Giroud to crack Hummels & Subotic, Ramsey to replace MF20, can we tame the Lewan?

Arsenal vs Dortmund Preview: Time to Show Europe Who We Are



We find ourselves now one half a week away from our breathtaking display against Norwich. The team is full of confidence and our goal should obviously be a win. A win against Dortmund will show we are ready to be big winners not just in England, but on a European stage as well. As a bonus, beating Dortmund twice will severely limit their chances of moving on to the next round of the Champions League. Stopping Dortmund from progressing could impress the Dortmund players greatly and perhaps make people like Reus and Lewandowski want moves to Arsenal, possibly even moving it up to January if they are already out of the Champions League.

This fixture last time:

The last time Arsenal faced Dortmund at the Emirates was a game we won to move us on to the knockout stages of the Champions League. All three scorers on the day no longer play for their respective clubs. Van Judas scored a brace for us and Kagawa scored for Dortmund. Hopefully we can repeat that winning performance.

Here is my expected line up for tomorrow:


I expect Ramsey to fill Flamini’s spot as he did during the Norwich game at the weekend. Other than that, we should be keeping a similar line up to keep the strongest team possible.

Key Battles:

Giroud vs Centre Backs: The centre back pairing of Hummels and Subotic is quite the solid wall at the heart of Dortmund’s defense. However, from what I hear this pairing has been having issues lately. Giroud will have to be prepared to take advantage of that and use his strength to hold off the two and do some link up plays on the edge of the box, or he must be willing to get above the two in the air for headers. Giroud is quite slow, but Dortmund’s centre backs aren’t fast either, especially Hummels. Hopefully this will leave Giroud with some space to receive the ball in open space and find another player before he is closed down. I think this is a battle that Giroud can win, if he’s prepared to keep up his usual work ethic.

Centre Backs vs Lewandowski: As important as the battle of striker vs their defenders is, the reverse is just as important. Lewandowski is a very quick and tricky striker to deal with. He will be trying to take advantage of Mertesacker’s lack of pace and his partner Koscielny will have to help out a lot, if Lewandowski is prepared to do a lot of running at our defense. However, the height of our defenders should mostly eliminate the aerial threat of Dortmund. I think this is a battle that will depend on the service Lewandowski gets rather than the quality of the people directly involved.

Arteta vs Mkhitaryan: Directly following the statement about who Lewandowski will get service from, I’ll now mention the depending factor in who will be the winner of the previously mentioned battle. Arteta will have to keep Dortmund’s new playmaker shut down. With Flamini out, Arteta will be our only defensive midfielder and he will have to step up and break up the play like Flamini does. He will have to be willing to put in a lot of tough tackles and not let Mkhitaryan get the ball off his feet. I think Arteta will struggle in this battle, but with some help from Ramsey he will be able to do it.

Casualties of War:


Arsenal: Podolski, Diaby, and Ox will all miss out on this game due to their long term injuries. Walcott is also out after a slight setback following surgery. The only other injury is Flamini, who has a slight concussion and will sit out the game because of a five day rule more than any real concerns.

Dortmund: Kehl, Gundogan, and Pizczeck will all miss the game with long term injuries, with a large group of Dortmund players just recently returning from injury.


I’m predicting another close 2-1 win for the Arsenal. I predict Reus scoring against us first and then an Arsenal comeback that will be talked about in years to come, with Giroud and Özil scoring incredible goals in the second half to turn the game around. I also expect Jack to have a man of the match performance. Hopefully there will be no further injuries to our side and we will win and show all of Europe that we mean business.


1. What are your predictions for the game?

2. What is your preferred line up?

3. Will a win here announce our arrival on the European stage?

COYG! Let’s show the rest of Europe why they should fear us!

Thanks for reading! 😀

Written by: Dylan.

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250 Responses to Giroud to crack Hummels & Subotic, Ramsey to replace MF20, can we tame the Lewan?

  1. James Bond says:

    nice one, Dylan

    Rosicky starts ahead of Santi for me, on the left with JW on the right.

    all agreed with the rest

    3-2 to Arsenal !

  2. James Bond says:

    and are we certain about Hummels in the squad ?

    also, i think it’s time for another goal from our BFG provided by the king of assists…


    time to leave the office now , catch you all laters.

  3. Retsub says:

    I am with you Dylan. What’s interesting is in the past Arsenal have totally outplayed sides and then lost. Recently against WBA and Norwich for periods of the games we have been outplayed. This suggests to me that we have a winning mentality that was previously lacking..

    3 – 1 Arsenal… Rambo, Ozil and Jack to continue his scoring run

  4. Lewis Graham says:

    Rosicky as an impact sub for me give cazorla more game time

  5. FGRIND says:

    I see Arsenal winning big-time, 3-1

    line up: Ozil – Rosicky – JW (attacking option for me).

    #Arsenal4Life peepz

  6. alcide says:

    Good job Dylan,

    No predictions for me, with two teams so capable of scoring, it will be won on details. It’ll be a game off inches. Let’s win it though.

    I agree with your line up, TR7 will be great at later stages when there will be more space. Still expecting a surprise from AW though.

    And yes, a win would be a great performance, and will confirm we are back and contenders!


  7. alcide says:

    As far as key battles, Reus/Sagna and PEA/Gibbs (if the latter starts or comes in) will be interesting to watch – without pure wingers on our side, they’ll be sure to keep our fullbacks (pre)occupied by their defending and deny them too much liberty in attack. Could be an important key as well.

    Hmmm is it too early to get a beer… Damn knot in the stomach 😉

  8. Gerry says:

    Sorry D – lost my post. Got to go with the dogs now. Nice post re key battles

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent pre-match Dylan 🙂

    That is my line-up as well but reckon Santi and Jack will change sides. Also feel there is a big chance Rosicky will start and Santi might be on the bench…. difficult one. And just imagine Wenger had Ox, Theo and Pod back now as well…. 🙂

    Love the key battles as well.

    For me this will be a tight, tight, chess like game: a fight for every square meter and every ball in midfield. I expect there to be not more than two goals, possibly only one, if not a 0-0.

    Quite nervous about this one but also very excited. This is why we love football so much: the creme de la creme matches. A green pitch, yellow and black against red and white with the floodlights on full power and a full stadium…. and the world is watching! Let the battle commence 🙂

  10. evonne says:

    Thanks Dylan, good post!
    I am happy to start with ‘your’ squad and see how we get on. If we are wining at half time then put Jenks instead of one of the midfielders. If we are losing, bring on big Nik

    2:1 to us

    JB – agreed about Lewandowski being overrated. It is Blaszczykowski that I fear most, he really can be dangerous. A little story for you guys – Blaszczykowski witnessed his dad killing his mum when he was 10. His grandma brought him up and uncle took responsibility of his career. The lad finished uni and continued playing football. Did well for an orphan! Nice man and a good captain for the national team. Having said all that I hope he has a shocker tonight

  11. James Bond says:

    So I got it spot on with santi out and rosicky in.

  12. James Bond says:

    . …how sad ….thanks for sharing the story re- the polish captain @ evonne

    good team selection by AW.

  13. evonne says:

    Yes JB, sad story with a happy ending. He is a terrific guy.

    I am glad that you approve AW’s decision 🙂

  14. James Bond says:

    to be honest, all selections tonight were right and would have had everyone’s approval, i find it hard to imagine, anyone not approving or disagreeing with the starting 11 or let’s say not many would disagree

    indeed, a tragic beginning with a happy ending – is always a master piece, what are the chances of them turning his story into an inspiration movie ehhh ? i wonder.

    for tonight, it’s not gonna be a happy ending for him and his boys though 🙂

    @ Evonne

    8 more minutes and away we go

    where are the usual suspects !

  15. Dylan says:

    Hello everyone! Congrats to JB for getting the line up! 😉

  16. Hey Bond, I’m here… I got the Santi/Sicky spots wrong but both are just fine by me…

    Nice previews from both Marcus and Dylan…Thanks!

    Looking forward to this one…In the tunnel now… Only the strange song and handshakes before we start…

  17. James Bond says:

    you’re too kind to The Visionary at times @ Dylan – good to see you back after your mini disappearance

    The Punter, 17HT and the rest of you – come out come out where ever you are, ha

  18. Fozzie B says:

    Evening red dialect army!!
    Sorry for the absence recently!! I’ve been walking around with a massive hard on since Narrich and have been jousting with fellow gooners all over the show!! 😆
    “Where art thou Wilshere?? Would thy fellow gooner dialect enjoyeth a doughnut from thy abacus boner?? Looketh there … a Totnumbeth cave dweller!! …. Exterminate … Exterminate …. Do not deviate!” 😆
    Hahaaa!!! 😆

  19. James Bond says:

    ah, here he comes with a dynamite to his chest 🙂

    predictions @ 17HT ?

  20. alcide says:

    JB, well said!

  21. James Bond says:

    there he comes @ Fozzie mark 3


    ready steady go – let’s get ready to rumble


  22. Fozzie B says:

    Sorry Evonne we don’t often see a lady in here …. How rude am I???
    …. Would you like a doughnut? 😆

  23. Fozzie B says:

    Great post Dylan! 3-1 to the Gunners baby yeahya!! 😀

  24. 17highburyterrace says:

    Early poor tackle from Jack… No scoreline prediction from me but it seems pretty aggro from the get go (so goals may happen). I really prefer Jack starting here on the left…

  25. Dylan says:

    Really looking forward to watching Mkhitaryan play.

  26. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nothing but defense so far, but at least we look comfortable playing it…

  27. James Bond says:

    we are looking Shaky…and doing a lot of fancy…

    keep it simple , lads.

  28. James Bond says:

    our plan is to let them have the ball and then hurt them on the counter

    Reus nearly scores, not quite, – goes wide from distance

  29. alcide says:

    Good pressing from BD though

  30. 17highburyterrace says:

    Sorry, I meant that I like Jack starting on the right…Indeed we haven’t really started playing yet…Happy to absorb pressure and play on the break?…

  31. 17highburyterrace says:

    Great turn, crap pass from Ollie…

  32. James Bond says:

    the Dortmund fans are easily outdoing the gunners ? that can’t be right

    and dortmund scored due to Ramsey’s error.


  33. Dylan says:

    I refute my former statement. I no longer want to see Mkhitaryan playing.

