WBA preview: FlamTeta double DM, Ramsey & Rosicky on the wings?

Tomorrowโ€™s game against the Baggies is another tough one, but we like them tough, we do.

The Hawthorns where no doubt the away support will do us proud again :)
The Hawthorns where no doubt the away support will do us proud again ๐Ÿ™‚

It is a blessing in disguise that West Brom deservedly beat the Mancs last weekend; it will make us focus and not underestimate them one iota. I always feel we are most vulnerable after the team received bags of praise for a fine performance, and we are about to play a so called easy opponent.ย We know now that West Brom, despite our recent League Cup success against them, are not to be taken lightly.

I like West Brom, and I especially like Steve Clarke who has done a fantastic job since taking over from Hodgson. Beating the multi-million pounds earning stars of MU with the starting eleven of Myhill, Jones, Olsson, McAuley, Ridgewell, Yacob, Mulumbu, Amalfitano, Sessegnon, Sinclair and Anichebe, and that at Old Toilet, is a phenomenal achievement.

Clarke knows his football, knows about systems of football and individual coaching, and how to get the very best out of a set of decent to good footballers. I will always have respect for managers like him; those who can work magic with a limited budget, and I predict the 50 year old Scotsman, and former Chav, Clarke to go places in his carefully build up managerial career.

Tomorrow, we can expect a good game of football as I donโ€™t expect WBA to sit back too much. They will want to play football and their and our 4-2-3-1 systems will fight for dominance in midfield. If we can win that battle, our superior fire power up-front should make the difference. Luckily the team had a relatively long break โ€“ from Tuesday till Sunday โ€“ and everybody should be fit and up for this one.

Another away win will be a new record: nine straight PL away wins in a row. It would also be a strong statement of intent to go into another inter-lull with two points clear at the top of the PL table. Today, After his team’s win against Everton, Pellegrini said they needed to win in order to try and close the gap of five points with Arsenal: how long has it been since we have been referred to as the one to make up ground on…? Long may it continue! ๐Ÿ™‚

Can Arsenal do it? Yes we can, but as always, only with hard work and focus, and taking our chances when they arrive.

Predicted line-up:

Arsenal v WBA

I reckon Wenger will not change much to the team that just beat Napoli so emphatically. Sagna has, as 17HT likes to call it, a Wengury and so Jenkinson should get a chance to prove himself; unless Kozzer is moved there and Vermaelen takes up the vacated CB position, which is unlikely.

It could be Jack instead of Rosicky, but I reckon SJW will get a break till the smoke is cleared; and it could be Gnabry instead of Ramsey, although AR16 has simply been too good to be left out. Gnabry is likely to come on later in the game, though.

I am also going for FlamTeta in the double DM tomorrow, but it could well be that either the Flame or Zorro get a break and Ramsey AND Gnabry will start โ€“ with the former playing in the double DM again.

Really hope we can win and set a new record tomorrow and the boys will do us proud once more.

Come On Your Rip Roaring Gunners!

Written by: TotalArsenal.

197 thoughts on “WBA preview: FlamTeta double DM, Ramsey & Rosicky on the wings?

  • nice one, TA

    good read that and totally agreed in regards to WBA winning against a spineless team like Man UTD , we shouldn’t be taking them lightly and go out all guns blazing – not only that but us winning with a 3 goal difference AT LEAST, would do more good in more ways than 3… (JGC- Damus has predicted a 3-0, if i’m not mistaken ?

    safe hands ๐Ÿ˜€ you really do want me to cajole you on that one, don’t you ๐Ÿ˜‰ ha

    agreed with your predicted team, there is enough quality there both on the field and on the bench to bag us the 3 very important points as well as win us the game, comfortably – Rosicky scored 2 goals against the same team, didn’t he ? or was it another team, i can’t seem to remember but if it was at the Hawthorns then he will have fond memories of it..

    also, one thing i noticed with Flamteta – Flam’s is desperate to go forward and score a goal or take a pop at goal from long range, i really like that, it shows to me that he also wants to be in attacking positions and wants to score for the mighty Arsenal ๐Ÿ˜€

    5-1 (would love to say 5-0 but because it’s “safehands ” in goal, have to go with the flow).


  • He’s gonna start with Jack not Rosicky to keep him sweet and prove he was giving him a rest as he suggested after the Napoli game.

  • DanG,

    i hope he persists with Rosicky – JW can deliver in the Cameo role as i reckon he will have to play 2 full games for England, which are rather tricky.

    also, worth noting that the last time we had that 12 away games record, we were also sitting pretty at the top (2008), however, that injury to Eduardo or or dip in form, changed everything, we only have ourselves to blame for it as we were ahead and our destiny was in our own hands – let’s hope, this time we can be more consistent both away and at home !

  • besides, why not use roSICKY while we still can, since he be returning back from the internationals all sicky again ; )

    on a more serious note, Rosicky is the vital ingredient in us playing “sexy football / Wenger ball” i reckon.

    it’s Rosicky for me ahead of JW and Gnabry .

  • DanG – I would also play Jack tomorrow but I reckon Wenger will rest him.

    Thanks Jambon – good point about Flamini driving forwards as well and wanting a goal. What a fine allround player he is for us.

