Who was Wenger’s best signing in 2013? The curious case of Flamini

Kaboom is a new writer and English is not his first language. I have made some changes to make the article flow a bit better, but other than that I left it as it is. BK is an inclusive blog and we like it when bloggers from all over the world share their views and write for us.  I would like to ask you to focus purely on the content of Kaboom’s very fine post and respect that English is not his mother tongue.

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The return of the UMF - Ultimate Midfield Force

The return of the UMF – Ultimate Midfield Force

Ramsey. Giroud: the players on fire.  Santi. Mikel -lego hair- arteta still to come back. Players that continue their last season’s good form. Per and Kos with new found belief at back. Who can exclude the Öne and Önly, Özil? Arsenal are currently top of the table, most points accumulated and most goals scored team at the moment. And the table never lies!

However, in my humble opinion, the player who brought sparks/life to the spineless team has to be no other but Matthew Flamini.

The self-exiled for 4 years from the greatest club on earth has returned. All is forgiven. The sole survivor of the famous back 5 ( Lehmann, Eboue, Campbell & Toure) that inspired the heroic run that conceded only 1 goal all the way to champions league final ( only lost to 2 dodgy offside goals).

Rumours has it that he was close to be sent on loan to Birmingham but Wenger’s last minutes change of heart meant he stayed at the home of football. Everything else was history. His performance was so good AW had to leave former Brazil captain Gilberto on the bench.

Time and time again we saw endless running, tackling, arriving late at 18 yards box and having a pop at goal. Typical defensive midfielder. Along with Cesc, Hleb and Ro-sick-y, they formed the formidable midfield line-up that almost won the league. Unfortunately the agent got into his head and convinced him that a better future lay away from the great Arsenal. He left us like he left Marseille. That reminds me of what my old man always tells me. Do not pick a girl who left another man for you: one day she will do the same to you. Sadly, it was so true. AW failed to convince him on a new contract for the variance of GBP 5k (sounds familiar huh?), and he left Arsenal for Ac Milan.

It didn’t work out for either parties for past 4,5 years. Arsenal continued to struggle to find a proper DM (Dont.Ever.Mention. Song! He is a joke) and Flamini can’t even get any game time for the team. Due to stubbornness/principle of AW against signing ex-players, time and time the quality of Flamini had been overlooked.

Since then, Henry, Campbell and even Lehmann had returned on temp basis, and perhaps it softened AW’s principle of signing ex-players. Flamini rejoined the club after a successful trial. I read a report somewhere that he chose to park his super car at the visitors car park and walked thru the long corridor to the training area. To most people it may sounds like common courtesy but it has to be a huge huge humble pie (in-your-face) for Flamini. Well, it is really a minor gesture which is not worth mentioning but I have heard of far worse parking ethics of footballers. I believe that shows his willingness to earn the trust again to be part of the team and the will to be successful again.

Compared to the rest or marquee players, Flamini never has the chance to out shine anyone. He cant provides 2,3 assists per games, let alone goals. He can’t nutmeg opponents. He cant string 3,4 barca-likes passes with his teammates. However his roles of  tracking players all over field, covering every inches of the pitch, stamping authority, kicking players and doing ugly jobs are second to none.

Jack’s early withdrawal against tot-scum-spur had proven to be a real blessing in disguise. Flamini was everywhere. Tackling, kicking, shouting at defenders, organizing the defence. His performance against Stoke City has to be the best individual defensive work in years! And that’s really what Arsenal were lacking of for the past few seasons  Ramsey and Özil might be taking the limelight now, but Flamini is the real unsung hero for the team at the moment.

I guess the real dilemma for AW is how to blend in Flamini with existing rich selection of midfielders. Can AW afford to drop Ramsey? What to do about Arteta returning? Is he going to bench Jack? How about Ro-sick-y, Chambo and Diaby(if he ever gets fit again)?

It’s going to be a long season but so far I am extremely glad to see the return of Flamini. I do hope that he will play a major role in our quest for the first EPL title since forever. For me, he is already the signing of the season.

Written by: Kaboom

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    Kaboom for Kaboom, top article mate.

    Flamini has been a breath of fresh air. Very nice, full of life, and free.