  34. 17highburyterrace says:

    Shit…Overelaborate by Rambo?

  35. alcide says:

    Dammit JB told you to keep it simple!

  36. James Bond says:

    the lesser i talk about the goal, the better.

  37. alcide says:

    Arsene not happy on that one

  38. 17highburyterrace says:

    Not good at all there…time to wake up, boys

  39. James Bond says:

    you happy yet @ Dylan 🙂

    never mind, we still gonna score our 3!

  40. Dylan says:

    C’mon boys you have to win for me and Wenger’s birthday! (Even though mine is tomorrow, close enough). 😉

  41. Dylan says:

    I also called the come from behind JB. Just wait for it. 😉

  42. James Bond says:


    are our wingers/full backs doingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  43. 17highburyterrace says:

    Happy Birthday, Dylan!

    Was Rambo guilty of too much confidence playing the ball out of defense on the goal? Great toe poke pass from Lewandowski, it must be said…

    Uh, that is not the correct ball there, Kieran…

  44. Dylan says:

    Wake up Gibbo!

  45. James Bond says:

    that’s the 4th time they have failed to pull it back or cross it

    settle your nerves lads, it’s only dortmund you lot beat Munich not so long ago, arghhhh

  46. James Bond says:

    penalty ? oh nooooo

    just outside the box…..just only just

    brilliant move by Giroud and run !

  47. James Bond says:

    right on the line, argh

  48. Dylan says:

    Unlucky it wasn’t a PK!
    Thanks 17HT! 😀

  49. James Bond says:

    corner not given ….

  50. James Bond says:

    Giroud so far looks like the only player who wants to take the game to them…really is looking pumped up !

  51. 17highburyterrace says:

    Giroud doing very well, seemed level there too…

    His song being sung…

  52. James Bond says:

    playing Rosicky ahead of Santi proving to be a wrong decision ?

    come on Rosicky, step it up matey

  53. James Bond says:

    JW down and out.

  54. 17highburyterrace says:

    Think we might see Santi here sooner than later, with Jack staying down. Seemed like a good chance after the Sicky intereception.

  55. 17highburyterrace says:

    Jack continuing? Ramsey uber-confidence is a double edge sword. They’re making some errors but we’re not taking advantage…

  56. James Bond says:

    they are rushing and bullying Ozil..

    Jacky boy and Ramsey boy are both being careless tonight…


  57. 17highburyterrace says:

    Jack (somehow) looks recovered…Now he needs to start playing. Very little Ozil so far tonight…

  58. James Bond says:

    can someone please tell JW to pass the ball sideways or forward instead of backways ?


    nearly a goal, saved off the line, how unlucky was that for rosicky

  59. alcide says:


  60. alcide says:

    Hummels was luckily in the right place…

  61. alcide says:

    Özil completely off his game so far

  62. 17highburyterrace says:

    Great strike from Sicky on his weak foot. Didn’t know he could do that… Very unlucky…

    Ozil really getting pressed out of the match thus far…

  63. 17highburyterrace says:


  64. James Bond says:



    you lil beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    we love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  65. alcide says:

    OG we love him!

  66. Dylan says:


  67. alcide says:

    Power and will!

  68. 17highburyterrace says:

    Nice from Bac but pure strength from OLLIE!!!!!

  69. 17highburyterrace says:

    Whoa, replay shows pretty terrible defending. It should have been grabbed by keeper if not beaten away beforehand…

  70. alcide says:

    Hehehe JB we had the same reaction… Love him love him love him

  71. James Bond says:

    and let’s take JW off and bring on Santi in the 2nd half, shall we ? 60th minute – perfect

    MEMO TO Birthday boy.

  72. James Bond says:

    great minds think alike @ Alide 😉

  73. James Bond says:

    Alcide even !

    rosicky was very unlucky though, had the goalie beat comfortably only for hummels to deny him .

  74. alcide says:

    Yep Hummels must have felt OG’s breath on his neck and messed up… Let’s win this game!

    We’re pressured at close range, TR7 twice sent the ball across the field to give the ball space… That’s a solution

  75. James Bond says:

    agreed @ Alcide

    JW needs to be subbed for me, give him a 10 minute run to 15 in the 2nd half and then bring on Santi…

    he’s trying to do far too much Fancy for me and then keeps passing it backwards, Ramsey has sumwat redeemed himself and is doing better

    let’s move Rosicky right, Santi left and allow Ramsey to roam around with Ozil… (has had a very poor half so far).

  76. James Bond says:

    Naples winning 0-1 in France (i want this one to be a draw, at least) if not the French winning.

  77. alcide says:

    Apparently OM was playing well… There’s hope for a draw, but they still tend to collapse on the last 20 minutes.

    Ok there’s plenty of room to win this game. Agree on JW to be replaced by Santi, I hope TR7 can do 90 minutes though. Or Gnabry to come at 70′. I also hope their pressing will loosen with tiredness. They’re putting huge efforts in.

  78. James Bond says:

    to be fair to Ramsey, he has a habit of getting over confident in his own box or just outside it – he has already conceded a penalty if , memory serves.

  79. alcide says:

    Correction, OM has been poor it seems…


  80. James Bond says:

    i hope so, Alcide as Naples winning will sort of put pressure on us as well as Dortmund…they are certainly good enough to win are Marseille

  81. alcide says:

    Their fullbacks look shaky to me, don’t you think?

  82. James Bond says:

    but how good has Rosicky been after i told him to wake up ehhh ? @ 20:12

  83. James Bond says:

    here we go, 2nd half time

  84. 17highburyterrace says:

    We looked bright in the first moments here in the second period but now we’re letting them work the ball. I’d like to see us string a few passes together…

  85. alcide says:

    Go little magician!

  86. Xavier says:

    Why are we playing like we’re tired?? I know part of the tactic may be to tire them out but do these Dortmund players even get ‘tired’??

  87. 17highburyterrace says:

    Just as you asked, James…Santi on for Jack…Should’ve started him if we’re going to be trying to play on the break…

    Very loose play all over the pitch. Still hoping for a completed pass or three…

  88. 17highburyterrace says:

    OK, better there. Santi long, Ozil working it into the box…Corner…

  89. alcide says:

    I really feel a couple passes can split their defense open…

  90. 17highburyterrace says:

    Not a foul at all there on the corner. Complete fakery from Hummels…

    PEA and Hoffman in…Ozil starting to perform…

  91. alcide says:

    Fuck that was beautiful… So close

  92. alcide says:

    Like I said, a couple good passes and…

  93. 17highburyterrace says:

    Close! Santi off the corner of the bar/post… More good work from Messy…

  94. alcide says:

    BD not as pressing, getting tired a bit?

  95. James Bond says:

    let’s take off Ozil soon and bring on Gnabry.

  96. James Bond says:

    we can win this still, plenty of time

    it’s all US in the 2nd half.

  97. James Bond says:

    Rosicky and not Ozil…let’s take off Rosicky

    blimey, they score


    bad bad bad

    take off rosicky bring on Gnabry

  98. alcide says:

    Nice 😦

  99. 17highburyterrace says:

    Caught on the break….Shit…

  100. James Bond says:

    anyhow, i did say 3-2

    come on lads, let’s do this

  101. James Bond says:

    this ref is a dckhead.

  102. James Bond says:

    John Hartson, BBC Radio 5 live
    Arsenal 1-2 Borussia Dortmund
    “Lewandowski should have been sent off earlier for a really cynical elbow but he produces a wonderful cultured finish. Arsenal will be heavily reliant on beating Marseille at the Emirates and they’ve got two really tough away games to come.”

  103. Xavier says:

    I think I’ll cry.

  104. 17highburyterrace says:

    Rain pouring down…It feels like we were close but, in the end, naive. Now a big effort needed at their place… Ugh…

  105. Fozzie B says:

    Fair result on the end. All that pressing and miles covered really showed. We seemed to go crawl into a shell at the 75th minute mark after Santis block. Like the stuffing went out of the team. All that pressing and yards covered – they deserved it … Oops … Lost all me doughnuts 😦

  106. James Bond says:

    one of the worst ref’s i have ever seen officiate in europe.

    no worries, we just go and beat them in 2 weeks time, sorted.

  107. James Bond says:

    no, it wasn’t a fair result @ Fozzie

    a fair result would have been an Arsenal win.

  108. alcide says:

    Well we did get caught on that one break in second half, although we were looking good… There’s going to be talk about us being naive, but we went for the three points and got caught by a good team… But there’s room for a good results in Dortmund.

  109. James Bond says:

    good news is that we are more lethal away than we are at home 😉 Dortmund don’t stand a chance in the return leg.

  110. Fozzie B says:

    No JB we didn’t deserve it today, their hard yards and fitness got them that last goal. We slowed the game down instead of turning it up. Never mind like you say just have to win away now. 😀

  111. alcide says:

    I don’t agree Fozzie, before their winner we had possession and did the pressing, and we’re recuperating balls faster than they did, and I think we had more energy at that time.

  112. alcide says:

    Not saying BD don’t deserve it though, they didn’t give us many opportunities and caught us in counter attack, and that was of course the plan…

  113. Fozzie B says:

    I just wish we got more shots on goal and showed more urgency in the final third … We played into their hands .. Just as well we play so well away from home like you say JB

  114. proudgooner says:

    If the Cazorla goal goes in it was ours, we got sucker punched just like the commentator said. I think we played well we had them right where we wanted them. Just the last goal was gutting. Great effort they deserved better i still feel very proud of the lads. We will get them in Germany.

  115. Fozzie B says:

    Yeah too right PG …. Proud of the boys … Just wish someone picked the game up by the scruff of the neck… Santi wasn’t far from doing that ..

  116. Wenger's coat says:

    Small margins wins you big games. without Ramsey’s silly mistake and Cazolla hitting the cross bar we would win the game. Dortmund were finalist for a reason, thumped Madrid last season and are a point behind Bayern in the league. We played better than them I thought. as a home team we had to take it to them and we paid the price. They hit us with one single chance they had in the second half. Something to learn from. A draw would’ve been a good result.