  • it was apparent his desire to score a goal vs Napoli, and i was very pleased to see it, he wanted to score and it also shows that when the opponents are focusing on our more offensive minded players, he can find a bit of space in a dangerous position and have a go – shoot on sight so to speak, that is something i want more from us… someone having a go from outside the box, we lack such type of goals, scored from a distance.

    i don’t think we have managed to score one goal from outside the box , just yet ? maybe tomorrow then ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Santi is good at scoring from just outside the box, but yes I would like us to score Merson-like blasts from well outside the box as well. The Flame can do it and so can Arteta (remember his goal against the Northern Oilers?).

    Re Safe Hands. I also reckon we could concede tomorrow but it will be a collective defensive mistake rather than our nr.1 Pole between poles being the cause.

    Also note that I treat our players like close family. If they care about Arsenal and work their socks off they are all my sons, and I will defend them against anything. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • oi,

    don’t you try to use the “emotional blackmail card on me” – i like to be objective with my player assessments and i hope everyone see’s that from time to time, i do give credit where it’s due.

    constructive criticism is better than defending our own blindly – does them no good, none what so ever, but i do see your point , full marks to you for doing that, however, i am going to remain objective (biased) towards a certain player until i feel he’s ready ๐Ÿ™‚

    we will have almost a new combo at both wings and full backs, it will be interesting to see how the 4 players, compliment each others games – this is the only weak point for me tomorrow…

    what’s your prediction for tomorrow @ TA – give is a score line

  • good preview TA. We have to forget the table and other results, and focus on each opponent as we face them, i know Arsene is telling the boys not to take west brom lightly.
    I would like to see us use at least one traditional winger like gnabry, and save the “special line up” that we used against Napoli for certain big matches, champs league or top teams in the prem. That does not include Man United.

  • ahahahahahahahah@ does not include Man UTD

    i like that @ JNYC

    good one ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gnabry i reckon can do a better job in the 2nd half, coming on as a sub in the 60th minute and be much more effective when the players are tiring down ?

  • JB ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am critical enough about ability of our players, but also aware that young and new players need confidence and the fans play a role in this. Seeing Gervinho help tear Inter apart (two assists today) with Roma makes me a bit sad we were not able to embrace him more at THOF.

  • Gervinho was given plenty of opportunities and time to impress and shine in England, i’m also chuffed that he is doing well at a league where the level of quality isn’t as intense or good as the EPL …also bear in mind that inter-milan are no longer the top dogs anymore.

    none the less, also good to see our ex- gunners or the ones on loan do well for their new clubs…!

    PS: the fixtures list at the bottom of the page for Arsenal upto November, do not include the domestic cup games or the CL fixtures @ TA – maybe update them when you get the chance and time to do so, thanks:)

  • Agreed JNYC – but Wenger likes to keep it the same if and when he can and he will not want to put Ramsey or Arteta on the bench, I reckon.

  • also, Re- Special line up , why wait to use it when we’re not certain about the injury element ? use the special line up as much as possible because knowing our luck , it won’t be long before the dang injuries strike again (fingers crossed it doesn’t this time) but just saying !

    PS: the fixtures list that shows on the smart phones – bottom of the page.

  • James I do not like predicting the final score for our games. I am hoping for a win and we have a good chance, but so much depends on our attitude and a bit of luck as well.

    Bayern played Leverkusen of the pitch in the first half but the game still finished 1-1 because they did not take their chances; I am always wary of the same happening to Arsenal.

  • let’s hope that sort of thing doesn’t happen tomorrow because i want us to go into the international lull as being number 1 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    am off now,

    have a nice night everyone – good night !

  • All

    Planeward bound but…

    JB: as at Napoli, if we want to be too we have to beat certain teams. As at Napoli we can put 2, 3 on them. A strong lineup, maybe 5, but, the keys are:

    – will they at least partly park the bus? I think yes. It worked vs ManU and might versus us

    – we must hold shape like we did vs Napoli. Our biggest achievement on the day

    JB, I called 2-0 or 3-0 for those reasons, AR to score again, .. I also said harder if we rest OG, AR or others

    TA: that said, we are calmer and appear less susceptible to ups and downs on confidence. More workmanlike…

    Thus, I like the formation, it’s one of our best and most aggressive on Presence! Barring missing Sagna. And we will see. At least we have the depth now to make it a realistic guessing game!

    Re Gerv: recall after. 5-6 games of him playing last year we thought he was a possibility to replace RvJ. He had 3-4 goals and some assists… Then went walkabout… My jury is out there still for him at Roma, but hope he does well for them as I can’t stand Juve, Inter and others in Serie A…

    Cheers — jgc

  • Geoff – I sorry I missed the ‘Bon Voyage ‘ message to you last night, but I too watched the Roma game, and the Bayern one before it, so I never got back on the computer. Anyway, I hope the jet-lag is not that great and you’ll be able to add some wisdom during the interlull.

  • TA – It is funny game to play after the big high from last Tuesday – that has only just become available on the ‘Player, and I hope to watch it later – because, going into the COC game we afforded ourselves 9 changes to our previous line up. Yes, they were not at full stregth either, but their win over Man U seems to have elevated them into a psuedo-top six side?

