The Flame is back – Rambo or Arteta – Gnabry to start?

Very short Crystal Palace v Arsenal pre-match today, as I am knackered.

The Flame is back!
The Flame is back!

The Eagles could either put up a proper fight tomorrow and like savages throw everything at us, or they might crumble from the first minute of the game. Hard to tell, but whatever they do Arsenal’s quality should shine through and three points should be taken home tomorrow.

We need to rock on and play with discipline and focus and once the game is won, I hope the boys have mercy with their wounded opponents.

I reckon Arsene will start with a strong as possible side, as he will really want to win this and not leave anything to chance tomorrow. Many of the first teamers can have a rest during mid-week, so every reason to start with our strongest eleven at Selhurst Park. For me, that would include Jack Wilshere, but it looks he might be rested tomorrow to allow his ankle to recover further. If there is no Jack, then I reckon Gnabry will get another game on the right.

And who will play in the double-DM pivot? Flamini is back and should play, and I reckon Arsene will play Ramsey next to the Frenchman in order to give him a boost to his confidence after a rare mistake by the Welshman in last week’s CL encounter with Dortmund. For me, Aaron is a natural B2B and Flamini will allow him to express himself again. It could also be that Arsene will play FlamTeta in the pivot, as that would give him the more solid defensive structure he seems to prefer in away games. We will have to wait and see.

Defence should remain the same, but maybe Fabianski gets a rare start tomorrow….?

Predicted Line-Up:

Arsenal v  Crystal Palace

I just hope we will play with a high tempo from the start and try to win this game as quickly as possible, and not give the opposition a change to get into it. A nice and quiet Selhurst Park is what we want. Β I am also hoping for a rare clean sheet as we need our defence to start building some momentum now with some big games coming up soon.


Written by: TotalArsenal.

233 thoughts on “The Flame is back – Rambo or Arteta – Gnabry to start?

  • Forget Totals knackered short post.

    I will be produce one about how to make a lovely set of stairs for your house.

    Newel Post !.

  • Oooh, lucky first?

    Regardless, I think the Arteta question is more about what combo you want … AR must start these days unless being rested. Santi is coming back and eventually Theo. Ozil also is a must go if ready. Thus, limited spaces for all…

    Be interesting to see the starting sheet tomorrow!

    cheers — jgc

  • Of course Arsene will play his strongest team . Thanks to being under the influence of the Master of the new ancient art of Cocknotism, I have already picked the team !. hahaha

  • Cockie speaks and Totl says play a strong team…Who’s got whose hand where?… πŸ˜†

    From the last thread…jgc, I’m not sure Nacho has had a chance to play with Ozil yet, except maybe in a little “garbage” time… Also, I think we see the different elements of his game and Gibbs’ a bit differently… In fast paced matches (against all English teams?…) Gibbs pace is a greater asset defending than attacking IMVHO… Nacho shines when the pace is slower, I think… Like the monster might say, dif’rent strokes, as long as strokes are to be had… πŸ˜€

    Up the Arse, and all that…

  • Good evening beef jerkey jugglers!!
    Thank you Sammy the eagle for your inspiring post which also had animal doing Olympic gymnastics so as to let the thoughts reach the far corners Of his cranium!! πŸ˜†
    I agree JGC that apart from defence, the key is the quickness of the team on counter and also in the final third. I there is a lull period then there must be a flick switch where a shot on target must be achieved!! πŸ˜€
    For me it’s that simple!! Just like tapping an Essex bird firmly on the head will result in her knickers on the floor!!! πŸ˜† simples as the meerkat would say πŸ˜†

  • Nice post Totes and thank you for posting in your knackered state!! I have warned you on numerous occasions that although sexy, your pink clogs are hard work when working the corner at vickers local Chinese! πŸ˜†

  • So shots on target for me is a clear maths equation, the more on means the more in. This along with Bayerns pressing is a fundamental along with defence of course! πŸ˜€

