If Everybody’s Fit at Arsenal, Who Should Play?

Just imagine this scenario: all our players are 100% fit and chomping at the bits. Wouldn’t that be brilliant: a wonderful selection headache to have if you were in Arsene’s shoes!

Who would you choose to play against Pool at home and the Mancs away, and Dortmund in the CL? I reckon there will not be much disagreement about our defence and first choice goal keeper, but for our midfield and in attack it all becomes a little bit less clear.

Now just for the sake of a bit of fun, imagine you are given the option to choose out of our fully fit selection and that this team would have to play the remainder of the season without anybody getting injured any more.

On top of that, you can choose one player from the PL who does not already play for MU, MC, Chavs or Liverpool: who would you choose in your line-up? Ooh there is one more rule Jambon is not allowed to replace our fine first-choice goal keeper. 😉

Well this would be my favourite ‘fully fit line-up plus one PL player’:

Arsenal fully fit dream team

And what a bench this would leave us with: Fabianski, Monreal, TV, Jack, Theo, Pod, Rosicky, Arteta, Gnabry etc…. And I would like Arsenal to buy Benteke to add more strength on our bench.

Maybe one day pigs might fly and we can make fully use of the enormous strength within this squad: is it too much to ask?!

Anyway, fine fellow Gooners, what would your season-long, first-11 be and who would you like to add from any PL team other than the Manchester clubs, Chavs or Pool (and feel free to pick your favourite formation as well)?

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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87 Responses to If Everybody’s Fit at Arsenal, Who Should Play?

  1. jozefos2013 says:

    A Flamsey pivot and Theo on the right. It’s heartbreaking to leave Jack out but the reality is he will get lots of playing time between now and the end of the season.

  2. Al says:

    Diaby… must be joking.

  3. Fozzie B says:

    Numeerooooo unoooooo third leg likers!!! 😆
    Time for me to touch my erogenous zones and catch you all tomorrow!! Thanks for post Totes Socrates, will read in morning 😆

  4. panther says:

    Ramsey does not work out wide he’s a central midfielder. I think Diaby or Ramsey can play along side Arteta or Flamini. Walcott Gnabry Chamberlain will provide the width.

  5. weedonald says:

    Ramsey, Flamini
    Walcott Ozil,Cazorla

    Ringer: Remy

  6. Don c says:

    Ramsey, Flamini
    Walcott Ozil,Cazorla


  7. Ejaik. says:

    My dream team would be as follows.

    Sagna, Per, Kos, Gibbs

    Ramsey, Flame

    Walcott, Ozil, Santi.


    Subs>>> Rosi, Ox, Poldi.

    Ozil injured in the intl game against the sweds.doubt for weekend game .

    Big miss really.He should ve been substituted earlier on.

  8. arsenal-steve says:

    Diaby in front of Wilshire or Walcott? Where do you get that from? We want to improve the team not dilute it. Well I guess it’s all about opinions, but I never saw that one coming.

  9. Diaby ahead of Wilshere,Arteta or even Rosicky. and wasting Ramsey on the wings??
    What are you smoking man?

    Ramsey, Flamini
    Walcott Ozil,Cazorla

    thats the best possible line up at this moment.

  10. geoffchase says:


    I think you’d get your clean sheets… My takes, briefly

    A. We are close to that, except for Diaby

    B. IMO, Diaby sort of never returns. I love him healthy and playing, but, it’s a tragedy but his anatomy doesn’t seem up to his ability and potential. Very sad

    C. Without Diaby, I think weedonald has it right with Ramsey in middle with Flamini and Theo wide

    Cheers — jgc

  11. FlamainiBlamdini says:

    Team One

    Sagna BFG Koscielny Gibbs
    Ramsey Ozil Carzola
    Walcott Giroud

    Team Two

    Jenkinson BFG Vermaelen Monreal
    Ox/Gnarby Wilshere Rosicky
    Bendtner Podolski


  12. FlaminiBlamdini says:

    Diaby unfortunately will come back and play a couple of games before being injured again.
    Sad but probably true.

  13. gf60Gf60 says:

    Wee Donald has it right for me. My ringer Frank Ribery

  14. @brdgunner says:


    Sagna BFG Kos Gibbs


    Theo Ozil Santi


    Simply can’t chose between arteta and flamini.

    The bench

    Fabianski, Vemealen, flam, Wilshire, Diaby, Rosicky, Podolski

    Leaving jenks, bendtner, sonogo, gnarby et al out the side.

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Imagine a fully fit for a whole season Diaby: surely our best box-to-box option. Flamiaby would be my dream pivot and pretty close to Gilberto and Vieira.

    However, leaving out Theo and Jack wasn’t easy.

    Thanks for comments guys! 🙂

  16. Gerry says:

    TA – You have set a real head-scratcher with this one.

    From the answers above I am guessing most only deal with recent memories, because if we are talking ‘fit, and top of their game’, then Diaby would be the first name on the team sheet after the back 5. So I agree with you on that one.

