Was that Bendtner and Vermaelen’s last chance?

Where is our Lion of Flanders gone?

Where did our Lion of Flanders go?

Both Vermaelen and Bendtner are at an age now when there is no more time for trial and error. Last night’s game against the Chavs was a brilliant opportunity to show to all of us how they deserve to play in the first team far more regularly than they have been doing, but both failed to take it.

Bendtner appears to play with an air of indifference, or is it just a lack of focus? Giroud is technically not a much better player than the Dane but he just brings focus and work rate; and with those two anybody can get far in life, especially if a bit of talent in something is added. For me, that was Bendtner’s last chance and it is now time to let him go. Sanogo and Akpom should get some more opportunities in the first team from now on.

With Vermaelen there is never a problem with work rate… or maybe there is. Is he working too hard; does he want it too badly? Thomas always plays with full passion and energy and I love him for that. But as we witnessed on many occasion last season, he lacks composure and focus, especially in the bigger games.

As a captain, he should ooze calm and confidence, but often the opposite is the case. I have always felt that Wenger made a big mistake in awarding the Belgian Pit-bull Terrier the captaincy: he is not a captain but a warrior – a first soldier. An Arsenal captain needs to have composure and overview, organisational and communication skills and ability to read/predict the game, and fight till the very last second of the game. TV5 offers us the latter in bucket loads, but the other areas are sadly missing to a large extent.

I reckon TV5 is a good CB to have as a stand in for Koz but he cannot replace the BFG adequately. I am not sure whether being the current ‘third CB in the squad’ is good for him either. Thomas needs to play regularly, and it looks like this will be his last season at Arsenal; he might even be leaving in January. Last night was a great opportunity to convince us otherwise, and although he did not have a really bad game, he just did not do enough to push Koz out of the first choice CB-pairing any time soon. Time to move on, Thomas?

I agree with most fellow Gooners that Jenkinson also did not make the grade yesterday. But he is still young, and we know he only starts to become good once he has played a few games in a row. And to some extent, the same goes for Ryo. Let’s give them some more time before we write them off: they might well still come good.

The two plusses from last night were Ramsey and Santi. The Spaniard seems to be getting fitter and sharper, although he is not completely there yet; and the Welshman showed his strength and confidence during a number of one to one battles with the Chavs’ midfielders, which really pleased me.

There is no need to read too much into last night’s result, though. If we make five changes in the ‘back seven’ (including ‘DMs’ and GK) then we are simply asking for trouble against a team like the Chavs, especially when leaders like BFG, Sagna, Arteta and Flamini are all missing – the latter two through not being available. That also makes me think Wenger did not mind losing the game yesterday, as he would have opted for at least the BFG or Sagna if he had cared for getting a result.

I am glad to have the game out of the way now and we no longer have to play in the League Cup this season. But now it is time to pick up our form and winning streak again by beating the Dippers on Saturday. CoYG! 🙂


Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  1. Nizam says:

    Vermallen shd not be sold unless Wenger gets a replacement. The Danish guy shod go.I tell you what. Pool will be fresh and out to make a statement of intent.
    With his strongest team available,Wenger shd get the win .
    Against Chelsea,the gunners were trying to walk the ball into the net or making an unnecessary pass.This gives the defenders time to regroup and foil the attack.
    lose to Pool and there could be repercussions.

  2. AB says:

    Good balanced perspective TA. Yes a disappointing result, but no need to panic yet. We must hope that our first team don’t have their confidence dented by this, and are looking forward to the Pool game with ambition to put our potential league competitors back. And we should still be confident in this team. There are bound to be losses along the way as the team is young, the squad is thin in places, and key players are being integrated. But we should not slip back from all the positive momentum created on the back of 1 poor result by our CC team. Bring on the Pool!

  3. proudgooner says:

    I have not read your post yet i will do straight after, i have just been reading on caughtoffsides site that Jovetic agent and city bosses have been in talks with Wenger about letting him join us on a half season loan with a view to buy at the end off the loan 😉
    Both saying he clearly is not in the new managers plans and with 4 strikers in front of him in the managers view that they are already willing to let him leave and want to recoup some of there 22 million pound fee, i am sure JB will be delighted 🙂

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Nizam, good points. I reckon the Pool game is just about ideal for us to get back to winning ways and make a statement of intent. And with the Chavs going to Newcastle, we could create a bit of a gap this weekend. 🙂

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed AB, and the thinness is only in certain positions which can still be resolved.

    PG – I would love to get Jovetic but this sounds too good to be true…. 😕

  6. AB says:

    Bendtner can go as soon as you like – and why Park has never been given a run is still a mystery to me, given our paucity of forwards. But I’d rather we gave Akpom some early game time than continue to waste opportunities on Bendtner. Verm, no we need him; we have to have quality cover at CB, and he is that. Who would we buy in his place who would be anywhere near as good as cover CB? But he does need to play, to be match fit, to build confidence, and to make him want to stay. We need some young CB potential in the squad, but we have to have a quality 1st team replacement, other than Sagna.

    Jenks I remain positive about. Yes he has a lot to learn, but he has shown he is capable when played for stretches, even if he does make mistakes – but what young defender doesn’t? I say we stick with him and back him – he is a true gooner after all. Ryo I am less sure about. I don’t have any issue about him being young potential, but I don’t see him getting a look-in with all the people ahead of him – Theo, Pod, Ox and now Gnab, not to mention Santi. Wenger also likes his wingers, and I can see him buying again here if quality appears on the market (Draxler?). All this means Ryo is going to have to take a major step up, and mighty fast, if he is not to become surplus to our on-field needs…

    As ever I remain pretty cup half full about our squad. A striker, and quality DM (Bender), and a talented but developing CB would do it all for me.

  7. proudgooner says:

    Good post,
    On tv5 i would definately keep him , i agree that he may well have tried to hard last night it really is something that you can do i have done it and i am sure everyone else has at some point. I think he is still a great player he was good at WBA and did all the things you said he needed to there. We would just be looking for another CB as good to cover for KOS and the BFG if we did let him go and would struggle to find 1 happy to sit there as cover.
    On NB i think last night was the beginning of the end unless he bucks his ideas up fast.
    I have also just read the Barca are willing to let warrior midfield man Mascherano leave and Napoli have said there will not go after him leaving the way clear for us i like the though of him in our team another warrior to add to Flem-teta

  8. proudgooner says:

    I hear you and i too will take it with a pinch of salt. But there have Negrado, Aguro, Deko, as 3 options that are in front of him plus a bad start to life at city and Pellagrini did not pick him he was brought just after Mankini left after he had said he wanted him. Lets not go our hopes up but keep a little eye on it, with our great start and him being left on he bench him and his agent may well be thinking about jumping ship before a long spell of sitting on the bench. fingers crossed mate.

  9. Wenger's coat says:

    pleased Spurs and city still in the league cup, a bit of distraction for them could do us a lot of good. I think we will be up for the Liverpool game. the players have to. simple.