    The guys a warrior and a winner. Hes an inspiration for those around him and subsequently brings the best out of them

    One thing thats not often said about Flamini is that he is a Judo black belt. I am convinced that this discipline helps him in his football. Hes a tough lad alright.

  2. Rich says:

    Flamini was a great piece of business, but he’s not going to play 50+games, and Arteta is just as important I expect the duo to share the responsibilities.
    Which one plays doesn’t matter their both top experienced players and healthy competition is always good

  3. The Cockie Monster says:

    Tick…tick…tick…Kaboom ! ……. oh dear !….not a pretty sight !…..too much Semtex up Kenny`s rectum !.

    I`m slowly being won over by our prodigal son….being a freebie makes it easier !. Good post !.

  4. AFC says:

    Kaboom, really good first post for BK. 🙂

    Flamini has been an important signing for us. He is the only natural DM in our squad which is kind of laughable. He has been really good coming into the team when needed. I think Ramsey will always take one of the DM spots, while Arteta and Flamini will fight it out for the second DM spot. Where does this leave Jack? I do not really know. He might be dropped and if one player must be dropped it surely has to be Jack.

    I would welcome Song back. If Wenger is looking for another versatile midifielder Song is right up there with Gundogan and L.Bender. It will be very hard to get L.Bender and Gundogan is very unlikely. Remember Song was not supposed to be our DM. Song and Arteta were supposed to share the defensive load. If anything Arteta was further back and Song was acting as the box to box midfielder.

    Back to Flamini. The good thing about Flamini is he would still be able to play at the top level for at least 3-4 seasons.

  5. weedonald says:

    Great first article Kaboom and the only thing I disagree with is your statement that Arsenal were spineless before we got him…..last season we went 15 games unbeaten without him, that IS proof that we had a spine and a heart as well. However he adds an additional iron spine to the DM role….so who cares what he cost (haha!)……we are headed for glory unless the injury or referee demonds derail us.

  6. snc says:

    I like to think flamini move to milan was part of his education to become a better DM. He could only get better with the style of Italian football. Plus, there were great and experienced midfielders ahead of him back then. So perhaps him leaving n coming back is actually a blessing. Definitely a starter for Arsenal now. Only worry now is tt he seems to be getting yellow card in almost every game. Haha

  7. rick says:

    You make a point to which I tell everyone I know but seems noone remembers as we didn’t win the league of the 07-08 season…the midfield of Hleb Rosicky Fabregas and Flamini. Some of the best stuff ive seen from Arsenal and would had won the league if Rosicky didn’t pick up THAT injury!

    Also a big fan of Hleb, which again people finds strange but he was brilliant with a ball and made a fool out of Real Madrid both legs the year before.

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Kaboom 🙂

    Fine maiden post about a fine , well-ripened player. (the arrival of) Ozil has given us wings and Flamini is providing the landing gear. A bit like this:

    Both are adding so much to the team and long may it continue. 🙂

    Catch you tomorrow.

  9. debesay says:

    Wait it could be Serge Gnabry our signing of the season. Lol

  10. alcide says:

    Nice first post Kaboom!

    I’m with weedonald on this… Our excellent run has started when Arteta was playing alongside Ramsey, and at the risk of sounding like our (un)friendly troll from the previous post that dared mention the excellent Swiss Ramble without understanding the most basic principles of financial accounting, our current season record is not better than last year’s on a fixture by fixture basis.

    What is certain is that Flamini did extremely well in Mikel’s absence, and I think we all agree that Arteta’s embracing (and interpretation) of the DM role was one of the key to our form at the end of the season. I still think however (and it’s of course difficult to prove) that Mikel is our #1. It seems to me that what we gained in “pure” defensive abilities when our opponents have the ball and push to score, we have lost in our ability to keep possession (thus limiting the other team’s overall possibilities to attack). And we of course lose a bit on our attacking capacity.

