Arsenal – Norwich Pre-view: Return of Santi, Flamteta DM-pivot?

Diaby sick bay

Arsenal: Podolski (Hamstring), Ox (Knee), Diaby (Knee), Zelalem, and Sanogo (back). Sagna (Hamstring) and Santi should be included in the squad.

Norwich City: Bennett (knee). Pilkington (Hamstring) faces a fitness test

Previous Encounters:

Arsenal v Norwich 3-1

Second half goals from Arteta, Giroud and Podolski won Arsenal the match after Turner gave Norwich an early lead. And 3 goals in 6 minutes!

Have a look at the highlights here (also a prime example of anti-Arsenal commentary at its finest):

Norwich v Arsenal 1-0

Holt scored early. We had plenty of possession but ultimately did nothing with it.

gunning down norwich

Form Guide:               Arsenal: DWWWW             Norwich: LWLLW

Arsenal: Our good run came to a halt in our last premier league fixture against West Brom. Jack had to rescue a point for us after our in-form Welsh international went off with a minor injury. Never mind though, a minor hiccup is allowed given all the fixtures we’ve played in a small period of time. We will bounce back in this fixture.

Norwich: They replaced their human fridge (Holt) with big summer signing Ricky van Wolfswinkel. Unfortunately for Norwich he hasn’t really set the world on fire thus far. They’ve had massive problems in front of goal and it’s showing on their ladder position.

Arsenal Archive (1)

This week I’ve dipped into the Arsenal Archive and pulled out this video clip. It’s an extraordinary game from November 1989 that saw Arsenal come from behind to defeat Norwich. Code name: 7 goals and a brawl. We won it for David O’Leary!

Pre-Match Finger:

kid finger

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz huh – what? The interlull is over? Well thank Dennis for that! Is it just me or do they feel longer and longer? Probably because we are in cruise control at the moment so we’re not getting beaten up by the media repeatedly. It dragged on that long I had to tweet young Jack to see what he had for breakfast just so I could get my daily dose of Arsenal! I’ve probably given the interlull a finger before, but in fairness to me, I think if I did it every week it still wouldn’t be enough! If Ozil’s ‘knock’ is worse than first thought then my finger has been well and truly vindicated. I’m dubious though. My gut feeling is he will be unavailable for the Norwich game…quite convenient given Santi’s return…I’m on to you Arsene!

Ask the opposition (6)

‘Ask the opposition’ returns again this week. It is designed to get some friendly banter from our opposition fans and get their insight for the match ahead.  This week the answers were kindly provided by Gary from the Norwich City blog . Let’s see what he’s written for us this week:

1) Well done on wiping your debt. Will it translate on the field soon enough?

To have wiped out our debt in the manner we have (we were staring headlong into the abyss in the summer of 2009) has been the stuff of dreams; it’s the first time the club has been on a sound financial footing for decades. Whether it will translate into success off the pitch is a difficult one – but the board have declared that for the next few seasons at least, all excess funds – after the club’s running costs have been covered – will be directed straight to first-team strengthening. With Hughton’s fine eye for a player it suggests we should see a further increase in the quality of the squad. We can only hope that then translates itself on the pitch, but as QPR – amongst others – have proved, there needs to be a sound infrastructure behind any big spending plans. We’re hopeful, but taking nothing for granted…

2) Are you happy with Grant Holt’s departure?

It was a shame to see him depart – he acquired legendary status in his four seasons here – but it was probably the right time for both parties. At 32 years old there was a general consensus that Holty’s best years were behind him but, more importantly than that, he wanted to leave. He made it clear he didn’t enjoy last season particularly – Chris Hughton having asked him to play a slightly different role – and had expressed a desire to try his luck elsewhere. With his family having already relocated up north it made sense all round for him to make the move when Wigan came calling; the challenge of playing in Europe too much for him to resist. A legend. We’ll never forget him.

3) how is Chris Hughton travelling? Will he take you places?

Despite there being a hard-core of ‘Hughton-outers’ he’s done a sound job so far. He did superbly well to get us up to 11th place last season and made some promising signings in the summer. With the board demanding ‘constant improvement’ his target this season is 10th or better, which is a big ask. He has his own way of doing things – much to the chagrin of some – but we’re infinitely harder to beat now than we were when he took over.

4) What player/position is your weakest?

Goalscoring is our problem. Despite shelling out around £15 million on three new strikers (van Wolfswinkel, Hooper and Elmander [on loan]) we’re still lacking goals. Ricky (van Wolfswinkel) has taken time to adjust to the intensity of the Premier League and, even though the signs are promising, he’s yet to kick on as we’d like. Hooper started the season with an injury but now he’s fit we’re hopeful that, between the two of them – and with support from Elmander – will rectify this ongoing problem.

5) Which Arsenal player would you like and why?

An easy one – Ozil has been a player I’ve admired hugely since he led Gareth Barry that merry dance in South Africa 2010, and he impresses me every time I see him play. He’ll be massive for you this season.

6) Which player/position do you feel is our weakest?

Having not seen you play much this season I’m not really sure. In the past there was always a feeling that joy could be had if your central defenders were put under pressure, but it seems Mertesacker and Koscielny have been rock solid this season.

7) Jack Wilshere, will he live up to the hype?

Yes; great player. For a variety of reasons he hasn’t had the best of press recently but quality always shines through in the end. People forget he’s still just a lad. I expect him to have a great season which will end with him being an integral part of England’s midfield in Brazil.

8) What is your prediction for the match?

Heart says 1-1, head says 2 – 0 Arsenal


I like Norwich City (especially now Holt has left) so I can’t sink my boots into them. I think it’ll be a relatively straight forward match and their lack of goal scoring pressure should see us through comfortably. All the best to Norwich this season; I’m glad they’ve got their off field issues sorted out.  3-0 to the good guys

What is your prediction?

Will Giroud get back to his scoring ways after 3 games without a goal?

Who is our most important player for this fixture?

By Oz Gunner


TotalArsenal’s predicted line-up:

Arsenal v Norwich Oct 13

Oz did not have time to complete his fine match pre-view, so I have added a predicted line-up.

Not what many will want to see, but I reckon Wenger will reintroduce Santi on the left and stick with Flamini-Arteta in the DM double-pivot, and play Ramsey on the right again. Wing play to come from the full backs…


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237 Responses to Arsenal – Norwich Pre-view: Return of Santi, Flamteta DM-pivot?

  1. kaboom says:

    no offence to norwich, but this is the perfect opportunity to give vermaelen his first start of season. hope i wont eat my words at the final whistle. let flamini sit this out and get himself fresh against dortmund..

  2. Prince says:

    Fantastic!! Top pre-match mate.

    Finally the important football is back. I cant wait to see Ozil and Santi tag team. Theres gonna be some sexy football being played. Mouth watering!

    Total, all agreed on your line up bar one player. I have a feeling that Santi wont start. Well either that or Arsene is bullshitting about his match fitness. Maybe Jack gets the nod, and Arsene uses this game for Jack to fine tune and sharpen his game. ?