  117. proudgooner says:

    Rosicky shot of the line by Hummels as well on another day we would have won. We deserved a point tonight at least it was a tough bit of luck tonight. Cazorla should have started tonight he must not be a 100% because there is no way Jack is better then him yet as much as we love him. Kos and the BFG were great too and Gibbs it was a shame it really was. But this might just make them improve on what they did wrong.

  118. James Bond says:

    i hope you pardon me for saying this but i’m in a way glad that we lost – this is the wake up call we needed before a big couple of weeks – upcoming

    first 20 minutes, we looked overwhelmed , nervous and so on – it wasn’t arsenal the usual arsenal, it was our players still trying to settle themselves or making school boy errors – so yes, if you look at the first 20 minutes, we deserved to lose , however, we owned them after the first 20 minutes right till their 2nd goal.

  119. macko says:

    We have find the Arsenal playing against the big teams!!
    007 how did you find Arteta???? imcapable to do a pass forward, stupid fouls constantly. When I knew that Flamini did not play I knew we were dead ….
    I have find Gibbs bad never on his position to defend, bad very bad coatching from Arsene must be because of her birthday??
    I would like a statistic is the number of passes that the we got before the second goal Dortmunt, poor koz he did not even know who has passing the ball views that Arteta restores or gives a Mertesaker
    I’m worried we’re going to play a lot of big teams and if we show that we are dead …
    Bad night and bad night in anticipation 🙂

  120. Wenger's coat says:

    Agree, Cazorla should’ve started, Wilshere was ineffective, did very little. Bendtner coming on to salvage something shows we are thin when it comes to natural goal scorers. A striker in January is a must I think.

  121. Fcuking Herman the German Munsters !.

    No surprise !. Other than Spudenham, the first quality team we have faced !.
    Anyway, a good workout for the MORE important game on Saturday versus Crystal Palace !. Lose or draw that one and I will be crushing cookies !.

    Still think our position is a false economy. Everything has been going too hunky-dory, I liken the EPL to a game of Snakes and Ladders…………..the easy start to the season is like the Ladders and the Snakes will be when we face the likes of ManU, City, Chavs and possibly Liverpool….slithering back down the table. I`m willing to eat my cockie if I`m wrong and that takes the biscuit !. hahaha
    Palace should be our 2nd easiest game of the season after….Palace at home !. Anything other than a win will be shocking !. Saying that……I will still hide behind the sofa !. hahaha

    Sometimes I wish I never had such feelings for Arsenal with the stress they cause and was just a Lesbian Monster who only cared about drinking from the blue furry cup !.

  122. macko says:

    sorry for the google translation, this is crap

  123. alcide says:

    We knew it was going to be decided on details… Hummels lucky to be on the path of TR’s volley, Santi’s hitting the bar, Rambo attempting a silly dribble in the wrong place, Gibbs going for the ball instead of tracking back… We’ll have our chance in BD, but we have to find more solutions, we’ve struggled and got boxed too easily too many times. Özil, Ramsey have not been at their best, Santi helped a lot when he got in with getting out of the close range press, let’s make sure we get a good rotation for the next few games, and we’ll get chances in Dortmund.

    It’s bad news OM didn’t manage at least a draw, I’m afraid they’ll give up on the CL, and even Europa league. They don’t have a bench and they’re struggling for fitness, and I won’t expect them to put up much of a fight in their next games. It might be tough to avoid a nail biter in Napoli for the qualification… But for now OGAAT, let’s dispatch Palace and start a good rotation.

  124. macko says:

    Nacho should be the holder and Santi and Gnarby was supposed to start the match

  125. Fozzie B says:

    Haha “the blue furry cup runeth over” Cockie!! By the way I agree with you on talksport!! I love the coverage it gives Arsenal …. It’s awesome .. But still like to call it talkshite!!! That’s why I hang out with you bum banditos!!! Hey guys you gotta try Cockies new doughnuts when we start winning again and you get your hard ons back!!! 😆 but don’t fall the ones with “strawberry coating” on them….
    … As they are actually chilli flakes!!! And they get your todger so itchy, hit and sore that you end up dry humping the ice machine for relief!!!
    😆 … Mrs P was like “WTF!!” So I bashfully said I was going to try a new experience!! …. She loved it!!! I loved it!! I couldn’t feel a thing and she said she could finally get a tingling sensation!! Stick with the lint free doughnuts my fellow muppets much less complications!! 😆

  126. alcide says:

    Macko, I thought Arteta was quite good in his role, I really wouldn’t want him to go for aggressive passing from our 40m line, and his defending was excellent (and the fouls not naive). Gibbs, despite his bad choice on the goal (but he was caught 2 to 1, and you could see that after going forward that he immediately realized his mistake and tracked back) was quite good, and made good runs.

    In the end BD didn’t create much, they scored on a mistake a a good counter attack with a good finish. We created just a bit more, but not enough. It’s not so much the last 30m in my opinion, it’s more that we had trouble getting out of our half and belong the center line until Santi came in.

    JW wasn’t very effective I must say, I suppose AW thought that Santi is not fit enough to start him? Jacks not fully ready for his role on the wing. Availability of Flam might help, Theo will be too short I’m afraid but his pace would help.

    Come on let’s bounce back now.

  127. James Bond says:


    Arteta played well for me, Ramsey had a below standard game though…

    i’m not going to blame Arteta or anyone else, it was just one of them nights you know ?

    i’m glad we lost, this is the kick we needed to go on a mean and shrewd run, all this will be forgiven if we go on to win our next 3 matches…

    also remember, we will have Theo and Flamini back for the return leg…

  128. James Bond says:

    ahahhahahahahahahahaha @ FB

    see you laters everyone, never mind, we bossed them for most of the game (60% possession nearly) and 9 shots on goal to their 8.

  129. James Bond says:

    Wenger’s Coat

    i was surprised to see Bendtner come ahead of Gnabry, i thought it should have been Gnabry.


  130. alcide says:

    Agreed JB, not a bad wake up call. Forgetting to play simple in the beginning (or cocky dribbles at the center edge of our box)…

  131. Glic says:

    Hahaha Fozzer

    I think the doughnuts I gave you were coated with Lysergic Acid Diethylamide !…….Actually…….everything from cookies to your toothpaste is coated with LSD…….you fcuking nutter !. hahahaha

  132. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening gents and lady Evonne 🙂

    What a great tactical game of football – shame about the result. Could have gone either way and the luckier team won. We played our best football in the 2nd part of the 2nd half but were caught on the counter; and once again a certain Pole proved to everyone what a good little player he is…. with a assist and a goal deciding the game and turning the group round. Let’s hope we do not have to discuss Lewandowski status any more for a while. 🙂

    Key now is to not make big conclusions and move on to the next game. We played three games in the CL and are joined top; three more to go and all to play for.

    Macko – you are very wrong on Arteta – he had a good game and was a true captain. Gibbs played very well too, but mistakes happen in games and sometimes they lead to a goal. The boys will learn from it.

    Ozil was brilliant in the second half – best player on the pitch. We will learn from this and move on – no doubt about. Keep the faith.

    Night Night.

    P.s if anybody wants to write a match report be my guest! 🙂

  133. henrychan says:

    I was wrong.. Dortmund is back.. and Lewandoski play a very great ball..
    Do We missed Flamini a lot..??

    No.. I think.. We just unlucky..
    Did referee made a wrong decision about Ozil corner..?? Who was foul..?? It should had been goal.. and also Rosicky and Santi.. what a missed.. very close..

    This group is getting more interesting..
    Dortmund lead.. Arsenal then Napoli.. all 6 points..
    But We will fightback.. We are Arsenal.. We beat Munchen in Germany.. and We will do it again..

    Go Gunners..

  134. Oops……I was getting out of my fur for a shower when I posted last comment !. hahaha

  135. macko says:

    Alcide, please Arteta should revive forward, he played all the time in the background, looks play Flamini and you will see the difference;)

  136. Wenger's coat says:

    Not happy we lost simply because the doubters will come out all guns blazing, every pandit in the land has been saying we have not been tested and Said Dortmund is the 1st proper test. People who did not watch the game would think we were inferior but we were not. We were better than them. goals matter than how you play. silly mistakes cost us. Top sides punish you if you give them a sniff of a chance

  137. Bad man Glic………Fozzer is not a fcuking nutter…….he is a………fcuking Muppet ! ( I have the photographic evidence of him and Mrs P ! ) hahaha

    I bet Totals been away parking his car in someone`s welcoming drive again and listened to the game on the radio at the same time whilst typing comment, good multi-tasking bastard !. hahaha

  138. Fozzie B says:

    Hahaha Cockie!! Your such a dog really!!! Wacky races makes so much more sense now I realise your cookies were involved!!! Laters peeps – me gotta use some aloe on me todger!! “Allo Vera …. Your looking lovely tonight!!” Haha 😆

  139. alcide says:

    Klopp confirmed – their job wasn’t to dominate 90′, but to stay in the game and ‘make the punch’. Arsene also confirms we may have wanted the win too much, and should have been more cautious…

  140. Hmmm Wenger`s coat !. You are sort of agreeing then, that we have not been tested with the lesser teams we have played, by your last sentence !. We haven`t been punished as of late as we haven`t played any top sides….until now !.

  141. alcide says:

    Hehe Cockie and Fozzie, good that we have our sense of humor intact 🙂

  142. macko says:

    désolé je ne suis pas d’accord avec vous, si nous perdons le match c’est a cause de notre laxisme au milieu de terrain et surtout défensif qui met une pression permanente sur nos deux défenseur centraux, les latéraux ( Sagna et Gibbs ) monte mais Sagna reste toujours un oeil sur son vis a vis, Gibbs et toujours en retard. nous avons fait plus de passe dans notre moitié de terrain que dans celle de Dortmund et cela vous semble normal ??????
    Enfin je ne vais pas m’acharner, un jour on gagne l’autre on perd, c’est normal on ne peu pas tout le temps gagner 🙂
    Celle la je vous la laisse en français et croyez moi si je critique, c’est que le but je l’ai vu venir et j’aime mon équipe et ça me désole …..
    Bonne nuit amis Anglais 🙂

  143. alcide says:

    Sagna fini 20m derrière Lewandowski sur le 2ième but… Par contre, oui, notre milieu s’est fait mangé par le pressing adverse (jusqu’à la 65ieme) mais mettre cela sur le dos d’Arteta est injuste… Je n’ai pas vu beaucoup de joueurs démarqués ouverts pour des passes en avant la plupart du temps. Certains sites anglais lui donnent même la meilleure note.

