Deserved praise for Ozil and Ramsey, but Giroud is our beacon, our lighthouse

Sexy football is back, baby! πŸ™‚

Happiness is a warm Gunner!
Happiness is a warm Gunner!

Frustratingly, I had to travel back from London last night and was not able to watch the game. The only thing I had was my blackberry on which I could read comments on my own site but not respond (for some reason), as well as regular updates on the BBC website.

I could gather from the comments how well we were playing and that made it even harder to only have written words of the good guys’ performances, whilst others were getting the Full Monty at the ground or on TV.

I was able to watch β€˜the highlights’ on ITV later on, and although they did not give our game much time, I could gather what a special night it has been at the Home of Football.

I know the footie statisticians focus a lot on goals and assists, but it is about time we start to measure β€˜penultimate assists’ as well. The big question for me is: where does a goal originate from: is it the assist maker and/or the one who starts the attack? Ultimately, a goal is a combination of actions on and off the ball and most goals are scored as a result of efforts by a number of players.

Last night, Ozil was praised to heaven for a very, very fine performance in the first half. His goal was simply Bergkampesque and so was his assist for the second one. It is impossible to over-estimate what this German footballing Genius is adding to our team right now, and that at half the money of Bale muhahahaha! πŸ˜€

Ramsey’s assist was also Bergkampesque in terms of vision and accuracy, and this guy – the ultimate professional footballer – deserves all the credit he is getting currently.

But last night was also a great demonstration of the importance of our Big Fecking Frenchman: Ollie Giroud. He produced both penultimate assists and without him and his actions both goals would not have happened: it is as simple as that. I have been stressing for quite a while that Ollie is not just a classical nr.9; he is far more important than that to the team. His hold-up play and ability to play with his back to the goal, combined with his energy and his permanent goal threat, is absolutely pivotal to our system of football.

If Giroud had not scored yesterday, he might not have had much recognition for his contributions. Luckily, he did score which is good for him and us, but what matters even more is that he was at the very basis of both our goals last night.

His control and body strength, combined with good touches and pass, allowed Ramsey to penetrate the Napoli defence and have space and time to both spot Ozil and deliver an accurate pass to our nr.11. This was absolute sublime β€˜holding forward’ football and without it Ramsey would not have had the time and space to produce his classy assist, and Ozil would not have been put in a good scoring position.

The second goal was another example of Giroud’s wider importance to the team. He was helping out with our pressing game and not just hanging around the box for β€˜an opportunity coming his way’. The pressing let to him receiving the ball; he controlled it well, passed it to king of assists and then burst into the box himself. Ozil found him with sublime precision and our big Frenchman was rewarded for all his efforts with a relatively simple β€˜blast-in’. Another fine team goal and another fine penultimate assist by OG.

Although his goals and direct assists are very important, his other contributions are just as important to the team. I reckon OG is the sort of striker we will see a lot more of in the future, although they might be hard to find. I reckon Chelsea and to a lesser extent Man City, who have Negredo and Dzeko, are crying out for a holding striker of Giroud’s pedigree, and the same goes for many other teams in the PL and Europe who want to play 4-2-1-3 or 4-5-1.

It might also explain why Dortmund did not allow Lewandowski to leave them this summer, as he is probably the finest holding forward around. The Pole is as pivotal to Dortmund as Giroud is to us, and I predict that not only the former but also the latter will become big transfer targets this summer. Not that we will let him go, no way Jose! πŸ™‚

All ingredients for another feast of Wengerball football this season are here. Ozil and Ramsey, but also Flamini and Mertesacker, and many others deserve all the praise they are getting, and so does our mobile rock up-front, our beacon, our lighthouse, our linchpin, our giant of a holding forward.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

Gerry produced a fine morning comment that should be read by a wider audience, so I have added it to today’s post:

So, the first 15 minutes. None of that cagey stuff I talked about pre-game. Instead, some of the finest, crispest, passing for such a long time I think we were beginning to think that that side of our game had gone? The grab an early goal and defend in numbers was fantastically left behind in this half.

Sagna – the times he slipped the pass along the line where there was barely room was amazing. He was on very good form, and didn’t he enjoy it?

Ramsey – whether playing tight one-twos or playing down the wing, switching play, tackling .. It was all the same. Probably one of his best displays without scoring. Brilliant!

Flamini – how did we ever manage to do so well without him? Right man in the right job, and invariably in the right place. Of all the missing pieces in our team, he has to be one of the best? Drove the play forward at pace when he wasn’t β€˜Johnny on the spot’ defending.

Ozil – what can you add that has not been already said? Truth be told, he himself added a whole lot more with this display? His goal alone should be on Walcott’s I-pad on a continuous loop – the timing of his run was immaculate. When Ramsey reached the byline Ozil had only just left his marker about 10 yards inside their half, but running into space. Ramsey is so hot-wired at the moment that he saw the space … the SPACE(note Theo!) and not the fully marked Giro in the box. He then played the perfect ball accordingly. Ozil reached the point where their trajectories would meet and played the simplest of first time shots with his instep into the bottom left hand corner.
That was just the finish it deserved. Others added to it along the way.

Rosicky – I am so disappointed that he has hardly got a mention in a report I read elsewhere, other than to say he β€˜tired in the 2nd half’. I am not sure that this display would have been possible without him in the side. True, he did not lay on the perfect assist, or score a sumptuous goal. But what he did, and always does, is drive the play forwards. He passed the ball quickly, whether on the left or right, up front or on the edge of our box. This on his first game back from injury, and the first alongside Ozil. He may get overlooked a star of this game, but don’t think for one minute he did not play his part.

Giroud – I predicted his intelligence would help him connect well with Ozil, and it did in this game. It was Ozil this time that got to the goal line and somehow got the ball through a narrow gap between defenders and keeper for a simple tap in. However, when players are moving around him, his nod downs and quick flicks really do show off his skills to the full. I said early this season that he is like a lighthouse, a beacon from where the team know where they are .. and here it with this illuminating display?

I sought of skipped past Arteta’s contribution as I concentrated on the moves going forwards. He was his usual solid self. I did not see him going forward much in the first half, but Flamini was allowed to because he was there.

Again, not a lot to say about Szcz, Per, or Kos, as they had little to do, but what they did was solid enough.

Gibbs was not used so much in attack, as the right flank was getting most joy. It did not stop him making himself available though, which meant when he was having his one-two’s down the line it opened space for the others in the middle. However, his defending was questioned more than once. There was one occasion in the first half where he was not close enough to Insigne and allowed him a shot on goal, but shot wide. This was something happened, according to the audio, in the 2nd half too. And on each occasion it was down to Gibbs making the β€˜right’(imo) decision to not allow the right back a free run in behind, but it is a fine line when trying to cover two players at the same time. If he tracks their wide player coming in, somebody should either take over so he can mark the overlap, or somebody else go wide? Gibbs is quick, but even he cannot be in two places at once? For the most part of the first half Flamini was there, with Rosicky tracking back. In the 2nd half when Wilshere came on for Rosicky it seemed to make the problem worse? Either the two are not communicating well enough, or Wilshere is a tad slow in reading the options?

And that folks is the nearest I can come to the report on performance. The match was decided by AW’s tactics to go all out from the off, so he gets top credit. But the players did all that was asked and then some.

This is why we are more likely to attract top players, whether next January or in the summer, as the video of this game gets spread around. Not only are we a top club, we have the players to match.

Written by: Gerry.

124 thoughts on “Deserved praise for Ozil and Ramsey, but Giroud is our beacon, our lighthouse

  • Gerry,

    Well I differ just a little so I wrote his but TA has yours up so you get a long reply..

    Recap of Napoli 0, Arsenal 2 more than 0

    I differ with many Wednesday morning pundits in (at least) one thing. The second half was just as good as the first. More defensive, don’t give up the goal perhaps, but just as good.

    All three shots Napoli had inside the box came in the first half. Nothing inside it in the second if I recollect, or at least not until after 83 mins when I last checked

    When Arsenal wasn’t controlling ball, they were outright bullying Napoli backwards. So many second half moves forward by Napoli ended up with them with the ball going backward into their area with the ball.. That’s shape, form and aggressive defense. Off that we were unlucky not to get a third.

