Do Arsenal have any DMs left: The Options. Chelsea – Man City: best result?


With Flamini probably out for a few weeks and Arteta at least suspended for one game, the question we are all asking is: who should we play in our double-DM pivot against the Chavs?

Although the League Cup does not really matter too much, I still would like us to put out a team with the full intention of winning it. We don’t know whether Maureen will take this game serious – as in fielding his strongest team – but we can be assured he does not want to be beaten by us either; and with a strong squad he should not find it too difficult to field a team that has a good chance of doing so.

Wenger will want to rest a few players, though, and I expect the likes of Mertesacker, Sagna, Gibbs, Ramsey, Ozil and Giroud to get a well-earned rest on Tuesday.

The starting eleven for the encounter with the Chavs is likely to be: Fabianski, Jenkinson, TV, Kozzer, Nacho, Rosicky, Gnabry, Cazorla and Bendtner – as all these players really need a(nother) game; but what is not so clear, is who is going to play in the double-DM pivot come Tuesday.

I have a feeling Jack will start in this game, and he might even play in the deepest of the two DM-pivot roles: the Flamini or Arteta position, if you want. Jack can actually defend very well and his positioning and anticipation skills are good too (especially, if taking into account his young age). But he is still a bit frail and will need to put his body on the line if we are to beat the Chavs, and it remains to be seen if he can do that for 90 minutes.

So, it would be good to add some proper steel next to Jack in the DM-pivot and the question is who that should be. I would say, Frimpong is a strong option, but then I don’t know how fit he his and whether Wenger still has plans for him. It looks like he is not going to make it at Arsenal, but I could be wrong. Frimmers would definitely add steel but the combination of a lack of games and proneness to get himself booked is not great right now.

Then there is the very promising, Chelmsford born, Isaac Hayden. I have not seen enough of him to decide whether he would make a good DM partner for Jack on Tuesday, but I welcome your views.

We also have the Leytonstone born, multi-skilled, Nico Yennaris, who really could do with a game and who really impressed me during a Norwich-Arsenal Reserves games I watched a year ago.

We could also chose for more experience in the middle and put Ramsey or Rosicky next to Jack, and if Jack is not fit enough to start, I would also not be surprised if Ramsey and Rosicky will start both in the DM-pivot against the Chavs. But Ramsey could do with a break and Rosicky is needed in the hole…. Not easy at all.

Finally, Arsene could do something left-field and put Nacho, Sagna or TV in midfield for this one….. Nacho would mean Gibbs needs to play another game, but that should be fine as he missed out on playing in the England games. TV would mean playing BFG as a CB, which is not ideal as he did play in Germany’s International games…. And Sagna could do with a break for the same reasons….

Really hard to say what Wenger will go for but still good to see we still have a few options for the DM-pivot on Tuesday.

Southern Oilers v Northern Oilers: ideal result?

Today’s game between the Oil-drugged clubs should be watched by Gooners with interest. Whoever wins this one will come out of it with a strong belief they are the bee’s knees this season, and whoever loses will suffer a setback. A draw would not be too bad for either and would probably help us in terms of having a mini-gap with both teams before we go into a couple of more challenging games.

In one way,  I want a draw but I would love to see the Chavs properly beaten today. I still feel they are our main competitors for the title this season, and we could really do with a morale deflating result today. Citeh are likely to continue dropping ‘easy’ points in away game this season, and I feel we have a good chance of beaten them in our direct encounters with them.

But what do you think: who should play in the double DM-pivot and what is the best outcome in today’s battle of the Oilers?

Written by: TotalArsenal.

92 thoughts on “Do Arsenal have any DMs left: The Options. Chelsea – Man City: best result?

  • arrrrrrrgghhh TA.

    For the first time, i have been “new posted”.

    I have a question TA. If Flamiini had not “fallen in our lap”, would Arsene have gone and bought a similar type or not bothered?

  • What about Bellerin Hector , read positive reviews , and am not sold on Jenkinson , he hasnt been able to reproduce the form he showed beginning last season, would also like to see Nico get a chance , i was impressed when he was brought on against the mancs last season. maybe even Zelalem shud get a run out in the second half.

  • Nice one Totes!! I hope Hayden is used for DM with Jacky boy in double pivot… And now I’m off to the game!!
    😀 blue doughnuts check… Chilli flake doughnuts check …. Garlic doughnuts check!!! 😆 Kermit muzzling device check … King Richard for changing rooms check …
    Like I said look away from the brown and green flashing images!! Or if stretch is in a fowl mood he might join us?? 😆
    You guys want to suggest anything more for my covert mission?? 😆

  • We need urgent cover for Flamini. This has to be our biggest priority in the Jan transfer window. As for the game against the Chavs I’d love to see TV given a try. He has the attributes to make a go of it and if it comes off he could have a future at the club (unless Kozzer or BFG get injured, TV is continuing in the humiliating role of non-playing captain). I agree with you about Yennaris, he’s pretty solid. I wouldn’t risk Jack. Frimpong should be an obvious starter and if he doesn’t play and is not officially injured then he must be on his way out.
    As for Chavs v Citeh, it’s got to be a draw. We need our main rivals to drop points wherever possible.

  • I do not care who Wenger fields in what position, but do not subscribe to the idea of resting players because of an impending match with Liverpool. Will talk of resting players arise if this were a Barclays match? It’s been 8 years of drought, & losing out of any cup competition will deflate our hopes & confidence. Losing this is inconceivable, not especially because we consider the competition less important. On the other hand, winning today & drawing with Liverpool is still fathomable.
    I also hope the competitors draw today or Chelsea loses.

