Ramsey in the hole, FlamTeta double DM, Sagna for BFG? Pre-match report

I don’t know about you but I like Swansea. They are easy on the eye, love to play smooth passing football, and as a club, they are run with a good vision and effective succession planning. I thought they would suffer after losing Rodgers to Pool, but targeting and successfully recruiting Laudrup was a mini-master-stroke by the club’s board, and you can bet on it that Laudrup’s eventual replacement will be another excellent manager. Getting this right is probably the most important aspect of club management, and you only have to look at the likes of QPR, Sunderland and Aston Villa to know what I mean.

Today’s game is another fine challenge for the boys. We played the Jacks eight times in the PL and it never ended in a draw, so it probably will do this time hahaha 🙂

Swansea's Liberty Stadium
Swansea’s Liberty Stadium

Swansea are likely to miss their captain, and Arsenal summer pursuit, Ashley Williams and the excellent Hernandez is also out, but as they also rested many first teamers in Birmingham – where as holders they went out of the league cup without much fight (1-3) – the Jacks will relish Arsenal coming to town.

Arsenal will have to give their all, remain defensively solid, which means winning the battle in midfield and play very disciplined in front of the defence, and as always, take our chances when they arrive. We did this better than our opponents in recent games and that’s why we won time and again.

Arsenal have quickly become an efficient team: even when not playing our so acquainted fluid football, we still manage to win games by remaining relatively solid defensively – although one clean sheet in the PL indicates need for further improvements at the back – and deadly upfront, with both Giroud and Ramsey in the early-season PL top-scorers list:



Every season we seem to have an area where for a long period of time we have multiple injuries: centre backs, full backs; and this season it looks like our mid-wing positions are suffering with injury after injury. We will miss Theo’s speed and thrust: he offers an extra dimension which makes it harder to defend against us with total control. Both Ryo and Gnabry had long games and look not yet ready to perform on the big stage from the start. I expect them to be on the bench though, and at least one of them will come on as a sub.

Luckily, there is good noise coming from Arsenal regarding Podolski, Santi and Rosicky returning in the next few weeks, and let’s hope Theo comes back within a month as well. As a result of our lack of ‘wingers’, I reckon Arsene will play all his established midfielders from the start today. It makes us nicely compact and effectively allows us to play 4-5-1, one of my favourite line-ups for Arsenal. We will need to be compact in midfield because that is Swansea’s strongest area: control the midfield and we’ll control the game.

I have no doubt the Swans will approach this game as a ‘let’s go out there and enjoy ourselves’ one, and we need to be focussed from the start. This is the sort of game in which we need to set the tone from the start and be on top of them for large parts of the game. Many of our first teamers had a well-deserved rest and so we should be able to win this game, but only with hard work and focus will we do so. Luckily we have Flamini and Arteta to make sure we’ll do just that.

Predicted Line-Up:

Arsenal v Swansea 13

I am expecting Arsene to give the BFG a rest, after playing so heroically against West Brom for us. It looks like our French maestro is not so keen anymore on the Koz – TV partnership, although it is still early days. Therefore, I am going for Sagna replacing the German in this one. I admit, it is a bit of a gamble but it looks to me Arsene believes Sagna is better than Vermaelen and Koz at replacing the BFG’s ability to organise our defence.

In midfield I expect a lot of rotation during the match, but I reckon we’ll see Arteta and Flamini playing in the double DM positions. In the ‘3’ in front of the DMs, I am expecting Jack, Ramsey and Ozil to start: all can play in the hole and on the ‘wing’ in our formation, but I reckon Ramsey will get a chance in the hole today – just a gut-feeling though.

I don’t like doing predictions, as I am a bit superstitious about jinxing it that way, but please feel free to give us yours, as well as what you believe the starting line-up will be. I am asking for the boys to give their all and then somehow our quality should make the difference.

OGAAT fellow Gooners: one game at a time! Focus, hunger and decisiveness at the crucial moments: Bring on the Jacks!




Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  • Macko – Write it in French, Then I’ll translate it with my replies. Iknow you have strong views. Okay?

  • OG – Thank for the compliment – tip Just avoid Goal.com, they have a real anti Arsenal bias at the moment.
    Running late, so will comment later. Cheers

  • I think Rodgers leaving Swansea was a blessing in disguise for Swansea … They got an even better manager in Laudrup … God forbid Wenger leaves Arsenal … Laudrup should be the one we should target … He wants his teams to play beautiful football and he has the stature to immediately command respect among the players …. Swansea away is one of the toughest games of the season … Hope the boys come through !

  • The BFG might be rested but ramsey wont play in the hole.of ram n flamini one of them will get a deserved rest.we need fresh legs for the whole of november.
    … ..Sczesny… …
    …………..long nose……………

  • Rohan, Laudrup is a good manager, agreed.

