Swansea Review: Rambo still on fire, Özil quiet, but Gnabry promising


After a tough penalty win against West Brom midweek in the Capital One Cup, Arsenal faced a trip to Wales today to take on Swansea City.

The game today saw Arsenal have a very slow start. Swansea dominated the early game, swinging in crosses and taking long shots. However, with our tall defenders and determination, we managed to keep the Swans out.

Arsenal had an unchanged line up from last week’s Premier League game against StokeCity. I found it interesting that Gnabry kept his place, despite playing 120 minutes and a penalty shootout midweek.

The first half was very open and it was very much a back and forth affair. The one major scare of the first half came when Szczesny came way out of his box, on the goal line, only for Michu to keep the ball in and for the Swans to swing the ball into the box. However, I believe offside was called and no resulting goal would have counted.

The rest of the first half was a rather boring, albeit, open game. However, in the last minute of stoppage time in the first half, Serge Gnabry had a fantastic penetrating run from just beyond half field to the edge of the 18 yard box, laid it off to Giroud, who dragged it wide. It was not the best finish, but an excellent demonstration of Gnabry’s potential. Gnabry seems like the type of player who can play either wing or in a CAM type position, and I’m very interested to see how he develops.

Overall, the first half was tense, but at the same time, there was not much to talk about. Both sides went about their business and played their trademarked beautiful styles of football, with each side frustrating the other.


In the second half Arsenal came out much stronger. They seemed more determined and ready to win. Speaking of Gnabry, he would get Arsenal’s first goal of the day. Arsenal broke down the field and some smart passing got the ball to Rambo just outside the box. Aaron then slipped Gnabry through on the right of him, without looking. Gnabry took a calm collected touch, and then blasted a cool finish past Vorm in to the lower right corner of the net, in the 58th minute. Seeing Gnabry score his first senior goal for Arsenal was exciting and he really was a standout player today. His movement and passing was excellent and he’s starting to demand a place in the squad, maybe even a consistent place in the starting 11.


Not long after, in the 62nd minute, Arsenal would score again. The man of the match, Aaron Ramsey, would score his 8th goal in 8 games. Arsenal broke down the field again with some absolutely incredible passing, including a heel flick out to the sideline by Ramsey. In the end, Giroud reversed the ball to Rambo, who took a touch and slammed the ball into the roof of the net. I was really impressed with Rambo today, not just because of his goal, but also his physical strength, tempered with some smart tackles in defense.

After this goal, Arsenal seemed to settle down and become a little complacent. We tried to possess the ball and pass it around and it worked, until the 82nd minute when Arsenal’s complacency cost them. Ben Davies of Swansea made a run down the field, played the ball to Bony, and Bony put it back over the top of our defense for Davies to poke into the net. Mertesacker tried to get a tackle in, but he couldn’t reach it and Davies poked the ball past Szczesny. I blame our players for switching off, they really should’ve had more focus, but they were excellent the rest of the game so I will forgive them.

The rest of the game was a tense affair, with cards flying and tough tackles being put in by both sides. Jenkinson, Monreal, and Arteta came in to shore up our defense, and it worked. Arsenal was strong enough, physically and mentally, to hold on to the lead. Another winning goal for Rambo and another away win for the Arsenal. 8 away wins in a row, tied for the club record. This team really is something special.

An excellent 2-1 away win to the Arsenal and we are top of the league once more! Let’s hope we can keep this winning streak up and keep our number one spot. This team looks willing to do anything to win every game in every competition and that’s what any fan of any club loves to see. The team seems to be together and willing to fight for the badge and fight for each other.

For now I’ll leave you with some questions:

  1. What did you think of today’s game?
  2. Does Gnabry demand a spot? If yes, in the starting 11 or on the bench?
  3. Do you think Gnabry could play as a CAM?
  4. How do you think Rambo did today?
  5. Will we break our away win record?

Thanks for reading! 😀

Written by: Dylan.

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104 Responses to Swansea Review: Rambo still on fire, Özil quiet, but Gnabry promising

  1. Milo says:

    Gnabry offers more than Walcott does, full stop. I know Walcott has good statistics, but Gnabry has everything that Walcott has, and more. He can attack, DEFEND, and is a more natural ball-player than Theo ever will be, even though Theo has improved immensely on this aspect of his play. What Theo has ahead of Gnabry is experience. Walcott cannot score from long-range, Gnabry can. Theo is faster, but who cares??? Gnabry offers more rotation than Theo does through midfield, but not in attack, at least not yet. Maybe one day, he will but Theo has that in his favour, he can play as both a winger or a striker. Gnabry is more of an attacking midfielder or winger.

    I think in a year’s time or so, if he can remain healthy, Gnabry should be first choice as a right sided player, ahead of Theo Walcott.

  2. Milo says:

    Theo is a supreme crosser of the ball now, and that is something we haven’t seen much of from Gnabry. I still prefer Gnabry though.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Great Match report, Dylan 🙂

    This is what I wrote a little while ago on previous post:

    Wow what a day! Unbelievable results everywhere and we are the only ones benefiting from it, and in an away game as well! Got two wrong in the line-up and that is one too many. it is clear that Mertesacker is believed to be unmissable by Wenger at the moment, and once again he had a great game. Really did not think he would go for Gnabry again, but well done Arsene: an inspired choice and one that got us the first goal. The boy was so calm and composed when he got his chance: einfach wunderbar!

    Ramsey had an inspired second half and what a goal and assist.
    Loved the way the team worked as a unit: so focussed and professional. It looks we are getting a perfect blend of WengerBould at the moment, and long, long may it continue. Over the moon tonight! 🙂
    I agree with you that we became a bit complacent towards the end and once again the team gave a clean sheet away….. sooner or later this is going to cost us valuable points. Luckily it did not, and three important points went back home with us. The boys did us proud – what a great bunch of Gunners we have! 🙂


  4. mike says:

    Today’s game was typical of Arsenal’s plan B [play it tight-less possession- and counterattack]. Serge Gnabry was wonderful today, but not a full-time squad member yet. There is Walcott, Ox, Pod, and a few others in front of him, but he has a promising future, nevertheless. Gnabry can play multiple positions, including CAM, but he will be lethal in the wide positions. How about Ramsey? Same old [pure awesomeness]. How about breaking records? Let me enjoy this win first.

  5. believe says:

    arsenal’s performance was cool. D young gnabry as a great future with arsenal n e deserve a place in arsenal bench at least for the time being to establish him self as a regular, knowing fully well that d recovery o walcot, oxlade n others may not give him the opportunity of a regular starter. all d same, arsenal stil needs another striker

  6. Jonathan Nelson says:

    I did not think that JW had a good game. It appears to me that his attitude towards the game has changed. Not having as much fun as he used too and making more cynical challenges. The pressure might be getting to him. When Santi is fit, It might be best if JW is rested for a few games.

  7. proudgooner says:

    Great post, i will answer the questions in a minute. But i just wanted to point of Gnabry can play centre forward and Wenger said this a few weeks ago. He is better suited playing down the middle and i noticed today he was looking to do just that, he must feel more comfortable in this team now to think that way, good on him.
    This is the first time i have really seen him show his talent like on Wednesday he did not drift in at all, he has a lot of goals in him.
    I suppose the main question is , is he better then Theo and should he take his place.?? To me the answer is NO , he has a lot to do before he gets close to doing that. IMO. But today was very impressive and great for the club. It is good you know you here commentators saying oh there is nothing on the bench to change the match for Arsenal, all these youngsters are super talented and most of us just dont know what they are really capable of yet. We have the best up and coming young players IMO
    Think of it this way if Wenger lets Denilson, Arsavin , Chamahk etc etc, and he leaves the young guns on the bench instead of them. He must have seen and have big faith in them, i always trust Wenger to find great players.
    Serge, Ryo, Eisfeld Bellin are the next to push there way in and there is plenty more to follow next season i think

  8. proudgooner says:

    ps, sorry i forgot mention young Zaleem in the young guns mentioned above lets not forget about him,what a talent he is and is going to be.