    All in all, there is probably not huge difference in overall performance between the two options, and we may have to see how we handle bigger team… will Flamini make enough of a difference defensively when our defense will face top attacking players (if like we did recently we leave 70% possession to Napoli, City… is our parking the bus going to hold seeing it’s not our “natural” game?), or will keeping possession be a more familiar and succesfull route for us? What happens if we run after the score? That hasn’t happened for the last 13th game or so (we’ve been scoring first consistently), but if it does, would Mikel not be a better option? Without his technical ability and vista, we have been struggling with recycling the ball when we get stuck in attack, and more often that has resulted in the ball going all the way back to Szeczny for a long quick upfield.

    Just my thoughts (and gut feeling), but the very good news, is that we have 3+1 excellent players for our double pivot that we can rotate and perhaps help avoid injuries. And if Ramsey is first on the list, we need to rest him whenever we can, too.

    As for signing, there is no urgency, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing to get a Bender or Gundogan level guy if there is an occasion – there’s an age gap between our young Rambo and Flam/Mikel that may need to be filled in the next couple of years.

    I’m eagerly waiting for our tactical experts’ opinions 🙂

  11. alcide says:

    “kick upfield”

  12. kaboom says:

    Rich, competition is good and its up to the boss to rotate and bring out the best of each midfielders. considering the team has so many players in mid field area, AW might gave a real sweet selection dilemma in long long time..

    AFC, for DM, anyone but song please….

    Debesay, Gnabry was actually brought on last season against the mighty Bayern…

    Terry, seriouosly? judo black belt? wonder has flamini ever square up against zlatan ibrahimovic during training session…

    Weedonald/TA/Aicide, lets just say flam and ozil have combined cost of GBP 42mil so flam is our GDP 21mil DM LOL…

  13. 17highburyterrace says:

    Great post Kaboom. (Note, I don’t use the period or full stop often, but there it is…) 😀

    What the trollers and Arsene-l haters don’t want to acknowledge is that salaries are the future. Why, if we desire to be amongst the best clubs in the world, should we be giving our resources to our rivals?…No, instead, we give them to our players. (Though, like all humans, they sometimes get injured, aren’t very mature or don’t live up to their promise…) And, sometimes, we place our trust in the wrong kids. Being skint in past years may have lost us players like Flamini and Cole (and all of those who went off to Man City…) but we’re sporting a more mature look these days. Flamini IS costing us money, we’re just not paying his former club…

    I’m in agreement with alcide that our possession game is compromised by giving guys like Flam a central role and moving guys like Wilshere wide and that we could still use “middle aged” folks in the middle. This is the reason that Ozil is so key as he has the ability to see the parts of the pitch where space can be filled. Already, less “conscious” guys like Ramsey and Gnabry are popping up–wherever needed–to do business as needed. Seriously (as I posted this morning…) please watch the sequence of possession–38 passes proceeding our first goal at Swansea, which turned the match. Most of the touches were routine, but Flamini and Ramsey had to make some sliders…Also, Ozil was everywhere, deep, wide and forward, according to the need…

    My thought is that Wilshere will morph into a 2nd attacking MF (alongside Ozil) and that we’ll have a third midfielder–Ramsey, Arteta, Flamini who will be assigned to watch for trouble and provide outlets further back. Our “wide attackers” can be MFs too, depending on the needs at hand. If it’s 3 points (or goals) we require, Poldolski, Walcott, Cazorla and (now) Gnabry) all fit the bill. The more possession oriented players mentioned above (plus Rosicky) can do also start in those spots if a match needs to be closed out or a draw is an acceptable result.

    “Sorted,” as my friend 007 would say. And yes, James, et al., (from the last thread…) Suarez is not gonna play for us…ever…Sorry… (Kudos to Rodgers, Red Sox owners, etc.)

    We’ll be OK, I think…

    Night, night…

  14. Cyril o says:

    Wao flamini is really flaming. Strong Dm. Go for goal agaist Napoli and kill it all. Good job guys.

  15. gf60 says:

    Good article. Thanks. Happy to have a pit-bull back, especially one who can pass. The Flamster is a revelation at the moment. May it continue.

  16. Gerry says:

    kaboom – Very good post, especially as you put the spotlight on a player not necessarily in the media headlights.

    However, I think most fans have seen Flamini’s contribution, and noted it very favourably.

    A harsh note on ‘spineless side’, and to a degree, dismissing Song as a ‘joke’. Forgetting that in the final year of RVJ’s reign he was our most creative midfielder?

