Time for Ryo, Eisfeld, Hayden and Olsson to shine: WBA preview

We discussed the options for tomorrow’s line up more than enough in yesterday’s post, and to be frank, I have not got much of a clue who Arsene will play against WBA. Arsene is Arsene and he will do what he thinks is right. I have a horrible feeling he’ll play a lot of regulars and it might backfire on us; the nightmare of Bradford still lingers on in my mind.

I don’t care much whether we go through or not, but I just want us to play good football and give some youngsters a proper chance to shine.

Some interesting points came out of yesterday’s post responses:

  1. Quite a few fellow bloggers don’t believe that Koz and Vermaelen should play together; that either should be combined with Mertesacker, or even Sagna, rather than play as our duo CB’s. Although, I agree that Mertesacker is our first choice CB – a point I have been making for the best part of two years – I still believe that Koz and Vermaelen can play really well together, and I feel strongly that they should start in tomorrow game against WBA;
  2. The cyber-room was also split about who should ideally play as our double-DM pivot, and I agree with the observation by some fellow bloggers that it’s wonderful to have options for these crucial positions now. I, for one, would love to see Arteta and Flamini start a few games together, especially in away games or games against fellow top-teams. This is not to say that I do not rate Ramsey: the absolute opposite is true. Ramsey is doing great and adds a dimension nobody else is capable of offering at the moment. Against WBA I am hoping wise-head Arteta will start with a youngster next to him – either Hayden or Olsson should get a chance as a starter tomorrow;
  3. The other points of discussion were about who should play up front – Akpom or Bendtner – who should play in the hole – Eisfeld, Arteta- and who should play on the wing. The latter seems to become our problem-area this season, with Cazorla, Podolski, Ox, and now also Theo, out injured for significant periods already. We will now need Gnabry to stay fit when we play Swansea and Napoli, and I would not be surprised if he will not be risked tomorrow. This should mean that Ryo will get a start and I hope he will do well. I am also hoping to see Eisfeld, in the hole or on the wing.

Other than seeing us play some good football with passion and focus, and a few youngsters doing well, I am keen to see whether our ‘second string’ – if indeed Wenger gives most of our first team players a rest, which is definitely not a given – can play in the same shape and style as we are now getting used to with the current ‘first teamers’.

I am particularly interested in whether Akpom or Bendtner can play the ‘Giroud-Holding-Striker’ role effectively, and whether Eisfeld will be able to shine in the hole, if indeed he gets a chance there tomorrow.

Hoped for, but not predicted, line-up:

WBA team

All in all, plenty to look forward to. 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  • First pedro pleasers!!
    Something to put a smile in the dial!
    Arsenal have only lost one of their last 19 games in all competitions (W16, D2).
    Aaron Ramsey has scored seven Arsenal goals from only nine shots on target this season.

    Humphrey the next game boyz!!
    Ok going to read now 😀

  • Fozz 🙂

    TA – the impression I had from some of Wenger’s comments is that he will play Gnabry. I suspect that he might have Eis come in as a sub and not as a starter. Either way, it will be interesting and fun to see the prospects make an impression and secure a win. 🙂

  • TA,

    1. I for one do not mind a TV5 – Kos pairing, I highly value Thomas, and while I have to recognize Per’s importance this past year, Imsee no reason those two cannot learn to play better together, and under certain circumstances their combined speed can be an asset. For the game it was a bit of a gossip, but since we will have novelty in front, I thought having Per would help a bit with authority and stability – plus I always feel like Kos spends more energy and hence could benefit from a time out a little more – but I’d be as glad to go with Kos.

    2. For similar reasons I was thinking Arteta with Flam (some continuity in the liaison between defenders and midfield and Flamini to bark at our young blood!). But while it would be interesting to start MA with Hayden, the short/medium term benefits of that are not great as the latter will most likely not play a big role this season, whereas I’d really like Flam and Mikel to get some playing time together. I’m sure Arteta will manage swapping between a more offensive role with Flam and a more defensive one with Rambo, but the first combination needs some playing time as it will provide added flexibility this season when choosing the best double pivot based on the circumstances.

    3. Arsene probably has the keys to this one – who is our second choice striker with our current injury list? I have the impression it’s NB52, and we will see him start. My perspective is that we need to see if he’s up for it, and give him some time on the pitch, maybe reinforce the idea he has a chance, and the efforts he is putting in training… Curious to see how he performs and behaves. Maybe he is about to grow up…

    Sorry to ask again, but is the game broadcast on any tv? I really would love to see our younger ones play…


  • Alcide, i’ll give you a link or keep checking BK before the start of the game, someone will have a link up and running

    i don’t think it’s going to be on TV, your best bet is a live online stream ?

    hope that helps.

  • i always tend to think positively @ Alcide , so the thought of it not being broadcasted hence streamed never once crossed my mind – i must admit

    be that as it may, where there’s a will there’s a way,

    we will find a way , if push comes to shove then we will have PG , sat at the hawthorns, we can always ask him to start streaming live from there 😉 or post speedy updates using his phone 🙂

    nah, we’ll be alright, Arsenal vs WBA is 2 premiership teams hence plenty of broadcasters be interested in making the money money money, or so i hope.

  • @ TA

    cheers for the pre-match points. I’d love to see that lineup start.

    I see no problems starting with Verm and Kozzer. Both are top notch CB’s. While i also rate BFG as our most important, i think Kozzer and Verm are better defenders.

    Ramsey and Flam deserve a rest. Both have been on fire.

    Can’t wait to see bendy in action. Head down son and show them we don’t need another striker!!!

    @ JB

    I like your theory 🙂 That was my thought initially as well. Available after the international break…mmm convenient Arsene…very convenient 🙂

  • Morning all..
    TA.. another great post..

    Maybe it’s just me.. who think Verm – Kosc was not a good pair.. hahaha..
    But I believe Wenger also.. hehehe.. So they won’t play together..
    It’s not about giving a second chance.. Vermaelen isn’t a bad CB.. but he just don’t match to Kosc way of playing..
    And I don’t think Verm will change his way of playing also.. hehehe..

    Wenger already said about rotation.. and he will give the youngster time to play cause COC is the place for them..
    I believe Bendtner will play.. and I love your three forward.. Olsson also look great.. but maybe Gnabry will come first..
    And We still have Park.. after the military thing.. he will be more physicaly strong.. hahaha..

    I like to see Eisfeld also.. he was great in last season COC.. and need to play.. but I don’t know much info about him.. why Wenger seem to leave him behind..??
    I think Ozil will play.. his presence will give the energy for all the youngster..

    But We will know that soon.. in 16 hours ahead.. and guys.. We will win.. even with our second team.. cause We are the Champion.. hahaha..

  • TA

    Thought provoking… IMO, personally, I’d like to see lots of rotation tonite. The how of it will be interesting.

    – Start with youngsters but have regulars ready for impact or 20-30 mins? Or just the opposite!

    – How many youngsters is too many? Obviously, if you lose as a result it was too many, but knowing that beforehand is tough! 🙂

    – Who’s in favor and who’s in the last chance saloon?

    – And, the biggie, who is really in need of rest and who needs time to maintain form, or regain it? Per prior posts, this is a dark art rather than a science!

    IMO, the lineup tonite will tell us more about Wenger and his goals then these questions. Do we want the CC? Will we go after all comps or focus more on FAC and CL, and the league of course? Of course it won’t stop endless re-analysis after! 🙂

    I expect:

    – a balanced lineup as it just isn’t AW to go all new.. Who’s rested now or vs Swansea or even Napoli will say a lot. IMO, it’s early enough to still run a fuller squad, and, for you conspiracy theorists, rest them with “injuries” over the next inter lull if needed.

    That said, I’m not at training to know how that goes for rest or who’s truly tired and who can be actively recovered and still play well.

    – several subs, especially if we get up quickly..

    – TV for certain to get minutes, same for Arteta… Likely with Arteta and resting Flamini (my one call really)

    Which is to say I’ve no idea! 😀

    Regarding pairings etc, I think, all healthy, you’ll see regular rotation on form based on needs and opposition for:

    CB: Per, Koz, TV with Sagna for injury cover

    DM pair: Flamini, Arteta, AR

    But, given ARs form continues I thin you can also see it as center mids among: AR, Ozil, Arteta. Given our needs wide you might see Ozil go wide and a middle three of Flamini, Ar and Arteta and a lot of focus going down the middle… Maybe even tried out tonite for awhile..