  9. Arsenal_VCC says:

    Thanks for the match report Dylan 🙂 I can now spend the rest of the weekend wearing a wide smile and seeing the highlights again and again 🙂

    After a first half that had me wondering, the second highlighted all of Arsenal’s qualities. Both goals were just superbly worked especially the second. I was just blown away with the movement and pace from Jack and Giroud and Ramsey’s positioning and finish – just fantastic.
    As impressed as I am by Serge, I don’t think that he is ready to replace Theo. Theo’s pace and ability to stretch the defense wide create more opportunities. He did start to pick up on his defensive duties last year. But, it is wonderful to have the competition for these places once everyone is fit. Similarly as CAM, I think that there may be several people ahead of him in that position and does not represent a gap that Arsenal needs to fill.
    Ramsey is just having a phenomenal run – I hope that it continues and gets even better. Even his assist for Gnabry today was superb.

  10. Dylan says:

    Thanks Milo. 🙂 I agree Gnabry is a better defender than Theo, but I think Theo is a better finisher. However, Theo will have a fight on his hands for that right wing spot very soon. 😉
    Thanks TA! 🙂 Oh to be a Gooner is right! 😉
    Thanks for your comment mike on! I agree, let’s enjoy the win. One game at a time. 😉

  11. Dylan says:

    Agreed believe. 🙂 But I think Gnabry could actually have a better season than Ox this season, although he will probably suffer the same fate as Ox and have second season syndrome next year. 😉
    Agreed Jonathan Nelson, Jack needs a break. He looks tired, but there aren’t many options to rest him with due to the injuries.
    Thanks PG and agreed! 🙂

  12. Dylan says:

    Thanks arsenal_vcc! 🙂 Rambo is in blistering form. Possibly the best CM in the world right now? Even ahead of Toure, Vidal, Sweinsteiger, etc? Let’s hope his development continues and we really can have our own Xavi on our hands. 🙂

  13. Milo says:

    Yes, Theo, when healthy IS the better finisher of the two…I think part of the reason Theo missed so many of his recent goal scoring opportunities, is because he was/is injured.

    I just think that in the future, Gnabry will be a lock to be a player in the starting 11. He will most likely accomplish this if he can nudge Theo out or shift Theo to the centre-forward position. Wenger said Gnabry can play as a centre-forward, but he hasn’t done that a lot for the youth teams so far, and with Giroud in form and Bendtner now back, it will be tough for him to see minutes at that position.

    I like Theo for the most part, but I think that Gnabry COULD be the more consistent player in the future. You have to admit, consistency is still an issue with Theo. His ability and high comfort level on the ball would indicate that Gnabry will be able to influence more matches, on a more consistent basis than Theo.

  14. kaboom says:

    1. defensively it was an excellent game. The swans battled and matched arsenal midfield in first 45 but back four dealt with all the pressure from swansea. SCZY had 2 superb saves in second half, denying dyer’s long shot and smart left foot save at near post.

    apart from a turn-off which lead to swans’ goal and rush in blood moment by Sczy, defenders are absolutely on top of the game.

    2. too soon. however if Gnabry continues to perform at this level, maybe he/agent will make some serious public statements by Jan…

    3. He is a right winger. stick to it. we have far too many competition in CAM department and too little cover for Theo. its good to have players with versatility but AW needs to stop converting all players into CAM position…

    4. Best player in europe at the moment!!. (exactly my point, AW needs to play each players at the position where they are most efficient/comfortable)

    5. i rather not to get carried away with the record. keep the player fresh instead of risking them for some records…

  15. Simba says:

    Gnabry is talented and so confident he will be a regular in a few seasons time. Like the whole of last season where I was behind Ramsey when most fans wanted him out I believe Gnabry can leave Arsene with no option bt to play him. It is difficult to imagine the situation if most players are fit. Who’s gonna play sit on the bench or miss the match day squad totally. If Carzola is back do you play him or Jack, what abt OX, Podolski, Rosicky. What do u think of Eriksen?

  16. Dandy says:

    #OneGameAtATime Gnabry just needs to keep taking his chances as they come for now I fink Miyaichi should start against Napoli. Ramsey should just remember to keep it simple every now and then, and there is no reason he can’t continue his incredible form. The only player missing from that squad is Suarez… We should go back for him in january

  17. Dandy says:

    @Dylan, let’s not get any illusions, Ramsey is no Xavi, he is more of a Gerrard.

  18. VCC says:

    Nice match report Dylan.

    Awesome second half performance from our boys, marred only by a blip in concentration for their goal.

    The whole team played their part today and I was particularly pleased with Szezney left foot intervention in the later stages. That effort kept us alive.

    Beers in the fridge already for Tuesday nights champions league encounter with Napoli. 🙂

    Will be very interesting to see Wengers side if a few players are back from injury.

  19. macko says:

    hello, when we play forward into a touch of the ball we are breathtakingly beautiful, but we lose far too much balloons on our forward referral: complete reviving Wojciech Szczesny at the foot should be better negotiate by Giroud making it systematically all the bullets to the opponent which allows them to have a constant stream of in our Moitier bullet of ground.
    Gnarby took up his respnsabilités and the first this season he Were impressive, after say that it will take the place of Santi or Theo, Iam not sure but things is on we have some very good young people at the door of team first.
    Wojciech Szczesny was very proper yesterday about his grip on the ball and his anticipations.
    Now Naple’s gonna be taut but I am confident;)

  20. geoffchase says:

    Hi Dylan et al,

    OK, time for the usual alternate universe opinion, at least in part, from me…

    1. As TA noted yesterday, it was a *team* match. That all played well and like stars, meant there were few true stars. IMO, MotM could have been 1 of 3 or more.. This is good IMO

    2. Ozil was not quiet. He was *perhaps* quietened, but not quiet. Every time he had the ball in the middle of the field or play he had 2+ converging on him. He was followed and hounded into trying to get the ball further and further back upfield. But..


    –> The concentration to stop Ozil opened it up for Gnabry to keep pushing in and fforward, and it paid.

    –> Around the first score and following breaks, where we might have had a 3rd even, they all included a small touch of brilliant movement and passing from Ozil

    –> On *many* other occasions, including some of our scores in the finale, he was going the other way and doing the very workmanlike job of pulling opposition players out of position to make room for others. If the other teams focuses on you, then dont play ball is smart.. **Ozil tooke one for the team in that sense and deserves the credit for it..**

    –> Finally, dont forget two of his free kicks perfectly found BFG who put one each just to the side

    Overall, for Ozil and Arsenal, Swansea did as others have and clogged the middle and focused on OZil. We adapted and won

    3. Finally, the goal. I dislike hearing we “gave them” a goal. We “gave up” or “surrendered” one is literally true but… Credit to Swansea, they got the ball, and they would a lot swarming forward 2 goals down late, and they played *excellent* football to score. I think they deserved it and we were not “in the wrong” in how it was scored

    –> If you look at our scores, they were both earned well. Swansea wasnt going to stop them, the play was good, the defense was very good too, just 1% less so.. That’s the game..