    Mais bon, on a l’occasion de faire mieux très bientôt… Bonne nuit!

  144. James Bond says:


    honestly, Arteta was my MOTM today…so unfortunately, i can’t agree with whatever you are writing about me in french 😉

  145. James Bond says:

    everyone in favour of Fabianksi keeping in the return leg, say aye ? yep, let’s do a BM.

  146. alcide says:


  147. alcide says:

    Hehehe JB, let’s do a BM with Szczesny 🙂 I agree on Arteta (and OG) as motm. Özil had a few moments in second half but too many bad ones in the first. Night!

  148. James Bond says:

    Ozil looked , Jaded and rightfully so,

    we are playing CP at the right time, let’s rest the core of our squad, Santi /JW/Gnabry/Flamini come in for Ozil/Ramsey/Arteta/Rosicky

    Bendtner comes in for Giroud

    TV5 for Per,

    Nacho for Gibbs

    Jenks for Sagna

    sorted out the freshness issue.

    yeah, why not i says ? if Fabianksi does well against Crystal palace or Chelsea, i wouldn’t mind him starting.

    Ozil and Ramsey look in dire need of a rest though, hence i’m happy that we can afford to rotate a bit and give the lads 4 days off in one go.

  149. James Bond says:

    *that sorts out the freshness issue

    this is what Giroud has said :

    So sad tonight! I think we didn’t deserve to lose but details make the difference in Champions League… Anyway thanks for ur big support! 😊

  150. Gerry says:

    Well guys and gals, if that is not too Savillesque for you? I have read all the comments made during and shortly after … and you are all missing the point I think.

    May I just draw your attention to few facts:

    Last season we did not have Flamini.

    For most of our previous game, and the entire game last night, we did not have Flamini.

    This season Ramsey has emerged as one of the best attacking midfielders in the league.


    Ramteta is dead! Or rather, Ramsey DM – RIP

    If you want Ramsey the superhero, then he has to be given the freedom to play on instinct, not having to think defensively where his decision making goes to pot.

    The commentators during the Norwich game said ‘Where was this guy 12 months ago’?
    Well the guy from 12 months ago was on show again last night? Clever tricks at the wrong time and place, turning into trouble not moving away from it … it was all back.

    Now, I know you must be thinking? I am putting all the blame on Ramsey. Wrong. When you handicap one of your best players, the team suffers. Nobody in their right mind would play Ozil in a DM role. I think there has been enough evidence over the last two games to see how, if you want the best of Ramsey, he has to be going forwards higher up the pitch?

    In the Norwich game, we saw both sides of his game. For over half an hour he struggled. I put that down to him not expecting to play at the time. But late on, after the Rosicky inclusion, he came alive GOING FORWARDS. That magical solo goal came from instinctive play born out of confidence in his own ability. The shackles of defensive responsibility seem to kill off one, which affects the other?

    If you want argue that Ramteta has worked well in the pat, I will simply say you have not seen Ramsey the genius at the same time?

    From the game itself, it follows that we were under pressure when defending. But for super displays of Koscielny and Mertersacker it might have been a lot worse. Of course our overworked full backs would be out of position at times. This mainly because the free flowing interchanging of our attacking midfielders simply was not creating any space, so the only width came from Sagna and Gibbs.
    Ozil was closely marked. It got better when Santi came on and Ozil moved to the right and Rosicky into the middle. That in itself also highlighted an off peak performance from Wilshere when we needed a top one? That change could have been made earlier?

    A lot of credit goes to Dortmund who did their job well enough. But apart from the Ramsey error that gifted them the opportunity to score first, they were not much of a threat on our goal? Too easy with hindsight to say we should have settled for the draw. It was the dilemma I pointed out yesterday; A win would have put us on top of the group with just one more win from the remaining 3 games, a draw would guaranteed us getting through with that extra win, but to lose means we could miss out altogether. We were on top, so we went for it.

    No good complaining about team selection either, as it was agreed amongst comments above that it was fine?

    Luckily, we have not dropped league points. We are not out of the CL. And we can play better when we meet the ‘better’ teams later on. Playing at our best we will be fine … if Arsene learns that what makes Ramsey come alive was not down to fatigue from playing too many games. Although I am sure that will be the message trotted out? He played just the same in the Norwich game, but came alive in the last quarter. Fatigue does not go away the longer a game goes on? He probably will be rested for the Palace game, which is fine. As long as he comes back as part of an attacking three behind Giroud, who it has to be said, put in another tremendous shift?

    Move on with confidence …

  151. Gerry says:

    Macho – I like the fact the you put your argument in French, because as you say the Google translate was crap’.

    I think I get your drift, but if you understand my mini post above? You may understand why Arteta was in an impossible position to try and create much with Dortmund doing the early pressing and our midfield not relieving the pressure?

    Yes, both Sagna and Gibbs got forwards at the same time which did leave our CB’s exposed. Apart from their 2nd goal, Dortmund made little use of the space behind. And as Alcide pointed out, were were on top at that time, pushing for the win.

    Like you say, you cannot win every game.

    Onwards in the full knowledge that we can play better, c’est vrai, non?


  152. alcide says:

    Superb analysis Gerry.

  153. Macko says:

    nous ne voyons pas les mêmes choses, ton commentaire Gerry est très pertinent mais pour moi quand je vois Santi faire des diagonales au même placement qu’Arteta ou quand je vois Özil venir chercher le ballon toujours au niveau d’Arteta, vous ne vous dites pas que le garçon ralentit notre relance et qu’il laisse justement tout le temps à l’équipe en face de se replacer et empêche nos milieux offensifs de se démarquer.
    Je vais peu être aller loin mais je dirais qu’il évite les duels sauf un tacle glissé qu’il a réussi,mais combien de fois il se jette sur le joueur et se fait mettre dans le vent (sans parler des fautes stupides…)
    Sur le but quand Lemandowski (je suis pas sûr de l’orthographe) vous voyez un Arteta qui trottine plutôt que se jeter et mettre son corps en opposition comme l’aurait fait Flamini 😉
    Apres il n’est pas seul coupable, mais je le regarde à chaque match et c’est toujours la même chose, qu’on gagne ou qu’on perde.
    Ramsey fait aussi une faute de débutant et je suis d’accord sur le fait que Ramsey doit jouer plus haut et par contre Jack doit vraiment reprendre sa place à coté de Flamini il est là son poste, pas en numéro 10 derrière Giroud.
    Je vais m’arrêter ici 🙂 avoir plusieurs points de vue alimente le débat 🙂

  154. Gerry says:

    Macko( I got it right this time :0), You are stretching my French to the limit. I will come back to you later 😆

  155. macko says:

    petite mise au point je n’ai rien contre Arteta, je dit seulement quand ce moment son jeu ne me satisfait pas, mais je serais aussi le complimenter quand il feras de bonne choses a mes yeux 😉

  156. Gerry says:

    Macko, I usually like to read through and see from what I do understand, and get an idea of what you mean.

    However, on this occasion, in some places I do not understand or remember too many words to be sure I can comment .. Where is Alcide when you need him ha ha.

    I need to dig out my big Fench dictionary, which means moving furniture that the dogs are sleeping on, so it will be later. But it may be on the next post … but I will come back to you so I can see exactly where ‘we see things differently’. Okay?

  157. Gerry says:

    Yes Macko, I get that you are not anti Arteta, just that his play – irritating sideways or backwards passes – are not what the team needs? And from the above you think JW would be a better partner, but not necessarily for every game. Right?

    I shall do better later ..

  158. VCC says:

    Gerry 06:35. Super analysis.

    We have the squad now to rest players in “The lesser games? CP?”

    I am a believer of some/small rotation.

    Wilshere imo is struggling with fitness and form. Yes the backlash I will get he did score a fantastic goal against Norwich, but my eyes tell me he is not on top of his game.

    We have players fit enough to come in and cover him until he gets to peak fitness.

    What a shame we let it slip late on last night as I thought we were in command in the second half. Fingers crossed that does not affect our confidence.

  159. Alcide says:

    Alcide is here Gerry, but on the verge of agreeing to disagree with macko… I’ll give it another shot though…


    It’s easier to see the work of someone like Flamini, aggressive, tackling, harassing, than it is to appreciate someone like Arteta, who reads the play from deeper and closes down openings, makes little fouls to disrupt play. It is not denying that Flamini may have been more effective yesterday – from a tactical standpoint, but you can’t blame Arteta for having had a poor game defensively, because he simply didn’t – he did what he had to do very well. He actually recovered many balls, slowed down attacks many times, shielded defense well.

    Offensively, in his role as shielding the back four against an excellent full-pitch press (always 2 BD front line players chasing the ball), he would have been reckless to try and make the difference with splitting defense passes – he’s not playing 10. He loses the ball, instant counter attack. Santi did better in the same position? Well he’s not in the same position, and I certainly wouldn’t want him to; he did come deeper to offer solutions against a well organised team (as he should), and then moved forward – but with Arteta around to cover.

    When you say he slows down our moving up the pitch when we recover the ball, and leaves plenty of time for the other team to get back in place – sorry but I just didn’t see that, BD is just very good at keeping a good shape at all times, and extremely effective in pressing from the moment they lose the ball; it wouldn’t be fair to blame any single person for this. Also when you say he “prevents our offensive midfielders to make themselves available”… really, he has that much influence? Finally, blaming him for not “throwing his body in front” on Lewandowski’s goal like Flamini would have done… dude, he is 5 meters away covering the penalty area. I really think you’re being too fixated on Arteta and blaming him for all and everything.

    Gerry, so your vote goes to FlamRam, or FlamTeta with Rambo further up? Or depending on the opposition?

  160. alcide says:

    I also wanted to add, he does slow the game – willingly – when the opposing team is in place, and that is a good thing; whenever we tried to force our attacking in those situations, we’d lose the ball after one and half passes… that’s when you nee to manage time, and patiently move the ball around until an opening occurs, and he manages those up/down times very well.