    The only downside of this last is it narrows our game and makes what Stoke did clogging the middle more effective. Per prior posts I expect to see more of this to stop Ozil and AR, until we respond.. That’s where missing Theo won’t help…

    Just some random musings..

    Cheers — jgc

  • FWIW

    In lat nights games, 10 changes from weekend for Spurs and City, with City bringing in regulars later, and 8 for Chelsea…

    Interesting, the trend seems towards resting… That said only Spurs faced EPL level teams… And AV had many new faces too.. Perhaps we will see Arsenal mark 2 tonite..

    Cheers — jgc

  • What, no Zelalem? I see it as follows: GK:Viviano, RB: Jenkinson, LB: Monreal, CB’s: Koscielny & Vermaelen, DM’s: Arteta & Zelalem, AM: Eisfeld, RF: Gnabry, LF: Ryo, CF: Akpom

  • TA – Really pleased you haven’t stayed from the game tonight. Great post, hitting all the conundrums that only Wenger will decide, but we all have a view upon.

    From a later announcement than Jorge Bird’s one, AW seemed to indicate Fab was starting. Ideally I guess, he would like a spare sub so he could bring on Viv for the second half? Which to me says, there will be fewer changes than we would like, so the strong side goes out first, to win the game, and two youngsters will get their chance as subs? Probably as little as three others starting.

    AW’s likely line up:

    —————-Fab————————-: Then Viv 2nd half.

    Jenks — Mert …..Verm —- Nacho —: No subs required except for injury.

    ——– Arteta ——- Flamini ———–: Hayden for Flam late on, if required.

    Ryo ——— Ozil ———- Gnabry —-: Eisfeld for Gnabry; Bellerin for Ryo, if required.

    ————- Akpom ———————–: Bendtner.

    Reasons for this thinking? Well Akpom looked really happy in the training photos, err, like someone who has been told he will be starting tonight, AND that Ozil will be right behind him? It also makes sense, as NB23 hardly touched a ball in the last 10 months, so he will be rusty. Plus, there is the possible negative crowd factor that could be damaging to the atmosphere?

    I do think Gnabry will start, switching wings with Ryo regularly. However, it could be a double sub at half-time, depending on the score, because clearly Serge is destined to be Theo’s replacement, probably in both our next two games. Mind if Ryo can shine, then the RW slot can be shared between them. The other alternative is that Gnabry is saved for the Sawnsea game, and Park gets the sub for Ryo?

    Much as I agree with your preference TA,, I think that AW is going to try and carry the young attackers over the line by having a defensive 6 trying to keep a clean sheet, leaving Ozil to work his magic with the front 3, and only occasional support from the two DMs. As for the comment above regarding Hayden and the benefit of playing him as a DM, I will only repeat what I said yesterday. He has the ability to play in 3 positions, but DM is not always as fatal as CB or RB should he make an error, so give him the minutes to prove he is up to this level, Then you know when he comes off the bench he will not let the side down in a dire emergency. I have every faith in him developing into a fine DM, in the mold of Vertonghen, and I really hope he starts alongside Arteta. At some point in the future, Flam will run into a suspension or injury, and knowing our luck, Arteta will be out at the same time? So it will be some comfort that Hayden will have shown enough to step in for either’s boots?

    The back line, for the same season as above, it needs to be one of our strong points, but whether Vermaelin starts or is on the bench depends on how fit AW thinks he is. He knows he will take a sub option away if he is not going to last the full 90 minutes, so he may stick with one GK?

    Bendtner should get a final 20 minutes, hopefully with a still functioning Ozil, but just enough to get rid of the fans distrust of how committed he is. If he comes out of it well, then a Sansea line up is possible, saving Giro for Napoli? The bigger risk may be in resting Ozil in the Sansea game, probably replaced by Jack, and covered by Eisfeld or Olsson, depending how things shape tonight.

    How will this team gel?
    Well if Ozil plays, and has seen enough of Akpom in training, I can see the latter rattling in a hat-trick. They will click.
    Gnabry was cautious in the first half last time, and intelligently so, I thought. Instead of running onto space and putting in a cross, more than once I saw him look what the options were in the middle, and if it was only Giro, he declined and played the easy pass to build again.
    Ozil and Gnabry will make a great partnership, and with Akpom, who has played a lot with Gnabry, will become a lively threat in any game that trio is played.

    Needless too say, I am still hoping to see my dream team, with Bellerin on the wing, but unless Ryo fluffs his lines tonight, then with the above line up the pressure on sub places will be at a maximum … May be Sansea for Bellerin, but yes, OGAAT!

    Once Nicky B gets this first appearance out of the way, he will be a serious rival to Akpom as the alternative to Giro, which will also be a nice position to be in. I do think that Akpom’s game is subtly different to the other pair, so games for him might depend on the opposition?

    As has been said by the Prof already, this game will say a lot about how AW is thinking, and how the season will go in the tricky November period? His weakness in tactical substitutions may yet come back to haunt him if he does not get it right here?

    Looking forward to the game, but the line up will shape my confidence.

    The youngsters will do fine with the right support, keep the faith!

  • TA

    The one thing we never do is recall these lineups and see who was closest, or farthest, from the truth. We could thus find the most accurate (likely Dylan or our other UMF leaders), and simply leave it to them knowing the rest of us are always wrong.

    That said, there are enough suppositions here to very possibly ensure someone turns out right.. I think! 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  • Hello TA, fine fellow gooners

    I fully go with you on your line-up TA though would swap Kozzer for the BFG as the former has played multiple games. Also by their style of play, i think Kozzer would be more knackered as his game is based on speed and quick reactions while the BFG relies on intelligence and excellent game-reading hence may have more in his locker

    I have a feeling Oooooozil!!! may get 60 mins 2 work his magic and be withdrawn to bring in my favourite academy player, Eis Eis Baby..afterall Le Prof did say our German wizard is still learning our ways and some minutes tonight might be good for that

    I’m expecting a good match, one played at an ‘Arsenal’ tempo and the first teamers to shake off their rust in preparation for a busy tough schedule..and how about the news of the return of the evergreen Rozy..now that’s GREAT news!!

    Good post TA


  • The squad for tonight’s game is out..looks like Verm and BFG at the back and surprised to see Ozil’s emitted while Flams gets the node…BIG chance for Nickky B and the youngsters to impress the manager!!

  • So here’s the official squad for tonight. Note: Kos is rested, so Per plays. Flamini is in. Frimpong is not. Thoughts on Iwobi?

    4 Per Mertesacker
    5 Thomas Vermaelen
    8 Mikel Arteta
    13 Emiliano Viviano
    17 Nacho Monreal
    20 Mathieu Flamini
    21 Lukasz Fabianski
    23 Nicklas Bendtner
    25 Carl Jenkinson
    30 Ju-Young Park
    31 Ryo
    37 Chuba Akpom
    40 Hector Bellerin
    42 Thomas Eisfeld
    44 Serge Gnabry
    45 Isaac Hayden
    53 Kristoffer Olsson
    60 Alex Iwobi

  • So here’s the official squad for tonight. Note: Kos is rested, so Per plays. Flamini is in. Frimpong is not. Thoughts on Iwobi?

    4 Per Mertesacker
    5 Thomas Vermaelen
    8 Mikel Arteta
    13 Emiliano Viviano
    17 Nacho Monreal
    20 Mathieu Flamini
    21 Lukasz Fabianski
    23 Nicklas Bendtner
    25 Carl Jenkinson
    30 Ju-Young Park
    31 Ryo
    37 Chuba Akpom
    40 Hector Bellerin
    42 Thomas Eisfeld
    44 Serge Gnabry
    45 Isaac Hayden
    53 Kristoffer Olsson
    60 Alex Iwobi

  • Thanks for that suggestion Geoff, after a part of my thoughts on (AW’s) team was hopefully Ozil would play some part … Not in the squad!

    However, the Mert /Verm partnership is on, with only Hayden as a proper CB .. At a push you could have Flamini and Jenks I suppose, but this squad is on Man City proportions?

    Sink or swim guys?

    I suppose the front line more or less takes care of itself, with only Awobi added to the 5 we knew of; Ryo, Chuba, Serge, two from three as the likely starters? and Park and Nicky B the most probable subs?

    That leaves the tricky midfield to sort. My guess will be two pair of two, and in line with my earlier comment, that Flamini will partner Hayden, and Arteta will be both the advanced midfielder in an attacking sense, but also an advanced, high up the pitch defensive one, and he will be partnered by Eisfeld/olsson, but within a basic 4-3-3, but which will be a 4-2-1-3 (or 3-1 in defense mode?).