  • Nice job ToTL on the two pronged match report and preview. Yesterday’s match wasn’t quite the walk in Selhurst Park we all hoped for. but we pocketed the points and moving on seems worthy. I’m a little confused about our defensive approach these days and (maybe w/o) Flamini teams seem to have a lot of space for shots and balls in from 20-25 yards. Obviously, those two shots in quick succession near the 75 minute mark might’ve tied the match, but there were others in the first half which seemed pretty dangerous too. Better teams tend to take those opportunities…

    We seem just that little bit jaded and the thinness of the squad is too blame. Santi has come back slowly and we were all expecting at least one of Poldolski or Walcott. With matches every 4 days (and Flamini out) it’s just a bit much.

    Hopefully the kids inject some verve. I think Jack might be charged with running things from a deeper lying spot. He looked good in that role as a sub yesterday and If he’s got experienced and quick CBs behind him (and clearly ready to rock, Nacho out left…) I think we’ve got every chance to control the match from the back. Given that he’s not first 11 at the moment ( 😉 , for TA…) He’s a GREAT option to take charge of the 2nd group… In front of him, Eisfeld, Gnabry, Ryo and Nicky B present troubles of their own as an attacking group. I don’t see Santi joining in, but if he does, he’ll do better on a well mowed pitch… Instead I would expect Hayden or Frimpong depending on fitness issues. Maybe those who follow the reserve matches can give better insight… Ramsey as a bench option seems good as he can help chase or defend whatever scoreline presents itself…

    To answer Terry (If I can be so bold…), I think we were pretty close to getting Cabaye when the Flamini opportunity presented itself. AAH WTF DIK, but his issues early season (not playing with the Toonies…) suggested that his head was more than turned. Before that there’s no reason to think we weren’t in for Lars Bender for approx. the same money and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he joins us this next summer…

    Have “fun” Fozzie…Celery sticks should be carried, no?…if only to gouge out some puppet eyes after a miserable scoreless draw…

  • Thanks Butch van Norfolkstein.

    Lets not take our eye off the ball, our most important game of the season is on Saturday @ 5:30pm, our most important game before that was yesterday and thanks to my Mystic Cocknotism we are still TOTL.
    As I stated previously in such great detail, Scousegits, with a great attacking line up and with only the EPL to concentrate on, are the team to beat as much as Chavs, City and Manscum for the title !. They are having a weeks rest every week !. They wont be fatigued and will be able to play their pressing game all season !. Play the youngsters and fringe players against the Chavs, yes it would be nice to win and I know this probably constitutes as self-harm, but I don’t give a fcuk about the COCkie Monster Cup !. This is our best chance of competing for the title in years, don’t lose track on what`s more important !.

    Stretchie baby, It`s not about Handsome and Foy(s) (Fcuk of you spurs ). I`m sure our BK tactical analysis experts would have picked up on how we were left naked at the back !. Of course feel free to use your Black belt skills in the art of Kung Feather on Handsome, Master Terry Tickle Tackle. hahaha

  • Yes Fozzer, can you plant some incriminating evidence on Abromabitch……something like a condom full of his jizz and with President Putin`s pooper poop on the outside !. Off to Jailski….Chavs big January Sales and down the football pyramid to conference league !. Sorted !.

  • TA

    No real comment on JW as DM, tho I suspect he’s too rash. We will see if he’s on and how it goes. I could well be wrong or ICWBW since we seem to like acronyms lately

    Oilers 1 vs Oilers 2 — I dont care who wins or draws, I am more cruel. I am rooting for casualties! … To answer the cold war era joke about who to root for in a war between russia and china..

    same here..

    cheers — jgc

  • Give tv a run in midfield wth jack..both are attack minded but tv should cab those to a gud defensive mid.
    A draw btwn the oilers would be great better stil the chavs should loose.

  • i suspect it will be the old amigos and the tried and tested duo (at youth ranks) of Frimmy + JW = they both have come through the ranks and have the best understanding in that role for me personally.

    however, we have the likes of Nico as well, who happens to be a very intelligent and capable player.

    my preferred starting 11 be as following :




    Gnabry—–Rosicky (Olsson)—–Ryo

    ————-Bendy (Yaya)——-

    *brackets represent the subsitutions

    2-1 .

  • Start 11 vs Chelsea (COC): Fabianski, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Monreal, Wilshere, Gibbs, Gnabry, Cazorla, Rosicky, Bendtner

    Subs: Viviano, Bellerin, Eisfeld, Hayden, Frimpong, Miyaichi, Akpom

  • At some point this season Chelsea need to lose at home, ruining Mourinho’s “perfect” record. Today could be the day, but I don’t think it will be…Jose *is* a bit of a special one, in that he uses his outsized personality to deflect away from his very pragmatic (read, negative…) approach to the game. It’s *his* record so he will use all the resources at hand to defend it. As such, I expect no more than a goal or two today and a very negative approach to the match…If successful, he might go for not that many changes for our match (even if it’s on only one day of rest)–defenders can defend on and on, he might figure…

    Agreed with Geoff, that it’s not the worst thing if the two big money clubs have a few limping off…Gotta give the shadow squad guys (on 100-150-200k/week…) something to do besides pull splinters out of their arses…

  • “Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has a tongue-in-cheek swipe at their fixture list as he concludes his programme notes with: “Let’s play and enjoy this big game. Then on Monday we play at The Emirates. Sorry it’s not Monday. It is Tuesday. I forgot they gave us 24 hours to recover and prepare for another big game.”

    so he’s already working on his losing speech and excuses, i see – clever man that jose.