  161. No resting or rotating players against Palace imo….strongest team available, I don`t get this fatigued bit, they will have had 3 whole days off !. Although Palace are shite, football is a funny game, so we need to be 100% concentration and full strength, give Ramsey a break when we are 6-0 up at half time, he and others can then have a whole week off to recover from “fatigue”, whilst we play the youngsters against the Chavs in the Mickey Mouse Cup.
    I cant help myself being sort of old school in that last nights loss will never hurt as much as if Dennis forbid……..we lose or draw to Palace and with being 6-0 up at half time it will hurt like fcuk my bastardo friends !.

  162. Gerry says:

    Thanks Alcide, Now, interpreting your answers I think I understand the missing words from Macko’s post – missing from my vocabulary that is. I shall persevere in my reply to him nevertheless.

    The answer to your question at the end … No Ram with anybody in the DM area. So definitely the latter. The way you describe what Santi did is the same as what Ramsey can do, but instead of it being his ‘role’, as in DM, or even B2B for that matter, doing it out of instinct as to when. That is when, I think, Ramsey becomes his most brilliant self? And it is that Ramsey we cannot afford to lose. I think the Flamteta does give that solidity that allows those around Ozil to have the freedom to find space with quick interchange passing, with only the occasional input from the DM’s. It also gives licence for Gibbs and Sagna to add their bit to attack, but with one eye on who is where should it break down?

    I also agree on the possession bit, re Arteta. You may remember I made comment a while back about Jenks just running to the byline and crossing even if there is only Giroud in the box? Whereas Gnabry in the Napoli game had space to run into on the right, but saw there would be no point when Giro was surrounded, and duly passed it back to Sagna and wait for another opportunity. There is definitely a right time to be sensible when to do these things.

    I think Arteta can err on the negative times occasionally. Possibly not trusting a player like Rosicky or Cazorla to do a quick turn and drive forward and open up the opportunity?

    Thanks for your input, I will go back to Macko post again with a little more understanding, and a dictionary to hand. Having encourage him to write his answers in French when the translate does not work, I feel obliged to respond as best I can.

  163. alcide says:

    I got it gerry, my question was really – do you see him as B2B, and your answer is clear. My answer to Arsenal’s website poll was FlamTeta in any case…

  164. 17highburyterrace says:

    Great comments on my overnight. Cockie is correct, CP is a must win so we can’t rest everyone. The squad is still awfully thin and we were hurt by not having a “stretching” force out there (Theo, Poldolski) and, of course, in MF, where as Gerry described, the double edged sword that is Aaron Ramsey’s confidence on the ball cut the wrong way and left us bleeding (or at least a goal down)…(Amongst other things…)

    A couple of guys not getting much (or any) mention are Tomas Rosicky and Nacho Monreal. The latter maybe should have been the sub (for the former) at 80 minutes (in hindsight, of course) as the point would have given us the upper hand in the group. The former, I thought, had a strong match. I’ve never seen Sicky use his left foot as he did on that strike and it’s a shame it was not rewarded. It was simply stunning (for me at least…) and maybe the result of hanging out with the other one footed MFs (Wilshere, Ramsey) and picking up on some of their growing confidence with chocolate footed finishing. His interception and ball to Wilshere (where the limits of his pace left him hobbling?…) was a real chance as well…

    The downside was that we couldn’t penetrate their box and that Tomas’ left footer and Santi’s one touch curler (off the miter joining bar and post…) were our best chances. Luckily OG was rewarded for all his hard work with his goal which, in truth, might’ve bounced in (for an OG…) if he hadn’t been on hand to blast it.

    Santi on for Jack changed the match and we were able to make things happen and break their press. Once it was broken, however, we needed that extra guy in attack who might take the ball into the box. And I don’t mean our FBs pressing up too high and leaving us open on the counter… Ah well, players coming back from injury and/or a pickup in the January window…

    Overall it was definitely a reality check. Flamini needs to stay available (knocking yourself out with dangerous play is not particularly wise…) and we need to play people in positions to bring out their best rather than their worst. The Lewandowski who can play that false 9 role was on display rather than the one who fluffs it for his country in a true CF position. I doubt (however) that our display last night will prompt him to beg us to take him in January… Nope, just need to buckle down, play the best we can with what we’ve got and do the little things to get us through the group and continuing to progress at home. One at a time, of course, and hopefully these next couple can restore confidence and add a little (confidence in our) depth (through a good CoC performance) for tough ones with Pool, Dortmund (again) and ManU…

    THAT will be a big week…

  165. 17highburyterrace says:

    Gerry/Alcide, Really fine comments and I think we’re all saying the same stuff about Ramsey. He’s simply not as two footed (nor experienced enough…) as somebody like Santi who can slither out of tight spots in the wrong half of the pitch. I can’t do the French but I believe Arteta is serviceable as a holding MF. I’d like to see him use his big right foot a bit more with forward passes, but with Walcott and Poldolski out, it could be argued that targets are lacking…

    Are you guys hopeful for the three matches in a week that I mention?

  166. alcide says:

    Macko’s post – Google translate plus quick edits…

    We do not see the same things , your comment Gerry is very relevant to me but when I see Santi make forward (diagonal) passes when in the same spot as Arteta or when I see Özil come to get the ball deeper (at Arteta level), don’t you think Arteta slows down our moving forward when we capture the ball back, and doesn’t it leave all the time for the other team to reorganise, and doesn’t it prevent our attacking midfielders to free themselves from defenders?
    I may be going a bit too far, but I would say avoid the tackle but I would say he avoids challenges, apart from a sliding tackle he succeeded (note from translator: his stats are 5 succesfull tackles for 11 attempted, half of for the full team…), but how many times he goes for the player et the attacker gets past him (not even mentioning stupid fouls).

    On Lemandowski’s goalyou see Arteta trotting about rather than throw his body in the way as would Flamini 😉

    All that said he not the only guilty, but I watch him every game and it’s always the same thing, whether we win or lose .

    Ramsey also made a beginner mistake and I agree on the fact that Ramsey should play higher up, however Jack must really take his place next to Flamini, it is his job, as opposed to play number 10 behind Giroud .

    I’ll stop here 🙂 to have several points of view fuels the debate 🙂

  167. alcide says:

    Doh… edit:

    I may be going a bit too far, but I would say he avoids challenges

  168. alcide says:

    17ht… i’m hopeful, but for now OGAAT 🙂

  169. alcide says:

    Just to clarify Gerry, when I said “I got it” I really meant thanks for the good analysis, it makes perfect sense 🙂

  170. Indeed 17, that will be the week which will answer questions about this team. To show intent, we need to beat their likes, otherwise it will be just a case of………” normal service has resumed ! “. From what I call our main opposition………ManU, City, Chavs, Spuds and Bin Dippers, we only got 9 points out of a total of 30 ( if you just count the teams who finished above us, it was 2 points out of 18 ), if we are to be considered Title contenders, then points against them has to improve drastically bearing in mind that we are 5 points down on corresponding fixtures so far !.

    And yes, Cockie is always correct……..when do we think using our brains !.
    Look at my avatar….why do you think they are called….Blue Movies !. hahaha

  171. 17highburyterrace says:

    Whoa…I’m just a hair confused…Alcide are you now speaking as Macko? Not quite sure who is saying what…

    I think the consensus might be that we could be accused of being flat track bullies who can do a possession game when teams lay off OR play good defense when we give the ball to lesser teams. Arteta helps with the former, Flamini is key in the latter. If we can then use the positive elements in the rest of our MFs (Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Rosicky, Santi) were just fine and we’ll create chances and goals. However, if we have to count on any of them as the base of our possession and back 4 protection…we might have some issues…

    Does that sound about right? Until we beat the bigger teams I think it’s the thought I’m having…

    Overall, I’m hopeful too. But “hope,” I’ve been told, is not a plan…

  172. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockie…Win, draw, draw are acceptable results in those three, no? It’s a damn shame we didn’t take the draw last night…

    At least it leads to deeper levels of introspection, haha…

  173. Gerry says:

    VCC – Thanks for your comment.

    I wouldn’t begin to tackle the Wilshire conundrum. I think it involves too many factors, but I am not sure fitness is one of them?

    I thought he played a disciplined role last night, rather than the free role I think they were lacking. He took his fouls well, without hardly a second glance towards the ref? The ankle twist happened as he launched himself forward. Now whether that weakened it when the twist occurred only he will know. It definitely went ‘from under him’ two strides before he lay there in pain behind the goal line. Given his history I was surprised he carried on. Bit like Flamini on Saturday, there may be times to overrule what the player may think?

    You are right to mention his wonder goal. That was from a quick break which he got started and there was space for all the others to add their bit, except for Giro, who had to apply a combination of quick thinking and luck, for him to have a tap in.

    I get the feeling when he is stuck in a position where nothing is working he gets impatient. Add to that, Dortmund knew what they were doing when it came to blocking spaces, made it difficult to change things in the absence of a full blown Rambo? I think all these things have a part to play, just at a time when he wants to do well. His time will come.

    Like yourself, I was happy with the draw. But knowing we can play better means it is only a temporary slip?

  174. I`m biting your hand off now before you change them !. hahaha Although I want to win them all !.

  175. Jacky boy, my tuppence worth !.

    I said a couple of years ago….injuries could be the death ( not literally ) of him. There is also something weird about his running style, he looks like he is running in slow-motion!. I know someone once said ( I think it was HH ) Giroud had a terrible running style, but he is Nijinsky compared to Jack !.
    Jack always looks like he is labouring and knackered. It`s also looks like his head wants to perform a certain trick/dribble, but his body shape and fitness wont allow it. He needs to have the body of an athlete !.

  176. 17highburyterrace says:

    I think it’s reasonable for sofa hiders like Cockie to worry about this Arsenal team but the supporters of the other English teams should be doing likewise. I don’t get to watch that much footie but I think we’ve got a lot of parity amongst the top 7 teams. Finally the selling teams (Spurs, Everton, us…) have done enough internal development AND reinvesting to give the Oilers, Oligarchs and debt merchants (City, Chelsea, United, Pool…) a run. As such, any points won in matches amongst these teams are good points. We’ve taken three from Spurs in the one match we’ve played. Everton took 3 from Chelsea and Pool and City took 3 apiece from United… The season is young but I like our position. Yes, there will be some Chutes and Ladders (as we call the game…) but I think we’ll be in the mix…Trust me, the league and CL positions will be won with fewer points this season…

    Gerry, I was worried about Jack after the woefully late tackle he made 20 seconds into the match. It should’ve been a yellow and it showed our boy as very wound up and/or nervous. Nicotine they say is tougher than heroin, as kicking (habits) go… This “injury” is perfectly timed so that he can rest until the tougher three matches and then maybe only be used as sub. He (and Santi) need to step up their fitness levels to match the others, I think…

  177. Gerry says:

    Alcide Thanks again. The translate was what I though in places Macko meant, but there were odd verbs that I needed to know elsewhere. I have my books ready for future posts, but I can now answer him directly.