    4. Oh, and I am sure Ozil will open his account, and was surprised he didnt dink the keeper with his touch (Bergkampesque! 🙂 )… but keeper (Vorm) played it and the whole game very well

    5. Lastly, overall, I would say that we gradually just out arm wrestled them. Credit to Swansea they played hard every inch of the way. But that game was slowly coming our way 15mins before the break, IMO.. more and more and it just continued in the second half

    Just my several dozen pence — jgc

  21. Gerry says:

    Dylan – As always, a quick turnout of your match report that catches all the main points. Top marks. I look forward to your holidays when you can do the mid week ones too 😀

    The only thing I query is the bit on Szcz and the goal line business. I have not seen the whole match, only the MOTD highlights, so I am not sure when the whistle was blown. To me, Szcz had successfully shepherded the ball out of play, so Michu did not keep it in play? The point of issue is you say the ‘resultant goal’ would not count … err the ball did not end up in the net, instead sailed way past everybody?
    Sorry D, I’m a pedant for the little things 😆

    Q1;- Delighted with the result, but cannot answer until I see the game in full.

    Q2:- Does Gnabry deserve a spot, either bench or start? Well, I’ll turn around the answers others have given. Can you say that Theo, Podolski,, and Ox are all definite starters? It is about having a squad of players to draw your team from. Gnabry has put himself in that mix without doubt.

    Q3:- Can he play in the CAM role? Interesting, if you ask in place of who? Ozil? No! It really does depend on so many things, but basically, he is, as said above, more an attacking midfielder, not a flit around the edge of the box pulling strings for others. But I would argue his strength and main attributes are that of a striker, and more so than Theo., but less so than Theo on the wing. That is the difference between the two, and why both will have opportunities in the future.

    Q4:- From the little of the game I have seen, I would say what I thought 12 months ago I really doubted Ramsey could overcome virtually all his weaknesses. Today I think he hit the final one … the Cesc one …. of seeing a pass before he even gets the ball?
    Brilliant. He deserves every accolade he gets, especially from people like me doubted he even had that in him.

    Q5:- Damn it Dylan, I thought we had!: Do you mean they need to do this again and again?
    It comes back to the earlier post which dealt with what this team has that others don’t – a real collective spirit? With those returning back from injury they should be that much stronger, if it does not upset the balance too much?

    On that note; This new boy Ozil, he looks very timid in front of goal? He reminds me of somebody 12 months ago who couldn’t hit a barn door from 12 yards, but as he has come good I suppose we better stick with him. He might okay one day? 😆

    Which reminds me. New players will stunt the growth of our academy player? Really? I think we have seen since the end of the TW that some have had time in the first team because of the extra quality in the side. It could be argued that Flamini could be holding out the likes of Frimpong and Yennaris, if they were fit, but Hayden got his chance. If anything it is Arteta feeling the pinch? So if we think Gnabry is the ‘bees knees’ right now, wait for the others to shine when their chance comes. The likes of Akpom and Bellerin, who did their chances no harm at all last time. Eisfeld and Olsson too, and the younger Zelalem, and may be even Ryo (on the bench here) can come good with better support around him? For the first time it looks like we can develop these player steadily, not rushed like JW, Gibbs, and Theo were?

    So let us not put too much pressure on Gnabry to be our saviour for every game. It is assumed that he will start against Napoli, but after this tough week I would not be too sure?
    Great talent in the making that is for certain, but OGAAT fro him, as well as the fans.

  22. Gerry says:

    OOPs Geoff, done it again. At least we covered different aspects of the game? 😆

  23. Gerry says:

    Macko – I will come back to your comment from yesterday, and try and unravel the ‘google translate’. Like I say, I would be happy if you posted in your native tongue, but I’ll leave until this evening when everybody has had their say here, okay?

  24. geoffchase says:

    Gerry and Dylan,

    Well, I had a very HD large screen view and the replay showed it was out. Thus, the Michu bit and cross were for naught.. jgc

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys and girls 🙂

    Feels good this morning, doesn’t it!

    Fine follow up comments – a joy to read.

    Agreed with Geoff that Swansea played their best attacking football before they scored and perhaps deserved a goal. However, it is the second time in a row that a ball over the top of the BFG has lead to a goal (Stoke one was similar). We know he is not the quickest turner and the rest of the team need to start anticipating these balls better.

    If we want to progress further we should not pooh pooh away our lack of ability to keep a clean sheet.right now. 95 minutes long defensive concentration remains an area for improvement for us, but I am sure Bouldy, BFG and Flam will get us there! 🙂

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    The mini debate about Gnabry v Theo…

    Gnabry is a great prospect and scoring so early in his career is of course fantastic. He reminded me both of Ox and Rooney yesterday. His penetrating run through the middle was brilliant and if this is a sign of what is to come then happy happy days!

    But as Ox and many others have shown, one good performance in a top team, when expectations are low and you are surrounded by players who carry a lot of weight on their shoulders, does not mean you have arrived in the first team as yet.

    Theo was really missed yesterday; and it was obvious to me that especially Ozil was missing his speedy friend a lot. Theo adds another dimension to our attack and we know he is a proper goal threat as well. Over time Gnabry might challenge him for a spot, but let’s take it easy with our expectations for our promising youngster.

  27. JM says:

    What did you think of today’s game?
    We play to win; when we cannot win, we play not to lose. We need more shutouts/clean sheets.

    Does Gnabry demand a spot? If yes, in the starting 11 or on the bench?
    The winger position is the most inconsistent in terms of performance of a team. Gnabry (as well as other youngsters) need to play consecutively at a above average level to be in starting 11, though playing on the flanks will help train up a young player technical aspects of football well.
    Best winger in Europe currently: Franck Ribery (who is also the current European player of the year). An good example on the pitch to learn from and the standard bearer to reach for aspiring wingers.

    Do you think Gnabry could play as a CAM?
    He is learning the technical aspects and position awareness while playing on flanks. Our CAM/Second striker role in team demands the player to be actively as well as passively aware of different situations going around him and involve making the smart decisions for most of the time. Also in keeping the shape of our spine in the team (attacking) intact.

    How do you think Rambo did today?
    He is currently performing well enough to be the best CM in Europe (alongside Fabregas) and PL (alongside Yaya Toure).

    Will we break our away win record?

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Bonjour Macko

    C’est vrais, le Szczesny was very secure with his grip, which made a big difference… even James B will agree with this 😀 😉

    JM – all agreed and OGAAT! 🙂

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    The Invinciblog has produced a cracker again; especially the bit about van Judas had me in stitches:


  30. TotalArsenal says:

    And if the weekend was not perfect already, Los Merengues lost to their arch derby rivals. 🙂

    17HT: what is ‘what a waste of money’ in Spanish? 😆

  31. Gerry says:

    Afternoon peeps, I hope the match is available now, so this is just a brief comment on MOTD and the early kick off match – meaning they had plenty of time to review it?

    I saw the bits of it during the racing I was watching, including the bit what has got Maureen so upset about Vertonghen. It was pretty obvious to all on one replay of the Torres sending off that it was not an elbow or a hand that got Vertonghen holding his head. In real time, the ref took a couple of minutes before producing the card, presumably consulting with his assistant?

    What annoyed me about the MOTD edited version was that they ‘conveniently’, it appears, liked the controversy so much that they did not show the one camera shot that CLEARLY showed that when Vertonghen landed (and pulled down Torres as he fell) their heads clashed on the deck. WFT is wrong with them? If they want to report on games ‘neutrally’, they should apply it evenly, and not as and when they feel so inclined.