  3. Prince says:

    Yes, i reckon he scores a brace. Hes got the king of assists behind him 🙂
    Giroud, hes unplayable at the moment along with Ramsey. Overall its gotta be Flamini. What a gun!!

  4. James Bond says:

    Nice one @ OZ – been a while , hasn’t it

    I reckon Ramsey will be rested and Jacky boy starts…along with rosicky and santi…

    ozil and ramsey to be on the bench for me.

    Kaboom ,

    you do realise that flamini just had 2 weeks worth of rest and now needs to play to be able to be match sharp for Tuesday ?

    We are also hoping he gets a yellow card in this game

    I’m expecting a free flowing game as lee p isn’t one to keep blowing.

    I would also play TV but with Koc and rest BFG…@ TA

  5. James Bond says:

    Also , thanks for the YouTube links for the 2 games…. it was nail biting stuff last time and we left it plenty late… I hope it’s not a repeat this time and we settle the game nice and early. ..

    Ideally we play flams…ramsey and wilshere to settle it first half but ramsey could do with a well deserved breather I reckon.

  6. geoffchase says:


    Great as always!

    We could go pretty strong as you have lined them up. Or we could rest/rotate some. Possibilities include:

    a. Cazorla starts over Ozil and Ozil comes on at 50-65 when Santi is tired after not having played for awhile

    b. TV as PP noted above for Koz or BFG who both played over the lull

    c. JW for Ramsey, same reason

    All with later subs to get some game motion in without intensity. Even NB for OG but later in game is a possibility.

    JGC-damus says 2-0 if we rotate a bit, with 3-0 if we dont. OG to get one at least.

    17/Dylan, am in the US, but in Indiana, does regular NBC cover games or do I have to have a different cable. Hotel has regular local NBC but not NBC sports that I can tell..??

    cheers — jgc

  7. James Bond says:

    great goal by kebab i mean Cabaye –

    1-0 to the toons

    come on you geordies, come on !

  8. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yeah, nice goal from Cabaye and another attempt from distance not far off…Pool looking very tame, but Sturridge had the wrong studs… 🙄

    Geoff: Today’s match seems to be on my “additional” channels (Ch. 491 on my DirectTV guide), with ManU-So’ton being the main game on NBC sports (Ch. 220)…All told, it doesn’t sound good for you there in Indiana…

    I’m excited to get back into the real football and think we’ll put out a strong line-up to secure the points early…Wilshere, with his struggles, has to play. Same line-up as at WBA, possibly…

    Ah geez, Suarez draws a pen and a straight red from the skinny kid from Montpellier (Yanga-Mbiwa) 1-1

  9. The Cockie Monster says:

    ” Simply the best….better than all the rest ! ” Tina Turner sung it for you Oz baby !.

    No fcuking about resting players…strongest team available and if winning comfortable, then bring on the U-Boats !. No taking these inbred bastards lightly, they all have the same mother/sister and father/brother and play banjo`s….it`s an anomaly to find one such as Total being a Gooner !.

  10. James Bond says:

    i thought Suarez was off side when he was fouled and he made the most out of it ? a replay showing off side would be rather nice

    anyway, i still got a feeling that liverFOOL won’t be the ones winning this one or leaving geordie land with 3 points

    we shall see

  11. alexgunners says:

    Good morning/evening BK’ers,

    OZ, Great pre match. Expect nothing less from you.
    Cockie monster but it best ‘Simply the best’.
    Hope all is well .


    Hope all is well mate and that all is safe for you in New South Wales.

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Guys!

    In Arsenal pub surrounded by the red army. COYG!

    Thanks for super PM, Ozzy!

  13. James Bond says:

    when was the last time we scored 4 goals ?

  14. alexgunners says:


    Lucky you. Enjoy the game from the pub.


  15. James Bond says:

    good good @ TA

    it’s gonna be a good good day today i reckon

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    Going to the game in a bit Alex.

    Has baby arrived?

  17. James Bond says:

    from previous article @ OZ

    yep, all in agreement there and it’s a good discussion to have re- our injuries connected to a tried and tested (failed) medics, perhaps at some point later during the season.

  18. alexgunners says:


    All is well.We are 1 week away so its just a matter of time.

    How have you been? I hope you enjoy the game

    3-1 to the good guys


  19. Red Arse says:

    There is only one word to describe your pre-match gems, Oz, and that is ‘bloody brilliant’!!
    Well, I was never good at counting. 🙂

    Bit like Bondy really — there must have been 10 ‘goods’ in his 13:43 comment. [refer to previous para, if necessary!!] 🙂

  20. Red Arse says:

    Hi Cockie, 🙂

    Could Total be an anomaly from the Naarich area because he is Dutch? [Just a thought].

    Same, same for those living in Cornwall and having shiny blue fur — according to Terry’s Mrs!! 😛

  21. Gerry says:

    Sorry did no comments this morning as I wrote my final racing blog of the year – got off to a good start as I gave an each way squeak to the 20/1 winner in the first race.

    Trying to watch the footie at the same time – Newc down to 10 men!

    Catch up later, probably during our half time as I follow it on the ‘Player. I can wear my Arsenal scarf that came with this season’s membership too.

    No predictions, but plenty of hope for a good result, and it looks like we will have to at least match ‘Pool if they go on to win to keep our GD in tact?

    later …

  22. James Bond says:

    ha ha @ RA

    how you doing ?

    before you ask, i’m doing “good” 😉

  23. James Bond says:

    newcastle scoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    hold your horses , Gerry – forger LiverFOOL’s GD or even if they win, ha

    2-1 Newcastle

    get in there

  24. James Bond says:


    it’s gonna be a good good day 😉

    come on you toons, come on !

  25. James Bond says:

    BREAKING TEAM NEWS – Arsenal v Norwich (1500 BST)
    Mesut Ozil is fit to start for Arsenal, as is Santi Cazorla – but there’s no Aaron Ramsey.

    Arsenal XI: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini, Cazorla, Ozil, Giroud

  26. James Bond says:

    i got it right re- Ramsey , good decision that one by AW – well done

    Norwich XI: Ruddy; Martin, Bassong, Turner, Olsson; Tettey, Fer, Howson; Snodgrass, Pilkington, Hooper.

    ah, 2-2

    suarez sets one on the plate for sturridge

  27. James Bond says:

    suarez has stepped it up a notch or 2 or 3, it’s all him at the moment vs newcastle – the guy is a bloody genius

    15 minutes for newcastle to get a point out of this,

    i think i’ll switch to the cricket and enjoy shane watson’s hitting until our game.

