Match Review: Jack finally scores, but a disappointing draw


Arsenal went to West Brom looking for a win to break their away win record. Arsenal recently met West Brom in the Capital One Cup and therefore knew this fixture would be a tough one.

Arsenal started the game well today; stringing some good passes together, but they were unable to break down West Brom early on.

From the beginning, it was clear that the ref was going to let many things go. Normally I have no problem with a ref letting play go on, if the ref is not biased towards one team. The ref wasn’t awful, but he made some pretty big mistakes, frequently not calling something for Arsenal and then calling it for West Brom later.

Arsenal’s winger injury crisis continued to take its toll as Ramsey (and to a lesser extent, Jack) was once again forced out of position onto the wing. Rosicky would also later sub on out of position, for Ramsey on the wing. Getting Santi, Podolski, Walcott, and the Ox back will help keep players like Ramsey, Wilshere, and Rosicky playing in their proper position.

The first half was rather boring, with some tough tackles put in by both sides. However, in the end West Brom put in the game’s opening goal. In the 42nd minute Yacob put a header in at the near post. The cross came from a rebound from a West Brom corner and no one was marking Yacob who easily tapped the cross past Szczesny.

Our defence was at fault for the goal as no one was marking Yacob. I believe it should’ve been Jenkinson on Yacob, but he was a few yards in front of him trying to intercept the cross. Overall, Jenkinson did not look good today. He seemed to be missing some guidance down the right that Sagna appears to provide when he is playing in the middle, to the left of Jenkinson.

Soon after the break Aaron Ramsey went off with a slight knee injury. Wenger said it was mostly precautionary and that he is fine. Rosicky was his replacement in the 58th minute and was also forced to play out of position on the right wing.

In the 63rd minute Wilshere scored what is now only his second ever premier league goal. Giroud received the ball on the right hand side of the box. He held up the ball well then played Rosicky across the top of the box. Rosicky chipped the ball up, and Wilshere hit the ball into the lower corner off the half volley.

After this it was only Arsenal that looked likely to score. Wilshere played an incredible ball into Giroud in the box. He ran across the face of goal looking for Myhill to go to ground, but he never did, and in the end Myhill managed to hit the ball away. Wilshere was also hacked down in the box towards the end of the game. Mulumbu slid in on Wilshere from behind. After watching this in slow motion many times I have determined that Mulumbu hit Jack and then the ball. The challenge was identical to a challenge Wilshere himself was carded for earlier in the game, and I therefore think that it should have been a penalty.

Bendtner came on towards the end of the game, but could not make a difference and the game ended 1-1. I think Arsenal deserved a win, albeit, a close one. However, in the end we are still in first place and we got a point from the game.

One final thing I was curious about is what people thought of the Arteta and Flamini pivot. Personally, I thought that having those two playing together we were actually shielding our defense less than usual. They seemed to each think the other would cover or go for the tackle and we seemed more indecisive. I would like to give them more of a chance, but I do worry that having both of them playing together could make our defence less efficient.

Overall, the game was a good end-to-end game that was ruined by bad refereeing. Both sides probably could’ve scored more goals, but in the end a point is a point and we are still number one.

For now I’ll leave you with some questions:

  1. What did you think of today’s game?
  2. What do you think of Wilshere, Ramsey, and Rosicky on the wing?
  3. What did you think of the Arteta and Flamini pivot?
  4. Is Jenkinson better with Sagna in the middle?

Thanks for reading! 😀

Written by: Dylan.

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79 Responses to Match Review: Jack finally scores, but a disappointing draw

  1. DanG says:

    Not such a disappointing draw. A point was crucial to ensure top spot before the International break. At 1-1 we had to be professional, try to win but absolutely avoid defeat with a sucker-punch goal at the other end. We did that well.
    Flamini looked exhausted for the first time today and if Wenger wants to win this league he has to be brave and not play Flamini & Arteta. Both can play the holding role, but we will win more games playing one of them and adding an attacking midfielder like Rosicky in the mix. Win one game and losing one is better than drawing two so we have to go for the wins rather than play not to lose (a la moyes & mourinho)

    But we’re top with our 4 wide players all out – Santi, Theo, Pod & The Ox. 2 of those 4 back in their natural positions will give us 50% more attacking impetus.

    Norwich might get battered by us in 2 weeks if Santi & Theo start as presumed.

  2. henrychan says:

    Morning all..
    Dylan.. great post..

    Draw isn’t a bad thing.. hehe..
    moreover when it happen away..
    Our high expectation make it look bad.. hahaha..
    But honestly.. lastnight I sleep well.. not because our draw.. but Spurs lost 3-0 at home.. hahahaha…

    Wilshere.. Ramsey.. Rosicky didn’t play as real winger.. We play a 4-5-1 formation.. nothing wrong with that.. maybe just not used to..
    Can’t wait for Walcott.. Cazorla and Podolski back.. They were our best players and gave us a lot of goal last season..
    Can’t you imagine that.. without our 3 best players We still on the top of the league.. hahahaha..

    Arteta and Flamini..
    They maybe can do great with Italian style.. and win to Napoli.. but I don’t think this pivot can do good in EPL..
    But Wenger was forced to take that decision.. eventhough I agree with most of you guys.. We still have Gnabry and Miyaichi for winger.. and Gnabry did great again WBA in COC..

    Jenkinson must learn how to cross properly.. but I think that’s what happened to Sagna last season.. a bad crossed.. And if he learned from his mistake than he will grow great..

    We are at the top..
    And our 100 millions pound neighbour fly over to the middle table.. hehehe..
    That’s really something.. Sesuatu banget.. hahahaha..

  3. James Bond says:

    To put it bluntly – this was the wake up call we needed to keep ourselves honest and grounded.

    now we need to go on another run to better the current 12 away games one… no reason we can’t start one at palace.

    The break for us has come at the right time for once – always a first time in life for everything ehhhh

    just hoping that gibbs doesn’t get called up for England in the morning after cashley cole’s injury.

  4. alcide says:

    Dylan, Good job once more!