    The international break, the need to keep momentum going, resting players, opportunities to others .. They all seem competing demands on our players. i just feel that had they not won at Man U we would be looking more openly at changing the line-up. Particularly those who are not likely to get a break over the next fortnight.
    These are my player by player thoughts:

    *Szcz – No call up? – He will play
    -Sagna – Wengury.- Out
    *Jenks – Under 21’s? – In
    *Mert – Certain to play for Germany – Could be rested(or get a wengury)?
    ^Kos – Ditto for France – More likely to be rested, but the trusted pair are needed.
    *Verm – Possible call up – Needs game time, could replace one of the above.
    *Gibbs – No call up – Plays
    *Arteta – Ditto – Ditto
    *Flam – Ditto – Should be rested, but will have two weeks after this.
    ^Rambo – Likely for Wales – Needs resting. Will be
    -Jack – Def call up – Would have been benched, may not make that to avoid spotlight?
    *Rosi – Poss call up – Probably risked. Better for us then misses the international.
    *Mesult – Call up – Play
    ^Serge – Unlikely call up this time. Likely start, certain bench.
    *Giro – Will be in for France – Will be in for us too, he wants the Golden Boot.
    Possible subs/starters:
    If I keep saying it i might get it right like Ht and Ozil scoring?
    *Bellerin to start, in front of Jenks. Double cover down our right flank. Pace on the wing
    ^Akpom – Any doubts on Giro, or early sub, he gets game time. Looked good against them last time?
    ^Fab – Bench
    ^Nacho -Bench
    ^Hayden – Bench:
    Key = – Not in squad; ^ Sub; * Play

    Jenks ________Mert_________TV5_______Gibbs
    ___Blellerin _________Rosicky_______Ozil______

    subs: Fab; Monreal; Kos; Rambo; Gnabry: Akpom; Hayden.

    There you have it. perfect blend of a solid defence, and pace to breakout at speed. Flamini covering Gibbs, Bellerin able to get back to cover forjenks(who may be targetted?) Up front, Ozil and Rosi to flit in and out with Giro, and overlaps wide with Bellerin and Gibbs.
    Solid bench to call on.
    Sorted! ๐Ÿ˜€

    On the other hand, you may be right?

  • Morning BKers ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gerry you would win a lot of kudos if your line up is right, and who knows you might be right. As long as Jenkinson has the BFG next to him, he should be fine today and I cannot see him resting Ramsey. TV for Koz is a possibility though.

    For me, Wenger will apply OGAAT and not bother at all about the international call ups. Today only counts and we need a win to keep momentum going and stay TOTL. Say we are TOTL say we are TOTL! ๐Ÿ™‚

    With thanks and best wishes,

    TOTLArsenal ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Morning all. Good post. I ‘ll rather we play our best available team and blast them off the pitch as soon as possible. This will create more fear factor as well as force aou game on them. Bringing in akpom and berellin wen we are cruising will give them more confidence to express their game. At the end, I will take any three points to take us back where we belong and keep the tiny tots where they belong…..in our shadow

  • TA – That implies you don’t think ‘my’ couldn’t beat the Baggies?

    Just remember, Rambo’s Groin strain is not going to go away unless he does get a break.

    The old saying(Hansen?) ‘You can’t win anything with kids?’

    I don’t think we will get through to January without them, and this is one game when we can put another into the mix?

  • Gerry,

    I thought the groin strain is no longer a problem… In that case, it would be good to rest him and give Gnabry another game, although that would mean two youngster on the right wing. Jenkinson is a still a young Gunner…

  • cheers for the match prediction TA, always a pleasure reading your work.

    A tricky game against against tough opposition.

    I like the lineup but I’d go with Ramsey on the right and Gnabry down the left. Jenks maybe a youngin but he has the goods (especially with help from BFG and Gnabry who tracks back well).

    Sessegnon is a real threat so hopefully he can be kept on a leash. I HATE ridgewell will a passion, hope he doesn’t try and hack down Gnabry like he has done to Theo previously.

    Match prediciton: Whatever JGC-damus says!!!

  • hi all..
    TA.. I agree with your team..
    We need to play our first team.. and show them.. that this is our real team.. last week is just our second team whom also win (by penalty..) hehe.. but that also could mean bus-parking style will play.. But don’t worry We can break that kind of game.. cause We have Meszil.. hehehe..

    We never lost with our yellow shirt.. and tonight also.. We will win.. cause we’re Arsenal.. 3-1 is an often scores now.. but I hope more to come.. like 4-0.. Ramsey.. Kosc.. Giroud and Ozil to score.. haha..

  • Thanks Boss.
    I shall look into my cookie crumbs to predict the team a bit later !.

    Now to piss you all off !. I just watched the first half of the Nipples game and we were excellent, especially Ramesses the Great….he did a pharaoh distance running !.
    However forgetting the result last night (1-1)….The Munchies are where I would like us to be…pressing all over for most of the 90 minutes…little triangles…unbelievable football ….99% possession and 600 attempts on goal….the only reason they didn`t win was because Leverkusen shrunk their goal to one metre square !. I`m sure they had all their squad on the pitch at once !. If anyone else watched the game tell me I`m wrong……liar liar bums on fire !.
    An SQ striker in January or summer and a SQ DM and I think we will be competing strongly, not sure about this season, still waiting for an extra injury or two to derail us as per usual !. No injuries and we have a good chance, but cant remember the last time the Bergkamps were on our side. As I said with some decent additions we will be in the mix, but and this is the one where you will want to try and scalp my lovely fluffy blue fur…..to take us to the next level ala Munchies….we must get …….Guardiola to replace Darth Wenger !. We were excellent against Nipples, but the Munchies are on a different level !. Right off to hide !.

