Özil fits Arsenal like a glove, Ramsey roars on, Flamini leads: Match Report

Match Review: This is what champions are made of.


After two weeks of international football, the Premier League returned today. Fans of many Premier League teams were desperately awaiting the debuts of many of their new signings; especially Arsenal fans, awaiting the debut of deadline day signing Mesut Özil.

And those Arsenal fans would not be disappointed.

Today’s match against Sunderland had ups and downs. In the first half, Arsenal were on fire, but after the break Arsenal’s tempo slowed for a while before we regained our form again at the end.

Arsenal started the day full of confidence and with the away-crowd behind them. Everyone involved was very excited to see the debut of Özil. He would come good in the 11th minute: our nr.11 controlled a long ball in the air wonderfully, touched it out in front of him, and played a fantastic ball to Giroud in front of goal. He happily fired the ball into the near post and gave Arsenal the lead: it is now four goals in four Premier League games for Giroud, and an assist for Özil on his debut.

After this goal, the whole game changed. The home crowd was essentially silenced and Arsenal began playing some of the most beautiful football they’ve played in a while. Wilshere did a wonderful job of taking on Santi’s position and drifting inside to help out the midfield. His understanding with Ramsey seemed improved, and both Aaron’s and Jack’s excellent understanding with Özil (and vice versa) was mystifying, especially because they have only trained together a very short time and they don’t even speak the same language.

Özil provided multiple chances to Theo with perfectly weighted through balls, but unfortunately Theo still is not in scoring form, however I give credit to Westwood for some fantastic saves.

We went into half time only 1-0 up, but with about 70% possession. Arsenal had dominated the first half, but perhaps this was their undoing at the start of the second half. Three minutes into the second half an overzealous Koscielny made a stupid challenge on Adam Johnson in the box. There was really no need for the tackle as he had no clear shot on goal and was on his weaker foot; however, he slid into him and the ref awarded Sunderland a penalty. Gardner rocketed the penalty into the lower left corner and Szczesney couldn’t do anything about it.

After this penalty the game changed once more. The home crowd roared and Sunderland suddenly stepped up and began dominating the game. Sunderland had numerous chances and really stepped up to the plate. However, this is where Arsenal showed that they are ready to win titles and just how important the signing of Flamini is.

I think that this game is very comparable to the Villa game: an early Giroud goal followed by a fairly soft penalty and then the crowd turns against the mighty Arsenal. In both games the ref was awful (although, the ref at Villa was worse, but let’s not discuss that). Point being, Arsenal were up against it in both games. In the Villa game Arsenal crumbled a little bit after the penalty and ended up losing, however this time Arsenal banded together. They fought through the bad part of the game and kept themselves in it.

Flamini was very critical in this; running about, clapping his hands, generally screaming and putting in tough tackles. The team banded together and fought against a Sunderland side that really wanted to win.

Arsenal finally found a breakthrough in the 67th minute. Jenkinson picked up the ball on the right flank and saw Aaron raising his hands; he swung in a low cross to the edge of the box, and Rambo venomously volleyed the ball across goal and in. The team’s reaction was fantastic and as I said before, spirit will do a lot for us this season. And getting down to business and pushing through that difficult time was all down to the team’s desire and hunger to win.

However, Sunderland did not just lie down and die. In the 70th minute Altidore broke down our right flank and all Sagna could do was grab his jersey and pull him back. This was perhaps the most controversial decision of the game and the main reason I’m not too angry with the ref, despite most decisions going Sunderland’s way. As Altidore reached the top of the box the ref blew the whistle. Sagna stopped, but Altidore played on and just managed to sneak the ball in the net after Szczesny slowed it down. The play was called back and Sunderland were given a free kick instead of the goal. Obviously, I’m happy with this and I believe it was the right decision, but I’m curious about what others think.

After this, Sunderland seemed to have the life sucked out of them. Arsenal found their groove once more and in the 76th minute Ramsey scored his second of the night. He darted in behind their defense and finished the ball right under Westwood.

Substitutions were made with Vermaelen making his return from injury and Nacho coming on for Walcott. Unfortunately, at the end Giroud seemed to twist his knee and Akpom had to come on for him. I don’t have any news on that, but I hope he’s not injured.


The game ended 3-1 to the mighty Arsenal and things are looking up: top of the league at least for tonight! Özil already seems to have gelled with the team, Giroud is on fire, it seems to be Rambo’s year, and the team looks to be a team of winners at last.

For now, I’ll leave you all with a few more questions than usual:

  1. Is this Arsenal team ready to win trophies?
  2. Is this Rambo’s year?
  3. What did you think of Özil’s debut?
  4. Can OG win the golden boot?
  5. How important is Flamini to this team?
  6. Should advantage have been played when Altidore scored?

Thanks for reading! 😀

Written by: Dylan.

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114 Responses to Özil fits Arsenal like a glove, Ramsey roars on, Flamini leads: Match Report

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Dylan 🙂

    Thanks for a very fine match report in which you have captured the essence of the game perfectly. I will be back later.

  2. Dylan says:

    Thank you TA. 🙂

  3. Fozzie B says:

    Totes, when are you going to take those gold Nike sprint cloggs off??
    Thank you Dylan, going to read now 😀

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Never, I sleep, shower and make love in them! 😉

  5. James Bond says:

    nice one – Dylan,

    get match report and one that basically covers everything, with well thought out questions at the end

    i’ll try to answer all in one go…but let me start with 3 negatives today and 3 positives – as per my own observations.

    Negatives :

    1: Theo needs at least 5 chances every game to finish one of them off – not clinical enough for me, he needs to be doing loads better , if he wants to finish this season with 20 plus goals , maybe shift him to the left Wing, for a game or perhaps a full half ?

    3: Sczny – still doesn’t do it for me, will it take Wenger until Jan/Feb to bench him ? he needs a breather .

    5: Koc – sort it out lad, you’re world class but world class players, don’t go needlessly into tackles when the forward has basically run himself out of a dangerous position, especially when it’s 2 vs 1 ? don’t be a David Luiz in disguise, you are better than that ! (yeah, i know you’re reading this).

    Positive :

    1: OoooooooooooooooooooooooOOzil – the king of Assists has hit the ground running, deserved to have a couple of more assists had it been a better finisher, but never mind, i’m not complaining, he will only get better and better as he wasn’t fully fit but still did a great job, his understanding with JW and the MF was superb , just goes to show that world class players can slot straight into any team and lift them up , immediately .

    3: Ramsey – suffice to say, are we back at the beginning of their careers , when it seemed that Ramsey is plenty better than Wilshere ? on current form, it seems to be the case, however, Ramsey works extremely hard and now gets to reap the rewards, perhaps he is that MF we all wanted to score 15 plus a season ?