    1. What did you think of today’s game?
    WBA played well and caused us problems, especially on the wings I thought – Jenks had a bad day (systematically trying to hard to overtake his defender and ending up in corner dead-end; lost most challenges defending on his wing); on the other wing Gibbs was left on his own too many times in defense; overall we let wingers with too much time to kick too many crosses. He didn’t get to combine much with Jack when attacking.
    It’s good that we came back to draw though. Özil’s workrate was great

    2. What do you think of Wilshere, Ramsey, and Rosicky on the wing?
    Wilshere struggled, trying too hard – like dribbling through 2-3 players… unless he’s 100% fit that’s not going to fly, and he’ll get fouled at best (and I have the impressions Refs feel like he’s forcing a foul by rushing in the middle of tight spaces). His defending was poor, too. All in all, I want Theo and Santi/Poldi back quick 🙂 Let’s not forget how Santi was our #1 creator last season… add that to Özil and in-form Rambo, we should have plenty more opportunities.

    3. What did you think of the Arteta and Flamini pivot? Arteta had a day off… they were ok defensively, but struggling finding good passes forward or joining the attack… maybe not confident with a good WBA midfield and not used to play with each other? I thought those 2 chose to put the handbrake.

    4. Is Jenkinson better with Sagna in the middle?
    Not sure on this one, but it’s obvious we should give a bloody contract to Bac!

    I agree with JB, that’s a good (and not too hurtful) wake up call… we’re still top of the league but we’ll need to work a bit more with higher level tests lined up in quick succession.


  5. r.iris says:

    Jenkison looks like he plays well on his 2nd and 3rd game after a recall to the side and gets better after that, but for the last few occasions when he is called in to start after not having done so for a few games, he is way too rusty. He was willing to go fwd with the ball but there were not many fwd passes from him compared to sagna.

    For the dobule DM pivot, arteta was holding and flamini was playing box to box for most of the match , there were 2 occasions when flamini arrived at the edge of the box and one was a feeble shot straight to myhill’s hands and another was an unnecessary pass out wide. Cant stop wondering what if ramsey arrived there instead of the flame, we might have won it by 1-2.

  6. macko says:

    hello, I ‘m going to answer two questions at the same time the game was more than average and I think two players side by side Flamini and Arteta Arteta is just tell me anything you want, but if you look at the game it is spectator on the majority of defensive action and takes no initiative in his offensive role , as he goes to the back or side , he never tried to find a diagonal or a pass into the deep. It is for me a player who puts Arsenal in a very dangerous position because it ‘s behind Flamini and therefore leaves a gaping hole in our midfield (and I ‘m not talking about the faults of a phisyque impotence, there to look at how fast he court lol ) .
    Ransey and Rosicky can play them on the wing ( but are éfficasse in the middle ), but Jack must not play in front Flamini box to box this is the best place and nowhere aillor .
    Jenkinson , I’ll be hard because I know you love me well but it was not the level of team Arsenal placement and bad, its circulation in the corridor lack of spontaneity , he finished all his attack by a center without raising his head. I’m not saying it ‘s never going to improve , but should be construed a year to do a full set of time and learn the business not cen’est the central defender to cover constantly watching him play Sagna made ​​a comparison please 😉
    Go Gunners 🙂

  7. macko says:

    sorry google translate , no comment ….. it’s shit

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Dylan thanks for a fine match report 🙂

    The boys looked tired and fought back for a draw. Expectations were high but if you put things in perspective you will realise yesterday was not disappointing at all. This is a great team going places but don’t expect it to win each and every time. Other teams will drop points at WBA.

    Bring on Narrich OGAAT!

  9. Gerry says:

    TA – It was a disappointing game, even if the salvaged point made it less so.

    I will come back to Dylan’s match report this afternoon. I have only seen the high( 😆 )lights so far. You say they looked tired? AW leaves out the one player who only played the last game, i.e. Rosicky, or Gnabry who missed the last game and so could have been fresher. why?
    In the highlights I never heard Ramsey’s name once, not once. He has been needing a break, and now with a wengury he might get it … a game too late. Let’s hope whatever stopped him playing well does not turn out to be one of these ‘hard-to-diagnose’ out for 6 week jobs?

    From the previous post you name Jenks as the answer to my ‘spirit of youth’ call, plus those who have been playing all season long. i am sorry, but those players are our squad. We need to go beyond them if this team is not going to suffer the same fate over the next 7 league games? That was my point.

    Proactive substitutions and their lack of is another weakness.

    If I carry on I shall be calling for a return of the black background, so I’ll leave it there ..Grrr!

  10. VCC says:

    Gerry….fully agreed with your anger.

    It seems to be a trait of Wenger, to use/play footballers until they are knackered and suffer stress injuries. He does it year after year.

    Although Wilshere scored the goal, he was far from playing at his peak. He has looked jaded for a while now and yet Wenger keeps playing him

    Rosicky or Gnabry should have started on Sunday.Freshness.

    Some of our youth should also be used late on in games, ie Ryo….Bellerin….Eisfeld…..Akpom. Otherwise, how are they going to get acclimatised to the Premier league?

    It will be interesting to see his selections when the break is over as we should have a few more regulars back into contention.

    Having said all that, we still obtained an away point after playing mediocre. That’s a good sign. Not many teams will come away from the Hawthorns with points under their belts.

    We are TOTL, say we are TOTL. 🙂

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry, if you want to be disappointed then be my guest! 🙂

    I am all for using the wider squad (rather than youth or ‘the spirit of youth’ as you call it) but also recognise this is easy for us to say and hard for Wenger to decide on. And when it goes wrong…. we all think we knew better all along. 😉

    I am very happy right now, and will not let a well earned draw dampen my spirits. But be my guest: be as disappointed as you like. 🙂

  12. Monday morning, managers… Oi (as you say…) I’ve got a lot on my plate (as we say…) so I’m up early. Dylan, good work (as always) and you’ve hit on the major issues. I’m disappointed with only getting the single point but I’m with everybody else who believes it was a good one. WBA were itching to consolidate their win at United while we had trouble coming down from our (too easy?) “big European night” in midweek. Being an away match OUR guy in the spotlight (Jack Wilshere) wasn’t able to carry his new baby girl through the handshake line (a la Suarez)…

    The management of the (wafer-thin…) squad has been supremely delicate and I think AW got it just about right even if it may have hampered us on the day. Jenks was the obvious weak link but if it keeps Sagna in London (working on his new contract…) then it will have been worth it. It’s tempting to say that we should have played Gnabry at RW (ahead of Jenkinson) but that’s a lot of youth for one flank. Late on Serge (or Ryo) might have been a tempting roll of the dice, however…

    Likewise Rosicky for Jack in midweek worked a real treat, but the youngster IS the heart of the team going forward. Many called for the change at half-time but the precautionary removal of Ramsey may end up being a master stroke on several levels. After a woeful first period, Jack got in good spots in the box with two (very) legitimate penalty shouts and (finally) got his goal and a boost headed out for the “big” England matches. Also, that long pass which got Giroud trying to dance past their keeper (on his chocolate foot, unfortunately…) was as good as Ozil’s work which started the move for our goal… I’d be tempted to give him MOTSH (man of the second half…) if there was such a thing…The real prize goes to AW, of course… Dropping Jack might have been a crushing blow. Certainly it would have been the “big story.”