  • Oz, agreed re Ridgewell. Maybe the Flame will sort him out early ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Henry you are becoming a greedy guts – a bit like Cockie Crumble haahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cockie ๐Ÿ™‚

    We have a SQ striker and Bayern had non yesterday…. footie is moving on baby….

    Guardiola’s Bayern played very, very open at the back against Leverkusen and we have a team now that can pass and counter our way through and past the Munchers. Yesterday, we would have beaten them hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cockie….13:03….it’s a bit early to hide behind your sofa????? KO is at 16:00 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nice one TA

    I hope jack plays. Why would Arsene rest him TA? One fag cant knacker you out that badly.

    Its a tough game. West brom are a physical side who like to mix it and are dangerous from set peices.

    They can be got at though, and i fully expect us to get at them, and let them have it.

    I predict a game of few chances. 5-0 Arsenal.

  • Not sure why Terry but every time I read your 5-0 predictions it makes me laugh. I think it’s because it’s always written after serious comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ TA

    I’d love to see that. Or even Gnabry to run through him like he did to someone a couple of weeks ago.

    @ Cookie

    after that we may have to lynch you!!! It’s okay though because you’re only full of delicious cookie dough so it’s not cannibalism ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yes Cheesy knob aka The Edam Project !.

    Ollie is a better player than most HH`s and Vicky`s give him credit for, but he is also an Achilles heal as in wtf do we do if he gets injured ?. To carry on competing we need SQ on bench as back up !.
    Going back to the Munchies, what they have which we lack is three proper wingers in Robben Bastard. Rubbery Face and Shakira, they all can go mix it up either wide or cut in ( which gives space to the wing backs to give width ). I think our only out and out winger is Ryo and he will not be getting enough game time to prove his worth anytime soon.
    If you watched that game last night you know as well as I that on any other given day Leverkusen would have been blown out of the water and lets face it the Munchies were the away team and Leverkusen were stuck in their own half for nearly 90 mns !!!. Like Chavs against Barca and Munchies in the CL…they were fcuking lucky !.
    Hard game to judge L Bender as only the Goalie looked decent !.
    Saying we need Guardiola is probably a bit drastic as imo it is not the manager we need but the knowledge of how he trains his teams to play that type of football. Surely this cant be a secret !. Players move about from club to club so Guardiolas techniques should be common knowledge, so it must be about having the right players with the aptitude of taking it all on board with the fitness and skill levels to match !.
    Watching Ramesses the Great this morning just reinforced my belief that a top player with top fitness levels can make a massive difference. If you had 11 players with his stamina, any opposition would be knackered chasing shadows !. I know this as quite a few years ago I played for a team which was almost professional in it`s fitness. I was a box to box player and had an opposition player every week asking me to stop fcuking running….half marathons and 10Ks made us a very fit invincible team !.

  • All good points Crumbler. I reckon you want Giardiola as you would love to greet the ladies with those last three letter on your hampton ๐Ÿ™‚

    Agreed on the use of winger by Bayern. They stretch teams and get behind defences, but we do the same with combo-footie (both Napoli games came from some sort of wingplay).

    I still think they are vulnerable with and we could have them…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • oh no, Cashley Cole is pretending to be injured, no no no, no not Gibbs for England , hell no no nooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Arsenal still not arrived at the Hawthorns – running late ๐Ÿ˜€

    WBA team – West Brom XI: Myhill, Jones, McAuley, Olsson, Ridgewell, Yacob, Mulumbu, Amalfitano, Sessegnon, Berahino, Anelka.

  • ‘Morning muppets, et al… Good preview, Totl, and I agree with your assessment of WBA and that Clark is a strong manager. I’m not sure he’ll ever get that far in his managerial career given his hair issues, however…

    Sinclair and Sessegnon plus the two goal scorers from the United match, Mulumbu and Almalfitano, present a decent combo of speed and skill, so I think we’ll need to think defense first. In other words, I don’t see a lot of goals in the match. Ridgewell is a hack but overall WBA tend to play their matches in a better spirit than some of the mid-table clubs.

    I like your line-up and agree 100%–you don’t fix what ain’t broke (as we say)…It’s an interesting message for young Jack (ahead of the must-win England matches…) and I would expect him in at around the 65th. Gnabry too, if a goal is needed. We’re unlikely to be able to repeat the glory of Tuesday in the CL, but now (at least) we’ve got a blueprint…

    Uninspired Chelsea now back to level at Norwich while So’ton have a goal from a corner disallowed but still lead Swansea 1-nil. I “need” a draw in the latter match but I’m always happy to see Moo’s crew drop points…

  • So’ton get a 2nd goal and look good for another clean sheet (5 from 7 matches!) and a spot in the top 4. Impressive…

    But Chelsea have blown open the door in Norwich… We need all three in our match, for sure…

  • Line-up announced and spot on except Jack in, Sicky to the bench…Smoke’s all cleared, I guess…

  • guess I should have had my so’ton defenders in my Boing league team rather than my everton ones

  • Hey Oz… How goes your UMF this weekend, strong as always? Game’s a little slow getting going… Anelka playing for WBA…

  • Not the worst break from their corner…Nobody for Giroud to cross to…

  • was a beautiful break, touch by ozil was a bit heavy though..