  • Give frimpong a game or sell him. No point keeping him but not playing him. Shud give santi a rest as well

  • I agree with your analysis of todays game. I think city will be hot and cold till jan. And cfc losing at home will have a big impact. Jose onldispite lost one home game as manager so it would bother them.

    To be honest I think cfc will buy this years title. U don’t see us keeping it up. I hope I am wrong but our last 3 league games have been poor dispite the results and Dortmund we needed a bit of luck and didn’t get it. I think thst might effect us in the Liverpool game. Losing flamini with the 4 players already out gives Liverpool a huge advantage.

  • Babakrdaemi,

    Liverpool have no such huge advantage, they will still be playing against an excellent and motivated starting 11, regardless of our unfortunate injuries.

    Liverpool are a one half team, which is the first half – as it stands, we are a 2nd half team and if we can keep things relatively tight in the first half next week, we’ll be surprising a lot of people , regardless of Flamini or no Flamini.

    our Midfield is the best in the PL and we will boss it against teams who don’t park the bus and come out to play.

    on today’s game, Man $hitty have put out a very negative looking team for me, a Chelsea win or a draw it seems due to their negative team selection…(very stoke like look for me) not that i’m complaining 😉

  • JB and Babakrdaemi

    IMO per my post the key to Pool is shutting down service to Suarez, or more generally, bossing the midfield,.. Wait for it, .. In transition… Suarez without ball is a frustrated and ineffective man (and hungry! 🙂 )… So, boss their mids and it gets easier

    Vs Chelsea, well, given Flams injury I wouldn’t mind seeing TV in defensive mid Tuesday to see how it looks with JW in too… Given what Maureen said, per JB, he’s already laying the groundwork for a youth team as well. Face it, if you go out in the COC, you’d prefer it to arsenals youth then a lower division first team! as it just looks better to fans..

    Cheers — jgc

  • Cheers guys 🙂

    Terry, I am not sure we would have had a DM if Flamini had not signed for us. There were rumours last summer and nobody was signed in the end…

    So happy we got Flamini though!

    Jgc, rash maybe but I just see a willingness to fight for every ball and the mongrelness we both appreciate….

  • Fine comment,17.

    What makes you think he’s not first eleven right now?

    I reckon Santi is a given, as he needs to play away his rustiness.

  • Hey fellas…I’ve missed both goals in this match, finding myself more interested in rooting for Hull in the N17… Highlight showed Clichy (looking a lot like the artist formerly known as Prince…) getting well roached by Torres to set up the first goal…

    I gotta say, these teams (including Totts…) would appear to have a LOT more depth than we do. We’re going to need to keep eking out results like yesterday’s when there’s a bit of adversity…

    For me, regarding the double pivot or holding midfield positions (no such thing as a DM in Wenger’s vocabulary…), we need to control that part of the pitch with possession. Arteta, I thought looked better but, as we saw yesterday doesn’t really have much pace for getting back and defending. If there’s any player to “convert,” for me, it would be Koscielny. In lieu of that, Wilshere and Arteta (for the bigger matches after the CoC match, where Mikel will serve his ban…) are preferable for me. Ramsey and Rosciky are just too attack minded and aggressive with both their touches and their passes. To play as a holding mid, a different mentality is required. Near our box every move must be “safety first,” near theirs, risky ones are tolerable… Our options are limited but Jack, I think, can do the job…

    Where’s Juan Mata to take the lefty FK?

  • TA, if Flamini is available I think Jack (and Rosicky) are the big losers (for playing time) in the Ozil signing. Obviously, Santi and Jack both need to work on their fitness so they can play a full, agressive 90 mins. I think there’s some real potential for Jack to learn a lot and contribute switching spots wide right and central with Ozil while Theo is out. Santi and/or Rosicky should, however, start ahead of him.

    Again, that’s if Flamini can play. He can’t so that’s a path for Jack back to first 11. He helped settle us yesterday in the final 15 mins playing a deep lying role and I don’t see a reason he can’t do that tomorrow AND in the next three matches alongside Arteta. Of course a key is for our fitter, more attacking guys, as well as the FBs, working hard to provide possession-keeping outlets. To win these matches we will need to dominate possession. Yesterday, with Flamini out we were very sloppy between our lines of defense. Palace didn’t punish us, but you’d expect Chelsea, Pool, Dortmund and United to do better…

    Totts appears to have (finally) scored, but the (new) future of English football (Townsend) might be hurt…

  • Whoa, I saw THAT one…Guess all the money in the world can’t translate “I’ve got it,” from English into Serbian …

  • Okay, seventeen I can see where you are coming from. Until now Jack has been first eleven choice by Wenger, but i can see him having to compete with Ramsey and Santi for one of the wider positions for the foreseeable future.

  • Chavs win… Not a big surprise and a clear sign who will be our main competition for the title. But first we need to beat them for the League Cup, just to prove wrong the view that our squad is thin for a start. 🙂

  • agreed @ JGC – Suarez has a red card in him 😉

    how unlucky for both Man City and Hull,

    Man city robbed by their over-rated keeper

    and Hull robbed by the ref

    day time robbery

    Chelsea aren’t as good as everyone is making them out to be , we are by far the best team in England and i hope the lads can prove it starting this Tuesday, honestly, the way we are playing in every game as a whole, no one comes close to us – provided we don’t have a repeat of those 20 minutes of Dortmund.