    It’s been a big 10 days for our #10. Baby last Thursday, a big role at Swansea Saturday, cameo and post match trouble in midweek and then yesterday’s very down and up effort. Fingers crossed that he can do well enough and be a part of England getting through their group over the next 10 days…Talk about a lot on your plate… 😯

    Arteta/Flamini did NOT look good in this one–a match we were hoping to win and then found ourselves chasing. Early on we had possession but no penetration and it was weird seeing Flamini trying to be a forward outlet for Jenks’ dead end runs. MA8 looks very immobile and given a ref who has swallowed the whistle he becomes redundant with the Flamster (and Jack and Aaron and Ozil) who all want to come central. With more natural attacking types returning Flam-teta would seem overkill. Maybe to shut down matches where we have a lead or ones where a draw is a truly positive result…

    So, not what we wanted, but (like 007 and others say…) a good wake-up call showing that nothing comes easy. Agreed with those who say the break is coming at a good time and we should note that the schedule has (overall) favored us. Nobody hurt, a few rested and a few more coming back strong, should (italics, fingers crossed…) position us well for the next little run…

  13. geoffchase says:


    Ive only seen highlights, but!

    A. Wilshere goal is a lot of hard work by OG, credit where it’s due, and then a good strike by Jack

    B. I’ve heard elsewhere some negativism about OGs chance late (long ball for JW) but to me, the highlight shows he did well but WBA keeper was perfect and …. That’s football!

    C. Again another team stacked all down the middle, and the goal comes wide, cut back, beauty layoff by TR (credit too) … We will see this lots as teams don’t want to be cut up down the middle… Thus, that will keep some of our scores down they hope but we seem to be adapting well!

    Will have to see game on player to comment much more on our defense but the goal we gave was lazy, and not Scz fault, so TA can chime in here on that!

    Cheers — jgc

  14. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey, my post is already too long but I’ll continue…:lol:

    The question of how to integrate youth players (“Gerry’s disappointment”) is interesting.

    With Theo out we’ve been playing a real 4-5-1 using “mature” guys up front. Mostly it’s been Giroud, obviously, but Bendtner (and his “new maturity?”) was the 2nd sub yesterday and he played 120 mins in the other WBA (CoC) match 10 days earlier. It’s a formation (and strategy) that leans on the lone CF to use hold up skills (i.e., his body) to bring others into the attack. Could young Akpom do it? I’m not sure. To me he looks like the kind of kid who simply cannot (yet) put on any muscle. Sanogo actually looked better in this regard against other kids in the U-21 WC over the Summer, but is out injured. The WBA central defenders certainly gave Giroud a beating yesterday.

    What’s ironic is that we’re playing youth at the other end, in the positions that traditionally go to older players. Scszeney is still only 23, Jenks 21 and Gibbs is 24. Add that to the “wingers” we started with (Rambo 22, Jack 21) and the only older guys we had were down the spine (Arteta, Flamini, PM4, LK6, Giroud). And, I have to say, our wide game, looked woeful yesterday, as if it was just being done to (maybe) create some space through the center.

    I think it’s fine to second guess the manager, but the more I think about this one (and I actually watched the 1st half again last night…) the more I’m starting to think he got it (more or less) correct…

    JGC, how was your flight?…

    Yeah, the goal was unfortunate and I (too) wouldn’t fault SCSZ nor Jenks who was focusing on pushing up with the back line and got confused as WBA (very quickly) pushed the ball out wide then back in. Would Sagna have found Yacob and at least gotten in a challenge to distract him? Maybe…


    Thank you Dylan

    I was happy with yesterdays performance. West Brom are a bunch of bruisers who like to play defensive counter attack so it was always going to be difficult. They played very well so good luck to them.

    I have no complaints with the line up or formation. On a better day we would win this game.

    Jack had a funny old game. Ineffective at times but a great one two and shot, brilliant ball to Giroud, two penalty shouts, and a shot which hit some geezer on the arse that went in, so not so bad after all.

    The tests against the big boys are coming, so as far as this seasons title aspirations go, lets wait until then.


    One complaint was Smudger giving Yacoub man of the match.

    He elbowed Jack in the eye, man handled Ramsey, and squeezed Girouds gonads.

    When did physical violence laced with homosexual overtones become man of the match worthy?

  17. James Bond says:

    having had time to reflect on yesterday (and a glass of Martini or 2), i have now come to the conclusion that it was deffo a point earned instead of 2 dropped – WBA had the better chances and had they won, no one would have been complaining because it would have been a deserved win for them.

    hence, Jackie boy did rescue a point for us and keeps us unbeaten which is massive – psychologically at least as it keeps the belief going , let’s look at it from the other side , yes AW got his tactics wrong and chose the wrong personnel to start , however, he won’t be making the same mistake or experiment for future games now as we will have a very good squad to choose from and have a few game changers on the bench…. Flamini needs to be starting more from the bench now for me as his yellow cards are piling up…this will allow Jack or Ramey to play in their preferred roles as well.

    i can understand why Gerry is so frustrated, we had a great opportunity to create a 2 point lead and 8 point gap over Man utd, 4 over Chelsea and 5 over Man City and spuds ?

    suffice to say that the Ref’s decisions were questionable as well, in hindsight, Jack shouldn’t have taken the shot and instead delayed it as he was clearly fouled – was a penalty for me

    that one bit of control from Giroud from that pass of the match by Jack was really well controlled by Giroud and he was really unlucky to not have scored ? maybe, he was surprised at himself as well as to how well he had controlled that ball 😀 because had he anticpated and trusted his touch , he wouldn’t have had that slight pause as in (oh wtf, i controlled this well and now i can score) 😀

    this is only just the beginning

    we need to set ourselves some targets now :

    10 games = 25 points (brilliant) if not then least 23.

    that should be our next target.