    Some also say that Higuain would have been the difference. I say no. Goals come from strikers, but strikers get goals from opportunities (i.e. passes), and those come from “creators” like Ozil. Flamini was sent out with one task, own Hamsik, and .. he did, .. Hamisk now sends him mortgage money for his shirt. Flamini drove him all over the field, to Hamsiks credit, searching for ball and opportunity to do something. He didn’t get it. Higuain wouldn’t have added much in my opinion without service (period).

    OG is underrated really. The holdup out wide and flick to Ramsey to set up Ozil was all OG creating the opportunity. Once AR was away, the bit to Ozil for a great finish was the easy part. See:

    Overall, some pundits claim Napoli weren’t in it. Well if they’d bossed us it would be about our lack of talent or something. IMO, it’s BS, they were bossed and made to look average by very good play. Watching, what I noted was Napoli tried to stuff the middle and stop us. They did so. So, look at the goals, down the side and cut back across for goals. Block one way open another.

    Pats on the head for me, I said something similar back a bit here on BK. No pats for me, it’s sort of obvious in a football sense that 11 players cant stuff all the avenues in a full field and so you pick one or two and hope they dont get to the others. Last night we got to the others!

    So, my take, last night we played excellent attacking (first half) and steady, patient, holding (second half) football. A *complete* game. And recall that even in the second half we had more and better opportunities in that patient game that so many EPL teams demand from us.

    The MoTM, for me, the Team. Why? Because the best “player” out there was the shape the team held consistently all game to bully and boss Napoli all over. Yes, OG was excellent and so was Ozil. This game was one by the team acting as a single entity and all elements within it clicking.

    If I had to pick a single player, then I would still cheat and pick two, OG on attack and Flamini on defense.

    With injuries recovering we will improve from what I saw as our (currently) best attacking team last night, which also played some awesome holding and defense.

    Unsung player of the game, TR, for all his effort and drive. Like Flamini he adds an urgency we dont always quite have enough of.

    Player ratings? Well I am not a huge fan but if 7/10 is did the job, then:

    Scz = 7 / 10 – he wasnt tested terribly

    Defense = 8 / 10 – not tested too much individually to show up but their shape was held perfectly across and fore-aft to minimise any need for it.

    OG, Ozil and Flamini = 8.5-9.0 / 10 = perfect performances and job done had huge impact

    Everyone else = 8 / 10

    As I said, this, to me was a team game and showed how team football has to be played for success. It’s also, in my mind, what gets you past teams of stars (we all know who we’re talking about here, yes? πŸ™‚ )

    Finally, all good things do come to an end, but the odd let down shouldn’t stop this team at all. I think there are signs of a very good team here, and it will get better.

    And to end, did anyone notice how happy Ozil is? Not just to score the first time, but in general. I think he relishes being the center of things and that the lack of Galactic egos seems to suit him better personally. Just my early pop-psych call, but I think we will see more from him here, and sooner, than was had at RM. Perhaps that is the biggest win of the season so far?

  • TA & Gerry – great summary & perspective πŸ™‚ It is a good time to be a gunner πŸ™‚

    I was quite surprised to see the Arteta/Flam combo. But…it was a great choice! [and shows why I am glad I did not try my hand at managing a football team! :-)] Perhaps this XI may be our first choice (Santi for Rosicky?) for the big games this season? Right now everything is just so smooth and fantastic. I will follow Wenger’s advice and just enjoy watching the games πŸ™‚

  • I was mad impressed with Giroud. Is there any striker in the world right now with better holdup play??

    Oh. You already mentioned lewandowski. Lol. I still rate Giroud holdup play very. Very. Highly.

    Oh well… What an interesting time to be a Gooner innit? πŸ˜‰

  • I hate to say that but jack’s best position might just be bench considered how positive the rest of the midfields are playing. He doesnt done anything much to warrant a starting spot

  • Sorry if this is a repeat, tech problems–
    players returning from injury should help give some rest to some over worked or fatigued players. Guys can get much deserved rest. Ramsey, flamini, jack, — Arteta and rosicky can be protected a bit also. Last season Santi was overplayed somewhat.
    this quality rotation should help us immensely with tough november fixtures, and the crazy holiday schedule. As well as going deep into champs league
    merts also must rest, remeber 120 mins last week. I would go with sagna at cb this weekend, and soon get kos a rest using vermaelen.
    we can see giroud tiring after 70 minutes every week(though he never stops working) playing with fatigue opens up players to injury.
    we have to get him off early when we are ahead. We shouldnt be afraid to play with a lead without him.
    i say all this because i expect us to go far and be in the middle of a title fight this season- at least!
    and a great point by GEOFF, i was worried the past few weeks how this group of players and the fans would react to any eventual let-down BUT– now i can feel that our guys are truly confident and they know how good they are, and nothing will break them. Arsene will of course be there to do his part.

  • And about jack coming off the bench, — thats fine with me– he comes on motivated and with attitude and energy, whether to protect a lead or provide some spark.

    — for the last two sessons i advocated using Ramseys incredible energy that way, ( Rambo became invaluable in the final part of last season ) and i think now it will be time to ease Jack in with less constant physical demands.

  • @ TA, JGC, Gerry

    cheers for the summaries.

    Flamini and Ramsey – can’t say enough good things about them

    Giroud – The confidence he has this season is definitely showing in his performances. He really is monstering players (like he should be with his size). It was evident against Stoke and he has carried it on since. Very glad for both him and the team.

    Very exciting times at the minute. I’d like to adopt the OGAAT approach but stuff it…THE GHOSTS OF THE 30’s are stirring!!!

    GLIC (hope everything is going well), Fozzie B, Cockie monster…I can’t keep up πŸ™‚

    @ Cockie

    The secrets out. Now phones have internet capabilities, I can duck to the loo, watch some Ozil porn, then I’m ready to go for the best half minute the Mrs has ever had. He keeps playing football like that and I’ll be needing VCC’s pills to put some pep in my step.

  • TA – Thanks for the promotion to the top table … Or as glic, sorry, TCM put it, ‘part of a BOGOF’ πŸ˜€

    Geoff – I feel your post would have made a good trilogy? When I posted mine I did highlight that only saw the first half. I got the second on the ‘Player audio, which is not the same. Which means your reply really does complete the set; TA only seeing highlights and commenting on reactions, me, the attacking side, and yourself with the fuller picture.

    I am glad that you too, thought Rosicky was the hidden ‘star’. The rating I saw earlier, when 7.5’s and 8.0’s being handed out, he got a miserly, ‘did okay’, 6.5?

    Alcide – (from the end of the last post) Yes, I agree, awesome almost underplays it?

    kaboom – I think JW is having a difficult time right now. He is finding that the likes of Aaron and Mesult have pushed the team to a new level, and one he feels he should be able to match? Forgetting that his injuries have held up his progress over the last couple of seasons. Just because he feels fit now, that does not mean his ability has caught up with where he thinks he is at?
    The result is that his confidence is low, his decision making is off, and made worse when he tries too hard. The nature of the player tells you he will not give up, but I think AW is carefully trying to manage his expectations as best he can.

    You are right though, just at this moment, he may have to do less before he can do more?

  • The Flamini pocketing of Hamsik reminded me of when he destroyed Kaka in his prime…those were the memories.

  • This game reminded ♍e of last season’s quaterfinal between bayern munich and juventus where bayern pressed high up the pitch which juve weren’t accustomed to in the serie A and just couldnt handle the pressure well. Dortmund had tried to play napoli in the same way but they were bombarded by napoli’s use of width and higuain’s consistent pressure to the two centrebacks which dortmund couldnt handle properly and eventually resulted in a red card to weidenfeller (this was due to the fact that they have a coach who is tactically stable due to his experience in spain and england). Now we did the same thing dortmud tried to do but we were more effective as we completely overcrowded them in the midfield with giroud helping further by dropping deep to start attacks and swiftly moving back into the box.

    So it was as if we used 6 midfielders to play the game and we made it worse for napoli by starting with rosicky and ramsey, two players accustomed to the rigours of central midfield and wing play. Another key thing we did in this game was shutting hamsik and insigne. In the emirates cup, we offered hamsik too much space in the middle of the park and were duly punished as he used those pockets of space to create the two goals they scored us. Which is why wenger went for both arteta and flamini in that double pivot (kudos to TA I remember you suggesting this’ll be the best pairing against napoli and I was among the doubters but now every doubt in ♍e is cleared totally).

