Managing Expectations: Player Ratings against WBA with weighting allowance

Unaccustomed as I am to writing long wordy stuff on things Arsenal, I thought I would dip my toe in the water that is known as ‘blogsphere’.

So the purpose of this blog is a slightly different take on rating individual performance from the Wednesday night game against West Brom in the Capital One Cup. Or as us ‘oldies’ know it as, the League Cup.

So to explain the rating system – SHOCK HORROR – Yes, there is a numerical rating for each player, but with a weighting allowance for other factors. Unfortunately, I am the sole arbiter of points given, so it opens up at least one avenue for disagreement?


Ratings from a scale of 0-10 is the basic starting point. The target of all players should be to achieve a 75% score of their individual band. So, for example, take Per Mertersacker: he is a top class player, in form, fit from recent games, so his target is 7.5 points just to play up to the level he is already at. If he has brought something extra to his game, then he will get plus points over that. 7.5 points is what we, as fans, and presumably the manager too, expects.

That is the key: Our Expectation of an upcoming performance, which usually exceeds what the reality may be?

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How I reduce the expectation level will become clear – I should warn this is a work in progress, so feel free to suggest improvements, or criticise as you see fit. I will do my best to ignore, opps reply to such irritations err suggestions in the fullness of time. …. Now where did I find that smiley with two fingers by his nose, it may come in handy πŸ˜€

So, shall we begin?

FABIANKSKI ;-Final score. 8.1

Expectation level reduced slightly for lack of recent match practice: 6.8

Performance during the game he made important saves, particularly the one late on, as he gets a bonus for keeping concentration for 120 minutes. No fault on the goal scored. He did not get much joy out of the penalty shoot out, although guessing the right way on their last one may have brought about the error?

MERTERSACKER:Β Final score :- 8.5

Expectation level high: 7.5

Performance: He made many clearances throughout the match, and only one error that but that was cleared. An absolute rock!

VERMAELIN:Β Final score :- 7.6

Expectancy level reduced, back after injury, and only two sub appearances prior. 7.0

Performance: His good clearances over the 90 minutes, were matched by two free kicks he gave away. The second one resulted in the ball hitting the crossbar from the free kick. However, he picks up points for effort in extra time, and for giving Reid a mouthful for his late tackle on Miyaichi in that period.

MONREAL: Final score: :- 8.1

Expectation level slightly reduce for lack of match play, and when he has played he was doubling up with Gibbs: 7.3

Performance: He had a solid game. Got a booking (for the team -cliche), and generally supported young Miyaichi down the left. Was still going at the end of 120 minutes, and his crowning glory was to put away the winning penalty. Despite their goal coming back in from their right flank, it was Monreal who went out attempt a block, so no blame on him.

JENKINSON: Final score :- 7.9

Expectation level reduced, partly from not playing much, and that he is not yet a top class player: 7.0

Performance: Strong presence throughout. Supported the attack at every opportunity. Super crosses put in that were a whisker away from connecting a head for certain goal. Weaknesses came when beaten down the line, and allowing cross into our box. Strangely, he was also ‘in the vicinity’ when they scored. What drew him over there I am not sure, but he did not move when the ball came in to an unmarked player less than 2 yards away? He was facing goal, and there was somebody on the line looking out, but if push came to shove, I would say Jenks was nearer. His redeeming feature was the 80 yard dash to get back in position when an attack he was involved in broke down, this in the dying minutes off extra-time. Fit, that is!

ARTETA: Final score :- 7.3

Expectation level reduced due to return from injury. No game time coming into this either: 6.8

Performance: Solid performance from Arteta, and built purely on his experience. He let his fellow DM do the advanced running, but still covered a lot of ground. The game was quite cagey in the first half, Β and this allowed him to play within himself, between bouts of action. The second half saw him probe a little further forwards to help the attacker/advanced midfielders. It was during this period where he got booked, for a foul on Sessegnon -(Nobody seemed to like him, Monreal decked him as well. (Mind, it serves the little tow-rag right for doing a sly one on Gnabry, flattening him by the centre circle, out of the officials view.). Overall, his quiet, simple stuff outweighed faults in passes and general rustiness. His game ended at the start of extra time, taking no chances, if the damage is not already done, on his calf muscle?

HAYDEN: Final score :- 6.4

Expectation, as with of all the debutants here, has to be brought down to a serious lower level than the above, but Hayden was at least in a position where he is comfortable playing. However, Premiership rivals add to that task, plus he has had little time playing: 6.0

Performance: Even with low expectation, he was not good in the first half. Add to that a bad tackle, for which he loses out twice; One for the nature of the tackle, two-footed, off the ground lunge which could so easily been a leg breaker, as he careered into Mulumbu’s standing leg. In fact the only thing that saved him was that he did not go in studs first. It was shin/instep to ankle, and so presumably taken as not malicious, and he lost the other point here because even so it could have been a red one? This in only the 32nd minute, 10 yards inside their half! You can expect some mistakes Β from these players stepping up, but that was just stupid. On the plus side, whatever was said at half time had an effect, because he came out and played a solid game, putting himself in great positions, almost Flamini-esque at times. He also tried some long passes which were close to being perfect. Overall, I can only give him a marginal improvement over expectation, whereas with just the second half score, he would be sailing into the Arteta score area. Shame?

MIYAICHI: Final score :- 7.0

Expectation:: Lowered for lack of recent activity, only late substitutions with the first team: 6.3

Performance: A bit Jekyll and Hide. Some outstanding pace to get past experienced defenders, but the final ball seem to elude him too many times. Definitely a work in progress, and one that will get better with more exposure. He worked very hard up and down the wing, getting back to help the defense. This in a normal 90 minutes would be some achievement, but to try and keep going for a 120 minutes says a lot for his commitment and desire? I just hope he is not called upon for the next couple of games though, as he will need full recovery time to get over this effort.

GNABRY: Final score :- 7.1

Expectation: Quite high for an 18 year old, but realistically set lower for the task he had: 6.6

Performance: So much expected on the back of the hour he played on Sunday. The circumstances here were vastly different. No Ozil to provide pinpoint passes. No back up from quality midfielders. Out there trying to create things, but for every good thing there was a sloppy pass, a dead end run, a bundle of the ball. So did he shine? No. Did he put maximum effort into it, most definitely Yes! It was a big test to build on his previous game, and to go another hour beyond what he would normally do, before being taken off, took its toll. Mentally tired as well as physically, so by the time the penalties came around, his bolt was shot. When he took the penalty it was of someone who looked like he just wanted to get it done with, quickly. He will learn from that? So despite it not being his best game, he still comes out on the right side for sheer effort.

