The one player to buy so proper Wengerball can begin

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The combination of keeping the squad together, adding steel with the re-signing of the Flame, and adding another footballing dimension with the arrival of the Ozicle, has led to vastly improved football, both in terms of gathering points and, at least occasionally, by playing some very easy on the eye stuff.

After two years of struggling to play anything like Wengerball, we appear to be getting back on the dance floor again. And Arsenal have been doing this with the fine dancers of Podolski, Cazorla, the Ox and Theo not even on the bench in recent weeks. With the imminent return to fitness of at least two of the above mentioned players, the entertainment level/ beauty of our football is likely to increase further. Happy Happy days for us Gooners.

The prospect of Ozil, Jack, Aaron, Santi and Theo playing together properly and fully fit, is simply fantastic. And the likes of Rosicky, Podolski, Ox and Gnabry etc will also add further rhythm and soul to the party.

If that was not enough, Arsene still has a bag of gold coins stuck under his desk, and with Arsenal now looking closer to winning silverware, and with the ‘attraction’ of Ozil in our team, we might well be able to spend it wisely once more during the next transfer window.

As suggested by some BK regulars, it would be interesting to discuss who we feel would both add real value to the team and help us to return to true Viennese  Wengerball.

With Ramsey currently shining in the box to box position, and more options available for this position, I don’t see how we can make a huge improvement there.

With Ozil playing in the hole and the likes of Rosicky and Jack able to play there as well, I don’t think we should buy another nr.10 right now. And with Giroud starting to show more and more mastery of the holding striker position, I personally would not want us to buy a replacement for him, although we do need good back up for him.

On the ‘wings’ we have a number of players who can play there effectively, especially in our current formation of 4-2-1-3 (and sometimes, 4-5-1). We have Podolski, Theo, Ox, Gnabry, Santi and one or two others who play there. But none of them bar Gnabry, and to some extent Theo, has all the required skills to play as a more traditional winger. And at times we appear to miss this added dimension to our football.

In my view, if we want to get even closer to proper Wengerball football we need to add a quality winger, so we at least have the option to operate one wing properly (if and when required).

It would be good to hear whether you believe a new, top quality, traditional winger is indeed what we need right now; and if so, who you would like to join us.

And if it is not a winger for you, then tell us which position you would want to strengthen and with whom.

As always, it is just a bit of fun to make us forget the dullness of the inter-lull! 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal.

167 thoughts on “The one player to buy so proper Wengerball can begin

  • If we were to get Suarez, it would mean Giroud would no longer be needed in the 1st team. But if we were to maintain him in the 1st team, then the winger I would love to see in the team would have to be De Maria of Madrid. Adding him to the starting 11 would leave me drooling at the site of our team sheet!

  • I did think not buying a winger or wide player was one of Wenger’s shortcomings in the last transfer window especially with Arshavin and Gervinho leaving…we were crying out for a winger at West Brom …he should’ve tried Gnabry….I don’t know why football coaches don’t try to keep things simple..

    Before you crucify me..I am over the moon with the signing of Ozil…but I was always convinced the squad needed Di Maria more….because we have Santi Jack Rosicky and jack who all can play in the ”hole”..

    We need a striker most not a world class one although I would gladly take one…but one that can create competition with Giroud….

    The problem is when the main striker is so much better than the back up the back up doesn’t feel the urge to compete ala RVP and Charmack…

    In the Window I would’ve gone for Loic Remy on loan as a stop gap…he would’ve been ideal…and right now Chicarito is crying for a club like arsenal…he would really find a home and blossom here..just what the doc ordered a guy with a knack for just scoring goals….

    If I was Wenger tho I would kidnap Jurgen Klop when they visit the emirates in 2wks and make him an offer he can’t refuse.. 15m for Lewandowski in January ..I am sure Dortmund would settle for 15m rather than lose him to their fiercest rival in 6mo for free..

  • completely agree!! exellent player wee need,and he is not the first choice at bayern munich…but need a bid around £20 mil…..shakiri!

  • According to me, we need to buy a striker who can be a quality backup for Olivier Giroud. Here we have 2 options. First option, We can either play Podolski as 2nd choice striker (Here we can keep Theo, Oxlade, Cazorla, Wilshere(when needed), Gnabry & Ryo on wing allowing Giroud/Podolski at cf role) or second option, buy someone like Yılmaz, Ba or Chicharito, to name few(who can be a quality backup capable of spring goals, as we know that Bendtner, Park & Sanogo can’t be trusted)
    And also we need to keep Miquel in the Squad next season as a 4th choice as we know Vermaelen is injury prone, But with Sagna capable of playing at RB/CB/LB, Lets see.

  • Totes and Gooners

    Suarez or Diego Costa or any other short-mobile clinical striker. Reus, though not a striker, would be great for more options upfront.

  • How about first telling us who you want !.
    I do agree we need a couple of wingers in the Munchies style….Ribery, Robben and Xherden Shaqiri. The first two are great but are getting on a bit so lets sneak in and get Shakira !.
    Other notable talents that have been scouted by Cockie Monster Inc and would be fine additions now that all the other SQ….Isco , Gotze etc have slipped through our tight fingers are….Reus and Hoffman of Dortmund and Draxler of Schalke and Vac.
    As a DM….Pogba…..apparently Juventus rumoured will accept a big bid !.
    This is the sort of SQ I expect from now on !….Oh and Count Suarez would be love at first bite !.
    Over to you Tight Lipped Total !. hahaha

  • craszygunner,

    they have already lost Lewandowski on a free to BM – he’s said it openly

    it’s a done deal, officially revealed and signed in January or announced if you may – no one else has a chance of landing him

    he gets a pretty signing on bonus fee (in millions) because he’s coming on a free and Dortmund get nada.

  • Draxler! Di Maria distant second. And further medium/long term, Gundogan, Bender or Pogba… Lewandowski would be a dream backup (or more…), but I’d look into Luis Muriel…

  • Reus or Suarez would do nicely.

    I’d prefer Suarez, simply because if Giroud gets crocked, we’re buggered. He has become a focal point of the team, and Poldi and Theo simply can’t replace him when he eventually gets injured/exhausted.