  • So I also hope the boys deliver tomorrow as Fozzie B is on a secret mission on Sunday. I need a win so as to get my dialect gooner hard on!! I will be entertained in the Chelvski/Oilers hospitality!! πŸ˜† yes I have a narrow window to offset the enemy on Tuesday!! Haha πŸ˜†
    I thought of doing a king Richard like in Brighton but I’m hoping that with a win at palace I might get my dialect boner back!! πŸ˜†
    Then I will have an array of Cockies abacus doughnuts!! I’m thinking one of Cockies ultra strong blue for abramovich!! Which will get him arrested for sexual harassment !! The other doughnuts will be garlic coated for Count Pelegrini!! Then when count presses charges on Maureen, I will have the gunners canon loaded to salute all my BK brethren!! πŸ˜†
    Watch match of the day … You may be surprised!! πŸ˜†
    If you have any more ideas for my covert op..: please let me know!!! πŸ˜†

  • Sorry Cockie … Once the doughnuts have been consumed from off my dialect boner … I also proceed to hypnotise in the pure muppet artistry … Look into my furry ….. πŸ˜†

  • I think Wenger has made bad tactical decisions in Arsenals last few games. At WBA he chose Ramsey and Wilshere out wide to accommodate Flamini and Arteta in the deeper midfield roles. Because of this, Arsenal had no natural width or pace out wide to get in behind the fullbacks to get crosses in to Giroud. Wenger should refrain from shoe horning 5 central midfielders into his starting line up, and instead he should play Gnabry wide right to use his pace to force teams back. Gnabry can also defend as he displayed against Stoke and Swansea plus he’s a goal threat to. I would start with the same back 5 as Midwest; then I would have Flamini and Ramsey in the two infront of defence.Out on the Right Gnabry to add pace and a goal threat, Ozil in the middle and Cazorla on the left.

  • Only question mark will be Flamini. What if picks up another customary yellow. Will he be suspended for the Chelsea game or Liverpool? If, for next game then I hope he gets the yellow which will free him up for the upcoming important games without any worries hanging over his head.

  • TA – Short and to the point. Spot on.

    As long as the players don’t have that ‘forgone conclusion’ lodged in the back of their minds, well not before we are 3 goals up .. ooops, that is me doing the same thing … then we should be okay.

    Decisions on who plays might be dictated by who plays midweek? Like I said last night, it is the same squad as has been for the 4 or 5 games, so it rest or bench?

    Panther – I think you are having a touch of hindsight with your reference to the WBA game. It followed the very similar line up to our best game so far, the Napoli one?

    I agree, I think Gnabry will play today, but I guess he is a cert for the COC, so perhaps later rather than starting. Whereas Rosicky is unlikely for midweek? It could be a 3-way tussle for that spot, Personally I would keep JW to sub Ozil on 60 mins if the game is won, and Gnabry for Santi around the same time.

    So my line up would look like this;

    ———- Back four _______

    ______ Flamteta ________

    Ozil______ Rosicky __ Santi
    ——– (interchangeable) —-

    _______ Giroud _________

    Subs – Usual suspects


  • Oh, one for JB – If Flam picks up are a yellow card today he could miss the COC?

    I’ve just read that elaewhere because I did not realise it applied to non-league games.

    What are the odds then? Late yellow, then subbed with Monreal?

  • I think you are spot on. Except JW is still touch and go with his ankle so I expect TR7 to start on the right flank.

  • Ha jgc, you forgot to include the first one on the team sheet, well at least for Arsene, the home crowd (it seems) and me…… Super Jackie Wilschu! πŸ˜€

    Limited places indeed!

  • Panther πŸ™‚

    I agree with your need for width, but even with five midfielders we get it through our FBs. Expect Arsene to play with at least four if not five midfielders throughout the season and seeing Rambo and Jack out wide regularly. And will work a treat, I reckon.

  • Like the line up, Gerry, but cannot see Arsene resting Rambo and starting your beloved Rosicky in another game. OGAAT, but I reckon Arsene will start Arteta, RoRoRoSicky, Vermaelen, Nacho, Jenky, Fab, Gnabry, Bendy, Koz, Santi, Arteta against the Chavs.

  • A win today and draws for Pool and Chavs/Northern Oilers will set us four points clear from our main title rivals. A lovely margin for going into the ‘big games’. UTA!