    It gets tricky thereafter though. I think your line up, with no width, and multiple interchangeable midfielders is too cloggy up front? Each to his own, of course 🙂

    So my line up, although I disagree with the concept of ‘first 11’ as it implies a limitation against all opposition, but going with the flow:


    SAGNA ——–MERT———- KOS ———-GIBBS

    ————————-FLAMINI ————————-

    ————–ROSICKY————– DIABY ————-

    ————————— OZIL—————————-

    ———- WALCOTT————————————-

    ———————————–GIROUD —————

    WHAT! No Ramsey, Wilshere, or Cazorla I hear you cry?

    Yes, it is a tough call, but Rosicky at his best edges Ramsey. Diaby? No contest. At his best he is somebody that Wilshere can only dream about at the moment.
    And Walcott, perversely, adds more variety to the team than Santi. Not with skill or creativity, but of the potential threat he offers, and at his best he can be deadly?

    Funnily enough, I listened to ‘The Tuesday Club’ podcast over the weekend, and somebody there posed the question whether Cazorla would automatically walk straight back into the side?

    What this post does do, Diaby apart, is show we do have a strong back up in most key areas? May be the reason the back 4 is the popular choice is because that is less secure should anybody go missing?

    If you take my line up as a starting point, but with a more realistic view of it happening, then perhaps Ramsey for Diaby would be my only change. The pace of Walcott and Rosicky down the right, and Sagna not far away, and Ozil and Gibbs combining on the other, leaving the Diaby(if only)/Ramsey to power into gaps down the middle, and all combinations supporting Giro up front. That would be one to take on any team at the present time?

    One player from the EPL; Lukaku.

    … but the Southampton defense is looking strong, so Fonte just to shore our CB’s, as a close second choice?

  17. Fozzie B says:

    Morning BK Queens! Going to have to go with high horse wee Donald on this one…. Ramsey is scoring much more freely than Diaby ever has, tackling more and covering more ground with his high work rate as well.
    Who to have on the bench as a ringer is a tough one but goes to Benteke as he is a true poacher, finisher and Gooner on the inside which will compliment the desire and team spirit we currently have. 😀
    Ratatouille would make a great plan b but has desire without team spirit and still wants his move to RM and so for that reason he would only be a plan B

  18. Fozzie B says:

    I agree with your assessments Totes and Gerry on a fully fit Diaby but on current form Ransey gets the nod with Diaby coming off the bench.
    Diaby does add that threat and openness but until I see it yield results on a consistent basis then he can’t start ahead of Ramsey. 😀
    As soon as Ramsey is off his chops then Diaby is in and needs to take his chance by the scruff of the neck!! 😀

  19. suleiman says:

    If Diaby is included at any point in a team selection of this nature, then you are drawing AFC backward because level of footballing at EMIRATE have changed comletely.

  20. JM says:

    Every Arsenal player in the starting 11 shall have to show the mentality of a world beater on the pitch in every match. (It does not matter if the player rose from the youth ranks, is our most expensive signing, has the most international caps and goals or is usually in the reserve and bench).

    Our defence (GK and defenders) shall have to face our opponent’s attackers like they are facing the Lionel Messis, the Cristiano Ronaldos, the Franck Riberys in the world.

    Our midfield shall have to go up against our opponent’s midfielders like they are facing the Andres Iniestas, the Bastian Schweinsteigers, the Arturo Vidals in the world.

    Our attack shall have to do battle with our opponent’s defenders like they are facing the Thiago Silvas, the Phillip Lahms, the Manuel Neuers in the world.

    I believe for us to have a significant season 2013/2014, everyone in the Arsenal team will have to perform their best, step up when our star players falter and be game changers with their own abilities to aim for a victory in every match.

    New song for Gerry:

    “Seo Taiji – Internet War”, sung in Korean with English sub.

  21. Fozzie B says:

    Huntelaar I also thought was a decent “like for like” replacement for RVJ … Was keen on him at the time but looks like we dodged a bullet!! 😀

  22. Prince says:

    Hi Total, how are you bud? Hope you’ve been well. 🙂 and of course, the same goes for the rest of you BK muppets 😉

    Its so good to feel the envy from all our rivals/competitors again. Their jealousy and cursing echoes louder and louder and im LOVING it. We as a club have always thrived on that energy and its been a long time since 🙄 It may be a little pre-mature (in general) to be talking titles as luck, injuries, and referee bias will still have a huge part to play, but i cant help but feel invincible at the minute (football speak). I know deep down that we should look at things from an OGAaT perspective (sounds like a dutch surname-..just add a ‘Van’ in front of it- 😆 ), but to be quite frank 😉 , i havnt felt this confident, when our boys take to the turf, since we had that hungry animal ‘Viera’ in our team and waiting to be unleashed from the tunnel.

    Recently, i caught up with my two brothers (first time since a day before deadline day) and i swear, i had the biggest grin tattoed on my melon. One bro goes for the scousers and we’ve always got along, especially when we talk ball and also share a deepful hate for all things manure, but he seems to be deluded at the minute and seems to think its a two horse race between us and them. haha. I told him it would be a three way go between us, Soton and Everton.