  • Remember that Wenger has to avoid ruining the youth and academy player’s hopes of making it by bringing in too many superstars, but here are a few any one of whom would most definitely be welcome:

    1) DiMaria
    2) Chicarito
    3) Benzema
    4) Pato

  • Suarez would be my first pick, he’s versatile, he’s a player who can have an immediate impact, he goes for 90 minutes and his best days are still in front of him.

    El Shaarawy would be my next pick, also versatile, he’s a brilliant talent and looks like he may be available,

    Draxler would be nice, I wouldn’t imagine he will stay at Schalke past this summer.
    We could move for Pogba but I don’t see it as a priority position, and would probably spell the end for Wilshere, so I don’t see Arsene going for it.

    I see another striker as a priority, ideally one who can also play wide, but any world class players who can improve our first 11 wouldn’t go a miss

  • Yarmolenko the Ukranian anyone? This is one for the future. We should get him now, dont think he’ll cost anything above 14mil, i see shades of Nasri and Iniesta in him.

  • What of Christian Benteke? I know he just signed a new contract at Villa but in Summer he claimed he couldn’t sign for Tottenham because he supports Arsenal. Surely £25m would be well worth it considering the fact he’s continued his form from last season into the current one? If not, then El Shaarawy or Reus… Doubt we’d get more than 1 of them

  • Suarez for sure. Don’t know about the man, but he is made for Wengerball. Plus he can play on the right or left of a front three with Giroud up top.

  • Well two positions are needed to have back up and competition. Firstly cb or a rb so that Sagan can cover cb effectively. And more importantly a striker, again I think giroud has done well so far and will continue to do so but we need another striker of quality to add something different one that plays on the shoulder of last defender a Defoe a remy or similar. A winger that stays wide would also be useful somebody like Sanchez of barca or di Maria may be useful.

  • Good morning all, I had a day off yesterday, probably waiting for this post.

    Thank you TA, nothing like a good ramble through possible signings during an interlull, eh?

    Of all the comments above, the one that match my own view of the situation was Alcide@23.18.

    I say situation because he touches on the immediate, for winning trophies(yes plural), whilst also looking at the future beyond this season. had this post not come in this form I might have rambled out something along those lines myself. So my answer reflects a bit of what I suggested on Wednesday – Who do you build the near future team around?

    I take the view that Mesult Ozil is that person. Why? Well he is the key to playing the style of play we call Wengerball. More so than say Cazorla … otherwise we might have played more Wengerball last season, which is slightly unfair because it is a team game, and another addition, Flamini has been a major part of this seasons improvement too.

    But if I follow my instincts, then there is only one player that ticks all the boxes in my mind: Reus.

    He is versatile,unselfish, and links exceptionally well with Ozil at international level.

    I am a fan of Draxler too, but it looks like Shalke have turn the corner after a shaky start, and he will only leave if they want to sell. So if they are still in th CL in January, no deal. If they are in a CL position come next May, probably still no deal, even though Chelsea are sniffing?.

    Hark, I hear you say, That goes for Reus too? Ah but, and here is the difference. We are in a position to affect Dortmund’s chances of progressing any further this season. A home win and an away draw could be enough. For all their attacking strength, their previous unshakable back pairing is starting to look fragile, emphasised by Hummels getting sent off for a silly challenge in the box last week. MU should be careful what they wish for, ha ha.
    Subotic has also had his moments this season.

    When Podolski comes back it will be key as to how this season unfolds for us. In the 4-3-3 set up he can play narrower, using Gibbs for width, and Ozil flitting between, and outside of both Giroud and Poldski, and possibly with Wallcot/Gnabry down the right, that is an impressive strike force, plus Cazorla to add midfield guile. Unstoppable? …

    If they click. That is the doubt. Cazorla used to trip over Wilshere when trying to occupy the same space. Podolski will also take some space that Ozil might run into. So how they work it out we will find out before Christmas for sure.

    LLorente on loan anybody? Personally I think we made our choice in Giroud, when he made his? Interesting comments made on the ACLF blog this morning, quoting AW views on motivation. I think, reading between the lines, he will be looking at players willing to sign for a reasonable wage, and if they ask for big sums, they are coming for the wrong reasons? We will turn away a lot of players this summer that are on many peoples shortlist, but if they don’t want to play for ‘The Arsenal’ first and foremost, then no deal, no matter how great the talent, no deal? Ozil was such a player that did, we want more like him?

    Pogba is another name that springs to mind from the headlines today. His idol is/was Abu Diaby, so I think he has a head start for a long term replacement for Flamini?

    My boy CG7 from Lyon(Le Gren to those who don’t keep up,TCM?) I see as the medium/long term replacement for Rosicky. And ditto for PM4 with KZ from St Etienne. I could add Alcide’s last mentioned as our missing SS too. Exciting times, but there will be losers. Among those is someone hoping to return, and another who would love to join; Song and Khediera. Both in another time would have been grabbed at? Now, with those other potentials above waiting, I cannot see it happening.

    Take your time, this is a mini post ..

  • Thanks for comments guys 🙂

    It looks like it is Reus or Suarez and that does not come as a big surprise. Both would indeed add real value to the team and enable us to play Wengerball. If I had a choice it would be Reus, but Suarez would add real value too.

    Gerry makes a great plea for Reus and an interesting point about helping to eliminate Dortmund from the CL so Reus might want to leave….

    The same could go for properly beating Liverpool this month…. maybe that would get Suarez to put renewed pressure on the club to let him go to the home of football… Maybe some fans should volunteer to have their shoulders bitten on a daily basis… if that does not lure him then what would………… 😀

    In terms of a proper winger, I like the suggestions of Draxler and De Maria and I would welcome both with open arms; although, the Portuguese should stop the diving immediately.

    But the Reus (giant in Dutch) would be my favourite signing for Wengerball footie.

  • Bradguns – I like your 3 choices, but… and there usually is a ‘but’ if I only partially agree 🙂

    My problem is, he came to the Emirates, and as far as I know, played for Porto in the (Emirates Cup) game that did not involve Arsenal? – so I did not get to see it – He had a fixed release clause, and the opportunity to speak about a desire to move to Arsenal …

    And nothing happened? Short of peeing in the flower beds, I think there was something that AW did not like about him that meant there was no follow up?

    As I said above, with our current position in the league and our CL group, there is a big attraction to come to here, but if it is about money, don’t bother.