    Like this;

    jenks – Per – TV5 – Nacho

    — Hayden — Flam —

    ———Arteta ——–

    Ryo* ———– Eisfeld*
    ——- Chuba ——-

    *Ryo or Serge. *Eisfeld or Olsson

    Subs In order of likely appearance: NB23(for Akpom); Gnabry if we are in need of a goal, but a 2 goal cushion might see Bellerin to make it a 4 goal cushion( ;D ) for Ryo:: Olsson(for Flam if we are winning, otherwise Eisfeld?) … barring injuries!
    Park might be in a similar position to Bellerin, and only get on if the game is as good as won?

    So, at the second attempt, I might score better this time?

  • HT17- This is a little plus for your earlier stuff on fitness.

    I read Gibb’s story on what he is doing different, working in the gym, yoga etc, after matches as well as in preparation. His final comment was straight from your manual:


    I bet that brings a satisfied smile to your face? : 😉

    It seems to be working for him too. My worry, as with some horses, when the ground gets sticky, the extra effort to perform at the same level can sometimes just tweak something. For his sake I hope it doesn’t.

  • Hey guys…Sorry to be off the radar…I’ve got the in-laws staying at the house 😆 and they’re very sedentary AND there’s no real respect for people “working” on the computer. As such it’s easier being outdoors prepping for winter (chopping wood, etc.)… The mountains got their first dusting last Saturday, so it’s coming…

    I’m interested in how AW will try and manage this one but I don’t have the energy to put myself in his shoes. Also, given that the TV match will be Pool-United, I know I’ll be messing with a stream. Maybe I’ll try to hook up the match to the big screen (for the in-laws) so I’ll really be needing a good one…Bond (and others), I’m counting on you…

    Yes, I believe that AW lies when it comes to injuries, so maybe you could say I believe in conspiracies? I dunno. My hunch is that, in a WC year, the qualifiers mean a lot less than the success a player has over the entire club season. With Ozil joining the team and our early good positioning in the league and the CL there’s a good chance that our players will be in the limelight after we know which countries are actually in the tournament. If any of our guys are in playoffs, however, they must play (and produce)…The beginning of the end for Arshavin was his failure to lead Russia to the 2010 WC in the playoffs with Slovenia. I really think this early season rotation (injuries) to players like Theo, Ox-Cham, Santi, Lu-Lu, Ya-Ya, Sicky, Arteta, TV5 (wow, it’s a long list…) may actually work to those players advantage, esp. if we can go deeper than usual in the CL…

    But, O-Gaat, as my Dutch friend says… I actually think this could be a very tough match and that we should be prepared to go 120 if need be. Everybody’s gone round about our line-up but what about WBA? They finally won a match and they’ll want to build momentum rather than lose at home. Lots of interesting Arsenal connections too, with Sinclair and Anelka there on loan. Also, Shane Long, who almost left at the transfer deadline, will be keen to get into the considerations of his team. My point is that I expect them to attack and attack well. Which will be a great test for our defense. Personally I’ve always thought of TV5 and Kos as, potentially (italics), our best pairing and they may be ready to actually cover for one another as their pace allows. Communication from keeper and DM help so, if Fabianski and Arteta (or Flamini) start in those spots we may at least have familiar faces. I’d love to see a little more Messy pulling the strings, but that seems selfish, with tough games (Swansea away and Napoli) looming… We also have to return to the black country in the league in the final match before the next break. 3 points that day or advancing in the league cup? I know which one is more important to me. What say others?…

    Already (as always) too long, but I’d still like to talk about Ozil and Isco (the real reason our guy became available) and idiot statements out of Madrid. Another time, and really it just makes me miss Glic and hope that he’s doing OK…

  • Another thing i have just read on the official site that Nicklaus Bendtner is the second highest goal scorer in the current squad.

    I am doubly amazed as Theo is top scorer? … Which means that the players available to play today Nicky B has scored the most.

    No less than 45! How quickly we forget …

  • Hey Gerry, that was JGC (about the recovery element of training, though I agree)… Funny, but there’s definitely some confusion about who says what… I think we’re all just a little too old to remember everything perfectly… 😆

    Speaking of old… My dog just keeps hanging in there (she’s 17+) and is the greatest. Still a single bark at the door when she needs to come back inside and she’s able to get up and down and into the yard to do her business. She’s awfully skinny these days and pretty much blind and deaf. Between her and my wife’s parents there’s a lot of bodies barely hanging in there around my place… 😯

    Ah geez, long as my comment was I forgot to talk about Nicky Beard-tner… What a chance this could be for him… He’s always believed he had the talent… Time to take it, maybe?…

  • Could Park also get a run? Consider my mind truly blown if he does…

    As I said the other day, my thought about our forwards indicates that Bendtner and Akpom might be 5th and 6th choices to play up front in a 4-5-1 (behind Giroud, Sanogo, Theo and Poldolski) but there they are…

    If we’re talking about wide attackers (wingers) the priority would be combos of Poldi/Theo, Santi/Ramsey(or Wilshere), and (finally) Gnabry/Ryo given that Ozil now resides permanently in the #10 or “in the hole” spot. Our attack is really a 4-4-1-1, I believe, with the second striker starting from a wide position and the other “winger” given a free role in attacking mid-field, but I know people love their “formations” and “positions” and all that so I try to accommodate… 😉 My point is that it would be pretty wild if we could win tonight with our 5th and 6th choices in the 3 attacking spots. Odds would have to be against it, though a certain 50 million Euro signing would tend to make everybody around him better…

  • Bother, just when I thought I got the hang of who said what 😀

    On the dog theme. my 14 year old is doing fine at the moment. She too is losing her sight, and her hearing is not that great, so if I am more than ten feet away she gets very confused. Sadly it is her niece that has the bone cancer. She, and I hope she can make it, will be 12 in January. Out of all my dogs, she is the one I know has had the best life she possibly could have had. Born deaf, she had her sister to guard her throughout the early years. She has a big family surrounding her, so she never gets lost., and always involves herself in games, so many things that she would not have got in a single dog home.

    Alas dog lives are always too short, but I have no regrets for her, other than the time span.

    Re NB23 – if I read the report correctly, the last time he played he scored a hat-trick?

    Despite all of AW’s hyping him up, I don’t think he will start tonight, but I do hope we don’t get a repeat the booing from sections of the fans, when he does make an appearance. At least give him a chance to show he is serious?

    I am really looking forward to seeing the match, but it may be another one that gets delayed on the ‘Player until the weekend. But the formulae of me listening, and not commenting until I see the match has coincided with several wins ….

    Like you say, finally WBA are scoring goals, which I think is why the defense will have the majority of senior players? It would have been a great time to have had Santi back, as the creative side looks a little light without any of the obvious choices available?

    Like I said earlier, Sink or swim guys?

  • jgc – This is just a little plus for you … see at @13.10 (or i hour 15 minutes ago prio to this one) ..

    Humble apologies, Geoff

  • On the dog theme. Agree Gerry, their life span is way too short. My Mrs’ dog died last year (17). I knew it really well for about 6 years (i was only one of 3 people that it allowed to pat her). It bit me countless times, woke me up at 5am on my days off, stole my food if i left the room, barked relentlessly but i’d give almost anything to bring it back. I’m not really one to shed a tear but seeing her on the operating table afterwards made me breakdown. Every time i go down the drive way i still expect her to come bolting up to see me.

    I saw play it like we once did. Play the kids with a few seniors then bring on the big guns if we need

  • Gerry, the multiple dog scenario does seem good. Will TA be going that route, I wonder, given On-Ree’s eye troubles?… Our (great) dog going on and on (and on) has been an issue. She tested poorly for kidney function 3 years ago but we switched her food and now she tests perfectly, even if she augments her diet with minerals from the local soils 😯 She’s a special one and has been an incredible companion for me. Still, it’s been several years since we’ve gotten to ski together and we were very lucky to find somebody who was willing to watch and care for her last fall (autumn?) when we were in Spain. When we said goodbye, we thought that might be it… A year on and there’s still enough to say “not yet.” I’m not supposed to ponder such questions with the in-laws, I don’t think… 😯 👿 😆
    (Sometimes, the smileys ARE needed…)

    Those folks should be getting up at any moment so coffees and breakfast will be needed. Not much more I can speculate about the match, just curious to see who gets to play and how they do. The result would be nice but (as suggested) I’d let this one slip to get 3 points there in a week and a half…

  • Hey Oz… I think your desires for a beard in the squad, even if it’s not a proper beard, could be realized today. It’s not equivalent to Pirlo (or Athletico Madrid’s) Arda Turan but then again, Nicky’s not as good as those guys as a footballer…

    Still, what a story it would be if he could stroke a few home for us…

    Sorry to hear about your dog…

  • Has James Bond ever been paired up with a pooch? Or is he too cool and too busy being an international man of mystery. Bedding buxom agents and double (and triple…) is maybe all the companionship he requires…

    Looking forward to the “good” links…

  • thanks for the link @ Wee-D – top man !

    agreed @ OZ – chuck in your theory and we would have 2 key players, fully rested, fresh and raring to go (i still buy your theory re- Santi) , i mean how hard is it to pretend to be injured ehhh

    the game tonight will be a great because we go back and play them in a weeks time in the EPL, don’t we ? hopefully we win today and then everything else sorts itself out.