    I’ve got 7 points thus far, Arsenal game left.
    pretty straight forward week with Chelsea and Manure getting up. If Arsenal win I’m pretty sure professor-damus gets the bonus 5

  • Nice Oz…I gotta stop going for speculative draws, though they help me keep some interest in the matches between the lower table teams…

    Ollie wins a FK 35 yds out…

  • Rambo takes it (?)…Over everything… Not much happening yet in this match…

  • agreed, it’s just so tempting though, especially against the lower teams who don’t score as easily.

    Phew, good save! that would have been very cruel!

  • Good save from Sir Chez off the deflection…lucky, lucky…good reactions, however…

  • Hey alcide…Seems like a threat behind their lines (i.e., Theo…) is missing today.

    Gibbs over from a tight angle…Love it whenever Messy is on the ball…

  • definitely 17, looking very dangerous on the breaks. Get Ramsey off, too important to us no point risking him

  • Magic spray’ll do the trick…:lol: Jack out to the right now..need him turn and break down their D…

    That was better but shot was pure speculation…

  • Also, I love Ozil’s running…just jogging along until he needs to accelerate, then boom…

    Need to turn the screws here… Jack now left, Ozil right…

  • All these attempted crosses just to open things through the middle? Wilshere poked in the eye?

  • god jack gets a rough deal from the refs. I’m not saying he deserves fouls always but players like Suarez and co get a free if you look at them funny.

    Agreed 17, ozil may not be the quickest but his acceleration over a short distance is really good. Made even better by his dribbling ability

  • Sess dive looked dangerous but not rewarded…and another one, top of the box…Game’s getting a little heated now…Giroud shot too far out… Defense first, I guess…i.e., not too many bodies forward in attack…

  • ridiculous dive tbh. yeah getting caught up field as bit. that was a close corner

  • Ref’s not calling anything so Jack needs to try and keep his feet…WBA corner was strong but headed clear. Better build up but we allowed them to set their D. Corner won, however…

  • Ramsey gets one on target from distance after our corner…Good save from Myhill…

  • Up against it now given that we haven’t really penetrated their lines…

  • Wilshere, Arteta, Jenkinson pitiful ………. Jenjinson marking on the corner and GOAL lol

  • should have done better with that one @ Sczny

    anyhow, we need to take off Flamini and bring on Gnabry and also possibly JW for Rosicky

  • I hate to say it (and the midweek cig pic doesn’t help…) but 21 year old jack seems so much less fit than 32 year old Sicky. Now he gets yellow for a late lunge on his own heavey touch! Regardless, we’re going need some changes to get back in this one…

  • what shambolic piece of refereeing

    shambles, and nonsense

    anyhow, start the 2nd half with one change from the start / JW off for Rosicky and then after the 60th minute take off Flamini (another booking from a red) and bring on Gnabry.

  • Jack trying to hard and taking on tough dribbles. Leaving some gaps in defense, too. But we have a bench…

  • yep @ 17HT

    AW got this one wrong today, JW should never have started this one, why change it when it’s not broke ?

    anyhow, we need to change it a bit and run behind them more, we need a Gnabry and Rosicky to speed it up, we can still win this, no problem

  • AW giving Jack the carrot rather than the stick looks to be backfiring. Their goal was tough–the cross was excellent–but Jenks was most certainly just watching rather than going to the man…

    The real problem is that I doubt the subs will come early and WBA seem pretty comfortable defending and not bad at all going forward. I’ll go for a cheap early equalizer and then full guns to get the win… ๐Ÿ˜€ (Worried here, however…)

  • Alcide,

    that’s the problem, he’s been “trying too hard” from the last so many games, he needs to be more calmer than that and more composed

    he needs to be taken off for me immediately as we come on for the 2nd, we need someone to speed up the play not be too involved in the dribbles and attracting players to him

    the chemistry between Ramsey and Oooozil will work better with Rosicky there .

  • agreed BJ, playing one central midfielder out wide is okay but definitely not 2. Gnabry should be on for Jack. He’s looking too frustrated and puts us in a precarious position if he makes another rash challenge

  • If Jack stays on then he needs a strong half for as i don’t think he warrants his place in the starting line up . Everything must improve in the 2nd, energy levels, passing and tempo. Giroud needs some passes because we are not getting jhim in the game enough.
    Wenger will sort them out, but they will be harded to break down now they have a lead to defend.
    COYG, you can do it lads, big push then international break.

  • that is it @ OZ

    we can still win this as i’m sure we will score a goal or two from set pieces ourselves and Ramsey is good for a goal as well ; ) then one from Giroud – sorted

    we need someone running behind their defenders, they’ve had it far too easy at the moment

    we need width and sadly , Jenks is one way traffic and at times runs like a headless chicken and then his crossing and decision making is not quite there yet –

    we need to start attacking more from the left i reckon, let Gibbs come out more.