    Suarez is a lost cause too, but for different reasons … He really wants to go to Real Madrid, but I don’t think he is top of their list, so he may see out his contract at Liverpool.?

    There will be many twist and turns before the TW opens, including how strong our position is by the time we get to that point

    One I think most will rule out, at £30m at least, is Michu? I have to think that is a deterrent rather than a realistic price though?

    We might find that switching Theo to the LW (The Visionary’s approach) and Gnabry the other side could mean we put the cheque book away until summer … at least in those positions?

  • TA, I love these kind of posts. 🙂

    Order of priority:

    1) Forward (i.e. ST, CF, SS and false 9). We all know another forward player is needed.

    2) Defender (i.e. young CB or experienced RB). One will definitely be signed to replace Johan, Squill, and Santos.

    3) Midfielder (i.e. DM, box to box midfielder and CM). Long term replacement for Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini and I can see Wenger trying to buy in this area in the future. Diaby may also choose to hang up his boots.

    4) Midfielder/Forward (i.e. LM, LW, RM, LW). Really hard to see us buying in this area. We are stacked with players who can play in these positions. I can only see Wenger buying in this area if Ryo is sold and/or if Gnabry is loaned out.

    Below are my list of options which I think we have a chance of signing. 🙂

    Before anyone says I am giving these players rigid positions I am not. The players listed below can play in a number of a positions and roles but I have listed them in their preferred position(s)/role(s) or the position(s)/role(s) they would most likely occupy/carry out in our team if they were signed by Arsenal.


    CB- N’Koulou, Papadopoulos, Alderweireld.


    RB- Abate, Jesus Gamez, Juanfran.


    Versatile defender- Caceres.


    DM- Khedira, L.Bender.


    Box to box midfielder- Song, Pogba.


    CM- Gundogan.


    LM/LW and/or RM/RW- Di Maria, Reus.


    CF (young with potential, who will be able to play the role which Giroud currently does)- Benteke, L. Traore.


    ST/SS/false 9 (experienced SQ forward that will be able to offer something different to what Giroud currently does)- Suarez, Benzema.

    Enjoy! 😀

  • I am very disturbed no one addresses the obvious flaw at the back. The immobility of Per how easy it is to be beaten by mobile striker. Yes we require proper winger in the shape of De maria, we have podolski though Theo is not very reliable but my priority would be striker. Without offence, Giroud will not take us anywhere. He lacks dribbling skills which is a must for every striker and find it difficult to take on defenders one-on-one. I am very confident that given more playing time Bendtner is far better and would be more prolific. Ozil might be forced to leave without a capable striker who would utilise his countless openings. Picture an RVP in the current set up and imaging how frighten Arsenal would be. That’s why i support a young striker been recruited to learn the Arsenal way of football before taking the centre stage. Remember kanu, Adebayor, Bendtner, RVP all grew through Wenger tutelage. One common feature of them all is quality football, excellent technique and eye for goals. Pls, all should pray for the return of the enigma-Diaby and our beloved club would be great again.

  • Hi TA

    For Christmas I would like Suarez and Ashley Williams please.

    We need cover at centre back and Williams is a big strong lad with a good attitude and though hes getting on a bit would still improve under Arsene.

    Some one like Suarez is a no brainer. He can unlock packed defences, is dangerous on the break, can even play wide, and scores and makes goals

    Christmas is a special time TA. When I was 14 I begged my parents to get me the new Atari Console with space invaders game thrown in.

    I prepared myself for the event thoroughly by listening to Bing Crosby s white Christmas, dressed in slacks and my woolly jumper with an elf pristinely knitted into the fabric. I imagined it was snowing outside as I watched some poofy film staring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on a wonderful Christmas vacation in Paris.

    But of course, in reality it was raining and bloody freezing and when I opened my present instead of an Atari I got A Tie instead. My dear old mum beamed as I gazed in horror at the tie.

    To show my gratitude at this misunderstanding I threw a hissy fit and started eating the tie, and now it was my dear old mum crying. I was a lovely boy.

    My only hope was that when my old man returned form the pub he would surprise me with the Atari.

    I waited but he never even came back for Christmas dinner. Instead I was awoken around midnight as he stumbled threw the door pissed as a skunk, and as I went downstairs I observed my dear old mum trying to strangle him with my half eaten tie.

    Happy Christmas every one.

  • Gerry,

    I’ve always wondered if Theo could play as an inverted winger ala Ribery, Robben. My only concern is – is he good enough with his left foot to be able to overtake his defender on the wing and cross? I’m sure he’ll do well going inside, but just like Ribery and Robben, he needs to also be threatening with crosses as well or risk becoming too one-dimensional – and defending on him will be made easier. What are your thoughts?

  • Ginter for RB/CB/CDM
    Vela or Chicarita for the striker position. Vela can even cover the wings.
    In the meantime Wenger should show much more faith in his reserves such as Gnabry, Akpom Sanogo, and Eisfeld. Perhaps give Viviano a run of games. However, for a proper return to Wengerball sign Bergkamp as coach.

  • good to see you back @ AFC

    here comes a killer question for you – how about giving us just 1 player , you reckon would fit like a glove this january or out of your extensive and well researched list, give us 1 name

    since we are talking about multiple players and i see a few of us want us strengthen at the back

    then may i give everyone “Michah Richards” the guy is a Gooner – he is a beast of a CB and a very efficient RB – sorted ?

    he would certainly fit like a glove at Arsenal, considering his passion and love for Arsenal and he is certainly the best English RB for me, by a mile !

    hopefully his injury’s are a thing of the past.

  • Alcide – I’ll get in before JB, as he did point out we would lose out on Theo’s crossing with this option.

    If he scores more goals by coming inside, it may balance out. presumably Gibbs would do the overlap to put in cut backs and crosses.

    That was only an alternative view, should we not get the ideal partner down this wing

    I see Reus as the best option.That does not mean he will be available, or there are not others who might fit the bill?

    I do not see this as an ‘academy blocker’ either, as i don’t think the Ox as being out there long term. However, Once the new player is installed it does compress the midfield places, with Oxil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ox, Wilshere, and Rosicky all vying for one or two places? That is what I meant about there will be losers, at least for regular starting places. Further down the line, Zelalem will be the next one to push for a place too. But if we agree we want true width on both wings, then that is the price we may have to pay?