    I am not a fan of the player because he chose to play for Spurs not us. But the nose scratching thing that Torres could/should have been sent off for, the Vert did not go down clutching his face in order to get that result. If anything it was Torres hoping he would retaliate and get sent off? So if Maureen want to look for a player who is a disgrace, he should look closer to home?

    I am happy to say I don’t normally watch the program, and this visit has not changed my view.

  32. James Bond says:

    nice one @ Dylan

    re- Gnabry,

    i see a lot of The Ox in him, but saying that he is a cross between both the ox and Theo ? i have my own little formula that goes like this Gnabry = The Ox + Theo = Ronaldo i mean Gnabry in a few years time 😉

    back to now, i have always said from the very beginning that this lad is the real deal and a future superstar in the making, in a few years time we won’t be talking about the Ronaldo’s or Messi’s in the world, it will be about the Gnabry’s – the kid can play using both feet and after he has developed his game even more under the best manager in the world, he will no doubt have a free role in the team, by that i mean having the Ronaldo/Bale role, roaming from the LW to center to the center to the RW .

    people have mentioned that he’s better than Theo ? he has a better all-round game, sure , however, Theo still remains first choice for me due to his pace and understanding with the team mates and let’s not kid ourselves, Theo deserves to be in there as long as he is fit – Gnabry’s chance and time will come and he will no doubt be on the bench or used as an alternative to Theo when he needs a breather or is subbed – but Theo has earned and deserved to be our no.1 RW – the Ox is no.2 and is almost ready to play through the CAM role as well

    the future looks very very bright for young Gnabry , if he can manage to stay fit and healthy.

    my area of concern is directed at a different area, for those of you who followed my comments during the game, they will know – it’s to do with AW’s use of substitutions, he needs to be a bit more pro-active instead of being reactive to it.

    another area of concern (a very healthy one this one, wait for it) :

    so our bench yesterday was something like this :

    21 Fabianski 05 Vermaelen 17 Monreal 25 Jenkinson 08 Arteta 31 Miyaichi 23 Bendtner

    so we have the likes of Santi—-Poldolski—-The Ox—Theo—Diaby—Rosicky penciled in for return after 2 more games ? most of them anyway…

    do you all see where i’m getting at ? this is for all those who moaned and moaned at the lack of depth in the current squad, i say, after 2 games ( one CL and one EPL), i will ask those moaning about the lack of depth in the squad to try and leave out the aforementioned players from the playing 11 and a squad of 16-18.

    good luck 🙂

    exciting times, indeed !

  33. James Bond says:


    re- Torres vs the spud

    i watched the whole game live and my initial thoughts were that Torres was hard done by it all, he was having a splendid game, especially in the 2nd half, he looked world class – very much like the £50 million signing and then that happened , in hindsight yes, the scratching should have been a red card , however, what brought the scratching ? yep, it was the blatant diving very David Luiz like (chuckles) , so yeah , in that regard – people living in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones @ Jose.M – especially when you created the likes of Drogba (the best diver ever).

    but being objective and trying to be a neutral in this one, then Torres sending off was harsh and the Spud should have been sent off, but am i complaining ? hell no.

  34. James Bond says:


    i see what you’re trying do to there with your constant mention of Sir Szcny, let’s make a deal, shall we ? you do a post on Sczny and i will gladly tell you all the RIGHT reasons why he shouldn’t be the no.1 Goalie for Arsenal and while we’re at it, i could also give you 6 goal keepers to choose from and be very very surprised if most people placed Sczny above those 6 PL goalies in their pecking order.


    saying that he had a decent game yesterday 7.5 out of 10 for him – did well.

  35. AFC says:

    Dylan, thanks for the match review. 🙂

    1) What did you think of today’s game?

    Good game, quite exciting at times in the second period and most importantly we got the win. The top teams can always grind out results or hang onto wins and we done that against Swansea and have been doing that this season.

    2) Does Gnabry demand a spot? If yes, in the starting 11 or on the bench?

    I do not really think Gnabry deserves a spot in the starting 11 or even on the bench. He has done well when coming into the team but like any youngster he will have to wait until his time will come. Remember we will have Podolski and the Ox coming back so there would be no space for him on the bench. Our subs would be 7 of Viviano/Fabianski, Vermaelen, Jenkinson, Monreal, Arteta/Flamini, Rosicky, Podolski, Ox and even Wilshere.

    3) Do you think Gnabry could play as a CAM?

    Of course he can. He could play so many positions. He can play RM, RW, LW, LM, CAM, SS, ST which is a good thing. A player who is that versatile is also a good thing.

    4)How do you think Rambo did today?

    Really well! I would compare him to Gerrard. Remember Gerrard is the complete midfield player and he when he was younger he was the ultimate box to box player in the EPL, alongside Lampard but I would say that Lampard was always more attacking.

    5)Will we break our away win record?

    Who knows? 😀 😉

    On the debate of Theo vs. Gnabry I could go on for hours but I will say one thing.

    Theo Walcott has been in the Arsenal team for years and will continue to be in the team for many years to come.

    He has huge amounts of experience at the top level, having played in the EPL and CL for years and he is still quite young. This is the same guy who got us into the top 4 last season with God knows how many goals and assists (both in double figures) from the RW/RM position most of the time and do not forget HH’s post on how he was on par if not statistically better than Bale. Along with Song and RVP he done it again the season before last season and without him we would not have got into the top 4 that season either. Theo has also saved a crap England team on numerous occasions. He is one the fastest if not the fastest player in the world, a team player who plays for the team rather than himself and is a game changer.

    You all know the quotes from Messi and Pep about Theo which show he is highly regarded in the footballing world and if Walcott was to leave Arsenal tomorrow a lot of top teams would want him.

  36. James Bond says:

    today i’m gonna be a sunderland fan – what are the chances of Sunderland winning against the mighty bitey i mean liverFOOL ? i wonder

    come on you black cats, come on !!!

  37. 17highburyterrace says:

    ‘Morning boys…Norwich wins at Stoke…Inneresting…I guess their loss at home to Villa goes down easier now that the Villians beat City…

    Thanks to Dylan for doing the match report…Other comments match some of my own quibbles…Like JGC says, Ozil, I think, was a key for us, despite some misplaced passes and failing to convert his 1 v 1. Also, it’s much too early to talk about Gnabry vs Theo and (like Gerry et al.) I think the question is wrong. They both need to contribute as the season wears on. Remember this is the real world, not one of the ‘puter games… 😉 What a week for the kid, however, and I’m still stunned that he’s not in the CL squad. He will be an important figure for the redux at WBA next Sunday AND our key guy vs Chelsea in the CoC match. What an engine and physique he’s got. In six days he played nearly a full match vs Stoke, 120 mins at WBA (with a whole lot less success than yesterday) and had the key moment and another 70 mins in Wales. WOW… He’s different from Theo…More of a MF who contributes on defense, can carry the ball at his feet and looks better switching spots (filling spaces) with the others in the line behind Giroud. Incredible that he was taking our right footed corners, yesterday…Loew needs to think (long and hard…) about taking him to Brazil, I’d say…

    The match, I thought, could have gone either way and I was concerned about our performance in the first half. In the end we avoided gaffes from our (still very young) keeper but our attempts to play on the break or make something happen quickly out of possession were thwarted. Jack looked very out of sorts pinned on the wide left and I still fear for his fitness and maturity. Having had his 2nd kid just on Thursday might’ve earned him a rest but for the squad being stretched so thin…