    The other bro, staunchly, but sheepishly follows manure. In recent years, his head has been so far up his arse that he would rather chew glass than have anything nice to say about our great team. Well, that night he admitted to me that in his mind and the view of all his manure buddies, Arsenal were clear favourites for the domestic title. On top of that, he also reckons we are a genuine shot at Big Ears, on the condition that Giroo stays healthy or we stock up on someone special up front to tag team with or deputise for Ollie G. Haha, i felt on top of the world, a “TotL” feeling of joy, if you will 😉 So then i teased him and said that Wenger blew all his dosh and couldnt afford any more SQ. Thats when he turned around with an 👿 look and said ” Ahhhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuck offfffffffff you ass hole, EVERYBODY knows you guys are the richest club in the league and with all the new deals coming your way and the mortgage almost paid off, your club could EASILY afford Suarez or Rooney, bloody hell, with fuckwit Wenger in charge you could even afford Ronaldo or Messi…..Banks would be lining up to lend you the money” hahaha i pissed myself laughing inside. I said that the same goes for manure and he barked back “The Banks are closed, nobody wants to deal while Moyes is ‘acting’ boss and even players are looking for the exit door”

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Back to the post.


    Sanga Mertz Tommigun Gibbs

    Flamini (C)

    Feo Santi Poldi

    😯 ZIL

    the big G

    My Ringer= Sol 2.0 ‘Vertonghen’

    In my world pigs fly all the time. 😆

  23. Prince says:

    I understand the Diaby Flamini double pivot and very solid if Diaby could actually get back to his best which imo would be neck and neck with Yaya. (his best remember) and General Flamini is the first name on my sheet, but i went kamakaze in my line up with our attacking philosophy and went with a double pivot between in our attacking third with Ozil and Santi and then you have Poldi and Feo (at their best remember 😉 ) flanking the wings and cutting in ala Freddy style.


    ps. Total, people are skim reading your post today and picking players from Pool Chelski etc

    busted 😆

  24. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    TA.. I must agree with SamG.. for the starting eleven..
    Yes Ramsey can do a RW job.. but no one does it better than Walcott.. period..
    Ramsey Flamini had proved that their pivot were great.. so why must We change it..??

    And I hope this team will play again Norwich.. the sooner the better.. hehehe..

    No need for any players.. cause We assume all our players are free from injured.. so for striker We still have Podolski and Bedtner.. Who ever our CF.. if Ramsey.. Ozil.. Cazorla.. Walcott and also Rosicky as his suppliers.. He will score a lot.. hahaha..

  25. Jean says:

    No way I would put diaby in. Ramsey is playing his best football yet in that game. He would be a waste out on the right. Now walcott is the best right winger we have and most dangerous in that spot. Just breaks my heart not to have Jack W. in there

  26. FlaminiBlamdini says:

    Diaby gives the ball away even more than Wilshire but not as much as Walcott.

    Arsenal were different class v Napoli because of the team’s ability to pass and move at high speed all over the pitch without giving the ball away. Rosicky gave the ball away a few times but it was his first game back.

    Diaby on form moves quickly and effectively box to box but he often gets caught in two minds and is then easily dispossessed.

    If Diaby and Wilshire could toughen up mentally and physically by ten percent that would be
    so good.

  27. FlaminiBlamdini says:

    Flamini ‘The Flame’ was pure class when he was here last time.

  28. Gerry says:

    JM – is this the Se Pistols for the 21st century? 😆

    You hit my weak spot – a driving beat and lyrics that hit the ‘problem’ right on the head.

    Love it! – I couldn’t bookmark the You Tube page, but I settled for getting back to it via last fm.

    Like the ‘Pistol’s line ‘I wanna destroy everything’ and Seo’s messianic call ‘I will change you’ are not the solution, but as a piece of commentary on today’s society, top marks.

    Thank you for thinking of it, and connecting it with me. Great stuff.

  29. Fozzie B says:

    Hey Princey I like your formation!! Super attack minded!! Yeah flame in front with 2 forward mfs worked a treat against Napoli didn’t it? with Ramteta in front! But I think Ozil further forward as in v Napoli is the trick …. Only that would mean sacrificing Santi/poldi or theo. …. Nice dilemma to have!!
    Shame le prof doesn’t vary his tactics a bit more sooner ie when theo isn’t on his game which happens a lot that he isn’t subbed soon enough for Gnabry or even Santi on the right.
    I would like to see that attack minded double pivot used more often for sure just to make sure that Napoli game wasnt a fluke!!! 😀

  30. Fozzie B says:

    Princey that feedback from your manure bro was priceless!!! Like being a real fly on the wall to hear what the enemy are thinking!! I love it!! It’s better than 10 hits of Mr Snuffaluffagus’s jumbo sized bong!!!! 😆

  31. Fred says:

    Hi guys,


    Bench: Viviano, Monreal, TV, Diaby, Wilshere, Podolski and the Ox

  32. Fred says:

    From the other EPL clubs I would add Townsend, although I would like to see us sign a young DM to be the long term replacement for flamini/arteta, for this I would like to see us sign Camacho or Pogba. And a striker many have mentioned Benteke, I think we should go for Burak Yilmaz or Jackson Martinez they offer us something different to Benteke that I think we are missing.