    Reading the Squawka link I put up earlier points to this very problem, with 55% of our attacks are down the middle, which is higher than the previous season, and as we found at WBA, it makes us predictable, and thus easier to defend against?

  • Alcide,

    Re- Theo,

    everyone looks at the amount of chances he misses at times,

    for instance, when he played with OoooOOOooZil and the wizard of Oz set him up at least , 3 one on one’s or clear cut chances through to goal – he missed them all

    however, not many people see what “The Visionary sees” which is – he made those runs which Ozil could spot, no one else in this current team makes such runs and runs behind defenders like Theo does – Ozil and Theo will be an excellent combo, a match made in heaven

    and no, the player that benefits most out of Ozil isn’t Giroud nor was Ronaldo – it’s gonna be Theo, give it a few years and the stats will do my big statements, justice 😉

  • couldn’t have said it better myself @ Gerry



    please, no Ashley Williams , he’s very over-rated, ok, i liked how he wanted to kill a certain Van Pu$$y according to SAF but that’s as far as it goes really.

  • JB – Injuries and hope do not sit well at Arsenal. I think the last think we want is a dodgy knee lining up. Him at his best I would agree, but too much has happened between those times and now?

  • hence, you put such players through an extensive and thorough medical before offering them a contract or drawing up a contract with many intelligent clauses, taking into account appearances, bonuses and e.t.c e.t.c

    that is something i would be looking to do, the guy would jump at the chance of playing for Arsenal as he is more or less one of us ?

    he’s 25 , the right age as well – injuries could happen to anyone and at anytime but he has had a fair share of set backs and is looking sharp and fit again, worth a punt in my opinion , especially with a very smartly drafted contract.

    he’ll be an absolute star at next years world cup and then his price goes through the roof – you heard it hear first.

  • JB, I left out Richards for a number of reasons.

    1) I cannot see City selling him to us.
    2) High wages
    3) He is injury-prone? We have enough injury-prone players.

    Suarez or Di Maria for me. There is more chance of us getting Di Maria and he would be able to offer width on either flank as well as playing behind the ST/CF at times. Little chance of us getting Suarez but there is still a small chance.

  • i was on about the problem through the middle you identified @ Gerry 😉


    1: oh yes, they will sell him to us considering he hasn’t put pen to paper and not signed the extension as yet ?

    2: 65 k per week for an England international is not high – bear in mind, he is “English”.

    3: who isn’t when they are in the 21 to 25 bracket ?

    Di Maria is a good one , agreed.

  • I HATE posts like these 😉 😆 and, overall, I’m with Terry… I predict a disappointing Christmas (January window)…

    Of course, a lot can change between now and then, so you never know…

    The way I look at it is that transfer windows are for Selling Clubs–If your best player(s) wants to go and you feel you must reinvest (for survival sake…) then you must roll the dice, buy players to fill holes and hope for the best. This was the m.o. of Arsenal in Summer of 2011 and 2012. Spurs, of course, perfected this role in the past summer…

    The January window is worse. These are for teams who are truly desperate–Arshavin did not get us 4th in 08-09…Instead it was Stoke City beating Aston Villa and causing them to bottle it… And then we were stuck with our biggest signing ever… Last January we did better, overspending only a bit on a quality left back (Nacho Monreal) who seems a real team player and good competition and back-up for Gibbs. Are there any big strikers we could pick up who might do likewise for Giroud? Personally, I think Sanogo was supposed to play that role. If he (ever) plays again, he might be more capable than many believe… We’ve already got Nick Bendtner, the greatest striker who ever lived… Total (and others) like the “true wingers.” Frankly, I don’t think that’s how AW wants us to play…Occasional crosses from the wingbacks to suggest that we can play out wide, but, if there is such a thing as Wengerball it’s movement, trickery and play along the ground, I think…

    My other observation is that AW doesn’t like to do desperation, nor pay the extortionist rates the window (esp. the Jan. window…) requires. We’re good enough in ALL positions that I just don’t see us trying to overspend on all these “name” players. Let’s face it. An opening bid of 100 million (Pounds? Euros? Dollars?…) for Suarez *might* turn the head of Liverpool ownership/management. Then again it might not.. The upshot for me, when people say “Suarez in January,” is that I stop reading…

    For those still reading this 😆 I think we’ve got some “deals in the works” or heads already turned from the window just past. Draxler is the leading name who might come (next summer). CG7 (Le Gren) maybe also. Is Reus also possible? I dunno. Have we ever done business with Dortmund? Why would they start now? Maybe if we beat up on them in the CL group (and they don’t get through…), they *might* go into a rebuilding mode. Soon enough both teams will be wearing Puma shirts so maybe we’ll start working with them? Frankly, odds seem long on that one…

    So, bottom line, lets wait until we get to January and evaluate our needs–at that time–along with the opportunities out there. I know some people can’t be bothered to enjoy the current squad, but I can. 😀 😉 The way I look at it we’re only just seeing what Ozil can bring. Flamini looks solid and seems an automatic in the first 11. Getting Santi, Lulu and Theo (and even Yaya and possibly Abou…) back from injury will be (the proverbial…) “like new signings” and could be very, very exciting. Of course, ALL of these players, already being under contract at Arsenal, may make them hopelessly boring for others. Looking beyond these additions to hypothetical names (at other clubs) just doesn’t do it (for me)…

    But that’s just me, and, as always, WTF do I know?… Happy interlull. Aren’t there some matches tonight?

  • 17HT – TA did say it was a bit of fun?

    I agree with a lot you say about availability. This is us having an ideal signing rather than anything else. So much does depend on how well we do between now and the New Year. It could be great, it could be not so great?

    Yes there are some games tonight, and most of the names above will be on show?

  • Sorry JB, I keep forgetting you visionaries don’t run on time in the usual linear fashion?

    Feeding dogs, back later ..

  • Reus is my first choice can add pace and width, but can also play more centrally if needed.

