else is doing it, but I usually get impatient and change to the right saying to myself……” for fcuk sake, I`ll finish it off, you cant get the rhythm right ! “. hahaha

  89. James Bond says:

    and then TA , wonders why we haven’t got any birds posting on here.


  90. James Bond says:

    both Nacho and Santi start in the meaningless friendly against Chile (losing 1-0 spain are)

  91. TotalArsenal says:

    excellent JB – I know quite a few left handed accountants and FDs: always amazes me!

  92. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahaha Glic, you is filthy! 😀

  93. Fozzie B says:

    Good evening baloney pony packers!!! Nice post and Totes and a tad scary to think of an injury Gyrating Giroud!! If Bendtner has indeed been Bendtnered over le profs knee and been fitted with one of glics anal probes which threaten to turn him into a baboon butt tranny whenever he gets Nero syndrome them I’m fine with using him ahead of injured Lu-Lu!!!! lol:
    But first sign of a pink tutu sprouting from his hips, socks turning pink and sliding up his legs to crotchand and Sanogo is a gogo for me!!! But theo has been promised some time there too and be good to see how he goes with JB’s oooooOoooooOOOooozil oil!!! 😀

  94. Glic says:

    Totes when you say FD`s……is that Financial Directors or Funeral Directors ?……oh yeah, their both the same !………. they both hover like fcuking vultures !.

  95. seini says:

    I think Bendtner can do it.He’s got a good first touch,can pass and good in finishing.He is also good in airial balls and got pace to.That is my opinion.

  96. Fozzie B says:

    By the way vickers, you been working out too much bruvver-you make that zimmer look like a supertanker!! Nice Ozil song Glic!! That should get the lesbsnia s and trannys amped before the game and the post match psychedelic cocktails!! 😀

  97. Glic says:

    Good and bad..,…..Sick not off against Italy injured…..BFG scores against the mighty Faroes and I`m not talking taking Cleopatra up the asp !.

  98. Bongo says:

    For weedonald,

    I’m not sure Bendtner was ever a top striker for Arsenal and I don’t think Ozil will improve him or in your words – quote “could actually become a top striker once again”. Ozil will certainly improve your team but I think the striker who will benefit the most from his signing is Podolski.

    In my opinion (which probably doesn’t count for much) he could be one of the best strikers in Europe and has a lot to prove in the premiership.

    Your team spirit is great but one marquee signing hasn’t strengthened your squad enough to challenge for the title, again my opinion – please discuss.

    Non footie related, I’ve been making a vlog after being made redundant from the army for a bit of fun – link below.

  99. Glic says:

    Theo came off injured as well !…..don’t you just love internationals !. 😦

  100. ProudGooner says:

    You made my heart miss a beat and do a big poo in my boxer shorts with that headline, i thought OG had got injured with France.A very scary thought mate.
    I have faith Wenger will be working very very hard with the other strikers and there finishing, I would go for Theo but after seeing him limp of For England i think he will be ok for the next match but if both were injured i think Sanogo would get a shot at present if not then it has to be NB52 or Akpom i am pretty sure we have a new gunner waiting in the wings ready to do the business that we could be pretty nicely surpised by , have faith Gooners. 😉

  101. ProudGooner says:

    please tell me OG is not injured?????? he is not is he?

  102. James Bond says:

    look into Glic’s Eyes @ PG – he’s not injured

    however, Theo and Rosicky are.

  103. ProudGooner says:

    mr JB thank you mate, phheeew i can relax now. Rosicky is a shame i hope it is just a minor we can manage with out him for now, the same goes for Theo who is a much bigger miss but i dont think that should keep him out for any more then 1 match hopefully not even that.
    As for looking in to dr Glics eyes that is a much much more scary prospect ha haha

  104. ProudGooner says:

    Last time i heard someone looked in to Dr Glic eyes, it was VCC next thing know he has been seen in PC world and Currys nation wide getting naked in front of 3D tv’s with only the 3D glasses on the rest you guys know. ha ha ha ha ha

  105. Glic says:

    I know who did get injured !……one of the boys from One Direction !. Her got clobbered by Agbonlahor`s big tackle !. His cock is a right off, he`s gone from One Direction to One Dire Erection !. You just cant make it up……..well I can !. hahaha

  106. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Glic – priceless 🙂

  107. ProudGooner says:

    ha ha ha ha he was not joking one the band members of small erection got clattered by the lightening quick hismumsawhore from villa and just ruined him the kid could hardly walk.

  108. TotalArsenal says:


    OG is fine – you can relax 🙂

  109. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post 🙂

    Dylan has written a fine post about how much better things are this year compared to last year around this time. Enjoy 🙂

  110. ProudGooner says:

    ohhhh TA,
    I sure was worried for a min or 2 there, I had to change my pants and get my heart rate checked over at A&E

  111. ProudGooner says:

    Are you thinking about getting tickets for the WBA cup match, im going.
    Dylan i look forward to reading your post in a minute

  112. Glic says:

    Don’t worry PG, if Giroud ever gets whacked in the groin area, we have VCC to come on as a stunt double for Ollie`s cock !. hahaha

  113. TotalArsenal says:

    No PG – I am thinking of going to the Stoke or Norwich home games..

  114. ProudGooner says:

    Oh good stuff TA, i have been to both fixtures before and very much enjoyed them. I remember we were saying about how much you would like to see the Newcastle away game is that a possibilty? i am not sure when it is on though. I cant wait to go to the WBA match it will be my first away game and i am hoping to see OZIL 🙂

  115. TotalArsenal says:

    Newcastle away is between Xmas and New Year this season. Never been to West Brom; should be a good game though.

  116. podoski should replace giroud bcz he hs de ability 2 score frm long range.

  117. James Bond says:

    great point @ Ibrahim

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