    Antonio, they were both rested midweek, so I reckon they will play (unless Ramsey’s minor injury plays up today). Gnabry had two games in a row, so I reckon he’ll be on the bench, but you could be right of course.

  • Nice pre match Totes. This will be difficult, but I see us coming out one goal to the good.

    Like you, I enjoy watching Swansea play the beautiful game. Laudrup has presence and demands football from his players.

    My line up differs from yours. Jenkinson and Mertesacker had long difficult minutes against West Bromwich Albion in mid week. Therefore I would rest Jenkinson and not Per, and play Mertesacker, with Sagna at right back. I would even go so far as play Vermaelen instead of BFG. This strategy is risky, but Per and Jenks will tire quickly today.

    Will be watching Jack closely today to see if he has his fitness and stamina back. I feel he has been playing at three quarters pace so far this season.

    We need some of our injured players to get back soon.

  • Arsene said both had to face fitness tests before they were passed fit.ramsey(thigh)flamini(shoulder)
    but you never know with arsene,always pulling something out of his magic hat.

  • Hi TA,

    Good stuff as always… A point/comment and a prediction for the sake of it..

    Point: I amless concerned with the lack of cleansheets. I have a theory, completely unproven, that top teams (winning lots) have less in a competitive league (i.e. not La Liga). The reason is that you are winning often and often are either:

    1. leading by 2 or more when late 1 comes back

    2. leading early by 1 and complacent because you always win and are presing, and then, suddenly, tied, leading to anger and the PG 3-1 favorite score line.

    If you look at ManU last year, they had 12, which sounds great.. then you see they had 8 of them from Feb 1 onward, and 2 at end Dec and Jan 1-2, and only 2 in the 2012 part before that…

    Same for us in a broad sense. I’d say give it time. And augment my theory that teams that are very good have more clean sheets later than sooner.. I am sure someone has a database to totally disprove me.. but… 🙂

    Prediction: jgc-damus, fingertips to temples says 3-1, 3-0 if BFG plays. Ramsey and OG both to score (or at least one of them, but that aint a hard call)… the third, if it comes is Ozil or TV / Koz whichever is playing… 2 assists to Ozil… There should be enough there for me to be largely wrong! 🙂

    cheers – jgc
    I am not

  • “I don’t know about you but I like Swansea.” That sentence holds true for so many gooners; Swansea (and Southampton a bit) are everybody’s 2nd favourite team.
    As for the line-up; I’d go with Sagna-Koz at CB purely coz TV5 and BFG played 120 minutes midweek. The rest of the team picks itself and yes we are likely to go with: 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1 if you will.
    And I miss Santi or maybe I just want to re-live my fantasies of Ozil-JacK-Santi terrorising teams with their midfield guile for OGs benefit

  • TA and VCC

    In further to my point, Arsenal only had 13 clean sheets last year but more evenly spread. However 4 were 0-0 draws. So, lack of 4 goals was 8 points and 2nd place (needed 5+ or 3 goals to 2nd)..

    I suspect that if we win every game by the PG score of 3-1, in the manner of football fans everywhere we will be crying in our PL Cup about our poor defence… 🙂

    VCC – yes, you now have the -damus secret and can be admitted to the not so secret club as VCC-damus 😀

    cheers — jgc

  • Geoff, good points and facts. This season will be different though. We’re up against the Portuguese duo of Maureen and Andrea and they drive on winning with very tight defences. Sooner or later a tight defence will become crucial as our goals will dry up at times.

  • My dogs seem to be following Arsenal’s injuries – I look like I might be adding a 3rd to vet visitors. Although I am hopeful this one is just a mild ‘balance thingy'(VBS), I’ll know more after she’s rested.

    TA – I am not so sure you have the team right this time? I mentioned in my replies yesterday that my horse racing background helped understand the stresses of coming back off a lay-off, and then performing again shortly after. In racing in is known as ‘the bounce factor’. Which describes the result of overexertion in the comeback, resulting in collapse next time?

    For me, Arteta had one such tough come back, rather than a simple 20 minutes off the bench, before launching into a full match. Add to that he had to come off with cramp, and it was a calf strain that put him out in the first place, I really hope he is not even called off the bench today, let alone start.

    Gnabry seems to be dividing opinion at the moment? For me, too much was expected of him mid week, after his very positive first start, particularly the longer he was on, last week. But he had a very tough 120 minutes, and despite being young enough to recover quickly, I’d rather keep him until the Napoli game,

    Per(fect) Mert on the other had a long but successful outing on Wednesday. The other difference was he was the only player that went into that game in top form. Mental tiredness is hard to gauge, but he is an experience professional, and I think he will be able to pace himself for this. The complication is the Napoli game? But not that in isolation, if we keep playing him up to the International break, where he will also be in action. Follow that by our tougher schedule … So perhaps this is the easier option to rest him. Although that does not solve the big run of games after this. Perhaps we can have an Arsene type ‘nothing too serious’, but he is injured and so will not be available for Germany, and so gets a decent rest right in the middle? Ideal – See to it, AW!