  • We like bringing back ex players like Henry, sol & Flamini… so….
    David Bentley?
    Glenn Helder??
    Jimmy Carter???
    The interlull numbs the brain…

  • Hi guys sorry for not posting I’ve just finished the process of moving. I think we need two more signings. One winger and One more defensive Mid with a bit of steel for when Flamini gets his 5 yellow cards, gets injured or even just to give him a break. I think we should go for Muniain and Pogba, then make Podolski our back up striker. That way on the wings we have the options of: Muniain, Santi, Theo, the Ox, Gnabry and Miyaichi (and then also potentially Podolski as well.) Strikers: Giroud, Podolski, Akpom, Sanogo and Theo. Attacking Mid: Ozil, Santi, Wilshere and (potentially Ramsey and Podolski?) Defensive Mid: Arteta, Ramsey, Flamini and Pogba. Seems like a fair bit of strength in depth there to me across all our positions – maybe bring in a new RB that can also cover at CB if Sagna wants to leave with my preferred option being Richards. We would definately be playing Wengerball with the aditions of Muniain and Pogba though.

  • You’re right, Gerry, and I don’t mean to put the Kibosh on people who enjoy talking about these things… So, carry on, eh… In particular, AFC, I’m just messing with you, right?… Welcome back… 😀 (Of course, I am curious about what you think of THIS Arsenal team, if it something which interests you… 😉 ) Also, in my list of “likenewsignings” I forgot the Ox. So then it would read: Cazorla, Poldolski, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo and Diaby. Close your eyes for a moment and pretend that they weren’t already signed to the club that is topping the table in England and winning it’s CL group (of death)…They wouldn’t be the 6(!!!) worst signings, would they?…

    Interesting question there about which clubs will sell to which other clubs… I’ve argued in the past that any English club that fancies itself a contender for the title OR the top 4 would avoid selling to us as we could (potentially, at least) be in competition for either of those prizes. Thus Chelsea wouldn’t loan us Demba Ba on deadline day and I agree with AFC that City will not sell us Richards (if they were to give up on him). On the other hand, City and Chelsea have loaned and sold players to the two Liverpool teams though early results indicate that maybe they shouldn’t have…

    As such, Suarez (for me…) is the most hypothetical (i.e, ridiculous…) of all the names mooted. Liverpool is currently sitting 2nd and the easiest path for Suarez to the CL might be with his current team. Additionally, ALL the statements by BOTH (American) owners suggests that Suarez to Arsenal is completely off the table. It’s hard to see Pool continuing to do well all through the Autumn and I guess he’s not cup-tied in Europe so somebody *could* make an audacious bid in January… (150 million Pounds? Euros? Dollars?…) Such a bid seems more Perez (Real Madrid) than Arsene(l), however…

    But don’t let me stop (or slow) anybody… I saw a little Monaco football the other day and Falcao was a nice decoy for his teammates in coming from behind against St. Etienne (even if he was pretty poor himself)… Bond says, he’s the one going to Madrid… I guess we’ll be getting Benzema then?… 🙄 …

  • Starting from the goal keepers,we still haven‘t got anythin abt that leaves sczesny a first class. I bet that our defenders are okay but just an buy‘ll do.our midfield is rich and bright as well thanks to the zeal of ozil. But i must confess that our striker area needs reinforcements if not two or more. But the one player i could strongly vouch for is jackson martinez.

  • 17HT – re that Monaco game, do you remember the St E CB played? KZ4 perhaps?

    I missed the review of Lique Un so I didn’t know the results until I just checked.

    I am not sure Falcao will leave. Whoever has pumped the money into Monaco are hardly going to risk missing out on the title for the sake of a tax hike? With PSG coasting along quite nicely, and Lille unlikely to maintain their position, it looks between just the top two at the moment? But the fight for the CL spots could go right down to teams currently in the bottom half of the table.

    Not Lyon though. I caught part of the Richardson show doing the whole of the European leagues, and apparently, after their 5-1 thrashing, two players had a big fight in the tunnel over who was responsible for the goals? Between two brothers to boot, and the guest talking about it says they had no leaders to break it up. They are in serious free-fall?

    They are trying to build a new stadium, so there is no money for players, and if they miss out in the Europa Cup, and finish out of the CL positions they are in big trouble? Which is why , come January, CG7 (and the club?) might seriously think about a move as early as they can get some solidity?

    If you get the chance/choice, both players I rate above may get a call up. Alternatively there is always the Germany match to check on our injury update. Draxler is not playing because he got injured, but also he is not too popular with the selectors anyway. It seems he will only get an international call up if all the other alternatives go down with cholera, and even then they would hesitate … I wonder who he pissed off to get that sort of treatment?

  • so beligum winning 2-0 at HT vs Croatia, basically qualified for the world cup .

    Lukaku scoring both goals (i would love to have that kid at Arsenal, even 30 million is worth it).

    TV5 on the bench.

  • my above comment is in moderation…so i will try to break it down ….
    re- Draxler,
    this might be a tad interesting for those wanting him at arsenal, course he’s not as stupid or bland as Suarez to only name 1 club, ha

  • not letting me post the link, tried 3 times now, argh

    his dream destination is , Barca, RM, Arsenal or chelsea and even Mancs too – clever lad

    also, if reports are to be believed then Jacky boy is going to be on the bench tonight.

  • we should all laugh at chelsea,

    they let go Lukaku and got in a player who has been well past it since the last 2 years ahahhahahahahaahhahahahahhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

    they also let go of Sturridge for peanuts ,

    got in BA


  • Gerry, The quality in that match (St. Etienne-Monaco) IMO was pretty woeful… Agreed about Falcao staying put along with Lyon being in free-fall. Anybody of quality should be looking to jump ship. But, of course, you know Ligue Un far better than I do…

    Spain I know a tiny bit better. If RM cannot get their act together soon (and stop relying on come from behinds with ref help…) they may need some additional buying (and start a transfer merry go-round?) in Jan. First they need to get back in touch with Barca and Atletico. The latter sure didn’t seem to be missing Falcao in their derby victory. Villa was a great signing and Costa has stepped up. Arda Turan’s got the beard and the leadership role. I guess their defense (defence?) could be hurt if Chelsea recall their keeper. There are rumors (rumours?) that we’ve tapped up (RB) JuanFran, who I rate. Maybe he’s waiting to see if Sagna signs on for the longer term? I think the CB Miranda is a cool one, but as always WTF do I know…

    Germany is so stacked with good attackers that Drax (like our own Gnabry) may be considered “nextgen”…. Maybe?