  • @ PG

    Giroud is looking very isolated. If we are going with 2 defensively minded midfielders we can’t afford to have no pace on the wings. They are looking very comfortable down back.

  • The problem, I think, is that Jack really counts on ref protection and this guy just wants to let ’em play. 2nd yellow is a serious issue and pulling him would be the usual call. Doesn’t seem like AW’s “fatherly” protocol, however…

    Also, this seems the first match I can recall where Giroud seems physically contained up front and very tempted to come deep for a touch with his feet. As such, not much threat on the break.

    Half time and maybe they’ll get a little nervous and defend deeper. Missing Sagna, who would’ve challenged the header for the goal but also might do fewer dead ends in attack down the right…

  • I agree OZ, lucky we have the players on the bench and field to change things. I am still pretty sure we will get some points from the game, Wenger can see what is going wrong lets just hope nth players respond well, But Giroud must get some help and passes.

  • AW has got his tactics all wrong, if he wanted his mf’s to be scoring and being a potent threat then he should have played a 4-6 and dropped Giroud on the bench for Rosicky

    this formation is making not much sense for me…and is working against Giroud.

  • agreed 17, sometimes jack drives forward into a crowd knowing he’ll be fouled. The ref is having none of it though and it’s really pissing him off.

    wow that was lucky. stupid assistant call the offside!!!!

  • the follow through on jack was a bit nasty, got him in the ankle right as he shot!

  • Whoa…Anelka should’ve made that 2-nil…We look more threatening and these guys are ripe for fouling us (pens) if we don’t let them rush our shots…

    Game’s more open and we give up a corner. Jenks having a real struggle today…

  • crossing has been woeful today. Reminds me of last years tactics…no creation so lets send in a cross as a last result.

    Jesus christ come on guys, getting shredded

  • ‘Nother wasted cross…And Anelka refuses to bury us…looked offside to me…

  • OK, that’s good…Yellow for Olsson… Need to get level sooner than later…

    Kos called for pushing…

  • not sure what that free kick was for. always pure guess work for set pieces when they decide to call them.

  • Sess is a big diver…We defend the set piece only OK… Need some possession and sustained pressure…

    Sicky stripping…

    Ozil almost makes something happen for Flams

  • We’re only just hanging on here but they might be pressing too hard for a 2nd…We need sicky running not shooting nor giving the ball away…


  • deflected, I believe…There’s the lucky one we needed! Great work from Ozil to win the ball in our half!

  • that’s my boy jacky


    you lil beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    world class finish

    wo000000000000000t wo000000000000000000t

  • Outstanding seeing eye pass from Ozil, great control from OG, beautiful one touch pass from Rosa and the finish from Jack!

  • HH lives! (Hi…)

    WBA still pressing and our D looks pretty makeshift… Arteta looks a step slow and we’re fortunate to stop their break…

    A little possession and pressure would be a tonic…

  • Jenks OK (looked like it might have been a collarbone… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ) C’mon boys…

  • Giroud (near) whiffs after more great work from Messy…

    WBA still pressing for their own 2nd…

  • Amalfitano is strong…Gibbs blocks however…Corner defended…Can’t get the ball right now…

  • He got ball, but don’t you have to respect that there’s a player with legs to break in position?!?

    Rugby ref…

  • @ 17

    he’s always reffed games this way. Need to find a middle ground between touchy on everything and this guy who lets everything go

  • shambles @ the ref’s

    fooking hell

    Giroud, should have scored least 1 by now

  • Bendtner with the late winner off a header, I’m calling it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • OMG it’s Bendy…Desperate times, I guess…

    Did Ozil take the ball off Sicky’s toes just before…

  • Flams looked in but shot was tame…

    Another cul-du-sac for Jenks… ๐Ÿ™„

    Getting awfully late…

  • Some beautiful one-touch link-up play there, could have done more with the cross but it was Jack’s right foot after all

  • jack can’t buy a free yet gets that called against him.

    Come on get on with it!!!

  • @ Alcide

    hahaha what on earth happened to the spuds in the 2nd half? beautiful result at home

  • poor starting line up, didn’t look likely today.

    Hope Ramsey was just precautionary.

    Nite lads

  • See you Oz…

    Jack got the goal (and maybe the monkey off his back) but needs to do more. Arteta (looking really stiff…) and Flams might make us too defensive? Missing Theo and/or Santi I think…plus that little extra bit of quality from Giroud to finish those couple of chances…Tough match for Jenks. Other teams will drop points here, however…

  • felt like a cup tie to me in the last 20 minutes or so,

    poor tactics by AW – however, should have brought on Gnabry

    this is one area where AW needs to get a grip, with his use of subs

    Ramsey , out of the internationals then ๐Ÿ˜‰ i hope so, ha

  • i don’t know whether i should be happy (Spuds lost) and or sad (after seeing our tactics by AW)

    lessons to be learned here @ AW

    you can’t win much by using a one dimensional MF that lacks pace, effectively took out Ozil and Giroud out of the game for the first 60 minutes, Thank God for having rosicky ehhhh

    anyhow, that brings to an end our winning record, still unbeaten though – yikes

  • ASHAMED, really players like Arteta, Jack Wilshere and especially the most miserable of all the Arsenal players Jenkinson not able to field a passes in front it is ridiculous all the team know ….
    Arsene Wenger in a match we can make change …… 3
    I’m disappointed too manyplaying with two defensive backgrounds one of which is useless (Arteta) bad choice.
    Giroud to the image of the team it lacks everything, really need give him a caviar for that he brand, it is far better into pivot ……..
    I have of rabies!