    This game just showed us that wenger is still superior to benitez tactically; I only hope we are able to effectively shut dortmund down like napoli did some weeks ago..

  • Gerry et al

    Thanks for the kind words..

    I gave Rosicky an 8 with many others. A great team effort. He is weird, even invisible-ish, tho you can see him going forward and pulling defenders with him when Ozil scores. In fact TR took two defenders and thus one was not around Ozil (one chasing back and across with an “oh no” doubtless running somewhere! πŸ™‚ ) ..

    Thus, he drives effort.. I like that even if he didnt “contribute materially” to the goals directly..

    Regarding JW, I think he has 1.5 years or 1.3 years of playing regularly with HUGE expectations of being perfect. AR had the expectations on JW and concomitantly an expecation he would fail, to keep him “covered” from that pressure. Now perhaps it is ARs turn to take the pressure of JW and let him advance at his own pace, which I am sure he will..

    Thus, JW off the bench for whomever appears tired of our midfielders (TR, Ozil, AR, Flamini, Arteta, Santi) is fine for perhaps all of this year, while he will also get full efforts. If so, I think he will remain injury free and gain skills and composure, which is easiest done out of the “glare” of expectations…

    Just my 2p — jgc

  • fine fine combo report/article by TA/and Gerry ,

    you pretty much covered everything and at the expense of repeating some of the comments (haven’t read any of the comments, busy day at work)…

    would like to add,

    last night is exactly how we need to be playing, kill the game off in the first 15 minutes and then control it – very tactical yet so masterful , most of all, that’s the best i have seen us play at the EMIRATES , forget the Barca Display , forget everything else – you need to show that whole game on dvd to the young gunners for education again and again, first half for offensive reasons and the 2nd half on how to let them have the ball and be positioned on the pitch to defuse their attacks and defend so skillfully.

    so JW was left on the bench – something that most of us thought may happen as i personally thought, that the injury to Santi was a blessing in disguise for JW, tell you what, i forgot how soon TR would be coming back and boy, was he a delight to watch or what ? even with his missed placed passes, you could see his hunger and running like a mad dog at the rate of nought’s – there is one incident in particular, where he loses the ball, he runs back like mad to get it back but guess what ? OooooooooooOOOzil is already there, wins it and off they go so eloquently and purposefully on the counter-attack – that was just beautiful , not over thinking it, plain crisp, fast passing and moving the game forward

    it will be great for young JW to learn and improve his game more as i know i know, he’s Arsenal and we all want him doing well but him starting more games from the bench can do him a world of good, both him and England, i expect him to take it very very positively as this also reduces the amount of pressure on his young shoulders…

    players like ,Suarez, Benzema, and ROONEY would be wishing that they somehow get interest from Arsenal after xmas , especially if we can keep the level of consistency going, although we are on a high right now but i would like to see how this team responds after a shock defeat or how we go a goal or 2 down – that will be the real test of character…oh no wait, we already had our shock defeat (Villa) and we already came back from a 2 goal deficit (vs Napoli, Emirates cup) —- that’s already done and dusted, long may this run continue

    the international break is coming at the right time, it gives some of our key players a chance to rest, and a well earned one at that with reinforcements on the way on the 19th…. but i would like us to give some of our players a bit of a breather as well, in particular the BFG vs WBA – we can not afford to lose the German, he really is a vital part of this team….

    3 negatives from yesterday as i’m sure everyone else would have already praised our performances above…

    1: Sczny looked really assured and confident on the crosses

    3: Sczny commanded his goal well, was vocal and was in command

    5: Sczny should have left goal and played in midfield to join in the action and fun , in the first half πŸ˜€


    my way of saying, we should play like that more at home !

  • *From the previous thread where Gerry’s post was taken*

    “Excellent recap Gerry, I’m waiting (hoping) for a full pre-match to comment, but I’ve just seen (again) the replay of the first goals, and Γ–zil’s goal is just outstanding – to hit and score a half-volley from a cross coming fast and bouncing low from opposite your strong foot… is simply absolute class. You can try that one 10 times in training and not come close.

    Same for the second goal, there was a tiny spot in space and time to make that pass through a clutch of defenders to rushing Ollie, and Γ–zil just nailed it perfectly (as did OG, he made a perfect run to be in the right spot at the perfect time, beating 2 defenders in the process. He looks slow at times, but actually manages a little burst of speed when needed, and his power does the rest.

    Still buzzing from the first 20 minutes :)”

    We had mostly been questioning whether Flamini or Arteta should be aligned alongside Rambo in our double DM pivot…

    Well – well done Arsene, Flamini/Arteta was a killer move, and proved fantastically effective, not only defensively but also in supporting the offense. In that respect I completely agree with jgc that the second half – if not as glittering as the first – also showed how strong we were defending in our camp and/or confiscating the ball.

    Even when they were pressing (3 persons crowding the ball in midfield), their crowding out also negated their ability to project themselves into counter attack with any efficiency.

    On top of that 2 of our AMs are also defending beasts, Rambo was all over the field and TR7 once more showed how tenacious he is in tracking back and tackling.

    As for lining up Γ–zil, Ramsey and TR7 in front… brilliant again. First game together and they looked like they had been playing together since childhood. Oh and those days Rambo spent suffering when played wide on the wing… now that he’s confident, we can all see that what he learnt then can be applied; and I’ve seen him do a dribble or two I didn’t know he had in him…

    Glad to read so many nice things about Ollie. I love his attitude, his commanding presence on knockdowns (how many headers has he won?), his flicks becoming more and more effective, his link up play, how he drags defenders with his power and intelligent runs…

    And then Santi, Theo, Ox, Pod, then Diaby…

    On ratings, I’m also agreeing with jgc… I would also give a 9 to Wenger… it’s his 17th birthday, and he aligned a beautiful squad yesterday… he couldn’t help with “that smile” JB loves during the post match interview.

    Can’t wait for next game now, see how Santi fits in πŸ™‚

  • ah, is there anything in particular both the G’s (Gerry and Geoff) can’t cover and analyze ? fantastic comments and how can you not agree or admire their insights, ehhh ?

    yes @ JGC

    i said it before, that’s the real good thing on top of his footballing talents re- Ozil, he is genuinely a humble bloke and a true team player, i’m beginning to think that he manages his own twitter and facebook account as well, from his interview it was all about the team team team and team play and how amazing the fans are and what a great team it is, team team team – what’s there not to like ehhh ? πŸ˜‰ hope he goes onto become a legend for us, with his attitude and determination, he’s gonna be there sooner than most , for sure !

    fast forward 2/3 weeks when he links up with his amigo Podolski – now that’s gonna be even more mouth watering as for now , most of our attacks are from the right hand side due to lack of Poldi/Santi and Ox as well….when they come back, he will be able to feed balls to the left, to the right and through the middle —- oooh la la !

  • great comment @ Alcide

    yep, that was a look of a very happy and satisfied man, one that GLIC normally has after picking up a pretty blonde with nice bosoms in his VAN ; ) but yeah Wenger got his Wicked smile back and he deserves it after all that stick he’s been receiving , sometimes from me as well but still, he needs to sort out his subs, i mean 88th minute – he brings on Nacho, i mean really ? what’s the point when you have 90 seconds to go , either go a little sooner or don’t make a sub at all.

    both Flam’s and Arteta were great and it just shows you the confidence it gives our more attack minded midfielders and players, they get the licence to boss it more, also , Sagna was almost mostly staying up high and sometimes playing as a right winger !

  • wait. 007 did you just compliment Sczceny?? (well kinda sort of).

    I’m sure you enjoyed your Vodka-Martini yesterday didn’t you? πŸ˜‰

  • totally unimaginable football to say the least

    Wenger’s men outclassed Benitez’s team 671-385 passes. That is about 1.7 passes for Arsenal to Napoli’s 1 pass. These numbers are rare (if it ever happens anyway) in the Champions League.
    Amazing Ozil finding space where there isn’t.

    no more say because we defended the 2 goals for about 80 minutes.