    With that in mind, Sagna maintains his RB spot, so here is my alternative:


    Bacs – BFG – Kos – Gibbs

    Bellerin – Flam – Ramsey

    ______Jack – Ozil

    ________Giro _______

    It could just be the end of Theo’s era as No1 on the wing, but hey, is that such a bad thing. Let Hector the Hero give this team the extra oomph it needs? You have the bonus of his defensive skills, and Jack just in front of Flamini for the one-two’s, Ozil can be a proper No10 either side of Giro

    Bring it on!

  • TA,

    I am a huge believer in defence, but I think the best ones, and arguably ManU were better in the second half of last season then the first, arise less from talent then from organisation.

    We have the essential talent, and I think from mid last year and ongoing now, we have BFG in particular, with Sagna adding the organisation. Flamini brings more organisation, its just more noticable (i.e. louder) then the BFGs! Thus, I am less concerned and less concerned about others.

    It *should* given all the ingredients and focus of the players come together as the season goes on.

    An old American football saying, offence wins games, defence wins championships. This championship will be won by winning games now, and championships in the second half of the season…

    As for jgc-damus, well, I think we are, in general, good for 2-3 a game against teamms like this, 1-2 against the top ones, where I include Spurs these days. I base that on the firepower we can bring to bear and the form we have (currently). The defence is very good but does allow that either 1-1 or 3-0 to 3-1 goal against a lot (now!)… Thus, my calls…

    cheers — jgc

  • TA, if we were to go with a 4-2-3-1 formation I think it is key that Ozil plays the number 10 role. Who ever plays in the middle will have the most freedom (in this case could be Ozil) and he would be able to drift to the left and right. I can see Ramsey out wide, which would be good as he would be able to add defensive cover to Jenkinson, his stamina could be utilised in a better way out wide.

    Another formation Wenger could use could be a standard 4-3-3 formation with no advanced midfielder. So you could just have 3 CMs (Flamini, Arteta and Ramsey) with Ozil and Jack out wide in free roles.

  • Hi Gerry 🙂

    You could well be right and your line up is an interesting one. It is very unlikely I will have all 11 positions right, but my gut tells me BFG will be rested and Arteta will play. Would be happy to see Belerin make an appearance, though.

  • JGC, fair enough. I repeat the Portuguese factor makes this season very different. The Spuds conceded one goal and the Chavs two; and as soon as they start scoring easier it might become difficult to keep up with them, especially the Chavs.

    However, as you said, there is good reason to believe we’ll come good at some point in the season and I hope it is rather sooner than later, but then I am a glass half fulty kind a guy these days 🙂

  • Hi Total. Thanks for the pre-match. You got style, brother. 🙂
    I suppose i should feel a little worried and maybe a little anxious when considering our depleting squad and our loss of key weapons, that and the fact that Swansea away is no easy task. But, heres the deal. Its been such a long time since weve all been feeling this positive about our club, and that inclueds the players, and therefore i reckon we should all “go with the flow” and enjoy this insane rush of ‘feel good factor’ (players included) and use it to our advantage.

    I reckon we will be too good for Swansea, and the balls our team grown/ shown from the tail end of last season with the “Our backs to the wall” attitude, seems to have carried through to our current position and it feels like we all have a point to prove…………….to somebody. Will Giroud carry on with his impressive away form (outside of London)? Will Arsenal continue with its machine purring and steamroll onto its 11th consecutive away victory??



    Totts are huffing and puffing. 1-0 up against the other lot. lets all laugh at Moanininho 😆

    (good game, coz you can laugh at whoever. They are both an ugly fugly bunch.haha)

    Back later y’all 🙂

  • nice one, TA

    i would stick with BFG and KOC and keep Sagna at RB,

    interesting selection of 5 MF, however, i would persist with Gnabry as i don’t see Arteta starting another game after 2 days, considering he had a cramp and is just coming back into the team ? it’s an interesting choice though and one i do not mind at all, this 4-5-1

    predictions ?

    2 – 0

    we haven’t scored anything from outside the box yet ? come on OooooOOOooZil

    what are the chance of us scoring both the goals in the last 10 minutes ? i wonder.