    What they don’t show on Match of the Day is what happened BEFORE the 5 minutes where we won the match. Starting @ the 53 minute mark we had a spell of possession that turned it. In 38 passes (before Dyer put a ball out for a throw) we changed the match from theirs to ours. Afterwards Swansea was the team playing on the break but still unsettled in defense… The incisive team was now Arsenal. A goal, Ozil’s gilt edge chance and another goal (started with Sir Chez keeping a deflected shot from going out for a corner…) and the three points were ours. It was an incredible sequence and should be watched for the little efforts made by all the guys…A true team effort…

    Agreed with 007 that we might’ve made some defensive subs sooner than later after this beautiful period of the match. Still, how can even the manager not be in a swoon and craving more? I would tend to see their goal as a series of (un)fortunate bounces their way and a great ball from (Henry’s guy…) Bony. Per does look awkward when guys get past him and he must turn and face our goal…Still, it came off the guy’s knee so there was some real luck involved…

    Overall, the very thin squad (plus an 18 year star-in-the-making…) dug deep and got all 3 points in a place where rivals will struggle. Napoli Tuesday…

  38. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oh, a couple of other things… TA, I say it like this: Me duele el codo (direct translation: my elbow hurts– el codo = cheapskate = skint…) I watched the Madrid Derby and it was a team against the preen…Isco is no Ozil (yet…), Di Maria made the key error rather than the key cross AND when those two were subbed (at half time) the (former) Spuds (Bale and Modric) couldn’t change things…Benzema played all 90 with extreme ineffectiveness and youngster Morata should get his spot sooner than later. No crisis just yet (Athletico are improved with Falcao gone…) but it’s coming… Meanwhile Cesc got his 8th assist (I think) at Barca…

    Also, at some point I need to write my apology post about Ramsey… 😀 😳 😆

  39. James Bond says:

    yeah, a real shame that he won’t be able to play on tuesday (Gnabry) @ 17HT, as he really could have caused them all sorts of problems, i’m gutted about that and have been ever since i found out he wasn’t in the official CL squad, what makes it even worse is that the guy AW decided to include is out injured till xmas (zelalem) – bugger

    i don’t know how he could crave more from players who were beginning to mentally switch off and be on cruise control – JW’s back pass which nearly gifted them a goal and way back ?

    you bring on the likes of Arteta/Nacho and Jenks and you still have enough quality to score more goals and keep everyone on their toes defensively, especially once you’re 2-0 up, sometimes less is more ?

    we got to be ruthless at keeping clean sheets now and work on that aspect of our game, every little helps in the Goal difference game as well, psychologically it’s a big plus creating that GD number up !

    i can see us playing a 4-5-1 against Napoli on tuesday (Rosicky in for Gnabry) and TA getting his wish granted 😉 but we do have RYO to do a Gnabry, if need be.

  40. James Bond says:


    i was also watching the derby last night but wouldn’t you agree that in the 2nd half, Real Madrid were much much better as compared to the first half ? in hindsight, they should start with Bale

    ATM, have got themselves a world class goal keeper for the 2nd year in a row – should thank chelsea for it, i would be very surprised if he’s not at chelsea next season, the kids one of the top goalies in the world already – am massively impressed.

  41. James Bond says:

    thanks for sharing that blog link @ TA

    was bloody brilliant 🙂

  42. 17highburyterrace says:

    James, great points…

    JW had to be exhausted… (Luckily, Bony couldn’t switch that ball onto his left…) A new baby is such a big thing. Our #10 needs a goal in the worst way, though his contribution to Ramsey’s goal was awesome…I actually think Napoli is a great spot for Wilshere. The pace should be just that hair slower where he can shine. For the moment, however, Jack is a little too much in the shadow Aaron is casting…

    Agreed also about Courtois… They’ve also got a really good CB in MIranda and Arda Turan, in addition to his beard, really knows how to settle his team. Diego Costa is showing so much grit and fight and might’ve been a real boon to our team as a back-up/alternative to Giroud. Of course the Royals should play Bale. (Modric is good too, it just didn’t fall for them yesterday…) Di Maria is a real talent and I think he too would benefit from playing in England where his touchline runs and crosses might yield more. Benzema is really struggling, however… Morata looks like a young Ronaldo so it’s questionable if there’s enough “ball” for everybody if he slots in. Obviously, they’ll be “fine” but Athletico would be a tough team to draw in the CL. Question: If Chelsea draw them, does Coutois sit?

    Suarez AND Kolo Toure looking bright early at the Stadium of (sun) Light…

  43. James Bond says:

    indeed @ 17HT

    grapevine has it that Real Madrid are getting Falcao and not Suarez this January – the reason why they couldn’t get him during the summer was because of an agreement between the 2 Madrid clubs you see , hence Benzema is pretty much out of RM come this January , be it for 40 million (or 26 million, more realistic)…whether we are the club who get him, remains to be seen but not for 40 million, i hope not anyway.

    i’m not sure the same loan terms apply across europe as they are enforced domestically but i would like to think, no -re chelsea vs TC

    FOOL are playing a 3-5-2 , many teams are these days , kudos to Martinez for being brave enough to try it and persist with it at Wigan e.t.c WBA were doing the same yesterday as well as Aston Villa i think ?

    disallowed goal for the FOOLS (looked like a goal to me)

    PS: Glics – hope you’re well

  44. 17highburyterrace says:

    That WAS a great read, Total…

    This Sunderland-Pool match is very interesting…Bite boy acting as injured as Giroud (which means he’s fine)… Meanwhile Bendy’s party buddy (Cattermole) and Larson (both dropped by Di Canio…) are the bad cop/good cop (as we say, but in reverse…) and Sunderland are playing with both old-fashioned English spirit and a bit of technique… Howard Webb has his hands full and it will likely be his match to decide…

  45. macko says:

    Milo: Gnabry is not made ​​to play on the same post as Theo, but more the Ox, Gnarby it moves by instinct toward the axis that Theo does not remain on the wing, for or against you because is that Gnabry defends better than Theo above there is no picture 🙂
    Giroud is that I am eager to change with a real striker we would be unbeatable but if RVP had stayed I can not imagine Özil and RVP my god 🙂
    RVP must be well dégouter hasn t have to wait a year lol

  46. macko says:

    Milo : Gnabry n’est pas fait pour jouer au même post que Théo, mais plus celui de Ox, Gnarby ce deplace d’instinct vers l’axe ce que Théo ne fait jamais il reste sur son aile , par contre ou tu as raison c’est que Gnabry défend mieux que Théo la dessus il y a pas photo 🙂
    C’est Giroud que je suis impatient de changer avec un vrai attaquant nous serions imbattable mais si RVP etais resté je n’ose pas imaginer Özil et RVP mon dieu 🙂
    RVP doit étre bien dégouter de na pas avoir patienter un ans lol

  47. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cheers, Bond…

    Spanish footy has some interesting (and not so savory) sub-plots. Ever heard of Jesus Gil? Atletico ownership and their relationship with RM is not all on the surface… How did they get Villa for just about nothing?…

    Larsson = best right footed FK in England or is that Bacuna after yesterday?…

  48. 17highburyterrace says:

    Pool lead 1-nil… Corner kick flicked (or missed) by high-flying Kolo onto Sturridge’s arm!! C’mon ref…That’s crap…(defense wasn’t much better, truth be told…)

    Crowd’s gone quiet and only the echo of Larsson’s FK onto the crossbar can be heard…

  49. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hmmm…looks like it’s just me…Macko, Hablas Espanol? Si si, podamos platicar mas..