  • Not so good.. but at least We get a point..
    And guest what.. Spurs lost 3-0.. in their own home.. hahaha..

  • Macko, I think, says it all, though I’m not quite as upset…

    Gotta give credit to WBA for playing to win and really pressing us…Lack of attacking players (finally) hurt us today…

    As good as our 4-5-1 looked against Napoli, it looked a lot less effective against a team willing to press and push the ball up. We all can see why Sicky starting (dropping jack) was the call but we need Jack to come around and his goal will help. Like Macko says, it’s just too many deep lying MFs leaving Ollie and the Zil isolated. The former couldn’t break the shackles of the WBA CBs but a ref who swallows the whistle doesn’t help. Ozil showed a ton of fight and sooooo much quality, but needs partners in there…

    I dunno, dropped points seem easier to take seeing the Totts result and maybe this break will allow some more attack minded boys (Poldi, Santi, Theo) to come back ready to contribute…

  • WBA played well, and we’re dangerous, other teams will lose points here… Arteta was a bit disappointing today, Jenkinson needs to learn new tricks, get inside on his left foot (cough), on deciding NOT to run to the corner when he doesn’t have an edge… BS doesn’t try when he has no chance, a simple backwards goes a long way to keep possession. Sagna needs a contract!!, Jack still lacks fitness it looks like… But soon Santi will be back, and well have 2 playmakers plus Ramsey to animate offense, plus Sicky on the bench.

    We wanted 15 points before the break at the start of he season, we have 16, are on top, and spurs went 0-3 at home, they will have a lousy break ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Macko,

    Tottenham lost, be a tad more happier ; )

    but yeah, it was poor tactics by AW and i’m sure, he will rectify this problem or we will let the Cockie Monster let loose …

    be optimistic though – when we return, we will have Santi/Poldi/Theo back – that for me my friends is a real reason to be jolly good and also that we’re sitting pretty at the top, ha

  • Not seen the game, only heard it. Commentators suggest were held back by the ‘double pivot’?
    I would ask, what is different to the team we played against Napoli?


    Lack of pace on the counter? It sounded like they had a target in Jenks?

    Changes brought on far too late ..Again!

    I’ll watch it later in the week, but we knew how they were going to play, yet the line up played into their hands. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    TA – You have your wish – TOTL. But if we don’t unleash the spirit of youth soon we are going to lose a few during November?

    Best of luck with the review to whoever is doing it?

  • Not what we had hoped for but still a good result. Not losing today was sooo important before the break. Team looked tired and lacked a mojo, but credit to WBA: they defended really well and had a wall in midfield today. We needed to up the tempo and be crisper with our passing, but it was not to be. Tiredness came out and with a limited bench we paid for it.

    STILL we are ToTL and that is just great right now.

  • Not sure it was about tactics that much… Jack was not very effective on his wing and left Gibbs a bit exposed Jenks was one dimensional on the other, Arteta was a bit off, the CBs were good against OG. And we did seem a bit tired…

  • we have 2 very winnable games in the league in October – we should be able to get 6 points in that

    however, November is the real nitty gritty , 3 tough games and if we can get 7 points out of that then all is to be forgiven and forgotten as we do have some real match winners coming back….


    spot on.

  • It is a really good time for an international break, by the time its finished we will have Santi, Sanogo, Walcott and Podolski near ack plus Rambo looked like he had a little knock that will have time to healnoe. So very happy and for once the international break is very very welcome. It is all going very nicely tvm a good draw

  • and technically, we no longer are no.1, we are joint leaders – DOWNER.

    but Spuds to the rescue , alright ahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahaha

    title contenders, genuine title contenders, ahahahhahaahahhahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahaha

  • Rambo has done a Sturridge i reckon or more like , Wenger’s done a Wenger ๐Ÿ˜€ (least i hope so) @ PG

  • I like your think JB, ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think you may be right to, its pointless Rambo trying playing for Wales really and the lad needs a reak which he will now get good news lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Is Jenkinson not the spirit of youth? Youth is overrated Gerry. Rambo, Jack, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Szczesny: five youngish ones….. it is enough, no?

  • here here TA, I am happy today as well, its good for the morale of the players that for the next 2 weeks to look at the table and see them sitting pretty, compare this table to the table this time last season. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Technically i says – Bring on LiverFOOL – let us settle this in the right way and show everyone who deserves to be right at the top , lit’s up his cigar

    PG, i wouldn’t be surprised if such is the case , Wales got no chance of progressing, none what so ever after no Bale to Bale them out or Bale spuds out, ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah

  • Nt mention Zaleem , Gnabry , Eisfeld etc it really is looking great at the moment i love th way Wenger has quitely built another really strong team and people have write him off and he did it with next to no money. It is just GENIUS really ha ha ha ha the man is a magian

  • Exactly Alcide, we were a bit tired and still managed to get a draw. The tactics were spot on in my view. We needed to play compact and so we did. In the second half we let it go a bit and we could have easily been 2-0 down.