  • Great post,if shorter,as usual.
    1 slight note: we start our best team and Jack is in it.
    Based on what? Potential? It can’t be form.
    Jack has had one above average game all season v Norwich. Was awful v WBA (deflected goal aside) and awful v BVB,had a 50% pass completion which quite frankly is shocking! Team averaged just over 80% so its just BVBs high pressing.
    Jack can’t play in his normal/preferred position because we have better options there form-wise at present.
    Outwide Rosicky is a massive upgrade on him,and at the moment even in CM I’d prefer Rosicky. Gnabry another better option to Jack outwide.
    Jack is Jack so gooners struggle to admit it,but Wilshere simply is not playing well enough to warrant a starting spot. He is a future captain and legend but for now he needs to be benched until he improves his performances,he is costing us at present.
    Also,whoever starts,if we can’t beat CP in their current state then something is wrong.

  • What exactly is he ‘costing us’, Ra? Well, other than losing our shape against Dortmund once he was forced off by injury? And where did you get those stats from?

    If you see his potential, and you imagine yourself being Wenger for a minute, you should realise that Wilshere will play each and every game. It is a worthy investment, at least; in the meantime, he will continuously add huge value to the team.

  • from the previous post to Gerry @ i’ll get back to you after the Crystal Palace game on the COC game, once we manage to win today at some point in the future since then it will be more relevant πŸ˜‰

    oh thank you , better late than never ehhhh @ 17HT – well done for the usual sarcasm and nice little dig at me wanting Rooney or Suarez in January – may i remind everyone that in MF, we may have to take into account the Arteta’s and the Rosicky’s , however, we do have the likes of The Ox’s and Eisfield, developing for them roles under the watchful eyes of AW and co , hence i’m not keen on another MF in January, in the summer yet – after the Diaby situation is more clear.

  • Costing us actual width and bigger picture,games/points. IMVHO our shape and passing was better after he went of v Dortmund,also better after he was moved centrally v WBA,doesn’t cut it out-wide and there is nothing wrong with that. Saw stats on tuesday post-match,can’t remember where but if their wrong,my bad. As I said,I recognise his potential and know he is going to be great,but if we are honest with ourselves,does he deserve to start ahead of Rosicky at the moment,whether wide or central? IMVHO I just don’t think so.

  • nice one TA,

    my preferred line up would be




    Jack Wilshere—————-Ozil————————-Santi Cazorla


    60th minute subs : Gnabry —– Bendtner———-Nacho

    Score prediction : 0-5

    SORTED !

    yes, Gerry – a late yellow for Flamini would be lovely πŸ˜‰

  • for all those who want Gnabry to start , i don’t think he will start today as he is being saved for Tuesday vs Chelsea ? getting a nice 30 minute cameo would be very good though !

  • Ra,

    Jack finds himself exactly in the same predicament as Ramsey last year,

    AR, was also played out of position , he literally played from LW to RW to RB even – was slated by the fans left right and center.

    however , i do agree with you that on current form, JW doesn’t warrant a start and is best left for the Chelsea game on tuesday ? but looking at the bigger picture, he needs confidence and minutes under his belt and what better way to do that than to go against Crystal Palace and be on the front foot ?

    Rosicky , has been an absolute legend, we just gotta keep him fit and he needs to keep himself leaner and fitter – Sorted !

  • Yeah JB,agree completely. Not slating Jack,more AW for playing him out of position. Same was done to Gervinho though obviously not of same calibre as AR and JW,but when a player loses confidence he literally becomes shit and I’m worried AW is doing that to Jack. Mozart and Zorro stilll have a lot to give,great options to have. Even Bendtner is beginning to give me hope.

  • actually, it’s good that he’s been played out of position by AW due to the healthy competition for places @ RA

    why ?

    he gets to learn the trick of the trades that much better, look how far Ramey has come, he goes out to RW and takes on people, runs the side line, drifts in with a ball and passes it on a plate for people to finish – that is something he may not have been able to have done had he not been played out of position last year – hence it’s a good learning process for JW, one that benefits him in the longer run

    and let’s be honest, he’s not ready for the number-10 role just yet, this is where he will end up but for that to happen, he needs to be able to be to play in all 3 positions up front and be relatively comfortable – this won’t come from staying on the bench and waiting for AW to play him when someone is injured or not up to it through the middle…it will come through minutes and developing a better understanding with his team mates – i view him one that could easily set us up on a counter attack from a lovely pass, be it through the left, right or center, he can do that with a moment of genius or clever 1/2’s and off you go finishing a clever team goal.