    But as the season’s ‘Best Buy’ category, notwithstanding HT17’s point on wages, he has to be a candidate? However, the season is still young, and it remains to be seen if he can; a, Avoid injury – as he hardly played due to cruciate ligament trouble while at Milan; b, Can he avoid getting yellow cards, that will lead to a suspension sooner rather than later? – That was something Song could do very well, he rarely got booked twice in a game.

    As to who loses out? Well similar to the Theo/Gnabry discusion from yesterday, I believe they are different types of player. Both read the game very well. Both can make a good tackle. But Flamini does have mobility on his side, so if it is one or the other, it may come down to the opposition as to who gets the nod?

    Funnily enough, I saw a website give out the forecast starting line-up for tomorrow night. Alas they jumped the gun, and still have the names blacked out. However, then length of the blocks gives the clue as to who they think will be fit enough to play:

    Back 5, as before.
    Midfield; Arteta and Flamini
    CAM Ozil
    Rosicky; Wilshere
    Striker; Giroud

    So that is one option, although resting Ramsey is a big call? Mind, with the same number of letters, it might be Ramsey, with Arteta on the bench?

    In the need of not losing, I think either possibility is sound, as Rosicky will provide the thrust going forward, and I suspect will link very nicely with Ozil?

    But as to the future, it is clear to me that all players are going to have to accept stepping down, preferably before injury – e.g. Ramsey? and as the aforementioned discussion went, why are we restricting ourselves to an 11-18 squad,why not 21? Bring in our fringe youth players more often. The old adage, use it or lose it, comes to mind? We have yet to see how Sanogo might be able thrive alongside Giro, rather than instead of? Or indeed, Akpom instead of, but with the backing of Ozil, Rosicky, and Cazorla? We had the merest glimpse of the talents of Bellerin the other day. I want these players to see the light of day, not necessarily as an automatic starter, for them or any other, really, but be able to come off the bench, show their worth, and if they stand up, find them an opportunity of a starting berth. If we stay in the CL beyond the group stage, we will need to rest players prior to those games. We have found that Gnabry can be counted on to do a job while he is still learning and improving, and I don’t think the others are that far behind him?

    So in the big scheme of things, the difference between Arteta and Flamini, Ramsey and Wilshere, Santi and Rosicky, or even Szcz and Fab are simply great situations for AW to manage? (But the sooner we test out the Giroud positition with Akpom the more complete the squad will look?)

    I suppose, hidden behind all of this, is the question who would we/AW put in for the important games, and for me, Flamini gets my vote on this one.

  17. Another round of B52's says:

    Flamini is doing wonders for Arsenal right now but at some point this season Arsene may tweak the side so that
    A) they don’t sit as deep in defence, and instead swarm to win ball back by pressing high
    B) they have more balance, possession and penetration in attack
    playing Cazorla left, Ozil higher up centre, Theo right, Wilshere and Ramsey as the holding/box to box midfield, but there would be no space for flamini… Too attacking??

  18. Ehn says:

    Nice one

  19. Gerry says:

    Afternnon all, Just a brief mention, before I turn my attentions elsewhere …

    I don’t think there will be many youthful players on the bench on Tuesday, except may be Eisfeld, as they have a home tie for the under 19’s the following day, and he is not qualified this rime around.

    However, with Rosicky back, along with Arteta, plus the Gk, Fab? and Jenks,that does not leave more than a couple of places, Mind, none of the heroes of Wednesday’s triumph played in the Under 21’s at the weekend, so I guess any of those could be picked, and if not used could still play the following day? But if Bendtner is not on our CL list, then Akpom would be the most likely to join Eisfeld?

  20. geoffchase says:


    Well written and said.. I have one thing to add and since I have been accused of making things complex, simple, let me try with Flamini.

    the reason Flamini is such a great buy and addition is…

    –> Whenever you watch a game and think “Gosh! If only a guy was right there, right now, it would be perfect..!” lo and behold he appears.. and gets whatever job done (receive pass, tackle player, disrupt opposition….)

    Like clockwork he is always where he is needed, and not yet that I have noted where he isnt.