  • Afternoon brokeback ballerinas!!
    Thanks Totes for the prematch and Gerry for your post on the WBA game.
    Fine work all round!! 😀
    I can see BFG being rested too Totes but wouldn’t be surprised if he did play because he is mentally tough more than anything and Le Prof might let him make his own call on it.
    If he plays I think we will have the standard Sag-BFG-Kozzer-Gibbs but if he is rested I think your back four might be a goer although I have a sneeking suspicion that TV might get the nod in this instance.
    The right hand side is a real fozzie head scratcher if I’m honest!! I keep doing circles like a lab rat in a wheel. And trust me when the fur gets stuck in the wheel it gets messy!! 😆
    I see Ozil staying in the hole, jacky boy on the left and I’m going for Ramsey on the right today with flamteta guarding the back. I think rams can handle it at the moment. I’ll go for Arteta getting subbed and rams going back to sub or TV coming on for Arteta. I’d like to see apkom get more time on the right and would love to see him come on. I agree bellerin looks super spicy and can’t wait to see him again too. I think Gnabry will be rested for Napoli
    Dam spuds are playing some sexy football against chelvski!!

  • Swansea haven’t won in there last 7 home games …. Me likey likey!!! 😀
    Mata and Torres looking good – lets get a draw in that one!! 😀

  • Great post TA! 🙂 I don’t like your line up, however. Ozil at winger doesn’t do it for me. 😉 How about this:
    GK: Szcz
    RB: Sagna
    CB: Kos
    CB: Verm
    LB: Gibbs
    DM: Flamini
    DM: Ramsey
    RM: Ozil
    CAM: Eisfeld
    LM: Jack
    ST: Giroud

  • Good to see you back, Princ Prince Baby 🙂

    Agreed on the good mood factor. I guess I want to remain realistic right now and just cannot ‘expect’ us to win at Swansea. We ‘can’ though and there is good reason to be hopeful.

  • Hahahaha I struggled to think of players so I threw in Eis Eis baby. 😉 I would’ve preferred my Zelalem, but he’s still out. 😉

  • Jambo – Arteta is fit and why not at least start him? 😕

    Fozzie – Uber-Broke Backer – ‘Ozil in the hole’ sounds wrong but would be best option, agreed. 🙂

  • Dylan, are the bullshit Arsenal ratings on FIFA 14 really true?

    I heard Giroud is still 80, Walcott still 81, Kos still 81.

  • right guys Henry needs a walk and the family are waiting. I hope either the Chavs or Spuds lose today as I am all for psychological damage it will do to either of them. And as long as the Spuds keep getting ahead of us the more we’ll want to win today: so let them have it for now. Every good 10km run needs an ‘aanjager’: somebody who gets the group running and then disappears towards the back of the field/ 😉

  • AFC, all true. Rambo a 77. With only 82 potential. To put that in perspective, EA think Rambo is only as good as Diaby now, and will only ever be as good as Jack is right now. BFG at 80. Gibbs at 77. Ox at 77. Szcz at 79. Flam at 77. Rosicky at 80. Santi at 85 (whil Mata is an 87, same as Ozil). And worst of all, Zelalem isn’t in the squad! 😉

  • Dylan, I feel really let down by FIFA and I am not sure if I will now buy FIFA 14.

    I just cannot understand some of the ratings.

    Surely Walcott must go back up to 82 after being dropped after FIFA 12. Surely Kos must get an 82? Mert must get an 81? Ramsey 79? Giroud at least 81? 82? Cazorla 86? Jenks 74-76?

  • Total, thanks for the preview…I don’t like to hear about you working so hard, however 😉 …

    For me the team picks itself and most certainly it’s PM4 playing rather than Jenkinson. Apart from that you’ve got it correct, with a fluid midfield 5 (Ozil in the “hole,” if we must give them fixed spots…), Flamini and Arteta sitting deepest.

    This could be a tough match but, the few times I’ve seen them, Swans have lacked fluidity. Michu’s been very opportunistic so it’s important to clear the ball away from him. Offensively, I think our guys buzzing around and Ozil speeding and slowing things to his will could be the difference. Youngsters (including Bendtner?) on the bench should be at least confident after their win at WBA… Not a lot of firepower there, so getting the first goal (as per usual) is key…

    Quietly confident that we can do the job…

    Totts-Chavs now level (Mata to Terry header set piece goal)…A draw suits me fine. The pace of the pitch at the Lane is always surprising to me…

    Torres gets 2nd yellow and is off….

  • The game is still enjoyable AFC. My favorite so far in the fifa franchise. But the Arsenal player ratings are garbage.

  • 17ht, thanks for bringing up Bendy. A few more thoughts.

    If we need more firepower in the match bringing Bendtner on and playing him with Giroud in a ‘2’ could give us extra firepower.

    If we are winning the match and are 2 goals up I would like to see Bendtner on for Giroud as early as possible to protect and rest Giroud and give Bendtner a chance to get back up to full fitness.

  • Thanks Dylan. I was reading a review where it said FIFA 14 is definitely an improvement on FIFA 13 but FIFA are only happy to just better the game and not look to make it the best, if you get what I’m trying to say.

  • TA,

    he’s fit but is he match fit to be able to start 2 games in a row after 48 hours ? that’s my only concern

    Mike Dean really is an incompetent bashtard, isn’t he ? torres sent off when he should have sent Van off ages ago.