  10. proudgooner says:

    I agree it was a wasted chance last night he should have given Akpom a chance and i too cant work out what has gone on with Park , the only time i can remember him playing , he scored that lovely curler in the cup game and i never seen him play again. In A rsene i trust but these things we never find out, of course Wenger does not want to come out and say whay Park is not good enough in public when clearly he wants him confident and playing well, all that would do is damage him. Ryo on the other hand has come out and said himself that he was not happy with how he played last night and he seems like a good young geezer speaks fluant English and is working hard and wants to get there. He is only young i have quite big hopes for him, i want him to do well.

  11. Fozzie B says:

    Evening beef jerky jism jugglers!! 😆
    Good thought provoking post Totes. I think my little pony had his last chance yesterday and he blew it!
    I think he was knackered from too many tea parties!! 😀 even Cockies mad hatters party when he was cocknotized failed to improve spring onion boy!! 😆 and that shows you just how far he’s gone!!
    Even when Bark Chew Yum came on he looked better than onion boy!!
    Now that’s saying something since Bark Chew Yum also stopped by KFC bucket before the game!! 😀
    That’s King Charles Spaniel Fried Canine to you uneducated barstardos!! 😆
    TV can stay, he will be needed and his form can return..
    I’m still very disappointed by last night. More by how Wenger was pussy whipped by Maureen!! He was pulling all the strings and dominating us in our own home!! I know it’s theatrics which I don’t condone but you cannot doubt the man has Presence! He ruled that touchline!! Add to that own home support got owned by chavs away!! That was the icing on the cake for me, it really was. If we lose on Saturday I feel the spirit will be broken… 3 strikes and all that.
    So this Saturday means everything now!! 😀 ps I’m still in the closet with an extremely itchy ringhole!! 😆
    Thanks Daft Wenger!! 😀

  12. proudgooner says:

    Funny you should mention itchy ringholes i think my cat might have worms the furry little bastard is driving me nuts i might have to do a late tesco run to sort him out. Anyway i feel your pain over Jose rapping Wenger in the dug out, he really took the piss last night, so annoying

  13. proudgooner says:

    im going to haft to go tesco, see you Gooners later.

  14. AFC says:

    TA, very thought provoking post. 🙂

    I have to agree with you about Bendtner. His career at Arsenal is definitely over. I knew his career at Arsenal was over and I thought he would have been moved on (sold or loaned out in the summer) but he stayed. When I heard he would be staying at Arsenal this season I thought it would be a good idea for both parties (Arsenal and Bendtner himself), as we failed to bring in another CF/ST in the summer (meaning we have Giroud as our only out and out ST) and Bendtner would be able to offer us some depth and experience for the CF/ST role while being a like for like replacement for Giroud and Bendtner would be able to get the playing time he needs to get back into the Denmark National team and engineer a move away to a new club come January or this summer, by playing well for us while he is in the shop window.

    However this plan does not seem to be working. I still think Wenger will play him (as sub off the bench or even as a starter if Giroud needs a rest or is injured) simply because we have no other options, apart from Walcott and Podolski but they cannot play the same role (holding ST) as Giroud which is vitally important to our team. Sanogo and Akpom are not ready yet and will not be for a while. They may have a better workrate and attitude but they are not better than Bendtner.

    So our options (until January or even until next season) if Giroud is out for some reason (through suspension or injury or if he needs to be rested are) are:

    1) Continue with Bendtner as our back-up CF/ST and hope he can turn it around, with the chance the Bendtner of Denmark eventually turns up.

    2) Have Podolski or Walcott lead the line in the absence of Giroud and slightly change our tactics.

    3) Play without a CF/ST and just play six midfielders. We certainly have enough midfielders to just play six midfielders in a 4-6-0 formation. We could have a front four of Santi Cazorla, Ozil, Wilshere and Rosicky with two of Ramsey, Arteta and Flamini holding, if Giroud is absent through injury and Walcott and Podolski are not back from injury. Playing a 4-6-0 is still an option even when Walcott, Podolski and the Ox have returned from injury.

    4) Play one of Sanogo or Akpom up-front in the absence of Giroud and hope the element of surprise works. What they lack in talent they will make up in with workrate, attitude and surprise (by that I mean opposition will not have played against Sanogo and Akpom before which could be an advantage for us). It worked out quite well when Liverpool played the ‘kids’. The problem with this is that the element of surprise only works for a short while and would be a short-term option before they are found out and opponents know how to deal with them.

    On Vermaelen I’m really not sure. I would really like him to stay as we already lack depth in defence but what can we do if he leaves. If he leaves it may work our better than we imagined. Why? Because our current three CBs and stand in CB (Sagna) are all around the same age; with Vermaelen gone we would be able to invest in a young promising CB (under 25) and start to rebuild the CB area of our squad for the future. We would then have pairings of Kos and Mert and Sagna and the new young CB. If Vermaelen leaves in January we would now be looking for two defenders rather than one in the future.

    On Jenkinson and Ryo I do not think we should wait much longer. They are either ready now or they are not. Ryo should definitely leave but on Jenkinson I am split. We really should not be keeping players who are not ready now and will be ready in years, we need them to be ready now. This is the problem with our squad. Chelsea and City have 25-30 experienced quality internationals at their disposal (who are ready now) and we have around 20 experienced quality internationals with the other 5-10 players being ‘kids’ (who are not ready now) or deadwood. It really should not be like that. We are entitled to have 25 senior players for the EPL. We should not be having to include the likes of Bendtner and Fabianski in our EPL squad and having to play these ‘kids’ and deadwood in cup matches. Fabianski, Frimpong, Bendtner, Park and Ryo should be gone by next season. Ryo has just not progressed enough for me and his squad spot could be given to an experienced quality international or even an experienced quality international traditional winger like Di Maria. I am prepared to wait on Jenkinson. There are question marks over Diaby as well. He is quality but he is never available to play.

    I would get rid of those five players mentioned above, have Viviano (or another quality GK) and Szez as our two GKs, invest in a SQ DM (such as Khedira) who will act as a long term replacement for Flamini and Arteta and would allow Jack to move back into the box to box role and get a top CF/ST. Let’s get together a squad of 22 or 23 experienced quality internationals (at least two quality players in each position) and then reserve those last 2-3 squad spots for our most promising youth like Gnabry.

  15. johnnie nyc says:

    hey TA, interesting article..

    I really didn’t care about cap one cup- I just hope it doesn’t hurt our confidence for this weekend — hopefully, as Wenger is already saying, it will make us more determined.

    Bendtner is only an emergency replacement, and with Poldi, Walcott, Sanogo all out at same time, hes being used. any playing time or success for him is good for his next move, because we all know hes gone next year.

    I expect Vermaelen to be gone next summer, but never in January. hes too good to play so rarely. even if he cut out the errors..hes still not better than bfg or koz, because theyre excellent. so I hope we are lining up a replacement. not so easy to do, because we have a clear 1 and 2 …and Wenger almost never rotates- so hard to keep a quality 3rd choice, and almost impossible to get a fourth. that’s why I was never down on djourou as 4th choice. Sagna can be that IF he stays..

    im not happy that ramsey had to be played tuesday – I want him fresh for Liverpool… these guys are hot, and theyre out to prove a big point.. now I think we should be also.. we should be expected to beat them at home, but they are dangerous. to me – this is the big test in the league for us so far — we have proven we can take care of business against the lesser teams( we’re doing that better than Chelsea, city, united, spuds- so far). Liverpool are right near the top, and in great form- should be a better match than city vs. Chelsea last week, because of our great league record too. I hope we teach them a lesson and let them know they are NOT at our level. and leave Suarez sorry he is stuck there.