    You cannot win every game and today they ground out a result. Next please – OGAAT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • First time we are down one in 15 games or so, and we came back, against a good team… TotL, I’m happy alright!

  • i really can spell a few words honest lol, i am just not pressing the keys hard enough half the time, ha ha ha

  • After reading all your comments it seams my talk of the Munchies having 2 SQ wingers ( and one on the bench ) earlier, is what you lot were crying out for !. We have one natural winger ( Ryo….Theo is no natural winger ) and he doesn`t get a look in !. It puts a lot on our FB`s if they are expected to do 2 jobs ( winger & defender ).
    Wish them rumours of us wanting the Munchies Shaqiri were true !.

    Spuds losing takes a lot of the pain away after coming down to Earth with a bump ( too much expectancy on our injury prone squad, get the extra SQ in by end of next Summer and I`m sure we will be competing big style ! ). A great run always comes to an end. I still think 4th will be a great prize, then to kick on next season with SQ additions.
    Although we are top still, remember we are 4 points down on the corresponding results from last season. We need points off the teams who were above us if we are to be considered the real deal, I think we only got 2 points from a possible 18 ( I`m sure you`ll correct me if I`m wrong ! ) against ManU, City and Chavs….this Achilles heal needs to be rectified if we are to compete.
    A touch hard you may think , but I`m a Monster who doesn`t like his cookies crumbling. I strive for the perfect Arsenal cookie !. Two weeks is going to seem like a life time waiting to put that result behind us …….fcukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !
    After a great run of 10 wins on the trot, even a draw hurts, but the Spuds getting a Hammering is pure cookie nectar !. Omm nom nom nom.

  • Cookies,
    You make a fiar point and i my mind i know that we will only really know where we stand by the end of November. That said i am confident and i believe the team are also that they can beat anyone, and the can

  • not so sure about the Achillies heel there @ Glics

    if , memory serves me then our down fall last season was the doing of Norwich and maybe it was right after the international break as well, i think we lost to them 0-1 away

    this time we play them at home and it’s imperative that we put on a real show at the Emirates – if we win in 2 weeks time, i do not really fear any of the teams you have mentioned, Norwich on the other hand will be tricky.

  • What that film called where some man dresses up and pretends to be his mum called ha ha ha ha

  • Beat Norwich at the Emirates and we will still be 4 points down on last seasons corresponding results !. We have to beat the bastards who were above us last season, simple as that…now Monster has spoken…so zip it !. hahaha

  • fair point Glic i mean cockie, mind you the team that had 4 points on us are now 8 places below us and have lost the second best manager in the world ha ha ha ha

  • lol i cant wait to watch the AVB rent boy clan getting thrashed on MOTD , the PL is so dangerous these days no team area walk over , lots of really goods sides in our league

  • ha ha ha ha that VCC is a sexual terrorist , ibet the people in the shops get a shock when he walks in and asks to try on the womens clothes in the changing rooms , the freak ha ha ha

  • I did think the same during the game, there was no reason we could not wear red. I really hope Jack can go on a goal scoring run like Rambo. I think it will happen at some point he will find his goal scoring mojo, Wenger will get it out of him.

  • Vot is ziz moanings? Arsenal acheivz equal paritiez withz toughs West Bromichesz and ze moans abot lackz of wide soldierz

    You will all be shootinz at dawns you Swinehuntz.

    Jack Wilsherez was just following orders, yet you say he is sheister. I will calz Lukaz Poldoskiz to bring ze blindfoldz but first you will be flogged and beatenz, and i will watch and stretch ze rockz off.

    With ze walcotz in ze team we will smash ze Soviet Unionz, errr i mean, Communist Swinze, err i mean Manchester Undz and win ze title

    After the fall of Pariz, err i meanz international war, err break, we will have all ze players back and becomes unstoppables

    Heil Terryz, err, i meanz Up The Arsh

  • TMHT,
    Cockie has gone quite now, i agree with you lol.
    We still have not seen our best team yet i cant wait til we do, i think it will look like this.
    …………………………………..the back 4………………………………………………
    That is full out attack mode for me.

  • Of course PG

    Top of the league, top of our Champions League group, and more importantly, looking bloody good with an even better future

    The other day i handed the Mrs an envelope with a large wad of cash in it. She was like “is that all?” i completely flipped and snatched it back of her “you ungrateful moose, ime going to fucking burn it” I went to throw it in the fireplace and a struggle ensued, i never realised she was so strong. She overpowered me and stomped off with the money

    All right, i have a swollen gonad and the ego is bruised, but i made my point

  • we would do really well to have scored 25 points out of 10 games – that should be the next target,,,,

    20 games = 50 pints

    30 games = 75 points

    the last 8 , getting 15 points should be easy = 90 points and we’re the champions ?

  • hahaha brilliant Terry.”Manchester unsz” hahaha

    @ Cockie

    I like the Yellow and blue kit. Definitely my favourite non-red kit. I’ll use my UMF winnings to get another with Flamini on the back.

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