    Inneresting about Smokin Jack to ride the pine and plot his next press conference…Guess I’ll watch Germany instead… The big one (around here) is Mexico-Panama later in the afternoon…There’s been talk about only selecting guys who’ve been playing regularly with their clubs (in other words, Chicharito might not start)… Vela says he’s not fit enough to play for la seleccion…Hmmmm….

    Early days yet for Chelsea, but that’s what happens when you have no stability in management. Everybody buys the guys they like (AVB = Mata, David Luis, anybody else?) but then Jose doesn’t want to play them… Of course, they won the CL with Di Matteo and the other Euro cup (and a spot back in the CL) with Rafa… An embarrassment of riches or just an embarrassment? Chelsea seems a big reason the two Merseyside clubs are doing well. Even Victor Moses might be an upgrade to that Sterling kid… We shouldn’t snicker too much as they helped us a bit with the Benayoun loan… Too bad Jose won’t loan to us, now that we’ve got his #10 (Ozil)… 😆

    OK, gotta get out in the sunshine…

  • Robert Lewandowski
    Robert Lewandowski
    Robert Lewandowski
    We need someone who can capitalise on our great approach play and be a real presence in the last third. Lewandowski’s the man. Shame he’s going to Bayern

  • As we expected, Andros Townsend does start for England.

    England XI: 1 Hart 2 Walker 3 Baines 4 Gerrard 5 Cahill 6 Jagielka 7 Townsend 8 Lampard 9 Sturridge 10 Rooney 11 Welbeck

    shame no JW,

    what a pathetic manager Roy , really is

    no spine or killer instinct, none what so ever.

  • The Gerrard – Lampard combo is a no go for me, play jackie boy or even Carrick

    be prepared to watch us grind it out , 1-0 or 2-1 at best, otherwise it’s a 1-1.

  • Germany: Neuer, Jansen, Mertesacker, Boateng, Lahm, Khedira, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Ozil, Schurrle, Muller. Subs: Adler, Zieler, Howedes, Hummels, Draxler, Sam, Westermann.

    2 of our guys in,

    how does Schurrle get the nod ahead of Draxler is baffling, but without the likes of Poldi, their bench reflects the Arsenal situation 😀

  • Personally I`m glad Jack is not playing…and Gibbs….and Theo….and Ox !… many injuries have internationals been accountable for Arsenal players in recent years ?.
    Both Jack and Theo have suffered, as Kos, as Rosicky, as Santi, any more ?…..oh and Really Vile Pussy when we cared about him !.

    Two more I should have added to my player list from the post :

    Ross Barkley and the Ukrainian Messi….Konoplienka. Get them now before the price rockets !.

  • be that as it may, CM

    Jacky boy needs confidence and thus, more minutes under his belt and not the bench ? he would have done plenty better than fat franks in my opinion…but anyhow, let’s hope both Gerrard and Franks get injured along with Sturridge and Rooney by tuesday, after ensuring we qualify for the world cup – sorted.

    REASONS TO BE PESSIMISTIC – England v Montenegro (2000 BST)
    England have only actually beaten San Marino and Moldova in their campaign so far, with draws in every meeting with Ukraine, Poland and tonight’s opposition Montenegro.

    In fact, when it comes to winning a competitive fixture, England’s record since 2006 is not exactly awe-inspiring.

    Sweden, Croatia, Russia and Switzerland have been dispatched in that time, but, er, that’s about it. So beating Poland and Montenegro back-to-back may not be a walkover.

  • bendy starts for denmark, go on, win today and Denmark are right back in it for the play off’s

  • Amen to that, Glics , Amen to that but i’m a bit biased so i will want that to happen on tuesday, after we have won against the poles and secured automatic qualification…

    saying that, you can already count Sturridge out, i’m pretty certain he will be going back to LiverFOOL injured during or after this break.

    and oh boy, did we manage to avoid one by not buying Jovetic ? 4 months on in England and he still seems pretty anonymous and no where near a player worth 25 million.

  • it was well dodged bullet that one, i reckon – let’s leave it at that 😀 before TA, comes after me at full throttle 🙂

    i hope Ramsey picks up a straight red tonight 😀

  • Evening guys 🙂

    No Jack? Got a couple of quid on him scoring first…. 😦

    4-2 ingurland to win. First half Montenegro second half Ingurland!

  • Evening @ TA

    yep, gutted no Jacky boy, that means they park the bus and we have no one to unlock their defence with a killer pass or a burst of pace – pathetic decision that one considering Jacky boy is raring to go and be smokinggggggggggggggggggg


  • Ozil leading the line for Germany…Perhaps our options up front aren’t so limited as we think…

    Cockie, there used to be this guy, Glic, who posted here…He went on and on about Isco and there was even talk about tattoos in various spots. So far, so bad for Real Madrid in buying him and shipping Ozil our way, it would appear… I wish Glic was still around so I could give him grief… 😆

    Early days on Jovetic, I would guess, and maybe it’s just a Pellegrinjury as he tries to sort out his options (Negredo, Dzeko, Aguero, Nasri, Silva, etc., etc., etc.) It’s a long season and Man City (like all teams) will be judged at the end. We needed somebody ready made so Messy seems a decent option. His first effort curls wide, however. “u-suk,” would say those who live minute to minute?…

    Khedira scores (deflection)… Sign him! Sign him…. 😆

  • OK this one’s over and Ozil looks “heavy lidded”….Probably chasing the ladies of Koln all night long…

    If Bond is correct about it being a constipated match, Smokin’ Jack could still score first off the bench, Total… 😉

  • Total, are you suggesting I drink too much?…

    Sorry, I can’t take my eyes off the German boys. Strong team there… It’s a little painful watching Per try and defend. Fundamentally strong, but soooo slow. He is a big boy, however…(And I’m glad he’s ours…)

    Rooney just deflected wide in the other match…

  • Off topic… But beautiful goal by OG… Took the ball going backwards from a cross and executed a super lob…

  • nice one @ Alcide

    keep us posted with the french connection developments ! i hope Giroud picks up a red card as well 😀

  • Missing person Alert – has anyone seen Fat Lampard tonight ? was last known to be playing for England , just about now ?

  • Hehehe JB, and he now scored a second… With his right foot! Ribery is having a ball on his left wing, poor Australians.