    5: great leadership skills from both Sagna And Flamini, loved it minus that one out muscling incident.

    yes, we were very luck in my opinion to come out and win it, as i thought we should have put the game to bed in the first half…

    had the 2nd goal for Sunderland stood (which it should have), then we would have been lucky to have come out with a draw,however, like i said on the first week vs Villa, we get good decisions and we get bad, hopefully this evens that one out

    we are at the top of the table, long it may continue

    and chelsea lost ahahahahahahahahaha

    man $hity drew ahahahahhaahahhahaha

  6. Dylan says:

    Totally agree JB! Especially about the Theo to LW thing. Cutting in on his right foot he’d be more lethal, I think. 🙂 Le Flame will be huge for us this season. He will inspire our defense to many shut outs and last minute hold outs. 🙂

  7. rellends says:

    if the referee has blown his whistle then no advantage can be played for altidore to score. those are the rules. if he didn’t blow and then stopped the advantage then it’s a howler. those are the breaks though and we’ve been on the end of some howlers more often than i can remember. not complaining though and i thought we should have been 3-4 to the good in the first half as we were excellent. if, and it’s a big if, we can keep everybody fit then we have a chance of achieving something positive this season. arteta, vermaelen, ox and podolski will be like “new signings” when they come back and the january window will surely see us enter the market again – especially if we’re maintaining pace with our major rivals. utd looked toilet today, city weren’t great and chelsea weren’t that impressive in defeat either. i know it could all change come monday night, but i can’t remember a time when both north london clubs topped the table.

  8. billy says:

    1. depends on injuries. If there aren’t too many, then yes.
    2. yes!
    3. it was amazing for someone who has barely known his teammates for a couple of days
    4. depends on if he remains fit, and on confidence.
    5. quite important.
    6. yes, but if advantage had been played then kos might have got to the ball before it crossed the line.

  9. Arsenal_vcc says:

    Super quick report Dylan and thanks for capturing the key moments of the game 🙂 I was surprised to see how well Ozil fit into the team and that too with hardly any match practice with the team! Yes, he is world Class! Now, if Wenger gets hims scoring goals too…I just hope that Theo breaks out of this scoring funk that he is in and that Koz stops with this penalty streak that he is on. So far it looks like the key players will be Per, Ramsey, Ozil/Santi, and Giroud (good spine?).

    Regarding your questions – Its still a bit too early to comment on trophies and golden boot (though I certainly hope both are realized :-)). Ramsey I think will just have a great year. There were signs towards the end of last season but he has really kicked it up several notches as has been evident in the pre-seasons and early games. Couldn’t wish better for someone who has been through as much as him. May it long continue! Flamini looks like one of those inspired (re)signings and make all those who criticize Wenger for everything look a little silly. Can’t wait for the game against Marseille and hope that OG is OK.

  10. Fozzie B says:

    Totes you kinky wotsit you!! 😆 next minute you’ll be telling us about your goldmember!! 😆 …. Yesh yesh ishnt that veird!!! 😀 …. Still reading post padwan Dylan 😀 😀 blame Totes as bear and peanuts kicking in …. 😀

  11. Dylan says:

    Rellends, thank you for your comment. I totally agree and it is nice to see Arsenal top of the league, even if Spuds are there too. 😉
    Arsenal_vcc OG is fine, he tweeted it! Thanks for your comment and I agree, if Wenger gets Ozil scoring, we have the next Bergkamp. If he doesn’t, we still have an incredible player who will quite possibly win us the league. 🙂

  12. James Bond says:

    also, a big shout out to JGC,

    yet again, he proves “The Visionary” right, i wasn’t wrong in giving him the name “JGC-Damus” a few weeks ago.

    when the Professor makes a prediction – you best take it seriously !


    The Visionary.

  13. James Bond says:

    indeed @ Dylan

    they don’t call me ” The visionary” without reason 😉

    back to serious mode, yes, Flam’s staying back allows both Ramsey and JW to express their selves a tad better

    i’m hoping Arteta gets to play along side Flam’s in a more advanced role to give either Ramsey or JW a breather from time to time, both of them can do a great job in that double-pivot role , i reckon

    we will get a full and proper update from AW on Tuesday, re- Casualties and a return date but Santi shouldn’t be out for too long

  14. Dylan says:

    JB, also Arteta and Flam DM pivot when we’re trying to hold out a 1-0 lead or something similar to that will be nice. 😉

  15. geoffchase says:


    Great stuff.. I’ll keep it short the answer to all your questions is …. YES… With slight modification for 2. YES! And 4. YES?

    JB: I’ll take it while it lasts! 😀 … And it likely won’t last tho it’ll be fun either way.. 🙂

    Overall: was generally happy. We missed Per’s organization a bit and Theo needs some consistency. I’m hopeful it’ll come sooner than not…

    Good sides were evident, and I thought the Altidore thing was 50:50 on the pushy-shovey or 60:40 more Sagnas fault. If the ref doesn’t blow it and he misses the fans are also ape shit. Equally for another penalty. I thought the ref did best he could in the 0.3secs allowed him.

    Cheers — jgc

  16. Dylan says:

    Agreed jgc. 🙂

  17. James Bond says:

    we got to remember that Arteta’s best and more natural position is a bit further up the pitch, he can also create /score and assist goals.

    things are looking up, as long as we don’t lose Giroud anytime soon .

    we may look very thin right now, but from now until the West Brom game, if we don’t lose any more players, then we can go on a very strong run.

    it needs to be game to game , setting smaller targets stretching to the 2nd week of october (international break) , if we keep this run going till then that’s going to be jolly good !

    i was very pleased to see JW play the full 90 minutes

    however, the biggest negative of them all – i missed out out

    why the hell not use the 3rd sub earlier on ? should have taken off Giroud or Ramsey when it was the 88th minute, no AW ?

    AW’s methods to substitutions never seize to amaze me, had he taken off Giroud sooner, then all this could be avoided, we were already 3-1 for crying out loud ?

  18. Dylan says:

    JB, I didn’t mind Wenger’s subs too much in this game. What if he pulled Ramsey out and then Giroud got hurt? Or vice versa? Then we’d be screaming at him to save a sub because we didn’t need to use a sub, it was 3-1! 😉

  19. James Bond says:


    89th minute ? you gotta be kidding me, so what if one of them got hurt ? we could have played on , no ? considering Giroud was out for the count after the 90th minute ?

    anyway, Giroud is ok, so i will not be overly critical of Wenger’s use of substitutions but i am not a keen admirer of his use in that one.

  20. Fournier Michael says:

    Well I see plenty to be happy about But… I still feel Koscielny is a problem 2 penalties in just 4 games in almost exact same situation he needs to stay goal side and NOT let players get past and then slide in like that. It is just poor defending and in this case he had Gibbs I think it was right there no reason to even attempt the tackle. (only reason i think he was not sent off was because Gibbs was there so he was not the last defender denying a goal scoring opportunity. As far as the Altidore incident I think he had a hold of Sagna’s shirt as well but that was a weird call that went Arsenal’s way for a change. (I like Altidore as a player just don’t want him to get a win against Arsenal)

  21. James Bond says:

    this one for my amigos TA and PG –

    GOAL – Villarreal 1-1 Real Madrid – Gareth Bale (38 mins)
    What did I just say about Gareth Bale ? The Welshman bags a goal on his debut, sliding in Daniel Carvajal’s low cross from the right, to haul Real level. Dream stuff for the 24-year-old.