    I absolutely think we should draw or beat united. if we don’t, I will put it down to mental weakness on our part..

  16. mabelloandpartners@yahoo.com says:

    The TV5 qualities you mentioned are enough to sustain him as a back-up CD for LK6, but I agree with you it’s over for Bendtner. I suppose it’s time to offload him in January.
    Beyond all this, our opponents on Tuesday certainly showed they meant business. Despite also playing at half squad-strength, there was no inkling they wouldn’t win. They simply had better materials.
    The way out of such sordid performances from our team is to get quality players IN JANUARY. We cannot console ourselves by saying the Capital One Cup is effectively out of the way and we can now prepare for the Dippers, because what it means in real terms is the beginning of another elusive silverware season, as the BBC put it (we can hardly cope with this psychologically). No! We would still have prepared for each succeeding game after every victory, and winning on Tuesday wouldn’t have prevented us winning again on Saturday – remember we went through a whole season unbeaten! Conversely, losing as we did on Tuesday is no guarantee of victory on Saturday unless we put our acts together and develop the right mentality towards our matches – losing to teams like the Chavs, Manure or the Dippers is hardly my idea of a pardonable result. We can truly say we don’t care for a particular cup if we lose to a team everyone knows we can beat with our eyes closed, not close rivals beating us on our soil and sending us to early beds.
    Saturday is the first chance to show we’re learning our lessons, and we should win and win well, and continue this against BVB and David Moyes’ team.
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  17. Morning TA,all

    Good post TA

    Me thinks (sadly) Verm is gone come summer..he’s a QUALITY CB only problem for him is that we have WAY better CB’s than him..and as they say,if it ain’t broken…as we all know, the back 5 is a VERY sensitive unit and should therefore not be tinkered a lot so as to have them build some familiarization as they play together..with the EXCEPTION of an injury or maybe loss of form to one of BFG or Kozzer, the backline should remain as it is.This means (again,sadly) that Verm will have to play the role of benched-captain..too bad

    For me, Nicky B is just a ‘stand-in’ till the Ipod and Theo regain fitness so its just a short term problem..once these return, we’ll have some decent backup for Ollie but again as you mentioned, we will have to adjust our play when not starting Ollie upfront as imo, neither Ipod nor Theo can play the ‘holding-striker’ role but with the strength and quality in our mid, i think we aren’t as bad as people are making it look..but Nicky B is as sure as gone come the summer IF not by Jan when and IF we land ourselves a decent striker

    I’m not THAT worried about Jenko..poor kid must have cried himself to sleep.. a closer look at how we conceded the first goal and i was convinced he was NOT the only one to blame for the sloppy first goal..BOTH CB’s were back-trailing MILES behind and our holding players, Jack and Rambo could have done WAY better..he did commit the ‘final’ blunder but it was a collective blunder for the goal…but with that said, i have noted that Jenko DOES struggle with air-balls..i remember a home game last season vs Villa where he made the EXACT same blunder of miss-hitting an air-ball that led to them scoring a goal..he’s done it QUITE a few times but the likes of BFG and Sagna clean after him..he needs some SERIOUS coaching on this but my money is on him coming good

    Unlike the doom-mongers, i didn’t read too much in our defeat to the smuck one..i GENUINELY doubt the lads will let their confidence be dented because of going out in the milk cup and though it is a ‘winnable’ trophy, we’ve got bigger fish to fry and for once, we all agree that we DO have a shot at the EPL..i fully expect us to be firing on ALL cylinders against the FOOLS and put them in their place..and with them still experimenting with their 3-5-2 formation (though with success), i expect Santi and Ozil to have a field day exploiting the spaces on the wings

    Let’s put this defeat behind us and refocus on continuing with our exciting league form..i’m sure Arsene and Bouldy share the same sentiments

  18. Gerry says:

    TA – A timely post for reflection before our next game.However, I am not one who goes for too much on instant decisions. More in a minute.

    AFC – Fine, not so mini, post.:D I agree with much of what you are saying.

    TCM & PG -(from yesterday) You are arguing the point I was making BEFORE the COC game.
    If we were serious out winning then the full team should have been put out at the start, and let the league and the CL take care of itself? The hybrid team was a lose,lose situation. It told us nothing that we did not know beforehand? Take that back. Chelsea have a bloody good reserve team, not simply a good one .. but then I hinted at that before the game too. And, we played players we could have rested?

    However, I do agree with JB on respecting our fan base. I am not sure too many would have been any more disappointed had the likes off Akpom, Bellerin, Hayden, Olsson, and Yennaris had been given the starting roles?

    Jumping to conclusions – be with you in a minute TA

    TCM & JB – Bit quick to get the boot into Frimpong the other day? He is the name missing from my above list. He’s on the sidelines. He’s on Facebook. He’s tapping away .. forgetting for a split second that the world and his wife are just waiting to exploit anything he writes. He slips out a tongue in cheek thought ‘ Sometimes I wish I was English, and white’.

    Shock. Horror – the kid’s a racist! No worse, he is slandering Arsenal Football Club!

    Wait a minute. Wasn’t it Arsene Wenger proudly announcing when all the new contracts were signed that we have a good core of ENGLISH players. Not a mention of ‘white’ English true, but come on, it was as close as you can get to insulting the non-English players by separating these ones out as ‘special’?

    Frimpong proudly said he was going to play for the country of his parents. So he says the most tongue in cheek thing he could ever say, and threw in ‘white’ because that is also the most stupid thing he could be?

    For that split second remark you make him an outcast?

    He knew almost instantly that his words could be misinterpreted, and deleted it. He went on to say that whatever is said about it it wasn’t what he meant

    I believe him.

    TA are we to assume from your post that NB23, in his first start in a team short of its best players that we should push him aide? I don’t want to talk about the game, or who played and fell short of expectations. It went wrong for a variety of reasons. I know he made some strange decisions. But he is also lost the confident swagger that might have carried him through such a game in the past?

    I agree with AFC, he is still needed, and with a better supporting cast he will come good.

    TV5 has been waiting for a long time to have a chance, but then gets to partner Kos? Hasn’t worked well in the past, but it was asking a lot for it to work this time. But it was not a disaster either. But if he wants regular games, then a move is likely

    For that reason, I will pick up on AB’s point on who we need to sign. Because I know of an excellent young(18yo) CB who would be a tremendous asset at this club … but for his sake, I hope he does not sign for us in January because he will not get the regular games that he needs to develop properly. I am referring to KZ4 of course. He was immense against PSG. Think Chris Samba, and then some. He can jump so high he could head a ball down from above the crossbar! He is quick, can play a decent, accurate ball out of defence too. But …

    When, in our team right now, would an 18 year old displace Per or Kos on a regular basis?
    That sadly, looks to be the fate of many of our youngsters. They won’t get a chance as long as the results are paramount?