  33. jnyc says:

    Fun post TA.
    i go
    flamini ramsey ozil
    walcott giroud cazorla
    ( against certain big opponents like dortmund, man city, chelsea- i might use rosicky instead of theo )
    i think i would take Benteke as our backup also.

  34. Fozzie B says:

    Hey Fredster yeah Totes asked us to pick a player from th PL, we went allowed outside in this post but yeah I rate Martinez big time 😀

  35. Fozzie B says:

    Good positive stuff from le prof at the AGM precursored by Silent Supermarket Stan and that ridiculous dead possum on his scalp.
    Stretch teach the man a lesson will you!! 😆


  36. James Bond says:

    argh – i can’t take out Sir Sczny ? booooo – boooooooooooooooooo , ok, since my hands are tied, here it comes :

    Team vs LiverFOOL at home :

    ——————- Sczny—————





    attacking subs : Rosicky/JW/Santi / OX

    Reason for that starting 11 : pace, width and more quick passing, hence no Flamini as at home, we need more crisp passing and fluidity hence enter captain Arteta – both our wide players will have a lot of fun thanks to Ozil – Santi the sub for the 2nd half, in this one.

    SCORE : 2-0

    moving onto the away game vs Mancs :

    ——————- Sczny—————





    attacking subs : Ramsey/JW/Poldi/ OX

    Reason ? —- away game, we got to have more firmer grip on the game and boss it from midfield, win the ball back quickly or hassle them (Flamini) with Diaby doing the same and then going on a counter attacking trip when the opportunity presents itself, also against the likes of Fellaini and Carrick, Diaby is perfecto in that b2b role – easier for Ozil to find from his set piece delivery as well — the trio of Theo/Ozil and santi will bamboozle them at old toilet.

    SCORE :1-3

    moving onto the last one for Dortmund both home and away :

    ——————- Sczny—————


    ————–Arteta (H) / Flamini (A)———–Ramsey (H)/ JW (A)——-

    Theo——————-Ozil——————–Rosicky (H) / Santi (away)


    attacking subs : Poldi/JW/Santi / OX

    Reason ? ——– we like to play teams who like playing football, so have kept that in mind and both my home and away teams are capable of putting on a show not just against Dortmund but also other top notch clubs across Europe

    SCORE : 2-1 for the home one and 2-2 for the away game

    BONUS formation just because i like TA – vs Chelsea COC (as i’m allowed to change the goalie in this one, ha )

    ——————- Fabianski—————





    attacking subs : Eisfeild/ Yaya/ RYO/Giroud

    Reason ? : every competition is an opportunity to win a cup and silverware, it’s a step forward and in the right direction – i don’t care what people think of the COC but we have to show some intent and put our best team on the pitch and let the Rosicky’s, Ox’s , Gnabry’s and Poldoski show how good they are against a top team,

    SCORE : 3-1 .

    start the engine time.

    oh no wait, 1 player from any other PL team – has to be a no brainer this one — LUKAKU (but technically he’s of Chelsea ) so i’ll go for his compatriot Benteke.

    sorted !

  37. James Bond says:

    for the avoidance of doubt, i would have gone for Begovic but due to TA’s cruelty, i went for a striker instead, ha

  38. These sorts of lists or line-ups don’t really float my boat… Sorry… There will ALWAYS be fitness issues and if there aren’t we will be told that there are… 😉 😆

    Of course there are some interesting ideas being thrown out here….TA (and others) have strong and fond memories of Diaby…Ramsey is in almost everybody’s list, Wilshere in far fewer (or maybe none… 😯 ). Poldolski (who, before, Theo won his hold out and we bought Ozil, was our highest paid player…) is on most people’s bench, while Flamini (in on a free…) gets a start ahead of Arteta for almost everyone. At the back, the idea that the BFG must play is codified and that Gibbs is better than Monreal seems as genuine as Sagna over Jenkinson. Nobody except Bond wants Sir Chez out… Giroud is an absolute… Funny, how times have changed….

    What’s clear to me is that we are working towards a really solid squad of very interchangeable players. Napoli showed us playing a real 4-5-1 but with Giroud able to drop quite deep (the first goal, for example). Given that Ozil can play as a #9 (as he did for Germany this int’l break) it could be argued that we’re really a group of 6 almost completely interchangeable attackers. Well, maybe 1 or 2 are tasked with staying a little deeper but 4 or 5 can fill whatever forward spaces are available.

    I love it. In Theo you’ve always got a deep threat and in Ozil and Santi you’ve got guys who work the ball, look up and really hit it to him. The remaining midfielders (esp. Arteta) also can fly a long ball if they get it onto their stronger foot and plan ahead. I really hope that Poldolski can shake off his fitness issues because, while not as lightning fast as Theo, he too can get forward quickly and do a lot bringing the ball down. We need goals from those two… (Giroud too, of course…) but I see us getting at least as many from our (so-called…) MF…

    Is it total football or Wengerball or what? I dunno but it could be good. Possession is key so I’d like to see fewer long kicks from keeper and, as such, I’d like to see Kos and Verm playing together (yes Gerry, that was me…) sometimes as they can just push it that little bit faster than the BFG. It’s a greedy thought, however, and “safety first” suggests that tall guys and long kicks will be the more standard practice. We must win points. Scoring lots of goals is one thing. Conceding as few as possible comes first. I may have to trust the manager when it comes to working the best combo of players (and in which matches…) to get it done…

  39. Fred says:

    Hi again, I know I posted a formation up earlier, but in my Chemistry lecture another formation came to me. What do you guys think?