    Neymar ? who ?


    The Visionary.

  22. Dylan says:

    JB, fair enough.
    FM, thanks for your comment. I agree, I think Altidore had a hold of Sagna as well. However, he should’ve been carded for playing after the whistle. I’m sure we all remember when van Judas was sent off a few years back for us for playing exactly 1.0 seconds after the whistle.

  23. Mannix says:

    Question no 1… I said before the season started that this team can be slightly compared to “The Invisible” team only if Wenger strengthen the bench for back up, i believe this team is much better than the one which was captained by Cesc and RvP coz they have fighting spirit and every player seem to work hard and contribute to the team. 2nd Q. I always said Ramsey was good before that nasty tackle that almost ended his career, i see the reincanation of Pires in Ramsey i must say. Q 3 Am more than happy to see now we can sign big names and that’s enough convincing that we are serious title contender. Q 4 it is hard to say. Q 5 Am happy to see our man back and with player like Flamini we all knw what he is capable of. Q 6, is not important now.

  24. mA says:

    nice post

    with Flames, Arteta and Ramsey we are well stocked and ready to go. Very intelligent individuals, and must say am happy for Ramsey. He really knows what to do by knowing where to be in the first place! Just realized he is also hard as nails and does not easily fall. We could have killed Sunderland in the first 40 opening mins with some wonderfully crafted football.

    Jack is doing well at club level. Ozil is a class apart and his wade of a left foot is magical. Can’t wait to see him together with Santi -with any of Arteta, Ramsey, Flames, Wilshere or Poldi. Great to see Verminator back.

    I am of the opinion we can win the league, and particularly if we can afford a good striker in January. Ozil is the best thing that could have happened to the Arsenal.

  25. Dylan says:

    Totally agree mA! Welcome back to true Wengerball! 😀

  26. James Bond says:

    Van Pu$$y is not a big match player and lacks intelligence, he was seen to be doing that for time wasting , he picked up the first yellow in that game – pretty needlessly as well
    anyway, that fella scored again from the penalty which was again a very dodgy decision, Palace were hard done by it.

    this one today with Altidore – we got away with and were extremely lucky, however, like i said – it evens out our bad bit of fortune

    this is football, you win some you lose some

  27. James Bond says:


    steady there as i can see, HH already sharpening the knives 😉

    Giroud is improving all the time – it’s great to see him do that and give a 110% for the team

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Given that the Chavs lost and the Nothern Oilers drew in their post-interlull away games, today’s win is extra impressive. Well done to the lads and lets build on it further: ONE GAME AT A TIME!

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    JamBon – really impressive that Bale scored in his first game; I give you that. 🙂

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    Welcome mannix and billy 🙂

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    Fozzer 🙂

    Let’s leave the winkle talk to Glic; it’s his niche! 😉

  32. Dylan says:

    Thanks billy and Mannix! Totally agree! 🙂

  33. ProudGooner says:

    match of the day for people without bbc 1 —

  34. ProudGooner says:

    Arsenal on now by the way 🙂

  35. Fozzie B says:

    Thanks dylan once again…. And to answer your questions- Hey Is this Arsenal team ready to win trophies? Yes
    Is this Rambo’s year? Definitely
    What did you think of Özil’s debut? Amazing considering he was crook!!
    Can OG win the golden boot? Yes with Ozil oil lubricating his joints. Also hopefully the greedy badger will be off his oats and ratatouille will get hungry!!
    How important is Flamini to this team? Extremely!! Key word is communication!! He communicates fiercely with defence and offence!! He is the extra glue that will suddenly make everyone click defence wise!!
    Should advantage have been played when Altidore scored? Yes!! We were well lucky!! :D.

  36. Dylan says:

    Thanks Fozzie! 🙂 Good to see you in agreement with me. We are set for a huge season and I’m also excited to see what kind of final squad additions we add in January.

  37. mA says:

    yes, i think we need to believe that we can win the league … as easy as that.
    It is early days, I know, but we have the right equipments and hopefully luck is on our side.

    Hope no true Arsenal supporter can complain about Ramsey. Since February this year he has played some very good football and its hard to believe. I,ve always admired his willingness and hard-work (doing the basics right). These are some of the necessary qualities that can’t be taught through training. Finesse and grace can be learned through exercise. He will be rewarded for that am sure. In fact, Giroud is doing just the same.

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    Is this Arsenal team ready to win trophies?

    Answer: let’s take it a game at a time, and we might get there. When we play the top teams, we’ll know a lot more.

    Is this Rambo’s year?

    The arrival of the Flame and Ö, combined with his personal progress, could well mean that this will be Rambo’s best year until now. The boy is becoming a man and it could not happen to a more professional and nicer guy!

    What did you think of Özil’s debut?

    Fabulous first half – it was as if Arsenal had an upgrade overnight and everything shone and fizzed again. What a player!

    Can OG win the golden boot?
    Why not – but there is so much more to his game to appreciate. His assist for Ramsey was very good.

    How important is Flamini to this team?
    Without him we would not have won today.

  39. Dylan says:

    Totally agree TA and mA! 😀 I’m very excited to see how we play against the big teams. And I don’t mean that “wee club from North London” as JB would say. 😉

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    Napoli at home will be a first big test for us, and we cannot underestimate Marseille either.

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    The tiny Totts will get a bigger test in the next two weeks: Cardiff away and then Chavs at home. Soon they will be in UEFA cup positions 😛

  42. Fozzie B says:

    Ok brokeback brethren I’m going to get this right out there nice and early before my fellow muppets get in on the act!!! 😆 I believe that the fear and momentum factor has already changed from ManU to us!! Losing SAF and we still having Wenger is massive. Basically like it or lump it, Wenger is the top dog and those who are still thinking otherwise will be suddenly have the weight of the situation arrive on them.

    Think of it as a schoolyard survival of the fittest on a football level. Whether fans or adversaries say they do or not is irrelevant because its schoolboy bravado and we know who the schoolmaster is!!