    4 Per Mertesacker
    5 Thomas Vermaelen
    8 Mikel Arteta
    13 Emiliano Viviano
    17 Nacho Monreal
    20 Mathieu Flamini
    21 Lukasz Fabianski
    23 Nicklas Bendtner
    25 Carl Jenkinson
    30 Ju-Young Park
    31 Ryo
    37 Chuba Akpom
    40 Hector Bellerin
    42 Thomas Eisfeld
    44 Serge Gnabry
    45 Isaac Hayden
    53 Kristoffer Olsson
    60 Alex Iwobi

    so all the players needing a rest have been rested altogether, good or bad ? well, the bench is going to be rather weakish depending on the starting 11…

    we could always play Gerry’s 4-4-1-1 from yesterday.

  • my comment above is in moderation,chaps. – do bear with me or whenever TA get’s time to unlock it.

    no worries @ 17HT, let me know if you need one, i’ll try to post one anyway, in case you need it or JGC does.

    and no, not really fond of pets and such likes , my allergies don’t allow it unfortunately , however, anything in a tank or a pond – i don’t mind (fish ).

  • the gist of my comment under moderation is that, we have rested almost all of our players needing a rest, actually all of them have been rested which means we have a very young team and the bench won’t have many game changes, if any at all – depending on our starting 11 for tonight.

    also , that we play WBA again in the EPL in a weeks time, so it’s going to be interesting watching…

    keeping one eye on next weeks CL encounter with Napoli, they have a few injury concerns of their own and hopefully that will get worse this weekend, they have lost Maggio !

    i’m with everyone who feel NB might make most of his chance tonight – written in the stars sort of thing ?

  • 17,… 17, … 17

    You should be JB for the dangerous life you live with your comments! 😀

    Gerry: No worries… Ive been called worse! 😛 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  • And the other was


    has worked well in past but CL games were hard (likely whole world watching, so to apeak) but I doubt WBA will draw so much for the COC

    cheers, s’all I know — jgc

  • JB

    I think NB might start. The 45 goal level says he *can* do the job, when *willing* … So, if AW thinks hes willing he’ll be in there. I dont see AW sitting back to see if NB is needed. If, the BIG IF, he’s willing and ready to try on the pitch.

    In which case you might see Ozil start for awhile I think.. 50-50 on that one… Just to see what might explode as it were..

    A NB renaissance would be useful …

    cheers — jgc

  • don’t worry @ JGC

    i’ll get us some backup links as well , just in case the ones we already know are crowded / lagging/ buffering a lot –

    we’ll be alright i reckon 🙂

    sopcast is solid though, can’t go wrong with watching it on sopcast (takes a minute to download the software and install it), after you click on the software live link from the website, it only takes time at the beginning whilst loading and buffering, once it’s done that, you can watch the game fairly without any disruptions !

    here you go , if you wanna download the cast..sop.


  • JGC,

    the comment of mine still not visible outlines the fact that there is NO OZIL,RAMSEY,JW or any senior attacking player travelling in the squad…

    2nd time lucky perhaps ? this lot has travelled

    4 Per Mertesacker
    5 Thomas Vermaelen
    8 Mikel Arteta
    13 Emiliano Viviano
    17 Nacho Monreal
    20 Mathieu Flamini
    21 Lukasz Fabianski
    23 Nicklas Bendtner
    25 Carl Jenkinson
    30 Ju-Young Park
    31 Ryo
    37 Chuba Akpom
    40 Hector Bellerin
    42 Thomas Eisfeld
    44 Serge Gnabry
    45 Isaac Hayden
    53 Kristoffer Olsson
    60 Alex Iwobi

  • JGC,
    the comment of mine still not visible outlines the fact that there is NO OZIL,RAMSEY,JW or any senior attacking player travelling in the squad…
    2nd time lucky perhaps ? this lot has travelled

    PS: in moderation again above

  • TA,
    Good post and your team is very good, now Wenger has released the squad named only 2 players will be different i think. The 2 are Kos- BFG and Olsson- Gnabry
    JB, 23;15
    Your squad looks bang on to me, I am a little bit disappointed not to see Ozil and many many other greats but totally understand the need to rest and am happy to see Arteta vome back. I think NB will start and i think he may do very well, fingers crossed
    Looking forward to the match very much and will be getting ready to leave in a while
    Oh and yep il will be there to do live updates if not shown on live internet streams, i am sure there will be though.

  • don’t worry @ PG

    we will have plenty of live streams working , there’s also a chance of us catching you go mental , every time NB scores a goal, since we both know your love for “Paddy Power” 🙂

    hope you have a good time and it’s one to remember !

    3-1 , yeah ?

  • Its on there above the link. just scroll down , then scroll down though all the game and every thing and Arsenal game is near the bottom . that is all i ever use its great and easy to use

  • guys…….somethings happened to my streaming on line footie sites.???

    When I try and watch I keep getting a “BLOCKED PLUG IN” NOTICE POP UP ??

    Anyone know why. I have a mac comp. It’s only just started happening

  • try switching to a different browser @ VCC – Chrome is good for watching live streams in my experience.

    never used a Mac, so wouldn’t be much help on that one

  • VCC,
    I would have suggested watching it on the tellys in PC world but that security guard says if he sees you he will get you this time, he has been training doing lots of running after work lol

  • JB,
    I agree and would always suggest firefox or crome the rest are not very good at all.

  • i have had issues with firefox as well, but chrome is gold really

    install an add blocker, you’re good to go with all the annoying pop up ad’s and what not, they all go invisible as if, they never existed.

    when do you leave, PG ? i hope you’ve taken into account the traffic from london to WBA during Rush hours ? or you taking the train ?

  • cheers 007 & proudgooner…|I’ve tried to download but it still is not working. Gutted….I wanted to see how the boys performed tonight.

    Thanks all the same guys.

  • JB

    My experience with moderation is more than 1 link in the post and it waits… Did your post have more than 1 link?

    I think TA is working or quite busy today (or both perrhaps! 🙂 ) so it may take a bit as he does it personally I think

    cheers — jgc

  • I have done JB yes mate, i am leaving very soon, I am from Ealing in London but am living just past Luton at the moment so the traffic wont be as bad. Right i must get ready. Speak soon Gooners.

  • lucky you, getting on the M1 is very convenient for you, takes me ages to get onto the M1 from the A406 during rush hours, argh…see you laters !


    i posted the 18 man squad list, that may have been it but yeah, sadly , we have rested all of our players needing a rest (yep, i never thought Flam’s needed a rest 🙂


    you can try using all the links we post for the games, hopefully one of them might be able to work for you – or simply try getting an updated version of the current browser you’re on ?

  • cheers 007….I’m trying to download them on my laptop. Its a windows system. But I fear might be too slow if Im successful.

  • Well,

    IMO smart perhaps to rest and be done with it. As I noted earlier, City and Spurs did likewise and even AV who went down to Spurs did the same.

    So, there seems a trend of the league taking a toll FWIW..

    cheers — jgc

  • Good stuff geoffchase… 😆 and there seems to be good excitement for tonight’s match…

    I wish HH would chime in…Maybe this might lure him back… 😉

    Regarding Bendtner… A lot of observers have compared his talent favorably to (suddenly indispensable) Giroud. Neither really run very well and the chocolate feet seem to melt under pressure about equally… But both can (italics) take their chances, sometimes… Hard work seems the only reason why the one has prospered where the other has failed…

    Maybe it’s a question of maturity… Bendtner came up quickly while Giroud had to work his way up from the lower ranks. If Ollie could show Nick around the weight room (and he balanced his workouts with recovery–not boozing, vandalism, etc. 😉 ) we might have a little bit of a 1-2 punch, as well as a couple of made-for-Hollywood stories of redemption. It wouldn’t be the SQ people are craving, but with chance makers like Ozil in the squad even the mortals should benefit… It is, however, a little daunting given than Bendtner failed at Sunderland where guys like Fletcher have succeeded…

    Interesting to note that Kos will not travel…PM4 and TV5 will be the pairing, it appears… Also, who will make the assists if Messy isn’t there to do so? Ice, Ice maybe?…

  • Look guys, I know my posts are a tad on the long side, but I pointed all this out 4 hours ago?