  • Okay. Lowkey. I swear I actually feel butterflies in my stomach whenever I think of a forward line with Carzola, Γ’zil,walcott, Ramsey, Giroud.

    Dear Lord.. Butterflies again. πŸ™‚

    And oh what a good feeling it is.

  • Xavier,

    me and giving Sir Sczny, compliments ? if , you read carefully i was being critical again, he should have left the goal and joined the lads up front πŸ˜‰

    yep, butterflies indeed @ that forward line but Poldi be more lethal from the left with OoooZil behind i reckon !

    by the way, where is Wengerball these days, he hasn’t posted a comment here since a very long time, was a good poster

  • a bit of a concern though, the way our group is shaping up is rather tricky, how ?

    the current standings are like this :

    Arsenal 6

    Dortmund 3

    Napoli 3

    Maresille 0

    playing the devils advocate here, this is what happens in week 3

    Dortmund 6 (after winning against us)

    Arsenal 6

    Napoli 6 (after winning against M)

    M 0

    so what i’m really thinking is that, a draw may not be a bad result for us, even if it’s a draw in the naples vs Marseille one

    but let’s cross that bridge when we get to it before Gerry reminds me of OGAAT πŸ˜€

  • Arsenal_vcc – Sorry for the delayed reply. I had a bit of internal computer problems.

    I was surprised to find my early morning comment got moved, although, as usual, it was long enough to fill out the blog that TA built up. Geoff’s early comment puts the finishing touches?

    It was an inspirational performance, and I was probably shocked as Benitez in that opening 15 minutes? I cannot remember the last time the passing was this good. So many things to take from it, that you really can’t wait for those November games to begin?

    Of course, we have an international break coming up, and the trouble with having a World Class line up, very few are going to be resting? (weng uries come to mind?)

    Let’s hope we are in the same form after the break, eh?

  • Xavier – The line up that excite me the most will be with Poldi. That should be special if it brings out the best in him? Exciting times indeed.

  • funny you say that @ Gerry re- international break and not many players rested

    for you it’s maybe a case of glass half empty ?

    i tend to look at it this way

    Arteta ———- Flamini———-Gibbs———–Jenks———-Yaya——–Santi—–Poldi——Theo

    all of them getting a chance to rest and then maybe do light training together as well, a chance for some to get a proper breather in the case of Flam’s and Gibbs and for the rest to build up match fitness and remain sharp @ Arteta—Jenks and the returning batch of players…

    so for me, it’s glass half full

    also, i wouldn’t mind if Benzema gets selected over Giroud πŸ˜‰ the Germans are looking very strong to quality and i don’t expect OoooOOOzil and Per to play both games, maybe 1 out of the 2 – their coach often tends to rotate and give the youngsters a chance, i like his philosophy very much !

  • JB – I take it you did get around to the 3rd bit of the review – Geoff’s very early comment?

  • No I wasn’t thinking of the number of players that have the potential to throw us of course. Ozil, Mert and Rosicky could put us back?

    Anyway happy times now. Let us enjoy. There may be more to come tonight too?

    I am going to have to close down my computer very shortly as it creates too much heat for the dogs when it is warm and humid outside, and just to be, awkward the wind is not in the right direction either. so enjoy the games tonight before we start thinking about WBA?

  • yes, i have @ Gerry

    and that would be a wise thing to do, see you laters

    time for Man $hity vs BM !

  • TA and Gerry, splendid writings.

    I wont dwell on last nights match, it has been covered excellently well on here already. Besides, it is no surprise to me, i fully expect us to have a side capable of winning the top prizes very soon, and to do so in a scintalating Wenger way

    I wish to be indulged in the remit of individuality within the greater whole, more colliqually known as “bleeding hell, this geezer dont fit in”

    I refer of course to Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey. For over two years now i have been in the camp that saw these two as Arsenals answer tp Xavi and Iniesta

    Up to the calander year 2013, Aaron did not know his place, struggled with the rythem of the game and question marks remained about his long term fitness.

    I never had any doubts, and always beleived he had goals in him, plenty of them.

    Now Jack is in a similar situation. To long out of the team, lost his “place” within the rythem of the side, and question marks about his fitness.

    Now let me make clear were i stand. Out of all the special talents we have at the club, watching at close quarters none have impressed me more than Jack. The boys all round ability is fantastic. Like Aaron, he will find himself again, and when he does we will have lift off.

    We have seen nothing yet. Its an improving team with bags of potential.

    When i think of the future growth of this squad it sends a shudder down my spine. There is a great team in development here and yes Oz baby “THE GHOSTS OF THE THIRTIES ARE STIRRING”

  • The last thing I’ll say about the match is that those first 20 minutes offensively, as well as the rest of the match defensively and in terms of possession can now be a reference – we can play wengerball, and whatever happens in the next games on in the future this season, we have a fantastic benchmark of what we are capable of, which should bring enormous confidence in any situation.

    An excellent description of the Flamteta double pivot, (from Birgkamp at the aclf blog) – “it’s like pairing a criminal mastermind with the muscle to get things done”… I like that…

    Otherwise I’ve been watching PSG-Benfica and City-BM… PSG is crushing the portuguese, and playing quite decent football I must say. As for BM, it’s an intersting breed this season – you can see some BarΓ§a in the ball circulation but you feel their power of acceleration ready to explode at any time; anyway City is not seeing much of the ball and are getting quite frustrated (lots of fouls as they are forced into playing aggressively…).

  • Wow Clichy completely ignores the cross and Moeller who picks the ball and scores… 2-0

  • Thanks for comments, guys. Not sure what the BOGOF comment means, but I am sure it means something nice. πŸ˜•

    The visionary, aka prince of delegation, is still digging into the best PL keeper but opinions are allowed on this blog – to be taken serious though you will have to substantiate your views. πŸ˜‰

    Nice to see recognition of the Flamteta prediction and good to hear it worked really well. Also good to hear TR07 had a great game.

  • Agdb, great comment about effectively playing with 6 midfielders last night. That’s also something OG adds to the team.

    Terry, totally agree on your Wilshere comment. If Ramsey can reach this level, then just wait what Jack will be capable of soon.

  • Yep TR7, although a bit rusty (a few unusual misplaced passes), showed his magical ability to speed the game up instantly with a burst of pace or a fast pass.

  • steady now @ TA

    how dare you demote me to being “The Prince” – it’s “The King” πŸ˜‰

    also well done to JGC-DAMUS for getting another prediction right !!!

    fab stuff!

  • city and united are lucky hey have pretty easy groups, they are both rocking against the ropes at the moment. We need to damage them early on and just keep them down.
    Who do you guys think will get sacked first Moyes or Pellagrini? Now i don’t think they will be sacked this season but i do think they will be 1 soon after. City always sack managers and Moyes is just not good enough. ha ha ha ha ha
    I am going to read alcide article. πŸ˜‰

  • Good evening gearstick gropers!!!
    πŸ˜€ nice post match Totes and Gerry!! Fantastic game and thanks all for your comments!! I must say that I’ve a had a couple of moments to reflect on how we compare to bayern …..
    What are your thoughts ballerinas?? πŸ˜€ to me our intensity over the first 20 compared to bayerns 80. Also the kept pressing all the way to the opposition goal … That is some high level of pressing!!! πŸ˜€
    We have the ball playing skills and add the extra intensity and pressing and we can get to CL winning standards! …. Worse case scenario we boss the PL instead!! πŸ˜† COYRRG’s !!
    Ps. Cockie I found some of your crumbs in my bed!! I said “hey miss p what’s this? ” and before I blink she had racked them up into lines!!! She looked at me like she had just won the lottery ….. “Do you want a line?” She said… “Hell no!” I said … πŸ˜†
    “Your right!” She says … “It tastes like shit … But that cockie monster sure knows how bake a batch!!” πŸ˜†
    “That’s because it is shit darling … ” “cockie was here” smeered into the sheets you dirty horny bastardildo!!

  • Moyes is looking good in his post match …. He’s looking content like he he’s got his Everton “ring” back!! πŸ˜†


  • HA HA HA HA HA, Fozzie is that Moyes old man
    did you sniff the sheets i would have done.