    Lucky Chelsea and lucky spuds today.

  • sunday is the day of day time robberies in london, arghhhhhh

    i feel for poor steve…

    Hull manager Steve Bruce: “I feel for the team and the supporters, to be denied the point that we deserved.

    “It’s a joke decision, we’ve got men in there that have been robbed. They are desperate to play in the Premier League but they are questioning it because of a joke decision. He couldn’t wait to give it.

    “I shouldn’t say this and I might get fined, but we would have got it? I’m not so sure.”

    and some interesting words by Manuel . P

    Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini: “From tomorrow, we will think about the best way to stop the problems of losing away.

    “We are losing stupid points, the three defeats we got away we did not deserve. We have time to arrange.

    “I am happy with the way the team is playing. We had control today.

    “I did not expect anything different from him [Mourinho]. It is normal [his celebrations].

    “I did not shake hands. I did not want to.

    “In the three defeats, we had important responsibilities for the goals the other teams scored.”

  • on a side note, i hope every single Arsenal player was watching MOTD last night…because for me as a Gooner it was highly motivational and inspirational when you have the likes of clowns on there writing us off completely, telling us straight that we are FLAT TRACK bullies and our next 10 games be a disaster waiting to happen…

    Thank you for motivating us even more…

    for all those interested in watching the biased analysis and blatant hate towards us, here it is

  • interesting that TA wants Santi to play, i want him rested on tuesday – sometimes less is more – his rustiness can be sorted with more training sessions , considering he’s only just returned, he needs to be rested on tuesday and he is going to be vital for the next 3 games.

    he gets a breather for me or starts from the bench.

  • JB and TA et al,

    Some comments:

    A. JB: flat track bully is ok! It means you win most of your games as we are talking the 14-15 other teams in the league.. I’m happy to win all those! 🙂

    B. All: no one looked to sharp today. Spurs needed a late penalty to 1-0 Hull, one of this also fans flat track bullies beat up. Chelsea got dominated at home and were semi fortunate.. We will see there but neither looked like a goal machine.

    C. All: Pool currently look strongest of all, so we will see in one week!

    D. JB: Pelligrini is impressing me by his composure and lack of BS games. If I had to choose losing to him or Moyes/Maureen/AVB with all their comments, I choose him first. If I had to lose!

    E. TA and JB and 17: regarding JW, I think Arsene doesn’t believe in pure DMs. Given JWs mongrel and skills why is he seen as a future 10 when an AW style DM might be a better match to his skills AND attitude? Certainly, he’s more talented than Flamini so longer term over next year or so…

    Regarding rash, I like the mongrel but like a good, nasty guard dog with the pit bull tenacity we know he has, he needs to discipline that effort so it is much better spent and returns more.. IMO, that’s his issue. He tries to hard and doesn’t play with full discipline as yet.

    Thinking that way as a pivot imagine a middle three of AR and JW behind Ozil, with Santi and Theo on wings!!? Like


    Back 4

    AR and JW

    Theo Ozil Santi


    As Santi comes to fitness and if JW took to that role, just imagine!

    Cheers — jgc

  • JB

    I’m leaning to all youth plus returning injured TV and NB types, no Santi also..

    Cheers — jgc

  • doesn’t necessarily have to be all youth, can be a nice blend of both really, the team i have above is nicely balanced – i just don’t want Santi to start on tuesday or even play against Chelsea – his place should be given to Eisfield/Olsson / Ryo – sorted

    Santi is an extremely important team player and one that we need for the scouse, dortmund and macs

    he hasn’t looked tired off late or match fitness short, he needs more training time with his team mates and Ozil in particular, the rest of the things will come on this saturday vs the Fools.

  • Yeah, I’m with the chorus (comment boys) here and contra our fearless leader (TA). Santi is very important for the tougher three matches…On Tues it has to be Ryo, Bendy and Gnabry across the front, Eisfeld, JW and Hayden/Frimpong and then Jenks, TV5, Kos or Per and Nacho. (Fab in goal, of course…) Some firepower (Rosicky, Ramsey, Akpom, is Sanago fit?…) on the bench would be nice if we’re chasing it, as I suspect we might be…

    It’s still very early in the league and clearly both of the silly money teams were playing not to lose. Clichy and new (old) boy DiMichelis was almost as ugly a combo for the 1st goal as the miscommunication and the back-header for the 2nd. Credit to el Nin(y)o for taking advantage of both after missing the sitter early.

    IMO it’s still very wide open and casual observers should be spared for noting that we top the table merely getting results where we should be getting them. Hopefully, the Dortmund experience taught us about sometimes taking the point instead of pushing for the extra two. Again, the title, top 4 and even safety from relegation (I think) may be achieved on lower totals than normal…

    O-GAAT of course and a good performance with some suggestion of broadening our core of contributors *should* be more important than the result tomorrow. Will people be able to see it this way? Hell no, they won’t…. 🙄 ….

  • that is it really @ 17HT

    we can be certain to see the likes of Willian, Eto’o, Mata, Luiz , Mikel’s and co playing on tuesday regardless of Jose’s mind games .

    it’s a home game, so we should have a strong bench by all means.