  • Well looking at the way we have progressed without the flanks, i will suggest that we improve in the centre forward. Suarez ofcourse is the missing link to the fireworks, if we sign him on January we get the advantage of him playing in the CL and a player of his calibre during this stage will be crucial for thats’ when the who’s who of Europe will be determined.

  • And now Cabaye super shot at 30m, assist from Ribery again… Benzema is making a funny face on the bench… Hasn’t scored for France for a encore time…

  • Thanks for that Alcide…That’s just a friendly, correct? No telly here…

    Jovetic had a Santi-esque long ball hitting his mate in stride. Unfortunately the bring down was more Theo than Henry… 🙄

    Actually Total, I’m quite sensitive…be gentle…Where’s everybody else? Off drinking and/or nervous watching this England match? I think I saw Lampard hit one over. Or did he pass to Gerrard so he could do the deed?…

    In the primary programming, the Chelsea boy, Shurrle, has taken a lot of shots, mostly straight to keeper…

  • Aussies are not Poor – they deserve the battering 😀

    speaking of which, where is Oz and PP ?

    i think us losing or away winning streak is down to no PP, he normally joins us on match days for comments and he went awol vs WBA

    it’s great Giroud has scored twice, great for his confidence

    finally, Stevie G unleashes one and nearly scores

  • Ireland hit the bar…And the rebound falls to former Arsenal trainee, Anthony Stokes, who…Whiffs the put-back…

    A reminder that not all can make it at the home of football… 😀


    What, still nil-nil at Wembley?

  • don’t worry @ 17HT – i’m here , keep us posted on the German’s as well !

    seems unlikely we will score anytime soon, bring on JW for the 2nd half

  • call me biased but having Ox as opposed to Danny . W and Theo as opposed to the Spud be much much better with JW in the B2B role

    Lampard and Welback – hopeless, so far.

  • least Theo has made it to the expert seat tonight, good to see a Gunner involved in some way, ha

    says they have parked the bus, blimey – didn’t i just say they will do just that

    bring on JW!!!!

  • woooooooooooooooooooow

    wait for this

    NB has scored 2 goals for Denmark against ITALY !!!

    the best striker on the planet is back ?

  • I agree this is a game that Jack could do very well in JB. Lets hope they get the job done either way, the first goal is so important.
    O n the post i would like to sign a winger also, Ronaldo or Robben would do lol, no on a real note i will go with a surpising name that has not been said and that is Callum Mcmannaman he is a very good winger that has proved himself in the PL and the FA cup final v Chelsea he is young very talented and would ad nicely to the British core , with a German core also lol.
    COME ON YOU 3 LIONS composer in front of goal and bury it. 2-0 to England Rooney to score first.

  • Roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    get in there !!!

  • PG, your predictions are usually very good , well done for getting another one bang on with Shrek !

  • Yeah well done Wayne, good on you! For me that is probably the most important goal he has ever scored.

  • welbeck or Stevie G to score the second, i am not sure but i will go for Welbeck.

  • Evening phallic fondlers!! Great post Totes, I like everyone’s views on this because they are do varied! For me there’s 2 ways of looking at the transfer situation
    1. A dreamlist version or
    2. A realistic version which combines getting into the mind of le prof with who might be realistically available

    I think version 2 is the way to go and things have really changed markedly in that regard IMO. With the arrival of Ozil it’s validated le profs comments that he is “prepared to spend on real quality” and it opens the barn door wide open now for similar quality additions. We know that he bid 30mill for Cavani in jan so the intent is there and with more funds coming in then more quality will surely come. What’s interesting for me is Wenger was in for Cavani and Suarez – 2 very different style of striker.
    But really is OG a Wenger striker for wengerball?? No not really, yet Wenger went for him and he has been superb and I never doubted OG would get there. I think lewandowski would have been a great like for like RVJ replacement but that ship has sailed.
    Wenger is trying to play more through the middle along the carpet than ever before and the stats back that up. And with Ozil in the hole I agree totally with this approach than the Hail Mary crosses from the wings …. Let the fullbacks Jenks and Gibbs give us that option. So my striking choices in order of preference are
    1 Reus
    2 Cavani
    3 Jackson Martinez
    4 Benteke

    I love ratatouille as a player but with his baggage and RM desires I have left him off but I had fully accepted him during the summer and part of me still thinks he might like to wash his image at Arsenal before moving on to RM
    I have big hopes for Yaya however and even Joel Campbell is someone who I hope will excel.
    “My little pony” Bendtner has scored a hat trick tonight!! Great timing!! 😀
    I think the need for DM has been extinguished temporally by la flame but I would like
    1 Lars Bender
    2 Pogba

    Whatever happens I think it will be a master stroke in the making if not Jan then definitely the summer!!

  • has Bender got a hat-trick sweet as a nut, well done Bender good effort 😉 that is really good news for us

  • nah bendy scored a brace (2 goals)

    van Pu$$y socred a hat-trick

    yep, i did predict 2-1 at best 😀

  • I think it could be the famous 3-1 now JB with them pushing and us finding more space. I hope this is the case they best not mess this up.

  • Fozzie i too i have very big hopes fo Sanogo, Wenger seriously rates him and that is good enough for me. getttttttttt innnnnnnnn yessssssssssssssss 3-1

  • Shoot, I’ve missed all the goals in the England match, too mesmerized by the trance of the google eyed one…No subs yet?

    Oops, saw that one…Andros Townsend…3-1

  • I would have gone for skipper Steve G TA, but to be fair to the lad Townsend has been very good even if he is a spud and it hard to say . For the Monys it is clearly Jovetiv and probably the best on the pitch

  • Messy! 3-nil in ET on his 50th cap…Quality player, I think…

    Shurrle did well to score the 2nd, as well…

  • Smoker Jack gets on!… Wonder what he thinks of Townsend and that clinching goal… Andros is not a particularly English sounding name… 😉

  • Well done Roy the boy, I have always liked Roy Hodgson, i would really like him to do well in the England job he is a fine manager and i would hate for him to be looked at in a bad light like so many failed England managers do after they finish of getting sacked by England

  • i’m gonna agree with TA and give it to Rooney 🙂 he has worked his socks off , agreed.