EISFELD: Final score :- 7.2

Expectation: Lowered by lack of activity in the first team squad, his debut in the starting line up, and to an extent, the role he needed to play: 6.0

Performance: First half, abysmal, headless chicken, lost … these are just a few words that come to mind. However, I come back to the last point I made above, ‘the role he needed to play’. If you ask Lucas Podolski to play ‘creative midfielder’, he would probably do okay, but not at the Cazorla level. Tomas Eisfeld is the future Podolski, imo. Now I can understand Arsene Wenger want to teach him to use the football intelligence he has to create for other, because he knows how and where the perfect ball should be played. I am not sure this was though, the ideal time for practical learning? Now whatever got said to him at half time, must have been along the lines of ‘get further forward’? Having had a near miss, and generally got more involved in play, it was till a bit tame. On the point of being substituted in fact, seconds before he scored a magnificent goal. It came from a perfect assist, but the finish was top drawer. The commentator said ‘That is what he is in the team for’. I beg to differ. That is what he can do for the team, but the job he was given was something else. It brought his a stay of execution, before being subbed for Akpom.

BENDTNER: Final score :- 8.0

Expectation: Lowered more than the usual because of other factors. He has not played for a long time, coming off an injury lay-off (amongst other things?), returning to the club he slagged off when he first got loaned out, and the need for it to go right? All piled big pressure on how he played. 6.0:

Performance: IΒ have to say it looked very similar to early Giroud (as in ‘an early Picasso’ – I hardly touch the blue stuff now), and for very good reason. This forward line had been thrown together to make what they could out of it, or never darken the manager’s door again. So it was never going to be perfect, with knockdown balls invariably not finding their target, and very little to build on in a scoring sense, NB23 battled away throughout. lack of full fitness told when clear through on goal that could have saved the penalty drama. But again, when called upon to be the ultimate professional, he slotted away the first penalty with consummate ease. Form is variable, class is permanent, isn’t that what they say? There is little doubt in my mind that Bendtner, for all his flaws and weaknesses, can build on this performance and be a valuable player in the near future. What is not in doubt, is that his assist was ‘peach perfect’, and he comes out of this with a major plus. He gets bonus points on three counts: His assist; His work in defense; His shootout penalty.

The subs:

AKPOM: Final score :- 7.5

Expectation: Starting or coming on late are never easy to compare. I am taking the view that it can be harder get the feel of the game, so harder to put in high performance, at the end of a match. As it was a draw at both the start and when the subs came on, you cannot say they were facing a different task?. All three players in this bracket I am giving a similar low point of expectation. All three are making their first team debuts. and little or no time playing at this level: 5.8

Performance: So much to like about this brief showing. He had 11 minutes (including stoppage time), and the extra time, followed by a successful penalty. There is nothing showy or flashy about Akpom. He does what he does with style of and old pro. He gets up from a foul tackle, glances at the perpetrator, and moves on. No histrionics with the ref, pointing out the number of fouls. Just not him. He has quick close control, an eye for a pass, one that should have been an exquisite assist, when being the middle of a trio who got the ball from defense, to having Bendtner one on one with the ‘keeper in a blink of the eye. His efforts in taking the ball forwards probably did more to see out the extra time successfully, as when he came on West Brom were very much in the ascendancy. He was not successful with everything he tried, but the good was very good. Bonus points for the ‘assist’, the attitude he showed, the certainty in which he took his penalty, a decisive one, as it drew us level, and his chest thumping joy at being able to do it, and in style. He got the fans believing at that point, which put further pressure on the next one up.. Star player in the making.

OLSSON: Final score ;- 6.9

Eexpectation: Very low because he has not played at this level. He has never faced premiership opposition. It is a knockout Cup game away from home.: 5.6

Performance: Well he replaced Hayden in midfield, where he would normally ply his trade. But it has to be said it took him nearly all of the 8 or 9 minutes of normal time to get into the game. During the extra time period he took on the DM role very effectively. This was at a time when Arteta was starting to slow up, and WBA thought they could wrap it up. But Olsson was part of that magnificent mixture in defense that defied all odds. Whilst not being outstanding, he still contributed, and it is something he can build on if he gets further opportunities.

BELLERIN: Final score :- 7.8

Expectation: (From me, sky high, ha ha) Realistically, the same as the above, and for the same reasons: 5.6

Performance: He had the shortest time to impress. Replacing both man and position, the key defender in the amazing unbeaten since March run, one Miguel Arteta!

No, that has to be an error. Bellerin is a converted winger, now RB, and your asking him to play his debut match against Premiership opposition as a left sided defensive midfielder? Really?

What chance did Bellerin have to impress? Well Hector was the hero in my book. The first leg of that assist was a gem. He picked up a loose ball just outside our box, sprinted clear, pass to Akpom, who took it in his stride, and with a same movement pass that made the final leg which put Bendtner in the clear. But this was at the end of nearly 2 hours playing time for someone who had not had a competitive match in several months, so fitness told. It did not stop it being a great move though. As the game wore on Bellerin had a couple of shots at goal, and cleared one of the line at our end too. Some debut, but wait until they play him in his best position? No! Silly, RW.



PER MERTERSACKER – 8.5; Fabianski – 8.1; Monreal – 8.1 Bendtner – 8.0

Best Over Expectation

HECTOR BELLERIN – 7.8; Runner up; CHUBA AKPOM – 7.5

Well, I think that has covered the main aspects of the game from an individual players view. The whole team performed above my expectation. Not because it was a good match to watch, but because to get through a game like that you need character. Each and every one supplied a bit in their own way.

They fully earned that win. Congratulations.

Written by: Gerry.

66 thoughts on “Managing Expectations: Player Ratings against WBA with weighting allowance

  • Gerry top top stuff πŸ™‚

    What a great maiden BK post and you have highlighted exactly why I don’t like and don’t do player ratings. Tout est relatif and to do a player’s rating justice all circumstances have to be taken into account. You have done that in your post and every analysis is almost a mini-post by itself, and every time they are a real joy to read.