    Call me a flakey furry muppet (to your peril because that sounds like foreplay) but I really believe this and I can see an extra spark in Wenger’s eyes!! Wenger is top dog in this motley crew…. He really is and the fear factor has now left Man U and firmly swung to Highbury!! Fozzie mark 3 after JB “the visionary” and JGC “the oracle” has spoken 😀

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    Well put Fozzer, although Sammi Allerdici is quite a dog as well hahaha 🙂

    Geoff – fantastic predictions today and sorry to hear you could not find an Arsenal showing pub, but that is Belgium for you! 😀

  44. James Bond says:

    you’re a very humble person TA, much like me

    so let me share this with you

    Ronaldo has scored 203 times in 203 games

    Bale has scored 1 in 1

    do you see what i just did there ? Both bale and Ronaldo are at par, 100% record ahahahahahahahahhahahah

    back to our beloved Arsenal, the game on Wednesday for me is Massive, much more bigger than the Napoli one

  45. Fozzie B says:

    😆 Totes – Sammy boy is an old bulldog who will gradually drop leagues where his dribble will be appreciated!! 😆

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Both games are all about three points; they are 100% equal in size 😉

    I want to see that Bale goal Jambo to see whether it was not all set up for him…. paranoia moi?! 🙄

  47. Fozzie B says:

    Actually I quite like the old bulldog 😆

  48. James Bond says:

    it’s a team sport @ TA

    don’t be a hater just for the sake of it !

    PS: if you haven’t noticed , i was actually being sarcastic there with my comparison,however, he did have a decent 1 hour, also came close to score from some distance, was just over the bar – only just , anyhow – couldn’t care less what he does in LA LIGA or unless and until, they play us in the knockouts of the CL (final hopefully)

  49. Funminiyi says:

    Nicely wrapped together matey!
    Keep it coming. From what I’ve seen so far of this team, it’s only the players(themselves) and injury that can stop them from winning atleast a trophy this season. We’re thin as Wenger points out and we need players back from injury(as we’re losing a player for every of our games played and I’m not sure we have the numbers to go round). Hahahahahahahahahaha!
    It’s Rambo’s breakthrough season and nothing’s gonna stop him now as he’s paid his dues already on the injury and bench fronts.
    Why not if not He can if he really can maintain this hot streak he’s found himself in.
    On Flame, he’s as important as any member of the squad that we cannot afford to lose to injury else we’re doomed.
    On Altidore’s goal, if it were an Arsenal opportunity, they’d have said the same? I guess not. It’s a right call though a close one at that.
    On Ozil’s debut, it was ok but personally, I’d have loved him to get on the score sheet to make it perfect but who is?

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    Not so sure, Fozzer: he has the sort of dinosaur dna that lasts well beyond its time. And we need him for contrast in the PL, so we all know what football once was like haahaha 🙂

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    I loathe RM with a passion, JB, but have nothing against Bale. It is not La Liga anyway, it is La Duopoly! 😉

  52. Fozzie B says:

    To true Totes!! If he is a live dinosaur he will entertain us all the more!! Also he has Orc blood which makes the next Lord of the ringpiece and Jurassic park fusology fascinating!! ;D

  53. Dylan says:

    Thanks Funminiyi! 🙂 Ozil isn’t really a goal scorer, but maybe that’s due to the teams he’s played in. Maybe at Arsenal he can unlock that potential. 😉

  54. Fozzie B says:

    Off topic- I’m watching the NZ vs South Africa test and after a late hit on Dan Carter and fisticuffs the French ref says “too much foreplay” 😆 !!!!

  55. Ciaran McDonagh says:

    Very accurate and well written review. I would like player ratings though, the icing on the cake so to speak

  56. James Bond says:

    agreed @ Ciaran

    maybe Dylan can do it for next time ?

    Enjoy the Ruby @ Fozzie B or is it Fozzie mark 3 now ?

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    Ciaran – player ratings are so overrated 🙂

    Some of our match reporters do them because they like doing them and some don’t. Dylan can speak for himself, but for me it is definitely not the icing on the cake, as you put it.

  58. James Bond says:

    no harm in putting them at the end i reckon @ TA

    not do them like other blogs but perhaps at the end , a rating with a to the point, one liner ?

    i know what you’re gonna say next :

    “Jambon, why don’t you do that for us from now on”


    my answer would be, no, i can’t do that TA, cause every time i do it, i will let my bias for Sczny get the better of me and i will end up giving him a -10 🙂

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    Fozzie, he would make a fine pair with Moyes ‘precious’ 😛

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    Writing match reviews can be very taxing, especially the late evening ones, JB. I personally found it tough going to add the player ratings at the end. But why don’t you do the next lot of player ratings and I will add them whoever does the match report? Go on, take a walk on the wild side!

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    And that is the thing, JB: you just cannot do them quickly, because bloggers come on and call you all sorts of things for giving Theo a seven, or Wilshere a four etc. Personally, I rather talk about the game and individual performances without rating them with a number, but I understand why some people enjoy reading them. 🙂

  62. Fozzie B says:

    Here here JB!! You give a load of energy to your blogs. I reckon you undersell yourself my brother!! You would be great at these ratings!! 😀 !

  63. James Bond says:

    i gave it some thought , i considered it but unfortunately, i won’t be very impartial towards a few players (ONLY 1) and that might not be a very good thing for all the readers/lurkers and contributors .

    i agree, it’s very difficult writing the match reports and so on, takes a lot of time and effort, which is very much appreciated

  64. James Bond says:

    shush @ Fozzie Mark 3

    you’re meant to be on my side, no ?

    great news, both Poldi and Arteta might be available for our first champions league game against Naples

    Arteta a tad sooner than Poldi (West Brom).

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    No worries JB. You are the visionary and your contributions to the site are simply fantastic as it is.

    Night all – sweet ozil dreams 🙂

  66. James Bond says:

    take it easy, TA

    see you tomorrow 🙂

  67. Dylan says:

    Thanks for the kind words Ciaran. I’ve considered doing player ratings before but I just prefer not to. Maybe I’ll try it and see if I like it. 🙂

  68. oz gunner says:

    good stuff Dylan. Like others have said match reports are the hardest yet you seem to deliver fast and with top quality.

    Is this Arsenal team ready to win trophies?

    I hope so, I think this squad can take us places. It’s definitely our best chance given the manager swaps

    Is this Rambo’s year?

    Sure is, definitely his break out year. An engine that keeps ticking and is now scoring often. Couldn’t be happier for the lad. I said it last season that soon he’ll be the first name on the team sheet and I think given his recent performances he is!

    What did you think of Özil’s debut?

    Really looks a class above. The understanding he had made it look like he’d been playing with us for years. Can’t wait to see him settle more and link up with Santi.

    Can OG win the golden boot?

    Sure can. When he does Giroud and I are going to visit HH and kick him up the clacker with it 🙂

    How important is Flamini to this team?

    Very. Ball of energy, doesn’t stop barking orders, always ready for a fight. We’ve missed him and if he had of stayed I have no doubt we would have won some trophies.

    Should advantage have been played when Altidore scored?

    Nah. One instant he’s out muscling Sagna, the next he’s dropping to the floor like he’s been shot after Flamini touched him. I think he was holding on to Sagna also. Not to mention their penalty wasn’t there so balances out.

  69. Milo says:

    Well we made it a lot harder on ourselves, than we had to!!!