    However, I have a formation that could change things ….

    New comment!

  19. macko says:

    Bendtner clearly lacking of playing time, but as you say it is technically similar maybe even slightly higher in pure technical.
    TV it must for me regain his confidence I think the change of position and set it in midfielder is a good thing for the team and for him, it is a courageous man with a very good technique to take defensive midfielder next to Flamini 😉 but by no means get rid of him he is too important part to the team on the ground or even in the locker room “it’s the Verminator”.
    Jenkison it must absolutely be on loan for learn his trade at the moment there has no place in the first team, I know that you like it and I hope he become established in his post .

  20. Fozzie B says:

    PG – I hope your cats ringhole is on the mend 😀
    Gerry, AFC all good points and I think we will defo get a ST in Jan even if its a loan deal.
    To add to Maureen owning us:
    “Ozil caused a stir after the match, though. After the final whistle the German international sought the attention of Mourinho, the player’s mentor during his time at Real Madrid, and the pair embraced in a hug as Ozil handed over his match shirt in respect to the Portuguese manager’s influence on his career.

    ‘I gave my jersey to Mourinho because he’s the best coach in the world and I love him like a father.’”

    Grrrrrrr Rango!!
    Kermit has been walking around with a massive boner having his wicked way with Mrs P … I always know when he’s getting his freak on because he opens the closet door and lobs me some popcorn and coke!! Barstardo!! Have a good day swan lake lovers and catch you laterssss 😀

  21. Gerry says:

    Okay, this is an FFF work in progress. But it puts players in positions where they can excel with their best qualities.


    ________CB1___________ CB2 _______

    __ DM 1____________________CB3____

    _______________DM 2_______________

    RB_____________________________ LB

    Now before you think, Yeah! That would work …. Not! Let me explain why and how it might be exploited.

    CB1 could be Per, KZ4 or Sagna.
    CB2 could be TV5, Hayden, or Per/ Kos
    DM1 could be Arteta, Yennaris, or Sagna
    DM2 could be Flamini, Arteta, or Yennaris/Hayden
    CB3 could be Kos, Hayeden, Monreal
    RB could be Sagna, Jenks or Bellerin
    LB could be Gibbs, Monreal, or BOO54

    CB3 is key to all this is Kos and his ability to ‘sweep’ in front and behind the CB’s as well as close the gap left by our advanced LB.

    Match him on the other side with similar, and still have and outlying DM.

    This means the remaining front 4 attacking players have full freedom to operate, but with almost permanent FB overlaps, so the 4 become 6, with full defensive cover behind?

    It also opens up opportunities for a youngster or two to get into those front line positions and just be outlet balls from defence without any detriment to their attacking qualities.

    Should the DM or even CB purchased in the TW, they too can be incorporated very easily.

    It’ll never happen, but it is a great fantasy?

  22. mA says:

    nice one Total

    well, for Bendtner we know he should not be at Arsenal were it not for lack of options and or cover. That says a lot about him. Verminator should stay, and I just don’t know why he can not be used for roration purposes. Are we waiting to run Kos and Mert till their legs are gone? Cant Verm partner Mert or Kos in some games? It is always a risk to change defenders now and then (as Wenger stated recently), but I wonder what is the meaning of squad depth if the supposed replacements cannot cover themselves in glory. We know the best centerback pairing at the Arsenal goes to Mert & Kos, though this shouldn’t mean the end of Verm. Again, Verm could go but will his replacement be that good that ‘he’ cannot sit on the bench? We could end up bringing in a new face, but he ends up not being good at all or displacing Kos or Mert; the cycle goes on.

    Letting the second-strings have a go is always important to utilize the squad depth. In fact, Chelsea showed us this footballing theory during our encounter with them in COC. The likes of Mikel, Mata, Etoo have already had meaningful appearances for their side. I reckon we need to exercise a bit and motivate the benchers. Monreal, Ryo and others should always get a game now and then in the league.

  23. AFC says:

    Gerry, interesting formation but with our lack of depth it makes it hard for us to play a formation with a huge number of defenders or a huge number of forwards. Formations such as yours could be used by teams like United who have an abundance of defensive players but not by us at the moment as we would have the majority, if not all of our senior defenders playing at the same time.

    Going back to my point on Vermaelen leaving and how it could work out for the better, think of this scenario. We sell Vermaelen for around 10 million (as well as finally selling Johan and Miquel (although that is optional)) and then do a United with our CB area. By that I mean have Kos and Mert as our two ‘old’ heads and then try and sign two young promising CBs (for example Papadopoulos and Zouma?) and then sign an RB under 28. We could then keep Jenkinson as our utility defender or send him out on loan in the EPL. Defence sorted?

    Our options would be:

    RB- Sagna, new RB
    CB- Kos, Mert, new CB, new CB
    LB- Gibbs, Nacho

  24. AFC says:

    With Jenkinson as our utility defender. Wenger would need to rotate regularly to keep everyone happy and to get the full benefit of having such a diverse defence within the entire squad.

    Moving onto the midfield.

    We already have a strong midfield so a not a lot needs to be done. Coquelin, Frimpong out, new SQ DM in. Not sure what I would do with Diaby yet. Ryo should be sold or loaned out.

    Our midfield options would be as follows:

    Double DM pivot: Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Flamini, new SQ DM.
    ‘3’ behind the CF/ST- Rosicky, Ozil, Santi, Podolski, Ox, Walcott, Gnabry

    DM area/problem with DM cover solved?

  25. AFC says:

    Now moving onto the CF/ST position.

    Bendtner and Chamack moved on with top CF/ST signed. Sanogo can either stay with the squad or be loaned out.

    So with all the deadwood moved on we could have a 25 man squad like this.

    1) Szez
    2) Viviano or new GK
    3) Sagna
    4) New RB
    5) Mert
    6) Kos
    7) New CB
    8) New CB
    9) Gibbs
    10) Monreal
    11) Jenkinson
    12) Flamini
    13) Ramsey
    14) Wilshere
    15) Arteta
    16) New DM
    17) Rosicky
    18) Ozil
    19) Santi
    20) Podolski
    21) Walcott
    22) Ox
    23) Giroud
    24) New CF/ST
    25) Sanogo or another young player promoted

    Is that not a squad that can compete in all four competitions. 23 experienced quality internations with the remaining two squad spots kept free so we can promote internally.

  26. AFC says:

    Gnabry is only 18 so he could still play in the EPL as he is under 21? In time he can take Rosicky’s spot when he retires.