  • and let’s be honest, it’s not like AW is keeping out likes of Theo / Poldi/ Ox out of the team at the expense of JW…

    you could argue Gnabry, but then again, Gnabry needs to be well managed as he has been playing for the youth national teams as well as Arsenal…..the way AW looked out for the Ox, the same way Gnabry needs to be managed

    however, once we get any of Theo/Poldi/Ox back then by all means, let’s get JW on the bench, sure.

  • Jgc-Damus , predictions ?

    The Punter ? ? ?

    aahahhahahahahhaah @ FB’s comments πŸ™‚

  • Hi Guys, πŸ™‚

    Up early to see the game and I am so excited.

    Just to clarify, I am the original RA and should not be confused with the comments from ‘Ra’.

    Flattered to be emulated! πŸ™‚

  • I guess I will have to revert to ‘Red Arse’ especially as TA has stuck me into moderation. πŸ™‚

  • HaHaHa would figure lol; see AW has gone full strength,means we play mixture of kids+bench today v Chelsea in COC,rightly so-focus should be league and FA Cup till our injury list improves

  • News of Arsenal’s line-up has made its way to live text HQ and the Gunners have made two changes after the Champions League defeat by Borussia Dortmund. Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky are the men who make way for Mathieu Flamini and Santi Cazorla. There’s room for both Wilshere and Rosicky on the substitutes’ bench.

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud. Subs: Fabianski, Monreal, Vermaelen, Wilshere, Rosicky, Gnabry, Bendtner.

  • BREAKING TEAM NEWS – Crystal Palace v Arsenal (1245)
    Crystal Palace have made six changes to the side which lost 4-1 against Fulham. Danny Gabbidon, Kagisho Dikgacoi, Jerome Thomas, Barry Bannan, Adlene Guedioura and Marouane Chamakh are all brought in to steady the ship.

    Palace: Speroni, Ward, Delaney, Gabbidon, Moxey, Jedinak, Dikgacoi, Bannan, Thomas, Guedioura, Chamakh. Subs: Price, Mariappa, O’Keefe, Puncheon, Kebe, Bolasie, Gayle.

    chamakh can play against us ? ? ? who on earth drafted that loan agreement, i wonder.

  • JB,

    I have often blogged under ‘RA’ as an abbreviation, but never on the BK site.

    When I saw the avatar ‘Ra’ in the comments above, I tried to clarify that he was not me, but TA dumped me into moderation oblivion and I reverted to Red Arse.

  • Hi Alex,

    how you doing

    the baby should be due by now ? or still a few weeks to go ?


    ah , yes, that makes sense, however, i thought it was a 6 months loan deal with options to extend and so on, doesn’t matter, Chamakh will be kept at bay by the BFG and Koc, no worries

    predictions Alex and RA ?

  • thanks for clearing up the confusion.

    i’ll do what everyone else does, call you Redders, ha

  • JB,
    Any day now. Due date id on Wednesday next week. Looking forward to it.

    How are things with you

    My prediction is Arsenal 4-1.

    OG (2) Rambo (1) Ozil (1)
    Chamakh (1)

  • fingers crossed for you buddy – does wednesday for you down under mean Tuesday ? i’m thinking match day for Arsenal vs Chelsea ?

    things are quiet, until at least, the Mrs. comes back from her shopping, ha

    4-1 , i’ll take that

    i’m gunner go for a 5-0 with a Giroud first ever hat-trick

  • it’s been cleared by Redders now Gerry, the little confusion i had re- the loan deal or permanent transfer

  • JB,

    Thanks Mate
    It definitely means Tuesday. I have permission to take my laptop with me whilst we are at the hospital. If not i can always watch the game on the mobile phone. We will see if she does come on Wednesday.

    A Giroud hat-trick would be great


  • no worries, that’s brilliant @ Alex

    our boys warming up wearing FA’s 150th birthday celebrations….