    I will read your post again tomorrow when I am fresh, so I can do it justice. But well done, Gerry. πŸ™‚

  • Gerry – how long did it take you to come up with this? Really impressed both with the effort put in and the quality of the content! πŸ™‚ The quibble I might have is that everyone seemed to have performed above expectations! though it is difficult to be hard on anyone in the team for the terrific effort they put in. Maybe this way of looking at performances would sink in better with a few more games analyzed in this manner. πŸ™‚

  • Gerry,
    Great post and accurate on player ratings as i saw it.
    I like how you rated Fab, he had a great game and i think people are starting to realise that he has made great save after great save when he has played for at least the last year. He is a fine keeper, to be his only weakness was his kicking but last night he struck the ball lovely.
    The only player i would have rated higher was Arteta, who lead the young lads and played the DM role very well as he always does.
    That is 11 wins from 11 away games , beat Swansea on Saturday and its 12 from 12 now if that is not a title challenging away record then i don’t know what is πŸ˜‰

  • jeleel gbajumo – I’m glad you enjoyed it. Nice to see a new (to me) name posting. Do it more often.

  • TA – You are too kind. Like the graphic additions too In fact you have done the whole layout proud, thank you.

    Like yourself, I dislike numerical ratings for their inflexibility.

    HH should like it, although I did not notice at first as I was working on %age of 100, but my baseline of 7.5 for top players is very close to his standard 7?

    I hope it is like wine and improves with age on second reading tomorrow?


  • Gerry

    Great first effort. If I’d quibble, your optimism shows thru! No one at or below expectations?! πŸ™‚

    Admittedly, we won so… IMO, from comments in game, I was almost as optimistic, but also, I was less impressed with Ryo and to lesser extent, NB and Hayden…

    Ryo was all pace and really at sea as to others around him. Passes were often off mark or not near it. Hayden, was good at clattering but not too visible otherwise. Both get a could do better in my book.

    NB was active, … At times. Other times he stood and watched as ball went other way from 10-15 m off.. Lack of pressure from him allowed WBA counters to start smooth and fast and put pressure on us with Jenks and Monreal pressing in particular… If it was to feet when and where he wanted, ok, but otherwise not always doing the full job. And the assist showed his real value. Maybe it’s fitness, but the jury is out for me, and I’d have him at the less optimistic persons meets expectations…

    Just my 2p… jgc

  • Arsenal_vcc – In answer to the first question;

    The idea came about mid-morning, but realising it would be a long comment, and seeing nobody was able to do a review, I offered it to TA if he thought he could use it, with or without a review of the match. I began typing before I had worked out how to be consistent with the points. I had a spell of writing between 1.00pm and 3.30 – dog feeding, etc. came back at 6.0pm until around 10.30pm, and a bit more to edit out (most) of the typos.

    On the rating over expectation point. The special circumstances of it being a Cup game, so many of the team, everybody bar Per Mertersacker in fact, came into the team not on their full game. That, as I said in the post, is key.

    I was lucky to have just the one top player in great form, and fit. So if the level of him doing what he has been doing is what the minimum we expect? And is a 7.5 mark. So to bring the extreme positions into line,; A top class international in top form against an 18/19 year old who has never played a senior match was not going to be easy. But I think 75% of what the former can do is the minimum to expect? With variations in between.

    At that point, you can ask yourself, did any of them fail to bring that, and a bit more. Hayden was in big danger of being a negative scorer, but for his second half display? Really all I have done is let the minuses take away from the pluses, and if there are still good points over bad, they end up with a positive score.

    I simply made a mathematical structure that is the same for all players in any game. But one that also gives extra credit to those at a greater disadvantage. So yes, it can be replicated in future games, although not necessarily written by me πŸ™„

  • PG – I was wondering how you would find the ratings, so I am pleased that they agree with your visual assessment.

    I can understand the initial thought that Arteta was under-marked. I think just 2% below a standard, fully fit, performance is pretty good if you consider his final score. If you are saying you saw him put in an exceptional shift, then fine. I just thought he had a very good game in the circumstances, and was 5% over expectation.

    The real contentious point I think is Bendtner’s 8.0? That is 5% over a standard game of a top player. Was he that brilliant? No. But the circumstances coming into the match make it more worthy than a regular player coming back of an injury lay off?

    It is all subjective. But as to my previous responder’s comment, perhaps taken with a collection of similarly rated matches it will level out?

  • Hello Gerry, fine fellow gooners

    Gerry, i loved your post sooo much that with each line i read, i was hoping never to reach its end..and for a maiden post, great stuff..OZILesque???..hell yeah!!

    I pretty much go with you on the player ratings though maybe i found Hayden’s rating a bit low???…barring the ‘inexperienced’ tackle on Mulumbu, i thought he had a solid game..and for fans like me who CRY out for a ‘hardman’ in midfield, i think he’s one for the future

    I think Gnabry didn’t have the best of games but can’t fault his commitment and desire to make things happen..I was particularly impressed by young Rosicky ..Ollson, who i thought made things a bit more fluid in midfield. I’m with you on Akpom..he’s introduction injected some much needed pace in the game and as you said, we have a star in the making and finally no one was going to get the MOTM infront of the BFG..i’m loving him more and more with each game..marshalled the defense well and won like all aerial player!

    The team did us proud and remained focused throughout the entire 120 mins, so full marks to them

    Again..BRILLIANT post Gerry!!!!

  • Clinton – I don’t entirely disagree. But what I have tried to allow for is the circumstances coming into the game, and the positives during the game, and other plus points that otherwise just get overlooked.

    But the real point may be, is your expectation of him to do better than Sunday was simply unrealistic? Different teammates; Having to do much of the creative stuff; Keep driving forwards for twice as long as he is used; All with out the back up of the top class players?

    He got 5% over my expectation level, which was higher than the other 18 year olds, and the guy ran himself to a standstill. I think there were enough positives to justify his score?

  • Great piece Gerry. I like your new idea on player ratings. I cannot comment with any real conviction as my stream was poor, went in fits ands starts.

    I too criticised Hayden on that awful tackle. One there was no need in that area, two he could have broken the players leg and three he could/should have got a red card, reducing us to ten men as early as the 32nd minute.

    My severe eye is out on Ryo, I am not convinced he will make the grade at Arsenal. He is lively at best.

    Fabianski impressed me, especially as he has a new signing keeping him on his toes.

    Wonderful effort from our boys to keep the away wins going. Please, please keep it up against Swansea this week end.

    If I might say, with that sparkling first ratings review you will be absconded by Von Cloggenstein to be the permanent fixture.