  28. jnyc says:

    Great pre match Oz. Its been a hellish long two weeks! Ive been saying all week Rambo should be rested. Good job Arsene. We need to keep him healthy. He works so hard and showed a dead leg before the Wales games recently. Coyg

  29. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cabaye set piece left untouched by Pool defenders, 2-1 Toon! They’re not looking very inspired to break down the 10 man shell… Suarez just seems like his effort level is down from his first few back, though he looked class getting his shoulders around the defender as he brought down the ball and won the foul… But just as I write this, he draws the keeper wide and puts the ball directly onto Sturridge’s head… 2-2… Draw is what I need in the UMF…

    Agreed Oz about the previews–always just great. Personally, I love the extra effort to get some comments from opposing supporters. They tend to make me feel better about our squad, which is always nice as match time approaches. Norwich defended very well for 150+ mins against us last season so it may be a little tougher to break them down esp. as our creative guys may have a new face (Santi) to try and integrate. Very curious how the manager goes after this one… Hopefully (as Marcus’ fine post suggested…) the transition is smooth if Santi and Messy play together. We should note that these are two of the finest playmakers who were playing in Spain two years ago. Only the Barca boys: Xavi, Iniesta (and Cesc, maybe…) might have been thought to have been on a similar level… Very exciting stuff…

  30. geoffchase says:

    Well, well

    some bit to Toon, I had Pool away win on UMC but wont be upset to “lose” 🙂

    Wilsshere for Ramsey is good choice for rest and recovery. Be onteresting to see how he subs, especially if we get up a bit.

    That said, in looking back Ozil seems like a bit of an iron man in going game after game. In counterpoint in La Liga with only 2, now 3, real teams, you can go short speed a lot of the time..

    Stream for me it seems, thanks 17…

    cheers — jgc

  31. 17highburyterrace says:

    Though I’ve got Ramsey on my fantasy team (so him sitting is a blow for me, personally, though I expect him in as a sub for 15-25 mins…) I think this is a very appealing line-up. Wilshere, Santi and Ozil filling spaces for one another and creating is drool-worthy stuff…

    88th min and still 2-2, corner well punched and a decent break the other way. C’mon Toonies…

    Have fun at the match, Totl…

  32. 17highburyterrace says:

    Finishes 2-2 in the northeast… (Suarez FK at the death well blocked…) Down to 10 for 50 mins it’s a fine result… I’ll take it.

    Can’t wait for our match…

  33. James Bond says:

    13:37 (comment)

    The Visionary called it .


    get in there.

  34. Prince says:

    getting close now……sexy football awaits.



  35. 17highburyterrace says:

    Alright! Boys are in the tunnel… Arteta and Sagna are a good combo and I think Arteta (who took flak here on Bkesque…) suffered with Jenks to his right at WBA…

    Te amo Santi…

  36. oz gunner says:

    Cheers gents, too kind as always. Sorry for the half arsed job. The arse is back, thank dennis for that!!!!

  37. Prince says:

    early goal for us would ease the flutterflies.

    Oz, they do get longer and longer….the lulls.

  38. The ball is zipping! Santi looks motivated to join in and Jack on the right seems interesting. Sagna very active early…

    Half arsed, Oz, is better than most everything else on the web…

  39. oz gunner says:

    cardiff scored early against Chelsea.

    They sure do prince

  40. oz gunner says:

    cheers 17.
    Bit worried about our width at the moment

  41. oz gunner says:

    something else that Kozzer!

  42. Prince says:

    i reckon we’re missing/ or use to seeing Ramseys movement in the pressing dept. Still early days and as 17 would say ” what would i know”

  43. oz gunner says:

    Jack the lad!!!! beautiful

  44. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sounds like a woeful backpass from David Luiz for the Cardiff goal…

    I dunno, I think we look pretty good…Sagna wants to cross but there’s not much in the way of targets. I think our 3 #10s (Messy, Jack, Santi) need to take turns getting further forward…

    Norwich getting a little love breaking things up near circle…


  45. oz gunner says:

    what a flick on!!!!!!!!

  46. alexgunners says:

    Great flick by OG, great finish by Jack.


  47. Prince says:



  48. 17highburyterrace says:

    Very freaking cool from Jack and Ollie…

  49. 17highburyterrace says:

    Like I was saying…Just get forward #10s…More please… 😀

  50. Prince says:

    Arsene drops Ramsey, goes against the critics and plays Jack….on the opposite wing of all places. Jack then scores, Jack then pisses on the media and silences the critics for his boss Arsene… happy happy dayze 😀

    Arsenal Arsenal!!!!

  51. 17highburyterrace says:

    Gibbs pace there…Just as stunning as Kos earlier…Lovely stuff through the middle and Giroud thinks he’s just as sexy as the little fellas…

  52. Prince says:

    *drops is the WRONG word. Its meant to read ROTATES

  53. oz gunner says:

    the script was written Princey and they delivered!

  54. oz gunner says:

    that’s better than any assist for me…hunted in a pack there and won it back! great to see!!!!

  55. 17highburyterrace says:

    Arteta is playing strong today and we’re pushing well for a 2nd. Ozil’s strength to shield and bring down that high ball in the box was very nice…

    Jack looks happy on the right working with Messy and Bac…

  56. Prince says:

    Agree Oz, reminds me of barca 2-3 yrs ago. Time without ball=2.7 sec i think before they won it back, hunting in packs usually.

  57. 17highburyterrace says:

    Whoa…Flams looks committed to getting that yellow today…

  58. oz gunner says:

    jesus…i’d be more concerned with how Flamini’s head bounced off the pitch. His courage is unrivaled!!!

  59. James Bond says:

    needless and reckless from flamini, that challenge.

  60. Prince says:

    Thats gotta be contender for team goal of the season. haha i love it

  61. geoffchase says:

    I think he was just despearate to keep it in play in their third… happens

    — jgc

  62. oz gunner says:

    for all those blouses who roll around feigning injury…look to that guy. Pound for pound one of the toughest football players without doubt

  63. oz gunner says:

    @ Prince

    that’s definitely the model we should be aiming for. If we could do is consistently we’d be some kind of force

  64. oz gunner says:


  65. geoffchase says:

    OG and top save! … almost!

  66. Prince says:

    arrrrrgh so close

  67. 17highburyterrace says:

    Olsson seems a good quick player down our right…Speaking of tough guys, Messy doesn’t really shy away from fights over the ball…Now and again at least…Knows how to use his body…

    Ooooh very close to a 2nd–Gibbs to Giroud but the cross was maybe just a hair behind the big guy…

    Flams off for Rambo, so much for the yellow…

  68. James Bond says:

    was Flam’s injured and taken off as precaution

    or was that Flam’s punished by AW for not listening to the doctor and giving him a mouthful ?

    i wonder.

  69. oz gunner says:

    good sub, must of been seeing stars and his health is more important. Bloody Ruddy, he’s possessed with the ghost of Robert Green!

  70. Well done from OG, that was a good save from the keeper

  71. oz gunner says:

    @ BJ

    apparently complaining of double vision. Once the adrenaline wore off must have stunned him a bit

  72. James Bond says:

    kodak moment time :


  73. geoffchase says:

    Szez tested.. by Sagna!

  74. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bac–Nice Volley…jack out left now? Jeezus, Ozil’s balance+power is blowing my mind…

    Delicate moment here before the half… Bac-pass, a little weak there…

    Good time for a 2nd?…

  75. geoffchase says:

    little less organised or just their time without Flamini, Arteta needs to step up…

  76. Prince says:

    hes such a shit keeper

  77. alcide says:

    Good save!

  78. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sneezy saves the shot that Mingolet let in in the northeast…Sorry Bond…

  79. geoffchase says:

    We arent pressuring ball quite enouhg… touch tired or lazy… ??