    20 games = 50 – 47 points

    30 games = 75 – 70 points

    before i get TA and Gerry reminding me of OGAAT , i best keep the rest of the calculations to myself, ha

  18. James Bond says:

    another way of looking at this would be that – we are bound to have 1 bad game in every 8 or 10, so that’s hoping it was our 1 bad game and now we can re-start from 1 again until another bad game arrives (after 8 or 10) – sorted

    now to answer Dylan’s questions :

    1: yesterday’s game was hard hard work, we made it harder for ourselves, no doubt about that.

    2: Rosicky and Ramsey can play on the wings but JW certainly can’t, not yet anyway – so that was a mistake , you could get away by playing one on the wing out of the 2 (ramsey and JW) but starting them both on the wings is a massive gamble, one that didn’t come off – Rosicky is a much safer bet as he looks relatively comfortable and can run without the ball, something that JW has to learn.

    3: let’s keep the Flamteta one for Europe against Naples and Marseille, not Dortmund or maybe keep it for games when we’re playing for a draw, especially if there is no one on the wings to provide us pace or movement..i.e. Walcott / Poldi

    4: no, he’s the weakest link in the current team but the good news is that , he can only keep on improving, i’m glad he got selected for the U21’s, he needs to be playing more and more and more because sooner or later, we have another very fine RB in Bellerin, who’ll be ready to give Jenks some competition…he had a poor game yesterday and should have done better all-around, heading/passing/crossing/clearing/positioning, very poor game he had in my opinion…but that’s to do with confidence as well i guess….i wouldn’t mind playing Flamini at RB ahead of Jenks – tactically

    i.e. take jenks off at the 70th minute, put Flam’s there and bring on one of our game changers from the bench – we could have done this yesterday and brought on Gnabry ?

  19. James Bond says:

    last but not least,

    it’s great to see roSICKY withdraw from the internationals and also splendid to see how AW has managed to time his return of injuries of certain players to perfection i.e. Santi/ Theo/Poldi / Sagna

    those 4 are massive players for us and although we didn’t do too badly without them, we sure as hell missed them and with them available, we could have scored plenty more goals as well.

    Yaya is coming back as well, and the OX not that far off anyway –

    Diaby will begin training and maybe play a few for the U-21’s to regain match fitness

    it’s looking good, will be perfect if we can somehow keep Ramsey fresh ? (has the welsh squad been announced already ? 😀

  20. 17highburyterrace says:

    Inneresting idea about breaking the season into 4ths and aiming for 25 points from every 30 (plus 15+ of the last 24)… Our next three, Norwich home, Cardiff away, Liverpool home, would require 3 points each to get us the first 25 out of 30. The tricky element is that we have tough midweeks ahead of the final two, in particular, Dortmund at home before the Pool match. If yesterday showed us anything, it’s that an extra match (esp. against an “in-form” club…) takes something out of the team, as does the unwinding afterward 🙄 … Hopefully we’ll be able to rotate better a month hence…

    Personally, despite the lack of early season draws (which are killing me in the UMF league…), I think we’ll see a lot more of them as the season wears on and the points total for winning, making the CL places and getting relegated will all be lower. There’s just a lot of parity and competition and uncertainty. The “big” teams are dealing with personnel issues (new managers and players). Upsets have been happening–so far mostly as defeats (opening day…) but I expect the big teams to give up some disappointing draws (i.e., yesterday?) too…As they happen, getting a point against rivals (esp. away from home) becomes more valuable. It’s what the scientists call a self-reinforcing cycle, or something… (Professor?…)

    In other words, it’ll be tight and nerve-wracking. I think we’re in it, fo’ sho, but can we (as impotent fans…) handle it?… 😀 Check for cookie crumbs behind the sofa, if you cannot… 😆

  21. jnyc says:

    Nice job as always Dylan. Not such a disappointing loss. A solid team away.

    I was for starting gnabry, thinking using one real winger for a slight change, and also he would have been one of the most rested players.

    I also think i would prefer to go with either arteta or flamini, unless we are playing defensively maybe against a top team, or bring one of them on late in a game to hold a lead preferably.

  22. James Bond says:

    we can beat all 3 of Norwich , Palace and LiverFOOL (they are a one half team), it might be easier said than done but i reckon we can beat them as it was their 2-2 draw against us last season that had cost us the 3rd place with chelsea… this time round, we can win against them for sure as i believe in the lads, worse case scenario leaves us with a draw and 1 point , which means we get the minimum of 23 , i have set ourselves.

    good point , re- Draws, let’s not forget that WBA are a decent team and i expect them to take points off other teams as well, and not just at home both away as well like man utd found out , last week.

    this season, i’m not worried about the bigger teams, i.e. chelsea , man city and man utd as i’m feeling very confident about getting positive results from such teams – can’t remember the last time i felt this confident and not nervous about facing the big boys ….as you will find out against chelsea in the COC game, it’s in the bag already 😉

  23. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, Dortmund will be a tough, emotional match and we’ll need to put out a strong 11. Liverpool will be scouting us and training to play us while we’re at it…And then they can play w/nothing to lose…If we cannot rotate at least a bit, I think it will be very difficult

    It’s funny how Mourinho has already spent a lot of wind lowering expectations about his CoC team…

    On that note… Lowering expectations = key to happiness. You’d think Arsenal fans would be good at it, given our lack of results for so many years now, but the press (blogosphere included) are all about pumping them up…

    I’ve got a new Wengury proposal…Jenks picking up a knock so that Flamini can try his hand at RB (in the CoC maybe, assuming the current Sagna injury is also a lie…) That little bit of extra experience at RB yesterday might’ve allowed a start for Gnabry (or Rosicky) along with the “precautionary” rest for Ramsey from the get go. I wonder how those conversations go:

    AW: Could the following players step over here with me… Uh, sorry, but you guys are all injured. Theo, you’re going to go down in warmups and will have stomach surgery. Lukas, you’ve got to take a hamstring and a stretcher ride, Ox, for you, I need you to go in hard on one of those Villa guys. Sorry, for you it’s ligaments, but no surgery… Mikel, Thigh; Verms, it’s your back…

    Santi: Jefe, por favor… Don’t make me act injured. Nobody believed me when I dove against West Brom last year…I can’t do it…

    AW: No te preocupes (don’t worry)–I’ve talked with Del Bosque and he’s gonna give you a run out so you we can say you picked it up with the national team…

    😆 😳 😉

  24. Gerry says:

    DYLAN – Great job with this preview, and I can’t add much, as I only found out it is on the ‘Player now, rather than later in the week.