    With you in the team and Oz as pre match King, Total has a winning formula.

    Once again, smashing stuff. Really liked it.

  • Gerry,

    Mate, great post. Expectations always tend to lead to us being a little too harsh on our own players. It is very hard to grade each individual since we all look at different things during the performance of a player. Truth be told, if we have a player that is not one of our favourites, we tend to be more harsh when we analyse their game.

    The one thing that stood out on your post was your in depth analysis for each individual.
    Great work as i only tend to grade our performances by:

    10/10 – We beat the Spuds, Mancs, Lpool (in fact any win!!!!!!)

    0-1/10 – We Lose, regardless of whether we played badly or just had bad luck

    I am a little harsh at times πŸ˜‰

    Great work an look forward to reading many more

  • gf60 – Hmmmn. My replies are turning into mini posts as it is. It is a possibility of someone taking up my formulae and run with it. That way it can be shared out.

    But don’t get your hopes up πŸ˜€

  • Oh Goody – Geoff, do we have a taker for the next blog.

    I agree on Miyaichi, and I was quite critical in my notes on performance. But, Like Bendtner, I admire the way they kept going. Overall, the pluses just tipped the balance for both of them. I wasn’t expecting miracles from either, but that is the beauty of being the author πŸ˜€

    Hayden, as you can see from earlier reply, was in danger of being a negative scorer. His second half was big improvement. probably tried too hard to impress in the first half. I think much like the guy he was in for, a lot of his movement goes unnoticed, and he tracked players around the box very well.

  • Kenyan Gooner – I am glad you enjoyed it. I try to think a bit out of the box, and this idea came to me in a flash.

    I suppose I take a broader view of the game. That way you can be positive even if there are things to criticise. Hayden is a case in point. He does have a history of being a bit rash in his tackles, and it is only right to knock him back for it. The second half he settled down and did a sound job. But it could have been a whole lot better?

    I am repeating myself here, but I think Gnabry would be the first to say it was not his best game. His penalty miss looked like crowning a really bad night for him. Thankfully, it didn’t, and he will better prepared next time. He will be a major part of our back up players, and we really should not expect too much too soon …

    .. Says me, hyping up Akpom and Bellerin for all its worth.

    Yes, Chuba Akpom is a player who has it all. i love everything about his play. But I will not let my expectations for him get too far ahead, hard as it is?

  • Gerry

    I can see your point on Hayden… The second half was better. However, it was never a defenders game. The midfield in both directions was somewhat chaotic as was the game which never settled to any routine or form in either direction. Thus, as a defender everyone was scrambling all the time a bit…

    Cheers — jgc

  • Gerry

    I thought Gnabry was ok on the miss. It wasn’t a horrible shot. Not perfect but not horrible. The two WBA misses were well off, the first so far off I am not sure what goal he was shooting at. Even some WBA scores were barely there and might well be misses.

    Thus, he put a solid effort to one side. Yes, about a half meter more would have been fine, but give the keeper credit, he reacted quickly and guessed right, and was rewarded. More AT Gnabrys expense then because of it…

    While the rest of his game was hit or miss at times, the difference for me, compared to say Ryo, is that what he did or tried to do mostly had clear and direct purpose. And had threat. Ryo, not so much…

    Just my 2p

  • VCC – Thanks vics. I am not sure how quickly the novelty would wear off if they are done for every game?

    I gave up on streaming and went back to the audio. The commentators are not brill, even at picking up on who comes on as a sub, and worse listening as to how they work out who it is that went off? πŸ˜†

    I agree with you on Hayden, all three points. As I said, Stupid! But at least he did redeem himself in the second half. And I did note on the close up, he was pulling his studs out of the was, but that is of little consequence regarding the need for such a tackle?

    I thought the experience of the back 5 really came to the fore, led by the immaculate Per?
    But Fab and Nacho added some tidy stuff in there too.

  • Alex – It seems like most enjoyed it, hopefully as a one off read, from my point of view. Ha Ha

    It is funny, looking back at it in this enhanced format, is the MOTM got the least in depth commentary. I think that was mainly because he did everything well, and then some. The final words seemed to sum it up

    The fourteen player review, came having seen the match early morning, and a look at the BBC text during the game for timings, etc.So, although it destroyed the rest of my evening, it was pretty straightforward?.

    When it comes to bias, it is hard to keep it out. My pre-match excitement about having my ‘dream team’ out there, hardly kept it quiet that I am a big fan of Bellerin, as an attacker. Seeing him take over from Arteta, in that DM role just made me smile. Akpom? Well I wanted him to start, but there was enough on show in this game that he will not be far off getting a starting birth in some games.

    However, I should add the same rules applied to them as I gave all the rest. The positives were good,and the negatives few. hence their good scores.

    I did not want to come down on Ryo too much. This is a big step up from his loan out games, which are now a distant memory. it remains to be seen if he can fill the winger role some day. We used to say the same about Walcott, ‘all pace and no end product’? So there is hope for him yet. But i fear another loan deal coming up?


  • Right that’s my early slot done.

    Sorry Geoff eating into dog walking time. But on Ryo, i think with all the wide players, they can only be as good as the team around them. This was made difficult by being put together late, and with later changes?

  • Gerry, I’m old school (George Graham days) I like a solid back line, then you can build upon that. If you can keep a clean sheet then you will never lose.

    Agreed our back line has improved, and my views on Per have changed of late. His earlier displays for “The Arsenal” (don’t you just love seeing that?) Only team to have “The” in front of it. anyway, getting back to the subject matter. Mertesacker has grown on me, he has shown a mature and determined side these past several months, I just wish he would jump sometimes for headed clearances. (lol)

    Defending has been at my forefront these past 18 odd years as my Son (now 24) has always played in the wing back position. I hope I have helped him in his development over his short career, having been schooled on GG.

    I cannot comment fairly on Hayden’s second half performance as that was the half that had most interference.

    I can remember last year watching him in the next Gen competition, and considering he was playing against lads the same age, he did not impress me.

    Our stand out player was Bellerin. imo.

  • Gerry, that is a great post, and I really like the detailed assessments. I hope I’ll have the time to comment and argue on a few of them, but I’m a bit pressed at work for the time being.

  • “Rosicky should be back in the training squad on Monday so he has a chance to be available for the squad on Tuesday. Saturday is too short for him. But we all love Rosicky so it’s good to have him back.”