    Theo needs to sort out that finishing!!! I don’t want to sound like I am a hater, but he really does have to finish at least one of those chances off. I thought his passing was a lot better than his finishing, and I can remember one or two low crosses in to the feet of other attackers that were very accurate, and without some last minute intervention, could have been put away, on another day. I just think that he needs to start scoring and soon, especially if Giroud is injured for any length of time, and Theo has to come in and deputize as the central striker!!!

    Ramsey, is the player whom I admire the most, possibly in the entire league!!! 😀 Not due to his skill, although I would say he has ALWAYS had enough of that, it’s due to his personality, and commitment to the cause, as well as his drive to improve himself. I always thought that if he was strong enough, he would return to the player who was rated, alongside Wilshere, as the future of our midfield. Before his injury, he reminded me of Zidane, with his turns and his ability to dictate play. This is also based on the matches I saw of him as a player in the reserve set-up. Now, he might have lost a bit of his skills but he reminds me of a more technically gifted Steven Gerrard. I say more technically gifted, because he has a tighter turning radius, and can execute dribbling technique at a higher level than Gerrard can. He is beginning to attain that forward thrust to his play, that Gerrard has/had, and will hopefully maintain his goal-scoring prowess. He’s not a set-piece taker like Gerrard, so they differ there as well. This is a good thing though, as it means he will get most of his goals from open play.

    Ozil was first rate today, and everyone knows that!!! Some of his combination play with Wilshere was fantastic.

    I’ve noticed that Wilshere is getting in to the box on a few more occasions than before, and I think, like Ramsey, it is only a matter of time before he starts to score and assist others on a regular basis. He is so gifted, that it’s frustrating to watch him get soooooooo close to either scoring or making an assist, and coming away with nothing 😦 I think this will change though, if he can get a run of fitness going. I thought playing him in a free role, like the one Santi occupies, was genius by Wenger. He stayed wide at times, but this allowed him to combine with Ozil frequently, and some of their interplay was magic 😀

    I’m VERY worried about Olivier Giroud’s fitness and his possible injury. He may have tweeted that he is feeling fine, but an injury like that can cause delayed swelling at times, and we’ll only know for certain, how fit he is, when the squad sheet for the Champions League match is put forth to the media.

    It was right at the end of the match, but Chuba Akpom controlled a long-ball perfectly, and even though I think he was flagged for offside, this did not escape my attention 😀 I think he is just as good as Sanogo, and more assured in possession than him. I don’t know if he is as clinical a finisher though, but he has got a lot going for him, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him scoring his first goal for the first team, SOON!!! 😀

  70. geoffchase says:

    Dylan, All, TA and JB

    Main thought:

    Koz with Per = awesome Koz, world class defender, minimal mistakes. Mostly. See, beginning of this year and end of last.

    Koz wothout Per = penalties, mistakes, too hard tackling, basically less control. Add in positioning is poorer and we seemed more open even with Flamini.

    Thus endeth my nomination for the moment for Per for MVP or defender of the year. And no, I’ve no explanation besides I think Koz trusts Per and/or Per advises well and keeps him in line during the game.

    TA: was basically just not on the cable. Afternoon match here on the local BE sport cable which has EPL was selected as Hull .. Hul!?!. Didn’t realise it was on BBC1 or I’d have asked. Sigh.. Oz sent me a link and caught 2nd half. Thanks Oz!

    JB and TA: JB everyone knows the keeper is really no better than the team in front of them, give or take the odd, only human mistake. Thus, you COULD rate all the others! 😈

    Cheers — jgc

  71. @venbishop says:

    If all our injured players are back and fitt then I will consider Us as a trophy team… Ozil did very well yesteday considering his just coming back from international duties and he’s not yet well settled in England and doesn’t even hear English…Rambo is on fire, he has regain his form since that horrific injury I just think there’s no stoping him now cause he’s enjoying his game now.. OG is a great team player if fit with the help of our offensive players he can win the golden boot… Flame is the kind of player arsenal has lost and was lacking for a very long time… He’s tough and his vocal powers are unimaginable plus he is a real leader… I think this. Year. We might yet surprise. Our doubters.. A Gunner till christ come

  72. AFC says:

    Dylan, top match report. 🙂

    Answers to your six questions:

    1) Is this Arsenal team ready to win trophies?

    I really think we can win at least one trophy this year (one of the FA Cup or League Cup) and it is too early in the season to see whether we can win the league or not.

    2) Is this Rambo’s year?

    It may well be. Ramsey is really starting to unlock the offensive potential to his game. He is starting to become a genuine offensive threat and is starting to score goals (some of which important) and with his continuous hard work, determination and dedication he will become an important player for us.

    3) What did you think of Özil’s debut?

    Ozil was fantastic today. Playing the false 10/central winger role he was causing all sorts of problems for Sunderland throughout the match mainly because he was drifting wide (either to the left or the right) which often meant one of two things would happen:

    1) The Sunderland midfield had to follow Ozil to wherever he drifted (either to the left or right) which left a huge amount of space in the centre of the pitch for the likes of Theo, Aaron and Wilshere to run into.


    2) The Sunderland midfield decided not to follow Ozil when he drifted out wide (either to the left or right) which meant that out wide Sunderland were outnumbered. Ozil, Wilshere and Gibbs or Ozil, Walcott and Jenkinson depending on which wing Ozil drifted out to overloaded the flanks which made it very hard for the Sunderland defence and midfield to defend.

    His first assist for Giroud was perfect and he could have had at least 4 assists this match. The understanding between Ozil, Santi, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud, Rosicky, Ramsey etc, will only improve and he should take the EPL by storm this season.

    4) Can OG win the golden boot?

    That is a very good question considering Giroud is our only senior out and out striker (until Bendtner is back).

    I do not think he can. Even though he scored his first goal in the EPL out of London and is really taking his game to the next level, I feel he will just come short. Remember the likes of Benteke and Van Persie will also be starting a lot of matches throughout the season and Suarez will be back from his ban soon.

    5) How important is Flamini to this team?

    Flamini will be a very important squad player for us. He is the only natural DM in our squad so he will be tasked (when playing) to shield the back four. In the match against Sunderland he was too far forward at times and should have been deeper but I am pretty sure this will change in any more of the upcoming fixtures Flamini has to play in.

    6) Should advantage have been played when Altidore scored?

    Definitely. Sagna fouled Altidore but he still had the ball and was in a goal scoring position so the advantage should have been played and Altidore’s goal should have stood. Remember our first game against Villa where the referee played the advantage (he was supposed to do that) but then pulled back play for the penalty after the advantage had been played because the player hit the side netting and didn’t score, that was wrong, as you cannot have the advantage and the free kick/penalty from the original foul, it’s one or the other and in the case of Altidore the referee gave the foul instead of playing the advantage when he shouldn’t have. Advantage should be played when possible.

    A few other points:

    Sagna (one of the players who I said would make a good captain) was captain against Sunderland and again played well. Maybe the way forward might be to share the captain’s armband between Vermaelen, Sagna, Arteta and Mertesacker throughout the season depending on injuries and suspensions.