    On the goal highlight; The first headed clearance was done by Ozil. They get the ball and passed it out wide. Because this came straight after the set piece, Gibbs was not out wide. May be Wilshere could have been, but he too was involved at the edge of the box.

    Now go back to a previous goal scored against us by WBA, and you get the same set up? but in slightly different positions: man on the line; man behind scorer; and an onlooker.
    All at the near post.
    This time, Gibbs goes out to block low cross coming in. Tick, somebody had to.
    Jenks on the line, leaving Szcz to cover the rest of the goal line. Tick, somebody had to. Ozil, who cleared the first attack, came out of the box fairly centrally, but tracked back towards near post. Could he have got to Jacob before the ball? Possibly?
    Onlooker, Wilshere, he was the nearest to the angle that Jacob came in from, but was ball watching. Could he have done more? Probably?

    Q.1- Tactically poor. But I’ll watch the game later to see if there are some mitigating circumstances. But as brilliant as Ozil is, even he cannot lift the team when the engine is running at half speed. I don’t know when Ramsey got his knock, but without his drive, it was left to Wilshere and Flamini. The former, in the first half where we have been solid and a threat, misplaced 1 in 4 passes and made no (succesful) tackles or interceptions. The latter, going forwards, left the Gibbs flank exposed. Arteta played it safe. So nobody was going to take it forwards from midfield, except Ozil? Width was provided by Jenks on the right, and he put crosses in to the heavily marked Giroud. Gibbs got involved, had a difficult shot from a tight angle. Giroud could do little without support.
    That was the first half. We should have imposed ourselves on the game in that period. This allowed WBA to play ‘our’, only better on the day?

    Q 2- Nothing. Wilshere is not a winger(nor is Santi for those expecting something different when he is back?). Ramsey is not a winger. Rosicky can play wide, but is not a winger.

    Go back to the Napoli game with almost the same players, bar Rosicky in the first half.
    The key to that night was flexibility of movement. Geoff I think(or HT?) had us with the 4-6-0 formation. It worked because they moved, the ball moved, everything was done at pace. You cannot do that when half the 6 are not on the game, for whatever reason?

    Q 3- The Flamteta is fine when the Flam is covering the spaces, and the ‘teta is fine when we have players moving forwards to start a counter. They are not the problem. Flam a caution away from suspension will be,and somebody is going to have to fill that role. The Ox perhaps?

    Q 4- Jenkinson is still developing, so ideally he should have been supported. If he wasn’t, then ask why. A simple ploy would have been to have an attacking midfielder who stops him getting so far forwards that his defensive duties are compromised? Alternatively, the DM keeps tabs on him? But if he’s been told to ‘be our wide player’, then you have to look elsewhere?

    Yes, the manager has much more knowledge on the players than I have. Perhaps he was saving Gnabry from a physical battle. Perhaps he did think if we let WBA burn themselves out in the first half we could blitz them in the second? Who knows. But with foresight and hindsight, the gamble did not come off?

    What of the next game? 4, 5, 6. players all returning. How many of this team will remain? Most of course, barring further injuries, because they will need time to get up to speed. So the bench will be wall to wall players wanting game time. So unless the likes of Gnabry, Akpom(ill this time), Eisfeld, Bellerin(should have been on the bench at least?), Yennaris or Hayden, get a start, they are not going to be seen this side of an injury crisis. Shame. Look at the kid that saved United?
    We could have done similar yesterday with a bolder approach?

  25. proudgooner says:

    I don’t feel disappointed today at all, i am pretty happy with the point, in the WBA cup match they were arguably the better side and the same could be argued for yesterday defo for some periods they are a very good team. Anelka could have easy stuck 2 past us , they have a lot of quick and skillful dribblers as TA said and many teams will lose at the Hawthorns this season.
    So a draw was a fair point for both i feel both teams had chance to win it , but a hard earnt point before the break was good for me. We have played more games then any other club due to tr qulifiers in thr CL so with a injury hit team streatched to be TOTL at this point is very pleasing, bring back the injured guns and we will be ready for the next episode 😉

  26. proudgooner says:

    OH SANTI CAZORLA, OH SANTI CAZORLA , OH SANTI CAZORLA, ha ha ha ha i cant wait to see him come back him and Ozil and Theo and Podolski i can just see the 4-0 5-0 scores rolling in now

  27. James Bond says:


    there are no easy games in football and truth be told, i much rather be playing the likes of Dortmund, chelsea and liverFOOL as oppose to Norwich , Crystal palace and WBA e.t.c e.t.c

    why ? because this is why you become a football player, to be able to compete and perform at the biggest stage of them all.

    rotation ? we will have plenty of options available for both Dortmund as well as LiverFOOL – i keep repeating this but add these players to the games vs Chelsea , Dortmund and LiverFOOL

    vs Dortmund – strongest possible 11 , something like this…(22nd October)


    Sagna ———-BFG———Koc———-Gibbs


    Theo ———-OoooZil—————-Santi/Poldi


    you have a bench of the likes of = Flamini/ JW/ Poldi/ Gnabry /Rosicky e.t.c e.t.c

    moving onto the next one vs Crystal Palace : (26th October)


    Jenks/Flamini ————-Koc————–TV5———-Nacho/Gibbs



    Bench : OooOOzil/ Ramsey/ Theo/ Santi e.t.c e.t.c

    and then we move onto Chelsea 🙂 (29th October)



    ————- Flamini———Ramsey/JW

    Gnabry—————Rosicky/Eisfield———–THE OX/RYO


    bench : Theo/ Arteta/ Ox/ Giroud /Santi – bear in mind this is a home game.