  • I don’t know AFC. I really do enjoy it though. And I enjoy playing with Arsenal much more in this game than in 13, even if the player ratings are low.

  • spuds have been owned in the 2nd half , minus that red card to torres – harsh i reckon

    anyhow, draw suits us just fine, so i’m a happy bunny !

    why did chelsea dominate in the 2nd half ? MATA

    they really play some very slick and fluid footy with Mata on the pitch.

  • Dylan, it seems I will have to give it a good think as to whether I buy this game. Also PS4 will be coming out around the winter TW in England so I might wait to get FIFA 14 on PS4. I guess it is different in the US, you guys get everything first. 😀

  • A draw is a good result for us. For Chelsea points dropped? For Spurs point gained?

    JB, let Maureen keep Mata on the bench. Mata will soon get pissed and demand to move to the team at the top of the league. 😀

  • Up to us now lads to claim that first spot!! Humphrey OGAAT says “Frankly my dear Maureen…… I don’t give a dam!!!” 😆

  • not sure about that AFC, as i always wants Spuds to lose, regardless of the opposition 😉

    chelsea are going to have to live in our shadows this season, starting from next months COC game, yep – i’m confident that our main rivals are Man $hitty.

  • Hahaha AFC. 😉 I won’t be getting my Xbox One for a long while. 😉 I don’t have the money. But I hear when new consoles come out you’ll be able to trade in your copy of fifa 14 for the current gen consoles for a copy for the new ones.

  • Dylan, the trade in thing sounds good, but knowing how things work in England we’ll have to buy a new copy.

    Why are you getting Xbox one and not PS4. PS3 is cheaper, you can share games (Xbox are trying to make people buy codes or somerthing like that)?, online is free etc.

  • Nice one TA

    Tough one this, it could be close but i expect to win 5-0

    Your right about the injuries, now its all our wide payers. On your line up i would change Arteta with Gnarbry, we need width and balance man.

    Watching that Totts Abramovitch game i was fascinated by Ericksons hair. I can tell when people are destined for cue baldness and can even predict the time. By the end of Erciksons 5 year Tottenham contract he will have won nothing, been played under 3 managers, and will be completely bald.

    Such is the life of a Totnumb player

    P.s, if any one is worried about there hairline i would be more than happy to give you a diagnosis. I dont mince my words however, so if your doomed to be a bald, ready made eating loser who struggles with birds i will tell yer. hahaha

  • a bit early but a bit of good news for us for next weekend vs WBA – Scott Sinclair is injured and has to be taken off against the Mancs 😉

  • astonishing to see how Man UTD are so heavily reliant on Van Pu$$y, i’m convinced they are a one man team and at the same time very happy to see the back of that Pu$$y, it allowed us to grow and be where we are right now –

    still 0-0 vs WBA, ha

  • time to have a wee chuckle

    It is fair to say that Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho was not happy with the decision to send off his striker Fernando Torres, or with the part that Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen – who went down in the aerial challenge that saw the Spaniard shown a second yellow card – played in his dismissal.

    Mourinho said: “The referee tried his best – in the first half he gave Andros Townsend a yellow card for simulation. He tried to do his job. But some foreign players, when they come to England, still keep their culture and it’s a disgrace. To do that to a person from your same job I think that’s a disgrace.

    “I hope the committee understands he [Torres] has to play next weekend. The red card is, of course, a big mistake. I hope they do justice with him. I have to read perfectly well the rules to see if we can appeal a second yellow card – I’m not so sure. If I was the boss of the committee I would give a one match suspension to the Tottenham defender and nothing to Fernando.”


  • Classic Stretch!! Love your diagnosis! Just as well I’m furry all over! (Or maybe my little hat is guarding the last tuft of resistance!! 😆 ) love the optimism for the score line too!
    JB – Maureen throwing his toys out of the pram … Gotta love it! … How many more eggs does he have to break now!! :Lol:

  • hell yeah @ GOAL – Aston Villa 1-1 Man City – Karim El Ahmadi

    wo0000t wo000t !

    yeah @ Fozzie – it’s rich coming from him because his Porto teams were well known for being blatant divers, ha

  • ahahhahahahahahahaahahhahahahaahahhaahhaahah @ GOAL – Man Utd 0-1 West Brom – Morgan Amalfitano

  • JB, ahahahaahahahahahaahah. 😀

    I love what is going on today. Mourinho’s last line is a classic and should put onto an archive of the most idiotic quotes managers have said this year.

    Thanks for the update on United.

  • United losing, City drawing, Chelsea and Spuds have drawn. 🙂

    All we have to do is go an win. These results may motivate our team to go out and get the win.

  • Lol WBA 1 ManU 0…


    I think Per will start, it’s not like he ran for 120 minutes; I agree with the rest of your squad.