    Thanks again for your time, and the comment on my analysis

  178. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockie, like you’re friend Glic, I’m the running analyst here…

    Ramsey and Wilshere both overstride and reach for balls when they should cut their stride down to get their speed up AND their touches correct. Luckily, since 1 Sept. they’ve got someone to learn from…A guy whose running is (to me) supremely impressive…

    For the answer you need to check the todger of your friend, assuming he’s done the (fairly easy) tattoo changing he said he would…

  179. 17highburyterrace says:

    And this leads to something else I want to say… Ozil IS a special player, by far the best we’ve had in the squad since Henry/Bergkamp (IMO), but he is a TEAM player and he needs others on his wavelength. The bit of RM football I watched often saw him suffer mightily with prima donas like C-Ron. Jack was off his game last night and he’s still got sooooo much to learn. The upside is obvious but he’s not the finished product.

    Once Jack was off we looked much better. Sagna is a limited footballer, as is Theo, but those two down the right with Ozil could be terror-riffic for opposing defenses… Jack, or any other would be #10, need(s) to learn how to switch (wide and back to the middle) with the group…

    Long term, it could all be very drool-worthy, but certainly it’s easier vs the Norwiches than the Dortmunds…

  180. Sanogo doesn`t fit ! hahaha

    Apparently, Ramsey used to be a cross country runner when younger, so has developed his stamina over the years !. Ozil may have an ideal running style, but how many people actually change their running style, so Jack is probably stuck with his lets say less than economical style !. Something you do naturally is very hard to change, don’t expect to see him cloning Ozil`s style too soon !.

  181. 17highburyterrace says:

    I dunno, Cockie, If I were a coach I would try to work with them. Check this one about a fellow gooner…

    You’re right, nothing changes overnight…They’re both young, however. Before yesterday there were headlines about Barca wanting Jack. If he can’t change, should we sell?…

  182. 17highburyterrace says:

    New Avatar, New Avatar 😀

    Sorry if I killed the conversation… 😳

  183. Gerry says:

    17HT – Yes it was a strange game for JW – somebody earlier mentioned ‘trying too hard’ – That may be another factor? I think you may be naive in thinking he has given the weed up?

    I think if we play to our top game, which means the right players in the right areas to produce their best, we are a match for any side. But when you play like last night with a castrated Ramsey, an off Wishere for an hour, I think they did well to go that far only 0-1 down, and with Giro’s goal, 1-1. Perhaps changes may have been made earlier had we been 0-1 at half-time? Who knows?

    One minute we are talking about the players coming back, and the bench looking stronger, and now back to being on the thin side?

    OGAAT – Not yet the COC. If non scoring Fulham can whack 4 past ‘Palace, then we should have a field day? If not Flamini, then look again at Gibbs, or Monreal … or even our forgotten Club captain TV5, except he is short on match fitness. From the academy the choice is between Hayden and Yennaris, but that would be if all other options are closed?

    Perhaps wait and see who is fit before making those calls. Then we can start thinking who does what in future matches.

  184. alcide says:

    Hehe 17ht, I just did a quick translation of macko’s post to help Gerry out.

  185. 17highburyterrace says:

    Gerry, we’re just a bit thin because many of us thought (hoped) at least one of Theo or Lu-lu would be back in the squad after the last internationals. Flamini head-bonk (and impending–and inevitable?–ban for 5 yellows) doesn’t help, either…

    I doubt we’ll see much rotation for Palace except for playing up Jack’s in/Weng-jury… Youth team for Chelsea, however… (9 or 10 changes, I would guess…)

  186. James Bond says:


    what has happened here then

    no new post,

    plenty of match after thoughts and analysis (and the French revolution has taken over, last night it was the Sagna and Giroud show) today it’s the Macko and Alcide show with Gerry practicing his French, ha

    and a new avatar – what was wrong with the last avatar @ 17HT , argh, that was my only reason for missing you when you were not around 😉

    let us not lose kid ourselves, Dortmund got lucky last night and we shall return the favour in 2 weeks without the “luck” element… people in the media are going, ah great counter attacking football, only 9 shot on goal…

    i got news for all you critics and haters, who only watch Arsenal once in a while,

    we are the best counter attackers in world football – look at our away record and jizz or fizz in your pants – suckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz

    back to the serious stuff…our 2nd goal would never have happened had Flamini been there, Sagna was high up the pitch almost the entire game, playing more as a winger than a RB, this is where Flamini would have covered him and prevented their 2nd goal.

    but never mind, it’s the kick up the back side, we were the home team and we were the better team for 70 minutes.

    i’m a tad concerned though at the state of our group, it’s still very much a 3 way race but one i expect us to win considering we will be getting stronger and fresher from here…the turning point for me will be the Dortmund vs Napoli match, that will determine who joins us in the 2nd round really…Dortmund win vs Naples and we win against Dortmund, then that pretty much means that both us and Dortmund are through.

  187. James Bond says:

    and on a side note, congratulations to Dortmund and their fans for the win last night – you are a classy club with classy fans, no harm or shame in losing to a club that plays football in the right way and has such passionate fans…

    no worries, see you in 2 weeks time, revenge is gunner be sweet !

  188. Gerry says:

    Macko@7.39 – At last I can reply, via Alcide’s translated text, which I am assuming he has reported it to your satisfaction?

    The first paragraph I answered in part when replying to Alcide’s own comment. But to clarify. When the attack minded midfielders like Ozil And Cazorla track back to regain possession (and that is all I would like Ramsey to do, btw), yes they will move the ball quicker. But there is a difference between their play and that of the DM, or in the case of Arteta, let us not forget, ‘acting DM’ They do the riskier creative passes. The DM role is a to prevent players attacking, and when we have the ball, don’t give it away. Perhaps Arteta is more cautious, but remember, he is a lot closer to our goal should a pass get cut out.
    For instance, if you take Per and Kos who are right in front of our goal, you will see them pass sideways several times, or even back and forth to the midfield, before finding a pass that will move into an attack. Whereas the attacking midfield players can take greater risks from where they are on the pitch. Long ball passes are probably the most risky, so a player like Arteta may not try them that often? Losing possession by not doing anything is far worse than moving the ball sideways and back, and Arteta does not get caught in possession that often? But sometimes when urgency is at a premium, the negative ball can be very frustrating, agreed.

    The second paragraph on tackling the man, or mis-tackling the man, or just stupid fouls.
    If his stats that Alcide inserted, where he is successful on less than half, you may have a point? That again comes back to the point about the player he was, adapting to the role of DM? His pass success rate is usually very high which may mean something to balance. If you are asking are the better DM’s around the answer is probably yes. We have one, normally, in Flamini. But as a partnership, Flamteta got my vote too. Similar to the Per/Kos pair being our best CB’s? If you think in terms of a midfield diamond, two wide, one deep one advanced, as a pair these two compliment each other very well. Particularly when an attack breaks down. Arteta reads the game quickly so he can hold up play(sometimes by foul means, true) until we get back in shape. Flamini can see where an attacker will want to play the ball and shield that position, also, if somebody else wins the ball, he is there to receive the pass. this means they can each play any point on that diamond, whether that be wide apart playing the high line, or one forward one back, as play dictates.
    So my answer is, no Arteta is not perfect, but for now, with Flamini, it is the best we have?

    The Lewandowski goal? Yes, somebody should have tracked him back, but it was a counter we would have been proud of? Quickly down the wing with Gibbs in the middle, and for once left himself too much to do to stop the first time cross going in. Credit them first, then look at how we might prevent a repeat?

    Your final point on Jack’s best position really is a debating point. Some might say ‘On the Bench’ at the moment? He has to be an option there, and if that frees up Ramsey then I would go along with it as second choice. However, I am not sure Jack would take kindly to Flamini telling him where to go, so I don’t think the ‘partnership would survive that long? ha ha

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I hope my English is easy for you?

  189. Gerry says:

    Before I feed the dogs … HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN

  190. James Bond says:

    disagreed @ 17HT

    i hope and i’m going to use my Visionary skills once more to convince AW to make plenty of changes for Crystal Palace….even with the changes, we can win 5-1 against them for sure.

    it’s absolutely imperative that we play TV5 on saturday, Flamini also comes right back in, then you would expect Nacho to play a full game (essential that he does), Jenks also needs to come in …who else am i forgetting ? yep, Gnabry , Bendtner and Fabianski (you can argue this one and i may stick with Sczny)

    the reason for these changes is simple,

    Sagna needs a breather.

    Ramsey needs a breather…time to reflect on his performances and perhaps come back down to earth.

    Ozil needs a breather.

    Gibbs desperately needs a breather and some time to reflect on his last few performances.

    BFG needs a breather.

    Giroud – can be on the subs bench, sure but bendtner needs to start because he will be starting against chelsea as well.

    so that’s 5/6 players that i reckon, who are in desperate need of a breather or 2 (if you sit them out for Chelsea as well).

    and the people who come in are no mugs either, they are all internationals and good quality players who can win us on saturday for sure.

  191. James Bond says:

    ah, many happy returns of the day, Dylan

    cheers for the reminder, Gerry

  192. macko says:

    vraiment rapide la traduction Alcide mais chapeau ce n’est pas facile 😉 svp regardez les faits saillants et dites moi sur le premier but si la passe qu’Arteta fait a Ramsey et la plus intelligente ???? si je pouvais revoir le match je pourrais vous énuméré plein de fautes mais bon si pour vous son jeu vous satisfait ma foie…. pas moi 🙂

  193. James Bond says:

    no one is satisfied with the result or the 20 odd minutes in the game @ Macko

    everyone’s disappointed but such is life and such is football.

    what they did to us, we usually do to other teams and we will most likely be doing to them in 2 weeks time.

    by the way, what a FREAK STOP that was by Hummels, 9.9 times out of 10, you would never find a defender there from open play and blocking such a fabulous goal bound shot that had comfortably beaten their goalie….extremely unlucky for Rosicky.