    BT are showing a piece on Flam’s !

  • I see several got in ahead of me while I was catching up the morning posters ..

    TA – To be honest I hadn’t meant to leave out Rambo, it seems I need to play with 12 players to get my best team πŸ˜†

    Reading their changes, I reckon it is a PTB job and try and hit us on the counter?

    I did say ‘try’ … Flambeau is back !

  • IF we are fortunate enough to get a nice lead- get ollie, ozil ramsey off and rested early. I would go with gnabry to start which also gives rest to a midfielder. If we dont have confidence to try him against palace, then we will never.
    go almost all youth in cap one cup i say. Thats much less priority for us. Our aim should be much higher.

  • JB,

    I wasn’t convinced that bringing Flamini back would be a great idea. How wrong I was.
    Maybe i was just pissed at how he left us.

  • yep, you were not the only one @ Alex

    it was a mixture of both him leaving us like that and then AW not signing that one quality signing we were all looking forward to…more frustration than anything else really

    but yeah, glad to be proven wrong with Flam’s, his presence was most definitely missed and it’s good to see him hungry, motivated and on a mission to win back all the fans back

    i wouldn’t be surprised , if he manages to score a goal today for us – πŸ™‚

  • JNYC,

    I agree that we should rest some players if we do get a nice lead.
    As for the cap one cup being less of a priority for us, I see any cup as a stepping stone to building the bond and strengthening the mentality of the team.
    I would love to see us get past Maureen’s Ch3l$ki

  • Crystal Palace v Arsenal (1245)
    Crystal Palace caretaker boss Keith Millen on BT Sport: “We need to pick a team that will block Arsenal and stop them playing but we also want to hurt them. It is about picking a team with a balance of being able to win the ball back and then doing something with it when we’re in possession. It will be a cracking atmosphere. I’m looking for a reaction from the lads.”

    so they are going to be parking the bus – i see

  • Very early game here in America. Let’s get a win a go very clear at the too (at least temporarily).

  • Flamini’s huger has been amazing and he has lifted others around him as well. His feistiness and tenacity have stopped other teams attempting to bully us. It’s good to see a no-nonsense Arsenal.


  • Other “RA”- HaHaHa I didn’t even realise there was another one. Its my birth name,folks were obsessed with Greek astrology-Ra is the Sun God (as you all know I’m sure)
    Anyaway,amped for game! OGAAT! COYG! UTA!

  • JB,
    Parking the bus is all good but if a couple of goals get past, it de-moralises the defence and often opens up the flood gates.

  • Morning Dylan,

    Ra, what do you mean by another one, he is the one and only πŸ˜‰

    only joking of course , but interesting that Greek Astrology bit, thanks for sharing

    spot on @ Alex

  • Is it just me or it is hard to see the players on the far side of the pitch? Really bad camerawork

  • OGAAT – UTA – CoYG! Yes indeed, Total.

    Howdy howdy! How is the BK machine rolling along. Hope all you muppets are doing good and eating your weet-bix and, wow Redders, good to see you back on blog tour. Errr, or have i been away for too long? Anyway, how was your trip back to the States?

    To the game….. give me my fix-I NEED MY FIX!!
    Total, thanks for the pre-match, funny thing is, i left a blogus farticus on the other page and had a good bitch about being tired, only to pop over here and read your opening line of ‘Its short and sweet today, coz im stuffed.’ πŸ˜†

    Agreed (no suprise there), with Flamini chocking the game, and solidifying our defence, it should see Rambos flair and confidence come back to him. Maybe im wrong but i feel Ramsey plays better without responsibility, which does not mean he is not accountable. I just feel that when the pressure is off, be that in a positional sense or captaining, rather CARRYING the national side, his game just ups another level. The handbrake comes off, the thinking cap is brushed asside, INstinct kicks in along with the RedBull, and Ramsey grows wings πŸ™‚ He knows full well that Matty will be marshalling our troops into place, should our shape be broken during a game and that is where Rambo gives an extra 20-30%. He is a soldier, and he takes his fight all the way when he sees leaders other than himself, leaving their lungs on the pitch.