    Bench: Fabianski, TV, Monreal, Wilshere, Podolski, the Ox, Diaby.

    I can honestly say I would see goals coming from all over that team, and with Flamini protecting the back four we would be sound defensively. Then when the jan transfer window comes pick up a Striker (preferably) either Jackson Martinez or Burak Yilmaz and a Defensive Mid, Pogba or Camacho. What do you guys think our chances of getting Lewandowski are? 6 months left on his contract, I know everyone says he’s going to Bayern but it’s still not a done deal, maybe a cheeky 15m bid for him in Jan would tempt Dortmund to sell up – could be a very good signing for us.

  40. Fred says:

    Hi Fozzie, the players in the EPL from the teams we weren’t allowed I don’t rate as highly as a lot of players outside of the EPL. I hate to see it but one of the few players I rate from the teams we were allowed to pick from comes from Spurs in the form of Townsend, but one I can’t see him crossing north London and two we don’t really need him when we have Walcott and the Ox in his position. I don’t see why we should go for Benteke when he has signed a new contract last summer and we could (probably) get Lewandowski in on the cheap considering his position at the moment, or Jackson Martinez or Burak Yilmaz for the same (or less) then Benteke or Michu. Which are the only two strikers that I (kind of) rate from the other teams in the EPL.

  41. James Bond says:

    Arsène Wenger has revealed the following team news ahead of the Premier League game against Norwich City:
    on Mesut Ozil, who was substituted for Germany on Tuesday…

    He is alright. He came back with a knock on the knee but it was just a kick. We’ll have a test tomorrow to see if he is fit enough for Saturday or not. When you have not played, there is always a little doubt but not a major one.

    on Sagna and Cazorla…
    Sagna is 80 per cent fit and he will have a test. Cazorla is available in training but he is not match-fit. It is just about competitiveness with him. There is a possibility both are in the squad for Saturday. I have not decided whether they will start or not.

    on Rosicky and Walcott…
    Rosicky is back in the squad and available. Walcott is still two weeks away.

    on Sanogo, Podolski, Diaby, Oxlade-Chamberlain…
    All of them are out for a longer period.

    credit : arsenal.com

  42. James Bond says:

    well well well,

    no Theo for another 2 weeks ? available for Liverpool ?

    i’m very surprised re- Yaya and Poldi , they are out for a longer period ? i would have certainly imagined to be back for the COC vs Chelsea – that’s a blow as is Theo’s continued absence , a hammer blow that one

    but hey, Gnabry’s been scoring and we get Rosicky back

    so i’m guess Santi on the bench with Rosicky starting vs Norwich and then Santi comes on for Rosicky later , match fitness building up ?

    not all doom and gloom but i expected much much better in regards to Theo and Poldi, at least


  43. James Bond says:


    but good news re- Ozil though, how could he not be fully fit after having a stunner gf 😉

  44. Gerry says:

    Mmmmn – This was meant to be a theoretical exercise whereby nobody has an injury again, and so play every game until the end of the season? Nothing like real life interfering?

    So JB, which of your multiple entries would be the team to play ALL matches?

    I re-read the rules, and it clearly states ‘PLAYING for A, B , and C’, so despite your technical objection, Lukaku plays for Everton ha ha.

    17HT – You cannot win games without scoring, so scoring goals and plenty of them is more than just ‘one thing’. Only scoring as many as the opposition is one thing

    Your observations on selections I think reflects the reality. Some are not quite fitting in with their style or level of play, but it is a close call in several cases?

    My choice is more or less the side that blitzed Napoli in the first half, but with the addition of Theo.

    Talking on Podolski, in JM’s musical choice for me, the block of You Tube thumb prints at the end, there is a very good reminder of what Poldolski can do .. worth a watch?

  45. Gerry says:

    JB – If you push me for an alternative I would go for the WBA striker, Berahino. I was impressed in the Under 21’s, and the curling shot he scored late on was just the edge of the bo stuff we are missing.

    My alternative choice, Fonte, I will be pleased if Southampton repel all comers as they are playing Man U this weekend.

  46. Gerry says:

    Fred – I like your latest line up. Same as mine except I went for Rosicky over Santi.

    My reasoning is, at the moment we only have one player that moves the ball forwards at pace(Ozil aside, natch), can switch play from one wing to another, tackle back and has the eperience to do the right thing. That player is Rosicky.

    .. and I shall just whisper this once more, I hope Le Gren will be available and willing to join us in January, to be his successor …. ssshh. Burn afrer reading!

  47. Gerry says:

    This must be the time everybody pops off for their evening meal?


    Man, this is hard. To many midfielders.





    My joker would have to be Townsend. I predicted a big future for him 3 years ago, and now he is starting to fulfill his potential.

    Jack has to play. Once he finds his fitness he will be Arsenals best player, the guy is different class.