    Pity for Swansea, but I love the last sentence πŸ™‚

    Arsene is also saying that from last Saturday, all the players should be available.

  • Gerry! Great ratings system. I always enjoy your comments, this was the best ratings post ive seen. Not just a quick number thrown out, but examples used for the score. I hope you do alot more of these, but im sure it takes alot of time to give such detail. Great job!

  • blimey, TA wasn’t wrong when he said i would love this article…

    well done, Gerry – that’s not a bad way to get off the mark at all, i normally use “Mama mia mama sita” for a fit bird but yep, this one deserves it as well πŸ™‚

    few of my thoughts after reading your fine analysis with grading and markings,

    yes, Fabianksi had a solid game and for some reason, i feel more comfortable with him in goal as opposed to his compatriot – yes, the last penalty might well be his doing as he had most of that side covered, one other thing worth noting and mentioning is that every time he was coming to face a penalty or going, he was punching the air, encouraging his team mates and so on – that to me is invaluable , i still don’t understand how he could have lost his no.1 slot to Sczny, considering it was him who helped us start this away run after the incompetence and horror shows of sir sczny ?

    the lad has been hard done by it, be it injuries or any other reasons and i suspect he will be gone come January, if this continues.

    Jenks also had a great game, and i’m glad your ratings show it, here’s a thought – why not play Jenks at RIGHT WING ? Sagna at RB means that Jenks can stay forward all the time and his only job will be to keep crossing it in to Giroud ? not do anything fancy just keep feeding it into the box ? keep it simple and voila ? that right hand side will be sorted and the Michu effect will be tagged team by both Sagna and Jenks ?

    i can not sadly argue with any of your ratings, as you have argued and covered all the basis and then justified it, however, there is always a next time since i appreciate how much time you’ve put into this .

    but just for some food of though (ones with a weaker heart, look away)

    how is this for a run of playing 4 matches :

    COC: Arsenal vs Chelsea 28th Oct,

    PL: Arsenal vs Liverpool 2nd Nov,

    CL: Dortmund v Arsenal 6th Nov,

    PL: Man United vs Arsenal 10th Nov.

    that’s right, we play every 4th day 😈

  • oh and i had a chuckle reading Bellerin’s review – we’re both on the same page πŸ˜‰

    ah, Jose. M says that he will field an under 21 team vs Arsenal for the COC game ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha

    mind games, mind games i tell you but they do play Man City just before playing us, so there situation is similar to ours ?

    we can field a much much stronger team , if we can get most of our players back from injury…

    but it might be that the deluded one doesn’t rate COC or fancy winning it as he has his priorities set else where ? still mind games i reckon , nice and early.

    Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho on his side being drawn against Arsenal in the Capital One Cup said: “My view is that our under-21 team will have a good experience of the Capital One Cup.

    “When the people that decide the fixtures this is something I have to accept. But I have to prioritise. It will be a chance for the kids to play a good match.”

    yeah right, you won’t stand a chance even if you field your strongest team against us – Jose.

    nice try though.

  • Gerry, WOW…Super interesting and what an effort. Following the match, watching it again on the player and then bringing in the racing form, er, BBC reports…I tell you what, we’ve got some supreme characters here on BKesque and you (for the moment at least…) have risen to the top of the heap…

    Watching on a stream and pretty much missing the middle of the 3 periods due to interruptions (real world, plus the stream…) I cannot quibble with the assessments. The Ryo and Gnabry running seemed to be our game with everything dying when they tried to come central as is necessary (as that’s where the goal resides)… The fact that those two kept at it and never gave in to fatigue nor frustration is somewhat amazing–there seems to be a(n undying) belief that if you just keep at it, something good will happen. In a certain way, you could say, offense was our first line of defense… The young players we brought on as subs (Akpom, Olsson, Bellerin) really looked the part relative to those who came off (Eisfeld, Hayden) but Gerry’s ratings reflect the different levels of freshness (and its opposite, fatigue…) in the opposition…

    The second line of defense were our (much) more experienced players and we limited their chances just enough to get the draw. We forced them into longer shots and shots from wide angles and Fabianski plus his woodwork did the rest. Both teams missed a central creative force, but those (maybe…) cost 50 million Euros and need a rest now and again…

    I’m looking forward to the next round with Chelsea but it will be much tougher. The boys who cannot get into the first team will be working hard to be ready for that big night. Is there a chance Zelalem will be fit by then? Chelsea (to me) seems so unsettled so it will be a very different dynamic for them, with older, fringe players trying to make a mark. Our only hope will be bringing a superior “team” approach, even if the group will surely be a mix (again) of experienced and youth players.

    Finally, like Bond, I was confident going into the shootout, and noted that their keeper had a tendency to commit very early. (Serge might’ve been too spent–mentally–to have noticed, he looked like he just wanted to hit the target…) Still, if we had lost the shootout we’d all be in a VERY different mood. These things ARE lotteries, yet over time they harden into wins and losses like any other match. We LOST at Bradford a year ago and it was a tragedy. We WON at WBA (great on site reporting from PG, btw) and it’s all smiles. There’s so much luck in the game (generally) but results are everything. For the moment they’re falling our way and it’s SO much more fun. Fingers crossed that the luck keeps bouncing our direction and the enjoyment continues…

    Word limit reached… Onto Swansea…(And Ozil working a full week with Jack, Aaron and Ollie should help…)

  • on a side note, how cool is Silent Stan’s breaking his silence, ehhh ?

    a well timed and manufactured move by his PR team , to get him to say all the right things, i’m well chuffed with his statements re- the club and everything else – better late than never ehhh ?

  • good comments as usual @ 17HT

    sorry about the sopcast mix up, try not closing any streams next time before trying new ones, i usually have 2/3 tabs on playing different streams from various sources before choosing the one that is less irritating , so if you wanna try a sopcast stream, keep watching the one you’re on, until the sopcast one loads.

    i didn’t understand the arabic commentator on there though but by the sounds of it, it sounded like he was an Arsenal supporter πŸ™‚

  • Right, evening surgery is now open.

    jnyc – I am glad it was to your taste. Like you, I find some rating reviews tend to go for the surface thing. Personally, I like Desi Gunner’s one, without numbers, best. Not that I dislike the ones put out here, naturally.

    I have a pretty good semantic memory, and by that I mean I can remember the slightest detail if I have some emotional connection. So with the match fresh in my mind, the things I wrote were what caught my eye.