  27. James Bond says:

    disagreed entirely re- Frimmy @ Gerry

    i’m glad you can be more rational about it and take it in such a way but i can’t and i won’t, i have explained this at length before.

    what he said doesn’t constitute as “tongue n cheek” for me at least, what else will AW say about it ?

    it brings a lot of negativity towards England and Arsenal, not only that it also indirectly or directly targets AW.

    the lad could have said ” because i am so crap at looking after myself and being a professional 110% for Arsneal, i choose to be a clown and because of my poor attitude i am not in the team” – for the avoidance of doubt, he was called into the Arsenal squad the very next morning and he said “he was sick hence he couldn’t come and be part of the bench”.

    he is one of the players that we need to get rid off in January along with Bendtner, agreed with TA on Bendtner but TV5 still has a future in my opinion, until summer time – at least.

    we need a left footed CB and he only needs to play 3 games in a row to get back to his better playing form, no worries.


    what are your thoughts on TV5 playing as a CF as opposed to Bendtner ?

  28. Fozzie B says:

    Hey guys .. Arshavin on our atmosphere .. And the chavs away support just bossed us with their singing.. I just wish with all these fractions of supporters at AFC that they could all agree to change one thing… The atmosphere!!! I know we have a big ground but we are not a fortress and that’s a real shame …

    The article says:
    Andrey Arshavin says Arsenal’s fans are too quiet – and that playing at the Emirates was like a visit to the theatre
    31 October 2013 02:22 AM By Chris Richards
    The Russian international, 32, said: “It was like there was no advantage in playing at home.”
    Criticism: Andrey Arshavin did not enjoy the atmosphere at the Emirates
    Andrey Arshavin believes Arsenal’s fans are too quiet – and said playing at the Emirates was like a visit to the theatre.

    The Russian midfielder, who quit the Gunners after four years at the end of last season, also claimed the atmosphere at the ground was so bad there was “no advantage” in playing at home.

    Arshavin, 32, now back at Zenit St Petersburg, told The Sun: “It felt like the crowd was at the theatre – good seats, expensive tickets and they wanted to see a show, not to support the team.

    “It was like there was no advantage in playing at home.

    “Many of the players – the leaders that were left from the club’s time at Highbury – often complained that the atmosphere in the stands was so bad.”

  29. AFC says:

    Gerry, just came up with a formation that could work. We could only attack with one fullback. So in a defence of Sagna, Mert, Kos and Gibbs only Gibbs could attack. You could even go as far as to a defence of the Ox, Mert, Kos and Nacho with the Ox given near complete freedom as a RB only having to do small amounts of defensive work. He would be able to offer width down the right flank with whoever plays as the RM/RW not necessarily having to provide the width. This would be ideal for the likes of Walcott, Rosicky, Santi as they would be able to operate in a free role. Flamini would then sit in front of the back three while Ramsey, or Wilshere would be able to get forward more. So we would swich from a 4-2-3-1 to a 3-4-3 diamond when attacking.

  30. Gerry says:

    AFC – That is an ambitious revamp of the team. Nothing comes cheap these days

    I could see your back line getting close to £50m alone? Clubs don’t sell promising young players for less than £15m, and a good RB may be more?

    The SQ DM in that £20m + region.

    Striker? Are we talking big money to get Suarez? Or a promising younger version/cheaper older – Lewandowski?

    Even with money coming in that is pushing the boat out a bit too far .. unless we won the CL this year?

    Mind you, the thought of KZ4 and Hayden either side of Mertersacker would have most strike forces running for cover 😆 Later, the young pair could well manage in some games, and be the future Per and Kos?

    I cannot see us getting above one, maybe two sq players in during the next two windows. But the main spend will be aimed at getting in really good young players so we can streamline the academy into a really useful back ups. Unlike the ‘oilers’, we will do it with money made by the club. A lot of names are being linked in that area already, but we are going to have to be offering them more than high wages and good coaching. They will want to see some game time, and more than our present youngsters are are getting?

    If we are short of back up players, then the likes of Bellerin, Hayden and Yennaris are the ones we should be bringing along. Tuesday night was a missed opportunity imo?

    What my (im)possible formation was aimed at was to make it possible, utilising players we already have to create a secure platform for us to operate in a high end attack with width and fluidity. And use our young players to come in when they have secured the points.

    Clearly the format does not need to be like it for every game, but by using Koscielny as deep lying sweeper, it means a solitary DM, in the mould of Falmini, frees up the creative midfielders. whilst being able to have another level of defensive cover from the wing backs further up the pitch, as well as providing width in attack. If say Theo came back then Sagna could drop to the deeper role.

    I said this before, but Jenkinson issue might be the thing that sees Sagna leaving? If they buy quality players anywhere, they will want to play regularly, not sit on the bench. If we cannot offer them that then they may look elsewhere, or stay where they are.

    Anyway, meanwhile, we have a 6-pointer to deal with over the next three games …


  31. James Bond says:

    well done Arshavin, that’s possibly the best ever statement you made in the last 5 years, a great service to Arsenal football club for sure.

    that will certainly get the crowd going, thank you Arshavin !


  32. AFC says:

    So our transition from defence to attack would be as follows:


    GK- Szez
    RB/RWB- Ox
    RCB- Mert
    LCB- Kos
    LB- Monreal
    RDM- Flamini
    LDM- Ramsey/Wilshere
    RM/RW- Walcott/Santi
    CAM- Ozil
    LM/LW- Podolski (who could offer a reasonable amount of width on the left flank while Monreal stays back).
    CF/ST- Giroud


    3-4-3 Diamond

    GK- Szez
    RCB- Mert
    CB- Kos
    LCB- Monreal
    CDM- Flamini
    RM- Ox
    CAM- Ozil
    LM- Ramsey/Wilshere
    RW- Walcott/Santi
    CF/ST- Giroud
    LW- Podolski

  33. Fozzie B says:

    Lars bender signs new deal Leverkusen!!! Noooooo 😦

  34. James Bond says:

    no worries @ Fozzie B

    we have already started looking at players AW wants in for January.

    unofficial work started 10 days ago – don’t quote me on this 😉 but it will be a good good january by the looks of it.

  35. AFC says:

    Gerry, all good points. 🙂

    Do we not need to take drastic measures if we want to win things. Three defenders may be a lot but we have been told money is not a problem. A SQ CF/ST (could be signed for between 25-50 million, anc Benzema may be going cheap for around 25 million?), SQ DM (around 20 million as you have said), with a RB around 10-15 million. That’s around 60 million with KZ4 signed. I think we could do it over the winter and summer TW but I it is probably a dream that will not happen.

  36. James Bond says:

    no no no, not Jovetic please @ PG

    the lad is not cut out for a top 4 club in England and his injury record is rather baffling, we already have Theo Walcott and that for me is more than enough, thank you.

    i hope caughtoffisde have got this one wrong as they normally get 99.99% wrong anyway – fingers crossed that this doesn’t fall under the 00.01 % bracket.


  37. AFC says:

    JB, ahahahaha!

    I’d just rather play a 4-6-0 formation if things do not work out with Bendtner.

  38. AFC says:

    Comments at 15:13 and 15:19 were meant to be posted together in a domment to Gerry.

  39. James Bond says:

    thank you @ AFC


    i’m not sure why everyone (media) is getting their knickers in a twist over Giroud being injured ? just bloody change the formation to a 4-6.