  80. 17highburyterrace says:

    Good spell for Norwich…gotta punish them on the break for pushing forward on us…

  81. oz gunner says:

    wouldn’t swap him for any other!

  82. Prince says:

    great keepers earn you points. Sczez is a young kid who gets us those points, not always, but often enough. Hope to see him in the sticks for us for years

  83. geoffchase says:

    Sorry but JW is still off, he just snuffed a beautiful counter with a crap pass, inaccurate, slooooow, … uck…

  84. 17highburyterrace says:

    Maybe if he wasn’t such a heavy smoker, jgc…It did look promising (just get it to Santi…)

  85. James Bond says:

    JW is having a repeat of WBA for me, agreed @ JGC

    PS: to everyone else trying to have an indirect GO at me – i did give credit when it was due and stop hunting in pairs, ha

  86. oz gunner says:

    he does look very flat but hey I’m happy for him to be played through a rough patch when he’s scored 2 from 2.

  87. geoffchase says:

    JB, I noticed… and in indirect Go-ness, was surprised! 😀

  88. 17highburyterrace says:

    Offside there, but wasn’t it deflected off Bac? HT…

    We got a little off balance, I think, when the sub was made…Need to talk it over at the break. My wife (waiting on her coffee…) can’t believe that Jack wasn’t offside on the goal (from the replay)…

    We’re good here, just gotta get Rambo settled into what Flams was doing…

  89. alcide says:

    Agreed Oz 🙂

  90. oz gunner says:

    What ever gave you that idea BJ? 🙂

  91. Prince says:

    Tis the perfect game for Jack to get minutes under his belt and to iron out what needs to be ironed out, Jack at his best is just insane, but oh so beatiful…. i remember him make Xavi Iniesta and Bousquets look like the three blind mice. (he was only 19 😯 )
    He will get back to that level and beyond..

  92. James Bond says:

    i guess the plan is to bring on roSICKY for Santi after the 65th minute mark ?

    i am a little surprised to see the omission of Gnabry from the bench – we literally don’t have a proper winger in this current squad for today hmmmmmmmmm

    4-5-1 is the new 4-3-3 😉

    re- organisation, i reckon Ramsey needs to play alongside Arteta and JW needs to switch back to the right with Sagna and let Santi roam around as usual.

    Ozil is a wee bit quiet ? maybe it’s time to score from a set piece in the 2nd half ?

  93. oz gunner says:

    agreed Prince. We stuck by Ramsey and look what happened. Jack is too good to not pull through it.

  94. James Bond says:

    ha ha @ Oz

    how about you find me the ones where he has cost us some games and a CUP (BIG TIME) 😀

    or maybe find some clips from that game where we went out of Europe last season; )

    anyhow, i’m not sure what are you all trying to do – clearly missed my 15:43 it seems.

    i have always said and will repeat, Sczny has a decent game every 6th – so in essence this must be that 1 in 6

  95. James Bond says:

    oh yeah , Jacky boy needs to play and has got to play, no doubt about that , we need him al guns blazing against Chelsea (1-1, i believe ? )

  96. James Bond says:

    anyhow, i’m sure i could find you a youtube clip where Santos may look like the 2nd coming of Messi 🙂 i guess that was the video clipping AW must have watched before signing him, ha

    here we go, 2nd half time

    let’s go boys!!!

  97. Highbury Harmony says:

    What a beautiful goal by Jack!! Thanks for the outstanding pre-match as always Ozzer 🙂

  98. oz gunner says:

    Sorry BJ my memory is fuzzy on those games…if they even happened. 🙂

    Szczesny is great. You will support Szczesny. He does no wrong.

  99. Prince says:

    C’mon boys, lets complete the job.


  100. oz gunner says:

    cheers HH. I hope married life is treating you well!

  101. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK…I’ll lay off you (for now) Bond… 😉 Like you said in midweek, we’re just very protective of our “own.” Mingolet certainly might’ve done better and gotten two extra points for his club in the early match…

    For me, Ozil is playing very well. The three #10s just need to figure out how to fill each other’s spaces with a little more aggressiveness. No real width so crosses seem a waste. Gibbs really isn’t much of a crosser (just like Bac…)

    2nd half on

  102. 17highburyterrace says:

    Jack back on the right (I like it) and we look far brighter starting the half…Gotta get Santi a little more involved (hacked down in the box there, no?). Ramsey gives a FK…and not dealt with so well…

  103. oz gunner says:

    no where near a free that one against Ramsey

  104. geoffchase says:

    Argh, we could be more organised!!!

  105. alcide says:

    HOw about waking up 🙂

  106. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ramsey and Wilshere having a bit of bother doing the simple things. Settle down boys…

    Norwich, however, limited to longer efforts. Santi (too) struggling to find the good final balls…A little possession might serve as a real tonic here…


  107. oz gunner says:

    Santi…L1+ Triangle!!!


  108. geoffchase says:

    OG –> Ozilllllll

  109. alcide says:

    Ok, good wake up call 🙂 Great counter attack!

  110. Prince says:

    Popped his home cherry



  111. 17highburyterrace says:

    Big fella with the assist!!!

  112. alcide says:

    Great assist from OG too, perfect header from Ö!

  113. geoffchase says:

    I think you cannot undervalue OG at this point, and I expect that third from him… but what a delivery..

  114. 17highburyterrace says:

    Es todo para Santi…but he should get some credit for the heads up “pre-assist” in finding Giroud out wide…

    Sicky in, 3 points settled…

  115. oz gunner says:

    hahaha Prince.

    Who needs Andy Carroll in the box when we have Ozil!!!!

  116. James Bond says:

    there you go

    there you go

    bloody brilliant

    santi off and roSICKY on just as i had wanted

    Giroud off next and on comes Bendtener after the 75th minute ?

  117. geoffchase says:

    Oz s right, you can see JWs touch is off… had OG there with less weight..

  118. oz gunner says:

    agreed JCG. He’s so important to this team. Does it all really.

  119. James Bond says:

    clear foul on PEr but the referee showing his biased as indicted by GERRY – earlier.

  120. 17highburyterrace says:

    Time for the Bendy home re-debut? I like the idea…

    PM4 won’t get that call from Probert, I fear…let’s keep this sheet clean now, eh…

  121. 17highburyterrace says:

    Make up call as Arteta uses his body well…Rambo and Jack still a little young when it comes to assessing the scoreline and holding possession. (Avoiding giveaways up by 2, maybe beats pushing hard for a 3rd…)

    Almost there from Bac to Ollie…

  122. oz gunner says:


  123. 17highburyterrace says:


  124. alcide says:

    grrrr sloppy we are…

  125. Prince says:


  126. James Bond says:

    i take that 1 in 6 game back, let’s make it 1 in 7

    should have done better there Sczny – could have done better Gibbs

  127. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK then, time to focus…

    Bond will (somehow) blame Sir Chez but I’m thinking he, Per and Gibbs did more or less what they should have…

    Shame though…

  128. 17highburyterrace says:

    I can see why Gibbs backed off–seeing the ball controlled just inside the box…Perfect placement on the shot and a shorter pole (Fabianski, Boruc) I doubt would have gotten as close…

    Rambo blocked after great work from Ozil…handball outside the box?