  194. TotalArsenal says:

    Afternoon guys 🙂

    Wilshere? Really? Played a good first half in my opinion and we missed him once he was gone, but bash on bash on!

    Ramsey should not play next to Arteta in the double DM role, because it limits him? Give me a break please!

    Here is why we lost and it is not down to individuals: Dortmund played a bit more compact and combined easier (a better oiled machine), played with less pressure as the away team and were a bit more lucky than us. We could have won as we went for the three points. Courage is good and so is self believe. The boys did us proud and next up is Palace. UTA!

    There is your match report Szczesny basher! 🙂

  195. James Bond says:


    you gotta be kidding me, i don’t do that anymore 🙂

  196. TotalArsenal says:

    You love bashing the pole! 😀

  197. macko says:

    Gerry quand Jack a était elue meilleur jeune de PL avant sa blessure il jouer a quel poste svp ??? derrière Robin van judas ??? non il jouer le poste qu’avait hier Ramsey et il était brillant !!!!! et je comprend très bien votre anglais avec la traduction google 🙂 .
    Dernier point sur Arteta après on passe à autre chose svp : quand il joue avec Flamini pas de soucis, c’est quand il dirige seul qu’il y a des soucis et pour revenir a son jeu, juste relancer vers l’avant c’est tous ce que je demande 🙂 je vais pas vous citer tous les DM que nous avons eu mais depuis son arriver nous n’avons jamais autan jouer avec nos deux défenseurs centraux Mertsaker touche plus de ballons que tous les milieu de terrain lol.
    Je ne sais pas si vous comprenez ce que je veux dire ?? voila on clos le débat Arteta 🙂

  198. alcide says:

    But you want to 🙂

    Happy birthday Dylan!

  199. James Bond says:

    i don’t deny it 😉

    but for now it appears we have an Arteta Basher on our hands 🙂

  200. 17highburyterrace says:

    TA, What you said originally was spot on…The luckier team won…Still, no harm digging a little deeper, no bashing intended, on my part, at least…

    Bond, I love the optimism but something you alluded to makes me less hopeful about the return leg in Dortmund: Their simply awesome support…Their 80K stadium is the one spot where our travelers are up against it. Like you say, theirs were impressive last night allowing the iffy ref to be far too balanced. It was never a red card on the Lewandowski elbow (the most “like for like with RvP” moment for me 😉 …) but the fakery that got the whistle blown on our corner (which Ramsey put in the net…) was obscene…

    (You may have a point about rotation for Palace. I would guess 2-3 changes only, but TV5 seems a reasonable bet… Also, what’s wrong with my avatar being the runner guy. Still waiting on yours… 😉 )

    The ref *should* also have given a yellow to Jack for his late tackle 20 seconds in. Boy was off his game all night and to say that things didn’t improve when Santi came on seems like someone who wasn’t watching the same match as I. Oh well, we can all have our opinions. To me it seemed a very tight match and a couple of little things (learning experiences, we hope…) turned it. The manager’s comments about early intimidation and being naive down the stretch seem spot on. Still, he might point the finger at himself. Prioritizing the draw would’ve seen Nacho in Rosicky (or Ramsey?) with two proper defenders working our right side. Hindsight, not bashing… OK?… 😀

    Finally, after a big match esp. if there’s a measure of disappointment (requiring writing therapy…), posting an “open thread” might be a thought and might attract some new writers. It might also attract trolls (spurs fans, etc.) but that can be a good time too.. 😆 Maybe something like “Open Thread: Thoughts on Arsenal 1 – Dortmund 2,” Where the “post” is just your simple (yet reasonably profound) thought on the the Germans being the luckier team and whatever little notes seem important… (People, of course, might argue that “you make your own.” Luck, that is, and the ball would be off and rolling…) Just a thought, of course… It’s your blog…

  201. James Bond says:

    it’s not the first time we will be up against it @ 17HT nor the last time…

    80 k supporters mean, pin drop silence when we score and are on a roll – oh wait, we love doing that, don’t we ? just ask the mighty Bayern Munich 😉

    Nacho/Tv5/Jenks/Gnabry/Santi /Bendtener all should look even more reasonable bets, yeah since i got you to stretch it to 2/3, may as well stretch it a wee bit more to 5/6, ha

    the ref was an idiot, he has been apparently very controversial and costly to some teams before as well, he has a reputation, alright !

    i was amazed at how quickly he blew the final whistle when we were in the middle of taking a throw in in their half ? by my watch, we still had 10 seconds to go and even then, i have never seen a ref so keen to blow a whistle that quickly, even for the first half.

    anyway, best not to moan about the ref’s and so on now, we have enough quality to win our next 3 games and then put Dortmund back in their rightful place…

    they pressed us for the first 25 minutes and then ran out of gas, we planned it to perfection minus the nervy moments and lack of decent crosses and wing play –

    oh Theo, we miss you !!!

    oh Poldi, we miss you !!!

  202. alcide says:


    Jack finished with 15 passes completed and 7 failed, 1 successfull take-on (5 attempted), one failed cross, and nothing else relevant, by far his worst performance of the season…

  203. TotalArsenal says:

    17HT 🙂

    We attacked better but lost our shape gradually. Jack is a far better defender than Santi.

    No time to write anything today, but the comments today have covered most of what I could have said.

  204. TotalArsenal says:

    Alcide, feel free to trust the stats, I trust my eyes and will look beyond a few misplaced balls…

  205. TotalArsenal says:

    I know it is hard but try not to find blame in individual performances for us losing a game. Football just ain’t that simple.

  206. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha Bond…When I suggest having fun with the trolls, I’m thinking of you…

    Yeah, I’d rest Rambo, Giroud and Ozil too…except that they’re the only producers on my fantasy team…As such, I say let ’em rack up a tally in the first hour (across the river at CP…) then take a bow in front of our traveling support…

    TA, you gotta quit that job! 😆 No fair making controversial statements (i.e., Jack was good yesterday…) then running away…

    Alcide’s stats, I think, tell the story re: Jack’s match yesterday. Our goal was extra fortunate seeing as it came on the back of the period where we had played several minutes down to 10 men. That hurt us too and, although “brave,” “tough,” etc. wasn’t in the best interest of the club. Santi, I believe, like Arteta, has the better skill set for playing us out of our own half… (Neither of them defend worth a poo, IMO…) Agreed, however, that losing our shape IS what ultimately lost the match for us…hence my call for subbing Nacho in to play ahead (or behind) Gibbs (nominally) on the right…

    So there you go…Still, even WITH hindsight, I’m happy to let AW do the managing… 😀


    This critiscism of Jack is nonsense. Not everything in football is tangible. Wilshere brings a presence to the side that is hard to quantify, but it is there

    Yes, he is not fit or moving as freely as he was a couple of years ago but this will only come with playing time. Thats why Arsene is playing him, he realises how good this boy will become.

  208. Listen Bastards !

    I have been practising hypnotism using my cock and have successfully hypnotised Arsene …..” Arsene…..look into my cock…..look into my cock….the cock….the cock….not around the cock….don’t look around the cock….look into the cock…….you`re under ! “.
    Now that Arsene is under my influence, I shall tell him not to listen to you bastards about playing a weakened team against Crystal Meth, you scrotum lickers will lose us our chance to win the league !.
    Spuds are the perennial fcukit uppers. Manscum, City Oil Slickers and Chavs have new managers. I say, fcuk the CL, FA and Mini Mouse Cups and concentrate on the league.
    This is our best chance while they are in managerial transition, next year will be tougher !. Best team against The Meths and rest them against Chavs, then full strength again against the Bin Dippers !.
    Imo, the Bin Dippers will logically be favourites….no CL… Europa League… Mini Mouse Cup and if they are wise will field an under strength team when the FA Cup comes around in January, so basically, they only have 30 games for their best team to play until the end of the season !
    So that is why bastards, I had to step in and hypnotise Arsene with my cock and save our season….we will be at full strength this Saturday, so don’t waste your energy, the team is already sorted and 3 points will be in the bag and all down to me !.
    It`s ok, no need to thank me, I`m a kind hearted Monster when it comes to deluded souls as yourselves !. Know wonder we haven`t won anything since 2005, if Arsene has been listening to you mound munchers , lucky someone like me had the foreskin to do something about it !

    Monster knows best….just ask your WAG`s !. hahaha

    PS………………” 007…….look into my cock…………….” hahaha

  209. James Bond says:

    ah , think about the greater good of the team and club not your Fantasy team @ 17HT 😉

    PS: Glics, are you asking me to contact a gynecologist who happens to have a GIGANTIC TELESCOPE to find something resembling a cock on you ? is that what you want considering the last gave up due to something extremely tiny resembling a willy.


    and then we wonder, why the ladies don’t come on BK to post 😀

  210. alcide says:

    Not a CR7 fan, but damn, he is good…goal #1

  211. Don`t worry 007, I have it in hand, I`m going to hypnotise some Goonerettes to come and comment on BK !.

    E va va vonne……look into my…….. hahaha

  212. On a less serious note….why do Manscum get favouritism ?. I watched MOTD on Saturday and from the stats Southampton had 54% possession and had 18 shots with 7 on target to Manscums 46% possession and 12 shots with 5 on target !……How come when watching the game, all I saw was Manscum attacking showing all their shots and the only time they showed a Southampton attack was when they scored !.
    Now I turn on Sky 1 an entertainment channel (not Sky sports) and the bastards are on it !.
    I`ve never known Sky 1 to have a football match on it !. Prejudice bias fcuking favouritism . Sky Khuntz !.