  40. AFC says:

    JB, switching to a 4-6-0 would require a slight change in tactics but should suit us as we play free flowing football. I would have Ozil or Santi as the most advanced in the ‘6’.

  41. James Bond says:

    Santi wants the ball played to his feet – won’t do for me as a False 9.

    Rosicky would do just fine for me.

  42. 17highburyterrace says:

    Fun stuff here, all ahead of a big one between two of the three “wanna be” contenders (the other being Spurs 😯 ) who kept their managers… Is Arsenal-Liverpool a battle between clubs that are fighting for the league title or for the 4th (and final) CL spot?…

    Who cares? What we really need to do is sell 10 guys and buy 10 others…It may require a little rejigging of our formations too…

    Hey, we all have our own solutions for dealing with losing out on the quadruple or going down quietly to Mourinho and his 2nd team or whatever that was on Tuesday and, truly (truly) I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes… Truly, carry on, no hard feelings, and if it brings AFC back to the table, how bad can it be. 😉 😆

    I just take a different tack is all, trying to stay O-Gaat and in the moment while (whilst?) also attempting to honor the topic. As such, I think Total asks a couple of logical questions about Bendtner and Vermaelen while hinting at the future roles of others who were on display. Given that our young British boys (Jack, Rambo) plus the old dudes (Santi, Sicky) further forward weren’t so strong at keeping possession, we needed those guys (Bendy, Verm) to come up big. A set piece goal would have been a real treat off one of their heads…They didn’t, and, in fact, it was Chelsea’s goal off OUR set piece that turned it. It’s just one match and (as others have suggested) we’re thin enough that both players will probably get some more chances before the new year (new window)…

    So, I concur with the manager that the match wasn’t as one-sided as the scoreline and the lasting impressions may have more to do with Fozzie’s, Cockie’s and Arshavin’s (amongst others) impressions of our home support. By the final whistle the Emirates did seem a bit like Stamford Bridge North… Giving up the first goal was tough and the way it happened, as we were finally getting into the match, was really a killer. After that, any spell of Chelsea possession was difficult to swallow, as was the 2nd goal. Nonetheless, they didn’t really wipe us off the pitch. It was a mistake and a belter, in truth, and probably in our best interest to clear up the schedule, esp. given that we’ve rather bungled our CL group giving up the 2 extra points to Dortmund.

    It makes this next one REALLY big and we must take all three points or at least give a performance and not lose to ‘Pool on Saturday. It will take a loooong time to build up a real fortress-like atmosphere at the Grove, if we ever see it happen. I just hope to be spared the opposite. Three home losses, on the trot, would cast quite a pall over all the other good work grinding things out–getting up for 4th last season and (at the death) sorting out the transfer window by getting Ozil (and Flamini)… Losing at home to Pool and suddenly we’re back to square one or opening day–a deja vu nobody needs…

    So, for me at least, it’s back onto the knife’s edge and that’s where (I think) our focus should be. If we can have a good match and follow it up with some good away performances (and, hopefully, results) it MIGHT make it a little premature for all of us to be rebuilding the squad and developing new formations for all the new faces… If not then we must unfurl the “Wenger out,” I guess…

  43. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ha ha, seriously…Don’t mind me, just trying to cope in my own way…Like, I say, big match coming…

    Bond, what’s the latest on Poldolski/Walcott fitness? Completely agreed that Santi is nowhere near being the right guy to lead the line if Ollie can’t play. Ozil is the man, as he was for Germany over the last break…

    Pool will be a good match to test the manager’s work with the squad. We need our guys to have a good one and be especially tight at the back. On that note, what’s the latest with Flamini? Assuming he’s out, it puts a lot of pressure on Arteta/Ramsey/Jack/Ozil to control the MF. My guess is that they all start (along with Santi) and Sicky is the bench option…

    Also, L. Bender signing a new deal with Leverkusen only means that more of our money goes to the club (rather than the player) in exchange for a little more guarantee. It only makes sense to really wind down your contract (risking injury…) if you’ve got a chance with the silly money clubs like Nasri with City or your shooting for that one final giant contract…(RvP with United)…

    See, I can play the transfer game too… 😀

  44. James Bond says:

    Poldi – already back in full training, outside chance to make the bench for LiverFOOL , a better bet for Dortmund away.

    Theo Walcott is meant to start running soon, an outside chance for Dortmund away but more realistic chance for Man utd away.

    ideal scenerio – both Poldi and theo are on the plane to dortmund next wednesday.

  45. Gerry says:

    AFC – You missed Gibbs out of the LB list.

    It was not so much a rigid formation, rather than using players the roles they perform.

    I repeat, matching Kos left side sweeper job. which is what he does frequently, with similar on the left. That would suit Yennaris as a RB/RMF, but also Sagna and Flamini.
    The wing back’s are then stationed in front of them, with the DM in the middle.

    Obviously they can all drop deeper as required. If you notice when Szcz has the ball that is how it at the moment? The only thing I am adding is TV5 with Per in exchange for the ‘twin pivot’. In effect you have 4 potential CB’s, But the wide pair are mobile, and the DM, best suited to Flamini, covers the centre ground.

    The front trio behind Giroud would be a variety of players From Ox Theo Rosi Ozil Santi Jack and Podolski. These are the players that bring the play forwards on the counter, as well as being outlet balls for the defense as an alternative to the big shunt up to Giro.

    Ideally, on the bench there would be at least two or three academy players in the mix with the other MF’s not getting a start.

    Enough of this, I have to go and do my real FFF now, then take the dogs a walk.


  46. AFC says:

    Hi 17ht 🙂

    The fantasy football manager window opens in January but I like to dream until then. 😀

    Some of changes I were proposing are changes we will likely see in future but moving away from the fantasy stuff I am with you on Ozil. I would then play Rosicky un the ‘hole’ in the absence of Giroud if we have to give up on Bendtner.

    Going back to our League Cup defeat it is not the end of the world but as others have suggested we should have either played our strongest team or our ‘youth’ team against a very strong Chelsea team but whats done is done and we must maintain our focus in the EPL.

  47. Gerry says:

    17HT – I know this is not your thing, but it is only Thursday. We are not even on the pre-preview post yet.

    I did stay true to the post in my first response, and I was trying to suggest a way forwards, without jumping to the media conclusion that our B team as rubbish, and it’s the end of the line for certain players.

    I have since just responded to responses. …

  48. AFC says:

    Gerry, I get you completely now and my formation was just another alternative which could be used mainly with the Ox being put to good use as he would be quite low down the pecking order when it comes to the ‘3’ behind the ST.

  49. AFC says:

    Gerry, I wouldn’t say our B team is rubbish, but there are some gaps un the B team i.e. lack of CF/ST and 4th CB which could have made the difference against Chelsea.

  50. AFC says:

    * lack of quality/motivated match ready CF/ST.