    Sicky and Jack need to provide outlets…

  129. James Bond says:

    another sub bang on ?

    for the avoidance of doubt , that goal from Cabaye was right towards the side of the goal and was bloody class @ 17HT – Mignolet had no chance

  130. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bendtner on–looks bigger than Ollie 😯

    Ozil wins a corner…tougher than he looks…

  131. oz gunner says:

    bloody Ruddy piss off!

  132. James Bond says:

    and that is why i want Ruddy (the new Rob green) to play for England ahead of Hart.

  133. geoffchase says:

    Norrich keeper, keeping them in it…

  134. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oh come on Bond, if it had been Sir Chez flapping at Cabaye’s dipper you’d be singing a different tune…

    On that note–playing favorites–or their opposite…Ramsey’s shots on target are nice but in the net is where we need it. Bendy well blocked too…

    A 3rd would go down really nicely right now…

  135. 17highburyterrace says:


  136. oz gunner says:

    GUN!!!! Ramsey…I DO!!!!

  137. Prince says:

    who needs messi we have RAMSEY


  138. geoffchase says:

    WHAT COMPOSURE!!!!! ar!!!!!!!!

  139. alcide says:

    RAMBO!!! He’s a monster!!!

  140. alcide says:


  141. 17highburyterrace says:

    WOW!!! (As if he had all day and not a care in the world!!!)

  142. 17highburyterrace says:

    Uh, princey, we’ve got Messy too…and he scores with his head!

  143. alcide says:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen the camera shot of Arsenal supporters… first 5 stand up, then 2 secs later 10 then 2 secs later 20… and then he scores 🙂

  144. oz gunner says:

    Chelsea and Swansea both turned it on in the second half. Come on Southampton

  145. alcide says:

    Very Messi like actually in terms of composure and giving oneself time

  146. oz gunner says:

    I have to see that alcide haha

  147. geoffchase says:


  148. alcide says:

    wooo0ohooooo beautiful 🙂

  149. 17highburyterrace says:


  150. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sicky, Rambo, Ozil… adds a bit of gloss…

    Shame about the clean sheet…

  151. Prince says:

    This is what champions are made of. We held our nerve when Naarich stepped it up early second half and we ground them down and now we are taking em to the cleaners!!!

    Ozil- my fantasy captain 😉

  152. alcide says:

    Lol Rambo doing ZZ stuff 🙂

  153. proudgooner says:

    Lets all laugh at United LOOOOOOOOOL

  154. geoffchase says:

    NB looks way better today…something emerging there???

  155. geoffchase says:

    17, clean sheet was earned by Norwich.. that goal was superb and so it goes…

  156. oz gunner says:

    hope so geoff. He’d solve a lot of heartache for us if he turns it around! I want him to score!

  157. Prince says:

    could be 7-8 up

  158. 17highburyterrace says:

    Lordy…Too late in the match for a stonewall pen, I guess…

    I could’ve use 6 more points from MY captain, Messy…

    Full time 4-1

  159. proudgooner says:

    FANTASTIC match the lads played great well done you Gunners, you did us proud.

  160. James Bond says:

    i did ask before the game – when was the last time we scored 4 goals, answer is TODAY

    man utd 1-1 southamption


    i also said, today is gonna be a “good good” day

    liverFOOL – draw

    man utd – draw

    can our day get any better ? oh yes it can, go on you hammers !!!

  161. Prince says:

    What a display in the end. It came in patches but ey, we were classy…

    Night all, have a good one and be safe 🙂

  162. geoffchase says:

    And ManU-Soton Draw and drop 2 more points behind… do you think Moyes was hired to fail? There was going to be a let down regardless after SAF, perhaps you hire a fall guy??? Could be christmas duck at this rate…

    That said, Soton look very good this year on results alone

  163. Gerry says:

    I shall wear my lucky scarf again 😆

    Great results all round really, especially in the UMF ha ha

  164. oz gunner says:

    you to Prince. Farewell gents, enjoy the rest of your day.

    hahahahhahahaha Manure!!!

  165. 17highburyterrace says:

    Wow, that IS a shocker at OT… Lucky it’s always just tourists watching up there…

    Bond, while I think the goal was unlucky, the replay suggests that Fabianski’s quicker reactions may have stopped it…(Still think you’re too generous with Mingolet, however)…

    Any UMF-ers pick both United and Pool draws? That’s a good 6 points if you did…

  166. alcide says:

    Hehe JB, good day indeed.

  167. alcide says:

    I thought we were not playing with full concentration when we conceded, but I thought the goal was nice, not sure Fab or anyone could have done much on that shot 17ht.

  168. 17highburyterrace says:

    JGC, I think you’ve got something there about Moyes…to allow for a foreign guy later on…Still, he was given a 6 year contract (or something, wasn’t he?)…

    The insanity of what Rambo is seeing in his head AND executing is almost as exciting as what Ozil is bringing to the squad. Wow!

    Catching up with highlights…Some mistakes at the back for both Chelsea and Cardiff…

  169. 17highburyterrace says:

    You’re probably right, alcide…Sneezy was well positioned and you’d think he could’ve snuffed it–an inch inside the post and under his hand…Still, enough for Bond to slate him and reconfirm his prejudices…

    Hey, looky there…I picked a 2nd draw (nil-nil, Stoke-WBA)…

    Who (which 2…) sits for Dortmund? Jack, Sicky or Santi?… Assuming Flamini head injury isn’t serious…

  170. James Bond says:

    thanks for finally agreeing with me @ 17HT

    however, Mignolet is the only reason why LiverFOOL are still no.2

    they had a few 1-0 wins, then there were games where he single handedly, kept them in and he also saved a penalty – if memory serves

    so let’s not be subjective and try to be objective sometimes.

    he got beat at his near post did Sczny and he should have done much better, i reckon

    8 games and only 1 CLEAN sheet backs up what i’m saying, for anyone and everyone who disagree’s – stats don’t like as is the case with Shakira’s hips.

    we are the championssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Man utd @ ahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaha

    liverFOOL against 10 men for more than 50 minutes @ ahahahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaahha

  171. proudgooner says:

    I predicted a 4-1 in yesterdays post, shame they scored 1 but great game today

  172. James Bond says:

    by the way,

    Southampton owned man utd at old toilet, they deserved to win.

  173. James Bond says:

    that’s right @ PG – i remember it well, you’re bloody good at these predictions aren’t you ? we need to find you a name now as we have the JGC-DAMUS , The Visionary and you would like to be called ? 🙂

  174. proudgooner says:

    Can’t you let everyone enjoy the win with out causing an argument over the keeper?

  175. proudgooner says:

    save it for another day mate, enjoy the win lol

  176. 17highburyterrace says:

    Who does United play this week in the CL…Kagawa unused (again)…We lack forwards (right?) but where is their MF?…

    Meanwhile, Martinez is doing the job at Everton…

    Bond, I still think you’re a little harsh on Sir Chez… I like Fabianski, but you cannot teach height–and when you’ve been a team who cannot defend corners/set pieces and play in a league where pushing and shoving are allowed if not encouraged…Size and confidence can win you a few points over the course of the season…

    Speaking of keepers, Ruddy is decent…The English Brad Guzan? 😆

  177. James Bond says:

    Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff
    Jose Mourinho has apparently refused to do a post-match interview for Match of the Day, I’ll try and track down any reaction from the seated one though…

    interesting, he also got sent off to the stands by the officials.