    Diaby is an interesting one. He gives something that the others can not, height and rangey style of play, but he has to prove it again.

  49. Thanks Total Insane Bastard !. hahaha


    Jeff Blockley



    Wild Card

    Grant Holt

    Yes I know…… ridiculous !….as ridiculous as Arsenal ever having a 90% fit squad let alone a 100% one !.
    99.9% of that lot were here/on books last season !……how scary is that !…..think what could have been !…..Wenger Out !. hahaha

    And I take offence to Princey calling me …….a Muppet !……Fozzies the Muppet !.

  50. Fozzie B says:

    Hahaha too many psychedelic cookies has scrambled Cockies brain!!
    😆 But he still hasn’t lost his identity !!! 😆 That’s right he knows he’s special …. He’s one of the few on Sexandme street who is a …….
    ……. ….. Tranny muppet!!! Haha 😆
    …. Om non nom… “Me likey likey the Kermit slime …” Om non nom 😆

  51. James Bond says:

    ah, so much for keeping something unrealistic sort of realistic, argh

    i gave us very good options and used our depth accordingly, however, Gerry has called me out on 1 team

    so here it goes :

    ——————- Sczny—————





    sorted ?

    yes, it’s a good call on the WBA lad, he’s promising, indeed and a team player !

    i prefer him over the timebomb aka Ravel waiting to explode, sure.

    now now, Gerry – shush re- Le something something , the name sounds very familiar though and very promising at 22 😉

    no one has commented on the players availability or update given by AW ? can i assume, we are going to be doing a post/article on that later ?

    if so, then i can already see Ramsey sit out this one and JW started on his place along with Rosicky.

  52. Gerry says:

    Yes JB as another post is due I shall leave team thoughts for that.

    Back to the OGAAT mode. This is another game we should win, but I keep reading that they score first, they have a strong midfield, play on the counter, and Redmond will have a field day against Jenks …?

    Against that, we have never played them with Ozil(fingers crossed) in the side? IOt was their Olsson that kicked him in the knee,btw. Perhaps Flambeau can earn his net yellow with a bit of like for like : ;).

    I hope we are still on top after the early kick off too.

    Right, time to computer down and get some relaxing tv …

  53. Hahaha Fozzer.
    To tell the truth, I`m not sure what I am !. I only have one sticky out appendage , but not sure if it`s a tail or a cockie !, all I know is it`s fluffy and blue and when I see Rosita and Grover I`m not sure whether I`m wagging my tail or getting a Cockie Monster !.
    Right, time for some TV….that’s Television not Transvestiteism !.

  54. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow guys, so many fine line ups and good reasoning behind it as well. You have done the site proud.

    Most have added Theo and Some Rosicky to add wings to our team, and I can see why. But wanted to include Rambo and Santi, and to get wing play from our full backs as well as the ‘free agents’ Diaby and Ozil. And I prefer Santi over Rosa as the former scoters significantly more goals.

  55. Fozzie B says:

    Haha nice one Cockie!! At least those blue cookies are still working a treat for you!! Totes you took the words out of my mouth re Rosa and Santi!! 😀

  56. proudgooner says:

    I was going to go with wee donalds team selection too back though it just about the same as mine or i also like this 1 though again wee’s team i would be happy happy with.
    (Stealing Michu )
    Once the damage is done to the mancs, chav’s, Liverpool and spuds and we are 2 or 3 nil up at half time. Throw Arteta – Flamini on off our well stocked bench and shore up the defensive midfield aspect. I would just like to use the full on all out Gunner asult on them first ha ha ha ha

  57. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, thanks for the injury (wengury) news. Interesting that Theo is being held back…Perhaps he actually had surgery… 😉 Poldoski too, is the hammy still tender or just too many bodies that need to get worked back in?…

    If everybody is fit we have too many attackers and some might have their feelings hurt or become the story for losing their place. Currently on the hot seat is Jack Wilshere, dropped for England’s must-wins. He’s young still, but now that Totts have their Bale replacement (Townsend) what do we have? Is he the future of English (and Arsenal…) football or just an over-hyped kid with smoking and pissing problems? Men my age have to relieve ourselves because of prostate issues–one as young as Jack might want to think about keeping it to only a couple of pints before training sessions…

    Just kidding, of course, but the spotlight on Jack needs to be eased with a start and a decent performance vs Norwich, assuming that it’s in the best interest of the team to drop him for Dortmund. So, Jack in, Santi on for the final 15-20? Maybe Ramsey and Rosicky do likewise. Or maybe it’s a three-way rotation with Messy… For me, we’re so much better with Ozil and he just cruises anyhow. Also, it seems a little too soon to rest the big money signing in front of the ticket buying crowd who “payed” for him. I’d love to see the little defenders (TV5, LK6) but that’s just me and Wenger didn’t say anything about Per’s “illness,” right?…

    Anyhow, it’s a balancing act where human factors including fitness and egos and hype go along with who is actually best. We love the formations and believe in the positions as they’re drawn on the team-sheet but I think this is almost the least important element, at least when it comes to the front 6…

    When the time comes, I will (however) give a definitive starting 11 for the CL final… I promise… 😀

  58. proudgooner says:

    If we had Michu he would be challenging Lucus for left wing position. The team above is very gun hoo i know and could be a mistake nut i think Rambo could do the job as well as the other 2, They would have to work hard in midfield to get back and put the tackles in .