  • Progress report!!! In pub .. Kermit pissed and taken my dialect gooner doughnuts!! He has a boner from hell and im getting s load of stick!! Full report tomorrow!! 😆

  • Kermit got a xmas gift early will come tumbling down this tuesday at the emirates,no worries 😉

    on a more serious note, we are very much on target for the 25 point mark i set for our first 10 games, currently on 22 from 9.

    naples needed 2 penalties to win their game, both were scored by Higuain – yawns.

  • Disagreed fellas, Santi gets better the longer he plays, the more he plays and should and will play on Tuesday…..and score a brace in the process 😉

  • oh dear, someone happens to be in a very imposing mood tonight 😀 since i don’t want to be kicked out from here, why a brace and why not a hat-trick 😉

  • I just use logic, Jambon, but you can call it imposing 😉

    If Santi has a good game and gets substituted after 70 minutes, he will be better for it against Pool. Whereas resting him has little benefit right now IMO.

  • Only saw the Pool – WBA summary an hour ago, but that was a very fine performance by the Muncher. The nr.1 to keep fully fit for Saturday is Koscielny: he (and other defenders) will need to be at their very best to stop him in his form.

    Jambon – agreed on Hansen’s commentary: what a twat!

  • no worries, Sagna and co will sort out Suarez

    you know what ?

    i have been thinking with my Visionary cap on and i have come up with the following :

    the games we drew/lost against the likes of :



    were NOT mainly down to but ONLY down to our individual mistakes and errors at the back

    for e.g…

    Man utd = TV5 giving it to RVP – same game, Santi giving them a Penalty – and then JW being sent off —but TV5’s mistake was the one that had cost us

    LiverFOOl = TV5 again, poor clearance and gifting it to his old mate – Suarez

    Man City = Koc, red card and taking out Tevez ?

    Man utd = Sagna taking out RVP – Penalty

    conclusion : we can most certainly win against all the big teams, including Chelsea , provided we are disciplined at the back – our back 5 need to be very disciplined – SORTED !

    why ? because ARSENAL IS THE ONLY TEAM TO HAVE SCORED IN EVERY SINGLE GAME THIS SEASON , bet everyone knew that already, ehhh


  • TA,

    i want a strong team to face Chelsea, this has been the gist of my discussion with Gerry over the last whole week and for that reason i wanted a few players rested for CP- however, that didn’t happen and we have to go with the flow now

    no doubt , Santi has a good engine on him and the best stamina wise , however, Eisfield’s the Olsson’s and Ryo’s can take the game to the Villain’s i mean Willian’s , Ba’s and so on

    the injury to Flamini has changed my way of thinking really, until saturday i would have been with you a 100% as you could see from my comments with Gerry, however, no Flamini has made me a bit cagey and made me re-visit the whole situation taking into account the bigger picture.

    either way, let’s just say that i wouldn’t mind Santi scoring a brace on tuesday ; )

  • JB, I understand where you are coming from buddy 🙂

    I want our wider squad players to have a proper game of footie so they can come closer to playing in the first team. We just differ on Cazorla as you and others want to rest him where I want him to get into form. I reckon Wenger sees it the same but if not I will be eating Coockie’s humble pie 😀

  • Morning all, I will be brief as my internet connection keeps dropping out – High winds.

    JB Thanks for the explanation of your views on the COC, it is complicated, I agree.

    For all the comments against ‘resting/rotation’, can I just say that it is not just the run of games – Pool, BD, and Man U – that we have to consider. We still have an away trip to Napoli to secure our CL position, assuming the Marsielles home win is a given with them in ‘free fall’? Beyond that there is the hectic Christmas/New Year period, and whoever we are drawn against in the FA Cup. All that before we are lucky enough to sign anybody in the TW. Remember also, many of our players do not get a break in the ‘Interlull’ either.

    For that reason I am reposting my team suggestions from yesterday.

    JM – I like your choice as Gibbs as DM/B2B, as I read it?

  • @ Gerry,

    Gibbs knows by his nature playing as a left back, that when Monreal goes overlapping (and supporting Cazorla up on our left wing), he has to provide cover on our left flank.

  • Beyond this COC tie, we still have to find a (strong) partner for Arteta, so it might be a time to test out somebody?

    Cut from my post yesterday …(with edits)

    (If) We are talking about the ‘pool and Man U games, presumably alongside Arteta if the double defensive pivot is to be employed.. Yennaris will play that position in the COC I would imagine, and Hayden at CB? Probably alongside Vermaelin. Although, the clever AW might just put Jenks alongside TV5, and push Hayden forwards, with Yennaris as the more advanced of the pair, something he has done previously.

    That would allow the devilishly quick Bellerin to be the RB? Olsson and Eisfeld as the creative pair with any two from three up front; Bentner, Akpom, Gnabry?
    It may look a weakish side to put out, but, Chelsea, coming off a tricky game today will more than likely go for something similar, and both packing the bench with players you hope don’t get used?

    That is the way I would do it, but I am not AW.

    Don’t dismiss Sagna from the DM role either. If your read his stats from yesterday, it does read very much like what a good DM would do? But is does come down to whether Jenks, or even Bellerin, does enough to be Per’s right-hand man if Sagna moves to the middle?

    Here are my alternatives:


    _____________Fab _________________|___________ Fab______________

    Bellerin___Jenks_____Tv5____Monreal _|___Jenks__Hayden__Tv5___Monreal

    _______Yennaris_______Hayden _____|_______Sagna_____Yennaris______

    __ Akpom______ Olsson ___ Eisfeld ___|___ Gnabry ____ Eisfeld _______ Ryo

    _________ Bendtner ______________|___________ Bendtner ____________


    Viviano, Sagna, Mert, Jack, Santi, Ozil, Ryo ——— Ditto, except Bellerin for Sagna
    ________________________________________ and Olsson for Ryo.