    JB, I you have flash links (I’m at a friends place, no sopcast), don’t hesitate to share 🙂

  • JB

    you are having too much fun…

    Interesting to note tho that two teams with immense firepower (Spurs and Chelsea) are having trouble scoring .. in general..

    cheers — jgc

  • it’s 1-1 , i will take a draw at the mancs but man city should win i reckon

    Alcide, you want links for the Arsenal game or the matches going on so far ?

    bookmark this page – it’s quite a popular one


  • oh nearly,

    HITS THE WOODWORK – Man Utd 1-1 West Brom
    West Brom are making a real go of this, as they come within inches of re-taking the lead. Jonas Olsson meets a corner with a header which bounces off the turf and up onto the crossbar. Real humdinger of a game on our hands here.

    JGC – you can join in the fun as well 😉 the fun has only just begun !

  • ahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhaha



    GOAL – Man Utd 1-2 West Brom – Saido Berahino

  • GOAL – Aston Villa 3-2 Man City – Andreas Weimann (75 mins)
    Incredible. Villa lead. Brad Guzan launches the ball up the field after saving an Aleksandar Kolarov shot and, after Libor Kozak gets the faintest of touches, the ball bounces straight through to Andreas Weimann, who runs clear to prod the ball past the onrushing Joe Hart and over the line. The City defence was nowhere to be seen.




  • Good stuff in the other matches…Our lineup is out…Gnabry starts…

    Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey, Flamini, Ozil, Gnabry, Giroud

  • BREAKING TEAM NEWS – Swansea v Arsenal (1730 BST)
    Arsenal are unchanged from their last Premier League game, Swansea make three changes.

    i thought so – good decision AW.

  • ahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahaha @ DISALLOWED GOAL – Man United 1-2 West Brom
    Late goal for United – nope! Marouane Fellaini is on the end of a Nani cross to convert – but he was offside. David Moyes’ turn to fume on the touchlines.

  • Imagine if United, City and Chelsea will be fighting for 3rd and 4th place and Arsenal and Spurs were fighting for title near the end of the season.

  • in the eternal words of bryan adams “let’s make a night to remember” more like an evening – come on you Gooners come on !!!

  • Ufti: A walloon word meaning a mixture of wow and ouch…

    Day of upsets and amazing outcomes, ufti!

    off to catch arsenal sans stream.. maybe…. I hope!

    cheers — jgc

  • if that’s causing you grief and making you want pull your hair out (or whatever remains )

    give me a shout and i will fix you up with another one.

  • Hello friends 🙂 English, without disrespect I do not see how you can be as satisfied with the prestations Jenkinson and Arteta: Jenkinson I find him very poor technically, he a misinterpretation the game where I do not find it the at this level is on his defense he lets his opponent recedes and happily preparing on the other side it we have Nacho is a true defender in the soul, them center of Jenkinson’s often bad and not borrow its style shows not a perfect confidence in the man I hope he is getting better (but I said that this is my opinion;))
    Arteta on the game did not know this place or what gener Hayden in the first half then it is a fault Ecatombe especially one worthy of a great father finally Arteta of what (and even this defensive folds my opinion staff)
    Otherwise apart commentary on hayden I find pretty fair post 🙂

  • Anybody watching our match?… Lotsa Swans possession early…Shelvey from 40 yards seems OK…

  • Just me and my echo?…

    Gibbs drive almost finds Giroud backheel…

    We’re coming into the match…get the ball to Messy!

  • Also watching but twitter is slightly easier to use and often more entertaining *hides* Swans started well but we seem to slowly settling into game now

  • OK, not all alone, at least…Hey Ninja, James…Jack seems the one who needs to settle…

    A little more possession might be nice…

  • and that ladies and gents is precisely the reason why Sir Sczny shouldn’t be a number one at Arsenal.

  • Nothing happening and some mix up on the back pass has Sir Chez playing the ball over sliding Michu…A scare for sure…

    We need to start playing here…

  • Ozil might’ve shot there…fouls all over the place, none called by hairplugs (Clattenburg)

    Defense keeping us in it…

  • too many break ups in play for my liking, we need to be more decisive and pull the trigger.

  • Down he goes (Giroud)…luckily he’s doing the hand waving thing which usually means he’s fine. Nick of Nazareth up off the bench…

    Yeah, lots of loose touches in MF this evening…

  • should have aimed at the near post @ giroud …misses one on the plate after gnabry set him up

  • are we convinced with the JW show ? let’s just say, he should consider himself lucky that Santi is injured, that is all i’m going to hint at

    come on lad, sort yourself out , don’t do an Eisfield or maybe do an Eisfield and score a goal ?


  • Wilshere is essentially a non-participant so far today…A couple of little runs on the break but mostly we see him complaining to Clattenburg. Is he pouting from being assigned to the left touchline?