  • Peligrini s bird wasn’t impressed after today’s performance πŸ˜†


  • PG – I can’t deny I had to sample the product!! Hence my amazing blogging!! πŸ˜† …. Check the sheets… “There’s could be a gold mine in them there sheets!!” πŸ˜†

  • Let me explain retardildos…..BOGOF…..Buy One Get One Free ! ( 2 posts )

    Fozzie……here`s a picture just for you…..”a picture speaks a thousand words”, so they say !. This one shows what I was getting upto while you were at work……sorry about the mess in Mrs P`s pussy, but you know the old saying…….” that’s the way the cockie crumbles ! ” . hahaha

  • Nice one cockie that’s not miss p’s legs but it does look like that blonde tranny from behind that lurks behind Vickers Chinese!! πŸ˜†

  • Fozzie,
    it was the gentleman thing to do, you had to make sure it was not poisoness to make sure it was safe for mrs P good bless her soul
    Who is this Cockie chap he is a bit a sexual babarian aint he.. ha ha ha

  • FB and PG…………shit that sounds like some STD Stretch has caught !.
    I think I have to educate you boys about life on SexandMe Street !.
    Lets start with the alphabet, I shall start with a random letter……Om nom nom nom…..err……” P “…..Guess what ” P ” stands for sac faces ?.

    Lesson 1 over….Cockie needs sleep…..nite !.

  • That was the high heels that Wenger brought Bould was it not Fozzie? Bould still got good legs

  • πŸ˜†
    Me likey likey cockie!!! No no no no .. That came out wrong!! Me likey likey the β€œp is for poosy and poosy is for me!!” PG stevey b eye liner is still cockies favourite … After the revlon lippy run!!!

  • I knew it, so that is who Wenger was renting Stevie out too, good old Arsene no more selling the best players “rent out steve instead” Cockie spending all his money on Steve and we get Ozil πŸ™‚

  • sorry the thought of Cockie in bed with mrs P put me of topic lol
    Agreed Giroud work rate and performance have been excellent. He just keeps getting better like Rambo. He himself has been saying it was right about him needing a season to adjust and that in his second season for Montpellier he won the golden boot . If that is anything to go on, well this is looking like a good season for him either way. I always had faith in the big man, there is plenty more to come from him.
    But i agree on all you said, fine post πŸ™‚

  • Good Evening/Morning to you all.


    I liked the post and i agree about your theory of penultimate assists. Rambo has been stellar this season not only with his scoring but his passing and vision has been great.
    He knows where he has to be, he knows when to make the pass. His lead up play to a goal (penultimate assist) has been a pleasure to watch. What a difference a new season has made for him.

    May it continue.


    Quality post within a post. Lots of detail on your post match comments on each player.
    Your comments are generally longer than usual and the way i see it, You have written more posts than you think. There’s a lot of passion in what you write and it’s always a pleasure to read.


  • About Flamini, interesting stat (if true) is that we’ve only lost one game out of the last 34 where he was playing for us).

  • Alexgunners,

    Yes πŸ™‚

    (Still gutted that Vieira went another way… I would have loved him in the picture…)

  • Damn, Santi only back after the international break… I was so looking forward to see him play alongside Γ–zil this weekend. Sanogo on his way back after the international break as well, curious to see if he will make it into the team (as a sub).

    Sagna a doubt for Sunday.

  • So a lotta blogs I’ve read today are waxing lyrical about our boys. The funny thing is, they usually all end with something in the lines of ‘we are one giroud injury away from problems though’. Personally, I just LMFAO. Go check out Girouds injury record, then come back and convince me how he’ll break a leg. Looool.

    Okay maybe I’m just overly optimistic, but I’m fairly certain the only problem we’ll have with Giroud is fatigue. OGAAT though. And he has 4 days of resting before the weekend. Hehehehe.

  • Alex@11.30 – That was a really nice comment there, I am deeply touched. Many thanks.

    I start with very little idea of where it may lead. With that one I realised that I could do a player by player analysis, without numbers as per my blog. However, had I have seen the entire game, not just the first half, I figure it might have been a touch longer πŸ˜†

    It is so annoying that the ‘Player video is not out until Saturday – thanks Sky!

    I enjoyed the first half so much I shall no doubt watch it all the way through. But Geoff covered that side, and the game as a whole very well, and it was only the timing that mine joined TA’s starter, and not his. I guess TA is also waiting to see more than highlights?

    So now our attentions turn to WBA again. OGAAT is the way to go for certain.

    However, Thursday is my UMF and FFF study time, so I’m off to find out who is injured elsewhere.


  • Hi all..
    We Are the Champion my friend..

    We win again and again.. even without Walcott and Cazorla.. our best players last season.. isn’t that great..?? Hehehe..
    We will be unbeatable all season.. hehe..

    I am on duty to Papua.. so I can’t watch the game.. so I want to ask you guys..
    with Arteta and Flamini as our double pivot.. which surprised me a lot.. then Ramsey is played as RW..?? And Risicky as a LW..?? Or We played 4-5-1 formation..??

  • Good stuff from many of the usual suspects and a day and a half on it still feels awfully nice. I’d love to hear from anybody who actually attended the match. It really seemed a “complete” performance and we’ve laid down a marker for European teams coming into “our house.” Only the pre-match violence on Holloway road marred a perfect night…

    I watched a bit of the Manchester teams playing yesterday and it was very interesting how poor they were. At least United was scrapping a bit in the Ukraine and showing some fight. City at home to Bayern was an embarrassment. English folks are concerned about Hart ahead of the final round of internationals, but the goal where Clichy mistook Mueller for a teammate was even worse. Total domination and three mistakes made it easy for Bayern to replicate the scoreline they put upon us last February… Still, given the weakness in their groups, both Manchester clubs should make it through to the eliminations…Too early to write them off, I fear…

    We appear much stronger, but it’s still very, very early. I’m loving the “tough” matches (in our group…) so it was surprising how easily Napoli rolled over for us. Will Dortmund come at us in the next one or likewise just let us stroke it around and do our thing? Whereas we, as impotent supporters, might get a bit nervous, there’s an emerging team dynamic which implies, “bring it on.” Napoli sat back, others will press, but the team seems not to care. From the great noise in the stadium it sounds like the home support is starting to feel that same sort of confidence. Creating an atmosphere with real intimidation doesn’t happen with a single match and nerves are still just below the surface and easily translated to the team. Even Bayern, in Feb., when we played them there, showed them–the ghosts of losing the CL final (at home!) the previous year, maybe? Our boys have done incredible things with their continuous winning in front of hostile crowds (and our awesome traveling support), now it’s time to make our home pitch a place where other teams–even the top ones–simply cannot get a result.

    All told, it’s very exciting but. alas, first it’s (United slayers…) WBA away, then internationals, so we’ll have to wait… Oh Gaat, says the Dutchman, meaning (I think) that we’re always just one bad result away from re-opening all the old wounds, if not complete crisis. Let’s reprise our CoC victory up there then get some contracts signed (AW, Per, my avatar guy…) during the break…

    TA, Gerry, etc. Really good writing and impressively done w/o having gotten to see it all in HD… Over here we got a full showing of the match late on Tuesday and I’ve got it recorded. I’ve now seen all the “money shots” (I made my wife and kid watch the first 20 minutes with me…) but haven’t watched the whole match again. As it is, it was a total team performance so I appreciate the calling out of the additional contributions away from the highlights. You guys are right about TR7 and his endless running off the ball pulling Napoli defenders around and getting them worried over their shoulders. And, of course, Ramsey Ozil and Giroud (with “pre-pre” assists from Sagna and Flamini…) deserve full credit for their work to get the ball into the net… Once we got the goals there was a tiny drop in technical proficiency (in their box) but still some amazing stuff. That close control from Ollie right at the start of the 2nd half to get the pass off to Rosicky (who should have scored, but instead kicked only air…) put an inhibiting fear into Napoli and essentially sealed the match. After that, though they “attacked,” they seemed well aware of our threat on the counter and happy enough to keep it 2-nil. A year ago the big fella might’ve played for the flop. Nowadays he keeps his feet and an assist should have been his reward. I only wish he’d stop with the injury faking, the one thing which instantly rekindles the nerves amongst the support…

    That was for TA πŸ˜‰ …

    I could go on and on about other things (like the glory of the google-eye–Ozil–and what he brings, or maybe how excited I am about others in the dressing room photo–LuLu and Santi returning to the squad) but already I’ve made you read too much. Cheers… πŸ˜€

  • Oh, hey Henry, sorry to bury your comment with my long one… Yes, 4-5-1 with all 5 midfielders interchanging and popping up all over the pitch. Ozil, I think, always has an eye to fill open spaces and the others are catching on. Flamini barking orders, helps too…

    Happy travels… πŸ˜€ Sorry you missed the match… 😦 Obviously, it was a good one…

  • Hey Gerry (my fellow long-writer)…Are you talking about Tuesday or Bayern away 8 months ago?