    AW would lean towards the second choice methinks?

    Broadband is holding up, hence the bigger addition

  • Morning guys 🙂

    Interesting point of view Gerry. Wouldn’t mind to see your line up but I think you are letting your personal view cloud with what Arsene will do. In my opinion he will select a more experienced team:

    Jenky BFG tv nacho
    Jack Frimmers
    Gnabry bendy Cazza

    Maybe, and hopefully, not BFG though.

  • Morning TA,fellow gooners

    Would go for the following line up


    Jenko Bfg Verm Nacho

    Jack Hayden

    Gnabry Rozy Santi

    Nicky B


    A bit harsh on Bfg but no one else marshals the defense like him so i think he’s needed

  • Good morning Pork Sword Praisers!! 😀 Fozzie B reporting to all with an extra fuzzy head this morning after a big night out with Kermit after seeing the Maureen get one over Count Pelegrini!! 😀
    There’s no love there is there?? Without old red nose on the scene this shapes as a real good manager rivalry … There spainish history… The count not even wanting to shake his hand after … Me likey likey!!! 😀
    Some observations
    1.Arsenal hospitality kicks chalvskis stateside!! I mean you get your own booth and seating straight out but in chalvski you have to join the crowd. Not that I mind that but blow me down those seats are small!! 😀
    I was like a pop tart that couldn’t pop!!
    My shoulders are still aching today … That’s how bad it was. 😀
    Kermit was fine because he’s not as broad … Jammy wotsit he is.. 😀
    For me what stood out is what a fortress the Bridge is… I mean the singing and atmosphere left the emirates for dead!! I’m not sure if it will ever improve at home but I’m hoping it will, I guess with a few more wins the crowd might believe a bit more.. 😀 I know our away support is always brilliant and represents.
    I met a fee chalvski supporters and it just amazes me that they still write off our chances!! I hope we do one on them tomorrow .. They have such a strong squad and there will be players with a point to prove against us 😀
    KG I like your lineup for tomorrow …

  • Ps Mrs P was not too happy at the time I made it in – Cockie have you got room in the tranny annex for one more 😆

  • Sorry Fozzer, the Love Shack is a place of rest and respite, put you in there with me and the capacity doubles and officially becomes a Lunatic Asylum and I will then have to pay business tax rates !.

    You can always shack up with VCC as he doesn`t know whether he is coming or going and is struggling having ups and downs, by that I mean he was arrested for being found masturbating in a lift ( elevator ) of a department store !, he doesn`t see that it is wrong on so many different levels !. hahaha

  • TA – Yes, the team I suggest is very much my personal view, but it is not clouded.

    I just think league points are the priority.

    Once the squads are announced, both sides will have an idea of intentions. I am suggesting if the squad includes about 7 senior players, 2 or 3 reserves, and the rest academy lads, then I think it is simply a case of who starts?

    I see no point in sending out a strong-ish team to start. I doubt very much that such a team would get a two goal cushion to enable any of them to come off early. That means the players that will be expected to play in the following 3 matches will be stuck out there for 70-90 minutes. Whereas, if you start with either of my alternative line-ups, see how there doing after an hour. If there is a glimmer of hope of snatching/holding on to a win, then send on some bigger guns for the last quarter?

    That is part of my reasoning. The other is quite simply, what better time to play those youngsters you may want to use in rotation down the line than in a game that does not cost us points? If they can stand up and be counted against a skillful opposition, whether it is Chavs reserves or academy, then our future rotation prospects will look a whole lot better?

    I also think AW is a great believer in most of the ones I have named, although I forgot about Zelalem who may make the bench, will be also be closer to it than your full strength jobette?

    We shall see ..

  • Thanks Fozzie

    Looks like the smug one is at it again..little wanker, just trying to focus all the pressure on us!

    Crying that the coming fixture is in our favor and not having enough time to prepare his squad..Obnoxious little twat!!!

  • KG – That is a fiery twosome to defend our back for?

    One day may be, but for now I think Hayden needs to get a bit of guidance from one of the senior pros? Which is why I think he will be CB this time around?

  • Gerry..fair enough

    but do you reckon a pairing of Verm and Hayden would keep them out??

    and who else would do the shielding job seeing the Flame is out, Zollo suspended and Rambo in need of a breather??

  • KG, as my No 2 would be the most solid?

    That means not only Sagna possibly staying in that position if successful, if Jenks/Bellerin has a good game, or playing the next 3 games at RB and hope he gets a break in the ‘Interlull’?

    Alternatively, a Yennaris/ Monreal, but that means Gibbs doing yet another stint.

  • Kg – Agreed on Gibbs.

    Somehow, I just cannot see Jack playing in that deep role whilst ‘nursing’ a dodgy ankle? Bench more likely. Another in the ‘hopefully-not-used’ category?

    The same way I cannot see Frimpong starting through lack of recent matches. It will be interesting if he is in the squad though?

    The question in this post is have we got any DMs left, and unless somebody else converts to that defensive role rather than B2B, then the choice is between Hayden and Yennaris. Both would have been ideally suited alongside Arteta, as that ain’t going to happen – subject to no appeal going in – which is why I would give the ‘dependable’ role to Sagna, with less energy than running up and down the wing, and have young legs alongside?

    it has the bonus then of using him until Flam gets back, or if Nico does good, and he has never failed to do so, keeps the spot with Arteta for the next 3 games?