    now moving onto the LiverFOOL one (2nd of November)

    guess what ? i’ll let you pick up a fresh looking yet very strong starting 11 ; )

  28. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha James…

    Sorry, I can’t get that far ahead. For me it’s more fun to come up with imaginary dialogue about Arsene pulling players aside and telling them about their injuries… I *want* to believe that it’s all part of a brilliant (or diabolical…) master plan, even if Wenger is more likely flying by the seat of his puffy coat…

    I loved (and hated 😉 ) your optimism in the TW and I love it now about the squad going forward, so carry on… 😀

    Gerry, Wow, what a breakdown of the parts you’ve seen. Plenty to agree about. It seems the Sagna “injury” plus playing Jenks and Wilshere over Rosicky were the “risks” AW was willing to take on “youth.” What do you think of Flamini at RB? Would that “kill” Jenks? Doing a double Wengury at a single pitch position would be too much even if they WERE puppets…(and he was the puppet master…) 😉 😆 Still, hindsight being what it is, Gnabry ahead of Flamini seems like it may have been better on the day.

    Alas, the manager must think both short term and long…so bucking up the confidence of the two young English guys was a decent shout…And, in Jack’s case at least, it (somewhat) played out…

    Like I say, carry on…

    Monday responsibilities, I fear, will be dragging me away… 😦 👿

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    The boys were tired. One game too many, yet still an away draw against a good and motivated team. We could have lost it with Rosicky and Gnabry starting as easy as won it. We just don’t know. Tactics smacktics – there is a little Arsene Wenger in all of us but reality sucks 😉

    Norwich next: it’s a marathon with 38 OGAATs.

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    Hope you had a good flight, Geoff.


    Ok, go back 12 months and how many of you would have fancied us to get something against an invigorated West Brom side with Giroud up front plus Jack and Aaron wide? i bet not many.

    At the moment this team is an exercise in improvement and in the last 12 months we should be delighted with the progress.

    Several months ago it was Wenger this or that, Giroud and Ramsey not good enough etc etc, now were disappointed we did not extend our lead at the top?

  32. Gerry says:

    17HT – I think it would be waste if Le Flambeau was moved out of a position where he has been so commanding.

    I repeat, I don’t think Jenks is a bad sub for Sagna. But if we want him to do a defensive job, better somebody like Gnabry or Walcott is in front of him, as they can do a decent tracking back. I thought pre-game that Bellerin offers the best of both worlds if he played in front of Jenks, because not only has he got the speed to get back, he can tackle too. and we had a glimpse of what he can do going forwards last time. He lack Jenks experience to take over the RB role just yet. He too wuld need a lot of support, doubling up, etc.
    I come back to the point about Sagna and his contract. I think if Wenger does not think Jenks is going to make it, then he is more likely to sign somebody very good, and will take over from Sagna at some point. I think I read that Jenks is usually better after a run of games? If there is anything more to Sagna’s injury he may get it? Yennaris is back from injury too, if he is not overlooked, and he will always do a decent job.

    But Flamini needs to be the ‘free’ man in front of the back four. He reads the game quickly so he can move to a space that is vulnerable..Of the two, I would rather him in a solo role behind two more attacking midfielders, but who are capable of getting back. In the current set up that would be Ramsey and Rosicky,and that leaves Ozil, Giro, and Theo, Serge, Santi, Poldi, Ox, to fight out the 3rd of the front row. Ox would be the next in line to replace Rosicky when he needs a break. The bench looks strong with TV5, Arteta, Wishere, and some of those who miss the front spot, plus Fab?

    That is what I mean about the young ones not going to get too much of a look in unless there is another injury crisis. Bendtner/Akpom is the Giro pair, but they are not going to see much first team action if the returnees remain fit, even off the bench?

  33. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, just poking my head in, really need to get my week going… 😆

    All good points, Gerry. I think the more optimistic types see more future in the young guns. League matches, for me, are not the spot to get too crazy, and like you and TA suggest, it’s all hindsight. Giving Jenks a chance is fine by me. Half fit Ramsey may have been the one whose injury might’ve been played up (to get Sicky in the line-up, maybe)… With it, expectations (for the match) might have dropped…So getting Gnabry (or Ryo or both–we didn’t use our 3rd sub…) in as an attacking option late would’ve felt about right…Maybe?

    Terry is right, we’ve come a looong way if we’re believing that Ramsey and Giroud are indispensable. The flip side is that maybe we should have bought some top notch back-up/competition for those guys. But then the kids (really) would never get a chance. Does this complete the circle of regret and/or second guessing? The proverbial “outline of the cookie”?…

    Whoa this being a manager stuff, is giving me a (bulgy-eyed…) headache…

    OK, now I’ve really got to take a break…Cheers, however, and carry on… 😀

  34. James Bond says:

    yep @ 17HT

    it is Wenger’s doing as he is personally ensuring to keep as many players back from the internationals as he possibly can…check this one out
    “Arsene Wenger got in touch with me and we agreed not to take Tomas to the qualifiers.”

    obviously, he feels that this squad is capable of delivering the goods and is trying hard to do his bit ? i would certainly like to think so.

    a lot of late withdrawals from the Welsh Squad today but Ramsey is still there, argh.

  35. Gerry says:

    TMHT – That is what signing a player like Ozil does. He raises the expectation bar so much higher? Especially coming off the back of a super game against Napoli.

    Fair enough, they cannot play like that every week, but to drop back into that mode we were at the backend of last season, just grinding out a result was a shock.

    I am not sure i buy the tiredness bit either. Springing into life for the final 20 minutes, coinciding with Rosicky on the pitch, tells a different story?

    I cannot help think that the smoking questions earlier may have swayed AW the opposite to what most thought he would do, to diffuse the issue?

    It also smacks, with regard substitutions, that lessons are not learnt. I have less problems with the players than I do with AW … and I’m the one who does not criticise when things go wrong? 😮 If 20 minutes might turn a 0-1 into a 1-1, why not 35 minutes and get all 3 points.