    Half time at Sun-derland and 2-ni now after Sturridge to Suarez on the break and some interesting away reffing from Webb,,,

    So many interesting stories in this one. Suarez, of course, and not-so-silent Stan saying that he was unavailable for us over the Summer… Plus the return of Mingolet to the NE…That was a good one. (Begovic, the other keeper on the move, stayed put and let a dipper slide by him in the early match…)

    Liverpool have plundered the money clubs very well (Kolo from M-City, Moses, Sturridge from Chelsea…) and may play a role in the run for the title and CL positions…Hanging onto bitey seems a good play too…

  50. Kenny says:

    Arsenal have only beaten the teams they beat last season.
    The jury is still out whether they are the real deal or not as they have yet to face a genuine or current top 8 side.

  51. Haha…No sooner do I write about Mingolet but he gives up a goal on a ball he could’ve held (or pushed around the post)…

    Also, I forgot to mention the sole survivor of Dalglish’s English core…20 million pound Jordan Henderson, also plunder-landed from the Sundered-landed…

    The match is now well poised for a Webb-intervention (and a draw?) for those in the UMF comp…Suarez dive, could help the away-win crowd…

  52. macko says:

    Spanish but not French, here This is what to have a true center forward suarez look …… I look forward to have a front center of this caliber!

  53. 17highburyterrace says:

    Saurez-Sturridge-Suarez… 3-1 it finishes, same as our match up there…

    Liverpool will be in the mix and they’ve got the 2nd best “team” that I’ve seen this season…

    Suarez will NOT be sold our way so people should give up that notion. They’re fortunate to have an owner who understands the “needs” of the support. No Luis Judas-rez(?) for them…

    Higuain, as we will see on Tuesday > Benzema but Suarez is better than both of them. If we require reinforcements (and/or improvements) up front, we will need to look elsewhere…

    Bike ride today… Laterz…

  54. James Bond says:

    really ? are you giving up on Suarez @ 17HT ?

  55. geoffchase says:


    I’m amazed! You have t pounced on the visitor who forgot we beat spuds… You’re losing your touch, mate!

    Re Suarez, well I love the talent, I hate just about everything else that goes with it… Hmmm… I’d much prefer NB came a bit righter… Or…

    Cheers — jgc

  56. James Bond says:

    September 29, 2013 17:22
    Arsenal have only beaten the teams they beat last season.
    The jury is still out whether they are the real deal or not as they have yet to face a genuine or current top 8 side.


    i’m glad you don’t see spuds as top 8 .

    the jury can remain out there for as long as it likes , while we go on about our business unotticed and with minimal fuss beating the likes of Bayern Munich (champions of Europe) and so on and so forth, to be rather blunt with you, beating anyone else after beating BM at their fortress seems like beating a 2nd rated team, besides winning 12 away games in a row is no bigi either OR

    maybe you be so kind enough to find me a team with a better record than below :

    Played 21
    Won 18
    Drew 2
    Lost 1 (to a ref)

  57. James Bond says:

    oh no @ JGC

    i tend to start looking at the last comment and then usually work my way upwards ; ) in other words, my motto is simple

    “Piss the whole world but one person at a time 😉

    let’s just say that we shouldn’t be surprised if Suarez does leave liverFOOL this january – he’s still not signed the dotted line at the improved terms offered to him by the FOOL’s, that seems to suggest to me that he’s on his way out in an “Amicable” way.

  58. James Bond says:

    glad you agree with my Ox comparisons of Gnabry @ Macko

  59. geoffchase says:


    Was wondering… I know you’re usually up for it… I myself will hit the hay soon.

    Re Suarez, I guess it’s whether AW and the team chemistry would tame him or not? He have more Spanish speakers around in nacho, Santi, Mesut et al, if it helped(?) …

    The other question is are Pool, whose finances don’t match ours, or even what they think theirs are, Fool or Pool? Ie would they hold past Jan and hope or sell. Already he’s cup tied to any EPL team for CoC and FAC (by then), and couldn’t help in CL… Thus, they’ve already lost huge on what they could have had.

    Hence, the question, have they the confidence he’ll sign, the stupidity that they can absorb the say 20-30M missed if they’d have sold in summer, or will they be clever and wait til summer as he’s got 3 years left and they figure to get a CL spot this year? Thus, Pool, Fool or “Fool”?


    Cheers — jgc

  60. AFC says:

    JB, I would also add that Swansea are a top 8 team. So we have beaten Spurs and Swansea, two teams likely to finish in the top 8.

  61. Kenny says:

    James Bond

    Tell me the last time Arsenal convinced and purred in a football match?

  62. geoffchase says:

    Regarding strikers and chemistry

    I’m currently leaning more towards someone like Lewandowski if he wasn’t dead set on BM or …? But I’m easily swayed.. 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  63. AFC says:

    Kenny, it’s not really about Arsenal being convincing. Great teams win matches when they are not playing particularly well and off the pace. A top team can turn losses into wins, draws into wins, losses into draws and keep wins as wins. We have been doing that so far this season and at the end of last season. At the end of the season all that matters is where you finish and what you win. When United won the title it did not matter that they conceded a goal every match (if I am correct) or just about won games. The only thing that meant anything was that they won the title. I would rather Arsenal scape out 20 1 nil wins than 10 5 nil wins.

  64. Kenny says:

    Wenger’s not only drawn blanks on the Trophy front , he’s also made Arsenal less of a spectacle on a football front .

  65. James Bond says:


    how about you answer my previous post first ? let’s do an answer for a question instead of doing a question for question, shall we ? besides i asked you to be kind enough, so this time i dare you :

    find me a better record than this

    Played 21
    Won 18
    Drew 2
    Lost 1 (to a ref)

  66. James Bond says:


    agreed, it may even become a tad more interesting , if Suarez ends up with another suspension , be it diving or any other offence – that’s when it gets more interesting

    yeah, real shame about Lewandowski


    it doesn’t matter what team we beat, even if it’s a top 8 team because quite bluntly put, Kenny here isn’t willing to play, i asked him a question and now have dared him – unless he puts his money where his mouth is, it’s all futile really…

    note how he is deviating from the topic in hand after he “shot himself” with that top 8 one…now it’s diverted to “our fluidity and style of play”

    ahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah @ Kenny

  67. AFC says:

    Kenny, are you really going to bring up Wenger, one of the best managers of this era. We all know Arsenal’s failure has not been down to Wenger but lack of funding, stadium move, players leaving etc. If Wenger had Mourinho’s job at Real he would have won tons of trophies.

  68. geoffchase says:


    Be interesting to see what AW does this Jan… Besides leave us all guessing… Regarding our suspected cave dwelling amigo, I do agree that AW is not as good looking as he was… 🙂

    Cheers and Bon nuit — jgc

  69. Kenny says:

    James Bond

    Stats are meaningless Arsenal had a better defensive record in January-May 2009 than in the same period of last season and reverted to type the following season and won nothing.

  70. James Bond says:

    AFC ,

    we’re better off reading JGC’s post, that’s real quality and he’s onto something there , when he hints at LiverFOOL’s Finances


    i still think FOOL’s will be able to sell Bitey for 35-45 million this January because teams in the CL , one in the knockout stages could still do with him and it will be a good thing that he’s not cup tied in europe and that could both be used as an advantage and disadvantage, a bit of a double edged sword , if you may

  71. James Bond says:

    Kenny says :

    stats are meaningless

    and then goes onto say “Arsenal had a better defensive record in 2009” @ ahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

    that is it really, you’ve nailed it, so what you’re saying is that we’re playing like Everton and are able to attract the best players in the world to come play for us ? one of them even went public at the risk of turning the whole scouse against him ?

    yep – you’re onto something there pal, you really are…

    David Moyes tried 11 years to get Everton to be above Man UTD , least he got lucky in the 12th year 😉 he finally got Everton above Man utd.