    I still think Akpom starts for the reasons I gave on fitness and possible crowd reaction to NB23. If he comes on with 20 minutes to go, winning or losing at that point, the fans will either be too happy, or just hoping he is the second coming to dig us out of a hole?

    Anyway, from what I make of the team, it is any one of three to be the ‘creative genius’; Arteta, Eisfeld, or Olsson ….. That makes me nervous. I can also here the Man U fans call us a ‘one man team’, after last weekend?

    If the defence do their job well then it could go into extra time. It has to be a team effort up front, and unless Arteta has been watching his Everton videos, and brings him up to speed, I fear Eisfeld and Olsson may lack the experience to carry off?

    But I think the squad says AW is prioritising the league over this Cup?

  • According to an early team sheet – No Flam. Arteta/ Hayden DMs (pleased about that). Bendtner does start. the rest as expected

  • Gerry, I saw that you thought Akpom would start…just like you did for the Stoke match…

    Wrong–again… 😆 (Not that it matters in the least, just giving you grief, eh…) Here are the lineups…

    West Brom: L Daniels, Reid, Dawson, Lugano, Popov, Mulumbu, Dorrans, Sessegnon, Sinclair, Berahino, Long

    Subs: Camp (gk), McAuley, J Olsson, Rosenberg, Amalfitano, Morrison, Jones

    Arsenal: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Hayden, Arteta, Eisfeld, Ryo, Bendtner, Gnabry

    Subs: Viviano, Bellerin, Flamini, Olsson, Iwobi, Akpom, Park

    Ooh, I forgot about Sessegnon…Some of the WBA names, however, I don’t recognize…
    Arteta has quite a decent passing range (on his right foot) so chances, I think, will happen. And guys like Ryo and Gnabry can make their own. We just need our boys to finish them–Bendtner has done it, but it’s been awhile… Overall, it’s a great test (esp. for the defense) so count me as excited…

    Lay the (best) link on me, James, it could be time to configure my set-up…

  • HT – don’t take it out on me just because AW does not take advice 😀

    It is his weakness remember?

  • Hey, I like Nicky B, and like I say, what a story it would be…

    Best Link, anybody?….

  • Thanks Bond (and others…) Your first link looks pretty good so far… (Highlights “90 in 30” of the recent Lyon match?…) Cheers!

  • yep, first is the trusted one, we should be on for our match in 10 minutes i guess, if it doesn’t switch to ours 5 minutes before to ours , i would start loading other streams in additional tabs – just to be on the safe hand side.

    over and out

  • Wow! Super attacking line-up, and back to our youth policy for the cup. Suggests Wenger has more hope this season for the major trophies, so its either the kids do their stuff or we leave it to others to worry about the CC. A positive choice, and I hope we see the team rise to the challenge; but must be a high risk that the inexperience costs us. And we have not kept our options open on the bench either. COYG!

  • Bendy hit the post hard there…Nice cross from Ryo…Looks like the weight work paid off–post too the worst of it…

    Now it’s Nacho doing some el teatro…

  • Haha, Geoff, maybe my stream (or my eyes) isn’t that good… Where are you watching?…

  • this ones fantastic if you got sopcast and can tolerate arabic


  • Mine just had a tiny hiccup but otherwise has been fine… Seriously boring match, however. Nothing coming off for the boys up front…

    Getting some corners but that’s about it…Might need some tea as the espresso machine is off and too early for ale…

    Poor challenge there from Hayden and more treatment time… Both team’s hoping for 120 mins?…

  • i jinxed my sopcast , it’s gone dead for me , at least might be my internet connection


  • and our guy ( i mean the one i would really love to have at Arsenal in January)

    scores for Mancs vs scouse….bugger.

  • I have a decent stream, not super quality but no interruption… thanks JB for the links.

    Not much happening indeed, apart from a couple movements on the right side, but it looks like it’s going to open up.

  • Haha Bond…I thought you meant Suarez but then I saw the scoreline and thought Rooney…in the end it was the Little Pea… Soft goal it sounds like…

    Our match needs a goal, I would say…

  • if you want a super quality one then get on the sopcast one i posted, takes a couple of minutes to load the player and buffer at the start then it’s heaven (as long as your arabic is up to speed, ha ha

    yeah @ 17HT but the guy has a great knack of scoring goals, that is what matters really, i know you’re also an admirer of the little pea so thought i make it a tad interesting !

  • lack of Eisfield (Ozil)…however , that one pass which was off side was a good one !

    we need Flam’s and Arteta playing further forward

  • Is it me but no ones playing themselves onto the team terribly, and 1-2 are saying not ready it seems..?

  • Ha…Missed almost the entire 2nd period due to interruptions–more from the real world than from the stream, though I did complicate matters trying to switch to the Sopcast…

    The goal we conceded was a set piece, no?

    At least I’m in peace now and we’ve got another 30 mins…


  • 17

    VERY averag play, both ways…

    Arteta and TV rusty, Gnabry ok, Eisfeld, ok, the rest of the youngsters barring Jenks are not into it. NB appears disinterested but delivers the odd beauty pass. Ryo is way out of depth, IMO. Fab ok… Merts solid…

    Anyone’s game really!

    Cheers — jgc

  • Cheers Geoff…(Macko too…) So subs have been Akpom for ? (Eis?) and now Bellerin for Arteta?

  • Is it me or did

    Gnabry just say I’m a future star

    And NB said I’d like the championship please…

    That was ball game!

  • Well put GC…

    Bendtner actually looks stronger and faster to me but first touch wasn’t right… and no Valdes rushing out to bother him…. what a shame…

  • Evening todger teasers!! 😀
    Don’t like to comment during games but I’m not fussed on which way this goes….. If we win its chelvski at home!!

  • Not bad there from Chubka… Chelsea at home would be interesting I think…They played a lot of young guys yesterday…

    Ryo seems predictable as all get out, but Nacho still making overlaps for him…

    Next goal wins…but pens looks the safer bet…

  • 😆 don’t worry mate fozzie is full of fizz! (Wink Glic) draw is official so winner plays chelvski at home 😀

  • Bellerin with two shots…Gnabry run just didn’t demand the pass on the latter break…

  • Big let offs! The official site of the CoC says the draw’s been made….

    Looks like pens to get Chelsea in North London…

  • if we win this on penalties then it will be due to Fabianski (for a change i’m feeling confident at penalties since no Sczny).

  • This is big…Pens are a crapshoot, but over time they harden into wins and losses like any other match. (For example, nobody would talk about Brentford away had we won that shootout…) Lukaku got sent on loan for missing his vs Bayern, so big chances, big pressure on our boys. Fabianski’s supposed to have the best reaction times of any Arsenal keeper, ever…Does that translate to stopping pens?

  • nachoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    you lilllllllllll beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    bring on chelsea next

    oh hell yeah!!!!

  • Whoa, I forgot about that stat, James… Swansea away on Saturday for the even dozen…

    Does Serge start after today’s performance?

  • PG, got his monies well worth and also a near heart attack, ha ha

    yes does @ 17HT maybe from the bench though, as dropping him now be really bad for the young lads confidence

  • i was feeling confidence on the penalties – tells you how much i rate fabianski or how much i don’t rate Sczny, ha

    anyhow , when do we play chelsea ?

  • Our run is still going…

    I liked Gnabry, he’s strong and pacy, goes for it, he’s the closest to EPL level in my opinion, Eisfeld looks promising too.

    Chuba, Bellerin made good entries, and played with confidence.

    Ryo needs more exposure to this level, lost most challenges, but it looks more inexperience than lack of skills to me.

    NB wasn’t too good except for his excellent assist. Lots of bad first touches and bad controls.

    Jenks was running all over the place until the end, placed some good dribbles, and had a good game, motm for me. Per was Per-like, kept defense alive many times, TV needs some more time to get back into it. Nacho too, he was a bit more lax than usual, Hayden, Olsson I can’t really say.

    Arteta I thought was quite into it, and was playing is role quite well considering he doesn’t have the usual quality around him.

    Overall it wasn’t too bad for a B (and C) team, no?

  • Missed most of the game today unfortunately lads, could anyone tell me how bendtner performed?