    That equals effect and Presence!

    chheers — jgc

  21. geoffchase says:


    The question is, has Song grown/changed/learned? If yes, then yes.. and otherwise… We might do better to buy a German Bendraxler mobile..

    Just my 2p — jgc

  22. kaboom says:

    Gerry, please dont get me wrong. “Spineless” doesnt applied to the team spirit and desire to win, which i have absolutely no doubt about. however time and time again we seen our midfielders overrun by opponents, especially big, power midfielders. I am not sure if this is tectical issue or most of our midfields are so versartile and they tend to drift away during matches.
    Flamini has the undisputable dicipline to stay in the position, and often being right place at right time just like how Geoffchase mentioned it. the give us the “spine”. proper DM, rock solid stoppers pair and ever improving sczy…

  23. kaboom says:

    song’s assist was crucial during his last season with arsenal, undeniable. however being a DM, his basic job is sheild the defense and let the capable candidates like rosicky jack etc to do the attacking/organisng play. to be honest, taking away his assists, i dun reli rate his passing nor his desire to track any opponents.
    i believe no matter how versatile a player is, proper DM should priortise his job. every team needs a dennis rodman as much as a jordan.

  24. James Bond says:

    nice one, Kaboom – well done for writing a lovely piece, keep writing , you’re good at it !

    i think what you may mean by “spineless” is lack of presence ? hence the addition of Flam’s has some what made up for that – is that what you mean ?

    anyhow, back to your article – i agree, that Flam’s has been a 5 star signing and is delivering the goods week in week out, however , Arteta for me still starts ahead of Flam’s when he is fully fit.

    it’s actually good to have Flam’s, it will make Arteta better and Flam’s better as well since both will be competing in training and developing a better understanding….either way, competition for places is always nice and healthy…. he needs to keep the yellow cards down to a minimal now though, i mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, be a bit more clever and street smart like but no worries, it’s a dirty job and someone’s got to do it.

    i’m more interested in seeing both Flam’s and Arteta play together – it will allow Arteta to play in his usual position for a change.

    great comments up above by the usual suspects – and re- last nights troll,

    who is “The Cockie Monster” ? = Glics , is that you or TMHT , ha

  25. James Bond says:


    re- Song , the grass is not always greener as he has been finding out off late at Barca…

    he was a lazy player in that aspect but he was still learning his trade, would i buy him back for 5 million ? oh yes, i would but nothing more than 5 million though – it was a shrewd piece of business by AW (again) for selling him near 15 million to Barca and keep their bench nice and warm.

    like AW said – we only add world class players now – so that rules out Song for me unless he’s available for 5 million and wants to take a pay cut as you have to look at the age factor of Arteta and to an extent Flam’s….they are fit now , but what happens when one breaks down and the other one needs a breather ? for this season, we are fine though – would be nice to get a couple of pre-contracts signed and so on though 😉

  26. kaboom says:

    james bond thanks for the compliment.

    5 mil for song… nah… is he better than flamini, arteta, ramsey (in case he plays in withdrawal role in future) or jack? plus they are other players from reserve and academy who deserve a chance rather than song..

  27. geoffchase says:


    Too funny! 😀 Frankly, I;d never have called the table as it is now. I would have Arsenal up high but not ManU and others so low.. If the season stopped now the qualifiers are Arsenal, Spurs, Pool and Chelsea with Soton to UEFA! No ManU, No City, …

    One can dream… I wouldnt mind Spurs second in that kind of ordering.. 🙂

    Flamini and Arteta — interesting. The only risk is whether they would constantly end up running into each other as both have a habit of being in that right spot! Weirdly, it could be a disaster? Probably not tho and worth seeing either way! 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  28. Gerry says:

    JB – Regarding that troll, Kenny. I would like to point out I was deliberately being condescending an obnoxious to him …. just in case you cannot spot the difference 😆