  72. AFC says:

    JB, I think Liverpool will try and sell Suarez to Real. If they do we are left in a bad situation. Why? Because Wenger turned down the chance to Benzema, maybe because he doesn’t fancy him. So if Suarez goes to Real who is left. TA, also brings up the point that Wenger may want a traditional number 9. So who is left? Falcao would be perfect. Balotelli?

  73. James Bond says:

    laters @ JGC

    Falcao is off to RM in January most likely @ AFC, have you read my comment on that above ?

    Balotelli a big massive no – suarez is a saint compared to Balotelli – let LiverFOOL have him, sure but i wouldn’t want Balotelli at Arsenal, tried and tested failure (attitude wise)…brilliant at football though…waste of a talent in my opinion.

  74. geoffchase says:

    AFC and JB

    Good point on not being cup tied. Chemistry then? RM may well be desperate to pay big then, as I’m sure they’ll get out of group (or as sure as one can be), but Benzema isn’t doing well at the moment at all…

    Be interesting to know what Ozil thinks of KB, and Wenger if he thinks he can resuscitate his confidence. By the numbers, there’s no reason he’s not good enough but it isn’t showing right now for him…

    After that, there are rumors of balotelli, but he comes with “issues” too… In his case Mancini wasn’t necessarily too different then AW in trying to be supportive, so could AW fix balotelli. On his day I rate him as more a game changer than Suarez. But, more volatile and variable too…

    Cheers — jgc

  75. Kenny says:


    The fact that you blame the board rather than Wenger proves that you haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.
    Wenger’s transfer budget is ring-fenced from stadium debt repayments. So if Wenger made a £50m profit from player sales it would not, and equally importantly, could not, be used to pay off stadium debt. The fact is, it’s not in the best interests of the creditors for their debt to be paid off early, and Arsenal would be penalised for doing so.
    Stadium debt repayments are long-term and easily manageable, and whilst if there was no stadium debt at all more money would doubtless be given to Wenger to spend, why do you assume he’d spend it. Wenger has £100m+ in transfer funds sitting in the bank right now, and in the past has refused to spend all of the money that has been made available to him.
    So, restriction of funds whilst the stadium is paid off is inevitable, but taking into consideration the balance of debt repayments and the enormous resources available to Wenger regardless, he still has more than enough money to compete for the title, do a lot better in the Champions League or win a few domestic cups.
    Wenger’s dumbfoundingly stupid wage structure which he implemented, castrating himself of transfer funds and the ability to offload a high proportion of players, and his appalling defensive tactics are the real reasons Arsenal have been unable to compete for trophies.
    Of course, the board and Wenger will never tell you that. After all, why admit their mistakes when they can blame Stadium Debt, Oligarchs or FFP.

  76. AFC says:

    JB, I have but if we could get Balotelli for £25-30 million that’s a steal. AW can change him and motivate him to do well.

  77. Gerry says:

    Macko – I had another look at your comment on my blog seeing as people have already moved off Dylan’s post – and I detect 4 points you wanted to make:

    1, Jenkinson is technically poor.

    2, Arteta was not very good on the night

    3, Arteta did not give enough guidance to Hayden, although that is where the translation went wrong, so that may not be correct?.

    4 You were disappointed with Hayden’s rating, because he showed in the second half what he can do.

    If that is what you wanted to get across, then here are my answers.

    Jenks big problem I feel is the he is more one-footed than anybody. I said this in an earlier reply, btw. This means he is not very effective in going down on the overlap if there is somebody marking him. I think it also affects him when defending. He will always want to tackle with his right foot, so attackers try and get round him in such a way that he cannot use that foot. However, on the night, he did not stop running. He put in a couple of really good crosses which could/should have have been turned into the net.
    Yes, on 3rd and 4th viewing, I believe he was he culprit for the goal they scored. He followed Berahino when the ball went over to the far side, but allowed Berahino to step away from him him as he ball-watched when it was played back in.
    That said, the big dash back might have prevented them with a winning goal late on, which is why his good points outweighed the bad, imo.

    Arteta I did not expect to be sharp enough to be at his best level. I did acknowledge that his passing was poor at time, and he did only improve on his(my) expectation mark by 5 points. Mainly for the improved effort in the second half.

    3, Yes, I think if it were an option, i would rather have had Flamini partner Hayden because not only is he more vocal than Artea, he is also more mobile. But that is another thing, Hayden did not know he was playing until late on, and he may have been too eager to impress. It does not excuse his bad tackle though. That, as I said, VCC did in his comment, was plain stupid. But to his credit, he clearly listened to what was said to him at half time.

    4, Is a follow on from that. If he(Hayden) played the 1st half like the 2nd half, I would have given him a mark 13 points over his expectation mark. I rate the lad highly too, but he has got to get a grip on making rash tackles.

    As I said in the preface to the marking system, it is about first getting a level of how well they are realistically likely to do given the circumstances they each come into game. It was not a very good game in all honesty, but as desire and effort to grind out the result, were more important than showing flashy skills for a few moments, but letting things slip at key times.

    When you consider that Per Mertersacker was the only player of the 14 involved that did not come into the game with any hang ups. That to me was a prediction of a technically poor game, and no surprise that Per(fect) Mert walked away with MOTM? But it goes without sayiig that the end result was the biggest positive and collectively they earned it.

    While I am on about that post, I see I did make a couple of errors.

    1, It was not Akpom who was the middle leg of the three pass move that put Bendtner away on goal, It was today’s hero Gnabry. I remembered it differently, but it made Bellerin’s pass even better.
    2, I failed to say how cool Olsson was on his penalty kick.

  78. James Bond says:

    some people never change @ AFC

    Balotelli is one of them according to me – he loves himself way too much and wants to be the center of attention, almost everywhere and every time – you could compare him with Suarez and there lies your answer

    note how Suarez is sat in the stands supporting his team, he is laid back and relaxed whilst Mario still wants to be in the spot light and then later moans at being under the radar or news way too much ?

    he’s had way too many managers and great managers who gave up on him, even Mancini gave up on him really (and he was one of the strongest people to stick by him) –

    15-30 million for Balotelli be a disaster waiting to happen, especially when he’s not getting enough attention or game time, he’ll be taking out his team mates in training for sure, just to show AW how eager he is to play ? no thank you very much — not for me, it’s a no go that one.

  79. AFC says:

    Kenny, we cannot know for certain what went (and is still going on) behind the doors at Arsenal. If Wenger does make £50 million profit from player sales if may not be used for stadium debt but other debts within the club. I am presuming Arsenal had others debts which had to be payed off which were related to the building of the stadium. Building a new stadium can indirectly lead to new debts which have to be payed off. That’s my take on it and I am not a financial expert so I might be wrong. All I know is that everything is not black and white and Wenger (alone) cannot be blamed for our failure in the last 8 years.

  80. James Bond says:

    *strongest supporters not people

  81. AFC says:

    JB, you might be right. I would want us to avoid players like Suarez and Balotelli. It’s all about Wenger trying to get that world class player to lead the line. There are very few elite STs/CFs out there so it will be interesting to see how Wenger tackles this problem.

  82. Kenny says:

    The debt is peanuts and very easily manageable long-term.You don’t need oil money to compete for the title. Man City trounce Utd financially, but were trounced in the Premier League last season. Arsenal and Spurs finished above Chelsea two seasons ago.
    In 2008, Arsenal got 83 points, why can’t they now? Money has got nothing to do with Arsenal’s abysmal defending, bad tactics – inability to motivate against teams like Bradford or Blackburn and draws and defeats against other poor teams that do not have a pittance by comparison.