  213. alcide says:

    That’s it, Pogba is my dream signing…

  214. Mancs already up a(n own) goal vs Vela and his new club…Guess I need to go out for a run and hope things are turned around by the time I return…

    Obviously, I’m with Cockie on the rotation stuff and feel the league must be the priority…Plenty of opportunity for the 2nd team vs Chelsea in the competition named after the blue puppet…

    The way I see it, the season is sooooo long AND we could really use some of that low hanging fruit…(easy there, shirt-lifters with the fist up your puppet…) i.e., the domestic cups…As such I think we’ll be playing a lot of matches and the first team will need both continuity and a bit of depth. If, through injury or Weng-jury, we can rotate two or three guys per match we’ll be good. Some of the automatic first 11s may be different come the Spring…

    So, yeah, let’s rack up a score in the first hour with (most of) our best boys then do (at least) 9 or 10 changes for the CoC…

    I saw C-Ron prance and chip that goal (SAF’s “most talented he ever coached,” according to the book…) but have been watching Kagawa and the rest he left behind ever since… Back to the RM-Juve match, now…Tevez (just over with a curler…) and Pogba are some others not THAT far behind… Ho, ho, ho…Llorente equalizes after Pogba forces a save from St. Iker…

    1-1 Donde esta el mono para ganar el partido? 😆

  215. TotalArsenal says:

    What story do they tell, 17? Every single player lost balls yesterday. It was that sort of game. Jack’s positioning, willingness to drive forward and defensive ability made him one of the best players on the pitch. Had he played all game we would at least got a draw out of the game. He is THAT important to the team.

    Santi needs a free role to thrive and he added impetus. The fitter he gets the more his overall game will improve, but we dropped gradually in shape and With Jack this would probably not have happened IMO.

  216. James Bond says:

    yep, love him or hate him, the guy scores better than a goal in every game, last i checked it was something like 203 games and he had scored 204 ? @ Alcide

    that is phenomenal by the greedy so and so.

    anyhow, i did the math (yeah yeah).

    even if we draw vs Dortmund, we are in with a great chance as we will have 7 points.

    wins against Marseille at home takes us to 10 points.

    and a further win may get us right to the top of our group in Naples (13 points) and a draw will be good enough to secure qualification meaning we end on 11 points.

  217. 17highburyterrace says:

    Aw geez, pen makes it 2-1 RM…After the RvJ maimer (Chiellini) pulls Ramos down…

    ToTl, I’m not much of a stats guy and I agree with you that Jack is a talent AND (finally) rounding into form. Still, he started the match nervous and didn’t do enough. For me, Santi’s impact was immediate, though he too needs more match fitness…

    I’m thinking about writing a post called “A tale of two midfielders” about the future core of our attack: Ramsey and Jack. IMO we need to acknowledge, even as they are both (esp. the former…) coming on strong, that they have a long ways to go… Ramsey, having surmounted his (incredible…) fitness issues now needs to manage his (supreme) self-belief depending on his position on the pitch and the scoreline… Jack, of course, has his “distractions” to manage, as well as his more niggly physical problems. If players reach their physical peak at 24-26, the future for those two is well and truly bright AND they’ve got fine mentors in the squad to help them get there…

    Well, there’s the short version, no need for the long one now… 😀

  218. James Bond says:

    yep, Diaby out – Pogba should deffo be looked at @ Alcide

    is Bale keeping the bench nice and warm then ?

    i just realized something,

    isn’t it funny that you get the likes of CR and Messi almost, never been rested and all they wanna do is just play play , when they are not injured ?

    this culture of resting players, jaded, tiredness is all coming from the top i reckon, AW is the culprit and because of that, us fans are always looking for games where we can rest some of our key players.

    surely, that can’t be right ?

  219. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ronny went for the hat trick there…A return pass to Benzema would have seen (our future guy?) KB with the better chance…

  220. TotalArsenal says:

    Brilliant idea for a post, 17! 🙂

  221. alcide says:

    Bale slowly warming up on the sidelines…

  222. James Bond says:

    keep me posted on Bale, Alcide

    speaking of hat-tricks, Ibra has one inside 35 minutes, oh dear – Cavani, who ?

    we all know Rafa loves winning the Europa league and i reckon he will take Napoli very far in that one this year 🙂

    yeah @ 17HT – been too long since you last wrote something

    also, i thought that JGC had emailed something to TA ? i assumed it was a post of sorts, maybe i’m wrong, ha

  223. alcide says:

    We haven’t had that many opportunities to rest our key players, or am I wrong? Anyway we do now, agree that a strong starting lineup for CP with moderate (maybe 2 players) rotation and early substitutions (couple of B-team players) if score is going in our favor gets my vote, with B-Team aligned against Chelsea. Ramsey, Özil, Sagna need a rest… Who else? TR was shot towards the end (couldn’t track back to follow big L on the second goal), but I’m afraid it’s because he might not have 90′ of intensity in him anymore?

  224. James Bond says:

    by the way, why can’t we get Vela back, he confirmed that our buyback clause is still valid and very much enforceable ? hmmmmmmm

  225. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, Messi was rested at the weekend…Result: Osasuna nil – Barca nil …

    On the resting issue it’s more that it’s such a long season rather than this match, this player, I believe. You simply cannot play guys at full intensity for 65-70 matches over 9 months (AND even more, given that our best players have serious Int’l matches too)… I believe we’re just as likely to screw ourselves resting players and then playing catch-up in the “easy” games as trying to push our first 11 too hard. At least we’re playing a full youth team rather than going after the CoC…(So far… no Bradford City debacles, we would hope)… On this account, I’m a full-on AKB… And, as I’ve said, I’d love to be privy to the conversation with the manager when he pulls the newly “injured” guys off to the side to tell them which little knocks/illnesses they’ve just come down with… 😆

    TA, just let me know when I can “slide one in”…It seems like plenty of people are lining up to do posts (two previews for yesterday’s, but no match report, hmmm….) With optimists/(real) supporters, maybe looking forward is easier than dissecting the match just played…

    Whoa, Ibra with the big hit from distance… Aren’t we due for something from outside the box…Santi, estoy hablando a ti….

  226. James Bond says:

    Gibbs (Nacho)

    Sagna ( Jenks)

    BFG ( TV5)

    Ramsey (Flam’s )

    Ozil ( Santi starts )

    they all need rest for me.

    if , we rest Rosicky for Chelsea then we bring on Gnabry on the right – sorted

    JW plays as our no.10

  227. 17highburyterrace says:

    Bond, I think it’s because he (Vela) hates us as much as he hates the Mexican National set-up…

    Money talks but England might be a little too much running and fouling and crazy fans demanding match winners… As they say in Mexico, (“Yo voy a marcar) man(y)ana”– (I’ll score) tomorrow…

    Also, I’m quite skeptical about all these contract clauses you guys talk about…Show me the 40 million buy-out for Suarez, for example… Oooh…. Vela, just comes up short on a cross…

  228. James Bond says:

    Messi, still isn’t a 100% fit @ 17HT hence you see….- he didn’t even play for Argentina.

    but our Messy needs a rest for sure

  229. alcide says:

    Ouch, stupid chiellini elbows CR after conceding stupid penalty in first half… Red card. That ref would have put big L out yesterday 🙂

  230. James Bond says:

    sadly KOC is french and not Spanish, hence he didn’t take drama classes like most if not all the spanish players @ Alcide

  231. alcide says:

    Hehehe call me old school but I think Italians are even better at this

  232. 17highburyterrace says:

    I missed the red card. Was it justified?…If you’ll pay 100 million Euros for Bale, a CL group match can’t be too costly… 😯

    United starting to work their way back in, but RS still trying…Kagawa just nutmegged himself to turn onto a pass…Ramsey-esque perhaps?…

  233. alcide says:

    Hehe KB misses at 1m in front of empty goal… Public booing

  234. alcide says:

    Well he put his arm in front of CR that was completely overtaking him, but red card was probably for the foul from last defender…

  235. James Bond says:

    what an orgasmic ball played by rooney through midfield,

    and Valencia hits the post.

  236. alcide says:

    Speaking of fakers, Vidal tries to shoot, misses the ball and spikes his foot into the ground and flies…asks for a penalty, hilarious.

  237. alcide says:

    Bale undressing…

  238. 17highburyterrace says:

    Yeah, I saw the Vidal play (switching back and forth)…Need to see our guy’s (Benzema’s) missed sitter…

  239. alcide says:

    And he replaces KB

  240. James Bond says:

    off topic but The Visionary sees Giroud scoring his first hat-trick in England on saturday.

    Bale comes on for Ronaldo – if that happens, then it will be interesting, ha

  241. James Bond says:

    and i take what i said earlier back re- Dortmund fans being Classy

    they bloody took out the seats and what not

  242. alcide says:

    Isco in… I hope Cockie doesn’t hear…

  243. James Bond says:

    a goal for RC against UTD be just what the doctor ordered , right about now or next 5 minutes

  244. alcide says:

    RM only attacking on left side… Bale touched ONE ball so far, and is very alone on his right wing

  245. alcide says:

    Well he touched TWO balls… RM very average to be honest, and heavily slanted towards the Marcelo/Ronaldo wing. Bale was alone on the other side 90% of the time and only once was given a ball… Incidentally it’s Ronaldo that pointed a midfielder to give him a pass…

  246. James Bond says:

    bloody hell,

    that’s hilarious @ Alcide


    Bale only got the ball from his team mates because Ronaldo told them to do so


  247. alcide says:

    I swear (guy missed the pass too…)

  248. James Bond says:


    this is bloody epic

    i’m gonna take a screen shot of our last few comments


  249. Fozzie B says:

    Evening baby gun gapers!! 😆
    Thank you Cockie for hypnotising Wenger with your blue todger!! Wenger being an economist must have also been impressed with your doughnut abacus !!! I hope he is now loved up on your cookies in the tranny annex watching reruns your money spending tranny classics like “it’s in the handbag” and “cockbuster”!! 😆 hopefully the door of his tardarse will swing open in January if you have done your job well!! 😆
    Off topic. Mrs P just said to me “why don’t you come to spin class at 7 in the morning … ?”
    I was like “you been toking up Cockies cookies from the bed bed sheets again?” She looks at me all serious and says ……
    “You’ll like the instructor she’s really fit!” I’m like yawning away ho hum … Then she says ” and she comes in front of you … Then says … Your not sweating hard enough … Plays with your nob till its really hard … Then she rides side saddle with someone else … Comes in front of you and starts all over with your nob again!!” 😆
    Needless to say I have set my alarm for 5.30!!! Hahaha !! 😆

  250. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Fozzer – horny SOAB 😛

    New Post New Post 🙂

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