  • 4-1

    now , let’s finish the Polska’s

    and hopefully get half the team injured 👿

  • Messy (Ozil, that is…) hardly broke a sweat tonight. I never watched him close enough when he played with the smoother types at RM… there may be spots where we hate it, but he really avoids putting himself into 50-50s where he might get hurt. He had a shot late on blocked by an Irish fellow where he turned away so the rebound wouldn’t hit him! Overall I think it’s a good thing as job 1 is being fit to play…For me, his acceleration is the most stunning element to his game…allows him to get his feet where he needs them to be before defenders can react…What might be a 50-50 for most guys is a clear winner for him…

    Wellback down, Pen! 4-1 (Sturridge), So then, onto Poland on Tuesday? Benching Jack… Seems to work for everybody… 😯

  • Yessssss, England and Terry going to Brazil

    England to play football and Terry to score with women.

    17, Andros Townsend descent is half Greek. I have it on good authority he loves his mum

  • cheers for that @ 17HT

    yep, let’s keep our boys on the bench although, i doubt it, i don’t think Lampard will be starting as it might be JW or Carrick , i guess

  • i didnt know he was a plate smasher hair transplant! you learn a new thing every day

  • Yes TA, Christmas always evokes such happy times for me. hahaha

  • 8-1 TA that is very impressive, how do you rate there chance of winning he world cup?

  • JB, I prefer OG for sure… Benz has (had?) infinitely more talent than Ollie, but he’s part of a weird half spoilt generation in France… Menez, Nasri, Benzema, Ribery… Gifted but with questionable ethics and mentality. Anyway at some point hard work beat raw talent in my mind, and even if Karim is/was better than Ollie, I’d rather have Ollie in an Arsenal shirt (and his team spirit fits my idea of Arsenal better).

    It was a friendly against Aussies, not much of an opposition tbh.

    Nice controlled goal from Prince Igör…

  • After tonight’s completed games, we know 13 of the 32 teams who will compete in Brazil next year.

    They are:

    Brazil, Argentina

    Japan, Australia, Iran, South Korea

    Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany

    Costa Rica, United States

  • I don’t know about you guys but I just can’t stop laughing at Rooney with that head gear!!! Mind you a cant stop laughing at him without it either …

  • oh no, OG played 90 minutes in a friendly ? that’s not good 😀

    but yeah, i get what you mean with the likes of Benzema/ribery/Nasri being the rebel types,

    i think 2 of them were in trouble with the law as well due to their shenanigans and so on

    Nasri is just Nasri, the wanna be Zidane, ha

    yep, that was a well taken goal by Messy aka OooooooooooooOOzil, he makes it all look so damn easy, it’s like watching everything in slow motion when it’s played at normal speed.

  • PG 🙂

    Holland have a decent chance as long as Van Gaal can keep them singing of the same hymn-sheet and is not scared to kick out anybody not serving the greater good.

  • the real question is,

    can he kick and break RVP’s legs for the greater good ?


  • I dunno. Work ethic questions bother me. Up above I speculated (with rolly eyes) on Benzema coming our way if things continue poorly for him at RM. He might come good under AW and it would certainly be interesting if our team was a competition for the French #9 role in Brazil.

    In Spain, many said the problems with Real Madrid was Mourinho’s overly conservative tactics. With him gone Merengues are now turning on Ancelloti and the players, notably Benzema. I think it’s mostly that C-Ron is trying to outcompete Messi (Leo, that is) but is not (nearly) as good a team player. As such, it’s almost all one way traffic–balls go to Cristiano and they don’t come back–either they go into the net or into row z…

    Is (was…) Ozil a lazy player? His body language can make him appear that way (at times) but I don’t think it’s a correct assessment. Likewise, from what I’ve seen, esp. with the French team at the 2012 Euros, Benzema is a willing runner… What do those two have in common. They both played with C-Ron at RM and they both have blood in them from a (much hated…) minority group in their home country (Ozil, Turkish; Benzema, Algerian)… If we can get the latter (at the right price, of course…) I would take him… Suarez (or Falcao) to Madrid in January, we get Karim B. (half-priced, of course…) and…

    …We’re right back on topic… 😆

  • I think we should get Reus. He has the speed to stretch wide, he can flop inside and outside like Wilshire and Ozil have been doing as well as be the backup forward for Giroud.

  • Hi all..
    TA.. I will choose Mata..
    For striker I go for Vela..

    Our players are really great.. they bring their country into glory.. even Bedtner score twice again Italy..

    Good thing is.. They will come back to Emirates with more confident.. and bring glory also to Gunners..

    Spain almost draw to belarusia.. who..??
    It’s because they don’t play Cazorla and Mata.. hehehe..

  • J 🙂

    Reus is a favourite for many of us and it’s his versatility and strengths/athleticism that makes him such a strong candidate for W-Ball (plus his sublime technique of course)! 🙂

  • Morning – 07.30at – all. Sounds like a good evening on the injury front?

    I worry greatly that Ramsey is hiding a problem, and did 90 minutes? No doubt down to play again on Tuesday …

    I had the great fortune to doze through th first half of the England game. After letting the dogs out I was wide awake for the 2nd.

    My you lot are miserable when it comes to objectivity? I won’t say all, but MOTM was clearly Townsend. The guy having is first start in a competitive match, was the most effective player going forwards. His run for the ‘pre-assist’ deserves MOTM alone? And he scored with his unfavoured foot. What was not to like? Oh yes, he’s a spud …

    Anyway, I have some humble pie to eat, having cast nasturtiums about wrong player.

    You know how it goes. You join a program that has already started, whilst eating, attention diverted, memory gets confused, etc? Well comments I made against young Draxler are not as I reported. When I read his name on the bench for Germany I re-watched the program in my mind … ta dah!

    It was Keisling that peed off the German selectors so much. Humble apologies to Draxler, he can continue to play (for us?) without a stain on his character.

    Luckily, not many people read my longer posts, so I hope I won’t be hearing from his solicitors, Sue, Grabbit, and Run – blast from the past? – in the near future?

  • Shit forgot Reus…how could I. Yep one of those three, preferably Reus with his speed and goal scoring ability

  • Morning Gerry

    Fair point about Townsend. He had a good game. Theo has some competition now!

    Having thought about ‘the one player’ a bit more, other than Reus, I would love to have Lahm as righT back. With Gibbs on thE left and Lahm on the right our wing play would be sorted.

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