    I cannot comment on how good WBA were, but with two scalps now, my feeling is the chasing clubs will be forewarned, and the likes of Liverpool , Chelsea, and Man City will all play with wide men to keep them from attacking, and open up the space in the middle … like we might have done?
    Hey ho! TOTL

    What are we going to talk about in this interlull:

    Fozzie’s question ‘Which striker would you like to sign in January?’

    The next game line up with the full squad to pick from?, Sorry JB’s done that.

    What will PSG offer Wenger? No smut now TCM!

    I am sure we will get through it, but it is a long time to worry about further injuries?

  36. James Bond says:

    Gerry’s on fire !!!

    and welcome back @ JGC-DAMUS – we will pardon you for getting the last prediction wrong due to jet lag 😀

  37. Thanks Dylandinho ( which sounds very much similar to Dylandildo, which I will stop at as he is just a young impressionable pup ! )

    I will shoot from the hip as per usual……..Wilshere and Ramsey on the wings and you can kiss goodbye any thoughts of…….well…….anything….simple as that !. Not exactly Robben, Ribery and Shaqiri are they !.

    We have an abundance of midfield talent for now and the future …..apart from maybe a SQ DM………what we haven`t got is a Suarez type striker or fast, skillfull wingers as in the above mentioned and Wenger is not going to play Ryo as a first choice to get confidence and experience ( he needs to go out on loan again and be a first choice starter somewhere ! ).
    Theo is a sort of hybrid, not a classical winger or a typical out and out striker, he has the pace of a winger and is a clinical finisher and loves the ball into open space, basically he`s a…..Wingker !.
    Even though I hate the International break, this one hopefully works in our favour in getting our other players back and giving the rest of the girls blouses a break…..they had 4 days off for the Tea Baggies game….how much rest do the need !.

  38. One thing you cant take from the Spuds, they are excellent at fire drills !.


    Fair enough Gerry

    This is probably a bit unfair on Albion, but they had the touch of a Stoke about them yesterday. On another day we could have had a couple of penalties and they would have collected a bag load of cards

    The game, like visits to stoke, took a life of its own and essentialy became a battle. Albion played defensive at home and to be fair to them done it superbly. With Sesenyon, Anelka, and that kid who i cant rember his name it suited them beautifuly to counter attack.

    I dont look to much into the Wilshere / Rosiscky debate or the timing of Arsenes substitutions, i simply accept that at times there will be games when we, like all teams, including the likes of City and Chelsea, will become embroiled in a contest that we do not wish to have

    But ultimataly i inderstand the disapointment, it was a contest we did not win.

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie hom hom

    Wenger does not play with traditional wingers. We beat Napoli from the wings without traditional wingers….. Key is to get our full backs sharper though.

  41. James Bond says:

    Ryo Scores for the U-21’s 😉

    TA, i believe we missed Sagna and erm, Rosicky – one who could provide width and stretched from the right (sagna) and the other who could move things quicker.

    it was very one dimensional for me, as if , we wanted a draw ,

    anyhow – the U21 game vs Wolves is a good one with a very strong U-21 !!!

  42. Xavier says:

    Just like our very own secret agent JB, I’m really confident bout us playing the big teams in our league. I’m more skittish about the westbroms of the EPL. I was so nervous bout the game yesterday so I guess I’m comfy with a draw. At their home. Bu
    t so far so good . Its still OGAAT and we topping the league!!!

  43. James Bond says:

    Xavier Xavier Xavier 😀

    glad to hear that you and i share the same thoughts and sentiments in regards to “the bigger clubs” – the way i see it , this season the so called “bigger clubs” need to be scared of us – provided we manage to keep all 11 on the pitch (Koc has a moment of madness in him every 2nd game, that is a big worry for me, even yesterday what he did was totally unnecessarily) sure, we had a few decent penalty shouts ourself but why would you do what KOC does/did – leaves me scratching my head more often than not, he does.

    1-1 HT for the U-21’s as Wolves fight back.

  44. James Bond says:

    and my worst fears come true – Cashley Cole withdraws – Gibbs in

    argh, sod the “The Visionary” argh.

  45. May be that’s why we haven`t won anything since Pires and Lundberg vacated our wings !.

    I still stand by my comment and I`m sure both Wilshere and Ramsey would rather play where they are more effective, they are wasted out wide, although both will play there if told….to take on for the team !. Ramsey has a great engine, but lacks pace. Wilshere is quick over the first say 6 yards, but not over any distance !. Next you will tell Arshavin was a success as central up alone striker and Santi is our third choice keeper !.
    Remember, I`m the one with sooth-sayer sight from reading the cookie crumbles !. Look at my avatar… can you not trust me !. hahaha

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    There will have been a good reason not to play Rosicky, JB. Jack needed a game and he repaid the manager and he clearly needed the confidence boost. Sagna was missed agreed.

    We did not win because the midfield five were tired and not sharp enough, AND the WBA midfield were fitter and sharper on the day.

    For me it is about excepting we’ll not win all of the games, and move on. That’s what top teams do. Let Cocky do the naval gazing! 🙂

  47. James Bond says:


  48. Omphaloskepsis !……that’s easy for you to say !…..possibly Stretch as well !.

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Pires and Freddie were no typical wingers either, Cockster, and in Pod and Cazorla we have new versions of them. 😉

  50. James Bond says:

    this lad Lipman is very promising, 2-1 vs Wolves

    keep an eye on Lipman – one for the future for sure !

  51. proudgooner says:

    I am surprised at the moaning after draw, also the questioning of Wenger tactically. The simple fact is we have loads of key players in the positions in question that are injured,. They have been for months and Wenger has still masterfully kept Arsenal TOTL .
    Look at just 1 player Theo first was our top goal scorer last season and arguably our best winger we missed his pace badly but still we have won every game except 1 draw.
    I for 1 am very happy, even all the moaners will not change that, i am delighted to be where we are and to have the international break for a change.

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    I don’t think Gibbso will play but it will do his confidence good. Fingers crossed he will not overcommit himself in training and end up injured.

  53. Both had pace and skill and a bit more and both more suited to the wing than Wilshere and Ramsey !. You cant win this one Totes, give in, the Monster has you pinned down !. hahaha

    I see the attendance at the Emirates tonight is 2,250 for a reserve game…..same as the Spuds had on Sunday after 79 minutes !. hahaha

    Are you at the game Bondage ?.