    I still left out a lot of things. Eisfeld’s goal celebration. A year ago he barely showed any emotion. Now it means something to him. I also noted the one time Bendtner allowed a smile was in that celebration. I think he is still desperate to convince fans he is serious about playing here again, and he does not want to show the frivolous side now? I can remember when he was so cock-sure of himself, he would laugh at missing a sitter? So I do believe he is the zone again. To go 120 minutes without any prep play means he has done serious work in the gym and elsewhere, just to get in contention. It will be interesting if he gets any offers in January what he will decide?

    I also recall that Gnabry was barely able to celebrate the win, such was his own personal disappointment. It is great when it means as much to them as it does to the fans, both the successes and failures? TV5 putting some lovely crossfield balls for Gnabry which was another plus on his comeback?.

    My favourite moment has to be Chuba’s penalty. The manner he put it away. The fist pumping celebration in front of the WBA fans. Magic!

    I tell you, stick my dream team out there, with Ozil feeding the front line of Eisfeld, Akpom, and Gnabry, and Bellerin down the wing, they would give the Chelsea First team a run for their money?
    But OGAAT, eh?

  • JB – Thanks for thinking of me as ‘a fit bird’, I think?

    The actual writing, when I get going, it just tends to flow. But I have little control on the ultimate outcome, or who would score what. I wrote what I remembered, and the BBC report had the full time-line text that was live from the match. So the pieces fitted together nicely.

    Biggest disappointment has to be Eisfeld’s first half.. I think he is our answer to United’s little Pea, and you would not put him down as a creative midfielder. Scoring goals, by getting into the right place at the right time will always be his forte.

    The biggest surprise was Monreal joining Fabianski as next best to Per(fect) Mert. Again,the winning penalty swung it for him, but he had a solid game too. My other surprise was at during the celebrations, Bellerin looked slightly taller than Nacho?

    I know what you mean with the Bellerin thing. The fact that he looked equally at home as Arteta’a deputy still makes me chuckle. I read your comment on How NB23 had a go at him for not passing when NB was off-side. Funny πŸ˜€

    Damn it. I want to see the entire again now ..

    Cheers JB – Yes we know what’s coming up, but the mantra is OGAAT, okay/

  • 17HT – That is praise indeed from the master of these things. I am sorry you missed some of the match, still available on the ‘Player of course?

    I don’t know about rising to the top, given all the ones that have gone before, but at least it is a different approach? It is funny you should mention racing form, i did use my experience there to know that no matter how good some look at a lower level, it takes a lot to do it against the upper tier? it also take more out of you than you think. I am hoping NB23 will not be doing anything more than bench time this weekend, as he will be ripe for a muscle twinge or two?

    It is true the team was made up of two halves. Experience at the back, and a ‘you, you, and you’ pic-a-mix in attack. It should have been a recipe for an early exit, but for the grit and determination to see it out.

    I think they do deserve their positive ratings for that alone.
    Urgent dog walk needed .. be back soon.

  • that fit bird line of mine may get me into trouble with the Mrs, so i take that back, i only ever used that for my Mrs and no one else – that line was not for but to describe how sexy this piece of article was πŸ˜‰

    but i guess , we are all missing Glic, HH and a few other characters – missing off late ?

    back to the content then, yep , Eisfield was indeed the missing one – which i sort of pointed out at the end of the first half as well but i’m glad, the pep talk in the dressing room helped in waking most of them up as in the 2nd half, it was much more fluid and rapid movement both with and without the ball

    not sure about the little Pea comparison though as Eisfield still has a very long way to go, good point on that confidence thing and emotional attachment thing – i guess he feels more part of the group and set up now as opposed to being an outsider as he may have done last year ?

    Nacho is very compact and solid at the back, but he reminds me of peter crouch a lot…at times very static and can be outmuscled ? it’s good that young Bellerin looks taller and more bulky, isn’t it ? he is fearless, the sort of things he did in his short little stint, i was expecting that from Gnabry, however, no worries it was a good night out for everyone – in penalties you win some and then you lose some.

    your dream team + the wizard of OZil can cause any team problems and nightmares, provided is there is a decent striker up front or even Theo ?

    i looked at the photos today , the training ones, and it was good to see Theo stood right there by the touch line and watching on, that’s what you call team spirit, 2 days after a minor surgery you’re there letting the likes of Gnabry and everyone else know, keep my place warm for me, i am the master and i shall be back to teach you much much more and show you how it’s done πŸ˜‰

  • Ah crap, just hit the refresh button for no good reason and lost a post…

    What I meant to say was thanks Gerry for the personalized response…If you’re gonna do these match reports you’re gonna have to find a way to edit the effort level…in other words, it’s too much. I love it, of course, but it’s not sustainable…

    My comment above was so general as to not require a response. Still, on specifics, I would add that Nacho really impressed me with his continued runs (even in ET) to offer Ryo an overlap option. There’s something in this squad regarding fitness and effort. As back-ups Nacho and Jenkinson show SOOOO much more of these qualities compared to the likes of Santos and Eboue… Ryo, on the other hand, while he kept running and running too, showed that he’s got some real issues with the final ball. He can bend them with his right foot but doesn’t like passes across his body (the overlap if he’s playing as an LW, the pull back if he’s stationed on the right). He’ll try balls with his left foot, but they seem pretty woeful. He’s young and these things should improve over time…Awfully predictable, however, as the match wore on…

    I’m ready to talk Swansea: Team picks itself, no? Gnabry must drop to the bench after his efforts even if he’s (somehow…) not available for Napoli… As such, double pivot of Arteta and Flamini (Ozil in the hole) with a “front line” of Wilshere, Giroud and Ramsey… In other words a fluid 5 in a 4-5-1… Youngsters on the bench, flushed with victory well stroked goal or pens (Eisfeld, Akpom) should complete the squad? Defense reverts to same as last weekend?…

  • in regards to both Ryo and Gnabry, the problem is the same – confidence, the more they play the better it shall get i feel.

    i wouldn’t want to drop Gnabry just yet as his defensive work is very good, but if we must then i don’t mind as long as we try Jenkinson at RW ? it’s actually a very good option to have in my opinion – he can keep sending crosses to Giroud until he gets it right, the lad would never stop doing that and would keep it simple ?

    i don’t see Wenger, starting Arteta, so it will be more or less the same team that won against stoke minus Gnabry maybe.