  29. Fozzie B says:

    Good afternoon pyjama python purveyors!! 😀
    Nice posts kaboom and Dylan!! Nothing to add much here as all covered in comments and really looking forward to seeing flamteta/armini together as JB has mentioned to see Arteta getting forward more can really improve our counter attacking with theo out for 5 weeks.
    And who is this “cockie monster”?? Last time I saw him was in the weekend when he was in the kitchen making his “special cookies”!! Combined with a few scoops with animal to celibrate the Swansea win and fozzie b was k’od!!! 😆
    Hey Glic I hope you are well…. Kermit told me to say he can’t wait to visit your tranny annex and he has been saving a special batch of green slime … Just for you …. “For your chops only” he reckons ….. 😆
    He’s been singing it like the old bond song “for your eyes only” except exchange the “eyes” for “chops” and your set!! Haha … 😆

  30. James Bond says:

    you never know @ JGC – football is a funny old game, while we’re at it, who knows perhaps Chelsea might not quality for the CL knock out stages and be condemned to playing in the Europa league and then Jose tries to win it ? egg on his face kind of scenario , as he called winning and being int he europa league a “punishment”, ha

    football can humble you, such are the footballing gods and if you don’t believe me then ask a certain Van Pu$$y – how he feels about it now, how he wishes he was at the receiving end of some delicious OoooOOOooZil assists with Santi and Jw also running the show and Theo feeding from the right — oooh la la !

    it could be a disaster or it could be a stroke of genius – unless we try it, we will never find out!

    so i says, why the hell not ?

    besides , i would love to see a 4-6 formation at some point.

  31. James Bond says:


    you were still being too kind to him i reckon – i was actually trying to encourage AFC to stop engaging with him as he was busted on the spot – but never mind, all in the name of “good jolly fun” .

    just because people have read the swiss ramble/rumble blog, which i think you were the first one to share with all of us here, i didn’t even know if , it existed but anyhow – reading it and then coming to a conclusion doesn’t make one an expert on Arsenal’s finances and how the club is run – pretty pathetic to be used as an excuse by the haters , me thinks.

  32. The Cockie Monster says:

    ” Who is The Cockie Monster ? ”

    Ask yourself this Arsebandit Brethren ………..”Why are there crumbs in my bed every time I get home from work ? ”
    Because the BK WAGs love…….The Cockie Monster and I need the ingredients to make Pussy Cookies !. Om nom nom nom

    So you see why I have to remain anonymous as you might want to kill me ………. or buy some cookies !.

  33. The Cockie Monster says:

    I`m not some kind of Monster !…………Obviously I don’t want you lot paying for my little monsters….. I do care about your finances in these tricky times !.


  34. Fozzie B says:

    Must be Glic or stretch!! Too many special cookies has given you paranoia!! 😆 and the way you eat those cookies with all that nom noming sounds like Kermit gave you some of his special icing!!!
    I reckon you’ve asked stretches basement or glics tranny annex!! Haha 😆

  35. Fozzie B says:

    Asked * escaped

  36. geoffchase says:

    JB, Gerry, Fozzie

    JB: I figure RvJ has his immense ego to keep him warm and comfortable, so with his paycheck doesn’t care… It’s why he isn’t an arsenal player!

    I DO agree on the sight of a 4-6-0 being interesting. I suggest we petition for it to beat ManU, just to make a point to a certain ST?!? 😀

    Gerry: you’re still too nice. Of course I just stirred and watched, which in some psychs handbooks doubtless a worse sin! 🙂

    Fozzie: your correction was timely, I had another word there!

    Cheers — jgc

  37. The Cockie Monster says:

    I like you Fozzie……I always get to watch you on …….The Muffit Show here on Sexandme street !.
    I did once also catch you on Rainbow trying to Bungle Georges cock into Zippy`s mouth !.

    Not sure if Stretch and Glic are one and the same person……ones building a Loft conversion and the other a Love Shack…. bay love shack…..love shack …..baby love shack !.
    Ones also got an NVQ as a Clairvoyant speaking to 1930`s gooner ghosts and the other a PhD in Pussy !.
    There`s also someone else in the mix, who shall remain anonymous but he is so old he has stabiliser`s on his cock and a GPS system on his wife`s fanny to keep track of it !.