  • *confident

    Swansea next, sure let’s make it a Dozen as you put it @ 17HT

    Swansea got knocked out by the Brummies, ouch

    and it wasn’t that weak of a team either.

  • Rohan,

    he missed a one on one, was too slow to pull the trigger, all in ok, he was ok, 6 out of 10

  • Serge playing 120 minutes not that good news however… he was totally shattered the last 10 minutes, not sure how h’ell recover for Swansea. But promising he is.

  • brilliant, it allows most of our players to come back who are not 1st team regulars, Ox, Diaby (maybe? ), Poldi, Yaya , Rosicky

    so i will take the end of October right now, hell yeah

    mouth watering match this 4th round one, if we are gonna with this trophy then sooner or later we got to get rid of the stronger teams, the sooner the better in my opinion.

  • Fozzie B,

    yes, you can do, check on that link 😉

    Gnabry let me down @ Alcide , i guess the lad gets overwhelmed by the occasion at times…at times he looked like a younger OX in disguise.

    very pleased with Olsson and Akpom though

  • just been watching Real Madrid 1-1 on the 93 minute he was supposed to blow the wistle instead he adds an extra minute then offers Madrid a penalty. Despite billions spent they need the ref to win a game. Pathetic

  • Just the result we needed. 🙂

    Our young players (Olsson, Hayden, Eisfeld, Gnabry, Ryo, Akpom and Bellerin) got game time and valauble experience, the likes of Bendtner, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta and Fabianksi also gotr game time which can only help them getting back up to speed if they are needed to come in and we rested a lot of our vital first team players.

    However against Chelsea we will have to play a much stronger team so we can get through. Yet another win and let’s hope our winning streak to continue.

  • ROhan, JB,

    If not for his assist, I’d give Bendtner a 4 or 5 – not a bad attitude, worked his share, but lost a lot of balls on first touch, missed passes, didn’t win many headers…you can tell he hasn’t played in a while.

  • Wenger’s Coat,

    there you go, it’s all about the money, with RM in the competition, there goes crazy sponsorship money and all that hoopla for the next round, isn’t it ?

    they always get protection both RM and Barca not just in domestic cups but also in the CL.

  • JB, I hope too for Arteta, but the way he walked out sat himself down it didn’t look like much, maybe a small calf cramp/contraction,

  • Alcide,

    i’m not sure as Arteta is one of our main penalty takers, so if it was a minor thing, he would have stayed on i reckon

    fingers crossed though

  • JB, you didn’t like Serge’s performance? Considering how little experience he has, I thought he was quite good (the young Ox comparison works, though). He tried and didn’t seem to force his game, provoked, tracked back and defended (high volume of play overall). Well he impressed me, but my expectations perhaps were not as high as yours 🙂

  • I read you re: Arteta, but first game after a long period, more than 90 minutes, I can imagine the calf muscle starting to pull, and you just want to safely sub out… I cross my fingers.

  • Well I am glad I listened on the ‘Player, rather than follow the commentary here.

    My god you lot are very hard on these lads. The defense was solid, but that was to be expected, all experience 1st team players. The rest from Hayden forwards don’t normally play Premier opposition, and to come through it after 120 minutes was something they can be proud of? I bet this combination of players hasn’t played together that much either.

    I will judge for myself how well or otherwise they did tomorrow afternoon, but it sounds like they all had their moments that would have been so much easier if they had Ozil out there.

    Bet it will be a better mix in the next round?

    I’m off to sleep now, once the dogs have done their necessary.

    Catch you tomorrow, but later.

  • Thanks JB and alcide, from what you say I’m slightly disappointed but don’t know what I was expecting tbh, was kinda hoping for a fairytale prodigal son returns hat-trick before the game but alas.

  • i’m expecting a lot from Gnabry, i won’t deny it

    i have been following Gnabry closely, the lad is quality and i’m sure he would be the first one who’s gutted as well since he is capable of putting a much much better show

    but you’re right, he’s young, he will learn hence i said, i wouldn’t drop him for Swansea, his through ball setting up NB was delicious as well (i think wenger changed it to 4-4-1-1 at that point).

  • Rohan,

    NB scored from the penalty, took the first one and was really good, got us off the mark, never easy taking the fist one

    it was a decent game, he lacks a lot of confidence though

  • will wait for your final thoughts and will reserve mine till tomorrow as well @ Gerry

    any further thoughts that is.

    call me crazy but i think we will win against Chelsea next month;)

  • I don’t think we should be too harsh on ole bendy though. He looked very very rusty, but it’s to be expected given it was his first game back. The pass for the assist showed his quality.

    @ 17

    (sorry internet was down for all the game). He definitely does add to the beard quota. I would like to see Vermaelen grow one too in an effort to add some more ferocity. This will do…make it happen VERM!!!!

  • It was a good match (played in a good spirit, I thought…) even if both team’s were playing conservatively…and we had enough to get through… Agreed with Alcide’s player assessments from what I saw… Hopefully a few extra bodies to pick from when the next round rolls around. A little worried about Arteta and Gnabry as both might need to be called upon in 65 hours time at Swansea…

    PG to do the match report?…

  • catcha Gerry. Agree on your comment. A wins a win…plus we got to rest a few players while we were at it. Can’t fault the lads especially when they beat a tricky team away from home.

  • @ Rohan

    I know what you mean. After the Sheffield United 6-0 mauling I’ve always got my hopes up of smashing a team with our kids.

  • The man of the match there is nothing to say Nacho, Gnarby progress has to do ball at his feet at Arsenal we play a system based gaming the passes not on the individuals.
    To replace Theo he still has work already in his investment but he is young and he will learn.
    Hayden impress I was I think therewill be holder in a little while, Olson, Bellerín good beginning
    Bentdner and poor form and anyway missed out match point …..
    But Arsenal wins face a team first league with its young people what fun 🙂

  • Oz baby that dudes beard is fierce eh?
    Well I’m happy we’ve won but dam sad we lost the sailing!!
    JGC you got rumbled by JB the other day …. An American!! The enemy!!!
    😆 man I just wanted the underdog to win… Oh well got to take the hat off to you guys… Be careful when you have your next mince and cheese pie JGC … You may have some brown fluff in it!!!!!
    Come to think of it that explains how you know so much about the game … I’m only different because I’ve lived over uk for awhile!!
    We humphreyed that game boys well done…: that can only keep the team morale at full mast!!
    Swansea next!!

  • Only just got home, our fans were amazing tonight. I learnt a lot more about our team tonight mainly the youngsters of course . there were plenty of positives, there was also so not very good performances but most players if not all can improve massively on there not so good points tonight.
    West broms a shit hole i wonna go home, i wonna go hommmme, west broms a shit hole i wonna go home.
    It was a good performance when you concider that basically our youth team just knocked our a full west brom first team, well done lads 🙂

  • Fozzie,
    It was just our B team , it was a perfect plan by darth Wenger now that we got the result, everyone got a badly needed rest except the BFG . The lads will be fresh for Swansea.

  • Bendtner looked like a dart player, he need to get rid of that silly hair knot and work hard to up his game. I hope wenger does not rely on him, A proven striker in January would make life a lot easier. I liked Apkom, he has very good ball retention, It is a bit strange that Eisfeld is not in the first team, a very tidy player with an eye for goal.

  • Morning all..
    We win cause we’re Arsenal..(4x)
    And We are the Champion my friend..

    I love winning away with second best team to WBA first team.. that’s really something.. (sesuatu banget.. in Indonesia).. hahaha..

    Lastnight penalty.. I’m quite sure We will win.. cause they got the kick first..
    I saw a lot of penalty games.. and the first kick team.. almost always lost.. hehehe..

    Oz.. thanks for the video.. reminds me of how good Vela was.. And I’m sure he is a better striker now.. It’s time to bring him back.. hehe..
    With our team now.. even Fabregas will gladly leave Barca.. hahaha..

    Swansea did a bad thing to try tobe like us.. without their first team they can’t win.. hehe.. and next Sunday We will ruin them.. cause We are the Champion..

  • Wenger’s coat,
    Eisfeld was the bast player tonight, NB did not play great, the fans were really good to him and supported him massively he should have scored , he played well enough though and got the assist for Eisfeld. All that said we have got to get another striker in the winter window i think.
    Oh on Akpom he looked very good he has lightening quick feet and is very fast.
    I was disappointed with Ryo’s fina ball tonight every single 1 was disappointing, i feel he can work on that though and if he does with time he could be very good but tonight i was not impressed.
    I want to see a lot more of Eisfeld he has a massive future.