    Now when i think about it i erection that alot of our players seem more assured when Mattys in the ‘deJong’ position and that reliance may not be a good thing either, well not so much for the longer term, but for now we are reaping the rewards of having a pitbull anchored in our core. No longer do you see Santi and Rambo playing with their heads turning over their shoulders-worried that our defence will snap with the next counter against us. They play with a renewed confidence and self belief in the team that they can push us forward with heads up.

    Unbelievable that just two players can turn a team from pretenders in to the mo’fo CONTENDERS!!


  • There you go. Just talking bout the bloke……………..

    and i think my comp is lagging πŸ™„


  • Flam, small groin maybe… Gnabry gets an 82 min cameo and AR drops back with Arteta

    Otherwise, bus parked for CP

  • perhaps flamini is “injured”, strange now Arteta is back. The conspiracy rolls on…

  • Hey boys…Super early morning here…just watching the match and catching up on the comments over (my) night…

    Flamini injury is worrisome and the low angle camera sucks. We need to move the ball just that little bit quicker…

  • 17 I’m not sure we are slow so much as we get to their third and their is zip space.. Gotta hold or go sideways a lot there.. But we will see lots of this so..

  • And 17 look at CPs defensive SHAPE, very nice so far.. But takes lots of energy and focus so we will see…

  • You might be right geoff…Gotta get Santi involved a bit more…Ramsey called for a late kick and defending is a bit off…Chamakh from distance easily caught…

    C’mon fellas!

  • oh flamini was subbed…play on

    Picking up a soft tissue injury so early is poor warm-up preparation

  • CP getting a bit of belief swarming us as we try to play it out…could be their undoing if we can break quickly…

  • Geezus, they’re getting some nice chances…We need to put the hammer down…

    Closer there from Santi! Giroud almost touches it in…

  • 17 note that CP is opening up.. Spaces getting a little wider.. Better chances.. It’ll come

  • CP working their socks off, they certainly can’t do it for the full 90. They are growing in confidence which a good thing, it just means they will come out a bit more, We just need to be patient and not rush things. Not easy games.

  • Wow, Chamakh in acres…completely lost by our defenders…luckily he can’t move his feet to get to the ball in…

  • Half time…No way through as of yet…And we look a bit at odds at the back….


  • Well CP parks the bus well, and taking their chances on the counter… It’s fat from won. Is it me or the pitch looks slow and bumpy?

  • bad ref,

    bad camerawork

    biased commentators

    Gnabry is well below par

    we are not at the races today – Giroud had 3 chances, should have scored by now

    argh, no worries

    still got 45 minutes to fix this !

  • We lost to Dortmund and I was even only mildly grumpy that night but woke up just fine the next morning. If we draw/lose today v CP I will have nightmares for a week. This is embarassing.

  • adjustments asks 17HT,

    Gnabry needs to play like a winger and needs to run at them not play like a midfielder –

    there are plenty of goals and spaces to be found in this game, as long as there is someone willing to run behind their players, no one is doing that at the moment, everyone wants the ball played to their feet

    Santi and Ozil need to get more into the game

    and the Ref needs to bloody wake up.


  • We look jaded and not up to the maximum. But these are the games we need to ground out. I’m saying ground out because CP are going to play the best game of their season. a 1 nil will do for me.

  • Ra,

    we’ll be fine , we usually start playing in the 2nd half, after the 60th minute for our away matches, anyway.

    we are missing Rosicky – maybe bring him on the 60th minute

    the ref has cocked up on 2 penalties….any other day that’s 2 penalties.

  • Very frustrating, this is the Arsenal of the last few years back again – complacent against the bottom clubs; when will we learn? Points against these count just as much as against Manure, yet every year we waste so many through being cocky. I hoped we had moved on, but it doesn’t look like it at the moment. Hope I’m proved wrong in the second half……

  • nah, we’re missing Rosicky – not only will he run at them, behind them but he will also speed it up and make Ozil look much more effective…as well as Cazorla.

  • AB; Tony Adams once said: win all your games home and away v the bottom 10 teams in the league and chances are you will win the league because that already gives you 60 points.
    Meaning you have 18 other games to get around 30/40 points to win the league. Simple mathemetics. Legend.
    Today is one of those games…

  • We look slow and lacking movement and precision with our passes. Time to get real and increase the tempo when we are in their half: force mistakes and don’t let them settle anymore….