  54. proudgooner says:

    I want Gibbs to play for England he really deserves to get a cap, he has been awesome. When he does not play i really notice it, to keep Monreal on the bench goes show what a great player he has become.. Us gooners are so paranoid about injuries and it is justified , i just look at it as bad luck and i think luck will always change so now our luck can only get better and our players will stop getting injured, it will happen i am sure of it.

  55. proudgooner says:

    liverpoll u21’s 5 v spurs 0 ha ha ha ha aha

  56. TotalArsenal says:

    PG 🙂

    Well said, although it isn’t moaning but just feeling more comfortable with being critical. 🙂

  57. proudgooner says:

    Yeah i suppose , you know ultra Arsenal defensive lol and Wenger i won’t have a bad word said about him lol

  58. proudgooner says:

    Cockie who does animal support? who does he bang his drums for?

  59. proudgooner says:

    I take it all the muppet family are Gooners?

  60. Fozzie B says:

    Good evening Sphincter suitors!! 😆

  61. proudgooner says:

    Evening Fozzie B

  62. PG
    He is fcuking nuts because he has rabies of the cock after shagging Big Bird Up The Arse !. That make him a Gooner in my estimation.

  63. AB says:

    Hi there BKers! Good post Dylan; a few comments.

    1. Its amazing how many of us goners turn to gloom when we anything less than win comprehensively. We are top of the league, top of our CL group, unbeaten since the first game of the season, have young talent coming through impressively, top players returning from injury shortly, and many of our main opponents playing inconsistently…… But its still a cause for concern!? We didn’t play our best and looked a bit tired – 3 games in 9 days for the core of our team. And West Brom were good, no question. Yes I was expecting a win from us, but I con’t complain about the players – we would probably have lost that game in most recent seasons.

    2. Flam/Arteta in the pivot. I confess, this would not be my preferred option, and I find myself wondering if Wenger is trying to cram players in somehow, rather than playing in their best position. For me Flam/Arteta combination comes into force when we are playing opposition who we expect to dominate possession, with much of the game played in our half and the need for a high level of cover for our back 4. Against teams where we expect to hold onto the ball more (as we did yesterday) then I would want to see one of the two selected, with a more box-to-box type – on form must be Ramsey, but could also be Wilshere. For me, yesterday we would have been better placed with FlamRam (assuming Ram was fit at the start), and would not have surprised me to see Ram score again.

    3. As a consequence of playing Flam/Arteta in the pivot we ended up with both Jack and Ram in the wide MF positions – I can’t thin of either as being on the wings. I’ve no problem with either one of these, but both feels excessive, and left us without the option of real pace and width. Again, for me I would have stuck with Jack out to the side, but persisted with Gnabry on the wing – as above, with Ram in the pivot and Arteta starting on the bench. We did miss Walcott and Santi yesterday – but we stuck at it and got a point all the same.

    4. Jenkinson. Young player learning his trade, and he will make mistakes. But I think he has great potential, works hard and is a goober. We should accept that he needs game time to come on and not expect him to be playing like a long-established international from the off.

    So there we have it – I’m never going to be a challenge for Wenger on tactical analysis, but it will never stop me expressing a view! But all in, I’m one very happy fan. Fingers crossed that the lull does not cost us in terms of injuries, and we come back with mind focussed on the Norwich game, which is a potential banana skin for us IMO. I’m looking forward to us really thumping a side sometime (5 nil or more); one of these days it will click and happen – but a steady win after the lull would do me just fine! COYG!!!!

  64. proudgooner says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha, his always was crazy dude rabbies hey, bet that won’t keep him down either. lol

  65. Your right PG.
    Bert and Ernie are TMHT and Glic and VCC is Oscar the Grouch and The Count is James Bond…an accountant aka a blood sucking bastard !.

  66. proudgooner says:

    I used to like the geezer in the bin, Grouch . God knows what he gets up too in there?

  67. Fozzie B says:

    Fine post Dylan and everyone has a good analysed the game to bits … A bit like mrs p’s knickers after a night of Cockies hash cookies and Glics roofy chloroform cocktails!! 😆
    My take Flamram better than armini but it doesn’t hurt to work the combos!! And I think that’s one thing AW does very well. He gets guys playing out of position to grow their game and to grow our game.
    The results take are not immediate and he has and will break a few eggs in the process but long term the team can only get stronger.
    It means we can change our dynamics completely if we need to or have to due to injury. I think we will reap the benefits of this approach this season.
    I think poldi is the man who will have the biggest impact if he can stay fit! 😀

  68. proudgooner says:

    Very wise words Fozzie B , i totally agree, all hail lord Wenger lol

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice comment AB 🙂

  70. Fozzie B says:

    By the way PG Kermit is a chav and he loves to visit Cockie for his special batch of blue haze cookies!!! Cockie in return enjoys a fresh batch of Kermit’s green slime on his chops …. Om nom nom nom 😆

  71. Too many combo`s are confusing Daft Wenger. He is misreading the cockie crumbs from Padawan Bouldies rectum !. Wrong choice of Light Sabre….Use the Fozz …..he`s even Dafter !.

  72. Fozzie B says:

    Just watching reruns of match if the day and apparently Mata “loves playing in the small hole” 😆

  73. Funny that……so does the little boy inside Robin !.

  74. proudgooner says:

    ha ha ha ha

  75. Fozzie B says:

    The problem is Cockies cookies and bouldies eye liner make a lethal combo when mixed …. And Daft Wenger morphs into “Wenger the Slut” …. 😆 …. He can’t take a dump (sub) or change tactics quick enough!!! On the plus side Bouldy also starts to look like Princess Leia but with head butting hair buns!!! 😆

  76. Fozzie B says:

    Actually Bouldy looking like Princess Leia is like a horror movie!! A bit like Beelzebub!! 😆

  77. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    Marcus has written a fine analysis of what went wrong in midfield yesterday. 🙂

  78. Fozzie B says:

    Hell Cockie try saying Ribery and Robben a few times and you start turning into Roy Hodgdon!! 😆
    Just like the Chinese by Vickers where I get my chicken omelette and chips after a few scoops!!!! Mmmmm Om nom nom .. “Tastes Rubbery Mr Wong!!” ….. That’s right there’s a Chinese tranny out the back too!! Hahaha 😆

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