    Koscielny is too wild at times. He needs to calm down a bit and think before he acts. He should not need Mertesacker beside him to feel comfortable and keep him in line. Red cards and penalties given against us are the last thing I want to see.

    Walcott is just going through a bit of a goals drought. He will soon start hitting the back of the net. Theo is normally very clinical but sometimes struggles for consistency. Which player doesn’t. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be human and he would be scoring more goals than Ronaldo and Messi.

    I am a bit worried if Wilshere, Ox and Jenks can take the step forward which Ramsey is taking and which Theo took last season. I am still not fully convinced with Jenkinson when he has to be the number one RB when Sagna is filling in at CB. His maturity and all round defensive game is not there yet in my opinion. The Ox at the end of last season did not really seem to progress further in developing his game but this could all change when he returns, while Jack is not scoring (which is a bit weird considering Ramsey who is playing a lot deeper is) and does not seem at his best when playing in the CAM role. His performances have been ok or good but not excellent (nothing special) and maybe when Santi returns and Wilshere is dropped further back to play next to Ramsey we might see the best of Wilshere later on this season.

  73. geoffchase says:


    So, I’m not superstitious is always the opening to announce a superstition. Here’s mine:

    I think we should not talk too highly of ARs form and return from prior years until after our next league game against the characters from The Lord of the Rings… For me, then might be karmic-ally a better time.. 🙂

    Just sayin’ — jgc

  74. oz gunner says:

    @ JGC

    you are the king of predictions now so don’t throw that thought out into the universe, just in case!

    I didn’t know we played the orcs next week. Good that’ll be a fun pre-match

  75. geoffchase says:


    Hadn’t thought of it that way. Fortunately it’s the Wallonie (s. Belgian) celebration weekend so there are 30 or so artisanale beer tents set up near by for the weekend long party… Enough to wipe the thought from my mind! 😀

    I look forward to your pre-match! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  76. Dylan says:

    Agreed Oz, Milo, and jgc. Interesting points about Rambo, Milo. 🙂

  77. Biggie mombe says:

    Keep it up!

  78. Dylan says:

    Thank you for your comment @venbishop. 🙂 I think we’re in for a real treat this year.
    AFC, thanks for all your answers to the questions. 🙂 As for Ox, Jack, and Jenkinson, etc. Theo took that step last year at age 23. Rambo at age 22. All the players listed are younger than that. Jenkinson’s assist to Ramsey yesterday showed that potential we know he has. And some of the runs Jack made from that wing looked just like Santi’s and were wonderful. I’m not worried about them not showing their potential yet. As they approach 23-24, if they haven’t taken that step then maybe you can worry, but I think they’ll get there soon enough. 🙂

  79. Gerry says:

    Dylan – Hot of the press from kick off. Great stuff.

    I’ll deal with questions first.

    Q1;- Yes, the team could win the league, but it will take lot of risks coming off with rotation?

    Q2:- Rambo’s year ends when exactly? He is going in the right direction, but burn outs, injuries still lying in his way .. Best let him enjoy the present I think?

    Q3:- Illness apart, it was a dream debut. Modified somewhat by Walcott finishing, but he can look forward to feeding Poldi similar balls, and his assist rate will climb?

    Q4:- Golden boot for Giro is question best left until later in the season, but he is doing nicely for now.

    Q5;- I have repeatedly said that Flam’s talent go beyond being a tough tackler, as this game showcased quite well. Importance? That will largely depend on how he is used once Arteta is fully up to speed? The other worry is whether he can tone down some of his tackles after he has been carded?
    Of the 3 most likely candidates, Jack, Ox, and Aaron, to do a DM job solidly, Flambeau tops my list, but how often are we going to need the double protection of Flamteta, at the expense of one of those 3?
    Q6;- Pointless question on advantage – He blew the whistle, end of?
    However, as pointed out on UA- when he blew the whistle, Sagna stopped, Altidore did not, and so gained a couple of yards to be able put the ball towards goal. Had advantage been played, presumably Sagna would have been alongside him all the way to the line, so at best he might have given a corner away?
    I have to say the media, particularly the pair doing the commentary on the ‘player(audio-live) took an age to work out why the goal was not given, Nor did they think Bacs got booked? But from the slightly edited version put out from the second half video, it was not clear whether Atkinson had remained at the spot of the first(50/50)infringement or not, but he was there when he blew his whistle, andwhen he booked Sagna? – But as I have just pointed out, because of Sagna’s attentions, Altidore was heading towards the byline, not the goal, so it was doubtful he would have gained any advantage, (over his impeded run that could have seen him get ahead of Sagna, and head towards goal) – ergo, he was RIGHT to blow the whistle when he did.
    So your question in the main blog, Yes the decision was correct. Q6;- No he shouldn’t. I don’t think we got lucky either, for all the reasons above.

  80. njstone9 says:

    I’ve tried to google the advantage rule. Can anyone quote where it says you cannot play advantage then award a free kick, penalty etc if no advantage was accrued?

  81. Gerry says:

    Having listened to the game, then watch it on the ‘player early this morning, I had two goes at summing up the game.
    However, my first thought was, are we going to going to sacrifice Ozil’s preferred position, centre to wide left in order to accommodate JW?
    Somewhat irrelevant as they did inter change a lot. But in the absence of a scoring threat down the left, it was logical that Walcott got the perfect feeds? The positive to take from that is that Walcott made the runs, was spotted, and did get a decent first touch in all the chances. I got the feeling it was the ‘thinking Walcott’ that was on the end of it, not enough confidence to delay the shot to the last second, and adjust accordingly?

    My other early thought was, oh, Santi is playing, but deeper than normal … Until I realised it was Flambeau. Very similar style when playing a cross-field ball, and the striking leg away from his body. Compliment to his passing ability though.
    The other thing that Flam did throughout the game was to make himself available to receive a pass – very Arteta like. I liked his work around the edge of their box too, and this is where Gibbs does a lot of work unnoticed, placing himself(or gets placed?) into a left-sided DM position, when the others are forward.

    Ramsey is doing things now, that 12 months ago lost us possession. He did one 300deg turn and came away with the ball, which before you could guarantee his pirouette would see him lose out to the defender behind him. Not now! He will have to sit one out soon though.
    With his goals he is fast becoming the box to box that has been missing.?

    JW I thought had a pretty good game, but he has still not playing with the freedom of a confident player. He ends up holding on to the ball too long at times, but where he, Santi, and Ozil fit together is another matter?

    The 3 ball move that led to the opener was a gem. Gibbs caught the eye of Ozil, looped a ball into the space where Ozil was heading. Expertly controlling the ball in an instant, followed it with a quick centre that Giro was on the move to receive is the same movement. The finish is what the move deserved.
    The understanding between that pair will only get better.