  59. proudgooner says:

    It is to gun hoo ha ha ha , i will go with wee donalds.
    I would love to see that team play a game though to see how many they could bang in 😉

  60. proudgooner says:

    Foozzie, i bet Cockies blue biscuits are the diamond shaped ones. The sexual terrorist that he is . ha ha aha


    PG, Sexual terrorism is a very serious matter

    When i was 18 i broke my leg and shared a hospital room with 3 other blokes, all over 60.

    Two of them were really nice geezers, but the third, a massive fat bastard called Charlie was a nightmare. He didnt even say hello to me when we met, just stared and fondled himself.

    I woildnt have minded, but because i had a broken leg was in no positon to defend myself from any potential bum banditary. The only thing wrong with him was some problem with his arse, i wonder how he got that?

    After a while he started asking me questions about my love life and when my girlfriend at the time came to visit would make remarks after about what we got up to, all the time he would talk he would fondle himself and stare at me.

    Anyway, one night i could him doing his customary shuffling but this time i heard the feignt hiss of “Terry, Terry” through the muffled sheets.

    I freaked out and stayed awake all night, eyes like Ozil in panic and fear.

    The next day i made a fuss and got myself moved to another ward

    For about a year after i would have this recurring nightmare that i was bound and gagged with Fat Charlie fondling himself as he approched.

  62. proudgooner says:

    Them hospitals are a dreadful place i spent a week in 1 once, i got the feeling that is was like a prison, you do see some strange sights and folk in there lol
    Fat Charlie ahh tut tut, i would have asked for another bed as well . lol

  63. proudgooner says:

    You was not on any really strong pain killers like me were you?? I hope for you sake you wasn’t he might of got you whilst you were knocked out on the pain killers while you were asleep. Probably best not to think about that to much just in case ha ha ha
    While i was in there, there was 2 freaky male nurses. 1 used to go around at night while you were asleep and stick a needle in my arm and pump god knows what in to me, i came around and woke as he was doing it.
    Nurse number 2 was caught feeding a blind crazy man who used to shout out hob nobs all night some mouldy food that had grown green hair and looked like it had sat around for at least 5 days to him. filthy honestlyy it was really twisted i saw the food with my own eyes.


    hahahaha PG.

    Yeah, i was on morphine. I broke my leg like Ramsey

    Your right about hospitals. On the first night they didnt have any room were fat charlie was so they put me in a ward were men were at deaths door.

    I kid you not, but in the middle of the night the bloke next to me snuffed it. There were doctors and nurses running around all over the place so the curtains were open and in my drugged up state watched as they tried to ressuciate him but failed. It was terrible.

    In the morning i woke up and saw his bed was empty but what happened next was sureal.

    There was some Indian geezer opposite me who had obviosly just had his leg amputated, who started shouting “help me bastard, help me”.

    I thought, is he talking to me? Anyways, within a few seconds a nurse came and told him to be quiet and drew the curtains.

    After i asked the nurse why he was pleading for me to help him and she let slip that he had gangreen in the other leg so was likely to lose it.

    I swear to god, i have never been more depressed than i was in that one day.

    Come to think about it, been sexualy terrorised by fat Charlie was a piece of cake. hahaha

  65. Fozzie B says:

    Well well well!!! PG and Stretch exchanging hospital red shoe diaries!!! I love it!! I had hoped for a couple of slight variations however!! 😆
    Like Fat Charlie getting getting pleasured by one of the lovely nurses only to stop at the critical point and whip off her wig to reveal that he is Wenger’s and Bouldys lovechild!!!!
    Hahaha!!! Imagine that !!! 😆
    Then afterwards you guys do a smash and grab on the morphine and head to the muppet community village for a ho-down (or several ho downs with Cockies blue cookies!! Haha!!)
    Morphing is the one ingredient to take the community to the next level!! 😆

  66. There it was staring at me all the time !. Is it a tail or is it a cock !. It`s a Cocktail !.

    After reading PG and Stretches Emergency Ward 10 episodes, Fozzies daily heroin trip, and VCC having therapy due to his dementia of the cock, I must be the most sane bastard on here !. Surely there must be a more sensible Arsenal blog out there !. hahaha

  67. proudgooner says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  68. Fozzie B says:

    And don’t worry about that Indian guy Stretch!! He just had too much saag aloo and with the morphine kicking, your brains didn’t allow for the sheets rising and giving the David Copperfield no leg impression!! 😆
    Many times I have done that with Mrs P after a curry. She knows to put the bog roll in the fridge before we go out for a curry as well!! 😆
    But she mrs p got me a cropper the other night ….. Let me paint the scene fellow gooners ….. 😆
    I was having this fantastic dream where I was playing for arsenal and the all blacks at the same time!! …..
    Scoring goals and scoring tries!! …
    Beautiful!!!! 😆
    Then after one too many celebrations it felt like I was floating through the air like superman!!! …..
    …. It was at this precise time that I woke up and found myself floating out the window on my bed sheets like alladin on his magic carpet!!
    When I hit the cold air I landed flat on the pavement. I walked back in all dazed and fuming at the same time only to find Kermit with his turban on doing the kamasutra with Mrs P!!!
    😆 by that stage I just had to take my hat off to him and say
    “Fair play son … And you know I’m going to hit you in the Niagra’s in the morning!! ” 😆