  • only problem with eisfeld is he has quite a few top quality players above him in the pecking order. Good signs though, definitely takes his chance to score.

    @ PG

    glad the crowd got behind Bendy. I loved how the commentators mentioned that he hasn’t scored for us in 2.5 years and failed to list why. I think it’ll click for him, and i hope he repays Arsene’s faith. We all love an underdog story.

    @ Henry

    no problem. agreed, wish we had a buy back clause in his contract! That dinky chip was magnificent. We went back in time to get Flamini, lets go back to July 2007 and bring dudu to the present day

  • PG, you went to the game, top man. Your right about the Hawthorns, its a shit hole. Its the only place on the planet i dont run after women, in fact, i run away from them.

    Dont know why ime commenting. Didnt see or listen to the game as I was fast asleep. Society realys gone down hill these days, ime forced to kip during daylight hours and roam the streets at strange hours to find victims. In the good old days i could acost someone in broad daylight and no one batted an eye lid. Now i have an angry mob armed with pitch forks after me, terrible times.

    I got the result from scrolling down this site, gutted when alcide gave it 1-1. Next time be a bit gentle man. Something like, “Terry, brace yourself fella. Are you sitting down and not cluthing a sharp object?”

    Great result though. A trip to Wembely beckons, just hope its a night game.

  • Some thoughts…forFozzie, JB, PG, Oz Henry et al

    Henry and Oz – I honestly don’t think AW would bring vela back. Not for talent but because he is genuinely literal about players. If they don’t want something he doesn’t ask. Vela is happy where he is and I suspect AW simply wouldn’t go against it.

    AW wasn’t cleaning deadwood, he was giving players opportunities elsewhere. From any other coach, it’s yeah, right.. From AW I think it’s more genuine..

    JB, PG et al, overall thoughts — Eisfeld, Gnabry put their hands up for the youngsters. Same for Akpom and Bellerin in shorter stints. Olson looks ok. I thought Hayden was disappointing. The rest did little favor to themeselves, IMO. NB reverted to something. How did he ever manage 45 goals?! It certainly wasn’t with that effort level…

    Of the vets as it were, all looked fine if rusty for some. Especially in such a disorganized game….

    Fozzie — hmm, this inherent kiwi distaste for Americans, it’s something to be gotten over, really, … Given that I educate NZs children and have provided huge benefits to NZ they wouldn’t have had otherwise what makes me “the enemy”? A silly boat race for toffs who started it primarily as a means of displaying wealth and disinterest of anyone not as rich as they, and for which virtually no Americans care… ??

    — jgc

  • Morning guys 🙂

    We won a pen shoot out!?

    Good to read the comments. I saw very little of game so cannot add much. Shame BFG had to play, let alone 120 minutes, but Arsene knows,right?!

    Arteta also played too long IMO but let’s hope he is okay.

    Really happy Eis Eis baby did well and very good goal. Looking fwd to reading Gerry’s analysis.

  • TA

    Arteta had cramps… was announced during game via commentators. My stream was in english ratherr than the arabic many had so I understood..

    BFG we will have to see, but he played very well in a helter skelter game..We would *not* have won without him there, so if you are going to ‘waste’ one regular a bit, then for a cup progression that’s fine I guess. Better that all the others got rested. As TV comes back online there wil be chance to rest him too.

    cheers — jgc

  • Good morning friendly fruitcakes!!
    Victory tastes sweeter in the morning, a bit like a bit leftover cheesecake for brekky from the night before!! 😀
    JGC – look into my furry avatar eyes….
    You know I’m just joking right?
    😀 I agree with you totally about it being a toffs sport by the way.
    Thanks for the insight into your daily life in NZ and I for one am very pleased with the positive daily impact you are having with young kiwis!!
    Growing up in NZ was all about 2 extremes … On the one hand we had everything naturally to do … Surfing, rugby, snowboarding and all the outdoors stuff … But on the other it was frankly depressing with social and peer issues. (Cue little violin on shoulder with super speedy strokes!! 😆 ))
    Us NZ still up the top with the worst suicide rate for teens?? I know it had been for some time…
    Anyways enough reflection … Keep up the good work JGC and don’t worry you won’t get brown fluff in your mince and cheese pie!!
    That’s because it will be well hidden in some of JBs secret sauces!!

  • Bendy posted this on twitter

    “Very emotional return, but what better way than a win! Fans was absolutely incredible throughout the game and help us in difficult periods. For myself I was very moved by my reception and hearing my song again made my heart skip! Young players did ever so well and kept there cool in a difficult penalty shootout. Respect! Skipper! looking fresh!”

    Well done mate, I’m sure you will get better with more time.
    PG – thanks for the live report back fresh from the stands!
    Totes- glad Flamster had a breather and BFG won’t be givin mrs BFG any loving for awhile! 😀 He galvanised that team so well and that winning bond with the young ones will only benefit us more in the future!

  • Fozzie

    No worries. A very sensitive thing for me given that some take it out on my children…

    – jgc

  • Regarding the video on BBC that Fozzie posted

    It’s also geometry and probability/physics..

    a. Probability = you can only shoot at one point in the goal each shot. Having both sides to choose from (running down the middle) doesnt change this tho it adds some uncertainty to the keeper. That said, a good reaction keeper doesnt care as much

    b. Geometry = if you run at near post but are at or within the goal projection (straight upfield) then the gap between keeper and near post widens and, more importantly, the time the ball is near the keeper goes down compared to shooting to a corner from straight down the middle. Thus, if you have the touch, and OG does, and confidence, at the moment, then it’s the high percentage play

    Math works!

    cheers — jgc

  • Nice one JGC! Yeah I’m sorry to hear your kids get given a hard time. Kiwi kids can be particularly vicious!! It’s that peer/social cycle that not many people know about for young people growing up in nz. Without being disrespectful to my own country … I only really appreciated since living in Europe.
    Nice work maths with professor! !
    Catch you all later … Off to work ..

  • Sadly, it appears (The Independent) that Santi has ruled himself out for Napoli, and hopes to be fit and back for WBA.

    We’ll have to wait a bit more to see our dream midfield…

  • nice one @ PG

    i’m reading a mixed bag on Hayden’s performance but i’m hearing that Flam’s was meant to be starting, he didn’t play because he had a bit of a niggle in the shoulder – considering that, Hayden done a not so bad job filling in, although a tad lucky to be still on the pitch as was the case with a few WBA players.

    Fozzie 😀 you crack me up , that was brilliant – no one messes with Fozzie or Glic or Terry !

    saying that, it’s a shame to hear about what goes on in Kiwi land and how innocent people in particular kids have to go through all that, it’s really not cool but sadly, such is life and you have biased towards everyone almost everywhere – sorry to hear about what you have to go through JGC , in particular your kids

    it’s good that we can sometimes laugh such things off and everyone has a sense of humour on here but i can understand that such things might not be funny for everyone, so well done for taking it lightly , don’t worry about that warning about my Sauces, they are only salty and spicy, ha


    re- Santi, then obviously, that’s down to AW to decide, Santi won’t be saying Napoli to Alarm the opponents ? we much rather let them think that he’s still injured, right ?

  • *biasism

    John Lennon is the way to go – Imagine

    i’m very pleased to hear about Arteta as well, thanks for that update !

    3 more games and we got most of our injured players back – how cool is that ehhh

    re- Napoli, we have Rosicky back, don’t we @ Alcide , so even if no Santi, we are blessed in the MF and on the left as well to an extent as well now, as Rosicky/Ozil/Jack can interchange in Santi’s and Poldi’s absence.

  • an observation and prediction of sorts – i reckon, OooooOOOZil will enjoy playing with Rosicky very much since Rosicky loves to speed up the play and get on his bike, i’m expecting Rosicky to score plenty more goals and regularly as well due to OoooOOoZil and vice versa really.

    OooooOOOooZil can score 10 Plus goals himself this season, that be really good !

  • Yes JB, I can imagine TR7 and Özil hitting it together, and I really hope the former will be back in time, and fit enough to feature.

  • Off-topic announcement (TA may wish to use this information as part of a future post):

    Arsenal announces commercial deal with Gatorade.



    Arsenal’s list of sponsors:

    Main partners:
    Emirates (airline)
    Nike (till 2013/2014), then Puma (from 2014/2015) – not official yet.