    Just my planning more for future games, rather than this one as a stand alone. Chelsea can put out a very strong set of players from their reserves and youth ranks to cause our first 11 problems. Which is why I don’t think a strong team will necessarily get us in a good enough position to rest anybody?

    Our younger brigade have enough speed and class to upset them, if their players don’t click together. At least our youth have mostly played the Under 21’s together?

    As I repeat, my priority is the ‘6-pointers’ against Liverpool and Man U, rather than 3 further rounds of the COC. Not to mention, risking our CL qualification after the group stages.

    Others have a different view.

  • On the question of the other result? Well I pointed out last week that the Chavs have an easier run over the next few games, so their win puts them close enough for Maureen to think about resting players. If they had lost it would have put Man C in a very much stronger position, so Maureen might have been ‘obliged’ to play a strong hand here to restore confidence?

    Therefore I am happy it went that way. But, I repeat again. IF we keep winning we win the Title. We just have to stay very much in it until January and hope some suitable players become available. Then it will be a whole new ball game?

  • Of course the league is our priority, however, by not playing a relatively strong team or one with a nice blend and strong bench, we don’t necessarily guarantee ourselves less injuries, or more wins in the league – note how Flamini had not played for a week and then gets back and is down injured.

    the point being, if resting players or rotating them ensued it then by all means yes, but who is to say that even after resting them for tomorrow , they won’t be breaking down anyway ?

    you’re looking very far ahead for me @ Gerry – Marseille xmas and all that , i prefer to OWAT instead of OGAT – but to play the devils advocate here slightly, Marseille and xmas is a long time away , we may lose some players to injuries, we may not but one things for sure – we will be getting some very important players back, one of whom is due back in full training tomorrow ? (Poldoski ) –

    sure, there is an interlull which will require most of the french players to be there but our German contingent gets a well earned and deserved rest for the friendlies , so it’s a balancing act really, one that is beyond our control.

    all i know is that i don’t buy Jose’s – oh, i will field a youth side, we would be naive to assume that he will, the guy’s a snake and winning is his drug the same drug we have been high on recently, so we keep the momentum going in England and instill our presence and fear factor back

    your team is very adventurous though !

    but like i was saying to TA last night, there is no humble pie eating when it comes to our team selections because there is our team selections and then there is AW’s – he might go with your team or he may surprise us all and field something totally different, ha

    i am in agreement with most with my only disagreement being over Santi – instead of him starting i would keep him on the bench and start with Eisfield

    the training pictures later on will reveal a bit more

    great news though, young Gnabry has signed a long term contract – Messi and Ronaldo , in the next 2 years, people won’t be talking about you no more and it will all be about Gnabry, ha

  • i don’t know how accurate this news is but i am reading that Poldi is back in full training this week ? not sure if it means that he might be on the bench this saturday ?

    regardless, it’s great news and i’m hoping TW is the same as well , if, both of them are back in training this week then i can see a nice 15-20 minute cameo for both against Liverpool and then away to Dortmund.

    i hope this article i read was true though as usually justarsenal do write bullocks at times

    excited none the less !

  • Good afternoon Bergkampesqueres

    I find the Flamini thing strange. Not strange enough to distract me from women, but strange that he kind of fell in our lap.

    Ok, we were linked with Cabye and Fellani, but there not exactly defensive are they?

    Did Arsene get lucky with Flamini? I am beginning to think so.

    The Chelsea result don’t really matter does it?? If we lose Mourinio gets a boner and if we win I do a bit of stretching. In the grand scheme of things not a big deal.

    The most important thing about staying in is that the younger players taste the big time and get needed experience

    Come to think about it, I hope we thrash the Barsts 5-0

  • blimey, just seen the training pictures and it appears that the likes of Ozil, Giroud and BFG might be on the bench ?

    ooh la la

  • TMHT – I think it more likely we made our own luck by being the type of club he wanted to come back to? Just as Cesc said F-you ManU because of the memories made here?

    It is not just about the young ones getting a taste of the big time, although that is very important to them. But we do need opportunities to see just how well they cope?

    We may need two or three to step up very shortly?

  • Not so sure about Flamini Gerry

    I just wonder what Arsene would have done if the Flamini opportunity had not arisen?

    As I said, we weren’t exactly linked with too many players this summer who specialise in the “dark arts” were we?

  • hahaha, yes Vics, that Cockie lift story had me laughing out loud

    I to enjoy a frantic stretch in Lifts, but unlike your good self who has a Zimmer tight defence, I know exactly what ime doing. hahaha

  • JB – Not a great splattering of youth in those picture? Ryo, in fact?

    The reason I ran the fixtures so far ahead is because if we keep playing the same small group of players, injuries are more likely..Flamini’s injury could have happened because of the dry pitch, or he could have gone another two suspensions without it happening. There is never a guarantee with these things, you can only play the odds?

    What we do know, we have few areas where we are not exactly covered for important players; Per – lets look at Hayden; RB – lets have a look at Bellerin: Arteta and in the short term we hope, Flamini – lets look at Yennaris; To a lesser extent Giroud – Bendtner, Poldolski can, but Akpom, Sanago perhaps?. Ozil, Rosicky – it might be nice to see Eisfeld in a truly competetive game. Likewise Zelalem?

    This game allows us that opportunity without the pressure of losing valuable points in the league. Indeed, Sagna at DM is another opportunity?