  51. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Gerry/AFC…Seriously, I’m not trying to stop people from having their fun as they see it…It is only Thursday, but I guess I’m already antsy about the Pool match…In truth, they’re all big given our fragile mentalities and the openness of the various competitions, but this one seems even more so…

    But first, let’s bury Tuesday’s match… I too was surprised that we didn’t field a younger team. Hayden, for example, seemed a sure bet after Wenger’s talk about him in the lead up… As it was, however, we were at least in the match (and improving…) until their goal and we managed a bit of a fight back until their 2nd. If we could’ve scored first, it all could’ve gone quite differently… In other words, I think the line-up gave us a chance to get through AND I think our first team guys are strong enough that it won’t compromise their performance Saturday. A full on youth team–given the injuries–which I assume were real 😉 could have been a lot worse. That was some decent practice (practise?) for the first team guys at the end in trying to break down a stubborn (and quality) defense. Otherwise it’s also good for those who may get called upon to fill in at positions that aren’t their favorites. The fact of the matter is that Wenger recruits footballers rather than guys to fill positions. As such we have a plethora of #10s and those guys have to learn how to fill in elsewhere as needed.

    To repeat my big complaint…We need to get things done in MF with fewer touches and quicker passing and without making turnovers. Guys need to know how to move into space to provide outlets for one another. With talent the likes of what we already have in the team it could be mouthwatering if we could tire out and split defenses with a series of single touches rather than relying on (risky) runs and/or moments of brilliance from individuals. To this point in the season it could be argued that we’ve only really looked dominant against pretty weak sides. We beat Totts by the same margin we lost to Dortmund. Chelsea’s 2nd team handled ours pretty securely…

    Liverpool provides an opportunity. We need to dominate possession and score some goals. From last season I think we’ve grown more (maybe even too…) confident defending and playing on the break. Against better attackers (Lewandowski, Reus, etc., Mata, Willian, Eto’o, etc., or even Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard, etc.) it invites trouble…Ramsey trying to play it out vs Dortmund stands out, but mistakes (and goals) will happen and teams will park it against us. At that point we need to be able to keep possession, work defenses (even good ones…) out of position and strike… Anyhow, it’s back to a (much) tighter first team and we’ll see what they can do…

  52. AFC says:

    17ht, I think Walcott when he returns and Santi when he reaches his top level again could be vital to fixing the problem of quicker passing and getting the ball through midfield quicker. Santi and Theo were key to us last season when we hit teams on the counter attack. We will miss them against Liverpool but hopefully Giroud, Ozil and Ramsey along with others can do the business.

    Kos and Mert will have to be on top form to contain arguably the best current in form striking partnership (Suarridge :D). Formation could also be key to a good result as Liverpool will likely be playing a 3-5-2. The likes of Giroud and our other central players might find it harder to thrive but I think Sterling or some sort of other midfielder might be playing at RWB (that’s if they play 3-5-2) and that could be a potential weakness for our players to exploit.

  53. Evening Fellatioesquers 😆

    Keep Vermin and as for Nikki B, I hear Fozzie B would have been better, but imo he stays until at least the January TW or Summer TW if we buy no one before.
    Maybe JB can run the rule over a Greek player for us, he`s half human and half Horse, but a great Centaur Forward. boom boom !.

    Gerry, the Frimmers episode just saddened me, put it behind him and start working hard, full stop.

    Anyway, it`s my kind of day……..Halloween !.
    Just been watching something on the TV with spooky goings on, a funfair, kid`s being chased by someone with a scary deformed face ……….Scooby Doo, I hear you say !….no, just a documentary on Michael Jackson !.

    Trick or Treaters don’t like coming to Monsters door…..last year a couple of African kids came knocking and I abducted them and gave them a life of misery !…….yes, I sold them to Madonna for adoption ! . That will teach them for knocking on my door !.

    Could be worse and knock on Van Rumpelforeskins door, he opens the door naked, offering his wood rot chopper !……….more like…..Nightmare on Dutch Elm Disease Street !.

    Although not as worse as VCC !. He is half dead anyway, a cross between a Zombie and a Zimmer…….a Zimbie !. He also answers the door naked wearing a Saville mask with trinkets of sweets hanging from his knob saying….” How`s about that boys and girls ! “…..” It`s prick or treat time ! “.

    Have a Fangtastic night !.

  54. Back to the COCkie

    One of the best games I`ve seen was us Vs Sheff Utd in the league Cup in 2008.
    All the then youngsters !. I don’t buy the….”we have to play the 1st teamers for these games, otherwise the supporters will feel hard done by ! “……..it`s as low as £5 and £10 per ticket ! and I personally like going to see our youngsters playing, no stress, just enjoy the football !.

    6-0 and this was the team and subs :

    Song ( Lansbury 70 mins )
    Merida ( Coquelin 71 mins )
    Bendtner ( Simpson 71 mins )

    Mannone, Emmanuel-Thomas, Ogogo, Frimpong unused subs.

    Keep the COCkie for the youngsters !. hahaha

  55. willc88 says:

    What’s happened to the verminator, it’s such a shame he’s dropped in the past couple of years – like you mentioned, he’s pretty decent backup for kos, but it’s probably not doing him any good at all not playing often. Can see him leaving in Jan. I’ve got absolutely no time for Bendtner!


    Fine stuff TA

    Its not looking good for Nic. He might get lucky and get a run and perform well, but i have big doubts.To be fair to him it was a very hard game to come into and he lacks match fitness and practice

    It just goes to show what a great job Giroud is doing. To play up front on your own requires an enormous amount of hard work, intelligence, and ability. Girouds been fantastic this year and has exceeded expectations.

    I agree with you about Verm. For him to perform it has to be with Merts. He also needs games of course.

    I am not to fond of left footed centre backs. You have to be able to go either way and clear strongly with either foot in that position, and sometimes Verm looks uncomfortable.

    Football is a funny game TA. Just when you think a players had it they surprise you. You never know, Verm might still have a great season and Nic scores the winner in the European cup final……but I have doubts, especialy about Nic. Infact the only men who do not have doubts about Nic are Nic himself, and my Uncle Pericles who currently thinks hes a Rooster hahaha

  57. VCC says:

    Cockie………..One funny Muvver F—er. hehehhehehehee

  58. Thanks for the text message Zimbie ……… glad you`re still half a live !. hahaha

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening guys 🙂

    Thank so much for the great contributions today, including 17’s who I often feel most aligned with, other than Kenyan Gooner of course who simply is my cyber brother! 😀

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    Cockie Sockie

    I was at that game and I had a great time! Thanks for the memory!

  61. How do you know Stretches house in Bounds Green ?……his is the one with a pumpkin wearing a syrup outside the front door !. hahaha

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC 🙂

    You are back with a bang, buddy.

    Too many new players for me, but a DM/CB would be very nice.

  63. Remember the player average age for that game Totes ?………na na nineteen !.

    To me, that’s what the League Cup is about, a chance for the youngsters to shine. It only seems that in the last few years that Arsene has given in to some of the supporters moaning about a lack of silverware and has started to play stronger teams. A couple of injuries on Tuesday night could have mucked up all the good work we have done to be TOTL. I`m glad it`s out of the way now and only would have preferred to see us go further in it if we had played the youngsters as in 2008 !.
    A few agree with me and a few don’t, who`s right, who knows ?



    Dont like Haloween Cockie.