    Official partners:
    Carlsberg (Danish brewer),
    Citroën (automotive),
    Indesit (home appliance manufacturer)
    Paddy Power (betting partner in the UK, Ireland and Italy),
    Bodog (Asian betting partner),
    Gatorade (sports nutrition partner)

    Regional partners:
    Airtel (African mobile network operator),
    Imperial Bank (Kenya-Nairobi, banking/finances),
    India on Track (Mumbai-based corporation – opening official Arsenal Soccer Schools throughout India),
    Telkomsel (Indonesian mobile operator),
    Sterling Bank (Nigeria, banking/finances),
    MBNA – Maryland Bank, National Association (a subsidiary of Maryland National Bank, bank holding company),
    One World Sports (OWS) (US pay-TV network)


    League main competitions

    Manchester United (double or triple the number from our list)
    Known sponsors: Aon, Nike, Chevrolet(automotive), DHL(logistics), BWin(online gaming and betting), Singha(beer), Aeroflot(airline carrier), Bulova(timekeeper), Thomas Cook(travel), Epson(office equipment), Toshiba Medical Systems(medical systems), China Construction Bank (CCB)(banking/finance), Gloop(social gaming partner, Japan) among others.

    Manchester City
    Known sponsors: Etihad, Nike, TCA Abu Dhabi(tourism), Richard Mille(timing), Hugo Boss, EA Sports(gaming), Thomas Cook Sport(travel), Heineken(UK beer), 188Bet(international betting), Sytner Group(automotive dealer) among others.

    Known sponsors: Samsung, Adidas, Gazprom(energy), Audi(automotive), Delta(airline), Singha(beer), Sauber F1 Team(global F1 motor-racing), Barbados Tourism Authority(destination tourism), BNI(financial services), Orico(financial services), Azimut Hotels(hotel), Guangzhou R&F Football Club(football club), Grand Royal(whiskey) among others.

    Known sponsors: Standard Chartered, Warrior, Chevrolet, Carlsberg, Thomas Cook Sport, Paddy Power, Garuda Indonesia(airline), Jack Wolfskin(outdoor equipment specialist), MBNA, EA Sports, Park Inn(hotel chain), Stanley(Connecticut-based tools & hardware manufacturer), Konica Minolta(printing and document management), Gatorade, TRX(gym equipment company) among others.

    Tottenham Hotspur
    Known sponsors: HP(Hewlett-Packard), Under Armour, EA Sports, Carlsberg, Thomas Cook Sport, VISA, AIA(insurance), Betfred(online bookmaker), Bosideng London(formal menswear), Fun88(Asian betting and gaming) among others.

  • hope Gerry’s ok ? and it’s not what i think it is, unlike him to not do a proper analysis of an Arsenal match for this long.

    another sponsor, more money – what’s not to like ? @ JM 😉

  • Evening Gooners,
    For those that don’t know the Bendy song goes like this,
    Super super Nick , super super Nick , Super Nicolas Bentder ! SSSUUPPEERRR SUPER NICK super Nicolas Bentdner whilst clapping.
    I can not really put in to in to words just how great the fans were last night, it was by far the noiceyist i have ever heard a sold out end of 6000 gooners.
    Looool your not wrong mate, i think the women were scarier then the men last night.
    Eisfeld was fantastic MOTM for me though Wenger took him of at about 70 mins, maybe Arteta took MOTM but he only played 90 mins i say only 90 lol
    Gnabry grew in confidence as the match went on.
    Ryo was the one that i feel could be ahead of Gnabry but again his final balls let him down last night a lot for me he looks very sharp and fit jsu the final ball witch will come i am sure he started on the right wing and swapped with Serge who was getting no where on that side so perhaps made the job a bit harder for himself.
    Lost of positive though and ypou all sem to have got it right in your comments on performances.

  • Oh and TV5 was very good , he looks back to his best, he played like a warrior , he skipperd the side.
    The BFG could welll get a rest at Swansea with TV5 playing with KOS, the BFG was fantastic with the young guns last night helping them and organising them when they all came over to the crowd after the pens, he looked delighted , and he got 6000 gooners shouting out “we got a big fucking German” it really was a great win for the young guns one that should see them in good stead.

  • Atter the super Nick song was sung at full voice. NB stuck up a thumb whilst playing , the noice was deafening so everything sung was heard, he calming then went about his business whilst chewing his gum for 120 min, as the match wore on you could really see his effort levels rising massively and his barking a bit at the young guns telling and guiding them were he want the balls. Then you could see how badly he wanted to score. Watch Bendy , after last night, i think he will be echoing Flemini with the i have unfinished business with Arsenal , i am actually more comfortable know with knowing he is there as back up for OG , defo not as worried as before. 😉

  • OZ,
    Your theory on Santi, i think you must be right. I have heard nothing on his suppose injury . It is a strange one. Hopefully if that is the case could we see him at the weekend link up with Ozil .??? A mouth watering prospect .
    Any more thought on the Santi case OZ or anyone?

  • cheers PG,

    well, it was rather hilarious that one, Bendy screaming and shouting at Bellerin to pass him the ball, when he (bellerin) pulled the trigger and Bendy was like off side COMFORTABLY, after that he gave a mouthful to young Bellerin – i couldn’t stop laughing at that one, the guy was in an off side position and yet couldn’t stop 😀

    fair play to him though, he kept trying…

    those strikes from Bellerin showed that the lad is going to be a top notch player, if only he can calm himself down a bit –

  • ha ha ha ha, i did not know he was off.
    Bellerin also looked very sharp and the crowd were pleased and excited to see what he can bring and after seeing him it looks possitive Bendy was doing that a lot as the game wore on but like you said its good that he is looking to make an impact.

  • the gooners gave the west brom fans so much stick for 120 mins, that in the end they were singing we only come here coz its cheaper. lol

  • if you can imagine 600 fans Singing WB a shit hole for 10 mins , and it really is. all the old grandads were sticking there fingers up at the gooners getting proper offended about the beloved baggies lol, you would of loved it JB. lol

  • i forgot that is another away win ! i forgot about that i think Wenger may have as well, good job the kids did play well really

  • ahahahahahahahahahah, you know me too well @ JB

    would certainly have loved it , i’m glad you had a night to remember !

    but yeah, that bendy moment was hilarious, try catching it on highlights , he was off side quite a few times actually, one of the times, he took a shot in frustration and nearly hit the ball boys sitting or maybe did hit them , not sure but the lad was trying his best.

    i still believe, had he scored that night at the Nou camp, his career would have been a whole lot different and better than what it has come to right now…

    he has also scored like 22 goals for Denmark in addition to 45 for Arsenal, the guy could have been the next Ibra but sadly, not everyone has a huge ego like IBRA and is also blessed with world class footballing skills, the guy not only talks the talk but also walks it – other than Ronaldo, i don’t think there are many out there who can match IBRA in that one.

  • Good evening y front winkers!!
    Thanks JM for your commercial input-good to see the commercial team pulling finger and closing the gap on manure!! I hear that since the property side of things is pretty well finished that they are being more focussed on such deals. I don’t know why the property got the full focus as I thought that both sides of the business could have been aggressively pursued similtaneously?? Oh well no use crying over spilt milk, as long as we are closing ground on manure in that regard its a good thing!! 😀
    PG what awesome feedback tonight on the game and I love your bendy song and especially your confidence in him from seeing him first hand!!
    Quick question ……. Had you had many scoops before the game?
    😆 ….. Couldn’t resist that …

  • TA did say he was very busy with work, so I am not sure when he will have time to run through it.

    I am going to have to close down very shortly.I’ve been burning the computer oil for so long it is like an oven in here.

    I’ll have to see what has progressed in the morning

  • yeah @ Gerry he’s been very busy lately – true, i did sort of suggest to him to have a fall back guy (plan b) you already run a racing blog, so not sure if it would be reasonable to consider you to be a deputy or if, you be up for it ? – sadly, i am not to be trusted or else i would have put my name into the hat, ha

    looking forward to it and will comment on it in the morning as well i guess !

    see you later

  • JB
    He did hit the ball boy ha ha ha ha, the reason i laugh is, it makes it even funnier because they looked like ball boiys but they did not retreive the ball once for Arsenal in fact i can only remember them once getting the ball for the west brom players, i was very surprised that the match had basically no ball boys. But what ever they were NB hit them i was right behind them only about 10 rows up.

  • JB,
    The moment i noticed the lack of ball boys ball retrieving was when Fab had to take a goal kick at about 20 mins and the ball had ended up about 10 yards past the 18 yard box toward the centre line so about 30 yards up from Fab who had to run over and get it himself.
    That is West brom for you, Fab by the way had a very good game , he made some great saves.
    “Were top of the league, were top of the league, we are the Arsenal were top of the league.”

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