  83. James Bond says:


    well done for trying to be reasonable and logical with K, however, like i said – he’s confused himself as he goes on from moaning about Arsenal not winning against a top 8 team, to how the team plays, then AW the manager, and now is making it out to be an investment thing with AW vs The board

    next he’ll be saying that the points table currently lies and we’re not sitting pretty at the top, it’s only because other teams have lost and we are where we are because we’re bribing ref’s (yep, be prepared to rebut that one as well 😉

    Suarez is loads better and proven world class for me personally, Balotelli still has a long long long way to go both attitude wise and scoring wise… Milan would be fools to tell him because much like Man UTD – they are a one man team at the moment…very heavily reliant on Mario – saying that, the battle last week , Balotelli vs Pepe .R was brilliant.

    what makes me more Suarez favourable is the fact that he can still deliver the goods for us in the CL , if we make it to the knockouts –

  84. Kenny says:

    The same corresponding fixtures for last season 2012-2013:

    Arsenal 2 Aston Villa 1
    Fulham 0 Arsenal 1
    Arsenal 5 Spurs 2
    Sunderland 0 Arsenal 1
    Arsenal 1 Stoke City 0
    Swansea 0 Arsenal 2

    For 12 Against 3 Pts 18

  85. AFC says:

    Kenny, I agree that we should have won the League Cup and beat Bradford but these things happen. Look what happened to City when they were facing Wigan.

    Defending will always be a problem when you play attacking football. Barca have the same problems but and have been exposed many times, except their world class players masked this for a number of years.

    God where’s RA, when you need him. Manchester United have more money available to them because they are a different club. All this plc., limited stuff (I do not which which kind of company United are but it affects all of this financial stuff and how they can spend money, how much money they can borrow etc.

    As you can see finances are really not my thing, I’m more of a tactics, formation, players type guy.

  86. Gerry says:

    JB – Thanks for reminding me earlier that Gnabry would not be available for the next match. it explains why he played yesterday, and I had forgotten that.

    Regarding the next TW, I think it might pay to wait and see who is where in the table before we start assuming who we might attract he here in January, not mention still being in the CL? Tuesday night will tell us a lot about where we stand on a European level?

    Who is this Kenny guy? I only read his last comment, but he is clearly one of those ‘fans’ who are clinging on to the Wenger Out mantra?

    Regarding the surplus in the transfer budget, Stadium debt, and trophyless years. It is clearly it is him that does not know what he is talking about. Much of that period since the move AW was required to make a £20m surplus on player sales just so the club could break even on operating costs. The Emirates deal was paid up front so little income came from that until the agreement ran out in the last year. We accepted a very poor kit deal which went into paying the dept management..

    Over the last 12 months numerous new deals have been struck, as well as a rise in the TV deal, which is why we are in a healthy position we are today?

    So Kenny my poor delude fool, how many of those deals would we have got if AW had not been able to keep our high profile name flying in the CL on a pittance of a budget?

    Oh, I keep forgetting, you know somebody who would have done a better job. Well you must do to come out with the crap you have been writing?

  87. Kenny says:


    My advice to you is going and read the ‘Swiss Ramble’ and brush up on your economics.

  88. AFC says:

    Gerry, thanks for the brief explanation. 🙂

    I was waiting for someone who knows their finances to come and give their view on Kenny’s comments.

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Gervinho scored twice tonight 😉

  90. James Bond says:


    and my advice to you is to go and check the latest published accounts instead of relying on historic figures which the “Swiss Ramble” blog seemed to have done.

    Gerry, has asked you for an alternative to AW – i don’t see you answering any of our question yet , you keep on going on from one tangent to the other one on purpose , it would seem

    or maybe you’re just a tree hugger ? i don’t know, i couldn’t be sure but i am relatively certain but yeah, just like any of your points , there’s an element of “TROLL” alert to it ….maybe you used to an an Arsenal fan when everything was honkey dorey and then boom – you jumped shit ? i don’t know as i’m not sure but i am relatively certain


  91. Kenny says:

    What’s your point?
    Debt repayments on the stadium have stayed the same and will stay the same all the way up to 2031, so it’s a myth to say that profits are being used to pay off debt instead of being given to Wenger as funds.
    Arsenal are not and have given no indication of paying off the debt early, as they would be financially penalised for doing so and there’s no necessity as the debt is manageable. By way of proof, the club has huge cash reserves, £154m. You might like to ask yourself, why isn’t that money being used to pay off debt if that’s the club’s sole intention? Because, as I explained they don’t want or need to pay off the debt early. And seeing as the money’s just sitting there, at least half of it is available to be used as transfer funds.

  92. Gerry says:

    I did indeed read Swiss Ramble, Kenny. Excellent expose on our supposed £70m transfer budget, when we had a £150m surplus .. Oh no, wait a minute. He then went on to say that we still have ongoing debts, i.e. money that is already allocated, and so the £70m was probably the right figure (at the start of the last transfer window), but could be boosted by a further £20m from the last property deals …

    Err is that what you read too?

  93. Macko says:

    gerry not bad sight, but it’s hard for me to explain with my words but I will learn English 🙂 In any case, ca fait my pleasure that calls you post 🙂

  94. Gerry says:

    Macko, Merci. Je vous comprend.

  95. Gerry says:

    Oh Kenny, I can see a little knowledge is a dangerous thing as far as you are concerned.

    Oh course the repayments are a steady stream of funds exiting the club. But there is a little thing called ‘interest’ on said loan. which is what the debt is. The bigger the amount of money owed the bigger the interest, at least, regards to some of it. Which is why the early years were so much harder to fund?

  96. Gerry says:

    As our cross post seem to agree, can I ask what has this got to do with trophyless years?

    Now we have an ongoing income that should allow a £70m transfer budget every, but it only became available this season. We have just signed a world class player with some of that budget, and upgraded the wage structure. I would say that is a positive way to look at our FUTURE prospects, rather than harking back to an old argument that we, as fans, or even Swiss Ramble, don’t know the full story.

    Each to their own I guess?

  97. Gerry says:

    Do you think he has gone off to read some more boys, or can I go to bed now?

  98. Gerry says:

    Night all

  99. AFC says:

    JB, I just read that Balotelli could be available for around £12 million in January. That’s a bargain!!! For that money I would take a chance on him.

  100. James Bond says:

    well done for trying @ Gerry – he’s a lost cause and another Wee-Donald in disguise.

    yep, AFC – all rubbish i reckon, he is plenty better than Benteke , so easily 20 million + considering they got him for 18.7 mills from Man $hitty

    yep, the FLAT TRACK BULLY aka Gervinho scored 2 today, well done to him 🙂

    for all the Wenger haters (Stares at Kenny) , read this —even his real /true haters from across the road have good things to say about him


  101. TotalArsenal says:

    Guys – Kenny is indeed the familiar troll and he has been blocked.

  102. AFC says:

    Can anyone shed any light on why Wenger did not resign Toure? I thought it would have made sense. Toure on a free, experienced at the very top level, we needed another defender. Seemed like a no brainer. Unless he didn’t want to come back.

  103. The Cockie Monster says:

    Sorry guys…….Kenny escaped from my cellar after I arse raped him and is now a very confused troll !. He used to come on here under different names and has lately been seen on AA as tim ( not so nice but still dim ! ). I shall do every thing in my power to recapture him to carry on the Buggery Therapy !. Until then, it`s time for some cookies !……Om nom nom nom !.

  104. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    New Writer New Writer 🙂

    It is time to show some admiration for our Gallic Gunner – and Kaboom does him proud! 🙂

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