  178. proudgooner says:

    lol il have to a think about it mate, il let you know .

  179. James Bond says:

    ha ha, cheers @ PG –

    ah, give it a rest @ 17HT – where’s that Ramsey Apology post by the way:) 😀

    yeah, Ruddy is loads better than Hart – i have always wanted him to be England no.1 – had it not been for his wedding or honeymoon, he may well have been by now (women ehh).

    just look at what has happened to HH – seems like he’s completely under the thumb of his Mrs 😉

  180. 17highburyterrace says:

    PG, some people think hating = being smart…Don’t let the spy-boy get you down…

    Big match coming for Pellegrini whose team has yet to win a road match…How does he rotate his squad of guys who’ve just played all around the globe? Fat Sam is good but I expect a let down in bubbletown after their nice work at Spurs…

  181. proudgooner says:

    I’m thinking something like the (Proud witch doctor0 but im not sure yet what do you think? il keep thinking

  182. James Bond says:

    FIFTY UP – Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff
    I’m not sure what Jose Mourinho is cheesed off about but he has just racked up his 50th Premier League home win.

    It’s not a bad record as it goes: W50-D14-L0.

    🙄 🙄

    blimey, that is one impressive record….:roll:

  183. proudgooner says:

    I think you are right, its something i don’t understand because i am not like that at all.
    I am looking forward to the city-ham match i think the hammers will have a good go and could welll take the points point..

  184. James Bond says:

    nah @ PG – we will find you something worthy and that looks good 😉 i was thinking The Punter , if you’re cool with that then from now on – you’ll be known as The Punter !


    we can take this one outside if you want @ 17HT , let’s settle this over a Martini or 2 or 3 😉

  185. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yeah, I might have to work on that one (“Ramsey, how could I have ever doubted you”) … maybe something comparing him a bit with Jack’s struggles–GREAT composure from both today, in the box at least…

    Yeah, poor HH, he used to be a bully back when he still had a pair… 😆 😉 Speaking of apologies…Giroud did OK today, too, no?

    How could Flams not get a yellow for that play that would draw a ban if he was in a helmet (American football)… Probert likes a cage fight, it seems. That was stonewall on Ozil (no wimp himself) there at the end…

  186. geoffchase says:


    “Still, he was given a 6 year contract (or something, wasn’t he?)…”

    Written like a man who thinks the money matters to them and that financial rules apply… ManU broke within 10 years if things dont change. Their brannd cannot grow forever to cover increased costs and interest.

    JB and PG, I suggest keeping it short, but its your name….

    The jgc-damus was off today.. Didnt think we;d concede… Also thought OG would score, but that’s within the far-sighted noise given the great save Ruddy had on him in the first half point blank… and the flick the defender barely got in front of OGs diving header in the second. Wasnt his day for luck…

    cheers — jgc

  187. 17highburyterrace says:

    Too early here to drink anything but more espresso… and truly (like HH…) I’m a lover, not a fighter 😀 Sorry, Tarzan…er, Bond…

    Looking forward to ToTL’s impressions from the match… (Again) who sits on Tuesday? Arteta played fiercely today, I thought…the other Spaniard (Santi) looked like he needs game-time. Surely, Dortmund would be happy with a point and not getting too committed going forward?

  188. proudgooner says:

    that is amazing, are you saying Jose has never lost a home game at Chelsea?

  189. proudgooner says:

    The punter, i like it 🙂

  190. alcide says:

    JB, you’re right, annoying stats, but we essentially conceded goals when we were ahead, often by two goals, which makes it a bit easier to swallow. But I admit I find it frustrating that when ahead, we seem to relax a bit too much, relinquish possession, etc. for 15-20 minutes roles got reversed and canaries had probably 70% possession (and we were not looking all that comfortable defensively). I wouldn’t want that to happen against BD

  191. 17highburyterrace says:

    Geoff, West Ham City is on NBC if you’re interested…

    Of course, I didn’t watch the United match, but I wonder why they can’t do better. Nani played but didn’t contribute again? I notice that Vidic didn’t make the squad today which hurts them a lot, I think. Janjuz (on a new five year contract) maybe isn’t quite the finished product?

    Am I prejudiced or do I think City look very iffy when they’re playing our wantaway Frenchmen (Clichy and Nasri)? Silva, Negredo and Aguero suggests that the talking will be in Spanish (Navas and Zabaleta on the bench, to start at least…) Still, they *should* have enough today, you would think…

  192. James Bond says:

    The Punter it is, then 🙂 @ PG

    yeah, OG has been the answer this season 😉 i think you’re confusing me with HH, i always said there is a place in this team and squad for OG as he is our plan B when the likes of bitey/benzema e.t.c e.t.c come over but for now he’s doing a fine job as our only plan in the absence of both Poldi (plan c) and Theo (not sure what AW was thinking playing him as a striker against BM) – anyhow @ 17HT


    i did predict that Man utd will be struggling to make top 6 let alone top 4, if memory serves at the start of the season…and you’re right, with a trophy drought of 2 /3 years, things could get nasty and ugly , for sure.

    no worries about you being off with your predictions, as long as you get your mojo back soon, it’s all jolly good

  193. proudgooner says:

    For us Rosicky fans, how do you think he impacted the game today? I think he did very well i really want to see him play and would love for him to play against Dortmund but it is just where do we fit him in and who misses out it is a nice problem to have but he gives us something very good. . imagine a midfield of Rambo Rosicky Santi and Ozil with Theo and big Ollie up front, just saying another possible formation.

  194. 17highburyterrace says:

    alcide, the goal was disappointing but I’m a little more concerned about our ability to adjust on the fly (as we say, in ice hockey, mostly…) when Flamini went out and Ramsey came in. We were bossing things and they went from trying to prevent a 2nd to feeling they could get level…It seemed well sorted at half-time and Jack looked happiest on the left, switching spaces with Ozil. Sagna is also very reliable over there…

    El Kun from Yaya (I think)…Too easy… WHU nil-City 1

  195. James Bond says:


    that is it really, you’ve nailed it – agreed.

  196. alcide says:

    PG I thought he brought speed and directness to our game, as usual. I think it will depend on whether Santi starts or not?

  197. alcide says:

    Ht, absolutely agreed.

  198. 17highburyterrace says:

    No no, Bond, I was just trying to give HH some grief, you know, if his wife lets him read our stuff… 😉 I always thought he was a bit harsh on the big fellow…

    That said, I was shocked to see Bendtner tower over him (and look like he’s hitting the weights) and then do decently in his little run-out at the end. HH (and plenty of others) have maintained that Nicky is the superior talent. Maybe if Ollie’s work ethic rubs off on him…After that he might try the hairstyle 😯

    Really bad mix-up from Hammers and they’re still reeling. City defense isn’t all that but they can’t give up a 2nd…

    Jussi does just enough to stop one…

  199. James Bond says:


    JW sits the Dortmund one out and in comes Rosicky – only change

    sorted !