  • All

    Some random comments for and from the peanut gallery:

    Gerry+JG+17: As I noted before I think Gnabry took a fine penalty and the keeper guessed right. So, it goes, 95% perfect was beaten by 100%.. That said, what does it say about Chuba at, what?, 17 years, he can step up and bring nice and calm… Serious pressure control!

    Gerry: Nice system overall, I dont care so much for the numbers as much as the thoughts… Perhaps elementary school grading?

    a. Needs to try harder
    b. Needs improvement
    c. Average (not the british one but the american one that actually means the middle)
    d. Improving or Very good
    e. Excellent

    Just some spare pence

    cheers — jgc

  • JB: Regarding silent Stan, I think we dont give him enough credit, frankly… consider the other heathens, I mean American, owners:

    – John Henry and FSG – running it like the BoSox which means lots of flash but no real plan for steady domminance, and lots of debt that they hope to back up on the backs of the adoring faithful. Read anything about the Boston RedSox and see the parallels. ‘Fool, to use JBs terminology as it fits here, has no plan. Some good stuff, lots of debt growing, and some “wtfayt” (what the ___ are you thinking!) bits.. At least they are not cynically extracting every cent from the FC and hollowing it out. Speaking of which…

    – Glazers and ManU – there is so much debt there that they will fall down if one or both of two things happens: 1) interest rates worldwide rise significantly (could happen but not for 2-3 years); or 2) they cease to grow faster than their debt which could happen, since as you get bigger there are fewer and fewer markets to get into,and more and more ccompetition in them. Ie. ManU own Singapore (pretty much 100% it seems), they cannot grow there, but they can lose out as more clever, good marketing comes in for other teams (eg a certain cannon team πŸ™‚ )… They have extracted the max amount from the club and its brand. Longer term there is no way down unless the soccer and ManU markets in particular grow. They will, but enough??

    So, silent Stan has grown the club, slowly in a way that doesnt please all, and has extracted basically nothing from it. Very smart, and very well set…

    On brand alone, the total “worth” of ManU is 2x Arsenal (give or take) but the premium, regardless of actual value above, would be much much less if they were both sold today (assuming enough buyers for both, it would be weird if they were actually both on the market).

    So, some credit where its due perhaps. Execution of some TW bits isnt perfect and we are slower but….

    Just some thoughts…. cheers — jgc

  • All

    The short versionn of what I said to JB

    –> Silent Stan is growing Arsenal like he wants to own it in 50 years. The Glazers and FSG are doing it like they don want to own it in 10…

    cheers — jgc

  • HT&JB – I have the same issue with Jenks as you were with Ryo. i.e predictable and one footed.

    Jenks has to go down the line because he cannot dribble, that requires use of the left foot? So, if defenders are in place, they block the run down the line and he has to pass inside, with his right foot. Fine if he has space to run into. So it’s a no from me for the RW.

    Now if you were to try Bellerin there? Well, pace, trickery, and a stinging shot. His crosses are bad either.

    One day, one day.

  • Gerry

    I liked Bellerin when he came in. A definite change in the aggression level or tone of the game… He has the same pace as Ryo but used it to effect..

    cheers — jgc

  • indeed, it would appear so that he is in it for the longer term ? but at the same time, one has to look at it from the “other angle” – why wait for so long to come out publically ? is this the first time, that he has actually felt comfortable talking about Arsenal as he feels that we can win plenty of this , starting this year ? or does he know that the club is in a strong financial position this year which allows us to buy quality players without him having to inject some of his own cash ?

    either way, better late than never and the timing was spot on to endorse the manager, say it openly that there is loads more cash to spend on quality players and indirectly even touch upon the Suarez episode – the vibes i was getting was that yeah , maybe we didn’t handle it as well as we could but in January we will get what we want provided Arsene still wants him ?

    let’s be realistic here, Stan is one shrewd son of a gun, he wouldn’t be one of the most richest people in the world , if he wasn’t – he is the majority shareholder of one of the biggest clubs in the World that happens to be located in a prime prime location, something that makes Arsenal FC far more superior than both Liverpool and Man Utd Combined – our location, our style of play, our Aura, our history and so on and so forth

    i wouldn’t blame Stan for not selling his stake at Arsenal , anytime soon , why would he ? when he doesn’t need the cash nor need to do it

    he gives us stability and let’s AW do whatever he wants, that’s good enough for me , especially after acquiring Ozil – before Ozil, i used to wonder how things might be with a certain other “shareholder” who also loves to be in the news, whenever we struggle or are down.

    so i’m with you on that one, JGC, he won’t sell Arsenal – why would he when he’s this rich and has inlaws who own Wal-mart , ha

    apart from Arsenal, i don’t see any other club raking in the profit and making the revenues as much as us, unless Chelsea and Spuds move to a bigger stadium or build one.

  • Ryo isn’t one footed though, he can use both feet, but whether he has the confidence to do so yet, remains to be seen , both Gnabry and Ryo can use both feet,

    Re- Jenks, my idea also stems from the notion that both him and Sagna can tag team on Michu and not let him have space to run into or have an impact as such.

    i really feel that we can beat Swansea, convincingly tomorrow !

    about time we put them in their rightful place, i reckon.

  • Geoff – I like the thought of the School notes. I could introduce some racing expressions too: Kept on strongly; Needed plenty of stoking up; Never going well: Faded badly … etc?

  • JB

    Why does he have to? I suspect that to him, sometimes like to me, what he sees is obvious and there is confusion others dont see the basic facts the same. Equally, I never tell a student something unless it is unarguably true or I can carry through the promise (unlike some colleagues).. Perhaps he is similar..

    Finally, what I was more on about is what you said in reverse. He *doesnt have to sell* because he hasnt extracted excessive value or acted stupidly. He has invested and waited and done what he could, as he could do it affordably. The end result is he never *has* to sell because he cant be put in the position to do so..

    Thus, he may sell, but he wont be forced to.. The others could easily be forced to in a way that left their clubs far far far far worse off..

    Although, IMO, we are “violently agreeing”…

    cheers — jgc

  • ah, he has to because of the fans perhaps ? to keep them calm and seen to be taking an interest at how things are at the club instead of letting it go on for as long as it has with plenty of fans including all the media campaign ? it’s not good to sit on the fence i reckon, especially when you have supporters as passionate as ours !

    but yep, i do see your point as well as the “proof is in the pudding” πŸ˜‰

    agreed more openly , ha

  • JB

    it could simply be cultural. In America when a team fails, they blame the organisation and not the owner per se (with the exception of the few flamboyant owners). In part this is due to the fact that the franchise system ad salary caps, revune sharing etc play a role out of an owners control per se

    In Europe for football, one blames the owners who have more of a hand..