    My point is that home support can lift you to the clouds, as on Tuesday, or transmit the nerves that come with (sky-high) expectations. Our little group has been through so much… They’re inviting folks in on their joy, but are we ready to (fully) get on board?…

  • Alcide,

    i’m not too gutted about Santi, i think it’s being done on purpose now so he isn’t included in the Spanish team – they should be able to call up both Silva and Mata now and let our Santi refresh his batteries , even though i get the feeling that Cazorla wants to be playing for Spain and is desperate but i doubt, if Wenger would allow it hence he wouldn’t risk him at all for WBA even if he was 200% fit and desperate.

    after this international break, we have got a lot of very very very important games coming, our from from 19th of october until xmas will decide the title ,for sure – we go on a good run, we are champions come the end of December – AW knows it only too well.

    re-Sagna then the lad deserves a bit of a rest himself because you can bet your bottom dollar that France will play both Sagna and Koc for both their games, arghhhhhhh

    the only team that may rest their first team internationals might be Germany, i reckon.

  • Xavier,

    that is it, that’s what the media always tend to bark about – Henry leaves, we are doomed, Cesc leaves we are doomed, RVP leaves we are Doomed, one injury away from this that or the other – guess what ? he can get injured Giroud and we would still manage to find a way to win because someone else will come in and seize his opportunity , grab it with both hands – it might even be a very hungry looking NB πŸ™‚

    i’m not fussed about injuries anymore because they are beyond anyone’s control, we gotta roll with what we have and believe in it as well !

  • Gerry,

    hats off to you for finding the time and writing with such depth considering the world of racing is also in a bit of a crisis or being zoomed into thanks to a few scandals lately πŸ˜‰ that princess is HOT though ! πŸ˜€

    i get the feeling that once you watch the 2nd half, you’ll enjoy it a tad more πŸ˜‰


    nice comment and agreed about both the Mancs but in all honesty, BM were gifted 2 goals by Joe Hart, i guess it was roles reversal, Sczny must have switched with Hart for champions league week πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Napoli supporters are pathetic, not all but you can see their culture quite clearly , am hoping that we are able to qualify for the knockouts before we’re having to go to Naples because quite bluntly put, i much rather if we rested most of our regulars for that one as i believe we can still win or hold them to a draw – sorted.

    how are we doing on that Ramsey apology Article by the way ? i know i know, there may come a time that you might be urging me to do one on Sczny but hey, i don’t see that one happening for another 2 years at least, where Sczny goes on and proves me wrong 😈

  • 17 HT – Tuesday natch!

    Sorry I got dragged away by a dog food delivery, then feeding said muts, and soon it will be as short walk before my tea.

    It was good that the Under 19s did their bit too. 4-1 against Napoli youth. They also have 6 points from their group, and meet Dortmund next time.

    Hayden played at CB, Bellerin RB(and apart from one mistake played well down the line – bench place against WBA for sure?), and Akpom got a double(score one pen, missed the other, but was good otherwise – ditto the above?), and Lipman scoring two quick ones(assisted by Bellerin).

    The score also reflected their superiority according to the report.

  • and Oz, Oz, Ozzie

    oi oi oi,

    i’ve never been a fan of Hart’s to be honest, i don’t think he’s in the top 3 top keepers in the EPL let alone being the best in the EPL !

    however, he is still better than what we have.

  • @JB I know right!!! If we can do as good as we are now with our injury problems, well…. πŸ˜‰

    Also.. who knows? A hungry Bendtner might even be a bigger problem than giroud. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

    There’s more than one reason to be happy. And happy I shall remain.

  • i just feel that it’s better to have injury problems now than to have them at a later stage of the season, like after the 19th of October ; )

    most teams will begin having injury problems after the international’s and by xmas time, they may even have them worse than we do , currently ? who knows

    agreed re – Bendtener being an even bigger problem than Giroud , especially when he’s hungry @ Xavier

    the lad could have been our Zlatan but i suspect, he will be allowed to leave in January after he’s given a chance to impress and raise his market value a bit more – i view his current stint, a chance for him Auditioning for better clubs to come calling….as we get someone of Quality on either a loan deal or on a permanent this January.

  • on a different tangent, slightly – it’s good that we play on tuesday and now play on sunday, we get an additional day to recover , or maybe 2 additional days to recover because it’s not the usual wednesday night and then saturday afternoon !

    every little helps – Tesco’s have got that one bang on.

  • TMHT,

    re- Ramsey not knowing his place and along them lines in 2012-2013 season

    that perhaps, it was most to do with him having to play out of position and being constantly made out to play on the LW or RW and else where , for learning and education purposes….

    something similar that JW is having to do now ? so maybe 6 months from now or start of the new year, yon can expect JW to do a Ramsey ? begin scoring goals, play with an Aura about him ?

    i won’t rule it out and it’s a good comparison and comment by you –

    AW, likes to play his players out of position sometimes so they can learn their trade quicker and be much more effective and better players – doesn’t always necessary work in some cases, i.e. Vela/NB e.t.c but when it does work, boy does it work or what i.e. King Henry/Ramsey e.t.c .e.t.c

  • Haha Bond… Maybe I’ll do my Rambo “apology” post when HH does his similar on Giroud… πŸ˜‰

    Where is that guy? Too much “harmony” these days, maybe? Too busy scouting things for the UMF and FF leagues? Hopefully you come by for a read now and again and are just too busy to write (i.e., not just waiting for the other shoe to drop)… Likewise hello to Glic and hoping all is OK. (FB and his mulitple personalities almost compensate for the ruler of Lesbania, but not quite…)

    In truth, I need to examine the fixtures and my woeful attempts at fantasy footy. I’m (very) excited about the weekend match at WBA, where we can consolidate (ratify?…) what we did on Tuesday. It’s a good one given that we played them just a week ago and then they showed their stuff at the big Toilet. Let’s win that one. Afterwards we may need something to get us through the Int’l break. These are the final two matches of WC qualifiers, right? Most of the decent teams (Germany, Spain) are already qualified (I think…) while the more sketchy group winners (England) and the runners-up (France) need to solidify things…In other words, things could be tense (if you give a crap) and/or deathly boring (if you don’t)… Or am I missing something?…

    We are far more replete with established international players these days, which is, on balance, a good thing. Our French core: Sagna, Kos and Giroud, will have to play, I fear. (Though there are murmurs of a Weng-jury coming for my avatar guy…) What about the Brit-pack? Wilshere “dropped” by Arsenal (and Theo with his surgery) are worries for the English team, maybe. Jenks is called up with the U-21s but not the main squad? It’s fine by me that our Spanish core (Santi, Nacho, Arteta) are all very fringey with the World and Euro champs. I think, however, that their main challengers, the Germans, will be using our guys (Messy, Lu-lu, Per and maybe even young G-Nab…) when the tournament rolls around if not for the this next little run-out… Am I correct that we have no Africans or New World players who have to jet off for their matches?… Man o man, how things have changed…

    All told, I think our manager deserves A LOT of credit (and maybe this block-buster contract which appears headed his way…) for getting us through this period of “easy” matches and international commitments ahead of the (much more taxing) fixtures coming our way (not to mention the closing of the terror window)… France will still have it’s playoff (England, hopefully wins its weak group) so it’s not over quite yet…

    And, of course, I’m getting ahead of myself, but that’s what would-be manager types (i.e., folks like us, wasting our lives “blogging”) are all about. Ay Dios, Oh Gaat, etc., etc., etc.