  200. James Bond says:

    oh yes, but we both know that he’s completely under the thumb for now, so i don’t expect him to come on here anytime soon and do one of his lovely pieces, we do miss him – that’s for sure

    Nicky B , needs to be getting more minutes like that in every game from now on as he may well be starting against Chelsea and for that reason alone, 10-15-20 minute cameo’s will go a long way, or even a starting place vs Crystal Palace next week ?


  201. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, so, same lineup as vs Napoli? What about Santi? Or does Ramsey (or Flamini) start on the bench as well?

  202. James Bond says:

    yes, we have to pick our in form players and sadly, Santi isn’t one of them just yet due to his injury and coming back…it was clear to see that he needs to do a few more training sessions to regain match fitness and get that level of confidence back, let’s get him to that level at a steady pace which means the Dortmund game is coming too soon for him, he can start the Dortmund away one though !

    Santi on the bench as well as JW – in come Ramsey and Rosicky , exact same team we used vs Naples.

  203. It is curious about HH`s lack of playing time since OG has been immense for us, but it could be something else, maybe something connected with the cookie wedding cake I sent him !.

  204. James Bond says:


  205. 17highburyterrace says:

    That’s funny Cockie… I was always told that a wedding represents the end of those…

    Here’s one for you… Why do ladies always insist on watching porn films to the end?

    They think there’s going to be a wedding… 😆

    Sorry, eh… 😳

    Today’s match more nom nom than crumbs, wouldn’t you say?…

    Agree about your line-up for Dortmund, Bond. Napoli was rather a blue-print…

  206. James Bond says:


    good one !

  207. Fact: Porn is cheaper than dating with the bonus of no cuddling involved at the end !.

    Fozzie !…….wondering why Kermit hasn`t rung ?.

  208. James Bond says:


  209. 17highburyterrace says:

    Wedding and porn jokes aside, ManCity are working awfully hard to hold onto their 3 pts at West Ham. Lee Dixon doing commentary along with the close scoreline are keeping me looking in. No Andy Carroll available so Carlton Cole might get the call…

    Oops, Silva seals it… 3-1… Wow, City have a few more traveling fans than when I saw them in (South) East London in 2006. That one ended Charlton 1- City nil… I think Micah Richards was in the team even way back then…

    Back to Cockie’s little wedding people…Here comes Jovetic for 10 mins of garbage time…

    I’m off.

  210. proudgooner says:

    Even when super Nick Bentdner came on today he looked sharp, which is great. Big Giroud is going to have to have a break at some point this month, with NB looking like his enjoying his work it will not be a problem now. The reason i came up with his point is i was just thinking about every player and how they are doing and they are all playing near flawless every single one of them . Truly a really exciting possible season in front of us. With OX, Podolski, Theo and Sanogo and of course Diarby to join up and conquer with us still 🙂 . If in January we can just buy 1 SQ striker then that is all i think we need to not only properly go for the title but the champions league too the 1 missing thing from le professors cv. hmmm

  211. Haven`t a clue what it means but it sounds good………I think !.
    Over to the Bloodsuckers……..I mean ….BK accountants !. hahaha

  212. alcide says:

    Oz (and others),

    At about 4:28 on the video below, you have Ramsey’s goal… as seen from Arsenal fans in the stadium… hilarious.

  213. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening guys 🙂

    Got back about an hour ago, and had a bloody brilliant day. We had seats in the North Bank stand and the atmosphere was fantastic. Good, constant singing and all three second half goals were scored right in front of us. Hope to find some time tomorrow to write a report on the experience of being at the game. My favourite song came straight after the first goal: ‘Same old Arsenal always taking the piss’ hahaha 🙂

    Enjoyed reading back all the comments today. Top stuff guys. 🙂

  214. alcide says:

    Splendid TA, I’m looking forward to reading your report!

  215. TotalArsenal says:

    Bon Soir Alcide! 🙂

    Are you thinking of writing another post for us?

  216. alcide says:

    Not right now 🙂 but I sure will if I find inspiration!

  217. TotalArsenal says:

    Fair enough, alcide. For inspiration you have to follow Jack’s example: suck your thumb! 🙂

  218. oz gunner says:

    cheers Alcide, it’s great to see the fans so engrossed in the game like that.

    Look forward to it TA, glad you enjoyed it.

  219. henrychan says:

    We are the Champion my freinds..

    Hi all..
    We win with a very great football..
    Every players was play a great ball.. hehe.. Arteta was back with his solidity..
    Zcesney becoming more solid every single game..
    Giroud was great.. is he our CF or AM..?? Hahaha..
    Ozil.. wow.. wonderful.. Ozil and Giroud can change position if they needed.. hehehe..
    Santi Cazorla just cameback from injured.. but already made an important performance..
    Rosicky.. another great AM.. subs Cazorla verywell..
    Ramsey.. He score with confident..
    Wilshere.. one of the best goal ever..
    Others do their job well also.. hehe..

    So all our midfielder are our Attacking Midfielders.. hahahaha..
    No wonder our rival’s defenders can’t do their job any more.. because they confused whom must they covered.. hehehe..

    As I said before.. that We might be invicible (minus the first game).. and I becoming more confident day by day.. hehehe..
    And We will see it soon in the next 3 days.. We will beat Dortmund for sure..
    Eventhough Dortmund maybe rest some of their players lastnight to be more ready for us.. but believe me my freinds.. We will win again.. with more than two goals.. hehehe..

    The history do repeat my freinds..
    Ten years circle is happening to our great clubs..
    In 3 years to come We will win a lot of trophys.. and hope CL is one of them..
    Go Gunners.. We are the Champion..

  220. Prince says:

    Your right HeheHenry. Im just like you, each game i grow more and more confident that this team has what it takes, and not just to win and play great football but to take us over the line in the crucial matches in the season.

    Boy we played some delicious football yesterday. Sublime team goal and great personal achievement for little Jack, after fans, media, and lazy pundits called for ‘pissey boys’ head. During the game i said it was a contender for team goal of the season. After watching it again and again and again and enjoying it again and again, im gonna say that NO goal this season will beat it (team goal). In my book it will go down as top5 Arsenal goals of all time. Absolutely mezmerising…pinball football…Wengerball.

    Im so happy for the boys, the fans….everybody Arsenal. It really is amazing and i feel that this momentum we have created (both individual players and team play) is in itself pushing us to greater heights.

    The sky is the limit.

  221. Prince says:

    and Ramseys’ goal. The boy is so hungry because he is so SO confident. You actually see him call for it. Then he holds his nerve, cuts out and wriggles through 4-5 defenders, the poise to then calmly slot it home and cement a cushion in the game. When he is on the ball it seems like its all slow mo and he seems to find a few seconds extra on the ball (just like all the greats) and still hold his head up to find a better option. What a player he has become. He by himself has completely humbled me.

  222. TotalArsenal says:

    Fantastic comments by Princey over the last few days. Good to see you so upbeat. 🙂

    Henry, no surprise you are upbeat too, as it is your nature anyway. 🙂

    One more week Alex, good luck to you and mrs Alex!