  69. proudgooner says:

    I would prefer let fat Charlie take my virginity then eat that hospital food they were giving that blind geezer. Dreadful place them hospital.
    ha ha ha i can just imagine it out of your head on morphine in a bed by death door and people dying next door, if it was not for the drugs people would come out of there mad i swear it. I was on the morphine too they gave ne a button so i could dose myself when ever i was i pian, well i was clicking constantly 🙂 strong old stuff ha ha ha i was in there in bed my world had callaped i had been stabbed lying in bed the only thing that cheered me and and il never forget it. the telly was on in the ward and the England Qualifiers was on we were nearly out i was feeling gutted soo so gutted then Beckham did that free kick i think it was against greece but anyway it went in and i was so relieved . i might even of shed a tear i could handle what ever the hospital was throwing at me but not England going out again.

  70. proudgooner says:

    ha ha ha ha aint dreams strange talking of Kermits turban , Rooney is milking his 1 a bit ain’t he that cut has taken 5 or six weeks to heal now, he must like wearing it.
    Miss P doing the karma suatra pheww pheww lol

  71. proudgooner says:

  72. Fozzie B says:

    Holy hell PG!! Some people go all out to watch their country play but to get totally off your head in morphine at the same time!! 😀 … What a legend!!!
    (Seriously bro glad you survived that, that’s well scary!! Well done for making it out the other side 😀 )
    Personally I think they use hospital food as part of your rehabilitation eh? I mean all you can think about is how quickly can I get better to get outta here!! 😆

  73. Fozzie B says:

    Thanks for the link PG!! Even without drugs thats amazing but with!!! Wow!! Oops Sandra bullock on Jonathan Ross right now … She’s sssmmmmoking .. Light saber check!! SHOOOOM. SHOOOOOOMMM!! 😆

  74. proudgooner says:

    ha ha ha ha i certainly couldn’t wait to get out of there, i was not to badly injured , missed the really important parts, it was more were the surgury that takes a while to heal. Thank you. I hope your leg is better? Some times things happen. As me old man always says live and learn .
    Like you i meet some good geezers in there 2, lucky mone of them was on Fat Charlie wave lentgh

  75. proudgooner says:

    she is a honey i got it on 2. lol check out ciller the old hamster

  76. Fozzie B says:

    Jonathan Ross “do you still smuggle sausages?” Sandra Bullock gasping and crawling with excitement, ” aaarrrr yeeeshhhh but its hard to get the right sausage!” 😆 apparently she’s a gooner cos she likes German!! Good girl!! And when asked about British sausage she couldn’t contain herself!! Wait to she try’s muppet sausage!! Tasty and super soft!! 😆

  77. Fozzie B says:

    Wow cilla still going PG… She makes Vickers look like Orlando Bloom!! 😆

  78. Fozzie B says:

    I have a sudden urge to feed my guinea pig now that cilla is on 😆

  79. proudgooner says:

    lol oh she really does, she can smuggling mine on a round the world trip if she likes.

  80. proudgooner says:

    I cant believe the colour of her hair still , the furry little caged animal. She would make a great nut cracker at christmas

  81. proudgooner says:

    She is TV royalty , they could easy bring her back on surprise surprise today everyone would watch it.

  82. Fozzie B says:

    Hahaha PG!! Yes I’m sure cilla has cracked a few nuts in her time!! Hitting the hay now PG … Sweet Ozil dreams to you and the BK fairyhood!!! 😀

  83. proudgooner says:

    goodnight Fozzie mate

  84. Prince says:

    Some awesome/interesting formations have been put forward. Just goes to show how much depth the Arse has. However, i do believe that had Ramsey, Gibbs, Feo, Giroo, WS etc not stepped up a level (actually a fair few levels) i doubt we would be waxing lyrical. I reckon we would be here saying that the likes of Santi and Ozil deserve better and that the former ‘are never gunner get to Arsenal standard and that the boss is delusional…..well, not everybody, but most….me included.

    Im so glad that Arsene has this selection headache, and finally has a few WC SQ players who can combine and play out his vision of football on the pitch. Plus he still has some dosh stacked away somewhere for that rainy day. (hope ratatoullie and rolls reus wanna play “Gunner style”)..happy dayze 😀

    Bring on Naarich….. Up the ARSE!!

    @Fozzie, you remind me of my mate, he went to live outback in the bush, said that we were all to normal for him and he needed some alone time. We call him ‘trippa’ but he prefers ‘space cadet’… Your both cunny funts 😆

    @Cockie, 😆

  85. Gerry says:

    Well here is something that will interest those who would rather read about things football. A very very good article on Nicky B.
    See if it changes your opinion?


  86. Gerry says:

    Oh dear – Probert is the referee. He is the one with a big bias for Norwich, and a big bias against Arsenal. Playing a twelve man team again??

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