    Just a thought? PErhaps he is becoming more culturally attuned to the nuances…?

    cheers — jgc

  • valid point,

    so we’ve managed to convert him or revert him – splendid

    he does say that he gets affected when we lose ? that was top draw that one, a bit of passion and sharing the same sentiments as the normal fan always goes far !

    his latest statements and candid interview will go a long way in bridging gaps and calming the supporters trust fears, he is doing what the people want now through his actions and now words as well

    i think, TMHT said it a long time ago, that Stan is the man (he didn’t say it as openly because he had got the Higuain one wrong at the time πŸ˜‰ but yeah, we won’t ever forget that Higuain deal because of you @ Terry – how could you do that to all of us ? how how how ahahahahahahahhahahahaha

    is Oz, doing the preview for tomorrow ?

  • Or to take your side for a moment JB, the supporters trust suggested it… πŸ™‚

    More directly, I think he’s a very good manager of the business and carefully building it properly (eg the decision to build a new stadium when the rest of the EPL world still doesnt seem to see the point, etc), but as an owner quite American in leaving the running to others..

    Only the Steinbrenners et al in American sport, and my own believed Oakland Raiders, Al Davis, were so involved in the team. And, despite my love for the Raiders, Al stayed on too long… and it still is, ahem, difficult… 😦

    cheers — jgc

  • JB

    Which is to say that if we truly f**ed up and didnt for no reasonable reason qualify for the CL and its money and prestige.. I bet a head would roll…

    cheers — jgc

  • indeed, a wise man and an entrepreneur ends up listening to the people – especially , if you have 60 k people filling in the stadium week in week out πŸ˜‰

    not a head but plenty of heads together would have rolled but The Visionary see’s that the storm has been weathered and things are looking “Rosey” – yep, that’s me saying that we won’t be finishing 4th this season or the next and the one after that .


    Fozzie Mark 3, where art thou !

    friday evening, gonna spend as much as i can with the Mrs before she e-stalks my ass AGAIN !

  • Good discussion here while I do Autumn work on the house…

    I basically agree with everything you guys are saying and esp. that Arsenal have a lot of room to grow as a brand, internationally. Currently we are the “lovable losers” so there’s a lot of bandwagon to jump upon if our results improve…

    I also think we might have shown a lot more patience with Carlos Vela, as the Mexican market is huge. While Mexican players will always be more comfortable in Spain, Almost all Mexicanos folks watch the game and at least keep abreast of what’s happening with their guys. Buying RvP was tough on Chicharito but I think Moyes is blowing it not playing him more. Of course, Danny Welbeck being England’s #1 option at the #9 position is a hard spot from which to back away… πŸ™„

    I would love it if we could get Hernandez, not so much to back up Giroud but to challenge (and spell) Theo in this 4-4-1(wide)-1(central) that I believe we are playing. Like Theo, he’s not really strong enough play up top alone, but he’s crafty about where the ball might end up. I think we’re going to see Ramsey in Theo’s spot tomorrow, but I’m curious what others think…I really don’t see Jenkinson in there at this point in his career and after 120 mins on Weds… Maybe if we’ve got a lead, with Gnabry on late if we’re chasing (the result)?…

    Back at it…Carry on…

  • Well, while you’ve been chatting away, I got a reasonable stream to watch Augsburg get a draw with Munchmen gladbags, select my team for the FFF Boing!! league, and you are still at it
    I am off air too. Too many warm nights around here, the dogs don;t settle if it gets too warm in here.

    Tomorrow it is then.

  • Evening guys πŸ™‚

    First time I can comment today and it is going to be short. Oz will not be able to do a MR until the Norwich home game, so best to lower your expectations. πŸ™‚

    I hope to issue one in the morning, catch up with you guys then.

    Gerry, once again thanks for the terrific post and responding to the comments today. Top stuff, SIR! πŸ™‚

  • With a rested and fresh first team, we should be beat Swansea in fact for me and the team it should be looked upon as a must win game. If you want to challenge then this is a must have 3 points. Every game is a must win like the end of last season, no room for slip ups.
    The end of last season has great importance to the team, they should look at that as the final practice of how to close out for the title . They passed it it flying colours
    Score predictions for tomorrow????

  • Bit late on the scene but that is one terrific maiden post Gerry. Unlike others I’m a big fan of the player rating system (although I hate I’ll always read their player rankings). It gets you thinking and it invites discussion.

    Can’t add anything to your post, it’s top class.

    I was excited by what I saw from Hector, I hope he lives up to the hype!

    @ VCC

    Patience old timer πŸ™‚ Ryo has barely played a lick of football in 2 years so he’ll take time. Once he gets his confidence up I think he’ll cause havoc

    Have a look at what he did against Terry and Ivanovic here (1.18)

  • Bit late on the scene but that is one terrific maiden post Gerry. Unlike others I’m a big fan of the player rating system (although I hate I’ll always read their player rankings). It gets you thinking and it invites discussion.

    Can’t add anything to your post, it’s top class.
    I was excited by what I saw from Hector, I hope he lives up to the hype!

    @ VCC

    Patience old timer πŸ™‚ Ryo has barely played a lick of football in 2 years so he’ll take time. Once he gets his confidence up I think he’ll cause havoc
    Have a look at what he did against Terry and Ivanovic here (1.18)

  • Hello friends πŸ™‚ English, without disrespect I do not see how you can be as satisfied with the prestations Jenkinson and Arteta: Jenkinson I find him very poor technically, he a misinterpretation the game where I do not find it the at this level is on his defense he lets his opponent recedes and happily preparing on the other side it we have Nacho is a true defender in the soul, them center of Jenkinson’s often bad and not borrow its style shows not a perfect confidence in the man I hope he is getting better (but I said that this is my opinion;))
    Arteta on the game did not know this place or what gener Hayden in the first half then it is a fault Ecatombe especially one worthy of a great father finally Arteta of what (and even this defensive folds my opinion staff)
    Otherwise apart commentary on hayden I find pretty fair post πŸ™‚

  • Thanks TA – Those that responded liked it. But I think being two days after the match it was already talked about before..

    As for the MR. I only want one change from the side that played last weekend. Keeping both Arteta and Gnabry as subs. What about you?

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