  223. Prince says:

    we love you Arsenal, we DO


  224. henrychan says:

    Hi Prince..
    Yes Ramsey play with confident.. and might be our top scores.. hehehe.. He is the best EPL midfield.. said our captain.. Vermaelen.. hehehe..
    Maybe only Arsenal who put their captain in the bench for a long time.. hehehe..

    Your Prince Poldi will soon playing along.. with Walcott also.. and We know that’s will only make us stronger.. and although Wenger may get a little confuse to choose.. I believe him full.. hehehe..

    I’m a realictic man actually.. hehe..
    I just don’t see Dortmund as a very hard team.. Napoli is more dangerous for me.. but pity for them.. after lost by us.. they seem got a little hard to be at their best level again.. haha.. and Roma hit them more.. Never thought Roma will go this far.. 8 games win.. perfect.. so happy for Gervinho and Strootman.. hahaha..

    TA.. Wenger is very lucky this season.. just when Cazorla.. Arteta and Rosicky injured.. he got Ozil and Flamini..
    Now when Flamini is injure.. Arteta already cameback to his great performance..
    And as Walcott was still need some rest.. Wilshere can do the job greatly..

    So with Ramteta as our double pivot.. and Cazorla.. Ozil.. Wilshere and Giroud in the front line.. With all our solid backyarders.. hehehe.. Dortmund will get a nightmare.. hehehe.. 3 winning in a row..
    Go Gunners..

  225. AFC says:

    Oz, brilliant pre-match report for our match against Norwich and what a match it was. 🙂

    The Wilshere goal (which a number of players were involved in) was the perfect example of walking the ball into the net.

    Ramsey again showed his confidence for his goal and Ozil made his goals look like a piece of cake.

    I am very happy for the three points considering Liverpool and United dropped two points in their fixtures; unfortunately City and Spurs didn’t drop any points.

    Flamini looks very important to the balance of our team so I hope he is not out for long and I cannot wait for Walcott, Ox, Podolski and Diaby to come back as well as Bendtner getting back to his best. We need to keep getting the points and we should be aiming for 90 points.

    If Wenger can make another signing in January that would be perfect. It would give the players another lift as well as adding additional depth and quality to our squad and then I would really be confident in our chances at winning the title and maybe even going for a double.

  226. James Bond says:

    Milo, Dylan – where are you guys ?

    match of the day highlights by the biased tw@t$ at the beeb

    check out the zidane’s comparison at the end by Hansen, i mean really, Zidane was really really good but i’m not sure if he was as good as Ramsey is 😉

  227. James Bond says:


    Reus is back for Dortmund, he played 70 minutes yesterday and scored a penalty, however, they are not as threatening as they are with Gundagon and co

    Hummels was also absent yesterday, however, Sahin was there as was Gerry’s PEA , who kept firing into the crowd – shoot on sight policy….lewandowski as we know is over-rated , no reason why we shouldn’t get the maximum on tuesday , too right !

  228. James Bond says:

    oh hello

    if that’s true then i’m well n truly shell shocked 🙄 🙄


  229. James Bond says:


    i am hoping it’s not true and he is well n truly “one of us” and all my opinions and analysis of his game and personality are WRONG.

    100 k / per week or more than 80 k per week –

    give Sagna the pay rise he deserves and send this geezer back on the bench where he belongs , so much for being “one of us” provided if the report is true.

    yep, i’m fuming alright.

  230. alcide says:

    Hehe JB, let the guy negotiate for his contract, it’s fair enough to try for a raise for the next 5 years of one’s career 🙂

  231. ProudGooner says:

    I believe there is some truth to the Szcz contract story but i do not believe he is saying he wants to be the highest payed keeper in the PL for 1 minute. Cech is a better keeper then him and probably just about justifies his wages at 100k a week, i am not worried about this 1 i believe he is very happy at Arsenal and when he gets a slight increase on his current deal he will sign, where better to be playing for right now then Arsenal.?? The greatest team the world has ever seen!

  232. Gerry says:

    Well said PG – Not that I am getting into stupid games as to JB v Szcz. However, with stories flying around that we are in for this or that GK perhaps he is just testing the water to see if the club do value him in the long term?

    I’ve had a busy day and in a minute I am turning on the TV to watch Lyon probably play out a boring 0-0 draw with Bordeaux, as neither have been scoring lately.

    So a quick reflection on the great result yesterday.

    I think we can finally knock the idea on the head that the Flamteta pivot should only be kept for the strong attacking sides? What it does do is give the front five licence to play with almost complete freedom, and being such a creative lot they find space even in the most crowded areas?

    Not quite the same as the Ramteta partnership though, but that may have been because it took Ramsey an age to get into the game. Santi too, gave the ball away a lot on his first game back.

    Another reason why the double pivot worked well was because between them and the two CB’s covered a lot to allow both full backs to get forward as often as they did. Even in set pieces I was amazed to see Sagna, our right back, go to the far post at set pieces when we were attacking … how on earth was he going to get back from there if they countered quickly?

    Talking of the CB’s. I had the weird thought that we practically played a strange formation that meant only Szcz played in an orthodox position? Let me run through it:
    Szcz – GK

    Per – Right-side CB.

    Kos – Left sided sweeper.

    Sagna and Gibbs – Defensive wingers.

    Arteta/Flamini/Ramsey – Any point on the midfield diamond, when not defending in full back positions..

    Wilshere/cCazorla/Rosicky – inverted widemen.

    Ozil – False No9 deep lying CAM when not drifting wide or acting SS.

    Giroud – Deep lying SS when not a DM playing in a CAM position or Advanced SS

    I am sure if you had the famous ‘Chalk board’ on each player as ‘flash cards’ and whizzed them through you would get the above picture?

    i sincerely hope Flamini has a brain scan before he attempts to play again. He was quite clearly knocked out for a few seconds when his head hit the turf. Brain bruises are not to be taken lightly.

    Right, I am off. Your pitch side review will be out later then Totes?

  233. James Bond says:

    no worries @ Alcide and The Punter

    i do want him to get a new contract, sure and not against a pay rise as such, 65-70 k per week is the tops though, with a lot of bonuses and performance related clauses such as keep more than 10 clean sheets and it go above the aforementioned cap e.t.c e.t.c

    however, i hope he’ll not be his usual cocky self nor let his father shop him around Europe (cough Barca cough cough) , i suspect it’s started for that purpose nice and early.

    anyhow – let’s not be side tracked by it all, for now, his mistakes and errors are well covered by our attacking play and the team can afford to carry the mistakes and errors from our defense much better than we were able to do so in the years gone by – yep, that’s me taking me “without Prejudice” re- Sczny now

    blimey, what a game that was between Florentina vs Juventus – Florentina were losing 0-2 until the 70th minute and came back to win 4-2

  234. James Bond says:

    *it may rise/go

    looking forward to TA’s next post

    and yeah, the injury to Flam’s looked quite nasty actually, his actions were not wise either not listening to the doctor when he should have taken a few minutes out and walked a few steps with the doctor to get a feel.

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