    I am not sure that the Kos/Bacs partnership is ideal, particularly at set pieces. The marking on corners looked like you had 5 zonal marking and 3 coming out and attacking the ball?
    On the whole though, they got the job done, as did Szcz in goal.

    So, we got our 3 points. Now for Wednesday. I hope Alcide has agreed to do a preview for that game. From what I saw in the Monaco game, Marseille are a very good side. Valbeueno makes them tick up front, and now the have Thauvin to share the creativity. We need maximum points from Marseille, as I see us getting nought from Dortmund?
    Klopp has them now, where Arsene would like to be in two years time? Mind they are not that solid at the back, but it matters less when you are that clinical up front? If we can share the points with Napoli we might just get through?

    Forever onwards … and Ozil has arrived! 😀

  82. Gerry says:

    Rigstone – As I have just said above, the question does not arise because he had already blown the whistle. The game was stopped from that point onwards.

  83. jay says:

    If og stays fit he will win the golden boot. Altidores goal was rightfully rejected..the ref had blown the whistle before the goal..that to me is a no brainer. Flamini has been superb bt he seems to be picking up yellows every game what happens when he gets suspended? Ozil is a great player thats why he fit so easily..he seems to me very intelligent..if we show up all 38 games we will be champions. I havent seen a better team yet in the league so far..coyg

  84. oz gunner says:

    @ Jgc

    You’re a professor so you’ve got plenty of spare brain cells to kill off 🙂

  85. James Bond says:

    top notch comments and great observations @ Gerry

    one other bit i would like to add re- Theo is that, if you look at the shots he takes, most if not all of them are at a decent height for the keeper to save… by that i mean it’s mostly aerial , why doesn’t he do a Giroud more often ? roll them into the side netting or just make it harder for the keeper to get down instead of dive and punch it away ? it’s the split second that could make a difference really.

    Marseille ,away is going to be a tough examination, no, not for us, more so for them !

  86. geoffchase says:


    Been thinking on the Altidore goal and three thoughts:

    A. Gerry has it right (please sit down JB!) and ..

    B. for a moment be the ref. There’s obvious argy-bargy (ask Oz) 23m out and it’s ongoing. If you’re the ref you don’t want the debated penalty in/out of the box issue. So you call right away, and anyway it’s both bloody flagrant and not obvious Altidore will score. Far better than waiting. I think what then happens after he blows is irrelevant. Certainly it avoids any lack of clarity about the calling as well as he said/she said in or around the box.

    And then totally aside as an American:

    C. Isn’t Altidore becoming something? Huge, strong, mobile and good in air. Finally found confidence last year in the Dutch premiere league. IMO, he was more than a handful for Bac who was tiny against him, as well as Koz… Long may it continue for him, especially vs Spurs, ManU, City et al… And also showed us some more of what Per brings!

    Marseilles, 2-0 Arsenal if Per, Ozil and OG are there,and AR plays and good, 2-1 or even 2-2 without Per. Ozil to assist on one, maybe Theo finally… No call if we do heavy rotation for any reason

    However, I suspect we will see some rotation against Orcs whol will park the bus on us at the Emirates. There I think you’ll see AR and OG out for a rest…

    Cheers — jgc

  87. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Nice post Dylan..

    The most important thing is We win.. hehe.. another 3 points.. and We lead the league.. And guys.. Chelsea lost and City draw.. were really special.. hahaha..

    Ozil is a very super sign.. Just can’t imagine if We didn’t sign him now.. and We lost Rosicky and Cazorla at the same time.. We will be in big trouble..
    Hope Ozil will injury free for the whole season.. hehehe..

    Ramsey.. the rambo is back.. and save the team again.. He may be our top scorer this season.. hehe..
    Pity on Walcott.. but I am very confident with him.. that he will soon break the wall.. and scores a lot..

    Guys any news about Gnabry..?? I watch the soton.. Gnabry were in their bench.. Do I miss something..??

  88. geoffchase says:

    Note: despite any prior success

    Anything free comes with no guarantee! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  89. James Bond says:

    let’s look at it differently,

    had we been on the receiving end of that, would we still be saying ” The Ref got it right” ?

    course once the whistle blows then everything is futile, however, speaking with my Arsenal glasses off, that should have been a red card then.

    like i said before, we got dreadful decisions against Villa, this one was nature balancing it out for us.

  90. Gerry says:

    JB – Thanks 🙂

    I slightly disagree about Theo, but only slightly. Yes, the balls were of a nice height, but if you are going to hit low shots they need to be hard, and away before the keeper is on his way down. My thought was, a fraction of a second later and he could chip over the prone ‘keeper, or blast it in the roof of the net?

    Let’s face it, at that angle he only a couple choices; far side(for the chip?) or near side (for the blast). but I think his confidence is not high enough to delay, and his thinking time denies him at an early shot? The former is what most keeper would like to cover, so that is the side they will go down on. If Theo keeps that simple approach in mind, he will instinctively know where to go for controlled power shot?

  91. TotalArsenal says:

    Afternoon guys 🙂

    Still buzzing from the game, and so happy Giroud is not injured (apparently). Our midfielders stole the show – together with Giroud – and the thought of having Arteta, Cazorla and Rosicky to come back to the first team as well, is simply mouth-watering.

    As soon as Theo gets his scoring boots back and Pod is recovered as well, expect us to put a lot more goals past opponents.

    There has been a bit of criticism of the Koz and Sagna pairing, but a) they are not our first choice pairing, b) they have hardly played together as CBs, and c) they did relatively well. Agreed, though, with those who feel BFG was missed yesterday. I think we need at least of Arteta and BFG to play, as they are the organisers/guardians of our team system and structure.

    The Flame is energy, drive and leads by example but we need to make sure our midfield pushes back better at times during the match, especially the first part of the second half we sat too deep and let Sunderland dominate us. The same happened against Totts and this is something the team needs to work on.

    Ozil was like a new super-engine in an already classy car, and boy did he make us purr! 🙂

    But the day did not just belong to Ozil: Ramsey, Giroud and Wilshere had also very good games yesterday. This team is going places this season, especially if OG can stay fit for most of it.

  92. James Bond says:

    Gnabry was on the bench yesterday @ Henry

    as was RYO.

  93. James Bond says:

    yes @ Gerry

    you would expect better decision making from someone as experienced as Theo and king Henry’s apprentice, won’t you ?

    he still remains the most frustrating player to watch not just for Arsenal but also for England – he needs confidence and in other words, he needs to spend more time with Ramsey – less thinking and shoot on sight !


  94. TotalArsenal says:

    I agree with JB on this one. Theo is giving the keeper a chance to save his efforts by aiming his shots too high. He did the same for England in recent games. The problem is he is not a placer but an instinctive striker who does not over-think things. Often this works well for him as it gives the defence/keeper no chance to get into position, but it also often means that his efforts lack composure and precision.