  38. Fozzie B says:

    😆 JGC!!
    Too right he is very fond of the “bottom pillaging” phrase!!! 😆

  39. Fozzie B says:

    Glic your back you good thing!! I can’t deny my rainbow connections although I hear your “rainbow” connections are far stronger and the decor in the tranny annex is rainbow!! Zippy also said you tried to play matador using your ozil todger with his round zip hole near his mouth!! He said first you got him so high on your cookies that he couldn’t work out which rainbow he worked for any more!! Bungle also now wears a pink tutu and makes nom noming noises when it thunders outside …. 😆


    I can assure you all, i am not the Cock Monster but i wish i was. hahaha At first i thought it was Fozzie having some kind of szisophrenic fit but seems not.

    When you think about it unless you actully meet a fellow blogger in person, they can take any persona they like. There was one guy on the Bald Truth forum who constantly gave it the bigun that he was a head doorman and that if anyone disagreed with his theory that pigs bladder caused follicle neo genises there woud be trouble

    When he was finally tracked down it turned out he was a 68 year old retired Dentist who had perfect hair. hahaha

  41. James Bond says:

    as long as we have “The Cockie Monster” looking out for Trolls and on Trolls Patrol, this world i mean BK is a better place, so well done and thank you TCM/Fozzie mark 3 – your secrets are safe with me and i won’t bust you like i did both the G’s on here 😉

    over and out.

    ah , of course @ JGC your little nudge and encouragement worked wonders, didn’t it ? it only made me dig our AWESOME record which currently stands at this…

    played 21

    won 18

    drew 2

    lost 1 to the plonker aka the referee.

    if , there was a way of keeping that as a signature , i so would , ha

    Napoli next –

    yep yep, i hear you on that 4-6

    come to think of it, our midfielders have been the ones scoring goals much more regularly than our striker/s ever since the departure of the gray haired one….



    subs : Rosicky/Gnabry to choose from with the likes of Poldi and Diaby on the bench

    sorted !

    on a slightly different note, i think AW is trying his best to not play Santi before the international break , so he isn’t part of the spanish team…and Santi seems hell bent on trying to come back as soon as possible so he could be in the spanish squad ? i think, Wenger will have it his way and in the process have his key players nice and fresh for the 19th of October

  42. Fozzie B says:

    😆 stretch!! Yeah schizophrenia is big amongst the muppet community!! Years of having someone’s hand up your hole can do that to you!!!
    Stretch you must love laudrop’s hair eh? Although not up to your lofty standards – surely a crowd pleaser. Mrs P can’t stop waxing on about it. I don my cap to show off the tufts I have but I don’t get such a reaction!! Laudrop would get all the pork scratching a man could handle!! 😆

  43. Fozzie B says:

    Hey stretch your namesake has the galatasaray job!! 😀


    True Fozzie, Laudrop has great hair and film star good looks….I would like to kill the Bastard. hahaha

  45. Fozzie B says:

    Haha stretch … What a dapper bastardildo he is!! Off topic – isn’t it liverfools away kit poor!! 😀

  46. James Bond says:

    as ugly as the frog aka Rodgers ?

  47. geoffchase says:


    Interesting! I’d go with…

    Arteta — Flamini

    Ramsey — Santi — JW/Theo


    And call it 4-6-0, I want to see a middle of Arteta –> Santi –> Ozil all feeding into/off wings and running of AR, theo/JW…

    But basically with movement all about the same…

    Cheers — jgc

  48. geoffchase says:


    Was a pic of Rodgers staring at something on ESPN by an article yesterday.. All I could think was if he wasn’t an EPL manager, he’d be getting arrested at a local park. Weird I tell ya!

    This ones close enuf.. Scary!


    Cheers — jgc

  49. The Cockie Monster says:

    Apart from leaving crumbs in Stretches bed, I once had the astonishing show of watching his syrup levitate as he blew his top after finding some crumbs in one of his treasured syrups !.
    He came home early and I hid in the wardrobe…which was an experience in it`s self as I wasn`t the only one in there !…there was a polish builder with Wojciech Tomasz Szczsny tattoed on his Pole and Mr Patel from the corner shop sucking on an Onion barjhie !. We all watched fixated as Stretch laid out an impressive array of syrups on his bed !. Picking up each one and trying it on to good effect with a glance and a pelvic thrust in the full length mirror whilst echoing the same chat line each time…..” Stretch is the name….Lurve is my game ! ” with Kool and the Gangs…” Get down on it ” belting out in the background !.
    The man has some stamina, he ejaculated 5 times in the syrup swapping session before he was ready to get off to a Trannie night via Mr Patels corner shop for some under the counter home made vindaloo Viagra. !.