    As for what Chelsea do? Who would you rest out of the side that played yesterday, when they have at least half a dozen who could fit into their first team without question, before you get to their very good academy players. One thing it will not damage our player’s confidence if the kids lose out, it will if our best players do?

    Opinions, opinions, eh?

  • Team news: Who is fit to face Chelsea?
    Arsène Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of the Capital one Cup fourth-round clash against Chelsea:
    on Mathieu Flamini…
    He has a scan today and then we will get the results as to how long he will be out. It doesn’t look like a bad muscle injury but honestly it’s too early to give you a precise answer. It’s a groin injury.

    on Jack Wilshere…
    Yes, he is OK to play.

    on Mikel Arteta…
    He is suspended for one game, so I will not appeal.
    on other injuries…
    Serge Gnabry has a problem, he got a kick on the ankle. He will be assessed tomorrow. After that we will decide who plays and who doesn’t play. I will decide [on Tuesday]. Eisfeld has a back problem.

    on Gedion Zalalem…
    He is not yet available. He had a knee problem. He is back in full training but he has not played yet. He will play 45 minutes with the under-18 team later this week.

    on Emmanuel Frimpong…
    He is still short of competition. Isaac Hayden will be involved, Ryo and Gnabry if he’s fit.

    credit to

    right then, we have a lot more injuries then first anticipated.

    so the situation demands a strong starting 11 .

    let the fun begin !

  • Who said it was a story ?. It`s the truth. ten minutes earlier and he would have been arrested for trying to shag a mannequin in the front window of Top Shop !. What was it PG called him ?………a sexual terrorist !. hahaha

  • sorry Gerry,

    it seems the likes of Eisfield and Zelalem have been ruled out, with frimmy and Gnabry only at 50%.

    but we know that it may well be a Hayden- JW double though

    i’m guessing it will be a strong team with both Ramsey, Santi invovled – bring it on !

  • Big mistake if my Cocknotism has worn out on Darth Wenger !, Play a few of our so called 1st choice 11 against the Chavs and they then end up in ET and penalties with the added possibility of injuries, then the Scouse Gits will bury us on Saturday !. We are TOTL, lets stay there, don’t fcuk it up for a COCkie Cup !. You have been warned Darth Wenger, I shall use the force with no lubrication if you fcuk about with out title ambitions !.

    A Very Angry Monster !.

  • JB – If Ryo is down the left then Santi might be rested, and Rosicky in for Ozil?

    Best wait for the squads i think?

  • On another tack – Ask Alcide what he thought on KZ4 last night?

    No kidding he took a Zlatan belter from about 2 yards straight in the midriff ….

    and just walked away ha ha.

    I tell you, the boy has what it takes. The only mistake he made was jumping too soon in injury time and missed the headed clearance that would have given Etienne a fully deserved 2-1 victory. They played the last 30 minutes with only 10 men, and held out the mighty PSG until the 93rd minute. Fantastic!

    I’m off to catch up on recordings now. See what the morning brings ..

  • Ryo – down the left

    Santi – through the middle

    Rosicky – on the right

    sorted !

    Provisional Squad: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Giroud, Fabianski, Vermaelen, Monreal, Jenkinson, Bendtner, Rosicky, Gnabry, Hayden, Miyachi.

  • Is that an official squad for the game Bondage or your own ?.

    May be it`s his sense of humour but the boy Frimpong doesn`t do himself any favours being on Twatter !. Arsenal is the last club he could have directed such crap at !.

    Luckily in this world I have it good….Blue eyes…sing the Blues…Monster Royalty with Blue blood…Get bargains in Blue Cross sales…Work for a Blue Chip company…have Blue Tits…swim in the Blue sea…watch a beautiful Blue Sky…Got a Blue Peter Badge…and Star in Blue Movies…..otherwise I could come out with such crap like Frimpong and say…..”is it because I is Blue ! “.
    If you look in the mirror son, maybe you`ll see it`s because you fcuk about more on TV and twatter than work hard on the training ground trying to be as good as your peers, it`s not down to your race, religion or colour, it`s down to……talent !. Dench !……more like a foul Stench !.

  • frimpong’s opinion in my eyes has just nosed dived – get rid of him ASAP

    there shouldn’t be a place even on the training facilities for him, – yuck

    all this time we have been wanting Arsenal to field more british/english players and the guy comes out and hides behind the colour of his skin to make such notorious accusations and allegations.

    keep twitting and playing fifa – you clown….you have just bitten the hand that fed you.

    Arsene Wenger is a very fair man, there was a time not so long ago that the british media were all over him like a rash for not playing anyone English or not having enough English players in the squad.

    utterly disgusting his tweet

  • You know what JB, my ghasted has been totally flabbered by that !. The boy was welcomed into our Gooner hearts with open arms….it feels like a knife in the back !. Very sad !. 😦

  • i’m absolutely furious and seething.

    it’s worse than a knife cause a knife would actually make you bleed, this is worse than betrayal and what the likes of van pu$$y and na$ri did @ TCM

    get rid of this clown AW and while you’re at it, take his phone off him as well

    immature, unwise and an absolute clown – the majority of us wanted him to partner JW for Chelsea tomorrow but after what he’s said – he can pack his bags and just go elsewhere – oh no wait, he did and even Fulham didn’t want him.

    it’s tragic really, am very disappointed to hear such views after i thought our squad and team harmony was really strong to then have one of our very own come out and accuse us of this.

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