  • Afternoon trouser snake charmers!!! πŸ˜€ Alcide thanks for the tweet and how great to see these faces back at the arsenal arsesnalising the squad!! Also thanks for that stat – “About Flamini, interesting stat (if true) is that we’ve only lost one game out of the last 34 where he was playing for us).”
    πŸ˜€ that’s awesome!!
    A hungry NB is something that will help us take our offence to the next level!!!! How you might say???
    πŸ˜€ ….. No striker needed in January when we can do this to the opposition goal!! πŸ˜€
    my I ask you all to check the final piece of the red revolution!!


  • this guy is also a Gunner (ok, he’s not but this is how it feels to be a gooner right now ) no, it’s not Fellaini, ha


    no, you’re not getting ahead of yourself, and all are valid points and concerns,

    let’s hope England quality and don’t have to go through the play offs as i would be gutted to see Theo/Ox/JW and even Gibbs be called up for the play offs so to speak, let’s avoid the play off’s talk but i do reckon that France may yet have to and for that reason, i still want them to use Benzema much much more and still view Giroud as the 2nd striker coming off the bench (yeah, i’m biased but don’t blame me for that @ Alcide and Macko) ha

    Germany won’t be playing our guys for both the games i reckon, their manager is one that loves to try out the younger players, so maybe he will play our players for 1 out of the 2 games ?

    but yeah, the French and British players (let’s not forget Ramsey) is the real cause of concern for me….let’s get these 2 games out of the way, get most of our players back healthy and take it from there…

    do Wales have a realistic chance of making it to the play offs ? i doubt it, Ramsey needs to be managed properly as well.

    agreed- re Wenger, he has proved a lot of people wrong this season and has made them eat “humble pie”….

    i’m also looking forward to WBA game very much, why ? because we win and then we leave for international duty, sitting pretty at the top and every day we will have the mention of Arsenal being at the top of the premier league ; ) psychologically, it’s very very very good knowing that you’re coming back as table toppers and having a lead of 3 points at least over your nearest rivals ?

  • oh dear, that’s got to hurt “ouch” ahahahahahhahahahahahaha @ Fozzie with the B !

  • Hi Cockie Munchers.

    I only see NB as the drinks carrier at Arsenal, hence his new name……Nikki Bartender !.

  • Haha JB!!! I think Bendtner wanted to look like Bam Bam but just ended looking like Pebbles instead!!

  • Hey Cockie Monster – thanks for working a number on Benetiz for us the other day!! I know you planned your moment after impregnating Benetiz with your Cockie Monster sperm for your little cookie eating cockie munchers to attack on Tuesday!! πŸ˜†
    Let me all take you down memory lane to when Benetiz was at chelvski and please check the famous “cockie” behind Benetiz giving it large!! πŸ˜†
    Look at the size of the grin!!! πŸ˜†
    Also look at Benetiz’s face … Man I can just here Marvin Gay (tranny version) in the background … ” let’s get it on…. ” πŸ˜†

  • No problem Fozzenstein, glad to be of help !.

    I see from that report that Benitez was baffled by late collapse of his rectum because Adam Le Fondle struck twice in the last 8 mins !.

    I see that Vic`s is not about much, it`s either his Zimmer Frame having a pimp my ride or he`s riding his pimp !.
    He also does sometimes over do it with his dog, feeding it and taking it walkies is one thing but I`m sure the pup can lick it`s own balls !.

  • πŸ˜† Cockie …. Yes I can confirm on other reports that Benetiz was in a trance during the time le fondle struck twice!!! Close reports heard him making nom noming noises and asking for milk!!! πŸ˜†
    Yes I’ve heard that about Vickers too!! Such an unselfish servant of society he is ….. : D that he pre-empts his doggies doo doo by donninig his plastic bag on his hand … and promptly shoves hand stateside up the dogs rectum to retrieve the doo doo before it even arrives!! Such sacrifice!! πŸ˜†

  • Bondy, course it was a good comment, it was made by me. haha

    I hear you about Ramsey but if you check back you will fimd that Aaron stared many games in the midfield three. I watched him many times and he just didnt fit in. I swear, there were times he was bumping into Arteta and his positional awareness, when to release the ball, and defensive duties were all over the place.

    This never bothered me. I always knew he would be a great player and score plenty of goals.

    As for Jack, well, before his injury problems i have seen him do things on the pitch that are simply mind boggling. Hes the best young player at arsenal since Liam Brady. I cant see him score the goals like Aaron, but with the ability he posesess i can see a time were he will be hailed as one of the best box to box midfielders in the world.

    I have never doubted our future. With youngsters like Ramsey, Wilshere, Gnarbry, Gibbs, Ox etc the belief is that our improvement will come 80% from within. The transfers, Ozil/flamini, are needed, but they are the iceing on the cake.

    What we are beggining to see now, and i know from your writings that you agree with this Bondy, is the product of hard work, paitence, dignity, and steadfast calm.

    Thats what Arsenal is all about.

  • Actually Cockie that explains why that blond tranny gives Vickers puppy dog eyes on his way home from the Chinese takeaway!!!! πŸ˜†

  • Vickers was heard saying to the Lady….”I`m having problems getting an erection ! “. The Lady said……” Don’t worry, that used to happen to me !….it`s probably down to your One Eyed Monsters eyesight being so old……you should have gone to Specsavers !….but that would have made a spectacle of it, try using a contact lens in the one-eyed monster or go on a blind date with a pirates patch over it ! “.

  • Terry wrote:

    “What we are beggining to see now, and i know from your writings that you agree with this Bondy, is the product of hard work, paitence, dignity, and steadfast calm.”

    Hahahaha… Isn’t that the very same James Bond who spent the WHOLE summer salivating over (mercenary) biters and granny-shaggers?…. πŸ˜† I’m not sure if 007 quite buys into the “patience,” “dignity” and “calm” bits…

    Yes Terry, your faith in the young Brits has been exemplary… AR16 is (finally) running and (kicking the ball) with real confidence. For the goal Tuesday his first touch even gave him time to look up and see the pass (!!) Agreed about Jack. He’s still struggling for that little extra bit of acceleration. I think he might get rested at the weekend so that Roy can justify using him off the bench for the Int’ls… For me, when I start seeing him using his right foot, I will consider him fully back. Look out for when that starts happening…

    Also, can you give a clue as to who all these muppets are? And if you can, I must ask why don’t we ever see Bert and Ernie? Can’t they appreciate all these young, hunky guys we’ve got, tweeting their dressing room photos, hands upon each other’s thighs?… πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰


  • Haha JB … Those guys Bert and Ernie run a local knock shop for drag muppets and they have a poster of Ollie on their bedroom wall…. Gonzo does a great Ollie impression with his nose and gifted appendage which keeps the boys very happy!!! Cockie has been there, got the T-shirts etc!!
    Cockie I saw Vickers talk to that lady and also!! He said because he had eyesight problems in the skull and in the winky …. Could she please ask some 3 of her lovely friends to come over and meet him!!! πŸ˜† “why 3″ she asked?” “Don’t worry” he said, “I’ll take care of that :D)
    So the lady makes a call and within no time 3 of the most masculine trannys you have ever seen turn up at the scene!! πŸ˜€
    “Have a seat” Vickers says ….. The ladies look at each other and scratch their heads…..
    “We’re on a street corner outside a Chinese!!” . .. they cry in exasperation… πŸ˜€
    “Forgive me” Vickers says graciously … “Allow me” … And without further fanfare he proceeded to whip his Zimmer frame out …. … Turn it upside Down and says ….
    “Please ladies …. Have a seat!!!!! πŸ˜† “

  • hahaha, i think i will let Bondy respond to that 17.

    Anyway, i know you buy into it 17. We all have different views on the Club and i respect every ones opinion.

    If i had to pick out one poster whos views are very similar to mine it would have to be Gerry. A lot of the time he expreses how i feel on Arsenal better than i could. hahaha

    Who are the Muppets? Maybe there all of us. hahaha

  • Thank you Cockie for straightening things out, a little…(both) puns intended… πŸ˜†

    Bert and Ernie are VCC and Glic.. Now (finally!) I understand… :lightbulb: :light:

    I love those guys…Just wish they would “come out” (and post more often)… Remember, Arsenal supporters are the most inclusive in the world… πŸ˜€

  • No 17……….Bert and Ernie are Stretch(TMHT) and Glic !……don’t make The Cockie Monster angry !. VCC is Oscar the Grouch……..he talks garbage !. Om nom nom nom !.