    That Kit aint to bad Fozzie. I might buy one, it will go very well with my ski mask and rubber cosh. hahaha

    To be fair to liverpool, that kit suits there image. Because they dont have to get changed It gives the players more time to break into your gaff and rob you before they take the pitch

    I defy anyone to tell me that suarez, sturidge, and gerrard wearing that away kit and a ski mask wouldnt terrify and rob them.


    Cockie, hahahaha, i didnt know you and the Pole were in there. Patel, yeah, hes got a season ticket. Thats why i get the pills free

  52. The Cockie Monster says:

    Dont be surprised to find our Emirates Stadium Giant Plasma Screens go missing when Liverpool next visit !. Thieving Scouse bastards !.


    Nice chatting to yer, but Patels just come round so got to shoot. hahaha

  54. James Bond says:

    indeed , i didn’t want to include TW as that would have made it a hell lot interesting ; ) @ JGC

    i see where you’re coming from on Rodgers , if memory serves then i think the junior Rodgers , did indeed get arrested and then had to face the music in court for something similar, ha

  55. The Cockie Monster says:

    Should be OK next time Stretch……..I`ve been experimenting with a new recipe for crumbless cookies !………still having teething problems with the stainless semen though…..VCC`s false teeth are still taking a splash bashing !.

  56. Fozzie B says:

    😆 Cockie and Strerch – Oh my days I’m watching Jamie carragher while holding onto my ready meal!! I fear those tonsils reaching out from the screen like “the ring” scouser version!!!
    😆 😆
    Man i miss that wardrobe cockie …. That kept me nice and warm and stimulated 😆
    And now I realise where the curry cravings came from!!
    I reckon that carragher gets on Neville’s titts big time!!
    He’s holding onto his shirt buttons dead scared!!

  57. Fozzie B says:

    Vickers might like his dentures fortified Cockie and shiny white!! The last picture I saw of him on his zimmer …. He looked a bit lite in the teeth department-come to think of it he looked a bit lite in the body department as well!! 😆

  58. Fozzie B says:

    Classic/Lukaku scores and celebrates with the phone side for Maureen!! 😀

  59. James Bond says:

    that was an entertaining game to watch @ Fozzie 😉

    3-2 it ended…

    players like Theo Walcott and Ben Arfa are great as impact subs – but i’m not entirely convinced that both can have the same sort of impact when they start ?

    maybe, a post on Theo starting from the bench more often and how fruitful that can be for us as opposed to him starting might be a good area of discussion and would make for a very fine article ? any takers or supporters of this notion 😀

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    The floor is yours, king of delegation! 🙂

  61. James Bond says:


  62. Fozzie B says:

    JB my bro – Totes is right! I’m on your side but you don’t give yourself a fair go!! It’s obvious you have a lot good opinion!! Put a mini post together!! It doesn’t have to be a biggie!! Dip your toes in!! 😀

  63. Fozzie B says:

    Watching Neville and carragher is like watching fire ants and sandpaper!!

  64. James Bond says:

    Fozzie – you’re meant to be on my side here, Mister.

    i expect Napoli to park the bus tomorrow, they are coming here for a draw – i’m fairly certain about it.

    thoughts ?

  65. James Bond says:

    ahahahahahahahahah @ 22:34 link

    i absolutely hate the “scouse” accent – no one on Tv, should be allowed on tele do to he commentary or expert analysis – especially if your name is Michael Owen (Tw@t )

  66. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

  67. proudgooner says:

    It is far to early to say yet for me, i want to see Sanogo play. Ozil has onl had a few games. I think if you look at all of Wengers signings most have been unbelievable and at some poit played awesome, i think all 4 will be very good.
    I just want Sanogo, Podolski, Cazorla, OX, Diarby and Walcott all back fit. Look at all those names that would be some bench, no all should be picked to play but who ever takes there place will be great, then we have a great chance i think silver is on his way to the cabanit. If not this season then defo the next.

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