    However, he is one of our main attacking weapons and sooner or later he will produce the goods again, as one of his biggest qualities is his bouncebackability 😉

  95. Gerry says:

    JB – Red card? Are you completely sure? Out side of the box. The ball played forward is going at a 90deg angle to the by-line, not towards goal, and the two players are level(holding each others shirts, no less), and Bacs is between Altidore and the goal?

    How he ends up after the whistle was blown, is just the same as if be had been off side.

    It does not change the laws of the game from whichever side you support. The failure was mainly in the commentary, which those in the crowd listening, that it was not picked up what the ref was doing. Personally I though Bacs was a bit hard done by to get booked when the foul could have gone the other way?

  96. TotalArsenal says:

    This time I agree with Gerry. If the referee blows his whistle he cannot play advantage. Maybe he should not have blown but he did.

  97. James Bond says:

    yes, it could have gone either way – but in the whole wrestling match, Sagna was 2nd best and hence the other play had a better chance of being the last man through, no ?

    all these are hypothetical’s and conjure, however , like i said, had the roles been reversed, most of us , if not all would have chosen to seen it differently.

    that’s the beauty of football, all of us can see the same things differently and have an opinion on it !

    like you say, you thought he shouldn’t have been carded at all,

    someone else may think that the opposition player was at fault ?

    i call it, law of averages and nature giving us one back – the key for me was how Sczny and everyone else still played on and gave it a 110% commitment even after the whistle had been blown.

  98. James Bond says:

    ah, TA the ref 😀

    nah, it’s not about right or wrong in this one, only a constructive discussion based on a bit of conjure on my part, Gerry has it right – of course.

  99. TotalArsenal says:

    A big welcome to our Swedish readers! 🙂

    Over the last few days the Swedes have been the third most visiting nation on BK (behind UK and USA) with more than 400 views today, and it is the first time since commencing BK they’ve done so.

    Please feel free to comment as we are an inclusive blog and welcome new bloggers with open Gooner arms! 🙂

  100. James Bond says:

    we have gooners in Sweden ? really ?

    come out come out where ever you are, if you’re not gonna come out and express your views and feelings with fellow gooners, when we sat pretty at the top of the table, then when are you going to be doing it ?

    come out and let’s play !

  101. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambon – we have Gooners everywhere in the world. Over the last year we had Gooners visiting the site from almost every country in the world (except for North-Korea and a few central African countries). Normally the Aussies or Malaysians are the nr.3 visiting country (although still far behind UK and USA, but recently it has been the Swedes).

  102. James Bond says:

    i see, that’s really nice to hear and thanks for sharing it @ TA

    come on you Gooners, don’t be shy and come out come out where ever you are !

  103. VCC says:

    Total….we need some beautiful blonde girls from Sweden to join our site.

    Send Stretch out to round them up. 😉

  104. James Bond says:

    we could be a real force in Europe , if we had a keeper like Jaaskelainen, if they manage to avoid relegation this season then it’s largely down to him AGAIN. (West ham)

  105. James Bond says:

    *could have been

    ah, VCC 😀

  106. geoffchase says:


    Actually, I’d agree with the ref. unhappily, but… As you note, that’s sport and it all evens out! Thus, I still felt that the ref did the best job with an ugly de eloping situation. Nice, safe strong, early whistle before it is the center of pub discussion for more than a year. 🙂

    TA: perhaps the swedes are the mythical female Gooners and Glic’s chased them off? Or recruited them for his kingdom?

    Cheers — jgc

  107. James Bond says:

    agreed @ JGC – he had a decent game overall in my opinion and handled it rather well in the end.

    the mention of hot Swedish blondes girls didn’t get Glic or Terry out posting comments – i’m worried, hope both of them are alright 😉

  108. James Bond says:

    we got 3 players, in the team of the week @ the beeb


    Carl Jenkinson
    I got the distinct impression that this lad left Charlton for Arsenal too soon, however he’s beginning to look every bit a Premier League player every time I see him. It was Jenkinson’s cross that was responsible for Aaron Ramsey’s first goal against Sunderland whilst the full-back was always prepared to get involved in the action.

    Did you know? The right-back has attempted 14 crosses from open play this season; more than any other Arsenal player.


    Aaron Ramsey
    You cannot underestimate the impact a fractured leg can have on a professional footballer – both physically and psychologically.
    Aaron Ramsey has not only recovered from a shocking break but he’s now playing some of the best football of his career. Another outstanding display for the midfielder and the Gunners.

    Did you know? 2013-14 is already Aaron Ramsey’s most prolific season for Arsenal with five goals in all competitions.


    Mesut Ozil
    Mesut Ozil looked like he had been playing for Arsenal all his life and not a player playing for a new club for the first time.
    The former Real Madrid midfielder began his debut for Arsenal with a prayer, although he didn’t need any divine help. He practically tore Sunderland apart all on his own.

    Did you know? Since 2008-09, Mesut Ozil has registered 73 goal assists, more than any other player across Europe’s top five leagues.


  109. Ian Harvey says:

    I’m not sure anyone can deny that their ‘second goal’ should have stood. Possibly Laurent could have got back in time if he hadn’t slowed because of the whistle. I’m not entirely convinced it was a foul, they seemed to be wrestling each other.

  110. James Bond says:

    Ian Harvey,

    yes, we all saw them wrestling and yes, that’s not allowed in football – hence the whistle ?

  111. James Bond says:

    so in essence, what i’m saying is that it would only have stood, had the advantage been given and the whistle not blown –

    we have discussed this above at much greater length, for the avoidance of doubt and taken everything into account.

    but to sum it up in a nutshell, wrestling = foul in football, no , especially when you see hands and arms over a player like that = whistle time.

  112. AB says:

    I’m loving the positive mood surrounding the team at this moment! But I’m wary of us getting carried away – we’ve just beaten a side that are in a total mess, and with a slice of luck with the ref to boot. Yes, we have a settled side, and have added real quality (sorry!), and the relative youth of our squad means things must only get better. But we are not tested against the best yet (I don’t count Spuds as that yet), nor can we overlook a) the thinness of our squad, and b) our capacity to get injured, when we consider the length of the season ahead. I look at other teams who, if we look now at comparative first 11s are our inferior, and think how strong they may (should) be come the latter half of the season as their larger/deeper squads come into force. If I could be assured that we solve our injury habit and that Giroud would last the season, I would say ‘bring it on’. Sadly I will take some convincing on the former point at least. An effective striker in January looks a must already to me, but this is too soon to be looking that far for me. For now we just need to keep the winning habit going, try and get Santi, Arteta and Pod back – and hope like hell that Giroud stays fit and keeps knocking them in. We then have a chance to stay competitive and challenge; if we are still in the mix come Feb I will start to get excited! Despite all the above, I have more hope at this point in the season than I have for the last 5 years; I can’t ask for much more. COYGs!!!!!!!

  113. TotalArsenal says:

    Great comment AB, and you might enjoy my next post! 🙂 😉

  114. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

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