  • Ra – agreed fully. TA and JB – yes, either Jack or Ros might inject something. But look at who we’ve got out there already – we should be destroying them already. The tempo is key, and it has to come from a sense of urgency and drive amongst the players

  • Well that one was clear enough for the ref πŸ™‚ good job, what did we say about running at them πŸ™‚

  • Haha Oz…RA is back but Ra is his own man…

    Nice work, almost bounces in off Gnabry…

  • Penalty goal – Arteta. (That is the way to play winger @ Gnabry, even though that carries risks of being hacked down badly).

    Re: Subs:

    Wilshere will not be risked (aggravating his ankle) for this match. My take: Monreal and Rosicky to come in and see off the match.

  • That was a great turn by Ramsey and we almost slipped it through for a 2nd…

    Ozil looking brighter early in the 2nd half…

  • Guys

    Look at CP defending. I just counted, 9 in front of goal and all within width of the box in front of the ball, plus the GK.. 9 !!

    Around not through…

  • He tried to take too little of the ball and missed it entirely… Come on, a penalty won’t satisfy us!

  • @ 17

    i honestly can’t remember seeing giroud score a header for us. He’s scored some good ones for France. That was a bad miss

  • Santi looks tired. Getting game legs back? He’s slow to recover in transition and such, likely the price of coming back to full fitness..

  • Thats a photo for the papers. Ramsey getting the poops with the corner flag and throws the CP colours to the ground in disgust. πŸ˜† I love it………….

  • agreed geoff, i’d like to see the energy of Rosicky in the place of Santi.

    Piss off foy

  • Interestingly, I once saw all of OG’s goals when he finished top league 1 scorer, and he had only scored one header.

  • CP giving it a big effort with the sub (Bolasie) and the crowd…We need to stand up to it and silence the place with a 2nd…

  • That call could not be more wrong! That far out and with Ramsey in the middle, he can’t be considered the last defender!

  • We need to sub reorganise our midfield now! Either Rosicky or Monreal in. Some hard-running and graft required in midfield.

  • Would have been good having a two goal cushion before setting up defensively for the counter, but this will be a good test for us but also an unwelcome extra workload.

    Should have the goods to hurt them but we now need super quality concentation untill that whistle blows……. Mental Stwength boyz

  • CP look like Barcelona at the moment. our Defending is shambolic at times. We look nervous

  • OZ, champions normally find the way when their backs against the wall. this is a test for us

  • Midweek would be Hayden and Eisfeld…. When did Jack come on and for whom?

  • Take Jedinak out of the middle and Zahas goals from last term and you have a bottom of the table club. But yet the script is always written, so that Arsenal struggle and these relegation teams decide to put in a world cup final performance.. πŸ™„

    One of these days, someones gonna feel the brunt of a 10 goal lashing from the Arse

  • Midweek is Capital One Cup. We care who plays? I’d rather they were rested. Look at Liverpool: out of COC and not in europe. Very manageable fixtture list. Play kids and bench players in COC,IDC if its Chelsea.

  • Yeah nice move from Nacho but I’d rather not see too much of him in the opposite side corner area πŸ™‚

  • agreed prince, one day we are going to turn it on and rip a team apart. Just like the kids did against Sheffield

  • We are pushing too much. If we get caught on the break whilst leading 1-0 away from home with 10 men in the last 10 minutes it would be the hight of stupidity and also a clear sign of Wenger’s inability to tactically manage situations.

  • Agreed Oz about Ozil and that touch…We’re settling things better now…Still a ways to go, however…

  • we need to be smart here. slow the game down and keep posession as much we can. nervy ending for this game

  • Szccesny playing like Yashin (complete with the same haircut) at the moment; Monreal displaying skills of a quality winger; Giroud huffed and puffed before finally scoring; Mertesacker organising at the back; Arsenal soaking up pressure and playing counter-attacking football.

  • Isn’t it Nahhh Nahhh na na na na nahhhh, Giroud?

    Ozil finally up and not happy with his ankle?