    All these little shits knocking on my door during my stretching time.

    Doubt they will come this year though. Last year i greeted them by “What you got in that tin, you little shits? sound like a few bob, ime confiscating it”

    After some tears and threats to get there Dads i just said “You do that and i will tell them you were smoking. And you, the big fat kid at the back. I will tell em i saw you kissing another boy, you fat poof”

    I should be ok this year

  65. Hahaha Stretch

    I think if you came out wearing the spiv coat opened with a selection of your finest rugs on display and some fake tomato sauce blood on the insides of them and said …..`these are the syrups of the last trick or treaters to knock on my door…..come inside ! “. That would have them screaming all the way down the road !. hahaha

  66. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes Cockie, a super young team full of promise and the Emirates was so loud on the day. All the fans who normally can’t get hold of tickets were there and they were treated to a feast of football. Steve Bruce didn’t know what happened to his team!


    I am now £37.53, an assortment of mini sweets, and some toffee apples richer

    Think i will use the money to get some spliff and then gobble the sweets once i get the munchies

    Whats this? Some ones put a shirt button in the kids tin. What a tight bastard.

  68. 17highburyterrace says:

    Cockie, you are a wild one… Hope your witching night is going well… Of course, I like it when you talk the footie too… The Tuesday match was played in a good spirit…All those Chelsea guys are good enough that they’re not gonna fly in with a Shawcross… If it’s true that Gnabry, Eisfeld, Frimpong and Zelalem were hurt it only leaves the likes of Olsson and Hayden. Put in some really young types and it starts getting silly–A 6 (or 8 or 10 ) nil the other direction might not have left the cleanest of tastes in mouths…If you go that route you’d have to offer free pints and I just don’t see Kroenke going for that one…

    Agreed with Terry (whose approach to the holiday seems strangely at odds with his optimism about the boys at Arsenal…about left footed Verm. He already had his fancy dress night on Tuesday when he went as Arsenal captain?… Kos (to me) looked out of sorts on the right esp. after Jenks made his error. I think, longer term, we may be looking at Verm as a utility guy on the left including at LB much as we may start thinking of Sagna that way–AFTER we offer him a contract to retire at Arsenal AND buy a new RB to replace Jenkinson…

    AFC, if you’re still around and interested… I think you completely missed my point about one touch football to retain possession. 😉 😀 Yes, Santi and Theo are the nexus of our counterattacking game…Santi with his long balls and runs from our own half (he takes plenty of touches to get out of tight spots) and Theo with his pace. (And, of course, Theo has no touch at all… 😆 ) I was saying that I think we’ve become maybe too comfortable ceding possession and trying to score via this route. It must be recalled that we did very poorly against the better teams last season (sleep-walking Bayern, being the exception)…and we’re picking up right where we left off… It’s all fine and good if you score first and teams have to come at you, but if you don’t…

    IMO, we’re really hurting for a quicker bit of one-touch football in the middle of the pitch… Maybe the tika-taka went home with Cesc because it seems gone w/o him. Ramsey and Wilshere seem prone to too many touches and running with their heads as much down as up (Sicky too, when he comes deep enough). A secondary problem is that you need the players close enough to one another so the one-touch is on. To me, players receive the ball and then have to carry it before they can find an outlet. I would think we’re trying to play more of this kind of footie but maybe not if both Arteta and Flamini (who played with Cesc, once upon a time, of course…) are missing. Certainly those two would seem to be essential if we’re ever gonna see it again…

    Anyhow, lets see what our MF (surely a 5 man, all number 10s…) can do against Pool on Saturday…

  69. No wonder Steve Bruce didn`t know what happened to his team as it wasn`t his team !. The manager was Kevin Blackwell !. hahaha

  70. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Cockie, I thought it was Brucie!

  71. James Bond says:

    ahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahhaahhahaha @ TMHT and TCM


    those comments are way too funny ahahahhahahaahhahaaahaa

    good ones ahahahahhahaahahahahahahhaahha

  72. James Bond says:

    i don’t know why most of you are worried about LiverFOOL.

    i reckon, saturday is gonna be a “good good” day – the last time i said that, we ended up winning 4-1 against Norwich.

    deep breathing sessions , folks

    this is more of a test for LiverFOOL to see where they at, instead of us really, we have nothing to prove to anyone as we already know we belong right at the top – them on the other hand, i’m not so sure – since they have finished behind Everton after spending over £100 million in 2 years or so (sounds like what Spuds be doing this season, ehh ? finishing below us as usual but this time after spending in excess of £100 million, ha

  73. Fozzie B says:

    Evening update BK butch backside breeders!!
    Evening update!! My dog is outside celebrating avoiding being in Chew Yum Barks KFC bucket!!
    And Sylvester who is a big black and white bastardo is dry humping my slippers!!! He’s one horny bugger in the mould of Kermit!! 😆

  74. Fozzie B says:

    JB a lot is riding on this game psychologically … Trust me… This is now a mind game ahead of talent for me… If we lose regardless of the quality we have it will be a hammer blow!!

  75. Fozzie B says:

    Sorry no Halloween Satan worshipers here!! I call my Latrine Satan and enjoy taking a dump in his oraface every morning!! 😀

  76. James Bond says:

    we won’t lose @ Fozzie B

    there, i’ve given you that in writing.


  77. Gerry says:

    JB – I cannot say I share your optimism. Mainly because their strikers do take their opportunities, so I think they will score.

    Potentially we have a better midfield, but only at the top of our game. I am not sure we will be if Arteta is paired with Ramsey. I am not sure if JW will start. I doubt if Rosicky will either. That sums up the dilemma of our midfield bing at its ‘Napoli’ best?

    Add to the fact we are at home, so there may be a reluctance to add an extra defender … but then we come back to the Tuesday match. We don’t know if Hayden/Yennaris are up to playing at this level – except we could possibly use the Monreal/Gibbs double header?

    I am of the view that Ramsey, Santi, and Ozil need to be higher up the with one other player doing the Flamini role of being ‘available’ when we defend, to get it to the those three asap?

    Arteta struggles at times to trust them not to lose it, and thus gives the impression of slowing the play down, albeit, keeping possession. Plus, without a reliable defensive partner he lies deeper anyway.

    I agree with HT on this, we are probably not good enough to concede possession until they get into the final 3rd of the pitch. They have better quality in more positions than the sides we have beaten so far. To press high up means everybody has to be switched on, both in attack and defence.

    My guess is we may get H. Webb as the ref, given the other ‘big guns’ are playing lower in the league sides. That might not be too bad as reckless tackling will be punished.

    JB – The above also is a reminder that last week results went our way. This week we could get the reverse? Your ‘in writing’ does not guarantee anything. It is a real 6 pointer for both sides, and we might just be grateful for a shared 1?

    Needless to say, I shall be wearing the ‘lucky scarf’ as I listen, wishing them on. But it is going to be a ‘toughie’. More so than next week imo, as at least we know Man U are no great shakes this season?

    I look forward to the preview post as a confidence booster, and team selection as another?

  78. He cant be bothered, but I`ll say it………………………….New Post !.

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