    Our defense looks solid and Gibbs has been getting all his work correct against Dyer where most of their attack starts. Just not much in the way of possession outlets. Gnabry inexperience probably isn’t helping with that, but Wilshere and Ramsey need to help give easy passing options…Flamini has been good in this regard…This is where Arteta might help…

    2nd half on…

  • yep – The Visionary said the kid was special, and now the kid repays the faith when 9 out of 10 people wanted him out for today!!!

    Gnabryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    you lillllllll beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    wo00000000000000t wo00000000000000000000000t

  • Professional foul from Flamini draws yellow…

    Damn…We should’ve punished them on the break there….

    Bony in…

  • Hehe JB, I like the kid, but didn’t think he could handle it physically… damn youngsters…

  • good player that lad JW 😉


    you lil beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyy


    wo000t wo000t

  • Some pace and strength there from Serge…Rambo needs to find Ozil there at the top of the box…

    More please 😆

  • James, you approved of the 1-2 between Jack and Ollie on the goal?

    Nice block on the Bony shot from Kos….

  • yes, JW started that and won it back,

    but 2 subs please now Arsene

    Arteta and Nacho on for Ozil and JW/Ramsey

  • Decent save from Sir Ches earlier as well as keeping the ball in before that. We seem calmer on D than I remember…

    Bony is a strong one…

  • JW nearly gifts one to Swansea

    AW – just fcuking take him off and bring Arteta or NACHO ?

  • Mikel in for the kid… Took his goal so calmly…

    Mikel already wins a FK to help settle things…

  • finally brings on Artata but takes off the wrong player ? needs to take JW and Ozil off

    next , when i say next i mean NOW – been 10 minutes late already

  • Bony pass was excellent…His hold up play is strong…

    We need to regroup here…and (ideally) hurt them on the break…

  • 1 out of 4 extra mins played…

    Jenks in for JW…to play ahead of Bac, I would think…

  • Wow now that was the most satisfying win for me…. A real ball breaker when everyone was dropping points!! Well done lads!!!! I’m so proud of you guys and do glad that Gnabry has grabbed his chance today with both hands!! 😃

  • …and that table does look good 🙂

    and we extended our run(s)

    and Rambo scored again

    and Gnabry scored for the first time in the EPL (and what a beautiful buildup!)

    Now on to Napoli!

  • very happy with the events of today but at the same time, disappointed at how AW uses his subs, absolutely pathetic use of subs when we’re 2-0 ahead and with 15 minutes to go, especially when you know some of your players are tiring and the opposition will come hard at you.

    other than that, no worries 😉

  • absolutely chuffed… Well done lads. There are certainly showing the right charecter . A perfect day of results.

  • All

    I got it live on a large screen, without interrptions, for once!! I leave for the US in 7 days.. Anyway… my thoughts:

    a. we could have ha 3-4 but their keeper and a touch of bad luck

    b. Ref let them play a lot, credit to him… overall

    c. like an arm wrestling match. At half I thought we were definitely coming over the top, after a first 10 or so mins of “hmm..”

    d. JW active but not inflicting much. Saw him running lots but..

    e. Gnabry comes of age?? He looked much older out there today..

    f. Ozil at the center of lots, as expected

    g. OG very active and very energetic, touch unlucky but worked very hard tonite. They double teamed him heaps and made him work physically for every step.

    h. They clogged our middle and made us force it. When we finally did a second opp came quickly followed by a second goal. Good news, we can break it down! I.e. the arm wrestlers arm finally dropped.

    i. With more subs, i.e. less injuries, we would have had to go less all defensive and likely could have gotten a third late.. that’s territory for the three brothers (coulda, woulda and shoulda) to debate

    j. Our defense was very solid, very active and very organised. The goal for Swans was “perfect” and not much to be done about it… IMO!

    Overall, a dominant win away for the most part. Our main challengers, for today at least, all fell down in whole or part, nuff said!

    2-1 to the Arsenal…

    cheers — jgc

  • By the way the last team in the EPL to win 8 aways games in a ow had a certain DB10, Henry, Keaown, Viera and a few other half decent players, who by the way went on to win the league.
    Just a nice little state for you 😉

  • PS: I also had a really nice steak and three excellent beers (900ml + 250g of belgian happiness)… add in beautiful weather on my 12 mile run today and color me completely happy! 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  • All

    Interesting that ManU sit where Arsenal have after 6 games (give or take) the last year or so… What are the going odds on Moyes survival?

    If Norwich win tomorrow it gets worsse perhaps…

    cheers — jgc

  • JB

    The other side of the subs coin is you gotta dance, to a measure, with the one who brung ya!

    IMO, if Ox and Poldi were on the bench and fit/dialled in, we would have had 3… no more attackers left barring NB really..