  • Aaaahhhhhhhh 17h …… :D:
    You have completed the circle pad wan ….. Linking the BK brokeback brotherhood to the muppet BK Brotherhood …. Siiiigh of relief …… Time for me to dissipate to the air and fly away all fairy like!!!! …. Ahhhhhh πŸ˜€

  • Except how bout noooooo you crazy BK bastardildo s!!! I’m here to stay πŸ˜†

  • No 17……..Stretch(TMHT) and Glic are Bert and Ernie !……..Don’t make Cockie Monster angry !……VCC is Oscar the Grouch……he talks garbage !. Om nom nom nom !.

  • Fozzie B….GLiC…17ht……Good job my Zimmerframe is Stainless Steel. Easy to clean the feet after been sat upon by four trannies.

    Not around today as I left early for a Day at Brands Hatch with the family. I drove an Ariel Atom. WOW what an experience, if you guys get the chance, take it. My Son got 160 mph out of his Lamborghini.

  • oi, 17HT –

    8 years without a trophy is plenty of patience, no ? bearing in mind that i haven’t lost my long locks even though they have gone a tad gray’ish (Sorry, no pun intended there @ TMHT) πŸ™‚

    yes, i wanted the bitey one and the granny and tranny shagger, bitey one because he wanted to come and the granny shagger because it was good for TMHT, with him playing week in week out for Arsenal, it would have given Terry a lot of satisfaction , every time he saw him head the ball and found he had lesser hair than Terry πŸ˜‰

    but on a more serious note, we could still do with one of 2 of them – only world class players are welcome because we are a world class club – that’s why you didn’t see me go all bananas over Jovetic, Defoe e.t.c e.t.c e.t.c


    it’s to do with confidence isn’t it or maybe deep down inside, he wanted to bump into Arteta on intention , so he could ruin his hair style ? πŸ˜€ nah, Arsene Wenger knows what he’s doing, we talk about the players we missed out on but we hardly talk about the players that chose Arsenal because of Wenger, i.e. Ramsey and now OoooOOOZil – brilliant

    ahahahahahahhaahahhaahhaahahhaahhaahahahha @ FB show tonight

    oh my days ahahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahahahaha

    certainly is the Fozzie mark 3 show tonight, hilarious ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    someone call the fire brigade – Fozzie is on fire along with his duplicate !!!

    i don’t think VCC is missing the Glicster because Fozzie is doing more than a decent job filling in πŸ˜‰

    Glic’s has his own style and Fozzie has his own style, the comparisons shouldn’t be made but i think this blog will go on overdrive and crash, if the likes of Fozzie, Glics, TMHT, VCC and the Cockie monster are all here at the same time πŸ˜€

  • and for the avoidance of doubt, i still want one of the 2 aforementioned players down at the emirates ; ) any world class player, wanting to come to our club for the right price and wages is more than welcome, bitey more so than shrek !!!

  • Evening Vickers!! Glad the stainless steel wet n wipes came in handy!! I did one of those rides in a Ferrari Spider… You know the one that Ronaldildo wiped out on!!! Wow the hardest car to drive they reckon on the corners hence why Ronny did a front wheel!! But not to avoid the front wheel if you know what I mean!! Hammers and Spuds not allowed to use the Y word next game!! πŸ˜€

  • Thank you JB!!! And now to go along with your hair description I also name ye Greystoke!!! Tis the perfect compliment to Bond!! And you my friend are right in the middle with Tarzan and sophisticated spy tendencies!!! I agree that ratatouille would be my dream addition!! But i think it was always a stepping stone for a Latino to get to his dream team RM!! I’m still hoping they apart from him a marksmen like Falcao or Cavani can be ours!!! πŸ˜€ hell if PS Oilers can do Ibra and Cavani why can’t we have OG and one without the egos?? πŸ˜€

  • Bond, the thing about Suarez and Rooney is that they’ve burnt (or chewed through…) their
    bridges in England and it would be best for them to move elsewhere, just as we *should* have sold van Judas to Italy…Agreed, however, “world class” is a tasty treat…How ’bout that goal from Draxler as Ozil was getting his on Tuesday?… Sorry, I still just feel a tad tortured by the ups and downs of the TW, nightly sauces notwithstanding…

    I’m feeling pretty chuffed to have “solved” the koan and I feel I’m close to coming to peace with missing Glic… I just fear for the good girls of Lesbania and hope their being well cared for…Didja hear the one about the Dentist who got sick of looking into people’s mouths all day and decided to become a gynecologist? (gynaecologist?) He had to go back to medical school but finally after all the study and practice with plastic models, etc. he got to see his first patient… Everything was going fine until he got to the critical part of the exam and spotted something amiss. “We’re just going to have to numb this up”….

    (Insert cookie monster noises…”nom, nom, er., numb, numb, numb…) πŸ˜†

    OK, that was a bad one…

    On that note, “chewing through their bridges” makes me think of John Terry and Wayne Bridge and that handshake-gate of theirs a few seasons back…That’s what you get when you don’t buy “world class”…. πŸ˜†

    Alright, enough with the puppet stuff… Well, almost… I still feel that my final quest is to figure out which muppet HH is posting as… maybe it’s time for Oscar (the grouch) to make an appearance?… Or maybe we have to wait until results go against us… 😳 πŸ˜‰

  • right in the middle with Tarzan WTF ahahahhahahaahhaahahahahahhahahahahaahahhahahahaahahahahahhahahahaahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • bendy apparently had his bridges burnt up pretty bad with 0.00000001 chance of survival but there you go @ 17HT

    seems like you’re really missing Lesbania land, ehhh

    but i reckon you’re going to be in Fozzie’s firing line, very shortly – it’s wise to keep a low profile and lay low , ha

    since we are going after the missing persons today, where is JGC – today ?

  • Nice one JB!! I see you have embraced your new morphed cyber self!!! Tarzan in a tuxedo might help the mental image?? πŸ˜†
    Don’t worry 17h – Glic is still frequenting lesbania but his tranny annex has taken up more of his energy due to the high level if testosterone!! πŸ˜†
    I’m replaying the game for the umpteenth time and mrs p has got the hump!! What an atmosphere at the emirates!! Keep that up and we will be a fortress again!! πŸ˜€

  • “Lay low”… Good one Bond/Greystroke…Isn’t that how Glic used to roll, given the 4 letters and reading glasses he needs to spot what’s written on his walking stick? Over here we call it a cane, but you guys probably have a more colorful (colourful?) name….

    I’m with Fozzie that it could be fun times playing musical chairs with Madrid and the new French money teams (maybe) trying to bring themselves into line with the FFP rules. Falcao, like Suarez, isn’t cup tied in Europe, correct? My problem with him is that he’s old, small and not that good… Of course that might describe a lot of us… πŸ˜† Still, el Tigre might give Theo a little run for his money (even on an off night)… For the moment, however, and with everyone fit, (touch wood, as you say…) I like our squad…

  • I even tried to get the Mrs into footy!! You know I would dim the lighting.. Get lots of nice nibbles and stuff out … even a few of Cockies special bake cookies … . And best yet … I got naked πŸ˜† …. Yeah that’s right … And pretended to be the hostess with the mostest!!! ….. Draped a towell on my erect todger and entered the room … “Beer, wine … nuts” ……. πŸ˜€

  • That’s what I tell the missus, FB, “I’m just working on the fitness of the squad”…That’s why I’m naked and in bed with the computer… πŸ˜† 😯

    OK, off to check Glic’s picks in the UMF so that I can play the opposites…At least he still shows up over there… πŸ™„

  • Fozzled Brain…….Vicky is your man for the romantic stuff !. Imagine the scenario at Vicky`s bedroom…………….Vicky has the lights dimmed with aromatic candles wafting through the air with sweet love music on in the background and rose petals scattered all over the lush shag pile carpet whilst Vicky lays naked on his silk covered water bed swaying gently with an enormous boner……the door to the bedroom opens gently and Vicky`s eyes sparkle as he says them three precious words………….Happy Birthday Son !.

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