  • @ 17

    I’ll take it. The pass was centimetre perfect. So much so I think even VCC could have finished it off (albeit with the use of his zimmer frame as a ladder)

  • Crazy good from Ozil there on the touchline…

    Full time…Very Gutsy 3 pts….

  • 3 Precious Points, Gooners.

    We are Top of the League, i said WE ARE TOTL !!!


    Clean sheet, is the gravy on the chips and as Total said, it’ll do the world of good for the confidence of our team, in particular our four bandits at the back, and no Flamini….

    and Giroud again on fire when away from London…did i miss anything???

    Now to sort these Poms out in the egg-ball game called rugby.

    Good night buddies, Princey is knackered, must recharge batteries πŸ™‚

  • Night night, Princey…

    Not quite what we expected but a lot of heart shown today. Hopefully Flamini injury isn’t bad and I’m pretty sure it’s just a one match ban for Arteta which can be served in midweek…

    Clean sheet, finally, is very nice…

  • kodak moment

    MOTM – Sczny – well played lad !

    can we or will we appeal against the Arteta red card ? i would say we should !

    good testing and probing game, well played Crystal Palace, that was tough tough

    Giroud should have scored a penalty, had a poor poor game for me, in need of some well earned rest, me thinks

  • Replay shows Chamakh got an awfully good first touch on the play that sent Arteta off. Professional foul, I thought, was only a single match…

  • That red should be thrown out. Contact made by Cham and tangled legs. Unfair Arteta misses because of Foy’s guesswork!!!

  • well done schezzers, Motm followed by Sagna. we have shown a lot of maturity to negotiate this game. wasn’t easy as everybody expected

  • Expect us to succeed with an appeal for Artete red card,but he shouldn’t play midweek anyway. Flamini is fine me thinks,but we’ll see. 3 Points Job Done. Now switching to Soweto Derby: Kaizer Chiefs v Orlando Pirates 1-0 already to Pirates.

  • i would strongly consider playing TV5 as a DM if Flem Arteta are not about for the next couple of games , surly him or Monreal could play as a DM if not the Frimpong should be considered he has not played all season he must have some plan for him or he might as well not be there.
    Good result today well done you Gunners! Ref your a prick.

  • Professional foul (I’m pretty sure) is only 1 match vs a red for dangerous play which is 3…As such, no need to appeal…

  • I know one thing, Sagna has just put another zero on his new singing on bonus …

    unless they get their finger out!

  • goal scoring opportunity is 3, no ?

    2 yellows = 1 red gets you 1 game suspension

    straight red = 3 ?

    we should appeal, deffo

  • but i think and hope Gerry has it spot on , 1 game isn’t as bad however, we should still appeal it

  • i’m not 100% Gerry, it’s usually 3 but i will wait for the experts on it to talk more…

    so far, i’m going to plan for the worst and go for 3 but hope for the best and go with 1.

  • Just as im dozing and i find the perfect part of the pillow, Stoke go and ruin it by scoring.
    I mean, how can you not celebrate.

    Really, night all.

    In moyes i trust!

  • Stoke score after 3 mins at OT!

    Pretty sure the professional foul is only 1 match ban…

  • Only a red card for violent play earns a 3 match ban.

    A straight red for Arteta will earn a 1 match ban.

  • I just look it via google. Not that clear, but FIFA change it to a 1 game ban/next competitive game. The violence for a 3 card ban has to wait for the refs report

    I think we may be okay. Certainly worth an appeal though, as Chamakh was falling over when he push Arteta away, which is why the legs tangled?

  • Chamackh mis-controlled the ball which went away to his right.

    He then went left and leant into Arteta, and caught his foot in the back of Arteta’s knee, so if anything it was a foul on Arteta.

    The ref made a mistake but that happens in real time with the crowd baying for blood.
    [I do not rate the ref — but then I don’t rate a lot of them!]

  • 1-1 van pu$$y scores

    but wait for this

    stoke score in the very next minute



  • Liverpool leading 3-0 vs WBA; Suarez with a hat-trick (his 6th goal in 4 PL games) and showing why he is worth Β£50M at least.

    Stunning first goal as well: skipped past Yacob, did a “Panna” on Olsson; placed ball beyond Begovic.

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