    Despite the fact that even I like his aggressiveness, I didnt see Bellerin making an appearance today…

    cheers — jgc

  • What an unbelievable day !………Spuds and Chavs drawing !……..City and Oneman Utd losing……….an injury plagued Arsenal looking like they have bought shares in a mental strength mining company and I`ve just Arse raped Fozzie B for walking down SexandMe Street !……..Om nom nom nom !.

  • Bellerin didn’t travel

    but we still had enough players to bring on and keep it tight and score the 3rd goal with Arteta in Particular – Arteta for JW and Nacho /Carl for Ozil/Gnabry would have done it really

    not sure if Ozil, would get an easier chance to open his account than the one he got today

    glad you enjoyed the game for once shown in the pub on the bigger screen 😉 12 mile run ? blimey…

    i have always wanted to start running but the thought of doing 12 steps is a bit far fetched , let alone do a 12 mile 👿 any tips be greatly appreciated, ha

  • JB

    I’ve been “training” 5-7 days per week and up to 14x per week, tho now it’s more like 6 per week, mostly football or running for 35 years. I’ve raced, when I raced, everything from 200m to 60+ km, and swum with sharks , raced bicycles at high (downhill and flat) and low (uphill) speeds and etc… It’s all the same really…

    So, actually, it’s easier than many tell you.. Start so slowly and gradually your neighbors don’t believe you… Run very slowly so you can breathe for a few hundred meters (large parking lot), and then walk the same. In general keep moving for 30 mins, first every other day… Then build, slowly from there.. In 35 years you’ll be dead or maybe not, but have been fitter in the way! 🙂

    IMO, it’s the journey. For all I’ve accomplished sporting or otherwise, the journey is far more memorable then the medal… I’ve seen all the coolest places and times of day in Liege and elsewhere from my daily run, not a guidebook.. Get out there, it’s worth it for all the other reasons..

    Cheers — jgc

  • The joy of UMF is you make your pics… And if an “obvious one” , say ManU at home vs WBA, goes against you, you’re not alone!

    That said I almost skipped that game as it was too obvious and home wins are only worth one point… That’s hindsight like the sub choices … 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  • i’m saving that comment of yours, cheers for taking out the time and writing it

    now i see, the Avatar of you is a true reflection of you in reality – crickey


  • Evening guys 🙂

    Wow what a day! Unbelievable results everywhere and we are the only ones benefiting from it, and in an away game as well! Got two wrong in the line-up and that is one too many. it is clear that Mertesacker is believed to be unmissable by Wenger at the moment, and once again he had a great game. Really did not think he would go for Gnabry again, but well done Arsene: an inspired choice and one that got us the first goal. The boy was so calm and composed when he got his chance: einfach wunderbar!

    Ramsey had an inspired second half and what a goal and assist.

    Loved the way the team worked as a unit: so focussed and professional. It looks we are getting a perfect blend of WengerBould at the moment, and long, long may it continue. Over the moon tonight! 🙂

  • Geoffchase…….when you use ManUre in your UMF it’s not always doom and gloom cos usually everyone else uses that match as a banker.

  • IT is a shame VCC that Glic only will get three points for predicting the MU and MC losses today – we should have a football-nous special bonus hahahaha 🙂

  • Totes…….indeed, over the moon is apt. We must keep the momentum going. I do not fear anyone in the Premiership, as long as we play/compete as we did in the second half.

    With our injury list diminishing we stand a fair chance of competing on all fronts this year.

    Although Ramsey got MOTM, I feel Gnabry and BFG have to get equal praise.

    Appy, Appy Dayz.

  • I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t ever play Ramsey in the number 10 position, if I didn’t have to. He’s more valuable as a number 6 or 8 than a number 10, if you know what I mean. He passes well, and spreads play well, but quick one-two’s around the box aren’t his forte, at least not yet! 😀 He is doing fine right where he is, and I wouldn’t want to mess with a perfect situation surrounding him. He actually is pretty good at long passes over the top to Giroud or a flying winger, when given half a chance, so sitting deeper will give him a platform to perform longer balls.

    I know this might sound rediculous, but in one of the forthcoming matches, I might switch Ozil’s position with Jack, and see how Jack does as the number 10. He is starting to find his rhythm again, and some of the combinations he played today were very good. That being said, he doesn’t want to stay wide frequently enough to do an honest job as a left winger. IF he has to play the wing, I’d rather he play on the right than the left, because his stronger foot would be in a more central position, than when he plays on the left. Also, he has proven to me, that he cannot defend properly out wide. He gave Gibbs far too much to worry about, far too often in the first half. The second half was a bit better regarding his defensive play. I really do think he is starting to round into form though, and should get another shot at playing more centrally.

  • Oezil is our best #10. After that its probably Cazorla;Rosicky;Jack;Ramsey in that order I’d think. And some argue that is Arteta’s actual position. Persopnally I’m just glad we have this much midfield depth,don’t care who starts where,as long as we keep it going OGAAT

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